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Is there a pattern to UFO sightings around the USA? And if so, what does it mean?

Jul 12, 2017|

Jason HJawes & JV Johnson talk with Cheryl Costa - author, writer, researcher and UFO sightings expert about the pattern of UFO sightings and reports around the country. Where are the most sightings? Where are the least? And, why? 7/12/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Out West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast many are stuck in between welcome to beyond reality radio with myself Jason Hawes and you only saw some JG Jones I'm pumped up tonight you know we haven't had a good you'll often well they actually have had to just before the show dual blood on that one beer. At the twelve months girls. I'm knowing that long term we haven't had a good UFO conversation in quite some time and I think we're going to have a really good when tonight. Yes I think tonight's can be a really extinction or me talking was Cheryl Costa two service military two to answer service military veteran. I retired aerospace security engineer and she's also got a lot of ratings on UFOs and really she's. She's still into it quite deeply. Yet she's been known following over the skies for a long time she's been a member of move on and other you forward organizations she's been writing about them. I'm sick of them on there I think he can I think that's the one you can say okay the other one's too little trickier as close as ready they had only been a on yet as sushi she knows her stuff and she's a specialist of for New York UFO sightings but she knows to a lot about done in what's been happening nationally as well. And there's a lot to talk about and again we haven't had this conversation on the shown awhile and I'm anxious because on. You know this time a year. He got ya outside a night July 'cause it's warmer. And you look up and then then the majesty that is what you see above view is just not only unbelievably beautiful but it's unbelievably. Puzzling and curious and mysterious and this this whole phenomenon of UFO sightings on this just one piece of that big puzzle sonics star. But in some overriding I am I looked double whatever writings and I've gone through and she writes of about for the project blue book origins. The deafening silence approve (%expletive) contacting ex treasury bills. You name and it's just the list goes on and on and it's really it's it's some good stuff she's gone on the. Yet it's definitely good stuff and will be talking to her in just a little bit we've also got some neat shows coming up tomorrow night doctor Judith Judith oral lost who's the author of a book called the net and pass survival guide light strategies for sensitive people. She'll help you discover your M path type in your sensitivity IQ. Using neuroscience researcher once you identify your type you can actually learn your spy on special gifts and talents and use them to enrich your lives in the lives of others as well. And Thursday were talking we Jada Villa ash craft he's recognized for his expertise in the area of X or systems so are we talking about that. They if you have a differ soft head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. Mean she'll like the FaceBook page that had a beyond reality radio dot com you can download the free iPhone and android app. Break there or find any degree stations we are across the country. And that the apple logical listen lions and cash past shows and also would join me online chat with us it's great community. It is a great community to replace to be especially if you're really into the topic we're discussing because. The discussion while sometimes it gets off on tensions. Tends to we pretty in depth is on something to 80% of the time it is anti Inco Ohio and had a day did you happen to like catch Jeff much it's show American ripper no I'm gonna watch it to on demand a little bit later but did you see it. Live when it aired earlier. I did I watched it earlier and it. It's a really I think it's a good start and it's funny because if the way they do the show and mean you watch the episode in elect aren't are pretty much know everything Ali they told me everything in this first episode. But he didn't need him now and then at the end of the show they set it up for what it's gonna lead into next week and as they're generally start diving into. Where he was because there's this gap in time where it looks sleek. It can't be as he can't be Jack the Ripper as well because all these things going on in Chicago and then all the saw him. His just all the stuff he's working on comes to a halt. And it's almost as if he just disappears from or Austin interest and and it was during the exact time. That the Jack the Ripper things started kicking you know. If if they can come up with the real concrete proof that HH Holmes wasn't fact checked ripper and it's gonna ownership earth shattering discovery. Yeah I mean there. The way Holmes was doing in the way Jack Jack the Ripper was going very very different technique is now. I'm to be wrong idea I understand you know surgical the way that's all done and but I mean. One was left exposed for reasons and I don't know Paula. On another thing just on that whole story we were talking about last night Emilia errant thing ya bring. You have Nasr now on my share well we had talked last night about you saw and that's about it and there was no polls show this picture. That have had her and her co pilot they're all anyways. In a rather stunning turn of offense much hurled lost Emilia air photo which made headlines last week. Appears to have been debunked. And it really needed it appears it has spoke this change a lot of things because. As I said I didn't see the documentary the you saw but I saw a news report that this photograph all but proved. The fact that there millionaire hard head survived and she became a prisoner of the Japanese and there was a lot of fanfare about that photo and there's a lot of a lot of documents actually within the government that talked about how old they know that she is a Prisoner of War. I mean there it's written right down these things spot about the photo of their basing it on the photo. We're now and not really sure now because. Claims that there are dimming captured by Japanese forces. You know bloggers on and ended up really going out there and today and looking into stuff will. A blogger in Tokyo launched his own investigation of the photo found that the claims surrounding it quickly seemed to fall apart. In a mere thirty minutes Cota you'll mono. Was able to locate the image in the pages of the Japanese travel log that was published in 1935. Now you know that's a real kick in the butt I do. And you're gonna tell us Aaron went missing in 1930 sat so that photo predates her disappearance are two years yeah I'm and I got to meet and all the proof you need them and according to a coat early Amano a simple online search Japanese resources from 19301940. Easily produce the image. He said. He was marveled that the now infamous photo was actually the tenth image which appeared in his search results leaving him wondering. Wondering just how the History Channel could have missed this or been so wrong. He stated I find it Stein's documentary makers and didn't confirm the date of the photograph or the publication which it originally appeared. He told the guardian that's the first thing they should have done indeed. Considering the time the money at the History Channel invested into the highly publicized special you'd think that they didn't they would have really dug into that Bada. But nonetheless it appears that the almost certain that the photo featured in the film does not show there aren't nor Fred Noonan. Because their whereabouts were pretty much one on in 1935. But action I don't home. Now on the History Channel did make a statement. Saying that they are investing the issue and promised that they will be transparent. In their findings so going to be totally opposite of of the United States government of corporate and they're going to be transparent. That we've heard from a year so announced. Well it'll be interesting to see. Is that what they come on a safe enough to do a follow up but peace and end and demonstrate either how they got it wrong or you know what they were looking and why it's there may be still some I'm controversy over over and I'm not short by. The funny thing is as you know when we were talking about this and there was a chance that this mystery was solved and that's pretty exciting stuff but. You in in in that same thing IE I don't look at it I guess just because I've spent times TV guy. I don't look at it is history channel's full I look at it as the the production company that actually made this special. Did you get he got a geometry sit back very sound like History Channel. If if they didn't created they all these companies they hire increase production companies and Solomon to make shows us what Agnes. And myself from programs film's weak creating ghost hunters week in house I've I didn't own it but we created it together a sudden incident and to do it. The sole fact of the matter is. History Channel subs and companies make yourself lesson it was a direct history production which is highly unlikely but. Fact of the matter is so that blame would probably more likely fall on the production company has hit the History Channel is in trusting. That all the information coming out and it is correct through them. Right I mean there that company has writers it's gonna director documentarian. And researchers into researchers exactly that's company is is being paid for a finished product. They can stand on its own. And so I think that it comes down to more of that in this production company surely be looked at as. Why is that it did the research says did they know only do they know it if not why didn't why didn't they research it deep enough you know an immediate release any of these things. It really is on their shoulders to do that. Both he defined our means and it's good to have that debunked so quickly on because it was they did change things I mean it did it did mean that a mystery may have been solved that has been. Long standing and it appears and that's not the case. It shows that there was a lot more going on you can't base the whole thing on that one folder right. Rent and there which some views and they were doing Arianna marsala photos like while I was sharp Maghreb looks just like her attitude and that's got to be real yeah. Number I this in reaction. RA itself we're gonna take a quick break and we come back we're gonna be joined by Sheryl count Stuart start talking UFO's. You're listening to Jason NGV and beyond reality revealed will be right back. A game scary time might be over for this year but there's another scary kind in the works you owe it to yourself to check out the details go to scary time dot com that's Garrett con. Dot com to sign up for the email list and be informed you need to know what's going on with scary con because it's the best weekend of the year scare coming clean celebrities fans. Vendors parties panel discussions film premieres and so much more it's a weekend you'll never forget it everyone is welcome to. Visit the website scary time dot com that's scary con dot com. The show it's beyond reality radio woods Jason. And Jean Jean if you forgotten the telephone number it's a 446877669. Lives. It's 844687766. Million does that total free. All free 1884468776. It's like a good parent what to expect. Not a prob just open up through the best. I'm as we promised an organ dogma UFOs or guest is Cheryl Costa reverend Cheryl under the program now. It's pretty heavy and they show Cheryl thanks for joining us. Good morning Jason JP how are you both good and thanks for coming on. So we can't write a Wii what are you started by learning a little bit about you. My second question will be how did you develop an interest in UFO's but before we get their tell us about you professionally. See served two different military services. Sir your worst for two years. Vietnam service serve the needy or another or seven years or so and dipped in particular suck. Who. That's not a that's not a small task. Now the elect of electronic surveillance and raider work. All right so now let's go to the second question how did you develop an interest in new songs. Okay well is for me it started I was about twelve and some late August tweaks for squall started out should ninety cry. We were just coming away from it house up in our rob. And we're coming down hill and a clear. Blue sky fork truck any of known and her captor and western sky which is big still her. Steer. And it was just parked there and gambling and brother yet I've got to pull the car on the road. And we sat there for forty minutes watching it of course she ain't so you're forced to she went to number things. Meehan and art. She said you know it could be people from another world. And that fascinated and it was. Harrowing fifteen minutes later we are are pretty bad on the road drive watch rear year are. Rear window car wind I think took off like you know how how how these shows starship. On these engines. And it took just took. It. We of course one which you see something like that he is Ali you can ever forget it so from there you just wanna understand and fit in figure now. What's going on now it's possible. Right. Well they're after Miami Manny we did go to light of books where I found a book brought all the other and it's kind of went Howell went and grit and graduated high school in seven and what air force. And I guess my second site. Ways. Christmas the 1970 warning Cameron a Vietnam. I was stuck going to admit that watching down to go to midnight mass. And that direction walking was westward. And as windows. Clear and ninety gazillion stars in this guy up and constellation Taurus and I see this light cross the scandal how. Chip. And in Stockton. And I sat garrison and they're particularly so you could just stop like that and started inching around and net. You know and a needless to say 99 mindless night and midnight ES church. I mean that's it that's. I don't know if it's common but certainly. A boasts. Several times told tale lump sum. People when they haven't counters or sightings that's kind of what happens they seal like in the sky and they think it's a Planar or media satellite crossing the night sky. But it does stop and it does some weird dude dancing type motions and then continues on and that is no plane that is no satellite. Very true and that is that is now I've. Talk to an awful lot of people ask for years and told similar stories about things like theories. They seem to respond to you. I don't want seek help ethnically but let's say telepathically. Azeris are so you need to do something so sir do you think. And not in debt again changed me I didn't do a lot I just kept well read over the years military career. In thirty years and aerospace engineering. K. And are major aerospace company. And then now a couple years ago after he retired from. Space cup as work art paper. As for fulltime she and we just put the newspaper the bad. Oppressive were thundering and rolling and I was looking at I stayed there until they were done run around and I saw a side bar story. On CNN and that count. And school story says as a headline you'll schools have been declining since the 880. Always just an urban action. This is in November 4 2012. And sick that doesn't feel right now I was never really any of you a full activists up until this point I just was well rip. And that got me going and shortly after that I start writing a column your age and time for a year ago. And and and that led to the research that the goal. The book at your vote this society to ask her arch. We're talking with Cheryl Costa were are gonna continue to talk about UFO's Cheryl worked her column in New York skies and a lot more coming up when we come back from the them from the break. Yes so we're gonna take quick break to be having a head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make Cilic FaceBook page then head over to beyond reality radio dot com. Where he can find the C should we are across the country can also download the free iPhone and android app. Right there was a listen live catch past shows enjoying online chat. And also if you download the show from iTunes just do us a favor and read it holds course shall forward and makes it easier for people fine. He'll listen and Jason GBM beyond really be revealed right the. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now he's made it even easier for you to get a hold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond real radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu header from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Look on whatever you're interested in anything orders straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the guest tab in the menu and then simply sit back and enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. And then you'll find what you want and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. It's an. Or another effect. Going to pearl. Today I don't come to achieve the environment I'm credible ten bucks earpiece fell off after couple weeks I mean I don't care where and when your PC and kind of funny because they're slant it. Let's take every issue aside. All so if ever tried the the committee shot welcome back beyond reality radio Jason JV greet everybody with us are telefono received 446877669. And tonight we're talking with Cheryl Costa. Cheryl writes a a column for the Syracuse new times. And it's New York's skies and were talking about UFO's and before we went to break we are kinda getting introduced to how Cheryl. Became interested in May be even fascinated and now. A bit of an advocate for UFO's much in the skies and she'll again thanks for joining us the story where you left off because. You had said at some point on the hadn't really considered yourself an advocate and running for that's the word you used but certainly I eat meat you were reading European attention that you weren't really out. Promoting and something changed all that. Well like I said that there are there there were an article in the paper has said that UFO's had been declining. Eighties. And doubt. That. Didn't sit well with me that that doesn't feel right and die again I had nothing to do for two hours so I. I went out the move and mutual UFO network will try to. It went up her website at yearly summer holds a number out. And area after it got the IDS are looking some New York State reports of people edit. Ice at all we should start handing column or you know and just report what our neighbors say they saw. Rent and down. I went out to the got whipped out at about thirteen different editor's office. At one editor Ehrlich a bit and say you want branded tin foil to you where you can't. Asia and I analysts' third and right there and I found out. Irony O'Leary Dietrich is the senior editor or are your new time. And when you talk even knew what the topic or or Scott. Out before he looked like it. It I slide rules. End he Jimmie has set a senior at the center and the in this guy it was well read it's a he had read or planning some scene bauxite yet we have a local station about forty I'd minutes then he should show a slight right it. And east at eight. Strive to do the online edition I'm related dish and they've been around forty I'd ears social week. And we creek online dish was probably the best place we did it and set a rally off at. Work. Call me a month later that it or. Actually it did work out all only it worked out really well you're fully or page views all Cowell. Shall. We should. And it makes you wonder though it's more with the especially something like that. UFOs are such it's an interesting subject so many people are. Are so highly interest sedan at the so many people wanna avoid. Putting the subject out there for whatever reason. And most people don't really admit that it's something that highly intrigues them and why do you ladies think that that that's true like. Sense about the 1940. Late forties there's been up policy of denial. And ritual. What you're dealing with this since there's no more time national physical at the arched. OK so what you gotta and I would account what does a lawyer to win their there they're. Dealing with an eyewitness account yet to discredit the eyewitness. Now we're ridicule aspect in and be sort of institutional I. And I mean example or recurrent sea ice sheet when I was school. Somebody. Reporting you all a film he would go up to somebody harmony only about you neutral and cut back. At oral ride that wave pretty chill and this keep the people got used to this idea that report stuff. You're gonna be pretty chill there's a Joker in the movie somebody she beat you all NFC did you see yet. No I didn't and you did. You know and kind of the mentality. And basically what we're trying to do is get a dialogue going. And out one. Last four years I should power down onto to her columns. I didn't edit a lot of dirt for you to meet you know you'll they're here are hurt and he watched me a shot like war Shelly are your pictures are mother she took out what grandma said owner death bed you know. And that it. Stories like dealing. That's really interesting and it's probably something that's been very under documented her under reported come in of these if these stories are Carney anecdotal this point it's hard to. To catalog them but is that something that you your arm you're trying to do. Well that. Okay furlong time I was reporting simply where people said they saw and and I started getting into the disclosure effort on the idea. We've got to get this stuff. War more common dialog going out there world show on and not 2015. I. I have a shot right about every week so I start compiling between will fund database and initial you'll order shorter dated a short piling all of they're not in your state. And I at a town eat in the database at eight. And I put the county data to we're seeing these weird these interest in clusters I showed it to other investigators chair and state and it we didn't know there's a pattern or we. Are Rochester. Are on things like get searched seems to share up what shall we are needed to. And bright spots and then I got talking over her appear in October 2015. Should follow this really cool stuff what we did this to the country. Danish air tradition we must. Shrine a year. It took sixteen months. And now we crunched the entire country to any eleven runs to archer her on the fight are only at all. A book form so it it was a lot of work we've done the entire country right down to the county level and I'm finishing up cleaning up the database. Another couple months it will go to Tulsa 800012015. Break down to that initial. Little. While. While that's that's an amazing effort there. You know I've hit a lot of people say wow why didn't somebody else we don't always did but if it means any New. York to get her sixty inches snow. Until you know I happen to know a lot about your snow Jason does too like who lived in Syracuse for several years and I'm still in upstate new York and in Cooperstown a Jason group on the road from yeah yeah I European I was born in raising candidate. All of yeah okay as the most in my most of my years also in Rochester my and my grandfather still lives there and many of my aunts and uncles traders are. So. At a daycare. And a big east be stomping ground for me when I was coming in high school because I rook and or. So which just hop skip and a jump and it de La Hoya. And his beautiful area steadily changed a lot but it's still beautiful area so sure as you as you were compiling this information on did you notice any trends or anything stand out that was an all ha moment. Armed jail while as we start ranking things we started seeing. Armed. We didn't know Los Angeles county is going to be the number one cow country right they actually have more citing forty individual state well. 3212. For fifteen year period and it's bigger than it. Forty individual states are miracle but counting in in not Phoenix are essentially. Shares or or local county. I was number number two county country I'll buy out cook count and does so debt net. It was interesting. Things shall look at noticing that we are in that caught this one which she was wearing the book out. I had put it chart in her or hate people who question and people who work at it guys this question why did share. Are two charts by year two outs one does it. In the knicks are able or state that we did in leading the district we did one where the ratings by month. Okay new and lend. Or one point I was reading some in the narrative. And she looked up over her colonel looked at sit did you notice that there's a hitter. For where you are country are supporting mean she's well sure or it's 11 month we can't shoot down the middle states and burn it down shall. Altogether or. Shall I got an edit and we entered a gritty sharper there about it. Basically what it boils down to which your open like a New York State or a wing. Column. You've got to sir quiescent amount of sightings all year around. This year should she be. Ten to twenty citing all through the quarter months till about April shark should pick up a little bit when you get to June and July and August. Lion dog dish shoot up like rock and sharks all again in September aspect yes well. And we thought that was the pattern her but he summer. Citing should check I was lucky and papers from 1940. Seven from classic Yang a and ask. Him are so when the or the shank it to this issue reinforced Ph.D. scientists and she AA or pull their hair out or noticing this summer Petr. I. Well as it turns out Egypt and a little staged at middle hump there are July and all are sure fall. And answers coming up pro or larger yes when he didn't teach South Florida I. Am Ers owner is statistically. Act. And we did what we tell Florida I'm sorry Cheney wary does spike up but that's when us go out should. The deal is is what we figured out it's about temperate weather. In leisure time availability we did somebody came to me shed out and I delete John Q Eric. Yet eerie it was all about and it all sightings were out Wednesday. Okayed Wednesday for an hour and then. Well when he crunch that dated back in the sixties and a big goal IBM 360 done at. Colorado university. I'll address. He hit a few hundred sightings to work. I hit 221000. Record to work. Change is a big difference for big data. And what we found out is there's a queer so level all week on this is attributed to. People who brought that all people kick the dog for a walk people or or talk or walk at a small church. And and starts to tick up on Friday and Sherri jumps up are not a 79%. On these routes I. Guess all sorts about. Temperate weather. And leisure time revealed the server. Intrusive and so in other words do this your best chance to see. A UFO is still have a cigarette ticket dog for a walk on Saturday night. That it provided the weather scampering to clear sky out you're territorial we Dicey equation. The only place that doesn't apply as a ask. Well that dismisses it reopened the midnight sun and all that stuff I'm not that I don't. Good sir. All the sightings were in the winner what we would call wintertime. Are all go out each you get towards the June July August time frame. Bottoms out almost non air and I talked to some I heard an awful researcher Alaska couple thought they. Had a up. And he also attributed it to white nights most people's seat this offering clear star night. And not a little older they. Right that makes a lot of sense we're talking with Cheryl cost of dogma UFO's. Trends nationally where the sightings are occurring how often their recurring and we've got a lot more data to talk about. This arena take a quick break and more to come after that elicited Jason GBM calorie. To move beyond reality review Jason causing Gene Johnson tonight is a UFO and I were talking unidentified flying objects and as we've talked rougher going in the should reject. Business I mean talk Minnelli in Surrey or spaceships or what we don't know what they are that's the key. And that's a big thing a lot of people automatically when they hear UFO in the thick of spaceship and it's if if you knew it was a spaceship Denis out a UFO right it's because the UFO stands for unidentified flying object it so lawyer in the many you identified that object. It it's not a UFO anymore right in our guest Cheryl costs and I'm assuming surely you agree with that and the data that you have is is purely UFO unidentified. Flying objects that you keeping track up. Yes absolutely. And which a lot of times can fall under and different military testing. Testing. Tight planes and things of that nature it's just at that time you we we don't know what they are correct. Oh. Something that would end the studies that I did in the book. I hear a lot of people coming and seeing all out while that's Carly military you know like trying. And I. I checked Al list may shape sheer blanched. Triangles. Ranks that sort of thing I took everything off the list it appeared that can be easily construed to be like military air. Then I just simply. Ended up with a list which was probably three quarters it was all exotic things like lightbulbs and our our board huge change like now and down. That was the majority edit the actual structure to be confused from military or commercial aircraft actually. Only a small Porsche and 20%. And. Well and I can say one time and javy your member where a bit and the yen that I owned up in New Hampshire. And oh they were up in the white mountains and what it's night time we were doing an event up there we had a bunch of fans. And looked up in the sky and some assembling a what is that and you can see these many of these things flying around. But then they shot off these these flares out of each side and then you'd see one of the objects dart towards that flare. And come to find out own eye upon researching a further it was the military action of the fighter jets out of Vermont and they were testing. There in the maneuver abilities and but I'll be honest on the ground you looked at it in the way they were moving that you wouldn't you would've. For sure thought that they were there were spaceships just how quickly they're moving out quickly they're taking turns and it's amazing to see the difference between how they hold those things look during the day and how they look at night. Oh I would agree we aren't percent. By the way New Hampshire's number 38 country sightings. Turned a fifteen year window of our sample they hit nine or 32. And well in the hills were actually right up there abduction was right down the road from the hotel based on out there yourself. It's it's a known location for for a beautiful activities and things of that nature. Yes very much so. So surely about a minute before we have to jump to our top of the hour break here and in that time. What is the news is there is or something that really struck out about the the geographic information. You know more than just the numbers and anything just really pop out and we said that's that's a rule or non not a mullet anomaly. Our boy an it depends apologizing to B anomaly. Give me example get this past week it was helping in agriculture. Haitian. Our lot. Can't relations. Out of Tampa QR Kansas shall I literally sent out a maverick and wrote down every single county sighting number war state democratic culture little state matchup exactly where they're with her. Mutilation cluster. And that's interesting knows probably too broad of a question ask can only give you a minute to script so I apologize for being a little unfair there but we will have a more this conversation we come back from break it's beyond reality reader Jason javy. You were to take a quick break. More to come. He'll listen Jason did keep him around. Tuesday on the West Coast once in the East Coast and you're stuck in between welcome to be on reality radio with myself Jason Oz mail is awesome JB Johnson I was trying to think it on a river as an armed sound stuff is pretty has been pretty difficult to nine or ten euros ten years old I was playing my backyard and out I saw this object rise in the horizon. And it was very strange calm their arms and eliminate that group never very small community there was no airports or anything nearby anywhere within me anything I could see an enticing with that is there's not a lot of lights are you get a lot more of via the stars and BMC's sky. Yet in this district and the loser is right around dusk in this thing came up. As straight up and then it flew toward me and it actually in a flying over me and down it was a very it was kind of a delta wing sheep and a new won't know what it was. But you know all my life I had kept that with me as a really really unique experience until when they realized that. Where my house was in the direction I was looking and there was an air force base about fifty miles away in even though. It was a departed distance this thing you know the weight lifted off and took I don't know what it was because it was a vertical take off and flew over me and had to be some kind of air force. A plane or rocket or something something they were doing at this air force base had. While I'm sure our guests can probably get. Little idea of him because I know there are planes that went apparently as earlier took but that would this is more like it you know it was like something standing upright going up like a rocket would and then and then I was very straight into our guest is Cheryl Costa were talking about. UFO's and is Cheryl has done a lot of work compiling data from around the country. To really pinpoint where these things are being reported being seen. And that we talked about what they are yet though Cheryl and I wanna start by kind of focusing in on your specialty which is the sightings in New York State. Is there something that's unique about new York state of the region that you would consider new York state of the makes its spectacular. Or does is it pretty average as far as regions go for sightings. Well New York State's number six in the country for sightings. Or sample period it was right 1141. Seen a few people in your coffee shops slows color Kris. Is that. Each. The state huge gap a couple of things going were. I've had a lot of people over the years tummies Hudson Valley was the hotbed of all the activity. And out actually gain down to it. Long Island is camp of fuel flows in New York State. Newton. Long islanders. Long Island Suffolk County yeah our end debts debts should go easing around and it goes back to their leisure time in that. It. Out at a at a lot of people come to reach New York city's got to be topped. Up. But the white such bear argument ample sub county at about I just site. K the next Carney. Is New York County which is mean yeah. Not off five girls just Manny can't. Ending at about 470. Tribe and and they were followed by ask. You which is in Ireland. Should and but I mean here you're dealing with about two point six. Million people. Her. Citing. Ers is about 32000. People reciting out on the aisle. No. Now do you think of that's due to. And due to the lack of all the in the city lights and everything in and that of course I'm sure that's gonna call on a lot with that with some of the sightings and more rural areas current. Yeah infected what we. When the things we noticed. We in the peaks cities should they are they doing a lot of cities too I. Dished to. Can't once that's because all people work there. In a slot beat you all and end the other it says it's because the people work there you like the laureate at two different camps to deal but on what's interesting is that. You a full turn out or people think dared that was sick question USB break what most amazing thing they are now where people think they. Your New York's. Celtic Suffolk County album was number one. State. Re study that I did it added up all counties order. She way right arm are carrying right down to should attack a Lake Erie and council went down the Hudson champs lane weight and and aren't just a clinic and 51. Almost 2% near each ratings are on our waterways each. Mom OK so. Word is that this psyche of the population come into it in and the reason I ask that question is because. You know with with the Manhattan bringing that up be. Because the the ratio of population to sightings is so much different than say a Long Island. There couple factors at play one is the fact that like pollution the other is that. When you if you're walking on the street to Manhattan and you look up you don't see much sky because of the buildings the buildings kind of obscure any great any view of the sky. And thirdly I know a lot of hard New Yorkers nothing phases them is it just something that they don't there and don't pay attention to even if they saw something. Well people will look. We we've noticed too thinks and a lot of sightings that are in these Steve hi Dee speaks city areas. And should be either in her tight areas you know or rather large perks. Her pride is now a lot light pollution. The other thing is they tend to be a yen. Hi writes short book the light pollution. Are her sorrow lying or her blank front peace and music. Talk about out. Going of driving above the city lights deceit star. LA. You sure labor song sure and that made a lot of sense to end up so. You know. Yet what drives people to different air at least you'll follows certain areas. When things go in order to let. You all your state area are. Out on. Her show. Or a double. Are at the next close state which is Florida and all by check it's they were sent 2000. And every seemed to be OK. And and network people thought they were picked were hurt shocked that said California it. And eighteen I think it's because slide people its population. But. I would I would sure think I showed up I would also think that the more people the higher tiered you have somebody looking up and seeing some. Yeah I'm amazed he not though give a out drop back court California Florida and Texas sharp not seem like. And our Florida had 7007. Ex shark out of TH get it. Florida hit half the population of Tex. Okay and I saw this a lot state of compare ball sized would be one State Street and C minus 81 at half the population. Shall were acting writing now with you where's the ha commercial many shadings and LA well you know. This is just my own and Schechter. If they're trying to influence us. If those guys are trying to influence us. LA. Has the indiscreet. Pork communication. In flinching. The picture and tell which street. And ninety. But that was put in that and that fact though ended just because I I work very closely with. When Al and and I Hollywood in thing on this and that world. Wouldn't they make themselves more known if if they wanted to influences I mean did come down and be closer so people can actually tell more what they are and and just things like. There's thirst. I I can't answer that I don't know. And but I do know one thing. They came to one thing I do know is I heard her stories and machine evidence suggest they want some street. America. Orlando I've all I've always I'm always wondered about that is all I mean if these things that are able to. Visit our planet then well why wouldn't they have had to have their own way of somehow mingling among officer or somehow manages visiting. It's. Meant is there's another thing to you were on New York City. I hit friends and exotics like oh god thanks in Eden on big cities they're walk down. Oh he's changed either issue at art. And so. People blinked again and she really stopped are really studying. Probably don't see that one last point though we're talking about where people. You know people think they are you thought Washington she'd be heavy lace it racked up. It's rock bottom list. We're about Rhode Island. Allen Allen is so 44 out of 51. I ordered 22 sightings. And it's pretty much like our economy. Just let him well if if if if firstly caddie since. If you chart municipalities. And city down around or a camera. Alison at that Eddie. Before we go to break here Obama I wanna get back to the point you made about the waterways it did you come up with the eight any kind of explanation why that might be the case. Well this spent a lot of people talk about this for years but you do what they call US so on your. Water shy. And to give you another illustration that are suing knitwear show and in their book we can't we took dissent is actually number cent stamps. And you look at all the state reporter a great way they're sightings in 2000 plush. Okay if you move one state removed from the Great Lakes in most case had a spring and Jason's numbers fall and low church. This is really amazing data and indicted it's that it's worked there as long overdue and you've gone you've gone wall beyond the normal you'll phoned best skater and so forth I mean it did is it's great because you've broken it down and by statement and Taubman it's just. It's incredible but it's also insane and Ecstasy the amount of effort and work that's gone into this. Source close to be a mistress Ph.D. thesis but they left at schools like I quit school or finish or. Well we're glad you did we're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back and talk more about the sort of get into more of what. Cheryl thinks where people are actually seeing what are we actually viewing in the sky that we can identify visits that's that's a that's the question who soft answer yes and I also wanna talk a little about the seven and so of them possibly walking among sorry elicited Jason NG beyond beyond reality radio. Where to take a quick break more to come phone numbers 8446877669. Yen pull free 844. 6877669. Will be right back yeah. Just what kind of on the topic of looking up in the sky. You've seen in the region. It paved paradise and put up Parker hit the heads of relief on the other very sad story that there have bought Formica I am just Olympic groupings swollen so anyway this is this the talking about looking up in the skies one of the things that did this to share because them I have meet you go to a bowl on the lake I've been a boat on lake and one of the my favorite things do as well in the boat at night when it's clear. Because you've got virtually no light pollution. And you do look up in the sky and you can see every shooting stars all the time especially when I teach kids out on the on the vote at night we are so efficient Emmett. We had out there in DC. Well you see everything out there by Thursday and the shooting stars and all night long and and that he of course you see planes going by him and it's it's who like I said it's so different at night compared to today yeah. Do it with seeing things miscarriage aren't any easy attend really not to look up or pay any attention these things started tonight it's refocused our. It is for shorter guest tonight Cheryl Costa has done a lot of research compiled a lot of data a lot of information on what is happening where it's happening and how often it's happening in. Joseph what kind of change that topic here to what we're seeing you know when. You see a report of a UFO that can't be explained in any logical way. And let's assume for a minute on that we've that there's that extra terrestrial connection what what do you think is going on. Yeah boy that that's a tough point and are one hand you know it's a labor of think of them missed. Extraterrestrials. Jeanne Owens apologist. Studying this culture. Kinda like with the way we look at Marty's. No bright kind of like how we study a permit tribes. Erica okay and sent mr. Okay. We got all these different cultures here we are very rich to Ers culture and coach Sean we're we're in Hawaii. Hi tech. A high standard living he's. An actor. Hearts you know at this is wide diversity of our species is living in were studying and I would think they would treat brightness. That's just my gut instinct on. Well and but also with the amount a. Time that they've talked about these things are visiting us and the Asia follows in the sky in and so forth. I mean it it's almost as if there there were watching us through these mind all millenniums or whatever evil. Doesn't it and almost appears that way to the midst is supposed to have been setting us for so long and. And yet you're watching ancient aliens it did that pretty good evidence they are around us went out we are also our culture our basic talent that you have. It out of it out at age. So with all these reports coming in and you chronicling them mom has anything and we got two minutes or four break as any thing I've been reported recently whether new York New York State or not that is really impressed you as a as a class a citing. No. And basically not I had in our. I literally just dealing with it because I'm doing statistics I'm really looking at the cast. Got 2000. The 2016. I'm just now collecting data out to get up show and that was our big problem yet what we kept the deed rich we had a lot of cities are spelled right. Urged pershing diskette. Okay Annette. And it took it took for much just cleaned up to date and now we don't get resolution right down city if date is 'cause. Cities are spelled wrong. Stocks are. Up this should be a should. And the word is the data come from. I pulled from the national you'll full reporting setter aren't new for. Odd they're they're on and there are online public allows. Al damn urged those. And then. I. Was very nice that the fun people were trying to give me an abstract shape study period or study. And head up at buying it. And our combined nature. Or what sort sixteen. And it rained about seven as 67%. Actual or rush or chatter about 30%. Move on to state. All right well we're gonna take a quick break only come back we allow more questions for you but. If you haven't yet everybody and then head over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio what the FaceBook page in the head over beyond really radio dot com friends stations we are on across the country. Also you can download the free iPhone and android operate there allows you to listen live catch past shows and join the online chat Jason JV. Maybe I'm really revealed. Beyond reality pretty juicy GP by the way to becoming one of the great stations carrying the show part of the beyond reality radio family. Troubled winds say thank you. If you are listening online and you've got a a local radio station that you think should be tearing the show let him know that we're here and there they should check into it burning muscle. Broke well from. Ticketing is always a good idea you know word special teacher to save Carrie BRR or L. Holes you know whatever whatever works for Joseph or else may cheat on you aren't going anywhere else but hard decimated Cheryl pass or we're talking UFO's. Now Cheryl able for a little while ago weren't talking you said that. With the evidence that you've seen and you've heard that your you do believe that there are walking among us correct. Yes no what evidence is it that you heard that and that's brought you to that that impression. Well OK I hybrid certain things or years armed example Whitley street. At union and now. I read of us our cow. By Federer. Offer aid major magazine. Down in now. Our New York City net. Booking now eighties. He was at a bookstore and word quickly get Dennis training. And and they're racists really short couple. And armed. And they work you were talking about. And he overheard them talking like they were intimately and all we're. Where at least treat her in terms of helping him write the book. And this editor. Came over and spoke to them and the Levy. That was fair looked at him. From behind these really huge classes. She lived that the grass is up interest the proverbial alien I'm in shape guy. Yeah okay. If she was decked out with the inner with the big the big turbine kind of thing. You son asks. Can end. Dead there was one story never heard other stories like this where people have had. How owners. Your report a story about a year ago there were two. Retired ladies. You're not an accurate count. They come back from one little lakes. Into eight got a cottage on a senate late. And got me out come all from being up there about a week. And when they came in. One of them was bringing in their bags the other went down to Schiller wrote to their treat such materials for shopper. And the one who bringing their bags in her display. Screen. And she and the other one are there when her son and stepped. Holding your cancer turner Teresa choose fighting off something urges. And yet a woman came in she saw what looked. Sort of looked like there. King and then they're gone. Are well. As the ladies started talking about it over the next week. It seemed sit with some types screen memory and a woman who saw in cell she. Then remembered as she worked through it she remembered seeing like a little or what guy harmonize all. Jumpsuit. Down aired going going through. The error in all the stuff he's stored Schiller the director there are jump sinister. And it under going through their stock or. Is that there's sort of stories of people who have closed experienced the change having screen or pepper. And bird the bird is say is Vietnam. This guy who specializes in this are challenged and he basically said that there's a press Arab or primal our prime ordeal. Immature we have and our brain. Apparently reached the EU is these aliens have the ability grace. Had the ability to telepathically. Hip there street Bert Bert Bert and asked which saw. There are also part of that part morial memory. Answer. So I heard an awful lot of interesting stories along are out there have been people who have noticed that. They they noticed that on the east told what to call Paul White people are pushing. Up pushing six and a half feet tall out of gas get almost like an albino. You know very high cheekbones and people just think from Sweden or something you know. But at de and DT killer when Sheen Nabil pass. 00. What as I'm a bit of a slightly different question here struggle and kind of turn this around a little bit. You know we have had a lot of guest on the program that claimed that not only is there a government conspiracy to key. A lot of this information from us but there and actually the US government in and other world governments traction complicit and have as negotiated with and have deals wins. Alien races for technology in other other purposes do you believe any of that. Many of you idiot you come across any evidence that would that would support any of that. Yeah I would. A key to some degree I believe in it. But having been in government contractor. You know or ranger aerospace company. The government is swift. OK for one and you don't mean and SaaS do you mean beaming bright. Yet they're not very bright yet aren't out. And a core at creek conspiracy requires a great deal or nation period the number of people and if there is. That. If there aren't these on it now it's special access you inched and they are buried buried deep. They were classified program. Which and media are also in. The spring shall under very very strict. Secrecy rules and so or. Thirty years and I'll let them or if you violate are. So there's there's issues there. But its first government being in contact with these. These races there's a very distinct possibility. I tell you little evidence that I. Okay. Back about 1968. I've been camera operator year. K. And I was in electronics class score. And started. We start entering its funny home on radio. Okay and Eric Harris teacher rookies funny musical tones that hurt. Off to some numerical control. Or found shot. But the thing was wood those of us were it to her out at the end it was to. Him and taste the polls are showing up at. Also are showing up to sir showing your radio for. Shane. How. Sounds an awful lot like close encounters there Hank has served him well. Okay well this is a 6768. Time. Well in 1968. 9690. Name came right into 68. Suddenly look across out of this. So why with a lot of that they cannot close encounters as third Hank how it depicted in the movie. I thinks so and I think Steven Spielberg can't insight tracked when I was in them and now remember hearing stories and he. Shed any one. Just have drank out in country. And our portion radio they are talking to is very big story the defendants are CA inning ending up reaching to young filmmakers coming out of USC. You any idea what are hoping that lawmakers stop making people from our planet. Greasy blobs they guys thinks that they start treating them you know. Light will you know billion regular folks okay and that was her this thing now I can't try to re sure shatter that. Can't find evidence that. Social you to record. I do remember the story talked to our radio. Well it was not long after that yet Irish were kind. Years later on the you know that sort of thing and it's been alleged some time this seat over these young filmmakers should briefed on stumble like Coppola. Like that so I'm. Debt debt debt just means that there's been an effort to. Excuse expression educate the public key. I think we're getting very close the disclosure. Because no signing up with the with those movies also lose more and it took away the fear factor of these things coming. To pretty much tell us and take over the Europe successfully thank you independent stand and so forth but it put them more. On the Honolulu. Connection lawful you know they're here just trying to explore and almost a victim omit the war in many ways a victim but also more on like a piece type missions just trying to understand. Well I wrote a paper here of her college pessimistic. Years ago and at the end of the paper talk about the labor. Needed is. A lot. Luke Skywalker Mr. Spock Al a Doctor Who you know self hit. Yes there's been an effort to kind of know us a little bit to the idea that they're not monsters and are not a lawyer Bert. Are so I think that dead there is some conspiracy there. Yeah we're getting very close to disclosure. But. It's it's I don't know how it's going to come to beat. And and that's the hard part I don't how it's actually gonna come to be what's gonna trigger action people who aren't they go in and want the White House. Actually this prize the worst place to do. You know. Central Park or re better you know. What am yeah of course dilemma on the front door of the White House first through its commanders there aren't you taken. It's now moon was an attempt to me. We don't have a lot of time left Sheryl and I wanted to ask you about something else that you wrote about contacting tourist rules with a mind. Tell us what you were writing about there and I mean I saw some instructions. Tell us all about it here. OK that's OK come. Everybody's heard Michael's gone through third tangle doctor hiring nick back in the seventies established he richly worked the project book later to be real sure. Basically you had your tree can't close our first and I saw a sec Hank. Social personal clothes are kind is really a personal. And then after that time is us our or ninth we're. It was alien tissue and initiated a station or an eight. What's been. Initiated lately by other people. Has been established closer Anderson it's what she on a British human two million initiated communication. And the people we're doing this are trained in. Psyche and now rendered perjured they're trained in are seen dedication. Lenient at. A on a show Biersch anguished and anxious. Really well and their methodology. Is solid spot up. And basically date vehicle and a good deep states there are the good traditional Sharma Celtic on that could each state edit nation and the art project an invitation. Essentially a very joyous happy imitation Coke is it a habit. And thirteen around the country actually globally that are doing actually. And so. Baby gets going to be disclosure baby it's going to be independent seems it is early to go as they come on down have a. What episode. Do with what you're saying does that mean that they have the ability to pretty much read our minds or is there a way there and that we need to do this to projected to them. There's two there's two things. There's two things just aspect of the at the deal is at high high level. Telepathy type of thing. Okay and by us meditating getting ourselves on to a state where. Things like telepathy NE SP Arctic functionalities as possible. Are. Burned at us reaching out there's also the other aspect of this thing is that the the artificial intelligence it's been alleged that the artificial intelligence. And some of these and you are the issue of vote. On this that the ships are quite literally a life and smirk. And are artificial intelligence context. And they are a day are people of touching a setup that we've reached out touched on that. Aspect. And that Iraq this racked. Music guide to long. Has been talking about this kind of technology at the show us five technology. Is pressure in patients. And RR I. Had a couple very long conversations. Each site geared your state and after gonna see several many our show discussion. Online and on the troll and I and our goal. Interesting okay we are really getting down to the nitty gritty here is first time as of one more question for you Cheryl. There are a lot of people that would love to have some W a phone counter do you have any recommendations for somebody who says hey what's my best chance is seen something. Okay big key thing out. One piece over. Okay to. Yet Al away from the city light. And. Why yourself clean up against the tree whatever takes. I did I did on down I am partner reenactment. And I was down. And I. Dairy farm old dairy farm on ended wilds of Pennsylvania. And clear sky. Seeded Milky Way very nicely. And I was guarding some character are. Back at Beckett tree and yet they're they're very quick figured out what the leaning battered boys for script or in or were. But after I figured that out I sat back church carefully error. I counted. 23. UFO stat I was able to write off everything are owned aircraft that are a 120 street a lot of traffic a air and all stuff that I know trained observer. No. Let up any better. Well okay. So thank you for joining us where can people go to to read your article inferno more mature work. If they go to Syracuse new times dot com Syracuse new times dot com. They hover over do you blogs. The seizing up dallas' you all column or you're guys. Click on at the latest our goal and in not out of the bottom of the latest article on the air guys again they're all they'll get wet T Kirk I have the last three or martial art well and that's a weekly article that you're doing. Yeah I do I do weekly column. Now the name of art statistics book is fueled a sightings desk where Sodom arts. School will tell you a full citing a script. By Sheryl and our annual fine. Well thanks so much for coming on and Alice tonight's and I agree mentioned topic and we look forward to talking to you again. Or talking to you again. All right thank you very much Cheryl. Costa we appreciate it's time and the information some really deep Tilden in pretty pretty amazing stuff that what more do you tell them the most investigators out there actually do so great job on that you are it's we're gonna take quick break him we come back we'll finish up you'll listen Jason GB MP. The one pound employment as quickly but couldn't talk must Christoph. Yeah it's definitely interesting topic and we've got some great topics coming up this week tomorrow we're going to be talking about. And paths impasse survival guide that's been interest and yet with the doctor Judith Judith or lost and then Thursday JD do Villa ash craft. Have we mentioned before and I don't know the name sound so familiar super forward to talking about pretty much exercise send get into little of that. Based tuning in tonight if you haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio and like FaceBook page in the had to be on really radio dot com. The final agree stations we error across the country can also download the free. IPhone and android app and collage to listen to show live catch past episodes. In join us in the chat so the issue check that out thanks for the support everybody that shows only success because of you. And it's Jason javy beyond reality radio kitchen in my. It's. It's. To stop playing at least Angel gives us Lincoln saying it's Leon really really unique you're saying. If you've got information you want us to follow along or you want to be Gaston beyond really revealing emails to sleep eighteen. Nets as league any ED DY and beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.