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7/6/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jul 7, 2017|

President Trump’s speech in Poland on Thursday was excellent. He called out Russia, North Korea and gave his support for NATO during his speech. But the out of control media have once again exposed themselves as anti-Trump to the point of sheer stupidity in reacting to President Trump's speech. ...

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Summers here and so at this state into your friendly neighborhood Safeway. It's a perfect time to hire a grilling gather with delicious food friends and family. Stop this leaking at amazing prices on fresh meat and seafood. Use your club card for a great deal on certain to hurt you can almost beat London for a state to just 39 and a pound. And jumbled rock shrimp for only 699 pounds. Safeway and it's just better. He's here. Oh. Emily underground. Feet from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere I'm to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the. Hello everybody Mark Levine here are numbered the create one. Create one. Create 11. You know I'm gonna make a pledge here while I'm on the year. Just thought about this. Neither did that do not get in trouble. I don't I don't mean to do this folks this I'll hold back right mr. that is if mr. producer wants me to hold back I'll hold back. This one loathsome individual and radio. In every now and then nine. I take a whack at him. But I'll hold back and many Goodman. Very good. President gave his speech. In Poland I watched every minute that they thought it was excellent. Very very good cause out Russian cause up North Korea. Support our allies supports NATO. Council that. And going question and answer session. Gets a little weird because the media by the way. Head of back and forth this type Bryant Stadler today that CNN I haven't told anybody about this. The Media Research Center put at a piece today. And said. I wasn't aware of it but that Panetta peace. Excellent column by Brent goes down ten grand. Saying here's a look then number one on the New York Times list in the I'm paraphrasing the mainstream media doesn't invite them on now. Some have that. You know again. I want to talk to you. It's about us. And here with the so called mainstream media have to think about any. So Brian settler writes me this guy CNN is a Sunday show I think called reliable sources. Says OK come on my show. And I wrote back and I said. I don't have any respect. For CNN where you. Europe propagandist. And you wrote back he said is it true what the Media Research Center says that. Then that invite on any of these these kinds of programs. I said well I haven't been until. You invited me in a Kush you only invited me after he got their release. That's the order of things I don't really care. Course. But the I told him to do a story on this just make sure you tell your listeners but I said. And have no respect for you or CNN in your propagandist. They write me back and says so why are you angry at. And I Norton. He can't be that dance Kenny mr. producing. This the full like tangle with a march. Loose screw up the whole left Tyson issue in the domestic surveillance. This program is notoriously. Biased. And I personally think he's. Rather stupid so what's the point. What's the point. So that plus nobody watches it semen on Sunday who the hell watches that I don't watch it do you watch it rich. CNN on Sunday and you kidding me. Rather watch the jury channel. Hit some good deals and enjoy recount. All right back to this radio host. He keeps losing stations he keeps losing audience. He's an enormously jealous hold my hand. Just has an a napoleonic con con complex. I think he's about four feet three inches tall. But he's very confused about all this founders. Every answers in the founded not a real answers not in the forum. The principles we live by. He lives by the principles of meatballs and a fried shrimp. And live by different points. He pretends to be the everyday man is. Is he and his family are worth hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars. That is multiple homes. And a pretend to be an. I just do what I do behind a microphone. If he pisses me off one more time. One more time. Well I won't say. People have. More to talk about it. But you know I'm almost sixty years old and I promise you this is this might clinch. When I turn seven years old on radio as a national talk show host and and retire. And make room for some of the not talking about local host there are many great local host through oversight. I can't think any great bloke nationally syndicated host in the top ten. Who's 0%. I can think of one. Who has a munchkin. A in intellectual wanna be. But he is what he is. Can't wait for the next show on circumcision can you mr. produce and maybe it'll be tomorrow Friday that the perfect. There it back to trump. Trumpet this press conference in Poland today the media or so out of control. So grotesque. And it's almost across the board here's NBC news Hallie Jackson honestly I don't know who Hallie Jackson is because I don't watch NBC news. Cut three go. You against say you think it is brushing your intelligence agencies have been far more definitive big day it was. I stopped Russia interfering with the election the Lakota language he has listened to. Listen how angry issues. I didn't see this and listening to it for the first time. I guess I watched his speech I didn't watch this press conference anyway go ahead. You agreement then I'll tell you that you let me just start off by saying I heard was seventeen agencies. I said boy that's a lot do we even have that many intelligence agencies right let's check it. And we did some very heavy research it turned out to be three or four it wasn't seventeen. And many of your compatriots had to change their reporting and they had to apologize and attic correct. Now would that being said. Mistakes have been made. I agree I think it was Russia but I think it was probably other people and do our country's. And I see nothing wrong with that statement. Nobody really knows nobody really knows for sure. I remember what I was sitting back lit glistening about Iraq. Weapons of mass destruction. How everybody was 100%. Sure. That Iraq. Had weapons of mass destruction guess what that led to one big mess they were wrong and it led to a mass so. It was Russia. And I think it was probably others also and that's been going on for a long period of time but my big question is why did Obama do nothing about it. From August all the way to November if he did nothing about it and it wasn't because he jumped. This is the question I've been asking for months. And which the Senate Intelligence Committee didn't ask wants. What did Obama do. To protect this nation from Russian interference. What did he do. And he's had his mouth pieces all over TV. That would be the media and he's had a surrogate solar TV that would be the media and they've had some guests who used to serve. Brock now house Benito Obama. And we don't know what he did. To trying to stop Putin he totally cut it out at is that a joke. That's serious he told the cut it out oh wow big. And the daily mail's David Maher host. About this CNN blackmail operation. Cut forgo. Did you start the whole wrestling video thing. What are your thoughts about what has happened since that means CNN went after you and has threatened to expose the identity of a person they said was responsible. Before I'd like your thought yeah I think bush CNN live to a news. Unfortunately them as you know now they have some. Pretty serious problems. May have been shaking news for a long time they've been cover me in a very. Very. Dishonest way. You have that also by enormous frozen. What CNN and then others I mean I know there's NBC news equally as bad. Despite the fact that I made him a fortune with the apprentice but they forgot that but I would say that CNN has really. I'm taking it too seriously and I think they hurt themselves very badly very very badly. And what we wanna see in the United States is honest. Beautiful free. But honest press who receive fair press I think it's a very important thing we don't want shake news and by the way not everybody is great news. But we don't want shake this bad thing very different country. And CNN is largely fake news. Semen is not a news operation I said this the other day and also ask you why. He CNN business what is their purpose. It's not a news organization as I said the other day what is their purpose. Why did they exist. Jim Acosta at CNN today remains completely. Out of control. Completely out of control. He despises the president of the united state. But he thinks he's Dan rather during the Nixon administration. First of all Dan rather was a patch during the Nixon administration. In this guy get accustomed. To quote the late not great. The morning schmo. Who's a schmuck. So here's Jim Acosta on CNN today. Hat tip Washington freed bacon cup side go for the president to go off on CNN as fake news. Hudson made just made this entire spectacle seem like a fake news conference. This was knocked in a town by dot. If he wants to be a comment here a guest if he wants to provide opinions that's one thing. If this guys covering that as in the United States. So now the entire press conferences a spectacle according to this guy. An Alley calls the fake news conference very clever they must've sat down and a circle. But that guy Jeff Zucker C a picture this guy Jeff Zucker. Wouldn't he was hit. By a bus. Twice. And I love that photo weary yet he has the buttoned down as front checked out of the middle there. What is that all of them panel. Trust me it's a very unattractive. So this is Jim Acosta. Go ahead. To us he got a question are from somebody who's going to challenge him on the issue. Hi David Mark Roscoe I've been each other for a long list. Are they the the. Point of a press conferences they ask a question. There's a constant never really challenged Obama can you think of any reporter who challenged Obama remember this guy Neil Monroe. I forget who it was working for at the time to believe it was the daily caller he dared to shout out a question to Obama. And then he hit turned him and shouted the kid down. Shouted him down remember that one. Oh yeah I remember. I had. Donald Trump out on the campaign trail but I think he's had a really good guy. But in this instance I think the conservative news media. It was being used here and I I I do think that's unfortunate a couple of things we do want to point out there very quickly one is the president once again said that Barack Obama did nothing from August to November. About Russian met top. Boy did he do. But he did mr. CNN. Maybe somebody at CNN can tell us something. But to Barack Obama did from August. To the election. To try and stop you in the Russians. Now we know this was a dire dire situation because Mark Warner told us. As he was mumbling through his sense speech to the American people is the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee. Any other Democrats on the committee was saying. You know Jeff Sessions and taking this seriously netbook Jeff Sessions attorney general now the red allege was attorney general then they have no care. Not about what took place in the prior administration 'cause I didn't do anything mr. cost. You schmuck. I had. Simply fake news President Obama I talked to Blatter who wouldn't at a G-20 summit in September. About all of this to say otherwise is simply fake news while. Well alone. He went on the knock it off. That's not doing anything effectiveness the report you are reporter I. By the way. For which country are you report for which political party every report is just a joke. I had Barack Obama went farther by the way and that meeting was Vladimir Putin. The president trump is promising to do himself he's not even promising to bring up election meddling in his bilateral with Vladimir Putin. So for the president to say we'll Barack Obama did nothing he is at this point promising to do less than nothing. On that front the other thing that was big news coming from president trump is when he said well. Hi I keep hearing at seventeen intelligence agencies that say Russia medal in the election I think it's only three or four. Where does that number come pick comes. On the report you lady don't you read. Don't you read some of it's been saying this forever don't you read. This is incredible. Mains and incompetent boob should be working for the morning should know I'll be right back most. Open. Let me remind you folks the same media sat quietly. If no worse. Put on the Tom Toms when Barack Obama sold out American to Iran. But Barack Obama sold out America or Russia. And Cuba. This same media sat quietly. While Barack Obama. What's conducting espionage against. Allies. Including the prime minister of Israel. The ambassador from Israel. Including. Members of congress and Jewish organizations. And never bush. The media sat quietly while the president the United States violated our immigration laws. The media sit quietly today while Democrat mayors and city council's. Violate our constitution and our immigration laws would Sanctuary Cities. The media sat quietly while Obama and holder unleashed. A wave of hate against police officers in this country that media sat quietly. Obama. Undermined the united states military. And all but eviscerate it airports. The media sat quietly worse they supported Obama. As he systematically destroyed. Our healthcare system. Immediate sat quietly. As Obama was placing ideologues throughout the federal judiciary. We don't need lectures. From the media. We don't need lectures for the media. About what's Eva what respect the colts' who's threatening oh. The media as an aggregate the media has all have demonstrated. Frankly. That there are out of work. At a great country like this. They're on where the Avant. There's any destruction of the free press in the First Amendment it's thanks to them. I'll be right back. Come on look and show. The cool feet. The conservative media diet then now 8773813811. Let's get and a few other issues here. Matters that are actually very very important. Not too long ago. Bernie Sanders during a hearing actually was in June. Question a nominee for deputy director of the Office of Management and Budget the nominee. Is a practicing faithful Christian. And Bernie Sanders ready to go the cult. Because of his religion as religious beliefs. The gentleman's name is Russ ball DO UG HT or Voight. Rush white. Take a listen to this cut eleven hat tip Washington times go this issue alone that house. The ball in the air and bothered many other people. And that is in the peace that are referred to that you wrote for publication called the surgeon. He wrote more schooled quote Muslims do not simply have a sufficient. Theology. They do not know god because they are rejected Jesus Christ his son and they stand condemned. And the quote do you believe. Do you believe that that statement is Islam phobic. Absolutely not senator I'm a Christian. And I believe in a Christian set of principles based on my faith. That post as I stated in the questionnaire to this committee. Was to defend my alma mater Wheaton College a Christian school that has a statement of faith. That includes the centrality of Jesus Christ for salvation. And did it again I apologize I do forgive me are we just don't have a lot of time. Do believe that people Muslim religion stands condemned forgive him again senator I'm a Christian. And I wrote that piece what does that really the statement of faith we might understand that I don't know how many Muslims start the Merc I really don't know probably a couple of million. Are you suggesting that all those people stand condemned what about Jews they stand for them to. Senator I'm a Christian. I I understand you are Christian but this country is made up of people won not just like in this land the christianity is the majority religion. But there are all the people of different religions in this country and around the world in your judgment. You think that people want not crucial vote gonna be condemned. Thank you are probably on that question as a Christian I believe that all individuals. Are made in the image of god. They're worthy of dignity and respect regardless of their religious beliefs I believe that that as a Christian that's how I should treat. All individuals and do you think your statements that you put into that publication. They do not know garden. Because they've rejected Jesus Christ the son and they stand to them do you think that's respectful of other religions. Senator. I wrote a post. Based on being a Christian in attending a Christian school that has a statement of faith. That speaks clearly with regard to centrality of Jesus Christ and salvation. I would simply say who's the chairman that this comedy. This relief not someone. Who is what this country is supposed to be about the are you don't know who. Now of course Bernie Sanders is a self paying jewel. Bernie Sanders despises the country of Israel. And to be honest parity Sanders. There's an atheist he secularist. He's a progressive. Now. If you're going to question anybody who has a deep belief in things. In particular faith didn't play the same thing. Pretty much. Whether it's a creation and it's not move slump. Whether it's a Christian or Muslim. Or Buddhist stirred to worry him nor what happy. They're also going to say. In should say that they are tolerant of other people's views and their religious. A practices but they don't agree that they believe that there religious beliefs. Are superior otherwise. Why hold. There's nothing new about that there's nothing complicated about that unless of course you're a Marxist. Who has as his purpose. They're trying to turn it on its head. And try and create the notion that somebody is a big. Or that somebody would discriminate against somebody else based on the religious views when he clearly said that's not. Case. I'm bringing this up today. Because. Of The Washington Times 64 Republican lawmakers sent a letter. Today asking attorney general Jeff Sessions to reaffirm the constitutional prohibition against religious tests for public office. Let her Knight represented a Mark Walker of North Carolina senator James Lankford of Oklahoma the memo is a response to questions raised by Sanders that you just period. Others continuous debate about the scope and meaning of the religion clauses in the First Amendment the letter reads the text of article six. Has been clear. No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any public office or public trust under the United States. It questions were asked during a recent Senate Budget Committee hearing. Men and executive branch nominees adherence to the Christian faith the letter continues suggesting that such beliefs. Disqualified the nominee from service. In a blog for the resurgent. Mr. Voight wrote that Muslims do not simply have a deficient theology they do not know god because they've rejected Jesus crisis side and they stand condemned. The article cited John. 318 which reads whoever believes in him is not condemned. But whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they've not believe in the name of God's one and only son mr. Sanders raised several questions. About the blog posts and here. As you hurt. The letter to attorney general. Sites article six section three of the constitution. Has no religious test shall ever be required. As a qualification to any office or public trust and the United States. The free exercise of religion means the ability to practice your faith. Without fear punishment by the government the letter reads the government violates the right if it determines. Which faith or non faith practices are valid but which aspects of the particular faith or legitimate. As such we urge you to make clear in your forthcoming guidance that the scope and meaning. The article six has not changed no religious test will ever be required to serve in the government of the United States. The letters signed by. Scores of members of congress has those are all Republicans yes 64 Republicans. The reason for that clause in the constitution because you see ladies and gentlemen the framers of the constitution where much more tolerant than burnings and but because they didn't want this debate. When somebody is presented. For a public position. They didn't want this debate. They didn't want the nation point a son. That's why that causes in the constitution. That's also why we have a First Amendment. The framers did not create a theocracy but on the other hand they did not want. Discrimination by public officials. Against other people including members of congress against people who are nominated for positions in the executive branch now mr. Sanders is very interesting isn't. And I high tolerance for Keith Ellison's. Anti semitism. He's a high tolerance. For Palestinian terrorism against Jews and Israel. It's a high tolerance for Muslim on Muslim murdered. And is a high tolerance for discrimination against Christians in our own country. And as I said before and I'll say again he is a south fading GO. He's not a practicing view. But he can make judgments I can make adjustments to. This is why. Our constitution is important this is why. These principles upon which this nation with founder so important. Because they reach into the future. They reach into the present from the past. It's a difficult thing for people who didn't progressives. Much of their earlier lives. Who've been left us much of their earlier lives even hit piece much of their earlier lives. To break loose. From the left wing mentality. Some of them put up a good front. Some of them put up a good front. But they in some cases they never really shaken. Takes resolve it takes a conscience it takes us all it takes heart it takes a serious minded do these things. Some have you done that you've called the program but some people close. As. Conservatives are sort of answers they never shake. In this is why they reject. American history. Because the progressives believe the world begins today. Today. We have a modern country we can't be thinking about things like. Inalienable rights and liberty and life and private property rights and all these things down and out and out. Got to think about the here now that's Bernie Sanders. That's why this is so important to have this discussion from time to time on this program. Because it's not gonna happen anywhere else. We are surrounded in too many cases by foals with microphones and fools put cameras. Who know nothing about this country. The less they're reading it from Wikipedia. Which is a very port source MI NN. Bernie Sanders is a leftist he's a progressive. Bernie Sanders is among the most pure of the progressives. His ideology reaches back. To Russo and hagel remarks. And those of you are reading my book notice. We discover and American. And it is say it is a nasty intolerant ideology. Progressive business. He could see playing out with the media. You know again a line. Period announced a year attacked each year you humiliated or at least the efforts made humiliate. And you saw playing out with Bernie Sanders questioning this gentleman. Who's a Christian. Who believes in the literal language. The new testament. And he's free to do that. And that's perfectly fine. Under our constitution. And under our declaration of independence even more. Even more. So Bernie Sanders has no tolerance. For these different viewpoints. And yet the founders of the country are trashed. Because it said they had no tolerance at all for different viewpoints which of course they debt. Which of course they did this is why it's important not understand who we are this is why it's important understand our heritage to put things in the proper perspective. At stake oil salesman on TV and radio. But you. And your own. Reading about these things learning about these things. Bernie Sanders is despicable. He's a throwback. There's nothing. In the in the dictionary word progressive there's nothing progressive about the man. He's an absolute Brokeback. And I said the other day could you imagine the constitutional convention and 1787. With a Pennsylvania assembly room is Philip Bernie Sanders types welcome to the constitution you think we would have to. What country do you think we have to be a disaster. The horrific. While much or ahead. When a man like this can get away what questioning a Christian like that. For something he wrote some time ago. I'll be right back most of the open. There. They celebrated Independence Day this year. Custom cut about how there are some places and our own country. Where Americans are required to give that many of their freedoms. It's no secret for example the colleges are some of the most gun free places in the country why you ask a follow the money. Government funding always comes with government strings but political correctness and other campus craziness we see all the time. Well he'll start college is free from PC government mandates because he'll step doesn't accept one penny from the government not one penny and one penny from any government. Federal or state. Instead hills tells funds come from great Americans like you. Finds that provide the excellent academics on campus as well as the free online courses and over one point two million have taken. And the free speech dodges and primus that is nearly four million subscribers. Hills does one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country offering degrees in more than thirty fields. Students are encouraged to debate the fine what is true and good. That actually helps them become excellent citizens. Pursue truth and defend liberty. With the great Hillsdale College learn more at living in French hill step back condit's LE VI and for Hillsdale dot com again. Live in for Hillsdale dot com. Let's take a couple of calls. See what's going on out there. And let us go to. Joseph. In the Bronx they great WABC. Go. Eight and edited. And yeah. You can write that I thought about Hasidic rabbi. Yeah I have just one I heard this about what Bernie Sanders says that could make this picture might make I mean America down and on religious freedom and did this come. I mean this open coming. He's trying to. To undermine everything that America without an I'm just pitch the chicken need. That he could call themselves either Jordan American dream could see he's not standing up for what either I don't think there is plenty. Clinton well at some of the founding of Israel a lot of those were re major progressives and really yes most of them were sulfate engine hootie and he'd lived in Israel for awhile but there are further crew did an American Jew out to be an American and proud of these. A rabbi and ensure. I'm pretty chill I think ally that to. San because let's say you're nominated to be deputy OMB director and you were scrutinized over your religion. I suspect you wouldn't pass this test they. Obviously not because if you think I'm I'm really did. You know a fanatic you know this week in the car we read the story of Salem and the donkey. There was. Story rabbi in Cincinnati who would still I want to these sulfate in June 20 straddle the synagogue. And it is this good back and all progressive days in the like you know Katrina doesn't mean everything you want you're trying to push this. The lawyers trying to push until it like a withdrawal can type of you know philosophy and he says. So he could buy you really believe everything in the Bible truly says yeah because you mean you believe the donkey could talk colossal insurer until I met you. Ha ha ha ha that's. All right grab I don't hang out a menacing Cappy rediscovering Americanism thank you. And that's what we're talking about re discovering Americanism we have the push back against the Bernie Sanders types. And I'm an army was everything necessary. From a philosophical and historical perspective to do exactly that. That's what we're doing. All right let us go to an excuse me. Bill thief river falls. Minnesota they great WZGM. Go. Eleven on the leg but. I didn't want to comment the bulk senders are you go our Providence that's going to get old gear. Yeah now one minute. End. Oh yes did you looking up and tight lipped. I mean when it comes from the word of god duties would be taking the Wendy's didn't. Now he's mad that he does give the right try. To hurt. And you know treat are Dutch. Right you break shouldn't read between the lines still. Did reality or are they got all red and nervous. But I know bill nothing to be nervous about I have a heartbreak call back again another day. You feel better and I appreciate your name but I really did. We shall continue. Copyright back. You're PCS we look the numbers do the talking for. You're liable for GL TE network this is the sprint. Pre Smartphone when you switch to MetroPCS. 99 the percentage of people in the US covered by MetroPCS. Three cents a gallon BJP prime Smartphones when you switched MetroPCS. Wireless figured out of not a million listeners a sense not included on price as the numbers of human. Sunny days commercially based on politics coverage because her number she's. Is there. How broad. Only underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave them there. Hello everybody and mark the event here right now. Number 8773813811. 8773813811. Keeping weather team. Tonight we'll continue to take calls on the Bernie Sanders grilling. The gentleman who is the practicing Christian. And Bernie Sanders determining that as a result. Of his religious views. Which are frankly mainstream. Christian views. Either believe very or not. He said he will vote no against the Manfred deputy OMB director. The clear violation of the United States constitution which of course the progresses reject any. But in this same vein not that religious sense but in the same vein stick with me I'll explain it all you know it just takes little time. Listen to this they hill newspaper. Tensions between senate majority leader Mitch McConnell and his own antagonist senator Ted Cruz. It's reappeared and high stakes negotiation where health reform. Cruz is insisting on a reformed the senate GOP bill that senior GOP aides say is a nonstarter with much if not most of the Republican conference listens. While crews sought out health committee chairman Lamar Alexander. To play what he promised to be a constructive role in the debate senior GOP aides say cruise is no longer being agreeable. So apparently cruise is taking some. Free market. Conservative positions and he's now being trashed by GOP aides to rhinos but. That's not even my point let's continue. Instead cruise is again being a thorn in McConnell side what we can't have that now can we ladies and gentlemen only Susan Collins ended. Much like he wasn't 2013. When he insisted on blocking any government spending bill unless it included language halting the implementation of obamacare the staffers argue. So it's a hit job. And of course cruise was right when he thirteenth. Two years ago cruise famously called McConnell a liar on the senate floor amid a debate on the export import bank. See they're picking scabs now they're looking for a fall guy. GOP aides say the proposal they cruise and his allies are framing is the potential key to passing the stalled healthcare bill as a nonstarter listen. But most Republicans in the upper chamber. What is it that he's proposing that's a nonstarter. What is he proposing that's crazy right wing. The proposal would allow insurance companies the freedom this out any kinds of health plans they want. As long as they also sell at least one plan that qualifies. Under the regulatory requirements. Of the Affordable Care Act that is obamacare. That's a great idea shorter repeal ladies and gentlemen. That's a big time compromise. And yet it allows you know the individual. The head of household. To select what every kind of insurance you want and people love Obama care they can pick one of the planes and obamacare. It's actually quite a good idea. If they're not gonna repeal it. This and this GO GOP eight. I would say that if we voted on the cruise proposal would be in the neighborhood of 37 to fifteen against. 37 no votes fifteen yes Republican. Nobody wants to go home and say nearly 45 year old steelworker with diabetes that you should have to pay a lot more for your health insurance. He's still gonna have a plan under obamacare and then you can take any other play annual what does this person. But listening. This is important. Those are the Republicans. Here's Chuck Schumer yesterday. Actually today Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer blasted a health care proposal by conservative Ted Cruz as a hoax. Hoping to blunt any momentum around the Texans I get a rally votes for the Republicans. Faltering push repeal and replace obamacare. Conservatives say allowing consumers to buy the type of coverage they want is the best way to drive down premiums. Opponents say consumers will pay less risky and your benefits. While those who still want or need that type of robust coverage mandated by Obama care we'll have to pay more. Well if it's a robust coverage mandate about Obama care they should pay more. Americans with preexisting conditions almost certainly be left without access to affordable and quality health care making this even worst in the house bill on this age. How so. I am an American with a preexisting condition. At heart disease. Turns Santos I have asthma. And I health care. Not because of obamacare but in spite of obamacare. And Obama care is driving up the cost of my health care. I'm part of a group insurance policy. That's how people will Sokol preexisting conditions get insurance not keep something in mind. I had this insurance long before I had heart disease or was aware that. So technically it wasn't a preexisting condition. But let's play along. They're tens of millions of people who are my boat. Maybe it's some other conditions some other disease or illness and so forth who have health care. It's support people and I don't mean economically pork I mean the port people. Who are not part of group insurance. Who had their own insurance plans. Who now are in trouble and so those planes destroyed by obamacare. So Obama caring should've learned and these Republicans they don't stand for people with preexisting conditions. Many repeating facts. If we continue down this route people with preexisting conditions that is people who are truly ill. People who are senior citizens. Are going to have to deal with rationed health care and long waiting lines. Like they have in Canada. And Britain and France. These are not great systems there are a disaster. You can't see it devastates Britain it's no joke. And that leads to worse and worse and worse policies. Increasingly centralized. Healthcare look what happens to this little baby that there it's gonna take their baby into the United States. They wanna take their baby to Rome. Their baby is. On a life support system. And the European union first the British and European you wrote ruled that they had not take the baby for additional help anywhere. They can't even remote abated from a hospital and take the baby home to die no no doubt that they they will die as the government says the baby will die. There are there's a preexisting condition. This is what happens. When you ration health care. And it won't just happen to very sick babies and I happen very sick older people. And I'm not kidding. And I'm not kidding. But even more ladies and gentlemen let's go back to what the crews proposal list. The proposal according to the hill on this is a hit job on him but still here's the proposal would allow insurance companies. The freedom to stop any kinds of health plans they want. As long as they also sell at least one plan that qualifies under the regulatory requirements of obamacare. What in the world is wrong with. Why would a vast majority to Republicans in the senate oppose this. The answer goes back to our founding principles I know this is complicated. If you spent your entire life filling your face with meatballs. And best selling on votes I understand that's. But it's not too complicated for you. This society has already transformed. The Republican Party is not. A party based on our founding principles. It is not. It's no longer. The Party of Lincoln it's no longer the party rank him. It's no longer the party of Coolidge. It rejects them and it rejects our history. It's not the Democrat party that's clear. But it follows the Democrat party around like a puppy to. Susan Collins has announced that she will not vote for anything unless it expands Medicaid. You don't see me hit jobs and on her in the hill newspaper of Politico or the knicks climbs of the Washington compost goalie. Not by the staffers to rhinos there McConnell anything else how they're Ted Cruz actually offers something shorter repeal. And allows each human being in this country to make a decision for him or herself. And therein lies the problem ladies and gentlemen this is an about healthcare. Certainly not about quality medical care. She is about power. In control. The Democrats the progressives are not gonna let go. Of the power they seized under Obama care to control you in your health care. That is who lives and who dies and who gets what. They're not gonna Politico they've been wanting to do this since the late eighteen hundreds now they've done. Republican Party. Is a party a full. And the foods. Thanks Susan Collins. Like Lisa Murkowski. And yes like Mitch McConnell. Who don't even understand the scale of this debate who don't even understand what's at stake. Just remember what those colonists fought for. Puts things in perspective. What do you think. Sam Adams. John Hancock. John Adams Thomas Jefferson George Mason Benjamin Franklin. George Washington on. What do you think they'd say about this. Many federal government is so powerful. But even the idea of allowing people to buy private plans outside of obamacare. Not dictated by the federal government. Is considered. Unacceptable. Not even worthy of discussion. We cater and evidently they don't. What do you think they'd say about the. This is why this perspective this context in history is important. This is why it matters. Because it provides a barometer. Otherwise we have no barometer. If everything begins the day we just this where modern society that's Woodrow Wilson extra I'd do it that's mark. You don't dismiss our heretic. In these principles battery eternally universal. We became a great country. Not because we had this all powerful federal government deciding who would succeed and they have redistributing wealth. But the people were to Richard to pour. People had free this are free that that's not what raided the industrial revolution. That's not what brought electricity and there are homes and and clean water into our homes and dirty water out of our homes that's not what gave us the combustion engine and automobiles. That's not what gave us mobility. And flight. Now you can bet. Our ancestors did. I'm not Americans. But constitutional. Constitutional must believe in constitutional Republicans. So a modest proposal was made. In the United States senate. By United States senate to allow you and me to purchase whatever the hell we wanna purchase. And still allows people to buy a policy under obamacare. And we're told that the overwhelming majority of Republican senators would object to this and fight and why. Because they're progressives that's why. Because they've abandoned. Our heritage that's why. And that's why we need to know these things. I discussed this at much greater length of the book. Rediscovering Americanism in the tenure progress in this video sign a copy and send it to have been sent. This bloated radio host. When you think of that mr. produced. I don't like the message is the message. Dear blank I love your face. Best mark what do you think about that. Course it would be a lie. I feel my eleven audience. I really want you to consider these things and process them as I've had to give. And then things make a whole lot of sense they just do. We've seen what Bernie Sanders has done. We see what they're doing to take crews. Bernie Sanders a man of absolute intolerance. In man of the heart progressive left. Trashing a religious man and a hearing in violation of the constitution and even more than that. The violation of our principles as a nation of people. That predate us predate this country. That we see another activity in the senate. The senator introduces a very modest proposal that you that I should be free to choose whatever health care we want. It's still be funny money from Medicaid. People that still pick it up on the care policy that you and I tomorrow Medicaid and don't want it obamacare policy we'd like to choose their own policy. We're told that even within the Republican Party he'd only get fifteen votes. This is the tyranny of progresses. And you can see the tyranny of progressive. When you understand. The brilliance of Americanism. I'll be right back. Because the wind. Me. It's gonna have to explain to me and I'm quite serious. Talk Amazon in. These wonderful book stores and warehouse stores how they're able that this kind of book 40%. And by the way I'm all for it. I wish they would discount at 90%. As this I am not in this for the money and in this to get the word but how do they how they do it. I don't know how they do. But on Amazon right now it's 40% off that's a big deal the book sixteen dollars and twenty cents. There's a constant the other day I go there about every other week you know I get another big Kosher hot dogs he would do that mr. that is it. No he ought to try it. Get that episode I think it's like they pay you X up. Com. And it was on sale in Costa for like fifteen dollars and 99 cents. And I'm in the Barnes & Noble not checking up on the book. I'm in a mall I walk past it at the Tyson's mall it's 40% off. Books-A-Million because look at at a Wal-Mart target. How they do it but apparently when the book is number one on the New York Times list they discounted massively. Sydney and thinking about getting re discovering Americanism. And take a look at the comments on Amazon. Take a look at serious comments on Imus. Now's the time to act. That's just differently should get. Into my live tonight there now's the time to act. Because it's a number one on the New York Times list so every. Outfit is slashing prices and a more forward. If you get on Tuesday and by the way if you do I hope you'll leave a comment couple knuckle heads a think they're funny that the terror. We'll be right back. Producer's free octagon our talk radio. Felt my brother didn't show. Coleman now at 87738. Run 48 squad run. Hi yes are wonderful pastor sponsored. I'm sleeping cool and comfortably every night waking up feeling great every morning and that's thanks to my Casper mattress. It's too high tech phones guarantee I get a great night's sleep every single night. Casper is all the support in Needham heavy sleeping cooling comfortably every night to. He chips for free in a box so small you won't believe it holds a mattress. And I love the Casper Lecce try to mattress for 100 nights in the comfort and privacy of your own home risk free. Pope pick it up and refined you everything if you don't love it. From its breakthrough design to its packaging to trying it for a hundred nights free in your own home. It's no wonder Casper was named one of the fast company's fifteen most innovative brands of 2017. Sleeping on a mattress is the best way to try it. Don't get a Casper. Go to Casper back con use code mark. And get fifty dollars towards the purchase of your mattress. It's already priced very well they get another fifty dollars off the price that's Casper dot com code mark fifty dollars towards the purchase of your mattress. Casper back come code mark. Terms and conditions apply. In does I think about. The deport gentleman was testifying grilled about his Christian faith. I Bernie Sanders who's and I can't poke fun because of his faith. When I talked about the crews proposal in the senate that's rejected by the overwhelming number of Republicans in the senate. It's radical. Because the proposal would allow you. And your family to purchase any kind of health care policy you want. As long there's there's a propel a policy that insurance companies offer that. Comply with the obamacare. This is all about liberty. This is all about individualism. Both of which are constantly under attack. It's all about our form of government. Which has been perverted. It's about one of the property rights the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness the pursuit of happiness include property. Property. You know I'm. When they decided. To meet the states decided to meet early on it wasn't at the constitutional convention in Philadelphia was an Annapolis mental. They wanted to meet. Because the states were preventing. Businesses and other states from doing business across state lines. The way that the insurance companies today are prevented. From selling identical policies across state lines. So the original purpose. For the state sending delegates. Not the Philadelphia but Annapolis. Was over commerce. Under the articles of confederation. While not enough delegates wound up going. To Annapolis. So they said well let's try this again. The several months later they did. And he decided to meet in Philadelphia. And all but one states and delegates you know what state that was Rhode Island. But the other twelve cent delegates. They met. With the commerce clause in the constitution the purpose of the commerce clause is to promote commerce. The progressives took the commerce clause and used it to promote government. I guess converse. The entire regulatory administrative state is built on a false interpretation a lot about the commerce. Because after Roosevelt was done packing the Supreme Court. The court needed to find ways to pervert the constitution. In order to eviscerate the constitution. But so much of what the progressive left does is about re distributing well. We distributing liberty redistributing. Rights. If you if you don't mind. Because when I go to the book signing people say they wanna hear more this. As a marketing here or anywhere else that's for sure. I don't spend time slot time talk about meatballs and circumcision. That somebody else's that nightmare not mine. And 1787. All of this relates to today. His essay defense. Of the constitution and government of the United States. John Adams explained the importance of protecting private property and I would include your health care. Has a right. From the tyranny of undiluted democracy and when you hear Bernie Sanders speak or when you hear Susan Collins speak. They pretend to represent all the people looking out for all the people except that they really represent ladies and gentlemen this government. And the progressive ideology. Here's what Adams wrote. I think it's pro patience. Suppose a nation rich and poor high and low. Ten millions and number all assembled together. Not more than one or two millions while having land's houses. Are any personal property. If we take into the account the women and children or even if we leave them out of the question. A great majority of every nation is wholly destitute of property. Exit these small quantity of clothes in the future rifles. Of other move doubles. So yes this of the gentleman who who challenges him. Mr. Needham. Just pretend this can meet them is mr. Sanders Bernie Sanders would mystery Needham and be responsible that. If all were to be decided by a vote of the majority. The eight or nine millions who have no property would not think it usurping over the rights of the one or two millions who have. Property surely a right of mankind is has really is liberty. Perhaps at first prejudice habit shame or fear. Principal religion would restrain the port from attacking the rich. And the idol from usurping when the industrious. The time would not be long before courage and enterprise would come and pretexts be invented by degrees to count it's the majority. In dividing all the property among them. Where at least in sharing it equally with the president possesses. Debts would be abolished for first. Taxes late heavily on the rich. And not at all on the others. And at last they downright equal division of everything he demanded in voted. What would be the consequence of this. The I don't the vicious the intemperate. Would rush into the utmost extravagance of debauchery selling spend all their share. And then demand a new division of those who purchased from. The moment the idea is admitted into society. That property is not as sacred as the laws of god and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect. Anarchy and Tierney commence. If thou shall not covet. And now shall not steal. Or not commandments of heaven. You must be made invaluable precepts and every society before it can be civilized remain free. You can see what's happened to our own country. Redistribution of wealth class warfare has taken hold exactly what Adams was concerned. In these people ladies and gentlemen. Who present themselves. As the mastermind. As the social engineers capable of doing these things who are these people. Well we turn to another genius. FA hi. Fredricka a high. Any points out what the progressives and done. And we've talked about this ourselves individually. He noted that the distinctions between the two kinds of individualism addressed and I addressed earlier in the book that is. The real individualism associated with individual liberty in the so called individualism hawked by philosophers like Rousseau and moderate progressives. Which the individual is coming toward it. And so soon by the collective. While in his book individualism an economic corner. Went back in 1949. Hiked explain that quote. All the design theories. Necessarily lead to the conclusion that social process seized. Can be made to serve human hands. Only if they are subjected to the control. Of individual human reached. And thus lead directly to socialism. True individualism believes on the contrary. That if left free. Metal often achieve more than individual human reason could designer foresee what he's talking about here are two kinds of reason. You as an individual. Deciding what's in your best interest. Reasoning through things and then the mastermind. Who claimed they had the ability to. Reason only super level. That they can substitute. You are region. Where the race. And determine not only for society generally but you in particular. What you should do with your life and how you should run your life. And what she should keep what you should keep and what not he should be able to seek what he should be able to see a doctor at all. Hayek says this contrast between the true and tyra nationalistic and the false rational mystic individualism. Permeates all social faux. But because both theories have become known by the same name reason. And individuals. All sorts of conceptions and assumptions completely alien. To true individualism. Have come to be regarded as essential parts of its soccer. So let's look at what we're discussing tonight. The truce proposal. Match true individualist. And it is re checked it out right not just by the Democrats. But the overwhelming majority Republicans in this. Like John Adams high target that rather than freeing the individual. Progressive. Of those who seek the redesigned society cannot possibly succeed. In producing an economic utopia no matter how Smart the masterminds may be I think they are. Hayek says it's an indisputable intellectual fact which nobody can hope alternate ideas. The constitutional limitation. A man's knowledge and interests the fact that he cannot know more than a tiny part of all of society. And that their for all they can't enter into his motives. Are the immediate effects. Which is actions will have in the spear. He knows. Bernie Sanders Chuck Schumer the Republicans cannot possibly know enough. To do what they do. Even though they say they do. Hi condemned the progressive ideology as intellectual super silly business. Economically destructive factually impossible. He feared that once it took hold any society who might become impossible. To reverse course. He said the unwillingness to tolerate. Or respect any social force. Which are not recognizable as the product of intelligent design you know from these mastermind. Which is so important because of the present desire for comprehensive economic plan. Is indeed only one aspect anymore and general movement. We meet the same tendency in the field of morals and conventions. In the desire to substitute an artificial. For the existing languages and in the whole moderate attitude toward process these which govern the growth of knowledge this is him rejecting. This idea wore a modern society can't bring now. There's a reason we have traditions. And institutions. And ideals and principles. I act says the belief that only a synthetic system. He synthetic system of Mars and artificial language or even an artificial society. Can be justified in an age of science. As well as the increasing unwillingness to bow before any moral rules. Who's utility is not rationally demonstrated in other words these universally eternal truths. Or to conform with conventions. Whose rationale does not know. Are all manifestations of the same basic view which went all social activity. To be recognized ugly part of a single coherent plan. Which is tyranny. Tyranny ladies and gentlemen. To be a soft tyranny to beat rattled tyranny. But if you can't choose your own health care. In a supposedly free country. And they supposedly capitalist system. And what I would. When are it's. Okay. Tolerance it progresses whether it comes to religion. Speech and debate. Economic decisions. And cannot tolerate. True individualism and freedom. This book is not about me people write books about themselves on never understand it. Book is about you know that your country it's about your principles. It is my best book. How many people spend this much time reading from what they written. Instead they way to go out and get the book read it and then if you like he like if we disappointed disappointment and very transparent about this. Very transparent. If you listen to this radio program or watched Livan TV. You know exactly what you get. But and encourage all you look in night out there really to take a look at this it is. Crucially crucially important we are at a turning point there is no question in my mind about it. It's gonna be up to yield up to us to spread the word. It really it. You know laugh. 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You're talking about you know all the Republicans that are you know reneging and and what's an out oh lucky you are we we we've been here before I've I've actually. We had a system where the government promised safety everywhere politic or recovered promised that you know trust and they know they're doing. On the last reject the Tower of Babel didn't work out too well. Yeah every time they talk it's the same. It's the same skirt the same system the promising safety they're promising guaranteed but it never works. It's it's a shame when you now. And yet the the propaganda and is effective. Because notice what they do their is talking about the future what they're gonna do tomorrow and the next day how many people they gonna cover and how wonderful it's going to be. They never take responsibility for the damage they've done in the Navajo who account. All right my friend thank you for your call we have a powerful third hour coming. My foot is down on the gas pedal stay with the I'll be right back. Summers here and so at this state into your friendly neighborhood Safeway. It's the perfect time to hire a grilling gather with delicious food friends and family. Stop this leaking at amazing prices on fresh meat and seafood. Use your club card for a great deal on surf and turf to pick up almost beat London for a state to just 39 and a talent. And jumbled rock shrimp for only 69 united talent. Safeway and it's just better. Is there. Oh. Normally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving them there. Hello everybody marked women here are number 877381. 3811877. 3813811. You know I've given what suggestions I could think seven dealing with the North Korea. Which is. In multi fold approach and and nonsense approach which is to. Provide Japan with a nuclear weapons. Which will. Truck equalize the regional situation as well South Korea although I think the these liberal who now runs South Korea the president there wouldn't accept that but Japan and believe went. That's number one number two. Bring serious economic. Pressure on China and we can ladies and gentlemen our economy is six times as big as the Chinese economy five winning. Who would stop strangling our own economy to even be stronger but. That aside. And make it clear to China where the boss. We've tried. Diplomacy. That we tried to pretend diplomacy. Either you help us take out Kim. On fat boy. But we're gonna punish you economically. Easier fat boy. He sustained by you he's propped up by yield. I get rid of he's threatening us with a ICBM is a nuclear warheads should be acquired and he's going to acquire them that the media. The technology. And by the way. There's an open market and a black market in China that's providing him with a material that he needs to do these things. It's not homegrown. But there's another threat to our country. And that's he Islam on Nazi regime in Tehran. And the wizard via the terrific piece. That was brought to my attention by mark do bullets I don't believe that no marketable what's. From the that defend democracy dot org and it showed up in the Wall Street Journal and I'm not gonna read the whole thing. But he saying. This containment. Of Iran. Isn't going to work. We can't contain Iran we have the defeat Iraq and immediately. People and anybody at neo look at anybody I guess a war already know. And none of those things and Reagan. And as the bullets points out Reagan's policy was outlined in 19838. With respect of the Soviet Union. In national security decision directive 75 a comprehensive strategy that called for the use of all instruments of American overt and Covert. And the plan included a massive defense build up economic warfare support for anti Soviet proxy forces and dissidents. And an all out offensive against the regime's ideological legitimacy. Mr. trump. Rights to the wets. Should call offering new version of an SDD 75 and go on the offense against the Iranian regime. The administration would be wise to address every aspect of the Iranian menace not nearly the nuclear program president Obama's myopic focus on disarmament paralyzed American policy. What he's saying here is take out the regime he could do it short of war or whatnot. Apple war one day. And there's things we can do. Any outlines number them. In a number of these can be applied to North Korea as well which is among the reasons I want to bring this to your attention. Says a new national security director must systematically dismantle Iranian power country by country in the Middle East. The Europeans traumatized by foreign fighters returning from Syria. And massive refugee flows may supporting tougher Iraq policy if it means Washington finally get serious about Syria. The early signs of the return of American power promising. Washington should demolish the Iranian regime's terrorist networks and influence operations. Including their presence in New York in the United States. That means working closely with allied Sunni governments against uranium subversion of their societies. The American offensive has already begun CIA director Mike Pompeo. Is putting the agency on an aggressive footing against these global networks. But the development of a more muscular Covert action program. All of Washington's actions to push back against Iran hinge on severely weakening the Iranian regime's finances. Robust Mets and by the way thanks to Obama they got a 150 billion dollar. But CNN's upset about trying to. Robust measures should target the seems moratoriums the Iran revolutionary guard corps. He dominant force in Iran its economy new sanctions legislation designating the power using the guarantees secret Terry's. Which the senate recently passed a 98 votes. No more than forty Iran related sanctions opposes here are good start. Much more still needed. Iranian guards transferred to Hezbollah. Of industrial size and missile production capability. Based on eleven on soil. Could trigger the next Israel Hezbollah war let me stop here and say this. Unfortunately I believe there is going to be. A Hezbollah. Israel war. And it's gonna be far more devastating than any such war from Lebanon was before. The Israelis are not going to be able to pin prick their way out of it and I don't believe they're planning to. These are very very powerful and accurate missiles that will hit the cities of Israel Israel is a very tiny country. He concede on a map of when you actually go there it's pretty remarkable. And eleven on his right on the border. And if Hezbollah. Is using sophisticated missiles. With significant explosive power. Provided them by the Iranians and the manufacturing capabilities that the using in Lebanon. There's no way the Israelis can hit one building at a time avoiding this and avoiding that no country would and they won't be able to. So it'll be an all out war you know won't be pretty. Iran has overthrown the government in Yemen. Iran thanks in many respects Obama. Has enormous influence in the government in Iraq. Iran has enormous influence in Syria working with the Russians. And now of course Iran. Through has a lot controls most of Lebanon. While we're finishing up crisis. We need to be focusing on Iran. What this gentleman is saying is we need to. To approach Iran the same way Reagan approached. The Soviet Union I would argue the same the North Korea. He goes on massive economic sanctions on Iran to stop these transfers may be the only way to head off this war. It is the transfers of the industrial size missile production. To Hezbollah in Lebanon. Last but not least he says the American pressure campaign should seek to undermine Iran rulers by strengthening their pro democracy forces that erupted in Iran at 2009. Nearly toppling the regime and we can't bag yet again Barack now has been you know Obama. Proceeding does but silently sat on the weekends playing golf. While the people rose up against the regime in Tehran almost overthrow it. And Obama said nothing. And Obama did nothing. The bullets goes on target the regime soft underbelly its massive corruption. And human rights abuses. Conventional wisdom assumes that Iran has a stable government. With a public united behind president has signed Romney's vision of incremental reform in reality. They gap between the ruled in their Islamist rulers is expanding. The odds are I moderate government will emerge into Iran before the nuclear deals restrictions. Expire our war. Washington needs to block the Islamic Republic's pathways to gaining nuclear tipped missiles. While aggressively enforcing the nuclear agreement. The administration should present revised turns right follow on deal these must address the parent accords fundamental flaws. Including the sunset provisions. To give Tehran a clear pathway to nuclear weapons and the missiles to deliver it. Did you know there's sunset provisions. And the inadequate access to a rainy military sites that blocks effective verification. The administration should present Iran that choice between a new agreement. In an unrelenting American pressure campaign. While signaling it unilaterally prepared. Cancel the existing deal. If Tehran doesn't. Label. I thought the president was gonna do that apparently. Only six years after Ronald Reagan adopt his pressure strategy the Soviet bloc collapsed. Washington must intensify the pressure on the mullahs. As Reagan did on the Communists. Otherwise he lethal nuclear Iran is less than a decade away and let me tell you something again. It's not a prediction that I like making I don't like making predictions. But we will be going to war with Iran thanks to what Obama and about corporate it then you repeat that. Thanks to Obama and top court and I should add John Kerry. We will be going to war with a ring. The less somehow some way we topple that regime and I believe this is gentlemen do bullets. Has some very very important ideas. And go to the instituted. I'll be right back. The okay. That's about it. Jack gave Houston Texas serious satellite. Harry you. Mark and and I recommend a cheap and access almost forty years. I am proud to have had cruised represent me. Hit help your idea. Is the only thing that has made any half. They won't give out over that hurdle. So we can move on after its own. I think it's a great idea and is it not a compromise is that not a compromise Jacqui it's not full repeal but he says all right luck. Well last week that that at least leave people who are not on Medicaid. Alone so they can choose whatever policy they want including an Obama care policy what in the world is wrong went back. Well because they are coming and attacking Karen Berger my conviction. That he Larry and they are grown. They should be ashamed of themselves to doing what I do they can. Trust me they're not Jacqui don't hang up I'm gonna send you a copy of rediscovering. Americanism. Don't hang up. That stay in Texas but a different part of Texas frank. Crowley Texas they break WBA pago. Local history lesson that you give us you can read your book all day every day it's our own checkered. Did they couldn't actually the only one who honestly saying if you like your mind to think he bit. Well Santa. So thrilled actually easier earlier about there parading this Christian. You know his faith. I am pretty sure the Muslim so believe bit confusing questions are all condemned. In one good ten through beginning this same line of questioning. And the it could have been a Muslim. But we know they wouldn't because he backed Keith Ellison would be DNC chairman. And on top everything else. Keith Ellison worked for Tarek kind of what does he think about Jews. Well outta ready correctly predicted this story is at rock. And what about Jeremiah Wright what do you think about Jews. But I mean yeah humiliated. And what and what about Obama. Wiretapping and and electronic surveillance. The prime minister's visit to Bernie Sanders that we speak up about any of that stuff. We're hearing that. I don't mean and is pretty Sanders defended. Or. Evangelical Christians who choose not to bake cakes for. Same sex marriage and so forth and has he defended them. When he tendered only defends the far left liberal Derek Ernie same Sanders is a Marxist and that's the bottom line. People can dress it up anyway they want. People think that's a pejorative people think that provocative if you read Marx and elicit a very sandy is he's a Marxist. I threatened by the way frank would you like a copy of my new book to. I would love it. Excuse me don't hang up. Don't hang up innocent rediscovering Americans in 1981 every. But I strongly winning carry to all you have been nights that he could turn in this radio program. You won't be disappointed. That I know for sure. Michael plane they'll Connecticut on the mark live in that Harry is sick. They're great on my first I wanna say it's an honor to hear you light ought to get after nine months of Afghanistan which I just return to last month while pork. And report from the crown sir. The troops are very motivated I was thirty miles from the Moab going over and and actually saw the explosion from my apple be. That was out forward operating base that was stationed there but I have to tell you the motivation is very high dumb you know going back to your create thing I'm. Just say this before you go on thank you thank you thank you. And I'll bet that was a beautiful sightseeing that bomb go off wasn't. Yes that was assault lie and I got to see the smoke out and everything it was shock. A great motivational tool as I would say what you ask outright fighting a war to where. And how bad choice thinking about a couple more. Yes absolutely that we need to get rid of some more stock you know what he does not yet. Exactly and we'll thank you very and I really appreciate you don't know my ownership. I'm in the second as her my Brothers in arms of the citizens of America does this North Korea than. The news is really really really disturbing especially Kohler troops because they have the potential and what a wake up someday. I don't wanna say this I hope people wake up someday in the news flash we just lost governor thousand in Alaska Hawaii Guam or South Korea. I. It's it's disturbing work. I really don't think the media in this country with a left in this country understands or we're dealing. And same with a rant. All it takes is one shot. I mean now they gonna have a nukes. And and and they're trashing. The president when he trying to figure out what to do about it. We actually have a congressman from Fairfax county Virginia. Who says that it's our president that is instigating. The north Koreans and upsetting the South Koreans and the Japanese have you ever heard of a bigger idiot in your life. It is it he can't make this up it's on it's unbelievable and an end for me. Like I said it is very disturbing that it could happen and and we all see it if I think. From my perspective have a secret clearances still work increase DOD I think no money. My encouragement is that a lot going on behind this sort of that we don't know about Bangkok because this administration doesn't broadcast certain tension. One. And I agree completely by the way. Don't hang up on many TV cut the re discovering Americans and I wish I could give him more but that's what that's what I've got. Let's continue around Westchester knee Arctic grade WABC. Don't. Mark it was an honor to meet you and your lovely wife of bookends on Saturday. Thank you round thanks for a time in my by the way. Tell everybody how much fun that once was and it's fun. No but at the lineup up. People were reading the book online and when people we've come bookends it could you please move up a little bit of well I'm getting to put brought removed in just a minute. Yeah it was just. It was like a big family I had such a great time I try to take time with a every. And I spoke briefly about what happened. Tim my lovely wife have for almost 34 years with yeah citizen in writing to but it wasn't the place so the form forests. By Jim justice is a cautionary tale. My wife had a preexisting conditions Iowa Iran. Hold on. Because I was talking and now if you're transit don't hang up. We had a great time a wonderful time in you can join us by the way of Tyson's corner Barnes & Noble 10 AM this Saturday. In Vienna Virginia. Hope to see a lot of people don't don't hang up we'll be right back. My glove then. How America is passionately so we broke twice. Talk what dad's voice now and 877381. 3811. Wealth manager. Incremental meiji published a report identifying the significant risks to the global economy in the reasons why prudent investors. Should include gold. In their investments. The question is whether one should hold an appropriate chair once liquid wealth in the form of a couldn insurance reserves. May be health and asks as yourself a few simple questions such as when growing need. Only need go. That the right question now. The question is one line not he'd called in my portfolio that's the right question. When debt levels can be sustained period can be credibly reduced. Which doesn't appear to be the case. The threat of inflation is negligible. That doesn't appear to be the case. 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Oh back to run I apologize Ron Westchester new Yorker right ahead finish for you were sank. Helms is saying that are on the teacher. And because some a teacher I get the roll towards the benefits. So treatment hook me and my wife was never a problem would go so local. Talk during the village hospital to get it. Get my wife admitted right away and she get treatment right away but a local podiatrist. Insisted that should go to the city hospital. Let's give poor run diabetic neuropathy. And when we got there had to be to the emergency room and we standing room only. And it looked like go to a Third World country. First I thought obamacare was in and never don't see it and that he unfortunately because of that it it took the took my wife's. Life. She was in the emergency room for 21 hours. It's like cafeteria medicine they stop that could be hours so just to make sure you've. So let me let me slim down and this is a horrible horrible event and I am so sorry. For. You took her to the emergency room what did she have exactly. Pat does about problems with certain non healing wounds on. Of foot and a podiatrist said that she needed to help both of the new York city hospital. And immediately. Immediately. So I'll tell you rusher to the emergency room at a NN new York city hospital. And it's a 21 hour wait. Right and they sent me home to get records from the local hospitals and when I came back I couldn't find her. Because they put her on a Gurney and took her out of the emergency room and Paterno always. And I got up a customer advocate and so none of this this is an art standard policy and they got a room in fifteen minutes. And but when I left to that evening she was in good shape. But they called me at midnight did the following you know couple hours later to say that she was on responsive. What I liked them to try CPR. And I should. Why are we talking wanted to see just. I know. So they restarted my heart but she never regained consciousness. And that put on a dog and pony show for a week. And I came to find out later on net dot cheetah actually apparatus food and she's choked to death. Because now nobody here came to operate. So they can be cleaned out her throat. Absolutely. Absolutely. So my cautionary tale is and you know it's just not enough belief or a loved one. Well unattended single or alone in the in the hospital. You have you have to have either yourself or or an advocate. By this side. How long ago was this run that this isn't made up let's get 26 home like you know. So I it's just you know it and it goes my whole electorate just disappeared. And no matter moment. Now and so so's son I don't remember and you. But you know sheet she was my. You know as you're right I write children's. Broken marriage he was my you know my editors you listen to everything I wrote and said despotic. Not this one doesn't make it try again. Now so. How long were in my. So just about 34 years wow yeah you know and you know it's it's just it's a obviously it's it's just not dissent movement out there and you know not doubt that I would look like I'll be having some success and I have web site content like that in a moment. Gonna get a trademark. Or all done. It it it doesn't mean a whole lot. You know she was here is different sort but I'm I'm doing everything now in Iran. Well your face you're very strong. Well very stern on your man of strong character. I I've learned from the best there. And hopefully not be able to call you back in May be linked to let my book to your web site that's okay. You bet absolutely. All right Iran. God bless you well I'm very sorry. Tragic. It's not just having health care coverage ladies and gentlemen having quality medical care that's. That's the standard. Everybody candidates covered he can get the procedures and timely surgery in time they can't get. Get to a doctor in time. And yet we're told but don't worry they all have health care. Bernie Sanders points to Canada he doesn't get his health care in Canada. Pretty soon is as an odd dance thing about health care. When do we listened to an old Marxist I don't even understand. Let's go to Chris sport Smith. Arkansas the great KWH. And dull. So players lol wanna say thank you for taking my call. It an honor the Jeter. Essentially I just wanted to say eight. We appreciate you hear trichet you know pandering to some form of semblance of the bullies it has not. Force did this thing. Yes this idea from watching news and anything else LTD. It's still in my eyes I was raised in a strict Democrats generally. And up until I joined the navy I had no idea. You know anything else going on around me and but I doubt this friend of mine told me to tune in to use any. Issues opened my eyes and given me so much more of a realization what's actually going. Well first of I want to thank you for your service and I wanted to thank you for being on the on the you from the side of on the light side the enlightened side. And I and I'd like to send a copy of rediscovering Americanism. So that's my little gift to you for your service. So thank you Chris don't hang up. But what can I do I can't I can't get much more than that. Yet this is quite an interest in individual I think. Anthony Newark, New Jersey to great WABC don't. Mark I appreciate take my phone call some received due on the radio station actually. Slicer listening QI bleeding get in the politics at all then my condolences to that ballot to vote before her Laden's. Yeah. I'll put anyway I had questions arm. We know personally being considered for like in May not go far these panels like that I knew Allah Bernie Sanders that. When I listened to your eyes Nvidia are your audio feed there it's it's only you have pretty says was interrogated. It's so they can anybody can is that individual whether male or feel or are they allowed to ask questions backwards as they have sort of sit there and shake it. And I understand he's a man of very slow I mean what if you could sense something like Dutch create team that you quoted earlier. I mean did they just you accused being. I'm here's a thing if I were him in May be too easy for me to say this and a question that's posed this question supposed to sit there and take it I wouldn't. I think I would have said you know what senator. My religion means more to me in this job. And shame on you your absolute in decency. On grilling me about my faith I don't know who you think you are. But I'm not gonna allow you to grilled me about my faith. So I am not interested in this job any longer. You brought shame on this institution who brought shame on yourself and I would get up and I would leave. While. Well I SM mark because he win no logic control through his candidacy there. He didn't he didn't take any say you know and you know he didn't just beat the the liberals are the crowd source. He beat this establishment GOP. And you know the liberal and conservatives as well you know because you laid out and so a new. Wondering what would happen if this Lucas you know stood as I think he'd actually so I think he did a great job so what he could do but I think you really saw under the gun. I think there's enough Republicans in the senate who would vote against the I think the Republican Party has huge problems both parties to that the Republican party's huge problems. If you if you ask me today what the Republicans in the senate stand for I couldn't tell. I. I can't tell you right now what do they don't. We should give us a majority Aaron we gave fifty tune out fifty two's not enough. When you want 56 when he got to do that when he needs 61. To make it filibuster proof that what he gonna do. And it elicited Susan Collins psych. If she needs 62. Because he got Lisa Marie Cantwell may be any 63. Maybe they'd eighty I don't know what the hell they need a backbone what now. I Anthony thanks recall my friend I'll be right back Merck. Program. Getting a good night's sleep it's easier said than done especially. If you heard a noise downstairs. Would you do in a situation like that. Can turn on all the lights and keep watch checking kids' beds every hour sleep with a and I opened. We can rest easy knowing that your family and home are protected with simply safe. When you install you simply save home security system. Arming your home with powerful centers that actually tell you for doctor if they had door opens or if the window breaks. There's a 105 decimal Simon at a lecture at the first sign of trouble. And a dedicated team of security professionals watching OV 24/7. Ready to send the police immediately. So is simply say there are no long term contracts. And around the clock monitoring is only fourteen dollars and 99 cents a month. It's the cutting edge technology no wires. Don't spend another night second guessing your home safety. Because right now simply safe is having its biggest ever summer sale. Give 100 dollars off the exclusive summer package. It's for a limited time only to go right now has simply safe mark dot com that's a hundred dollars off. Simply save mart dot com simply save mart dot com yes. I have the simply safe system. I love this system takes like thirty minutes to do it it's actually quite cool. Simply safe. Mark. Dot com. John I trucker friend Oklahoma Sirius satellite go. Yes sir auto workers are to speak Q thank you for years all. My push brewed up all along to your comment that you picked reward Iran may be inevitable. My push dude you don't pick your period anyway you'll be able to get. But he sort of alliance to a social supports yeah I just felt about short you big that we or. And apparently go it alone. A federal state well. All right thanks for calling first well Iran is threatening us directly. It doesn't threatened France it doesn't threaten Britain the doesn't threatened Germany it's not threatening Norway and so forth and so on. Keeps talking about the United States. Within its ICBM's it's building Intercontinental ballistic system missiles just like the north Koreans. To reach America. To blackmail America. Now we're aware what you know we're we're heading into eighteen new and different world here whether he's too radical regimes in North Korea in Iran. We kinda had the technical capacity to blow our city's off the face the earth. And these are not regimes that are rational. In the case of North Korea. You've got to infantile inbred throw back. The child. Was in control of what will be a nuclear arsenal. In the case of Tehran and you're gonna have a a radical Islam on Nazi regime. That believes it exists for the purpose. Of either converting everybody on the face of the earth or absolutely destroying those who will not be converted. Now we can sit and wait. We can sit and wait but we can't if we wanna be a free people. We cannot live under the threat of blackmailed forever. And so we wanna protect our society in this is no joke if we wanna protect our kids whose future generations we had to deal with us. And we're not and we need to use every aggressive. Economic tactic. To defeat these regimes. Amphetamines. Putting enormous pressure on China than so be it. Our kids and bring kids. Matter. We can overthrow the regime in North Korea we can take out. Kim on fat boy. But they got to get rid of the nukes the next regime there Chinese can control it who cares. When it comes to Iran. While that's a one on one situation. And for those code pink Republicans that think so highly of that Vladimir Putin Putin is helping. Iranian regime. With missile technology to protect its nuclear activities. To protect it from the Israelis and a protected from us. A great Vladimir Putin is nothing many fascist side and mass murder. Who's enriched himself of the backs of his own people. Twenty years. So the bottom line is yes if we can get other countries to help us absolutely. And some of the most loyal countries we deal with now are these formally. Soviet captive nations. Like poll. By the Czech Republic. Like hungry. And on down the line. And of course Israel. We should do everything we can't. To defeat these regimes short a war. Because one day there will be war free don't succeed. And telling you this. Not because it's something I support it's something on them and enormously fearful I have kids too. Have got a granddaughter got a grandson on the way I've got kids do. So yes it's something that I feel our generation has to address so the next generation doesn't have to address. Let's go to him Los Angeles on the market that NF power user. Mobile and how are you my friend very well thank user. Hey look the longtime car alone I'm lit the first time caller ID and so thankful that your idea my wife under all the big open but I'll tell you get up a little bit of all all the all the I didn't. Want it both are on our. Site better so far better than war. See you look at the situation and create the not getting better they're not getting a little bit. I unfortunately. You know apparently under the pillar of thought you're in regards to wipe out away. What do we go wrong. My question also that if it would then those. If this package is so great at policy that's voted in before you know what's been really second of all my concern is that. Why are officials that put this in golf as if that's permits. What you heard him I gotta go and that's a great question I think it should apply to all them and their loved ones. Wonderful calls today I appreciate it Lisa that armed forces police officers and firefighters and emergency personnel. Go check out we discover and American is being given in any book story go right now on Amazon it's 40% off. Check outlook then TV and I'll see you tomorrow god bless each and every one of you. Hi this is more immoral and more in here to tell you Geico has more than just great savings much yes while Geico could help you grow up more mullah faster than you can say meadow more success they've also been the fastest growing auto insurer for more than ten years. That's more like furthermore got to go fast friendly service I seem like an oxymoron. But it's. All the more reason to say no other auto insurer has more more than Geico Geico expect great savings and a whole lot more.