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6/21/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jun 22, 2017|

Republican Karen Handel’s victory in the special election for Georgia’s 6th Congressional District won’t change anything. America’s post-Constitutional situation, with a massive debt, open borders, and an entrenched administrative state, won’t be affected at all. The reason for this intransigence ...

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And her bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. He's here. Now. Literally underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere from deliberate can steal a nondescript building. We want to again make contact without leave. Hello everybody mark within the here are number 877. Create one. 381187. So. Create 13811. There was some very important testimony. Today in congress the House of Representatives by. The former head of DHS and winning get to this. We're gonna get to this because I think it's critical. And we now know that the attack with a twelve inch knife. On the a police officer at the Flynn airport. Where he was stabbed in the neck. A lot hot bar that's the dead giveaway. Was an act of terrorism is being investigated such. And the barbarian who did that actually is from Canada. And he told the FBI. Openly. And he hates America he and that this is why did it. Can never have too strict vetting canyon ladies and gentlemen not just for refugees. But even for people would leases. When they're interviewed before they come to the United States and so. But that's not what him and start with a minute Shockey. I'm gonna start with the selection in Georgia but I'm gonna do this quite differently than I guess everybody else's. The media coverage the political parties politicians. Television hosts radio host all of you this as. Whether it's about try opera not about trot whether it's about the Democrat party are not about the Democrat party. Me ask you questions. How will this election change and. How this election changing. It's one how selection. Like it change didn't think. So why all the speculation and talk. While the static. Why the nonstop coverage. Think it's some kind of a baseball game or hockey game or football game. And the real lesson here ladies and gentlemen is this. More and more. No matter who we elect. More more no matter how much power we give the Republican Party. Whether it's a thousand seats in the states. Any significant majority governorships. The House of Representatives and Choi eleven the United States senate since 2015 now the presidency. Has the government shrunk. As the debt gone down. My point he was this. This election if it's a lesson and and in. Provides us with the terrible irony. That we now have a centralized administrative state. A centralized administrative state. Some people call it the into the iron triangle. In trying to stay that deep state whatever you wanna call. And it's all but immune from the popular will of the people. And completely impervious. To direct popular sentiment. This election in Georgia. Of these other four special elections and what a Republican held districts. But the Democrats have tried to take the seats have come very close and many of them that have failed. May portend something or not for the political parties for certain politicians and so forth and so on but feel they portend nothing. Because of this post constitutional situation that we have on hand so all the time that is spent on TV and radio all the time that's spent in print. All the time spent on the Internet. Discussing this election. Discussing it for the wrong reasons. For the wrong reasons. He stayed as progressives have succeeded. In immunize and they air power. From you from the electorate. There in the minority. There in the minority in the house in the senate they don't control the presidency yet they drive the agenda. The discussion today the leaks coming out on the senate proposal on obamacare. It's an abomination. Massive new subsidies. For the port of course I know got it. Can afford that. But don't worry they'll put enough. Throw enough one liners out there they alike get some of you some and you'll see right through it. But here's the point. OK a Republican is really a rhino. Won the election by four or five points. In Georgia's sixth. A district that's been helped by Republicans for decades. The Democrats desperately wanted to knock off the Republican to defeat the Republican collect some outside. A Democrat outside the district. Because they wanted to run rub trump station got all really idea. Who does and after 72 hours this. But it's not the point. The point is in your life. And in terms of the nature of our government which is out of control the nature of spending which is out of control obamacare the open borders all the rest up. It is of absolutely no consequence whatsoever. Because the left has succeeded after over a hundred years. Up instituting. The pillars. Of their ideology. Within our governing system. Within our governing system. I'm not trying to throw a wet blanket on anything I'm trying to get as many people as possible to open there aren't. When I look at the media when I look at these stories ladies and gentlemen I don't sit there and then that start chasing my tail because some posters some comment to report. Some writer has has told me what to think about the Georgia special election. Yet the think for yourself. The left. The Bernie Sanders types the Elizabeth why types that Chuck Schumer tight. What do they do. They dress up. There iron fisted centralized. Ideology. And populism and popular sovereignty they talk about the people the well the people but the people should have the interest of the people they never talk about the individual. They never talk about liberty. They claim the mantle of that people. When in fact. It has nothing to do with the people. What they're trying to develop and I've succeeded in developing but are trying to expand. Is this centralized administrative state. Which is immune from the popular well immune from the people. So they promote centralized tyranny. In one form or another in the name of the people. In the name of free stuff. In the name of compassion and humanity. Taking care of the port protecting the middle class. They're propaganda. Goes one way. And they're governance goes another way. So this election in Georgia six is a lesson not a lesson in any thing you're here. The lesson is. No matter how many elections we win. We do not unravel. With the status in the progressives have built. We may dance around on the edges from time to time we may make temporary changes. When the president is trying to do in certain areas not other areas in certain areas that best you can on his own because he can't get things passed through the senate. With a filibuster rule. And so many establishment Republican. Not to mention. The hard left progressive Democrats. Were burning down the place politically. So the election lesson of the Georgia's sixth election lesson of all the special election. Is the last that it doesn't seem to matter. Because we have a government now. That. Has successfully in so many respects. Conquered our devour our constitutional system. So much so that Republicans. Don't even notice it summit so that conservatives don't even notice. And if you dare to bring it up all your an alarmist news sent out alarmist and all I see what my own to our rights. The selections being celebrated as a great victory for awhile. Okay the Democrat was creepy he's a leftist and lady lost. But that's it. That's sick. The Republican who won. She's gonna vote. We'll Paul Ryan he's gonna vote. With the Republicans who become more more progress. She's not gonna change a damn thing. Nothing. Nothing. What you to think about this we need to be really sober about how we analyze these things. Because our problems are bigger than this election that election. Our problem in so we now have this this is governing. Leviathan that is been enshrined. They reject federalism that rejects republicanism. That rejects the consent of the governed. It's completely out of control it's trying to undermine it presently United States who in some respects is trying to control. We have a Republican Party. They campaigns one way gummery it's another way. Would the media. That is the propaganda arm of the status progressive movement. We're all supposed to be distracted. Brad Chase about the selection and Georgia and I've nothing against Georgia not Georgia. I love all the people on the sixth district to district and other Attila I don't district in Virginia I don't care. But the fact yet. This this governing system. Which was never contemplated by the frame. Will not be affected in the least. And that's the concern. That's which at the think about it. I'll be right back. Open. We need to understand. We are dealing with. An ideology that is bigger than a congressional election. We're dealing with an ideology. That. Has successfully. Controlled. Our federal government. That has created this fourth branch of government this massive administrative state I've written about it. In liberty and tyranny I've written about it in America hoping I've written about it in plunder and deceit. And I really get into this in my new book rediscovering Americanism and that's fight relates to what's going on now it's very very important to understand. What you're being fed. Is surface information. The so called common wisdom. We want. The Georgia six let's all celebrate. And and that. Nothing will change zero. Chua well as she's told to vote should get. Sucked into the Republican. Party within the House of Representatives and you'll never hear from her again. But he still won't matter. Meanwhile obamacare will live on by the time the Republicans are done. Even if they've pretend celebration. Even when the the elimination of some of the Obama regulations. How about elimination of some departments and agencies have an elimination of some actual programs we can defund Planned Parenthood which isn't even a government entity. It's a private entity. We can't even defund public television. The pieces of which are popular. Would be purchased by commercial enterprises. And run on one about thousand cable channel. We can't even define national public radio despite the fact there are thousands and thousands. Have commercial radio channel. Once the status put things in place. They're they're further. They are they're forever. We need to understand this we need to understand what's going on. Or gonna be distracted. With the media hype. Based on their ratings the media hype. Beat Georgia six congressional elections what does it mean means nothing out. One more moderate Republican in the House of Representatives okay great. Great. What does that do a batter constitute for a constitutional republic such as it is not that. Nothing. This is beyond the Republican Party at this point. Well beyond it. And maybe I'm dead wrong I just feel the more we we we. Discuss this and more we understand what we're supposed to be as opposed to what we've become. I think. It'll matter I don't think it'll change the course of history one book but I think it'll matter. If I hundred people 1000 people of 101000 people. Embrace it. Embraces. We're constantly lectured. I writers at the wall street journal editorial page Rick constantly lectured by people who claim to be conservatives. How you and I by our new discussions about these things. Are off the edge there's something wrong with us trust me there's nothing wrong with us. Nothing. You and I refuse to play the fiddle. While Rome burns. While Rome burns. You're nine we seek. What's happening to this society please do not call me and Tommy how great it was his election. After the Republicans and trump and everything else because you're missing the point cause some other talk show host seriously. We know we've heard this for 3 days. I am telling you. What's important here. Is much bigger. Then the sixth district district in Georgia our mind the tenth district in Virginia or your district or whatever it is. We have served up victory after victory after victory. We constitutional conservatives we rag and I sweet Tea Party activists. Even people are trucked. We took one Statehouse after another one governorship after another house or representatives the United States senate and now the president's. Yes that's the situation and we need to understand this ideology that would viewing. First we need to appreciate and understand our own principles where they come from so we can I take it like that look if we can't persuade more of our fellow citizens. To our point of view and explain to them why it took their best interest. The cause is lost anyway. I'll be right back. It. Yeah. The cardinals and show the pool feed. The conservative media die again now paid 773813811. We're gonna unravel. This kind of course the next several weeks. But I wanted to touch finesse this aspect to we talked on the briefly talked about it. The individual. Don't wearing when we get to these other things. But I'm not every other talk show hosts don't where we'll get to these are the things I crimes. The individual individualist what is individualism mean Diaw. It means what's in the declaration of independence right on Elena bull Wright's. God given right. That belong to each and every individual at birth. Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. What are those principles come for a while we'll discuss at another day and I discussed all of this and rediscovering America and all of there's a lot more. What you and I mean by individualism. Our adversaries don't mean. I individually is what you and I mean I freedom. Our adversaries don't mean. The same thing when it comes to freedom. You mean. For them it's the opposite. You see. What the progressives a hundred years ago we are longer but they argued. Is what was so argued in hagel argued in mark's target and others. And you'll also. Discuss. Which is. That the actual physical human individual. Can only fully. Experience. His or her humanity. As part of the collective. Is part of a a society. That needs to be perfected. And so while you hear people like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and all the rest talk about the people should have this the peak or should have that in popular Saturday. Mean none of that. Because all other policies and Bob growing and empowering. A centralized government. Which doesn't care about elections and doesn't care what the people think. And doesn't care what took place and charges of six congressional district yet. More and more voting means less and less under their ideology. There own pursuits. Their own designs. They view themselves as mastermind. That's what matters. And so. They talk about it in the terms of the people. The war the middle class. He should have three College Station to have that vote stances which could add this or that. But it every single circumstance. It involves more government more centralized government. Eviscerate our constitutional system our Federalist system but even more destroying the notion of individual out. Because the end of it won't tell them. And only experience. You know. Freedom. And humanity. Through the state. Thirdly communal. For the government. That's what they mean by individualism. That's what they mean by freedom again I won't elaborate on this next week in the weeks beyond. That's why it's important to understand this whether it's an election in the Georgia six of the Virginia and there's this one that went in the other. It's one thing to duke it out at the elected at the electoral level. I got it I do the same thing. But we need to understand more than. Well this thing will just be getting bigger this blob will just get bigger and bigger and bigger and devour. More and more and more. And this is the problem. This is an ideology it's not a philosophy. An ideology. Is. A position. An idea. That is advanced. Regardless of knowledge. Regardless of experience. Regardless of facts. This is why you often hear me say conservatism. Is not an ideology conservatism is a way of life the entire idea of conservatism. Is based on our founding principles and what our founding principles based on. More on that the next week or two but. That's the point. For the. Ideologues it doesn't matter if obamacare doesn't work. You're gonna defend it no matter what you saw what they did in the senate the other day it doesn't matter. That people can't afford health care anymore they'll claim that they. They have provided more health care to more people than any other person has ever done and they even have greater ambitions. Facts knowledge information evidence are no consequence. There ideologues. In the if succeed it. In so many respects. That even Republicans talk like. Remember he Republican. There is nothing more than a member. Of a political organization. Of a political organization the Republican Party is a political group it's a political organization. I may remember most of you many of you are members. But it's not an idea. It's not a you know we thought it wise. When these so called Republican leaders in those who run the bureaucracy of the Republican Party tell us what peace and for what we stand for. But when they don't govern that way it's simply not true. It's simply not true. And so that needs to be explained and explored and understood to attack. Mr. producer. Is this making any sense. I hope so. Because I I really don't think. For those who care and all of you my audience and you carry wouldn't be here. For those who care at this stuff matters. And it matters in trying to figure a way out of this situation. Then you see the Democrat party even at the electoral. What is their objectives. Well their objective today is to destroy their opponent. It's been an objective they've had for decades actually but it's really tightened now. It's really have crystallized. They're out to destroy Donald Trump and I believe it's Ted Cruz had one they'd be out to destroy him or even Marco Rubio they'd be out there wouldn't matter. But trump they wanted to strike. And they are unleashing every conceivable. Governing weapon that they hat. And Republicans are going along with them including. The president's own deputy attorney general of the United States. Because they are not going to allow from their perspective. Anything. To diminish their. Ideological advantage. And take control of the central government. They're not gonna let anything happen to their departments and agencies they're not gonna let anything happen to their workforce they're not gonna let anything happen to any of. They all shut down the senate because this and it doesn't matter to them they will shut them a House of Representatives. Because that house or representatives doesn't matter to them sure they want to win it it's an easier path. The continue to advance their agenda but they're gonna protect what they created this mess and administrative state. Which passes three or 4000 launched every single year without you knowing anything about them. That's the benefit of an election. Or hearing. Any at all. I tell you this not to upset you I tell you this because this is reality. Reality that will never be discussed on TV. Except Levine TV but. And in the rest of. I mean there has to be at least one of us right. Who will use the benefit of a microphone in use this opportunity that I am blessed to have to discuss these. They should be limited to. To colleges and universities you shouldn't be limited to two. You know tiny areas of discussion I went millions and millions of you to think about these things to engage. Because this is what we're doing now you might so what's this a lead this crap you know the silliest crap I'm electrician I'm a plumber I'm a teacher. You know my family law lawyer I know what is all season and lead us crack. If you look at history your brief. Philosophy leads to our ideology depending on what it is leads to. Politics and politics leaks to. What happens in our daily lives whether we like it or not. Whether we like it or not politics is broader than elections. Politics is broader than political parties. Politics is in essence the inner action of one person with another one group of people. That's what it is. So if you leave philosophy. Other. Then you won't understand what's taking place in your country to you to your family. Your lifestyle. Because they're people out there. Who seek power who gain power who abuse power for the purpose of imposing their viewpoints on you which affect your life. So this debate about ideas matters big time. And we haven't been very good at it. We haven't spent a timeline and we will on this program which is a whole point of rediscovering Americanism in the tyranny. At progressive news. We need to go back to basics and buy basics I don't mean. Dumbing down. But the founders in the framers created I mean back to basics that is really understanding. Not just the principles but the foundations under these principles. What do they come from why they important. And those who reject them and battle them. And those who have copied them in many respects. Many here Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. When you watch some of these people in the media you scratch your head. And rightly so. And there's a lot of clowns on TV there's a lot of clowns in the media they just they they there to promote themselves and so they they're at they're no consequence I'm I'm wasting my time with them. All right we'll be right back most of the program. I think I bet. It's. An independent. Has sometimes honestly I wonder if I'm talking myself with and I know it's not the case. I know it's not the case because three discovering Americanism is number two on all books being sold on Amazon isn't even out yet. And it's the leading non fiction book number one when it comes to him. These types of subjects. So I know on the analog. I know this matters to you and that's very important to me otherwise I'm not gonna write these things. But. You know take 1618 months. But my time and do it and I that I feel that it is important and I feel that you do care about these things in the a year curious about them as I am. I don't know everything I begin this stuffed so that's what scholarship is all about. It's why won't never. Delegate all this type of work to somebody else. I wanna know about it just like I wanna tell you about it when I find that about it. For me it's like a gem hunter. I'm digging and digging in day and then all of a sudden there is a beautiful. Right pigeon red ruby. Great Kashmir satisfy. And I go holy macro I wanna tell everybody. Well that's what happens when I do an idea. And put it between. The cover of a book. But it's all about. Exploring. Thinking that's what life is so so many respects. Just keep pushing the edge pushing me and trying to figure things out. Trying to understand why things are what they are trying to figure out what to do about them. It's very exciting if you really get into it. You know it's summer vacation time for most of us. But scanners are hard at work here's some tips to avoid becoming a victim. Before making deposits. On that beach renal check the realtors licensed to ensure their legitimate. 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LEV. I end. That's lament. Who get 10% off your life like membership. So there's a lifelike dot com save 10% now promo code love them or call them up 1800 life. Simple enough front. Gail Birmingham Alabama on Sirius satellite Harry. I am fine and I have listened. That have been on the phone and I I just wanted to say that I am absolutely confident. That. I am speaking for those who care yes that question. Who care is that matters. You know what you did that perspective that. That you've given us what we feel that. You articulated that we feel that making a big deal about what happened in Georgia just give us one more indie you know party. At and I don't see the difference anymore in the parties they just don't see it. And I hold. Your. Wonderful and I talked with the beginning because of your presentation that gave us the perspective. We do hear you we do understand you you're not speaking into the wind. You're speaking to. My folks helped. Build this country. My folks are the people that tried which. We teach the children. We run the businesses. I wrote a letter to congress that you know in 2010 how hard that was the facts every member of the congress I assure you it was tough. I wrote them a hand written letter thinking. Now a fight just like to make him a letter handwritten letter they would know we have to alert people out here that really know their name and they really need to hear from a I wrote to them. In 2010. Leave 1112. They drove it doesn't. Matter. That's the problem. They have essentially and I believe I speak for many others we have a government in my judgment over mine many decades of existence. That have established a political elite they play it like fools they think just because they put it on Fox News. Worse CNN. That we really do believe that the difference between our entity. They think. That we don't know that that we're overtaxed. Over regulated. That they have gone into our educational system which they never had done until what seventy. They have managed and rimmed out farming they have run this are small businesses they have screwed up their health insurance. They have done everything to ruin our lives they have all our children. Absolutely not respecting the parents did the foolish TV they put on they need demonize them. They deemed enough by itself for believing in him. They ridicule. Then let me. You know scale when. You know when an excellent color well I appreciate your call very very much says here your professors your lawyer and he. Enormously articulate and I very much appreciate what you said and your path. For a lot of the took up lesson ladies and gentlemen. We'll be right back. Admittedly I'm a busy guy with a lot on my place. So the last thing I want to do his waist time standing on line of the post office so I don't ever. I you Stamps.Com. Which brings all the services of the US Postal Service to me. I can buy imprint official US postage for any letter any package any class of mail using my own computer and printer. It's so convenient just click print your dot Stamps.Com savings over time and money I can't believe anyone still wait online at the post office anymore. Don't you wanna say time and money to Stamps.Com makes it easy. They even into it digital scales you can automatically calculate exact quote I use Stamps.Com because simplifies my busy life and right now YouTube can enjoy the Stamps.Com service with a special offer that includes a four week trial. Plus postage and digital scale without long term commitment go to Stamps.Com click on the microphone at the top of the home page and typing in bunker. That's Stamps.Com. And her bunker Stamps.Com. Never go to the post office again. He's here. No. Literally underground. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere from deliberate can steal a nondescript building. We once again made contact without a leader better. Hello everybody mark lemon here are number 8773813811. 877381. 3811 we're gonna talk more about this down the road. And not that far down the road. Little bit later this week and a lot next week and the week after. And I hundred more points that relate to this. Because this is your society it's your culture it's your country that you government. And we need to understand what it's supposed to be and what it is and we're gonna do that. In a mall all be dire and so forth I think it'll be really bracing and compelling and inspiring in many respects. Now I'll take your calls on the subjects and don't worry don't need to hang up. When the full board but I wanna move on to a few other things. Never much liked this guy under Obama. But he was testifying today had a house hearing on Russian hacking. And I wrist over and over and over again if this was so bad and it was. Did it happen on Obama's watch mister Johnson's watch. Mr. holder's watch him ms. Lynch's watch. It happened on the watch of their CIA in there NSA and the Democrat party and how they go about it. While for awhile they covered it up they didn't tell the American people. All right so let's begin. Let's begin at the beginning cup one go. In 2016. The Russian government at the direction of Vladimir Putin himself. Orchestrated cyber attacks on our nation for the purpose of influencing our election. That is a fact plain and simple. Now the key question for the president and the congress is. What are we going to do to protect the American people end their democracy. From this kind of thing in the future. I'm pleased that this committee has undertaken. This investigation. I welcome it my sincere hope is that in bipartisan fashion. You find answers. Last year's very troubling experience. Highlights. Cyber vulnerabilities. In our political process. And in our election infrastructure. Itself. OK so it was a big attack. And I believe it another code pink Republican. I don't trust the Russians. They're buzzing airplanes are buzzing ships. And I think Putin. Is a mass murdering. Well but just gonna say fascist. Let's continue he's asked by Mike Conway Republican Texas a very important question cut to go. He said he your opening statement are your in your prepared remarks debt to your knowledge there was no vote tallying. Changes to no one's vote was that they voted one way to record as some other way is that still your opinion that doesn't disrespect to sixteen election. That's did the intrusions or attempted whatever it is Russians are others did did not affect the dasher voting yourself. Based on everything I know that is correct I am sorry no no evidence that through cyber intrusions. Votes were altered to horror suppressed. In some way. OK. So even by his own words Hillary lost fair and square. So even why you'd in the rations even while they attempted to interfere with our election they failed. Okay. Now. Let's continue. Cuts three tray dowdy. And did Johnson go. At the time you separated from service in January 27 being had you seen any evidence that. Donald Trump or any member of his campaign colluded can Sparta coordinated with the Russians or anyone else. To infiltrate or in part horror of motor infrastructure. Not beyond. What has been out there open source. And not beyond anything. That I'm sure this committee has already seen and heard before directly from the intelligence community. That's a no because if the answer is yes then he would have had an obligation Whitney ladies and gentlemen. Report that to the FBI and my knowledge he did no such thing. Just never happen. Is there any witness anywhere has there been any witness and before any committee. In front of any television camera. And has set otherwise. Even one. Now he is. He's asked a question by Adam Schiff less. The Democrat ranking Democrat on the house intelligence to mean this is actually quite interest. Listen up cut forgo. Why did it take administration's so long to make a public statement today for an adversary was trying to influence the American election the Saban didn't come until. October. Why do we wait from July until October to make that statement. Well congressman I'm gonna disagree with your premise that there was some type of delay. This was a big decision and there were. A lot of considerations. That went into it this was an unprecedented step. First as you know well. We have to carefully consider whether to declassify information compromises sources and methods. Second there was an ongoing election and many would criticize us for. Perhaps taking sides. In the elections so that had to beat. Carefully considered. Well let's show up five out of a vote. So the Russians are trying to interfere in the election. They try to tap into the DNC database which they apparently succeeded and tried to captain of the RNC database which they apparently failed to. That they trust. And there's no evidence that they're tampering in their hacking and so forth and so was intended to help the Republicans are the Democrats is there. If there is what is. And where it's. That may be the mess that the media put at the Democrats put out but I'm not aware of any. And you would think that happened we already know about. So that said. They sat on the information. Until October. Why didn't they reveal. Go ahead so you were call was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way and so we were concerned. That by. Making the statement we might in and of itself. Challenging the integrity of the of the election process. Now let's stop because truck was saying the election might be raid what does that have to do with the Russian. Attempt. To influence the election hack into various databases and get emails and so forth. I thought the Democrats scenario was that. Putin and the Russians are trying to help trump. And that there was collusion there even point we know that there wasn't. So how would that play into what he just said his scenario. Would it have helped Hillary Clinton. Theoretically mr. producing. The Russians are trying to hacking into the into the election when the Democrat talking points be that they were trying to hack into the election. To help trump right. So this excuse. For covering up information from the American people is nonsensical. And I'll tell you what I think when he's done so ahead. Itself. This was. This was a very very. Difficult decision but in my personal view it's something we had to do it got careful consideration a lot of discussion. My view is that we needed to do it we needed to do it well before the election to inform the American voters of what we knew when what we saw that it would be unforgivable we did not. Pre election. Hello hello hello Scott. Now he's not making any sense of off. On the one hand they waited till October and he said we waited at because none of the candidates mr. trump was saying the election might be rigged. Now he's patting himself on the back for saying that we had to get out before the election what weeks before the election went up months before the election. If he got it out in October how would that neutralize the point you just raised which is. That one of the candidates say the election might be rigged this isn't making any sense to me. Although I think I figured it out obtain a minute go ahead. That's it OK. They thought Hillary was gonna win. They thought Hillary was going to win. And that's why they didn't want to upset the apple cart. Because the fact of the matter is it's not about trump her trump world's collusion with the Russians. Trump was out there saying this election might be raked in if they revealed the fact that the Russians were involved it would be the opposite trump might say which is what he's trying to get that. Truck might say see. I told you this election might be rigged so wouldn't be truck. Colluding even theoretically with the Russians it would be Hillary benefiting from the Russians right. Hillary benefiting from the rush that's why I took a deep swallow their bodies he was getting dry mouth when you're trying to explain it did make any sense. Yes Donald Trump said he thought the election might be rader would be raped or whatever. But at the information to come out much earlier that the Russians. We're trying to intervene in the election. And Hillary Clinton won the election. He was concerned Obama was concerned that Democrats who control the Obama administration. And the Democrats were concerned. At Hillary's election would look illegitimate. It is amazing the extent to which the Democrats have been able to turn this around on track. Amazing to me. And the Democrats and all the power. All the power to do a Russian. In the Obama administration trumpet no power to deal a rush. So now that I said what I said I once had elicited this testimony one more time. Understanding. That the real reason. That the Russians were trying to intervene in the election is because of what worked against Hillary Clinton should she be elected president as they thought she might be. Check that as they surely thought she would be. And they didn't wanna eat. That in her. That's why. They didn't reveal the information it was purely political on their part. Partisan. On their part. So they hit the information from the American people. So crucial was this information. So damaging is it to the American republic. You heard democratic Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee lecture us the American people over the opposite directions to do this I agree completely. And what is my question been from the start. Well what out of the Obama administration do that. It's on their watch. Mr. Johnson worked for Obama. Now we're told. Yet it summed it up. We did one on the because in effect it might have tainted Hillary's victory. Let's play one more time go ahead. Why did it take administration's so long to make it public statement that a foreign adversary was trying to influence American elections they've been didn't come until. October. Why do we wait from July until October to make that statement. Well congressman I'm gonna disagree with your premise that there was some type of delay. This was a big decision and there were. A lot of considerations. That went into went this was an unprecedented step. First as you know well. We have to carefully consider whether it declassify information compromises sources and methods. Second there was an ongoing election and many would criticize us for. Perhaps taking sides. In the election so that had to be. Carefully considered one of the candidates so you were call was predicting that the election was going to be rigged in some way. And so we were concerned. That by. Making the statement we might in and of itself be. Come. Challenging the integrity of these below. And of itself they were concerned that trump. Would claim that the Russians are trying to interfere in the election now Hillary. And time virtually or may be simultaneously. If Hillary won the election. They didn't want it to be tainted although she did she won by a look at the Russians intervened. It's the exact opposite of the investigation. Exact opposite of the propaganda. I hope I'm making this is clear I hope I am. Not trump. Colluding with the Russians it's the Obama administration. Concealing. What the Russians are doing. So that trump couldn't use it against Hillary more should Hillary win. Her election would be taint it. Incredible. Go ahead. Process. Itself hum this was. This was a very very. Difficult decision but in my personal view it's something we had to do they've got careful consideration a lot of discussion. My view is that we needed. There was no question what is being careful consideration by home and allowed the discussion with them. But they didn't care. Let's continue to break out any questioning. DNC never turn the server over to law enforcement. Hmmm so twice now you have certain bit of you could camp down in front of the DNC and always say in defense of view would've made any difference if you had because they were gonna give you the server not stops. Member it's the server that the Russians successfully tapped it. So law enforcement including. DNC said now. Blocked. Go ahead it. If you're investigating either from the law enforcement or from an intelligence standpoint. Backing by a foreign pop style government. Wouldn't you want to server. But wouldn't that help you know more unidentified. Cooke who's the attacker was and if memory serves me it that this was early in the summer of 46 today. What when we learned of the DNC act so if they had turned the server over to either you or director call me. Maybe we wanna know more and maybe there would have been more for you to report. I'll saw just what amassed commuters. Why would the victim of a crime not turn over a server to the intelligence community or to won't force. American argue with the serve. That was a leading question. And I'll agree to be led. Ninth and the answer is. The same when I gave before. They didn't want the election Pena with Russian involvement because they thought she was gonna win we'll be right back. Okay. Take another look at this business is important. So we're told or led to believe that the collusion investigation has been going on since what last June or July. Collusion this. And the Obama administration. Many months before October when they make that information public. If they thought. Releasing that information. Would help Donald Trump. They wouldn't release it right. They wouldn't release it. If they thought it would hurt Donald Trump. They would release. So they clearly didn't think it would help Donald Trump so they settlement. And they thought it would hurt. Hillary Clinton loses and she goes on and on about collusion between the Russians and trot even began that in October. Is a bad interest. When the information came out and they release in October before right before the election because. The election looks a lot closer. But several months before the election wasn't a lot closer. So they tried the time the release of the information did the Obama administration trying to help Hillary. Trying to hurt truck. So rather than release it early on. We're trump saying this election might be rig where it's obvious he's not colluding because it doesn't help them. They way. Because they think they can help fill thank you through during the break and be right back. Mark the event. America is passionately so we've broken voice. We talked quite dad's voice now at 8773813811. 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Until October to reveal that the Russians have been trying to intervene in our election. And then they try to tie to try. Why. Because it's almost time for the general election. And they're not so certain Hillary willing. They're not so certain. So they didn't really Sydor early on because they thought Hillary was gonna win hands down. They release it late. In October because she's in trouble and Hillary even uses this information. Newspaper leaks and all the rest. Claiming all this guy's an associate of the Russians of this guy worked where there's been a member out how they might need all that up. So. And they try to tie it to try. And Hillary Clinton claims pollution. And rigged election. The emails and all the rest. They hold back because. They think Hillary is gonna win and they don't want to taint the election. By claiming collusion of any kind. And she's getting closer and closer to being on the ropes and then they were released the information in the the argument is that trump colluded and when you realize these things have taken place and I'm just basing it on thinking through what. All these hearings and investigations are that have tried to tight proper trump world to collusion with the Russians. They haven't completely passed on that you know now with the phony obstruction of justice. Which in the case economy in the discussion trump had his constitutionally an impossibility. And then you look at the two memorandum. That the Justice Department produced and 73 in 2000 the last from the Clinton administration saying you can't charge a sitting president. Meanwhile. Mr. Mahler the so called special counsel has now hired fourteen prosecutors. Fourteen prosecutors that's a small United States attorney's office. Investigate essentially one issue. Any still. I NT. Still expanding his own authority. And you can see as I said how diabolical lawlessness and it truly is absolutely diabolical. And should take a few calls sure. Let's take a few couples. Let's see above them of let's go to shocked Huntsville Alabama they great WGN and go. Market an honor to talk with a view I've been listening to you ever since you are not Hannity program every won't swallow. Would you. Hitting the ball out of the park would you comment about various things. I appreciate this my question is. Thomas Jefferson. While the declaration of independence after the Food Network and continue declaration of rights. Correct by Mason I believe and that is stated. Life liberty. Property and the pursuit of happiness and why did the founders seek out property which is critical to its there's still one specific in the in kind of brought that we have. As opposed to little pursuit of happiness which is very ambiguous. But it wasn't to them. In fact the pursuit of happiness. Encompassed even more than property. Sewell we talk about property we mean physical things right leaning real estate here I'm holding a watcher whatever it is. When they talked about property they meant more than. In their property in your ideas. Propping your person. Obviously. Real property. Materialism so forth. They believed it was all that because they believed it was intertwined as an inalienable right with life and liberty. So when they used pursuit of happiness. They weren't excluding property they were including property and much much more. And this is one of the reasons it's important to really dig into this stuff. And I understand that it's not that they excluded property it's that they expanded on the whole notion of the circle of liberty that surround the individual. Does that help that makes sense. The only concern I have is that it's given the left the opportunity to say. Healthcare. Is today right. Yeah I know but they would say it anyway because. When I hope you'll learn I wish I had a copy to give you when you get re discovering. Americanism in the tenure progressive is in is this. They reject the declaration of independence. Not just in practice but explicitly. And you'll find out that some of these so called progressive. The leaders ruling on. Not in the last century and at the in the end of the eighteen hundreds. They attacked the declaration of independence because a declaration of independence. Really is focused upon the sovereignty of the individual. And even today when you talk about the sovereignty of the individual they think you're not. But for the for the F founders and for people who they read and relied on for various ideas and principles. Who was absolutely crucial. And so. The progressives attack that declaration of independence where if they use it don't notice the leave out the word Cotter creator DeVine Robert but they leave out all that stuff. Because I have to. Because what they're trying to do is create a piece society. That is not based on eternal truths or moral order anything of the kind. And of course the declaration of independence. The the constitution I should say is the governing manifestation of the declaration of independence they're linked. Being intertwined so in the tax separation of powers which was crucial to the framers. When the attack limited government and when he attacked the bill of rights and on and on and on but the attack these things. They are attacking. True individualism they call it old individualism because they've created new individualism you see which is an individualism of law. They claim to support liberty but UN I would consider tyranny. They can't we're gonna get an all this legal positive is him and then positive rights first is negative rights and I promise you won't be overwhelming it won't be complex gonna make it has served as understandable as possible. So I hope you look forward to that. Chuck. I sure do. And I want to thank you again earlier they're actually your program. Well read. Mostly all of them America bill that chapter unlocked. Those who worked in past first in the book. No flow of iron I want to let you know I appreciate you. More than most every other than radio host well I appreciate a lot of them. But shot I really appreciate it I think you're gonna love this next book if he loved America OP. We'll definitely lover re discovering Americanism and I've said many times it's my best book at least in my view thank you sent countless. Belarus. Stony point nearly Arctic great WAB sake don't. What an honor added mark to speak with you you're a hero and we need. Is no question about how much we need it because. They don't keep things in school anymore. There's a little worried that the government has gotten through it through our children and I'm not talking about how it is because there was conversation about that. And another shell that I was listening to you it doesn't start Eric starts in the elementary school. My son I had put in kindergarten and elementary school in New York. And I would certainly hear Freddie blanks. Program a forty year old boy it would only adding I mean afford greater so that's 109 and here I'll let bullying a little girl. A lot of looked over him and I said we are we gonna put my hand on his shoulder. And he. She looked up and cannot really oh and might we look Helio and I actually teaches and they ran away so I ran out to them and I said helping. And they had no no we can't say anything just let alone. Atlanta Malone you're gonna let him poll. It can't turn and that it's okay yet so why we Malone and like or any trouble and that was the magnet school that would getting money from the government. So they had to do things like that. Well I can without next year it to a private school and Egypt graduated high school from. So before we have the heartbreak what is your on what's the moral of the story. There is no respect taught anymore you are talking about and taking god out of it. They are not talk respect they're taught it in what they want now you have the high school kids the media. And they are all those children that we're told to do whatever they want another story looters. And and when and when our children watch TV. In the here the racist pronouncements of the left. And when our children watch TV. They watch politicians trashing our police officers. When children watch TV. In the here leftists on show after show justifying lawlessness. Such as Sanctuary Cities and so forth. Well eventually gets across to them doesn't it Delores and when I thank you recall. And I'll be right back. To earth. Program. All right. Tell about simply say. You know I have simply say. Think of all the precautions you take every day for other things probably had a case to protect your iPhone. 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Discount it simple and so when We discovering Americanism are. Then this continuous calls. I've had some really good cost to them. I think so. Let us go to Larry. King there in Louisiana Sirius satellite carrier Larry. I'm doing well Mark Bowden took pleasure talkies there. Thank you. Well all right ahead did two more years and it service and an hour or so the government for a little while and very frankly I've never seen so many people poorly as solitaire on their computers. Third a worker hours put. Our job before him Obama went out and I don't want to expose you simple which department or agency. Department maybe you know him as the civilian after I got out of the service running there and it is due loose I was flabbergasted but. I didn't last very long. I headed for rural Louisiana and my wife was Roman now that they're happy with an out awards for law. Thank you I wanted to say that. Honored on a previous point earlier in Europe in your show. That you know we need somebody like and Edward for days of the right to figure in there and try to turn education system around. Because it starts so early. That by the time everybody it's. Further on their life that's where we get all these. Liberal people into the into the bureaucracies. I've never seen so many people. Would go to the left wing writer of mind. In government. You know one out of work or formed it it just. It boggles the mind. Yeah. So you wanna propagandist. Not necessarily a propagandist for somebody that's gonna bring some common sense. From Iran from. Well here's orders were I think I don't think we're gonna find that some. Not that one person who's going to be able to do all these. I think there are millions of people who could lose. Parents. Grandparents. Aunts and uncles. We can do this and I explain this in name you the conservative manifesto part of liberty and tyranny. We're not going to be able to rely on these. Public institutions colleges universities for the most part there's only a handful that are worth anything. Public schools. I mean they've been devoured. It's up to us and I said it the other day just because you send your kid to public school doesn't mean. You don't control what they learn when they're with you. And when I taught my kids what we thought our kids. What was taught me by my parents is don't just sit in the classroom and sop up what you're told like this. Orange. Have information that is that the family can provide an in discussions of breakfast and then tables over the weekend. Have information. Prepare your child to engage. I've done that my entire life. I kids have done that their entire life. My wife has found that her entire life so these are the things that we can do there are millions and millions of us. So we need to take responsibility for this there's not going to be one person to fix the public school system. We'll be right back. 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Get that fifty dollars toward the purchase of your match has dot com slash marked fifty terms and conditions apply. He's. Now. Mentally underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We've once again make contact without a leader. Hello everybody in my living here this is Al west. Three. And number 8773813811877381381. Month while some of the critique. Layers now of the senate government run health care bill. Have been revealed because it's been shared with some senators and staffers before the official release tomorrow. And I wanna go through some of this with you and your eyes will glaze over because nothing the government does including Republicans. Seems to be straightforward plain English and rather simple. They make that which is complicated. More complicated. But here's the bottom line. They repeal nothing except certain taxes. They repealed nothing. From the fundamental nature of obamacare. Except certain taxes in by doing that ladies and gentlemen they will drive up the dead even for it. But the we'll tell you it's a repeal. It's generous that they take care of everybody I can hear it now. Now either you believe yourself or you believe that. This is from Acxiom us. They XIOS and the relatively new site for me. Senate health bill would fund controversial. ACA subsidies. The senate health care bill is scheduled to be released tomorrow and we're hearing the state of play is extremely fluid. But we reported yesterday is changing today in different people different understandings of what's in the bill. But one thing that's in play Republicans may take a different route to give states flexibility and affordable care act's insurance regulations. I said nothing's repeal. Except certain taxes. Here's the latest on what we're hearing they report the bill would fund the Affordable Care Act that is Obama care's cost sharing subsidies. A key sticking point for insurers through 2019. And also provide a four year reinsurance program to help states stabilize their markets. Now you're saying okay what's all this me look at the federal involvement. The intricate. Federal involvement. Subsidies will be available to people making up to 350%. Of the federal poverty. Down from 400% under obamacare. That includes people under 100% of the federal poverty limit who currently don't receive subsidies under obamacare. The sound like just something your interest that it. That's because they've most of that population will be on Medicaid. The house's optional state waiver is probably won't not being included in Temares trip bill yesterday we reported the plan was to include essential health benefit on waivers. The house bell labs states the wave. Obamacare is essential health benefits its ban on charging higher premiums to six beat sixty. So the San it would eliminate the waiver. But the senate is much greater flexibility to obamacare is existing state waivers. And expedite their approval. The obamacare laid out strict conditions for what the way risk of being the GOP bill would loose les. Which could be a different means to the same as a slowdown ranking. Have you noticed the common thread and all of us. What's the common thread in all this. That there are working with in the confines of obamacare. Well just this piece of obamacare slightly over here and we're gonna have more subsidies and Obama can't get over a year. And yet that the poverty level under Obama care. 400% of the poverty under the of the poverty level here we're gonna be 350 present the Larry let. Does that sound to you like they've repeal obamacare. What do they repeal it. Oh I know the way the taxes around. You'll wind up paying for it anyway. That's continued. What would be wave bubble. He central health benefits actuarial value of the requirement that plans cover certain percentage of enrollees healthcare costs. The definition of equality health plan. Not the ban on charging six people as sick people higher premiums than healthy people. Another requirement that insurers so plans to people with preexisting condition. So. Charging six people higher premiums. He's not gonna happen. So this is ladies and gentlemen. Impossible. What else is a livable. They requirement that insurers some plans to people with preexisting conditions. So again it's not insurance it's welfare it's redistribution of wealth that centralized government. And it's not repeal. It's all built on obamacare. Some tweaking of Obama care embracing a big chunks of Obama care but this isn't repeal barker. British intermittent. Con what we're gonna have. We have repeal and replace obamacare. When a market system we're gonna get rid Asian tax will violence tea what are we gonna do. Yeah well when a lot of premiums and Florida did that bodes wouldn't let. They're doing crap. Aides are fairly certain. They won't be able to creating new tax credit for people buying on the individual market that includes the pro life Hyde amendment percent of budget rules. The backup plan is to leave the parent obamacare premium subsidy structure in place but the scale it back. While this part of obamacare scaled back that part of obamacare didn't subsidize it up so we'll subsidize that more. But the bill would also included insurers stabilization fund like the house billed as probably will be final. The children's health and add yak yak yak yak. Since most plans will use the stabilization fund they won't be allowed to cover abortions noticed stabilization fund is mr. producer. It's your tax dollars going to subsidize insurance companies insurance companies they cannot afford Obama care and insurance companies that will not be able to afford. McConnell can't see my point. Medicaid. We don't know what's going to happen in Medicaid into Medicaid has exploded. Under obamacare and the struggle actually do. Now this gets back to my first point earlier in the program doesn't that this election in the sixth congressional district. Apart from positioning the president positioning Democrats positioning the Republicans is utterly meaningless. In the course of your life. It's of no consequence whatsoever. This lady who got elected to congress from Georgia she'll be forgotten she's already forgotten. She'll be devoured by the party in the system and off she goes. Never to be heard of again. If she speaks nobody will care. What a monumental election. My parents don't get that we are eager. I think. It's of no consequence whatsoever. And so if this report is accurate. And we can't be 100% sure because the Republicans like the Democrats are hiding this but I I love the line. We're treating this as a committee of the whole ladies and gentlemen the whole senate is participating in any senator wants to participate is five. Really now ladies and gentlemen do you know the point of representative government yes. There's this notion called the European trusteeship and I embrace it. That your representatives are representatives they're supposed to make the best decision they can based on their own. You know moral conscience and so forth but they are to console but the people. And I believe that. But we the people have a right to consult with our representatives and how can we console when our representatives if I'm operating based on leaks to this particular new site. I'm not saying these leaks are inaccurate pace they smell right to me. But the kind of aggressive compromise that the Republicans are. And a habit of do it. But that said I mean. We're gonna vote on this before July 4. And you're gonna have any input. I just read some of the state even understands and I don't understand at all. While obamacare did this so we'll do a little less than obamacare obamacare did that I don't we're gonna increase the subsidies and Obama hated the and abetted assassinated that in bat. It's not repeal. Then you'll have the mouth pieces the serie gets the compound boys and girls. The rockettes. All out there. With the talking points because what's gonna happen now is the Republican Party the senate Republicans in many of the house Republicans and administration officials. I gonna call talk show hosts. In TV hosts and feed in the same three year for talking points. And I suspect our president. Is gonna tie that this is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It's generous covers everybody it repeals obamacare keeps my promises. And it's none of those things. And remember this is the same administration that celebrated what the house passed which was rotten enough. Told us it was a great they remember they were all lined up at the White House and then when meeting with the senate Republicans alone. It's mean it's not generous enough I want you do better and they what are we to believe. Believe you own common sense. You know what repeal means. They they repeal obamacare now the only time they actually passed a bill to repeal Obama care. Was. When Obama was president and they know Obama would never repeal obamacare. Is Obama has his name on. Second late you wouldn't know it. Then they asked. A clean repeal bill now. They're scared of the market system. They are scared of competition. They're scared capitalism. They're scared of individuals making decisions in families making decisions for themselves. This is what I meant in the first hour. He stayed his agenda. Is always the agenda. It's always the agenda. I'll be right back most of the program. So. Have a disastrous health care in the making the Republicans in the house and sent and I guarantee you the president the administration but I wouldn't say something else. You know you look at people in different ways to analyze and in different ways I'd like this president. I'd like this and they're people who don't like I like it. I don't socialize with them I've never been Louis Holmes. I've ever seen at the White House. But I want to I like the way he fights back. I actually liked the way he talks to the media. I liked the way he cares. About our military he cares about our police officers. I like the way he cares. About a hostages. In orders as secretary of state. Get him out of there. And I know he loves America. I know we don't. Even if I disagree of them on some issues. I know his goal isn't the fundamentally transform America to turn it inside out to destroy. And the way he talks. I like it. Here's another one that's gonna shock people. For the most part the way he tweets I got true. Again I don't always agree somewhat. He is not gonna be pushed around by the media he's not going to be told what the bill. He refuses. And it's not because he's actually went. Very ignorant. Org wrote. It's because he was elected. President of the United States. And his enemies notice I don't say opponents are adversaries his enemies their enemies. Are seeking to destroy any fights back. How many times over the fifteen years I've been in radio. Have you said to me when while the Republicans fight back when the president speak out all or any George W Bush Administration. Well bush speak out any rarely. And he rarely did. There's something quintessentially. A. American about panel trying to. There's going to be people who attacked me for saying this. Conservatives Republicans. Justice will be people who attacked me for criticizing the president is now. When this phony repeal of obamacare which is administrations involved. But I quotas ICM. I call and as I say yeah. And I like the guy. I like that guy. Because he's not Mitt Romney. Or remember Trent Lott. Are people like that. I like him because he's not Mitch McConnell. Or Lamar Alexander. There is a leadership quality. There is a chorus. And no not at the fascist state kind which the left would have you believe there's some clown Republicans. Who writes for the Washington compost in the new X lines. And for me he's a guy you want to cheer you wanna see him succeed. Course I don't want all his stuff to succeed but I want a lot of it to succeed. Just saying. I really believe them. Here we have a piece buyer buddy Paul Bedard. Was a great journalist at the Washington examiner listeners this. Federal Election Commission Democrat eyes widening rusher probe to FaceBook. Drudge. And foreign companies. I've been waiting for them the target Drudge. In new proposal by an anti trump Democrat on the Federal Election Commission. Would expand the federal government's probe into alleged Russian influence notice they're pouring everything tennis. To foreign companies and Internet sites that take political ads like FaceBook or the Drudge Report. While giving the FEC an unprecedented role that some say overstepped its authority so. They complain about the Russians. Yet they act like the Russians. Democratic commissioner Allan wind trop. Citing petitions from leftist groups demanding a wider investigation. On Thursday plans to push for commission's support for her idea. This is an all hands on deck moment for our democracy she wrote and hasty need to get decommissioning considered at their Thursday meaning. She's a crackpot. The mere allegation that foreign interference may have a courage shakes the faith. Of Americans and our democracy. So the wider the Obama administration covered up for months. You know it shakes the faith and our democracy. Sick goes like Ellen weintraub. She said the FTC must find out the facts of what happened on the 2016 US presidential election. And move swiftly and firmly. To fix any problems we find. I had an idea you're ready for this one and only to shock you have so we abolish the Federal Election Commission what felt good does that damn thing do. Get rid of that. When you have goof balls morons like down why tribe is commissioners. Who don't believe in the First Amendment. But believe in character assassination and smear tactics. Because left wing hack organizations now that she's working with right wing it and wider investigation. Paralyzes the Soviet Union close them yet they say they get rid of this lady says that's my solution. Copyright back. Mark doesn't suffer fools well. So these hills home a gold hole 877381. Minute 4811. Did you guys watch me gals on the Hannity last night. Hannity on the Fox. News Channel. You know he and I actually very good 12 team I think he's a dear dear friend of mine we go way back. In each other's backs. But. He just is a very generous decent guy he really it. Whether it had a disagreement you're not from a political perspective we share exactly the same principles. And I know that's because I know him I know his family he knows meaning those mindful. We vacationed together and so forth. Recently because I don't vacation that much of the thing going it is true. And they was that a trip stone got none of that unbelievable. He really does change your life so. With the Jewish or Christian or any other religion and religion at all as a place to go. Everybody can tell me you're almost sixteen you've never been there I said yeah. Well that's now so I went. Absolutely magnificent. And I did meet the prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. They did meet the ambassador. To Israel from the United States. In the investor. Mcgetrick. Let's see who is that from Israel to the United States both the just to social greeting and they were at their own wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. They share all your values and principles they really do. And that's so many other people. The gentleman who was driving me the man that we leased just terrific. He was in the 1973. War. Ronan. The gentleman who we hired for protection. Turns out we didn't need that he was great. Golan. Just terrific. Our tour guides one of when that I remember a particular. Kind Cohen. All of them assert in the military all of them into war chest brilliant. An archaeologist. In the various. Places we went. This meeting. Regular people citizens interacting. But I have to tell you. I'm not somebody who studied the Bible but I know some things. Almost sixty years old it's in the Bible. In the season when your own eyes right in front of. To see the western wall. To look up. At the temple mount. We'll walk the ground. That Abraham. And Isaac. That Moses walk. Toward the ground that. King David walked in king Solomon law. That Jesus walked. It's incredible. To walk on stone. That we chiseled. But with 3000 years ago. Almost 40000 years ago. Yet it changes. To touch it with your hand. Mean our country's a little over 250 is well. The touch these places with the hint. To know what happened. It's incredible. Absolutely incredible. And then to see the reality this actually. Which is this tiny little country. Defending our biblical past. When you Jewish accretion or even Muslim. This tiny little country defending it. Against terrorists. Against Arab better ones who self identify as Palestinians. And Arafat gave themselves that name. Because it sounds like Palestine. It's incredible when you go to Judea and Samaria notice Judea and Samaria. The West Bank they whenever the west bank and enjoy. Trending even exist hundreds of years ago. It's a concoction. To go into these areas. When you've heard the term settlement settlements settlements so long you think they're like little hobbled or something but they're not. You know what it looked like to me Scottsdale Arizona. These are developments these are suburbs. There's almost half a million people who live there. The size of Baltimore in terms of population in the idea that all these people should leave. So we can purify. Judea and Samaria. For the Arab better wins who call themselves Palestinians. You're gonna purify the area. Tell everybody they have to leave. Where's it written. That these Arab better ones who call themselves Palestinians. Have ownership of Bethlehem and Jericho. And Jerusalem. How does that happen. And with the Israeli government. Back in control of today and the Samaria to they say the Palestinians have to leave now. They forced the Palestinians out now they say we at the purify this part of our country now. And the supposed to be peace agreement with a Abbas. What are the masterminds behind the slaughter in Munich in 1972. Still a mastermind behind terrorism he insists. On subsidizing terrorists. The walk up the Israeli citizens and stab him in the neck. Walk in the cafes and Shuster. Semi automatic weapons. Abbas. Gives them pension. If they're killed he gives their family subsidies and pensions. The Jordanian. King. The pretend country of Jordan. Controlled. Jerusalem. Which it has no historic control over justification for whatsoever but in 1948. Jordan you know there was this war the war for independence. Jordan claim these areas grab these areas they called the West Bank. That's been since 1948. And they took Jerusalem they blew up every single synagogue in Jerusalem. Like crisis is doing now would not mosques and other historical sites that they. In their own perverted reasoning. Seeking. To rewrite history. So they have. They've looked every single cent and a they control of Jerusalem. For nineteen years. And now we are better ones who call themselves Palestinians claim back East Jerusalem should be their capital. What is the. Palestinian holy site in East Jerusalem there aren't any. What is the Palestinians claim East Jerusalem. Legally. Or biblically there isn't it. And yet the holiest of the Jewish holy. And Christian home. Or in East Jerusalem. Israelis on their return. And why should the. The indigenous people. To that part of the world. For the Jewish people which followed them the Christian. And that's the truth. That Jews. Survived the Abalone and they survived the Romans they survived the Ottoman. They're the only ones who survived at all. You know my friends my beloved audience. Wanna take a minute and as something. You're tired of the way the mainstream media acts of retired of the liberal bias. If you're tired of the status quo. Then why the white tolerated and what you try out conservative review TV today. CR TV is the only network fighting to bring you the truth everyday. We're building a true movement in conservative media how many times have you said. I'm sick of watching this stuff marquee ought to create Marconi crate while I have created. CR TV. 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Don't sit back anymore and take it. Take control on. Eight for for living TV again that's 844 LEV high and TV. OK okay. I ladies and gentlemen. Hillsdale College now there's a college. With the independent state coming up to contender reflect on the freedoms that we give up every day. Let's talk about for example higher education it's no secret they colleges are some of the most on free places to be right now why you ask. Follow the money government funding always comes with government strings. The government owns you in a sense. Leading to political correctness speech codes and other campus craziness we see all the time. Well here's the thing Hillsdale College is free from PC government mandate because Hillsdale does not accept one dollar from the government. Fact it doesn't receive one penny from the government. Instead hills sales funds come from thousands of citizens nationwide. That includes the free online courses that are over one point two million people have taken. It includes the free speech digest and primus sent to millions. Hills hills one of the finest liberal arts colleges in the country offering degrees in more than thirty fields. Students are free to debate to learn to become excellent citizens. Pursue truth and defend liberty with Hillsdale College. Here's what I wanted to do learn more. Go to Lynn Frey Hillsdale dot com that's LEV I entry Hillsdale dot com again. LEV night and for Hillsdale. Dot com. We face and about the Gaza Strip and you hear all about it it's not a strip. Tax least substantial. Piece of territory. And it's on the Mediterranean. The beautiful coastline. So why can't the people there prospect. Because it's controlled by Hamas. A terrorist organization. To terrorize the people. And they take their resources that are given to them by the Israeli government. Has agreed to by the Israeli government. Including such things as cement and steel to build buildings. Which in many cases they used to built tunnels. Tunnels. To go and Israel proper. To kill people. Undercover of darkness. Israel sends 800 trucks a day. Into Gaza. The food clothing and other materials and hopefully. Give any know of any other country on the face of the earth that would do that. They also supply Gaza would electricity there is saying electricity electricity utility plant. I saw. Not too far from. Gaza. In what they did that plant mister producer. Hamas shoots missiles that the plan. Trying taken out. You know why they do that. So they can blame the Israelis for cutting off electricity. Incredible isn't. Look at the Golan Heights and I wanna say that. I spoke. To one of my family members there and I would say twenty people came up to me and asked me if I'm mark the event turns out. They were from New York. Some of them were Iranian Jews who moved to New York. But it was a lot of fun and you look at the Golan height. There's no way in hell that Jews. The Israelis could ever give the Golan Heights back to the Syrians as nice as Hezbollah. And of course the Syrians would use it. To fire sophisticated. Missiles. Into Israeli cities. That's how dangerous. It. When you look at that and when the when you look at the the history. It's quite a remarkable place. It's like looking in America I know were much younger. But this is a remarkable place. It's a magnificent it. We have our history to. And we hear internally we need to defend their history. By engaging by challenging. I debating. By educating and informing ourselves. The bad art declaration of independence about our constitution. And that our historical sites. And why they matter. I've told you before. Just a story. And great associate justice of the Supreme Court. Wrote extensively about the constitution. The great Abraham Lincoln. Thomas Jefferson the great Thomas Jefferson the great. Ronald Reagan they all said one. Think. That should draw your attention among many things. They said if America is the fall it will fall from one of them. You'll fall from within. Meaning the danger is among us. It's with us. I think people ceased to be virtuous. There's no government. In the face near it no government they can be imagined or conceived. They can protect them from themselves. That's why it matters to engage that's why. It matters. To educate. In your own home grown children and rancher. That's why ideas and principles. Are crucial. They are and where crucial. The people in Israel. And they are. And were crucial. Do we Americans in this country. Eternal truths. In moral owner. Principles based. Based on experience human experience. That's who we are that's why we share so much. But I closest ally. Hi ladies and gentlemen we salute armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel don't mean to preach. Check out living TV tonight in two minutes. Get your copy of rediscovering Americanism on Amazon and tell me it's 40% off that's a big deal. 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