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7/28/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jul 29, 2017|

Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor for Conservative Review fills in for Mark. Reince Priebus is out as Chief of Staff for President Trump. Priebus resigned and is being replaced by head of the DHS, John Kelly. We are going to have more order in the West Wing now. After that, Susan Collins does ...

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Take a closer look at unlimited data plans until you're not always a front with a crisis not Ed T-Mobile. Unlimited data with the Texans v.s already included in right now gets more lines of unlimited data what our network for just forty bucks and commercial go to. So go ahead take a closer look and you'll see nobody does unlimited like T-Mobile. Don't worry bring it to a T-Mobile store Collison 1800 T-Mobile where it. 3% give users over 32. He's here. No. Normally under round. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact with a lead. Guys. On the new. Hi guys. Mr. producer you turn your head from the TV. For you know 2030 seconds to take you take a simple water and boom everything changes. I'm damned by geno at the Bellagio on Twitter and for the great one pager will break today I got. That is I don't know how to describe it took of me the bad for her himself a little bit every pack next week don't worry he's okay. But he will be back he's not on vacation I promise you you'll not have to suffer through massive mark within. Which draws he will be back with you next week but I will command the ball and the craft the righty. The old veteran knuckleballer. And I will be filling the chair tonight. And add a whole great show I thought plan doubted pull might say I've not kidding I walked out of the studio tougher. Ten seconds and a whole thing changes. Previous is out Caylee is in every day and a year they're curve ball's coming at you sliders the pitching machines broke in your doctor and dangerous Iran okay it'll run anymore. Priests. You know Serrano from Major League all right so where are we even start again I'm DiMaggio at the budget on Twitter contributing editor Rick conservative you fill in for mark. So previous I don't know what else to say that turns out he retired he retired he resigned excuse me yesterday. Kind of on the down low which I find a little bit ironic because everything seems to leak out of the White House but that. Kind of suspicious about how that it looks like he resigned yesterday according to Fox News John Calley. The DHS secretary former military general is gonna commit to take his place so I think we're gonna have a little more order I'm in the west wing and folks not to beat up my prior experience I don't gets annoying saying but I did the best job I totally understand that but. I worked in the White House for five years but on the Secret Service side is not on the staff side but it. You know it's so it's a small place at the west wing is every day those G taken toward did there. You don't use you see people on it we'll have to highlight. That's it is there any more on that trip like you walk up the stairs you see the Rutgers guard you walked back down in there you go doors over here's the Oval Office give a little wave. It's not bad day. So you kind of see what's going on and you see how White House is run themselves and they think my humble opinion John Kelly's going to be gonna be a good addition. So we'll see what happens meeting will be small ordered the miners brother anatomy house the senate is I gotta get out some really important stuff. Because it's total chaos right now. In the Republican Party. You start to wonder what the point of this whole thing is. Dobbs seriously humorous that a march show your regular. Mark's been conservative for cash and some. Five or six years old. Your regular listen to show you are you starting to say to yourself why we've been doing this. Folks just over read the GOP it is so brown not to get hyperbolic melodramatic this is like let's. Do the talk radio because of scream and yell as me with it's really over. What's the point. What's the point after the obamacare failure. What's important. What is the point of the party. The whole idea behind a political party and if I'm wrong give me a call. 877381381. When did you call it correctly but what is the point of a political party. It political party yeah idea and again correct me if you think I'm wrong here is that help people go to the polls. And discriminate amongst a bunch of candidates and I don't mean that many in a negative way but to discriminate a bunch of bunch of Muster much of candies it may have never met. I did determine basically what their core set of ideas is is that not it. So you know you go to the poll. You've got Joey bag of donuts right and you guys Johnson at the runny you got Tony Bologna Ryan whatever maybe you've never met these guys maybe you you know you've just you've seen him in the supermarket once or twice radius other commercial on TV. But you never really met the most of the time. You go to the polls on Election Day. And you see Republican Democrat libertarian conservative green Communist whatever it may be. And that label is supposed to help you make your decision in the election booed because it's supposed to say what these people stand for. So let's rewire and it paid get a pencil out get the tape deck for you older folks like me at least that the state that we want to take a little bit save your batteries is go back to the beginning. And I ask you again. What is the point. What's the point of having a Republican Party if you go when they're going. I am voting for Republican Joey bag of donuts solo I've never met him because he's supposed to stand for acts and X never have kids. What still pouring. What's the point. So you're Republican you're supposed to stand for at a basic level I'm not even gonna get into the nuances of it. At a very basic idea. Logical level the the political house we built on an ideological basis built around what. Individual liberty. The defense of life the defense of the Second Amendment the belief that economic liberty to the liberty through tax rate cuts. The idea that a person's control the outcome should control their own health care we don't believe in single Payer government controlled medicine. These are core basic idea is that these are label is supposed to help you with when you walk in the polls. You're voted for a bunch of people though who have done not a fact. Let's go according to. You don't. The Republican Party. This is the most useful mechanism on the planet. When you need them the least if you need a resolution from congress right you want a resolution from Republican members of congress that. Puppies they're cute kittens are adorable we all love Davies. You know we should respect our veterans like ground ball stop the Republicans are great just step up to give you that resolution tomorrow everyone will vote for it don't have a press conference a pat themselves on the back to all commit with their boat guys stop. Couple lobbyists may be in the back. For the babies group that needed I don't know the recent baby food or whatever at a Vick look we put forth a resolution babies are cute unanimous vote on this this is so great. So they're very useful for stuff like that that's completely useless the but stuff that's actually useful to you. Like getting rid of the legislative disaster known as obamacare which is it an absolute death spiral contrary to what the Ezekiel manuals of the world keep telling people it is absolutely mathematically. Economically Arab medically advance Meyer. Getting rid of that and saving our healthcare system. That's absolutely out of the question and I'm actually gonna take a vote on that that matters or means something so what's the pouring. If you're remain. In your listener and made. Mark's got a wide reach out there. If you're a listener and made serious question what why are you voting for Susan Collins what's the point. I you know I'm a realist I'm not suggesting a Democrat would be better. But I'm having a hard time picking who could be worse. Susan Collins is the Republican senator from the state of Maine who is only fair for the babies are cute resolution she does nothing that's Republican. What's important. She voted against the obamacare repeat you know she voted against the skinny woke skinny repeal which was a debacle in and of itself. Acting was a crap building start with I can get to that later hopefully putt. That deal was terrible but this straight repeal of obamacare. She campaign and she campaigned at some point I'm sure that obamacare was a mess now she did not she didn't vote against for the 2015 repeal resolution. But it's like people are given her credit where it. At least he's consistent but consistently wrong. She's like consistently not a Republican. Big well let's give Susan Collins a round of applause she's consistently against Republican values. Remember the label. Is supposed to mean something. It's supposed to stand for a set of ideological values we can all go would say yes we all agree. Republicanism and conservatism. Deliberate libertarians this is what we stand for. She doesn't stand for that stop. That's not yours stuff that's her style she loves getting reelected. Public support you can't do one or worse. I am a realist in me be clear on this I've run for office I get it I know the whole procedure. I would never vote for a Democrat to see here's the way I like to date to freeze its people Collins is a total disaster Murkowski next move in a pulmonary. From Alaska. Collins a total train wreck. But the way I look at it is we Democrats voting for Democrats you're voting for Gary teach train wreck right now like it's coming down the tracks the democrats' bill wiped out your economic liberty healthcare liberties group they'll wipe out school choice dump red tape on you take your money Democrats are dishonest all the time you expect dishonesty from the you're never disappointed right. That's a train recommend them right now. People like Susan Collins in the rhino class of Republicans who can never keep their word at anything actually useful. The other train wreck that's a mile away. Now do you want to train hits you right now what you want to train that's a mile away that might buy you I don't know two minutes who knows how fast the train traveling you can do the physics right. Somebody took the amcats you call it. I'll take the train. That's a mile or two away and I'll buy myself at least two minutes so I get because of people say well I'm tired of the lesser of two evils. Well yeah me too but I'll still take the lesser of two evils is somewhat says. Pay us a mob guy to examine a whack him either cut your head off put it chainsaw we're gonna do it quickly at 22. I would avoid the chains are OK some kind of a practical guy in that respect. It's still gonna hurt. And Susan Collins. Is nothing but pain for the Republican Party. What supported why are we electing people like this. She needs to be primary by a very credible serious conservative candidate what they're raising money. And and please take her seat in the senate if you slushy it's done nothing for us. I think breezy but Lisa Murkowski the same way. Lisa Murkowski the senator from Alaska folks not exactly a blue state okay. Not exactly the deepest Blue States not New York. Lisa Murkowski by the way the woman who already lost the primary need Joseph Miller remember that one. During the Tea Party revolution had decided she was gonna run again as a write it. Because she and have the guts to set aside the only what I. Had that rule. Are some states have I think Florida has a where if you lose you get one shot to tie you lose a primary can't appear in general if only Alaska would I had that rule. Because what Lisa Murkowski have the same thing. You have any senator in a red state whomever votes for actual Republican values when it matters. What's important. Folks on the other side of the break I wanna talk about a topic that has been. Taboo don't worry it's only he's a family she'll put it very seriously taboo. Amongst insiders and establishment Terry's for a really long time the idea of a third party. You know I get it. Those were riverboats splitting post putting what about vote getting now we win elections that we lose any will be to about vote splitting also we're gonna lose we're already losing. How many get to some of the tactical stuff. And some of the political political strategic and a third party and why even know in. So my writings in the past I've advocated against that I think it's time to seriously entertain this idea. Because there aren't there right now there's one party. There's the Democrats and the Republicans Democrats there is no Republican Party now the parties to joke it's a total waste of your time for those you wasted blood sweat and tears knocking on doors. Out there in parades on really hot days waving to people. Making phone calls for candidates oppose the FaceBook messages you got screwed and you got screwed big time. Because you thought you were voting for a set of values that the people you've got elected to office just turned around and bite you in the back on it it's an absolute disgrace. I'm there bungee which for Mark Rubin at the brunch you know on Twitter will be here Pakistan expert. All the program. I've looked back to the Mark Rubin showed them by GO act diva Ngo on Twitter contributing editor of a conservative view filling in for mark. Parker is back a little bit he'll be back next week. No where he sings faux concern but yet that'll blurs fact little baby bag you know who have known me for Marco mark within the Charles. All right. I just am having a hard time before the break I can't. Reconcile myself while why am a Republican anymore YE what that we what the general point of the party is. Now the taboo subject in Washington DC we should never supposed to mention in you know air quotes your polite political company. Is the idea victim a potential third party. But folks what's the point of the two parties now there are in two parties I'm telling you there's one party. There is the Democrats in the Democrat light party in the Republicans yes we there are some good people out there I wanna be. Crystal clear on this we have the Michael he's ten cruises Rand Paul people who. At at least a principled and will vote according to principles I know they're not popular with the mainstream media crowd or even some of the right leaning crowd you know the Wall Street Journal can't stand Michael yanks who can't figure out why I'm mildly kind of know why. But we have some good. So you know I thought this through or even took some notes right and I thought. What were they good for from a tactical perspective what are they good for what are they doing for us now because he most certainly are not advancing any kind of economic its agenda don't already folding on tax cuts by the way GC there was a quote Bloomberg the other day. From Paul Ryan had me mystified. They quote in Bloomberg what was about Paul Ryan it's his Paul Ryan has insisted that a tax overhaul must happen in 2017. Since this and this since 2018 mid term elections could complicate that task. What's this task like economic freedom and tax cuts so people can spend borrow money this is complicated. During an election year why. Why because we're war already falling for the for the far left garbage focus group tested talking point about tax cuts for the rich income inequality all this other garbage we know is John. So we can't even disagree with the left ideologically then what's the pouring. So up. Practically speaking why do we need this party right now. Why do we need them. Well you say well we need ballot access while do we really need ballot access folks here's how it works when you run in the state. That there's not a national election I don't know a lot of you know as the religious group the wall over this quickly as you may not know this are avid runner don't know someone who's run. There's not a national election for the presidency series of independent state elections would states make payroll election rules. He stayed as a different standard to get on the ballot even for the presidency is not a national standard. So someone might argue well gosh we really need Alan axis we have to get on the ballot for the general and get on the ballot and whenever the state of Florida takes 101000 dollars or. You know 27000. Signatures of whatever may be and that costs money and time okay. I get it. What is true imported go get a group of hardcore conservatives in the senate and in the house and say you know what we don't need this shell of a party my I get a folks I understand what you're gonna say I know a lot of you have what. Josh not a conservative himself. All right he's not ideological I totally get that but the guy wants that he needs it DOE needs something he's a dealmaker why not grab them and with that try to juice the Mike leads the Rand Paul's. Did Ted Cruz is at the world maybe gravel that we goma from the house you've got enough fundraising capacity enough volunteers to get people on the ballot at least in a national election. Have a wish I wish we can start to run candidates at that you're about something what do we care about now what do we care about. What are we willing to fight for. You know you may not like. The Democrats and their ideology and I certainly don't the far left has been a total disaster. For the United States. But you have to respect if if they coalesce around an idea and they will battle for no matter how bad it will destroy the country doing. And that's how they win. Frustrating part of some thereby GOP should be literature review at the Q you scored some seventy. While American revolution now. Starts here. A market close and show call us at 8773813811. I look back and mark. We show again by geno contributing editor of a conservative review at he'd gone Gino on Twitter if for mark mark will be back on Monday have you picked up marks a new book yet. You know I yeah tight totally name dropping I got an advanced copy is book I'm proud to say that. I love Marx books have mall liberty and tyranny is my favorite practice well that is about dom would it yet. But I'm telling you it's a very very at this point close second is creek and on a gold medal quickly chapter two alone of mark's book. Rediscovering. Americanism. Senators know drew and deliberate the progressive masterminds at chapter two of his book rediscovering America's. Is an eye opener folks if you're conservative out there. And you've ever wondered why I say this all the time and you know my own shall why do why matters. It's very confusing sometimes to people why Q white liberals do with the idea you know wide and why did they defend the radical islamists even know they throw people who are gay old buildings ASI if these fraudulent why did they defend. Tax hikes even attack sites can lead to less money coming into the government you think liberals are bogged down by Bubba. Read chapter two you'll figure it all out. The book is tremendous I it's highly recommend when you buy it but read it very very slowly don't rush through it it is a manifesto on why liberals are the way they are go pick up today Amazon Barnes & Noble bookstores everywhere. Rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive is check it out by. Our good friend mark of and he will be back the next he put it quite so up again why did you what's the point of the GOP had been saying this over and over and over again I don't mean to be. One of these. Loud obnoxious guys AM from queens they have put joked it's terribly cheap but I started to wonder a long time ago. If a third party would be effective NIC you know what if which a waste of time and nothing can get not just gonna have we're not gonna get ballot access to gonna split the vote. But I'm just gonna propose this to you now. With we split their vote or not and we can run credible candidates funded by people with money in the Tea Party. And I don't mean you know people like millionaires I mean just Tea Party people in a large of quantity -- get some people some money in some funds to get on the ballot at least. What about more re splitting the vote between big about what you're saying is I get this is tweets all the time stops and third party got to split the vote between goal. Between cool. All like actual conservatives who want a run for office and win indeed who conservatives stopped at a bunch of establishment clowns who want the same old same old. Maybe he's splitting the vote is what we need who knows maybe a couple will trump Democrats maybe a couple of Reagan Democrats may be some moderate Democrats. Will turned off by the way completely by the Republican label it's it's it's it's a virus that them. Maybe they'll see the new label I don't know what it is that Federalist party to constitution party to Freedom Party liberty party who knows. Maybe they'll see this your label let's say you know what they can't be as bad as those crap Republicans I'm a big if ever shot. What do you think the Republican brand as any name cash or what they call a business school goodwill write. What's the good well what's your name cash data being a Republican now. I Republicans may be the one political party on the globe right now better hated by Democrats and Republicans. Folks it's a mess. I think is a big advocate against this third party plant but I am starting to really believe. There may be something they don't get Harwood too conservative review has lectured me about this over and over that it's the only way. Is the dump the traditional structure we have now within the Republican Party he has a great analogy listen to this one perk careers up if you are paying attention this is is a good one. This is a Horowitz is a. He says it's not just that the Republican parties the quarterback and they can't complete a pass. If it's a big deliberately throw interceptions. The other team and the other team right there on the fielded scores and Harwood is right. I'd want him on this tooth and nail. It by the way it pains me I loved the and I worked for the the conservative view but it pains me tell Danny's right I am I'm a proud guy but Dan's right. Par which is right it's time to change the quarterback we you know cornerback he's deliberately throwing interceptions. You've got a quarter crack on the field he plays for the raiders against the ramseys start a football the rams cornerback Greg are you supposed to throw it to the silver and black. Not the other guy with a yellow pants on. They still way I have been watching the NFL because of the cabinet but that's a whole other story. Can often attention. Reporter the Republican Party the whole point is been diluted we either for ballot axis of money and now it's a waste the time. If we can get people the Tea Party a large group and our Tea Party folks a million people that donated dollars specific candidate to run under an alternate party brand. And we split the vote you have to ask yourself why is the vote being split the answer is because there aren't two parties there's one party. There are people happy with the status quo in the Democrat or Republican Party and then there's actual conservatives. You know folks I'm a veteran like wax philosophic geared to be melodramatic really but. You know it did this is big principled matter anymore. Are you serious question to me do we really believe what we're saying. Portable we just believe what we're saying and predictive political should teach re matters more. Thank god you're crazy never gonna lose a bunch of elections Democrats are gonna take over to go to Rhode us forever. They're ruining us forever now. What you think I'm wrong on this. I asked this last summer filled in for mark now like to repeat questions on the show but for the sake of argument for the show you think I'm wrong. Do you think we've been advancing the football on political victories. You think the Republicans would do when a good job in really advancing economic health care and education liberty and it Dave Pearce is is have written this is a long term strategic pact. Tactical approach that we're winning. You really believe that. Tell me one standing. Conservative victory we've had the last fifty years one I'll tell me about foreign policy yes you're right. Reagan with Russia again. If you gonna say the Reagan tax cuts you're wrong. Because of Reagan Texas were big here very huge victory don't get me wrong. Some op. Some late most of my Facebook's what he made you saint Reagan tax cuts are bad all they were great you were terrific policy. I just ask you afraid lasting policy Reagan cut the tax rate from 7028%. The high end on the income side. The tax rate now is back up to 39 point six that's not a lasting Rick Perry it's going up not down. That's the point of my question if the Republicans have some grand plan brave long term strategic re affiliation of the country along the lines of conservative values. Rather than the liberal track Ron now that port to be some lasting victories and align your strategy. But what individual control health care. Disappearing by the credit even Republicans are voting for Medicaid expansion by the way eight terrible program. A terrible program where. Actual credible university research points out. That under the Medicaid program. You're more likely to die on Medicaid that someone who has no insurance at all that sounds like a wonderful government program you are better off walking into his surgical suite. With the doctor in the clubs and everything in the scalpel get ready to rock and roll. You're better off going in there were no insurance at all you stood a better shot of surviving it. I'm not kidding. Pretty sure it was university Virginia study Obama legalize same funny it's just that government is so pathetic. That you're better off going in that we did it's like please stop helping give me no government insurance and I'll survive the surgery with your government insurance I could get whacked in here. What where have we weren't. See the very dirty doing it it's conservative view guys you get. Richey can't do anything I give a shout out to Horowitz and honor of slack channel which like the Bakken Twitter door already given Harwood scooters that she dosage Iraq I don't. I kills me seven car which is right. We need a third party. All we need that brat of a third party. We need something because folks who we're doing now isn't working. What are the victories. What we can order them. I'll be fair maybe we've moved the ball forward a bit on school choice. I say maybe because everytime I think we take a big step forward and a quarterback exe throws the football down the field. There's always a couple stick steps back like we saw Pennsylvania. We're actionable Republicans voted against school choice. You know we've seen this all over the country submit your we've advanced the football little bit but we had so few last incredible victories and yet the Democrats keep chalking them up on the debt post folks. Government control health care the ball keeps going not only to keep nobody keeps going with Republican help. Medicaid's failing and Medicaid's expanding the media talks about it. Norton appeared in the media mentions the fact that on Medicaid you stand a better chance to get whacked if the surgery. The talks about that. No one talks about Medicaid busting state budgets everywhere he used to be 10% of the Florida budget right and it's approaching 30%. No one mentions that they act like there's a money fair now are the money disappears somewhere. Like it's like a Tony Soprano exercise do you shake people down. Nor mentioned who Social Security at the actuaries the nonpolitical actors. Google went into the county you birdy told the American people is nobody cares nobody ever talks about a lot of news they act like the money ferry really exists. They said there's no money none would impede their no dude you don't understand what the actuaries the count said there's no money not now liberal it's all the money fearing he'll come till we comes to every time or seek whenever. If you're into that kind of stuff. Yeah I mean liberalism is like being delirious at six year old Eddie Murphy comedy think you are you're delirious you know up. I was out to dinner with some friends are still here. But limit home studio. So is Michael looks for a moment is so congested it's unbelievable I can't I got a new TV set and I've been here everything and you can't even move you move your mock some denounce a bureaucrats in the background a bouquet don't call my moment. But I thought with some friends last night we did a restaurant down enough Palm Beach Gardens. And the other political and on super politically Meehan I just went on a tirade about how I'm so tired of the stupidity of lip. Most but you can't tell them anything there is not there there's no you cannot argue with a little there is no ideological middle ground with the liberal. And the fact that the Republican Party is perpetuating. To be you know quote bipartisanship we need like John McCain's have we need bipartisanship. That doesn't mean what you think it means to the last. The left doesn't care bipartisanship. To them is giving. Getting you win a rear naked choke and elbowing you from behind on the top of your head. You know that big crazy style. Bill of bipartisanship. There we are completely different ideological universe is the left is not live in the world the facts data and even reality. Folks he's still pull Leven global warming. People didn't Al Gore predict inactive dopey movie. He's got a sequel coming out by the way it was inconvenient truth. When my buddies call that he could be needs sequel to sequel right he's got a movie where did we share like Florida was gonna be underwater and we're all gonna die in a Poehler gave birth to be dead and Arctic Summers would have no license. Now Kilimanjaro was gonna have no snow wanna. Almost nothing Al Gore said was true you can actually go and watch the movie and Syria I'm not making this up go check it out on whenever Netflix watch that movie it was ten years got to remember. Al Gore's dopey movie an inconvenient truth. And you'll find out that nothing he said actually happened and he had dopey liberals still believe I. Did. It's like I swear it's like they did but that men and black thing. Little pen device where you forget reality its like it that's happened liberals look at spirited green night. Forget the fact of what Al Gore said his movie never actually happened it's still gonna have to know what'd happen tomorrow. Miami's supposed to be underwater condos are going on there were everywhere. I think it's absurd these people still believe kids. They still believe the government can run health care. They still don't listen George geeky. Emanuel defends obamacare. Up Rahm Emanuel brother who is one of the architects. This guy. This knuckle heads still believes that Obama just working he gets on TVS I I can't stand when he's on TV he gets on TV. And he won't go to bat for Obama cares if you're stupid. Premiums are rather then. Wow that was us I think. I read if I feel like dude you. You elude him. Picked a big open house key guy. Dude you even live on planet earth. You even do fax girl ever. Do you read. Like what planet are you from. Obamacare Sox. To a level of soccer is so high that only eight need eight wiped out the Democrats everywhere and they defended you can't even argue with them. Hey I pick obamacare Sox. No well. Now it's working swimmingly well what's your definition of swimmingly. Tom. Let's get into the details let's just do the whole liberal thing with the men in black and independence is happening. Your people with deductibles of 5000 dollars how the heck is that insurance. Insurance for wanted. Why thousand dollars. You don't get to show you have to spend 5000 dollars before your insurance check he kicks him. God forbid that happens you probably really sick. Well wide project noble that's at the very definition Richard no that's not the definition of George because the government enforce that policy what you wanna deductible. All of a bit thousand dollars you wanna pay higher premium can't do it obamacare is that so. May have. There is no bipartisanship. We cannot coexist with the left anymore and that's wrap up this starts to you don't think I was going elsewhere within about a off on a pigeon. I don't Republican Party understands that. That there is conservatism and liberalism there's no. Yin and Yang there's no overlapping spheres there's no middle ground. There's the right ideas which are our ideas and the wrong ideas which of the crappy liberal ideas and it's over it until we get that there's one party. The status quo and that's it. Right on them by geno at the bungee on Twitter give us call 877313. At mama especially if you're a liberal and you wanna argue will be your back. Open. Highland back to the Markovic showed them by GL at he'd punch you on Twitter contributing editor of a conservative review. Fill it for mark. Markers back little bit of the back the next week so no sweat the worry there. All right so before the break I was just. But lace and into these lives because there's just no ideological middle ground and just tired of hearing from the Republicans and John McCain said it again yesterday I you know I know he's sick I get it I'm not I'm not trying to pile on I. But gosh this thing but all we gotta work with the Democrats and Obama Kara bipartisanship. Like. Why. But it pokes fun. They have no desire at all to do only desire is a government takeover of the health care system because liberalism the party JFK is dead. They have been. Completely hijacked by far left the radical liberals who run the money who run the ballot access who run the primaries. Who put candidates on the ballot that want the government to take over medicine because once you won't miss and wounded three seeing ya. Every dating. There is no middle ground. I'm sorry I I know where herb really. Nice group of people we are Americans are empathetic they're sympathetic they're hard workers I know you want to believe his. As I do sometimes you know you you see politicians shaken hands from different parties on TV pat themselves on the back and every he's gonna be I know that feels good for a moment but the hard reality from a guy who ran for office I'd die brand and it's a nightmare. I can't recommend you don't do enough of what she really got thick skin. That's not what it's really like. The Democrat party is god there there are no that the modern democratic party's been hijacked by liberals. If you believe in freedom you believe in liberty you believe in the Second Amendment to constitutional limited government the bill of rights you shared nothing in common with them. If you believe you should judge people by the content of their character. You're you share zero you share nothing in common they don't believe any of that stuff. They believe none of that. That authority is god. They are obsessed with these critical. Theory nonsense that has taken over the entire far left wing the entire media apparatus. This idea that the heat there's a white patriarch goal power structure that has to be dismantled in the country and that that's what did nobody has any out there is no objective truth that's all crippling. All right more on this we can back from the brink of their bunch you know at the brunch you know on triggered escalates and 71 for. I take a closer look at unlimited data plans and you'll see they're not always a front with a crisis not led T-Mobile. Unlimited data with taxes and fees already included in right now get more lines of unlimited data what our network for just forty bucks and commercial auto and. So go ahead take a closer look and you'll see nobody does unlimited like T-Mobile don't re orient to a T-Mobile store Collison 1800 T-Mobile. Yeah 3% users of 32. Gives me. Now. Literally underground. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere fun to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the from back there but you know he's. Knowing the last hour. She's been arguing for this third party thing which I was adamantly against but ominous feel the Obama term on the evolving on the issue because I just. Folks I just don't see a purpose to the GOP adding more. I mean you had important job. Your what job. What job I had a friend though. For another friend of mine former city cop from the mine. And I live off the Florida turnpike to Florida right. Florida terabytes great when you get down to sub floor you miss the eggs that you're an apple loaded trouble it's like 18 miles to the next exit. So couple. He's written directions from my house and he's what he's looking for real estate editor so even though let's playing any misses the eggs and I'm like dude. You might want job. Push one job then you've got to drive forty miles. Tony miles down and play miles back. What what job just get off the exit I'd give you the number it's not hard he CD exit it comes up how you should exhibit GPS. Modern GPS unbelievable. You are approaching the exit a one mile and a half a mile and a quarter mile in ten feet in two feet get off the energy you idiot. That's a pitcher that you candidacy he has to get one shot I love my buddies the best we have one job. So did the GOP. Had one job. Every one of you with the exception of Susan Collins is not a removes a Republican anyway every one if you were I don't I've driven these elections cycles. I know I absolutely sure of it. I read that they all set up your all the primary candidates Buhner appeal Obama got ripped out there are however pale but. Slam here fist on the I do it quite a disconnect the connection Richard that you're damn right we're gonna repeal it. Rock thing at the mouth made up people could not he would leap over each other to give a quote immediate people in the campaigns Irene. To be tip to beef broth the year on who was gonna repeal obamacare quicker. I'm at a repeal it tomorrow governor appear yesterday. I did get a deep Marty reply and go back to the future not gonna get Greta van every day. They were maniacal about it. You have one job. Or you how to do the other day was vote to repeal of a damn thing. And you could even do that. We had seven turn coats. Seven. What happened reported. What happening here in Ohio. College forget it's a lost cause Murkowski lost cause. Dean Heller an end in Nevada is even a Republican what's the point yeah. I really think that the strategy for reelection. Good luck go to a Tea Party group deemed both Dino good luck pal. Polynesian United States senator show some respect show some respect for your constituents and will show some respect for you cloud go back to your T park still rolled right out there. Wait are you the same guy who took money from us and said you vote to repeal Obama to have a politician I really need that. Clowns to clown a class in DC is disgusting. I have that there's no point to these people anymore. Folks we have the wind up primary challenges to them right now. You you know I've thankfully done with Powell. It's forever which is where he won quickly now to get off topic but. The Gary did Democrats have their first announced candidate for president today. I'm not kitty is not an onion started making this up not trying to be silly. Democrat representative. Semi listen to smirk right now because you get the joke before it finishes that's it. Democrat represented from Maryland six congressional district John Delaney who whether it's a very nice guy. And you while you figure innocent and honest it's just declared today's running for president I'm not getting its in the Washington Post. In the opinion section it's not that it's I'm not trying to be funny yourself he is actually running for president he's a congressman from Maryland six. You only reason I bring up. Is because many view listening at W in the Al in the Maryland region and the UC BM later from Baltimore. I ran against John Delaney I almost beat him but almost you know horseshoes and hand grenade is a silver medals in politics. We actually won the vote on Election Day we lost in the absentee count but it doesn't matter Zale horseshoes and hand grenades close is in town politics. But Doi is actually a very nice guy totally disagree with them ideologically obviously our would run against him for congress. I almost speed up and what's hysterical now I'm having a really good time with. Is the media hates me with a passion. I'd be really can't stand it. Washington Post people the New York Times people anyone who knows me whose works that they really can't stand even I can deep visceral hatred. There have been a really hard time. And I'm having a blast. Because he's a Democrat. Painting and by the way I would underestimate this guy's worth a lot of money he's very embraces these hard work really needs to be that he declared is as a Democrat who's gonna run against truck he declared today three and a half years before the election. But that media people are like the laity. Pick a neighbor of people on here don't we all know he's crazy her. Good luck with that if he becomes the nominee. How are you as you know the media or Democrats obviously either it actually you know steaming piles of liberalism that even Democrats are far left Democrats. What are they gonna do report the lady becomes the nominee. That you're gonna have one of two narratives either dimmed by Jeter was a total loony to whack job which they'd love to say now somewhat of Max you put that on Twitter I got a kick and I should retreated Iraq. And I almost beat the guy or wow I did my geo maybe we underestimated him and his got a series that would kill them to say that because they totally hate my guts. But he's now running for president now to. They each have three and a half fusion which I don't I don't really get that strategy I'm not really sure I drive I. You know I respect him personally he was of nice guys stepped total political differences with the but folks on this third party thing I you know I really think we need to seriously considered is because we've already forfeited our values now and the reason I bring it up I think we all should take it deep breath and seriously consider where we are. Is that the Republican Party now is completely lost it has done nothing for us it is not advance the football and a wide net. Simple task we gave them. Go up there and repeal this abomination they can not do with the choked when it mattered. Why would we continue to do the hard work to get these people elected they have no respect for you. Folks they have no respect for you and by the way. I'm convinced it would have been more defections if it mattered. Let me give this a quick example when I mean obviously I can't prove a counter factual. And I and hypothesize in your bid to play a game for a moment. We had seven defections on the GOP side in the senate on the obamacare repeal vote which is a disgrace in and of itself a total disgrace. Let's just say we had seven the Republican senators we don't but say we could we have 52 of say we had seventy. I guarantee you Obama cares that would have been repealed I know you'll be safe out there and that's crazy if we had seventy Republican votes. Surely we could've found fifty nope I'm telling you right now they would have found the way for a good one person more than they needed to vote against it. I'm telling because the GOP does not want to get rid of obamacare what are you gonna wake up and understand that. The Republican Party has zero interest at all in getting rid of obamacare. They block obamacare. Because they have no gods they have no colonies now. They have no cuts. Bear the status quo for them is getting reelected if the country collapses while they're out of office frankly even when they're in office they don't care as long as they get to keep their limousine an a bomb shelter somewhere they don't give a crap. But they want global obamacare they've embraced pit this is their thing. Big love obamacare the GOP. They love the Medicaid expansion the GO PR are addicted to government goodies like everyone else they are the party of big government. Give Democrats a party of big government but can we just stop pretending now that the Republicans share any of our values. We need to petitioned the strong members updated at least the Paul's the cruises. The goal martz the Jim Jordan's the guys you share some of our values that mass seeds. We need to go grab these guys and say hey guys. You know I've been bag in my head to head need to ask. On the desk for the last eight years and like nothing is kinda changing you know maybe we should try something new here. There's enough name idea now who volunteer base and a donor base here to do so. Don't think any big do something just do something. Cause we're not doing anything now. What are we doing we're jerking around people already capitulated to the left and obamacare is an effective vehicle to deliver health care. We have the Republicans orbit. This is the model is totally geek. Mama we broke the arithmetic of it doesn't mark. The death spirals already begun. No serious person who understands. You know health care economics and the intricacies of obamacare would defend this disaster outside of their political leanings no one. These gentlemen it hasn't met its own metrics for success it's a total failure and yet the Republican Party gloves that despite all their speeches but this speech is on the floor. Member John Boehner and tears over it. Yeah and I Stephen and Ellen on the floor and what what about. That. And all root deed. What are you auditioning for a reality show Dancing With The Stars that the US congressman and I don't routine. Yeah John Boehner river routinely uses speaker. Not only your mood. Remember that he's out of orbit it globally you pick up mess and yet. Google John Boehner damn right you he's talking about how the Democrats yet I shot the Obama kids anecdotes group. Did you ask you all these questions that you showed the food and Paula you have all flow anger crocodile tears all crop. Well crown. Sorry did. Sound down a macabre but folks this in this fight matters it matters to me about being serious and I can be silly and sarcastic sometimes. It just matters to me man. I gave up a lot for this I know a lot of you did do not a sob story I've walked away from her job I'd love. Ran for office put my name and valid you know I didn't win but cash we gave it darn good college try. We not done a whole lot of doors. He ran a lot had a really expensive commercials a lot of you know the working class people donate a lot of money. We went to a lot of parades. I give a lot of speeches. I see hear or read the news all day hoping for some good news. But this fight matters to me. I know what matters to you too. And the fact we've constantly. You didn't let sounded disappointed and worst of all lied to. By a bunch of political generals on the field that are supposed to be dictating the terms about the ideological battle defected they've totally let us down and abandoned us. In the town while it's under siege that's got to mean something I have to be consequences. There has to be. Now I'm not suggesting if you wanna be crystal clear that electing Democrats is the answer they are the worst thing humanly possible. The Democrats will destroy the country tomorrow if you give him a shot. The folks the Republicans are just gonna destroy it next week. And in that seven days we have to figure out something new. Because what we're doing now as the market. We are losing every single fight every single one because we have capitulated to the far left because we're afraid. Might you. When I say we I mean the party leaders to bureaucrats to bow tie crowd DC they're afraid. They're afraid of the media I've heard congressman say it. They're afraid of angry Democrats at town hall hairs get them out all you see if you Howard get out there right now. Exit poll stare got to create similar crowd stay in the front of the crowd and make your case. Can Democrats will show up and yell at me I'll get really. You what why are you serious. Pathetic. You're not conservative stop saying you're either Republican just if you did you can don't have the guts to go stand up and do the right thing because they're liberal media people will scare you had a couple Democrats your town halls. Please get out of the business I'm begging you. Please get out of the political business. The last thing we need is more political generals sending the people into an ideological battle and it ditching them at the last minute when they need. I condemned by geno at the dungy went to her in for mark please give us a call and we'll get to the phones and Tom G-8 77381. 3811 will be your back. Hi welcome back to mark dementia again by Ngo had like you know on Twitter villain is a marked. He will be back with you. Next we can't be picked up mark's book a new book every discovering Americanism. As of march got a lot of really good books and if you really wanna be conservative nice our review today a national review by Kevin Williamson of mark's book rediscovering Americanism. It's a really terrific review I can't recommend enough go to national review. To school Kevin Williamson rediscovering America is mean you can read the review and it's an amazing book he really sums up mark's book well. It's not. Aid book for people who are looking for some light coating the issue if you want to understand the real core of liberalism why we're in this ideological. Fight with them it's an ideological fight zoning issues fine it's about two competing ideologies that cannot coexist together. Read mark's book and it'll all make sense of why matters folks in mark's book rediscovering Americanism explains few why. Go pick it up today it's available on Amazon dot dot com Barnes & Noble. On online bookstores everywhere coach taken out rediscovering Americanism. I'm just is from as a friend read it's well. You can read it fast it's very readable. But Reid is slow it's that good go check it out rediscovering America's aren't they didn't call let's go to Carol. In Las Vegas Carol I just got back from Las Vegas so you all the data port over there what's going on. I and you know once you come out here and be seen Heller. Anomalies as you worst anyone is even a Republican what's the point I don't guess what does a Democrat won a look at what why is he wasting our time. Exactly well he's just one of the bunch and you know and you elect argued people who I'm afraid I'm not an argument you. I do how did you know that you listen what I Philip for mark not yes I do like the argument you. Because liberals are so dopey that I when they call later they say dumb stuff you just let them talk in its like they humiliate themselves you're just doing. Oh yeah I think we want more Medicaid because. It works so good for. Yeah and it's not bankrupt and don't worry it's not telling people notice but they don't get that. It's crazy but yeah. The show vote last night was insulting. The disgraced. Yeah. If anybody. Has doubted that the Republican Party is. Totally off. And that they never intended to repeal volunteers they sure showed their code they didn't need any bombastic allowed now to tell the American people that. That they you know are not doing their job. No they're not and Carol are you by the conveniently never deployed to McCain and Murkowski tells as a migrant you and I both know Carol. The day we're actually looking for votes to get this thing to fail you know how in the sense that you look for votes to get legislation that passed. The Republicans go look for votes to get legislation that failed if it wasn't me Kaymer cast your pals they would've found someone else is no doubt about. They're perfect exit strategy because. Well the two girls they jumped ship along time ago there flown out in the ocean we know they were never kind back on board. During needed one more person just one person who the best person to take that hit. Now I hope McCain beats his cancer battle I really do content YouTube it's not personal view. With the vote. Yeah he was the one that could best with stand this hit. Carol I got to run him up biggest break but I do appreciate the call. Folks Carroll's absolutely right it's not personal guy is is really good McCain and senator he's going to really dramatic time is like medically I wish him nothing but the best. I'm absolutely pray for but that's no excuse for selling out the American people funny core promise you may you have one job. You have one job just vote to repeal the thing you said you would do what you campaigned on if you promised us in fail. On him by G was remarkably. T establishments. Worst nightmare. Mark loved and call in now 8773813811. I've let go back to Mark Rubin showed him by geno contributing editor over conservative route. You add the bond Gino on Twitter for comments criticisms whenever we take them off if you wanna come to criticize you wanna call and 8773813811. And as always. We will always leave a line for lives it lives wanna call you wanna argue I'm always down always because liberals never. Have anything substantive to say but it's always interest thing based on the degree of stupidity out even let you talk. 877381. Period on one or as mark says the liberal line 87738130. And eleven. Conservatives get the joke liberals are still confused by that I promise you. I have so folks the founding fathers or are rolling over in their graves seeing what's happening right now in the country and the team I've been making the case for the last hour and a half that there is no point to the Republican Party anymore. The only point to the party is to agreed we collected set of values that helps people when they go to the polls. Discriminate amongst a bunch of candidates. That they don't know by name and may have never met. They're not every single voter news flash folks goes to the polls and knows candidate John Smith or oral or a Tony bots or whatever they don't know the people. They made you would see the website but they see Republican and in the past if you went in and he didn't know the candidate is so the Republican line you voted you were mistakenly under the assumption. That that was the party. For healthcare reform the anti obamacare party that was a party for economic liberty that was the party that believed in robust vibrant economic growth. You mistakenly believe that. That is now god we don't that the Republican Party collectively doesn't believe that any of that anymore I'm sure individuals within it do. I know the listening audience does but it is useless vehicle it's an empty vessel it's an anti submarine going nowhere. There is no point to the founding fathers would be rolling over in their graves they these. These men and the women involved in the founding of the country were involved in real. Tangible. Decisions that had quite literally life or death ramifications. Think about that that that that. Can't see that on the air the the stuff these guys have let's just say that and these women right. Vick about it. If you put your name on that declaration of independence. Fairways a darn good chance you would be hugged. And killed there was no guarantee that what we know now is the United States was gonna become. The the incredible prosperous success we've become with this massive military. Nobody had any idea that was gonna happen remember folks. As historians will tell you all the time and you know it's not a particularly profound statement but it's true and worth repeating. Data live in the past they've lived in the present for them. John Adams Thomas Jefferson George Washington. Alexander Hamilton didn't say well this limited to pass this really cool. They live in the present. They need reeled. They did real planes. Thomas Jefferson's decision do you know if if if deferred to December Lewis and Clark out meeting yet never read the book. Who's the author always forget and loved this book is an undaunted courage to ten it's a great book. The decisions he's mad made. Don't do whiskey rebellion to revolution. Gosh Lincoln and the civil war what are these clowns in congress and these guys who can't vote. God forbid I vote to repeal obamacare all my gosh what do I couldn't do. I'm right I kept. Reelected yet the dude you've cut the twenty campaign commercials that are still on YouTube saying you hate Obama to have a don't worry I'm not up for election in four years maybe they'll forget don't forget. Don't forget. Listen. Let's end. Please don't forget. You go look up what your senator dead. Go look it up and you print that out. And you get a refrigerator magnet. You could put it not right next to your Mickey Mouse refrigerator no panic he went to Disney and right next week you take that a magnitude your free trader and you highlight that vote. Never forget. Ever ever ever. They Scrooge you. I'm a ground ball decision. This is a crap player. This is a horrible piece of legislative. I it was a mess it was shoved down our throats it was crap people are suffering everywhere this was a ground ball. The founding fathers made real decisions about real things. In real time. These guys can't get out of your own way. I mean Murkowski Collins Bob Bob words mean what I've worked in really. You know this he's a nice guy again it's not personal I met him one time he was very pleasant. I remember when I was a Secret Service agent and he was was he to trade rep at the time. He's a very nice guy everybody was very complimentary but guys listen you're my doctors are nice guy too I'll be honest with you I give zero. About that I don't care. I have a need for. Well I left. They don't have any problem again right. I don't really care of my doctors and nice guy he is he's great. I don't what I'd hate to dude OK. I'm good. I don't wanna have Beers Wear them I don't drink. I don't need to have wing. So watch the Super Bowl overs cost just fix might be just fix it thanks indeed. I'm an open picks the meniscus paying whatever holidays. Picks the AC you know and CO LC EO whatever is broken just fix it. Dude just fixing it. Portman you're a great guy everybody loves you. I'm sure they love to have dinner with you. Just. Do what you said you were gonna do. Just do waves. Was that Nike Bo Jackson. Member of ads commercials. Just do ways you said you'd do it it's not like you'd be lying if you actually did it. Collins repetition Barbara as a Democrat just leave the Republican line hoping for an actual Republican in name. Why are you clogging up with C as a Democrat. She's not a rhino. She's an I know enough they give me emotional she doesn't have a Woolsey cares about it Susan Collins. She's she's not even in name only. Visual voice to her at all being in that seat if you're a Democrat. Why would you vote for Susan Collins she's raising money for the other party if you're Republican why would you vote for Susan Powell's because she's not a Republican. I watched a pouring. Folks. I didn't bring this up. Haphazardly Snyder show tonight on the show you know it's a unique opportunity to fill in for mark and I always appreciated. Marks a good man. So is rich and a crew there. Riches like our region stuff kiss him but but he is a good guys. Well he did tax me I want this on the record at 5 o'clock this morning 530. Could fit into their markers back a little bit like it's going to be back next week to know where he spent 5 o'clock he's lucky I was up an electorate she's a good day. Under camera stores then Fredette who can't they're about to fall this day I gotta get I get company's hedges said. Boom looks Karl said he red ball. Already I didn't bring this up haphazardly UK it's a unique opportunities that it here that have taken notes where we're sort of forget Placer. There are about to fold again. This is why I'm bringing this whole thing up it's a whole purpose of the show I looked down and donate to girl and my parents right that's are supposed to be here. They're about to fold again it's not folks its not good enough that they stuck it to you big time on obamacare. You're about to fold on tax cuts folks I'm telling you. Mark it down remembered it marks got the podcast Marcum and showed dot com. You can listen the pod gauges on iTunes this shows recorded doesn't go anywhere they're about to sell you out of tax cuts again. Listen I pray I'm wrong. I really mean that I am I would love to come on the air filling in for mark it in 34 months of the night. Hey I got I was wrong and they got the tax cuts through. It ain't gonna happen. I'm telling you second happened they are preparing to sell you out right now and why the why it always matters always. Because there is a large swathe of feet. Phony frauds running under the Republican brand hijacking our label what we've built. That Republican brand who are ready arguing with the conservatives you pick up Macon this figure out your mind. There are ready arguing that the conservative freedom caucus in the factions of the house that actually believe in conservative Republican values. There argue with that hey man. We can't push through a tax cut that looks like it's benefiting the rich ma. All know you did you didn't know you do please tell me didn't did you you'd get off. Comma really guys. Well I would it would get what's the point. Now tax cuts benefit the rich. That now we're playing I would play an identity politics class war for games like are stupid liberal press like Bernie Sanders who by the way whose wife is under federal investigation. Thank you may be innocent don't know top frankly don't care. But now we're playing to Bernie Sanders game. Pretty sure there's the guy who's a what is he worked he's got he didn't like three homes anybody's got a lake house and I don't have a lake house. I worked for conservative or you may be any yeah eighth here's a suggestion to the owners of the company you know I love you guys that maybe we shouldn't deliberate review we can all be millionaires and not have to worry about any backlash. Bernie says has the lake house. And Whipple the F a accounts he's a class warrior digest that permitted. Yes how late house it's not a small one either from what I hear. Now we're taking up the birdies in this rhetoric you've got to get those evil rich people really Bernie give a work for anyone who was Dirk war. Really I didn't do our war so I believe me I don't speak with fork down OK I've been. All along the income spectrum. Well like Bernie you seem to be doing quite well for quite a long time right now and is taxpayer financed salary. Now we're I I did I see what it's like cannot have Dirk. We're now only have dirt and let me take some heat really socks okay. But now we're fighting on their terms. That putting money back into we've free economy and not allowing the government to literally confiscated. And take it is now. This is. This is somehow a bad favors what they give pick up the government has an entitlement has their finger on our money first. We're fighting on their terms folks. We're a little bit of trouble with the economy right now. Now I love dated numbers are much an imported that I promised but I've got some we got about an hour fifty minutes left in the show. There is a Wall Street Journal piece July 5 by guy. Who he's a really good writers aggregate I've read his book off fool proof I liked a lot about the price is I you can argue his political bent if he has won it doesn't matter was a decent book. But he wrote a really interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal. About it is economy's not motoring along like some people want you to believe is not a knock on trump don't tax me why you're not gonna trap him. I'm just telling you the remnants of the Obama disaster. On the economy are not gone folks. I know trumps done some things I know we says they say this I don't like to trade policy I think we're going down a wrong road there but the biggest push for tax cuts are positive. But folks the economy is not motoring along right now there are some real danger signs out there. And around a day after the break I'll point out to some of the reason I bring this up is because the fact let's GOP. Like waiting for the economy to collapse before we do something. Taking not only the class warfare strategy but what the Rahm Emanuel never let a crisis go to waste strategy what why you lose your job and lose your wallet do we now. Do we now don't be pumps don't peak hours. Don't pull guard. Egypt's you guys out there. Why why why did growl. Why did before we have a recession god forbid. The warning signs are there. There they are right now. Everybody should be a little bit worried right now Obama left us with a eight. Sam which we. Stuff on it it's not meet and it doesn't smell good that's what he left us where we're still cleaning out the debris from the eight year disaster. If we don't do something now listen to me GOP people elected members of congress especially the ones would no guts. Grow a spine please take one good vote. And cut taxes and put money back in the economy to fend off a recession that could be lurking around the corner. Don't come crying afterwards. And tell you the ready to sell you out make no mistake they are ready to sell you out. Go find a member of congress or staff that'll talk you off the record. Put a Heineken and Emerson and remove CO whatever the hell does that alcohol free beer was talking to a guy about that is that that basically the business. Go put a few Beers and haven't talked to my guarantee I'll tell you there's a sellout getting ready to happen right now. It's pathetic the party stands for nothing Zippo zero nada. My folks on DiMaggio at the Bellagio on Twitter get escalates and 713. And one will be your back. Well. I'd welcome back to the Markovic showed him GOP should be in there conservative view filling in for mark. And at the thought Gino on Twitter. He is at Markovic show you any of them follow comments and criticisms we take a law. Mark will be back with you next week so I have no fear. I let me get to the thought it would take a phone call lights it's been a while if you like escalates it a 7381311. And have been talking about the disaster that's a Republican Party and when I feel the need for a third party to sprout. From the wreckage that they've left behind these socks these spineless gutless wonders in Washington DC let's take Richard. In though was that Rollins Rollins Wyoming Richard you are with him and geno when you got for us. Well. You got some man that I sure remarkable then bond you know thanks brother it's like Bon Jovi with the geno and none of his money. Par is good looks but that's okay because of their wisdom. Remarkable man in that it's easy to remember. Yeah as a kind of flows are loving it was fun Giordano. But my grandparents change that he's you know people forget hole I am fighting Irish are the same thing. Yeah they were discriminated against pretty badly when they came over so why they changed it to bond Gino but don't thank you I appreciate that so what do you got president. Well I would like to shave. I'm I'm. A marine nominal marine now I'm 7030 years old I spend my time in Vietnam and do years of course religion and saw a lot of things. And I guess it's there an element that. That kind of experience. Changes people in the people that I've experienced that. In the yard notable. You know. I want to know why you go on the went through all latins still come down a liberal but not you often but anyway. I want to say that I don't thank you. That it was John McCain or that woman or man or that other. Nut case from Alaska I don't think that was really what what did this I think it was a monsoon months ago that I've been screen not the radio about. Is that Republicans are literally. Carbon seeing what stage planted by. We really need a establishing that speaker of the house Ryan. And and this guy Mitch McConnell. You've got to have leadership you don't have a leadership. You don't have nothing that's what's incredible. About. You know Richard I'm glad you called that is coming from a military background in god bless you man few service I lost my uncle over there. In Vietnam Greg Ambrose you his shot in the back in through doctors heroically rescuing some of these guys and he's given the bronze star. But the V clusters so I have though to say a world of respect for you is an understatement I've never been in combat. And now hopefully you'll never have to put really thank you so much but I'm glad you called and I do appreciate the call and fortunately I'm were up against a break but. To have a military person call folks. And talk about the need for leadership is exactly what we need right now. We have a bunch of spineless wonders up there I'm sure they're great guys when he wanna hang out a bar and chat bushes are great guys to go and have a. Pot belly sandwich with the DC but the bottom line is when you need to get something done. They are useless when you need them to be useful useful when they can win me he would even be useless I mean that's sick they never get anything done. They have collapsed on the ideology they have lost the same sold us out and once you lose the ideological fight the rest is garbage. I'm DiMaggio will be Erica. Take a closer look at unlimited data plans until you're not always true with the prices not Ed T-Mobile. Unlimited data with taxes and fees already included and right now gets more lines of unlimited data what our network for just forty bucks and commercial auto. So go ahead take a closer look and you'll see nobody does unlimited like T-Mobile don't read into a T-Mobile store Collison 1800 T-Mobile went. Yeah 3% gain users of the 32 gigs a month dinners with his feet. Is there. Now. Mentally underground. From the hills of hidden. Somewhere from to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without. Titled back remarkably showed them by geno and keep on G hill on Twitter. Contributing editor over conservative view and for mark. Parkers back a little bit will be back next week so no worries. The battle avoid affected how to beat USC fight tomorrow. Jon bones Jones is Cormier for those USC fans could be a monster fight I ever gotten you have seen a long time I'm seriously considering grab in this one. I don't know I'm tweet me what you think I'm hiding. Jon bones Jones takes that the guys just the monster he's only a blue belt in jujitsu by the way which is crazy. That's insane. You know that health system and I'll let others a lot of times that mattered deep bruising jujitsu is that the real deal. And I yet poems jones' only. Who got that's crazy because the guys just the mall. Why so get a topic at hand here before we jump back intact OJ give you some economic data here in the deck in this great guy if peace and renewal she journalists really troubling. I sort of bring something up quick if you've noticed by the way how quickly. The actual pump brushes stories kinda taken a backseat to mainstream media you wonder why. I get it I'm tired here and make your party here it is it's. Yeah I call it the X-Files conspiracy theory I'm waiting for David Duchovny. And now Julian was named Gillian Anderson there's whenever they're away from the pop this is this cigarette smoking dude it's just a made up nonsense very Tia. I get it we're all tired of it. But did you notice it kinda wanna let a little bit. Now come back when the Democrats have another you know lie to propagate but. Something happened you may have missed. Can assure also wrote about the cost you journal that is fascinating we just go alliance which Peja wrote this down and wanna miss anything. So all of a sudden. The Judiciary Committee puts out a letter about the testimony of trump. Junior and Matt afford that we're gonna come in front of the test them in front of the Judiciary Committee and testify about the trump Russian fairy tale and I don't know what they're gonna say is nothing to say right. So they're supposed to testify if you noticed that that public testimony and Democrats are gonna grow up never gonna get these guys trumps former campaign manager. John trump junior today we're gonna put him in front of the allied today organic out of. You know wrestle I wanna weigh the cart I don't know will allow me testifying behind the scenes while why he went tapped then. The wide matters drain. Well Chuck Grassley put a letter out signed by no Democrats by the way that other members of the Judiciary Committee. Saying our right. Okay he's still trump junior metaphorically girls are gonna have this fusion GPS. Co founded this guy Simpson. We're gonna have him testify to. What was fusion GP I'm sure ask well thankfully I'm here to answer. That was the Oppo research company aligned by the way we Democrats. That put out the dossier about stuff we came to talk about on the radio is so disgusting about trump. That was totally completely thoroughly debunked to discredit it. So now. What would that what does that have to do with anything we go with this well no Democrat side that latter. Asking neck glands was again he's going Simpson from fusion GPS import why. Because there are very credible allegations behind the scenes starting to surface and again I want to which Democrats do watch what they lie and make up stories do we so convincingly. I'm gonna call them allegations is that what they are that's what they are. But there are credible allegations nonetheless because I've heard them from credible people. That the Democrats may have been the ones who paid for that fake dossier. And ran it through an apple company as a means to get that fake news about trumpet his proclivities let's say overseas which is totally made up. As a way to get into the media cycle. Now folks wouldn't that be just a little bit ironic. Just that the right. A little bit ironic that the whole pie we've been listening to these don't send a mainstream media. Tell us about how trump had Russian vodka one time and therefore is an international spy. I should be impeached we've been listening the entire time wouldn't it be incredible the entire time the real story. Was the fact that Democrats were working with an odd ball company to work with me now discredited former British spy who worked with the Russians to get information on trumpet was faults to get into the American Media. Maybe instead of the try impressive story maybe it's really a Democrat rushed story can trust it was a piece in the journal today sums this up. Pretty nicely folks I'm telling you this stinks stinks. It's stakes and the Democrats are doing what they always do their Howard's they have no guts they are liars they are fakes they're frauds now one Democrat has stood up and said the right thing about this that this is a totally fake use case and it needs to go away. Now one and now they're cowering because now they're starting to see while we run a congressional hearing. And it comes out that we paid for the dossier and the fake news that we're the ones involved with the Russian scandal. You think. Phonies total fakes. Like hits the I really I can't stand many more than Democrats like here. It's just a big portrait at a party it's like got a syndicate of. Alt all the propaganda I think people who were out there trying to advance malicious ideas with the sole purpose of obtaining power it's suckers vote for them suckers every time put him in power. I'm moving back to more substantive items. So the piece of study about what she journal folks here is some warning signs right now that we could be in trouble this is why am worried about the depending. Almost immediate GOP sellout coming on tax cuts did get ready Seles out right now. Here's our number one stocks right now. Yes not science stops a lot of people of stocks yet attention you have a pension is invested in stocks in some way shape performance promising. Lot of Americans invested in the stock market. Stuckey she's not a financial show but these are just some things about warning that recessions around a quarter but some warning signs stocks are now at 22 times past year's earnings. Mean you know that a bad thing maybe maybe not but kind of warning signs another one corporate debt as a share of output economic output. Is it levels last seen. Before the last two recessions is is this great hippies and washing journal. Corporate debt. Folks what's the problem with that well obviously beside the size affected corporations all a lot of money which is a problem in of itself and can be. The problem is growth is not that great folks. It's not that spectacular the Obama hangover continues now. I'm not gonna do with the blame bush thing like he did doesn't blame Obama for everything we're in charge for six months now but folks it's time for Republicans actually begin charging gold do something. All right the first couple months three months four months it's always all Obama the economy so much you can do with two or three months to right the ship. We're six months should Republicans get your heads out of your caboose and do something. The problem we're having with the corporate debt it enough that they you don't do besides the fact folks at big corporations owe a lot of money right now. Is inflation. And growth are relatively low. Now if you listening in your Don economist out there are you you know you just not really familiar with the issues initial what's wrong with low inflation well nothing percent eight. But the economy is. Everything's interlinked folks is that you know you can't just separate out one very bullish view the entire economy the problem is when you have all this debt corporate debt which they just told you. Is as a share of economic outputs at levels last seen before the last two recessions we we owe a lot of money right now. If your growth rate in your company is not that great. And the growth rate is not as high as the interest rates you're paying you can't handle the debt load it's no where it's no different than it US and individual. If you have credit card payments to the interest rates the money you're paying. Supersedes the amount of money you're earning your salary growth in the future you're going to be in a perpetual cycle of debt and eventually you're gonna go bankrupt. That's a big problem folks GOP folks are you listening do you read this stuff. What are your not a pending your cocktail parties. Which are cute little bow ties with your friends and your dates and I'd whatever you're doing do you read this stuff are you aware of what's going on. This stuff matter viewers just like really hard a couple of reads we don't do that stuff I don't get a position paper and in a summing up of the sentence I'm not interested. Do you read this stuff. Now what is inflation have to do with the defective who inflation. And I get it I'm I'm I'm a libertarian horn and do good inflation and health care sectors and high. So inflation's not as pained as people wanted to much you believe it is right now but it's relatively low by certain metrics if inflation still relatively low you're dead you're dead doesn't get inflated away. So if you're corporation and also a lot of money number one number two you're not make a lot of money you're not growing to pay off the debt. And then third inflation's relatively low. So the dollar the value of the dollars not being played inflate your way but folks here's the catch the value of a dollar of debt isn't being inflate your way either. I got news for you fuel a lot of money inflation is a great day for you. Folks these are called warning signs for members of congress the senate or their staffs were listening. This is called trouble around the corner. This is called do something this is called remove ahead from the cavity below your waist. Getting it out and do something because folks this is guaranteed there's going to be a recession now. And my one of these guys that predicts a recession every five minutes were all in trouble. No thank god the power of the US entrepreneur or even rescued us from eight years of Barack Obama. But I'm telling you that not everything is rosy out there. There are tangible facts and data that any member of congress can go look up and read sayegh is that true. Well folks we should do something. We should maybe look at cutting taxes corporate taxes we should maybe look at using the economy to get ahead of the growth rate problems to get ahead of the corporate debt problems so American companies can pay off their debt and news flash not go bankrupt. Folks its not it there's more. Interest rates interest rates are gonna go up. Folks are gonna go up mortgage rates economy wide interest rates car interest loans they're all very low right now. Now they were to lots of speculation is not in the economic show when it unite if you want I love economics my passion. Lot of reasons why that may be why the demand for money he's relatively low right now but interest rates are low and no serious person would doubt that the Federal Reserve said this at a large role. It's depressing in its interest rates and quantitative easing and other things he's done. Interest rates are low that's the point though you need to know. Interest rates are going to go up. The trend line is up from this point not meaning it's going to be more expensive to borrow money to grow your business it's not gonna go down. Eight cash and but I don't think it's going to I think the trend line is up because were almost that rock bottom now. Interest rates are going to coop is going to get more expensive to grow your business. This is not a good thing. Now interest rates going but I think it's a good thing we had loose money policies for a long time but the port of Jeremy if you're looking to expand your business. You wanna borrow money at the cheapest interest rate possible this is not news to anyone. Those interest rates are going to go op. It's gonna cost you more by car it's gonna cost you more to buy a home and it's gonna cost you more to invest in your business if you take out debt. You would think the Republicans in congress would get out of their damn luncheon meetings. And they're stupid fund raisers all the time and go do something and head this all often say let's juice the economy now. Because interest rates are going up folks and if we don't grow faster than you just rate hikes we're gonna be a whole world of trouble but what are they doing. Nothing near busy voting down an obamacare repeal you clowns. Asked do you believe in anything are you willing to fight for anything of substance there's this entire thing to joke. I mean this is frustrating. I took some damage you know act. You don't you want to if you gonna give us a call 8773813118773131. When optics and he calls me get back of your back. Okay. Hi welcome back to the Mark Rubin showed damn fine you know Villanova Marquette he brunch you want to their thanks for all the comments and criticisms even to the the foods happens if Becker who got connected via Twitter. There's a couple of doozies club that it was you had a chicken sandwich waited for me after the show by the way and the spell is wafting again due to adorn its tail obscenities Salave'a. Hit yet on the average is you know when you mean chewing but man it's miles good. I let me take you call if you give us commonly 773813811. Let's go to Fred. In Amores Minnesota Fred you are at their much you know when he got breast. You know they can take my column missed by duke should be I was thinking about your idea about a third party. Yeah I was thinking that if there were a third party. End to the word they're able to take enough votes away from Republicans and the Democrats. To where there was in the majority. But then you know votes now. Then. The third party would have to former coalition called the patriot party it would have to try to form a coalition. With either Republicans and the Democrats. In order to be able to you know past you know like in England stuff like that. Right. Let it actually case. What would stop the republicans'. Trump forming a coalition with the Democrat. Because of the way they've voted with the obamacare and everything like that. You know nothing. It seems to me that that there are more inclined to the Hawaiian open Democrats and it would be to a party that wants to shrink the government. In. I totally understand we are gone I get it you making some who coherent points. But your thinking right now in terms of votes he comes in of course it's about winning elections and my response do you. And I don't say this sarcastically say this with the utmost respect you really great point. What has winning the vote count actually gotten you. On the ideological side how was it advance the ideological football. But when what we you what I would both agree Republican ideas economic freedom healthcare freedom. What is it dumping you we now have historic numbers of governors historic numbers of members of the House of Representatives historic numbers of state and local legislators we have the presidency. We have an ideological leader in the Supreme Court now direction. And we just we still can't get anything right so. I'd I'd be asking you not sarcastically. Why are you focused on the vote count of the vote count has done nothing for us maybe we should start focusing on the ideology and the vote count will come later. This month you know man right now so I saw what what happened with the vote with Obama terrorist thing right now I'm scared. I'm here that I'm scared because like I voted for these people to go in and do what they said they would do and they didn't do it. And the basic clean shot next election ambition get rid of them and everything like that that. That you know there are dangerous you know what if it doesn't work what do you can't. Do you know clients. Fred I can get it and I ID and listen I appreciate your passion you sound like a really honest guy and I can hear you voice. But I'm asking you are really serious question what's working now. Immediately you know you can only be have your head meat did desks so many times. Before you start to save yourself while banging my head against his guest really hurt and buddy the only point I'm making your your your tactical perspective is correct. You can you would have to form some form of a coalition to win votes. My point is we've already won votes where Republican power and I'm sorry gotta run for an Obama pretends to break it. The point I'll make with you off here here is that. Republican power is a historic levels. And we are what every darn. We've done nothing we pulled the few regulations. Thankfully. What we've done nothing nothing of any substance that all the big ticket items we could repeal obamacare there's no tax cut coming down the pipe to go to sell you about on that. We've not been able to do what I think we having control government spending we're still in dad. The budgets in in a massive a massive deficit next year the anticipated budget will be in deficit. Coach what have we done. I'm I'm asking you humbly and respectfully and I mean this. To start to consider the fact that may be a. Triage in a very needs on getting votes first. It's not the right idea maybe we should start working on the ideological front first and third convincing people are ideas are right to post a comment on your back. This appears radio free from America. I'm Mark Levin show called 87738130. If you have him. I welcome back to Margaret Cho Dan bond geno at brunch you know on Twitter doing the market be that community they and. Picked up a copy of his new book yet I know I mentioned before but this book is it's one of those books if you're conservative you really want to be able to argue with substance. Against these kooky loony toon liberals who by the way. I'll most liberals have no idea why they think what they think they've just been spoon fed you know really cap crappy college class by a really dopey professor who read it somewhere else do. But mark digest why liberals think the way to think the ideological underpinnings better than anyone new book is rediscovering Americanism and the tyranny of progressive as. The book is fantastic chapter two in and of itself could be its own book. Is it is extremely readable but I strongly recommend you pick it up number one go to Amazon Barnes & Noble bookstores everywhere pick it up. But really slow I mean it I've set and a couple times and immediate read the book slow. Because he's that good that by the time you're done but it it is a Ph.D. level course. In looney tunes liberal isn't just how kooky JR I know I kidded he quotes people they're quotes at their from Crowley Cody Ed you're going to be like oh this is. Why liberals or not. It's a great book go pick it up today rediscovering Americanism you will not be disappointed today. Just to show during a break it's always easy to find examples of the looney left so I saw this on Twitter. And now I agreed to leave you with my own commentary not so pleasant commentary after respect. Representative Barbara Lee who according to Twitter is a progressive Democrat. Proudly representing the east bay California thirteenth congressional district in congress California's thirteen. As he says she's working to promote economic and racial justice. Peace and human rights in the US and abroad. So rep Barbara Lee I had it. Folks I sort of blue checked mark. So this is a real sweet OK I would not use marks their wish to put this out this is not legit this is our actual account rep Barbara Lee. So case you missed the news general John Kelly a heroic. Veteran of the united states military. Who is just been appointed chief of staff ranks previous is out too many you probably saw the news if you didn't then you're hearing it for the first time yes. Previous is out John Kelly was a DHS secretary. And military general is it. She tweets out rep Barbara Lee she's aggressive by the way so it's you know she loves people she's compassionate she says up. By putting general John Kelly and charge. President trump is military rising the White House I'm not making this up and putting our executive branch in the hands of extremists. Holy Moses folks. You know just when you think it's safe to go back in the liberal water. And the DV cycle pathological disorders they have a reads are reverend rescinding or are a little bit of receiving a little bit excuse me. It big blow your mind with new levels of idiocy. Is this lady kidding me their millet to rising the White House so now John Kelly's going in there with a win with what a bunch of tow missiles. And I and a bunch of Stoner rifles and we're militarized he knew Wesley folks these people are insane that is an insult. To everybody who served in the military so let me just get district rep Barbara Lee's point is is what is that. What you've served in the military rather heroically MI had. And your promoted to the rank of general that you can never assimilate back into society again because you're you're you're what you're some kind of you know an epic failure. Mean this is this is how the left east folks they hate everything that makes the United States great. Economic freedom hated. Military can't stand them. That tweet is is not. It's. Put it's it's typical of what the left thanks again so that during the break it just wanted to pass that onto you. All right now what porting a wanted to get that statistics wise and I don't do a lot of facts and data when a boy you deputy economics and produce another statistic. From that now Wall Street Journal piece about how the economy there's a lot of warning signs out there folks not trying to scare anyone and it's not Needham a cop talk for the SATA raid on American American stock picks for anybody. But here's a number that should scare you little did she get the Republicans again off their parts of their action each and doing homework and learning what's going on in the real economy in the real world. Folks unemployment that the headline number is relatively low. It fell under the Obama years I've been. You know that that happened would you you know my comedic liberals lie no Obama did nothing to advance that that was the free market economy that work despite Obama. But the top line number fell. But the U six number which are people who summing up we're really not looking for a job but we take one of the right opportunity came up. So that people sort of a job right now as a bottom line. Debt numbers still high folks. Bad numbers and eight point six right now during the last expansion. It was seven point nine. Mean her whole Lotta people not working snell. Republicans you hear any of us. You know we you've got to fix this man. People are there are real people out there living real lives with real families working in really. Really hard jobs listen I have been collapsed. Blessed by god I mean that had to act without witted with a passion some of whom ever know and most of you well but. I have been blessed by god with the greatest job in the world. I get to talk for eleven I was Secret Service agent I was a cop I cleaned mausoleums at the cemetery. I worked in a supermarket about a lot of jobs right have written some books. But I love my job. I love it. I get to sit down in front of the microphone and talk. Folks there are a lot of people out there a lot of really hard working Americans. Who you know what they don't love their job you know why. They bust their collective butts every single day mining. Unity did ten knock Thursday esteemed leaders they made like what they do but it's hard it's really. Really hard. They come home they leave their work boots outside does it really dirty. They walked back inside all they wanna do is eat and go to sleep and kissed their kids because they're really. Really tired. Folks these are the people that need your help right now to all of the the DC collective blog rock. You know luncheon fund raiser class lobbyist crowd these are the people the real people that need your help and you're letting them down. The economy is sputtering along you've got a president the White House now doubles sign a tax cut package and you just do one thing right. You haven't gotten anything else right can you do what can you think about that guy. The West Virginia coal miner the Kentucky coal miner the New York electrician the Florida carpenter it but I love Florida. I see it all the time just be great but it's hot this summer Denny or fly out to get to big news flash is some breaking news. I whatever driver in my community I see these landscaper zapped there. Hope she was 97 today. These guys are out there work their butts off for twelve hours a day they probably drink 25 bottles of Gatorade don't you have to use the bathroom there's so dehydrated. Those guys need your help. Can you do something. What are what's your job congress should I just told you my job easy. Easy. It's easy it's not easy to do it's easy on me was easy to do everybody we do but it's easy on me. You can't compare. Meet talking on the radio to back guy twelve hours a day chopping down eureka palms of my backyard. Or the guy at real massacre there about a way or that you know that the guy in New York City and it's a 110 wiring a building that is no air conditioning. You can't compare the two. That guy needs your help poppy five I don't need your help right now. I don't need a tax cut I'll leave me I'll take it be great for the economy that guy needs it ironically even if he doesn't want it. They're the ones working for a living now you what did you do what do you do what do you do. You stick your office all these people kiss your bud they planted on your backside. Your congressman or senator everybody's pat you on the back. Shocker if so what if I can I get a media can you talk to my body. Folks this job is so easy. Quality member of congress are on their additional stressed that back at the year you run Vista be a great. You're under such stress you know I got up abrupt stop let me can you imagine these manual labor's worker for a living big blow out the race they blow out their shoulder. They'll get to take 26 days. They go to work commission after all what is congress clowns who think now. Man I got a long day today. I gotta press that yes but not midnight admit no but none of votes that's really hard up and burned up. Six point seven calories you're bending my thumb depress the yes or no but. Really tough game against people constantly kiss your butt. Let's not talk what do you want he's staffers it what about wiping your but I mean what you pick it up your lunch seriously that's a tough gig. You can't get this one being done. What did you think you were elected did you attend cocktail parties. Would you under the assumption that that was the job. You have real Americans out there. Doing really really hard things. You how they reserve. Army of unemployed workers out there right now who would jump back into the economy tomorrow if some jobs actually presented themselves. That were worth the time. You've got to do something man. Constitute really does get frustrating deal with these guys are gonna take a call leading students take its panels for a lot. They pale from Arlington Texas bill your with him by geno you guys as you disagree with me here about the third party thing is this is it stroke. Yeah and I respectfully disagree I think we can have a good discussion about the yes I'm a lifelong. Republican activist ever since 1964. Yeah I I have a bit have a different perspective I completely agree with you about our frustration especially where. The elected officials in Washington. I view both parties though not a monolithic terms and in the point that is. You and I are like those people in Washington. Thank god and I wash. Sorry I said thank god right. Well that Washington party. That the elected officials in Washington. That is they had around little political party okay the elected official party right. OK you also have elected official parties back and stage I'm that the argument so. That our state elected official parties are a lot better than that Washington part. And. I wouldn't disagree I mean they're good candidates all over the country running under the Republican brand their actual conservatives. I don't doubt that Elijah is not what I'm trying to say you visit the national level the brand the party brand is broken. And at the national level the Republican Party brand ran on a branding platform of some very simple ideas. We're gonna cut your taxes we were gonna cut spending. We were gonna repeal obamacare I mean there's a lot of other things but let's just bill let's just stick to those three. At that level none of that happened. Spending continues to go up Republicans are to our our horse feeding at the government trough as well obamacare here you know what happened nearly blew it there. The tax cut you're about to fold on that too so I'm saying at the national level what's the point of a national party the national party can't ever keep the value advocate for values that we all share what's the point. They know it and I'll stipulate everything it is there I will argue that delicate state level we're actually advancing a lot of those things where we have. Controlling state legislature of the governors and we had strong leadership presence here in Texas. We're actually making great for our production a lot of these serious money and my point about this stuff has to do to structure the party and the nature of well you know how party deformed and perhaps within our American two party system which is why you know so. Odor they'll have a bit after running a second try it this this is a good call but as well leave you with this thought I don't disagree what you're saying. And I am in no way suggesting that great gadget in taxes should be primary by a guy who runs under the conservative banner ads absurd. It's just the dumb idea OK I'm not suggesting that at all. What I'm suggesting to you is I don't even need to say that because people like Greg Abbott. And you know Scott Walker who do the right thing most of the time. Are not the people in danger no credible conservative is going to run a campaign against them if they stick to their guns generally speaking like they have it. I'm telling you that the party the branding is broken I at least on the national level. We have to consider some new. Power structure to start to take on the not gray gab it's the non Scott Walker's of the world at the start to take on the the Chris Christie types. Because they're wasting our time there wasting your money there wasting our door knocking Arab blood sweat and tears and it's just all I'm tired of my head meeting the desk. Over about bill thanks for the call I'm enforcing gonna take a break but it was a good call I really appreciate opposing viewpoints. Even from lives but none of them had the guts to call us tonight or maybe a couple of other good conservative cause. Our folks we will will be back in and of their budget at the budging on Tuesday to. Months. I look back to Mark Rubin showed him on Gmail at the brunch you know on Twitter filling in for mark. Said mark will be back with you next week so no worries the F folks I appreciate all of the tweets in the cause they're really nice. Really mean and I've I've read everything that comes my way. And mark is a big audience you guys are super nice ladies out there thanks Rolla. FaceBook stuff in the Twitter stuff and all the great calls during the show it does mean a lot to me it's always an honor to sit in for mark. Obviously great audience and now it's it really an honor and a pleasure to be able to. Give and take over the microphone for three quarters and you get across and I think are some ways to you know it would. To really be aggressive to steal the label from that this silly liberals are mean to really make progress in the country and it's not being a progressive and it's not being a liberal. Folks these people are not serious they are just eighty via they have. You tell me an idea. You tell me one idea that's it it's been successful let's advance the economic freedom that's it made our country more prosperous and has made us wealthy cannot tell you how the liberals are on the other side of it. I suggested in the opening of the show recap a little bit that we should seriously start considering a third party effort. I mean it I was I was a huge advocate against this third party a break even wrote this is against it. And eat folks even I'm starting to quote like Obama evolve on the staff member Obama who evolved on every week. Because we just take it sold out anymore we've been let down so often we have to start trying something different now. The united the end of the show I don't like to leave you with a lot of complaining because there's so much to complain about a wanna leave you it's an action items things you can actually do. To fix the problem. Folks you have power. If you work a few votes usually early. And not often like to Democrats but if you vote if you if they've had if you hurt early and often kind of joking Merrill American. Few flow and you don't miss an election might mean I don't I just sent out. Absentee mail ballot today for a tax initiative down here Martin County actually if you go to like you have a voter score right. Politicians know your voter scores kind of like a credits I don't know if you notice that you haven't. I know because I ran for office and if you remodel my district Sino your voters record dip again it's kind of like your credit score but a little simpler. If you photo line. You're politician in your dish whoever may be house of delegates member congressional represented US senate they'll know that voter screw you need to communicate with them. You need to communicate with them that you vote you vote in every election you never this of you never obvious to vote bet you talk about politics on FaceBook. That you're a member of the local Tea Party group you need to communicate with them they won't look you walk. At some point if they're Smart and you'll find out you're not getting. Because they'll see if let's say your voters scores a twelve that you're the real deal. You need to communicate with them and tell them you want to tax cuts you wanna now you want obamacare repeal resurrected you want it got. You want to regulations gone he wanted it because squash this trump Russia X-Files story and you want it done now. You wanna send an email you wanna call the roughest when you call their office call from your home fought they'll call for me yourself. Just to make shore when it comes topic comes up and it's you're in their district. You wanna call be nice about it we get that we're conservatives not liberals were not final and everything thank god. Call a book called repeatedly over and over and over again send an email put it on FaceBook tell your friends on FaceBook what they said. It's the only way to start to turn the ship were. It's the only way we are in really really bad shape right. Through this and I really appreciate if you wanna give me file again happy brunch you know on Twitter. Damn budget nor FaceBook DiMarco follows well mark provincial a sealed soon thanks a lot. I. Can't. Well who are on Moneyline is still well well CRM. There's a mommy and daddy or eight. CU and when they call Geico. They should save a bunch of money on entrance on the air and some. Does that make them very happy at all yeah. Well I'm glad we could have this talks and kind of Geico because sitting picking and are more current churn is always agreed answer.