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Episode 35: Chasers Gone Wild

Jun 26, 2017|

Storm Chasing, whether for hobby, research or career, has been around for many decades.  According to the Storm Prediction Center’s Online Tornado FAQ, the late Roger Jensen is believed to be the first person who actively hunted for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes – in the upper Midwest in the ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I asked about one of nature's most fascinating phenomenon to share your tornado story with us by email Jenin Dan act tornado talk dot com. Yeah and dance at a tornado Dockett got content. Now meteorologist. Jennifer near Moore and Dan Holliday tornado touched is fine what is a storm chaser yeah. The storm chaser is really anyone who chases a storm that summer new added some of done it for years but no one is immune to the danger. The danger from the storm itself. In the danger of other drivers. I've seen people parked out in the middle of the relevant about their tries on the ground when he tried coroner airmen they give you the curve and so what I've seen some problems who have. Did behavior is a little bit what goes. I have never seen anything like got on springer Oklahoma at a gas station overlooking hill on thirty side and you would have thought our albeit I caught it. People park on the right side of the road and run across. To the left and Dan. You know we're not paying attention they're looking at the Torrey odors and running across the road in and summer's going to be hands and this is gonna happen. Social media sands of flames of storms flooding incidents all over the world. Everyone has a camera and whether you know it or not too Big Brother can be watching you while your watching a storm. In case that it's clear landed the storm chaser appears far more daring far more dangerous at times. And just like the Paul Simon song says there were incidents and accidents there were hints and allegations. So we wanted to know your thoughts have chasers. On Lyle. Here are some debt indeed have kind of why apple let me I want really caught go wild but they had in theory it's just to call and grass. Let's meet our tornado time panel that is Elise yeah Gil land she's a meteorologist with the senator for severe weather research in boulder. Billy Sheehan has chased storms ever since she had a driver's license. On the job the data her team collects furthers the science and meteor out team what are her personal goals you know. One you want to see her forecaster. You know it's good until you go out thinking there are really. Exactly ideal setup but you still go out anyway whether yeah Google work verdict if you just wanna get out about so there's such talent there. Resist always challenging herself through an illegal so far. And I think that's just heard meteorologist murderers if you for a black church and I guess. And mother nature gave you all sorts of beautiful things don't work out and then what what Turkey of course if it's a work related chase which most of them are anymore. You know you have here. How that you need to complete with everything you would should know making sure equipment worked and making sure your data act and all about so. There's two sides have. Put me. Quincy bagel grew up on the East Coast and graduated from Western Connecticut State University with a degree in meteorology. He's worked in television has been chasing storms full time since 2014. And he just relocated to Oklahoma City. I've always a lot of interest I feel like I'm from Saint Mary's name one specific thing obviously making money is. Right up and goal but there's so much more that goes into it than not and I also I loved photography but they'll take pictures. Just how many apps like the case never really really tried my passion not a byproduct flat TV and have changed my career path and confirmed case. Jake just let's just from Irwin Pennsylvania and he graduated from Penn state university in as a masters student at Oklahoma State. Jake anchor their friend started club when he was at Penn State the throughput head into the field until a couple of times a year to chase severe storms what are his passions. I I enjoy. Taking what I've learned from the media all you five after agreeing how to implement a back end to reelect experiences which you compete with any storms hit they have what it produced the tornado offered to. Super felt that my overall all on the side that you do that you enjoy a how to be a part of her target blatant hypocrisy. Just no doubt I'm lapses after the beauty of nature like that they as well. And then at all but a couple recent project but the benefits here whether restart paradox warm compared to keep up with the doppler on wheels and in that case it was more lack. I think scientific I'm data. Jeff Stevens is the CEO and owner of Metso mound designs it's a business he created in 2016. And makes the only American not a dome camera for the roof of storm chase vehicles. He also chases storms with a north Texas storm spotters in Oklahoma Storm Chasers he lives in Louis built Texas why does he love weather so much. One answer is going to be. It's a spectacular books. It's just you re understanding. This is this is much more than just a storm drains are harder treat this some people will never see again and no consistently. Post or Ike. Everyone has different variables and it teaches you how to treat him differently a little bit. Every time you know it it that it it's the it's it's us being able to understand every morning we learned that it got to get over there and we learned from each one to become better checks. Becoming a more skilled chaser is one saying daddy coming irresponsible one may be more critical now than ever on big severe storm days a rose to get clogged with traffic to the point that the probability of an accident is higher than they used to be and they're always in storms so why are there so many storm chasing. Well certainly the number of chasers. Has exploded. Partly as can't agree and so the way we did. TV stations in the weather jail and so on are showing video of a tornado boosted. Spiritual seekers. First six they're both. You know people are rock climbing and hang gliding and you may not serve. There's an excitement. Folks participating in activities that a little bit of a danger involved in them and so. I think tornado chasing is is one of those air and so there are people that are starting to go chasing that haven't done that before and so. They're not as experienced. Give themselves a little bit Maureen harm's way that the some of the veteran chaser. That's the weather channel's doctor Greg Forbes during the great tornado hunt he's seen firsthand how busy the roads can be. Jeff Stevens says he believes storm chasing his replaced old ways of thrill seeking. If you were to take eighties and nineties parachuting. Paired that was a big fun that was a big draw. Cards and all of this every year. Did we hear an average rental and junkies state. Seem to go that. Right now I mean all that stuff is colonel. And I think that the way that it social is perking everything you are great. It in such a way that people out there looking for a bigger they're looking for the next big sore the next speaker. Acute renal and rush and the what better way to remove Russia. And chasing a tornado I need to think about there's no other you knew. Wait to experience in Roland. Then that. You can video that tornado went Forte you can make our animals they hear what technology inning with a that it. You can be sitting on the couch watching. And with social media spreading the thriller storm chasing Quincy Nagle says that has helped bring new fans onto the roadways. I think give a lot of reasons and again on not a social media I think not only is social media impact when it comes to sharing but it I think because there's so much in great online now. That almost any. Local go or. Alec you go see that okay meteorologists are saying that there's gonna be a chance of tornadoes and it's very specific area or they're seeing that storm prediction center out walk. And that's kind of driving Peter local chasers or maybe not let this go I go out there and they might get lucky but I think I'm not expecting create. He's a convert important create. A much bigger situation where people or not very knowledgeable on the science behind it or even an. The experience of being a storm chaser that's where things get kind of typical. A Lisa gill land says Hollywood has made storm chasing the larger than life when he. Have nobody come now. That kind of blurred sorry. Storms eighteen whether he liked Chris third or instance a firm. Or things like you know dark rings are important people you have your broken here tour companies which I mean. This year I'd seen tour group wacker doctor that I'd never even heard that. And now of course you know you have your long established ones like by Charles brown and. How benign tumors in extremely cheap tourist you know we've been around for awhile but didn't have a lot of double arm but he just Haiti hope tiger summit or collect. By a company is that or quote unquote company has says Tina does come Alex sketchy. And that's where the divide as if the road is open to anyone to storm chase who has the right to say that someone can't. And with more people than ever in the search for storms as they can just playing crowd out there we know there's a thrill and the adrenaline rush but there's also fame. To getting likes and shares on social media drive the interest and storm chasing. I do think bit there that your question did out there you know the first one. First one being the first one be the first one has always let death be. Bush I think that that again more substantial impact then money at the time being with you more more potent general just stormed off me chasers. And I think part of that is there is due to the fact that war being the fact that they can do this through social media and then making had to do it ourselves. Well brightness. Continue to see this growth as a means enter it and keeping it a relatively new but we're in a few more yards and in more experience and keep culminating end. An increasing number eight cirrus I think that's a huge impact I think we see a lot of chasers. Dale will put up a bit not even not impressive. But it and I ate haggard but it L kind of words you use. And that can be so many goes viral or bear for example I know I know the chase and actually went to school let he drove under tornado this year nearly. It was mortar or buy dot double but just to get that. Video about social media are at a picture that definitely drive chasers TO. And with fame comes money producers and media watch for images and videos of severe storms that they believe will drive the web traffic in viewership. They may contact the storm chaser on social media and asked to use it for free some Storm Chasers even have brokers that sell in sand storm video networks. Can we want it now world we live in the early bird gets the war in other words the first storm chaser captures the ideals shot. Could have fame and money is out another reason chasers have gone wild Lisa gill land says yes. Absolutely yeah. But wide range will be sent up parking lot of course are group. And to a track changes come Bradley wanted to take pictures or talk her whatever then. Blood work groups to come up and everything that much per period that the individual states are. And don't come up with you know they have you know fairly expensive with a video camera and everything they want. They're shooting video of hair like excuse me for a minute why don't upload this brokerage fight and you know you just urged Arab people. Stay in Haiti I wanna get video because I got to the eighth floor let me or I met him boy I need this already. All right a general a hole you are not gotten you know proper you know various social media clamp the secure social media for. Worked get everything. That I you know just gossip media under the without error yet the public can vote for him park lot. You know you hear people say hey I won't do it will be able to upload their I'm the first to get the call make the thought the ball well and I. Think there's a general. He leaned I mean I won't be long hair no they can get your video gets he shot of the year. Audit and able to retire and I mean I'm sure a lot of people let you smoke free air and it doesn't work that went. I do not make big bucks out there and prevent the best view a lot of these super screen. Also Serbs are often so are birth their work. But words concerns could be out recklessly lighting it he shot or working in the middle of erode that look tripod and a broad. To get beat each shot without helping people a bit. I ownership alpha. Yeah out there. Definitely the impression you make a buck. Driving for hundreds of miles in search of the storm eats gas Jake deflects thinks of being paid for video isn't a bad thing because for some covers the cost of their hobby. I think those they'll do it. Just for the beauty of this storm and then on the side this there Haley and government cover my gas money are acutely gaffe but hey in the hotel or whatever. But I think he'll open particularly if it's primarily early I hope that they get primarily the fact that this storm itself rather gaining any god I. Money's part of that but I don't think it's the number one reason or the bigotry and I think a lot of chasers they paid wanna be there and get pictures and experience the thrill storm but I do think our. A relatively small. Part of the community in at about. Getting close to possible and that could mean being reckless but in turn pulpit to make a good amount of money which if you're really close are you get. Greatly helped put major damage and there's a potential make a lot of money I think that's part of it I think my concentration convergence there's a lot more to put in just the money out. Back Quincy bagels says he's earned money from his footage getting a thousand dollars for his video of a may 2016. Tornadoes near Dodge City, Kansas. Jeff Stevens is worried that fame and money your putting lives at risk especially for beginners who haven't yet learned the ropes. I think that the money aspect. You know you get he's got a lot of the times. And new chasers that are certain and beyond media outlet groups. On. Their their younger. And it's like they have a death wish almost don't department of biamby who won tickets so we make it big. You know I'm going to be that fifteen minutes of fame by getting up a tornado because the video don't close you are the more you get pay. So yeah apparently I definitely think that the money aspect Evan out there albeit small. Can still draw. And I think it makes people laps in their judgment a little bit as to where they don't respect limit. Ensues a chase are doesn't respect their own limits. Accurately gonna get problems. Because if you if you forget what year comparable we're at and what your knowledge level you. And you're relying on other people that may not be around because they partied last. Even those who have been out for years had a target of criticism for doing things that have been caught on video. Storms don't wait for chasers if you aren't in the right place at the right time may miss at all. Nixon fame and money passion and timing and often that seems to result in witnessing erratic behavior. It frustrates those who try to follow the rules of the road. I've seen people running stop buying I have seen people parked armed private property which acts just disrespect right there. Well you know. I've seen people parked out in the middle of the wrote about their eyes on the road when he tried to run around and they give you the curve Aaron just unfortunately right. And then you know there's everybody else you know bare feet Haiti Nino when he volleys I thought everything but there are confused they just. Don't give a damn about anybody else. But don't tell and they make it very clear you know they just. Do whatever they chipped and right instead it looks pretty aggressive Jeremy. The biggest issue idea. People do not pull all the way off the road and they're jumping in another car that summer getting close to the road there could be the issue that you know I've heard other stories where. The media becomes it has become more concerned because they're coming a little bit more little bit extreme I guess you could say I. He stormed shores where you have a fan that sparked on the shoulder and and all the sudden you have like 1015 people run out traffic I'd actually close calls right out though slam on the brakes because someone running across the road I mean. I brought across throat before but not one of these vehicles nearby are you doing when I'm approaches Christine not. I'd seen iPod on the road and I they wrote on the road surface. Inside the white line and on the short of actually on the road with the driving surface they seem not. I'm one thing that bothers me the most is people who perhaps a high rate of speed. And not tapping sound and especially when there's no need to do it out chasing in Oklahoma I might have been and margin this year and a lot of road runner you know maybe 65 and people work fine by an 88090 miles an hour. And portly and it was actually a super cell that was behind I don't know why they have a go way out Brian. Thank you it might just been again kind of guilty seeking out an adrenaline quite seen. But high rate of speed and when I early on cases within builder Nebraska and 2014. And one neighbor how to. Walk apparently had been building within one and driving but the other hand any support are currently ditch. Dan Robinson of storm highway dot com posted an article in May of 2017. Titled the top five ways to be known as an idiot storm chaser. Number five he says his thinking you're going to make a living will be famous for chasing. Number four stealing your thinking storm photos number three putting flashing lights on your vehicle number twos celebrating when a tornado hits a house and number one. Driving like an idiot. But not so fast Jeff Stevens says something new has begun with the excitement around severe weather is the violators are necessarily Storm Chasers. It's those who chased the chasers. I've never seen. You all my friends afterwards that there's a problem. Anyway nothing to do with the chaser meet its Acer. Or. Little arm yelled southeastern Oklahoma it's. The chasers. Murder so extremely. Conscious about safety they were pulled off side of the road that were using hazard when he's too. I could not claim could not find anything wrong and try to nitpick every little thing you go oh cool. They come out and I have never seen anything like got on springer Oklahoma at a gas station overlooking hill on thirty side. JD we collect and gas station watching it all watched him come in and you would have caught our albeit ought yeah. Because these people had their Stanley doubt sitting on tailgate everyone Cameron. And they were just watching and of course they saw come through don't wanna wait and they would you know what's going on these people. That's what they do. Gimme a call any any bills that were part of the roadways Hayward all got you may have five wood chip straight up there. Doing what they do. And you've got 25 or holes. Howling behind. The general public Heath is no most people. And street this guy behind this can you be using Newsome pickup truck with a girlfriend and kids. All behind us we have no control over eight. But. The problem this is he he's brought along with an. The chaser community. You know or it's the chasers that are out or. Not. The majority of the chasers that would compete you would expand that majority straight we do this don't we do this. With a global what we do not the chasers aren't either got a problem. It's really. Beat dad come on a call to go pro hero. It's because people get the joke throws thanks hey you know I want to do this. In order to be fair we turn that same question around on members of our chaser panel. Had any of them ever broken a mom while storm chasing the biggest thing out probably say it would be would be a little bit over the speed limit. We could try to stay away from other cases like that that I try to stay far enough back former entitled to our our habits over. He's let it get sick keep up with everybody else you know not he's crazy but he was my fault yeah you know what happened. I tried out. Not strike deep south not the because I drive so many miles a lot of times and actually got it below the speed limit like eighties but there have been sometimes brag on. Let's just say well over the speed limit state or catch up toward tornado warning get off to a storm. For me personally I'm gonna drive an hour speed usually only on street while roads but his little note are no traffic I would say. There are broken the law. Never actually. You know we occasionally people's feet here and there like a 5056. Miles per hour. Something like that yeah. So the rules do gives vent from time to time but then there are the extreme cases. One storm chaser drove until week's tornado in Louisiana and analysts are rated by his peers on social media in Broward County Oklahoma 35 year old Eric shores of the house staff was arrested for impersonating a peace officer and for illegally use a red and blue lights there was an incident in debit taxes in the spring of 2017. When it chaser was caught on video between two tornadoes a frightening situations. Jeff Stevens recalls that. You know I don't think you with a bad traits are I think he made a bad decision anymore keywords but panic you know I mean if it's. I don't know what he was speaking was actually getting -- need to do that he was selling the video I have no idea. But it situation bit yeah I have seen that people like I've got to get this I've got to get that I've got to get this deal out there have been uploaded I gotta get out there. They're the ones that I think you're taking the risks a little bit more than others hurt. But I do you think albeit small the financial games and definitely impact. Some might think on the road spam you gotta think or out there it's there and nine million things to do no wrong. And it purely focused on one thing and that's how you're gonna get that video uploaded to get paid and your read scheme a whole lot. And I think it's an unnecessary risk. And then there was the accidents that shell shocked to the storm chase community. More after the break. The tornado talk podcast was born out of a labor of love in the spring of 2016. Each episode we dig deep to bring you fascinating stories about how tornadoes have affected the lives of every day folks. So far there have been 35 episodes if you haven't heard the mall we invite you to subscribe on iTunes so you received them the moment they are released and if you take just a few seconds to give tornado talk to review on iTunes and let us know once you posted it. We will send you a pair of tornado tot come disease absolutely free. Thank you for your support from the team a tornado talk and tornado talk. Dot com. Tuesday march 28 2017. And the lives of three prominent Storm Chasers were tragically cut short and or Texas. KXANTVs. Gen Spencer may be announcement and what happens and who was involved. Kelly Jean Williamson and Randall yarn doll from castle Missouri they were on assignment for the weather channel and Corbin leak Yeager a Peoria Arizona. The area was under a tornado warning at the time of the crash the Texas department public safety says Williamson was driving a black suburban and didn't stop for a stop sign. Hit a black Jeep coming the other direction all three were pronounced dead at the same period Syrian TV photojournalist Boston Anderson remembers getting that news. I almost dropped the phone and when I heard this and my first reaction was I don't know. Think we could see this coming. Because it's a frantic situation out there right underneath the a severe thunderstorm. And there are so many distractions well on the road and it and I'm just my heart just goes out for their families and and homeless in the community. The three men who lost their lives you all too well there risks involved when storm chasing and range safety. As a major importance of just weeks before the fatal crash Kelly Williamson spoke you KS PR TV in Springfield Missouri boy had. Had a couple scary moments in Texas meg is danger out there's the other chasers and that. The grandma this trying to Gator kids that tornado sirens going off and she's trying to get him to safety you know you've got to watch out for everybody out there and then the storms kind of come secondary. There's lounging go out there and be safe you know that's the main thing. The accident raised questions about how something like this could and should be avoided in the future. Jeff Stevens believes it has changed the way that people chase. I think there'd be you be so here blew up after India the tragedy which wished to be chase. In a way that it a lot of the guy a lot of the storm ripped a true. They really took that offered you know we really took that okay when this slowdown in their Wheaties this day and every one I've ever seen that. I've never seen it below upside and I've never machines. These possibly after that this year I haven't seen a whole lot of arms. And it just treat it chasers won't be wild in the future. Dangerous weather will be even the most skilled or not guaranteed to stay safe when a storm strengthened past can quickly change. Doctor Greg Forbes remembers another loss on May 31 2013. There's a lot of unpredictability. And the tornadoes and probably believe certainly Jim supporters and his team. Parachuting in the Toledo tornado. They were extremely careful they were seeking to make measurements. Being close to the tornado they weren't out there just for them to throw a lot of they were trying to do science thirty. Got caught in. Yeah they have erratic behavior tornadoes so. That no real peace goes showed just how dangerous things could be it was. Near Oklahoma. A lot of chasers there's some veterans some just people that let's go up and and see. Don't know the details of the breakdown of percentages both. The world Bob twenty vehicles or rural around two dozen vehicles and we're real close to that tornado week. The justice ones that we had GP if she. That we could see. And our ability. To monitor the do you know the Storm Chasers got way of where they are but. But there's probably will not know that were participating in that. GPS monitoring your program so I meant that there were a lot of people really didn't potentially harms way you do the world. That's a murderous group and then one other chase through the perished in map arena recorded earlier and you know might finish you know that sort of blown up churning turning say also it's it's endangered fish hubby revocation. The meteorologist community is grateful and respects the scientific work that tends to Maris and his crew accomplished. It's a concern about the new Storm Chasers of tomorrow and the explosion of social media there exposes every one's faults. Have we started over policing each other. There are no locking reporting going on and I also think there's a lot of people that are just during happen at Teradata. Just sit hang you know and then there's some people back. You need to finger pointed out and end when somebody you know blatantly. Makes an addict ample everybody else had they need to be called. Carter went on Wednesday you know travel that you backed war everyone has he aggravating didn't eat. The dot com which is far away. Error an accident happens but unfortunately. That's why you're driving at Cabot you have to be aware part is that you are the driver right now much video sleeping in my that they were more just trying to point fingers. It would be nice that the economy have a lot of fight foundations like something does happen that come back at any parent because they're not the call to tell who that even why beat upon leaving their car I can eat and bumper stickers they might have on her license plate. This is not something to be taken lightly but if you're out there applauding going to get to a storm if you look at port is not care. If you really look at it. Underneath it that storm just the same way you war may be just a little while and you. But I did they play. Alternate your own actions slow down when he's slowed down to the right thing we need Dubuque right thing. That's what we're really gonna start changing around this negative persona that we've gotten is everybody take a look at. So I call it the I keep coming at prep football player there's a problem not seeing it as a problem but. I try to stay out of the the whole chaser arguments and all the fighting that happened on social media so. Kind of just summarized I think there's some over policing where you have some cases to Glock and point fingers and blame other people but the same time there's also that other side of that word. Some people are just nice to the whole bank and try to brush off as as they're being a problem. When storm chasing originated there wasn't a technology there is today to guy the inexperienced right into the heart of the storm. Veterans will argue that their only resource is were scribbling down modeled AM having a weather radio a roadmap and using their instincts to be in the right place. That maybe why there're so few Storm Chasers back then. So when you add in fame on line. The potential for a payday from networks and advances in technology that leads to more and stressed were people on the road and more distractions in the vehicle. Maybe there is a solution to this or maybe not Quincy big tool says it's difficult you know I really. Honestly don't think there's any solution to it just unfortunately there's more accidents are more tragic thing happen. That might turn people's opinions around all the better change change their approach. I think there's no way to do I think some people like what with the idea of doing like chaser like that is or having like. Chaser education program by I don't really think that's the issue act think or fleece thing. Now the problem eventually you'll be funny anymore or they'll have to go out and take I certainly get a license or get a degree and I'm bank battle without gorilla picked. But at the same time they're really need to be more awareness so maybe it just comes down to do it more chaser can't speak output MySpace speak out I'm Ian. I call it not point fingers but I'm opinions and I think having to dialogue and podcasts really will be good good to see our perspective to get the people's ideas and I have my ideas found or the people of good ideas when it comes due. Out of state aid or think they seeing our. Think they would do differently that's right him about it. Only seeing yellow land is not so optimistic either they get Greg continue to get worse I mean they're saying is is just sit by the end definitely you know they're. Becoming last time. You know respect furry gather. People were more offended by eating a little thing now bear in. People are quick to point fingers fake yes there's the last a look at themselves in the mirror. So to speak. Aaron. I mean at school and required just to change moved at pace battered picking on me actually acts for each other you know legged friend were all out there are certain things things. Different motivation different reasons why we're there street church or just very nature or you know people wanna get video awards. Pictures or studied there and you know Kevin Everett as we're all out there for the same thing where it's just submit stories back and that's what's the only black. Al Bakr and I think we can kind of say that that's kind of the trend to assist. Society in general theme park Jacob Fletcher is hopeful that points back to being safe on the road I'm not sure that they need we cannot even I have now. Just generally uses hopefully yet theatrical portion of people just realize that yard fifty yard drive me back. Debuted number one concern is that the court not to proceed into the every bit public does but they just run your thoughts on whether texting and driving for the things. Sleeping at night the big thing now costs a lot driving all week. But just look at mr. cautioned not really can try other safety applause here on. Jesse even says the solution is obvious you don't use common seem. That's that's the simplistic answers you discovered this when you're out there. Think that storm system is different perspective and know your web doctor Greg Forbes says controlling chasing wouldn't be simple. I don't know what the answer is I don't think you can regulate is always worth us storm chaser convention but I usually go to the question wrong. Good behavior and situations please feel that type of thing to try to get the word out when you feel about how to be good citizens. Tim Marshall has a message of hope. And suggests education for those just learning and what is it like to chase a storm. I don't want people to chase safely and other guys chased out there and want them there. To me like I was I was given read up on everything you can't about a quarter of the Internet makes it so easy to learn about tornadoes so do your homework. He goes tornadoes. Can be somewhat erratic Q and their movement and you don't wanna be caught in a tornado so keep your distance. And now the State's safe. Tornado talk is written and researched and produced by Jennifer and Barrymore and Dan Holliday with the assistance from Brendan Mullin know. Audio courtesy of KX Syrian TV and TS PR TV we explore and investigate nature's most fascinating phenomenon on every episode of tornado talk. Subscribe on iTunes catch up on past episodes as well by Vince listening anytime online at tornado talk dot com.