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8/8/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 9, 2017|

We may be on the brink of war with North Korea and it’s not because of the Trump administration. The Obama administration stood by while North Korea developed its nukes. The current threat from North Korea is the culmination of years of failure from Obama and the foreign policy establishment in ...

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Somewhere come to a brick and steel when nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving them there. National. Today our national. Landmark event are number 8773813811. 8773813811. It's interesting yesterday we spoke spent most of the program talking about North Korea. On Monday I did an entire show more than TV in North Korea. Over the past year we've talked a lot about North Korea trying to draw public attention to that same with the Venezuelan same of the ram. While other people are chasing meatballs and other stuff. These are very very big issues ladies and gentlemen because. We may be on the brink of war. Maybe not tomorrow. But what about next year what about the year after that. We have regimes now. That are perfecting their. Their Ice-T VMs. And their nuclear warheads. And we'll dig into this North Korea now has the capacity. To shooting nuclear warhead into the United States. There's a new report that says no they don't have ten morehead state of sixty. Now this wasn't done during the presidency of Donald Trump this is done going past present. Eight years before Donald Trott. The Obama administration was unilaterally disarm me. And he's. By the north Koreans were building up a nuclear arsenal. While the Iranians are building at the nuclear arsenal. The Obama administration not only stop Israel from attacking. But near the end of the administration. It actually provided tens of billions of dollars in funding. For Iran to use. To increase its military capacity. You know there was a report we had on this program distributed as you remember the Fella. From Politico. What happened to him that he disappeared. Commemorate this guy came on the show we interviewed him about the the Iranians. Attached the regime in Tehran. And about how the Obama administration let them go or didn't go to apt to get them even though and at least one case. One of the Iranians was responsible for transferring nuclear technology to the Iranian regime remember this mr. producer. Any told it was it Josh Myers prompting another check it out and they thought said that he had a big story coming in about two weeks memory tell me that. Josh Meyer have memories not completely gone. What happened to that stood. What happened let's. Matter of fact it's something about a ritual to pull up that's very jubilant. So at this gentleman on my show and I never heard from them again. And it was eight. And Apple Store. And now the Chinese in particular have assisted North Korean building up its nuclear arsenal. Assisted up with the black market funding a black market technology China knows that many of its companies are assisting North Korea. If she turns the other way. They know that the north Koreans are laundering their currency. Through Chinese banks which launder their currency through American banks. They know. They didn't get sixty warheads overnight this has been going on for a long time. North Korea is also assisting Iran. In developing its. ICBM and its nuclear missile. Both of these countries keep saying that they gonna shoot nuclear missiles at the United States both of these countries keep talking about destroying the United States. And so I asked the question last night which I will not repeat again. Mean I'll repeat the question what we're not gonna to a Shawna do we have. What it takes in this country now. To fight a war after war com. Do we have what it takes. I'm not talking about our military and talking about the American people. Do we have what it takes. President trump made a statement say you've heard it blasted over and over and over and over and over again because unfortunately that's what talk radio and cable TV didn't. It's called repetition. But I'm gonna played her purpose. Not to. Raise alarm bells. And I want to play it for purpose. Here's what the president said in New Jersey. And an hour hour and a half ago cut one go. What career. Best not make any one of the rest of the United States. They will be met. With by air and fury. Like the world has never seen. He has been very aggressive. Beyond a normal state. And as I said they will be met with fire. Fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has ever seen. Now that's obviously premeditated statement. When you see the video he's looking down a piece of paper a few times. I'm sure it was vetted. But in any event. And immediately watching people trash depression. For his statement that it's reckless. That he's only encouraging North Korea. And on and on and on. I also asked a question yesterday do you think the Democrats would rally around the commander in chief. Should the threat to the United States. Become immediate. And most of us had no. But they wouldn't. So we learned today that the north Koreans are far more advanced than we know. But they do in fact have the ability to shoot an ICBM with a nuclear warhead into our country. That they have sixteen nuclear warheads not ten. Sixty. And the president as far more than we know. He's been given far more information. I'm mad as Pompeo Kelly. Tillerson. Rodgers. So foot. And we can possibly know. And that's also why I said yesterday. When you have these little fusion it's. Constantly trying to take its president and a B locations like Maxine Waters. I got to shift let's. And the others. While he's trying to deal with existential threat. Existential threat. And these are very very serious this is no joke. It's appalling. It's not a question of whether we grieve with the state and the president made it that we think it was a wise or unwise. The fact is we're at the brink. The fact is where at the brink. Here's a perfect example. October 12 2008 near times. US declares North Korea off terror lists the Bush Administration announced Saturday. It had to remove North Korea from the list of state sponsors of terrorism I did the salvaging fragile nuclear DR. It seemed on the verge of collapse. This is endless appeasement. I bush 43. I Clinton by bush 41. And of course by Obama and now here we are. And the gauntlet this piece Sean McCormack the State Department spokesman said the United States made the decision after North Korea agree. To resume disabling the plutonium plant and to allow some inspections to verify that it had halted its nuclear program is promised months early. Ever halt its nuclear program many more than Iran the deal which the Bush Administration portrayed as a major foreign policy chief. Began slipping away in recent weeks in a dispute. Over the verification program just days ago as North Korea barred international inspectors from the plant. The decision to remove North Korea from the tireless was a dramatic moment for President Bush who called the country part of an axis of evil. And it only reluctantly ordered administration officials to engage in negotiations. Saying that the United States had made deals for the nation's leaders before without winning enough concessions. Senator Barack Obama at the time 2008 the democratic nominee for president called the deal a modest step forward. In dismantling North Korea's nuclear weapons program. Other Democrats said they welcomed the agreement. But noted that it did not go much beyond agreement President Clinton reach but North Korea. And 1994. Which the Bush Administration including secretary of state Condoleezza Rice criticized as inadequate. Sony is all the Brady next. All the farm policy brainy acts in the establishment Republican Democrat. State Department. National Security Council. So thrilled. So throughout they talk the north Koreans down. They talk in north Koreans down. But they didn't. North Koreans their response. And so now we're supposed to attack the president in whose lap this is awful. Lester trying to figure out what to do. At a trying to figure out this and that figure out how to stop this mad man before it blows one of America's cities up the face the Eric. Without causing world war three. And it's very difficult to do very very difficult to do when you have to rely on the red Chinese Government. Which is thought would cover Iraq. Phony mass killing two timers. Well the united states military that's been eviscerated by the prior regime a regime and Mitch McConnell. It's not easy for our president to figure out what Padilla. Yeah Iraq so I don't cable TV and elsewhere trashing him and Republicans took any slipped it. I guess which began work our way out of that I expect it is this I wish we could talk that way and I wish we get there that's budget useless in times of war. Utterly useless. I'll be right back its. Open. I have a national. The NF Sebastien court on the program. After the bottom of the hour special assistant to the president national security. To address this North Korea issue and what the president had to say. Would bring us up to speed on that by the way as an aside I was at C span to. I was at seaspan with. Jim dement. And gentlemen interviewed me. For my book rediscovering Americanism. In the tyranny of progressive news. It was a fantastic. One hour when we were both down we both looked at each other and said that was unbelievable. Step two knowledgeable conservatives. Dig into the issues of Americanism a progressive is in the top. Fluently about it would knowledge about it and so forth and so on in the people who solid you know as we were doing it. Just thought it was incredibly impressive I'm gonna tell I don't know what it's gonna air collection now. But Jim is a big supporter this book he actually read the book. When he was interviewing you can tell us he went through different aspects of the book. We also tied it two. Article five convention of the states and of area and right of other issues but I think you gonna find it incredibly fast. I hope they run at soon. I'm a huge fan of seaspan I'm a huge fan of Brian lamb. And what he is created. And to be able to talk for one hour without commercials. Without an eruption. Perry is in a very thoughtful way Jim to back and forth. As we as we discuss these issues. I think you know a lot but I really really do. And a curse on the big demand finance. Let's get back to this. I just told you about this reporter for Politico. By the name of Josh Meyer. And back in April. He did a tremendous. Bit of investigative reporting kind of old shoe investigative report. Obama's hidden Iran deal giveaway. By dropping charges against major arms targets the administration infuriated Justice Department officials and. Undermined its own counter proliferation task forces. And when you go through this story mr. producer go ahead and put it up on RF FaceBook and Twitter site. Just use the title of the article. When I had a gentleman on and it was just a stunning story of deceit and betrayal. When the Obama administration he says announced the one time gesture releasing uranium were prisoners. We're not charged with terrorism or any violent offenses quote unquote last year. His administration presented the move is a modest trade off for the greater good of the Iran nuclear agreement in Tehran's pledged to free five Americans. But Obama the senior official and other it administration representatives point telling the whole story on January 17 2016. In their highly choreographed rollout. But the prisoner swap and simultaneous implementation of the six party nuclear DOC days before he left office. Obama portrayed the seven men he freed us civilians. The senior official described them as businessman convicted of are awaiting trial for mere sanctions related offenses. Violations of the trade embargo that would be a guy like Ben rep Skype and routes. He really needs to be investigated. Former deputy national security event the guys. In reality some of them were accused by Obama's own Justice Department opposing threats to national security. Three alleged we were part of an illegal procurement network. Supplying Iran with US made micro electronics. With applications in surface to air and cruise missiles like the kind Tehran test fired recently. Prompting a still escalating exchange of threats with the drug administration. Another was serving an eight year sentence for conspiring to supply Iran with satellite technology and hardware. Incredible. Three of the fugitives allegedly sought to lease Boeing aircraft for an Arabian airline but authorities said it supported Hezbollah. The US designated terrorist organization. 84 which charge get ready. We conspiring to I thousands of US made assault rifles and illegally import them into Iran a fifth. Eight was charged with smuggling US military antennas to Hong Kong and Singapore for use in Iran. But the biggest fish. We have been charged with being part of a conspiracy. Back from 2005 to 2012. Procured thousands of hearts would know their applications. For Iran via China. That included hundreds of US made sensors. For the Iranian enrichment centrifuges in Iran now this gentleman this reporter told me. Market about two or three weeks I'm gonna have another shoe that's gonna drop the where's the other issue when happen this guy. I'm not saying he conspiratorial way and just saying why drop the story. But this is the stuff that was going on behind the scenes this is why we're friends facing threats from Iran and North Korea. Coming back. What we're. Yeah. The marine. It's. Longer the right little wind 377313811. The Washington Post this evening a North Korea now making missile ready nuclear weapons US analysts saying. The way MSN dot com. US Kathleen last month that Upton sixty nuclear weapons are now controlled by North Korean leader Kim Jong Nam. President of the United States today count one go. North Korea. Does not make any one of the rest of the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Like the world has ever seen. He has been very good rap. Beyond a normal state. And as I said they will be met with fire. Fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has never seen before. And ladies and gentlemen. Mark's opinions. Either China puts a stop business. It stops encouraging it. Or this president. Or the next president. Is going to have to make it devastating decision. Because we cannot allow this this is mark speaking not the administration we cannot allow this man. A point. ICBMs. Would nuclear warheads at our cities and hope he does and order an attack. I have a program right now deputy assistant to the president united states of bashing Garko Sebastien how are in my front. Very well markets well today but very well thank you. You heard the president's comments I'd like to have your comment on his comments and where we are right now. Well I think the best thing could tourist or is allowed the president's words speak for themselves. The man who means what he says and says what we mean. So the factors. Two days ago. Sank to his good offices the offices have sort of utility firm. About that Haley we did something unprecedented. And historic measure. But under the ten temporary rotating member of the yesterday counsel I don't remember to include Russia. And trying brought the toughest sanctions package ever against both Korea the signal was sent you have no more friends. Your painted yourself into a corner you now muff. The escalates. Waiting for that signaled the escalation. Of on the contrary it's so we have statement data coming out of all of John Yang that they do not. Wish to say the requisite action. A result the president's been very clear it is hoping. You'll take what ever met met measures are necessary. To protect America and precedent. And yet we all know that North Korea wouldn't have. Sixty unit the nuclear weapons. But for China's help. China is black market in technology China's companies China's finances they launder. North Korea's money through their banks which is laundered through our banks. You think China suddenly gonna turn asset oh we've reached a point here will be better pull back. Well logic. We're trying to support of North Korea has always been since the Korean War. Almost seventy years ago is to maintain a buffer state between China and the selves. About may have been a logical to a certain. Point in time but when you go off. Stopped to destabilize. The whole region and threaten America the most powerful nation in the world has ever seen. And John it becomes a liability more than half that is the calculation. We hope. Both Beijing made them that's quite joined us in the you have to to council resolution. Because that a certain point. If you have a buffer that becomes. Too dangerous to function that you'll bop bop. Then you will need to take action and a country that allows the greatest leverage in the region is whipped out a belt. Trying to. And even China believes it's. Look there are signals there are signs we have high hopes well the Marleau at the summit. The president was very very disappointed with the results have been chewed up the mar a Lagos summit but if you just look at what happened both Saturday. Something has changed in the calculus. Not just globally or inside the united nations Security Council but among. The party amongst the central committee in Beijing because otherwise. They and would not have stood with the United States and the other fourteen nations to bring this package. The president makes a statement. Which I think is an honest and truthful statement. And right away. He's attacked. Domestically he's attacked by the media he's attacked by Democrats he's attacked by surrogate. And I'm thinking to myself here we are trying to face down these enemies. They're mortal threats mortal threat this is no joke. The president of the United States inherited this age trying to deal with. He makes this statement. He's under attack and I'm thinking to myself I don't remember anything like this I really don't. Where people we should be rallying around him because he's trying to figure out. How to walk through this horrific mine field. That was set. Long before he got here and instead it's a mockery and he shouldn't say this and he should do that this is concerned he'll. It's more than those concerns me it saddens me at the rarely rarely tells you the levels to which certain individuals in the media and in the political elite. To which they have spoken that would what we've talked about that. Law if you look at the leak. We have had a separate fold increase in national security leaks. Under this administration if you look at the resistant to creating Sanctuary City for the sake or America. If you look all that have taken whether it's immigration or whether it's Spoelstra oh end of the southern can stick illusion though that. Yeah we have Republicans that we have a constituency. Amongst the chattering classes. That put party politics. Of personal ideology. Above the security. Of the United States of America. This round pick his. Primary responsibility. Deadly seriously the president. If the patriots first and other bands whose responsibility to protect America this idea that we do not stand behind the administration. That is. Acting to spot as you said a mortal danger you know this because you served in the Reagan administration you understand because of the Soviet union's resolve. But evil walks but he. The North Korean regime. Is another iteration. All of Schumer and man made evil and we will not. Stepped down we will not pull back when we got challenged by the Facebook you pull. And you know laugh. Russian relent at home in the Russian partner roulette you know Atlantis and down there. Walk yes walk. The bullet is lodged. And the problem is it's fallen in the lap of this administration. Year after year appeasement after appeasement phony deal if if phony deal. Our intelligence services knew these phony deals more working and yet presidents would go out there and say OK finally have it yet because they don't want to deal with. Now we have a president who has the deal with that whether he likes it or not you would think. That even people who disagreed this president would say in this. We must rally around the commander in chief because our cities are being threatened we had a so called leaders this munchkin. Who is saying he's gonna blow our cities up the face of the year and apparently he's got the capacity to do it. Look I think you'll Mark Twain said history as low repeat itself but it Ryan's. The fact is we have had decades decades. All facilitation starting under the Clinton wipe out through the Obama White House. Facilitation and appeasement and if it strategically one thing is that but he's doing. Dictators. Napa and well whether it works in Munich with Chamberlain in 1938. Whether it's the Soviet Union we're all kind of a course that talks what do you speak. Totalitarian. Regimes. Will Napa. And to what we believed to be do you travel objective truths upon which all republic was founded appeasement and it. At 1201. On John the 25. Of this yeah this president will not appease dictators all evil regimes run early interventionist. White House trees illicit must understand that the president also since invading other people's countries occupying them Islam believe fundamentally on America. A national border and rejection of that kind of imperialism. But does that rank and here's a breaking writer's story Sebastian. North Korea seriously considering strike on Guam reports citing state media North Korea said Wednesday is carefully examining plan. To strike the US Pacific Territory of Guam when missiles just hours after US president trump told the north. And any threat to the United States would be met with fire and fury spokesman for the Korean People's Army. Any statement carried by north the north state run KC NA news agency said the strike planned. Comic and computer here. So the strike plan will be put into practice and multi Karen consecutive way any moment once leader Kim Jung on makes a decision I don't know what decision a man's gonna make the point is. He can't make it this. Though the bottom line is this is trust. Continued. Blackwell. A Blackwell the western community of nation attract about blackmail the United States. That house and it. They have to decide if they are prepared to take the consequences. Of continuing to escalate everything we've seen it you know classified reports from director code to built with the Director of National Intelligence weather go ballistic missile program would have been nuclear program it has constantly progressed. Hope certainly in regional or international requirements we will not allow this to continued we don't give up they'd go way. This is not the Obama administration. But the black male must end or the president. And his administration will take the necessary step. I hope the nation understands. How serious this is because we've been dealing with so much nonsensical. Static and fake news and all the rest of it that. The nation needs to focus. Focus like a laser on what's taking place here's a bashing Garko wanna thank you keep up the good work my friend. God blessed be well. And we continue the story. This is from Reuters twenty minutes ago. Matter of fact mr. administration deserves the need to depressed music when you're ready go ahead. North Korea. Seriously considering strike on Guam. Reports. Citing state media. North Korea sent on Wednesday it is carefully examining a plan to strike the US Pacific territory who on the missiles. Just hours after US president Donald Trump told the north than any threat to the United States would be met with the fire and fury. A spokesman for the Korean People's Army any statement carried by North Korea's state run KC NA news agency. Since the strike plan will be put into practice and a multi apparently consecutive wait any moment. Once leader Kim Jung on makes a decision. In another statement citing a different military spokesman North Korea also said he could carry out a preemptive operation of the United States shows signs of provocation. Earlier Pyongyang said it was ready to give Washington a severe lesson. With a strategic nuclear force in response to any US military action. Washington is warranted is ready to use force if need be to stop North Korea's ballistic missile and nuclear programs. But that it preferred global diplomatic action including sanctions. The consequences of any US strike could potentially be catastrophic. Now notice. He talked about the consequences of an American strike I hear this all day long on cable on radio. And news. The consequences of an American strike. He's threatening a strike our cities what consequences of the North Korean strike on Los Angeles. What's the consequences that are Korean strike on San Francisco on San Diego aren't Seattle on Portman. On Guam. And Hawaii and Alaska. What are the consequences of those strikes Reuters. I'll be right back it's mullah. If you knew. What goes on behind the scenes just to get the show on the air just to get the show. On the Aron various affiliates that would shocking that I have the wherewithal to actually do a three hour program. The constant effort. To program on top of the show the constant effort to put the show until late and so for. Despite its enormous ratings. And revenues success is just a portal. And it's never ending. Isn't rich. It is a constant battle and I think this is one of the reasons why. Our ratings excuse me our numbers on digital. Whether it's iPod downloads. But I heart radio app with a marked live and that restraining order. Are in the millions multi millions. And I don't I don't understand there's nothing I can do about it we duke it out as best we can. We're gonna have a great announcement in Philadelphia in a few weeks to. Don't don't speculate. No speculation. No need to speculate. Other things coming to that are going to be really really exciting that'll be telling you about shortly as well when in my doing Alia. Asset and wealth manager. Incremental AG. Published a report stating why they believe the second phase of its secular bull market still lies and one the next US recession inevitably approaches only the precise timing is open to question. To access a global over indebtedness is by now glaring only obvious. That not only applies to developed countries but too many emerging markets as well moreover all sectors of the economy afflicted by huge debt burdens. Dean dollar is nation has begun they're warning us. Regardless of whether or shock is trigger they write by geopolitical tensions boiling over by negative economic developments and appropriate allocation to gold this is them not me. Or mitigate the negative performance of assets that typically generate large losses in the wake of such events. But they're trying to say is war crashes economy. But mark we have a war economy but they're talking about financial markets. Gold is in my powerful. Call my friends that called line the only gold company I trust. 1877365. Point. And for a limited time gold mine is offering price protection for three months. On orders his lowest 2500 dollars. Be sure to read their report risk information to be sure buying gold is right pre checked it out just call 877365. Point. 877365. Twos to six point six. 877365. Point. Let's see needs. So Mika. Norcross Georgia Sirius satellite go. How much of what your response he'll let content it enriches it. And how that they had. The commentators are saying that there are implications for a US strikes. I'll whereas they eat when you can't what are the implications of a strike on a US city I wanted to respond when you were. Listen. Yes. Well they aren't made our previous to this president what you're Democrat or Republican. Previously the president been documented and we have successfully avoided. Correct the legal. A war days. Nuclear attack end. Of that nature. On Puerto Rico we successfully done it through diplomacy through planning. And others. There are now we haven't. Appeasing North Korea has reached the point. Of of of seriousness like I've never seen before we nuclear weapons. There's not you cannot point to a similar situation in history. We erode our nation's attention on educating. We have rogue nations. Like North Korea and Iran. That do not respond to rational implement there ideologically driven. North Korea's ideologically driven as a Stalinist country. Iran is ideologically driven it is an Islam on Nazi regime. We've never had anything like this before in American history go ahead. It could get her elaborate on what you're saying yes you may. Aspect of the effort we has a lot of challenges for the 1940s. Yes we have none like this can you name one and we problem. A boy it'll take you name one more challenge like that accident and my name one challenge like this since they intervened you know. Are you bet that you can't do it canyon knowing how he can you can't do like candy. I think I think we're counter cough and I divide we'll be right back. If you haven't signed up precede our TV yet we wanna give you a sneak peak condition we recently released a full 100% free episode all about the real Russians scandal that involves the Democrats you can watch this whole episode right now at FaceBook dot com slash Levine TV. I think going through the testimony Rendell Browner about fusion GPS and a covered some shocking revelations about Russia's soccer. You have to see it for years now but we're uncovering everything from corruption that's America and most importantly. Vladimir Putin's involvement in all of it if you wanna join us for the rest of this explosive story. Cheese argue subscription SC ITV today you'll be able to watch every episode and see where the truth takes its. Something you'll never get with the mainstream media. Yes the false news and get on board with the only team that conservatives dedicated to covering the truth. Give us a call right now 844 Libyan TV and join the media revolution again. 844. LE BI and evening. He was there. No. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again made contact without leaving the. Okay. James. Glen Campbell yeah. They need room. Passed away this. And well OK okay. Well skies today was 81 suffered a long time when alzheimer's. In this alzheimer's disease and it's the worst of the worst. Yeah hopefully somebody will. Come up with a. Hewlett. Isn't very good things going on right now. Anyway he was terrific I remember him in true grit. I'm only 1 AM Oscar for true grit and never thought it was his best movie. But I think the academy realized that John Wayne at some point deserved an Oscar. One of the greatest actors in the history of how it. Even if you're gonna grocery store today many of the grocery stores have these collector editions of the magazine and John Wayne and I'm standing their patients were. Today we don't have too many John Wayne's today. In the movies. To give an example to so many people out there. Stay we have Michael Moore that fact slot. In all these other pretty boys were leftists. You know. Painful. But decent guys. And it's unfortunate. But tickling Campbell is a great actor who has a great singer is a great person. It's a very nice man. And he suffered from alzheimer's. For a long time inserted his family. You found the family has to deal you know. As I say there are. There are things that on the horizon and so forth and others that that we can be very hopeful about it. I'm already finding the hate America crowd out there's like this a lot. Tim 116 I just made infant. Who is like a bad rash. Comments on my show every night he's got 575. Foul ups and probably most of and his family. In of course you and I were war mongers because we point out that North Korea is a mortal threat. North Korea cannot talk pretty United States and what how we're not talking about content in the United States you moron. We're talking about taken out one or two or three of our cities. Conquering. The left is so devoid of rationality in IQ it's just unbelievable. There will defend North Korea don't claim they're not able to end North Korea. They hate America so much they hate trumps them. Why am wondering I said DN a yesterday I mean I know half the country's patriotic but the other half what the hell. What the heck. David Dallas Texas like raid WBA pago. Are there more than eight. I am I a followed Colin Powell's tone here your screen bit. This story that he is not in Alaska and it's not true Americans leadership that sort of level. And it. American military. In Guam that's ought to pick the target. And I think that is great that is very direct holding a notch the sort of the American people. Come by saying we want Obama it could be anywhere but you would significantly impact United States outlaw one other. Yes sir and it. You wonder about their capabilities of their guidance system but that just that seems to believe when you mentioned specifically target back close. To. To the region that that is basic that's save more significant threat to decide if they would. I really don't think looking at a map and saying that's a significant threat that's not a significant threat that's a more significant threat really gets us too far. The fact of the matter is he is sixty warheads they now admit miniaturized there. Nuclear warheads that they can put him inside the cone of an ICBM. And that's the issue. Yes sir and I ended at whatever he got a star if they put it on a launching pad and aim it toward the continental United States what the hell we do that. Yes certainly is that Landon ore on car and the territories. The message has been sent. And as you sort out there and I just think this is actually there lamp for all the rhetoric it actually. Speaks specifically where they have mentioned this sort all the cherica. No you're right. But the thing is. So anyway I my friend I appreciate your call very much. That's continued. He's pointing out there's Guam about a quarter Guam may be slightly more is a united states naval. And it's crucial. And we lost a lot of men. Fighting on Guam. My mother's father my grandfather fought on Guam before that he would game. And it's a crucial naval base at this. You know the guys making threats about blowing up cities blowing up the the hitting Hawaii hitting Alaska. It's like another day at Starbucks around here in my right rich it's unbelievable to me. Many a warmonger. Meanwhile a warmonger you listen to what this guy sat. So they had backdrop. And they and they kind of blow off Kim Jong fat boy I've never seen anything like this in my car. Mark Las Vegas, Nevada on I grade affiliate KW. Twos McKay DWI NK done. They'll. Thank you market technically are still at war Korea it was just we almost distilled silent time you know you are a lot. But paragraph thirteen beastie tradition that introduced new weapons which clearly there so there would be I don't know we know lawyer this thing. I'm descended on impediment trust to go back hostilities are united no requirement that the ball on the bush had to do to go to Google. Or you wanna hear something out. And I'll bet this guy gets a lot of libertarians support to I want you to hear Ted blue democratic California test loop is insane. He's a crackpot. And he's being questioned on CNN today the home of the insanely cracked perhaps by poppy Harlow. Poppy Harlow. Yes and the famous poppy Harlow band cut to go. You what life through your legislation to try to prevent the president from having the ability. Of first use of nuclear weapons without congressional approval now this is something an authority that would give and to the president to any sitting president back in 1946 why do you believe they the president shouldn't have that power. And vinik congress would do a better job of that power now stop right there and I went to think about this. Think about it would mean more. So we're in a mortal threat. The president should say hold on everybody let me go to congress the same congress. They can't get its act together and when it comes to a budget when it comes to tax cuts when it comes obamacare when it comes to securing the border. They might even be in recess like half the year anyway at some president should not do anything to really get congress. What do you think about that. Mark. Martin's yard he has heart of Kabul back in the fifties and not a not required to create a launch the first nuclear strike he can do it right now a. A bogey at at which addressed my point that's right she even said 1946. Or president's given the authority. This congressman says he wants to take it back what do you think about that. I think that congressman there's more on North Korea so that you don't let the American and they think it's all politics all the time with this guy right. Yep I can make their car dealer. The republic and part of it that the country be damned thank you. Right thank you to. Tom sandy hook. Greg WABC go. And mark I'm glad you mentioned John Wayne because he was no appease her. What we're having now is the appeal the wind of it. Based on the time. Because you raised deploy. All of a sudden you're nine and those of us who see this threat we're going to be called war mongers. So you and I we want war right. How insane is this. Reagan and there's a great example of our recent history we're ready was called a warmonger. And the Democrat State Department leaked from the Jimmy Carter administration. Who followed Reagan after he went and stood up to go over trough in the ranking back and would not agree. To a 50% reduction of Russian missiles on Europe instead he did your options your own missiles for the Russians. There intermediate range ballistic. And in the united it would not deployed pershing two missiles in Western Europe but they had all these long Reagan said. But we dropped it and all the walk away from the deal and strobe Talbott. For big win over Democrat. And it's my own newsletter writer at the as well earlier yet people they're regular war monger and what happened. Gorbachev and the Soviets finally withdrew all the missiles could you have to stand up to those kind of people with fondness. That's what Reagan did that the exact same situation we're facing today. If you do another deal like Clinton did the north Koreans another deal like pushed you over the north Koreans if not gonna get rid of the threat that we face. What do you think China thinks and and I think China is very concerned about what trumps them. I'm very concerned about the productive offers state North Korea to buffer state they don't they wanna lose their buffer state. But now they've got a buffer state that they might not have full control over. And it's hard for China to stay out of any conflict if they. They mass of war to outbreaks have not encouraging this and just making a point. I think I think but they matter so the other day it's a nightmare scenario. But the only way. You move past living in the content shadow of a nightmare is to stand absolutely firm now. If you look at it cannot get if you get any worse to me they're really not something that the neck. Up. No crime my friend good call I appreciate it. We'll be right back. Open. Tonight Robert Miami Florida on the mark lieutenant Harriet. Art market. I don't know if you listen to others performed its first silent territory that we regain the Japanese. During World War II in the Pacific. It's also home to two military installations Andersen air force base which we executed Grady the B 52 missions to Vietnam. And the rookie point able relates. But marked the main thing out like it's our view is your book is spot on. Because we don't have a political problems we have a police problem and that belief has an American has. Yeah there was a time when we felt Americanism was superior to anything. A lot of activity actual lies beyond anything either been able to do in history Rick Karr. And we lost. And that's to your question yesterday that's my answer. My answer is we stop believe. We need to believe again when it became parents. Not solar solar. Well I can hear your voice years you're very kind and I appreciate that and that's who we try to do we try to push back here but I try to do anyway so I appreciate that very much. Let's continue. Nick Detroit Michigan serious satellite area. Hey mister within that you're taking my call you gotta. Calm if you recall in 1990s. President Clinton signed a waiver that. Transferred. Some satellite technology to the Chinese. Would supposedly. Improve the accuracy of their missiles. What do you believe is the probability of me. Told our transfer our technology to the north Koreans. I believe virtually every technological. Advantage the north Koreans have now. Has come almost exclusively from China through Chinese companies. Financed through Chinese banks. The with the with the Chinese Government looking the other way through their black market which is rather considerable. I mean that's a police. Things just don't squeeze out of that country cross the border. And so they play one side against the other. China views us as the enemy. China views North Korea as a pawn. China will help us with North Korea to the extent of believes it'll help China. Except it's that simple. And that's why I found this little bit of time ago that we should have put pressure on China through the banking system which have been talking about for a while. To truly punish them because they're currency is a joke. There carrots he is held up by Erica it's. In if we pull it chair out from under their currency it'll collapse. Of over reaching a point now where to become increasingly difficult to matter. You know we did it to one of their little banks. And it had an effect on them any concern them greatly. But we can do it taller bank. At least or number their big banks and would have a huge. Huge impact. So I don't know I mean you know the the military national security guys they're trained in this stuff. I just go by instinct demise limited knowledge of so in national security history and that's sort of in a tight one thing I cannot. Oblige anymore it's people who call here and say diplomacy works diplomacy works. Now there are times when diplomacy does not work. And we're reaching that point under Republican and Democrat presidents there is plenty of diplomacy AKA appeasement trying to buy off this regime. And on and on and on and where it's gotten us as this sixty warheads sixty. And the Iranians are going to be in the same situation. In these people mean business. And that's why I asked yesterday at some point we had this discussion about whether or not. And you know most of our fellow citizens are capable of comprehending the dangers that we face incapable of dealing with them. Should. Should war break out not because we're warmonger is that they could get to consider these. All right my friend I appreciate your call very much. Let's go to Mitch Colorado. Where are you Mitch Colorado Colorado. Go to spring scholar Colorado Springs, Colorado the great kgo our. How are you. Very good now are you sir I'm lovely thank you. I I just wanted to say that kills somebody. So where's your mind to indulge fat man that the United States did not afraid they can ask Japan if they would like Q. But they've been up that's that's. Fine but. I'm concerned that these are different times now I'm very I'm very much concerned. About the general. Mindset. That's out there when I see that Democrats almost immediately. Springing to attack trump when you see fools like the morning sure no one. And other light weights out there. Doing the same thing is very very troubling to me that we're not rallying behind this president let me tell you. Kim Jung fat boy sees it Jie of China sees it Putin of Russia sees it. That hot yet it got a do over there in Iran they see it they all say it. Aaron my friend I appreciate your call. He incentive. Ray Livermore California the great chance FO we got to move quickly by a guy at. Think to a book Smart think they kill your national treasure they took bring on doctor core up. We've got us there missile system we've got it's been developed and has been refined with Israel. We've got it's not refined enough for Intercontinental ballistic missiles and they only covers two cities'. That was my question mark quite. Why haven't we not put anything down on the launch pad we've got satellite technology I'm sure we mapped every inch of this country we know what they're watching from. We know the trajectory. That seems like this could be. 'cause we're not that good yet. That's why I'm telling you the truth it's one thing and knock down missiles being shot out of that Gaza Strip. It's another. ICBM was taken in our country in thirty minutes. Mark love them. How America is passionately cerebral choice. Talk what's got voice now. 8773813811. America and everyone has a problem area right. 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Caught in the next ten minutes and get the new no virus highlight and stretch mark treatment free free what your water. Get the body you deserve and get your confidence that. It's simple give them a try 800 skin 604800. Skin 604. That's 800 scan. 604 all right we're gonna move along a little bit cover a few more issues here. Mitch McConnell was at a Rotary Club in Kentucky yesterday. And and what should hear about what he had to say. About congress not getting enough done. And about trump. Who's apparently recorded any given day ABC news who goes something like. Mario world. Her report anyway that's Floyd go. Usually the owner of the leg and I. It. Very. What why are the only junior. Yeah and Mario and really not a fan. Historic. We. And horror right I don't know there's certainly early how. Thank you guys. I hey hey hey hey keep it right. No dummy let me tell you. On a matter setting early timeline. You had votes. On repealing obamacare. You're the senate majority leader get the Republican leader yet 52. You couldn't get 51. That's your failure as these so called leader of the Republicans in the senate. As horrific as Susan Collins in the house in the rest of them are. The fact is that your job. To Muster 51 votes really only have the monster fifty votes in the vice president can step then. And he couldn't do it. An economic deal. When it comes to the wall haven't done it. When it comes to slashing taxes nothing practice. When it came to. Slipping language in any continuing resolution several years ago that would enable your political arm to raise ten times the amount of money. To defeat conservatives and Republican primaries. I spending eight million dollars in states like Alabama that even though. You're a failure. You went along with Obama you agreed to sequestration. Yeah helplessness straight the united states military did nothing effective to secure the border. The Democrats are in the minority. They're blocking appointees. Are blocking drugs agenda blocking legislation. You're a minority and it cut deals with the Democrats and Obama and your role on Oliver and on and on or not. You'll think we're waiting here a disgrace. You're joke. I had on. No it's. Life world. Mama. Lion a work. You have no idea what work is if you think this is a line of work. Or we are honorable lists all your honorable black. Yes sir are you ready for me to drive you home yeah necessary yes mr. majority Leo now mr. leader. Mr. leader as they sit there. Unbelievable. Well wow where I'm glad I'm not an airliner worked Arap ally arrow lamb what Asia a lot of work exactly. Any merit based measuring when it comes to the senate. Go ahead. Okay. Maybe it's. My job. You access of expectations. In other alleged day yet Mitch McConnell when I remember the Reagan presidency in the first year. In by this time literally this time. The first year of his presidency with the most. Wonderful radical tax cuts in modern American history. And we needed to control the house represented the Democrats did Tip O'Neill. The greatest. Tax cuts in modern American history. And now her faith fiction where Rick Perry from 100 vision that and how about these expectations Alabama. Mitch McConnell sky Luther strange. What are his expectations. What does he do when he came to repeal. See this is the problem. Mr. McConnell thinks everything's fine it's fine the guys need to be thrown out on his butt. I. Go ahead and Guerrero. And so part of the reason I didn't feel like we're. OK okay you. It's because you are genius. So you ladies and Joey here's the thing. The problem is you and me we just not familiar with this kind of work in out. Of course the Democrats ran everything they can't get it through congress they get it through the courts can get it through courts they get it through their president can't get it to their president they get it through the bureaucracy. Come hell or high water they get here. I don't know ensemble from the lab process we're gonna run dry river around a standard Denver Brad Bradford. Are a lot of work in an attack Carolina where a kid underneath lawyer when Obama was in office. Wait I got amendment law amendments through a hand on. Well a member of a long and have a go platinum member of bipartisanship bush sought ever bump out of Florida reliably get stuck at around here. I had. Trinity are we. Unrelated to reality there plus it is. All look. That is here ladies and gentlemen there's too many deadlines. Unrelated to the reality of the complexity. The complexity. Of the legislative process. Is this a joke they are living go through the legislative process now like regular order. They don't have regular order. And constipated order there irregularly. They don't go through the committee precedent. Now understand a complex. Staying here up. You know you know away and look what I had. Full are more. Arlen I'm sure they love. Eight. Guys full of excuses. That should be the end of this. He's the worst Republican leader in my lifetime. They've got nothing to show for this I know I know the wall street journal editorial page are run at his defense. Losers support losers I get that. They've been working for decades together. Crony capitalism. US chamber of crony capital and all that's all that. The NDP special interest and allow Lori yes that's all good. That's take the next one cut five go. So I do. Yeah. Sorry okay. No you don't judge the congress when it fish it finishes. This is a participatory. Republic. We're supposed to be involved now and judging you now. Don't wait till it's over and sit back and look at you know. And they really screwed up I wish I'd said something at the title was taking place. God knows when we're done. Yeah their 412 years is that long enough that judges you'd jacked. I had thought we don't. Made an error. Competitive and you. You know I don't understand this man's obvious charisma. I don't understand how he can connect with the American people mr. It. Obvious grasp of the subject obvious charisma. So compelling so thoughtful so substitute. I don't understand weight he's so unsuccessful. Go ahead. I wrote in an uproar over her. Better hurry if you. Room at all it's off. This packaged apps that. Lord had to seek handle the senate I am. Dating quite honest anybody know what Mitch McConnell standpoint. Does anybody know what principle he will fight for it to the end. Used to be the First Amendment either you fight for that anymore. Can somebody tell me why. In a republic this great. Mitch McConnell is where he has. And explain that to me. Can somebody explain to me by the Republicans in the senate keep electing the scouted either lead. Our our great leader Mitch McConnell. And he's a great leader now he can't get the ball can move the ball. He can't communicate. How is it greatly Posey a leader of any kind in the United States sent. Why am I the guy who pointed this out ten years ago and have been on this guy's pace every cents. We cannot make progress parent. As long as Mitch McConnell is the Republican leader in the senate. It's not possible and by the way replacing it with a whether it whether drone doesn't fix sitting there. And drown corner and this. Other guy you wanted in his sleep. Lamar Alexander hey Jim what does everybody is I don't. I junk food yup yup yup yup. Need some leaders here. I'll be right back modes hello Brendan. Trying to fight Illinois left wing police state there. What other guys in charge of diversity was criticizing the diversity of Lincoln. And the leftist. Tendencies of a very Google say you know they did mr. Bettis and they fired him. That's my understanding it. So used ping BI NG yucky use Google. Newspaper. OK so tolerant they are on the left so tolerant all the truth is they've never been tolerant. 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Either try to get a hold of you for the better part of I don't know half a decade so I may extend why finally got tricked why you're also and that's all I don't tiger out don't actually I've read all your books I subscribers he Turkey breast book by the way you're your latest one is great but your best one but 200 decedent died capsule book. Thank nom. Now I and I am by and I know you love better I am I combat disabled that and at its sixth consecutive tours and and to. Goblins Hilton wanna 2007. Now tell you this to maybe have yet put a little bit of black kid glove on it and yet too bad how will not lobby you're you are you broke it to what most brilliant smile on planes like this led shooters but but but but. So I used to I used to be I what I did in the military are used to beat the yeah Abbott Abbott you speak to you like this to say about not that it language. In the air station translate cemetery side order a whole lot about it a lot of different cultures specifically of them at least. And I would like to order call screeners is is we look at. This North Korea situation from the aggregate from this from historical perspective on why are we hear what what is actually happening I it's. Jim don't kill Bob such kind you know new ball or threaten our our swift with obliteration or any other stupid dignity says every other day. On the and you really you have to look at American foreign policy each from the late nineteenth century. Sword but specifically. After close to total war to. A bomb to a lot of different things are happening yet sectioned off of the Ottoman Empire created all these different nation states and never. I we're gonna ran out of time let's I don't know about the Ottoman Empire and all right let's focus in on North Korea. OK so. So basically we we when we started won't start of the war when the Korean War happened it was under the guise so we have to stop Communist. Caught on a slowdown let's remember what happened. There was an agreement. After the war. What happened was the north poured into the center. A million Chinese eventually came over the border. There was almost nothing left. Of South Korea. MacArthur lands in the week push them all the way back can't go ahead so it's we weren't aggressive we didn't do anything. Don't know we know I'm not saying by the way we were operating under the United Nations mandate to anyway go ahead. Percent I wouldn't say anger aggression we did what we had to do. But during that entire air are we where pro pro democracy you know communism got to fight dead Communist threat got to do all this. I'm not I'm not following. What in the world this test does let's and I want to accept a because I was listening to each year you're you know how you're beaten up Mitch McConnell which I guess tiger is completed yet. Q I don't. Sure I understood this but let me ask you question because I like. The north Koreans now have sixty nuclear warheads history now greater according to report. Can they now fit one of those little nuclear warheads and an NIC BN Cohn yes you know. Trot possibly yes. Well that's the reporting today unless it's false. Sixty warheads. Perfecting IC BMC and threatening American cities. Has nothing to do with anything but the act. Period. What do we do about ten they're not saying. Well what am to blame ourselves for what might happen in 1956. October. Perhaps now now I don't know if we're talking about the Ottoman Empire image. It's it's anybody who had any dealings. Economically with North Korea. To not get to have any economic dealings where the United States cut everybody off. That's fine benefits fine but he's got sixty warheads now. Yeah well you know Archie cheaper and luckily you know average point and it from where might I have I Doug anatomy I gotta run we spend five minutes but Joshua. Thank you for your service I really appreciate it. We'll be right back. Support in his podcast comes from ever brook academy. A new preschool Cummins in the DC area this fall and opening in the Crystal City neighborhood of Arlington. Ever brook academy will prepare your little preschoolers for elementary school. They also have great programs for infants and even school aged kids depending on location and there are esteemed school. That means hands on learning experiences in science technology engineering the arts and math. They make sure children are ready for school and ready for life learn more by visiting ever brook academy dot com. Is there a. And how broad. Only underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving them there. Number eight sevenths. 11. Create one. Me woman tonight for another top pick out there. Not to diminish this in the in any respectable we've been discussing religious wanna move to another area. We're Renaissance folks here we're capable us. And when you talk a little bit about. Private property. According to where's this coming from the fifth private property set because ladies and gentlemen. We've got to find time. On this program in our day in and our daily lives. To get back to basic principles. We just not. Cannot be driven by the left all the time. In those of you listen and listen. Don't throughout the programmer or listen for a long time you know we have a lot of people listening who are on the fence some of the more liberal. And so it's important to it. To speak to them too as well as. Some of them are Bernie Sanders filers some of them believe they deserve free college and free health care of some of them believe. What kinds of stuff. And so the only way we're going to be able to reverse course if we can. Is to spend every day. Trying to reverse course. We can't rely on Mitch McConnell. Someone told about property and wanna talk about it. Because it's central. To the American Express. It's central to the American Express you might have on both is merely pulling this out of left field there's no left field. We drive our own agenda here we drive our own topics here. Some people can't help but they never get any deeper than the web sites and a lot of great web sites that they don't get me wrong but that's set. That's what they do it's a route existence they get behind a microphone. You see the seven issues they wanna discuss they paint by the numbers and off they go. I'm out of paint by the numbers can. I'm not a paint by the numbers can. Nor my Picasso and all kinds of stuff can. So let's talk about this. Let us drive the engine. Property rights. Tonight touched on this before seventeen Neeson. John Adams. Wrote an essay called defense of the constitutions of government of the United States. You know Adams was a prolific writer to people don't realize that. The brilliant man. And explain the importance of protecting private property. As a right. From the tyranny of undiluted democracy now understand. In this instance he's not talking about centralized government he's talking about democracy. My doctors. The demands of the month. He says. Suppose the nation. Rich and poor. High and low. Ten million to number. All assembled together. Not more than one or two millions we'll have land's houses or any personal property. If we take into account the women and children who even if we leave them out of the question. A great majority of every nation. Is wholly destitute of property. Except the small quantity of clothes in the future rifles and other removable. Would mr. Needham the Sicily debating what. The mystery Needham be responsible that if already be decided by a vote of the majority. The eight or nine millions. Who have no property. Would not think of usurping over the rights of the water to millions who have an when a caution you this is a populist issue to. Should be great concern to. People say I'm a populist. Bernie Sanders considers himself a popular still and you'll notice during the course of the campaign. Some of the trump populists are saying hey we can make peace with the Bernie Sanders guys on trait no you can't make peace with the Bernie Sanders that you must defeat the. But I items addresses. Would not think of usurping. If already be decided by a vote of the majority. The eight or nine millions who have no property would not think of usurping of their rights of the one or two million who have. Meaning of course they would. Property is surely a right of mankind has really is liberty. Perhaps at first prejudice have a chain mark fear principal religion. Brit restrain the pork from attacking the rich. The I don't print usurping on the industrious. That the time would not be long before carriage and enterprise would come. In pretexts being invented by degrees. To count that's the majority of dividing all the property among them. Or at least. In sharing equally. Well that's present possessed. Debts could be abolished first taxes laid heavy on the rich. And not at all on the others. And at last they downright equal division of everything be demanded in voted. Now what would be the consequence of this. The idol the vicious the intemperate. What rush into the outpost extravagant should the bar tree. Salant spend all their share. Then demanding new division. In new division of those who purchased from them. The moment the idea is admitted into society. That property is not as sacred as the laws of god. And that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect. Anarchy and tyranny commence. If thou shalt not covet and now shop not steal we're not commandments and haven't. The must be made in voluble precepts and every society. Before it can be civilized it may create now. So he's connecting up. The Ryder property would liberty. And the writer property. Would natural law. Now why is that. How could you possibly say the right of property. Is up there with liberty. Part of our universal truths part of our eternal truth how could you possibly say that. What's very simple. Team red. We discovering Americanism you know exactly what I'm talking. These are the rights the unalienable rights of the individual. It's very interesting when you look. At the app that the declarations. That were put in place. In Virginia the Virginia declaration of rights when you look the Massachusetts declaration of rights when you look at the Pennsylvania declaration of rights. In the case of Virginia. Drafted primarily by did the brilliant George Mason in the case of Massachusetts. By the Adams cousin Sam and John. The case of Pennsylvania Benjamin Franklin. How they overlap would almost identical language. And then when you look at the declaration of independence. Aspects of it borrowed from. The Virginia declaration of rights which proceeded to. I few weeks. All of them barring from John walks philosophy. His second treatise on government. What they're saying is liberty is. Is it is more than an idea. It's about being it's about what human beings do. You have the right to life. That's the first liberty give their right to be free that's the second liberty. The other right to be happy and what the founders meant by happy. Was all inclusive that is to pursue your interests. To acquire property. He usually property in a way that's beneficial to you. And so forth and so on but why property in particular property have you noticed the Communist the first thing they do is they take the property. The progressives the first thing they do this they target the property with high taxes and regulations in order to control what they do that. Let me ask it this way. Those of you who work. How much of the day do you work. How much of the day apart from sleeping be waking part of the day how much fewer most of the day. Getting to work coming back from war. Why you work. To acquire an income. So you spend just on average five days a week. Eight to ten hours a day. I'm your life. When your working life. Doing something to acquire property whether it's property in the form of money or property in the form of physical problem whatever it. In what joke John Adams is saying what James Madison is saying. What Aristotle insists or what they're all saying is yes. Property. Whether it's intellectual property physical property. Is the manifestation. Love your life of your lifetime honor it is a big percentage of white you do. The creation of property the acquisition of property. The disposition of property. It's not just us role I were somebody says you know we're gonna distribute wealth. We're gonna take this pacts that rate at this enlightenment. If somebody spends 35 or 40% of their waking hours or maybe 50%. Working in order to look why there money. To sustain themselves or for whatever reason what you say you're gonna tax it regulate it or they get. Europe taking part of their life away. A significant percentage of the time. That they have spent with their life on earth which is finite. It belongs to you know. That's a first principle. People don't get a vote on what do you keep that. Government's just don't get in my last year financially. It noted they get in order to advance some ideology. Marxist. Bruce Elliott he Galley and ideology about the greater good and the experts and got to remain and all the rest of it. Moreover when it comes to populists. Whether the left or the pseudo right they don't get to decide. For you. What belongs to you when you've earned it. Whether an electrician a truck driver wonder what your blue collar white collar. What the lower middle class middle class or rich these class distinctions are fabrications. Picnic options. They come right out mark. And so I feel even though we have a busy busy news. It toward. Talking about these things finding ten or fifteen minutes among shows to address. Because honestly if I don't who's gonna do. And you are out there you may have listen to this and may have sparked an interest and you'll look in the something else maybe one debate. With somebody else maybe maybe somebody's been persuaded to to a more validity agenda than a totalitarian put out. I don't know who's listening out there all kinds of people right. And I exploit this obviously much more deeply in my new book. But I thought it wanna know I'll be right back most hello written. David. Alexandria Virginia WMA out so. That market. What accommodate all under our class Asian. That you several fold your false I agree with you I grew up or porcelain and what people would call upper middle class. Graduated from college Washington & Lee University. And it was poor I was poor I had nothing and it worked through pork to middle class to upper middle class. But I got divorced and editing on back down through that so call scale. Back down to pork just big guys broke and now working my way back to the so every time you say that these classifications or work. Or are phoney or false I completely agree with you. They're not really a terrier I just I hear people. Including pres president Obama's state you know people's desires to be you know middle class and what don't you go up and don't screw these things. What do liquor Kindle. It's done it's done David to create class warfare. And so an and notice. Then give an example and I have been liberty Terry let me the let me use your point which is an excellent point let's say. You've got a farmer in Kansas he's married he has five kids. And so farmer married five kids seven people in the family. In that farmer earns let's say he next. 170000. Dollars a year. Then you have a let's say a single woman she's 28 years old maybe she's a junior lawyer with a major firm. In Manhattan. Area paralegal in Manhattan. In cheered it's. A 140000. Dollars so there you have a family of seven and earns a 170. Net then you have one person earns a 140 net in both of them are considered upper middle class. That doesn't tell you damn thing. It doesn't tell you anything. I get another example. Let's say we have a firefighter. And a teacher in new Ericsson. In May be there at the senior level of their careers. I'm just aren't out folks I don't know this to be true and let's say that teachers are in a 1111000. A year. Very senior teacher let's say the fire fire fighter. Is that the tank commander sent I don't know what parents to please don't call it doesn't matter. Let's say he's here she is turning it well it's it's a husband wife team to really say that. Earning a 120. So they're earning over 200000 dollars. There's still not millionaires are not super rich and living in an armed enormously expensive city. The reason these distinctions or may eight. And they keep changing based on that economic income and so what is so the government and the politicians. Can incorporate these balkanized. Economic models where each of us are supposed to beat each other's throats right David. I didn't say I wanna help the middle class what is the middle class you're never once have identified. 30000 dollars a year 6075. Net twelve months have been. All are that the how many members are in the family whether they live and inexpensive there are cheaper area are are a hundred other variables. Any saving our home home equity about the forward take out but he. It's just it's that big bark. All right David Watson excellent call I appreciate it. Right we got great colors tonight NYNEX San Francisco that AKA sets out go. Yes mark I wanna say that I agree with you appeasement has gotten us to this point it would North Korea. As the match and I have noted I see armed conflict but I also know that. If we do not have conflict in 1941. There's a real good chance we'd be speaking German right now. But I didn't say that and not in the mosque. We're not giving you any more free passes. Pay out or shut up. I just wanted to make clear at least from my perspective I'm not saying go to war. I'm saying be prepared for. Because it's not as weak and will of course not because of any provocation on our part. We're not bothered North Korea. They have their they're they're Glock state new genocide a maniac state. But when the guys threatening us would nukes that takes it to a completely different level I want to thank you for your call Leonard and its terrorist. By the way when we come back. I'm staying on top of this. The left. In the mock. Chris Shays. The left in democracies. Are a horrific mom. In our own country. You seem to figure in the Netanyahu and his wife in his room. Our closest allies. They're being threatened by Iran they're being threatened by Hamas they're being threatened by Hezbollah they're being threatened by the Palestinians. Here's a country that is surrounded by tennis idol murderers. And they've gone after their prime minister. I'll be right back. Producers freak pop just gotten I've talk radio. Got my brother who show. Coleman now at 87738. Run 48 squad run. Free Wi-Fi and. It's convenient when you're on the go right but free is not only safe. A recent report found that 92% of Americans potentially put their personal info at risk. 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Call 1800 like plot. 1800 lifeline. Are gonna life flocked dot com that's life flocked dot com use promo code Levine fifteen that's LEV. I N 15. Living in fifteen. And you'll save 15%. Today 1800 like clock or lifelike dot com live in fifteen terms apply. But a great deal. But he great service. Andrew Warrenton Virginia serious satellite don't. Haymarket real quick I'm I'm a Virginian like you and as you know we have personal property tax. I'm so regard now America personal property taxes this ridiculous tax on cars. And then land do. And that's the real estate tax. So but come. What I want to ask you is that the Virginia constitution says that Virginians will be secure in their property and their belongings but is long your personal property tax. Indeed your property your real men and and that. Let let slip and you're one of these. Tax rebels I guess. The government does have a right to attack your property to a point even the founders of the country understands that. It wasn't no taxation period there was no taxation without representation. And so there was. There were forms of various taxes back then. There was also whiskey tax recall that caused three dying and so forth the government has to have away. Two to fund itself and one of the reasons we got rid of the articles of confederation is because the country was broken there was no way to fund so. So if you sang it on a property rights because government taxes your property that's not correct. That's what I wanted to make clear out now let's set. That the tax is so severe. That the purpose really isn't to fund these legitimate. Powers a government under the Virginia constitution or any other constitution. Then of course it's their bruises and it to destroy property. So that is deaf. And that bird for Virginia at this if your car's been paid for for fifteen years it is legitimate for Virginia if you stop impact personal property tax. It's it is legitimate for them to disappoint you don't see your vehicle. And that case. My house and tiger worship. My under first saw him on a cart for fifteen years Japan about twelve cents property tax. How old Chicago. In my car to go out and do and how much you pay on your property tax and UConn. It's not much I think it's 505060. Dollars. A year. A year it's so why are we wasting time on this. Well I was I was just. Curious do you prefer to have any contacts Heidi tell you I I'm never going to if you know my federal income tax. You probably say while you can afford it nobody can afford the federal income tax that I. I don't have money in the Cayman Islands I don't have a real estate protection trust. Like the clintons do I have any of that stuff my taxes are straightforward I don't mess around. Yeah look at a cartel love your show there was continue for about thirteen years I think you've really made me. Much deeper thinker and really dig into political philosophies I loved your book. Well you're very very kind to the issue as you look at the state constitution you look at the statutes comport with the constitution. He looked to see if there's an and a legitimate purpose. Whenever there's confessed to toy taxes that's not a legitimate purpose whatever people are trying to redistribute wealth that's not a legitimate purpose. States pay per state wrote states pay for state schools state to pay for state stuff. But state can be out of control too so you've got to look at what they're doing. If the purpose of attacks is not a legitimate purpose than it's not a legitimate tax. All right my brother Andrew appreciate your call. Let's continue Scott Tyler Texas. A great eighteen BBL. Hey mark I just wanna do thank you would like Michael. I hear comments regarding your concern about our country and its ability to. Answered the call to arms pitch if need be I think years is days are real legitimate concern I share that concern. I believe like half the country is. Yes but I also believe like half the country is not. I very Iger entirely and I wonder if it's not explainable it with one word and that's demographics we've changed so much of the country. Know. He could be definitely part of it. I think most of it has to do it endless indoctrination of the left quite frankly even callers tonight telling us so why. You know wow you know diplomacy weary diplomacy. I mean you have to absolutely the brain dead. Under smoked and understand what's taken place would North Korean diplomacy. Over the last 25 years. All right my friend I appreciate your call I wanna get to what I had mentioned at the break. What's going on an hour. In Israel our friends there listen to this the independent. Benjamin Netanyahu's wife. And China have a leftist. Benjamin Netanyahu's wife Sarah. To be indicted for using public funds for personal expenses has a report. The attorney general's office expected to move against Sarah Netanyahu I don't how true this is it's the media after all. In more bad news for the couple after Israeli prime minister's X eighty Greece to testify against them although the eight denies. Eddie's testifying against Netanyahu. Sarah Netanyahu the wife of Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Could be indicted by the attorney general's office within days according to new reports circulating an Israeli media stop. You see the left wing media propaganda. We start way Benjamin Netanyahu his wife to be indicted. Now we get into the story and what is it said. According to new reports circulating in the Israeli media. Police recommended that ms. not Netanyahu will be indicted over the alleged spending of public finds that the couple's private home earlier this year. After ten years of investigations. It is expected the attorney general they tie Mendel built. We'll accept the police is recommendation Israel's channel two reported. Then there's this. From the Jerusalem Post. Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is rejected criminal suspicions leveled against him in recent days amid speculation that's tenure will end soon. Carded a report on conduct the Israeli public broadcasting corporation. Netanyahu lashed out in private conversations with Knesset members. At the press the opposition members of his own party who need accused of conspiring to unseat him. See they have creeps all over the place still. They're trying to get me and attempting to topple ball right. Netanyahu told senior officials in his coalition according to the report. This is not know. They've been trying for many years I don't see us going to elections now. Netanyahu Mott reports. About his former chief of staff Arie Horrow. Who's turned State's witness against him in case 2000. Which is accused of conspiring to harm one newspaper now another. Wedeman. But let's just take this one so if you're helping one newspaper and opposed to another that's a criminal offense. Obama would be going fifteen life sentences would mean. It's not like I'm going tomorrow and they're going to replace me he said I don't know what they want from me I've nothing to fear I don't think that a problem. Netanyahu slammed transportation ministry Israel acts for undermining him and accused him of being behind an anonymous quote. In one of their newspapers attributed to a senior Likud figure. I'm saying he would not permit Netanyahu to remain in power if he's indicted the senior minister is the Likud. In the Likud can continue trying to replace me Netanyahu said so all the knives are out. It's like yes sick Roman story quite frankly. The many parallels between the two countries. But leftists whether they in the United States whether there in Israel whether they're in Britain whether there in France where they are they're all of the same. Hateful vile poisonous mentality. Power hungry. And power for power's sake. I mean here they are surrounded by enemies over there. And they're getting to a point where it's enormously serious. Iran wants that take out of Israel Iran has given Hezbollah. The manufacturing capability. To produce. A long range. Effective missiles. And to reduce them quickly. Aimed at Israel. And they're doing this to backed Hezbollah and also Hamas. And they're trying to build these outposts. The border between Syria and Israel so Israel has to defend on the border would Lebanon Israel has to defend. Against guys that. And now Israel what have to defend. Against Hezbollah. On the border with Syria. And these clouds are getting darker and darker more more ominous. And so what is left and Israel did and what are they little pollution says I call them within the Likud Party do. They're trying to take up their prime minister. NN white. Much like the little confusions and our country trying to take out the president and his family. I'll be right back it's. Open. And famous. Because now I did. And that's only gotten I don't like him. Nabbed. We're gonna show. Like this. We'll get to the point. We're I don't know it. Yeah assembly to match. Millsap. Whether these guys. On the podium. That little voice in your head telling you now. When this is not plays ball Mark Martin. Radio show is on. Okay. Keeping Americans have. A live as a free people. Now that's what Hillsdale College does on campus with their students in nationwide through hills those free online constitution courses. They're free publication of primus in Hillsdale free local events. 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At Levine for Hillsdale dot cop a combat LE DIA and Fred Hillsdale dot com live in for Hillsdale dot com. OK. And another caller to Robert. Lexington Kentucky they gray WV OK go. I mark interdict and Michael. Just a quick statement on. The escalation in North Korea I'm out. Two people who are in a question and are saying well it's just North Korea kind of wonder relate that to something that people could. You don't related. If but if a kid says that he is gonna bring a gun school you know god forbid. You. You take that very seriously. It doesn't matter who it is in the principal will never stay well it's just don't though he's not really get it do it. You know I think this on a larger scale course. It's kind of the same principle opt you know. It they've got nukes per SE billions pointed straight at it. You know you you take that seriously. And I have a you don't just feel like a lot of people are having a tough time rap in their head around that. Or not raping and off I mean I think if you would tell. Some of these these people if you were to say to them hey look North Korea is threatening to shoot an ICBM EU nuclear. Missile. Into one of our cities they go oh what the hell what the hell out and then if you were to say to them don't you think boy she used boys' rooms and go should be used euros and it. Hey now you have triggered me. I don't know if I'd just thought it was worth mentioning for people who say well it's just North Korea you know I don't care who it is. That that is the threat that you take very seriously. Because although on a larger scale like that like the kid at school plaza will be lost and in people are going to be devastated. And it just so I won't be because we yet we provoke anything all right thank you Robert appreciate your call. Can Augusta Georgia the great WG AC go. Mark. He made it good point about Mitch McConnell. I think his words to say to the Rotary Club it is home owned and now. Happened to be accredited. Quote it set the expectations. Of the congress. What he actually set was. We need the American people had excessive expectations. There right this would. Do they not run ads telling us what they're gonna do. Fair do they not run ads telling you were gonna get rid of Obama care where got to secure the border we're gonna get that debt under control. And then they don't. You have Mel Brooks happened Thursday may be wind stadium last week who's running for the senate in Alabama. You've got objectionable and more running from Hispanic. This is the way they want here we castigate into the brain. Of Mitch McConnell in its status. Quo. Washington months. You know in no he is the biggest. Fattest alligator. In the status quo of what that squall. I think he's an Anaconda. Eight years into the remainder signed he does not walked. You need changer but here I woke he you're right leader of the senate eagle leader of the status quo. That's well said I agree with the of their Augusta all right thanks recall. Bill Dublin Georgia you out one minute Sirius satellite go. MR I you're doing good fifty seconds don't. I worry you know this the USS Pueblo within international water. It was income out of north Koreans. Those near and spent a year he had tortured and that ship is still sit there and harbor in North Korea. They need to be armed and are quite good there. People need to know that the north Koreans took that submarine was in international borders took those sailors. Kidnapped and tortured them brutalized them. That's exactly right thanks for the reminder bill. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Posse right here tomorrow hope you pick up your copy rediscovering Americanism. I know you get a lot of CO later in god bless. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my place. 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