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8/9/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 10, 2017|

We have negotiated with North Korea since the early 1990s through both Democrat and Republican Presidents. Past presidents pretended they put a cap on what was going on when they did not, from George H W Bush to Barack Obama. Now North Korea has upwards of 60 nuclear warheads and have even ...

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Gain from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leadership. Mark an end here aren't I number 8773813811877381. 3811. And now. You watch the left in this country. And we're being threatened by North Korea and the attacked Donald Trump. Now. I can't do this on radio unfortunately but I will lieutenant London TV. We have negotiated. With North Korea. Since the early 1990s. Two presidents. Democrat and Republican. All secretaries of state. We had 100 nuclear warheads. In South Korea. To protect South Korea should North Korea. And Chinese troops once again pore over the demilitarized zone. In this accurate. We agreed it would draw those 100 warheads that George. HW bush. In other words to denuclearization. Entire Korean Peninsula. We gave economic aid. In one of the deals that we made under Democrats or Republicans. Constantly. Year after year. It's and it's amazing you'll see this on live in TV year after year but I'm expressing it here on the race. One accommodation after another one negotiation after another the UN's involve China is involved wherein Bob. This has been going on for a quarter of a century. And all the while. They claim they supported non proliferation. They cheated. All the while. The red Chinese. We're providing them. With economic support and technical know how the entire time. They violated one deal after another they should remind of Iran by the. And now. Go to the Washington Post which received a leak yesterday they have upwards of sixty nuclear warheads and they're miniaturized. So they can put them in the in NIC BM caps. And their professor. In their ICBM's so now they can hit part of the continental United States they can hit hit American territories they can hit Alaska they can hit a wide they can hit Kwan. They can hit the West Coast of the United States. In fact they go as far as Denver right now. And soon to be able to hit the entirety of the unit that. This is a big deal. And the president of the United States is trying to cope with. Past presidents. Pretended they were involved any effective diplomacy pretended that they had put a cap on what was going on. Knowing full well they had not. Whether it's George H. W. Bush or Bill Clinton or George W. Bush a Barack Obama. Truthfully. Utterly irresponsible. These administrations over a quarter century's time. And yet the same entrenched. Foreign policy establishment. Whether it's at the State Department. While watching Bill Cohen former Defense Secretary under Clinton. Leon Panetta former Defense Secretary under Obama clapper former Director of National Intelligence under Obama. All of them are coming forward to contend Donald Trump and yet they at least in part. Are responsible for where we are today. They don't. The entire foreign policy establishment Washington decent. There are responsible for this. There are invited on TV to critique. Bare spot there by criticize. Trump. And his administration. Rather than them being questioned real. About what they did what they failed to do. It's incredible and. And they all go on TV this this Andrea Mitchell. This for the morning Joseph. John McCain's out there. John McCain's been in the senate forever he's the chairman of the eight armed services committee what ballot ego. What did he built. Ben Carden senator. Maryland but it congressman from Ireland what it made him. They did nothing. To stop this nothing. Dianne Feinstein. Her husband. Has become enormously rich. Doing commerce. With red China. No investigation there by the way. Donald Trump back in. October 1999 mr. producer found this it's out there is very very interest thing in an interview was that Tim Russert at the time. Hacked it real clear politics and what your listeners. Caught one go. And you say that you as president would be willing to launch a preemptive strike against her North Korea's nuclear capability first I negotiate. I would negotiate like crazy and I make sure that we tried to get the best deal possible. Looked him. The man walks up to the street and Washington because this hasn't happened of course in New York sort of a man walks up and puts a gun gives ahead and says give me your money. Would you rather know what he's coming from before had a gun in his hand and these people and three of four years ago we have been nuclear weapons. They gonna have those weapons pointed all over the world and specifically at the United States. And wouldn't be bad or solving this really potentially unbelievable and the biggest problem I mean we can talk about the economy we can talk about Social Security. The biggest problem this world has his nuclear proliferation. And we have a country at their North Korea which is sort of whacko. Which is not and don't not a bunch of dummies and they are going out and they are developing nuclear weapons. And then not doing it because they're having fun doing it they're doing it for reasons. And wouldn't it be good to sit down and really negotiate something and ideally negotiate now that negotiation doesn't work you better solve the problem now been solvent later ten. They're almost oppression those where's. Almost pressure. And ironically in remarkably. During his presidency. The problem. Has presented itself. These people you're watching on TV you should be extremely. Extremely cautious of what they have to say because. Many of them are the architects. Of our current situation. Many of them are the architects of our current situation. And so one Donald Trump yesterday said. That the north Koreans are gonna face the fire and fury of the United States and they power the United States like nobody's ever. Ever seen it before. They treat trump like he's off his rocker. When trump does not off as a rocket. That obviously was premeditated what he said. Today according to Reuters US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis. Told North Korea it must stop any action that would lead to the end of its regime. And stand down in its pursuit of nuclear weapons. He said that DP RK must choose to stop isolating itself and stand down its pursuit of nuclear weapons. The DE RK should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime and the destruction of its people. The DP KRK is regime's actions will continue to be grossly overmatched by r.s. And would lose any arms race or conflict it initiates. That's the secretary defense. Secretary madness. Matta said that while the State Department is making diplomatic efforts. The United States and its allies have the most precise re hearse robust defensive and offensive capabilities. On our. The owner. We have 28500. Troops in South Korea. Hand has about we have about 54000. Of our troops in Japan. And tens of thousands of Americans who work in both countries. It's madness office rocker who he just what you remember. Most of the people criticizing. But the president said. They are responsible. Through their past sitting through their appeasement. But the situation that we are in today. Bill Cullen in my idea. There's on TV. Among others among many others. John McCain. It's been a leading a hawk in the United States sent what ED hill. What did either Leon Panetta secretary defense. Head of the CIA. What did he get these people are never held to account. They're never held to account. Instead. They're spinning and spit balls they're shooting spit balls and it administration is trying to cope with what they help. To create either tolerance for. North Korea violated. Its agreements. Repeatedly. A serial violator these agreements yet we continue to enter into them and entering terminator intern. Like a matter. Dianne feinstein's at they're saying the only hope is negotiations. The only hope is negotiations. Well ladies and gentlemen negotiations got us exactly where we are today. South Korea has no more no they had a hundred nuclear warheads in there. And when I say. What do you expect. Give Japan nukes they have to be able to protect themselves on the called a war mongering neo con addition of that in the other no. We have a regime that is directly threatening the United States of America with word and technological advances. And you what. Now that he's able to reach cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco and San Diego on Portland and Seattle and Denver and so forth and so on. Now he's able to reach places like Hawaii. And Alaska now that yesterday he specifically threatened Guam. You would think even for the hard let either for the media in this country it would grab their attention. And they would not have not yet hello my trust back but they want. Because it's just easier. To attack trump. The deal with the real threat that we face. I'll be right back. Most of the program. The media. These fools and prior administrations I guess they don't believe it's possible. Better regime could shooting nuclear missile and in this country. But the president of the United States has to go to sleep every night without on his head. Now Andrea Mitchell I'm not Joseph Scarborough who's worried about his next publicity shot. Here's Andrea Mitchell before that she is. On the morning schmo another full. Cut forgo. I think that this shocking thing when he first shocking thing was president Hans. Stop so the first shocking thing. Is present trumps common. That's the first shocking thing to Andrea Mitchell. That's why she's not a reporter. That's why she's a joke the first shopping thing. It's not that we learned yesterday from the Washington compost and felonious leaks. That the enemy has sixty nuclear warheads that now the enemy can miniaturized nuclear warheads and put them NIC BM's. We learned that yesterday that's not the first shocking thing to Andrea Mitchell. That her shocking thing is that the president has got enough of it. And warns our enemy that keeps Britain applause up the pace they Eric. One chip then in the strongest terms. That they will face the might of the United States. Should we be provoked. Now that Andrea Mitchell says is a step too far. I had. They were starving. They he seemed calculated in that he looked down I thought he perhaps had some notes and hugged all of my reporting is that this was not. From general Mattis has not from the generals. Why does that even matter and we she doesn't know that been the case. I doubt general Mattis is calling Andrea Mitchell. These are the same people who work. Quite alarmed when all the generals how we're being put into the civilian position jury met. All my data general what the Defense Department I don't know one match last at all I got a general that department up. About homelands and I got a general at the end of generals everywhere. What happened a civilian get it because tramp he's got this thing about general you know now it's. And he checked with the generals. If they ever asked Obama if he checked with the generals. Before he sold us out to the Iranians gave my 150 billion dollars that they ever asked if Obama checked with the generals. No question. Now ahead. What we we were up all night trying to sort this through. But we do not believe that the general signed off on this week I note that general Mattis has been telling people on the hill has said publicly that. A preemptive strike that first strike option by the US would be catastrophic. Obviously they have plans they've got. Way otherwise it would be catastrophic. Nobody said it wouldn't be. You moron. We know it would be catastrophic you know it's even more catastrophic at first strike by North Korea on one of our cities. The hell's going on here they all gone insane ladies and gentlemen. Go ahead. Those plans and keeping on those broad options on the table one that's obviously lets you would do. I'd shut up now madness. Let me repeat what he said because Andrea Mitchell stayed up all night last night. And have somehow missed what Madison was thinking which he announced today again. North Korea must choose to stop isolating itself and stand down its pursuit of nuclear weapons this is madness. North Korea should cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of its regime. And the destruction of its. All got an Andrea Beckham's dramatics. Not trump outlet that's different. The North Korea regime's actions will continue to be grossly overmatched by yards it would lose any arms raging conflict. It initiates what matters. Now what you gonna do Andrea. What it did it go call that one of those loose years. Former secretaries of state. Our secretaries of black. A defense former CIA director is called iCloud clapper and then tell us how everybody in this administration is wrong and provocative. When they tolerated this situation. And how creative. I failing to act. In any effective way. This is what I want you remember when you watch the Congo line a phony expert. The Congo line a phony generals. Chicago lineup former secretaries of state the conga line of former secretary defense. Chicago a lot of Democrats and Republicans. Elected not elected who didn't know what damned thing effectively or substantively. The stopping us now. I got all kinds of ideas and they all Bob trashing this administration. I'll be right back. Logic that out loud yeah. Iowa law. Denmark wanted to show called now at 8773813811. It's another MS Ellis. And on MS Celestine yesterday hectic right mark cut fifteen go. To all trump is of course the first president. In memory to fail to pass the first major piece of legislation that he tried to pass his sister or repeal the Affordable Care Act. None of the rest of the trump legislative agenda has even made it to a vote in a committee. In either the house or the side. And his response to that uniquely bad news found a way I don't know what his expectations. This is the most annoying human being on the face the end of the earth is as well one of the government's. Maybe Larry O'Donnell doesn't know that Donald Trump isn't a senator Ernie is an economist he's got the speaker of the house and he's not the leader. Of dissent he's the president. And of course most of what Barack Obama eventually did he did by. Dictatorial Fiat. Didn't you Larry. He couldn't get its immigration plan thrilled. So he suggest new wave his magic wanting got a thrill. Go ahead. Incompetence and ineffective administration is to simply lie and to say that his administration. Has achieved. More than most. Well I will say this. On the brink of defeating ices in the Middle East. That's more than your buddy did you fool that's Fischler. Absolutely for sure go ahead. Korean regime style lie that's Donald Trump's choice all right stop that. Can you hear the hatred in this man's voice. He's almost devilish in his patriot. For Trout I mean it is it is it is a true reacting bio poisonous hatred. Probably causes them to have that mental issues. Contusion. On his skin. Probably breaks out in hives Kelly has an inner thigh rash that won't go away. But he's comparing trump. To North Korea he's comparing trumps administration to the North Korean administration. Any is on MSNBC. Which is part of NBC which is part of Comcast Center. This is a very very sick man. Who should be institutionalized in mind you or me that's what MS NB is NBC it. Go ahead. In terms of describing the accomplishments. Of his administration and so the trump administration. Enters its first. Deadly serious dangerous. International crisis this time with the unpredictable wire in North Korea and for the first time in American history United States. Hasn't unpredictable liar who is in control of the nuclear co. Coach you Dan noble buffoon. You really guy you all right lower than low life. To compare the president of the United States. To this inbred in North Korea you'd jets are. Contemptible beyond description. And this is what gets ratings on that network shares. Just like. CNN is an all the airports MSNBC must be an all USANA Sino. This guy is absolute freak. Larry O'Donnell. Wow. MSNBC should be. Ashamed of itself but it's not ashamed of itself so now one putt after another on that. And I cable channel. One after another. When you folks think. John Baxter springs Kansas that great hazy RG go. Yeah slow markedly wanna tell you. Looking at peace sometimes you make me sick. But I also think that your the Madison near the remedy. What kind of a common is that you call a show and make you sick. Yeah. It's so great because the truth that you speak. Makes me sick because. I wish everybody could understand and the fact that people bill is. You need to us examine your kindness and I'm looking absolutely absolutely a wanted to do within that corridor talks where negotiated six. I challenged people come to listen to you. That you make actually make more sense from the federal met. And if true are attribute the federal lot. The general plan. The federal message I got it and I thank you yeah. Kind of a thinking about what Adam Carolla certainly does testify before congress about how were they adults. You know we. It's time for to put the children and their place kind of thing and I feel like we need people that till congress. To take a step back and RA and I. Fran thank you for you call Marietta. That's continue Kevin. Sonoma California the great KS FO go. Mark so although I hope we can have a call in the were more. Rational discussion about this then and what's very go to their two countries. All over this lesson and I know you from another country. Our two countries. I don't have to consuming part to what each what you cut out what are you countries career don't have power and country. You don't even how to speak. We have one country. You mean between North Korea and the United States. I would keep trying the same. Well I had a book on you're talking about Japan needs nukes percentages or career. How does that. It sure anything's once you start largely due to their nuclear went I didn't say they should launch nukes. Use this what why do you think Japan would launch news. More nukes isn't the solution how some. And that is the solution. How. Because you're not familiar with the Cold War right after what happens this guy does not want to be educated. Korea does this guy is not wanna be educated in many nukes we answer. Careers there within let's try this Wal-Mart time and now you're a leftist but I'm gonna do my best. Do you know how many nukes we have Sarah Burton we're not gonna cover art you know how many nukes so they Russians have so there. How many nukes and Iraq that's had restriction whatsoever to the mentality gonna keep talking and I remains is this what you leftist consider rational conversation. Know your college try one more time how many nukes that we had. Maybe I don't know if call your nature put them on a halt for a minute. We have 6800 nukes they've seventh house that's down from the Cold War period. We haven't shot any of them and even China Naylor had us. Now the franchise notes the British had notes. Unlike certain other countries have notes we're talking here about a rogue regime would nukes a rogue regime the first rogue regime would news. The reason other countries need nukes civilized countries like Japan. And South Korea democracy. Is to demonstrate to a rogue regime. That they ought not consider shooting nuclear weapons in those countries because the consequences will be devastating. And back again. Did you understand anything I said. Understood everything you say how much you attend though because there are plenty of reach of plenty of nukes. Having more nude shot at Tim doesn't change and I. Try again nobody shooting nukes at them you have nukes. And case to defend it let me ask you that should the United States get rid of all of its nooks. No not why early of course why. Yeah we don't need but they don't have to exist why do we have an Ascot this like why do we have nuclear missiles. More or not that's fair value so annoying that you such a dummy. Why don't we have nuclear missiles. Because if it's unilateral. Purity and imbalanced in here and then there's a problem. While it we're not even me. Had sixteen oaks and Japan and South Korea have non. Is that an imbalance. But they have tagged get out of here I can't take you anymore. I can't I can't take human. And really was a live and you lose a bit of a Kook trying to walk them through first thing they say if we gonna have a rational discussion. But they don't want a rational discussion. She we have defeated Japan and South Korea would nuclear weapons. Right. No we don't. There were a hundred nuclear weapons of South Korea until it pulled amount the only reason Japan as an a nuclear weapons is because we discouraged. But now that they rogue nation run by one man. Has nuclear weapons it's not that they're gonna shoot nuclear weapons in the North Korea. It is intended to display that and we know that works because it worked throughout the Cold War. Now when I went back to the gentlemen such as it is and I said to him. Why don't we get rid of all of our notes while that was great in imbalance he defeated his argument. I can't undo ladies and gentlemen. Twenty years of indoctrination in high school and college. In a liberal groups and so forth in a five minute discussion I just can't. I just hit it takes a lot of work. To undo the damage that's been done by the left a lot of work. Now Manhattan Beach, California on the Barkley then that power user. While I'm still still here. And I Berrian get there from mark and thank you and who really. I bet. We'll tell me what's gone. Well. We read that had. Demi had varying in North Korea. You know in every game that we should have knocked out while we were still there. And the cars are one instance. We're. We're now into true. And the truth sit hasn't held real well. And if it truly upsetting to know that. They've got a long range artillery that can shoot so it's only about 35 miles from where they are. Yeah. Yeah. I'm also trying to make and one last attempt to. Can negotiate with this tingling that I don't think it's worth much. And if we can't just. Drop a little loop current number. I don't know about that and I'm not going to be too loose talk about that but you know it's amazing though how's the president has to think about these things. He has to think about these things you know Obama didn't. And prior presidents didn't they would do anything possible to appease this this regime and it's led to our current situation. So it it will be a region are saying that. Yes they do terrible. And soon they'll be able to reach Chicago. In new York and Washington. It's it it's frightening. All right my friend I appreciate your call thank you. We'll be right back. Our program. I'm proud to be a body in customer Kyle cops. Guys sorry the original high and but low cost window treatment online industry. Kyle's companies blind that's blinds TER dot com. Don't be confused by big corporate guys you might hear about elsewhere to try to copy the small family run business. Owner Kyle Cox is an entrepreneur. 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Then it seems that. I'm just so glad. That we have a president. Two I think can deal you know I can only imagine that Hillary Clinton was president united. Like the fact that this president Candela that I liked the fact that he is the secretary of defense you can deal with it a national security structure they can deal with a you know some serious people and places CIA director and so forth and so on so. I mean there are these these are pros are gonna do the very best they can and an extraordinarily difficult situation that has been in the making for thirty years. I totally group I think fit. You know if if it came down to it. It's you know which Kim Jong whom or where his name is was taken out there. I think that the people of North Korea would be very happy. To be worried. Port I think some oil but I think some of them you know. When you're talking about indoctrination that is taken place for 65 years while I agree with you in most instances it will take a period of time. For people to assimilate into adjust to it and it's perfectly fine. But I do think ultimately that is the answer. So we're getting getting trying to take him out. But they're not gonna do you don't wanna do. I think they're stirred little. All I'm quite frankly. Yeah use North Korea they bring here every once in a low habits and the need to deal with those economical. And keep something in mind China's been enormously provocative film. The South China Sea in the East China Sea on its border with India it's innate in it is Canadian he stayed of aggression right now. As it continues to centralize and tighten control over its economy and over its citizen. All right my friend good call thank you. Ian Long Island they are they great WABC go. What I'm picking myself out now we find out 66. Eating might have this just a slip up on these. I can't find steamed and McCain. And spent three clip this platinum on the path blushed had a lot to deal but still I am a prices. On the North Korea Obama and any Obama's senate Ahram on the same path. So we can't be the ultimate decision time. We want to paradox. Has been put the parched well enough trump just says simply. If you attack last you'll see that the likes of which the world has never seen which has got what some. Soviet presidential president and it's like you know it's that's too much for them you know if there aloof. There ineffectual at bats could this all square off on them and McCain you're not a general. Your uterus your candidacy is sick parent if you don't want a back the president I don't know what would use our McCain has set up in the slot beyond the rest. I'll you know like let's take you. McCain McCain is apparently toughened all respects except. He can't even back the commander in chief who's trying to stared down the the north Koreans I mean it's just an absolutely outrageous. Yeah maybe I can garnish out of his mouth every now and then maybe. Maybe these Liberal Democrats ought to shut their mouths every now and then maybe all these people who are in public positions elected and unelected. Who had a role in this maybe they ought to shut the hell up. You know certain very funny Obama going out that door at all trump. Watched North Korea that it greatest threat. But yet she put money and our ranch hand and sent them on the same camp yeah and how would we expect how we actually did this man. I'll catch height. I mean they don't deny the Obama heights. I do not deny that in ten years Iran will have looks they feel they put it off for ten years let me ask you questions or the other children give children. No but I but I let all of my all you know like America's Choo every child but she much street playing kick the can in my mind. Yeah mine mine my point is ten uses not a long time. You know it's not it's not look look at work for a stock that's why wondering if these people talking about a peaceful one in four years. You didn't even being torn down the military knowing that this might be a problem in the future. Getting back that we are exactly right. With the rise of North Korea China Russia Iran. Obama knowing all these things. Eviscerate the military. Release started down that path alright folks we'll be right back. So what would you do with an extra 500 dollars a month in your budget by a hundred bucks this isn't. Hypothetical by the way this is something you may need to think about very soon if you decide to become a member. Of men share. Many shares a way to pay for your health care and typically cost 500 dollars less per month for family vs other health care plans. Seriously think about this you could pay off loans speed on a mortgage save the money for retirement donate to charity. It would be a big deal in a lot here's the best thing. Many share. Works it has 250000. Members and growing. Asked with men share not only be safe you know have to pay for things you don't believe in either and that is a beautiful thing to you. So here's how you can find out more and you might actually wind up saving even more than 500 dollars a month. The check into it here's the number or call 85551. Bible that say 5551. Bible now available in Montana call 85551. Bible. He's here. Oh. Permanently underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the. Hello everybody marks the here are numbered eight. 13811877381381. You know how I know. Congress isn't serious about what North Korea's done. That John McCain now on FaceBook trashing trump isn't serious about what North Korea's doing and Mitch McConnell is not serious. The Paul Ryan's not hear it. There they called an emergency joint session of congress in order to. Muscle up our defense budget. Which is not only desperately needed but sends a message to North Korea among other countries. I know the money can't be spent immediately. But it's the right thing to do. There should be a he joint session of congress. Called by the Republican leadership. That run congress. They should immediately pass a defense authorization bill and fund. Increased defense spending by significant amount. They should also pay for a strategic defense shield over our country the way the Israelis have the iron shield over their country yes they're much smaller. But we're much wealthier. As I understand we only have a couple of cities that are protected. While it's not perfect certainly not against ICBM it's better than nothing. But they do nothing except show up on TV. Talk to each other at each other on the back. That I outgrow it Baylor. I mean this is what the government is supposed to step up pokes. Congress should meet now. What's today Wednesday. They should call an emergency meeting for next Monday. By the time they get their lard asses on complaining get in a Washington. An emergency meeting on Monday. Go ahead and push through the necessary spending. For the Defense Department and Brett a shield our own iron she'll become the entirety of this nation. Start the process now. Rather than John McCain going all over the place. Talking about how like trump doesn't understand how serious is languages but it's just insane. He understands quite well how serious is languages. But even more than that. How does language its North Korea that's the problem and right behind them they're not. Iran. The Republicans helped pave the way for Iran get nuclear warheads. They refused to force Obama into the treaty clause of the constitution. For ratification. I met this guy and SAS com. All wanna correct conservative it is odd idea trying to persuade me that Corcoran and the rest of them were doing the right thing. When in fact they weren't on the right thing you know I told senators asked why do it spreads election don't call me anymore. Where he hasn't. Thank goodness. They lied to us about the Iran DO. More than once. In endless ways. Iran's gonna have ICBM is a nuclear warheads. Now what kind of a well that's it's gonna be for your children and grandchildren I parents yet. They go on and on about Medicaid. They go on and on about food stamps not on it yes. In when he comes to doing the proper thing. They don't do the proper thing. The say the president of the United States did something yesterday. Which was a stab in the back every conservative in this country. Conservatives around the country have been for the most part very supportive of this present. Conservatives around the country want this president to succeed. Even though we may not agree with a man every respect. But we know that what's being done to him by the media and the Democrats in the rest. Is outrageous. Undermines our republic. We conservatives are good people. Were thoughtful people. But the president of the United States' status in the back yesterday. In the state of Alabama. Mitch McConnell. Is it deplorable. Deplorable hack. He slipped language into a continuing resolution that I told you about undercover of dark. That enabled his National Republican Senatorial Committee which he controls within iron fist. To raise ten times as much money as it did previously race. He massively increase the limits. That's such a committee can ring. He did that. Not because he believes in free speech he did that not because he believes and in supporting Republican a conservative candidates he did that so he could use the National Republican Senatorial Committee. As his treasury. To support incumbents. Who will support him. As the leader. In the center. And his candidate in Alabama's lose their strength. Luther strange. Is in. Mitch McConnell back pocket. The may have been there six months. He's a crony. He can't tell Jeff Sessions shoes. He's terrible. Even as some ethical issue swelling around. But it does it matter to McConnell just like Thad Cochran a Mississippi. Every day trying to tie is I loafers you don't have laces in the loafers and I think I'd do anyway so lab. Karl Rove organization. Is spending a fortune and Alabama to support Mitch McConnell Kennedy. This guy Jeff Rowe who was Ted Cruz is campaign chairman went cruise was running for president. He's backing string this guy Rao was no conservative. Not conservative. So you'll have McConnell and his money. Karl Rove and his money. This guy rove. And his money. Backing Luther strange bought and paid for. Against who conservative candidates I've endorsed Mo Brooks. Roy Moore is also running. We actually have a shot a nominating a conservative in Alabama. And winning that seat. And yesterday Donald Trump endorses Mitch McConnell Carl rove. And this guy Jeff Rose Kennedy. Luther strange. Now president trump can have it both ways he can claim to be an outsider. When he acts in embraces the inside. Like when he pointed. Rich previous. Chief of staff which was a disaster at the time and I said it was a disaster at the time. You can't say is an outsider. When he just undermine every conservative in the state Alabama and every conservative in this country. By endorsing the worst candidate possible. And empowering further Mitch McConnell Carl rove and this guy Jeff for a. We're all practice. That's right every damn one of them. The president of the United States didn't have to do that. He could've stayed out of but he didn't put this he put his finger on the yet on the scale. And I don't know who's gonna win I would urge conservatives in Alabama you still turn out to vote. But why would the president do this. Keep hearing draining the swamp. How does this drain the swamp. Has to train the storm. Anybody call me Tony how restrained this one. Is this what the president the United States is gonna do it all these battles that we're gonna be involved in throughout the states we're trying to nominate constitutional conservatives. Trying to nominee real outsiders. To take on McConnell on the inside as is his what he's gonna do state after state after state. He's got a bad bad. Bad record on this. He doesn't support conservatives and Republican primary. He doesn't go. And getting expect conservatives surrounding his defense and rally around now we do it out of patriotism we do it got to believe we do that when we agreement. But it would be nice if he would endorse some of Martin. Luther strange is Mitch McConnell Scott. He's ahead. Easy inside. He's got all the problems that you and I rail against day in and day out. And Donald Trump just endorsed. Out of trumpets at a point hatch runs for reelection in Utah he won't back into Orrin hatch is a disaster. An absolute unmitigated disaster. I don't know how we're gonna get change this country when mr. change is not for mr. tank. These elections have consequences. I think what he did yesterday. Was outrageous. Absolutely outrageous. And I don't think any of your gonna forget about. I'll be right back. Most of the open. Meanwhile. Front stats conservatives in the back. He boosts Luther strange has McConnell is in McConnell. As we pointed out yesterday is out there trashing trump. Right Rick. McConnell is out there trashing Trout. Trump endorses McConnell guy. Rove is supporting McConnell guy this guy rove. Cruise's former campaign manager he endorses McDonnell's guy. And we conservatives were looking at each other like what the hell is this. While ladies and gentlemen we've been betrayed again. We didn't trade again. By this guy row. By a. We were betrayed by the president in this regard does not look there's no you know there will be as far as the president is there's no. In a candy coating it it was a shock. Eight million dollars being sent to group that spent to promote Luther strange and destroying. Particularly Mo Brooks. Coming out of Washington. Meanwhile. While they're good at cheap peddy gutter out of politics. Where's Mitch McConnell the night. He gonna FaceBook like John McCain trashing the president now. The other days at a Rotary Club trashing the president. But where are they today where's Mitch McConnell. John McCain. Paul Ryan where are all but why isn't congress meeting. Wisely congress dealing with North Korea. Why isn't congress passing a spending bill immediately. To strengthen our military. Why isn't congress. Voting on a spending bill immediately to strengthen our strategic defense initiative to cover our our cities in this country. Why are they out about. They tried to show up on TV. When they're not doing their jobs. Let's not all about. Well there yet. Let me take another one of these guys Benjamin Falls Church, Virginia Debian Mia yes management. Good evening mr. who then how argues. I'm great. Excellent I'm calling in about North Korea because a car tried to make his point earlier and didn't. That we should not be arming South Korea and Japan and would nuclear weapons. I don't think we should our North Korea or south sorry South Korea and Japan would nuclear weapons because they were not always our allies. And don't say they like to do I think we should hear armed Iran would nuclear weapons. Absolutely not no one should have nukes by not putt putt and pick ups. Okay we'll ask the other state tournament. Now I miss my question to see it here's here's my question to North Korea has nukes. Japan and South Korea don't have nukes what is your solution. Well honestly we have about 6800 nuclear weapon. And about seventy years of experience not to using them and I had a bit of so what is your solution. My solution is if it really looks like North Korea is going to be used there nukes. Are nukes can reach North Korea you know. Well pat I don't understand they've hit the point of South Korea used to have nukes I educated you about that earlier in the film. The only reason Japan doesn't is because we discarded that discouraged them from having them since the end of World War II. I don't have any probably civilized society. By South Korea or Japan. Facing against China Russia. And North Korea all of whom have nukes. Having nukes I don't think we have anything to fear from nothing. Not very I think we've left a lot to fear from from North Korea today. Yeah. We sure do great if you're gonna solve one problem not creating another problem should be on the list the things how does that create a problem. More nukes. Is more people would nuke and we nuked Japan. Set six. We can yes but the more nukes are being made by rogue regime giving Germany should have nukes. Director weren't too scenario. In the termination and it's. Like I said if we were talking about what I think should happen I don't think. Anyone should have nukes. Okay. But that does is. I don't even had to respond to people like this anymore. You don't think anyone should have nukes but I but they do. Right. That's the problem and I keep trying to bring it back to reality and ask you what to do that and you keep going back in the never neverland. Well no brainer solution and we can't we did is just some. Oh or to your premise that. We did you know him playing. We used atomic and we did get a primer that. No because. There it. Good loss of life that would have occurred had we exactly. Exactly you're correct about that though that were still using the purple heart medal today. But they made an anticipation of the landing in Japan you are correct. So are you and I disagree is you have no effective response to North Korea other than a shooting nukes in the what I'm saying is there is a strategic. Value. In South Korea and Japan. Having nuclear weapons in order to defend themselves and displayed a rogue regime like North Korea. I don't see how that would be anymore deterrent though considering we have nukes. And we are very clear that North Korea cannot. Well I did not give an idea there Japan excuse me China. Is strongly opposed. To giving. Nukes to South Korea which used to have nukes. And strongly opposed to Japan having nuclear weapons now why is that. Because it avert their neighbors. All. And because China wants to be the only one would new trend. So it can threaten its neighbors second bill phony islands in the South China Sea. So I can claim islands off the Japan that they never had a right to. So they can threaten you know one country after another like the Philippines like Vietnam and all the rest. Because they know not only in addition to this massive conventional military they're billing they have nukes. And how to read tricks China Canada and money. All right thanks for you call. Substantive here. We don't fix China. You gotta do the things you think he can do. Economically militarily. Terms of diplomacy and so forth that are gonna make a difference. Now I've talked about China in the past their banking system and how we can effect that. But I strongly believe that our allies or piece like who threaten nobody. Should be able to defend themselves. And to be able to discourage. Threats by North Korea and China. The way you effectively do that is to ensure. That they too had nuclear weapons. I really believe this quite strong. Iran's next witness you can think Barack Obama for that. I'll be right back. Love them the most mobile merger surveyed we've all heard America. Cold Duvall Mark Levin show now heading 77381. Tony hey why bought. A little bit of an out of body experience doesn't break when. You see what your posts on near social sites my case. And Chris with a massive following thanks to you. Not quoted on a program on fox and then people are discussing. I think they should and it has to do with this Luther strange betrayal. Where the president. That Mitch McConnell. Backed Carl row. Backed Jeff Rowe. All of whom are backing Luther strange. This is a massive establishment entry to point limitless funds and raised by lobbyists and all the rest to defeat us. The defeat you have a senator from Kentucky to McConnell. Reaching an Alabama. 88 longtime Washington political hack and McConnell to trying to influence the outcome of the election. You have Karl Rove. Eight political operative of the worst kind. Reaching an Alabama trying to affect the outcome of the race. Got this guy Jeff Rowe. The supposed to be conservative who clearly is not. Reaching an Alabama. They're trying to beat the conservatives. This guy ran cruises camping. If the president of the United States supporting all of while that titles at a Rotary Club trashing the president and I expect. You figure it out. Who's an outsider here there are no outsiders. 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And I'm hoping the people Alabama rise up. And say no. Now on I don't know we don't care. George queens they aren't that great WABC. Go. And I might I wanna say that I am really proud of my Clinton won't go to war. And the position that he took regarding North Korea. Because someone have to stand for something or Portland soon. And that's what do six more boots level over continued firing and then to be inoculated. With a built in reality. And I'm so disgusted with the way how they use logic allegiance and the next fall over themselves than just themselves up and they get all emotional. I'm actually very destructive wicket and I think we don't need to act on North Korea. I don't know what the solution it could no matter expert. I think then I'm all short nukes because. Well let me let me ask you question. I am very comfortable knowing that trumps commander in chief that Madison secretary defense that he's got. A general Kelley in there and he's got other generals can't memory but that's I mean I'm very comfortable knowing it's not the Obama administration argue. I couldn't accept that that's actually very well at night knowing that if something happens. We have the top of people and play like I agree upon a convenient place to respond accordingly. Let's let me show and god I wish I can't talk to these liberals all the time because I'm a driver. And god made you pictured themselves but I do and they know. They how they continue to do this to their fantasies of the mine. Instead of dealing with a reality I don't know but maybe you could say without an additional got black out last year. Thank you my friend. By the way number. 66. Weeks in a row. We discovering Americanism is on the New York Times best seller list I know what drives them nuts. But it puts a big smile on my face I want to thank you rediscovering Americanism I was just told. Six weeks in a row. In the near times bestseller list and that's thanks to you. Thank you. He having gotten a copy it's out there baby go get it and not only that it would distract you from a lot of this other stuff. You might find you really enjoy philosophy and history of these various things he really might came into it and this is the book that. But we'll give you an entry into that sort of thing. And I just one repeat at a wonderful wonderful. An interview where. Former senator Jim dement interviewed me on C span it's going to be airing in September. And then when we get close out tight about it but you're not gonna wanna miss that and hopefully you'll read it as the book before that time. So you can check it out to. That's got a rich saint Louis Missouri serious shot and I don't. Mark. Can't stand. The image of noble chamber understand that plane waving a piece of paper saying peace in our. Yeah because we continued to coddle megalomaniac. Like. This guy in North Korea's one of people who aren't you cannot do that. And why did Reyes and thank you and I are talking about firing nuclear missiles into the country. What we're talking about is really put the screws on China to put the screws on this guy in a very very serious what we know how to do this to the banking system. Throughout our financial system. We know that Reagan destroyed. The Soviet Union through our economic system. It is time that we exercise our muscle and Billick and it's time that the Democrats in the media and the phony Republicans get behind this president. He giving and giving anybody saying that this guy is not seriously got to remember that. Russia and Germany where the biggest trading partner between each other. On the eve of operation Barbara so when Germany secretly invaded Russia in World War II. So it doesn't matter. They hit they're crazy and evil they're gonna do it. You've got to stop them. You're around your right and what are we supposed to do have this set the blackmail for the rest the time that somebody might fire nuclear missile into our country. We he keeps threatening to do it. Am not who we've got to an an out and Rick and Richard your present United States you can take this stuff seriously. Amen you have to be uncommonly got to take it strong experience or you're gonna get run over. No. I'm would you are right thank you sir. Now we're not warmonger is no we're not suggesting we fire nukes in the North Korea the worst suggesting now stop the fantasy land would diplomacy. Let's put enormous economic pressure on China. Let's not pretend this UN Security Council vote was the end all and they are it's not the end Olympia. Internalize all the time. Ralph. Glen Cove New York on the mark live and act out. Mark Carol you. All right Harry you. Our good total when you comfortable career this year and your chance that he tried mature couple years ago maybe next time I can only go to so many you know per appliance market. What I'm declared a very upset it or develop trump the green walked. And there's got to be something going on between them and Mitch McConnell but the reason why he's back in the white. I don't know. Why would you reach an Alabama undermine the conservatives Ambac McConnell sky can you explain that to me I don't Albert. But it got me very accepting of it I feel like that I mean. I didn't do. That's the good honest truth. No offense and taken my ad deal from my back real thing isn't it okay and he went yet I won't take any painkillers just center. Our. Ralph I like you don't hang up a minute saying he can't be re discovering Americanism a signed copy thank you. In its own taking. Patents some muscle relaxer or to dictate and another. Epidural on not August what is fifteenth. And then now we're flying out the Reagan library on Friday August 18. Kind of a wonderful event on August 19 flying back in the twentieth. Can't wait. And all you folks who have purchased tickets and have been waiting I will be there and I can't wait Dmitry. There's. There's an effort to stop me by the way I'm not to talk about out of the library anything like that but I mean I own cyst I will be there. Natalie and on island New York great WABC. Go. Mark two things which will be pinnacle of the sport and does not understand why we should have kept Korea and Japan arming themselves. I'm not an expert and I'm not a salute you feel lawyer that's right there is any. I and I at current and it's cool a show of force I have interviewed several Yankee games when they awareness and know what here. When that third out at about two car there to police both during every single aisle and they became too black can't get up close to the field so that when they win. The crowd can act two on the field and guess what it's a sack steps. I don't understand it's blatant current and we spent all these Cuban diplomacy and allow until Obama and open for him to allow me. Not shop. Can you wouldn't know what the pulpit where act I'm so grateful that we have a hand in the White House that we capture. And good you both left the media they don't want him to say anything movie don't want to do anything and not allowed to. Acrobat but it is but they're bringing people on these programs. Who. Are responsible for some of this you know what I'm saying. I do agree with you and you know I I have the big bone of contention which somebody like McCain I have every out of respect for him he was a Prisoner of War. But yeah city every ounce of respect for us. You and I demand should know might be a Prisoner of War to our parents would say such and he should not be at. We can't tablet apparently need people to be letting congress ever I don't understand that but no one topic that. This is an eighty year old now has the cleanup left on the mark I can personally talk about that because my other liquid that in my back to. Once I was diagnosed. What fun it was in the distance we did not allow him to go back to work. That's tumor kill springs shelves it Turkey memory it Turkey's ability to speak to him well and not enough. All right I and I don't I don't wanna go there. I don't think I get your point trust me. All right my friend I appreciate your call very very much we'll be right back. OK okay. Wearing tomorrow and Friday fifteen million dollar lawsuit against the reporter. Wrote that story with various allegations and all anonymous sources and I see the reporter who is a political activist. Another reporter says that he is going to defend his sources but the problem is now Pitt's face civil lawsuit. You defend your sources you can lose. You loose. So the after the report will be in what I might see is a little bit of a pickle. And just talking about. From a legal in litigation perspective I'd be in a little bit of a pickle yes. So Boeing's fighting back. And I don't bow yes. When you're fighting a bully. And I've been doing all the time. Yeah hiring hero. Colin like it is calling the IRS to scare. What can possibly be scarier than owing the most powerful debt collector in the country. With every passing day problem it's big it's scary. He need answers to questions like what can I do welcoming Irish student me. For starters they can take your paycheck in your bank account. And how do you survive. That's why you never take on the Harris along. Call my friends and optima tax relief there are the experts there of the pros they will defend you. They know exactly how to work with the IRS they understand how intimidating this can be they're not scared. The step between you and the iris. 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And coming thing don't always have to be nuclear threat. I'm pretty fed up of dealing with a foot guy or anyone threaten his country that that the beautiful nation I didn't get a chance to keep the murder complaint go. You know the midwest so some probably countries are watching it on National Geographic area whatever. Then hope everybody in the line thankful that in my colts. Caught on now don't run off of lectures here what you're saying is. Give trump a chance he's trying to stand up to this gap. How proud of it wow what you stand by the president. Of the would you vote of all when you got the president. Out you know I was young but I remember Ronald Reagan led this nation strong remembers seeing a picture. I remember a recover read don't you know the stock market and number Morgan all but out rate the state of mourning the death. I'm fortunate enough now that I've just don't read it while they both are might read. Did you go to Washington. That might be re there are examiner went up all our. And I'm old school guy I'd use my hand brother then you know I'm that would be compute I know how to Beatles are charred wreckage. So that's what Clinton couldn't get mumbled what he is at the I work on cars really you know mechanic. Yes I work all cars and gas we not been janitorial work is job out here all of their boat you don't. It's not been you'd think you have to have sorted out and how well. I have education but unfortunately outlook until we haven't sorted out of the Dow was special stop before we get another job now. This built this nation up there L that built the nation's. Army you know when these you know decently written in public schools which was not their boat was stressful to stop me from learning how to read. My Delilah like you I don't know probably never mayor realistic I know you are. And it's been a common sense is a big thing. Let's say you're not permit and every work record that's gonna have a war in Iraq. And it said I want to save you a copy rediscovering America's. And I want you to make you promise the next and I do book signing around here appearance around here you can come. You can introduce. You to meet. Our men are mr. price of corn. Well next time architecture markers are scared. Now I wanna meet you. All right Michael don't hang up I appreciate it. Hand pearls of whizzed. Pearls of wisdom. How much I disagree really shouldn't be giving him another one get rid of this city from Richmond. And am I thanking me me me. And my dad passed the sound like that and that that fat free address and believe there. I'll be right back. So what would you do with an act of 500 dollars a month in your budget 500 bucks this isn't. Hypothetical by the way this is something you may need to think about very soon if you decide to become a member. A net share many shares a way to pay for your health care and typically cost 500 dollars less per month for family vs other health care plans. Seriously think about this you could pay off loans speed on a mortgage save the money for retirement donate to charity. It would be a big deal and a lot here's the best thing many share works it has 250000. Members and growing. So here's how you can find out more and you might actually wind up saving even more than 500 dollars a month. The check into it here's the number or call 85551. Bible that say 5551. Bible I'll readable in Montana call 85551. Bible. He's here. Now. Literally underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We want to again make contact without lead to better. Hello everybody Mark Levin here are number 8773813811877381. 3811. FBI conducted predawn raid of former trump campaign manager. Manner efforts home. Have BI agents raided the Alexandria home. Washington compost. Our president transformer campaign chairman late last month using a search warrant to seize documents and other materials. According to people familiar with the special counsel investigation. In a Russian meddling in the 2016 elections so we have more leaking I believe that in the special counsel's office. Federal agents appeared at all manner efforts on without advance warning in the predawn hours of July 26. Today at premed voluntarily with the staff for the Senate Intelligence Committee the day after he met voluntarily with the stance. That seems strange. The Senate Intelligence Committee. The search warrant was wide ranging and FBI agents working with special counsel Robert Mueller. Departed the humbly various records Jason Maloney a spokesman for manner for confirm that agents executed a warrant. And one of the political consultants homes in the manner for cooperated with the search what's he gonna do it. Tackle under the ground. Mannequin has been voluntarily producing documents to congressional committees investigating Russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. The search warrant indicates investigators may have argued toll federal judge. They've reasonably manner effort cannot be trusted to turn over all records in response to a grand jury subpoena this seems quite odd to me quite frankly. Teams enormously heavy handed to me. The guy's turn and documents and I don't know man effort ever talk to the man in my life I'm a special leader. But the guys voluntarily turning documents over to the Senate Intelligence Committee while he's under criminal investigation. That's highly unusual. And very forthcoming. We get also been intended to send a message to president trumps former campaign chairman that he should not expect gentle treatment. Or legal courtesies from Muller's team. So another words bowling. Nobody any McCarthy over at national radio. Former federal prosecutor. He says there are two possible rationales for this the legitimate one and the brass knuckles one. Here's the thing to bear in mind about the Washington Post report that special counsel Mueller the FBI executed search warrant. Against former trump campaign chairman Paul matter for it in late July. Prosecutors don't do predawn raids on the home of a cooperating witness. Matter friend has publicly projected cooperation of course we can't know how cooperative he's actually been the public's been kept in the art. About what is being investigated a Mahler in the congressional committees are doing most of the work behind closed doors. Nevertheless manicured did voluntarily testified before the September intelligence committee on July 25. It's not a coincidence I suspect. But the very next morning in the predawn hours the FBI showed up at his Alexandria Virginia armed with a search warrant. Notwithstanding Mann theater reportedly been voluntarily producing documents to congressional committees that are probing Russia's interference in the 2016 election. The FBI conducted with the post describes as a wide ranging search for documents. Apparently the bureau seized voluminous records and other materials by the way. They can seize an enormous amount of stuff that does nothing to do whether investigation. President not gonna go through it right there at his house are gonna take it back with. It took possible rationales for a search warrant under these circumstances. First the legitimate rationale. Investigators in good faith believe manner for a who has either is subject ever witnessed in their investigation. Was likely to destroy rather than surrender relevant evidence second. The brass knuckles rationale. The prosecutor is attempting. To intimidate a witness are subject. To say nothing of other source similarly situated in the volunteering everything he may know of an incriminating nature about people the prosecutor is targeted. On Monday I took issue McCarthy writes we deputy attorney general. Rob rose and Stevens claimed that the Muller investigation is not a fishing expedition. The deputy attorney general insists the probe is a fine I spoke related to Russia 2016 election meddling. I countered that there are no real limits on mullet because day. Rosen Steen failed to follow federal rags they require him back outline specific crimes that the special counsel's authorized to investigate. And peak. The so called Russian investigation. Is a counterintelligence. Investigation was really just an information gathering exercise target new farm power. Now a search warrant is issued in a criminal investigation. Only if a judge finds probable cause that a crime has been committed. And that evidence of the crime will be found in the place to be searched the wind is granite on the basis of an affidavit. Usually draft about a prosecutor in sworn by the FBI agent. So says I wonder if deputy attorney general rose instinctive who Muller reports. Will be willing to outline for the public to crimes for which manner efforts search warrant authorized agents to seize evidence. This would go some of the way toward filling in the gap rose and Stein black by ignoring the regulation requiring a factual description. And a criminal investigation and so forth and so on what's troubling to me. Is that people are being targeted have no recourse. No recourse. In terms of public opinion. No legal recourse at this point they just subject to these investigations. Every course. It's very troubling to me in there it is a leak of course to the Washington Post of the worst light on it. For the individual who may be Delhi is how I don't know you know what he's guilty I don't know what they're investigating at this point. Nobody else does seem that. Would be selective leaks. With a cherry picking of information. That's the status of that here's something that troubles me to. Listen to this and Politico. Scott Pruitt is the EPA administrator. And here's the title Pruitt climate science challenge splits conservative allies. Listen this. EPA chief Scott Pruitt attack on mainstream climate science and now another words radical left wing. Climate change BS is now mainstream. Are causing Disco. She may causing discomfort in a surprising corner. Among many of the conservative and industry groups that have cheered his efforts to dismantle Obama's environmental regulations. US chamber of commerce I hate this group. I despise this group. The US chamber of commerce political groups backed by the Coke Brothers and the top lobbying organization for coal oil natural gas and power industries. Among those so far declining to back through its efforts to undermine the scientific consensus. On human caused climate change. According to more than a dozen interviews by Politico. And other pressures on for pro at one of the most solid appointees in this administration. Up buckle. And this administration. To embrace. Manmade global warming. As a fact as a scientific fact. That's the pressure now. And the US chamber of commerce is a disgrace. Absolute disgrace. And let's hope mr. pro. Can withstand the pressure. Because the fact of the matter is there's a great piece of the financial post by Alex Epstein. Here's what he writes. The more than seven billion people living in the world today need affordable abundant energy in a livable climate. To flourish but the world's leading source of energy is also the leading source increasing greenhouse gases what to do. This is a vital question now court took on his 26 film an inconvenient truth. They're running theme throughout an inconvenient sequel is that Gore's first film was even more right than he expected. It's not true. Gore makes extensive abuses of anecdotes shows us the town of Georgetown Texas is a misuse of a 100% renewable energy. A deadly heat wave in India a deadly slide a Miami a deadly drought in Syria deadly storm in the Philippines and this ticket buyers penetrating the United States. Some of his anecdotes are meant to prove that cheap solar wind aren't as 2006 score prophesied. Quickly dominating the world's energy supply and 2006 score also warned us that are rapidly warming climate it's killing more people each year. And he has not given us the whole picture. Take the rising dominance of solar and wind which is used to paint supporters of fossil fuels and tried with sites pools shields for big oil. The combined share of world energy consumption from renewables. Already Noble's. Is 2%. And it's an inexpensive. Excuse me and it's an expensive unreliable and therefore it difficult the scale 2%. Because so line winner on reliable as they need to be backed up by reliable sources of power usually fossil fuels are sometimes non carbon sources like. Nuclear and large scale Hydro power all of which gore and other environmentalists refused to support. This is why every grid that incorporates significant solar and wind as more expensive electricity. Germans on the hook for Chancellor Angela Merkel self righteous anti carbon commitments are already paying three times they rates on energy. That is electricity that Americans do. Stories about 100% we noble locations like Georgetown Texas. Not to stand total evidence their lives. The Texas grid from which Georgetown draws its electricity. Is comprised of almost 44% natural gas almost 29% call 12% nuclear and only fifteen point 6% renewable. Using a virtue signaling gimmick pioneered by apple FaceBook and Google. Georgetown pays its state utility. Tell label it's great electricity renewable even though it draws most of its power from fossil fuel heavy taxes and it's grit and I don't want. And here's the bottom line. This this obsession this false religion of man made global warming and manmade climate change. If it ever it takes hold we will not only destroy our capitalist system and our economy. Don't look great suffering misery poverty. All over the world. And developing countries will never developed. It is a hateful. Inhumane. A philosophy and ideology. They'll cause enormous damage done early in this country but throughout the world I'll be right back and okay. Well I'll tell you let's listen now thuggish this is is is this matter for it's part of a mob family is something. This is breaking from Politico. Just tough to press federal investigators sought cooperation from Paul manner efforts son in law. In an effort to increase pressure. On Matt effort according to three people familiar with the probe. When they go after your family members for nothing ladies and gentlemen to turn on your father in law. What is best. Investigators approached Jeffrey Yohei. Who has partnered in business deals would manner heard earlier this summer. Setting up real waves and matter of birds off oh orbit one of these people said another these people said investigators are trying to get in the manner efforts head. What part of the investigation as best. Mad at Purdue is a focus of the broad federal and congressional investigations of a Russian meddling. In the 2060 presidential campaign. Is under investigation for his business and real estate transactions but that's interstate so he's not under investigation for collusion. That probe has accelerated in these three weeks and weeks according to one of the people familiar with the FBI agents conducted an early morning raid last month and is how we just talked about that. Matter effort is not been accused of any wrongdoing. I think. It's unclear if investigators have security cooperation from his son in law who also hasn't been accused of any wrongdoing. A lawyer for its analog didn't respond to a request for comment. You believe this stop mr. British. So they use our try to use his son in law. His daughter's husband. Against the father in law. Like this is some kind of mob operation. Give us subpoenaed the early morning and they go into this moment they grab all kinds of stuff. Yeah you're special counsel. Asia special counsel and they did this the morning after. He provided testimony. The morning after they provide testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee. So nor the bucks here. This guy's guilty or not whoever thought here. Special counsel's office it's that seems to me. Really incredible. Really incredible. Idea. And this guy will get no sympathy trust me. Because everyone's concerned that he's guilty of something you'll be charged with something and so forth and so on. I'm a big fan of prosecutors on the big fan of investigators but when they're out of control. I'm no fan whatsoever. Not one iota. Try. Trucker friend Michigan serious satellite go. Mark. Represented is he just stand up popping Carroll worked. They've become our country. They've become our president but what he says because its first president went ahead and Ronald Reagan that is willing to give up our country. And now that's the problem you see they don't want that. And I thank you for your register the mark. And you to. Nazi Ramon members of congress standing up. I see them taken shots at trump because they kind favor with the media they're carrying favorite with a Democrat. I don't know what John McCain is doing it's it's it's it's obnoxious. Quite frankly. Ron Baltimore Maryland the great WCV and go. Thank you mark Almon. Okay appoint a wanted to bring out is that you have correctly. Identified the most major. Greenhouse gas as water vapor not carbon dioxide. And by the way it's not even close. That's right and of them to make your point I wanna bring out is that. That the car that you water vapor contribute like not the first sentence. Oh the greenhouse effect which you do that you could get rid of all of a carbon dioxide. In the in the entire atmosphere and it had a negligible effect. On global wow Corso would kill us and kill the plants. We are truly ready for about it is a tiny fraction. Of the elements in in in the atmosphere tiny fraction. Absolutely. And these unique idea that. Or control carbon dioxide you can control greenhouse effect the absolute nonsense. No but that's slowdown but controlling carbon dioxide you cannot control the green house which is part of the atmosphere. Which you can control the economy. Right and that's what they're about they when he is carbon dioxide to go through the back door to control the economy go ahead. A term that's right and if you want to really control. But could global warming so called it have to get rid of water vapor and had to do that it below the ocean's lawful. Great but any if we got rid of any of the elements of of the greenhouse gases that are part of the atmosphere we would die. Well yeah we've really good material it seems to be the earth. And and in the propaganda that widespread crap again now trying to force people to accept this is mainstream science. I don't know where we go from here I mean they've corrupted science they've corrupted everything the left the progressive left. And right Iran excellent call I appreciate it. Harry Los Angeles, California on the mark let them act out. Thank you have the privilege to build a talk on your show first I want appraised all the good things that trumpets. That I I had misjudged the clock don't hang up we'll take you right after the bottom of the hour I apologize. Hi folks I Sharon turned. Art loves and making conservatism. Grating yeah dial in now 8773813811. You know hasn't signed up. The conservative review TV yet when he give you a sneak peak position. I recently released a full 100%. Free episode. All about the Russian Democrats can't. And you can watch this full episode right now on FaceBook at FaceBook dot com slash live in TV that's a Levy giant TV. Going to be going through the testimony of the bill brouder with respect to to Russia and so forth. Now I have and done that enormous. Amount of research we've done shows on North Korea. They're not in front of the pay you all but there's something I think you wanna watch it typically given what's going on in the country today. I don't do my radio show on Livan TV it is a fresh independent program. What were able to cover things on TV that we cannot cover on radio and vice a Versa are covered things on radio that I cannot cover on the event TV. I know you'll be meaningful. Substantive and entertaining experience for you that's why I do it I don't have to deal. I do because I wanna do it by the way everybody's not capable of doing this. But I am. So I'd like you to check it out. Go to 844 living TV give us that caught eight for for living TV and join our media resolution. It's a great time to become a subscriber. Who were gearing up for a big fall run and you don't want to miss out. Ditch the fake news get on board with the only team with conservatives dedicated to covering the truth. And doing and in an entertaining and compelling way. 844 LET I NTV. 844. Libyan TV. Matt Joplin Missouri serious satellite go I don't know why and so. Magnanimous today let's let's let's take that go ahead. Thank you mark. I'd look here's what you personal call. It occurred earlier corners talking about water vapor really. Global climate change be hole some creativity and internal or external because the water vapor. And then and and and and. He insane it's false and taken untrue because of water vapor. He says the largest element in greenhouse gases is of water vapor and that's an actual scientific fact. Water vapor. And seeing old theater. That causes the key. So. When released a stir that. It's a byproduct not the hat atmosphere is water vapor carbon dioxide methane nitrous oxide and knows that's a fact. I learned that when I think I was fourteen year result may be eleven years ago. More exit that we can't do a damn thing about any. Ricky. Let what. Lower our our hydrocarbon emissions why would we wanna do that. Because they're adding to the atmosphere that's why it's not really in dissident. It's not our though it's not. And where's the fact tell us what linked to go to. Now her dark character found out that I we all know about NASA. We don't know about the head scientists there you think we're stupid in a fetus that cracked. I'm well aware what NASA has done what these numbers and I'm well aware of report after report by thoughtful people who've unraveled. NASA backed up you're joke. You trust or know very. Bad idea. You view our military to prepare. Listen pal and a taste I do I trust the Department of Agriculture to. That doesn't mean I agree everything that's coming and is there I don't trust the military and that I trust our soldiers who fight wars. I don't trust the politicization of our military by a bomb you know you're not even goods. You're not even clever. Tommy sir what was the temperature the earth a hundred years ago. I don't have an accurate short term heck why not what was it temperatures near 25 years ago. About one point. Odd degrees let's average up one point odd degrees less average across the I really annoy you talking about you know it doesn't. Of course of course you don't know if you do that review and understand our car sir you're full of crap you come on the show you spew your crap. It's one point odd degrees whatever. That doesn't even same doesn't it make any sense. 1 I am not sure what exact number that's one point which unit within. You're nine. One point zero. Is there which element in the greenhouse gases do you wanna control. Carbon. And methane. Methane is something that's released by among others human beings by mammals. And carbon is something that is very very important to our economic system is that why you wanna control and soon. And modern are icy and your expertise is what. I what are your program and your background is what. My cart around yeah no matter what background are of course not course and I you know everything. Well sir I'm gonna tell you something would tell you why we're on to your scare tactics. When it tell you why we know your full. When you listen to something. Here's what I wanna read T even hear feel Chapman. Never filled Chapman. You know he's a geo physicist. At GO if the you know he was a NASA astronaut. I'd written it yet you know he's send astronomical engineer. I didn't know rhetoric you know he rejects this notion that your bringing up. Or did you not bring up NASA. I get courier and after that you know he worked for NASA. Patrick over here you know that 31 science 31000. Scientists ten years ago signed a petition. Rejecting the notion of man made global warming human caused global warming UN that. Not aware that I am now want to ensure that. Early or Chaka. Yes as a matter of fact National Center for Public Policy Research 2008. Doctor Arthur Robinson. Of the Oregon institute of science and medicine to check that out. Kirk got tripped up their doctor James Hansen is the director of NASA Goddard institute or at least was he's the guy you're talking about he's a leftist. We're well aware enemies Al Gore's body. Don't tell me if I disagree with the and then I opposes the military. What I ask you another quote Sarah and educating youth seriously. Don't wanna learn anything. Don't turn every nerve doctor John Britain now. UConn that you think you called me you could have been all prepared you are prepared at an event. Every year doctor John break now this is on liberty tearing in my book a rip up retired professor. University Southampton in Britain every parent. Opener tiger well guess what he put together a list of all the concerns that have been raised in media. About global warming. And the list is literally hundreds and hundreds of things and they don't contradict each. Increase land mass reduce land mass the rising to the oceans. Appalling at the oceans. And on and on and on this is a scaled. An absolute scam. You can are you lab and really use you as a foil you understand are you familiar with the. It grew. DDE that he Grossman a bit. No partner no error. You know the it's all been written doubts there they may have said what they're up 20 why don't you if you've got to call a national program and they can assertion. At about one degree or give or take the air of an LA 25 years. You really need to study this subject and no light bulb might go off if you're not a video. An example. Ticker yeah of course I'm. And he gave me an example of something. Well I took the position and and I realized I was wrong and I reversed course. For decades I did not believe. In the convention states article five convention states I thought it would lead to eight. Under controlled constitutional commitment. And when I decided to write a book on the subject. I totally changed my mind. I started to look at the scholarship I started to look at the facts and then I realized to take that position is basically an ideological position. It's not a rational position. And I reversed my position. Are you capable of doing something like that and that's saying you should today and is saying are you capable of doing something. I absolutely am I cheated on mine would be relational time. Well let me send you a book called splendor in the seat and I want you to reach the read that chapter. On the environment. And I want you to read about and what's your read about the the Margarita declaration on climate change that was passed in 2014. My number groups in Europe. And once you will learn about these things and then once you do anything to what you call me back we do that pitcher. Right there were gonna. So don't hang up and wanna send you plunder in this seat and check that out OK to do whatever other researcher won a come prepared okay. Will there appreciate it I don't hang up. C logos and I don't always I go at it we do often. But he seemed a relatively okay. Let me go back to Harry in Los Angeles sorry Harry added take care of business. Go ahead. Well that was that was great period every minute of it I'm here Mike calls about. President trump I'm curious about the endorsement of strange. It's outrageous and I and I feel very strongly now that trump will be a one term president. I'll tell you why because quite do that could point to so many big ball on naslund on did you vote for trump. Well absolutely I can either although I I praise everything he's done good. But the thing with court that just one. He wouldn't get a majority there on the court so he threw the ball so do you really think now what he did now with his green saying that he's going to be. Nominate a conservative constitutional I. Thinking well I think he well the problem is it's not enough. That's and they we expect a president like trump the nominating a constitutional law a constitutional as the original list so that it's not like to get. Brownie points for doing what you're supposed to do but there's no vast agenda out there. And when you're supporting guys like strange I mean. And you're here you're you're supporting guys like McConnell. Yeah and what about the filibuster what. Now Mo Brooks I listened to on a several times on the web site that that money he's like gut Pete believed about peace support now in control problems. So now the State's gonna lose and you're gonna have a guy is they're just got to not support the suspension of the filibuster. I am hoping that people of Alabama rise up and reject what's going on with Karl Rove would Jeff Rowe. With Mitch McConnell and yes in this case with Donald Trump he's just dead wrong about this. And really undermined what was and I hope still is a growing effort. To push McConnell out of Alabama if you have self respect in any state. But in this case in Alabama you're not gonna allow Mitch McConnell to pick your sanity because that's exactly what he's doing mediated in Mississippi with Thad Cochran. He's gonna do it all over the country if we don't stop them now he Karl Rove is in the shadows little fact doughboy. And Jeff this guy Jeff row another little fact oh boy and you got to McConnell out there that turtle and unfortunately the president of the United States. I'll be right back. OK okay. It's. Did you know this summer is currently sees. Every summer burglary rate spike according to the Department of Justice it's a domino he's on vacation in the day away at the beach. 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It came Jeanne onward to fire artillery in the Seoul South Korea. He gets our full nuclear retaliatory capability. Within minutes after one round going and it's all there will be nothing left. He told lays claim in on count down to the closing bell. If you go to airborne alert we used to call it chrome dome. But nuclear weapons and then we start building up our other forces eccentric he will not last fifteen minutes. I thought it wanna know. That's what you want and now. Parent. And see who we have here now. And it's got a joke Kansas City, Kansas the great Casey. And I'll go. Joked. Yeah we're not color thank you. Pay have a comment about North Korea. Thank water plan on him having full nuclear capability. Cutler pass assessments have been incorrect. Yeah. So BE ready for the worst. Yeah another thing he actually doesn't need full capability. Right now they're saying he's got a minister but he does have a reentry vehicle. You don't actually need to shut off and India. And that's what people are thinking about two blowing up in our atmosphere and that's just as bad. Our work done under that we think can someone you know. All right sir appreciate your car. And Iran's right behind them. He can thank Obama for this I've been talking about a month that month he can thank Obama for that he can thank Bob corporate to a Tennessee. We troubling you running for reelection with the full support McConnell and the president. Matt. Los Alamos California bigger AKA SMA go. Well mark on the I'm really concerned about the pressure that the that their chamber of commerce swinging. Rhino party or the way I don't caucus of the democratic socialists is worse you know secretary. On Pruitt. And to accept this mean mainstream. Scientific consensus mark we know the science is not consensus sciences that. There is no fact. All it's in the it's easy to see on the simple kind that nearly as Smart as the last Matthews spoke live. Palm Pilot I meant on contractor who grew up in production agricultural my trampling. But I do understand this simple definition of socialism and that is that government controls the means of production. You know government controls you know G they control the means of production and we don't have like a country of freedom and liberty anymore. Personally and I've done in the least very very sharp. And you're quite right. In your instincts are quite right thank you Matt you take care of yourself. Her at Lafayette Louisiana the great Kate PEL go. Yes sir that you anatomy. You bet. OK so beer there Alice guess it probably is their. You know you're fighting out there. Of course for quite some time so we got the most people that wanna be reelected. And well. Go ahead and establish legitimacy cheered at that commercial port there and let's see whether Cisco. I don't think he should send a declaration of war he had at least I wouldn't. I keep my cards. Close to my chest he can make the declarations. You know the public declarations and so forth. But we're talking about nuclear weapons and I honestly believe he is statutory authority already. Congress has given it to him. He also has the war powers act even though people keep saying it's unconstitutional might well be it's never been challenged effectively. So I'm not there yet I get the point but I'm not there yet. Jim the tip CEO aren't they great W camp WK I'd pay one minute so. Marker in left in the sixties we're going down upon talks are against them call ever killed. My mom didn't like interstate here on my mind you the honor seventy degree he wrote buckle. When I get more happier big scoreboard is bad now. He comes he calls are showing doesn't have a patent you. And in fact or anything in awe and by and by the way I don't wanna put him down I sent in my book I wanted to read and I want him to gather whatever he can't. And to come back and let's have that. Jim thanks Rick Karr made a we salute arm forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel and what has strongly carry you can check out living TV and I really. And also encouraged to get your copy reaches every American. And I'll see right here tomorrow America god bless you. So what would you do with an act of 500 dollars a month in your budget 500 bucks this isn't. Hypothetical by the way this is something you may need to think about very soon if you decide to become a member. A net share many shares a way to pay for your health care and typically cost 500 dollars less per month for family vs other health care plans. Seriously think about this you could pay off loans speed on a mortgage save the money for retirement donate to charity. It would be a big deal and a lot here's the best thing many share works it has 250000. Members and growing. So here's how you can find out more and you might actually wind up saving even more than 500 dollars a month. 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