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6/22/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jun 23, 2017|

The number one reason that Republicans took control of the Congress, Senate and the Presidency is because of the problems caused by Obamacare. Why would Republicans think that repealing Obamacare would not be popular? The bill that Senate Republicans are putting forward is 95% Obamacare and is a ...

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Get that fifty dollars towards the purchase of your match. Hasbro dot com slash marked fifteen terms and conditions apply. He's here. Now. Only underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the victims feel a nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the. Hello everybody in my opinion there are and number eight. 38118. Create one. 3811. Well we ask the question. I think they say that allowed them. Well let me ask you questions. Do you think our entire health care system. Should be based on what happens to Medicaid. Medicaid is they welfare program Medicaid who started in 1966. As I recall. 25 cents of every dollar. Any state budget in your state budget goes to Medicaid and that's matched by federal dollars so you're paying at state and federal. You're paying taxes to subsidize people who are on Medicaid some of whom report. Some of whom. Are on Medicaid because the government allows them to be on Medicaid. And under Obama care. If you're not pour. Here you can be on Medicaid to. If you're over 100%. Above the poverty level you let a level you qualify for Medicaid. So it's a massive redistribution of wealth. Thousand people week reduce some of that rank most of it's out of our control of the week greeted is some of that because. We don't want people quote unquote dying in the streets and there's no reason anyone in this country would be dying in the streets. We spent trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars on Medicaid. It's welfare. That's what it is it's welfare while for like food stamps is one for. So why would we center our health care system. On a welfare program. The Democrats are running around saying the Republican proposal would cut Medicaid. They're not running around saying keep obamacare because it will lower your premiums lower your deductibles increased choices and increase the quality of your health care I think. On the other hand the Republicans. Aren't really cutting Medicaid. Because they plan to do it many many many years from UC many many many years from. Which means it'll never happen they men out of control of congress. Let's what do we mean by cuts. But they mean by cuts ladies and gentlemen is essentially going back to where we where before obamacare is that it cut. And all the people in the meantime. Who get on the welfare rolls of Medicaid. Still those roles for the rest of their lives if they continue. To meet the qualifications that existed under Obama. That's been great content they're talking about oh what are right. Now to joke. Everything that happened. So once again like the Georgia six there whatever it is. We get caught up in these lies in these debates and have absolutely no real world. You know rationality to. Yet the consequences are great. We have two political parties headed abandoned capitalism. I'm so sick you bring these people say it's a good first step that would good first that is unraveling obamacare. Not embracing it. A good first step I'd love. I you know Reagan used to say to get 50% look at the other 50% later. Yes but he didn't say surrender a 100%. Here we have a massive new entitlement program. Has been 22 and when the Democrats control the house and the senate. They didn't get a single Republican vote and today. He gets votes in the House of Representatives. And all but four Republican senators are lined up behind this Obama care. That's what is. Even though that we'll Obama put out a face but most. It Democrats are laughing. They say we could trash the Republicans. While at the same time Irish riding. Public care. And they have clowns on TV and radio the pretend that they conservative. Tonya that this is well. That perished that. Ticket perspective during the collapse. Now let's get a descent Vito first of all let's start from there you know let's. Let's do some basics here. Let me ask you this folks. Why is the government becoming a coming between you and your insurance company. Why the government coming between you and your insurance policy. Why the government coming between. Do you and your doctor. You know when it comes to killing babies. And that Democrats call that choice Hollywood choice choice choice. When it comes to your own health care system. Yet that government approved insurance. Warrant. Why did I get that kind of policy I want for myself and my family. Now why get a business offer that kind of policy to me. Or to a family. Why all the interference while the regulations while the mandates. We're grown adults. But our constitutional system these are decisions had left. Are you and me. We know best what we need we don't that's what our families need. You're businessman anyone offered insurance policy you don't how best to partner and a customize or Taylor policy. To compete. And our our federal government. The antitrust division. Yet it compete for post. And dishwashers and washing machine. They don't want concentration of economic power but when it comes to the concentration of political power they're all part. They demand it. Who's after saying any of that not let. Nobody. The role of the government as assume that's how the left wins every damn time and let me ask you this. Let's say they pass this monstrosity and it is. That's come out of the United States senate with the Republicans. How many of you think. Now once the Democrats are back in control and you know what that does happen from time to time. That they're just gonna sit there and say all while you know they're they're they're gonna phase out some spending on Medicaid eight years from now but I. That's over with right. Everything is being proposed in this bill. As awful wasn't it. While no consequence whatsoever. So there's only downsides to this. We never move in the direction. Of free market capitalism. And individual live pretty. A competition. Of choice of the things that it may this nation prosperous in the first place. We never ever move in this direction. We seem bound within the box that I let creates. So as I said yesterday that building blocks for now McConnell there. Like Ryan there other building blocks of Harry Reid Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama. I'm gonna explain to you what's going on what you're gonna cease. Virtually every single thing that's come out of this proposed bill. Involves obamacare. A little bit more of Obama care little bit less of Obama Cape May be here there's not Obama can't. I told you the house bill was 90% obamacare. This bill. Is 95%. Obamacare. What are they think repealing a. Omnicare would not be popular when it's given them their majorities in the house and the senate and quite frankly given them the presidents. This is the number one issue. It affects people every single day. What they think we turned over one. Thousand house and senate seats in the states. And numerous governorships. Predicts. What is. And all that appears to work on this. Years. And because they call it repeal and replace. We're supposed to shake I thought our heads when I tongues out of our mouse. Like dogs and yap yap yap the average Hilary aren't they great they're probably all like denigrate and now yet. Susan a sporting event. The blue team and a red team. We have the looked even like looting here. The Democrats. Keep destroying the society. Keep transforming their society. And the Republicans keep going along. I'm also told that Mitch McConnell. Where the knicks. I'm also told Mitch McConnell. Shared a draft of this bill with the lobbyists on K street and Washington. Before he even share it with all the center. Because that's what and who Mitch McConnell list. He only cares about the next election he only cares about power. Let's get a majority leader if they lose he wants to give them an ideal leader that's what he has. He's a hamster running ads there will just keep running running running running of circles. When we come back. I will begin the process. Of unraveling the. You're gonna have to reject the plan includes. And the other. Generalizations and nonsense about Lowrie got a you have to allow there is no half a loaf here. Well I you know end of the first step there is no first step here. I'll be right back. Okay them. I've always basketball players and others. Athletes who. You don't wanna go to the White House. These multimillionaire. Athletes. You know it goes Greece. This curious out. Mean nothing to most of us. We gained a watches here in the campaign he confessed to toy prices with here seven dollar hot dogs. When you screw the middle class in the port people who wanna watch you. Yeah I yet don't go to the White House screw you asked us if we care to shut the hell up about it already. I'm not going to allow woke up good shares. While we're making a statement wow what a statement late at its North Korea or Iran other making a statement ladies and gentlemen. They're not under the White House. 102030. Million dollars a year. Although show the system they'll show the man. Has rodeo. Now let's get back to this. Yes it's effectiveness. We're gonna have led David Horowitz on the bout on the program one of the true experts in this country on health care among other things. Let's go to Ben Shapiro over at the daily wires sees hears two brilliant young conservatives. Horowitz and Shapiro on a cycle offer. So senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is done precisely what everyone expected he is unveiled a watered down version says Schapiro and he's right. The already weak house Republican trump Kitna. Those actually so we think even obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber is chortling that it doesn't actually repeal obamacare an effect mr. producer let's play cuts for. Go. You know on tour this morning on the one hand this is no longer obamacare repeal bill that's good. On the other hand this is just a giant cut in Medicaid that's what this bill now amounts to and that's bad cook cook. Now the bottom line is these so called cut happens here is in years from now so you know that'll never happen suddenly it's not a cut. It's a return. In how the socialist left Kooks top. What idiot acting. But the bottom line is Gruber and remember this clown how he lied his way into this group where. Says it's not an obamacare repeal them and it's not aware that a repeal and replace. Now you're gonna sell out. I am an idea about repeal and replace you wanna hear this America. Let's repeal and replace Mitch McConnell once and for all what do you say. Let's repeal and in the next election and replace him in the next election. Many don't. Which appearances every provision isn't bad. It does mean that the bill does little or nothing to lower premiums. Undermines the solvency of insurance companies. Make changes to Medicaid so far down the road. They may never materialized while that sounds great. Speaker of the house are Ryan's. Let's see says it provides the necessary government cutbacks. To allow the CBO the congressional budget all that's inside the bout like crap from these politicians. Here's what it does number one. The bill retains obamacare scored regulatory scheme. The return of the bill Rian trying subsidies to insurance companies. Why do insurance companies need subsidies. Ladies and gentlemen. Because it's not in shorts. Were redistributing wow that is a massive new welfare entitlement. Insurance companies are nothing more than pastors that's all they are. Your health care system has been effectively nationalized the Bakalar. And this does not undo it. Number three. The bill provides no entitlements for middle income Americans all that'll go over well. So pays for that. Middle Americans why does that Wear. Obama can't give subsidies for insurance purchases to families of four. Making four times. The federal poverty level 98000 dollars. But the senate bill merely reduces the capped 86000. But as prices rise which may well in the continuation of obamacare preexisting condition requirement in the under the obamacare mandates and taxes. And subsidies won't be enough. This also creates a cliff and coverage. Who make just more than the prescribed amount let's say make 87 that was. The senator's anti subsidy state income rather than age which means that it weakens incentives for young people to buy insurance. Number four the bill dramatically alters Medicaid. Down the road weighing down the road you see. This is Paul Ryan's great priority. The senate bill retains. The senate though retains. The senate bill would now begin the roll back in 20/20 one. After the election cycle in 225. Would create a growth cap on Medicaid payments. Linked to inflation rather than health cost inflation. That provides a savings down the road and it'll never happen. But they can run around now talk about savings down the road. Why can't this be down the road right now why can't we control right now why can't we cut back right now. Why can't repeal right now why does everything have to be down the road because you know it won't happen. And there's more I'll get to it will be back. One of our experts say no Harwood so could. Conservative revealed. Very logic and a loud and I'll law and de mark well let me show. Call now at 877381. 3811. Daniel Horowitz is. Think senior editor the conservative review I'm editor in chief. We don't get the top that off and we just email. But this is one area where he is clearly one of the nation's great experience. And your furiously this high chief Daniel Horowitz. You'll also period market it's great to be with you. Then I would about the start reading your book today and instead acted spent time on the nonsense have. Well here we are so tell the American people. In real clarity here in Indy just basic terms what's going on. It's very simple that it's not obamacare light obamacare 2.0 eight peaked obamacare. It immediately Keith obamacare. And then. Depending on a provision for three to seven years from now. Has something that Ed something that is the track a little bit. But ultimately. Keep that system real brief overview obamacare has three core elements. And into funding ailment. The three core elements are there actually early insolvent regulation that you have to cover things that you know arm output at 84. Then that creates the need for the number two the subsidies which in turn to inflate the price even more and then what I know. Subsidies are we the taxpayer paying. Other people other institutions like insurance companies right. Exactly and could be clear. This is on top of the one point six trillion that we spend combined federal state. On healthcare he got Medicare Medicaid tri care VAL that the program pirate pool. Then subsidize being just the private sector because they now made it unsustainable with the regulations the regulations crate that he'd been upbeat. Then we have the Medicaid expansion. That all the fundamentally in this bill what he repeal are the funding mechanisms which are the tax increase that the fund entitlement. And then individual mandate a requirement to purchase and then clear it you know purchased for their employees. The put some might say well there aren't as good provision. The reality is if you mixed the two together it's actually even worse. Because you're keeping Obama care but you're making it even more insolvent except this time. Republicans will own it the one McConnell said he's gonna rip it out root and branch he met. He meant to rip it out from the Democrat lawn and replanted on the Republican long. There's really no effort here in a note no real substantive effective effort to. And bring our our healthcare system. Back into a competitive. Free market system is that. No bigger nobody speaking to a vision of what health care should be. Not a health insurance. For explaining the difference between insurance and care I dug the goal of health care. Ensuring that the third party Payer which is now fourth party because employers and government. May lead sponsor it. And we don't we don't talk about. Options competition. Making it like Hoover at Amazon and in an innovative ideas you know we had twenty that I conservative review. We have many idea nobody is putting that forced it all questioned out. More more more more. And ironically. The subsidies increased the price just like with student loans just like with everything. An an and the bitter reality is that. Under everyone's plans are keeping the Medicaid expansion at all question of how much are gonna let it grow. Under everyone's plan we have all the the higher pools under one to create a federal Irish bull. The one toward dealing with. The poorer the people that are sick why can't we have the tiny sliver on the remaining market that unregulated and not subsidize. Right so another it's what you're saying is people who are on Medicaid people Arnold Medicare people who are not in the VA system and others. The the the percentage of the American people left in the so called private market why can't we have a private market. And exactly people forget a lot of people compare are the Europeans say we're prided in Europe is is you know socialist. And they talk about the on the problem the American health care system. The reality is 55%. Of what we spend which is three point controlling a year in government. And even a large portion of how pulled an employer's spending it really going toward government run health care adequately regulated. Although by the government to do the very legal prided there we actually get devices of both and the virtues of not. Do we get the crony capitalism of the private sector greed. And their lobbyists working with government to basically what is bill does is they create a permanent. You need for bail out. So rather than compete for organic consumer demand the compete with in the very narrow confines. Of government raid and government subsidies. It looks like obamacare is here to stay doesn't. It's actually because Republicans are agreeing to the fundamental premise. We're to argue about the fine print but the fundamental premise that we are gong to subsidize and regulate the entire market even beyond the Medicaid expansion. Eat and and by the way in addition to create another 110. Billion dollar entitlement. To bail out both insurers and states to another additional. Program. On how it's never enough you know I I I recently looked atop an astounding figure you don't have to go back. Too long you know the 1950s. I don't remember the eighty's but you do you worked in the Reagan administration is lead is 1987. When Reagan thought it we're spending too much he wanted to up root the great society with twenty years into the great society. We are spending 85 billion a year on health care. Now we're spending one point six trillion and that is why health care that stop and yet it's not enough even for Republicans. The Republicans are mostly progressives. I mean this is. Dirty little secret eight under pound gorilla it's hard to get around a lot of people acting all we know what the calculus here are edited procedural maneuver Arnie BD. And the reality is they don't hear our values but I think what particularly tough about this is usually you don't care about principle they're all worried about politics. But the politic of this bill is horrendous. It's much worse than full repeal because you're getting all of the disadvantages of repeal you're appealing that. Axes which let's face it taxes that are not health care is nothing to do with the bill. An aide gave the Democrats a talking point that you're not lower prices you're promising seven years from now make some cut. But you're giving tax cuts for the rich you're I don't agree with that talking point but it it'd political malpractice. So the Democrats already including Obama was his FaceBook posts and Schuman the rest. They're attacking the Republicans as if they're actually repeal Obama care so they get it both ways they know that the Republicans. Are enshrined in obamacare forever and single Payer is what we're gonna get forever while they Iraq politically attack but my question is this. You're right the politics for the Republicans is not great. So then would you agree that essentially the Republican Party is a progressive party the Republican Party I mean. Used to support the progressive movement early on in the last century the Democrats you know took it hard laughed but still I mean. He can think of these single entitlement that the Republicans have rolled back to the Democrats have created. You know and basically what we're doing now it. Obama. Who succeeded in his legacy. Far beyond his presidency to make his policies in new baseline. That Republicans are just they're debating with Democrats over future stuff. And now we have the bunker cared it that the child tax credit then you know paid paternity and maternity leave. All that stuff the pork Gillick. Dude no discussion of rolling back he didn't even though the new deputy if it is absolutely maddening basically the difference today. Democrats want Obama care with tax increases Republicans want obamacare funded by deficit spending. There which means our children and grandchildren gonna pay for that it's on top the other trillions in trying to dollars in unfunded liabilities correct. And actually and also the important thing is you can't move on from there is nothing more to talk about. This is 15 of the economy it don't to be the single biggest driver of the deficit. It's the single biggest factor in ensuring that middle income families cannot live with dignity without government dependency. It completely unsustainable. It you've you can be a fiscal conservative he can't be an economic conservative you can't reduce the debt. And let you believe in free market health care and nobody is he outside of a handful of members. It supplying any vision. For what health care should look like. And this was this this is the cherry on top of the cake this that this is what on top of the ice cream this is what. The Democrats have wanted for a hundred years as. This is what they wanted but the problem he had is that Republicans didn't buy into it. So you for example every time insurers would want to bail out it was subject to. Other partisan politic where it's for example Medicare bailout that was bipartisan to both parties don't. What Republicans are gonna do with this bill is to ensure that they now own it. More than the provisions of the bill that timeline of the bill is really important. Like to walk through the minute Republicans in active deal. Not a single factor of obamacare that's driving up prices driving up insurance is going to be repeal. What is going to be repealed if the funding mechanism. And it makes it even more insolvent Republicans will own every single aspect of it the minute passes. We will not let anywhere close to 20/20 muck much what 20/20 five when he wanna make the Medicaid reforms. There will be on to an and frankly it politically unfeasible because I think beyond Medicaid most of us well because nobody will deal without. I don't understand Medicaid wool wool in snare more and more people. The subsidies will become. Expected on an annual basis. What makes them think as time goes on it's gonna be easier to undo this stuff you know and I know that ain't gonna happen. You and if that something that might depend on the then it on the house floor in 2003 when bush wanted. Enacting new Medicare entitlement he he said quote Republicans are offering the certainty of trillions in new entitlement. In turn for a mere promise of future reform. And he'd be wise to remember that because that's what happened here but again it's not just the government budget you know the deficit. If the family budget. The reality is the only way to wean people off of Medicaid is by making the individual insurance market and really ultimately healthcare market great again. That that that the only way to deal. If he if you keep the market sic which did god that it doesn't repeal the core element. You can't isolate Medicaid reform and they pay seven years from now we're just gonna dump everyone out of Medicaid into why. I mean it's it's just not that it. And they're gonna say they have fulfilled their promise to repeal and replace on the. Well at the win this is what can be so copper you know people like ran Pollard had crude. Because while we get the detail if you're gonna have some of the quick conservative as I call them and now. Some of our bodies in the that a conservative media they'll just say something better than nothing tackle well in all these nursery rhyme platitudes answers that. Yeah it is and and that's the difference here look there are certain things he could do that would there's Dodd-Frank repeal bill for example let's not repeal it. It's very partial what he'll eat it is the first step because the banking regulations are not for the most part interconnected. This is all one enchilada. You can't hack at it he can have speaking it doesn't work its way you alluded. You have adverse selection with the young people are just gonna drop it and if it is you know spiral out of control. It makes no sense but my fear is that they're gonna just say this is repeal repeated over and over again. Where Al the few a few remaining heroes we have. And then that's that. And that set the private health care system is gone forever risen. It really is that mean that that that that says thing I mean I think conservatives need to explore what we can do on a state level. Armed you know healthcare supply side reforms but. This is really top ten and you know if are giving advice to conservatives. I think they just need to bail out of it and just introduced their own bill get a private analysis of that and run on that. And I agree you know so that the a lot of people they the American people are just. On irrevocably. I'll let you know that in your vocal lot for dependency. They you'll we've only offered them excrement. If we offer them a stake maybe they'll eat it no one ever articulate that vision to them and that was very frustrating. Although many voted. To repeal obamacare didn't. Yeah they did an an 80 they talked about the George election. I mean one thing you feed in a somewhat of a swing districts despite the Republicans infighting in not getting anything done they're still scared of Philippine Democrat. And yet they don't want to move in that direction and an and that's that's the thing you just do it you just fully repeal it we have so many subsidies anyway. And and let people see prices come down. I'm daily that not gonna happen and the funny thing is this bill is now more unpopular than. And obamacare. But you know it's amazing to me David. Again on site you know it's amazing to me is that. Insurers like to talk about liberty in competition you know when they're in debates here in the seminars and so forth and so on but when it's really needed. They refuse to advance. And and I know the name mentions he considers Republican. It's an amazing thing. It's fine in the abstract it's fine as an academic and theoretical matter. But when it comes time to look quiet and yet the nation was founded on these principles industrial revolution was created on these principles. The greatest health care system in the tree in the wild theory it was created on the principle. And yet we regrets we revert back. Daniel Horowitz thank you keep up the great work over their conservative view okay take care got my god bless we'll be right back. The okay. Couple complaints out there that. Are seeded dropping out here and there. With the least one affiliate. And we are keeping an on on the network side but the affiliates down the line. You please check with your own. Operators and will be very very helpful. But. Not getting an overwhelming number of people saying that put him in some. Particularly in the Washington area Tristan heads up. You know president Reagan's budget director David Stockman has issued an exclusive report which every investor needs to read to protect his or her investment. 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But it's eventually gonna happen with the federal government you can't keep printing money like this. And neither party will do a damn thing about it. Including the party control right now the Republican Party not moving an inch toward debt reduction not an inch. So you owe it to yourself and your family to get this exclusive report here prepared. In this report is available for free just call our friends that goal line 1877365. Point. Formality and get this amazing deal also. Witches that free report and asked him about all the options. And all the choices you have in terms of buying gold 1877365. Point. You know these uncertain times he'll it to yourself. To protect yourself to protect your family. To protect would you work for the government not gonna do that you have to do. Be sure to recall winds important risk information received buying gold is right field right for me. Call 1877365. Point 18773652646. So you're gonna hear. All night long and tomorrow. People that you thought you could rely on in the media. He gave his straight information about what's being proposed. But in many cases. They're gonna be playing politics. They're going to be into and across the stage with their compounds. That are going to be dancing across the stage like the rockettes. And ties this is a great first step you can only do things gradually I mean the Democrats control nothing that still we only the 52 of them at guardian. Or like in a 52 majority in the senate. Passed the repeal of obamacare. He did the same exact thing eighteen months ago. They repeal obamacare through reconciliation. The house and the senate. Even though the Democrats have the same number of people in the sun. And they send it to Obama and he vetoed. Why won't they send that to trump. And what did you try passport because they don't believe in it that's why pitches every element flight is a good job. I'll be right back. If you're tired of the way the mainstream media act if you're tired of the liberal bias. If you're tired of the status quo. I want you to try out see our TV today. Conservative reviewed TV is the only network fighting to bring you the truth every day. And we're building a true movement in conservative media or digital has an advertising and trading them in front honesty and transparency this is going to be the biggest year ever for the CR TV family and we went to a long and Iraq. President Reagan said trust but verified and we completely agree so that's why we're offering a full week of Sierra TV. Absolutely free. Sign up today and watch every show on demand on all your favorite devices. We can't wait to show you what's coming to see our TV next but the only way to make sure you don't miss it is to sign up right now. Give us a call today at 84 for living TV. And join the media revolution again that's 844 LE ZI and TV. He's so. Yeah okay. Literally underground. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere fun to a brick and steel over nondescript. Building. We once again made contact without a leader better. Hello everybody mark let them hear our to our number 87738138118773813811. Let's take a he's sober look at this. In more thoughtful look at what's going on here. And healthcare and all the rest. You know hike as I pointed at the other day in the constitutional liberty which you wrote in 1960. He said all political theories assumed. That most individuals are very ignorant. Those who plead for liberty like you and me those who plead for liberty differ from the rest. And that they include among the ignorant themselves as well as analyzes the when he means there is we support liberty. But he supposedly ignorant are you supposedly brilliant. It doesn't matter. He does not. Compared with the totality of knowledge which is continually utilized in the evolution of a dynamic civilization. You know. We're going to have trillions of decisions are being made by hundreds of millions of people every single thing. Almost incomprehensible. He goes on. The difference between the knowledge that analyzes. And that the most ignorant individual can deliberately employing. Is comparatively insignificant. And I write this is rediscovering Americanism in new book in fact. The theology and that's what it is when you look at this obamacare thing. The theology. Of administrative science. After more than a century of progressive centralized governance in America. Has demonstrated an infinite ways that it is not a science at all these people aren't experts at all. The massive present day administrative state. That manages obamacare and all the rest. Is inflicted. With a extensive imperfections and dislocation. It's widespread shortcomings in deficiencies including enormous levels of waste fraud and abuse. Extensive managerial incompetence and delinquencies. Overlapping programs and red tape. And failed promises and objectives all of which are documented in countless investigations. Audits reports and books. There's simply no validation. Have a vast complex modern society humanely and effectively managed. By a centralized leviathan reporting to a single chief executive the president. There is an. And at this is where we are. Had a we get to this point. How did we get to this point. Which is something. Have a discussed at great length beginning next week in my various media appearances and certainly hear on the radio. When my book comes out rediscovering Americans and I told you. Well it doesn't it's not written Trace specific issue or program a politician or election it affects them off. That defines the mall explains them. The progressives deliberate effort. Did you knew of the individual of his free will and uniqueness. To organize mankind a growing in ubiquitous centralized authority in collective command into a conforming. Uniform mass. And to reject a reason and so for circumspect shipped about true reform of the progressive project. Despite its manifest failures and dangerous analysts. Presents all the markings of a nihilistic autocratic mentality. Unsurprising considering its ideological roots. But the disastrous consequences for the individual cannot be overstated. This ideology. Which I call utopian state is a boat which has been called progresses. This ideology. He has his news appears in many many ways. Health care. Education. Immigration. Our economic system. Even our governing system. It is a bulldozer. It is a bulldozer that plows over our institutions. And by plowing over our institutions. He gets to our individual liberty. And began explaining the other day. Make your view of individualism. Including my view of individualism. In the view of individualism. But the shooters. And his ilk are completely different. They call them our belief in individualism which is spelled out. Essentially. The declaration of independence. Is the old view of individuals. You know they mocked the cowboy rugged individualism so put. They reject the individual human thing. The only way the individual human being confined worth confined value of. Can be fully expressive and all the rest of the is through the collective through the community. Through the state. But you know I know how dangerous that mentality is and you that's the position. The modern Democrat party and much of the modern Republican Party that's why we see this obamacare proposal. And you are not free. In a so called free societies to purchase the pay and health care you can afford the kind of health care you want. You're not free to go why. Why. Because she she ladies and gentlemen the only way you can truly be free. In the status mentality. As one of 300 million. Not as a unique human being. The unique flesh and blood human being. Even the word freedom we began this discussion about a month. Even the word freedom. In the hands of the left doesn't mean freedom anymore. You know the left. They believe he can. He can be free. But you can only be free. By way of the government. The what is meant by. That the government has to make things equal. Course it can't. That the government has to make things fair of course he can't that the government has to eliminate risks question camp. That the government has to make sure everybody has a college education. Has a home. Has a car as a refrigerator has that this has of that otherwise the individual truly cannot be free. That's not what's meant by freedom is a ladies and gentlemen. That is tyranny. That's an all powerful centralized government. That's the line that has been given and various forms of tyrannical regimes. Communism fascism whatever it is and you wanna think about. But for us that's not we mean by liberty or freedom. And by the way when I just to find they call positive liberty will get into that morally. Not that it's positive. But what they mean is there must be government action. Apart from the constitutional system which they reject. There must be government action. In order for you to be free. Well that's not true. Endless government molestation. Coercion. Interference obstruction. It's not freedom. How some people will benefit from it. Just as a Robert benefits from robbing a bank. But that's not free to. Real freedom. Is a constitutional republic as a system that is set up and allows the individual. To pursue their own happy. As long as they don't harm somebody else. Now there may be morals clause and things of that sort and not getting into that debate that's not my point. My point is conceptually. That's called negative. Liberty you know what does that mean negative there's nothing negative about that's not what that means negative liberty means. It's liberty without government interference. There's this circle of liberty around the individual that locked talked about. Then at that de Tocqueville talked about that we've talked about. That's really set forth in our founding document the declaration give unalienable rights government can't give them the government can't take them away legitimate. That's what we need bank freedom. The freedom to by the kinda health care you want about the freedom to create a company and so the kinda health care you wanna set. You're not allowed to do that. Why. And then. This has an absolute effect on the kind of government you know. If you believe the government has to interfere for you to experience liberty if you believed the government. Busted or fear. Future really. Pursue life. Then you have to destroy a constitutional system. Which has as its purpose. To protect the individual and the source deciding which the individual news. If they continued to abandon more more liberty to the state. More and more of your property and state. Because only then can you experienced the full some of your individualism and liberty. This is the new individualism and that is a positive in the you know it's not positive or individualism and off. We'll get into that next week an addition. It attacks the individual. It attacks the republic. And then by necessity attacks the economic system. That's why you do not hear any talking about free market capitalism market capitalism competition. When it comes to obamacare. When it comes to health care ever. Ever. Because you cannot hand. Individual liberty and the pursuit of your interests. But the other intellectual or physical. Pursuits. In the creation of prosperity and wealth and opportunity and so forth inventiveness and productivity. Which is absolutely central to any thriving society. He simply cannot have that. If true goal is. Communal ism. Communism. Socialism. Basically status. Individuals cannot be left free to pursue their own interest. They must be forced to pursue the interest of the community. Of the canyon. And only then a more all working together in creating this magnificent society this communal society. Can you. In your experience the kind of life that you're supposed to experience. And so. In order to pursue this which is an impossibility. And even more than that. Which creates destitution. Places look all over the world in my event as well as the most obvious and recent example. It creates the law of the jungle. It creates a it completely broken society we have a a handful of masterminds. Who become enormously wealthy and powerful. Controlling managing. The rest of us. Which is all purpose of obamacare. The rhetoric gets. Worse and worse and where. You violence ultimately violent. And so under the Republican bill. Medicaid is expanded every year for the next eight years. And then at eight years. They put the brakes on they don't cut a thing. They don't cut a thing so an entitlement program that's already going bankrupt and already consumes. 25 cents of every dollar every state budget. And that's only half of the pay for Medicaid because the feds pay about 50% of it to. And they push more and more people in the Medicaid which is a welfare program. And more and more responsible people who don't wanna be in Medicaid are going to be forced to be in Medicaid. The Democrats call it cut. It it's an attack on Medicaid. First of all I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen but I wasn't put on this earth. To subsidize supported defend Medicaid. You and I were put on this earth. As individual human beings. We don't exist for welfare programs that's not our purpose. We don't exist for redistribution of wealth to create wealth for other people for politicians or bureaucrats for the government. To reassign. We don't exist that he coerced and pushed around a bully. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness unalienable rights and that's exactly what is attacked by the lack. This is exactly why they not only attack the declaration of independence and jewel city. But they never per properly site. 'cause he did not what you believe that there's a power beyond government. And we will discuss this the greater length at all in the new book we discover and American news. So these things become clearer and clear. Why did the Democrats slot because they must. Because what they're advancing. Is contrary. The human experience. It's contrary to natural law which we will discuss. What is natural law why does it matter and yet it's at the core of American America's standing in your heritage. That they reject at all. I'll be right back. Open. It's. I was struggling carry you. Who strongly oppose with the senate Republicans are doing. It's not a question of loyalty to the president of loyalty to party. It's not a matter of listening to people on TV who just enjoy debating with a each other day in and day out scoring political points he got to look through all of this past all this. There has to be a point we stand up and you say no I'm not doing this I don't care who's proposing it. I'm gonna protect my family and and that protect what I've learned in even more than that. It's time to return. To our principles. And these principles. Are just out there and left fielder right field and that sort of thing they are practical principles. Their principles about liberty their principles about prosperity. Our principles. Will ensure that more people. The quality medical care. And what the government is doing. Our principles are more compassionate. Then their principal. Because they're about humanity. Not about academics. And the irritation. Our principles. When adopted. Expand economic growth put more people to work expand opportunity. Great new technologies new inventions and new products. That improve the quality of life. America isn't great just because it's America America's great because of its founding prince. Apple's. This proposal coming out of the send it abandons those principles. Utterly and completely. The fact that they political party that we. Tuesday that we have relied on. Abandons those principles doesn't mean. You should abandon your principles. Are you aware that he draft of this bill would share will lobbyists on K street Washington DC before it was shared revolving United States senators. Before it was shared video. That's what Macau's up to. They said the regular repealed. We voted for years on repeal we voted in this presidential election on repeal don't tell us this is repeal when it's not. On the left of course they're gonna say anything that they don't do as a disaster wolf kill people push people over the edge that's what they do. With their choices on abortion that's what they do put obamacare and so forth. So we need to oppose this. I'll be right back. Here if you wanna talk to mark we have two numbers for you to call. We're regular Americans call 8773813811. While liberals. Call 87738138. You know deadly crash like a bug. By the most powerful debt collection agency on the planet it's true to fact. It's the IRS. The iris owns a 92%. Conviction rate against taxable orders they prosecutor in court. Release people they accuse of being tax of Reuters. If you're Smart you'll call optimal tax relief do it right away saga tax nightmare before aging show up at your home and work. Before they garnish your pay check and see your bank account. Before you dragged into tax court your life goes from bad to worse. Optimists tax and legal experts say between you and the IRS with one goal sad to say excuse me solve your tax nightmare. He can get your life back. Not often attacks release has been a sponsor for some time and they aren't the best they have the professionals and experts who know what they're doing. 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The fascists. Because their ideology. Destroys friction. It destroys the civil society. Merchant. Now I wanna play Chuck Schumer. On the floor of the senate today and when you tell me if you businessman. If you think he's virtuous. Having just told you about Medicaid. Even under the Republican bill which is a disaster. They continue the expansion of Medicaid for another eight years and then all of a sudden at the end of eight years. They stopped its expansion total continue to grow just can't grow. Like it is growing. Massive expansion. Supposed to be a welfare program for people who need help and it is been trained to do something more hasn't. And it's going broke. And you're gonna pay for your children and grandchildren. So when I just told you is in indisputable fact about Medicaid. I want you to hear Chuck Schumer on the floor of the senate Tommy command has very true. Because when people. Lose direction. And its representatives lose direction. Electronic government what kind of society he had. He's very dark and bleak when I can tell you that. At five go simply put. This bill will result in higher cost. Less care. And millions of Americans lose their health insurance. Particularly. Through Medicaid. It's every bit as bad as the house built in some ways it's even worse. The president said the senate bill needed heart. Wait this Bill Cox health care. Is heartless. The president said the house bill would mean. The senate bill may be meaner. The senate Republican health care bill is a wolf. In sheep's clothing. Only this wolf has even sharper teeth. In the house bill. You hear one statement of fact in any of that. Not aware that a sellable. About what he's talking about. Chuck Schumer is a Danica. He has no virtue whatsoever. He was chosen as the leader of the Democrats in the senate they have an overture. It is a party without friction. He's a liar. He's dishonest. Cups exco. From what is reported. In just three short short years under the senate bill. Republicans will kick millions off their Medicaid coverage. And then. Starting in 20/20 five. The plan will institute even more Medicaid cuts and each year those cuts get deeper than the year before. And it's simply not true he continues to say this. And so what happens as he knows the truth whenever catchup what. They throw out these pro reminds me throughout the ship ballistic throughout these. Flat out lies. And the truth can every catch up with. And so becomes in printed on the mind that the Republicans wanna cut Medicaid that's how stupid the Republicans. Rather than coming up with a plan. To which they can tell people you're gonna have choices. We're gonna drive down the cost your policies. Not just say it would mean. You won't be a straight jacket anymore when it comes to your choices. We're trying get much of the bureaucracy out of your way. She can actually choose the doctor you want to choose the policy like choosing insurance company. We're gonna encourage insurance companies to come up with a all kinds of different offerings. When it trying to drive down costs through competition. Within states in amongst it. We believe that the individual should have the freedom. To choose the kind of health care coverage that he or she wants. For the best medical coverage that he issue. But they're not going to be able to say these things at least not truthfully because they're not doing. So they embrace 95% of obamacare and they're attacked by the demagogues on the left and they become demagogues themselves by telling you they have repealed and replaced. What is the point. What is the point. The point is the Republican Party except for little respite was Reagan has been company. And some aspects of trump where he's he's standing against this but trump is fourth. But the Republican Party has become a Republican progressive party it's the old bull moose progressive party under the Republicans now the Democrat party is a hard left European types Socialist Party. But they're all based on the same fundamentals I don't care what they say when they're campaigning it doesn't matter to me. It's not what they don't. It's not what they do. They have no merchant. Or very little. Virtue. At mid America. Talked about Richard. Often. He talked about Richard. In the spirit of a loss of 1748. Charleston marked as you know. Who is the most. And mired in red philosopher during our constitutional period. He wrote as I put in my new book he wrote. That there's three kinds of government. Republican. An article and a spot. To discover the nature of each the idea. The idea of them held by the least educated as men is sufficient. What he's trying to say there's let me just summer. I assume three definitions or rather three fax one. Republican government. Is that in which the people as a body or only part of the people have sovereign power. An article government that is monarchies. Is that in which one alone governments but I fixed and establish law. Whereas in despotic government. One alone without law without rule. Draws everything along by his will income increases. They need not be much integrity. From an article are despotic government to maintain or sustain its. The force of the law. In the one in the prince's ever raised arm in the other can rule or contain in the hole. In a popular state. They must be an additional spring. Which is virtually. Virtue. When I say it's confined by the entire body of history. And it's quite in conformity with the nature of things. What is clear that less virtuous needed in a monarchy. With a one who sees the execution of the lost judges himself above the laws. And in a popular government. Was the one who sees to the execution of the laws feels that he is subject to them himself. And that he will bear their weight. But in a popular government when the laws have ceased to be XEQ. Is this can only come from the corruption of the republic. The state is already lost. In despotic government very too is not at all necessary to. Are interesting point you raise is here isn't. All this debate about. When our health care is going to be like. Among Democrat or Republican mastermind told us the date. About what our health care is going to look like. What about the health care the mastermind. What about the health care of the senators and congressman. Democrats and Republicans alike. They exempt themselves. From all over. They're not covered by obamacare they are not covered by what the house Republicans have proposed they're not covered by what the senate Republicans have proposed. They've exclude themselves are rulers have excluded themselves from the very healthcare they seek to impose on. They like Richard. They lied themselves. They lie within their own party. 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Once again let's stop I don't know about you ladies and gentlemen. But when I pay for my health care I don't know what has to do that Medicaid. I don't what is Medicaid all of a sudden the the 800 pound gorilla. Well we're not paying enough welfare. We're not subsidizing up people we're not redistributing enough well. So all they can do is talk about Medicaid because the idiot Republicans continue to grow Medicaid for eight years and then after eight years. They say okay we're not gonna grow it anymore. While I check cut for millions of people. As they shop more and more people enjoy welfare problem under obamacare sitting claim that more more people of health care while they're destroying private health care. While they're destroying the private healthcare market. I had. Wastes no choice but to cut services that pins with cash kept you idiot. Can't stand the suspect you know mr. this machine and I know Julio. And quite serious to receive should come on the program tomorrow. So we wanna talk about try this. We wanna talk about the Medicaid cuts in the Republican bill Larry let's see we get. To win again. Why is it a little leash. Incredibly brilliant. Hard left wingers who all for the people who will go anywhere I've talked anybody pulled debate anybody. Oh come on my show. Chuck Schumer welcome on my show they Tupelo she won't what's the problem but the problem liberals. Come on the show. I had some questions for Abby polite I swear I'll sit on my hands. He sit on your hands. Let's do it. And he can do it now. And and we got of the senate floor. But I specifically wanna talk about Medicaid cut. And I wanna get into obamacare. And I'm speaking as somebody that doesn't like the house or senate bills. And reject them completely. Some not a partisan. I believe in liberty. So Elizabeth Warren come on the program. We can have a discussion about what you wanna do it Medicaid. And what you wanna do it health care. We can have discussion on how this cut taxes for the rich. But still it. Is so Smart you are professor. In half but you know everything you know at a run no way out. Come up probably millions and millions of people have never heard you have a debate or have been or have that question. But still it. I'm quite serious threat. See when yet. Again remember the line is. That mr. Levin wants to discuss. These Medicaid cuts being proposed by the Republicans that that that might do it right there. I'm hoping. What do I know. We'll give it a shot. Sometimes it's easier to get them in the Republicans I think. RJ queens the Arctic may WABC. Don't. Yes quickly my friend no mark are you that an absolute dog on a twenty year old student and you. Totally like a conservative Bible. We are to be on your show. I would. I would just like that say that you know first of all before missing my point if indeed liberals were to come onto your shows your constitutional. Genius state they would end up cursing you out they couldn't at all handle they couldn't answer any of your question. And while here's the thing RJ they like to use the F where to be noticed that lately. Well baker is really not a good thing they can't answer to your constitutionality of Thailand had to hold on don't hang up on many carry average don't hang up. As I interrupted you know when it if you look at this they've been waiting. I will be back with a RJ and I'm really when you listen does that when he in this on this Russia's new stuff I'll be right back. A great night's sleep and help you have a great day and I. I'm having a lot of great days because I get a great night's sleep every night on my Casper mattress aspirin was incredibly too high tech bombs they give you all the support unique Larry King you get the best night's sleep ever it should for a free and a box so small you won't believe it even holds a mattress. 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I am mark within the it is very frustrating to try and do echo and keep getting cut off. And hopefully that won't happen during the course of program we just got it back. Now trump to waited today and I like most of his tweets. Some I don't but a lot of might do. In between it's something he said and we picked this up their rights group we thank them by the way excessive pressure was working so hard in the 2016 election. It all took place during the Obama administration why didn't they stop them. Does that sound temerity of mr. producer. Something had been saying now week after week after week after week. The Russians are trying to interfere their election. They made enormous progress. Luckily didn't interfere with the results although they wanted to do and there's a very interesting question they want it to while they wanted to I guess they wanted Hillary to win since trump one. But there working so hard on the 2060 election the question is of course. Why didn't Obama do anything about. Why didn't the Democrat administration doing anything effective about now we heard from. Yesterday and I play that talked about it at some length I won't repeat it but just to summarize. He knew the Russians were trying to interfere with the election and he sat on it covered it up as to the entire Obama administration and Obama himself. Right up in into October. Now you would think if they had some collusion issues with Donald Trump they would have made that information public. While before a few weeks before the election that they saw that Hillary was in trouble. Then Hillary starts talking about the Russians and collusion interference. In the administration comes out at that point. Mary timing at timings are interest. It is grotesque. But trumps tweet by the way if pressure was working so hard on the 2016 election at all took place in the Obama administration why didn't they stop them. That's a damn good question. Why didn't they stop. Even Nicholas Chris stopped. Left Winger New York Times columnist and MS Ellis stated it. So there was a fundamental failure on the part the of Obama administration. And why isn't that under intensive. Investigation. The Russians tried to interfere with a our election and the Obama administration failed to stop them. That's the issue. Take a listen. He's talking Josh that means Josh Earnest the former spoke city expert. For Obama cut nine go. I'm exhausted at end of the day there was a fundamental failure here and he's had to be Obama administration was trying to instill confidence in the election results it that way if that's so that was a false confidence. I know this system was hacked. Dozens of state had their database is a way interfered bit more than a hundred election officials around the country had your emails hacked. And now. When the public simply wasn't aware of this scale of this is that when Loretta lynch. Canceled Jim company's plan to right not bad about this. Way back again in August. And I think that the American people was left to win a confidence that was simply poorly ground dead in May in the end. Have affected the election results I think we you know obviously we need investigation will look at at what Tom did I think it's also only care to look at. The mistakes on our side. On our side of this as a columnist but now he's out of himself on. On our side meaning the Obama Democrats. He says we need investigation trapped allow allow light ball light bulb go off there is one out of trappers say that. Of the collusion. It. What about that folks. Have been talking about this a long time and it needs to be done doesn't. And they get away that this Debbie Wasserman Schultz was on CNN today. And she reveals something rather shocking too because remember now the testimony Jake Johnson yesterday and others has been the DNC wouldn't cooperate. You wouldn't cooperate with a among others the FBI. Why wouldn't they cooperate with the FBI. And this. Carly. Got eleven don't at no point during my tenure at the DNC. But I contacted by the FBI DEA stats are any government agency. Or alerted are made aware that they believe that the Russians it ain't an enemy states. Wasn't sitting on our network. Wow now. Now isn't an interest me. As the rats started jumping ship. Chris we know Loretta lynch. Quote unquote obstructed justice. Interfere with the election according to call me the great saint call me. Now we have. Debbie Wasserman Schultz saying. I don't know what they're talking about. So we have Loretta lynch. Interfering in the election trying to help Hillary Clinton. We have Jay Johnson admitting that they. Concealed. From the American people. The route the months. The Russian efforts to interfere of their election. Which was obviously to help Hillary. And that we have Debbie Wasserman Schultz saying. Hello at no time was the DNC that is me at no time was I contacted. By the FBI the DHS or anybody else in the Obama administration. Or alerted. About what the Russians were doing let's take edit the topic and because that's big story kind of let him go. At no point during my tenure at the DNC. When I contacted by the FBI DHS or any government agency. Or alerted are made aware that they believe that the Russians it ain't an enemy states. Wasn't sitting on our network. At no point and I am a member of congress who had the ability to sit down and be brief in a classified setting. Even director colony testified publicly that he wished that he had gone to the top of the organization. Well one of its channel. National political parties it is astounding. That when they had a member of congress who was leading that organization. No one felt that was it any more important when we had a foreign enemy intruding on one that's a political parties networks. To do anything more than a lot of phone call and to our tech support. Through our main source port. My own. Do you like that. She wasn't done cut twelve go but how can I thought how great I mean secretary Johnson says the DNC rebuffed the help that they off Byrd. You're saying you know whenever I tell you. Does that play that the secretary Johnson is is is utterly misinformed that is simply not accurate and much that has been has been written about the timeline of events by the New York Times the Washington Post that documents through multiple sources including me. That that. The the FBI and other federal agencies. Did it virtually nothing to make sure that when they were aware. At the point that they were aware that there was more concerned that there was an intrusion on our network via the Russians. That they did virtually nothing to sound the alarm bells make us aware of and they left especially the Russians on our network for. More than a problem a year. People are we not covered that we that they went back ladies and gentlemen. He realized how big distance. He should follow me every day not because I'm an ego maniac padding nice though because I dig into this stuff like nobody else can why. Because they're not Smart to my experience as he chief of staff to an attorney general it's my experience. The issue here. Is that the Russians tried to interfere in our election. And what we've been fed month after month after month this Hillary Clinton's campaign line. Which that it was trump who was encouraging the Russians than your fear that it was trump with whom the Russians were colluding. Now we find out that Loretta lynch. Tried to interfere may have effectively interfered with the investigation Hillary Clinton during the course of the presidential campaign. Now we finite yesterday from Jake Johnson. That the Obama administration covered up. That. A rushes interference in our election from months only releasing the information and some foreign. Closer to the election closer to the general election. And now we find from debit Debbie wasserman Shultz. The former chair of the DNC and a member of congress. What the time was the chair of the DNC. That nobody Calder nobody contacted. Not from the FBI. Not from my Department of Homeland Security nobody in the Obama administration called. Now we get ill lectures from Mark Warner. And others. Asking mr. sessions aren't you concerned about what took place in Russia. Well our election you don't seem to have any address. Mr. sessions was the senator at the time of course. Now will be Senate Intelligence Committee be holding a new hearing. And bring mr. Of Russia interference in our election involving the very people. Boy there. Residents speculating about the people who work there. They want to get to the bottom of it. The and I have Loretta lynch has a witness. Debbie Wasserman Schultz as a witness in a dragnet Susan Rice said there on her unmasking and have her do what. Venture or witnesses. Right there. Right there. Hollywood action the president would stop tweeting had a brilliant tweet today by the way it's brilliant because it reminds me what we've been saying by the way. If Russia was working so hard on the 2016 election. It all took place in the Obama administration why didn't they stop them the question I've been asking for weeks. Why isn't the focus on fat. Instead of these. Self serving the lectures by these lousy senators and congressmen. Do you agree that the interference by the by the Russians and our elections is very serious mr. sensible course I do. Well you don't seem to be that terribly interest in it now we know Debbie Wasserman Schultz wasn't even contacted by coney RJ Johnson. Whether president. Or anybody else. When the DNC was hacked. Now isn't that interest. Even the 88 CNN anchors said. How can that be true secretary Johnson says DN you know what this is where three. Listen to the whole thing without an eruption cut twelve mr. produce ago. But how can I do how great I mean secretary Johnson says the DNC rebuffed the help that they off burn you're saying that no one ever constantly you. Does that play that the secretary Johnson is is is utterly misinformed that is simply not accurate and much that has been has been written about the timeline of events by the New York Times the Washington Post that documents through multiple sources including me. That stuff that. The the FBI and other federal agencies. Did virtually nothing to make sure that when they were aware. At the point that they were aware that there was or concerned that there was an intrusion on our network via the Russians. That they did virtually nothing to sound the alarm bells make us aware of and they left especially the Russians on our network. For more than a problem a year. People are we not covered that we that they were there. And then back to cut nine Nicholas Chris stopped the New York Times Collison is all the liberals law. They love this guy except today. And MS Ellis. At end of the day there was a fundamental failure here and he's had to be in my administration was trying to instill confidence in the election results is that what if that's so that was a false confidence. I know this system was hacked. Dozens of state had their databases. Way interfered but more than a hundred election officials around the country. Had your emails hacked and now. Who with the public simply wasn't aware of this scale of this so that when Loretta lynch. Canceled Jim company's plan to write an op Ed about this. Way back again in August. I think the American people was left wind a confidence that was simply poorly ground dead in May and they end. Have affected the election results I think we well let's stop there that that. That's rate goes off the rails but he's a liberal what to expect. That's not what playing. Spying and at the end of the day. That was a fundamental failure here and you said deal by administration was trying to instill confidence in the election results. He says later I think it's only fair to look at the mistakes on our side. So who's gonna do that. Richard where the feckless chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee. The stand in. For represented newness will have enormous respect for in the House Intelligence Committee. Chuck Grassley. The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Congressman good lacked the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee and I believe they gonna have hearings on this stuff because here's that this is the nub of the matter is it not. The Russians and defeated their election the Democrats keep telling us this in their right. But they're trying to do is pin it on somebody was running for president rather than the administration that was in power now we have these common. That are contradictory. Between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Jadox. Between Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Jim come. Now he's gonna get to the bottom of that. I'll be right back months. We just came on. Why should I go on them master legislator. I have made the uncertainties. Politically. I am ma and kayak. Leadership is recognized how many of them and she loves my Emmy goes to. Of course I do. Quality and it got a funny article struck to open the hat. Have been riots and he's the calls went if you could just give you didn't. Point though the with brought bringing US home troops from how. And and then the BBI. I don't. It's somewhat. Play so well what finally what and it. Yeah. And again. Tons of I'm fine then I'm okay. I sit at about it and budget couldn't resist we much we must. And we will much. About that they committed I'm. I'm a warrior. You know that that there was it didn't and it did content content. Look at the in the minds he was in Nam Y. And. Yeah it if it bit hypocritical if we can point you know I think it. You know as an edited. Or puzzlement traces and everything. Like I'm Elena and master legislative. I don't know it's just teach. I am okay. I am. Leadership is recognized name on the contrary it's my own need to ensure. A good thing I do we know so well yeah I election. Quality and got a funny article struck so they have been riots and he's the calls went if you business good. You didn't. We've racked up the with brought bringing US own troops from home. And and then BDD. I I. I know. Some wanna play so what finally what added I don't Luke right. I'm. Boom. The bus to advance it and budget couldn't resist we much we must. Making conservatism. And greater again dial and now 877381. That 3811. You know this dog eating festival in China makes these really sick. Really turns my stomach. Choosy huge different between our two countries doesn't. Dog eating really. This makes me sick absolutely sick dog eating festival. I just missed some societies here inexplicable. Look at our own society. Because human beings a choice. That is sick as he gets to quite frankly I know people wanna talk about this. But I feel like. It's all set. The the lack of humanity and the lack of regard for life. Just appalling to me. You know an independent state coming it's a good time to reflect on the freedoms that we actually give up every day. Let's talk about for example higher education. It's no secret they colleges are some of the most gun free places to be right now why you ask. All the money government funding always comes with government strings. The government owns you in a sense leading to political correctness speech coach other campus craziness we see all the time. Well that's why hill spoke colleges different. Hillsdale is free from PC government mandate because Hillsdale does not accept one dollar from the government acted on except one penny from the government. Instead hills tells funds come from thousands of citizens nationwide. And that includes the free online courses. 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He's got all these liberal books that are out there and with a near times likes to do is put them at number one number two and number three. But that's neither here and there I don't judge my success for your interest by the New York Times. Fact. One of the reasons I like to be number one on the near konduz I'm sure it infuriates. And that's a good thing. I wanna thank you. The pre orders here yet 40% off. 40%. Off they're selling the book right now for sixteen dollars and twenty cents it retails for 27 dollars. He comes out on Tuesday. He'll be available everywhere on Tuesday. At airports and some grocery stores. They'll be available in. Again on Barnes & Noble Books-A-Million Wal-Mart and and target it can't think of all the places now and creating a problem independent bookstores. And we have our book signings lined up to. Pope but I'm trying to do is get the message. And you're the ones who really gonna have to do it. I can provide the scholarship. I could buy the arguments hopefully they're persuasive. But it's up to you each and every one of you millions of you with your own families. Churches and temples. In the workplace. But I really want to provide you with the information that I think we'll help you save this country. In your own lives and the lives of others. I've given up on the media. I mean I do a radio show I do our own TV show but what I mean by the media as I mean by this massive media out there. That has as its purpose the opposite of our principles. So we have to do this on our own just like the founders day. They did it with pamphlets. They did it with the papers newspapers. They did it at the pubs they dated at churches they did it. You know in their families that we have to do the same thing there are millions and millions of and I am I really hope. That this message will get out. What Americanism really is all about what progressive is in the is really all about. Why don't do these topical books that are relevant for three months or relevant for one presidential cycle it's not enough. It doesn't get us anyway. So I my own iron triangle left has its iron triangle. His ranking called I've got my own mind trying its radio. It's living TV. It's my books. So this is a crucially important leg of that iron triangle. I rediscovering Americanism in the Cheney progress it is and I think will be different than any book you've ever read look you'll know soon enough. There's a lot of information in the air. That one links to the other one piece leaks links to the other racial thing. I wrote this book very differently than any in my other books. I wrote it. And then. I gave it chapters. I did it differently because I wanted it to flow. In what this the kind of thing chapter one chapter to chapter three now I have to explain it that way. But as you'll see. The first chapter of clothes and the second the second into the third the third in the fourth and so that's what you'll also see is our twenty chapters. There aren't when he captured. They're seven chapters. And the very very crucial traffic. What are the seven chapters where the crucial. Well. The first chapter is Americanism. To big topic. And I only tackle they topics the second chapters the progressive masterminds who are they what do they what do they argue. The third chapters the philosopher kings. Well what's this ideology. That they advance. The fort chapters the administrative state that they created and what that's all about. The fifth chapter in a tough chapter but it's going to be enormously illuminating nightly. It's called liberty and Republican is not political party Republican. Republicanism. The six trapped there is a big big deal liberty and property. Liberty and property. In the final chapters the epilogue. About 270 pages give or take. There's 295. And notes. And there is is references to these sources that I use the individuals. Quagmire of the individual's right to test all throughout the book to make it as easy as possible for you. Did they index any element of this book as I write it. It was much harder for me to write a book it's 250 pages long that would be to write a book that's a thousand pages. The difficulty in writing is determining what to keep. And what not to keep when you write a book what to but the focus on what not to focus. Who'd a reference and who not to reference if he gone my FaceBook site you'll see the dining room table it is loaded with books but just half of the book. That's the research in addition to the Internet if I try to use in many original sources that I can. I do it so you don't have to do a better wrote this book that if you wanna do it he'd go ahead and do it. And I think a lot of the people who are cited a lot of the arguments that are made a lot of the philosophies that I discuss. Each one. Could be a book in and of itself. So you're gonna learn a lot of things I learned a lot of things I always learn a lot of things when I write my books. And don't just sit there and pontificate. Since you see what's going on in this society whether it's the meteor college campuses the culture and so for a when you feel more and more like your life is spinning out of control and you can't control what. You can control what goes on in the school system became controller comes through the TV and I don't mean that you personally control I mean. As a culture as he civil society. That you can see the unraveling. You can see the bleakness you can see what's happening down on the ground. What what are the arguments for it one of the arguments against it. What's the best case to make. The look in the end ladies and gentlemen if we can't persuade our fellow citizens to our point of view. Then we can't win. And we won't win. If you look at each one of my books there's a purpose. Rescuing sprite of course but putting that on the side. Men in black. When the court system. Liberty and tyranny. He restatement of conservatism. And liberal arts. America hoping. I look at. Some of the bases. For what I consider utopian state isn't people call progressive as am I call it in my new book progressive as a but I also explain my new book why it's not progressive isn't. Why it's what I said in America opium utopian state news. And we move on. To solutions. The liberty amendments. Which has helped trigger this movement convention states article five every one of these books has a purpose. And they're written in an order for a reason. Plunder and deceit. Plundered the seat which particularly focuses on younger people. But explains. What the progressives are doing to our to our society. Economically fiscally. And what they've done and our government. In the rediscovering Americanism in the tyranny progresses. Peaking even more deeply. Into the principles that are set forth in the declaration what do they mean why are they there when they come for a why are they always under attack. Who's attacking why they attacking who are these people these master minds where they come from. Went what's this ideology all of that you know we we talk about it any surface level. But it's time to talk about it in a way that matters. In a way that is really informed so we can engage. So we hear Chuck Schumer on the floor of the senate. We know. We can talk to our fellow citizens about it and really important way. How some people listening might say this is all great the Salinas cracked the philosophy and our annual your talk show host. 'cause they're ignorant. Because they can't do it they're lazy. You look at web sites took off five articles and that's Michaud. Where they guess when a deal and sloganeering. Now look you need to understand center. The philosophers in the ideologues they control your life. What do you think marxism. When you think progressive as a what do you think goes on in college campuses. University campuses what do you think goes on many of our high school. It is the preaching of an ideology. That has real world tangible concrete effects. When your children on you on this society and our economic system and our governing system. To not engage in these debates. Is to lose the debates. To lose the debates is to lose the country. And quite serious but the. I. Do not reject. It leaks of bleachers Smart if Leach are telling us things that help us. The left has it's a leaked and we have our lead some people call me and leak. What I am not as an elitist. I don't look down and other people. I don't try to control the people. I don't try to coerce other people. And yet that's exactly with the progressive does they're not only elites. That there elitists. Yet they claim. That being in support of the people. To be populists the believe in the popular well. That's a lie. 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For this one week only clearance sale go to Janice now Janice L dot com or call 800 skin 604. 800 skins it so for 800 skin 604. So Jason Greenblatt. One of the president's very important. Advisors and a individuals police who he has been working on them the Israel Palestinian and matter. This is a report in the Associated Press. So they have a little tough meaning it's sleep Depp as Greenblatt and Abbas. But what are Greenblatt who Greenblatt suggested. That Abbas and the Palestinians. Stop with their martyrs fund. But what's the martyrs fund. The martyrs fund is a fund funded by an enormous amount of money. By Abbas. And the other terrorists. In which they make welfare payments. Can give other subsidies and pensions. Two Palestinian terrorists. That is terrorists who kill and maim Jews in Israel. And I just Jews and Israeli any Israelis for that man. And so posh apparently it like that. It says tell you just listening in Netanyahu's propaganda the problem is it's not propaganda it's a fact. And according to another report the Palestinians. Are digging in against any change to who their terrorist payment program. You know at the box is characterizing event. Social eight of political prisoners. Social aid. Two political prisoners. Hey make peace with the terrorists like this. I always put that situation in our own situation let's say over in Canada. Canada can. That they Wear subsidizing. Individuals. To commit acts of terrorism against Americans. Given the pensions and welfare payments would begin negotiating with them. Who we blow them off the face the here I'm just asking. Oh. And because Netanyahu has been criticizing. Mr. Abbas and the Palestinians. Guess what mr. Abbas who's calling mr. Netanyahu. Races. Maybe pick that up contractual. Basis. I would say. Mr. Greenblatt and the others keep up the good where. 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