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6/14/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Jun 15, 2017|

Dan Bongino, Contributing Editor at Conservative Review, fills in for Mark. House Majority Whip, Steve Scalise, was shot in the hip by a maniac who decided he was going attack a bunch of Republican congressman practicing on a baseball field. Some are now claiming this is a problem on both sides of ...

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DC did you know the average person spent hours a week at the grocery store but you're not an average person are you there's a better way to get fresh groceries and a fresh direct shopper aren't a brute and that it'll cut cut seafood chef prepared meals and look at my favorite brands plus hundreds of weekly deals order fresh direct any time anywhere a fresh groceries delivered to your door used code music you get fifty dollars on your first order of 99 dollars and mark this press direct dot com or download via today. He's here. No. Literally underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere come to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave. This show everybody. Hellblazer rather distinctive voice and this is not that. Again bungee you know we could bullpen relief pitcher for mark and. Really sad day mark would have been here tonight obviously. But he had a commitment to that he. Had to go to and sends his regrets so I mean tonight and at the guard geno on Twitter if you wanna comment during the show. And you know it's always rough folks being in on a day like today where we had this is. I mean literally unbelievable incidents. You know I IE it's the summer so I wake up early in the morning and it's not the summer to get my daughter to school and my wife and I get there are thirteen year old and a five year old ready and you know I get to sleep a little bit later in the summer in this event happened at 7:15 this morning and I turn over and I'm getting tax from. You know cable news producers and other post given my background as a Secret Service agent to do commentary in my first response was on what I hadn't even realized. Yet when it happened so. I stumbled out of and I and I pulled up a couple of new sites and realize. That some psychopathic. Maniacs savage. Had decided it was going to be. Killing fields for him today and decided to go attack a bunch of Republican congressman and a baseball field and Alexandria. Virginia and shoot the place up and and an unbelievably. I can't believe that a Kazaa it looked. Steve's Kelis who was shot one of the the house majority whip who was shot was taken off the field and was still talking when you see that. The footage is is now apparently and in critical condition. After the surgery and the near shot met area apparently was shot and hit. You know there's no I'm not a doctor obviously but I had a police officer we when I was a New York City cop who was he was actually pushed through. A piece of plate glass he wasn't shot Nicky was caught me hip and he wound up dying. There's a lot of heavy blood flowed down there so I'm I'm I'm just assuming it has a lot to do with the blood loss or. Whatever may be being shot that area that this is just amazing folks I mean. What the hell is going not. I mean really is this where we are as a country right now. And this is not I wanna be crystal clear in this this is not one of those I told you so moments because this is not a time you ever wanted to tell anybody so anything at all you wanna do is send condolences to the vixens and victims and try to do something. To fix fix this but. I heard some commentary today in a couple people said going you know this is kind of a problem on both sides and we need to dial it down and it isn't. No I need serious question I'm asking you when the audience I know Marquez liberal listeners conservative listeners libertarians. You don't write up was whenever the Green Party folks. Is this really a problem on both sides. I'm not talking about the that the nut jobs there's always a few people on social media web regardless of their political affiliation who just. Go crazy on social media do dumb stuff. I'm talking about like wreck you don't bring people people can you show or me. A litany of evidence and make the case to me that credible thought leaders in the conservative movement. How did out there engaging in mock decapitation. Is a mock assassinations. Calling their present United States as a spy for the Russians. Or do treason is calling for him to be impeached. Calling for the other side for political violence against the other side. Citing events of blood in the streets in the past is evidence of what has happened now but this actually happen. This is not hyperbolic this is not me. A making things up for effect on the shows and you'll stay tuned in this is real deal. And this is exclusive ladies and gentlemen to one side. We are not doing this. But I think we I mean conservatives and libertarians we are not doing this and and frankly if we were doing this. We would be the ones to police ourselves now. Two raptor course of the show today. I'm going to get into this I'm going to get into the why. The wide matters right why portions of not all. Not even close at all but portions of the Democrat party dominated by far left ideology. I'm gonna get to the why why this has degenerated from the party JFK. To the party of mock you can applications on Twitter. Bob of the present United States because there's a reason this happened ladies and gentlemen this isn't by accident he can just happened that a couple people got angry on Twitter has started spreading their virus throughout the social media ecosystem. This is been an ongoing just judge the generation of far left ideology. That's his he had adhered to this and married itself this critical theory nonsense and what it's done is it's dehumanize the other side. What we're now seeing in the country. Is we're not seeing a battle according to the left not according DOS. We're not seeing a battle of good and bad ideas. The laugh the far left again not all Democrats I I I can't say that enough I don't blame anybody but the shooter. Specifically. Folks this was not Bernie Sanders fault Bernie Sanders and tell this 88 to do that. But there are people it exclusively on the far left who have made this. A battle of. Good and bad people. Not a good and bad ideas. Folks you understand those are two completely different pigs. Think about what's happening here. Also on the conservative side where. Our during the arguing about good and bad tax policy this marginal rate for income is too high here's why Reagan cut the rate we generated more tax revenue had GDP growth. We're arguing and obamacare or say listen community rating guaranteed issue these are really bad economic policies it's causing a death spirals causing spikes in cost. People are signing up at the last minute because of guaranteed issued an up paying the premiums. Where arguing ideas ideas ideas. We're saying public school education as the monopolies not working we need to implement school choice not a knock on the teachers the system's broken disorganized poorly the incentives are wrong. We're arguing ideas. That's not what our political opposition is doing. We're playing basketball they're playing. It upon. The playing a totally different game. Their saying. Forget that marginal tax rate argument about what breed is better for growth are you saying you're really bad people wanna steal from the poor. I'm health care. Democrats saying all the right community rating guaranteed issue hasn't worked out that well the death spirals but not for awhile. Only six people are signing up for obamacare did not saying that. Pierce saying Republicans want to kill people and take obamacare went whoa wait why. Are you arguing seem. Are you not. With public schools again we're saying you know what school choice matters parents pay for the system maybe he should pick where their kids got the left is saying. You wanna keep minority children of course who went why you're stealing money from the public school system where one argue. Pop come again. Now folks. I'm not the only one who's been sounding the alarm months. I'm gonna play a clip of marks and after when you come back in Britain and I want a I want to be sure I get this clip in a market has. Obviously some of her show I'd listen to market that just guessed it was here. But. Mark's been sounded the alarm on this is well. Forever. When I played a Smart passionate couple minutes ever markets goes back to last year march of last year or more was more sending out the warning signs save folks. Is not this is not a political argument anymore it's one side advocating. Actual violence against people who are bad people and another side trying to make substantive political argued. I'm not trying to give us all a pass. Folks listen. I believe me for those you know me I am not at all immune to the occasional. Curse word or the really nasty Twitter fight I'd is good for those you know me you know that well okay but followed me for one. But ladies and gentlemen I can tell you with a clear. He crystal clear heart and mind. That I've had no I number of opportunities on other shows an artist controlled this marks worms do and say book tours and things like that. Where people tried to incite me to say really dumb things about Barack Obama. And I never ever ever took cheap shots ever. I was asked about the man's religion a thousand times I said folks the guy says he's a Christian what do you want me to tell you. I was asked about where the guy was born you wanna check this stuff out of Seoul on YouTube I'm not patting myself on the back folks I get I'm telling you I've been involved with some really nasty Twitter wars well. But I'm telling you that I most of the people I know when you live on our side would never ever cross that line. It's a mock bee headings mock assassinations in Shakespeare in the park whenever that is. We don't do that. This is not on quote both sides is a problem on both sides it's not. These critical theory jump which has penetrated. And infected the brains of this growing crop of Hollywood elitists academics. And far left thought leaders. It's not 888 ideology that's credible on the right we believe in big. But that's not what this group of people believes. They believe because of this critical theory thing that if you are not. Part of the error resistance if you are not part of the oppressed class than your intern the oppressor and you have to be taken out by whatever means necessary. OK mart word for it look at yourself. This is what's infected academia this is what's infected our political discourse in the country. Post this that there's literally. A list of things and a couple people on Twitter and out there of calls from far left whacko is calling for violence. Justifying violence. Citing the riots at Berkeley these people as heroic as people as being heroes. Of these and people people that it which stands for in the First Amendment they'll tell you see it the fascism they are the fastest at JP First Amendment. 84 people hacking people a truck rallies. Folks where is the outcry amongst the left. Now I'm going to be clear on this because I've read a piece of national review in the right it was right. I'm I'm not calling and I'm sure are neither mark or anyone else is calling for any kind of up. Government censorship thing I listen you can obviously call for violence that the I'm not targeting political conversation you wanna be a dope the United States a great risk to your free to be stupid you could be is dopey as you want. I am very specifically calling upon the thought leaders on the far left. And people with responsible. Large platforms who claimed to be liberals. This start to take a stand against the Kathy Griffin to the world the mock political assassinations out there and say you know what. Guys this isn't right not I don't know there's no government solutions that. You wanna do it you're free to do what you want to attend the paper ticket their client. But the report were not doing this Republicans are doing is it's not on both sides guys it's not. There is no play out there thank god for my mocked assassination. All of our idea of of all Barack Obama put in a comfortable saying that no less do we get on stage just insane. I have got to take a break we get back on the play that montage that also wanted to explain to you from. The former Secret Service perspective how the security works and because there's a lot of confusion right now some of the commentary going on about who was there why there was a more security I'll give you a little bit of inside baseball on that idea by geno at the Bellagio on Twitter fuel additives to call 877313811. Will be your back. The. So I welcome back to the heart disease showed deadlines you know abilities of the great ones today are folks there is however. A new Libyan TV available on CR TVs to be sure to check out I checked out there where he covers. This the tragic unbelievable attack today on our country and members of congress so make sure you go to movies and TV. And what is your TV dot com chicken marks episode he had an engagement an idea. He had to attend so I'm here at the open filling in for my and at the guard geno. On Twitter if you want to treat me comments or criticism and if you went into this call 877381381. Wants so jumping right back in before the break I was covered in this idea is critical period folks this fists. What happened today cannot be understood. If you don't understand how the political dialogue degenerated to such a point. Where some not all some people on the left think political violence is acceptable. People have been big people were ready in on the topic to steal little died in a military law enforcement are people who orbit and on the topic we'll worried about this forever. Just like him. Mark has been war. Mark has been sounding the alarm about the increasing propensity for the far left. To normalize political violence since what was rich or first cut is from march 14 when he sixteen. Here's a montage this is actually three separate clips of mark from march of 2016. June oh but when he seventy or January 2017 and just this past week. All of market. Sounding the alarm about the dangerous degeneration. Of the political dialogue going on in the country put the cut. When you have a leading Democrats in this country from the president on down people want to be president trashing police officers. Day in and day out. There are consequences for that. What is that Donald Trump isn't sighted people to violence. Crack the left doesn't need to be incited the violence it's violent. It always has been and always well they battled trumpet nothing to do of the 1960s. Getty I don't. Find it odd though that I'm hearing some people again I can't listen on much of working twenty hours a day here but. You know I've given what's gone on I'm gonna vote for trump. What does this have to do with that nothing. On the other hand he's a target of the violence as are others other perpetrators of the violence. Matches group Ansar international. Badge mobile I'm not a hard. Batch national council of Iraq Zach. And I the other folk love playing groups out there black lives matter. Well organized and call Bernie Sanders supporters. And Barry Sanders takes responsibility for nothing like a typical Marxist the left and the Democrat party has an extremely violent history. The last present a United States be friend it individuals. Who had an extremely violent history of blowing things up. An anti semitism. White hate. Jane Meyer right. Kelly eighty pairs. Torrent exception exception except for Maryland Shiites the worse. In their heart assault they are marxists. The left his violent ladies and gentlemen because the ideology of the left in its various iterations. Is contrary to human nature it's contrary to free. The left in this country is increasingly aggressive. Increasingly lawless and increasingly violent. They are furious. That Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders didn't win they are furious that the the extremist agenda that had been adopted successfully at the the agenda successful event have been imposed on the American people. They saw this as their chance really to push hard. They thought that another four years eight years twelve years he would be out. That would be the end of that in other words there being no hope for those of us who believe in the principles in the declaration of independence and self. Southern full. Road lawless. Violent mode. Folks there can be mirrored this. Nominee get into more this as the show goes on about how the left and they are the far left not all again out of can't say that an up and wanna do what they do us. But don't far laughs and love affair with this day. With this big. Infuse them with its end justifies the means mentality and that's why they rip you. Used to call out this increasingly violent far left wing of their party that engages in this. The only truly psychopathic. Behavior over and over. I'm camp by geno I begrudgingly. Yes it's true. That marks the thinnest or fastest growing radio show in America. No my glove and the show is on 98773813811. I welcome back remarkably judge him by geno I keep punching on Twitter from mark when he gives call 877381. 3811 he will be back Umar there's a brand new living TV tonight. Available at CR TV dot com. Please go check that out Marquette a personal engagement he had to attend you're so wise yes senses regrets for that he will be back with you. Tomorrow so again on this successfully shooting. Folks you can't understand if you don't understand the generational that was interesting is during a break I'm getting some feedback on social media estimates of well. You know it's interesting that you're you're you know you're decrying the level of Bob partisan degeneration in the political dialogue but you're blaming. Did you not listen to the show. Did you not hubris I'm not blaming Democrats I specifically said rich you're here you heard it I think I'm not blaming all Democrats. I mean ER IR are you just messing with me now. I'm blaming a specific. Pain call critical theory which is infected. The far left portion of the Democrat party which serves to do one thing and one thing only. It it teaches their followers Hollywood I get academics Hollywood class the Hollywood elites the rich limousine liberals out there this idea that this is not a battle political ideas it's a battle of good and bad people and the bad people other Republicans and they need to be taken out. That's what this does do you not understand. I'm legitimately trying to hit it. Advance the football a bit so what we have a conversation about taxes or obamacare one side is not running commercials where the other side he's literally killing people. Remember the obamacare to pay the lefty out of the guy was supposed to look like Paul Ryan pushing grandma off the cliff. What you don't fall off a cliff on a mattress and bounced back up. You know it will revelry there is always used to joke it was political satire folks I am not. There may be it was the point is that this is what the left does all the current. One side wants to talk about ways to better better advance the football health care taxes education regulatory policy and the other side wants to say no no Republicans want people dad. You make in this up. Just go to Twitter or Google go to the into wind out there whatever and put that in quotes Republicans want people to die. You'll not only see looney tunes on the left. You'll see a credible report Democrat lawmakers out there who have bought into this far left junk. Who will go out there and say things like yes. Folks. This goes back. How long. Long way to left figured out the far left the long time ago. That they have to do something to distract people in the United States. From reality. Another would you live in the richest most prosperous country on earth in the history of mankind. God last year I mean that literally not I'm not using the lord's name in vain for being alive right now at this time in the United States. Some people have no idea how lucky they are a lot of you do. Most if you happen to be good conservatives out there and you know patriotic Democrats as well under many of them I'm sure. But there's another group out there that believes in the absolute power at the state. Now they know that normal sensible reasonable people will understand that the absolute power of the state has been an abject failure throughout human history but a failure by reasonable standards not by their standards. They don't care about economic prosperity to care about health care and getting people quality healthcare getting people education they care about the absolute power this yeah. That's their priority. The Soviet Union and all that wasn't a failure to then Cuba's not a failure despite it all opponent you agree healthcare go to Cuba Ohio. Are you crazy. You want grey healthcare go to Canada maybe you should tell the Canadians that 45000. A home for a forty Canada. Fleet free healthcare free air quotes to pay for it again in the United States despite the fact of the thirty paid for it taxes. So what ordered distract. People from reality they had to find a way to get people to believe the United States was the enemy so this is the Genesis of this whole critical theory thing where. You're all victims everybody how to be a victim and it was no longer good and bad ideas it was the oppressor vs the oppressed. Heads did you did Genesis of identity politics. Folks let's be honest racism it's been historically parent should be troublesome beyond troublesome problem that we sit well with slavery and Jim Crow. In this direct Hershey nobody doubts that. But nobody also doubts that if you happen to be Hispanic or Asian or black and you wanna be allied anywhere in the world you wanna be alive right now in the United States. So in order to say to people well of course we've had problems and we still do with racism but from distract them from the idea that this is still a wonderful place trying to fix its problems. They have to put people into weight class. They sticky when that class. This vacuum in the class Macey you're not a father. You're Hispanic man first and a father second and by the way the Republicans hate you might you dead. Identity politics is married to this critical theory junkets the whole life give your opposition is a bad guy he doesn't have bad ideas and these bad guys. Have no place in the discourse they should be allowed to speak. That anything you wonder what. Well how did common sense liberals think that they're gonna convince people by shutting down free speech ever. Not trying to convince you they're trying to shut you down they don't think you should be able open your mouth because they feel like you're part of this. You know a bit of race based patriarch will power structure and if you're the oppressive class and you need to be taken now. This is infected their brains like a virus. You know I don't talk about other you know cable hits I do with the flight data and in the show and if not for Marcus is they feel like it's finally came you know look at me and I don't really do that kind of stuff but. I get a hit on a cable show this weekend I'm on FOX & Friends. And I was talking about this mock assassination of trumpet and they Shakespeare in the park. And I addressed this topic and I said you know the the liberals have been driven mad with range. Post I wasn't kidding I wasn't trying to depression. They have been driven mad you have people right now. Ladies and gentlemen I'm I'm have taken this up if you're anywhere at social media or you listen talk radio you hurt yourself. There are people out there who believe the present United States is a Russian spy. Up. What. Really. And this is. This is in fact I don't wanna stop saying literally I'm saying too much. But this is insane that this is crazy. This is not us. We have an evidence free prosecution of the president who's being mocked decapitated mock assassinated. You have. Democratic congresswomen every day a congressman on on TV calling for his impeachment. How easy terrible guy called him a racist. Folks. And you expected wipe. And again as I said opening up the show for those of you out there we see in all whoa you know what. This is a problem equally on both side is. It was a radio host out there who used Obama's middle name once in a speech that was picked. And their Republican presidential nominee had a low down on them. Folks I'm not give it he literally used the president's middle name. And it was like oh my gosh we can't have that you I don't rodeo clown put an Obama mask gone to do it isn't like. In it Twitter purgatory right now he's not even allowed to have a job probably. He was a rodeo clown he put a mask of the president on. Didn't mocked assassinate the rodeo clown thankfully the eighties and decapitate the rodeo clown. But people don't write. Dead there it was skewed view there are tons of conservatives after the this alone this is it right what is it right of rodeo clown put it a mascot. Again the left where are they folks we are never. Ever ever. Going to be able to get past this and I immediately cut the very essence of our constitutional republic is at stake if something doesn't change you cannot have one side that insists the other side are morally evil human beings while the other side is are you you can't what if you're arguing the last worker. You think what we're walking into like a methadone clinic arguing for for a one case. You know I had a friend of mine told me that once these right while the other side is saying those guys hate you. They want you dead they wanna take your health care they wanna steal your money. They're racists they hate you would you gay hate you if you're a woman and then you wonder why some. Looney tune goes crazy but I. Folks. You know when I was in the Secret Service or at least to do these protective intelligence. Investigations those are presidential threat cases. Because there are some diva I'm bringing this up by the lakers are some people out there going well we on the right have to be careful. To place blame I'm not placing blame I'm not blaming this is not Bernie Sanders fall. Frankly it's not Maxine Waters fault they say really stupid dumb stuff every day but I don't think that they caused this violence. What I am blaming our people who are engaging in fictitious acts of violence and mocked it applications but blaming him for the incident a blaming them for degenerating you're deteriorating the political dialogue to such a point. Where vulnerable people with severe psychological disorders may see something like this and be pushed over the edge I did it I was there I interviewed these people. Quick story to prove my point. We had a residential directories and I was working at the Melville office in the Secret Service a Long Island New York. And it was that it was a pretty serious case and I'll never forget interviewing this guy. And as we were talking to them. He brought up this female singer I'm obviously not using the name of who was. But he kept kind of insinuating that this female singer to her earlier X. Had been kind of hawking the hand it was weird how this segued into violent conversation on his part. As if somehow this female singer who was one talking to him which is crazy obviously she's not talking and she wrote a song. And secondly the lyrics weren't even violent this was not that kind of singer. It was this was not like you know. Hardcore music this was really like if I am I gonna tell you his but it was like low key kind of stuff like Katie pop kind of stuff right. This guy thought that was some kind of a halt to action. That this female singer and Michael what song folks. And yet you have people like Cathy Griffin. And it these Shakespeare in the park people. What parents think and what songs. They're actually doing a play where a guy who looks like trump is unquestionably supposed to beach front. Is is it stare it death on the stage and another one where she holds a press ahead of a guy I mean I don't like Taiwan's and I've been very careful. I'm Rick yes. And should listen she's free to do it the Secret Service. Threats statutes are clear it's eighteen USC 8871. Knowingly and willingly and he never has yet to be no no she was carrying out the rent. Which she's gonna dispute I don't but yes that threat also has to be willing and no that's never gonna stand in court most Lotta people say well why doesn't Kathy Griffin arrested because. You have to be willing to do got to show some legal standard of proof that she was willing actually do this book that's ever gonna stand she's not she's gonna say its it was a comedy tent. It was horrible paste. But folks this kind of stuff is permeating the lack. I have got to take a break a promise that we'll get to some your calls we got a pretty stacked up for a month appeared 8773813811. If you wanna give us a call to a semi treatment at the bunch you know make sure you mark a follow app Markovic it was a while will be attacked. The oh yeah. I welcome back to the Martha showed them by Gmail as he's on geo quiz. We'll be back to you tomorrow there's a brand new living TV available in night were more talks about the tragic events today house majority whip Steve Scully shot. Tragically this morning I'd. God bless this man and all of those does it end folks in this as a former top and is a former agent and as an American patriot. Thank you all the cops out there military folks put your plots on the line every single day. While the shots are happen and everybody's run away thankfully. But you're the ones running there towards the shots and thank you god all of those Americans out there who defend their god bless America all who defender. Thanks to this capitol police officers. Who who do this the Secret Service guys that cops the FBI guys men and women out there. Cobb publisher you know I'm not I should open up the show with Cavendish is so much going on at least some background. Four we're doing all right joining this call 877313. A moment do not miss the show in the next hour there's late breaking news as were on the air. This trump Russian fairy tale continued I can't believe it. Just breaking now Bob Moehler is investigating Trump's for obstruction of justice is this serious I mean is this. The conspiracy theory continues like this no problem with this. You know we've evidence free investigations we had been god easy week for body bags and an email server that actually existed for mrs. Clinton's garage you had evidence of crimes left and right any one case in another case. Political malpractice and another and nothing happens there in this you have. What what what what what do you have what we have a Teddy roughton story I mean I don't understand you have any subs fable. I mean take quote here let's go to Joseph in Olympia Washington show Iran with him by geno weak conference. Well move. Your TV subscriber I wanna encourage everybody to check it out and more. Dying to get you on their way and. Corey how has that we're coming soon Brothers don't you read thank you that's very nice you I appreciate that thanks. You're welcome. I've got look further protect us from the point I wanted to make is. When it comes to that critical period in all of these leftist. One thing that I've really learned of about them. Is that I I call it diversion and now I listen to you in the morning you're really get a coming up with analogies so the one that I kind of came up quick is. They will face some belt planet be before you know about it so let's say that they're gonna call me a racist or fascist or they're gonna say that I colluded or whatever which they would comment. You would say well so I hope they'll they'll tell that to a crowd of people. When this new guy comes in this is what he did all go into that new crowd a week later not knowing that all these people upset this stuff about me. And then they'll say you know throughout the week that they well he hit from Texas because it was in the country music. Or not he's obviously a racist of course you know I don't wanna die and everything on exactly. So don't tell that's got a name. I'm I'm pretty sure are and pick one thing about the united front march millions of listeners is people corrected pretty quickly. But I'm pretty sure that's called like the British debating method if I'm wrong tweet me at the dungy now. You could shoot me an email Daniel lap on geno dot com everybody else has its so far medium I don't respect him respond everyone that. But I'm pretty sure and and what that is is when you're in a debate. Did you exactly what you just said he's an MS the DC Sam debating you and I'm a liberal you were up on the stage and I say. Okay let's talk about obamacare but let me just tell you quickly went Joe's gonna say Joe's gonna say that. People should control their own health care but he really means is people should not have health care and you're right the reason they do that. Is now when you say something you actually believe it like you know what I believe people should could trouble and health care everybody in the audience already has that Chia pet C growing that what that really means is that Joseph hates people once grandmother died she should be launched off a cliff. Sell to the left is very tactical job assuming from your call the bird outright vote to be mr. otherwise. I heard nothing but the DPP. We'll Joseph thank you for the call regardless but that's what the left does. Folks don't do not under arrest these people underestimate these people nothing the left does is done by mistake. The left is engaged any multi decade long strategic effort to. Otherwise you are a you are dramatically. Underestimating your political part listen on the and we got it when I think this break director back from the other side. When I was here Mike when you might be with you some specific trade. And I'll never forget something happened in the crowd control training. They never forgotten relationship to how the left tries to deep personalize the right making something lessen your of their by geno at convention. America. DC did you know the average person spent hours a week at the grocery store but you're not an average person are you there's a better way to get fresh grocery and it's called fresh direct -- on fruit and vegetables cut cut seafood chef prepared meals and look at my favorite brands plus hundreds of weekly radio order fresh direct any time anywhere a fresh groceries delivered to your door use code near sixty feet get fifty dollars off your first quarter of 99 dollars and marked his press direct dot com or downloading today. He's here. Now. Literally underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We are once again make contact without leave. I welcome back to the Martha good show again by tko at. Are contributing editor over conservative. You feel that remark he will be back with you tomorrow there's a brash brand new episode of living TV. Com. During this tragic events of today available on CR TV dot com go check that out Marquette an event tonight yeah I had to attend so why I'm in from and it from the bullpen. They've run out the right for this the the crafty veteran so I'm covering for mark and really tragic day and you know I'd I'd love Marx audience I love you in the show but it's it's always tough with this because you. You want to believe. DN a believer and a sinner and and Christian for us as long as again. You you really don't you wanna make every effort possible to not make these matters worse. But. Technician never be a putt to that but there is there. You can't fix the problem if we don't understand what the problem is. And as I said the opening of the show. He left he's been engaged not all I'm not talking about Democrats. I'm talking about the far left of radical they don't even my network radicals by the way. Someone told me a marketing if you re still don't call the radicals they like what they are true they are. There is a far left radical wing of their party. That is the new gauge city multi decade long effort to deep personalize their political opposition. I used that word deeply personalize very deliberately it's not a mistake. They wanna make you conservatives libertarians Republicans and even moderate Democrats. They want to make you something less than human soul your easy to hate. That is what is driving a lot of this time I don't. I saw this guy's FaceBook posts today. According to every account and I see run Desantis who's a GOP rep down here in Florida who was there today. He was there witnessed this thing and he said that the guy walked up to the minute after those Republicans or Democrats out that this was an act. Of targeted political violence no reasonable person would argue otherwise and the only way to stop this stuff in the future is to diagnose how we got here now. Now. I said before the break I was gonna tell you a quick story from when I was with the NYPD before I joined the Secret Service that was a cop and leave it engage in this riot control training into one time we actually had a use it there's Demi told the story before but it's very relevant to what's going on now. There was this area of Brooklyn where. Got this religious group we get together it was there was a a but Jewish group but it wasn't like a writer but they had had and forgive me my can certainly had a touch this rabbi. And it was like a good thing to be able to touch and so we get a little you don't get a little out of control passivity China touch him. And they would tell you the cops say listen. Here's the best way to handle list. Because it wasn't again this was not what the Michael dry reiterated it would get. Little puff the Gila and I remember the Sargent any kind of echo something had heard the riot control training when they said. Make your best effort to look people in the I mean if you can figure out their name somehow if you talk to them before someone yells out to name and you catch it. Make your best effort to look him in the nine call them by name because it personalize the situation again and they get out of this I'm part of a larger crowd energy type thing and they start to say oh yeah yeah that's Munich it brings them back home. Do they are and you best hope is that they can say okay well. Someone just called me by name Dan by geno and you're right I was getting all caught up in this crowd energy and get ready to do what I was gonna do it may not have been a good thing but now start to realize yes I'm an individual person again I'm not a part of this and I'm telling you ladies and gentlemen. It worked like magic. If the guy's name was John or Bob or Sam or whatever if you look him in the face instead Sam Sam you know right ahead. Bob whatever your name is you need to calm down it was like magic blue Dave would instantly stop what they were doing. I took that lesson with me into the Secret Service is well. Because when you personalized sum that you make it about them and they don't get lost in the energy even if it's negative energy the negative energy the movement. It doesn't become about the crowd at the comes about there. The left is paid any reverse effort to do this the deep personalize you they don't want to make it about you. About the end by geno about mark Libyan about. Paul Ryan around the Santa sir Donald Trump they want to make it about the evil conservatives part of his conspiracy here spies their treasonous they wanna kill all people. And when you don't make it about individual people Donald Trump the father. Donald Trump the husband. Paul Ryan the dad. Paul Ryan the guy from Wisconsin whoever made me when you don't make it about the people but you make it about a collective group. It makes it easier to pass that vitriol and hate filled energy onto it because it doesn't seem like you're attacking the person it seems like Europe fighter for the cause and folks this is very real. This is very real. And what's compounding this situation and I think making it worse is far left effort. To deeply personalize Republicans and make them bad people a bad group of people not a peep not a group of people would bad ideas. That's how legitimate political. Dialogue happens. I think that liberals are a group of people with an idea it's not a bad group of people. Whose ideas are we're talking about Derrick is all we're talking about they're just bad ideas. Liberals think you know tax rates should go up I I don't think he should and I have a perfectly viable set of facts. To show you why that's a crazy idea right now. They don't pair. You know what I was on the show I've been gets me about the settlement. Rely on the show in the past I discussed how. Fax liberals are immune to facts they've taken a fax vaccine when they were younger they don't. If that doesn't matter whatever facts you give them they ignore them like it never happened and a perfect example are things that are. Easily researched by any human being who could just access the Internet radio is that the liberals will insist didn't happen. Well you know one of them is still insist that Reagan destroyed debt you know I the minority population United States in the middle class. There. Is not a fat. The middle class did shrink under Reagan. Because they got picture just look at the data from the US government they've got smaller because people moved into the upper class and upper middle class it didn't strike you can pull this couple. Look at these days now. Look at the end come data. If what kept. This is a not if that was true that Reagan crossed the middle class the middle class would have shrunk and people were poured that would of that number of people would got larger that's not what happened people got richer but it doesn't matter. The fact that that's available on a government website for anybody out. There to check is irrelevant to the left because it makes Reagan a human being and it makes conservatism seem like it's actually helping people when their only goal is to empower the state and make Reagan the embodiment of all that's evil on the right. Because the interview of the infamous Clinton surplus that never happened night talk about a roller pod people go crazy when I talk like that we stop bringing that up I never bring it up because it really matters that much. It matters that much that people insist that happened when he didn't and anyone can look it up. But people insisted because again it's an effort to. Empower the state make their ideas that are more powerful and even if it did happen it happened because there is relatively controlled levels of government spending. But they'll ignore that narrative because it doesn't feed into the narrative they need which are conservatives are really really bad people. Who are trying to kill old people they hate women they hate people who are gang they hate the minority community. Now folks when you combine this this critical theory job this identity politics Republican kids Republicans can't stand minorities. You know people the LG BT can be none of which is true by the way. Now you may find some Republican out there I'm sure it is are Democrats Republicans people of all political bands who just are bad people I've no doubt about that. But that's not what they say. They say abrupt public gyms. They hate women as a war on women. They do they support you win this group so you understand that they're the ones that are gonna backe whopping conveniently. When the liberals say they're gonna back you up and always involves taking more of your money more of your health care taken away your right to education in other words empowering the state. Liberty zero sum it's liver it's a zero sum game you'll liberty you can't spend your dollar of the government takes it. You can't choose your health care you have to call a bureaucrat first. You can't pick we are kid goes to school they tell you he has to go there that's not a choice. They've always been about the state. Now. The steel line from my buddy Chris to see your TV to land this plane on this one. I love that line at the hole which stolen. They have nothing else to fall back on live a lot of liberal not again not all but a lot of liberals out there. When they lose elections. So combined with this focus on identity politics and a Republican take his group and that group of people. You grab a toxic witch's brew of variables which it doesn't surprise me at all but some people get violent because of it. Here's what I mean. We're conservatives libertarians moderate Democrats Republicans we believe in big our rights. We believe that the government does nothing but in short right Spiegel our rights given west by god the government doesn't give you rights. You're rights come from god. Life liberty pursuit of happiness. These are right you were born with by a creator right senators because when we lose elections and listen we took a bad happened in the bush years in the congressional elections. Two presidential elections were Obama just smoked our guy out there. You did not see this. You sure isolated incidents of stupidity but you saw dot conservatives reorganized and go back and win political elections not. It done not credible people calling for the thankfully not calling for the death the president the United States because we lost. I'm not sure you can see isolated instances stupidity that ladies and gentlemen know what's gonna tell me what I saw. I've been a candidate for office and had been an activist for a long time and I know a lot of you gonna shake your heads when I say this in approval usually there to. You have been at a Tea Party rally I know many of these listeners where some Bloch head showed up would assign that. Whatever was really distasteful said something about Obama that was my it could be borderline criminal I know you've been there when that guy was thrown out or woman. I know it because I'd seen it. I'm sure doctor not to get a confederate flag bloodline. Basically you're not welcome here that. I sort of I I'm not making this up I saw god and Gadsden flag once kicked out of a parade a parade. Because they said now we don't want insight with folks I'm not saying I'm just saying. We police our own. But the left has nothing to fall back on. They don't have god they don't have big. They don't have anything other than the state. This state is all they have. When they'd lose this state and the power of this state there's nothing else there but rage to fill the vacuum. That was all they have they've lost their brains of. Power in an election as much as mark said Mac clip I played it will be back in March. He lost the reins of power. I'm sorry that was via the leader corporate it market after the election obviously. When they've lost the election it's surprising they have nothing else there's no bears there. They have nothing. This gate is their god it's their golden calf. They Jen you flack they prayed it would pay worshipping it is everything it needs your money its lifeblood is your money your health care your kids' education it is sure very liberty it sucks the life out of view and when they lose the ability in the reins of power to do that they have nothing else. The only thing they have is rage. They don't directed towards anything positive. They have no ability to. Organizer of the long term they are not in this for the long flight just look what happened in Wisconsin you know William Jacobson is a great piece of legal insurrection about this. They have no stomach for the long fight it is only rage. Scott Walker kicked our butts in a special election Rupp will be taken back Wisconsin because they didn't have the stomach for the long fight. Once they stop throwing eggs and screaming and attacking people there's nothing left. They have nothing left outrage. My folks I got to take a break when it escalates and 731311. I'm damn bunch you know at the bunch you know on Twitter and for more will be here. Hello it's. Mean. Iowa back to Margaret Cho Dan by geno at the brunch you know on Twitter going for mark contributing editor Rick conservative review. Man I'm talented this is just is a much in the news as I do to show here and it's just it's it's is insane like you know does it does a great spirit of bipartisanship. And I was great I mean ended in tragic events like this fiscally shooting. They're there should be you know and the united spirit of bipartisanship with the folks the fact of the matter is in it it. Less than 48 hours that will be sadly almost entirely evaporate and will be back to. Trumps a Russian spy trump had a Russian bear once you know got 52 years ago truck meta Russian guy in a bar and they had a white Russian. I drink it he got sick off statin. I mean it's. None of this is sadly I don't think it's gonna change you call me a pessimist or what I just don't think it will. It saddens me to say that I take no joy in that at all but I just don't think you will you can't have I can't say this enough. He can every political dialogue in this country. Where one side of the political aisle wants to talk about ideas and another side of the political Miley conjunction with their media buddies wants to talk about it people. The Republicans you guys you just bad people not know that don't even entertain their ideas. We'll go with this this critical theory I'm telling you don't they're not you cannot it is all about subjective vs our objective sets of facts. You lift the left believes. Because of these junk that they're taught in school this critical theory danger is garbage out there. That there is no objective truth coming from a group of people who are in power notably us debt everything is done to advance our agenda and that day anything they do to take it back is legit. Forget our facts are facts don't matter by the Vienna. On the phone dates of 73138. Mama let's take Doris from queens what part of queens Doris. Hi dad obviously I'll thank mom and I like your remarks about what you read about how we have god on you know the conservative. And didn't think I was watching the news this morning and yeah we are waiting and waiting to see what the cardinal lions and then I'm actually not thinking anything not an old like. We've been conditioned by the laughed. Like oh it's the old white guy you know they're the haters and and not that plagued amid blacks and white right now sixty picture like that I would actually that goes right. I remember what cap equipped and sat at a bunch of old white guys are attacking me. I think given the hand of god intervening and saying hit the iron yeah that hypocrisy. He had you know Doris. Is one thing you said that I wanna kind of put an accent Don and I I think you're right I wish you weren't that was second call you out to Doris your insane. Now represented queens like that but you said that the left has us conditioned to think like that and they do. They how was putting people into boxes right away where this isn't about a tragic incident that we as American patriots should be worried about. It's about. Who is here who did it and wasn't a white guy or black guy who was that a Muslim thing and we worried about Islam phobia like why what are you talking about this was a tragic incident we all just national initially kind of mourned for a moment and find out what happened before we politicize everything. Endorse I appreciate the call the ladies and gentlemen. It wasn't what I Adenauer after the shooting or two hours when the Virginia governor got on the air talking about gun. Control gun pitcher you'd think this is you really think Terry McAuliffe this is a gun control issue. That I could've driven onto the field with a four point four loaded with ammonium nitrate detonate. What he won ammonia control I don't hear you calling for nice controlled. Because of the political assassination play in Central Park. No I'm glad. I'm damn bunch you know we hear back. Liberties. Voice. My then. Talk what that place now 8773813811. Ladies and gentlemen proof that narrative never ends with a laugh. Profits happening right now. I'm watching the news while filling in for marks the end bungee you know at the Bellagio on Twitter. Phil and for marquis had a personal engagement tonight there is a new living TV discussing that tragic events of today go to TR TV dot com. And checked and I you know I wanna miss that episode. But again proof that narrative with the left never ever stops. So. We all know what happened today. And already we're seeing a much a cable Buscemi are developing. Claims of sexism after senator Kamal Harris hasn't erupted. And you're no here we got it didn't take. Two minutes. Fourth lap is committed that narrative that again. Republicans it's not about ideas it's about good vs bad people Republicans bad Republicans hate women keep a month. Nobody cares it's senator Harris from guys senator Kamal Harris in California can't let people she asks a question actually answer the question. She is she in a robs everybody she's unbelievably rude. But because she's female. Being rude is okay and if you're a man and that said the meeting your man explaining. That narrative. Never ever stops. Remember what I told you. It's never about the ideas. It's not about who's testifying what they have to say. It is not about good vs bad ideas to the left it is good vs bad people and if you are conservative. You hate women because senator Kamal Harris cannot let someone actually answer a question she can't have you seen. Is it well. Gosh this doesn't happen with with with with Matt really that they don't get in the back and forth on the senate floor when they're testifying like are you crazy do you not watch these band. I mean you're not us. The narrative never ever stops. Ever. You are a woman you will be put in a group liberals want you to be and it's not moms. It's not working people it's not female watcher per north that's not the group they want. The group they want is you are woman first Republicans hate women therefore what's the narrative for today. Kamal Harris is a Democrat senator from California. She was interrupted during questioning and therefore the Republicans came when it it never. Ever stops. Again. Happened again today another press Lisa Robert Mueller that this special investigator they're now investigating Trump's for obstruction of justice what. What is this what what is it that it's not remembered. Was not lady Susan powder was never too short hair. A bit sad day. Remember that she had the diet plan when is the insanity stop. Where does it stop. So we went from troops are Russian spy. Now truck it was a Russian spy who was investigated for being a Russian spy any yet to come up with a scintilla of evidence. Deadbeat but no these are Russians despite steady even colluded with anybody about. What they were gonna order for dinner tomorrow night or less the election so let me move on immediately to a new narrative that Al trump definitely obstructed justice. He obstructed justice. Argue this stupid liberals. Really argue this dumb. With everything going on any toxic environment and you and I get I'm not talking all Democrats I mean is I get there are a lot of people on both sides that appear. Put argue these dumb you far left wackos can UP stupid. If the president is a Russian spy he's a Russian spy who by the way people until wrote. Testified that the president himself Donald Trump. Asked the investigator at the time Jim called me to headed the FBI. To continue the investigation into this Russian interference in our in our country's election process because he wanted to know quoted maybe satellites were involved meeting any people who work for them. That's yeah that sounds like obstruction to me. If you're in Brazil. That's obstruction of justice. Please go find people who may have worked let me who may have had something to do with this alleged collusion that nobody can figure out of it even happened and they're investigating and diaper obstruction of justice. Folks I you know. I love my five year old she loves super heroes right. So the other day of sit around remember the super friends who we were kids remember don't show. It was like the worst cartoon ever but I I thought you know my daughter would really dig this you know she can I can't literacy Wonder Woman it's too you know violent person likely put on the super friends she loved it it was on this website they had old episodes right. And what they did the did legion of doom guys is bizarre Superman remember bizarre Superman. He was like the ugly Superman with a angular faces everything and a bizarre Superman world everything's upside down. This is where we're. Bizarre Superman in the region do everything's upside down. Every everything's upside down. We're investigating. A sitting president for obstruction of justice on investigation he encouraged to continue. To find people who may have been involved with him who could have been involved with Russian collusion that no one can prove happened and the. They think this is great. Liberals think this is that they don't care right. Now. That people's health care costs are going up that nobody cares and a death spiral that the economy although doing well could be doing a lot better. I'm telling you they don't care about any of this. They are absolutely incensed with the idea that this is not a fight over trump ideas vs liberal ideas. Frankly drop ideas against some conservative ideas I did you really awful on trade policy that'll show about that night yesterday myself. They're not concerned about that. Trump bad trump needs to be taken down that's all they think they don't care what they have to do. Lie cheat steal it doesn't matter. The moral limits clause another one they're trying to get trump on the Mohamed squad the other the the the moments with. Feel multi unit that's called art. Why. Hoax there's this talk they are pulling out of their books. Launch against trump is clearly topical. He's a Russian spy okayed acted mark so while what was the next although not just just just think it's hate when I forget something. I don't think about a mowing mistress one of the things he tried to get among recently to that was his plan let me just finish the minds he made you come back to me that. Audio Molly amidst all I know what was the Logan act right the Logan act that it was the Logan act. Mike Flynn in the Logan act conducting foreign policy against the interest in the United States. Mom how many people have been prosecuted for the Logan act Logan act violations of nobody ever. So it's a country of 330 million people we've been around for 200 plus years and not one single human being alive or dead in the United States has ever been prosecuted for the Logan act but you know what we got to dust that's Sakharov the bullet out of the closet for trump. The law oh get out. Oh. You have Obama send an emissary. To terrorists and I ran to negotiate when he was the president elect. So long to get back and you wanna talk about Mike lane five and a conversation with the Russian is arguing seem. Did you need like serotonin specific re uptake inhibitors to take care of your brain arguably dots. The low to enact. Don't I'm getting at the mall you miss a minute I didn't lose my place. When I was a top. With the in my PD. There was a joke we had sometimes that say somebody was under arrest and you forgot what the charge was we're not you we did you like work in the cells and somebody brought somebody in. And they weren't the arresting officer. Mandates that you know what process this guy fingerprint and now we'll get the arresting officer remember a couple times detect what was he arrested for. And they feel like I don't know like piracy on the open seas. But they would just make it up they did tell me nobody put the system piracy on the open seas this is what the left is doing I think that they're trying to get trump. For for fake charges it's like Polonia smoke Marie. Pilot piracy on the open c.'s Jay walking the Logan act I mean here's trying to trumps rap sheet the Logan act Jay walking. Of piracy on the open seas a disorderly conduct in the umpteenth degree. Or just making this topic. And stupid liberals are eating get out. They'd love this you cannot hawks since these people have you watched cable news I always give. Hacked at the Tucker because he says this question to people all the time that he's not dead global Jesus okay this that's all grade trumps a Kennedys have Russians bio do you have any evidence for not. Not one of them has been able to actually produce a piece of evidence that would stand anywhere but on the Huffington Post. On the ammonia and its claws. Folks do you realize the insanity as a volume it's really so let me get this straight you motorist was by the is not refer specifically to the president. The first officers in the United States. So let's just beat crystal clear on this one. So Hillary Clinton is the secretary of state. Waller Clinton foundation. Is raising millions if not hundreds of millions of dollars. From people in foreign governments and and people outside the United States. But that's not buying influence but yes when the king of whatever decides he's gonna book a hotel room and trump tower. He's got he's definitely got trumped by the short ones right there that's a broad droppings totally look at it that right now gone. And we really big constraint. At the I'd be the president. Of who's Pakistan pull a floor. And trump tower. Get him on the phone right now let's see what he wants first but I don't mrs. Clinton by the way the guys a billionaire like he needs your chump change for his hotel room June dope. You get a ticket picked at a restaurant form. But this is Clinton who by the way would have no money if it wasn't for leaching off for public service. When she picks a couple hundred million of the Clinton foundation pays everybody to be a part of it all over associates from far government while she's the secretary of state. Don't know a multi image there. Do you see how this feeds into the narrative I started the show with folks. There are not talking facts. The last he's bought in in higher leaked this critical theory where if you were their opponent you are a moral stain on society that has no right to plot that has no right to exist. And never forget the words that he was David Horowitz she said. David Horowitz Lou but these public freedoms that are out there. Whenever I read a couple of his books are you very influential man Harwood says of a point that when you understand that the left it did the anti anti Communists. In which where the anti Communist fighting for liberty and freedom so we find against communism when you understand that there are against everything we do because that's their agenda everything makes sense. What you want why would the left support radical Islam mistake pro gay people for building a thought they were for LG. BT writes no they're not. Federal care about LG BT rights. Pick your prostate power. And using the LG BT community as a tool against PayPal and don't give a crap about LG BT rights. Or minority rights or women's rights don't care what you that if women in mass voted Republican tomorrow it would trap you like a hot that they don't make no mistake. Don't I don't think about deference second. That is a fact cash negative view one. Don't care about your rights. We care about this big that is if there's our only goal the mall rematch clause. Guys paying 249 a night for a rumored trump Howard you think he's driving the president art seriously you mental problems. You need to see a psychiatrist. I'm not at this Psycho active drugs at all man this is. I've heard some bad days and some good days. I by Fred used to say toughen up. Put Josh you need to see someone. You are being consumed. By it lying to rage on the left. That is endangering everything we stand for and how after today. We're still having a serious conversation. About an evidence free investigation. Into the present United States is just beyond me it's it's insane. This is this is this is clinical insanity. Were investigating the present United States for Jay walking I have more evidence Sunday show that every single member of congress committed tax brought. Then I do that Donald Trump as a Russian spy. You may say you do. No I don't have any evidence. But you don't have any evidence of Russian spy court to order with the Russians either you have nothing you have. Circumstantial. Evidence circumstantial evidence like what like Jeff Sessions ran into their Russian ambassador in a building once. And by the way that's circumstantial evidence. I printed did Jack Nicholson once that the US open tennis tournament when I was working what does that mean I had a meeting with some. You've redefined the meeting to mean what you were unknowingly in this same building as someone. If that's the case I had a meeting with Jennifer Aniston once do I heard she was in LAX airport when I was there everything that by the liberal definition. Folks are consistent theme we can't continue like this. This is not our fault this is not equal on both sides I'm sorry. All right many get to little more this we come back from the break and I definitely want to talk about this a monument stay more to access is just this is just -- though liberals you just humiliating yourselves now and our entire country history's gonna look back on this period is a stain and you guys I mean history's gonna keep you guys are gonna be a joke and raise a total joke. I don't give us you know at the dungy on Twitter will be here. Okay then. I go back to Margaret Cho Dan bond Geno Atkins. Much you know on Twitter fill in for Marky Mark Apollo as well Marc Lynch you know make sure you watch your show tonight. On the big TV it is a new show covering the events of today available at CR TV dot com. Work here to a CR TV dot becoming a great content over their should go check it out don't miss the show mark will be back with you tomorrow. Hey I am gonna get your calls the incendiary or just stay on the line 877313. A moment if you wanna call but I wanted to hit one thing I've promised in the open of the show. I would address and I don't forget China to take little notes here. I think that would address the security arrangements because there's been a lot of coverage on what happened today the shooting of Steve's release by this psychopath. Who has since passed on encompass the leases in critical condition and you know and god bless the scandal peoples through and I I pray that this family has the strength to deal with us and misses an unimaginable tragedy for them but to go practice a baseball game you know he's leaving and critical condition and surgery for a gunshot to the hip. But a lot of people I think are confused about the security and it's it's definitely not Secret Service and at this is a woods a Secret Service a Yemeni very know that but down. It's understandable there's. An alphabet soup of federal agencies and it's by no means a lack of homework by people in the media in some respects it's just there's so much out there it. People get confused about it all the time. The Secret Service does not cover that they're portfolio protect d.s is very small it's the president the vice president their families. The DHS secretary couple other protect these and foreign heads of state so. When it's not the UN United Nations General Assembly when all these foreign heads of state come to the United States. The Secret Service is way to protect d.s is relatively limited and small it's another big details the president and vice president these are small details of three or four men and women. He's a big details. But that they've played of protect he's just not that large. The problem they have with the Capitol Hill and I think they're gonna happen in the future they wanna bump up security right now is that's not the Secret Service at the US capitol police. And the US capitol police if they were to expand this and I'm not suggesting they're going to do this but to every member of congress in the senate. You're talking about 535. Members there between house and senate. They just don't have the ability to do that again I'm not suggesting they should there are other ways to do this media talk about an inside the Arabic it is not Secret Service and the reason there were. Bob heroic United States capitol police officers here today who engages shooter. And thank sweetie when there is because that leadership not every member of. Congress gets it but the leadership has details with them which I'm pretty sure 24 hours is such as the word yourself Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell Chuck Schumer. Scobee who was the whip. Kevin McCarthy these guys happy tails whipped them and that's why they would do that gave this could have been a lot worse if that's the tale wasn't there thanks that their man and woman whose stuff is the capital. We stuff. Right up there by geno at even gene ointment here that. DC you know the average person spent hours a week at the grocery store but you're not an average person are you there's a better way to get fresh grocery and it's called fresh direct shot for farm fresh fruit and vegetables cut cut seafood chef prepared meals and look at my favorite brands let's hundreds of weekly deals order fresh direct any time anywhere a fresh groceries delivered to your door used code music you get fifty dollar on your first order 99 dollars and mark this press direct dot com or downloading today. He's here. How broad. Only underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave it there. I've welcome back to the market they showed again bunch you know contributing editor. At conservative review at the brunch you know on Twitter fill in for mark. Give him. Show. Makes up for the people. I appreciate it FaceBook nights I read it if you my own stunts and social media it's. I really appreciate it. Always if you you know craftsmen and there. You know tool boxes who say a few nasty things that's all right I'm used to it. Probably a few people calling for my that you know death and destruction on are we see if you nasty ones and there's too but I do appreciate the feedback so. You have throughout the course of the show I've been trying to explain you how this is not a problem on both sides of an IC problem I'm referring specifically to you. Unnecessary. Outrageous political dialogue that teeters on the edge of calls for violence I'm not suggesting that we're through you know we should pack free speech. I'm simply suggesting Q this is not a problem on both sides and you know what had predicted Newt Gingrich today who you know. Call the mount on this than us TV show it's a no it's not a problem on both sides we don't do this. I did many idiots who doesn't really stupid things yes but as an organized movement. We do not do this conservatives police their own and you know why they police their own. Because they have to. Because you would never be accepted in a reasonable political dialogue by any reasonable people if you were a conservative who put on a play in New York with god forbid it mock assassination of Barack Obama you would be investigated by the Secret Service you would never be accepted in polite political conversation again. And that's a good big. Because we as conservatives should not be doing that and thankfully we don't. But again that set of rules does not apply to the left because the left the not all Democrats but the last. The left can't stay in view. They don't want to argue the ideas they want to argue the hero dead person who should be silence and any means they need to shut you down they will do it. Now. Some pictures thing I pulled out during the break here. To show you how the left is not interest didn't rules. The left does not interest in the boxing match where you're both fighting with twelve ounce gloves the left disinterested in a boxing match where they're fighting we UFC gloves and a fighting with pillows on your hand. Here's an article. From the New York Daily News by a guy named Michael Daly who I've never heard of I'm sure he's famous and you know the liberal bubble. Jury thinks in some juries the smartest guy in the room just to ask him. From January 9 2011. This a real article I'm not making this up the title the article is rep Gabrielle Giffords blood is on Sarah Palin's hands. If they're putting our. Cross hair. Over district now let me read to you this one line from this piece to show you how if you were to apply this. So what happened today. Liberals would run for Dale's gone on and on and I've definitely plus the conservatives. She says that anyone with a sense at all those that violent language can insight actual violence that metaphors can incite murder. At the very least Palin added to this climate of violence or. Are you crazy. So let me get this straight might not know what Mike's opinion on any of this is that I'm just read this piece from Baghdad let me be clear with that let's just lay this out. You are a group out there like this southern poverty law center of it labels people hate groups I'm not kidding. You have a black flies are matter movement that in repeated episodes not one time off episodes. Have talked about cops calling them the league's pigs in a blanket prime like Aiken. What are we want dead cops what do we want him now by the way these overall offshoot of the far left. You have eight. Certifiable. Republican IC's meet Democrat congresswoman calling for the impeachment of truck every single minute calling him a racist and it is that. But that is nothing to do with the climate of violence we're seeing today where it the First Amendment in deeper people are beating up trump people rally that is nothing to do it. Do you see how the rules only apply to conservatives so. Sarah Palin. Who puts a I trust him which by the way. We're bullseye grid. A symbol that used all over the place for everything that doesn't necessarily mean in any way shape or form. And actionable literal gun target on someone its use all the time on web sites. I don't incite people in my family to web sites and when this happened they were like seriously like our company does that do. She put a cross hair I'm Gabby Giffords district to raise money for a pact saying this is a targeted districts. This. Looney tune guy who writes these pieces like photo that could have incited violence I'm just using his words. But anyone with a sense of all those that violent language can insight actual violence that metaphor can incite murder metaphor using. This guy's up all of a sudden the guys shut Gabby Giffords is a Sarah Palin tried. Guys ladies. You know we can't continue likeness. This is not a same. Political movement. We're fighting against anymore. Now I am not willing to lose my eight. Moral bedrock to fight them on their rules because they don't have an. But I am willing at least to recognize that we aren't fighting by the same rules I say that because I have a very specific point in Miami. I wrote a piece is that last week some for conservative review. And the title of the piece was I had written a piece a while this really meant something to me I've been thinking about it the night before and I not. I'm not a preacher folks I'm I had can't say this enough and I mean the easiest words very deliberately I am a sinner to be a hey Christian I recognize that fact a long time ago. I found my path to salvation and a road is tough every day to do the right thing right. I wrote the piece. Because liberals have taught me a lot. And the things they've taught me it made me a worse person. I'm I'm not kidding I'm not I'm not that lives you can say I'm just trying to insult you I'm really not I'm just trying to bring a two point you know what you taught me. You taught me that mocking my political opponent works and you know what I've done it. I hated it makes me feel horrible every time I'm on Twitter and and going at it with a political opponent mind they do a lot. I never leave that feeling better ever not one time. You can take that as weakness not really care I'm 61230. Pounds good luck with pat and now I'm really don't care what you take it as I'm telling you in a moment of self deprecating truth that it makes me feel worse I learned that from you. I did. I wasn't taught that on my parents I was taught that by my wife I wasn't taught that by my religion I wasn't taught that might Christ in the Bible I wasn't taught that if the by Saint Paul and his wonderful letters I was taught that by you. Mark your opponent. Home a loser. Column a degenerate. I've done it in there. Not proud of it I learned that from the U. The minute commercial about drugs when we were all kids some 42. When McCain gets caught with we know room and father walks in. Says race should get this from where did you learn this where did you learn this syndicate screams I've learned that from new dad. I'm a different view lives. I've learned that from you. I learned to mock people to make them feel less than human. That you can win a cheap political argument that way. You taught me that. You know what does she taught me. He told me that boycotting works. He taught me that boycotting legitimate. Companies out there that have real people that go to work every day that have nothing to do with politics. He taught me that by attacking those companies and the people who worked in the networks. That that's the only way to fight back. Because the conservative messages under threat every day by concentrated group of liberal site capacity media matters and other places that are absolutely committed to putting the conservative message out of business so what do we do that we sit back and take it all go out of business and let the liberals monopolize the message out there and indoctrinated our kids. You taught me to be a worse person. You taught me that we have to go back and after companies that advertise and you're stations because it's the only way to stop the nonsense to stop the insanity to quotes Susie powder again. We think that's a good thing. Doing damage to legitimate companies sell a product. Nick I felt better after the target boycott EP we feel better after Kellogg's is other stuff that's going on a feel better after that. We all feel like crap you taught us that. But the Florida citrus thing with the singer you've taught us that. Let's start with you we did make that up. Mocking people that you you've taught us that. How to run vicious identity based campaigns you've taught us that that's your thing. That's not a conservative principle we put people who believe in god and country. You know what I'd like going to the movies. One of the few things you know I grew up in a divorced house and it's not a sob story rating one of the few things I had my father's we we love movies. The love them I do my kids now taken in the movies the simple this cheap but it was after it. Remember seeing clash of the titans on Long Island you know and it was. Do what it was 100 that would movie theaters have just one movie in the theater you outline have to get a ticket is no fan and then go back then. I like doing that. But you've taught me now that I can't see movies where actors in a move who speak out and and demonize conservatives and Christians you that was you you'd talk me I don't wanna do that. I think some of these actors do a great job acting I can't even see a dark marvel movie anymore because these loony tunes directors who did Christians are like that Damien from the moment. You taught us that. You've made this country a worse place you know Kato beard got Dresser so brutal book along time ago called though women who make the world worse. It was about things like this. You've made the world worse. You have made the world in the United States a worse place. Conservatives are perfectly content. Argue about taxes. Perfectly content to argue that obamacare government controlled health care single Payer marginal tax rates community rating guaranteed issue. Public school school choice charter schools home schooling whatever you want to discuss I am happy. To discuss a UN talk about the bureaucratic state. The regulatory encroachment. On on the constitution you wanna talk about the ninth circuit and judicial usurpation of power I'm game bring it. Bring it folks I'm ready. But that's how you wanna talk about. You wanna talk about how we're racists. How we can't stand Muslims LG DP LG BTQ people are the enemy. Of a Republican Party you wanna talk about how we throw people off cliffs grandma how we want people dead from Obama can message you want to. Because you made the world wars. Because that's the kind of people you are. And sadly. Sadly. I have absolutely no doubt that this tragic incident and able to nothing to change that. You will be added again you've already data again tonight you will be added again tomorrow morning with the Republicans can't stand black people Asian people women and anyone else you can create a convenient or inconvenient category four. Of their by geno at the brunch you know on Twitter gonna give us call 8773 of one variable one of your tech. I look back to the mark of injured deadlines you know at the time Gino on Twitter Phyllis for marquis will be back with you tomorrow he wanted to be here tonight. I'm an engagement had to attend this break his word on that and he will be back Peter Maher but there is a new looking TV available at CR TV dot com. About today's covering today's tragic currents that Steve. These goalies who was shot so make sure you check that out CR TV dot com CR TV dot com check out. That in TV I promise they get to the phones I got a couple more things to cover but I do I think who calls. But you Reagan's choice of 731311. Let's go to come in Manchester Tennessee probably got for us. It out technical. Error on the first ever ever ever called and radio show I was listening to your show earlier. And it just drives me crazy empathy I know. First election ever Bogut they don't Ronald Reagan. Candle I've watched over the last you know 38 years the Democrats. Control the narrative no matter who's in control we put we give the Republicans that the house the senate the White House. We give them the majority overwhelming majority of the the year governorships. And then we turn around we let the Democrats coach what we're gonna talk about how we're gonna do having your worst eruption probe investigate. Evidence that it and everybody should end the the Democrats are doing this they're doing that then why are we letting bill that's I don't understand if you don't bode. And then I sit back and watch the whole matter of control that matter what should opt out. It's true that the speech in what we're talking about it driven by the left. Tom that is it fantastic point number two explained to you in the next few minutes you prove what's going on and how we can fix this right you are correct. No matter who we elect their could be a 43421. Republican congressional kids your car ready Republicans vs Democrats and you're absolutely right. There'd still be a special counsel to embeds that he would to investigate. The trump brushing conspiracy theory fairy tale they would still be writing gun control argument going on today although gun control the guy was from Illinois the shooter which is like a gun control state liberals haven't seem to figure that out yet. But here's what. Your government is concentrated in Washington. Now I say this because when I was at a PPD agent presidential protective division agent on the Secret Service Weaver NBC to. Washington DC is I wrote a book about this is his is that one big bubble of liberal propaganda. What happens in DC. These guys are only human beings even the best conservative congressmen would acknowledge is do you off the record probably on the record. There is an assumption because they run into eight out of ten people who are far left liberals in DC that there's some kind of a National Mall. Meg going on all the time oh my god people are starting to like obamacare we can't reform obamacare Albright got people are calling for guns to be remove it we can't have that don't know people are calling for that in DC in the pot bellies you just needed. Are calling for that across the country. They're calling for that literally NBC new York and California. Did you see the electoral map it is ABC they read tidal wave across the entire country with isolated pockets of blue liberal insanity. This country is not calling for that. The country didn't want dudes in the women's room. There was no movement to grab guys allow them to take a leak in the women's draw and nobody was calling for that. That was your PC New York California paid. You wanna change it here's how we change our store pretty bold proposal ironically from a Democrat. With that guy Tim Ryan and I think was involved it. Usually I got an idea let's start over and sections of a government all over the country bars are concentrated in these. Where telecommuting now you have all these various ways that you remote meetings. These congressman sit in our home this church and do remotely is what any could be a PC for. You see a change tomorrow morning. All of a sudden thanks for the call them but all of a sudden you'd see well gosh. People might now don't care about men in the women's room. People might now don't care about do they get bitter about gun control. They care about controlling their right to protect themselves with a firearm Nasr your gun control. All of a sudden you see a whole different. Nationals right guys to whatever fifty philosophical terms you wanna use for this. But that's not what happens. And it's not what happens because Robert name is concentrated in big liberal cities we surrounded by liberal propaganda all the time. That's what the problem. But thanks for the call on something nice don't give much you know your back. This is that in. Nations town hall meeting. And you can join dad at 8773813811. I was back to the Mark Rubin showed Dan bond geno contributing editor over a conservative review. At the bond Gino on Twitter filling in for the great. One give him a follow as well. At Marcum and show to make sure you follow at living TV we can get clips of the living TV show which is there's a new show today. I'm just in tonight for marquis had a personal engagement but there is a new Libyan TV. Covering the events of today available CR TV dot com go check that out CR TV dot com also pick up mark's book the op by the way folks I got to. I've cut this is totally me like a name dropping here we go a 100%. I run to get an advance copy of the book. Aberrant few books myself and it's funny to me Cindy advance copies out they said about what really cheap covers is like why waste the money and our cover. But I am about it I don't know fifty or so pages into mark's new book rediscovering Americanism. Which is coming out June 27 you can pre order now and Amazon Barnes & Noble river books are available. We discovering Americanism. I know you're gonna sell you say it is because he works Marc I was seven everyone and I'm telling you the book is phenomenal I can't market quoted at book's not out yet. But rediscovering Americanism. And security of progressive as. If you liked this show today right talk about the why why liberals do with the view you need to pick up this book. Because mark will dress down to you. Exactly. The history of how we hope we're really aren't you liberals go pick it up on Amazon rediscovering Americanism really terrific. Hi my name dropping who put this over but yet I guy by the get my Mitt sign copies. And I was I was read a couple really cool books and put him down the stars it's really amazing I said before the break in a caller on Tom. From Tennessee who wanted to know why it is that the Republicans despite the congressional majorities the senate majorities the White House despite having the majority of gum. Governorships state legislatures despite having a Supreme Court it tilts in our favor why we consistently lose the narrative and I did propose to him. That we consistently lose the narrative because the government is it that big long reach one of the big reasons the government is he. So when a conservative congressmen from. Wherever southern you know Ohio whatever it may be. Goes down to DC let's say was a farmer a local doctor. He's walking around one of the most progressive cities in America. He's sit married in new Delhi's I can do let me get a chicken sandwich rit doesn't peppers on there. But I yellow not spicy mustard. Guy in the back of the line behind him going hey do you believe this. This local store down the block what led dudes in the women's room this is crazy to congressman he's just human you know robot he hears this he's a while now. People really want this. Denny picks companies is sandwich any enemy gets some of those chips this sour cream banana chips and another guy pops in these stock in his body in DC. And he's like he's conservatives. Parents say we gotta get it on July. Assault weapons. That scary. I can stop. It got like extra handles and little things easy on them don't you don't always who he's almost. Turn you need an assault weapon to steal a line from Andrew Cuomo the governor York assure that Deanna. You'll all he had assault weapons to assure that he. And Peter goes on forever Shuler had. He the as if I care what Andrew Cuomo thinks I need or don't it doesn't need much because he comes from her rich family. Father was Mario Cuomo is Brothers on CNN. So where's your doesn't need any he's got an armed security detail but he needs to know what you me. But when your congressman Joey bag of donuts. And no local sandwich shop get your double check consult the Wii U sour cream and onion chips and eight out of ten people walking I think. Huge should be allowed to women's room nobody should have guns. That voter ID as racist as it really doesn't like people who are not white kid get voter IDK get idea and you don't think that very statement is really source. Henne goes there. I'd better start reevaluating this. You what are you making this up may give you a perfect example of the since it it did in the degrees and I'm talking about this despite it wasn't gonna go down this track but. The Jim Colby story. The co we story was everywhere. Obstruction of justice. Jim combing. Jim called recent in the Debra Democrats on any given day you never know how they feel about comic one days he's Lucifer the next day he's Michael the archangel it depends on what day it is where liberals how they feel about Jim Kolbe. There was a study done about a month ago when this thing was hot and obstruction of justice all these fairy tales liberals making up about the trip administration. The price sort poll which is fascinating and forgive me for not putting the exact numbers but I promise you I'm not far off. It was like. 30% of the people police call me and my trump with Satan exaggerating that of course. You know whenever 10% of people. Didn't believe called me and trump was right and 60% of the people said. I've really could give zero you about this whole story they had no idea what the story was even about. But again. You're congressmen Joseph we beg your doughnuts it Mets in the subway. Revenue doubled chicken sound and a couple of liberal guys and women come in DC you know like all kinds. Home we. He said that trump one time. Stuck acute did in his year and I told them not to put it in the European now you can damage the Euro drum you only have to go around the reds to get the waksal. Why. He put a cute kid didn't fear trop. All point pleading a special counsel did. Congressman Brad donuts is like going back to his office palace. A new staff mean. You got your weapons Q typically would drop. Trump puts cute kids in the ear can now and it says on the box not true. People are all about this. Over and done dude. Did Eddie thank guys. Mr. congress and make those kind it funny you want okay hold on and of association effort I hurt matter of fact I have a witness. That's seven years ago. Donald Trump. Written mattress ten golf yeah. Problem mattress pet the federal violation you know. What is mega don't do in fact the office you haven't had a feet. Neither did say congressman bag a donuts bacon donuts staff we got a problem. Trump. Ripped a mattress can go off seven years ago. We cross the stamp respond with some of them probably knew a look at Mike duty for real is this a joke. I guy I it by police are like I gotta go find a different office sorted but some of the movement in the swamp the DC swap who bit on that seems subway line. Hearing about men in the women's room and nobody should have guns. Pick pick this big think it's legit congressman you are right even know were rated 76 district where there's two Democrats for every 700000 Republicans you're right we need to look at this. How else do you explain the rise no class spending 99% of their energy going after trump. On the truck trump Russian fairy tale. The Teddy brock's big story this nonsense conspiracy theory these evidence free pale and not spending any time actually going after the Democrats. Where there are legions of actual evidence what they did something wrong. There are real Republicans out there by the way despite the fact that in my mind there's zero question at all. Hillary Clinton's team was involved in very serious federal law breaking with this email scandal. You're Republicans who like. Had. Call. It political. Home. Home gently. Can we put on some wind chime music amenity. Pretty cool. She's a political opponent that we don't want to play politics. All you don't wanna play politics. Politics played you. Politics did play you idiots forever. You don't wanna play politics. These guys what it would it would it would it would have your political wives what Laura whipped they could they would have you shipped on a one way ticket out of DC tomorrow and never come back if it was their choice. And you don't want to play politics. Folks look at this. International. Historical. Moral. Spain have been investigation on Jeff Sessions. This is say humiliating. Spain. On the history of the United States of America in embarrassment that in any reasonable textbook is gonna be an episode prefaced by. Gosh I hope this never happens again. You have a US senator Jeff Sessions former US senator now the attorney general. Who by every single congressman who knew this guy's estimates of him before he became a trump appointee with a good and decent man many of a bit like a political ideas but nobody questioned the man's morals. Jeff Sessions. Is appointed attorney general he's instantaneously. A racist and a Russian spy overnight. These do you believe these press folks what kind of psychopath you need to do that did you do this pic about the sunny Gideon. Analogy quick right I love stories. If you're working with someone a coworker. Who had opposing political views right. And some. FBI investigator came in making charges against this cohort even though we had opposing put you like him he's just he's a liberal you're a conservative you have friendly banter in the workplace he loves Bernie you like trump you like Ted Cruz whatever it is. You guys are friends but he says something about this guy to FBI agent comes and goes hey that guy we need to talk you back and last night he was involved in me in Atlanta homicide meanwhile you'll wit him last night you know that's not true. You know it's not sure. Would you have lied about him. The FBI investigator because he had an opposing political ideology you probably listening to the show go on no of course not much you know stupid question it's not a stupid question. This is what politicians do. US Cory Booker a senator from New Jersey praising edged up sessions one just months before he was appointed a G. What Penn testified against Minnesota hearing instead the exact opposite day with no not in instead of regret. What kind of human being god and you wonder why people look at that PC cesspool. This big. Emanating from this disturbing. Political bubble they delivered and go. I I just I just don't get it I just don't get. I just don't get it. How do you guys look in the mirror and say that I'd left the world a better place your rectum cancer her. You politically assassinate. A guy. Literally today are Bernie Sanders supporter but rhetorically. You go after her. Jeff Sessions in this hearing calling him everything under the sun. A Russian spy a racist and you don't ever think like. He's just the bright thing to do. It's never heard PU. Have you ever had an honest moment of self reflection. Where you've gone back into Iraq despite yourself. When all the cameras are turned optic legal rights are down your staffers of one home. And you're about to put it down for a little while you're by yourself have you ever looked in the mirror instead. Is that right always an easy. You've ever done. Have you ever said to yourself. You know. Why is it that most of America. Thinks better of car salesman than they do politicians. Have you ever said you're so maybe I'm contributing to that. Folks what's happening to Jeff Sessions right now. Is an international historical embarrassment of colossal proportions. If you are part of this your tower. You worry coward. Your pony. You're a fraud. You are everything wrong with this country you don't like sessions fine. I endorse Cruz in the primary LO headquarters. Jeff Sessions did. But I'm telling you right now Jeff Sessions by and I'll not name dropping here all I say this with no. Error pretentious I'm not trying to be silly I know a few not a lot of people in DC but just a few. And you ask anybody off the record so most of them on the record what kind of a man Jeff Sessions is. And they will tell you this was a good decent and honest man who is being dished Floyd. By a psychotic far left hell bent. Are destroying any semblance of civility left in the political discourse is in damn shame is an embarrassment to this country it's an embarrassment to the process it's an embarrassment to the constitutional republic it's an embarrassment to the founding fathers who had. Whore you guys have no heart you have no guts this is a disgrace and you should be embarrassed. Will be your back it's. Okay and. I welcome back to the mark over and show Dan Baggio and you know on Twitter contributing editor over a conservative review. Phillip for marquis will be back tomorrow have no fear and make sure you check out that movie and TV episode which is a new one. Britannica CR TD. That congress been. Great show folks are really appreciated thanks for all the feedback on social media and on emails he's a lot into the tax and the other people who are back. Text me during the show. Appreciate that. I just hit a back door to break at eight on a totally lighter note. A bit of a shout out to all those. Brazilian jujitsu guys ladies and women out there ladies and men. I would do it. You know I just got back into it after like ten years out of the game goes on my daughters really likes it. And I was watching her you know role in the class of like campaign but man alive. My joints your calendar. My father says a lot of my I woke up this morning I'm 42 I feel like Mike 172. Mike a cesspool. So work chemicals. Annoyed to take Ibuprofen buried either so. Well you you know 67 bureaus have been grappling for 4050 years godless. I that he cited a quick call you and all the while eight duck hero with the Ambon Gino from Saint Cloud, Minnesota yet there. I am thanks for whole body would be down for us. They everybody should be prepared for the Bobble head miles beast Nancy Pelosi. They're due to an all out assault on the Second Amendment and she and the Democrats were unable to. Take care of the Second Amendment so I'm all. I believe I just fought. They're gonna use the Republicans. And I'll look. There come and ask are you now unique Vista and let us. To take the second when I'm at home. Or you are in danger. And there in all when you look at. Our holiday that's altered. Yet the constitution. When the constitution applies to their needs it's okay. Well Doug I act I got a runs up against you know break the in the show I appreciated and yes this fits in with the Democrats never let a crisis go to waste mentality quote. Rahm Emanuel. They always use a political learn nationwide crisis to advance the narrative to narrative for them now is not that we created a psychopath. To a bunch of you know militant propaganda. That the U demonizing trump the narratives got to be that the gun did not the guy you know I've had guns my entire life he never magically fired themselves just incredible how that never happens. Both state did narrative never stops remember how I opened the show and this is Elena show. You are fighting ideas. God liberty country economic freedom sensible tax rates patient controlled health care. Charter schools school choice that's what's your fight that is not what the far left despite. The far left is fighting an oppressor vs the press war because of critical theory and you are nothing but a bad guys that. You are not a set of ideas Rory Dan. Person that is yet. You are a bad. Person that's what they want people to believe and that is what led to be cesspool of political dialogue and all this nonsense we're seeing out there there's got to be stopped. White folks are really appreciate if you are checked me out and at the bond Gino on Twitter a damn bunch you on FaceBook he wanted to be a follow after the content out there FaceBook lives and I'm also going to be available shortly CR TVs to go check this out at CU RT I. Thanks guys and ladies appreciate your coming season. Hi I'm method they're Edwards is a podcast that forbidden language swears. Explain the woman that's like Harrison has expressed how I'm like no you cannot it's. And how society is reflected in the words we are supposed to say the lowest level of dirty words. And every other week for an episode about a different aspects weren't it was every time where. Hello and good luck yeah. Kerry Edwards. Makes your substandard Edwards on apple podcast and wherever you listen to your favorite shows.