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8/2/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Aug 3, 2017|

The RAISE Act, a bill to roll back the nation's unprecedented levels of unfettered immigration in favor of a merit-based immigration system, is outstanding. Immigration is not a program. It is not a policy that’s for the benefit of the foreigner. The purpose of immigration is to benefit the ...

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So what would you do with and her 500 dollars a month in your budget 500 bucks this isn't hypothetical by the way this is something you may need to think about very soon if you decide to become a member. And share many shares a way to pay for your health care and typically costs 500 dollars less per month for family vs other health care plans. Seriously think about this you could pay off loans speed on a mortgage save the money for retirement donate to charity. It would be a big deal it's not like here's the best thing. Many share. Works it has 250000. Members and growing fast with meta share not only be safe. You know not to pay for things you don't believe in either and that is beautiful thing to you. So here's how you can find out more and you might actually wind up saving even more than 500 dollars a month. Check into it here's the number or call 85551. Bible that say 5551. Bible now available in Montana call 85551. Viable. He's here. Now. Normally underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript. Building. Once again made contact without a leader. Everybody mark living here are number 877. Create 13811. 73813811. Looks like death. Kim let crony AKA Jim coming just that two million dollar book deal. Incredible. How these. Perpetrators. Collect so much money. Gore it's worth hundreds of millions of dollars to Clinton's worth hundreds of millions of dollars Obama. He and his wife sixty million dollar book deals and that's just the beginning. Calm me the crony. The two million dollar book deal tell all book deal from a former FBI director that seemed kind of perverse to me. So the ways these people become enormously rich after release leave office. And I actually build anything actually haven't done anything. But the powers that be make sure that they line their pockets with millions and millions of dollars meanwhile we attacking American business that actually creates things like jobs. Like prosperity. Like products like services. These same politicians become filthy wealthy. I mean Bernie Sanders has three homes. If you're a preaching marks. Why would hit three homes. Wouldn't be immoral. Eagle given them more later. Trump administration. Is trying to limit immigration. And it's high time. It's high time the trump administration through the United States Department of Justice our man. Jeff Sessions is looking into whether or not Caucasian. American citizens are being discriminated against because of their race. I universities and colleges and liberals don't even want them to look into it. It's are so busy trashing caucasians. That they can't possibly have any rights. Here children and grandchildren many of you. Symmetry colorblind society right. And so things are on the move. This story here we'll get into Al Gore's home on a daily caller did hours 34 times more electricity. Than the average household. These fools on the left. They want us to live one way. In destitution. And they get eleven auto. Let's get in the immigrant excuse me immigration briefly. Washington examiner president trump announced today he will support. He revised senate bill that would implementing merit based point system for foreigners who apply for permanent status or green cards through their employer. He's right. It will keep sneaking across the border and do stuff like that. I think that's exactly the right position to take. Let's listen to what he had to say how one mr. produce ago. To raise act will reduce poverty increase wages and save taxpayers billions and billions of dollars. It will do this by changing the way the United States issue is green cards. To nationals from other countries. Green cards provide permanent residents seem to work authorization. And fast track to citizenship. For decades United States was operated and has operated a very low skilled immigration system. Issuing record numbers of green cards too low wage immigrants. This policy is place substantial pressure on American workers taxpayers and community resources among those hit the hardest. In recent years have been immigrants. And very importantly minority workers competing for jobs against brand new arrivals. And it has not been fair to our people to our citizens to our workers. And why is his controversial except for the Democrats the Democrats have decided that. The way to win back all branches of government is to race. The Democrats. Really are the racists. They try to bring as many people from the third well as possible because the assumption is they're gonna vote for Democrats and in many cases they will. Because they're not familiar. With a Americanism. And they're not gonna be assimilated into American is. Thanks that'll less control of our universities and colleges and public schools. Thanks still left an immediate. So many people will not be assimilated into American is an instead they'll be assimilated into a massive centralized welfare state. March front cut to go out. The rays act ends chain migration. Strong chain migration is somebody comes into the country. Then all sorts of blood relatives get the file. Why. You came in our country and I gonna bring. Your family distant relatives into the country. Well it's the only humane thing to do what ifs it's the only humane thing to do than go back home. You know before we go any further. We need to understand the purpose of immigration immigration is not. Is not a program it is not a policy. That's for the benefit of the alien fired. That's for the benefit of more people overseas that's for the benefit of the Third World there. Raising your upper Western New York or whatever part of the world you wanna look at. The purpose of immigration. It's a benefit the American citizenry. That's the number one priority all we hear about is the war alien. What are they gonna do all we hear about is the DREAM Act the propaganda that phony titles the pony laws the executive Fiat. Beat her this and immigration. It's to support the American citizenry and the American culture. And American business. That's right. The purpose of immigration is not to bring it is many people from all over the world as possible. To increase the ranks of the Democrat party and expand a welfare state. And it's time we take this argument back. Northern racist. Let the Democrats they always mad men and they still aren't don't believe in a colorblind society. This I'll explain later on this affirmative action issue. I had. The rays act ends chain migration. And replaces our low skilled system where they new points based system. For receiving a green card marriage merit. Marek. It. Our responsibility to take every welfare case all of the way out the stretch ourselves. Sorry. These other countries. Should try to copy our economic system. I had. Application process will favor applicants who can speak English. That financially support themselves and their families. And demonstrate skills that will contribute to our economy now let's stop this used to be. Noncontroversial. Because these used to be the generals. Speak English he self sufficient. You're gonna contribute to America. Might not wedeman. I have to speak English at the bees also Fisher did that contribute to America. A bit at tens of millions of people who won't be able to come to America exactly. Exactly. Our nation state borders of the culture. With institutions of the belief system in history. At the progressives don't care about that remember those and you've been reading rediscovering Americanism. It's just more of the same more of the same. In every aspect of society every aspect of American life try to destroy our traditions and I customs. That's what's going on. I had. The rays act prevents new migrants and new immigrants from collecting welfare. And protects US workers from being displaced. Now you watch. Some SOB will go on front of some SOB left wing judge. About how try. To do with the constitution says he has that it what's happening in our federal courts ladies and gentlemen. Is criminal. What's happening now is the federal court for the most part are rolling. That anything that's been done on the progressive left is enshrined in the constitution. Anything that's been done by the progressive left is enshrined in the constitution and there's no way to undo this is pretty much the attitude. Of the increasingly fascist state judiciary that's right dissect. I had. And that's a very big things they're not gonna come in and just immediately go and collect welfare and that doesn't happen under the race act they can't do that. Well oh you must be a racist you must be a big. Cut break out. Crucially the green card reforms. In the rays act will give American workers a pay raise. By reducing unskilled immigration and this used to be the position. And the NAACP. This used to be the position of the southern leadership. These Southern Christian Leadership Conference. This used to be the position of the Democrat party Walter Mondale on the others. He used to be the position of the migrant workers union. And we did a whole show and I remember that mr. Bettis. But now it's not. Now. The opposite is Eckert go ahead. Just lay she will not only restore competitive edge in the 21 century but it will restore the sacred bonds of trust between America and its citizens. This legislation demonstrates our compassion for struggling American families. Who deserve and immigration system that puts. In their needs terrorist and that puts America forest. Finally the reforms in the rays act will help ensure that newcomers to our wonderful country will be assimilated. Will succeed. And will achieve the American dream. You mean they have to learn English. Probably shouldn't have to do that all of us have to learn some foreign language don't you know. You need to be Renaissance men and women. Yep. This is an outstanding proposal. Outstanding proposals this is an outstanding objective of this administration. I couldn't be proud. This never would have happened with a Jeb Bush and telling the truth. It never would have happened what. 90% of the Republicans running for the presidency in the Republican primary. And handful cruise. That's actually all I can think up. This is very very important. But Mike Bloomberg who's in touch with the people it is nine or ten billion dollars. Doesn't believe in the bill or rights attacks the Second Amendment and on and on and on. I'm he's he takes this is a bad idea in egos on the morning Schmoll. To talk about the morning each mountaineer watched the people on his set I get a little clip site in I don't wanna throw up my eggs on my sneakers in the morning when I'm watching these guys. It's the White House panel I've ever seen have you noticed that mr. produce. No immigrants on the panel. This these white guys. One a white guy after that I am not offended. Let's call it what it is. I really why almost transparent. And Mike Bloomberg. I think he's the whitest of the white billionaires out they're dead I'm not offended whenever. In addition to being short. Pat forgo. What we need to do is to have more global trade because that creates jobs in America. Really more global trade well you know you get more global trade I'm not opposed to I'm not a protection. You get up by slashing taxes slashing regulations. Slashing obamacare. The Bloomberg doesn't support any. He's a big government the phone. He's got his nine or ten billion. But you know if you aren't too 300000 dollars is a family a firefighter and a teacher or whatever next test till march. I had. The politicians. Public reversed there's just not true. We need to be able to export our products around the world we need to be OK and EA and we know that duke was go ahead. Around the world. To build our products and we need to be able to retrain our people can start new businesses only need immigrants here or start new businesses we've already that. So we need immigrants here to start new businesses. Now ladies and generally if immigrants wanna come here and they have money to actually start new businesses that get a lot and I don't premise that. The president has no problem that under his new proposal. Tom cotton has no problem with that one of the senators proposing this if you got money you wanna start a job at business in America. And you could do that. And you speak English get a lot of not talking about that now finally. It Democrats this ice people who are successful. Whatever their background whatever their language whenever they genitalia. I had. You some of the jobs. That Americans don't wanna do. And won't what is it jobs Americans don't wanna do. What are the jobs Americans don't wanna do what we come back once again. I'm going to blow up this farce. In this Mitt. I'll be right back most of the open. He knew that Bloomberg. And the rest of them are liars. When they promote this this alive this nonsense. And immigrants are doing jobs Americans won't do. And I'm tired of American. Workers American businesses the American people being put down. I leftists by billionaires. I think. Thanks. Americans build everything. We build other countries we come to their rescue. We send our men overseas. And women. To fight at one hell hole after another. Public as well be without America. What we expect the whole Third World are we can't survive here in the United States at all why. And it's always been alive and I'm sick and tired. Americans don't America. All done immigrants still haven't reached that we allowed bid for the purpose of helping Americans build America. Now. The Democrat party is a cynical and sinister. Ideologically driven political operation. They don't want. Immigrants coming into this country to be successful they might success. And a one immigrants coming into this country is our businesses pay business. They don't want immigrants coming into this country get wealthy. They pay a rape. And I welfare. Entitlements. And redistributing well that's what they want. As many people as possible in this country on the doll. That's what the Democrats want. They despise this nation. How nasty explain 45%. Of the people on the Democrat party voting for Bernie Sanders. If you're Communists. Don't love America America has nothing to do what Communist. Nine on how we got to get this straight and other saying that trumps taken a very hard line position tried to magician. Used to be. The basic American government positions. Are presidents of both parties. You can't be on welfare you got a committee or have somebody got to have some kind of sponsorship. He got to speak English wow. Isn't this horrible. I'll be right back. I think champion and I'll freedom you know you're one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country would not believe this became world mark called march at 877381. 3811. And also think of one of the greatest champions of freedom in the Spanish speaking world. Now lab. By the way. We discovering Americanism I'm sure the New York Times is very upset about this will be on their list for the fifth week in around. For the fifth week in our. How much care about that. But it when he gave me little insight millions and millions of you thousands and thousands are poised to purchase the book minute pace something. If you go to right now it's 42% off the book is fifteen dollars and change. He retails for 27 box it's not gonna stay that way for long I know that's the lowest it's been since it's come out. So even thinking about it he is a Christmas gift for chronic a gift her birthday gift her gift here. Here's son and daughters take off the to a college or university now as the time that act because it's not gonna get any cheaper than that. Little over fifteen bucks and I also want Italian. These retail stores that sell books. I wanna thank them. Because they're getting to be few and far between it's very difficult to run an independent bookstore it's very difficult to run a chain bookstore these days. Books-A-Million Barnes & Noble are outstanding. And there are others. And the warehouse stores and wanna thank them to Costco and of course we have all Wal-Mart target you know. But now is the time to act I'm quite serious because it's not gonna go any lower and it's gonna pop up quite soon. I want to address this issue. And immigrants do jobs Americans won't let me just start with this one. This is from plunder and deceit. These books I write have a meaning may have a substance had a purpose. Open ended immigration takes a considerable tall on the job prospects. Of younger and less skilled workers as well as college educated graduates. Typically younger workers those between the ages of sixteen and 29. Are competing with the recent immigrants for similar jobs. Many younger people began working as waiters construction workers are grisly start collects. These are the types of guys many illegal immigrants also see how can that be you ask. After all as the argument goes illegal immigrants do jobs Americans will not do for example. The US chamber of commerce advocates widespread amnesty. To enable its members mostly large corporations to quote utilized immigrant labor when US work as we said not to be available on quo. The National Restaurant Association supports amnesty in part because quote they're too many jobs Americans won't do on quote. The Independent Institute a libertarian group has insisted. That low skilled immigrants quote do the jobs that wouldn't exist. The immigrants weren't there to do them on quote it claims that immigrants aren't substitutes for American labor they free up American labor to do jobs which more productive. The facts demonstrate the copy opposite. Now please listen to this you'll be more informed and have this information at your fingertips. Using the federal government's own statistics. Are statistics. CIS explains that the Census Bureau has identified what it classifies. As 472. Civilian occupation. Out of those 472. Civilian I can't occupations. Six. Are considered majority immigrant legal and illegal sticks. At a fourth 72. And those six occupations amount to about 1% of the total American workforce. But the jobs that are stereo typically thought the comprised mainly immigrants actually comprised mostly American citizens. Maids and housekeepers it is according to the government's own statistics. Maids and housekeepers. Are 51%. American citizens. Taxi drivers are 58% American citizens. Butchers or 63%. Citizen landscape Richard ground workers 64%. American citizen. Construction workers or 66%. Citizen. Porters now hops concierge is 72%. American citizens. Janitors 73%. American citizens. Moreover a sixteen point five million citizens have jobs. In the 67 occupations composed of a significant percentage of immigrants 25% or more in other words. Millions of Americans work in jobs bettering correctly but widely considered immigrant type. These high immigrant occupations as they call them. Are mainly low wage jobs requiring little formal education notably. Citizens and high immigrant occupation. Have a much higher unemployment rate than citizens who reckoned times they smaller percentage of immigrants. The logical conclusion is that although Americans hold more of the jobs and occupations set up a higher percentage of immigrants. Untold numbers of Americans. Particularly younger and less scale are having more difficulty. Finding jobs and these occupations. As immigrants are filling a growing percentage of them it is not that Americans won't do the job. I have to pay a fairway each. You can't pay am under the table. It got to be an honest business person. But the point is the statistics. Do not bear out. These liberal lie that Americans won't work. Americans will work. Americans do all kinds of work. America go to war. Americans don't roads. Americans will grow crops America's harvest crops and drill more oil America do everything. That's not to say we should have no immigrants nobody's arguing that. At least not not. But you want people coming into this country from other countries. That all contributed to this society. All wanna learn about our culture that a lot of assimilated to our culture. Better not a bottom up around who are illiterate in the language of their home country. Or not by. They passed that demonstrates that there will be on welfare. It is not our obligation. It is not our obligation. A brain people in this country. Who will drain every sources. Of the American citizen. That's not the purpose of immigration. Prior to the 1960s. This is well understood. And then. Take Kennedy the lion of the senate. A liar trap and quit at Chappaquiddick. He. And another senator. And members of congress the Democrats running wild in the 1960s. In the great society they changed a lot. They changed at all. But they said don't worry this change the country it's not gonna change the demographic of the country it's not gonna change the culture of the country it's not gonna affect blue collar workers. Farmers it's not gonna affect anybody don't Larry Ted Kennedy. I am telling you. At this Democrat party throughout most of our history. Was some little respite. Has been I am a cooperation. From slavery and Jim Crow. To open borders. Destroying our constitutional system. Yes it's true. Now Stephen Miller. The historic processions. Used to contact mr. producer all the time. He is one of the brain trust over there in the White House and I don't agree with everything on Miller on trade. And immigration this kid is right on. She's me this young man is right up. And here he's dealing with a another CNN fraud as CNN toady a liberal dressed up as a reporter. This guy Jim Acosta Jim Acosta has done more to destroy his reputation his credibility and almost any other so called report. That's got to cut five plays out but if you should immigration. It's actually adds in slowed we've had periods of very large waves. Poll by periods of less immigration a more immigration and during a meeting room you better version right now yeah no exactly yeah. Everybody sweeping. Shirley James you don't actually think it'll wall affects. Green card holes that stopped he's saying that because green cart policy has nothing to do. With quote unquote securing the border oral law that the purpose of a wall is to keep illegal immigrants had in this country. The green card is a legal past the somebody did to eventually get permanent residency not citizenship. So a green card which is exactly what this addresses the proposal from a from cotton and I believe it's Purdue. And the proposal being endorsed by the president has nothing to do what the law happen. I had leave do you actually that he knows that you actually think immigration is at a historic ball. Before were published in that saves today with the jets new agenda Obama they are talking about border crossing. You really well I want resurgent U meridian CNN not know the difference between green card policy and illegal immigration Zurich are mean to you really don't know that. He really doesn't know it. He doesn't know the forty to 45 people have 40% of the people who come here to this country on legal visas. Who violate the terms of the visa overstays that he sent. They become illegal aliens in this country. I perjuring themselves into countries their home country and our country when they fell out the forms. So we have millions and millions of people here who didn't crawl across the border who were brought here when they were four years old millions and millions of people who came here. Lying knowingly lying filling out papers they say they wanna be teachers are entertainers are temporary farm workers or whatever it is. And they decide not at all not outside my heart doesn't go up to these people. My heart doesn't go out to these people they want to be Americans know you don't get you know American by cheating. I jumping the line. And committing a crime I don't have a the misdemeanor or not. And that pays by the way of violating your visa. It's not a misdemeanor could well be a felony. Why don't I have compassion for that. At six go. And yes they may learn English as a second language they're on life seven what does all this whole notion of well they have learned you know they have to learn English. For the Illini. That cost again is an ignorance. Prior to fifty years ago. And even somewhat in the past decades. Yes you had to know English. In order to achieve in this country in order to participate in this country in order to be successful to get a job to take your your Pamela in order to pay taxes. In order to understand the declaration and constitution. Yes you need it now learning what. Why isn't so bad. I had. We just gonna bring in people from reverse and Australia just actually I'll tell Jose I am shocked. They your statement. Did you think that only people from Great Britain Australia would know English is actually it reveals your cosmopolitan. I guess to a shocking agree that in your mind oh this is an amazing this is an amazing though it's this is an amazing moment. Do you think only people from Great Britain or Australia would speak English is so insulting to millions of hardworking immigrants. Could you speak English from all over the world does not gonna you honestly Jim have you policy never met. Eight an immigrant from another country who speaks English outside a Great Britain Australia is that your personal experience Forsberg you come to the and it shows it shows your cult cult and biased and I just wanna say thanks to your current engineers. Racial and ethnic and flow of people it was not stop right there. This reporter should be fired. Because he's not a reporter. He's a radical leftist. You're trying to engineer the racial. And ethnic flow of people in this country. We know who's trying to do that the Democrat party. In have been trying to do it for decades. But trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of the people coming in this country to insist that they speak English. To insist that they not be welfare recipients from day one. You understand what a racist comment that is from this Jim Acosta. First of all that nobody speaks English around the world other than brits and aussies. Currently Google all the countries are teaching. And is it too much as people you wanna come to this country learn English. Even broken English learn some English. Because otherwise we have it teach in our public school systems and if they don't let our public school systems we created balkanized society. Rather than a United States. Or we had people speaking different languages. And it in on marriage the different cultures. This guy Jim Acosta is really and lightweight. He's a horrible. I had. It's the most outrageous and insulting. Ignorant and foolish things you've ever set and for you there's still a really. They are the notion that you think that this is a racist bill is so wrong and so insulting. He say it was racist should you get out. He said that this through this bill there it. You know sounds like you quote sounds like you're trying to engineer the racial and ethnic flow of people in this country. Absolutely unbelievable. What passes for reporters in this country. Absolutely unbelievable and all they're trying to do is get back to a process. That used to be the American process speak English. Show us that you have the ability to make a living so you don't go on welfare. And that you're gonna contribute to this aside. In the media gone nuts. The left wing Democrats are going nuts same thing really. Because they hate America. I told you it's Americanism. And the tyranny of progressive isn't that what it is. So I'm very tight. It's not a dying every place we could have voted for what was that guy's name. I don't remember rich will as the third party guy the staff or from Kathy McMullen what was it. McMullen. Could have voted for him mark. Could have voted for him. But take a look at the position the administration. On this issue. 100% fort. This has been my position for the entire time I've been on the radio how many of insurgents did we do rich against the Bush Administration. Against the you know the end the eight. And all the rest of it a lot. Before trop was even on the scene so the guy picks up the banner any runs limit. Thank up. Ladies and gentlemen tired of feeling insecure about those stretch marks that just won't go away introducing new virus from Shimon day. Eight breakthrough scientific film formula to eliminate it creates a stretch marks and site. Yes even though once you've had for years were nothing else works. Of argues is brand new intense slim technology caffeine. Special other formulas in the world famous sham any proprietary base to target the tightness Tom moisture even the very color the sci delighted stretch marks. And a car works for men to not just went. It's time to get your confidence back on the beach around friends most importantly in your own mere. You're couple weeks away from having no stretch marks a satellite insight now here's the key they guarantee it where your money back so there's no risk. Call them now call try Navarro risk free 800 skin 604. 800 skin 604. Call in the next ten minutes and get the Nuno VAR ultra sculpting cream especially for framing skin on your valiant thighs no amazing science. From China many absolutely risk free but it either works. Or your money back. Call 800 skated 604800. Skin 604. That's eight hundreds in 604. You know mr. producer and sometimes this is very very knowing I won't go into the call screen than just telling folks what goes on here. And then if I don't use it right away it disappears. It just disappears so I'm dialing in right now I wanna take a call I've put a lot on the table we've got a lot more to go. WS SX Roman and Florida. So maybe go. Yes good evening mark thank you for taking my call greatly aided. Thank what I wanted to share with Q sir if I am a green card holder. And I would radically 1000%. Support president trumped initiative and I know what it's like where you from. Fort Myers, Florida sir I don't know where you from before you're agreeing cardinal. I would be originally born in France. UK. In my Paramount as they speak English in France because apparently Jim Acosta forgot to mention France. Whoever I'm there yet that are good for Tommy did they have minorities in France you're just translucent people. No their minority all they have minorities in France did just wanna make sure. I Roman that are all here maybe I appreciate you call welcome I'll be right back. Let's don't rent a space on my phones from delete and stuff. Seeing zone and. I didn't think. By winning ceremony. Stop and masterpiece yes he give you free phones with twice as much memory they. Don't think by your memories. We're still MetroPCS and gets you. You read LGK twenty plus holes with 32 games when you switched your lines and MetroPCS wireless figured out. Those are available summits to technically with the right stick with numbers on the T-Mobile that these were pretty doesn't. He uses. Now. Literally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel when nondescript building. We once again make contact without leader there. Hello everybody mark living there are number 87738138118773813811. When. Look behind the men. And deceit and outright lies in the last. And their agenda and their programs when you really dig in it all falls apart. It all falls apart now will continue on this subject but I want man another. This is from. MSN. Dot com Reuters actually. The truck demonstration is preparing to re direct re sources of the Justice Department's civil rights division. Toward investigating and suing universities over affirmative action admissions. Admissions policies deemed to discriminate against white applicants according to a document obtained by the New York Times now. There are lawyers in the civil rights division. Most of whom were hired by Obama and his leftists. And they were sick treated in these positions under the civil service system. And one of them just violated. The code of professional con next threw for conduct for which they can be disbarred by leaking. Where product information. Confidential at this point. To the media. They document an internal announcement to the civil rights division seeks current lawyers interested in working for a new project on investigations. And possible litigation. Related to intentional race based discrimination in college and university admissions. The announcement suggests the project will run out of the divisions front office for the tribe administration's political appointees work. What trauma that. The Obama administration's political appointees. Burrowed themselves and the bureaucracy. And the Obama administration had its political appointees do these things other part of the offensive about this. Roger Clegg a former top official in civil rights division to in the Reagan and bush administration's. Who's not present at the conservative center for equal opportunity. Called the project they welcome a long overdue development as the United States becomes increasingly multi racial and other works. As the percentage you know for the race counters out there which which are endless they're all over the damn place say got to play along for argument say. As the nation becomes less white. As they nation becomes less why. Thursday less just there is there's a lesser just a potential for any of it. Pretty of that this same Democrat party. That. Took that press slavery this say Democrat party. Let the segregation movement. Now as the Democratic Party. That says. Race still matters. In order to achieve votes. There race obsessed. Clegg says the summer right laws were deliberately written to protect everyone from discrimination and it is frequently the case. That not only are whites discriminating against Albert frequently Asian Americans are as well and what he's talking about their yes. Asian Americans. Like Jewish Americans each guest is what it is. Tend to get the best grades tend to get the best LS AT scores SAT scores and so forth and so on. And because there are these racial tests in place. There are these color coded test some place and let's not pretend they aren't. Because third place these universities and colleges are caps on the number of individuals who can come into their schools. Based on their ethnicity based on the color there's. It it is outrageous. Obama and Asian American I'm an individual you won big weapons of EA agent the public George American I'm an individual human day you happened. Debate Jewish and all Donald and. And more and more you can see what people are applying for medical school and law school or just college or whatever. Jobs. It's been broken down in the somebody color schemes and ethics themes and and genitalia schemes what to do what your genitalia skipped it came to keep. Haley trains tendering have buy dot. In that. No date yet and it's just so ludicrous why wouldn't admissions office need to know these things. In last they're discriminating. Why would an employer need to know these things unless they're discriminating why would they EEOC need to know these things unless they're discriminating. If somebody could show that they're being discriminated against because of their race show. His here's the thing this is why I brought this up right on the tell the immigration issue. Who do you think this hurt most by open borders immigration. Young black kids in the inner city. Who can't get jobs are number one yeah it's pushing this fifteen dollar an hour wrap. If you're at a high school you've got no background in anything you just wanna get a job and learn how to do something and learn how to be responsible wedges. Was fifteen dollars an hour. And is open border immigration. You his these Democrats Villa they wanted to Americans won't do these jobs Americans won't do the dot. It is a rant and it is I ally. A red to analyze. And now you're getting here it's like when how can we get rid of obamacare. Trillions of people are gonna die well look we don't allow endless immigration legal and illegal our farms won't have their crops picked. Yes they will. We still have. Seasonal temporary visas yes they will does this stop that. And what's wrong with the investigating whether colleges are discriminating. Based on race against white children. You know. The children of white people are dreamers do. Oh yes they are. Why should they be discriminated against. Why should anybody be discriminated against why should anybody be discriminated against by any institution in this country. Based on their race. Other ethnicity other religion. I their skin color. A look at what's ahead of both ways. You know left twelve people liked to have sex at a certain way all of a sudden that's a civil right and it says so or right. Well I mean they do lack yes. And they get their own separate note oh. And don't look funny act not well okay. Yet. Common sense. Is attacked is racism. As races. All citizens in this country. Are to be treated fairly by the government. And by these institutions. Colleges and universities. Need to be investigated. To see if their racist institution. This idea that only. People of color. I can't even he discouraged people of color I Wallace Quinn make the skin they call me why I've got all of skidding call me white army black coming whatever you want I don't care. Are you don't understand your caucus site. Oh yeah it's. Well the government cares the government keeps statistics. And they claim it's because they wanna prevent discrimination but the government promotes discrimination. He who lives winner study it in our area we gonna move this upon hearing these people here based on what. Based on their skin based on their religious people come in this country illegally. You watch the government doesn't even explain to us how it places illegal immigrants in these various states. Seems awfully funny that a lot of red states are turning purple. Doesn't it. As the import more more Democrats. Again if Jeff Sessions was an attorney general of the United States you think this a big big don't know. Which is why would trump started attacking him for a lot of us know what Helen let's. The guys carrying out your agenda and not already. And I am very very thankful that Jeff Sessions. Is leading that Justice Department I'm familiar with the Justice Department as you know I was chief of staff. When Jeff Sessions was US attorney for Alabama. But it's outstanding. To take on these left wing agendas these left wing agendas that. Like you know adequate if not that cut legal immigration from a 1500000. Why what is it written. Yeah if you are a million a million of that at least pay denigrate spec is what they Italian oh well. We happen and nobody bigger percentage. Other immigrants in this country. Are on welfare programs or entitlement programs the native born Americans those are the statistics you know I know the government keeps. And certainly not to say all immigrants are bad that is nonsense. We have so many. Many wonderful immigrants in this country and I need about my books night. They agreements. An eerie green that's and they wanna assimilated they do assembling but there are others who don't. There are others who don't we haven't MS thirteen. The problem in this country it is a dramatic problem it is spreading and took from the cities into the suburbs. To the act. Xmas suburbs. Because Barack Obama. Cause them dreamers all of a sudden dreamers would machetes or gang members were actually eleven of their bodies traders ready and it really the match but he did it yeah. You know bread Ted and awake and that and it sure is how I am. So they created this problem. There for seeing circumstances and on perceived circumstances that result from these idiotic. Irrational policies. There's a reason why we have tradition. There's a reason why we have custom. It's called experience the world doesn't begin that day it it didn't begin today. Do you have to make rational decisions. Based on looking at the past and applying it to the future but if your ideologically driven and you haven't your goal. To destroy the country's history. Did destroy the foundations of the country. That none of the rest McCain before matters none of it lets you could use it to exploit. What tack. The country to attack the greatness of the country which is exactly what the left us so inappropriate today. An excellent decision. By this administration to embrace the cotton Purdue plan on immigration. And an excellent objective and project. By the Department of Justice under Jeff Sessions. To determine whether there is racial discrimination going on colleges and universities. Including racial discrimination. Against caucasians. I'll be right back it's. The program. So much again yeah. Yeah Sherman through Atlanta here. As I have my guess I print outs all stacked up here. Here's one for him. The American spectator wonderful publication. Has been for decades. And drew Wofford. Back in April president trumps slapped tariffs of around 20% on the Canadian softwood lumber industry. At the time I wrote that it would cause lumber prices to rise citing estimates that prices could increase and ground. Six point 4% all the turns out I was wrong he says. And lumber prices have not risen by around six to 7% instead. You've risen by much more since the spring as much as 25%. One contributing factor to the spike is not a hard to see tariffs are taxes on the consumer. Restricting the consumers' options when purchasing a product. The levees make imported lumber more expensive that's making American lumber a more attractive prospect for reasons not necessarily related. To its quality or ease of procurement. It's not surprising that politically well connected American companies. Such as the US number coalition. Were strongly supported of the import taxes. American lumber companies benefit and at the expense of American lumber consumers they use the product. As an input in other words. If you're buying lumber you're paying a higher price. Even for American want. Even for American lumber as a result these tires. You're protecting. Industry. From competition. In your hurting the consumer. And the price spike is occurring as the housing market is suffering he writes materials needed to build new homes. Are becoming more expensive and as a result of production cost for a home builders there increased. We have a lot of I've. Individuals out there hardworking Americans construction workers. Mean and take good shots because of illegal immigration. In many of them can't get chops because the price of materials. So we say put America first and put American workers first and your putting American construction workers out of business houses are putting America first. This is reselling any mismatch between the sellers and buyers of homes there's plenty of demand for new inexpensive homes. I homebuilders cannot make a profit off homes at the prices that buyers can afford. Buyers want cheaper homes and thanks in part top high lumber tariffs home village are less able to provide them. The result of this has been plummeting confidence among homebuilders. The national association of homebuilders confidence index. Has fallen to an eight month low as homebuilders face higher supply costs. What better confidence jumped following the election as trump promised lower taxes on corporations. Reductions are regulations rounding home building. Compliance which makes up as much as they quarter of the cost of bombing on home. While better confidence still remains high when compared to for example Iraq bottom lows of 2008. This recent drop highlights the administration's tactic. A balancing policies that help businesses and consumers would trade policies that shoot American consumers in the foot. And I don't even agree with that. We have hundreds of thousands if not millions of construction market. And their jobs are put at risk. When you're driving up artificially the cost of products. That go into making home. I'm just pointing it out. You know at the time the tires were introduced their reasons for taxpayers to be concerned even if they do not plan to buy a home in the near future. President trump has been teasing it planned to use 200 billion dollars of taxpayer dollars to leverage one trillion dollars in infrastructure investment. It was rising lumber prices causing construction cost and increased significantly. Any infrastructure plan won't get less bang for its buck. So we will see less bang and more but in other words will congress fund fewer projects for the same amount of money. All of on the same number projects that spend more. Either way we the taxpayer loose. A lesson here is not limited the lumber. Tariffs are either very merit nature financial costs. Added to the myriad burdens faced by American businesses and the American citizen consumer at large. As economists continue to overwhelmingly agree international trade provides a net benefit of both countries that engage in. Meanwhile tariffs benefit small politically favored industries. At the expense of American businesses and American consumers writ large. And since we impose. The were 121000. Tariffs. Ourselves. Congress has passed. Slipped in the statute to protect. Their favorite crony capitalist at home in their districts in their states 121000. You're paying a hell of a lot more this is a hidden tax. This is a hidden tax on the American people. And it does not improve the lot. Of the American society. Mean why stop at lumber. When I hated everything. Every agricultural product every far ST product. Every mineral. Every finished product. Why stop there. Might have tariffs on every. Mean everybody tells me all the time we don't have a free market market has to be fair okay the lower the tariffs. And yet when people go shopping they look for the cheapest prices they can would you go to lumber store. And you have two boards along with the choose you say you know what I want the most expensive ones know you say what the cheapest. The reason why people buy on the Internet is looking for discounts and bargains. The reason why people go to Wal-Mart in hospitals are looking for discounts and market. So everybody doesn't shop and Beverly Hills I'll be right back. Ever notice how you've come across somebody who once in awhile but you shouldn't. Mess where at bats in my head and you can call him at 877. Create one of the 3811. Jeff flake. Senator from my. Arizona lifts the title of conscience of a conservative. From Barry Goldwater's book in 1960. Which was ghost written by. Proposals. Father. Brent Bozell. In his father was. But police. Brother in law. It's a great book I think it's like a 108 pages long as a young kid. In a set the first book on conservatism I ever read. And ladies and gentlemen that's why I decided to write liberty and tyranny. I thought it was time to write another book more broadly. On conservatism. An anti conservative. And so I wrote Libyan charity. But what amazes me. Is Jeff flake would use a title like that on his book knowing full well he's lifting it from a very famous book. And they claim the mantle of conservative. In what's further amazing to me is the amount of media attention this man is getting. And the reason has his book is not about conservatism. It's about the opposite in many respects he's trying to redefine it. I understand he doesn't like trump in the senate there's nothing to do it. Liberty and tyranny is a book. About conservatism. And status. And I would just suggest to people like Jeff flake and others. Who just won a cherry pick and put together a short books. And push them out there before election time and so for the American people are not stupid conservatives are not stupid. If you wanna read a book about conservatives. He get at the library I think. Read liberty and tyranny. If you wanna read a book about him. Erica. Check out liberty interior. It's sold one point four million copies. I didn't steal the title from anybody training is kind. But it's a it's amazing watching all the attention he's getting. From the rhinos on cable TV. From the liberal media because they wanna promote him and they wanna promote the book. Book's not about conservatism it's now it's a personal grudge. Another one of these personal. Here's a grudge deal. So. And my kids. Read the real conscience of a concern. His seat good. All right. Let's take some cause that's when I think. Let's see. Break up like planes they are serious satellite Mario. Mark I'm I'm calling about eight year claim that eat progressives. They had that in the midst that. Americans don't want that job. And and that immigrants we need them do that work I'm I want to say that I think that the progress they've. Wish that may well so in order to degrade Americans. Who do typically are. Say it instead of the wedding you could be of people proud of but sweating hard day's work they don't they did grave all of these people to kind of read it. An even bigger entitlement class that'll be. Dependent on the government and beat the government that that able for ever stay in power the rest that they don't care about. Real people and and I never understand how real people keep voting prayer that progressive than they actually looked on everybody else. As long as they can get a free be. As long as they get a government check. They don't much care as long as somebody else is working. In order to subsidize their lifestyle. And it's either want to you know it's even worse. People who aren't the recipients. Of largesse from actual people who are working and paying for everybody. They think they're more noble. And the people who are working they think they have a right. To your workday they think they have a right to your life they they ever write to your income. And they organize around that ideology. They demand that. Congress in the bureaucracy do what eight common thief would go to prison for dealing stealing from you wrapping it in the name of another program. Even though you're paying for everybody else. Then they steal friendly you know your right to use your own money to purchase the cutting out here you want. This is a soft tyranny that's what it is. That's what it is when you're not allowed to make choices like this. When your income is being abused this way outside the port. Corners of the constitution. Thank you for your call. I appreciate it. If you travel for business. Upside dot com is the only site you need I really want you to check it upside quickly and easily shows you the exact flights. And big name hotels you'll want. You can buy them separately are bundled them together or even had a wry. And by bundling to a more selection you save more get a bigger gift card. To places like Every time you buy a business travel package. It's really cool plus you keep all your airline miles still. And upsides expert navigators are always available to help 24/7. Through phone chat social email. To help make sure your business trip does vary smoothly. You get the VIP treatment while still paying low prices and being rewarded with gift cards every time you bought a package. And again you keep your own miles and right now when he is promo code mark. You're guaranteed to get at least a 100 dollar Gift card on your packet Eric purchase tax code mark don't forget. To get our hundred dollar gift card free. Upside dot com that better way to buy business travel upside dot com code mark. Minimum purchase required cease site for complete beaten us. Great caller let's get another one. Let's go to colts. San Antonio Texas on the mark within that area. The good mark thank you take a micro as there are ordered to bring up to programs in the detection from a small business sort of out of concrete company. And as partisan minority go there's two programs one called how historically underutilized business. And one called minority business or woman owned business enterprise. And do basically Ager working well state work to procure jobs. You have to be four minority or woman don't. Ed it it just makes it hard depth. Would do work it has nothing do with the Croatia could become. Petition was in play. Under the equal protection clause that would be unconstitutional. I agree and I just I just wanted to sheds light on it just had to do minority. You know talk to murder. OG dog started with the extra time. Tired buddy thank you through. Much appreciate it. With allow the lest they really control our our lifestyle. And in the yet trajectory this country. I say over and over again we live in their reality which is not a reality it's an ideology. Our kids are dragged into it and the public schools. A police forces are dragged into. Our military's dragged into it. Our entire culture has been dragged into. Terry sat. Campbell hall in the Arctic great WABC. Go. Good evening mark Perry you I'm doing well thank you. It's an artist's secret if there thank you. Deported they think you probably you do a long time listener and not a first time caller and I love your show and him off with the driver to see your TV and just actually came up with that the. Thank you I'll be back next week the good back is doing better hopefully it'll continue. But I will be back on Libyan TV on our CR TV network. First thing next week that's the goal but I wanna thank you we get a lot of people who really love it. I love doing and I'm very much enjoy it. We have a steep Crowder Michelle walk in and Steve Jason Lott under wonderful hosts. Who worked very hard who are very professional. And you know who wanna provide the best product possible for our subscribers can go right ahead. It's wonderful but declined to comment on not on your immigration. I there was telling your call screener on my parents came from Italy Ireland first generation American. And my mom. Hart helped improve that when my upper income Naples and none my mom a particular issue were critical factor which first came to country and done after work working long days. Arms which she would do it she would go to school little and she would learn how to read and write and speak English and her goal was. To become an American. And numb when she finally got her license and she was able to purchase the car. First thing she did the Clinton American flag on her car and she said I'm an American girl now. And done ticket gave her favorite song got up America. And the problem in the country in these is that there is no pride anymore and it is very disheartening and it it's very it is very very. I think there's pride in about half the country and not in the other half. Can see this cap or nick Nichols had he. He's a perfect example. Perfect example. No she should do our thing in America and had to issue and I you know I understand she she won't do jobs that. Illegal aliens welder in reminds me my father when he would get out that. School is a young boy he walked down the street about a mile away thank you for you call Teresa. In Philadelphia parent he would walk down the street. At a mile from the home a row. The work in the cigar factory into the middle of the night. But my grandmother and my dad's mother. He was a teenager a young teenager. This is what people used to do. This is for people used to. Now we have massive subsidies massive entitlements massive welfare freebies all over the place. Money just thrown into the sky where Rudolph Falwell Falwell being told we can never expend enough. We gotta train funds out of the military got to train funds at a law enforcement to keep funding this stuff. This is insanity. The idea that we should nasty people who want to come into this country. Whether or not they can fend for themselves. Whether or not they're gonna be patriotic and pro intensive purposes. That somehow that's our whether or not they can speak English that somehow that's racially motivated. It's sick. Pole dance thing is sick. The left does not and we live in the world would not. Yeah I still. That's not Grand Rapids, Michigan a WJ IWL. I'm a big fans so it's a real pleasure to talk future. Thank you well the president got me up higher again today as he does from time to time with two simple words. Manner hey. You know and they terrific political and put together. Because Iraq has destroyed any Pan American based basis country and Lisa are trying to. Not only think about those two simple words. Well they're tied almost every track the collapse the strike and destroy this country what went through victim date. Outcome instead of merit based outcome. And release saying that has worked well wishing and its current world has merit base of the well. Do that cursor doesn't serve their template. Not as a follow little special air controller of their freedom and if there and they. Liberty is based and so capitalism. Merit pay. And that's the reason why they don't want to have anything merit based because they hate capitalism in the air with no idea of the BO yeah we trek. I think it you're right on an ominous and you re discovering Americanism assignment. Copy because I think it builds on your theme and I think he really gonna enjoy it. So I hang up and a simplified my friend. I'll be right back. Okay. Understand that. And Natalie you need. And stretch very gently here. You folks who've had bad backs. Herniated discs and some much much worse. I really. Feel your pain I really do now. Had other things you know I've had open heart surgery very painful as many of you have. Had a they've got serious gallbladder. Issue that was removed I feel like a basket case but I'm not. You sound like. Had kidney stones that I don't get your attention. Like a star Leno writing a kidney. This thing just lingers and lingers and lingers but I want to thank the doctors who have been helping me because. I sammon about 50%. And 48 hours ago I was not in any percent I was in in excruciating pain. And but I insisted on doing my radio option. Reason I'm not doing living TVs because I can't sit in the chair literally in Tarrant and do the show. And I'm doing much better today so that second but the world. Where doctor Mueller really loaded up with some really thick anesthesia. And a captain. Heavy dose of steroids in there you know maybe it'll help us not they wanna do one more time. Ten or fourteen days and that doesn't work we're gonna have to take the discount on my telling you all ask as many view next that's. Not because it's a nursing home or anything like that. You and now he and I think people are suffering even a lot worse. Although sometimes you wonder. In on President Reagan needed trusted advice on the economy he turned it was budget director David Stockman. Now you can get trusted advice from mr. stockman to about the current threat to our economy in an exclusive report that's only available from my friends a cold. David Stockman help President Reagan lead one of America's greatest economic recovery. And later brought his financial expertise to Wall Street. The information Rory you'll receive is invaluable to everyone who cares about protecting their hard earned savings and portfolio. And you can receive this report for free just by calling gold. You owe it to yourself and your family. To get to see exclusive report. Here prepared for the next financial crisis so don't wait there's no obligation just call today. This exclusive report is available for free for free by calling 877365. Going that's the number for our buddies at golden line. In in these uncertain times you owe it to yourself to call right now be shorter reader important risk information received Feingold is right field that's 877365. Point. 877365. 2646. 877365. Point and they have been other great doctors do I mention them. Last night in my pinkie mention him again but. Just terrific. Course as always my buddy Teddy and Teddy loved Shannon and. He has the smooth the space of any man I've ever seen you know that mr. producer. He does. Smoothest face everytime I see him I wanna touch his face while I can any really any set I love it. I love it he does. All right let's see him and know where to. Click this thing. Mary Waterford Virginia Sirius satellite carrier. I'm at an event and very honored at eight but yeah thank all of my nine you know you are my. Biggest hero I didn't know you it's. Thank not why so few. Yeah. And they are great listening to you on on the radio well we dealt her apartment he. Or activities and games and they WTO. That's wonderful thank you. I'm giving it all your buck way. Have been read them and high school and I just had a comment about me. Discrimination on college campus then I'm. I haven't done one of my aunt is very bright well rounded kid athletic. And what valedictorian of his high school class that few years ago. And going through the college application at scholarship. Are we ham went very frustrating. There were so many that he was not even able to crack the perfect because he wasn't a. Color or being out and them it was a down day how many dollars if there were like back I'm very he has that he could've. Fight for that that is so terrible Marie don't hang up I wanna see you signed copy. Of rediscovering Americanism I have you know a young lady that. She was the valedictorian at her private high school. Took they took the valedictorian away from even though she heard it gave it to somebody. While who wasn't white. Old may be Saturday's Steelers back with the season's biggest one day deal 50% off all genes plus kids tease girls tanks and leggings for just three dollars one day only this Saturday at old baby and old navy dot com Braude got a three ordeals a thousand. I'll be back. He uses. Now the literally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the hello everybody mark with a here are number 877381381187. Create one. Create one and all right. The more interesting stuff challenge. I alliance or fall but we'll get to the issues we've raised before but I wanna get into a few others. And Credo again over there at the free beacon former United Nations ambassador Samantha Power just remember that name. Is believed to have made hundreds. Hundreds. Of unmasking requests. To identify individuals named in classified intelligence community reports. Related to trump and his presidential transition team. According to multiple sources. Who said that behavior is unprecedented for an official in her position. Looks like they're getting closer and closer. I don't hear this on CNN our NBC or CBS or ABC or MS Ellis steer the constipated news network oh I repeat ice. Taro as first identified by the washed and free beacon last month as a central figure. In a congressional investigation into efforts by senior Obama administration officials. To obtain classified intelligence information. In what many allege was an effort to undermine president Donald Trump. And his incoming national security team. Power is believed to be the anonymous official responsible for hundreds of unmasking requests. In the final year of the Obama administration. According to current and former US officials who spoke to the free beacon about ongoing the ongoing investigation I keep saying this domestic. Surveillance this political domestic surveillance by the Obama administration. Is really the. It is the scandal of scandals. And the shiny object does this trump world collusion. With Russia and coming here look at all look at over a year. The prior administration. Hundreds of unmasking requests. In the final year of the Obama administration. She's the UN. Record our representative to the UN what does she have to do it any of it. Everett by the former Obama administration to obtain the names of truck allies. Included in raw Intel reports. Had fueled speculation that subsequently to the press. Where orchestrated by the farm administration and its allies and they did they damage the current White House and smear trumps most senior confidant. Representative Devin known as chair of the house Intel committee which is handling bro. You know the pro. Petition Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats coats is kind of a a losing. Just passively sits there. To request his help and addressing the unmasking issue. And as disclosed in his letter that the former Obama administration. Had easy access to sensitive classified information. That they may have used it to achieve partisan political purposes including the selective. Anonymous leaking of such information. But the media are covering for these people because the media where the consumers of these leaks. Folks. And the media wanna drive this administration at a time. The media are complicit. Congressional investigators uncovered that one official whose position is no apparent Intel related function now believed to be power. Eight hundreds of unmasking request on the final year of the Obama administration. Little justification was for tied for the request of the sensitive classified information. Which government insiders described. As outside the purview of the UN ambassador. Of those requests only one offered a justification that was not boiler plate and articulate why that specific at Fisher require the personal information. For the performance of his or her official duties according to newness. Asking for an unmasking is rare at the National Security Council or the State Department. It is frankly shocking that anyone would be asking for dozens. If there are really hundreds it is indefensible said the former official. It does make me wonder why National Security Agency didn't stop her that is power ought to tell you why the Susan Rice was in charge they'd get it is just this full band wrote. Lawmakers including those on the entire Canadian house oversight committee have also expressed interest in speaking with former national security member and roads they go out. The farm administration official responsible. Recreating an in house pro Iran echo chamber to mislead the public and press about the terms of the landmark Iran nuclear deal. This man roads will put out a history as a Benedict Arnold. As they Benedict Arnold. For selling out the country. When this propaganda. But his big lies. Rose. Has been identified by leading lawmakers as they primary suspect in the leak campaign. Which included disclosing the names of trumpet officials & Associates in the press in order to discredit the administration. Let me say this. Do you really think it's possible folks Brabant wrote a close friend of Iraq now house in Ito Obama. Our Susan power a close friend. Up Iraq now house Bonita Obama do you think it's really possible. That the president of the United States did now. You think it's really possible. Power never told him and roads Everett told him. Susan Rice never told him I don't believe it not for a minute. Oh look Iraq now has been Hedo Obama knows. Is that he will never be asked that question by the retiring guard media about it. Betty has his defenders is special leaders in congress. I get a ship less. Like marked Iraq's Warner. We'll do everything humanly possible to distract and divert attention. And what we're used to pursue the truth about what's taken place here deep political domestic surveillance. Another political party out another campaign of another train station. Either sitting administration. This is a scandal could beat all spam. It. It's incredible to me. I said there was a lot to get there and there is. You know the liberals used to say that the generals. Must comply with civilian leadership. That this tradition goes as far back as the founding of the nation the generals must comply. With the civilian leadership. Is that as a major example they claim this is why Harry Truman was right. The fired general MacArthur. But what if eight. Eight commander our commandant of the Coast Guard refuses to comply with the president's orders. When he refuses to comply with the decision of the commander in chief. Scott Grier at the daily caller. The commander in chief is receiving push back against this intended band transgender enlistment. From one of its top subordinates. Coastguard commandant admiral Paul is not enough. Where is the coolest however. Announced Tuesday that he would not break faith quote unquote with the transgender members of his service. The Coast Guard earliest thirteen train service members and it's not entirely clear what will happen to them once the president order is implement it. But it's very peculiar a high profile figure like that common dot. The commandant of the. Coast Guard which state he may refuse to follow on order from his commander in chief now worth alleged. They don't want in the following order for mr. Maynard chief screw civilian control. They have a common died at the Coast Guard. Who's into their agenda. It appears to be over a minor ratio. And the comment I wasn't specific enough to definitely say he was disobeying the president. But it fits with the Pentagon's general reception to Trump's tweets by saying it doesn't count as policy a matter that is actually left to the president to decide. Well I'll say this if they don't follow the president's policy he should fire them. Every damn wanna. Get rid of these Obama generals get rid of these Obama common Dodd get rid of these Obama admirals. An opposite not. Clara. What are they gonna go hire another special counsel. You never know. I'll be right back. Most of the program. Thirty more seconds there let me. OK manage me. John Ocala Florida the great WSK why go. Hello John your own. My house on I that a certain immigration. Still sort. Or forever hold yourself back up yeah I know I heard that they're talking about how we don't wanna work there you. Jobs have been immigrant workers and end my opinion from what I see a lot of us as the illegal. Working these jobs and grown up. I used to go to the mosque who go out you can underneath the warned screw over. We can grab sought out from under an order trees and I go pick strawberries below ideal that he deals and I wore those jobs. And those jobs aren't there per kid to work anymore because we've got so many labels that are Orkut and. And they will not allow the market pricing to work so another words just listen to what they're doing. They drive up the minimum wage. So beast children of American citizens American citizen children. American citizen dreamers man called Emma. Who are 14151617. Year old who wanna do these jobs there manual labor jobs we've all on the my ban them too. They're priced out of the market. And so in order to get around that. Then the same people tell us we gotta have illegal immigrants in here because Americans won't do the job they won't let the market work. They'll all American citizens. Work. They flood the market. Would people who are paid under the table who are here illegally. End up. And we're supposed to say oh yes nobody's gonna pick lettuce if you pay a wage that is a market wage people pick let us. Don't pick strawberries. OPEC knows the pick whatever it now I have to. It. And I am not only that but you've got you. You've got some video they lost. And I definitely that I didn't that it got so they and so many really who are actually using straight guy is. Or on Billy other people Friday. They went right. Go to work in the market pushed. None. You're quite right the politicians in Washington are like the dumbest people in the face that your they've destroyed our healthcare system. They're destroying our our culture by opposing assimilation and having our borders open. They're destroying our military would left wing social engineering ideas. While they're slashing the budget. They're destroying local law enforcement by nationalizing them and brutalizing them. They're destroying our public schools. Even the even though logic and realm even the cafeteria even the damn bathrooms are taking their hands off. They're destroying everything that defines America. I don't know why John is they hate America that's the bottom line. All right John don't hang happened when they send you a signed copy rediscovering Americanism I appreciate your call. Funny thing about strawberries and no extra. Unless here we go. It's a strawberry shortcake you know I mean mr. but it I'm not big on tomatoes unless it's catchup. You're the same I would catch up. I don't really want a lot of tomatoes but ketchup I like must be the shutter and and and when it comes astronomers on the bagel my family love straw buyers they just compliment me. Again like mixed fruit I get on the strawberries. And but the strawberry shortcake. You know that pound cake and this and that oh my goodness and they taste great. Scott Colorado Springs, Colorado they Greg KVO. Our goal. Thank you Marc for taking my call a hundred speak with you again. I didn't want you know I'm I'm a son of immigrant and an O and I really am all soak retired army veteran 26 years. And the only compared man. Thank you thank when my parents came to United States in the fifty. You know they had made. Willingly and enthusiastically. Assimilated into the society. They may have spoke their native language at home but outlook public barely spoke English. And they were it's raised my Brothers and I could say we are Americans were not hyphenated America you know we're not German Americans were not lacking Americans or American. Yeah and that's why Serbs to pay back this country for what they do my family. I you know they when they actually became citizen they had to prove that they can read and speak English. And gas you know it seemed like today that's not a requirement anymore. And the other comment I'd check your real quick about that. They're discrimination in the colleges. When they did an easy solution why don't they get staff. Eliminate the gender and the race part of the application and then like your caller from Michigan that just based application on the merits you know their academic student. Now you don't understand that you sound like command of white privilege. Now well I guess I am although I portray everything Auburn and Oregon Annan now. Was in India. Yeah yeah yeah I didn't I didn't care don't hate that you're not being treated like an individual human being. I hired Corey career mark. It's just so sick. I'd Scott. Tennis and you make happy signed copy rediscovering Americanism five times in the near times best seller list in a row which drives them nuts. Which very much pleases me. What we have a detractors. Age Stockton California the great cancer thug out. Yet mark. Do agriculture under Stockton Valiante and I live shout shout they're actually expecting a Salinas Valley. And that they're. There are buildup in the back into it Eagles then I want now compared to handle merit if you don't want bulwark don't wanna. Go go on were given. We're not hitting it here here's the thing. If there are gaps in the workforce we have temporary visa programs for seasonal workers. So that can be addressed. But for the right wage. You'll get people to pick anything. For the right way to well. Trade center earlier or later in the big thing you know I. And getting yet these young kids or getting people get to a trade union trade and get a good good wage that somebody can actually short span orient and Ed so it's save money by card did you buy out. But about what I'm a union or nonunion what I'm saying as. If we had a system. Where those two who need seasonal pictures that's what they call seasonal picketers depict the fruits in the vegetables and so forth. If we had some kind of market related system as opposed to a minimum wage and then people pay under the table and that sort of thing you would find. That more if not most of those positions will be filled by Americans. Moreover. Since we subsidize. People not to work. Since we subsidize people to receive benefits. As opposed to working. That's also a force that runs counter to the market system so all these. Government created obstructions to any kind of 88 labor. Rational labor market in the we're total Americans won't do the job. So what what with it and by the way how many more immigrants we have to bring in this country to pick strawberries I'm I'm quite serious. There's tens of millions of immigrants here I'll be back. In my. A. It could have been sentenced to death. While Bob backed ventures were worried beaten tomorrow coal market 8773813811. I know ladies and gentlemen Lamar Alexander the useless senator from Tennessee like the other useless senator from Tennessee about Corcoran. Lamar Alexander wants to work with the Democrats now he's chairman of some and pointless committee. In order to come up with a way to save aspects of the obamacare bill. John McCain you'll remember I lied to his constituents get reelected and now he has killed the repeal. Because he says we need to work with the Democrat. I listen to this story from the hill that puts it on context GOP senators pitch rules change it mid nominations blockage. It pair Republican senators are pushing to change the Senate's rules to allow president trumps nominees to more quickly cleared the senate amid growing frustration. But trump isn't a lot. And February march April may June July he's had half a year. Into his first term as president. One day has gone. 18. And he's got tons of nominees who are backed up. And the Republicans are supposed to work with the Democrats. On tax cuts. On Obama care. So that kind of normal routine. Conduct of the United States senate when it comes to presidents. It's completely trashed. When it comes to trot. Senators James Lankford and Ron Johnson and Ron Johnson's relatives stepping up to the plate. They want to curb the amount of debate time required for most of the president's nominees after they clear an initial hurdle. Which is currently capped at thirty hours. The changes would affect hundreds of trot nominations. Currently in the senate pipeline hundred other health exposed to run the government. In addition about hundreds of nominees the administration still needs to make. So they have blocked. Hundreds hundred. Of Trump's nominees to sub cabinet positions. In order to ensure that the Obama administration. Continues to roll the bureaucracy now listen to this it's important. Is a complete attack on the electoral process. They Democrats are blocking hundreds of trop nominees. In these sub cabinet positions that deputy for this the assistant secretary that the so what the zone blocking them. So that Barack Obama's team. Can continue her run at the federal government. Whether they're political appointees but most assuredly civil servants and one former or not. This is why I keep using the phrase silent coup this is my other host keeps stealing it from me. Silent though silent hill so I know that's exactly what's going on. As opposed to in on armed coup. Which is gonna be necessary in Venezuela to take that piece of crap out. Just opponent. And you'll not see anything reported on this in big media. Or even in pseudo conservative media. You know laugh when you're fighting a bully yeah hiring hero. Call it like it is only the IRS is scary. What could possibly be scary that always the most powerful debt collector in the country and would every passing day your problem gets bigger it gets scarier. You need answers to questions like what and I do want in the IRS outta me. Even if you're challenging what they claim you well. They don't care. For starters they can take your paycheck and your bank accounts. Then how do you survive that's why you never take on the IRS alone call my friends at optimum tax relief. They're the pros they're the experts they know exactly how to work with the IRS they understand how intimidating this can be and they're not scared. Both step between you and the IRS and solve those tax problems that keep you up at night when you're fighting a bully hiring hero. That's the tax pros and optima tax relief get tax relief you contrast call optima today for your free confidential consultation. Call 80499630804996300. That's 804996300. They're great. And I get a lot of input from people who used optima tax relief. Absolutely wonderful group of pros. Okay. Luke. Milford Connecticut on the mark within that a retired cop and a buddy of ours how are you Lou. Great my career here is not how these senators whether there rhinos are Democrats themselves they tried to liberal one another. You know like this is murky goes for the microphone. Lumet pulled out of you right behind him that they've got to show because it's fashionable. Who contrast from the most for the best. Yeah which makes student there was performance today. Sara Sanders yesterday. So tremendous. They they put these people in their place the way it should be done not that week. It's got to retract or explain two days later it's. They got right to the point. And with regard to the immigration issue. I hit. My grandparents came here in the twenty. An identical background in the previous call Teresa. When my mother because of the past in recent passing my father was pointing to papers out and changed saved. Pamphlets. And study materials. That my grandparents used to aid will learn the language. And be learned citizenship. Yeah additionally there is even paperwork. From employers. Writing letters of recommendation to. The US yes. I got the. They wanted the Americans that look they like the early colonists. They just wanted to be free they didn't expect anyone to give health care or food stamps or housing or whatever what. They wanted to be free they escape tyranny. And they had faith in themselves and they were prepared to make risks. Ultimate risks and they were prepared to work as hard as they possibly could take care of their family in themselves. And we still have many immigrants or like that I meet them every day I need them in my book signings I meet them when I go out the problem this. Live a huge number who are not. A huge number in the big conquered by the welfare state a huge number in who have been who have been devoured by the progressive movement. And it's a growing number. That's the problem I think low. Right there was no welfare than people how to make it on their own. When my grandfather's work in the same machine shop which 55 years more than. You don't you don't see that anymore. And until finally the the that you you spoke at length about the reverse discrimination. You know when I became a cup. In the early eighties at a week two years because the test was held up in federal court. So they can play around the results. As they did things with two subsequent. Promotional examinations. This stuff has got to stop I can I can forgive. The president served this slow I'll roll. Your wall. These two things he did today gave me great satisfaction. And I hope they pursue this. Because there's this kind of thing whoa whoa. We turn liberty to Wear a walks. I'm way you these are wonderful things that they did today absolutely wonderful. And they're under attack for so we need to defend. We disagree we disagree but I have to say president has done some some really wonderful things and these are two of them. All right Lou god bless you my friend. Let's take. Swami. Salameh. How are you are Long Island WABC don't. Mark took place on the dispute deal good evening. Thank you see where you from. I'm from India but I didn't MB US when I was a kid boy whose sixteen go into the US. When my car though here and then. I came back in the nineteenth avenue where were courted by years. In my English is a terrific by the way. Yet in India is an English really second language in Indian. Yes thing in Iraq within the business funny enough. There up until western India would look good Korean mother. Like you to good use look pretty disagree. Reminded the course of the language notebook business. And also we tell him the cost of that over at the CNN bet. Well of YouTube remarks billions analytic declined to go one predict what are your guys and though I well I America in Ramallah and into this so you know I can into deep sympathy Q so. Thank Euro and you'll recall the media caught my you'll be there is a do you still hard to look. Oh she was wearing a little bit of being too good elements of that bubble. I don't know by the way I wish you well he might then I go right ahead thank you I applaud that a lot of them. Be in the dementia and it didn't look attempted just super good. This could mark and in the vision of good system. You're going to have I would Cuban economy. You don't have to go live until bedroom liquid and then that is. And he let them in the port in good chin. What really created under excuse offered and given your bug you good luck here globe and dog did look in the neighborhood required no you need skilled big people. And that backlog the president and looking in the future. I'm doing a futuristic immigration. Policy. The second thing is well. Our own swami you still there. Yeah I Meyer who watched the second thing we lost you briefly. Sorry the second thing is good hypocritical later this coupon incumbent and look at the book and give them some. Well good combating the Canadian immigration system. Get him in the good senator from the scale based think you bought since it the other guys did a Google good here. It is an experience. It cabinet embarrassed given this immigration system. What that big combatting that W more I didn't even know that an excellent point you. I actually he'll go to Canada. Twelve assists and then you are lucky they didn't take you whose idea and the different from the US so. And then yeah that yeah. Those goggles on Saturday. I designers it. Yes our rights funny great call Don hang out by wanna do a signed copy of rediscovering Americanism. I think tomorrow I'm gonna really dig even further into this Canadian health care stuff for him because they keep bringing it up and Saatchi. Complete unadulterated eggs that had disaster. You're never gonna see it on Frontline on PBS you're never gonna see it on CNN he never gonna see it on MS Ellis hit by the way this Rachel may account. She's the highest rated show. On cable or on cable news talk her cable whatever. She six while she's at the food she's a hat. Then I guess much of our audience mostly. She's number one. Well. I know one person who could take it down mr. producer. But that's a whole another story. Homer of the state Rachel man number one I tell you. It's almost hilarious. Where CNN still nowhere. Zach Kansas City, Missouri they gray KCM I'll go. MR deer meat yes it. I had to put the kind of talked about earlier how you were mentioning the racism from the left side. I grew up from a band that never talk about racism and I had actually a lot of brand decrepit city's. I don't I wanted so this is the first Jack and I really started getting the politics that you know that awkward it in the left side com. It's eighty because Tomlinson undermined and I voted for trial they immediately that while it breaks it. Butch and replied that I have more print of their ethnicity is that all he got combined so how is that valid. Homage it's crazy that the left try to push that idea that. People that are conservative or. In my case a white conservative I'm that the race is not why I'm doing and it's really I'm I'm for freedom and liberty. And really got fired up this year initiated the pocket in the black mean it coming from the left side blaming. Well why American like me who is this for freedom under par right. Being called a racist you know earlier this crazy to me here that. You know happen all the time. You know I happen all the time just called on the back you had to take this crap you know I don't take it. Aaron my brother thanks for you call. I'll be right back. Open. There's only one window treatments company that I endorse the winds there. That kind. Let's write it down. I don't want to be confused by these phony companies who try to copy the lines there that's blinds TER dot com. And the owner Kyle Cox is the genius that started this entire online industry. 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Let us go to Bob San Francisco the great. Skippy I by cholera a great. Yes that's out now. I know what the one future further thoughts on terror should. We've talked a lot about this and I don't think you'd rather threw away more early than I have but. In and then I guess they also he's been Patricia markets and that the benefit of letting go lower price you know producer make good. Didn't know where I think it all all the partisan when it is in the flap playing field where it is not fair market is. Never platform and you know. What can how can it possibly be a flat playing. Well we thought how could we possibly. Reach into another country in control what they do. Particularly countries that are unresponsive to democratic pressures. Happily possibly get this is nothing to do benefiting other countries have asked to have benefiting the American people. We need imports in this country we need raw materials. We need places to buy our stuff we're a vibrant economy. Or its Third World countries dictatorships Communist regimes they don't care. But we have to care. And then we set up our own government to decide which industries. Should be treated one way vs other industries header on their own. Of course it's not an even let the playing field it's never been a level playing field. Let's set I'd give an example. Now you go ahead you your call. So no I think it is so. You know I guess I guess you don't wanna. If it's not a level playing field and if other countries' governments are making strategic decisions to put us out of business in certain areas. I get it you know in the grand scheme of things. If I if I contrary is Avaya that the country's violating any trade deal that we have in place. That's different. Because we have a trade deal in place with that country. It felt that there are we have a strategic need to stay here and arm under the tree corner route we wanna give over a plea was strategic need to stay in an industrywide do we regulate so many of our industries southern noncompetitive. That's true and then you know our government has already did it so difficult for companies to compete. On the we've you know we've had our companies up to fail matched imports so you know I I I agree with you but it's. I don't not a everywhere Smart unity whereas we listening with the worst corporate income tax in the world. We'll over trillion dollars sitting overseas because of another. Knucklehead putting and attacks planned. Capital they can be used in this country to invest. We put out 4000 regulations a year all of them aimed at consumers producers and business. I mean. This is the. Problem. We don't have that level playing field in part because of our own government I ladies and gentlemen we salute all of you here I was out there. You know who you are we love you. And I'll see you tomorrow. Right here same place same time. If you've been watching the news lately you've seen yours truly on fox talking about CR TV and my brand new book rediscovering Americanism we've been talking about the basis for conservatism and the reason why rediscovering our fattening principles. So important. We just there are 300 episode of living TV the other day. You haven't signed up CR TV yet don't wait any longer weenie people like you to join the conversation and how I. Against the mainstream media and out I court conservatives and if you haven't ordered a copy of rediscovering America it is it really shouldn't but just as importantly. It's like and he revolution let's aren't heeding this isn't your usual news. We're not going to talk you are trying to tell you what the thing we're engaged with our audience every day and bring you the stories. Erica let's call right now eighth floor or look into these next four or LU I and TV. And joined the media revolution again at eight or four months in CD.