KNSS Radio>Audio & Video on Demand>>The solar eclipse of 8/21/17 is known as the "Great American Solar Eclsipe" - why? And is the first time we've seen such a phenomenon?

The solar eclipse of 8/21/17 is known as the "Great American Solar Eclsipe" - why? And is the first time we've seen such a phenomenon?

Jun 29, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson interview guest Dr. Steve Ruskin about the upcoming solar eclipse and its implications. Also, the history and study of eclispses through the ages, and how it all changes in 1878. 6/29/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. Al west coasters and the East Coast many are stuck in between local and beyond really redo myself Jason cause and he always awesome. JV well it is as always great to be here. I went on YouTube on to look up some stuff and there's a lot of information that to this kind of floating around out there that continues to make me think that there's way more to this story than non you know than than people are admitting tour talking about or you know we we have our our guest less than Aniston still. He said you know he admits readily he's not really much of play a researcher or investigators themselves he's he just wrote about his dad's work and down but we need to get an investigator on your somebody has been recently there. Really really work in the case to see what they've been seeing in finding and hearing and stuff. It's funny after this story last night calm today on the daily daily news and Daily Mail whatever it is dot com there was a story about. Lock this type creature that was just seen in Russia. And it looked just like. Law and sponsor pictures. You've seen but it was just what. It is it was always like the the abominable luck this monster hit Natalie albino. But is celebrated but it was me I mean we were just talking about it last night Sofia has become like atlas. Literally just yet. And we had the restriction didn't get it to get to a last night that I saw as well that says there's a there's it was a late in the Adirondacks and upstate New York called long late. And there have been reports of a locked mess monster type monster recently spotted it by various residents around. The waters of long wait it's a fourteen mile lake in the Adirondacks lot of Taurus a lot of people have seen stuff in the last done a few weeks there are so mean. Believe it doesn't connect and its Champlain and I think I think there's a series of rivers and connections that get it there you know well because NASA though wall yen SE they talk of you know sort of champion champ bodily champ plane may have been talking about for Cheney's forever as well. So on which is again a lot beside creatures so if at all and acts it really makes you wonder you know but then again some of these areas of whales can get into and and other other creatures so. Mom and there's just I would love to think that there's something there but I also think that it would take numerous of them yam and we would've seen. You'd think I mean something that large something that obvious it would have been can be a little bit more easy to spot but again you know we had some calls last night. People asking about whether or not maybe there's an an inter dimensional. Aspect of these creatures people talking about that with big foot in May this may be just mortal learn. Yes so it's everybody else that we've got a great show tonight are we talking with doctor Steve Ruskin. And astronomy so astronomy historian. And were ultimately talk and how about Walt the upcoming equal solar eclipse that we've got to go Eric going on and just a lot of other really neat subjects when it comes that tomorrow night. Are we talking with Jeff margin. Now Jeff we're going to be talking to him about his book bloodstains. And also this ancestor each each homes. Because just him helping out. Also on new television series it's coming in History Channel called American ripper. Which covers his his answer answer and just Lara the brutal and craziness that. That he really that he did to people and most people. Yet these are both really really interesting topics and the concept of HH Holmes is. Crimes. And how we committed them. And what his home was like he was set up to be basically of torture chamber in prison for his victims. On the it's just a really really disturbing story it's some and it's somebody that not a lot of people heard about you know everybody's heard of by Jeffrey Dahmer and there are keen you are eating people and look who's who's the guy I forgot the name who started in Seattle and drove Hollywood Florida killing people only some very famous one month Ted Bundy Ted Bundy aria you know we we we've all kind of heard those stories there's a more contemporary Dexter Dexter Morgan in that's that's a good good TV serious. That was a real. Hello thank. So what we've heard about these more contemporary ones but HH Holmes may very well have been the first American serial killer and probably one of the worst and we don't we don't hear a lot of little about him out so be university sewage yes says and also wanna say one other thing about. A doctor Steve brusque and you'll have on tonight. Armed you know we often because it's so we take some of these. Astronomical events for granted solar eclipses cinema lunar eclipses you know we we've been so accustomed to having information about the stuff that sometimes we don't pay attention to these are pretty phenomenal things to to see in pay attention to. And the one we're gonna talk about tonight which is the one that's coming up on August when he first there's actually been I'm 130 some years ago there was another one. That was very similar and Steve has written a book about it and it really changed astronomy in the way we look at the sky. From a scientific perspective it changed from that point on and I'm really anxious to hear Steve tell us. About two you know how it changed it why we look at things the way we do and what they mean. Well and in your right we. A lot of people do take for granted and I remember when I was a kid in upstate New York I mean if if there was a meteor shower or anything like that we'd be outside we'd. The all the altered staring up at the sky and now all you hear about it you don't think twice by easy you don't go outside now looking up anymore. And yeah a lot of stuff we changed with it really has put that also think about how all in all we were. With everything going on Arafat. With sending people into space and everything else right then and now it's like I can't tell you who's up there I. How many people out there I don't know when they're sending things up there when they're bringing bringing things back and most of the most of public there is the same way. Yet if that's very very true and you know back in the area early to mid seventies things were pretty spectacular there was what was skylab and then million and the space shuttle program was just getting under way there's a lot more drawing our attention to those things. Then there is today. And down I think that's that's still going on for the most part but it's you know we're kind of used to sew and and and and also today you know we if we wanna see a solar clips go online Google that you're gonna funny YouTube video they show Asia's solar eclipse. As opposed to thirty years ago when if you want to see when you had to be there when it happened pretty much. Well and everybody's of or start looking at the skies a lot more closely. Coming option did you see that Amazon got there there where patent. This on today again this whole thing is just creepy this is a business creepy thing yet so for everybody out there Amazon on the you know they've they've been working on these delivery drones. But they put out a patent. For this. Well lie of giant hobby it's like a big behind. And it's just is really weird pat and you gotta look it up but. It's and it's a nine story high structure. That is designed to house hundreds of drones. And news that way they can have these in the town today inner cities and things are today in downtown districts urban areas and things like that. But hundreds of drones it's it's of these things literally they just hope when there. They get repaired on their own the all this weird stuff and then they come home for your gifts. Hey what what you bought. And nastiest terrifying it really has its. He isn't it wasn't at the movie Independence Day wasn't that when they finally got inside the alien spacecraft it wasn't like high if woods in the and have an idea here insofar remember cricket is similar area yeah and that's what I that's what comes to mind when I hear this story and you know maybe they're going to be able to deliver packages officially the minister little creepy. Right now it's unclear when Amazon plans to construct these times. But they got the patent. And that's the start hate Canada's so you know it's not far aisle and and it's scary because Aussie had a thing Jimmy got to have to be looking up in the skies because. Something you know one of these things eventually its current rock and hit a bird it's gonna do something it's gonna drop you. In good job and I you'd better hope there's some jerk didn't order and in film and can't miss them this guy get it eight in our exec opt or whatever dropping out of the sky on your head with whatever. Weight they loading and somebody some somebody ordered it is. As just terrified he really is this. The attorney general brings you two other current and future Rama when you seal those things flying do style over the places are our skies are gonna look like forget solar eclipses whom you'll see him maybe a cloud of a drones in the sky like the Jetsons or something similar to that invesco part. I don't. It's it's going to be that's going to be a little scary out there yep progress progress moving forward all the time very. It'd take a break when we come back we'll bring our guest in doctor Steve Ruskin will be talking about the solar clips that's coming up on August when he first went two plus a bunch of things that relate to it. How we learned about it now we know about it and what it means beyond reality radio. Jason's. 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Yes and if you haven't yet had over a FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio make she like FaceBook page then head over beyond reality radio dot com you can find all the stations we air on across the country you were actually. And be listening a bunch more coming up soon and I. He also download the free iPhone any injury to operate there which also allow you to listen to show lives listen to show long ago. I catch past episodes and join the online chat during March. Yeah it's all great stuff in those those camps for the phone free and the chats a lot of fun so participate. This time governor guests in the program tonight we're talking with doctor Steve Ruskin he's an astronomy historians. He's written a book called America's first great clips which by the way the website is first rate eclipse dot com let's bring Steve into the program. It's great to have you on beyond reality radio tonight. Hey guys it's great to be here thanks so much for having me. Thanks for coming on mrs. And it's always an inching subjects well we look forward. Yeah we have thought yeah a pretty amazing event coming up on August 21 and we're gonna get today at the before we do. Let's learn a little about you Steve tell us about you you know I get started and how you get where you are now. Yeah sure well I'm actually from Colorado Springs, Colorado that terms born. And down you know to make a long story short I. Image and history of science probably from all those on PBS and nova shows you know back in the eighties. Like no. The data world today universe changes James Burke and things like that so evident student in history side and I went to engineering school for a little while that. Decided I really didn't wanna be an engineer was march did you know how scientists thought that they're going to sort of be water yet. Become like myself so I can't edit anyway I went to Notre Dame oh after undergrad for a Ph.D. in history science there's actually a few departments and schools around the country indeed in England. Elsewhere that have history science programs that it is sort of a branch of history. And down became interest in science and nineteenth century. And worked on British history of science mostly astronomy. And then when I came back to Colorado after all that I start looking around and realized that there was this has been this really cool clips in 1878. Over the Iraqis. And had been working on Matt often on you know writing some articles and give some presentations for ten years or so it and a couple of years ago well I mean longer map but I but I decided to put that stuff together and talk more popular book. Knowing that this this equip this coming up this year so. I just think the eclipse in 2010 in going to be amazing and there's some parallels to. It clips that I wrote about eighteen cent mediate at even some other earlier corpses and ended they've always fascinated. Humans so yeah that's me and talk about. It's a pretty spectacular event but I'm curious when you say that you took an interest in studying science in the history of science was it. The people involved the scientists themselves that fascinated you or their their methods and how those methods changed what was it that was most appealing. I think what was most appealing was the way it. That the you know science has changed I am a long way it's society and it sort of pushed it along you know how cultures and our two nations that changed. Especially in the past 4500 years I mean I think you know just being a westerner and and knowing a little bit about American history European history and and knowing that the past 500 years there's been more social change in. And sort of changes in civilizations and at any time in the past 5000. In human civilization that edited out the period that in most acute mean that science and technology is driving it. And then yeah I mean it was you know it's on learning about other folks like you men and Galileo in and you know Cameron Mitchell land and stats and submerges you know. Brilliant and crazy. I mean you'd lose lose ten fascinating results and so that wacky spent a lot lack it depends you know the bright spot in their characters. So. Yet and it seems to be and it seems to be the case and often we look at people in society today who have. Ideas that may did it could contradict or completely I disagree with our own. And we look at them Islam but not so that's kind of what these these folks were about wasn't it. Oh yeah I mean you know that things that that. Date that. That would we look backstage. Just let you know using this equipped to eighteen technique for example among we look back from that things that they thought were fascinating. You know we can't say you know about two to its a no brainer and that's kind of what the points in my book is that. That was eighteen to create over the Rockies when it occurred Iraqis that was really the beginning of high altitude astronomy. Maybe talk about it later to want but you know not all the astronomers that time. But that pretty telescopes on mountain tops which would give better you know better optical skiing. Whereas now we take for granted in fact ever it takes credit or spending billions of dollars to put it. You know beautiful big telescopes. On mountains of the world but back then it was about well maybe it's a good idea that maybe you know not how much. And even before that not too long ago that were on beyond reality radio and I can talk about certain things I mean they were still. You know even twenty years or so before 18171840s. I'm they'd stop but that may be doers like on this on it that there was possibly light on all clapped and pages I had no clue about what you know column. What the composition of Tucson was what the other planets were like so. I'm an 1830s are guys came up with a chart where he he sort of debt estimated how many Allen captains for each of the planets. Immediately trillions. That was just released on Ian they had they had no idea what was out there. And it really went that long ago. That's funny because those are things you really don't ever hear about like I've now I've never heard that for. Yes and it strip there's there's so there's quite a few folks who you know right about that yet not the sort of thing that. I can just because it's been so no I want it fat. Because that's the way we sort of have a conceptions of extraterrestrial life now Colombia we might change can bet it's more twentieth the twentieth century sort of thing you know science fiction. Becoming a big genre pop up but the people been talking about non. You know I accuse of action trust shall life for centuries and believing it to an end in large part had to do with state in and got because and we're talking Europeans here because they believe that god wouldn't treat dismounted you know. Universe and not popular. And so it just seems logical that that that everything would be in populated are inhabited and even spot. Which is. It's decided never heard of them actually writing estimates an army beings they felt round these different. It's different plans organ into little more next we're gonna have two quick break. The phone numbers 844687766. I again told Freddie 446877669. You listen Jason. NGB on Dioner really reveal. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners can now be made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality media web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it could. Can be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tap in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. Our great and I were talking to doctor Steve Russ can. About time well astronomy solar eclipses life on other planets the view of the world and the universe started on based on scientific beliefs throughout the ages one and eat stuff. Yes definitely and and one thing I death I'd I want I'm really get into. Doctor Steve rusk in the who X explained for all our listeners shelter exactly what a solar eclipses. Sure and come to predict comics do you. Appreciate all deductible you know it's latent Earl. Path. So it will you know there's two consequences there's a lunar eclipse and then there's solar Clinton and a solar eclipses when the moon and this is off from the perspective of us your honor in a solar eclipse is on the moon. Blocks the sun. It's pretty rare. I negotiations it's rarely happens about once every year and half or so somewhere. But it's calm you know it's rare. To have it. You know sometimes over the Arctic sometimes. It's a oceans so when it hits land you know it's it's pretty new event and it is we have had a total solar eclipse go over America. That you guys are talked about it when we first start out since edit seventies or 1979 with the last total score clips. That was visible alms from parts America but that was only a few state that was kind of northwest. This one in the one that's coming up on August 1 and just less than two months. It's gonna go coast to coast from organ. Although we're crossing mountains South Carolina. And that's the first time we had a coast to coast clips in almost a hundred years last time was nine. Eight. And it is right in the World War I and soda you know it was pretty much preoccupied. People saw that they were merely used in jest about it is that they are today. Because they had in mind. And then before that the other wonder whether Q the one I wrote about eighteen and was first I think that Americans. Really really excited start traveling you know in large numbers wrote to population. So but anyway total solar eclipses is simply I'm aware that the Mubarak's son. And on a couple months. It could echo across America. Well and aren't so you said don't pretty much Oregon to it's it's coming out South Carolina. I live in Rhode Island island and Rhode Island a New England so will I be able to see you see it as its full effect. That's a great question. Comes not out there are not in Rhode Island an opposite stuck under there so you or you can just Google Maps but and be equipped to total solar eclipse itself. When the sun is totally blocked that would that would happen on earth is the moon's shadow cast. Down on her so it's you know it's a big. It is shadow committee in this year in this genocide compared district gonna be upset miles. So what that means it has and the moon shadows being cast upon her and Ers turning it sort of speed across the surface of the earth you know as the as the earth terms to meet at the along so there's that narrow band where this son if you're standing in that span that set meanwhile shuttle they call you will see the sun completely blocked by the if you're outside of that path. You'll see the you know produced a little bit outside and you're just can't you see that sun you know. Mostly blocked associate that that a sliver if you start moving further for a way to get to Rhode Island. Amid second look at a map right now your property about 70% copper and that's still prequel but there's nothing like being in the shadow because what happens is it's almost like. To me. Yeah night terms today. And Sergei turns to night com. You know for for employ about two and a half minutes but it stars come out the planet. And it's just it's just certain period weird. Com because. It's you know it's just completely out to the air by. Some people. Or specially if you don't know it's coming I mean now right technology and everything of course we know we know that this is going to happen but. To those who who have no no connection or. No way of knowing that this is going to happen. It's got to it's got to be a terrifying thing and I know that this this plays a big thing right down to the whole mayans and and everybody else when the when these things happened it was such a powerful mind blowing. Saying it went on happened. Yeah yeah you're exactly right I mean there are and there are numerous accounts are history. You know. It's. Won't you know cultures civilizations sort of ignorant of the mathematics because it can be predicted a minister at a regular lunar and solar. But if you don't know. And it just suddenly appeared it it's going to be you know actually or argument there is one arm. One good one good example that was about 2600 years ago in what we now cold Turkey terrorism Q engineers to. Cultures that had been no war on X sixteen years they meet in the Libyans and they they were monitor. Many battles about fifteen years into their their war and there was a total solar clips over the battlefield. And their cue sheets or whatever just set that's that were done let's seismic gods may department become a weapon and that was on the other redundant. And and that's that's pretty powerful Astros. So now you're saying so Oregon South Carolina where would be the best place well in the country to see illness. To actually no I witnesses. I think anywhere within that path and so you know and we can now. All sorts of stuff from FaceBook page for for you all but anyone you know just Google it clips maps 2010 team dual band to be stopped and there's good sites like great American clipped but I think anywhere. You know they think some of the best places anywhere Nichols cap is good. But then when your along nick stab you. Probably if you can get a choice you wanna go somewhere where there their produce real predicting that there will be days few clouds her her chance for rainy weather as possible and that would be places like maybe eastern organ. Wyoming eastern Wyoming and Nebraska are split speeder Erica not cut that out that's pretty close to Colorado. On her you know the eastern seaboard you try to take you know you have to travel. A bit up and down towards South Carolina error. Which amnesty architecture recover. But I think anywhere. Along because of staff is probably a good place to be in and hopefully he has had a got a crushed fingers clout. So we were hitting sit at a beach bar on Myrtle Beach in South Carolina and Jason director consumer where runners who lately we've done many times before us so at which we only see it from the beach. That you probably would be dictators they don't have too much class in it too much whip class and you be set I think breaking news has probably going to be in order. To one person described as he said imagine twenty would stocks going on simultaneously across the country and that's what it's going to be. I signed this is August 21 which is under arrest. So it Jamont demise are you and I just need to fly down South Carolina on Saturday in Eden and and we knew we can do the show from there now and the more fly back on that Tuesday if we're not commented we do. We have a million questions about this but. When and when would be the next. Opportunity is not going to be our lifetime I'm I'm pretty short to actually like. You know we were lucky the next Politico across America talking because because they'll come up from Mexico over to Canada to kind of midwest is going to be. 28 point force or just sit here. No we're really lucky we had to wait forty years since the last one of this when Nixon except yours or so. Going to be you know that's such great. So when it comes to a solar the she told us what they are on but they I think anything as far as a scientific scientific phenomenon. Anything more than a visual phenomenon is or something else going on does that affect the earth and any other way. I think it really. No it because it happened so quick and it you know it's moving so fast that it did it doesn't cause any thing in terms that it served a tactic that's Ernie and I mean temperature will drop. Pretty suddenly for first for a little while you know maybe 2030 degrees in some places. But it doesn't really you know because it happens a lot and it really it doesn't. It's not. The most catalytic big enough to really effect on the earth. Much at all I was mostly. Yeah I was curious as may be that the gravitational lineup of the moon and the sun had some kind of effect on earthquakes or anything any other you know he's in the ocean though I instantly on him. Nobody did not really I mean it's a great question but it that the moon is not doing anything other than what it normally does it's just going around just it just so happens during a total short clips that it. Certain part here the past two party curtains on so it's not like it's coming any closer. Com or you know. I mean some people think it's kind of human is that the chat but it really doesn't doesn't do each tradition I mean to be great science fiction but yet a thing that really dramatic happens. So in talking about the spirit yes I'm talking about this particular clips it's coming up on of the 21 of August plus the when he wrote about it from 1978 that when when we have a full. Shadow on crossing United States my question is when we have the clips is that don't. Pom behavior like that for us are they behaving like that for other people in other parts of the world or or not. So yeah or should Garcia okay. Yes I mean technically it like it's an eclipse will occur somewhere on earth about every year. Some inept cute a year some in some places in India my idea lob from Luxembourg on average about every eighteen months and so yes summer over the oceans on summer up in the Arctic you know our air you to it can be all over the place. So so yes and so it you know for someone in you know Asia for example you know can go over parts of charter or whatever and they would get as deep and that we Q palm I think it's just need for America not quite there aren't that great America clip just we have a go coast to coast in this country so I think we're just getting excited and it really it probably will be. I guess it's going to be the most viewed clips and she history in these. Problems. Do we have any. Accurate or someone reliable predictions on what the weather's going to be like in August or on the time. Yeah I mean. There are there are a lot of weather predictions and particularly if you go to a lot of the regional com or use sites you know for the different places paths that are planning big party extinct just. And popped and so Kentucky I think around they're all you know looking at. Past weather reports for the previous deal. And taking years or whatever to try to get a sense of things that. You know I think it's just kinda chancellor or go too far out I think you know. Accurately predicted say it I have heard that Nebraska each element practice as hard drive. Desert parts of the west are gonna be you know do the chances are better. And it apparently had a million questions lower demand we're gonna ask more we come back reality quick break we come back more you listen Jason. On the radio Kaesviharn GB Johnson that's above her son should be used last night because in that song the specifically talked about Loch Ness Monster. And their news has some tonight confirmed exact climate some out. In the bottom of the dark Scottish lake and something something something via the plea saying about it. And ever listen to that. That's a welcome back this year everybody wherever great conversation with a doctor Steve rusk and by the way his website his first. Great eclipse dot com. The book we're talking about. Is America's first grader clips and it kind of relates to the eclipse it's coming up on August 21 the book is about an event that occurred much earlier in 1878. However it's very similar to what's about to happen on August 21. And again Steve thanks for joining us tonight and let's talk a little about the history of of these eclipses and what people thought about him from a scientific perspective it did. In do we have any records or do we have any understanding of what maybe. Our earliest scientists. Thought these things were did they always know what was happening. Well I guess it depends how far back do you go on and I think it wasn't until. You know they can be calculated. I mean after after. Certain cultures and civilizations to be developed. Com or what sort tracking these things over time they were able to realize that there is a pattern com. But it can I mean I don't know kind of thinking but a good example but I don't know if it's there were any item. He you know. I think the real question is when did it should be some sort between supernatural and actual action and that's that's what Tom. You know it's sort of tricky answer because it's still overlaps and today. If if you'll bear with it for so I can now say eighteen to eight for example they knew the clips that come. They knew exactly what the path could be within a few models which is pretty good and yet there were still. Sedate some religious. So Kirk. Example like the Miller writes who were convinced that court Tuesday and the world so you're part of springs front you had. Scientists. You know looking at the eclipse which would assign to the guy had all their equipment telescopes expect Scopes. And you know just nearby where a group of people you work it that this is the end of the world. At one great story came out of that was done some guys some sort of Smart Allah can't ignore. Started. Walking among these all right we're convention and the world was coming in and and offerings and accord in the newspaper they do that taught record set them that he is yours taking orders for content that we are percentage can at the end the world so you know I guess so it. That's a long way of a saying that I think. Explanations of what the clips what is sort of very evenly and cultures over. And down sight of those were cited weak minded have to have always taken a naturalistic explanation whereas others even at even today I polished post article not long ago. Where some dinner if you folks some pastor or somewhere who's you know got to dismiss certain time. And times. Well and a and a long long time ago who what where they thought. Tune in to really be I know that. In certain cultures and me debate and they would literally execute people up until a lot of until this the sort of assign would happen. Well yes yes I mean it's it's you know there there are different examples and in different cultures argued about. One that I decade com about you know there are two warring com. Groups you're just sort of drop their weapons topic I was assigned from the gods. I mean that. They can you know you EC DCC media that the best examples sort of clash of cultures. You know because were were westerners to sort of look to it true through western American and European allies that. One great example is Christopher Columbus when he came over on on not his first trip to second or third he had you know he had. Almanac with him that that helped him navigate this season. And you start charts and no way I'm certain celestial that's happened so he was in Jamaica. And down. Strike use. You know they were stock ethnic partnerships and stock neighbors they're trying to get students or him to eat eat. Told this cheap to. He's gonna make the sun go. It was or you can make that you know the goat dark. It didn't bring bring just as crews suited and Sharon out you know continued eclipses can comment on our world. And it happened and so you attic up there through it and everything. You know it's funny I was gonna ask if that was true stories I heard that in recent elementary school at that it happened and so that that's that's historical let's fact. Now bear interest in when we. Anticipate these solar eclipses. And piece of the dead. On August 21 its basic on basically going to be a lot of wood stocks a lot of celebrations a lot of parties. What is it just is it just the in this celebration of people being able to witness something souls so fantastic. I think so I mean ninety seems to me that that's what's content people who want to get together to do that I mean it's rare you know at least it's rare for it to go over America. And you know we certainly like to party yes so I think that's part of it I don't I'm not talking about strictly you know. Can to bark all over the country but arm although I've seen like eclipse wines and eclipsed moon shine which seems very appropriate at some distillery in Hopkins so. Kentucky but I yeah I think people just want to get together and end. And you know. Conceded and I can either way I think it's kind of need given. Divided the country is sometimes right now so maybe that will be a good thing that there are places like Nazi Joseph Missouri. There are eating an entire airport for that party. I know I've heard that. I've gotten to eat arms in and yeah around Jackson. Yellowstone. National Park it's gonna have like 40000 people. You know so I think that their predicament to be the biggest one day. You know the biggest crowd any day in had a one word in state markets expect expected. And you know so route or a premium on in. Groups have been books for your more undergoing like ten times their normal great friend of mine gonna try to get a place epic Casper Wyoming has Casper mean it you know to. Big Nazi flag on it but it's got back in eighty dollar motel rooms are currently 800. Our work I don't know if you get him. So well. Mom are or go to break here in just a second when we come back we're gonna talk about 1878 the that the first great American and clips and that's the book that. Steve wrote it's called America's first great clips the web site is first rate eclipse dot com. We've got some great shows coming up to in the next the next couple days sober from should mention that tomorrow's going to be great when. Yet tomorrow or target or Jeff module at bow of his book bloodstains and also has he ancestor. HH Holmes the first serial killer. And in America and most of the new television series on the History Channel called American ripper which is going to be covering that. Yeah haven't yet had over FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radial like the FaceBook page. Then had to be unreal you radio dot com find any degree stations we air across the country it's an ever growing list. And also download the free iPhone and android app rate paralyze shall listen live to its past shows and join us in the online chat. He'll listen and Jason JPM down really. Wednesday on the West Coast Thursday on the East Coast when you are stuck in between welcome to be on really to reveal. Myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome JV Jones it's great to be here it's great to have you along with the rest were I'm always happy to be broadcasting to you talking about. Cool stuff particularly tonight we're talking with our doctor Steve brusque and about solar eclipse in general. The ones coming up on August when he first supposed to be spectacular for people living United States who especially being in the past. A totality on the South Carolina and you and I even off the show a united South Carolina time toward our favorite cities in the country. But yeah and we're seriously talking about trying to head down their for the 21 may be into like broadcast on there and get down there and just experience yeah I think it's something meant. Tom. Would be really cool to experience is is this happens it's for the United States anyway pretty rarely. So when you get an opportunity to see someone that you got to take advantage of and it just it really sit back and you think. Now with all the technology we we know what Texas but how couple hundred years ago a couple of holes in years ago. What were they thinking Brian what were they thinking when something like this happen. Right you've got to you you know when you've got people that that built things sound like Stonehenge were or you know these monuments to gods into the stars and and whatever happens to be. And everything was based on superstition it had to be scary had to be Friday. Speaking what people are thinking real quick and you to share stories yeah. Aaron. Pastoral. Pastoral Sachs is a win this thing. An out of body experience I said Castro is an active and be added Aaron Astros chips so what are more I wanna know what that is because he had that. Well four of my most people if you think about it having sexes in him. In being naked in the and so for a and even some you know some couples do extra spice things up by putting on the special wealth answer whatever. He's their own. But he's as a real way of slicing and up I'm. Astro projection specialist Steve Jones is promoting. Actual sects. Again shall yes I was saying mr. lemon pledges saying natural. The so is this is this Astro projection taken a step further ought to it is worthy or director what is this. Now of course it is you we wanna sit back and you think is is really possible that Steve Jones says yes and he's promoting stripping off your physical beatings. In having out of body starts. He claims it's safer than actual says sex which I'm assuming it off or bargain right now who think about it Tom. And yeah and it's cheaper than virtual sexes on their claims that its. This is only Claudia David I'm not sure even understand it let alone if it sounds fun so I think that he says should be to get us in our area but then this'll portable kennel weren't he says you both get into your Astro bodies and move together in a recent interview Jones focuses primarily on two people leaving their bodies. To central and turn the Astro plane. In become intimate with each other souls you need to speak very slowly very carefully and you know give I don't know why. Really trying to be cautious and he says it and he says which totally kills army says north no foreplay is required and have been opposites muscles and the students of the most fun out of it wanna. Emmett Louis slick I'd I think slick needs to contact this guy we need to get him yet program and get it he says he tells in fact that I'm pretty sex time should be spent. Getting into a meditative state somewhere in that sweet spot between awake in the sleet and once that stunned it's a simple matter of sitting up and train the plane in meeting up with your natural partner. Well if it. We definitely have to have slick get a hold lets us opens up the care our soldiers between you know blue wolf think about it first office here. What if you had Al it in your Astro bodies. And somebody else is cents and view. You start messing with their energy that. And it would also you end up in the actual plan mean a lot of these people who talk run out of body experiences and national planes. They also talk about demons and other evil entities. That are in this area so what happens way and move you go and get ready to have. Astro sex with your partner. And then of getting written by a demon via the whole thing sounds like it's a day it's just it's a terrifying thing of Saddam a story ever herta on a thank you for sharing with us well I'd I had to. And it but we definitely have disliked it also I think after that we need take quick break and then we'll come on whether gassed again Youkilis and Jason into the. And Leon really really moved back there. I'll be ready when Jason Kidd you're also trying to go. That's Astros six story because. I hope we can get Steve debt as Steve Jones under the program it just created a whole mess we give to charity out of anger I mean here you have all these people just asking all these weird question. Now it's stunning announcements of I don't know how to respond to let you know we're gonna have to have him come on and India offers explanations but tonight's are true story a true story. It's I posted it on TV how real serious FaceBook page look at if it's got to be true it's on FaceBook if it's online has been asked Richard. I'd tonight we're not talking necessarily about Astro sex but instead we're talking about solar eclipses with the astronomy historian doctor Steve Ruskin he's written a book called. America's first great eclipsed the website for that is first grade eclipse dot com and we're about to experience in one about six weeks or so. Five weeks whatever it is what. Would be considered by Steve as it is a similar event to that eats at 1870 event Steve again. Thanks for joining us I would start getting into what your book talks about in the observations you made about that it clips in the 1878. And how it changed. Science or at least astronomy and how it may actually drew a lot of attention from Lotta people that you might now and assume we think there's astronomers. Yeah I mean it was it was quite an event you know 1878. Union agents and gateways you know just to you know. Oh not more than a decade after the civil war ended so you know we it Contra pretty rough period. An and at transcontinental railroad you know it also just been cherished not long before about so you know the west is really opening up and it's just a real coincidence. Amusement as natural questions that that the clips went over the Rocky Mountains at that time. You know when when the West Coast finally accessible to too. Tourists for lack of better terms to those who won it can now see it I mean you know Colorado had just become a state in eighteen to six. Wyoming was still a territory Montana where as you know. It is still territory cubic you know it's. Custard been destroyed at little epic org and agents of these excerpts you know it's still the wild last alms for the fact that clips. Pac men could drop so many people out to see it was it was really I think pretty impressive and that's why ice decided direct historically that's one of the reasons because it's in its title like they were talked about the parties and stuff I mean there are quite a few comical. Com results of that in Colorado Springs. Worms from just about 5000 people seeking to mediate. And they started seeing hundreds of tourists arriving every day in the weeks for the eclipsing the for a longer hotels were full they didn't have you could book on Expedia Ers think. So they're ready to cap billiard tables and Mark Hotel. Com owners went out starter renting all livery stable global bar and so people could sleep there. And in the end they just had giving people blanket civic to sleep on the side and it really got. Got out of hand I sound like fun but it received his putting has been no way to predict how many people come I don't know how many people came time I've. Based on aggregate book based on had a number of hotels that they had available Denver Clark springs park square. Tens of thousand which is you know not the millions of they're predicting a couple months but calm but that's a lot for sparsely populated western frontier. And they these clips we've got coming up on August 21 is it. With the exception maybe the path being a little different is it exit going to be exactly same phenomenon. Yeah I mean Gil de it would seem the same thing you know the sun can dissent can change look at it goes through what they call two cycle in terms it's on its solar activity for lay person sunspots and things like that's addressed a period of maximum. So. Different clips is beside might look a let you know that the core roan has what you see that you don't normally eat at during the day because this just too bright but the Kron has basically the sun. Sort of gasket app. Here it's that blowing pot and stuff. And you don't get you got that part it's just around the surface of the sun because it's that there restless on just too bright moon blocks the conference for the period of two and a half minutes or so called totality it's totally blocked seated on corona and it's just. It's spectacular but you said you can you can Google it see it predicts that crowd that likes it. You know which are allies. That's also the only time that they say you can take got you're your safety feature is look directly press time you don't. And you just partially block and so on the yet to the most part even that the plan changes a little bit from clips took that spinach should be a pretty similar. Pretty similar sites on the net company you know it's consistent throughout human history here told sort clutches and thing. They stopped hundred years ago about yours ago 101000. So let's directed at 1878 the as you mentioned reduce a few years off for the civil war the west was wild still mean. Custer as last stand was an 1870 X six which I actually few weeks ago visited that monument. And it was pretty that in and pretty interesting site. You know and and is a documentary series on Netflix now called the Weston talks about how while westward expansion United States took place and really what it's a very very wild place basically. Right up to almost the turn of the century so when these folks. Got on the train. Hummer however they traveled most likely trained 22. Experience this they were really putting themselves at risk since they're risk in some way. You know a lot of more I mean yeah there were there were kept threatening new attacks none really happened on during the eclipse you train robberies. Just you know. Some sort of strange people at 11 funny story I'm Thomas Edison actually came out but he conceded that he went to Wyoming. And down when he got in his totality it's a little late he got the last remiss hotel in Rawlins Wyoming. And down some I assume a drunk guy in columns topped Texas Jack narcotic cowboy I'm counted on Edison's store almost all night and I wanted to meet him he's set on Texas Jack I wanna meet this guy Edison's. And so we started. Trying to impress Edison eyewitnesses which is you know. It is marksmanship skills you open up Edison's. Hotel window. As the story goes and started firing at the whether banner on the train station across the street. From her for a while trying to press citizen with the accounts. What occurred tabloid or what that is and finally convinced to go back to sleep you know that's rattled so calm yet have a look at things that happens. Happened in the last. It is it is it was wild. Sosa like Tom Madison Thomas Edison who you know and we noses is that isn't on an amazing adventure and he's. That many of the things that he brought to this world are things that we're still using and relying on today my ball was one of them right. On what is his interest in something like this. Well there is two fold and down he's unique I mean you're breaking it he had already out condemned the argument quite you know you'd it is Spain was pretty am. Pretty secure and even argue it's still just in the early thirties. But there was an astronomer named tantalizingly. Com and Langley. Air force their first base minor perspective and after. On humans. Aviation pioneer but yeah that status and if it that is and to create a device that would measure the sun's heat on the ticket used during the eclipse and Edison. He he created it I ended up being too sensitive to that Japan. Information they wanted but on that's what products now to be treated as I call it is a matter. And down and he was getting give it to Langley and language to observe from the summit of pikes peak. Two of the highest that the clips observation station in eighteen to. But anyway Edison in the end didn't send language it is a matter he took himself out to Wyoming entry and you used at any actually used from chicken to. Because like I said he was late getting there altogether. Good observing sites at have been taken by the astronomers you can had a Edison so when he got there on what was left of this chicken coop. So about Turkey set up and a story circulated on the radio the other day and it's Edison was the victim of false news or basic news because what the reporter setters but during the eclipse you know. Animals kind of freak out tickets start and bird took a back. And Nat. And chickens will come on respecting it so they said that because that equipment and chicken coop that and it'll be eclipsed all the chickens came home and review the spear that's really. As maker agreed story. Who is so other than Edison who also made this trip and mated and you know some notable. Sure whether about 200 astronomers Mike said you know Addison was there this guy's saying elect me to the top of pikes peak which is kind of neat. Because tactic speeches as many listeners know it's 141000 feet. And you can drive up to it now you can take a row where apple can't relate to the top now but back then the only way to go up with the peace you know was blocking. And trails are using pack animals so when Langley came he had about eleven huge box has put a bunch of other equipment out of boxes way to total half a ton they had to basically put these boxes between your two boroughs. Preach one kind of like an you know litter type of effort to polls that. It took them five days at all equipment the top six peak. Many in the snow and hail and you know still July need to to be warm weather but it. You know the top of tight speaker for you got compete to be pretty intense. And there's also Maria Mitchell the the united State's first female professor of astronomy she came out to Denver. Which an all girls. Observing team news some of her former students used a professor pastor college in New York. She brought an all. You know some allowed mostly former student came out to observe and it's I think that might I haven't confirmed it but I think it might be the first time in history that it. And you know an astronomical partners comprise just women. Which is Britney choose a real you know strong feminist and performance rights and voting. So calm meant women's education so yes a pretty good term interest in folks on real important part of American history. Yes and I'm I'm. I'm pretty sure that the federal government didn't have any. There was no NASA there was snow on the decision of the government that was monitoring her in any way. Adding to other researchers those assists but everything was probably relied upon in the public. Well yes and no fortunately I took them awhile though and it's spot tooth and nail to get it but congress eventually. Gate 8000 dollars to enable super tribute enabled search for Q fund about somebody's expeditions in a lot of more private like the one that Edison went on a private one. What he's Serb went Amazon joined up on but like the one single language took to the top speed that was covered. By this 8000 dollar grant but Maria Mitchell came around there about 200 astronomers that came out and yeah most of were I'd have funded aren't grown orchard there universities. Yeah at a government didn't didn't spend this Benton and not so little but not not at. We're talking with doctor Steve rusk in his book is called America's first great eclipse the website is for squid eclipse dot com. I'm we're gonna go to break here in just the second when we come back and checked couple phone calls plus we're gonna continue to talk about this topic. Because it was an event in 1870 the kind of change the way we looked at does solar eclipses at least in America and the way science book that I'm gonna get. An exclamation from a Steve as to how that happened. Yes it take so take on the number it's 844687766. Night and tall for 844687. 7669. If you haven't yet she had over two FaceBook dot com slash beyond value radio. Like the FaceBook page and then head to beyond reality radio dot com where you can download the free iPhone or android app. He also listen right there from the website score listen lies tab. On the apple idle since light show little valueless in the past shows and also join us in the chat. During the show if you download the show from iTunes to us a favor and just read it because it helps push shall forward. Makes it easier for people find they know that is being download thousands and thousands times daily greatly appreciate the sport. Are were and take quick break more to come. After this you listen Kissinger. Radio Jason Swanson TV Johnson a telephone numbers 8446877669. We've been having a fascinating discussion with doctor Steve Ruskin about the upcoming solar eclipse is going to be total clips. Of the sun. And who are feted on our failure on so clips of the heart. That. And that's where my mind look at and nothing has yet applause they're saying that at bat I was sort of broke out into song. Steve's book is America's great if first great clips and the website is first great eclipse dot com. And again this event coming up on August when he first is going to be a fantastic one if you get to a vantage point where you can actually observe it. And Steve actually go to the phone lines here bringing a listener question in this is that reverend Joseph from Saint Joseph, Missouri what Mitt Romney on reality radio. Mario doing router you're British weren't. Doing great thank you you might know. Not just aren't. Listen to you Sharon you're clearly. Joke literal. Whatever go to NATO really you turn on radio industry earlier in you don't know. You know to automatically create server where I'm McGregor Michael Angus I'm liberators and you're there want to. Well more pledged did call and so what would you what he's thinking about the secrets it's coming up. William. Giving their integrity other rear metered verse written medium. You know order. I guarantee it. Well and you hearsay when you say everybody's making a big deal out of it what do you mean who's making a big deal when they sank. Arnold coming home to those years and you're on terror and you know they're there. Yeah yeah now you're concerned you're my mirrored. You order a beer. Bitter. And not in danger. What they call look at Richard surgeon general. Well it is very king here and nearly what is. Is wired him in America. They're going to be sooner remote English is probably. In there. Current Turkish army parent and brokers premier letter or can be directed. At me and. It some zip toward the shorter straighter and logistical nightmare yes you miss an opportunity ringer house sort of few news. What are your arm will be. Ammonium Barack gear under its not suited conflict concrete. Penny owed. Almost going to be certain term and cheer. Look they're just half an smoker bigger picture here are some Jimi Hendrix. Opera did OK you are right wells that are so. So I Steve when you said it's going to be like Woodstock you weren't kitten and a Redmond certainly got a house over the reverend set up a good party over the place. Right. So I'm sorry I'm assuming that Saint Joseph, Missouri is right in this path that you're talking about Steve. Oh yeah yeah and heard about in Libya a pretty big bridge cut bait look at it's no break and the center of the country. You've got negated they're calling them drive shed a lot like watershed. You drive sheds where a budget highly secret state and local. National highways and roads to sort of on multiple word it clips app and I think it's St. Joe you date got the Chicago or not too far away I mean you got. Right now it's obviously. Kansas City Saint Louis. Apparently saint interest going to be a pretty big. Pretty big party. Management at pardoning group yet topic a lot of folks are going to be our. Yeah and if you're anywhere near reverend Joseph he connects with Paris and I guess because I own them for a better thanks for that call reverend jury appreciate you win and on that now. You know a lot of people are gonna wanna see this and even if they can't get into the gun and today actual path of totality they're going to be looking at sky B shouldn't be looking directly at the sun at any point so. What's the safe way to do this. But they're fortunately it's really easy especially now eighteen and it was a different story now you can. Go on Amazon. Or I would imagine like Wal-Mart right even at the McDonald's you know some of the McDonald's and eclipsed absorbed their quipped that they're just basically paper classes you know they look like. Those tourist 3-D glasses these two you know watch computers as disposable ones you know back that peace and stuff. So other than not to expect a couple bucks that's you know they're starting to inch up in price but a few months to be good for like two for a buck trooper you know 250 years from now they're up to expire beached but it just depends Rico arm but yet. And you can get done and their they're basically paper and expertise sir Paul merlot does federally start and he can't be sure to c'mon. Particular cup decide you can see it out safely and effectively. Back in eighteen to mediate just to compare. On the day had a basic had to smoke classic college smoking class are older than what the reverend. Do you. Take bits and pieces of broken glass. Like windows and a broken Brenda Sharpe or something it would hold it over candles or oil to collect so and that's what they used to make. There is an instance on what we we lost in religious Steve. Okay and a memorial by try to get Steve back here and hopefully the united indeterminate and we talked with some like this on NASA's listening and talking and. Yeah and where and what he was saying about how the used to take a broken pieces of the class and hold overs the candle. That I have heard reports of that but also I know that some. Some people actually talk to a using welders goggles. Because welders goggles are so dark that it blocks at all on you really can't see anything. When your when you put those masks on until you literally start welding and buy it SA if you had set a welding goggles they go javy that he can use of. I don't I don't have one of those I don't of those but I do want to police to make it to remember making some kind of device Regis put the good pin hole into a piece of cardboard and projects on. And a white piece of paper and you can actually see it that way too without looking and it's kind of interesting but. On couple things as we get testy back with us tomorrow night we're going to be talking about the first American serial killer. We're talking about the great American eclipse tonight and tomorrow night we took what first American serial killer. As we approach the fourth of July Tucker of the Americans of clinical. Well I don't know if you wanted to put the fourth of July if there is a scenario and serial killer in the Nevada. Yeah the you know I definitely recommend because a lot of people don't know about each each films by I love Wii U we've got the doc back on the phone. As Steve's back within our I don't know we we lost in Denver Brooklyn they're so what we are talking about is how to safely look at your tegra smoked glass was the wind didn't in 1978. Yet whenever they take these pieces of broken glass and hold them over candles or oil laps in Europe corpus and I am you know I was. That's way to do it emanates probably you know it's still I don't other news today you know what opt out. And a good eye doctor would recommend right now but that's what they did. And then there were some disasters who has also mean one woman in boulder. Com was doing patent she got so excited about it clips that you ran out after she. Major piece of smoke class. Can a fighter has been really working in the field and they want to be equipped and she came back Shia and realize you forgot to adapt oil Lampard and at her house doesn't like so. You know he's he felt like better. We'll now see value I know some people have actually used the welding goggles right because those so those are so dark you only really seen anything when you start welding sparks that those are usually say anything views as well. Yep that's what I've heard although mind I don't weld that dark they're different degrees and calm or a bit. You know of shelters or darkness or whoever. And should we probably aren't annals yeah I think yeah I mean I don't know I would say you know don't take my advice on something like that but they yeah I mean I know some welding. Yeah how are garbled there probably you know. More than enough. But I wouldn't it want to. Promise itself. So let's let's just go back to the C 1878 event again and how your book talks about it. You you say that it changed the way we looked at eclipses and studied a many things related to astronomy from that point on how did it change things. Well what what's really interesting about eight points and yet it clips and that it is it the first time that astronomers. Observed together higher altitudes. You know and a big group and had a chance to sort of comparative results and other reputed to be getting piled into astronomy. Up to that point. You know astronomers have speculated that it would be better can you observed from higher altitudes you know get above the effects of the worst atmosphere to get above sea level but you know. Really until the nineteenth century astronomy was basically sort of oppositional science and Indy where most astronomy was done with the run governments for there may be civic leadership and you know commercial efforts can the military and commercial ships it could find a way around the oceans. So. Astronomy. Had never really left to disk you know less level but they that a lot of astronomers said hey you know we got Tyrell probably get you know clear views are telescopes will see further. That kind of thing and only you know they're empty sort of small act expeditions. Eight and 5618. At any time you prior to eight interrogate but. He particularly was really the first time that astronomers had a chance. To take their telescopes to higher altitudes and really see for themselves. If working our opportunity was. Who was gonna be a good idea and it turned out of course that it lies and map points forward you know we started seeing mountaintop was territories popping up everywhere. You know a Lick Observatory in California Percival Lowell bill doubled territory flag staff. Yeah that was just kind of the end of the nineteen century and of course the twentieth century's. I can peak observatory in New Mexico and so workers today and why right now all over the world really so it was a is basically the what what naked and it was it was it was the beginning to astronomy and and it enabled us to really get a much better. Duke the universe cubic searching further and further you know and this was of course before Rick put out. Hubble telescope and talk to pat so getting up and downs and really made a huge difference in astronomy. And our ability to understand the numbers. But now also with the with the whole fact of getting umpire says to view the eclipse and so forth. What were they hoping choose to learn or accomplish with that because pretty much it's it's the moon blocking out the song call of the day I mean. What sort of scientific. Knowledge can they learn from. All from just being up that high in being able to view. And that's and that's another good question I was really an important part that. Because as I mentioned you know stronger sort change from strictly traditional. Sort of a science into something a little more scientific it in the eight due late the second half of the nineteenth century ago where they eighteenth it eclipses this right and middle that Tom was when astronomers. Really started taking solid the other. Signed it and incorporating them into astronomy physics chemistry. Are things like that cameras were worth to the point where they can be used photographs that corona so. You know chemistry. It's unique chemistry experiments. Which Specter Scopes. Specter Scopes are are those things and you can probably using an end to its classic mr. Klaas maybe to analyze light right. Different elements you know it does have a different a different color spectrum while they realize this in the nineteenth century. That you could use a Specter scope to figure out what. What elements you know what you're looking at different element to tuber take off camber whatever it's gonna get a different color pattern. Then another element and that made him realize hey we can actually. You know as. To figure out what dishonest. I mean prospectus Coppola he's due chemistry experiment on the phone from 93 miles away so those are the sorts of things that they they were starting to do you in the second half of the nineteenth century. Astronomers because that it knew astronomy to separated from the old oppositional astronomy. They were they were beginning to turn can make an astronomy it is a very sort of scientific analytical kind of science. And so getting up on a mountaintop for apple Spectra scope. Really gave you a much better perspective. On unique it's analyzing the sounds like she elements predicts that if convicted. Well I mean now we know you know it's it's it's hydrogen and helium into other elements. I'm back and calm it was still you know they resort atmosphere. So as we. News continue to progress and technology continues to improve you've referenced that Hubble telescope obviously the Hubble telescope isn't going to seen clips because none on the Earth's. But Aaron what things have we learned what kind of advances have we made in more recent times. Well you know once. It's in the back today in the nineteenth century. Eclipses you know or clips that are short a trip to search certain just the shortness of quit their you don't have much time total solar eclipse last just a couple minutes at the most five. He can be you know less than a minute to five depending on on which it is but you know if you. If you only have a few minutes. Every couple years to look at clips you're not gonna get a lot of data so 1878. Eclipses followed equally needy Q. Over Egypt they were. These astronomers were just getting a little. A short chance you know little brief moment to try to do their experiments and then it was over. So that was probably very frustrating and could even if you saw every eclipse for you know forty years he never had cloud never luster equipment. And your argument that you would get you know made in power are half and any laps scientists had all day to do their spare and so. So as as we as time went on. And we were able to US senate satellites or out you know we could we could victories are creating around. You know basic sort of things have blocked it sounds like to sort of create artificial clutches tipped to stated Alex but in time we were able to to begin to do things that that. You know to acquire. Going thousands of miles. To find clips it's still pretty spectacular to see but Tom. You know now we just and and as time goes on science develops and we are set to figure out more more sun is and it stars and everything astronomy advanced well beyond what they have in the nineteenth century. So you said I think he city nine pence. 20024. Would be the next. One that we would see here in the United States is that is that raise though that I understand you correctly. Yes that's correct that's correct. I am and could that happen it's gonna come up it goes south. South and north taking its gonna come over Mexico. Crossed Texas public parts of Oklahoma. Partner at west ninety goes over may be a Great Lakes and a candidate so it's not going to be quite it's not gonna have quite as a long path coast to coast. That this would happen but you know it's still pretty Central Bank a lot of people. If you look at it clips but this time around democracy now. So if it goes is this gonna across the Great Lakes I'm in upstate New York come might be better for me. In 20/20 four. Yeah I think you know except someone told me that parents here kiddies in sending that can go search is important operate now. Com. Yeah it looks like it's gonna ago access. I'm just out of Chicago. He added so you actually will be very missed go right over New England Montreal. And it out of Nova Scotia. An attitude like exco yet you don't get this one. Well we're going to be in South Carolina for this when we remain that deaths are making those rain awesome. And then an end Tony Tony for we can broadcast live from the path it may as it crosses snowing and her ups in New York so Steve you know we're basically at a time here it's been a fascinating discussion your book is called America's first great eclipsed the website. His first great clips dot com where else can people go to find out more about your work. And what Europe to. You know I'm my and I'm also on FaceBook first great clips I'd like security your agent arm you know on on this discussion and down does the place you can. I mean I've been doing you know radio interviews competent some talks here Colorado. As vehicles in the clips but yet the best places first great clips dot com and the the books available on Amazon iTunes. Usual places so. Debbie and Steve thanks so much for come on hanging out with us and talk and say it's such an inch to topic and you've really fill this in a lot of information and TV and I look forward attention swung. Will great yeah I appreciate ever really expands so exactly. Jason real quick and I got married at the Breyer hearse manner in Colorado Springs you remember this and do yes no I think is I don't know what he's not once but. It was like CM six. Yeah that was back in about. Not quite ten years ago but anyway so I was going to be answered it's really a thrill to replace it Bianchi got. Well thank you very much Steve and it's it's just a pleasure to talk to tune in we're deftly and have you on again at some point. But I great night I would take a quick break moment came when we come back we'll wrap things up the. Beyond reality radio Jason GP. Preparations to. The South Carolina for August 20 firsts solar eclipse couple reminders in hand watching these guys are there. Special glasses we generally can eclipse party. Yeah we shall intentionally. Well we will be well I mean haven't surrounding the murders and our end probably Atlanta beat someone you know we just don't at a hotel as long ago the rum runners in of these children don't need we divide we don't need to state so definitely a big shout out goes out to doctor Steve rushed in for a come on and now this tonight. Again make you tune in tomorrow we get a great sure going to be talking about each each homes the first American serial killer. And and rhetorically Jeff margin about his book bloodstains and and his ancestor and also the upcoming show on the History Channel American ripper. If you haven't yet mentioned get over to FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio light FaceBook page and download the free iPhone and android app. Or listening agree stations we are across the country but. Thanks for the support you'll make show's success and will catch on the mound nights Jason NG Giambi under LA area. And real ingredients produced by stupidity ignorance include tunes by Alexandria Johnson for Entercom reunion. Don't forget to stop by our FaceBook page give us alike and say hello it's beyond reality reading it all one word. If you've got information you want us to follow what font or you like to be Gaston beyond reality radio email to sleep get eaten. That's slick Eddie ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.