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8/10/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 11, 2017|

Ben Shapiro, Editor in Chief of the Daily Wire, fills in for Mark. The media are making it out like President Trump is out of control with his words towards North Korea, which isn’t true. The media is attached to a vision that Trump is a nutcase who is going to start a nuclear war. But they have ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ball would be decent and Zell has done it's time for you to in the woods then so button things up by where they hide and how. You see. C 280 dollars auto liberty Pro Bowl could see it's 45% up those brush creek but it's starting to 59 feet. And 50% off Cabela's exclusive Kershaw tension pulled it. Just fourteen yeah. It's a good those great outdoor games door busters for five hours only starting at 8 AM Saturday August 12 shut his door and Ellis dot com. He was there. How broad. Literally underground. Gain from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building we once again make contact without leave. As the MacBook enjoy as you can tell from the voice emanating from your radio speakers this is not a technical and instead Shapiro didn't. Former Lebanon hosted the Ben Shapiro show podcast editor in chief do the wire and honored as always to be sitting in behind him I. For the great one mark of an illegal right now and pick up marks six week New York time best seller. Rediscovering America's and go out and get debt right now feel lonely remark which I'm sure you are already also goes subscribe over at Libyan TV. 844 Libyan TV is putting get marks TV show is obviously lots to get to. Today and only jump right in so the media are making it out like president trump has completely out of control with regard to North Korea. I don't see this at all. And it's it is at all all I see is that president truck seems to be well commander was faculties with regard to North Korea. I don't see him doing anything particularly wrong. As you media that is attached it to the notion that trump isn't it Kate she's gonna get us into nuclear war now this is nothing new. The media have been trying to perjury ever Republican president certainly in my lifetime and well before. As he warmonger who wants to start nuclear war they said that Ronald Reagan is that is that George W. Bush. And they say it is now about Donald Trump but the fact is the Donald Trump's language is not indicative of his actual policy and if we learned nothing. And that president trump at this points. We have learned the president trump likes to use inflammatory language is that fair is that fair. He says things that are superlative everything is superlative with president tried so. A couple of days ago president trump talking about the fact that the north Koreans have now apparently come up with Jay is now confirmed. It could look at this these small nuclear warhead or at least the nuclear. This midi device that we sit inside warhead that can be stacked on top of its Intercontinental ballistic missiles and therefore he hit the United States theoretically. And president trump responds this way a couple of days ago you heard all about it to pay in theory. That's not really getting what threats to the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Never seen. He has been guarded pat. Beyond a normal state. And as I say they won't be met with the fire fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has never seen. Okay because it's trump saying it it's hard to take completely seriously because trump says this tennis up all the time and it is that is that legal versions he's faced the immediate days thing. In theory and power in a band and a series of eagle putt. The fact is that mad dog man as the the Defense Secretary whose word I do speak. Extraordinarily seriously and the studies using very similar language yesterday. Mets Atlanta Manny said the GDR Davis the Democratic People's Republic of Korea should seize any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime. And the destruction of people. A guy that means that the United States has military option on the table and let's not pretend that Barack Obama wasn't a quote unquote war monger with regard to his rhetoric on North Korea. Flashback to 2009 new segment North Korea president did not think in a great continue to develop. Its nuclear capacity but here's Barack Obama circa 2009 on North Korea. North Korea's nuclear and ballistic missile programs. Pose a grave threat to the peace and security of the world's. And I strongly condemn their reckless action. North Korea's actions. Endanger the people of northeast Asia. They are a blatant violation of international law and they contradict. North Korea's own prior commitments. Now the United States and the international community must take action. In response. OK so even Obama listened must take action and Obama would then go want to say. That if North Korea were to fire some sort of nuclear weapon at the United States or any of our allies. We retaliate in kind and destroy them and I was direct quote we would destroy them. He's even Barack Obama is using this kind of language and his credibility was nil so this talk about trump he's doing something still wildly out of males. Bill Clinton 1993 is pulled from the New York Times quote. On his weekend visit to South Korea President Clinton warned that north green developed in using atomic weapon quote. You'd quickly and overwhelmingly retaliate it would mean the end of their country as they know it. It has Bill Clinton not I don't trust up today trump comes out and he's asked again about North Korea. And understand the media's agenda here is not to actually get Trump's opinion on what's gonna happen in North Korea. Is very goal here is to make it seem like Donald Trump is insane. That is they're so goal in life. Right we knew we are you know they want us to think that Donald Trump some sort of Russian puppet. We already know that they want us think that Donald Trump is completely unable to handle every aspect to this job and they want us to think we are on the verge of nuke. In a terminator two conflagration. We'll will be. They will be Linda Hamilton hanging on that chain link fence is the blast late it's doesn't reserves getaway car bounced right this is what the media wants us to think. It's legal asked trump stuff and because droplets inflammatory language here's what does that trump said today quote if anything made this statement wasn't tough enough that that the fire in the theory in the power in the theory empire. When he when he was asked what could be tougher than iron theory he said Lucy looking at whatever trump says will seek and just to be accurate about president truck whenever he says we'll see. What that means is. Will seat and usually it doesn't mean tremendous action. Usually doesn't mean tremendous actual entrance as we'll see usually means he gets a pass it right he Hughes asked that is taxes transit will release in May be losing. Is it whenever he says Woolsey as is his wit kicking the can down the road and he wants to use harsh language with regard to North Korea. Hopefully to. Dissuade them from doing anything bellicose. But the fact is it. He would do with what I think there were two steps from nuclear with little ones that from nuclear war no I don't at this point by. Again the entire goal of blood tears to make trump seem like he's complete nut jobs as Susan Rice. Coo of all people should not be talking at national security issues Susan Rice queen of and asking Susan Rice. The lady behind Ben Ghazi lies as well as the North Korean policy in Angeles national security advisor. She said about president trumps language that it was just too bellicose said the challenge is to ensure that North Korea would never try using. Its weapons. And that either mr. trump issuing an empty threat of nuclear war. Which will further erode American credibility and deterrence or actually intends war next time mister came behavior provocatively. The first scenario is folly the United States' decision to start a preemptive war on the Korean Peninsula in the absence of an imminent threat would be lunacy. And what could take advice from lady who presided over the horrific foreign policy. A from the American public the fact that North Korea was developing these sorts of weapons. Fred flights senior vice president for policy and programs with the Center for Security Policy directive Fox News. Tuesday's bombshell Washington Post story that the Defense Intelligence Agency that's GIA. Has determined. In North Korea is capable of constructing miniaturized nuclear warheads they could be uses warheads for missiles possibly I CBMs left out a crucial fact. Yeah I actually conclude this in 2013. During an April 11 200613. House armed services committee hearing. Congressman Doug lamm board of Colorado inadvertently revealed several unclassified sentences from an intelligence report. That said the yet you had determined with moderate confidence in North Korea had the capacity to making nuclear weapons small enough to be watched with a ballistic missile. The Director of National Intelligence Obama officials subsequently tried to dismiss rambler disclosure by claiming the DA says that was out liar but did not reflect the views of the rest. A US intelligence community and the words to try to brush it off. There are sitting at four years later and North Korea has not exactly the kind of weaponry that the Obama administration was saying they really couldn't get up. Which would be shocked at the Obama administration routinely covered national security threats in order to forward the nuclear ambitions and America's enemies. And look at what to do with Iran. They continued to proclaim that Iran as a moderate state if we decided agreement with them and disarm their nuclear program today it went away. President trump can now and he said he believes that Iran is violating the nuclear agreement. I'd like to see the trump administration follow through with their commitment made repeatedly throughout the campaign cycle that you withdraw from the Iran deal. But the fact is that the Obama administration routinely down played the capacity. The intense and America's enemies to make excuses for its own inaction in the face of those threats from Iran. From North Korea and here they are lecturing president trump about all that's. It's not only under coming. It's a little bit sick actually. That you're sitting here criticizing a sitting president of the United States having to deal with the mess that you left. The Obama left business this one's not on track. This one's not on track and by the way it wasn't that Obama when Obama started and it wasn't on bush when bush started it was on Clinton it wasn't Clinton. The fact is that Bill Clinton. Spent most of the 1990 proclaiming to the world over and over and over again the North Korea was on the path to being disarmed in nuclear terms. Madeleine Albright in 19992000. She was traveling to North Korea. To negotiate some sort of nuclear deal and nuclear dealers in 1994. Framework agreement with the North Korean Torre provided them all sorts of thistle material as well easy five billion dollar elected and electrical grid. And in return we got nothing except they're continuing development of Intercontinental ballistic missiles and then 1989 am and Albright the secretary of state under Bill Clinton. She is back to North Korea to talk to Kim Jung who the market is not a congenial rather. And she goes there and she sets is on tape she says I was told he was going to be crazy. As to the congenial was going to be a net case you know bellicose ballistic. And instead you know what I got from him he was a very charming fellow who knew all the lesson about these negotiations and he was willing to make concessions. But then George W. Bush came in and destroyed those concessions. I'll watch the Clinton administration spent the entirety of its administration kowtowing. To Pyongyang. And then turnaround in the bush administration and nothing to do with the President Bush takes office in North Korean nuclear program is already well underway. And then bush doesn't do anything about it and it Obama doesn't do anything about an other dump trucks lap and pretending like it's awful because some of the thigh in theory. And look to think that trump should mediate his language. So that it makes a little bit more sense in terms and the threats you know what the thread is. Sure. Adding that when president trump talks about the player in theory he should make clear what he's referring to right. He said if North Korea continues to make friends there will be tired hearing immediately said well final moment Guam. So that didn't work but. Bertram to talk in militant language then what north greased and it's completely in line with past president. But that's not the way the media are portraying and it's because the media have a pretty obvious agenda. As we continue here and Marc Lynch out tuchman actual history of North Korea and why it is that this is not on track. Why this is not on trouble if it's on him now he's the president in this thing something yeah. But this is a mistake that he's been made it for sixty years I American administrations. And continues we may today. And also people are calling for the United States you nothing in the face of what North Korea is doing right now. All they're doing is delaying a reckoning that will have to come at some point former North Korea. That doesn't mean that the best option is a preemptive strike. It does mean if we don't have that as an option on the table and we are making it very large mistake and I'll explain why when we return this is mark what did you. Yeah it's. I mentioned in former Clemens talking about. President trump what he ought to do on North Korea and glancing from the last it. Trump even mentioning the possibility of any sort of military move on North Korea whether. Retaliatory or preemptive is driving in the law Hal dinner he he's crazy men and even. He's a crazy. Okay here's the problem every time the United States in our history. Looks beyond the dean now is that you know what let's put it off let's kick it down the rubble kick the can down the road it never ends well it never ends well. Gays there's certain. Eventuality you have to accept it gives it a Soviet Union that exists with the capacity wipe out all life on earth. Yet to accept that and all you can do is basically wait around and hope that they collapsed. And build up America's military for the possibility now of winning some sort of nuclear exchanges Ronald Reagan did. There's this weird idea on the left there when there is a state that is developing nuclear weapons were developing military capabilities. That it is better to always ticket counter on the road invariably. Because it went well. It never hands it never has been history North Korea is he perfect example of this is a really understand history of North Korea you really have to go back to the history of the Soviet Union. In 1917 president Wilson Woodrow Wilson deployed American troops to Russia in order to try to stop the rise of the Communist rags and support the white. But as the reds began to gain power would Russia withdraw American troops because you know what. What the Russians decide their own future in the piece about let them decide their own future. Sure if I just infused a few thousand more American troops in Russia who could overturn the possibility of the Soviet Union actually had an ally in Russia instead of that though. Let's withdraw what can decide their own future. Any eighty years eighty years or seven years of the Soviet Union the mass murders tens of millions people end creates effectively. China and North Korea. He's a three decades after that president Truman expressed tepid support for the Chinese nationalist government of Chiang Kai Shek right that is the government eventually becomes the government of Taiwan. When he supports generation against now. As in the Communist now. Trump the lot Brad Truman sent his top general George Marshall to China to attempt to stop the civil war there in 1945 and Marshall. Promptly fell prey the Communist propaganda it's a little insider and future. The American government the Shanghai check to support it coalition government with now. In 1946 the American government tried stopping to check from crushing now. Marshal actually told Chang quote. Under the circumstances of the continued against the government troops in Manchuria and must repeat that appointees being reached where the integrity of my position is open to serious question. Therefore I request you again to immediately issue an order terminating advances attacks or proceed by government troops. Now planned for young Chang writes marshals it's that was probably the single most important decision affecting the outcome of civil war. Chang stops China is lost because Communist country and it probably sponsor North Korea. So now goes on with salads helped Indy Korea and the United States. Pushes back to north greens all the way to the border of China and which point the Chinese wash over the border 200000 strong it wash over the Yellow River and MacArthur says you know what. Listen what in the world to war. In you wanna win awards went to war let's not the bridges across the Al Lou and some bases in China. Truman no fears open warfare with Chinese and he refuses understandable understandable decision but the results than North Korea is preserved. Smoke decisions become bigger decisions become more dangerous. North Korea starts this Communist dictatorship and now knowing that the United States. Can't do as much with the nuclear armed state is he can with conventionally armed state. North Korea builds up its own nuclear weapons of bills of its own nuclear forces. And that's the situation we face today is now the question becomes this what are the risks and what are the rewards that's taking military action against North Korea. So risks are obvious North Korea has some fifteen deaths and what we thirteen 1020000 pieces of artillery pointed at Seoul South Korea. And should we going with that preemptive military strike. Presumably declare all of their weaponry at Seoul South Korea and tell hundreds of thousands of people least that's the the probability. The reason I say that is because I figured it if we had a better military plan could take out all of their artillery without killing tens of thousands of people would probably already would've done it. I don't think the Defense Secretary Mattis is averse to the use of force when it comes to deposing. That and evil piece of human feces like Kim Jong-Il. American general rather so the the fact is that. You know they're the military option may not be ideal. But here's the alternative the alternative is that we have a nuclear armed state aztecs proxy war with South Korea. A conventional ways South Korea where everybody is afraid of getting into a nuclear exchange but. Thousands and thousands of people die. Now maybe that is a better option than what we're looking at right now but all of the hard choices that president truck passed snake right now are driven. Solely and exclusively by at. Past that is filled with bad American decisions on North Korea ends a dictatorship sponsored by the Chinese that continues to exist to this day. Maybe the solution is as president from sensitive to pressure the Chinese policy a little bit more pressure from the Cheney is let's not blame president trump for problem is in six decades in the making. When I turn now to talk about what the media is trying to give president trample over all of the simply put from. Prime lens that is just astounding. Does America venture. If you turn off your radio and opened the window. You can probably hear and straight from the studio. Call mark Glover and had 8773813811. Zaps it for family and Ben Shapiro sitting in for Martell is an honor and a pleasure. And a host invention Parrish a podcast the number one conservative podcast in the country and editor in chief of the daily wire okay cell. If president trump obviously is using some very inflammatory rhetoric playing in theory in theory in science hasn't been a fantastic. Rock band from the 1960s the fire in theory that in any case. Using using this language and left of course is unpredictably not it is important to note at this point and nothing actually has happened. Okay president trump has not. Activated the nuclear missiles he is not began punching in the nuclear codes all of the current. Air activities and in North Korea is precisely the same as it was three weeks ago all of the joint military exercises with South Koreans exactly the same as they were a month ago. Nothing has changed so you're seeing rhetorical escalation they're not actually in military escalation from president trump. But that is not stopping the left from seeing ghosts and shadows. And and it Brian Williams a shocking moments honesty to brylin so amazing by the way Brian Williams is still a city. Obviously if you spend it turns out half your career making up stories that I Iraq the battle of the bulge in. You were born yet. And if you're talking about how you rate hurricane Katrina and I washed the bodies float by me in a completely dry part of the city or if you're talking about how you were. In Iraq and I was on helicopters and wash another helicopter being hit. My shoulder launched grenade and you know and then you end up having to basically resigned his job in the Gary hired him now or on MSNBC. The whole hall credible people that's O Brian Williams ETA he had a shocking moment of honesty that I'm not even sure that he recognized. How this how this has shot who says. Here's Brian Williams last night and MSNBC explaining why it is that MSNBC feels the need to go full line eleven. And a spinal taps killed ten with regards to North Korea coverage why they feel they have to panic the American people. Mark job tonight actually is to scare people to death on the subject so that talk is an. As free as it is about a preemptive force surgical military strike. Need to steer people that. You see their agenda their agenda is to scare you. There agendas Nicky Phelan certain and he says that we don't feel so sanguine about a preemptive military strike first of all. I'm not seeing a lot of people who are sanguine about a preemptive military strike. Are you. Where all the voice is going yet just nuke. I seen anyone say list. There's no single member of trust administration is saying this there's a single national radio host he's saying this there's nobody on Fox News saying as no one is saying. Without a little further thought well you know let's go died nukem you know prop guy knock him out no one is saying everyone understands as serious the situation is. The real reason that the media want to make you panic the real reason the media. Want to make you feel that doom is near. Is because they have a deep and abiding hatred for president trump and they wanna make it seem like trump is not in control and we're on safe. The truth visit. One of the reasons that George W. Bush won a reelection in 2004 is because of Sokol security non security moms. Where mothers living in the suburbs who were concerned deeply about safety and security as they voted for George W. Bush because the Republican Party typically makes. Women feel safer with regard to national security in the Democratic Party guys and Democrats know this they understand that in times apparel. You don't want to look too weak knees of Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton or Barack Obama you'd rather look to somebody who is stronger lake George W. Bush. Incision to rip that away from trump and making him appear unstable the volatile they're trying to make it seem like the real villain in this entire scenario. Is president trumpets not Kim Jong-un being cased dictator who's kept millions of people enslaved his family he's got millions of people enslaved he says his own. Brother in law gas to the X gassing airport. It has not been a case president come as the nineties is at play in period down. That's why did that that's we'll have to worry about and it's NBC's Lawrence O'Donnell. He basically makes the case Donald Trump is Kim Jung would never the same person hears and yet dissect his response. To that uniquely bad news for his uniquely incompetent and ineffective administration is to simply lie. And to say that his administration. Has achieved. More than most. Eight North Korean regime style lie that's all Trump's choice. So it in terms of describing the accomplishments. Of his administration and so the trump administration. Enters its first. Deadly serious dangerous. International crisis this time with the unpredictable wire in North Korea and for the first time in American history United States. Hasn't unpredictable liar who is in control of nuclear codes that could instantly create. Fire and fury like the world has members. There is no indication. That the White House or the president had any intention at all of making any comment. Oh that result OK so Lawrence O'Donnell over and MSNBC we have an unpredictable liar in charge remember these are the same people who called George W. Bush at war criminal is a war criminal. He's an insane war criminal who simply want to go into Iraq invade Iraq in order EU are to avenge. Saddam Hussein's attempt on his father's life. Is it people's at the Ronald Reagan was a nuclear cowboys in us all killed duck and cover gang. And as saying this about Donald Trump and to make you think maybe they're not that concerned about what's gonna happen here maybe they know that everything is pretty well in hand. Maybe they understand this is a threat but no we're not in danger of being nuked. If there's infects the solid possibility that North Korea can't even hit us at this point. Maybe they know all these things and maybe they're just saying this because they know that when there's national security crisis to attend the rally around the flat a flat affect this happens to every president democratic and Republican. And there's national security situation the president of the United States becomes more popular. Because people look to them for solid steady leadership. And they're leaving on Donald Trump to try and take them away from him because they feel like they have trump on their ups and. This is a political agenda and in effect is that the the map looks historically bad for Democrats in Tony eighteen. As closely funny. With regards to senate Democrats could win. Every single senate seat in his state did Hillary Clinton won and still not the senate. Democrats and house to pick up every single district Hillary Clinton won and solo and house. So they're real trouble here and they know it would keep hearing about the Republican Party in disarray from the media. And we'll talk in the next hour about eighty divisions inside the Republican Party what needs to happen to get everything back on track. But the idea that the party is in disarray is the party now controls 3060 houses. The controls 36 governorships. The party that controls the house the senate and the presidency that's the party in disarray it is a myth. Of the media's own creation. But it wanna create against perception remind Americans that. It's it's total chaos that the guards these decisions now look I'm not somebody who has suggested that everything is stability and hunky dory over the White House I don't think that's right. I think trump is it manager by chaos clearly. I think he likes interpersonal conflict I don't think president drugs the greatest manager of people. But when it comes to this particular situation in my sleeping at night yeah it's looking just fine an exam really think that general Mattis and HR McMaster. Any and Steve Gannon who I'm not somebody's personal day I don't think abandoned building these guys are people who are itching. With the trigger finger take to watching nuke into orbit I still think that's what's happening here. But again the media has an agenda. And they just keep ramming home colonel Jack Jacobs and MSNBC military analyst and a fuse NS NBC this morning and here's what he had to say about this. What if he orders a nuclear strike I mean my understanding bring general Hayden and public comment. Is it that's a pretty quick time frame between the commend Evan on tea who you want and that could defy an order yeah I think he would don't forget the people who wow. Definitely turn around and I'm not doing. Yeah and then India implication there's of course the nets would have to do that the Trump's net case issued immediately go about the business of trying to nuke North Korea. The Clinton making here is simply this you should feel okay. I feel weird message in today's teenage you should feel basically okay Democrat Republican. Nothing horrifying is happening here trump hasn't done anything horrifying North Korea is he dangerous states for sure are we on the verge of a nuclear war with North Korea. No we're not so pleased to stop the panic. There's no reason to engage in the sort of panic level the media are doing it because they had ancillary rationales. For doing all of this. So you know does that mean there's any solution and the president doesn't mean there's an easy solution on the horizon as I suggested I think the best available. Option right now is to take severe economic consequences against China which is the sponsor state from North Korea there's a reason the president took it's something buried earlier this week. The UN Security Council voted fifteen nothing to impose sanctions on North Korea but we needed you more than that we now need to pressure the Chinese Government. To withdraw all material support from the North Korean regime. And allowed out regime to collapse and that may mean sanctions against China in May mean sanctions against Chinese banks that's on North Korea in May mean that we have to. Take some severe measures with regard to China's economy. And they did that that sounds better to meet a shooting war with an unstable dictator. Maybe we have to do that's it. But I and that donuts leads the Pentagon and the world operating in the dark when it comes to the options the Pentagon has on the table we seventeen Intel. Presumably president trump passed. I'm I'm just not worried I'm not somebody who sanguine about president Roh's presidency and I am not worried here. And I am not I feel to see why everyone is so panicked on TV and you turn on you turn on TV now it's wall to wall. Coverage I was watching CNN the other day as having me on the gym you can change the channel. And as I'm watching CNN they have an anchor on describing. The North Korean weapon and in terms of how many American lives to be wiped out by Elvis. And now know is that this is not going to happen I'll tell you I think I haven't at least potentially maybe nuts but not crazy right he's easing nut case. But I don't think that he is very much interest in. In being turned into. 88 hollowed out Hulk of of cash by nuclear weapon that we drop on him if he decides to fire on America or its allies. I don't think that's that's the way this is gonna go. OK so as we continue here CNN just made pretty. Amazing move with regard to another one of its commentators. This one is of course Jeffrey lord they've now announced that Jeffrey lord. Has been fired from CNN who have return I'll tell you why this is the mark dementia. Earth. Okay. The number of intervention there isn't any. In a former holiday and breaking news from CNN Jeffrey lord is out so. If you watch the ever entertain Jeffrey lord he is a commentator on CNN. Most likely to brown knows Donald Trump and I say that advice of lately there have been many people unseen and defend trump well and sometimes Jeffrey actually does a great job defending president and Jeffrey a little bit. Haven't sometimes it's really over the top. You know that's part of entertainment over you know and that's why they hired. Now they hired him why they fired him in this just demonstrates the the ridiculous business of the left media here's why they fired him. They cut ties with him after he tweeted out a victory Nazi salute on Thursday according to San Francisco chronicle has not exactly what happened. The CNN since Nazi salutes are indefensible Jeffrey lord is no longer with the network. So what exactly have we got in an argument with media matters president Angela appearance on an immediate matters easy Hillary Clinton. Front group and no created originally. Would get mine David Brock created them. As defense mechanism for the clintons the idea was that they were going to be boycotts against conservative media figures and yeah they did against rushed AD against show on. They tried begins markedly. And that's what media matters as the target political figures they don't like many target their advertisers an attempt to destroy those political figures so Jeffrey lord tweeting his story. He had posted on American spectator. To writing media matters is fascists. Which is there ideological fascists they want their opposition shut down. If not through the power of government than through the power of the markets but not just through the power the markets because they because they think something deeply evil is happening. But because they disagree on politics to care isn't it your headline has mistaken it why do you expect anyone to take you seriously. When you don't take yourself seriously. And order a backseat Kyle. Okay and then Paris owns it it's completely insane and two others everyone else is completely bizarre. Well what he meant what is being tired the entire title of the column was immediate matters for a bunch of fascists and and it responded any city Kyle mocking their fascism. He isn't doing these different words a Nazi. For God's sake people get a brain. England CNN decide the unifier Jeffrey lord over him mocking holy using Nazi language and not someone he's saying is not CME has been on Twitter. Have never been on face the music of FaceBook and Twitter. It's O six and it really think Jeffrey board goes home at night and it puts on his iron cross. And they just jets around the neighborhood. But the move profitable what they think the jobs report doesn't hysterical what what's stupidity there are looking for excuses for Jeffrey lord and the knicks down one. It's insane the ways that the left uses language there's another story today that a bunch of college camps are now very angry. Any building. It has a name lynch on it as in that's somebody's last name. Like John Lynch VD safety for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers or seeing the rattle lynch. The former attorney general the United States they say that this name has began from buildings because it makes black people feel comfortable. Which must make Loretta feel really weird every time she says Jack. This the left is so sensitive that language. It is about trust language and we're playing mission and injure people are making fun of somebody by calling them an autopsy is so upset about language all the time. But when it comes to the actual use of language and left doesn't Terrell police language that is more inflammatory than anything. They have to Kathy Griffin's in the world over at CNN. Eight navy's eventually suspended her to. But it took her literally holding a big bloody severed head of the president of the United States to do that. Didn't Miley should simulating particularly graphic active sacks on Anderson Cooper on air into New Year's event festival on interest rate ridiculous. Ridiculous public and in other. Kind of ridiculous left media stories today. As a guiding skip Bayless probably haven't heard the most he's watch ESP any laws on ESPN guys on fox sports I guess. And skip Bayless has said that Colin snapper nick you remember him he's leave San Francisco 49ers quarterback who really sucks I mean just a terrible quarterback. Mean three years ago he was good for years that is good last year he was a garbage quarterback easily the worst quarterback in the league couldn't make a read. They had to move a single read. Progression. And the way quarterback is supposed to work is supposed to check out his receivers and use open before making a decision on where to throw capita community that they want to single read. Defense picked up on net and answered air mailing throws anyway. And it basically just stop the point I think we just stop throwing the ball and attention. And Culpepper can't get a job because. Number what stinks and number two he feels the need to Niels reigning National Anthem which helped squash the viewership in a candy for the 49ers. So skip Bayless over on fox sports he sad is that. Black players black players should actually boycott the NFL until Colin capita gets the job. Bayless says. Deep down into the palace cap and exit for something he should have stood for and that he had national impact any need to be had a chance at that moment. He created dialogue he opened eyes and ears to growing conflict between white policeman. An unarmed black men and women need to be addressed and I would like to believe I can't prove this I believe it had a positive impact. Anything Colin Capp nick wearing socks that had cops dresses gigs. Was a positive impact not yearn insane person number one and number two the idea that. The players should boycott their own jobs out of solidarity with current cabinet an awful quarterback. Just demonstrative of how insane media had become on all of this mean truly is crazy what they're talking about. Data suggesting the NFL should sink its own business in order promoted as a crappy quarterback and seems like have a crappy human being to boot. In this is their idea of appropriate appropriate haters appropriate behavior is forcing an NFL teams hire talent gap and it. Inappropriate behavior would be Jeffrey lord making fun of somebody from media matters. Honestly I can't follow the double standards anymore I can't. The if you want to understand left only have to understand about blast is all they care about is creating a set of rules that is good for that it doesn't apply to anybody else. That's all they care and a it's also incredibly divisive mean there's certain things in America that we all share like football. No I can't even do that. As you know you're allowed Jeffrey board on the air because he may be too expensive. College campuses can't have buildings named after people named lynch because too offensive but Colin tapper nick. There we have to go out of our way to make sure the talent Catholic not only has a job but we should boycott the NF. Oh until he has job. It's been left wants to control hiring and firing again and with some pretty bad employees know let's watching NFL or every quarterback is telling happening. As we continue here on the mark of in shell. President trump is going to war with Mitch McConnell in Purdy. We'll tell you who's right who's wrong and whether it's useful and its really for Michael that. It's all big east had itself. It's time for you to the Woodson. Button things up and find where they how. You seek comments that was pretty good things can save over 20% on herders like Brady handgun. 880 dollars after mail in rebate on Walter PBS and two pistols its savings in dollars. And get a vortex Diamondbacks three to have to stand by fifty feet flex rifles that just 140 and it it. Shut its doors to those dot com. Is there. Now. Nearly underground. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving little. Her family events business that would meet that Shapiro. Post convention here to show podcast most popular conservative podcast in America. As well as the author. A number of books and at the editor of. To leave wire I was speaking of books go out and pick up marks fantastic new book six weeks and the excess that's Seles and marks a monster. The book is rediscovering America isn't fantastic book had merit and I should talk about it he's got to suck you about it. Now what you owe it to yourself to go by copy and one for a family friend and another member for another one for each member of your family. Also go and check will it take outlook in TV ads CR TD he can purchase an 844 Libyan TV it's 844 Libyan. TV so not talk about the battle that has now opened up between president trump and Mitch McConnell. As you are aware I am sure. And both mark and I neither one of us are fans of Mitch McConnell we think and McConnell is a squish I believe that Mitch McConnell. And it is more interested in passing milk toast legislation and in pushing forward the promises that were made by the Republican caucus for the last seven years. And out repealing obamacare for replacement of obamacare repealing obamacare. And now truck is broken into open conflict of Mitch McConnell we are now. In months eight of the troop presence and into August so we are now in month eight of the trump presidency and we've got nothing. The material that has nothing has happened. There's been some regulatory reform inside the executive branch that mantra and there's been the selection of justice horse which fantastic rate on drop. Nothing has happened on the legislative what level. The Vatican rational review act needs something like sixteen times to get rid of small balmy air regulations. Great okay that's not order promised their promised tax reform we are promised getting word of the Iran deal. We are promised a whole bevy of conservative judges we're promised that we are going to get obamacare repealed. We are promising to get protections for religious Americans. We promised little. And so far we've got nothing their promise of border Akron we are promised a wall to promise all these things and nothing is happening. A large part of that is the inability of Mitch McConnell to get his caucus together clearly. Well Mitch McConnell is tired of hearing it from the right and so a couple of days ago Mitch McConnell was speaking to some local group in Kentucky. And he was caught on tape saying that the big problem here's the president trump had. Excessive expectations. He's expected to much when he came down here's the senate majority leader. Short. Yeah. And horror for there's Sunday's early. Thank you needed another point. And they are it's. Flower. Before. Nice okay now we're doing my job. In the Red Cross. And so part of the reason people who are. Yeah. And these guys are really. He related to the reality complexity. Or are an important. Arlen. He loved ones and they did it. OK so a couple of things worth noting here one to be completely fair to Mitch McConnell. I think it is true that president trump has who EEE biz czar expectation level for the senate. Mean if he's not going to get involved. The president of the United States does not have the capacity unfortunately in this day and age to work under the constitutional framework which means that you basically sit back. Let the legislature passes bills and inside thinks that's just not how things work now that's what they're supposed to work that's not the way they've worked in the United States for nigh on a century. The president takes a leadership role in crafting and pushing legislation. President trump has not done that president trump has left it to Paul Ryan speaker of the house Ryan and and senate majority leader McConnell to come legislation. Now maybe that's because his advisors people at grant street is for telling him to look at professionals handle it Donald is here with the professionals do it. Or maybe it's because trump doesn't have too much interest in the intricacies of this legislation in the nation know that much about it. In fact I think both are probably true I think his advisors probably are telling him you just take a backseat let the professionals work this out and triple saying I'll take a backseat. Because who cares you know they'll work it out Alsace and things public putter a decent stuff. But here's the reality. Even Barack Obama working with these significantly larger majority in the senate then president trump as. Had to work for a year and a half to get obamacare and haven't whining dining people in and greasing palms and then using legislative candidates in that him being involved on a daily basis going on making the case the public. That's up to trump didn't do so that's that's an LC from McConnell but when he says that trump an outsize expectations of what could get done. Now that's a bunch of nonsense and get the Republicans have been promising for years of their gonna do all these things and they have done none of them and as far as the timeline let's be clear about something. President Obama in the first month of his presidency saying an 800 billion dollar stimulus bill. You know President Obama bailed out the car company's. President Obama expanded federal hate crimes laws by October. The President Obama passed into law in March Obama camp march Boynton. He passed into law obamacare do you think that the Republican senate is gonna pass major legislation by next march. Do you evidence. As in serious doubts about that. It's a trump is exactly right when he rips into McConnell so he responds to McConnell. By saying Mitch get back to work in the repeal and replace tax reform and cuts in a great infrastructure not on my desk for signing you can do it. He treated earlier can you believe that Mitch McConnell who screamed repeal a place for seven years couldn't get it done must repeal and replace obamacare. And then asked about it today. Trump said that it was time for McConnell to get things moving or get out. He was asked whether McConnell should resign intrinsic to wait and see if he can get repeal and replaced on and then ask me. So listen I want from side of the debate I think McConnell and crappy Japanese McConnell shot to rain will be stats he can't Rangel the cats get the hell out of the way. Here's my only problem with this particular fight but that a couple problems of this particular fight between trump and his senate majority leader and none of them. Our our arguments in favor of McConnell who has done an excessively shoddy job at this point. And he brought up a repeal and replace bill that was garbage to begin lifting repeal and barely replaced. He brought that forward. And watch as it died on the senate floor in full view of the American public with the majority in the house of congress so there's no excuse for that sort of nonsense. But here is the problem that I have at his attack is right tackle McConnell is correct get it done and Mitch get it done senate majority leader McConnell. The reason he's attacking McConnell is not because they disagree fundamentally on policy or because trump is really get frustrated with McConnell on policy grounds. But he wasn't ripping on McConnell three weeks ago it was a -- McConnell six weeks ago it was written McConnell three months ago he was ripping McConnell six months. And we all work we girls and Mitch your act together. We're sick every theory very long time. Trump is not doing what Citron Boston puts it drop off was the quote the just heard from McConnell McConnell didn't trump personally. And herein lies the problem what really offends trump. Is not lack of conservative legislation will really offense trump is his personality being dink. I wouldn't care if the outcome is the same but I don't think that the outcome is the same. Based on why he's angry if he's angry based on policy that means that if Mitch McConnell passes good policy and you'll be happy. It's not about it he's not a McConnell because McConnell is making him seem incompetence and ignorance. That's why he's meant so what's the solution pass anything but I have to be good. And let's see what's different about the truck it was a garbage bill as a garbage bill didn't certainly cast. And troops pushing. Trump is not interested in conservative legislation so much as he's interested in what for him personally and this is the problem in here's the proof okay. Mitch McConnell he's supposedly worth and he supposedly doesn't like Mitch McConnell because McConnell is not putting legislation on his desk for him to sign. This week president token out. An Indy Alabama senate race did he endorse a couple of candidates were much more conservative and the current interim senator Luther strange. Remember Jeff Sessions the attorney general was from Alabama his sentence was still in the intro by Daniel Luther strange Luther strange and McConnell apple. Works closely with McConnell files McConnell and remove. They're two other candidates running in the primaries against Luther strange. Straight by the way look at some of the polls like he's selling both of them both of them would have been good conservative candidates. One of them was in Mo Brooks. And the other than a the other one was Roy Moore. You remember Roy Moore because he was the former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court. Who says that he would refuse to get rid of ten commandments monuments. At the at the state courthouse. Rates at trump could endorse either one of those two people to really the school ruse to Mitch McConnell. To really put the screws to instead he endorsed. Luther strange. And he tweeted out quote senator Luther strange has done a great job representing the people of the great state of Alabama he has my complete and total endorsement. Why. Why didn't you change tired of the McConnell group he is not part of the hard right conservative group he's not a Tea Party or he's not small government diapers today. Yet there's from endorsing and to does that say that from his anti McConnell on policy grounds resented the trump is anti McConnell on personal grounds. And this has ramifications. It has significant ramifications because it means that trump is he's angry McConnell not on policy grounds and a personal grounds which direction does he move. Does he moved to the right or does he moved to left. Today Donald Trump seem president trump he said quote. Frankly I may have some more support for the Democrats. With regard to infrastructure bill. It is not it is not impossible. That we are living in a world where president trump gets so angry Mitch McConnell he walks across the outs Chuck Schumer instead of trying to work with him. It is not impossible by any stretch of the imagination. Again. This is how from top to get angry at people. Right now on the not a policy as he got angry Jeff Sessions now because just tensions is doing a bad job CG Jeff Sessions as early supporter the creator of from immigration platform really. Mean I was at a lately drinking session probably three years ago with Stephen Miller. And with Jeff Sessions and with Ann Coulter as he laid out in full detail what would become Trump's immigration platform. Jeff Sessions was the guy who made trips immigration platform happened and trump was ripping him up and down a week and a half ago. Does not about policy as a personal. In Trenton Jeff flake you think it took a significant disagreements with Jeff Blake he may have some. But Israel Ingrid Jeff Blake is a personal Ingrid Jeff flake which is why there is now hundreds of thousands of dollars being invested I try to allies indeed running Jeff flake in Arizona. That's fine I don't mind and now think Jeff flake is the world's greatest owner that's called me but. Is important to recognize is because we have to as conservatives we have to warn president trump off of moving to blast in fits of personal peek at Mitch McConnell. I don't want to see him walk across the street to Democrats because he's just an attitude McConnell as Mitch McConnell gave the boo boo. I don't wanna seed. He's the president of the United States. If he thinks that he's gonna be able to woo other members of congress but I ripping Mitch McConnell than doing nothing in an endorsing Mitch McConnell supported group. This is not take it legislation's. Is the thing about president drop. And a lot of people are very invested in president trump personally and in Neil wanna see him personally succeed I don't care about president can't personally he's big boy can take care of itself. I want the policy. I want the conservative games that is what presidential promise that is why he won that is why conservatives jumped on board regardless I'll get a things that he said and done. They jumped on board because they thought they were gonna get the winds let's get the wins the question about McConnell and Trent fighting is does it achieve the winds. Is a purpose to some of the fighting but not like it's not this kind of site. The president trump has to be more of these singular minded forced from legislative good if we're gonna get the wins that we want the country needs. It can't just be that he's now McConnell fires up a few tweets and endorses all McConnell allies doesn't do anything for anybody. As we continue here on the Michael lynch up. Let's talk a little bit more about what trump can do to actually push the ball for help he needs to work with congress to push the ball forward. What he can do to increase his now to pull with congress and also. President trump actually makes there is strong move with regards GOP I crisis we'll talk about it is Merkel ninja. Or the burden. This is the math and then show Ben Shapiro and former club and so president trump as. For the last couple of hours finally declared that he is going to say that BOP a crisis is a national emergency on Thursday. He told reporters according to the Washington examiner he believes the OPEC crisis is a national emergency he said the administration is trying to paperwork. To make an official declaration he said he'll get crisis is an emergency financing if officially right now it is an emergency it's in national emergency but in the spent a lot of time a lot of effort and a lot of money on the Oka crisis going to dried up and we're gonna make a national emergency. Is serious problem the likes of which we have not had. And raising you know when I was growing up in LSD and they had certain generations of drugs there's never been anything like what's happened to this country over the last four or five years. And I have to say it is not there is this a worldwide problem not just US problem. This happening worldwide actually it is outsized in the United States the statistics really are stunning. On the OP I crisis and is something like 60000 Americans now a year are dying of OP Lloyd overdose. I'm in 2015 was 52404. People dying and overdoses and all drugs including opium laced most of them possible PO it's but the numbers now jumped. More people are dying of OP would overdoses Internet dying in car crashes or in nine gun involves homicides combined. Says the number one leading cause of death outside its basic health problems in the United States. I admit that he I do have some questions about whether. And what what level the federal government should be involved in policing all of that's I am not sure that the federal government is good at anything and we had a war on drugs it's now been going. 460 odd years and it has not been a particular success. On any widespread level there's certain things. Net president trump could be that one of them beetle the wall right from wall would be helpful. Is a really good book on the OP a crisis that recommend to everybody on the books home dreamland. By getting Sam could notice. And it will be in very. Good book I'll be out where exactly is still be a crisis came from and it came from. DC essentially two things happening at once one wise. The influx of heroin over the southern border. I'm from Mexico from particular area in in the west of Mexico is small town. Where everybody got involved in heroin trafficking because they they came up with a creative would do what they couldn't get caught. If they were caught it would simply be deported to come back again. Later. That was one stream they took the other stream which was. The attempts in the 1990s and early two thousands to suggest that pain itself was something they can be cured simply drugs. And OP always work. Pans out no problem like candy is why everybody started. And it using OxyContin an oxy code on as as a painkiller and is all based on the the same. Morphine. Molecule essentially that continues to kill pain for centuries at this point has always been highly addictive in their opium wars fought in the nineteenth century in China over the U that what he. And opium. And the fact that this became common against the prescription drugs in let a lot of people. Into addiction. In my family with two hits and personal experience with this my grandmother actually back in the 1960s it would have been. Was prescribed painkillers by a doctor and she became addicted to all the noise in my father had to basically stares at thirteen years old men fathers and their. And watch as she. A sheet detox from all of that so. I am not suggesting that there's blame to be put on people become OP organics because their prescribed drug. By doctor. I am however saying that the level of federal involvement I'm not sure what just throwing money at the problem is going to do when there's certain things that. Government on the local level should be doing I think in I think that is completely fair to say that emergency services should be. Funded that they have to Dresden necessary to combat overdose but what the federal government can do with guilty and crisis. I'm not really Charlie chuckle a bit more about it wanna take your phone calls on it actually because I know so many people had experiences and family that there's an 87731. 311. We'll talk about. President trumps declaration of a national emergency a nuclear crisis when we return a plus our top that Russia. Of course is an application. John Mark love then you show. I imagine an 8773813811. My example a family event at Shapiro sitting in America they were talking about president trumps. Announcement day there is a national emergency occurring around OP really use steel pioli epidemic 60000 people a year now dying of drug overdoses the vast majority through will be laid. Overdoses. And I have to say well I totally understand the V egregious evils of the open Lloyd epidemic and sympathize with people are going through it hasn't said we had a my grandmother. I totally get this and I totally innocent sympathy for I am not certain at all. What a constitutional authority comes from to declare that the federal government ought to be involved in policing the opium it epidemic other than interstate trafficking. Of illegal drugs. Other than controlling the border. And the reason that I say this is because. If you look at where the federal government has gotten involved it was the federal government in large part has helped facilitate the OPO it epidemic. The states where there are the most OP would overdoses are invariably states with expanded Medicaid. And even an Epoch dreamland as mentioned before there's a lot of talk about how how exactly. Are people getting hold these very expensive drugs like OxyContin and then distributing them widely the answer is that eagle on Medicaid. He OxyContin pills for three bouts causing a thousand bucks normally it costs three bucks to the federal government takes a cap. Summary prescribed duty of you take it out to the street is a lot from mark up and suddenly your drug dealer raking in the goods. Medicaid expansion has actually exacerbated the opiate epidemic. According to senate Adelson over national review in 2015. The seven seas at the highest drug overdose death rates were West Virginia New Hampshire Kentucky Ohio Rhode Island Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Does it have something comet all were among the 31 states not including easy expanded Medicaid through obamacare. Ohio which is enrolled more than 700000 adults and it's obamacare Medicaid expansion is in worse problems they'll be late than ever before. This year alone the state is on pace for more overdose deaths in the entire United States had in 1990 according to Ohio county coroner. The bottom line is when you have the government subsidizing people to get their drugs. Is Lindsay easier than to get their drugs in the use those drugs for illicit purposes it also creates addicts who are then. Looking for the quickest and easiest hi Nancy get a thriving heroin market mean heroin used to be something for junkies that in 1970s now this is something you see in the suburbs. His suburban kids dying of appealing overdoses so. There's really two questions one is. What role does government have a doing any of this second is the federal government had any role OK because I know that we in the United States he's become so accustomed to the idea that the federal government is there to solve everything. But this is why you have state and local government. That's the purpose of the state local government is to fill this kind of gap is the government gonna do anything. The idea that the feds have a stake here. Other than relieving regulatory burdens having to do. With for example there's there's a law apparently on the books with regard to Medicaid. Adult Medicaid or Medicare. That it prevents Medicare funding from being freed up to be used for. Hospital beds for recovery. Get rid of that regulation that makes no sense that it's will be I MT exclusion with in the Medicaid program. India rid of that it would open treatments thousands of Americans an existing facilities in all fifty states. But the fact is that it's states that really should be bearing the burden does not necessarily. The federal government. And there is something else you tip and that is it. You know they're there is there has always been and there always will be in moral component to widespread epidemics with regard to drugs now. In this particular case a little bit different because so much it was prescribed so much has described I remember in 1990s early two thousand's you can get these pills no problem. Non regulated essentially is considered a godsend by people. And it's true that some of these pharmaceutical companies had been major settlements to the government. Because they were fitting about the effects of these drugs suggesting that a Pulitzer non addictive which of course is not true in any real way. But when you see young suburban kids are getting into open it's not because they were injured in a football game and then their doctor cook them that'll be nice but because these wanna try it. They do have to go back to that it did Trudeau's spoken in the 1980s which that we may have a moral problem on our hands. In May have in entire generation of young people who feel real purpose. Who feel no motivation and of course your time again record there's a difference between people are hooked on populates. Because the doctor prescribed it to them and people who become holds an open late in a recreational fashion. But both are going up hand in hand as things become more common people are engaging in the more often I think rectified both of these things the first thing is but make sure that dot. There's an over prescribing OP likes by the way you know exacerbates opiate prescriptions. In overburden medical system with too few doctors. Haiti these doctors are not being re components the rates that they require the temptation for doctors is always prescribing get somebody out of the room. That's always the temptation you used to be doing it to the doctor and he's been implemented time with you figured out what your problem was tried to discuss it with you came of the holistic solution. Now you wait in the waiting for two hours need attendance and doctor. Keeping the doctor wants that that doesn't look at. But a government regulatory system has forced doctors to provide care to many people into a short time. The temptation for a lot of doctor's statement with no help themselves is is simply sign a prescription and then just go for such a prescription to what you wanna do. And that's incredibly dangerous but we have to tightness on both scores one. We cut down on the number of prescription opiates that are being used in number two. We do have to fight a moral rot that is that is at the center of a lot of of young people's lives right now that suggests your wife has no meeting. What you do has no moral component to it. He may as well in gauge in recreational drug use and it won't be a problem for you know is it. I'm somebody who's not a big fan of the government involvement in the war on drugs and pretty libertarian on this particular issue but that's what you need. Social and cultural standards. That's why you need. As that crumbles you're gonna see more and more of this I'm not sure that the solution is the federal government. I think we have a tendency in this country to simply say all of the federal government will take care. The federal the federal government is not going to be able to take care of this in my opinion W in Los Angeles you're on the need to mark credential pension or the points out. It better hurry up as brilliant Harry is like you I'm I'm a huge fan of man competitor isn't certain effort and Hillary and I Anthony's night. I itself I'll be straight up with you completely honest I'm a big it's opiates I'm addicted to heroin Bagram big Jewish boy in Los Angeles. You know. Completely religious orthodox like he did everything but whatever Castro. Like graduate college had led to create an all my bachelor's street is. You know middle class family. Yeah you know your arms I was just over first 6 months and I am. Well good am -- out whether you were so reminisce a -- relapsed and this in pot itself are detect and understand that opiate addiction is it's it's hard to take an alcoholism it's it's. It's a high I mean you read about it and it's it's pretty clear to visit in very difficult and Adobe how did you get addicted to open it in the first place. It started who has. I mean I don't I think it and I grew up not you know being part of right at the mainstream world you know being in close economic bubble. Not dealing not feeling a part of the world's. Outside. So I can act out of the first time that. But yeah it was probably when I when I was prescribed by good. And I take to questioning I had my I was in future. And I just want to mainland time and all the sort of well. So I can I've been that felt the way that I imagine that quote unquote normal people felt. Yeah. I felt that I I belong I was apart and got the crazy thing for me when I when we're glad I didn't care or OxyContin or purchase. But I'm I'm I'm I'm very very. The fact if I am actually act and function and function attic but actually I think I can go to go to work and I can do school work like it's crazy it's actually in front. And. That was Gary and we knew what you were talking about you know doctor prescribing it I remember when reaching a lot of actually really got annoyed damaging to lock. But before you were clearly you look at history so it. Pretty much automatic and have a computer and met up from Kaiser. Yeah. In the region Asia. Concluded you know about and it's it is easy to get itchy if you didn't want an arms. At Cincinnati let me ask you and a couple of a couple of quick questions up. No mercy rule number one I hope that you know I is he selling an ice. Good good guy and I really hope that you get treatment and I would not let evenly functional I would like to see little long happy life and not be it at risk of overdose. Or destroying your body through this sort of thing so you know there's anyway that that I can personally help please you know me am I may know addresses available on Twitter. On end and I'm happy to see if we can find a way to help because I don't wanna see is suffer but you know do you think that the federal government. Can't could help somebody like you and what look at the federal government do or should be to the federal government's role at all. And that's got to have a sitting here thinking yeah. Since you started to show what can a veteran do that would change anything mallet and there's literally the only black and possibly. Think that might help is maybe a little bit more information. A little bit more education. Urgent need to work in New York heroin thing about heroin. That's scary thing. And unfortunately when something. At a target something is out of out of sync and kind of want to learn more about a mile memorial education of the year. That's actually not that are really not trying to that I can think of that the government can do it that would have prevented me from. You know becoming addicted I really can't do anything. Lighting is as you know us are you in touch with your parents and now. It is isn't he helping you out you have any sort of social structure. Yeah I mean I'm. Thank god you know my dad has been incredibly helpful. My at my family supportive but it has been just don't understand that there and really really understands them and I want to its industry have. On our Hollywood. And it's shut about I don't know that financial issues in. I don't really is and want answered this thing of the drug czar drug aren't the problem drugs or this symptom of the deeper problem. And that's that's I'm hearing from me. Day you have illegal here but please if you need help like it I don't know I'm not an expert on the stock but I would try to make any connection that would help you hear these ads again I don't want us to people suffer and I think we have to a private means of trying to help one another so please. If you if you think the way for me to help I'm an email me at it may mail address is B Shapiro a daily wired dot com. And I and I'd love to train direct resources he thanked him because I wanna see people get out of this without the help of government and Denny thanks for for listening and really appreciate it. At Chris in Sioux Falls, South Dakota you're on America they show the progress. I don't. Harriet myself like I'm sure that that could not call me finishing point on exactly what what I was your gonna talk about. The only way that the federal government could actually really help will be full funding grants to states. To increase Americans like you are you an early or dark and the the zombie impact overdose Schroeder. Who would be reverse the effects of of the drug itself now back nearly the only way they can help the help increase the funding for that and input or put a limit on the price is one thing we've seen medical records. Is the increase demand increases the the price obviously dissipated business or one put increase the price so high that it makes it impossible to handle. Now they can put as the eye itself stop on the price of America an increase the flow. Yet there's been a concentration but you can help combat this the only way to really helped conduct. Now the other thing it actually come from more ground were talking easy when you look at them. If you look at the children if you look at the growth of the millennial generation. Through generation. They're handling of pain. In a personal level. Paired decrease rapidly now watch my grant was great his arm in a loader tractor then walked to the house. To drink a beer then decide to drive to the hospital I was when I was younger longer and he's back where you know we're. There are washed my father you'll. Break bone under this huge truck whatever you can't look at them you swear. Question handle it Chris appreciate to call the handling of pain definitely has changed over time you see this by the way you see the death rates for Americans have. It changed dramatically particularly for young people that breaks for Americans aged 45 to 44 have risen since the beginning of the decade. Year over year as far as federal government putting caps on in our cancer by adding one of the questions there's question I just don't know is they're generic version not candidates available on the open markets and competition. Can prevent these artificial spikes in prices obviously but. Again I think that this is also state local show I'm not sure it's the federal government's job. To be deeply involved in the funding for this because again I don't see how crosses state lines in any end. The only would even be able to fight an epidemic like this is with family. Adding that. What Debbie was saying is right I think at the last caller was saying is right and in the end. This is why you wouldn't raise kids I have two kids under the age of four. When you raise kids it's important I think. For them to be put in positions where they get hurt and when they fail and where they're able to cope with it and also provide them with a safe and solid home environment. City you'll see it come and provide him with a sense of meaning because I really think it. What happens a lot of kids are in pain from a family situation doctor present prescribes and like that in her present and then next thing they know they're addicted to OP Lloyds and delegates need to know what's going on. And it's a combination of debt prescription and add medication and a combination of you people who feel lack of meaning in their lives and we we have to correct both of these things are not going to be able to correct any of this but as we continue. Caroline article mention wanna talk a little bit about president trumps response to Vladimir Putin's booting US diplomats out of the country. Plus a news story about Pullman afford that is not going to be great for president trump and is Robert Mueller. Really exceeding his mandate at this point this is the mark lynch yeah. Are the man. And and. Yeah. So as the market intervention or sitting in for mark the event. Have breaking news is the US special counsel Robert Mueller is bearing down on former trump campaign chairman Paul Mann a port. As he directs a wide ranging probe into Russian interference in last year's presidential election this according to Bloomberg. Apparently Muller's team of investigators sent subpoenas in recent weeks from Washington grand jury global banks. For account information and records of transactions involving metaphors in some of his company's. As well as those of a long time business partner Rick gates according to people familiar with the matter. So I have one question what does any of this have to do withdraw. I do not get it and maybe Mueller has some sort of excuses for all of us remember this investigation was supposed to be an out. Collusion between the truck campaign and the Russians. So what does that have to do with man of sports longstanding ties with the Russian government and uniqueness the implication might be on a must maybe they'll come up this. You know in the indictment if there is one against metaphor. But it would have to in order to justify his investigation. They basically have to make the case demand afford had a longstanding relationship with the Russians financially. And that he was personally coordinating with the Russian government in order to promulgate Russian talking points during election cycle. I don't see any evidence and her new evidence that leaked to the of mean it's the problem you can sort of find acquitted when it comes to pole effort we can't find the pro quo and even if all that happened you'd think trump was aware of any event. Or is this just an attempt by the last two slap at trump. It's it's a lump him in with metaphor he's been relatively dirty for a long time. It is this is going to be one of these situations that drags on the integrity of Trump's presidency because Mueller has decided to exceed his mandate. And I I'm not gonna pre judge what Mohler does Jimmie and seen the outcome of yet all we're seeing secondhand weeks. Which by the way motion crack down on this I was under the impression that limo was appointed special counsel all the leaks we're gonna go way that hasn't been happening so what's Moeller doing. What's similar to why isn't he cracking down on the leaks out of his own investigation. But I'm not gonna prejudged the results of the investigation. Until I find out the results are but I have to say I'm highly skeptical. It what's going on with Nana Ford has any impact on trump himself. Again you have to make a case that he as campaign manager was coordinating for the purposes of boosting trump. But all we seen so far even with an eye to the trump junior meeting with these Russian lawyers. In the trump junior made him willing to do something but there is no actual thing that got done. David. Activist he's dragging on and I mean it's it's glory for CNN I'm sure that they enjoy the ratings analyst. But if smartest and get his leaks under control. And you have to start assuming that this is in fact apolitical. Game that is being played great here. You know let's wait see what the outcome is before it prejudged the investigation. But I think a little skepticism is warranted at this point but as we continue. Next hour let's talk about the cover of vogue. Yes someone that you know and love and yes I'm being sarcastic is who the possible. Is on the cover of Vogue Magazine you won't believe this one and then Shapiro and drummer for the. Support for the podcast comes from ever brook academy. A 21 century preschool which opens this September in Arlington. With programs for infants are pre K there's keen curriculum offers hands on learning in science technology engineering the arts and math. Learn more I ever brook academy dot com. OK okay. Now. Normally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We've once again make contact without leaving them there. Other markets at family events. I mention they're sitting in America event host the Saddam has been Shapiro show. And it's been leading conservative podcast in the nation. Plus I'm the editor in chief of the the web publication the daily wired dot com I was you have regulation purchased. Marks brand new book rediscovering Americanism six weeks and in your ten best analysts he has the best audience in radio but bill auction item in. And an accident or 5000 people are showing up just to get a book signed by mark in Asian grab a copy of the song is fantastic rediscovering Americanism. Talking all about the foundations of the country and why was noted in the way that it was down to Klesko overs describe right now who have been TV hanging call them up at eight port four Levine TV. 844 live in TV to get his TV show which is just fantastic. As well okay cell. Not right now I'm taking a look at his brand new cover of Vogue Magazine. And it is up unpleasant shall we say. It is a picture of Chelsea Manning Chelsea Manning of course would be formally Bradley Manning on the transgender. Is transgender soldier. Ku reveals. Literally millions of classified documents to WikiLeaks putting Americans in harm's way. Forcing the Obama administration to bring in a bunch of our allies who were exposed by all of these documents. This is not a whistle blowing situations is not a carefully calibrated attempts to demonstrate criminal activity in the part of the American government during war time this was a complete document dump. Is what Bradley Manning. Actually did so Bradley Manning was apparently according to the UK telegraph for the time. Isolated in Iraq with no friends among his fellow soldiers and crumbling relationship with his boyfriend back. In the United States and was very angry listening to Lady Gaga CDs and downloaded all of this material and handed it over to WikiLeaks. Apparently he'd be WikiLeaks the end publishing the first of material in February 2010. Climax in the released at a quarter million State Department diplomatic cables in the autumn of 2011. Eventually he was caught brought to the United States kept in solitary confinement in a Marine Corps base in Virginia for nine months. He's charged with 22 counts under military law including aiding the enemy which would have put him in prison for life without parole but then Bradley Manning discovered. The magic of transgender is now this is not to suggest the Bradley Manning doesn't suffer from gender does Gloria as Tim Bradley Manning does suffer from gender identity disoriented the disorder. Where she entered a story. It is he suggest the Bradley Manning would certainly still be in prison federation. If not for Bradley Manning suggesting to the world at large that he is woman and this is what the left towards the left is far more interest it. In promulgating the idea that a man can become a woman and keeping traders in jail now let's be real. The hard last doesn't even want to traders in jail in a hard lesson the hard journalistic class. That perfectly happy with terrorists mean you remember that Rolling Stone cover of jokers are idiots and the the glowing coverage in the little rock star on the cover of rolling some magazines will be one of the Boston bombers after he killed some people in more to people in Boston. And on the cover of Rolling Stone is a rock star malveaux has Chelsea getting on the cover. In a red don't want peace female things you know I'm not kidding about this. And trying to look glamorous. Chelsea getting Izzy biologically and of course ends and this and I just have three from this article exit demonstrates. The how identity politics dominates the mentality of the journalistic left. In here's how it works identity is bogey sword and shield for the last so. If you want to do something wrong and you proclaim that you're a member of minority group that has been victimized in their for we can never question anything about it. Is the philosophy intersection malady. At the last. Pushes Jerry higher rate if you're Kamal Harris of black female senator from California. Everything you say must be true because you're black and female the of a higher status than any white male in the United States. By dint of the fact that you yourself had inherently been victimized. Because of who you are. Did you visit to the highest level on the Indians are sectional hierarchy is of course transgender people to Chelsea Manning's the very top of the list. Chelsea Manning is the most the most reliable most wonderful person because Chelsea Manning is a man who believes that Chelsea Manning is a woman. So that excuse is just getting for everything. Just Manning has been victimized by society by a life by biology and so Chelsea Manning must be treated as heroin. Not a hero a heroine we almost acknowledged number one chosen nannies woman in number to be chosen nannies hero a hero to ensure understand. Listen to his glowing piece from vote here Davis. One hot. Humid early summer evening in New York. A hired car slows on bleaker street. And young woman inside prepares for her first party out in years. She's wearing a midnight color semi formal dress by ounces are an Everly ankle boots with heels her hair is true to a pixie cut or make assumptions or hide a gust of freckles. I don't know firmer already but she fretted earlier but she seems to quote what her remains. She's company by a couple of men surround her like guards for the first time in a long time that's a welcome thing. Chelsea Manning graceful blue eyed trans. Smiles and prepares yourself. We're talking about a traitor to the United States here folks. We're talking about trig to the United States does one thing. When the media decided to go completely off the rails. With a dedicate engine or Caitlin Jenner is not just woman Caitlin Jenner is the greatest woman who has ever lived Caitlin Jenner is better at being a woman they actual biological limit. Matter so that everything they're even better being limit. But Chelsea didn't even higher level than that Chelsea Manning sustained because not only. Is Chelsea Manning trance. But Chelsea Manning happens to be somebody spilled American secrets on the Internet and put American lives and allies in danger. Though continues. Since her release from the Fort Leavenworth prison on May seventeenth Manning has been living in New York with low profile if by low profile I mean tweeting incessantly at me. Then it in insure. In Chelsea getting tweets incessantly. Under the under the odd Twitter handle X like Chelsea which is weird since. He says that Chelsea is a woman an XY denotes manned since XY chromosomes would make you do. Tonight Shoemaker social debut in her own skin is put somebody else's and she's to be like he used to be like Hannibal Lecter. They weren't somebody else seemed to finally finally just Manning will be debuting in her own skin. News that can't. From February to April 2010 while living is Bradley well living is proud I love language media on this tennis of living is Bradley. But he Chelsea Clinton was straddling and it was his technical name he was in and with the name Bradley K let's living under the name the house at pooh corner. Went to listen to that in Sanders. From February to April 2010 while living is Bradley army intelligence analyst stationed in Iraq. Many sent three quarters of a million classified or sensitive documents to WikiLeaks the breaches breath startling as we're its contents. When Manning's role became clear she turned into a polarizing figure and he was a dude at the time. And still as. Celebrated by Iowa's as a whistle blower by some condemns traitor by others in August when he thirteen after pleading guilty to ten charges and being found guilty of twenty. She was sentenced to 35 years in prison. The day after the sentencing Manning came out publicly as trance. Yes coincidence of coincidences tonight a summer months is a different kind of coming out. To honor the occasion is picking a bit with a celebratory turn the after party for the Lambda Literary Awards which teacher orders booked by members of the LG BTQ in the community. Again the reason I point this out folks. Is because the absurdity of the media attempting to cover up treason. By appeal to a mental disorder is just astonishing. It's astonishing. We're now going to. We're now going to uphold. People who do evil things along they have the right identity is just an extension of what's happened in the past with. Things like the OJ trial where 88 black man obviously kills two white people and. An entire swath of the media suggest that there's a real controversy over it. Because after all he's a black man who must've been victimized and the only piece racist and all this. The same thing with Chelsea manic but identity politics is reached its apotheosis yet we have reached our apex and not sure there's any further to go when he traitor to the United States who should have some thirty years in prison is let out free and imposes for the cover of the magazine in a woman's bathing suit. Because he is in fact she. It's madness. But this is deciding that the left wants this is the society left wants to celebrate both of these things but if you attack one of these things the anti Americanism they suggest that you are anti trans. It's easy just that Chelsea Manning is not attacked a woman but isn't that demand. Then your hater. The left no longer agrees basic scientific truth in this is one of the things that he's become clear overtime. The. Who's basically been cast out of public decide interviewed him today and I podcast he's basically been cast and a polite society now because. He had temerity to speak about actual science with regard to the differences between men and women and how that affects employment in science and technology. The left has decided that science must take a backseat to their political agenda. An American safety must take a backseat to the political agenda agenda agenda over Alice that's that's the model of less now. And Chelsea Manning cover is just. More of an example of that talk about why that is what we've lost an American society in new western civilization. That the left is now turning on science which used to be it's got. Why that has happened. And what we need to do to restore. Some semblance of reality talk political conversational talk about all of that plus a touch heavy wasserman Schultz is she the most dangerous woman in American government. Polls talk about that in just a minute this is mark dementia. Earth. Okay. Hell yes and he jumped. Within show venture you're sitting in for mark such an honor to sit and for the great one now is appreciate it when mark the last needs he says he's taking time off for a family event. Is are talking about the last utter denial of science in favor of an agenda so Chelsea Manning is not only woman chosen nannies most beautiful woman who ever lived as well as a glorious human being. A glorious human being because science no longer applies because the agenda must be served we need to fake victims like Chelsea Manning so we can promulgate a leftist agenda. And this is what the last constantly does so. Another example this week Google fires the Google memo guy whose name is James similar and I had him on my podcast earlier today we're talking about this memo that he wrote. Which is a simple. Very little tell us memo. Suggesting that is Google wants to recruit more women perhaps got to make some changes in weight does business recruiting more part time workers have more cooperative work because. Men and women want different things from their jobs and infected different qualifications very often in their jobs on average. Of course got ripped up and down for this and inspired by Google. And it's because the west has decided that science is actually an impediment to their political agenda so latest example of this the YouTube CEO woman and Suzanne watch Kiki. She wrote this piece for Forbes he was just ripped jeans to more than Google memo writer a new one. Why basins and no not some science she starts off for peace saying that her daughter approached her after reading the news and asked her what mom. Is it true their biological reasons why there are fewer women in tech leadership. No set of much kicking using this is an opportunity to explain. The biological differences between men and women who live action affect or should affect jobs election and job creation is ever doing all that she instead said I was solely in salted. So ball insults at you right. Time and again I faced the slights that come with a question I had liabilities and commitments I just question remember the lady's ahead of YouTube. I've been left out of key industry events and social gatherings I've had meetings of external leaders were they primarily address the more junior male colleagues I have my comments frequently interrupted. My ideas ignored until they were rephrase by men. No matter how often this all happened. It's still hard to even asking scientific questions now is known. Even asking scientific questions that it violates the heat in a particular groups of nice people. It's a big no no we must never asked for science must be put on the back burner slight. Right rent an entire east today. Unwise science is no longer useful and why science is a bad thing really. It's amazing pace. In it the idea is that science is inherently biased there's no way to come to truth. Is an actual title from in front p.'s slate stop equating political science with truth. And here's what it says it's what do seventeen and people are still debating whether or not women are intellectually inferior to men. Whether we're entitled to the workplace it is toxic to people simply based on their gender and sex. The Google employee memo about the apparent harms of diversity policies in Silicon Valley. Is both a shocking news story for the general public and for many women and gender minorities working in science technology engineering. Mathematics in medicine a day no sign of normalcy. It's again sciences and we must not ask these questions do not ask that whenever you do don't ask the question. In the west has decided that it is absolutely vital. You never think about these things and scientific terms against along as they fail the agenda tasked. Another example this is really hilarious example there's this professor who teaches over at Princeton University to professor of philosophy and in his Elizabeth Hartman. And she was on this episode of something called philosophy time. In which James Franco and a philosopher president Kelly Michaels and have conversations academics and she gives this. Justification. For abortion remember. The Jews and I'm excited to take sides as we put aside when it comes to abortion babies are not babies they're figment of your imagination until you decide their bigs which is going to become. Vital inherently valuable human beings is the way left thinks science doesn't matter here is this professor at Princeton right the brightest. The most moral among us explaining how abortion is really justified. Reworked exit and a liberal position at bat early abortion. Rights and they give it. There's nothing really bad about early abortion. A lot of people think well it's permit the kind of pours into something bad happens when that it is time. And I think Aaron. If a fetus hasn't ever been conscious that hasn't ever had any experience as an important at that stage and actually nothing really bad happen. And this viewer might seem an attack stand because their main theme then need to hit the rule that if you were in scholarly immediately is. But what I think is that actually. Among early fetus is they're two very different trains and being. They'll seems when you rarely get anything Elliott you made fairly Peter Holland RF. I think that we already did catch the world's status. But we had more a status in search of our futures in feature of the fact that we you Wear the beginning thieves as a person. This summer early it is this little guy in early in pain in the eye there to do what's worse enemies Cairns. And in my view that's a very different kind of ants need something that doesn't have his picture as a person. And he doesn't have to step. It's an amazing argument James Franco sitting there and you see the tape get sprinkle of the left he's sitting there looking at this lady lake she is back. We crazy like she has lost from our patent is amazing I mean even James Franco one not sure you know has in I Cuba of the watt agent like holding your ceiling right now. Even though he is looking her going what in the white. This is what because what she's saying is you don't have moral status as a baby must have a future but all leagues have a future you more on. But against science goes completely out the window for the last. So I wanna talk a little bit about why it is. The science goes out the window for the last and I think it has something to do with the lack of faith Snyder this counter intuitive. We have been taught since very early age secular society at faith and reason faith and science are inherently in conflict that these two concepts can never be conjoined. That they are always a battle but he fight for primacy. That is science overtake state. Then life is better and we have airplanes and had telephones in a faith overtake science then we have a theocracy but that's actually not the truth. The truth is that science and faith have to work in concert together in modern civilized society in order to provide the basis for that society. Because you have to have faith. In a rational universe in order to believe in science gift of faith in the human capacity to understand that rational universe in order to believe in the reality of science. Otherwise you just end up in the sort of solid cystic south ism. In which you personally believe that nothing has any meaning seem Islam post meeting that is beneficial T. There are split right meanwhile that that's an event on its web Renny about that quite. Faith and reason are necessary for the preservation of a free society when return here in America would venture out. Mark the event. Calling out. They're 3774. Years one of four is 11. So one of the things I love that hosting from our. Is that his audiences used to mark talking Steve Phillips and it shows I finally get the opportunity to do this because when we're talking about. All the things that happened today you really have to look into the past for why they are the way they are when you look any left that is denying that men are men and women are women. When you look at a left that is saying that Chelsea Manning is a hero was a woman. And put her on the cover of Vogue Magazine when you're looking at a left that says that abortion is really the stuffing out of human life because. Do you. When you look at left that suggests that there are no inherent differences between men and women with regard to science and technology but. The inherent differences between men and women are so vital that we must have more women for purses for purposes of diversity in enriching the community. When you look at all that yes it can white white denial of science left used to be the party etc. they used to say this all the time. Were the party of science it's the right those religious Kooks that hate science. They announced left eating with scientists. Slate today as I said has a piece about life science has nothing to do with truth. The big east you basic common acceptance between left and right. That the scientific method a rides in a certain level of factual truth. In a hypothesis that was filled in their front hypothesis was proved to be true or not. This is sort of the idea. But that's gone out the way for for for the last Y. Just understand these sort have to understand that there are two bases western civilization there's the basis of Judeo Christian values. The basis of the old testament new testament the base of the Bible. A faith based religious system that suggests that human beings have free will are accountable to an almighty and moral god. A god who created natural rights is that the founders believed. And god who created inherent human value people were made in God's image that was one poll right that was one foundation stone for western civilization. And at the foundation stone for western civilization was Athens. A wrist Tilly and dot the age of the rational mark talks that a lot of this in in rediscovering America as the idea that we are all. Gifted. With the ability narrow bequeathed the ability to reason and think and decipher what universe is all about. And the great Greek philosophers were not mend. Who were completely foreign to face. If you read Aristotle if you read Plano they talk openly about the idea of there being something higher ready the unmoved mover. In the words hairstyle but they shadow on the cave wall in played those terms. And the idea that we can perceive what happens in reality there's something behind the reality that Lindsay. That lends it flashed that lends it reasoning. And logic that we can into it. And we combined those two things the idea of I got benevolent god universe cares about what you do engage in free will you can make decisions and gave you reasons you can decipher the world around you and gave you a fundamental purpose of discovering him. Behind the mask of nature behind the mask of reality seeking got out. As Melville writes in Moby Dick trying to pierce through the pace board mask of reality. And get at it. Where when you combine those two things you end up with western civilization. In the latter part of the the first millennium. The ratings there are subtle had been missing for a long time the rediscovered. And if they immediately caught sensation because a lot of Christian thinkers of the time looked it does the ratings Pierre Thomas at this is basically pre religious rhetoric. What Aristotle is talking about the idea of reasonably searching for the spiritual reasonably searching for god reasonably searching for meaning in the universe. That is not apart from the the biblical mission that is part of the biblical nations is the writing of Tom's quietness in in the Jewish communities to read them and oddities. And net creates weight for the enlightenment. Because all the founders believed both of these polls all the doubters believed to the level of the benevolent god who cared about us enough decreed universe that we could decipher and intuit. And we had a rational obligation to pursue that. And then it all fell apart. The one of the reasons and I'll tell apart is because science began to overtake religion. There's a new found belief. That science was was more important than religion and science could be applied to religions so faith is not detestable hypothesis. There's no way to to test whether faith is true or not it there's just as much evidence against it is for itself is not scientific so would put that out of the way. OK with that out of the way and that just doesn't become a thing anymore well with echoes the idea of free will. Which echoes the idea of a rational universe that we can into it. It's a science than kids eat itself. Because science. Now deals in the human mind reggae you was. What if if god is not answer than we are read god is dead all that's left is Dan where the masters are bigger than science as well actually you're not an answer isn't your thing you just a bunch animals. Here but animals wander around on two legs and buildings at a six. You have no inherent value there is no gods you know made his image. There is no progression of history toward and second coming or messianic era there's no progress here. May you don't have any meaning there's just sings soul you have any inherent value. It's all that's left is politics. Cause and effect don't matter anymore there's a personal responsibilities and you are just a product of Eugene junior environmental their neurons that are firing your brain. And so what the left comes up with these these these nihilistic pursuit of politics for their own end. Break ignoring ignoring the fact that. They've already argue there's a free what was he will we must take control of the system now science is secondary we have to shape the universe our opponents. We shape ourselves because obviously if the universe is failing it's because human beings are lacking and their four. Let's get rid of all these arbitrary categories male female. We get rid of those things we'll get rid of the idea of an inherent human doubt it doesn't matter anymore. This is why the left is no war with science because the very basis of science is rooted in certain faith principles. Principles like the principle of rationality. Even the scientific hypothesis. Easy easy theory that can be tested. But it is not a provable here. And the scientific method is something that is taken on faith and works in utilitarian fashion. But that itself gets taken think the idea cause and effect in the universe that's something we have to take country. And as science was was ruled more important than faith faith receded and science began to crumble because the foundation for sank Tuesday. Faith and science have to work hand in hand they cannot be used to overcome science we can't ignore scientific results because we have faith. But we also can't ignore faith because we have science. You lose either one and he and it was something dad you lose science. And faith becomes theocracy. It becomes. Oppressive. It becomes burdensome in rigid. If you lose faith science becomes nothing themselves is who becomes examination of your own belly button. And that's been a problem for western civilization in China had left is now seeking to turn on science. But go from from deep thought or wish to get to something a little more certain does of course is Debbie Wasserman Schultz so Paul Sperry has an interesting piece in the New York Post today in which she talks about. Hillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman Schultz says that Debbie Wasserman Schultz is actually national security threat he writes a computer security could DNC. Was so lax on Debbie Wasserman Schultz is watch. That hackers burrow deep into the network. Being to a massive data breach there were thwarted when he tried to infiltrate Republican counterparts when the FBI tried to investigate the cybercrime. Wasserman Shultz refused to cooperate she wouldn't let forensic experts at the FBI's lab in Quantico examine the targeted server and collect the digital fingerprints needs in L intruders. Now we found out the city wasserman Schultz doesn't care etc. security in congress either. Pulse here in New York Post. After the capitol police is your begin investigating her trusted staffer in Toronto on for theft of congressional data and procurement fraud. Every Democrat the contract it with him eventually fired him. Except. For Debbie Wasserman Schultz except for Debbie Wasserman Schultz. It wasn't until last month that she finally hired minutes after he was arrested. Inches apparently attempting to bully the police in handing over his computer we still don't know what was going on here. She claims she defended him because Islam phobia but that excuse makes no missed it makes no sense at all Michelle Malkin. His great piece today and how these people even got into the country. She called a bunch of house Democrats and she asked whether you run a one is IT worker. Whether Iraq Dejuan and family and friends H one B tech workers. Whether they or how how they got it. And it turns out that they may not have even been H one B visa holders. I want first landed a job with Democrat Robert Wexler as an information technology director in 200418. To 2425 younger brother. Is at 43 but imposed salary the 160 grand a year since the time he was twenty. Which is three point one times the median salary for house IT worker according to inside Duff. How'd they get here why are they here. Who sponsored them. If they're not H one B visa holders did they arrive person's intent for visas and forties and in just stay disease which visa categories. It's unclear Michelle Malkin points out how unclear it is. So it is. AA again there there are some severe questions that need to be asked Debbie Wasserman Schultz because we're not getting answers and there's something deeply deeply suspicious now this if this were happening to a Republican. This would be on the front page every paper incessantly if Paul Ryan have been paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to a guy who would essentially stolen material. From Republican congressional computers and and Paul Ryan has been this trend trying to defend the guy bill and out. Maybe who paid ransom to amending us nets or what looks like from any loss credentials you would never hear the end of any evidence you just wouldn't hear it be. Brian in Sarasota young Merkel mention attention they are the four Brian. And go for it's got better. Their better Terry Young adults are really got Iran. Okay. Already well he's there he's done OK Brian sorry about that your opportunity has. Has this year and I think he's gonna argue near narrowly Jewish is going to be fun but okay Charles in Indianapolis. Denmark convention bench near the port Charles. I really nice you do and I just wanna say that. What that woman said about abortion that's one of the most shall also. And in favor of of killing anyone Charles but I mean it is amazing this book and it what's most amazing that Charles is that this woman. Is it professor of philosophy over Princeton I guess I shouldn't be too amazed Charles and thanks for the Condit I guess I shouldn't be too amazing in the fact is that we have. It professor of philosophy at Princeton or formally Princeton named Peter Singer who's argued for the actual killing of children after they're born. Because they don't have full capacity to understand the world around them. In notre he's in favor and can't decides against this lady's making a less an argument then and he's making that. And she sounds like a valley girl and reasons like it and I can say that I'm from the Dallas. And we're fair there as we continue. Here on the Markel bench out the New York Times finally admits. And it got an article wrong in artists lap trump is that any shock and off bench apparel informer lament. Reagan coalition means everything. I. I. Mean. Yeah. I. This is not an intervention early in for Merkel there thanks again tomorrow for allowing me to fill his seat. For just a little while always an honor and a pleasure. So I think one of the reasons that conservatives in the end you'll end up winning is because we are miserable people everytime I hear people of the far left talking on TV they just seem so upset all the time and who. What's gone wrong in their lives and feel like conservatives may be overall tend to lean on average capitalized more customary smartest and kids. Modest part of religious communities all these things tend to lead to more. Like happiness but. You look at some of the people Hollywood and I grew up in Hollywood in the my parents worked in Hollywood and live in Hollywood. Hollywood or so miserably in that idea is clip of Ashley Judd yet I mean it's pretty amazing Ashley Judd. Who's less relevant in mid ninety's and I Indians in films like anti remember and it now. Issues thing about running for senate in Kentucky and of course didn't end up doing Nat. And she sort of hanging around on the fringe politics is annoying people she's at the airport yesterday and apparently some guy had temerity to call her sweetheart. A whole piece still my beating heart the sexism. Though early says mom. Well it can't be controlled Ashley Judd was so upset that there's I can't imagine why leftists are so unhappy when they get upset about stuff like this. And traveling today. And this is the kind of thing to me that happens which I categorize everything is sexist. So easy. To let it go not to. Speak up particularly wind. It's so easy for someone to push back and say oh I was just think life or something like that so. This coming through security McDyess said. Hey sweetheart and I said I'm not your sweetheart I am your client so I was already setting about. And then when I was saying nice things out he said hey nice dress. I didn't hear him sing anything about the attire at any of the other folks in the entire line I ended when it's most. Travel the airports in the world I'm surrounded by lots and lots of other people in my. A god he called her sweetheart and any said that she was dressed nicely. The the rape I mean my god how can she standing. She couldn't let it go but now know the right thing to do was not to let go the right thing to do was to be as miserable as humanly possible and go on line. And talk about how miserable she wise. Now NATO and my dad is a 61 years old and my father. Is still calls younger woman sweetheart because in the style and my dad is like the cleanest pat dye he makes me look like election meant the cleanest guy. On planet earth. And because young woman sweetheart because he calls my sister's sweetheart and uncles my daughter sweetheart you know like sweetheart. It's not because he hates women is because he is trying to be kind to women okay this is not a terrible thing. An MI that's very often if there's a woman went in as Tressel say that's cool dresses and nice dress it's pretty dress you know why these these don't care how they dress. It did they think the single ladies. What in the world but but this is how miserable blesses and that misery I think is what causes them to invest deeply in politics. And when your miserable when you feel happy like mission. When you feel like your entire life is wrapped up in the vagaries of government policy ever wonder what blessed so passionate about issues governmental but I understand why I am passionate about government. Because what leave me the hell alone. That's what I'm passionate about government because when people get up in my issue is I get angry. Okay that's why I'm passionate about government as what you're passionate about government leave me alone. That's not my left is passionate about government. Why is less so passionate about government like they just leave their lives and leave us alone and stop bothering us. And the answer is because when you don't have a lot of happiness in your life yet to look for a greater message to look for greater meaning. It to look for something that means more than your everyday humdrum little lives you have to look for. Something that they unifies and you feel strong and powerful it's a new look for an enemy to fight like men who call women sweetheart. If you look for any of fight like some usage of a nice dress on Kenya to look to government and say great god of government I bows down before the unity speech the. You should intervene and save me from mine and be owned. In that mentality does run pretty strong in Hollywood and it's not much of an exaggeration. But it does not not not too much. It is rather pathetic. And rather sad. And we need a laugh about it or we can be sad about it Saatchi slap at a because my goodness and in. Seriously Ashley Judd such is that a personal problems. And it's not in isn't a personal problems and problem at all. And that's that's my definition of personal problem Davis actress an airport told that she has and I stress. Their people starving OK and like using my mom's excuse for why are the man Brussels sprouts but there are people starving in China. I think it actually jet can handle somebody saying she looks nice in an airport. Goodness gracious and in other news. And two of the story New York Times issued a correction on Tuesday to a front page article. Now admitting that a government climate report it attain it actually been publicly available online for months recall public next Tuesday. And they wrote an article about how there's a sweeping federal climate change report that a new leaked out because somebody was trying to prevent truck from Washington. Well little problem there part was uploaded by nonprofit Internet archive in January it was made public months and months and months ago it was not first made public. By the New York Times. And at ease that article is with a slap at president trump and of course none of that extra so well done New York Times you've once again beat Clinton herself is stellar stellar work. Well mark should be back soon. I hope you'll have a wonderful evening I'm Ben Shapiro in America than thanks for the pleasure. Smooth and clean and not on both god and my parents that's. As this move to attend and saving you money I couples and GT 24 cents an access to licensed agents in my own son Colin can I kind of and finite and the I 90 I mean I am also a nineteen nation and it will be you can take a chips. Yeah. And also making a speech. Guys don't expect great savings an awful lot more.