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6/26/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jun 27, 2017|

The real Russian collusion is from Obama Administration officials as they covered up Russian interference in the election for months. We are the victims of the perpetrators, Obama and his officials. Also, the Obama Administration and former top officials leaked classified information to the media. ...

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If you're tired of the way the mainstream media act if you're tired of the liberal bias if you're tired of the status quo. I want you to try out see our TV today conservative reviewed TV is the only network fighting to bring you the truth every day. We're building a true movement in conservative media or digital has an advertising and training them and for honesty and and transparency. This is going to be the biggest year ever for the CR TV family and we went to a long and Iraq. President Reagan said trust but verify and we completely agree so that's why we're offering eight followed weeks of CR TV. Absolutely free. Sign up today watched every show on demand on all your favorite devices. We can't wait to show you what's coming to see on TV next. But the only way to make sure you don't miss it. He's just not right now give us a call today at 84 for living TV and join the media revolution again. It's 844 LE ZEI and TV. It's. Now though. Only underground. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere I'm to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the. Hello everybody marquee event here. I and number 8773813811877381. 3811. We'll dig a little bit into the Supreme Court decisions are pretty clear on their face. Team and there's other things going on and wanna dig into two including the fact that. There is now evidence of collusion involving Russia and Europe this mister minister. And in fact the collusion as widespread. And that the collusion is between and among Obama administration officials as they. Covered up. The fact of Russia's interference on election. For months. From August all of me into October. You know I've been talking about this for some time now people are trying to are starting to figure it out. And he got a laugh. More than victims. Or perpetrators Obama and his officials. And they say they didn't want to reveal this information because they want influence the election so let me get this straight. Russia. Is an affair with a our election. We have an investigation. They claims. In essence that. Trump weld was colluding with a Russian. But in fact Obama world was covering it up. There's collusion. More on that later. I want to thank Sean Hannity friendly and his radio show today for a full hour to talk about my new book. Rediscovering Americanism. In the Cheney progressive as a I will be on Hannity TV. On fox. At 10 PM tonight Easter. We don't just discuss the book which would be enough. We discuss other things too. I wanna get into some other things here and we will get in the book but at another point during the program. End there's a story by the Washington treat because. And I saw this earlier today. Anti trump league campaign damaging United States and allied operations by Adam Graham. A new wave of leaks. Targeting the trumpet administration. As actively endangered ongoing intelligence. And military operations being conducted by the United States. And its allies. Sparking angering constraining inside and outside the White House. According to multiple conversations. With senior US officials intimately familiar with the situation. The classified leaks which are being handed to sympathetic journalists by former Obama administration officials. Who last the government. And by hold overs still serving in the trump administration. Have damaged a number of ongoing operations ranging from American efforts to prevent Russian infiltration of the United States. Israeli efforts against crisis. The sources said. And he won't recent Washington Post story disclose classified secrets is part of a larger story about Obama administration's cyber efforts against Russian. It was published days after a New York Times story which revealed details of the secret Israeli cyber operation. The trumpet is said to have leaked the Russian foreign minister Sergio laughter. The sensitivity of the material being leaked. Has heightened criticism both of the former Obama officials who is suspected of mailing these secrets. Of the top administration. For its seeming inability to stem the disclosures according to these officials. Think firing impede him Obama fish. Hanger is running so hot that multiple carry US officials have named some of the former Obama officials they believe. Are behind the unauthorized disclosures. Which trap officials say are aimed at knee capping the current administration and also rewriting the record of Obama's years. Quote the former Obama officials offer ridiculous explanations about why Obama could neck more forcibly. Then they apparently leaked even more information about certain US measures they claim have been taken against Russia. Said one senior US official who deals closely with the matter. The publication of this information if it's true could do more damage to our national security. But the sources don't seem to mind doing that if it helps advance their political man. The sources leaking this information appear to be the same former Obama administration. Allies and hold overs. Behind a months long series of damaging leaks. The sources for this Washington Post article obviously the same Obama hold overs. Who console like classified information to the Washington Post said the source who would only discuss the matter in the condition of anonymity. They went back to those same reporters and tried to rewrite history so it doesn't look like Obama was weak on Russia which of course he was. The leaks have been traced growing number of former administration officials including Ben wrote. Meant to mislead reporters and the public after the landmark nuclear deal with a rant. And Colin Powell KAHL. Former vice president Joseph Biden's national security advisor. Another source this month a senior administration official. Who's also intimately familiar with the situation. Confirmed this assessment to the Washington free beacon. Those responsible for the disastrous foreign national security policy the Obama administration. For the last year's. End roads Colin call. They provide the marching orders straight broader group of people. That are associated with the broader Democrat party but desperate Clinton network. Another trying to rewrite history at the cost of American national security officials. He believes this stuff. Pat Perez was deputy national security advisor. He is a diabolical. You know mr. producer trying to get Ben Rhodes on the proud what you I know this is that almost a running joke. I'm sure I'll come on the program. For the last eight years have priority was always the narrative was never the American interest it was the interest of the Democratic Party and Obama Podesta Clinton's conglomerate. Explain the source. Then nature and sensitivity of the leaks escalated recently after efforts by congressional Democrats to accuse trump officials are collusion with Russia. Ran into official denials from multiple officials who testified on the matter before congress. The official said this is yet another example of politics trumping national security. And the questions. Is at that at what point the question is at what point. But those who disagree with the results of the memory at election going to stop endangering US national security. For their own political agenda. The ongoing leaks have not only endanger US operations but those of America's closest ally including Israel and other well that's understandable since Obama. In my view as an anti semite demonstrated that is present United States on multiple occasions. Plenty of evidence for that and so we have people like that around. America haters of Israel things. The recent disclosure in the press of Israeli operations targeting nicest terrorist promised they that prompted a wave of anger. From top Israeli officials blaming the league history creating an intelligence catastrophe. For the Jewish state. Think about how this is playing in Israel explain when veteran Middle East analyst who has discuss these really concerns was senior White House officials for eight years. Obama officials tried to undermine US Israel ties and the Israelis kept sharing sensitive intelligence with a anyway. Now these same Obama officials are trying to prevent trump from rebuilding their relationship. And they're doing it by leaking the sensitive intelligence the Israeli shared and devastating Israeli security in the process the source sent. The free deacon first disclosed the breath of this sleek operation in February when sources publicly identified several high level former Obama officials. As the source of multiple sensitive leaks that led to the ouster of former national security advisor. Michael Flynn. Well ladies and gentlemen. The Obama administration. Former top officials are leaking. Classified information to the media. Obama administration it administration officials. Conducted me. In my view. Eight domestic espionage operation for political reasons. The Obama administration. Covered up. The fact of Russia's. Interference that are election. From months. For the purpose they felt of influencing the outcome of the election. That is within the Obama administration. One department and agency colluded with a another. That very purpose. Meanwhile Brock Obama. Is on his what fifth vacations since. Since leaving the White House. Nobody asked some things. Meanwhile there's a special counsel. Who is hiring liberal Democrat after liberal Democrat our friends that legal insurrection point out that his operation. Is now almost as big as the US attorney's office for the entire state of Rhode Island. It's as if if you're liberal Democrat who contributed money to a liberal Democrat well we have an opening for you. Thomas demolished. We know about the renal lynch. And her possible obstruction but not about Hillary Clinton and her multiple violations of the espionage. We know about Susan Rice who is a serial liar. And the unmasking activity some of it. The lawlessness runs deep and wide. And the media are involved in it. In the media are involved in. Meanwhile our national security is endangered and that of our out. And roads in the southern clowns should be dragged before congress they should be subpoenaed they should be put under oath and they should be questioned about what they're leaking. The attorney general of the United States. Could unleash a massive. Leak investigation put aside a special unit within the FBI and the criminal division of the Justice Department. To coordinate with the appropriate US attorney's offices. As I can do that Russia has to do with leaking. That's what I would do. Net but the most aggressive. Prosecutor or former prosecutor I could find in charge of that operation. I'll be right back. Hard. Okay. Ben and bill they happen. So I relish the former attorney general of the United States. Who should be in the political crisis years. Will likely be the subject of a hearing with Senate Judiciary Committee what's taken so far. Let's pick and so. Involving what took place on that. Tarmac in Phoenix Phoenix airport. And you know that's been hanging around for months and months and months is an amazing how long that one mistake to. And the question of whether or not she influenced. That criminal investigation. As I understand there's no criminal investigation of that right now no special prosecutor. Isn't that amazing. Well there should be. And of course we now know that the real Russia scandal. Involves the present the United States Barack Obama. In his stance. And here's some headlines violence in today's papers that Washington compost. White House blames Obama for failing to stop brushing collusion and they should as that I. The hill newspaper frustrated Democrats say botched Obama botched Russia responds. Well we are looking at that. But as the live out that in days before election democratic lawmakers urged Obama to retaliate against Russian. Oh he did he waited till December. After the election did next to nothing. And then buzz feed how Russia hacked Obama's legacy and that's why you saw a few days back. This massive article by the Washington compost. Trying to rewrite the history of Russian Obama. Obama's quiet anguish and Elliott to battle the Russians quiet the Russians quietly enough. Then we have today's peace. In the freebie in the wash entry beacon about the enormous numbers of leaks coming out of Obama officials former and holdovers. Then we would love to get Ben Rhodes on this program to have a discussion with. He was one of the masterminds behind the Iran India and the propaganda that was used to salad. Flat out lies and deceit. Just like this clown Gruber flat out lies and deceit on obamacare. Flat out lies and deceit. And they gonna continue. They're gonna continue you know these people are. You know we hear about this deep stage and so forth and so there's nothing new about this. It's called the administrative state. The administrative state stays behind no matter who's elected president. The matter who's elected in congress. No matter who's on the Supreme Court it is as permanent. As things can be permanent. In a society. He attended the last time a department. The executive branch was abolished. He tell me the last time an agency of the executive branch was abolished in Utah on the the last time they were cut by 102030%. He can't. Because it never happened. But why does it ever happen I know there. Republicans are countless and so we're a wide as it never happened. It never happens because this is the empire of the progress. Of the state tests utopian. This is their empire this is the empire they have built this is the empire and intend to expand. It so they completely crush what's left of our principles and our ideals and our beliefs and our values and our institutions. And I'm not joking. This is who they are. When you see what they do in the senate and in the house how they. And they disrupt the institutions or even destroy some of their practices they don't care about the institution. Kevin in at least. I wanna spend a little bit of time explaining this because it'll put things spin absolute perspective it. Whereas now it's just kind of a jumble. In some anyways you watch the news he would listen to guys on radio or TV you know this is gone on over here now this is gone on over here that's gone on over there. There's a reason they're all going down. There's a reason they're all going up. There's a reason. Very few steps are actually being taken to stop. So let's get into this as it relates to current events I'll be right back. Blasting conservative. Time. John Mark glove then you show them call and now at 8773813811. Man's. You some questions. Fifteen dollar minimum wage. Is destroying jobs if you read plundered the seat is an entire chapter in the minimum wage. There have been studies done on the minimum wage eyesight come. And yet the progressive Democrats continued to institute the why is that. Obamacare. It's very obvious. That it's imploding it's very obvious that deductibles erratic control the cost of premiums erratic control it's getting harder and harder to see a doctor. Particularly specialist. It's imploding. Turns companies are ditching at. He did the Democrats defendant. Why is that. Look at what's going on these Blue States Illinois Illinois about to go bankrupt and welcome to the federal government company plan. California will go bankrupt but it doesn't stop them. They're out of control. And there are other states in a similar situation. But the federal. The how to control spending massive debt massive unfunded liabilities and yet they wanna create new. And there are Republicans. Are almost as much to blame as the Democrats the Democrats are driven been driven by ideology the Republicans. Are also driven by. A kind of ideology. They believe in the government. Not necessarily marxism obviously but a big government. Henry explainable. We elect people. And they don't do we say we like them over and over again Republicans senate Republicans house Republicans here Republicans there. We control the bureaucracy. So to speak where the ones to pick the secretaries of this cabinet the administrator of that agency. That is the Republicans the president. And we seem to be happy with. Pyrrhic victories. Just an inch here an inch there when they take a whole football field. What is this all about. Well I wanna remind you that about a hundred years ago. Even more. Aggressive isn't wasn't just a Democrat thing it was a Republican thing to Theodore Roosevelt ran on the third party progressive party. If you've been present United States as a republic. And William Howard Taft supported the sixteenth and seventeenth amendment to their president does and any role in that. The amendment process official role he urged here urged they. Income tax in 1913 any urge via the change in the election of senators the way that we Dana. The new Gillis residents and yet it's been paid for by Republican administration after Republican administration. Great societies Johnson's paid for by Republicans constantly. Obamacare now will be paid for by Republicans. Increasing the national debt Republicans always. Always. What's going on here. Well ladies and gentlemen tell you what's kind of here. For all the attacks you know I receive this purist. Were the only ones even think about our original founding principles. Even when we think about it how much do we really understand about. What do we really nova. Couple weeks ago I said. How do you define liberty. How do you define liberty what's Olympic. Few weeks later I asked you what property. Let's liberty and what property. While those are keystone today. To the American found. What's natural law. Sounds so boring. What is. In the declaration of independence and natural law what's what are natural rights. That's in there too. Why did Woodrow Wilson. And other leading progressive. Intellectuals. In the eighteen hundreds in nineteen hundreds and even now. Attacked these principles attacked the declaration of independence actually attacked. That's our founding document. Why did they attack our Republicans system's small. They claim to support. Populace. And popular silent. He here Bernie Sanders do this all the time the people and later are not particularly at around. And what sense is Bernie Sanders ever supported anything other than. Centralized government planning centralized government engineering and that's not the people. The government. We're all these ideas come. Why does it matter. What isn't in this man. Igawa are allies who got things to do is gonna go to the movies and eat dinner why does any of this man. Because ladies and gentlemen we ignore the academics and we nor the intellectuals. And we ignore the elites and our own apparel. In this country and every other country is today. Who ultimately. Devised the political system. And whether or not that political system. Is honored. It's not done at the grassroots. And by the way I'm not encouraging this and just explaining. And so we have to battle these ideas. We've got to explain. Our viewpoints where they come from why there should be cherished and revered. We have to expose the other. Our own freedom is at stake her own prosperity is at stake humanities it's the we really need to cleanse ourselves of the propaganda from the media. Who attempt to smear anybody who speaks going on speaking. Anybody who steps back and takes a clear look at what's taking place. Because the media. Perpetuate this the media are as I call them over and over in the Victorian guard. For centralized. Ubiquitous government. That is their bias that is their belief system. Now you and I. We talk about liberty. But we mean by liberty. Is liberty of the individual. Liberty of the individual. With a left talks about liberty. That is the progressives. What they talk about his government. Pre college. Free food food stamps. Free medical care. And through this. You self realize that is through this you really have your liberty as a person. The liberty that you and I believe in witches say traditional concept. We're talking about the individual inalienable rights in this circle of liberty. Around each and every one loves. God given liberty. But we're talking about there. His termed negative liberty not because it's negative. It's because it's basically. The government should not interfere. Or intervene in what we're doing unless there is a shrewdly legitimate basis for it. And even further when it interferes with us it should not seek to dominate us he would be on this mr. producing. So in the government interferes it needs to be. He. Is lawful. And legitimate purpose. So as an example obamacare is not a lawful and legitimate experience. At an exercise under our constitutional system. It is somebody or some group or some political party trying to impose its willingness. Why. That's not liberty. Then there's the concept of positive liberty it's not possible just because the word positive as used. And positive liberty is the term that is used to describe. The progressives use. Of government to supposedly. Liberate people. You know health care's a right pre colleges are right I think Bernie Sanders and Obama and the hard leftists. But you and I know that's not liberty that's a perversion of liberty. Now tied to that. Is the issue of the individual individualism we talk about individual liberty all the time right well what is individualism. It means one thing to your means something completely different to the progressive because they pervert that work there. Now for us. Individualism means what it means the individual. The flesh and blood individual. Free will. For the progressive. Again like freed up the individual. Cannot fulfill her his or her capabilities. Their capacity. In less they're part of the collective. The individual goes as the state goes. The state goes as the unity Coca. The individual is to lose his or her identity central. And this is how the individual. Realizes their potential. And it's only march and that's. They believe in so again they never talk about the individuals they never talk about liberty to talk about groups. They talk about constructs like programs and obamacare they talk about that people. The general whale. They're rich. The up or the middle class never about the individual. Never about the individual as an individual. This is why they trash the declaration of independence. The declaration of independence is focused on. The liberty and rights to the individual not the state. Not the collective. And to take it a step further. When they talk about the state in the collective in the individual self realized than ever herself through the collective. Liberty being realized through the collective with free this free that. Haven't they know the people want peace. Because. They claim the people want these things that the people want them. It's really the imposition. Of their ideology. The imposition of their personal belief system. On the whole of society. It's scary. It's tyranny in the end. That's what progressive as in this it's tearing. More when I come back it's another wind. State having. To get time to reflect on the freedoms that we give up every day let's talk about for example higher education. It's no secret that colleges are some of the most gun free places to be right now why you ask. Follow the money government funding always comes to government strings. The government owned you on a sense leading the political correctness speech codes other campus craziness we see it all the time. What hill style colleges free from PC government mandates. Because hill bill does not except one dollar from the government. Not a dollar not even a penny. Instead hills tales funds come from thousands of citizens nationwide. That includes the free online courses that are over one point two million have taken. It includes the free speech strategist and primus and the millions. Kills those one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country offering degrees in more than thirty fields. And students are actually free to debate to learn and to become excellent citizens. Pursue truth and defend liberty with Hillsdale college and you can learn more at living tree hill Staubach comments LE VI and for Hillsdale dot camp I wanna play you the Obama audio not because I like playing all audio us but to make a point this is Obama in 2012. It's also cited in my new book we discovering Americanism for reasons. Go ahead. If you've been successful you don't even get them on your own. And got an unknown I'm always struck about people who think. Well a lot because I was just so Smart. It must be because no one told her nobody else. I'm excited summit the whole bunch of hardworking people. There's somebody on the line. Yeah now. On the red teach someone in your life. Some played up to play. This unbelievable American system that we have that allow you to thought. Some invest in roads and bridges that you got a business. That even bill that. Somebody else made the then and then get embedded on its own. He goes on and on and the point is this. You know parents saying we live in a bubble. That we're permits. In the basement of our mothers like liberals. Now. But you see it's an attack on the individual. Individual success or risk or failure whatever this. The only week will be successful ladies and gentlemen is to view yourself as part of the collective. Just to surrender your identity. To conform. You cannot have individual successful people. Even when you have people who have minister earned more than other people you need to punish them we need to take their money and we distributed. Particularly wildly successful people. Because if there wildly successful they have a whole lot of money as a result of the U voluntarily spending your money in buying their products and service. That's unacceptable. You see they used this whole idea deluding the individual. And collectively as a. In order to advance their agenda which is what. They wanna decide what society should look like. They wanted to sign. They want to decide how individuals with. Even in some cases but not most people are earnest. With this mentality. It's Philly totalitarian mindset. This is what is meant by positive liberty. Not that it's possible. But the idea that we get liberty from government is absurd. Now you would argue rightly if you did. That republicanism a constitutional republic is the is the best way to try to preserve that individually. To try to preserve individualism and you'd be right. But you don't get liberty. From constitutional Republican. Our constitution is the manifestation. Of the declaration of independence in the principles that are set forth there. I know on them giving them talking about a lot of things right now. But if you miss it it's okay you can read about. We have two big forces fighting there. One that has as its central goal. Individual liberty. Any civil society that is any social compact. He just society. Where the individuals respected. Where there are eternal truths. Universal principles. Now those cannot be manmade right from wrong good from evil. You know think of the golden rule than the ten commandments and so forth. They didn't come from mandating come from a legislature that income from politicians or bureaucrats. When you live in the United States you live in some far off colonel kronor the world you know what's right and what's wrong what's good what's evil. When the practice it or not there's a different issue. Those are what we call eternal truths. Natural law. What the progressive does is rejects all that. What they no such thing is eternal truth constant turmoil constant manipulation cuts in social engineering why. Because they say so. I'll be right back. MetroPCS. Look the numbers do the talking for him. Enjoy reliable four GL TE network that's after the sprint. Pre Smartphone when you switch to MetroPCS. 99 the percentage of people in the US covered by MetroPCS. Three cents a gallon BJP prime Smartphones when you switch MetroPCS wireless figured out. Am not a build some areas sales are not included on guys this is a Muslim to a sunny days coach claim based on politics coverage treatment for dominance is over until terms and conditions. He was here. How. I literally underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We want to again make contact with a lead. Hello everybody mark the name here this is our to our number 87738138118773813811. We're going to be come back and forth. Between the issues of the day. And the book because they overlap. Which is the whole point. We discovering Americanism in the Tierney progress in this. Like in a few minutes we're gonna get to what the Supreme Court justice. But I wanna follow on what I said in the first are these are two fundamentally different views of mankind one is humane. The declaration of independence and before. And the others not. Even though it has won the propaganda war. With the suggestion that it's compassionate progressive as it is not compassionate. I wanna give you some examples. Mean if you Curtis Cicero right. Cicero. Cicero Wednesday senator. He was he scholar and statesman. And and he was put to death. But the death because. Of his beliefs. He was a danger. The danger to seize. And why was he a danger. Because he believed in what. Later the founding fathers of this country would believe it. He said of the principles of justice. This is Cicero. Were founded on the decrees of people's. The edicts of princes. With the decisions of judges. Injustice which sanctioned robbery. And adultery. And forgery will. In case these tax were approved by the votes or decrees of the populace. But if so greater power belongs to the decisions and decrees of fools. That the laws of nature can be changed by their votes. And why do they not ordained that what is bad and painful shall be considered good and salutary. Where Apolo alchemy just decided injustice. Tenet make good out of bad. That in fact we can perceive the difference between good laws in bed. By referring them to know other standard the nature. He doesn't mean the birds and the bees and he means he's he turtle truths. The golden rule and so forth. Needed is not merely justice and injustice which there. Distinguished by nature but also and without exception things which are honorable and decide. For since an intelligence common to us so. Common to all. Makes things known to us and formulate them in our minds. Honorable actions are ascribe by Esther merchant. And dishonorable actions are matters of opinion not fixed by nature. He goes on how explain. True law is right reason. In agreement with nature. It is a universal application on changing an everlasting and by the way in this he's. He's also work protecting our style. It summons to duty by its commands in diverts from wrongdoing by its prohibitions it is a sin. To try to Alter this law. Norris of allowable to repeal any part of it and it is impossible to abolish it entirely. We cannot be free from its obligations by a senate where people. And we need not look outside ourselves for and expound or interpreter of and there will. And there will not be different laws that Rome and Athens but different laws now and in the future but when he internal and and changeable law. It will be valid for all nations and at all times. And he goes on. No let's contrast that. Can't remember now. When Jefferson's writing the first draft of the declaration of independence he would later say in the letter. And among those he and the founder and relied on was we're Aristotle. Cicero locked. In a fellow by the name of Sydney who we can do with a moment but. These principles the founding principles of this country that's what we're talking about. That's what we're talking about here. Now let's go to it man by the name hagel. Pickle was German philosopher. And Hagar had an enormous influence on marks. Hagel believed in something called the stores stay with me I'm giving you more than you're gonna get from any professor or anything else. He believed in something called distortions. Which is really what we were called dark darwinism now what do we mean. Have a believe. That history butts up against history. That is what happened yesterday putts up to what happens today and so forth and so on. To the point where these opposites kind of fight each other you'd get going increasingly perfect society. And eventually get to a final and he called. We have your perfect society. Sen's remarks then we'll mark stolen from him. I'm mark had his own theory with respect his stoicism but. Also sounds like darwinism later doesn't. Survival of the fit. Now just a short. Couple of sentences from him. Have a talks of the ideal state. Said the state is the real realized ethical idea or ethical spear it is the will which manifests itself. Makes itself clear invisible substantiates itself it is the will which thinks and knows. The state finds an ethical custom. It's directed on reflected existence and its indirect and reflected existence in the south consciousness of the individual. In his knowledge and activity. South consciousness in the form of social disposition has its substantive freedom in the state. As the essence purpose. And product of its activity the state. Which is the realize substantive well. Having its reality in the particular self conscious race to the plane of the universal. Is absolutely rational. This substantive unity unity of the individual unit aggregate individual all of us. This substantive unity is its own motive and apps Luton. In this and freedom retains its highest right. This and has the highest right over the individual whose highest duty and Terry is to be a member of the state. So the individual is subservient to the state. State can never attain the lofty Toby unites devised by hagel or remarks are Russo what modern day progressive. Unless the individual surrenders to. And conforms to. And we all know I don't ever be adequate well. The individual's independence and free will are absorbed by the state in the name of community in general welfare. And I know won't. But I don't want to overdo it. But this is to be a better feel for what. The battles are that are taking place Obama care verses at slew repeal. Health care choice. And competition. Person centralized healthcare. And government decision making. The progressive ideology is a very bleak ideology. And it runs absolutely counter to the founding this thing. Absolutely count. And they know because as we're gonna learn in the days ahead. They specifically. The declaration in the principles. They specifically attacked the constitution. Because they reject separation of powers. Because separation of powers rotate check any ballots. We check and a balance. On their power. I don't believe this is too heavy you need to know these things because it's about the future of this country into will determine whether we're gonna be free and prosperous or not it really yes. I'm describing do you two different ideals here. One that is humane that this nation was founded on and the other that is not. One that believes in the individual one that believes in the collective. One that believes in freedom won the believes and coercion. Now let me address this briefly. They can see why this book is his rather unique. And I wrote the book and then gave chapter titles to the different sanctions. This issue property group. We discussed this a little bit the other date. What do we mean by property. Somebody ripping somebody off profiteering. Hitting a life of materialism and he. There's no we don't mean any of that and yet that's the description that's given to private property rights. The progressive. Disdains private property rights. Individual success. They disdain wealth Korea. And the reason because it demonstrates what's possible without the state it demonstrates what's possible what out their control. And they demand uniformity in conformity. Remember what hagel sent the individual. Is self realized through the state it's the state that's crucially important. If the state is happy. They in the individual be happy. If the state is well off than any individual will be well. Well the individual's. Success. Can only be accomplished through the collective which is why Obama was trashing. Individual success. Because Obama knows about hagel and marks and Russo he knows about a Lansky Obama isn't any Obama. So I want you develop. These are the people who Chuck Schumer believes these are the people. Who the hard left believes. This is why. They claim to have knowledge and science. And evidence on their side and they none of it. They've none of it. We're the ones arguing knowledge science in evidence. In and they call us deny it they don't wanna engage. They're intolerant. They have to be intolerant there on a mission. There on a mission to change her country to change our society. In a thousand different ways and a million different ways they don't even know. By these solutions to be eternal truths are so hostile to these people. They don't believe any eternal truce they believe in the truth of the day. They believe everything asked to change change rather to accommodate. The circumstances of today. So there can't be fundamental truths. There cannot be eternal values they cannot be natural law. That's a throwback according to these people. And you'll see in the weeks ahead and read them. But it was enough just to reach a little bit hagel. Or we call a pickle is. I understand what we're up against you the battle over Obama case not a battle over health care ladies and gentlemen it's a battle over liberty it's a battle over republicanism. And the Republicans in the senate don't get it and the Republicans and house don't get it. Yet you're gonna suffer as result of this next. Type of obamacare. But you also lose your liberty. You're free oil. And they don't seek consent. It's called positive liberty. Positive law and there's nothing positive. In the overall sense of that it is there. I hope you find this as fascinating as idea. Because once again if you believe that. If you believe these debates. To the so called intellectuals and academics. Industry you know Oklahoma life and this man is so gone with your life. But it automatic. This is what's going on and I classroom this is what's calling on the United States congress this is what's going on the bureaucracy this is what's going on too many of our courts. And they're winning the debt the winning the century. You truly are. I'll be right back. OK things. They say it is. All right. Some might be saying good lord mark propels going on with you well here's the thing when you're reading the book. He could slow down or speed up that your own comfort level. You don't have to be an Ivy League get Ph.D. to understand this stuff but it's very important that you do. Most of it is not being taught anymore or it's being taught in a little bit us. In public school where. Colleges and universities. But more has been done to conceal our founding in our principles. Or two. The valve and if you will. To make it incredibly more difficult. To know who we are what our heritage is. It's so I fight against this I may be David against Goliath but that's way it is I understand. They're not many people who the noise kind of book. And talk to millions of millions of people on the radio I get it but so what. I don't let this hurt my ratings are helps my ratings I don't know. But I know you're a Smart audience. I don't care if you have a high school degree. A college degree in advanced degree or not you're in America. You have got to be able to Clinton we'd have to be able to. To engage. Eric San Antonio Texas serious satellite go ahead there. Yet there good evening I wanted to ask Ed for the ball personal liberty personal freedom. I'm on your side I completely agree but we see this great debate in our country today. We have five senators. Three it will seem to be pushing back saying they need this to be more personal liberty cook over. Bipolar he's all right and I don't know I'm not hollow force dollars let me. I've been corrected war. So that's been the viewer to push that series push back on the from the Democrats who set were taken are all we're going home we want no part of this go by. Much bigger picture there of two point one. It would if these guys can compromise the that your. We get that we get other issues which we won't get duke we lose represented at which were very likely to do we can't even come to an agreement. On. Don't you get tired of thrown in the now now. Now I'm not borrower and a power the other side never throws in the Ted you understand we're talking about. Our healthcare system is on the latest single Payer because. Obamacare is imploding in the Republicans are proposing another imploding system. EC the big picture here. So you cricket we don't know a little bit a cop probably wanna compromise on one aspect to this you talk to them. You'd be real I took my question what part of this compromise what are you talking. Compromise on what. We don't know have you read the pattern are so we don't they don't this this is my point Eric. You're operating within the mindset. Of the progressive. You believe in capitalism do you believe in competition you believe that works when your buying automobiles and homes and posters. You believe works. I'm pretty believe a word actually provide food for people so they can meet heat for people in the winter so they're warm air conditioning repeat those other they're cooler in the summer. Why do you resort to this centralized progressive autism. Where is their health care system work quote on quote. It's driven up the price of health care it's driven up the price of premiums it's driven up deductibles. Meanwhile the system is imploding. We shouldn't be are going to hit we just have a little copper mine here in there of course they well that's what they do they always go. And I'm saying feel like they're trying to talk over me I hit I wanted to yet. Dictated and that's fine. I am saying TO. Everything is not about surface level arguments and everything it's not about the next election it's kinda like back it's time to get our country back. I'll be right back. You. Yeah. Do. It's. Lunch and then I'll. Freedom yeah. You know you're one of the greatest champions of freedom in this country would not an English speaking world marks called Marquette 8773813811. Divest the vice president and he hasn't. Two good man very nice. You know ladies and gentlemen general cell was its instant effects. Is 50% off trade limited time oh that's right I said at half price clearance. What do Janice south from bags of a penis now policy at Germany's new platinum ten enhancing body lotion as a free gift. Perfect hydration tan and protection. Rejuvenate hydrate and maintain that summer glow with a lotion unlike anything you've ever tried before. To sit back relax enjoy the beach with healthier tiger skin. The bags and putting aside your eyes gone. Join our million satisfied customers milling. And feel confident in your eyes your face in your body. I'm I'm uses this product she loves that many members of my family and friends they use it in they left it and I know you will too. Give them a call 800 skin 604800. 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Hopefully they'll come sit there they'll stop sabotaging obamacare and sit down with us and won't make obamacare better. And so this is the debate we have like the caller. It's now all about Obama care and all about the replacement for Obama care and not about an effective market oriented. Competition based health care system. Now instead we're gonna created the veterans administration for the entire nation. Where does that work. What does it work what do what do people think progress comes from. New technological advances surgical advances. New pharmaceutical as they come out of the end obamacare. Does it come out of the end the senate chamber. I mean I don't I really don't understand you look around. What a magnificent. Economy we have. Looking for things we have kings and queens could've dreamed of what we have for everybody and anybody pretty much. What does that come front. Does that come from some department or agency of the government does it come from some legislation that's passed in congress. Does that come from some court ruling. Has nothing to do it government not think. I was from UN may. Our fellow citizens. Six data are what make what better all the masterminds who happen to get elected office so that makes them smarter than everybody are gonna sit down. They come up with a another Rube Goldberg contraption. And what others of us are saying is let go. Let us figure it out. But the genius of the American private sector figure and a but they won't. They won't and this is the entire debate on the progressive side. Got a guy call me a little bit ago. While we do you know we get a lot about the election and OK let's compromise and not about the whole thing is lost on him. And in the end. Health care it's gonna be terrible I gave the figures in Canada. And even the figures in France I give you the figures and bring it doesn't matter. People waiting a year. For crucially important surgeries. They aren't. One of the worst. You have rationing. He'll alliance. And you wait and you wait in no way. If you're lucky. That's not compassionate. That's an obsession with a an ideology. Pitch at MacKey. Democrat Massachusetts CNN cut eleven go what I say is they're actually going to cut 800. Billion dollars. Those are very numbers not mine number LA side. And the reported Everest is 800 billion dollars house up from one. Folks nobody's cutting anything. Trust me on this. And so that's the other aspect it propaganda aspect of the progress they must to see if they must lie. Because there are no we eternal truths there is no moral order. As. As others put at the ends justify the means. There's no virtually none. I had this in they have built an 800 billion dollar cut and just to take it and put an exclamation point on it. 33 billion of that money goes to the 400 wealthiest billionaires let's stop any of you bind us. Anybody in this. Obamacare is it a separate pool of money ladies and gentlemen. When you take 33 billion or whatever the number uses this. Indeed it back to 400 wealthy billionaire. That's how that works. It has nothing to do with that. It's not about. Cops in Obama care or redistributing wealth to billionaire. As nothing to do that. Nobody is taking anything. From anybody. In this regard in the argument that he's making. People are billionaires or millionaires or a 100000 shares or whatever they are having nothing to do was obamacare. Nothing. What's this obamacare obamacare is now 888 funding senator. So that if you adjustment and the people who are rich somehow get a break. People who are workload billionaires don't give a crap about any of this it's an irrelevance. I had. Erica as a tax cut coming out of care for cancer patient let alzheimer's patient yet yell stop stop stop there's no cut. Being taken. At alzheimer's Cary cancer care can be given to billionaires. But doesn't even make any sense. There's no specific funds for Obama care any more than there's a specific fun anymore for its Social Security. Our Medicare are the highway fun. It's on slush fund for these clowns. And there's Bernie Sanders cut twelve go. What the Republican proposal does is pro at 23. Million Americans support of health insurance now let's stop that. And CBO says 22 million today. It throws them off of health insurance. Number one. There are many people who will not buy health insurance so that's not throwing them off health insurance number two. If they're talking about eight years down the road when they finally stop expanding Medicaid. It doesn't throw the people who are already on off so I suspect what they mean as. People who are eligible now. With the super increase in the poverty level in order to to a snare as many people as they possibly can. That somehow that's throwing people off. But again look at the debate works. The debates all about the consequences of obamacare all about the consequences believe them or not of what happens to obamacare what happens the government what happens to Medicaid. What about an analysis of a free market oriented system. An analysis of a system that allows people to buy whatever I can insurance they want. And allows insurance companies to actually be insurance companies that actually allows them to compete in states. And among them between Singh had putted analysis of that. Go ahead. What hog the university what a pot of Paul the university of the fired because they are determined as well what trump. Arlington university in Vermont but what's their last study sinister producer. Oh went bankrupt. Because this is Sanders used to be the president and now she's under investigation by the FBI. For fraud and by the way Bernie Sanders is under investigation to. Ever the other day I said well why isn't he under investigation and and feel certain that she and he would have shared the information. While he's under investigation so just just a factual point Donald Trump is not under criminal investigation. Ernie and his wife. The two sentences. Are under criminal list. They aren't a criminal. And as I also predicted over the weekend they're not asked one damn thing about it when Bernie Sanders was on TV tomorrow hole he must be an astronaut no I'm not. I just know that's how works. And I have that's how where if if Ted cruise's wife from Mike Lee's wife for Rand Paul's wife Brenner investigation. They'd be out there smearing its lining in the base and all over the place for me. But not in this instance because it's Bernie Sanders. With the protect act Communists. Go ahead. 23 million people all of health insurance. People with counsel people with heart disease people with diabetes. Thousands of people will buy I will tell you know and now you know why we can never get rid of these programs. To get rid of them kills people. Any federal program when he get rid of kills people attacks children pollutes the air pollutes the water. Is against the working class is helping the rich. It's the same propaganda. Of the Russo Hackl Marxist left over and over and over again. And you and I have to tolerate people say well kiwi camp and I can't we agree with accurate we're never moving the ball forward effort. And our principles are superior. Our principles are what the nation was found enough. It's appalling. I'll be right. OK okay. Okay. Did wrong and they don't like this. You know I don't know what the hell are you saying. Yeah. Cries and Hillary you know I've been talking about upside dot com outside dot com. It's save your company big money on business travel and they give you a big gift card every time you buy a trip. While I have several associates. 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In that the the court looked at collectively as a group but he is. Given all its unique talents can recognize that the multi in this individually. And then proceeded to talk about one of the capital through the worst of which is pride. Differentiated pride and vanity vanity saying we want things to impress everybody deprive babies being basically. You want to imposed. Your will and everybody else you gonna damp it and I thought to myself actually the reluctant talking about three years the state and on essentially. Governed the company to go. But let's look at it let's look at obamacare. There was not some great. Juggernaut or groundswell for obamacare. But this has been an objective of the progressive for over a hundred years they did it in Europe the imported into the United States because of the controlling your health care. The control you. Your ability to get adequate care. Your ability to get it on time. You're going to get an affordable rate is not controlled by the federal government. Ordered all he had already get it at all it's a scary thing and why. About it's about controlling. Not about control but it's not until Regis stream also an embattled. Exactly and you can give them a thousand examples of individuals who suffer under. Any don't care that was like the VA that trumpet do something right. Didn't give a thousand examples. Maybe 200000 examples of people dying because they they were on waiting lists and and the the in the VA didn't get to them and so far. So be it we like it they said we like this centralized system or not allow anybody to tell us differently. It is a cold hearted leak ideology. They've become and it got basically and we are we are like that right from them and are held to recognize some numb and began credibly and they want in Italy all the matter while I am and it's not not what our country respond and on but unfortunately. People have to look at no wait for wait too long and this is what happens when you don't pay attention which doesn't which are talking about tonight EUS and rich do we have any book. OK guess what Mary Beth you're the first one to get a free. Book I have been able to sign them. There's an a different part of the country but I still wanna wanna send it to you would you like a free copy out of luck for copies and I want to be here. I'm here the first one thank you Mary Beth we don't don't hang out with people hang out they have tried commonly give them something that we can't find. It's the first month. That's pretty cool and done this for two years. All right Michael saint Clair shores Michigan the mark live and act out. Hey mark they can sources such supporters speak what you want to get listen you know thank. This unaffordable nobody cares sic the quicker scrambled educate and unscramble it. They depict acute dipping to to curb. Go to the free market enterprise. Give me. Or at least something that's close to it right. Close to attempt to rewrite they don't even debated it's not even brought up it's not even on the table. Mark you know what right now. My medical is more expensive than my house payments the cost him a typically is the most is they're expensive investment you'll ever make in my life. I'm pink or something that I can't used I can't afford to take time off work to use that. If I do make appointments it's six months down the road recovers enough seeing. I have a 101000 dollar a year you know a deductible or whatever and could ridiculous it's a waste of. Money up and the CBO doesn't talk about that. Well you know what here's another picture I broke back in 2001 I could've gone on disability or could regarding Medicaid. But I could see it my drives amateur driver. And I drive my butt off and I'm a darn good driver I'm Michael got to go with the music tablet and Michael. Would you like if recap here rediscovering Americanism. No sir I ordered to bomb fell from Amazon this weekend if you find one I'll figure out there are right in his address forward. Less we'll be right back. If you're tired of the way the mainstream media act if you're tired of the liberal bias if you're tired of the status quo. I want you to try out see art TV today. Conservative reviewed TV is the only network fighting to bring you the truth every day. And we're building a true movement in conservative media or digital has an advertising and training them in front honesty. And transparency this is going to be the biggest year ever for the CR TV family and we went through a long favourite. President Reagan said trust but verified and we completely agree so that's why we're offering a full week of spirit TV. Absolutely free. Sign up today watched every show on demand on all your favorite devices. We can't wait to show you what's coming to CR TV nets but the only way to make sure you don't miss it he's just not right now. Give us a call today at 844 love in TV and join the media revolution again. It's 844 LE ZI and TV. Jesus. Now. Literally underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without lead. Breaking news ladies and from what it what is becoming one of our favorite sites are now. John Solomon Sara Carter. Circuit I believe is owned by Sinclair broadcast and the FBI launched a criminal probe against former trump national security advisor Michael Flynn. After the retired army general roiled the bureau's leadership. By intervening on behalf of a decorated counterterrorism agent. Who accused FBI deputy director Andrew McCain now they had acting FBI director. And other top officials of sexual discrimination. According to documents and interviews. According to certain. Please intervention on behalf of supervisory special agent Robert ricks was highly unusual. And included a letter to Tony fourteen as the official pentagon statement. A public interviewing 2015 supporting Rich's case. And offered a testify on her backhand. Is offer put them as they Hoss I witness and a case against McCain. Who was soaring through the bureau's leadership ranks. Yet BI sought to block planned support for the agent asking a federal administrative law judge. They keep flames from becoming a witness. In her EE EOC pace that was obtained by circus now two years later. The FBI opened an inquiry on win. The CEO case which is still pending with series and after require McCabe themselves. To submit to a sworn statement to investigators the documents found. The deputy director's testimony provided some of the strongest evidence in the case of possible retaliation. Because he admitted the FBI opened an internal investigation into grits his personal conduct. After learning needs to that cloud are intended to file he sex discrimination complaint. Against her supervisor. McKay eventually became the bureau's number two executive. And he emerged as a central player in the FBI's Russian election tampering investigation. Putting him in a position to impact the criminal inquiry. Against Flynt. Three FBI employees told circuit they've personally witnessed McCain. Making disparaging remarks about flame before. Enjoying the time they retired army generally marriage as a figure in the Russian case. The bureau employees who spoke on condition of anonymity for fear retribution. That they did not know the reason for McCain displayed through plan. But it made them uncomfortable. As the rusher crowd began to unfold and pressured now to investigate Flint. One employee even consulted a private lawyer. Quote. As far as the troops in the field the vast majority were disgusted with the Russian decision. But that was McCain driving the result that eventually led. To FBI director told me to make the decision today senior federal law enforcement official. With direct knowledge of the investigation. FBI agent's consent became more pronounced when a highly classified piece of evidence. And intercepted conversation. Between lane and Russian ambassador Sergei his yacht suddenly leaked to the news media and prompted Wynn's resignation. As Tribe's top security advisor right. Kill them music thank. This is really incredible isn't. CF BI agents are good men and women. Some of the people at the top are not so good. FBI agents concerns became more pronounced. And I highly classified piece of evidence suddenly leaped to the news media prompted Clinton's resignation. As Trump's top security advisor. Did mr. McCabe. And senior elements at the FBI. Leaked the information and go after. Mike Lynn and I accusing them of asking. The Clinton leaks were nothing short of political one FBI employee said noting the specific contents of the conversation. We're known by only a handful. Of government officials when they leaked. Quote the leaks appeared to be targeted to take went out on quote. Eventually the probe on Flynn move beyond Russia the questions about whether he properly disclose farm payments affecting his suit security clearance. And BI officials declined to answer any questions from circa. Including whether McCain ever consider recusing himself. Or has recused himself from the twin aspects of the rash of pro and McCain declined to comment via the FBI. But one of the FBI's most famous whistle blower says McCain has an ethical obligation. To recuse himself from the Clinton pro. To avoid the appearance of retribution or bias. And it goes on. Documents and memos obtained by circuit he townhouse Flynn. And other top officials and other government agencies and 014 you know fifteen. Came to intervene in the CEOs say is Kason grips. Who rose over two decades to a supervisory special agent inside the FBI. And the strength every counterterrorism Mort. For nearly a decade she worked with the intelligence community to help successfully tracked down global terrorists. A rescue western hostages. It was even occasionally called upon to personally prevent director Robert Mueller. On sensitive cases like the disappearance of a retired agent Robert Levinson inside Iran memos show. But her career took a sudden downturn. After she went to work under McCain. And his leadership team in 2012. Resulting in her first negative rating after years of outstanding performance reviews. She filed an EE EOC complaint inside the FBI. Against a handful of your executives in 2012. Alleging her career was being derailed. By sexual discrimination. This continues this is import. The FBI concluded there was no discrimination argument critz was referred to OPR. For investigation in June 20/20. Twelve. But McCain sworn statement offered evidence that actually supported her claim in any event here's the point. McCain. Was subject to the sexual harassment complaint. Actually. Check that sexual discrimination complaint. As apparently were some of the staff right. What people are saying what this article is saying is okay. Now there was retribution they sought to take out Mike Flynn. It's very very bad inside outside of that. What's going on scientists and marvelous government of ours very very bad. Here this. Retired lieutenant general Michael Flynn. The only people who spat upon him. Where in the Obama administration. He had this outstanding reputation but when he clash for the Obama administration when he insisted that. Our forces need to be free to take out vices. Well they went after. And then during the campaign he decides when bush trying to. Which brings a lot of a lot of branding in credentials. The lieutenant general of this man's. Stature. The national security. Then they have all this you know these incidental listening and so for it you can see. Where individuals within the FBI at the highest levels could set somebody up and ruin. You could see it means folks that happens you know in businesses that happens in unions it happens and local law enforcement. Can happen at the FBI I'm not saying it's the rule they're exceptions. I think Michael Flynn was targeted. I really do the port man hasn't been able to say a public where it in months. I'm sure under advice of counsel. Who is under criminal investigation. I don't like this guy McCain with his wife Fran and for RS state senate in Virginia. Getting half a million dollars supporting her campaign. From the Yediot governor of Virginia the bag men Hillary Clinton now wants to be present a United States. That's McCain's wife. But David Bobbitt than Hillary Clinton investigation. How is that possible. But don't Larry Tommy said it's okay stop economic tape. OK. While he's taken notes and anybody complains about it. This is corrupt absolutely wrap. Meanwhile the president of the United States that terrible and it's. Is having to deal all that's like he did something wrong. Unbelievable. I'll be right back. Open. Moving NN of many areas stuff. Discuss philosophy. This today. Sitting opening tournament. We he had discussed Russia we have discussed. I don't know so many things we've discussed this breaking story involving. Lieutenant general fund we don't do things by the numbers it's not paint by the numbers. We move around reflects on by the way congratulations. To Chal son who leapt to be a friend of mine. Just a terrific developed or fights he had a tough night man but he. You know exactly really needed to do any didn't. He's actually very nice guy. And it's very bright guy. And he's a family man. I know you wouldn't know I watch them on their you know the way they fight but did you know. It's a real fight to him Iran. It has to be entertaining but it's a real fight. And I'm really in that I really enjoy a to a watching. I let's get to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court upheld. The guts of president trumps executive order. That's how the cuts. Somebody has AM bonafide connection with somebody in this country. Here rather loose term the court has said. Like an actual route to something of that sort they're going to be treated differently. Then they have a credible credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person entity in the United States that the justices. But here's my problem generally. Yeah. Why is the court involved in this that on does it mean I know they gonna hear it more fully in the fall but. Mean it did a number of good things for instance who didn't get into. What trump said during the campaign which is outrageous is limited standing which is very important. So did a number of good things the Pope would be what we need to understand. What people cheering yes. Congress. When I'm open to this place the elected branches are supposed to have plenary power here. To determine national security Ruth Bader Ginsburg. And Sotomayor and Kagan in Breyer. And Robertson the rest that. They don't know what's up what's down. Either way that's Roberts this at Chief Justice I had about an up and am so. Yeah yeah that was the case last week in your case. A blow against private property rights. Second this guy I really am. They're pretenders and then they get on the Supreme Court all of a sudden they're out king Solomon. King Solomon the great king Solomon had enough sense to know what not to do. That John Roberts he's you know he's a politician she's work in the room. Where an arrow. And the court will take up the K case. About a Christian couple not wanting to date gay wedding cake for a same sex marriage. Now that they've taken that up they Betty in Iraq. Then the court rejected another Second Amendment gun case and this is getting out of control because these localities and states try to control. And kudos to justices. Thomas and gore such who said as much so why are we taking this case. It's. A fundamental issue. And it has said Justice Roberts is busy in decade he is but now waiting may or may not leave. Just this canyon and say something with a all due respect please leave. Everybody's replace Obama even on replaced. On that really but you are. Watching getting worse by the day. Whereas by the day. The mean time the Supreme Court did repudiate all these hacked judges that the lower levels. Well no doubt Traficant he said this during the campaign that it has nothing to do with anything. Nothing to do any never did. Every bit but they didn't care that progressives they're activists. They wanted to advance their agenda. And they almost got away with it. As best as I can tell one more on this obamacare stuff. Or more that would be Nancy Pelosi. Doesn't look like me to close he's faces melting doesn't look like that mr. producing. When you get so much stuff being pumped then and so much being stretched in the eyeballs they're pop in and you can't blink in this ad in the wreck. It pension effect after a lot. Takes effective Fella. Let's go the plastic surgery in the liberals yet you ever notice Chuck Schumer of corn grow. Sees Biden though say he does it. They actually think you don't notice that it had perfectly straight line across their top crust of foreign heads. And a sinister producer. A perfectly straight line so. You look at the guy you're scared it is quite like. The better when they put those plugs in there. In his case let's hope it hurt at least a little but now here's native Pelosi. On CBS this morning to Davis anybody watch CBS this morning did you watch CBS this morning I didn't. Cut thirteen doubt. But right now that this moment on Monday we haven't seen the CBO report yet we do know that these and many more people. Millions and hundreds of thousands of people will die is just there passing. Hundreds of thousands of people will die if this bill passes house up. They can compose the roof. In the collective. Active Suez and what's gonna happen. Such outrageous. Over the top. Insane. Propaganda. She's not even called lone. Hundreds of thousands of people will die at this Lopez sic. Absolutely sick as she doesn't believe a word of it doesn't matter. Eight. Does not matter. First of all she does and at the live with a obamacare you know you remember that right. But secondly it's all about control power ideology this is how sick this progressive is immense. Although we only care about science what you looked and higher. Deny there. A nutty lady. I was they got. But it's continued. John San Francisco they break handset thug out. I think you're talking a mouthpiece. Hey you know but that didn't like all in itself pleasures is that you. Thank you. 81 or two comment on a computer at the beginning of the show. Regarding calling for an investigation. What all this massive leaking well that yet here I should go after. The crew. What I said if I were the attorney general which course and not. A special unit should be set in yet there were ever a special unit should be set up. I Mena of of the of the most aggressive prosecutors you confine overseeing it. Going after these leaks yes. Yes and I agree a 100% my question is where Jeff Sessions. Here's this man who's supposed to be such a conservative and solid guy. And just don't seem him I understand there's just recruit we cute all of the Russian matter. Why am I doing something we don't know if he's not gonna announce. He is doing it. But I would announce it wouldn't you know John I would. I'm old enough to know what I'm wondering also under investigation into an open investigation I heard after when you think you could be announced. Give them a conservative to break California going up now you're right. All right John appreciate your car I agree we'll be right back. OK and doesn't just breed good news. They've meant to and you. Called Romo put in show now Purdue 773814811. And I don't forget. 10 PM eastern time tune ninth on the Fox News Channel I will be on Hannity TV. And now to alert you tomorrow morning. 7:30 eastern time. Know be on FOX & Friends. OK so 10 PM tonight. On Hannity on fox and 7:30 AM tomorrow morning. On FOX & Friends and don't forget moving TV tonight. Our wonderful subscribers at 7 PM tote you're gonna be very busy that this is an extraordinarily important. Subject these two forces. At liberty verses of tyranny. Asset and wealth manager. Increments and eight G published a report identifying the significant risks to the global economy the reasons why crude investors. Should include gold in their portfolios and I'll tell you one. Because I'm a prudent investing. I diversify. And owns real estate. I own some stocks and bonds through my pension. Which is a mutual fund in essence. I don't follow it but there you have it. I have some cash. Not enough but I have some cash. And I have gold coins. Among other. Because when I think. Investor collect called I like the coins because I can use them for another purpose to use them in case just in case. So I diversify no finally feel the need to diversify and why don't I feel in need to have gold. Kershaw I remember a time when you weren't allowed him go. And I remember that. Band being lifted I think it was in my early twenties. So I like to acquire these things. Just in case there's another band. But also. I think it's a wise thing to do when you look at the economy. Particularly with the government is doing it's utterly irresponsible and they're not gonna reverse course I'm telling you right now they're gonna raise that debt limit. Lick he split in September October. Massive deficit spending each year. Massive fiscal operating debt of twenty trillion dollars. And massive unfunded liabilities of over 220 on top of that. They are. Nationalizing our healthcare system and it's gonna go broke. They want to nationalize. Family leave. Which is another entitlement. They wanna spend a trillion dollars in Memphis try. I'm just telling you just look you see really no pressure. Effective pressure to slash government it's not even discussed in any significant way. And so we. You know we fight that we vote to trying to stop that but in our own personal lines we got it we can take account of this he can't just go along wiley. And and think that that nothing's going to happen are you familiar with any society which that's the case. Out of control profligate spending and borrowing has consequences. Whose consequences for society's. And its consequences for individuals. So I diversify. The one of those things is importantly. Coal gold coins in my case I would like encourage you to look into it too. For a limited time. Called line is offering price protection for three months. On orders as low as 2500 dollars let me repeat. 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Yes and a pleasure obviously your review we have been a camera here for forever change like I brutal divorce. Slogan women black. Then you Mulally go back to the first book. Well yes sure. It men in black boards and I opening it for me because I suspected. That the legislative branches overreaching. And you see that today. What he moved to ban on on travel which they united scored the fourth. The record also well. Or do appeals court so where were where. Over Richard on that. My tornado that. All of that straight news of obstructionism. On the part of the Democrats and the establishment Republicans. I can be used as ammunition bar mr. trump the rally the troops. In two. I joined the supporting movement or the numbers demonstrate that they're really worried you know my brain that can produce. Would people. But are now shall triggers. No really they don't know at training though we aren't like mine because tonight on Hannity on the union dimensions. Well I'm I'm delighted that bad and so mormons lose by review. Concurs with whom I'm right straight. But I I tell you I I expect that they did make in the swamp where is Ryan and they had possibly is McConnell. Yeah well there's a certain. Roku like quality that this man men and and I don't know if you know about all the intangibles of applause the moral. Played that every time this challenge you know oh really. Yes sure. There. But I don't know much data looked when I see wildlife you know and I do my friend I run I go in the opposite direction. Well. It if it is your research but Fulton your views say that it's pretty good trip in terms of personality a while and. Ask you this question why is it announced without the wiser written with the you know. Spell was the go but the O silence can you tell me that went. Bob what you mean. On passengers. Follow what the problem I I don't know. A man earring yeah create a tale but don't hang up my when he gets you say yeah. Copy. We discovering Americanism signal to them by thank you my friend regular much I appreciate Donna hang out Fernando. Countless. Let this go to Penn state college Pennsylvania on the living in that you know can. State college Pennsylvania I went to Penn State one summer so I mean every mention that I don't think I have. Out of work out or use it worked out great I get straight days the point was they wanted to get out of college drilling like again at a high school early ninety it. So I went to Penn State that summary in order to get. Many credits as I could I'd literally look at Ramos who was three or four courses but it was a lot. I suspect you might have a hard on this story. Really. Well given the agenda. Has had a chat oh I see you mean. While you might be right because we didn't. I don't remember us having the line on our exams advanced us you know enemy. Out. Well hey I want to thank you for that I call it really wanna thank you for everything is due to. It is it or construct your audience. It's it's really value or I don't know what we would do without boards as partners. So. Correctly I don't know how you do with the books you're right radio and conservative or use its. Why don't we just. Hi this month let me let me tell you this. I. Respect you I respect my audience I don't dumb down stuff that's why these books are serious books. But for instance conservative review I have a lot of help and editor in chief but the day in and day out managers there is Kasten loony who does a great job. Landmark Legal Foundation today I moved from president to chairman and we have a wonderful president they're who's been a landmark a long time. Pete Hutchison and he handles the day in and day out activities of there. Certainly going forward. They do this radio program I have a wonderful producer rich. And Steve is back up that wonderful call screener Charlie. Philly relations guy Derry but I have the smallest radius that what do you say rich it's the smallest period. For any syndicated host A really is we keep a tight because I wanted to of people I like. If there's too many M there'll be an iPhone like and then. Well within TV we wonderful people died and David in Chris and on and on and on who. Who handle the day in day out stuff so what it is is it's it's teams of of competent. Solid conservatives. Who. Want our projects to us succeed. I get all the you know. I get to hate but I but I get all the plaudits but clearly they're they're people behind me in working with me every step of the way. Well the whole thing is quite a sort areas art are virtually certain the all of them who helped you this successful. I'm the reason I was only tonight is I'm a little. Curious as to how it is that he bleaker than the Obama holdovers are able to stay. In nerve. Continue on in the things that there that they're doing for so long don't they serve at the pleasure of the president. Well how this is a very very important question don't hang here's the thing. Some of them doing some of them don't some of them on Barrow and into the bureaucracy and it's harder to remove them but some of them haven't. And what I would have thought the president's team would have done is exactly what. Other administrations have done they send. Letters to all the political appointees of which there are 3300. And they tell them as of such and so date. We want to thank you for your services which are no longer be necessary. And then they had a process in place through the assistant to the president for a presidential personnel. With processing resonates you know looking for people who are at it and who are some petticoat with the president and and have some substantive credentials and you can move into the slot what's happened at places like the State Department excuse me I like the Treasury Department. He is the Treasury Secretary is a Democrat as chief of staff as a Democrat so they all I only conservatives. So you got stuff like that going on and it's hurting the president. It definitely is and you have them in the intelligence areas in the national security heirs to. Treating the panel. Those individual couldn't be river is. No it depends on what they if their political appointees. They can be removed immediately. They're at will employees. If they barreled into the civil service there is this long difficult convoluted process to remove people. But in the meantime he can still put your own people in their put them on top of but you know it's funny thing before this election I even said I can assure you that Obama. Is sick creating as many as his ideologues in to this government as is possible. Obama is say. In many ways was a very treacherous ma'am. Can I gotta go don't hang up and giving mode. It is saying you're a copy of my new book rediscovering Americanism and let me say this to you country. In Quetta right now on And starting tomorrow morning. He can get it everywhere. So if you going to Costco for your fourth of July shopping you'll find it there. Or stamps. All Wal-Mart. Or target. Or Books-A-Million. And a course Barnes & Noble if you're flying check catcher airport bookstore. Airport. All over the place if you like in independent bookstore down there on the block they won't have. And I'm sure I missed somebody and charge hear about it tomorrow but it should be everywhere. 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I'm gonna have a lot of fun and what you know a lot of fun with me seriously. Let us down Brian. Blacks in Massachusetts. On the mark within app Harry you. They've market love your show longtime listener. I wanted to comment on the Republicans exports could yeah oh here they you know they campaigned on. Repeal obamacare. And now it seems live audience to. That premise that the federal government. Should control our health care. And down. That's I think he'd be long term goal of the socialist system socialized met its so once we concede. That the federal government. Should run health care. It just a matter of time before we go national or so here. You know what's that you know and and not only health care. If they take the field on health care. There's no other field to defend in other words than we've lost the principled argument they don't even make the principal at night in what they tell the American people. Here's how we make health care cheaper more available error and more consumer friendly we're gonna create competition. Whether to drive down prices the way we do it iphones the way we do a television sets the way we do it posters the way we do and automobiles. Because we should treat you would at least as much respect as we treat inanimate objects and what they edit bill. Is we're gonna take more the government out and it just like the V day. We're gonna get people more choices when we say gift. We're gonna allow insurance companies do what insurance companies want to do. In short Mort Mort you no matter who you are no matter where you are. You know we also have this notion which drives me nuts. And insurance companies will only ensure healthy people Bryant. That's just the sort. Insurance companies insure a lot of sick people and they don't need the government to tell them they just had to make a profit. All and profiteers they're what we call employees who wants that families. It will we call investors people what sanctions who also have families. That's the system don't Iannetta progressive clap trap talk push back. Deriding it almost anyone like the church. You know rhetorically group like insurance you know we're grateful and employer shall I mean Thomas thank you run out used yes and used to be able to get a group health insurance this. Brian calming him arm sorry had to cut you off there. Just as we have a. We got to go we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel that are checked out. Rediscovering Americanism on Amazon check out Hannity night check out FOX & Friends tomorrow. And I'll check you out tomorrow right here on radio outlets if your tire. Tired of the way the mainstream media act if you're tired of the liberal bias if you tired of the status quo. I want you to try out see our TV today conservative reviewed TV is the only network fighting to bring you the truth every day. 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