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8/4/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 5, 2017|

As special counsel Robert Mueller has impaneled a grand jury in the Russia investigation, there is an ongoing coup against President Trump. CNN commentators were dismissive of this argument and labeled Mark a thought leader of the Trump wing of the Republican Party. That is exactly wrong. What’s ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Take a closer look at unlimited data plans until you're not always true with the prices not Ed T-Mobile. Unlimited data with taxes and fees already included in right now get more lines of unlimited data what our network for just forty bucks and commercial auto and. So go ahead take a closer look and you'll see nobody does unlimited like T-Mobile don't re orient to a T-Mobile store Collison 1800 T-Mobile. Yeah 3% users of 32. He's here. How broad. Early underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the. Oh everybody mark when. 1381187. 381381. There's a lot to do. All of them will be compelling I'm sure. Entertaining but most of all. Substantive and informative. John King is on CNN. I know a lot about John King that he doesn't know that I know a lot about John King. Oh extremist advocate. Oh yeah. But in any event here's a TV show I don't remember what time it's on like late afternoon early evening I believe. In they have like a whole bunch of people talking to each other. And agreeing with each other. And I came out. I'm playing this not simply because I came out because I wanna deal with this again. And you'll hear a lady eventually speaker name is Abby Phillip from the Washington compost. Season Jamaica heads or tails of this cup one go. The president does have supporters out there especially in his they want to listen here DiMarco man prominent conservative talk radio he here's what's going on process is what's happening in Washington he doesn't seem like a lot of people intended. So we are now trying a credible case. Well that any statutory basis. In public. What I didn't try it criminal case and public. We're leaking the investigators. Use of it potential criminal case in public. I try and destroy the presidency to try and build political support from when the Democrats get the Democrats take that Al. To impeach the president this is a coup. This is a coup they should upset every American. Trump supporter or not this is a. Do that now most people in Washington especially against the Republicans leading these investigations will roll their eyes at that. But it's important because when you travel the country campaign years you meet a lot of voters listen. Tomorrow women and others and so for the trunk space well this is how does this play into the politics of this out of America let's compliment. What does this have to do with the Trump Place. See they they try and treat us like query if he wrecked tile house to Brazil. To try and diminish. The case the arguments the substance. The knowledge. That we're talking at that. This about the trump pace now this is about the constitution this is about the republic. It's not about politics it's not a database it's not about the parties and I don't care clowns are rolling their eyes in Washington DC. I mean Nancy Pelosi is in a sex they are by rolling. And this is the problem. The men didn't say anything terribly offensive about me that's not the point. The point is he gets it exactly wrong. I'm not arguing about the trunk space I'm not arguing to the Tron base I am making the point what's taking place here. Is coup activity. I'm not talking about Venezuela not time but anything like that where were rushing the doors of the White House and so forth now it's actually more sinister. It's more sinister it is the use of a law to destroy the law. It is the use of the law to destroy the constitutional system it's the use of law to subvert the election. And what your part of the tribe pace or somebody else's face. You're a homeless person your rocket scientist it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter this is it about team red and team blew by the team America. I had. It's been really interesting to watch the performance over the last couple of days. There's funny I've. She say format. And really the way it's foment. Even though that's not the appropriate word we're not fomenting. We're exposed at nonetheless go ahead. Sense of urgency about the ways in which he investigation is kind of closing in. On both trump and his family and even the president kind of giving voice to some of this on social media this morning he being treated at that sentiment that there would be. Quote an uprising if are there were as an indictment of his son so it isn't it's a real concern right. Oh IC nice. Now of course the the left wing base they're always taking to the streets. Breaking shop windows destroying automobiles. Ernie dumpsters. Making threats. Barrera doesn't take much. Vegas get pissed off and off they go. I do think there's a lot of people in this country unlikely to do that. We're gonna be so furious. So furious at the entrenched left that the entrenched is as that would. And the Victorian garden media. Have destroyed it dislodged. He legitimately elected president of United States not because they Iraq had anything on I'm not because they were concerned about Russia not because of any of that. Because they didn't like him and they didn't want to and you what it's supposed to win the election. Hey school. That's it right there. You know I had. That his supporters are predominantly getting their news from people like. Mark good bad and others who are either kind of thought leaders of the trump wing of the Republican party's top. I'm not a thought leader of the trump wing of the Republican Party. Hamas thought leader constitutional conservatism. That's what I write about that's what I talked about. And my defense of Donald Trump is because Donald Trump deserves a defense. It's not a matter any thought leader of the Donald Trump wing of the Republican Party. The party is supposed to be a constitutional party Conservative Party. A party based on principles. That are basically an anomaly. To the left and progressive as a minute what this country's turning into. So now first I'm appealing to the base. To try and base then I'm really thought leader of the trot. You know weighing now a lot of pocketed say gee that's right it and now it's not right. It's bigger than all of this. What we're trying to defend here is the republic. A system they keep destroying. And it happens in this case Donald Trump is being sucked under. Now he's fighting. He's fighting. But he's up against it. His family's up against dating noticed there's no compassion whatsoever. They're closing in on Donald Trump and his children about one. For what. Go ahead. I think that for trial it is. More tricky to do that from the White House you have to be very careful when you start whipping people up about using language like Ku. Excuse me. Excuse me who's whipping people up. Chuck Schumer is whipping people up. Bernie Sanders 50000 people won't go right it will be done simply repeal I want to show a Boeing neon Obama act. Pelosi all the people die all the people who will be almost a lot of people obese at all people prone ever eclipse that's them. Race debate that's them. Violence that's the repair order word coup or pool and be careful about anything and it'd be accurate. That's what it is it's a coup while the back pages are now saying it it's true. What else you call. Go ahead. That's really serious charges I think that there will be some people. I out there in his circle who are saying hey we need to take temperature down on the dash and just let go yeah I am on already when you take the temperature down. Talking to the wrong party talking to the wrong people. Where is Maxine Waters but that is that. Cut twelve Maxine Waters a new hero of the left in the Democrat party. Now if we had a country that was functioning properly. She would be in an insane asylum. She be bouncing off padded walls. But now. She's loved and admired. And Maxine Waters gets placed in the morning schmo show the morning schmo and mr. schmuck. I saw on the cover I think it was the left wing magazine the New York did you see that Mr. Big isn't. Where they were kinda schmoozing with Imus throughout. Quite frankly I had a bagel time bagel we'll butter they're dynamic. And I say well oh well I'm gonna upshot. But anyway yeah. Listen to this cut twelve go. I'm betting on win the ducks are connected. And more it is able to show collusion. I'm banking on the patriotism of some of the Americans most of them they won't be able to stand with him. That they colluded that's enough I'm meant to go to cut eleven he's on she's not she's getting around. So they take this this insane Coke. She's on MS LSD. She's on that CNN. And she's on the view today kind of letting go. Did it Pennsylvania better than topic you worry at all and when we finish with trump we have to go and get gluten that's how he. Could knock heads a bit in the head if I quit my comment on the planet so I want my job and it will never got to go after that I just. Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah that's probably do well impeach the president Ed and then the vice president. Yet Ed we'll get someone that we'll get it to what it's not a coup ladies and gentlemen. It's not a Kook we have the lower the temperature. We have lower the temperature. I hit they are joking around. On more on TV. With a bunch of youngsters. A bunch of insane yeah and that's including. The most insane of the mall Maxine Waters. Yes we'll get there and won't impeach a you have a get well get tram then good. Argument pets I got pants pants at trot and then not and then and. It's. Another way if you're not allowed to win our elections don't count. Our agenda is a legitimate. You are second class citizen. Turn down the temperature mark this isn't a coup. Welcome to people are listening to you. I'll be right back most of the program. Of course the Democrats and media they gave the media in the Democrats. Then go on and on about an illegitimate election. That the editor of the Electoral College is races and make all these comments but it cut. They're not gonna stir up anybody bitten us. It is pathetically hilarious. Here these media types. Drone on. About who is promoting what. The ladies in general we have Lindsey Graham. Purportedly a Republican senator from South Carolina South Carolina a conservative Republican state. Because of the open primary process keeps sending us Lindsey Graham. Lindsey Graham wins by the skin of his teeth in the primary. Because that Democrats. Because the Democrats. You know they vote for him and another's. In the end Republican primary. I'll never understand this open primary system now all that sent. Lindsey Graham as a lawyer. His lawyer who obviously. Never went to law school. Who doesn't even understand the basics of the constitution constitution 101. Nor am I talking about. I wanna underscore a point erased briefly yesterday. Lindsey Graham has joined with the leftist in the senate. To propose a statute that would prevent the president of the United States from firing Robert Mueller. Not I don't advocate that he fire Robert Mueller. But that's irrelevant. You can't do by statute. What you can do under the constitutional system in other words. You can't pass a statute to prevent the president from exercising that power. That is fundamental. And unequivocal. That is the power to fire any other subordinates whether they call themselves special counsel or FBI director. Well the assistant. Director of. An emergency preparedness are you know what ever it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter. They all worked for him. They all worked for him which is why firing James coney. Is not an obstruction of justice offense that doesn't mean out of control. Third World style prosecutors. Wouldn't bring charges. In order to create chaos. And hope that they can find a bunch of Obama led judges. To further eviscerate our constitutional order but the fact that. Congress cannot pass a statute. To tell the president he can't fire support. It's unconstitutional. The president has plenary power. Platter. Over in his branch of the government he is the executive branch. Congress has no constitutional power to change that none. None. And that's the bottom line and yet Lindsey Graham is out there. On the TV shows. With a broken English. Going on and on. I can't go back from may marry. And we're gonna we're gonna pass a statute to protect rabbit milk now. Robert Mueller doesn't need protection. We need protection from Robert Mueller. So I just want to point this out. The idiocy. The inaccuracy. Of this man and he's never challenged. And wait for John King to have a monster. And he is dead Lindsay you know. Mark Levine might be rolling his eyes it is the most of Washington's not in now. What do you think of it at the Washington compost that Abby. Phillips. While I really do think the ET trump wing of the Republican Party and he represents the trampling the the trump when he says thought leader of the trampling of the Republican Party in and the TV talk like this. He can only get the temperature down. And again I just think it's been it's in the it's getting too high you know when you lose a global warming up politics is it going on a there have really think there's a very very troubling and by the way I you know the expectation. That's pseudo intellectuals. She's a rip. According pets are not a rocket scientist. At doing research on cancer. If liberal reporter tried liberal newspaper Williams senior but you know I understand. You know it's like Chris Wallace. Chris Wallace seems that they can you talk fast. I can auctioneering. And used little slobbering all reaction. Dripping on your on the issues that somehow people will think you're Smart know people what they get too much to drink. People think there's something terribly wrong with. And only Chris Voss Chris Matthews. By the way Chris fault he's on my brain for this reason. I did watch some of the Sunday shows and I say this. Chris Wallace is the best foundation. He just this you don't have to agree them all the time but he's an old style reporter he's an old style inquisitor. That's the best we can hope for. That's the best we can you get this Bryant steps slower whatever the hell is name on CNN. Gone on and on spewing its opinion to get Chris Cuomo the dumbest of the Cuomo's going on and on. So I just wanna say apologize that I meant Chris Matthews. Now Wallace from the respective. I'll be right back. You're listening tool. And now ladies. Great one for great ones and you can call it now an 877381381. More fun. You remember the case ladies and gentlemen where. Clinton. And Loretta lynch met on the tarmac in the air when they just happen come across each other and they were talking about their grandchildren around. Hum. Well is now a lot more to it. And his breaking news today on the Fox Business channel. And I wanna thank my buddy Brian right scoop for bring it to my attention. And rather than just discuss it because I do that after they want you to listen to it as it broke. And I wonder if anyone at the constipated news network or MS Ellis the how why one they're not gonna come or they don't care. The Barney get on the Fox Business channel. I want your listeners turn up the vine just followed along carefully because this. Is compelling cut sixteen go. It's coming to us from the American cent of the law and justice now. On to the Freedom of Information Act. This group asked the FBI for any documents related to the Clinton Loretta lynch tarmac reaching a number that's right before the election. At the time the FBI then under the direction of James Connolly said that it up they don't any documents. Read that document is received today includes several emails between the FBI and the Department of Justice related to that trauma meeting have you gone through this. Are yet to meet my I have I'm not finished blight it doesn't look good floor I James Khomeni and the FBI okay what they're saying is it that is documentation. About map meet tonight we'll back home we said there was no documents out there doesn't get into leads to much. No it's about the FBI's response and how the talking points and a handle talking about that needing. The big bombshell in this. Is C Washington posters reporter saying I am hoping to put it took I can put it to rest the New York Times I've reporter apologetic they says. That he was being pressed into service have to cover the story. And any ABC producer. Or rather stories breaking the DOJ press official says I talked ABC producer is not interested in covering an even if fox those that. So that if there's always a geneticist collusion link between reporters he specifically in the Washington Post deal specifically the Washington's protests and the department of justice and other Iranians that they lot of Iranians hope to bury the story exactly push it away now you know let me let me just say thanks. Collusion by itself is only a crime and anti trust however this is. If true and proven. Blatant dishonesty on the part of the media okay let's backtrack a second. On the tarmac and believe it was in Phoenix Arizona. Did tonnage and that I says Loretta lynch at that time was on how private jets then along came Bill Clinton. The two had a meeting on the tarmac in the right to Lynch's jets right and they weed they said that they there's a forty minute meeting. They said that they discussed grandchildren. Golf bizarre call yet. And this was at a time when relations department was investigating Hillary Clinton that's right the House Judiciary Committee doesn't believe it which is why last week. They sent a letter signed by twenty members on the Judiciary Committee demanding that a second special counsel be appointed to investigate. Lynch. And call me and Hillary Clinton. And all of it wrapped around this and many other contacts between the three putt on picking up on here is the Washington Post. It is the Washington Post which I believe late yesterday. Put out the transcript. All these phone conversation between Al present. And the leader of Mexico up and our president and the leader of Australia and that's something you really should not be doing on my personal opinion. Now we've got an accusation. Of collusion between the Washington Post reporter and the Department of Justice over the meeting at which they didn't want to have the acknowledged front twin Loretta lynch and build a. And ten is here's the thing with this I mean this is the FBI under director James Connelly saying we have no records of what our talking point discussion or anything about how we're gonna handle this talking about this meeting. They're more records about it. And member James call me says it was this very meeting which is why he held that very public press conference that it would seek impetus behind him making that. Public press conference about what it is going to do with a Hillary Clinton probe. Now you know I've played all three halves minutes of the us. Because it provides. Any any. Crystallized understanding what's taking place in this country particularly with respect to the media. The media have become. Not all but too much. It propaganda operation. For the left for the Democrats. So the Washington Post the New York Times and ABC participated in any effort to obstruct. Reporting a cover up. Reporting. About what took place. When retirement. James coming. Was dissembling. When he said they didn't have any documentation. Because under the Freedom of Information Act. Documentation was provided remarkably so violent shock but doctor mutation is provide not all that night and it is redacted. A lot of it's without but even that little bit amount that was able to score it out. Shows the collusion. Between the Pretoria guard media. And the left. This is why you don't get. Information this is why when it comes to Obama and his team and political domestic surveillance in the campaign. They ran and ran and ran as hard as they could. To tell you the opposite to attack me. This is why they have no interest in in the unmasking that took place. Let's Samantha Power would Ben Rhodes was Susan Rice. Mr. call me. None of it they do not want to make these gaps they do not wanna look on these rocks. But they wanna create scabs. And throw rocks. When it comes to this administration. Barack Obama is out somewhere nobody even knows where Eliot. He and his wife are gonna make sixty million dollars on but they own book deal they're still going to be promoted as is magnificent couple. Kennedy like Koppel. Responsible for nothing. Except all that stood in the ground I mean even even the Obama carried out raids gone through the roof people being dropped off insurance people having no choices on insurance. Obama created this predictable debacle. Any he's responsible for not. I didn't politically not even through the media responsible. For nothing. You know Lotta people listen mark Lemmon during the campaign you know this is where they get their news not like from west over here at CNN where we tell you everything and we tie that truth. Otherwise we wouldn't bid every damn airport now what would. Now I'm down the airports that this has been so cut. Now we call that a monopoly. Who should. If you will. Now. This area attorney general Jeff Sessions a longtime friend of mine. He had an announcement today. And it's been they've been preparing missed the word's gotten out that he was gonna talk about this. That they're gonna hunt down the lakers. Cut for mr. it is ago. First let me say that I strongly agree with the president. And I'll blow up a better recuse himself. Now I don't agree with the president did an estimate isn't know. I get a recuse yourself from everything. I just kidding go ahead. First let me say that I strongly agree with the president. And condemn in the strongest terms the staggering number of leaks under Manning. The ability of our government to protect this country. I don't stop right there. So when he came to Loretta lynch any came to Bill Clinton and it came to the Clinton. Campaign Hillary Clinton and what that plane in the time that took place there and the potential scandal that was involved and they didn't want that they needed to cover that up. The meego science. Works there and cover up mode Pretoria guard mount. When it comes to our national security secrets. When it comes to light conversation. Or conversations between the president of the United States and foreign leaders there leaked to the Washington compost and other outlets. Which happily run even though it undermines the ability of the commander in chief the president of the United States. And talk the army has been doing don't. They don't given a second thought there's no ethics involved is no morality and not not a second thought they hide behind the price to manage it affects the man it was intended. Was intended to undermine America. Other protected under the First Amendment to some extent. Not completely. I had these are reports in the media about conversations with the president hand with foreign leaders. No line is entitled to surreptitiously. Fight your advanced battles. In the media in my revealing sensitive government information. No government can be effective when his leaders cannot discuss sensitive matters in confidence and talk freely in confidence with foreign leader. But that's the point they don't want this president to be effective and so they're willing to see the country endangered there willing to see our national security unravel. If it means. Another another shot at that at trot. And all other reported. In the phony media. All other party's been about or did you hear what Tron so we must be so mature always such an axis is always this is a never. They talk about the fact. That they colluded. With the people are trying to undermine this country. Where people who are committing felonies. It leaking information like this. They beat their chest so probably. There's so outrageous tension out. Are they got. Is some colonias dirt bag. In the administration. Who handed them a document. This isn't real investigative reporting. It's called typing. That's on. I'll be right back. OK okay. You know. John Bolton touched on this yesterday. Does the secret police under Stalin was a violent brutal mass murder. Namely Bay Area. They say ahead of us Stalin's secret police. Responsible for the death of untold tens of thousand. And he was. Quoted. Yup paraphrase a saying. Show me the man and I'll show you the crime. Show me the men and I'll show you the crime. I hear people all over TV and radio. Who claimed to be liberals some of them. Pseudo conservatives. Say there's got to be something here. Gotta be something here you gotta conduct an investigation in order to determine it's really there's something he had me. I mean trying to keep stepping all over it he keeps bringing it up I mean something new keeps popping up all the time course I think criminal. When you have all the media. A massive number of hill staffers. FBI agents and prosecutors. Looking at a man looking at his family. All kinds of things well Papa. But it doesn't mean they're unethical immoral or illegal. Show me the man I'll show you the crime. This should be there at their slogan. Show me the man I'll say the crime. Because that's what's going on on the hill and that's what's going all of us tomorrow. That's what's going on in our media and that's what's going on while all this loose talk about Iraq. We need is investigations to get to the automatic pick at the bottom up want what's actually it Donna I don't know but we got a look far. They don't even know that they're quoting area. Ahead of the secret police managed pollen. Yeah. Incredible is it not. Now President Reagan needed trusted advice on the economy. 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In any event you need to think about this so don't wait there's no obligation to call right now this exclusive report is available for free. By calling 877365. Point for free. These uncertain times you owe it to yourself I would call right now. Be sure to read their important risk information to see a buying gold is right for you to. That's 877365. Point 87736526. Forces us. All right. Let's take a call here. What happened to the guy who disagree to me he fell out. I guess the barrier thing annoyed him didn't it scared him. What do you mean net area who's Barry. I just think we need these investigations to find out if there's anything wrong that's but the guy was gonna say until. Yeah that's what all libsyn yes and we did an investigation might just make sure nothing wrong took place. I think about it in your own life with the ladies and gentlemen view of the federal government breathing down your neck saying a lot. On any probable cause we don't even have a a a real. Prime facie anything we weren't just you know. These politicians say that they you must've done this yet had to do there's there's another way could a major money this that in the attic so you're under investigation. Now what you're guilty until proven innocent. It's appalling to me. My. Owensboro Kentucky on the market then that go. But they cannot call and if everything that you do republic I would appreciate you trigger and that. My question mark is regarding to what trump should do next he hit it about the fact that he may. Look at Hillary Clinton 33 helping build and look into prosecuting her ability to. And listening listening listening. He can't do anything. It's up to the attorney general to do. Understand that and you're right there not thinking is that why before the second debate. We know NBC news they broke. Trump responded immediately bring a couple factual picked them to build a Bill Clinton all the little play after that. Just one of the time he's controlling any you'd think he should do that to people but I. You're not following me he can still. Beat. Sugar. I think whenever special counsel we got one now now we need a special counsel. To look in the Democrat activity during the campaign. The collusion with the Russians. Through the fusion GPS. Hillary Clinton's collusion with the Russians on the provision of of uranium. To a Russian stain of company where Putin has control. Talk about collusion. So I think we ought to expand it have a special counsel who will look at the other side of the. Probably so I understood it better than they did a better more really agree that. My brother hate. Don't hang up this and you signed copy of rediscovering America's. Mr. reducer I'm not kidding we'll use and they signed copy of rediscovering Americanism to John what's it going John Harris. And CNN's. John King apologist John King. At CNN. These people have no heat yet but I stand for they have no idea how I think. They go on the Internet you know this clips of my radio shows and so forth and I'm all for do it. I don't know a damn thing about me. So we'll send it to him and make it easy for him to read and check it out because as you know according to Amy fill out. Of the Washington compost I. And he thought leader of the trump wing of the Republican Party. Another thought leaders to trump playing another thought leader of the Republican Party. I mean thought leader of constitutional officers. That's it that's it. And when my president my president is under attack by people who are trying to burn down this republic. I will defend him and I hope defend the republic. I'll be right back. Old babies Saturdays Steelers backward at season's biggest one day deal 50% off all teens plus kids tease it girls tanks and legs were just three dollars one day only tomorrow at old navy and old navy dot com nobody thought it ordeals a how. He's okay. Oh. Literally underground. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over a nondescript building. We want to again make contact without leaving the. Hello everybody mark and here are number 87738138118773813811. Now I I tell you what goes on here. So just a little but I how's he. I apologize for the fact there's been no living TV all week. And the reason is as I stated. This herniated disk in my lower left side in my back I cannot sit behind that desk I have to pace from time to time. Until we make sure these epidural sport and these epidural don't work and I have to have the disk removed from my back. Which is a micro operation I don't pretend to understand all the details and a wonderful doctors who have been looking at it. I had one at the door on just quickly and you know this isn't the doctor Shah I had one epidural for last Friday he didn't work. I had another one on and I had to take off from radio and another one on Monday. Which is helping. But it's clearly not a 100% it. And I am an appointment for yet a third one in about ten days. And I'm hoping that'll do the trick or otherwise we will schedule surgery and had that disk removed and I intend to be as often as I can behind this microphone. I'm not taking vacations I'm not. Skipping town I'm not doing any of that stuff this is what it is I've had a perfectly good back this is the first time anything's ever happened. I'm not whining I'm not cop and now I'm not complaining. But. You know my wonderful viewers some live in TV and RC or TV network. Now in some ways I feel I'm letting you down it's not my intention I will be back on Monday. How also I am taping a C span program on Tuesday. All of these things are set up before and doing my best not to cancel them but I am also doing my best not to add things to my schedule. With a big event at the Reagan library and leave town here on August 18. Flying across the country. The event is Saturday August 19. I turn around on Sunday I fly all the way back so it's not like I'm taking vacations and so. But again that was set up months ago as part of our book tour and we never won a match the regular librarians I wanna make sure I'm healthy enough to get that taken care of two. There's some other things have been set up for months and months and months I'm gonna make good on them at all. People to rely on me audiences rely on me I try to limit them as much as possible but. My lord is my bond if I send them to do something I'm going to do it so they haven't. Now let's go back. Italy can. Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice today cut five mr. producer go. In the first six months of this administration. The Department of Justice has already received nearly as many criminal referrals. Involving unauthorized disclosures. Of classified information as we receive in the previous three years command. Class about not stop at that. So the first six months there have been more leaks and you can see them they're leaking everywhere. On this administration then in the last three years at the prior administration. We have. People in our government. Who are committing. Constantly committing felonies. Undermining our national security system more than our enemies. Because they are the enemy within. They are the. They are the the enemy. That looks in the face. That goes to work every day. But does the work for the other side. It's encouraged most diabolical. And the vast majority of them are. Obviously people who have a different agenda the president United States. And a different agenda than our. Farm policy intelligence and Defense Department. And so they've taken it upon themselves. Violating their oats. Violating federal law. To leak. Leaked national security information to leak information about the president's conversations with other world leaders. Entire transcripts and a remains ceiling like this before. Present United States now. He's barely able to function he's barely barely able to do is drop. He's got congress on his but he's got this prosecutor does but he's got people within the administration leaking on him so it's more more difficult to do his job. And I'm supposed to pile on right now hey did you say ready to win. Pay out he used a bill that flag and grant. Setup for your country. Countries being destroyed from women. Our constitutional system our security system law enforcement says. Nor are these people. These rogue operators. While we know some of them they're in the leadership that we FBI. No question about it in my mind. And some of the must be in the senior levels. And our intelligence services to. They are or not just what this president. The air war with the constitution there war with the voters. And this is what's taking place. Guy that. My definition is information. That if disclosed would do harm to national security. As director coach we'll discuss. The leagues are incredibly damaging to our intelligence mission and capabilities. Simply put these ladies heard our country. All of us in government can do better. The first requirement is foreign discipline within all our agencies of the government. To prevent these leagues every agency and congress has to do better. We're so I'm. Hear that mr. producer. Leaks are coming and congress to our elected official. Some of them are committing felonies. They get access. To top secret national security in law enforcement information and the leaking it. Does it. Stand at this culture of leaking must stop. Now the greatest the greatest participant. In undermining our national security are the media. Now the runner honestly we right to do this in this may have kind of kiss and we're not turn our rights. Not timeout free speech. There's nothing in the constitution blog let me help but there's nothing in the first of them out freedom of the press that compels the media. To undermine the country. There's nothing in the First Amendment free press they compel the media. Your run with stories fed to them. I felons and the federal government. They're not compelled to do any. None of. I leaking. A transcript of the president's discussion for example with the president of Mexico in order to trying to embarrass him. That does enormous. Damage to our national security making an incredibly difficult for our president. To conduct foreign policy. From the Oval Office. He's under assault. I balance. Within the federal government. There's no reason the media should. Should try to use those transcripts and re in we publish them in their in their pages. There's no great new story there other than try to embarrass the president and even worse. Undermine our national security the ability the president beacon. Foreign policy is no justification whatsoever there's no evidence that a crime their. There's no evidence that they sell out there. And conversely as we discuss the first hour. The Washington put the very same Washington Post had been publishing these transcripts. Refused. Pepper soup Loretta lynch and Clinton not only refused to pursue it stated permanently epidemic. Nick I may be seen those same exact thing. Same exact thing is just what the founders of the country meant just what the framers meant by the First Amendment. Of course not. Jeff Sessions cut six go. It is important for the American people and those remind me thinking about lynchings that. Classified or sensitive information. To no effect criminals. To really illegally used there access. Throughout most sensitive information. To endanger our national security. Are in fact being investigated. And we'll be prosecuted. Since January the department has more than triple the number of active leak investigations. Compared to the number of ending at the end of the last. Administration. Does this this goes to the upon what people are rising Jeff Sessions during an inning rising Jeff Sessions during and I told you I'm sure easy just can't tell you exactly what he's done. So what he's done here is he said. We're trying to chase down every damn one of these things. We have. 300%. More investigations on licks them then that this department was doing before I got here. I had. We've already charged four people were not lawfully disclosing. Classified material. Or with concealing contacts with federal officers. And by the way most of that kind of investigation in and so forth is secret into even as they trying to work out deals to trying find out who else is involved in the situation in anyway that's neither here and there. So we have this epidemic. A Benedict Arnold's throughout our government. Now let me ask a question as a matter of a logic. That people who are doing this do you think they support this administration. Three times as many do you think they supported the last administration absolutely. Keeping some of them are holdovers who squirrel their way into the bureaucracy from political appointment you better believe it. And do you agree let me. And one media outlets like the Washington compost among others the near ex lions. Run but this information even though it doesn't really have any any news value. That they hate America tour. And they hate this administration tour and the ends justify the means it supports. Yes of course the media have all but destroyed themselves. In this environment. They'll never be trusted again. Never. Then coats the national intelligence director who came up and spoke after sessions cuts seven go. In the last several years the US intelligence community has experienced some of the worst compromises. Of classified information in our nation's history. Those disclosures have been disseminated. To both the media and to our foreign adversaries house so we want to we want to thank our media when they get together again in Washington DC. In their penguin suits. You guys went penguin suits in the women ranked curtains. With all the grease and hair are the guys in the heavy duty make up with a win. When they're they're celebrating. Themselves. Looking down on you and me looking down on their country. I want you remember among those people. Are people who have assisted people who conducted espionage against this country. And they're trying to receive media awards for. People who have assisted felons within our government. Revealing national security information just as they could. As they sit there with expensive jewelry. And their hairdos. And all the rest of what you think about that. They have some. Third tier stupid comedian. Foul mouth there. Slobbering stupid joke. And among that crowd many among that crowd of so called journalists. Are people who have done enormous damage to this country and will continue to do enormous damage to this country in the meantime when it comes the least serious scandal involving. Bill Clinton and Loretta lynch. They cover up artists. The two they don't. Go ahead. Be absolutely clear this morning. These disclosures have resulted in a major threat to our national security. They endanger the men and women of the intelligence community. The armed services and those who serve overseas. They give our adversaries knowledge of our activities. They impede our ability to share information whether allies. There's also a real cost ten dollars to compensate for blown programs. And most importantly. As I have previously noted these unauthorized disclosures endanger the safety and security of Americans across the country. No big deal right. No big deal but Jeanne Shaheen. Eight democratic senator who barely won her reelection. What's on MS LSD yesterday. She finds all this. Justifiable. She defends it. Pat nine go. What do you make of the federal officials are allowing these transcripts to go public it does put it the president this situation can have a private conversations. I'm McClellan does about my experiences and when people. Feel like they need to leaks something like that it's because they have concerns about what's going on and I think that's one of the challenges when we have a president how. Do how do mental midget like this. Wind up in the United States had. They'll defend anything. Democrat as long as it's against Republican. Jeanne Shaheen. Is a dangerous halfway. She is defending. Felonious activity that undermines our national security in the ability of the president the United States to conduct business. And I challenger right here on national radio we're heard all throughout New England including New Hampshire. You said that your experiences. That when people feel like they need delete something like that it's because they have concerns about what's going on. What exactly is your experience machine. Even more. The leaks that have taken place of full transcripts of the president's discussions with foreign leaders. Tell me. What with in those transcripts justifies this phony expected. You see ladies and gentlemen. Mr. Conley justified. Leaks. Leaks as a former FBI Iraq. Any probably legally says the FBI director. What kind of signal does that send to people throughout our government. Here we have a senator from New Hampshire just the finally. Justifying. Criminal activity. I guess the country. I'll be right back. Open. Well. And coach wasn't done an about these leaks involving the the Russian investigation penny LIC. Offers avenues for whistle blowers. And protections for those individuals to report concerns without fear of reprisal. And there are other legal options available outside of those channels including notifying the congressional. Intelligence Committees. Or even their own congressional representative. Or senator for new congress. Having said this it is important to stress. That any disclosure. Of unauthorized. Channels. Have authorized use me any disclosure outside of authorized channels is a criminal offense. And we will simply not tolerate these illegal release of classified information. How much time rich. Well. Chuck Todd is NBC. Meet the depressed. He stood tall. When it tell you what he said after the bottom of the hour. Maxine Waters today. She was very excited about this too. He said. Well I want you to hear what she said she's on the view she's she's really out there she's become enormously popular among the left wing Kooks and knuckle heads. So next. Chuck Todd. And Maxine Waters. I'll be right back. Mark love on the radios. Principal patron had to call and now. At 87738103811. 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Ditch the fake news get on board with the only team of conservatives dedicated to covering the truth. Give us a call today at 844 living TV join the media revolution again. It's 844. LEV pie and TV. People really really enjoy it. I've done like 310320. Episodes and fifteen months. So we're very good at it. And I know you'll enjoy it. All right. That's go. Late Indianapolis Indiana had a great WS DM go. Market theater quite readily you hold on I apologize. Lee will be first thought I meant to get to two of the things just the finish by prosecution. Apologize Leo we'll get back to NBC's meet the depressed. Chuck Todd is a moderate. So having heard via. These sessions. Press conference and and coats as well. Here's what the tough guy puts out if DOT media source threat is real I assume it's not just a show presser to please the White House. And I look forward to ignoring that subpoena Todd wrote. How. I have this message for the intelligence committee and Department of Justice is open for business. And I have this morning for would be leaguers don't do it such sessions. The west way to stop leaks. Threats tied tweet apparently responding to sessions. So according to Chuck Todd. A former hill Democrats Stafford to Tom Harkin one of the real left wing lunatics. According to Chuck Todd. This is all a hoax to please the White House. According to a she and the senator from New Hampshire she encourages people leaks because her experience with leaks is that people who leak. Really have a justification or. Cheers it's encouraging people to commit felonies endanger our national skit that's United States senate. Chuck Todd is a immediately. Not chopped wedge to go to for a prison record time and any room up with a an MS thirteen guy I think you ought to try it for a while maybe lose a little weight. He wanted when he won't when he third rule and now warm water and so forth. I think chuck and then do some stories from prison. I say you know maybe it's good for some of these reporters to expansionist. Mark you're obviously against the freshman know not you are not free whatever walk of life herein. You are not free. The damage to national security United States I don't care if you're reporter. A professor. And member of congress. A plumber doesn't. Doesn't matter. So let given a shot truck. They do get some lighters and then from. An element pop. Match chalked up. Now let's get back to Maxine Waters Shelley. The new hero the Democrat party. I don't know as she replaced Bernie Sanders. Again she's on the view. And there's a house by the name of a host a house here. Nobody knows that so many and they come in and add psychic Congo line. Cut and go. There's a lot of Democrats that are disturbed by it is because of threatens our national security. Are you disturbed by and no not at all but I am so glad they're telling us what's going on and any easier these conversations they're confidential my friend and I sat. There anybody who works for Maxine Waters personal video. And what you believed everything she's doing their office. This lake at. They get. You need to tell us all that's going on in her office. The good the bad the ugly and the ugly again. I had. Conversations. Cannot listen to the clapping seals in the audience. Filled with people who don't work. As they ticketed on the day. Filled mostly wood yet. In the audience clapping and there's an applause signed on on. Eighteenth in bed and I on camera clack clack clack clack. Pathetic. Diet. He is in the White House where he he's got people working for him that don't believe in him don't like what he's doing. And I don't let. That's a slowdown big mouth and you are big. You are you all right. Anyway AM. These leaks aren't coming from the White House these these calls are transcribed elsewhere. I'd like to know where they're transcribed as the NSA. What went off as transcribed these conversations how hard is it to track this down. Does anybody working for Maxine Waters like pair by the way if not please leaked to help. I don't what you know. I had. And public appraisal well it is not at all and what what's that that hideous name beat Tony comedian whether what is it. Jobe pay joy bay hi Joseph they hire whenever. Julie gave him a lot joy they block comes out and she they're not the eight days there there act with some blow and Pablo and it's oh joy with miraculous negatives that he says Ben. I had. Says here that he can not have a candid conversation with the leader does this intelligent parents and their obviously on the wrong show. I had. Max does not gonna wanna have a conversation that is anymore can they could get leaked Australia and countries are not gonna wanna get on the phone with but don't believe everything okay let me tell you is something Mexican LA shot up. Maxine. In the did tell us saying your moron. Hi ladies and gentlemen. Let's take some calls showing. So out Staten Island the great WA BCA go. Michelin then yes give it yes first one. Give you a compliment on your show you what without a doubt. And the targeted at the listen to you the most knowledgeable person on the radio. And TV. No question about. Thank you went about it would have ban on airport radar and some immigrants. Are important. Because what what do what I would like anyway thank you I appreciate. What I would like to. Well you. Yet about the Google does sessions. I understand that you that you saw Marshall told. Me president trump. But what does that have to do that the bank out yet you know any wrong. And they got hit and he's not that he's not investigate big guys you know. But the uranium is related to Russia because of the Russians got. The reason why should absolutely it has because. I don't think they see all that is open to investigation. Because they tackle (%expletive) hole and I agree with that. So quiet upstart that why why it would fly. We need we know we may have been on on the because they don't think this way. But there are members of congress who do think display and were demanding special counsel to look in the all these issues you raised. But we can have a special counsel. Who was. Was given birth without any criminal statutory basis. Of an investigation. Under the bury a model. Under the Stalinist model. Well if you have a parent you know where where I'm. If you have AF AA person you he you have a crime in other words we'll dig in dig in dig it till they find when a contract one. So I don't disagree with is now that it's not gonna come that way. Get what would the way I see this and I'm not a cop shores. Or anything like I have to be I don't I'll send it out every. You know pretend to be you'll try to. You know peace Morton good definitely of their political options stop or doubt about. All of us Danish. Stop stop. I think about it. While I think they are I think they are hurting. And and it's it's common sense it's common sense given his crimes didn't play goal at the testament situation. Does have. Good. Guess they're one of them so completely. Our rights have now you're making a point a lot of people said this in the agree with the of I definitely understand your point. I write so I appreciate it let me go back to lean Indianapolis go ahead. These are. Not your find an elegant evening I hope you're back you'll ever tracked. Thank you. What I wanted to say it was I know you've often referred to decrypt the Pretoria and guard medias the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party. I think of the last piece of the left. But now that the F progresses or out of power that they are basically flipping the hierarchy. And the Democrat party is almost becoming. The governmental arm of the media and they're trying to set the agenda. Through different things in for example I'm if you remember right after colonies fire when Chuck Schumer was on one of the Sunday shows. He had been calling for companies are he and the interview or not forget who lost. Said well yes wouldn't that be obstruction of justice. And Schumer would like no other president has the authorities say well wouldn't that be obstructing so I think in a great way to media is called nativity remember Keith Olbermann. Calling for the leaks of chrome accent. Should Keith Obermann who in the hell is that. Belgrade well he used to be you and I know I'm educated unfair and it let me let me just tell you that socially. And a slightly. Modified take guns. I believe the Democrat party is independent of the government and the government is attendant to the Democrat party in many ways they're one in the same this is why the Democrats a fight to the political death. Never to lose that territory they gained in terms of this massive. Federal leviathan not to eliminate a program department and agency a full time equivalent employee nothing. Because that is their power base. And when I say the Democrat party I mean this this ideological progressive movement which has slight the aliens taken over the Democrat party. But same with the media this really no distinction. Very minor fabric. Between the policy advances in the ideological demands of the left and the media. They just aren't. So when I talk about the progressive left and an end their relationship to government the progressive left created. This federal leviathan. It wasn't constitutional conservatism it's not based on Americanism it's based on this progressive as an that I write about and I pray that people were read the book rediscovering Americanism. Because that's the point. And the media are part of it they call them cheerleaders pom -- boys and girls the rockettes. The media are not the media the media have become as much as a propaganda wing of this government. As Putin's media has become a propaganda wing of his government. There are exceptions but there are exceptions that's the point. And then they they they talk about the First Amendment. A British challenging their first amendment rights they're challenging our first amendment rights of course but let me challenging their first amendment rights were just calling them out. As a propagandist that they are the people call them fake media and it's a very very good nomenclature to give them. All right Leo minutes and you signed copy rediscovering Americanism don't hang up I'll be right back. Program. Any amazing. Okay. And it's actually been indicted and is going to stand trial. Is Bob Menendez the senior senator from New Jersey nobody talks about the entering its third year criminal charges. As they point at a US news nobody talks about nobody even cares. He's a Democrat. That's the real scandal. How do you think. He Republican who's been under indictment going on three years they'd be able to come. Now hold on to their seat in the senate and house. Now of course the Republicans would be the first to throw them out cause they're gutless wonders. But this is the reason why Eric Holder never appointed a special counsel the redolent stare appointed a special counsel. They just dig in and they don't give a crap what the law is what the constitution is the media there to defend their every move. You know. Liberals had an easy. They lie they get away with a cheap they get away with and in some cases they commit crimes and and I required really. But of course it's us we're the ones who are out vial one. Causing upset. And so forth and so on UN may wait don't. Right. Zip recreating you know the best way few business the succeed is to hire great people with hassle free job postings and easy candidate screenings. Zip recruiter can can can that help bring the best talent to your business. How did you know zip recruiters in use by fortune 100 companies and thousands of small and medium size companies. If you want to find the perfect time he need to post your job on all the top job site and now you can't. Was it recruited dot com you can post your job to 100 plus job sites including social media networks like FaceBook and Twitter all with a single click. Find candidates at any senior industry nationwide. Just post once and watcher qualified candidates Roland does it recruiters ease of the user interface. No juggling emails or calls to your office. Quickly screen candidates rate them and hire the right person things he wanna find the perfect hire. You need to post your job on all the top job sites and now you can't woods are recruited. And right now my listeners you know you can post jobs on chip recruiter for free. I going to zip recruited dot com slash love man. That zip recruited dot com slash LEV IN one more time to try it for free it is your recruited dot com slash event. By the way you know somebody said to me just and that little bit ago during the break mr. producing. Exactly quite interest thing and I will share this with the audience just just so the audience gets the yeah. Know the feel of what takes place. Because I think yet you folks in the audience who like to hear this from time to time. It took CNN. To play some of my content comments out of context. About the coup about what was taking place about the effort that up and the election. It took CNN to place some of that and for me to address them. Among conservatives were on radio and TV. He didn't play award it. Isn't uninteresting mr. but it. Not aware of it. Not awarded it. Even some of my own affiliates that I listen to. A play this guy on fox in this town CNN in this got out on their own station. CNN place. It's just weird I can't explain I cannot explain it. We make very very powerful arguments for liberty here. We make very very powerful even cerebral arguments. For constitutional isn't here. They should be. Ignored they should be embraced. As far as I'm concerned. All right and any time left here to grab a call. Answer is no by the way out. In the middle of my actually in our second segment. In our next power we will have the great senator. Mike Lee commutes. I think Mike Lee can honestly be called mr. conservative. There's a couple of really really great great people in the senate who would you agree that minister producing. We'll be right back. Old babies Saturdays Steele is backward at season's biggest one day deal 50% off all teens plus kids tease it girls tanks and legs were just three dollars one day only tomorrow it'll may be an old maybe dot com Doughty products are ordeals a how a is there. Oh yeah. Normally underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel when nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the. Hello everybody mark within hours three. Senator Giuliani in a few minutes I number 8773813811. 8773813811. Have you heard the good news for channel or much of it the US labor market hit its stride in July reports Bloomberg as employees added workers had a solid clip. The jobless rate matched a sixteen year low and monthly wage growth picked up. One now. What do you think about that. And no we don't care about that Canada company tension of that. Job gains were broad based during July led by the excuse me largest company lesion has been touting employment. Since September 2015. And move driven by gains at restaurants. Oh I didn't think Americans do those jobs mr. Purdue's. Parent also had five month highs in manufacturing and education and health services. The drop in the jobless rate reflected a 345000. Rise and employed people and household survey. While the number of unemployed was little changed. Strong household incomes and buoyant consumer confidence are helping to propel the man. While rebounding global growth has provided more opportunities for American exporters. We job vacancies closed her record highs employers are reluctant to fire workers keeping jobless benefit claims to the lowest in four decades. This is almost all positive. Almost all. And so of course he gets smothered mail to crack. Here's another story idea. I don't allow this stuff to get past. We keep an eye on what goes on. In our in the country very closest ally. Because they have the struggle of many of the same things we do and vice averse. This is from Jewish press dot com. The listener that. European funded European funded Arab nongovernmental organizations that these non profits. They're active in a role in the campaign supporting the Palestinian authorities saying convicted terrorists and their families. In direct opposition to the policies in human rights. That they claim they support. You know. Ngo monitor research demonstrates that the south describe human rights NGOs non profits. Like the Palestinian center for human rights. I'll Hough. RI yap what ever gab about it though I guess that any hall payment of salaries violates international law. And that terrorists' rights. Hello and that terrorists' rights. In sharp contrast to the organization stated human rights missions. A number of Palestinian groups receiving European government funding. Assert that terrorists have a right to receive salaries. And that's suspending these payments is a violation of international law says Ngo monitor president professor Gerald Steinberg. Ngo officials have also not questioned the legitimacy. Of Palestinian violence and some of their statements can be interpreted. As veiled threats meant to be event and ended two out to the payments. On July 281. Of the group's directors ride Jean's ceremony. Who himself has been convicted her membership in the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine terrorist organization. Called a decision to stop payment stated these terrorist prisoners shocking. And said it's illegal in morrow violates the basic law and international human rights. Director of all hot and show Juan Jabber and Jack Hirsch. And at the last. We'll also is alleged ties. To the TF LP paragraph. On July 7 stated that if they're right Terry wrote it where heading for a real crisis of Palestinian society. And in due course toward an explode socket and threats huge you. You ledger. I caught it. Another way to York doesn't keep subsidizing terrorism. We're headed toward an explosion. There it this is not a civil society were talking about with the Palestinians I'm sorry they got Hamas and a top. Two terrorist organizations. Like I said I don't direct the Department of State cents. I don't care I did give a damn. So you are it's funny terrorist. McDonnell put up those metal detector can't do that. For everybody else yet. Not the Palestinians. If they're so well behaved over there they're so well behaved no cannons. And now know that no metal detect this. Pat we're subsidizing that perished you know we're doing all we can to appease them and just to keep them quiet over there and meanwhile. What are the Arabs don't. They keep them in these sad these these confined areas. So they continued to our. Riot and protest and do whatever they do. Unbelievable. I'm sick of the news we take a few more calls someone yet mightily in here. Carter Austin, Texas on the mark let them act out. Mark they stick Mike called Ben Shapiro served on each year show you might you know Bob. Couple books in years rediscovered Americanism and it's been the best education I've I've ever so they keep that he's well thank you. One askew record collided just Jeff Sessions. Pursuant. These leaks did it that you would go as far as to. C got her journalist. And resources. As soon might he said today he might. You know it's interesting about this point you raise the now Obama and holder didn't think twice about going after journalists they went after the Associated Press tonight and a dozen or two of their staffers. Tapped their phones literally. They went after James Rosen a reporter at fox. Intercepting conversations on his cellphone and conversations. Of his parents. This is the Obama administration the these surveillance administration of all time. And of course the press barely. Barely a whimper of complaint here Chuck Todd has edited a jam and I say let's throw his ass in jail if in fact. If in fact. He is not prepared to reveal national security information that threatens our families and threatens this country. There I didn't. Yeah no that's that's an excellent point and I'm sure that the other collateral a lot are different would this administration I'm pretty. Solemn yet. But thank you so much. For your input your insight and bell and thank you keep up Purdue where are being are being heard all over the place. Well I really appreciated thank you but here's another one I can't ignore us. Chuck Ross at the daily caller. Special counsel Robert Mueller is decision to impanel a grand jury in Washington DC. Will prove very unfavorable the president trumpet part because of the ethnic and racial composition a jury members. To what that means is it's it's overwhelmingly minority. In the courts in the media have turned trump into anti minority. Now the place where it should have been a panel. Is in Alexandria Virginia. In Alexandria Virginia. But you panel sit in Washington DC. That's how corrupt this guy. I don't wanna hear Robert Molly. You know whatever challenges like that matters. Equally hiring he doesn't even they are about an appearance of conflicts. Not even a second thought. And the fact of the matter is the paddles a grand jury in Washington DC. They created enormous advantage for himself he's the one whose racial profiling is stereo type. What in fact it should have been impaneled. In Alexandria Virginia. Which by the way is also a heavy minority population. That's that's fine. But this is what he's done. Write in ballot will take a break when we terrible mightily. Close the program. I don't know welcome senator Mike believe. The conservative in the senate there are several that to me this guys the iconic. Example of that from Utah Harry is there. Great thank you very much where. You're at a recent event senator and you were praising a lot of what the president is doing at this point now you and I supported Ted Cruz in the Republican primary. And so we supported Donald Trump in the general election. I'm tell us what you're finding appealing. What I like is something that he started signaling. A bit eerie beginning of his presidency remembered its inaugural speech. If that this represents the transition not just from one president to another not just from one party to another. But I transfer power from Washington DC back to the American people. I'd love that statement it's a theme that we've seen carried out we've seen it carried out with. His nomination of Neil course which to the Supreme Court which scenic carried out with the fact that he's taken down sixteen rep regulations for every new federal regulation issue. Did he is the kind of thing we need to see Mora in Washington DC sending power back to the people were blocks. And look where he is on immigration I mean his proposal is is is totally sound and responsible. And and that that's what's really traveling media Mike and year you're an expert on the constitution. The constitution's being turned inside out here with a special counsel on the prowl we have. Committees of congress who that a in my view not the you don't agree that mean far. Focused in some cases focused on the wrong things. We have what is just. The president taking agree with the Momo things are not taking it from every quarter. Do you do you sense this team. Yes I do and these are the things that happen mark what do we deviate. From the twin structural protections of the constitution we take power away from people or move it to Washington. In which in Washington we handed over to executive branch bureaucracy. We get so busy having the federal government do things it was never intended to do. If it failed to do the few things like immigration that only the federal government can do and that was unambiguously opera to do by the constitution. That's where they get into this tail chasing in this this pattern that is it healthy is it productive isn't really good training. And an even look at some of these judicial decisions where. Early on in the president's administration. You had local officials and state officials and organizations. Form shopping looking for Obama appointed judges in Hawaii. In California. In Maryland and other places. Our circuits. Before Obama left of them loaded up with activists and so forth so. We even have. More than I remember in my lifetime we even have a concerted effort. By various courts in various jurisdictions. To advance the progressive agenda even when the president's operating fully within his constitutional bounds. Pat that's exactly right and Bayer are making that more severe making the impact of what felt that would force strongly. Bite slowing down the confirmation process. If the senate were to proceed along its current pace in confirming president trumps nominees should administration will be fully staffed eleven years from now. Long after his current term of office expires. This is a problem in deer they're dragging their feet put a simple purpose. Up delaying his ability to implement his own agenda so that the deep state can take over so that. Those who wore long term employees of the federal government can undermine the very chief executive. To whom they report that a problem. Do you find. What goes on in the United States senate congress generally. Frustrating. You know the right things were in the majority people campaign on one went in on a particular agenda. And we'll push comes to shove there's a Republican president. He can deliver a mop the repeal obamacare you can deliver a mop real. You know serious slash is an hour and a tax code he couldn't deliver that stuff up but it's not delivered up. She now that you're exactly right at what it incredibly frustrating it's one of the reasons why a as a matter of catharsis I've read books were the greens were ever written out of history to explain what happened. And who what we saw last week would help here. Is shock. The fact that we as Republicans have campaigns or seven years. For every single federal law that way ever every house senate and presidential candidate I've seen from the Republican Party the last seven years has campaigned. On one consistent threat. Which is to repeal obamacare we got right up to it and some upper river wouldn't do. And we for the time being up walked away from that is immensely frustrating. That suggests that somehow the government it is self perpetuating force that we the people can't let it be that way it must never be that way and we can't. Therefore we can't isn't it simply accepted. Is there ever any serious discussion in the senate. About addressing this massive debt problem that we can. Yes there's a lot of discussion. But the problem is that it hasn't done much farther. What ever every so often peppery. Six to eighteen months or so. We reach yes I and has statutorily mandated death feel we're approaching another one of those times right now this gives this. Another opportunity to address. That fact we've accumulated twenty trillion dollar in debt. Detectives who were showing no signs of stopping at any time soon. In congress ought to take the opportunity whenever we've reached the death feel the borrowing limit for the federal government. Step back and say hey wedeman. Oh why are we spending at this where what and why don't we make some adjustments along the way. Sometimes it's Republicans who stand in the way of that very thing and it should never happen. Are you concern and time and my audiences are you concerned. That the president. Is facing so many. Distractions that are put upon him by these investigations and so forth putting into this kids. Here we have North Korea. Perfecting their ICBM is a nuclear weapons here we have China. Threatening Indian now trying to take over the South China Sea in the east Tennessee among other things. Here we have Russia buzzing our planes and and threatening us Weaver ran violating that phony deal to begin with and in the. President is he under this this. And I must wake up every morning so what the hell that I do this for. I'm concerned for the security of the nation when all this stuff gone. Unsecured. Can turn to the street the nation I'm also concerned. Or the ability of this president. To achieve what this Kroger has somewhat uniquely in in recent history committed to do which is shifting power away from Washington. Back to the American people. The more the president has to focus on who whatever the yeah. Whatever inflammatory factual alleged against him that particular day. Less he's going to be able to focus as much as we got to be the focus on protecting us from threats from abroad or threats from within. Within our own government threats that the federal government itself present to the American people by way of their liberty. And by way of doing it constitutional protection perhaps that's why the American people ought to be concerned. It might impact we one minute. But I not I'm gonna ask you this may we will bring it affected us are you concerned about the future of the Republican Party and we need elections. About the principles if any that the Republican Party stands for. Oh sure absolutely. If at the end of the day. Are or most consistent promised over the last seven. Which would repeal obamacare is bad even can't be fulfilled. It even that somehow too much at very concerned about the soul of the Republican Party. We are supposed to be the party of limited but we are supposed to be reporting about bigger stronger citizens. Who are not held captive by their own government. We have to maintain that. And if we don't I I don't know what purpose or parties or. Senator Mike Lee keep up the good fight we are listening out here millions and millions of us you'd be well god bless there thank you that you. A wonderful man a person to way. I shall return. My my very good yours but a common liberal. Talk to Marc Mauer at 8773813. Warm water and now ladies and gentlemen he's tired of. Feeling insecure about the stretch marks that just won't go away. You have to admit they're not exactly the most attractive thing I think mr. producing. Not that you haven't you never know. Introducing no virus from chaminade eight breakthrough scientific formula two week you eliminate the appearance of stretch marks and so that's right. Is he even the ones you've had for years for nothing else worked. Navarre uses brand new intensely and technology. All kinds of important ingredients. 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And it's in the epilogue of we discovery Americanism. For those of you who haven't. In this pamphlet later book the law. Rick in 1850. And in the same year he died. French economist and statesman Frederick bust you up. Before I go for it. Frederick bus that was one of Ronald Reagan's favorite philosophers. And in his living room Ronald Reagan had a number of Chelsea building shelves. Well lots of important books. Books about philosophy and economics books about law. Books about history. He read all the time he was enormously informed. I'm like Barack Obama. And yet they tried to portray him as foolish. As stupid as the guns. But he wasn't any of those things as you know. Trip response to that was one of his favorites. In that book and I'm telling you about the law was on the shot. And is pamphlet the law. Which became a book. I get explain that the perversion of the law. Is the perversion of justice. Just as being a primary purpose of the civil society. When you listen to Maxine Waters. When you listen Shaheen. From New Hampshire. When you listen to these media figures. Talk about the Russian collusion issue war. Trump's on the stat that and a son along. When you hear people talk about in terms that Stalin's. Security chief with talk about you got to look for the crying even though there is no. There's there's there's no prima facie case of anything no no basis for anything. That's their mentality. The law has been used. As he perversion of justice. Now let me quote from my book which quotes. Bastia. When the law has exceeded its proper functions. Is not done so merely in some inconsequential. And debatable matters. The law has gone further than this. Is acted in direct opposition to its own purpose. The law has been used to destroy its own objective. It has been applied to annihilating the justice that it was supposed to maintain. To eliminating and destroying Wright's. Which it's real purpose was to respect. The law has placed a collective voice at the disposal of the unscrupulous. Who wish without risk. To exploit the personal liberty and property of others. It is converted plunder into our right. In order to protect plunder. And it is converted lawful defense into a crime. In order to punish lawful defense. In this was the inspiration for plunder and deceit but. That's so this is what you're saying taking place today as I read from rediscovering America. This is what's taking place. All this chatter all the static on TV and radio. What does the law say it doesn't matter what the laws that that's not how it's being used. I am deeply. Fearful. The what's happening to this republic. Decriminalization of politics. The phony arguments. For pursuing a president in his plan. The lack of virtue. By these public officials. These zombie like obsession. Would destroying him and his family and his administration. Not debating. Not legitimate opposition. Now. Destruction. He desperation. Criminal nation. We're losing American. It is we've already lost. But we're definitely losing. In the media not only play along. The immediate surely. The media represent the government. The media work with felons who are leaking. From within the government. The Democrat party and message its power through the government. The Democrat party in Washington. Will never allow. One inch. Of territory seized by the government. To be given back to us we the people in the private sector. That's why there's this battle over obamacare. We say repeal it they say nationalist. There's no respect for the rule of law. Whether it comes to the attacks on the present the United States. Our immigration law. There's no respect for the rule of law whether it's federal district courts in many cases and circuit courts in many case. None. The constitution is a place. Can't really seriously abide by something that was written so long ago now can relate to him. That was then this is now. That was then then that that this is now and that was them. So despite the democratic features that are republic. Alexis Tocqueville wrote in democracy in America. The outcome of such a situation. There's a soft tyranny. Any threatening aggressive care. Miss condemning what. Is it condemning what is going on today. In the progressive administrative stay. To Tocqueville explained and I quote again from my book when the sovereign is elective. Are narrowly watched by a legislature. Which is really elective and independent. The oppression that he exercises over individuals who sometimes great. There's always less degrading. Because every man when he is oppressed and disarmed. Many still imagine a while yields obedience. It is to himself he yields. And that it is still one of his own inclinations at all the rescue way. In like manner I can understand that when the sovereign represents the nation and is dependent upon the people. The rights in the power. Which every citizen is deprived serve not only the head of the state. But the state itself. And that private persons derive some return. From the sacrifice of their independence which they have made to the public. To create a representation of the people and every centralized countries they afford to diminish the evil. An extreme centralization make reduced but not get rid of what he's saying there is. Sure you vote. Sure it's at the of representatives. But the vote is increasingly irrelevant. He representatives are lesser and lesser representatives. Yeah we like to think of ourselves as a republic. And his point is under these circumstances. You're not. Where Republican name on. All the many hours. Of TV broadcast. On network TV. On cable TV on satellite TV. Hour after hour show after show host after host documentary after documentary. This is never discussed. That is the events that are swirling around us. Endangering. Our liberties. Are individuals. Endangering what we inherit. They're never discussed. Ever. Not even in passing. There used to be shows like firing line. They used to be one offs you know. That had a series of ten or twelve shows like free to choose I Milton Friedman. Just every now and then even public TV. With throw us a crown. We only get crimes anymore. It's full scale propaganda. In defense of a growing tearing. That's what it is. When you're fighting a bully your hiring here. Call it like it is only in the IRS's scary what can possibly be scary than owing the most powerful debt collector in the country. And with every passing day your prime gets bigger it gets scary you need answers to questions like what can I do what in the Irish outta me. For starters they can take your paycheck in your bank accounts. And how do you survive that's why you never take on the IRS alone. Call my friends at optimum tax relief they're the experts I know exactly how to work with the iris. They understand how intimidating this could be for anybody. 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Had a 380 college since there were profile. Princeton Review produces a list of the top twenty colleges ranked in various categories listen to this number a 50 professors. Number sixteen on their students love of the college number seventeen on most accessible. Professors number seventeen on students most engaged in the community and of all these colleges. He also calculate ratings in eight categories based on institutional data. Ratings are based on a scale a sixty to 99. 98 for professor accessibility 99 for professor interest 94 for academics. 91 for quality of life. This is a hell of a school. Only about 15% of America's 2504. Year colleges and only four colleges outside the US are profiled in the book. And in its profile in Hillsdale College Princeton Review notes and admission is a privilege extended to students. Will benefit from and contribute to the academic social. And spiritual environment to the college. In port determinant for admissions our intellectual curiosity ambition leadership and volunteers. It's a great school. Hillsdale College if you have a young person and. College age. Men I guess admissions are overvalued and about now but if they have really solid grades and really Soledad escort. You don't want to send in the school where all of a sudden they become Che Rivera. Cheney ground there who what where. Hillsdale as the place to go I think. There they do ecologists and I happen to know a lot about this one in particular. All right ladies and gentlemen. Here is we're gonna play Ray Charles and America we do it every Friday in honor of year. Here we go. Q do. He moves. And Marines. Whom others. Yeah. Should love me. Mad he. Okay. Okay. It. A man who. Hillary. Look for them. And it's. Yeah. We're collecting here. News. Yeah. Love them. I heard from. Majesty. And you. Okay. This. It's. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Reseller armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. And I just writing and I grabbed me and I Pepsi. And I smokey and I Zelda. And I want to thank each and every one idea of. For being the great patriots and Americans who you are trying to enjoy the weekend we will be back on Monday. Get out try to get the Taliban get ice. Don't look bad news. I see on Monday god bless. Comprised of one million dollars what color is no White House. I know this in the movies. I'm second I'll. Switching to Geico continued bunch of money and car insurance. Judges and stretch of Kevin no. It gives you know oil and Geico because city 13% or more current insurance is always agreed.