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5/25/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

May 26, 2017|

Ben Shapiro, Editor-in-Chief of the Daily Wire fills in for Mark. The Trump administration will now be appealing the 4th Circuit Court ruling on the travel ban to the Supreme Court. The rationale of the court is nothing but tyranny. What the court is basically saying is that they don’t like ...

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Get that fifty dollars towards the purchase of your mattress Hasbro dot com slash marked fifteen terms and conditions apply. He was there. And how broad. Only underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere from to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the. Fairly informal hour when they learned his. The country. And I hope enjoying himself more than we are with the news today. News just breaking across the players to be truck administration will now be appealing their travel ban. All the way up to the Supreme Court another act of massive judicial tyranny. Another act of judicial tyranny from fourth Circuit Court of Appeals has some parties in judicial tyranny. From a Circuit Court in Washington state district court in Washington State in the district court in Hawaii and now the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Drop to 205. Page ruling that is just 205 pages of dog feces. They dropped it. All over the drug administration. Saying that the travel ban. Is president trumps executive order essentially bans travel for ninety days from six. Muslim majority countries all of which had been designated originally by the Obama administration as terror havens. The court strikes that it. And the rationale the court is nothing but Tierney it is nothing but tyranny. The rationale of the court is basically they don't like trump therefore this is not good law it's almost as simple as that. Now it's a little about the decision to zipping it tells you. Where we stand with regard to the courts and of course mark has been soured on the court ever since men in black and he's in reading about this for years touchdown to show all the time but. Our courts are out of control their out of controls the judge on this court chief judge is gonna Roger Gregory. He's a Bill Clinton appointee. Idiotic glee he was reappointed by President Bush. He was part of the fourth circuit majority a number of years ago the declared traditional marriage laws were unconstitutional now. The fourth Circuit Court of Appeals is putting nationwide stay another nationwide stay on the travel ban meaning. Did the federal government under the auspices of the executive order cannot stop undivided immigrants from coming in from the Muslim countries. If they go through the typical process he can't temporary hold. He can't change the standard he can't do anything in the fourth circuit. Has Tway and the logic is just insane so the decision begins by characterizing the truck traveled and as quote an executive order. That in text speaks with big words national security but in context that hurt us with religious intolerance. Animist and discrimination in other words. They read tax Elsinore taxed but hate trump from Maine trump hates Muslims so you know. I guess that's illegal now it is down lawyering. These bad lawyering as a general rule to appeal to date with the people of randomly said outside the writing of legislation in fact. If courts were gonna do that. Then obamacare would instruct him but Supreme Court because as you recall. The Supreme Court ruled that obamacare is individual mandate was not individual mandate it wasn't sacked eight tax. And you also are called the President Obama had said many many many dozens of times. That it wasn't in fact a tax it was a mandate. The Supreme Court ignored everything that Obama had said and rewrote a lot of come up their conclusion. Ignore all the things he said outside of. Outside legislative process and with the legislative process but here. The court says Donald Trump said mean things about Muslims and therefore were going to ignore the text of the executive order and now we are going to allow in a all the people that trump wanted to ban. It's it's just it's insane it's insane. In this case the fourth circuit decided that since in its view. President Clinton asking Kelly the executive or had ABC here's that they sent quote. The first and second executive order is your called it president from promulgating a first executive order. That was travel ban and it was too loosely worded and included people who had green cards ready the second executive order came back in tightened up. You were issued against a backdrop of public statements by the president and his advisors are represented as. At different points in time both before and after the election and president trumps assumption of office. They settle on a nasty things about Muslims back during the campaign. Now I seemed her colleague just last week president trump glances Saudi Arabia. Any game very well received speech in which he was very kind to Muslims it was she talks about Islamic civilization relatively glowing terms. In which he yes called on Muslims to crack down on problems Foreman within their communities but also sad that Islamic terrorists didn't worship god they worship death. Right the exact same language used by bush the same language he's been Obama. Language in my opinion that was far too mild with regard to be the extent of the danger Islamic extremists POC. The court like that language the court selectively cites the language that he was using seven months until eight months ago. To defend. Its decision to strike don't ban it doesn't even resembling who's talking about during the campaign. The inconvenience their gender to be honest about the stuff the trumpet saying they have to mischaracterize what trump is saying then and now. Right there argument requires them to state that truck pursued the executive order in bad faith as a pretext for its religious purpose there is saying basically that trump wants to ban Muslims. But he kind of sneaky way to do it. He's reap in sneaky about it. And he so sneaky that they're some fifty odd Muslim majority nations on planet earth and in band like 45 them. So he's pretty sneaky about this whole banning all the Muslims think that he's not banning all Muslims. The court says it is not quote evil tool weeks without the vivid memory of these statements on the purple language. As a writing this thing. Assimilate or to handmade stamp to an extent. There are reviewed chills campaign promises to condemn and exclude entirely just groups we think that a welcome restraint it is an amazing line but the court is actually saying. To the court is actually saying here is that. They don't care what know that they're saying what president trump has said in the past can be used to strike down executive orders that president trying to promulgate now. That's what they're saying. When asked however OK are you telling people they can't speak freely are you saying that on the campaign trail we can't speak honestly. You're just encouraging people to lie on the campaign trail they say yeah we are encouraging people to lie on the campaign trail and we're proud of it. We're proud that people should lie on the campaign trail that later we local back and look at their words and use it as an excuse to knock down what we don't like. Yes I would overreach is as. There's a First Amendment of the constitution guarantees freedom of speech. And basically according saying well we like to rewrite their First Amendment that if you say something we don't like he can later strike down legislation. That we think is based on the stuff that we didn't like not an actual words in the legislation. If he used this logically straight down every Republican piece of legislation ever. Because basically what they're saying now is they're saying if Republican says something we don't like any tendering their campaign. And then later they pass a law that doesn't even pay. Resemblance between him passing resemblance to what they're saying on the campaign trail because we didn't like what they were saying on the campaign trail will use that as an excuse to strike down. Republican legislation. This is fully insane. The founders would have been appalled at this appalled. And they go even further. The fourth circuit also ruled that the establishment clause of the first and I mean the closet says that the government cannot establish a religion. Somehow I know applies to foreigners without American citizenship if plus some dude sitting on a Hilltop in Yemen. And they seek congress granted the president broad power to deny entry aliens but that power is not absolute. I cannot go unchecked when as here the president wields at three executive edict that stands to cause irreparable harm to individuals across this nation. And this is really amazing stuff how does it harm it I know you're sitting there and ask yourself how is it. At least that the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals constructed on a travel ban on the grounds that discriminates against people in other countries. So what they do as if to find some cases they can hang their hat on. Who's been hurt who's been hurt. So they bring a few cases of people who have supposedly been hurt by Trump's traveled in who are these people. A guy who's married to a lady who lives in Iran is trying to in the United States a college student with a sister from Syria. And a couple other people. Who have sisters spouses wives husbands uncles who wanted to get in the United States some of what we've actually got in the United States. So now you're telling me I have a constitutional right to sue the federal government for stuff that affects my relatives overseas aren't even American citizens. It's a basic legal framework thing you'll get sued for injuries and someone ill in the car hits you I can't sue on your behalf. I can't see who's saying William my friend you're hurt my feelings on the zoo has really the car hitting you was really about me. That's not how our legal system works but the court is saying our legal system not only should work that way. It should work that way with regard to people in the United States suing on behalf of foreigners are American citizens. It goes even further and that means it's insane decisions fully crazy. It says in the decision. That one of the things that this traveled and does that is unconstitutional. Is that it causes. Muslims in the United States to feel hostility. No I am not kidding. It's as one of the plaintiffs quote sensed a lot of hostility from people when he walked around with his wife who wears he job. Well what he freaking do. Guess what the federal tax code causes meet feelings of disparagement and exclusion every single April. Doesn't tax code is unconstitutional. All of this is totally crazy finally they've they've basically come out and they say. Look we don't like it because we don't like trump and also because you don't think it's good policy does not the court's job to decide what is the policy in what is. The founders laid it out very clearly. Alexander Hamilton wrote. In federalists and Yates that if the court should be disposed to exercise will instead of judgment it would just defeat the purpose of their deal court at all. There shouldn't be courts if they're going to do this. And as we continue here at a mark living show to talk about what trump should do to fight back against that. And also why this travel ban continues to be important he's gotten new breaking information. On the Manchester bombers. And no and no the travel ban would not been an obstacle to catching them far from precisely the opposite. And then Shapiro and Merkel that. Are the this is Ben Shapiro editor in chief of daily wire host of the bench perish or podcast. In for the great one Mark Levin always an honor and a pleasure to be in a Marco is on vacation. We'll be back soon to fix the world's at all. Right back on its axis so we're talking about the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals egregious ruling today putting a national stage again. I'm trumps executive order his travel ban and present from travel meant. It did ruin itself we just went through it it's egregious in a number of ways says basically that born citizens have American rights under the constitution. It says that the First Amendment exercise the First Amendment can get your executive order thrown out if the court doesn't like how you exercised the First Amendment. It says that if your feelings are hurt as the constitutional violation if your feelings are. If there are one this country that doesn't hurt somebody's feelings really. Mean they're gonna be saying that the due process clause of the United States constitution mandates. That we can't hurt your feelings without some sort of due process of law in any law that's passed it hurts feelings is somehow unconstitutional. It's an asinine asinine argument asinine decision you know go to the Supreme Court level and. I don't know how it's gonna go out this trim level to be quite honest with you because the fact is that Justice Kennedy it and everything to the Supreme Court level now relies on Justice Kennedy. Gore's issue number great pick a president from the doesn't actually affect the balance of the court your place Scalia. That means that Justice Kennedy and his his various bowel movements decide how the court is in doubt. Justice Kennedy's Metamucil moment decides how he's general because it's it's almost random in some of these cases out Justice Kennedy rules. He is not a strict constructionist by any stretch. Of the imagination so what exactly should be done here what exactly should be done here because trump has the off 42. Promulgate its executive order he dies. Okay that there's a section. Of the of the United States code that it markets start to doubt that I've talked about before this section 1182. After. Of the federal immigration rights as whenever the president find the entry. And little aliens or of any class aliens into the United States to be detrimental to the interest of the United States. He made that proclamation and for such period as he shall deem necessary suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants are not immigrants or impose on the entry to aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate. And the fact is that President Obama actually did this. Hey congress. Has provided an alien is eligible for a visa waiver only or if she or he has not been present in Iraq or Syria any time after march 1. 2011 in Obama era provision of immigration law for example. So the idea that the law prohibits from from doing this is just not true blood is not print it truck from doing any of this. So what exactly should trump do well what trump should probably do is did you say listen it's my job to enforce the law. This is a fairly constructed executive order and now want to enforce it. And you'd instruct his executive branch to simply start enforcing the law in violation of the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling. Now with the constitutional crisis to be the end of the world he feared it left tree go it's usurpation of power a message usurpation of power. It would not yet Nancy he's a patient out and many times in American history before where the executive branches clashed with the judiciary. Most famously Andrew Jackson in the mostly ignored the Supreme Court ruling that Georgia couldn't seize native American land without violating federal treaties. Jackson. Who's probably apocryphal but supposedly he said that the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Marshall had made his decision now let him enforce it. And it ended up with basically deal being cut between the state of South Carolina and Andrew Jackson. Abraham Lincoln did the same thing the next part Merriman. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Roger Tony. He declared that federal government had to issue writs of habeas corpus and Lincoln went before congress and he just ignored Tony and that is that. Tony initial order. So there's no actual enforcement mechanism. FDR ran up against the court in 1937 his attempting to in this case actually sees unconstitutional power. It KG at Adelaide at Lincoln suspending habeas corpus was seizure and constitutionally is now are. But FDR. Was ticked that the Supreme Court constricting and his new deal laws. And they threaten to pack the court. Instead feeling the pressure to Supreme Court justices flipped. And started upholding his lies Harry Truman ran up against the court to how this actually play out for a second which is national logic for how this play out. Well trumpets and listen and enforcing the executive order and the courts it's great and the media would scream and you know that Stepan. The people who should have stepped in all long to do this folks congress what the hell do these people do for a living. What do they do for a living they can't pass obamacare repeal they can't act staff's report and they can't protect. He traveled and that is the smile. They can't protect even the most simple form of immigration reform to protect our borders. They can't do any of these things. Congress right now today could script jurisdiction from the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals over this executive war they could do it right now. Jurisdiction stripping. Is enshrined in the constitution. It's enshrined in the constitution and she separate spots actually. And congressional powers clause which is an article one and the PG in the judicial busting closet and article three. And congress has the power to make exceptions to appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court. Alexander Hamilton again talked about the directly in the Federalist papers in Federalist eighty he talks specifically about how the legislature could curb in overreaching judiciary. By using this sort of jurisdictional. Restriction. So should congress do this yes congress should do this it's time to stand up against judiciary that will not obeyed the law. A judiciary that insists on rewriting the law it's time for trump to take a step forward. And to hell with the media will say that he's. Violating constitutional norms and standards they say that every time every time from opens is now he's violating constitutional norms and standards. Guess what the only people who violated constitutional norms and standards here yet that would be the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals and district court judge in Hawaii. Somebody's gonna have to step up against the judicial tyranny and trump isn't. And into account resides if congress and an exit from budget but somebody's got to. As we continue here on them are within China given the background of the Manchester bomb or new. Information coming up plus don't talk about immigration policy left OK let. From the Obama administration has helping cripple security in the United States and then compare in America that. While American revolution. It starts here. Tough marks on that show call at 877381. Now. 3811. This venture Caroline for lurk within by the. Wait you sure I'll go over and subscribe at Libyan TV dot com to get marks TV show will be in TV dot com thinks 89 dollars or 99 dollars per year. As CR TV dot com as well ten dollars per month he can get mark sharing it Stephen Crowder shall what a great material of their symmetry going to check it out of ten TV dot com. OK so. Well. They basically say in the decision in this decision. They make a ruling and they say that it is ridiculous three to worry about immigration from high terrorist Muslim countries because most of terrorism is coming from lone wolves. Oh thanks that's helpful. You know except for the fact that terror has increased as the bulk of undated Muslim immigration has increased in Europe. Is it any coincidence and it gives you the numbers on the percentage of population of countries in Europe and a Muslim. And you noticed something strange. The number of Islamic attacks in the countries that have virtually no Muslims. Is really well does that mean that all Muslims are terrorists of course not that's only. It doesn't mean un vetted Muslim immigration coming into the country were on claims are created. Creates a higher risk for terror including from second generation quarterly quote lone wolves. A here at the stats. In terms of percentage number one country in Europe. With a percentage of most of population is Muslim is Bulgaria with thirteen point 7% after that it goes grants. With seven point 5%. Had there been any terrorist attacks in France recently. Anybody. Yeah like every five minutes yeah Germany five point 8%. They may remember terror attacks in Germany I do remember that Berlin Christmas market being run over with a track. The UK is four point 8%. Belgian. I point 9% all of these blazes that major terrorist attacks in the last year all of them. Now on the other end of the spectrum. Hungary under point 1% Slovakia under point 2% Poland under point 1% Czech Republic under point 1%. Spain two point 1% Portugal's zero point 3% Ireland one point 1%. One of the reasons that you are seeing it rise here. In Europe is because there's a lot of un vetted Muslim immigration coming in and it doesn't necessarily mean that people are coming in of the terrorists but we've had terrorist connections. From these lands tees and the people are committing the year. We seem veteran. In fact. Here's what we know about the suicide bomber a piece of human debris. And a guy who blew up this this concert are in a grand day. In Manchester. In solidarity. According to the UK telegraph he believed to have traveled to. Syria there it is that's right he's moving back and forth to Syria yes he is citizen of UK. They was also traveling back and forth to Syria maybe someone should have vetted that we met in the grip of bedding and some sort of travel and maybe the go to Syria. And Jiri can't that you will why you were there that you can't come back or maybe can't travel to Syria at all. He would Syria and became radicalized before returning to the UK to caused carnage at a gig in the city where he was born. He was the son of Libyan parents all look at that his parents were from Libya and they were refugees from Libya. Not only that. His parents have some connections as well. His parents mothers and yet symbolic father Ramadan oddity a security officer Olivia are refugees who fled to the UK to escape Qaddafi. It's not they returned in 2011. Following Qaddafi overthrow. Says parents are over in Libya. A family friend who asked not to be news of the Taylor knows Libyan community in the city and described amity is normal. Abby is believed to have attended Manchester Islamic center also known as he did very mosque. At but he went to burnish academy for boys is in 20092011. And to solve Purdue university in 2014 re studying business management before wrapping up I'd elect. This should give the lie he should give the likes the idea that poverty causes terrorism is it wasn't pork. He's going universities in business management is an ideology folks it's not poverty. The poverty causes terrorism routine as it left dismissed. A summit Lott was a very very wealthy man the hijackers on 9/11 were generally middle class to upper class. Apparently Abby began studying in 2014 he attended lectures for two years that any stop going. He registered as living in the hobby family home l.'s more road south Manchester as recently as last year. Where plainclothes police raided it downstairs red brick semi detached property on Tuesday. David were called an abrasive tall skinny young man was little known in the neighborhood and often seen in traditional Islamic clothing when loves all the media it's amazing how does that. How well what indicators can. Could have been any travel to and from Syria. It may be is that maybe it was the walking around in traditional Islamic clothing after going to and from Syria and dropping out of school. And there are few red flags here. Neighbor said that he'd become increasingly in doubt and withdrawn. When document twenty once said. Gary Libyan family and they've been acting strangely a couple of months ago he was chanting the first column on Islamic prayer really loudly in the street whose chanting in Arabic. He was saying there's only one god and Prophet Mohammed is his messenger. A family friend had described the oddities as very religious and had most of the family returns Libya the only Solomon and his older brother is now behind. They've not been there for quite awhile to from people come and go. A huge flag possibly Iraqi Libyan and hanging from their house. Had he become radicalized police probably to the Islamic state apparently bomb that he used was either sophisticated tech Obama had to be supplied from abroad. Both British and French Intel services and information that out he had been in Syria and they let him back in the country anyway. Apparently he traveled to Libya and Syria became radicalized and decided to commit the attack. Would a little bit more vetting be helpful here and to go with yes on that. But here's that we know we know that the courts you know the left it very upset by the idea of setting a Muslim refugees. The idea of vetting of people who want to move into countries by the way. I've entered its Internet has nothing to Islam not Islam I think you should not be allowed to immigrate to western civilization unless you adhere to the central principles western civilization. And can speak convincingly about them in your application to join. Battles are for everyone from Europe from Latin America from Muslim countries has nothing do with religion and has everything to do with culture. If there's a disproportionate number of people who are members of your religion who don't abide by the simple rules well then that's really not our fault. That's really not our fault. But the courts have been very cold toward president trumps travel ban. And they've been very warm toward president Obama's immigration policy even though it's president Obama's immigration policy that is caused crises in areas ranging from. These southern border. To overstayed student visas. An increase in here in the United States not directly related to. An increase in immigration per say but we have had situations where new Somali immigrants in Minnesota have been linked terror groups abroad. And now we're learning according to senator Ron Johnson chairman of the senate homeland security committee. That in 2014. The Obama administration knowing the illegal immigrants there are allowing tension at the US were admitted. S thirteen gang members still let them in and transported them to juvenile homes throughout the country. Johnson City Customs and Border Protection documents from Tony fourteen released by whistle blower he said quote. Border Patrol apprehended them knew they were MS thirteen gang members and the process and disperse them into our communities. Well how what the hell are the courts on this. We have immigration law. It if you will Disney how is it how is it that the same court that will be and president trump. From saying he's going to. Protect us. With his lawfully delegated authority we'll see the President Obama could basically leave the door wide open tennis thirteen members no problem. And by the way of the state like Arizona try to crack down on us in the state of Arizona had to be shut up. In 2014 there is surgeon unaccompanied alien children entering US from Central America. Senator Johnson pointed out. A nearly 200000. UA seed I'd be unaccompanied alien children apprehended. From 2012201668%. Or 1516 or seventeen and the majority were male ripe for recruitment. By gangs. Apparently senator Claire McCaskill. Need the idiot Democrat from Missouri she said I concern that these documents released so quickly of course Democrats don't want these documents released quickly. Of course Democrats are disinterested in these documents being released. There are people who know an open borders immigration policy is not safe for Americans. Then how would they be able to claim that trumps immigration policy is unsafe for Americans. Is that restricted to the Fed by the way. The city of Denver on Monday voted to reduce the penalty for first and second instances. Of domestic violence from 365. Days to a maximum of 300 days in jail. According to the Washington Post the new law is aimed at protecting illegal immigrants from being deported for committing relatively petty crimes. Those carrying maximum sentences of 365 days the federal government's tripwire for kicking people out. You know localities are attempting to change their criminal laws to release criminals faster so they won't be deported. Under federal law an immigrant living in the United States legally can be deported for committing a little local crime like shoplifting or trespassing says the post. As long that offense carries a potential sentence. Of one year. This can include by the way beating your spouse because depends on the cents. All of this is to state. Hit our courts the left they favorite open borders immigration policy that really endangers Americans and and they claim that president trump. Is the one who's deeply endangering Americans. It's just asinine is just asinine. And we're gonna have to do something that congress is gonna have to do something an adolescent I know we love executive orders and I know we all. Fall in love with executive orders that's not the way to constitution is supposed to work and certainly is not with the constitution is supposed to work. And the president of the United States is a Republican. And the house is Republican. And said it is Republican. Where's Mitch McConnell. Winners Paul Ryan why is it all on president trump did you these sorts of things. You know president trump ran a commercial that first hundred days in about two weeks ago. This commercial showed eighteen numbers kind of a ticker tape. Of how many executive orders had been issued. By various presidents showed Obama issued a few editor of the bush issued if you diminish the number issued by trumpet his first hundred days. And it the ticker tape is left to disguised. A 108 executive order is issued by trump in his first hundred days. I don't know what it something to brag about. Especially when you're a Republican congress. In executive order should only be attempted when you can't fulfill the law any other way and even then it has to be done with the legal boundaries. Now the travel ban is legal but I have a better idea of the travel ban. Why doesn't congress get involved and pass a law and who have to worry about the things that trump said on the campaign trail or what the courts say because the fact is the. The courts are likely be a lot more deferential to a duly enacted laws and they are to anything the president trump passes just as they hate front. Congress needs to step in congress needs to do its job and affecting congress is not doing its job is disgraceful. Is disgraceful. You can't leave it all up. To president trump you can't. Well as we continue here on mark even show. Now let's talk about his attempts to destroy eight Sean Hannity media matters is going after a good French on. And they're attempting to destroy him wholesale on top well media matters does on a daily basis because it's quite disgusting and mentioned nearly from implement. Earth. Okay. Hero and former apple event so markets posted a note. On his FaceBook page that I think is it worth reading that this is mark but because I think he's right. He's talking about Sean Hannity so Sean has spent the last week and a half two weeks talking at length about the center rich case I was not in agreement with John decision to do this I didn't see any evidence to suggest. That need the rumors that are being dropped that Seth rich. Heading merit to them if Sean knows something that we don't and I want him to release the evidence because obviously something to various went on I'd like to hear about it but. Conspiracy theories here is that evidence to back them up I'm not fond of those and I thought that Sean was out over his skis. On that issue with debt said it is obvious immediate matters in the left and Astroturf campaign to toss Sean off the year. And here's what mark writes about that right guesses Irish on Hannity. I get very serious consideration. Suing media matters its board and its officers as well as any. Any other entity involved in the organized effort to boycott his TV show including media outlets contacting his advertisers in a thinly veiled boycott tactic. For the purposeful tortuous interference with his employment contract with Fox News and his business relationships with these various advertisers. And and mark talks. At length about that here's the here's the truth. All of the hub bub about show on in and day gets coupled advertisers to drop dead on USAA I believe has dropped out cars that comes trap just a couple of advertisers have dropped off. Right now. Advertisers generally advertise with particular shows. Not because they necessarily agree with everything the post says but because they want access to hosts audience and they wanna talk to. All the people that the host talks to. And that's what they're doing advertising insurance shows obviously. Well what the left does they understand that all of these advertisers or at least a lot of them. Our we ended there Shia controversy they're not interested in being on the front page of the paper they don't want to be held responsible they shouldn't be held responsible for all the things that are said. I'm programs where they advertise again they're just trying to get access to the people who the host is talking to doesn't necessarily mean they endorse everything that's being set. And we on the right we understand and that's why we don't go around boycotting car companies just because they advertise on MSNBC. Why don't boycott. And via a generated generic company that deals like it needs to get its message out to consumers bad boy abide by advertising on NASA now. Or the right isn't fond of doing this the blood is fun doing media matters was designed as a democratic adjunct to Hillary Clinton Bill Clinton machine. Who designed by David Brock and the clintons. It was designed to go after people on the right they've been doing to Rush Limbaugh for years it is Glenn Beck is on its mark Vincent Sean they do it to everyone who gets big enough. They tend to destroy their advertising base by Astroturf and what I mean by Astroturf things that people know what I'm talking about. As a big email list of people in the they have those people call up advertisers insane. That's Sean Hannity he's just terrible you should clear advertisements because if you don't I'm gonna boycott you now advertisers tend to treat calls from. From people in the general public sort of same way that congress people treat calls it the general rule of thumb is that. If a congressperson gets a letter received a call he assumes that's representative of a thousand people who feel the same way. Advertisers probably even more than act as they rare really get feedback from the general public so if media matters hits. He never has like cars that come with a hundred letters are a hundred calls and today if they have any email listening send us at all call this advertiser and bug them. Then it's. A pretty good indicator of the advertiser is looking Astro turf and there's a vast groundswell of support for dumping advertisement and a particular program. Now I'm not in favor of these boycott tactics general ruled so I think it'd actually. It doesn't quash freedom of speech in the legal sense that squash is the feeling of freedom of speech in general sense. And there are times I think boycotts are appropriate and I don't think boycotts are appropriate just because you disagree with somebody and basic political matter. And gags don't. In fact I started an organization that was designed to create mutually assured destruction at the last I had an organization. Culture interval that was specifically designed to go after people on the left in the same way the media matters went after people on the right now is that like the tactic but because I hated the tactic. And I want the less to feel the wrath of the tactic that they would stop using it quite so much is actually pretty successful. We went after the advertisers and out Baldwin and Martin this year and we demonstrated the last you cannot do these things you cannot go after advertise on the right without people on the right. Coming back active in trying same tactics with either weapons there would not back away weapons down or. We can continue to ratchet this thing up well that the left is is ratcheting things up again. They think the date were responsible for knocking Bill O'Reilly off the air. Now they're trying to not Sean Hannity off the air and media matters is behind a lot of this because they have all these groups that work with. That are geared toward Astro turf thing calls and emails to advertisers. The refinancing is to think advertisers should know okay advertisers which Nokia week two weeks. Wait two weeks if he actually sees sales drop off if there's no sales drop off it's probably because there was never any real movement. It's probably because there were just a bunch of people calling your office because they're politically motivated now because they're actually buying a brand in the first place. As we continue here on the mark will be entitled to talk about. What's going on up in Montana have relatively unpopular take on this so we'll take your calls as well 877381. 3811. And then Shapiro in front of them. A great night's sleep and help you have a great day and I. 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Get that fifteen dollars toward the purchase of your match Hasbro dot com slash marked fifteen terms and conditions apply. He's there. No. Literally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere come to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without. The great one mark Bennett always an honor and a pleasure be filling. And former violation gold raining on subscribe over Libyan TV dot com or CR TV dot com send bucks per month 99 bucks pre get. Marks fantastic TV show coming check it out within TV dot com. I'm Ben Shapiro insular marched in hurt me I'm the editor in chief of the daily wire and also the host Dan Shapiro show podcast a lot to get to in the news don't jump right into itself. The latest breaking news from Montana special election. And it is being held right now to replace the seat vacated by rising keeping your interior secretary under president truck and of course the big news surrounding this. Is that the Republican candidate for the opposite and in great GM Ford today. Who's apparently New Jersey billionaire who moved in New Jersey millionaire. He moved and. And apparently he he is running against a guy who's a nut case of the left and the guys in a case of the last is Daniel rob quest. Rapist has bunch tax problems he's accumulated like 27000 dollars in unpaid debts and property taxes there was only recently paid off. He blends a botched gallbladder operation he apparently performed with his daughter at some sort of new resort. For some odd reason. And I he has a very bizarre history his own he said that everybody doesn't believe in climate change kill himself to ease of real far left kooky guy. But the Republican candidate amass and everything yesterday be endorsed by president trump. I had been endorsed by the vice president who came out to campaign with him. Immigration porting yesterday he was accosted by the guardians Ben Jacobson and it cost an Emmy just like a reporter putting a microphone is thanks. And the reporter puts microphone in his face and starts asking him about the Congressional Budget Office scoring. Of the American health care act rocket they'll get to that issue a little later on in the shot. So Ben Jacobs this guy who guardian who by all accounts is sort of. Meek and mild. He puts his recording device near the gentler today. And the next thing we know there's a tweet it's coming out from Ben Jacobs that says that he's been body slammed into the ground in his in his glasses broken. And a lot of people on the right let me tell us this hippy tree this hypocrite can't you can't and then there's who corroborating accounts there isn't another reporter says she sought. Ben Jacobs the sort of go up in the air and follow the ground. And then we get a report from a Fox News reporter who says the Jews in the room and she saw the body slam happened. And here is the actual audience and in the audio comes out of this event happening years of the audio actually sounds like. And wouldn't allow you got that letter yet and there's not going to be tough registers ready to make changes for. Think maybe do the same thing. You guys. It's. Just that you're just broke my golf is you last got his fame dinner date you just bodies finally broke our lives. Get the hell out of here. He put me to get the Holocaust electrical police. Heritage in our case. They got there just unplug. Okay self. I wanna talk about what the right needs to do about that he's all talk about. But the left in the sec Clinton talk about hypocrisy blast on issues like this because obviously the left is hypocritical plus as well into ten lots and lots of terrible things from congress people I have a specific case. That I'll talk about in just a second in which less dependent behavior exactly like this but before we get to that. I think it is imperative that is people who are conservative as people values and not talking about Montana were. In vote however you talk about the vote in just a little while I should vote in the selection of why people vote the way they do as a general matter but. As a matter of values this is a bad thing. I know this deal basically I have to say this to people but it is a bad thing I've heard all day commentary from people with whom I generally agree on politics saying things like. Other reporters just a wimp. Oh well their worries are deserves it no use of violence in violation of people's. Rights to be free of violence that's not a good thing. It'll get to punch people you don't get to bodies where people just because you don't like what they're doing. It first of all people who are suggesting the Jacobs was lying right off the bat there's this tribal tendencies it is come up their politics that I find really troubling. And that is instead of waiting for the evidence instead of waiting to see what comes out. Instead of saying okay well it's more credible this happened and that didn't happen given the fact there are multiple witnesses in the room. And that there's audio on it instead people attempt to shake conspiracy theories oh really what happened is that it was answered jujitsu move by the Jacobs. Really what happened as a pinch hit the sort of prompted him into it. How about that how about we take effect as they come we take the evidence is occurrence and that we apply our basic morality to all of us at. And here a lot of macho crap about a lot of macho crap well gee enforce his macho guy he's a man's man. Laura Ingraham yesterday treated out. Politicians always need to keep their cool below would most Montana men do it bodies slim for no reason by another man. So Sheldon Jacobs all because he didn't. Get up in Judea and faced him a clobber them. In a civilized society folks might doesn't make right in a civilized society it turns out it was someone hits you if you have the option you should call the authorities rather than engaging in some sort of escalating violence. Confrontation. This tough talking cheese no crap. It doesn't hold water in politics politics is about the exchange of ideas if you can't answer a question about how the trauma care is scored by the CBO. I think it's probably good indicator. That you may not be suited for this job if you're picking people complaining that are based on what is a very basic question. This kind of macho I'd vote for anybody who body slams reporter understand that's fascist in. Yet as an injured people get that. People understand this kiwi on the right it would what's left holding talk about how they have no guys and they don't OK but that's quite get the bad guys guys. Q were the good guys. We're the ones who say you're not allowed to punch people in the face you disagree with what you say you're not allowed to write at Berkeley if you don't like my billion topless wouldn't want to say. They are not allowed to put people on the face based on their political viewpoint. And then of its reporter it seems like half the people on our side of the aisle turn red welts reporter and Wendy do what reporter you know listen I understand tendency. To say that reporters are full of it because reporters are full of it. But but. When someone asks a simple question and doesn't get barn that's even that's not simple question and they don't get violent there's no call for violence sort of reactionary tribalism. This this but the left but the left. Yeah but the left but the right okay we're the good guys how would you teach kids about this. Had to teach kids about this again I'm not talking I should vote in this election cycle because it's a little bit more complex it's a little bit more complex when it comes to actual voting for reasons that I'll explain. But it comes to the basic morality of what just happened you heard on the tape he heard it for yourself. If you were making excuses in your mind for the candidates. In your doing it wrong. He two things can be trilogy can sort of vote for the guy can still say the secondary concern. They can still say it's not good when this sort of stuff happens that a society. That looks the other way when people mistreat other people is not a society that's going to be able to maintain its values no matter who you elect. No matter who we elect is reactionary travels has got to stop we're not going to be able to have discussions with one another if we continue to react rapidly to every news event that happens. Sometimes moral things happen and sometimes immoral thing to happen and it's our job to label them regardless of who is performing immoral act. Tiggers collar to another show. Is it ever Republican cans in the country picked up a reporter and threw them to the ground it would increase my chances exponentially voting for them. This Colin said that he wasn't joking he said if they wanted to pick up reporter in slam and I would donate until I was bankrupt. Just add that that's so wrong is wrong on every level. Imagine a situation reversed an edge of the democratic congressman and Republican or power and the Democrats who like to question. And Democrat picked up the reporter dash them. We'd be sitting there going well the reporter probably deserved it as reporters Scott recruit that. Probably not. Hey if profits and and nothing to give his soul for the world African rational seat in Montana. Really. Now again this is not a case for not voting for this I'll talk about whether we should vote for this guy or not in just a second. But I just want to go back to basics here for a moment if we want about a culture if we want social fabric if we want basic rules of morality we can agree upon. That the first basic rule morality you should be able to report he should be able to speak he should get to see what you want without somebody body slamming I was just defending. Sean Hannity a few minutes ago against Astroturf boycotts you think I would defend Sean Hannity somebody try to harm him physically harm them for things that he was saying. What this guy did was wrong. And these new attempts by people to to get him off the hook. By saying well you know the body slam wasn't that bad or doesn't grab by the Yankees grabbed around the necklace around the area of the net. Gasoline all of this sounds on a moral level on a moral level. And politics in just about morality it's all it's also about policy. A lot of people had to compromise on standards of behavior in the last election cycle and it's perfectly understandable it is not explain why it's perfectly understandable but. When he compromise on your principles usually seek knowledge in your compromising on your principles or say listen I'm voting for other reasons but. Let's not pretend away bad things that happened. When people do bad things that is worthy of condemnation. End of story. Now as he continued I wanna move on to the proof. The Democrats are now calling on Republicans to go out there and everybody has to condemn this everybody has to speak every single Republican has to get on their record. All the Democrats are totally full of it and I have the proof in audio form and we'll play it for you and pension Caroline from oracle event. Yeah. Okay. This is been heralded former apple event we're talking about the great kids Forte situation. Over in Montana they congressional candidate. And has been accused of body slamming reporter breaking his classes we talked a few minutes ago about. The question as to whether you are forming your opinions based on the evidence or are you can fleeting your opinions with the evidence. Are you looking at the facts and then deciding OK here's my opinion based on the facts are you just recasting the Faxon Ernie your opinion of the words would you like to legend Forte up the bucks impotence it happened. Are you look at the evidence saying it happened saying it's bad and then forming your opinion. It seems to me the should be doing the latter obviously facts should determine where you stand. Where you stand on politics should not determine how do you view morality because that's innocence immoral now. With all that sent the Democrats are doing his routine and it's very going where they're going around asking ever Republican in the world what they think about this scenario what they think about the situation. They're saying it's endemic to Republican thinking this is just endemic Republican thinking I have. Here in the studio the tape that proves that the Democrats are totally utterly completely full of do you. And this is tape circa 2010 June 2010 let's flash back I'll scratch is in North Carolina congressperson. As argenbright our needs time and we obtained tape. About average being asked a question by student reporter. And here is what it sounded like. Our. Are you people it's for the Obama. You. Receiver projects their family you all we're just tip your projects. I'm very lovely right up my hand okay. And we are students. So we don't have a right you know in new. Oilers since my mom. You are human like hell I'll say it. Sailors I served please congressman says why don't mind. OK so you can hear the congressman again it's not at bridge deck NG 2010. Senator elect a Democrat he's asked question reporter he supports the Obama agenda very similar questions like Ben Jacobs asked in Forte is a very simple political question. And etheridge grabs the reporter cellphone camera they grabs the reporters rest and many demands who are you tell me who you are I have a right WR. And then. What does gene's friends who catches means there are cameras as register for a project at which point. The student who's being gripped by etheridge the time asked to be released in aborigines and grabs him by the neck. Around the neck and holds in there. Has battery if battery cell what exactly did the. What exactly and left have to say about it. The Democrats defend it OK let the Republicans today including speaker Ryan to announce at this sort of behavior is unacceptable. This ordered heaters an exceptional instead of that way you end up with is the Democrats back in 2010 defending it and calling it conspiracy about average this is from. It collateral source. And but averages abject apology for wrapping up an anonymous conservative media out effort is being accompanied by defense of the congressman from national Democrats. Against certain G in 2010 quote motives matter and I think you concede was behind it said DNC spokesman Brad wood house just now. This was a Republican Party tracking operation it wasn't a party tracker intern wise that they explore why is the source didn't. You know fitted to your right wing blog and identify themselves and the people who this person on TV all day Republicans know they admit their involvement in this game of gotcha it will undermine. Their credibility it's a Republican hatchet job. So they're calling it a Republican hatchet job when Bob Etheridge is grabbing a reporter around that Democrats even sent out talking points to all of their cronies and their. And their lackeys. The democratic talking points one. There's always part of the story you can't see any gotcha style videos what these folks doing how they approach and putt of the cameramen and others off camera act. Why would any legitimate student doing a project or journalist shag a story not identified themselves. Is that the point I'm making here is not what June 14 it was OK the point I'm making is that the media whenever these things happen. It's not enough for the just condemned the behavior they also than have to try and smear the entire Republican Party and all conservatives with the behavior. They rush around and find the local dog catcher whose Republican national what did you think Ian fourteen I really did this with Todd Aiken thanks Heidi can made dumb comment about race. And today when asked every Republican in existence and some would not yet been born about what they thought about Todd Aiken. But when Debbie Wasserman Schultz does what she just did nobody in Democratic Party gets asked and she's the head she was the head of the DNC. Here's the report from daily wire last Thursday. Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida. Sought to secure a laptop being held as evidence in an active criminal investigation by US capitol police the laptop blow to Iran Dejuan. One of five Pakistani information technology age. Under investigation for criminally accessing the data of their former employers dozens of house Democrats. Los Angeles repeatedly demanded the laptop be given her any US capitol police budget hearing with US capitol police chief Matthew Barrett Derosa. The Russ claimed extenuating circumstances prevented US capitol police from giving the laptops wasserman Schultz or its owner. Asked by the daily caller about her strong desire for the laptop wasserman Schultz was abruptly refusing to indeed she refused to offer comet. She's restated in reinstated this guy is an advisor. Just a badgered the police chief about diversity in other words bad behavior by Democrats is not a big deal to Democrats bad behavior by Democrats is fine with Democrats. So before you buy into the left narrative that media narrative in the right wing has embraced. Gian fourteen way left never would if it were somebody analyst it's utter tripe. The big problem in our country the big problem in our country both sides who embrace bad behavior by people on their own side so long as they're quote unquote on their side. And crap pass to stop. And I tell you what I really believe that the right has responded. By in a swing bad behavior on the right because the left is the food bad behavior on the left. It's too easy pressed remember when they called Ted Kennedy guy and look to when to drown in the back of the car the lion of the senate and ran for president twice after that. It's easy enough for us to remember when there are defending. Bill Clinton sexually harassing the help and they committing perjury in front of the entire country. It's easy enough thrust remember all of those things that's at the scene it's OK if we do the same thing for our own politicians. It is to say we've now created a reactionary society where when someone does something down on our side we look at the other time ago. Well those guys or bad do so why don't we do bad things also in this. The race to the bottom or talk about every so the bottom and how we stop that race to the bottom. As we continue here I'm Dan Shapiro on remarkable thing. These establishments. Worst nightmare. Mark plug them. Call it now 8773813811. This is Ben Shapiro inform our equipment and talk about why it is that it always seems like in so many of these races all the way across the country. We have that the two. Terrible candidates we always end up with kind of the worst of the worst because the fact is. It very often look at our candidates and used to being in the founders talked about man of wisdom and virtue and high office. I didn't trust that we always do the right thing that's why the constitution. Has checks and balances it's why. James. Play James Madison wrote back in the Federalist papers that. Men aren't the angels and in our doubles and attend any checks and balances to keep them in check but. The idea was that we released aspired to electing people who were good people but. One of the reasons why we keep voting for bad people is because some angle the prisoner's dilemma salad too complex is pretty simple stuff. With that with game theory so if you've heard about deemed Syrians all creepy special has launched a beautiful mind. Isn't very basic game theory that explains why people will always vote for the candidate who does things wrong. Even though they may disagree the candidates are basically here is it imagine a scenario this scenario is that you and your friend rob a bank together. And now you're captured by the cops. Without that you're in one room and put your friend in the other room and this video here is ideal body. If you confess. Right now than you are going to get a lighter sentence than if you don't confessed. If you confess right now and you'll get a real light sentence actually if you look at the way you end apartment both confessed at the same time then you'll both get. Basically five years in prison if five years in prison if both you and your partner and that's the same time if you blame it on a partner. And apparently stay silent you get off Scot free to part of this job for ten years and he blamed it on your partner apparently are stupid enough to stay silent. And same thing holds true of your partner if he confesses. Stints as you did it. And you stay silent you go to jail for ten years. Now the best available outcomes of neither he says anything right unity deal before nannies and were not gonna we're looking around on each other no matter what. And then the cops may be able to catch us for like. No break in entering something that not been able to get us for any big probable kitty yearn present so your range of outcomes is basically that's if you. And apart both confessed in both get five years in prison. If you say your partner did it your partner keeps now shut he's gonna get ten years in prison you get zero. Vice Versa is also the case and finally if you and the guy who partnered with his bank robbery both male shot. That's probably the best available solution for both the view. You both get a year in prison set. Where does this situation and what do you trust apparently consumers situation ends up both of you and good passing both of you end up and tigers in prison. And the reason is simple you don't want to soccer you don't want to be the guy who kept does not shot a senior partner would keep has now shot. And then apparently talked into Ngo and I are going to prison for ten years. So you end up with is both. People doing. What is actually worse solution and if they both kept their mouth shut so how does apply to voting in these in the binary elections like the election in Montana or in the 26 election. The witness supplies. That you don't wanna be soccer so you may think the Gian Forte just had something terrible by body slamming reporter. But you also beat a guy who stands on his virtue and and the other guys don't stand on their virtue and they went. And that's our feeling right number we feel like the left is constantly cheating with Hewitt they're constantly electing people who are just crap. And crap and he managed terrible people. And we're sitting here at least NR virtue than were going to lose. Than me ends up on the short end of that prisoner's dilemma. We end up being the people who get screwed. Yet of people take advantage of us and we didn't fight back in the way that we had a hand. And so we lose it's what you end up with is both sides saying we'll the other guy's gonna cheat therefore I'm going to continue nominating some of the worst people and the site and the race to the bottom. Is that you end up with the race to the bottom. Be better for the country if Elvis abide by the rules if all of us would only vote for people of quality but clearly the other guy. Isn't gonna vote for people of quality so why should I. Why should I disadvantage myself that way now. I don't think that's the full calculus when it comes to go to. I think it. Your moral credibility and credibility of your party may be on the line if you elect a murderer to congress because you're trying to forestall somebody on the left getting in. It may end up crippling your party on the route. In May create long term damage if you. Taken morality and rode out the window a few of somebody. That your trying to push to high office is a really terrible things. And then you're trying to teach your kids in May undermine a moral credibility but these are not electoral concerns in the moment electoral concern in the moment is the fact. That too many people in America we don't trust each other to do the right thing. You know why because we have experience with each other. We've watched Democrats limit Bill Clinton we've watched instead by Ted Kennedy until we say well why shouldn't we stand by Jane Fortson. There's a logic to that. The way it is actually a better candidates. What you think is gonna happen once a long term trend and one is something that could be done virtually immediately. If people in congress had any stones at all which of course they don't long term trend is we need to inculcate virtue in our kids. And needs to be on the left and right need to inculcate the idea the can't harm other people and if you do we won't stand by you. But that's a long term thing because human beings can't be trusted were freeloaders were free riders and we can take advantage one another I think congress could do right now. It is and it'll never happen so I just wishful thinking because the west will never abide by it is speaker Ryan can go to Nancy Pelosi. And senator McConnell could go to Chuck Schumer. And they can get together and say look here's the deal. If somebody is convicted of a crime either party somebody's convicted of the crime. Then we will not allow them to be seated or if we allow it and be seeded will vote to expel them. And to basic Roma matter who is in charge that what the party is in as the baseline rule that would get rid of the incentive. For voters to try and elect the bad guy because they think that there counterpart on what is gonna elected at. Daddy a possible solution but we're not gonna come any of these solutions because again. When one side lacks values eventually the other side gets tired of being the one who loses because of their values. And that's a lot can I by the way I don't think in the long run you lose because your guys. I think in the long when he winters here values the fact is everybody in the right. Is and does dramatic misimpression. That Barack Obama won in Democrats won and they just continue to win because they're liars and their cheeks and they cheat and lie all day long. Here's the truth Barack Obama was a liar Barack Obama was HE you know the result of that was. The Democrats losing 1000 seats in state legislatures across the country losing two thirds of the governorships across the country losing the senate. Losing the house losing the presidency. It turns out that lies worked in the short time but they really don't in the long term and that's why I'm suggesting. That if we have to compromise our values and at least make clear what our values are each and every day and then say were compromising because you don't trust the other guy. At least let's be honest about all of the stuff. Now the Democrats aren't honest obviously sent Nancy Pelosi is out there blaming Donald Trump for what just happened in Montana with Jim Forte. She said that the result was outrage she's she did this for I hate this routine for Nancy Pelosi so irritating. Her dentures removing and said I viewed that as a mom and grandma and you know we try to have some level of dignity as to how we treat people who react. The behavior we expect from our own families. It can't Nancy. In their people in rural caucus has done some pretty egregious thing just and to see this person who wants either one represented into the House of Representatives Montana deserve a wanna be trump. You know he's language like that people actually like that. That's not a Thames is not a girl Nancy scored passed and in this routine. From Nancy Pelosi is just beyond belief is a lady who's hot not to the worst of the worst in the democratic party for years and it is going to hear this stuff. From her in the same thing from a Christian powers who's a Democrat analyst. She cannot she also tried to blame trump for all of that here's jettison. Is posted possibly like tied into the fact that we have a president that's constantly fomenting rage against reporters I mean it's a possible that there is some connection leery of the country. Trust report. No but it at a different level than it's ever been and I mean we it's there's no comparison to the way it is today than even a year of Al frankly and does the absolute rage towards where partnerships. Okay well again that's not really true to go back to the beginning of their public. Reporters were were actually physically targeted so. This is not true I'm but also I think this attempt to link its and wounded eight people unless constantly try to do instead of just ancient Forte is a guy who lost his temper. And I and eighty tenement not instead of just saying Matt. After train link it to trump as them over all the friendly get. Two to the right overall look different to that routine and have a clip I'd like to play a CNN counterterrorism analyst he's on the left. The gate would this it is if Republican legislator gets punched in the face can't blame the tin and counterterrorism analyst for saying what your match here. Think what happens so frustrating. Did collusion exists that the burning question everybody wants answered and a Breton says well I know contacts and communication. What intrigued I got to have a kid who knows the difference between intelligence and evidence let me tell easily supper dinner trade. Audi ought to have his butt kicked a trade idea to have his butt kicked its meddling which collect all the time to do we sit around going oh well that's probably why do these right wingers keep getting beaten up. And remember in the election cycle those people the trump rallies were getting beaten up all the time is people of the truck rallies were being targeted physically. Now this whole notion on the left that it's it's trump doesn't listen trump is now blamed from for everything there is a strategy to it by the way there's a reason why they're blaming trump for everything. And in just a minute and explain why they're blaming trump for everything and also why we don't trust the media I have case 180. In the case against the media and their corruption. And the obvious way in which their targeting the trump administration. We'll have to do that as we continue I'm bench growth Merkel then. Yeah. Program. This is Ben Shapiro and former relevant sound when lesser and lesser story. The Democrats are trying to in this June Forte body slimmer keen on front entrance to the trumps all that all of this happened as though. Jim Forte doesn't have any personal agency is they'll all he does is go back it was in tooled campaign rallies and Donald Trump and and he decides you know what. And body slam reporter. Wondering if Bob Etheridge was also a Donald Trump fan but listen there is strategy behind all of this for the Democrats and the strategy is obviously rip trump down. People on the right are under a grieve misimpression. And make the big mistake if we don't pay attention to the facts. K when we say the Democrats have to have a positive agenda. No. They don't. The Democrats don't have to have a positive agenda. All the Democrats have to do is rip on trump and I'm trump and links him to make boo boos and written on trump. If Tom doesn't get his act together and still 30% from 2018 it's going to be a bloodbath. And speaking statistically it. And that's why the media are releasing bombshells every day or supposed to bombshells and have these are supposed to bombshells have these are just nonsense to NBC news is cool wouldn't exclude to. Wu who will be. What's the headline to headline is Jared Kushner is the president's son in law now under FBI scrutiny in Russia probes officials. Guys ready the headline does that sound like. Caricatures in real trouble I can go to jail he's under FBI scrutiny or you wonder if yes we're sure as hell aren't in the Russian probe you're not going to jail alliger cushion or might. Except that let me redo the story because the story just doesn't fulfill the headline quote. Jared Kushner. The president's son in law and what his senior advisors. Has come under FDA scrutiny in the Russian investigation. Multiple US officials told NBC news. Investigators believe Kushner has significant information relevant to that in Korea official said. That does not mean they suspect him of a crime or intend to charge him. That does not mean they suspect him of a crime or intend to charge him. But what's the headline he's under FBI scrutiny. But he's not really. I don't talk to him well what you do the FDA talks a lot to people. But they don't suspect them of a crime guns and charge him according to this exact same story. India desperately need a commissioner plays the bureau's sprawling counterintelligence in criminal investigation not only on the doorstep of the White House but in the trump family circle. Again I ask. So what. They're talking to lots of people Jared Kushner has lots of business contacts we know that some of those business context probably had to do with Russia. Does that mean these corrupt. All the dark. Does that mean he goes in the back room and since communiques to. Sergey Lavrov. Washington Post reported last week as senior White House official close to trump is a person of interest that didn't in the person everybody by the way. In the Blogosphere everybody in the Internet knew that they're talking about commissioner in that story. The officials said Kushner is any different category from former trump age parliament apart and make Flynn or formally considered subjects of the investigation. It is not known whether the commissioners whether Kushner had received any records request from federal investigators it's also unclear what about pushers activities has drawn the FBI's interest. So in other words this entire headline is somebody mentioned Jericho assures name. And the media blow this up is because they can't why they're going to Sotheby's again because they're trying to create the smoke they're trying to create the smoke. They're trying to blow this up beyond what the evidence allows. Now isn't their people associated with the trump campaign who have Russian connections okay Pollyanna fort. Is he Republican operative who clearly had rushing connections that doesn't mean that he was colluding with Russia to hack the election is Democrats say it doesn't mean trump would know about it even if you work. Same thing when Mike Flynn has destroyed can yesterday against all this can of it's it's all the intent to imply. But there's nothing there there's been no proof there's a story yesterday Russian officials were discussing how to use people around truck to manipulate him. OK so what the Russians I assume talk about lots of things as a media actually happened. But again. This is what Democrats need to do they need to continue to muddy the waters the need to continue to tear trump down the need to continue to blame them for everything that's going wrong in their lives. And one of the great lies here you hear from Republicans you heard it during the Obama years Republicans. And you hear from Democrats now is we have to have a prize a positive program a positive agenda. They say something from 2000 it's 2016 Republicans had no positive agenda Millen. They lied to you about getting rid of obamacare or shall discuss in a few minutes here. They said that was a positive agenda. But the Republican Party had no interest in getting rid of obamacare nor they have any interest in getting rid of the deferred action for trouser arrivals program even for a snack in order that. Republicans won a lot of seats and ripping Obama down just as Democrats won a lot of he's never been bush down just as Democrats hoped to win a lot of seats now directing from him. Which means two things one have to defend trump when he writes the best of our ability because Democrats want to hear him down into trump passed to be clean. He has to make it easy for us to defense and I'm pleased that last week while he's been out of the country he hasn't been sitting brush fires around the White House. Every time he's back in the White House it feels like he found the box kitchen matches in each is going around lighting them randomly and throwing them into the nearest gas leaking confined. He hasn't been doing that and that's what his approval ratings have been going up a little and harassed isn't up to 40%. But again the entire democratic strategy is tied to tearing down front and there's a reason for that in 2006 Democrats won a bunch of seat. They wanna bunch of seeds and thirty seats in 2006 in the congress cal. By driving their congressional pull into. In 2010. Republicans had gotten Obama's into four points underwater as 122 election the generic congressional polling was. In 2014. President Obama was underwater by double digits the congressional poll it was. But the real clear politics poll average president trump is nearly fifteen points underwater. And Democrats are up seven points in the generic congressional vote that folks is wiped out territory. And that's just a couple of things one Republicans had better start passing. Popular legislation now they need to satisfy their base they need to get people out to vote. They need to stop Chile shelling around pretending if they just sit still and let Democrats implode Democrats were implode. They won't the party out of power is always at an advantage in mid term elections never more so than now when president trump has been so polarized and polarizing. Any everybody needs to get on their eight game right this very second. With that said really talking just a few minutes that other Republicans are not getting on their games with regard to obamacare plus the lies. The myths in this directions in the Congressional Budget Office report about trump care. 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Fifty dollars towards that part of your match here we go out Casper dot com slash mark. Fifty and use code marked fifty. Get that fifty dollars toward the purchase of your mattress Hasbro dot com slash marked fifteen terms and conditions apply. He's here. How. Literally underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leave it there. There inform our verbal beat down. Sin. And the editor of daily Moyer and the post of Ben Shapiro show podcast and I'm here to cover the news with you this hour. As much as we can fit in because there's a lot of breaking news this hour if you were here earlier in the show we talked at length about the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals. Essentially setting aside president trumps travel ban. And we now have additional details I read the entire decision earlier today when it first broke. But I didn't pretty close attention to finance magnet friend Daniel Horwitz over a conservative review. Points out how insane this decision is he straight down the travel ban or at least. Put it a national stay on the travel ban. He points to something in the seventeenth footnote buried on page sixty of this decision so basically the court decided. In this particular case they decided the traveled and was bad because trumpeting Nina Muslims. That's what it announced in one sentence that's been saying I'm not saying really that there's any legal language that's a problem. They're not saying to travel ban itself under the law should be a problem they're saying it's really just an excuse for trump to be mean in Muslims. Here is an example of how they think trump is being mean Muslims as an unbelievable. Thing a case of this is buried in footnote seventeen page sixty. Of this decision again credits Daniel Horowitz conservative review for pointing it out quell. Think it suggests. That this executive order is not racially neutral. Because by directing my secretary of Homeland Security to collect data on honor killings committee in the United States by foreign nationals. The executive order incorporates a quote stereotype about Muslims that the president had invoked in the months preceding the order. Numerous Amaechi. It means that the difference the court explain. That invoking the Specter of honor killings is a well worn tactic for state uprising and demeaning Islam in painting their religion and it's meant. As violent and barbaric. The Amaechi constitutional law scholars go so far as to call the reference honor killings quote anti Islamic dog whistling. Nancy we find this text in the executive order to be yet another marker that it's national security purpose is secondary to its religious purpose they get us. Because the executive order sense. That we don't actually want to. Bring in people. Who might like honor killings and we want to infect keep data a number of honor killings. By immigrants to the United States that means it's anti Islamic because obviously stereotype that. Muslims as opposed anybody else to favor honor killings. Do you know how stupid you have to be to believe this. If this is a poll from pew forum 2013. This describes what Muslims in various countries think about honor killings. It turns out that there are a lot of Muslims in a lot of the countries that are covered by the traveled and who actually kind of okay with honor killings demonstrating once again this is not about stereotypes it is just about how people act. What people think. It was in this in Afghanistan and Iraq 60%. Of people polled said. That honor killings of women are often or sometimes justified. In Afghanistan only 24%. Of people polled said that honor killings are never justified. Hey this is astonishing statistic. In the Middle East and North Africa and these statistics OK these are these are again this pew research forum these polls done in the Muslim world I doubt honor killings. Only 34%. Only 34%. Of people in Jordan in western ally. Think undertones are never justified in Iraq and number is 22% in Egypt it's 31%. In Lebanon it's 45%. But the court the fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in all of its wisdom. In all of its insane brilliance they see it's stereotypical. For you to worry about whether people who were importing aren't favorable honor killings even if the polls show. Even if the polls show that a lot of the people in the countries covered by the travel ban. Are actually in favor okay with other killings. This is just insanity. The countries that are included by the way I Libya Sudan Syria Iran Yemen and Somalia cases we need to have poll numbers from those countries in the pew research ball. But I guarantee. They're not gonna look good in Libya and Sudan and Somalia and Yemen and Iran and Syria. But again this is never it was never about the act it was always about feelings it was never doubt. What's true it was about what can be used as a as a hook to damage president front of him meanwhile. And I said earlier they don't want to talk about the tactic Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot on this obamacare repeal thing and that's because. They bought into the fundamental premise that is the government's job to provide health insurance is not the government's job to provide health insurance. If Freeman and Tim McLaughlin who writes for national review he puts it pretty pretty well when he says that when you're designing a health care system. Number one health care system is not a health insurance system. Lots of people in Cuba have quote unquote health insurance if there aren't enough doctors providing the services it doesn't matter one iota. But if you're gonna design a health care system you can have two of the following three components. You can't affordability. You can have quality. We can't universality. If our ability to get cheap. You get good quality. Where everyone can have yet to of those three things we can never have offering to get affordability and quality. That's a free market. But it's not going to be universal has some people are not going to be covered some people are gonna have to rely on charity some people are an opt out of the system that's what a free market system is affordable. And also quality just like everything else in the premarket. Free markets competitive markets make things cheaper and they make things better the proof of this and healthcare sphere is laser eye surgery which used to costly Tony ran and I. Net cost you two or three grand a night because you don't have to get mixed up insurance when you're getting laser eye surgery. There's a lot of money in it so doctors now pursue degrees in ophthalmology for example. In fact their sport specific degree fields that are considered sort of the most prestigious snouts radiology anesthesiology ophthalmologist and dermatology. And that's because those are the fields least likely have to deal with the insurance companies and this is not soccer. So you know affordability and quality you know of affordability and universality but no quality. That's nationalized health care system like Great Britain but the quality stinks the care is rationed. And affordable because it's really not an affordable in Britain but it's affordable supposedly because you're going to do on the cheap and everybody has it but then inject ration it. So Cuba is presumably affordable universal even have universality and quality. There's not an affordable cost a fortune and spend it Hun Hun ton of money on your health insurance. And everybody can have it may have to subsidize the wise you answered the swift system. This was system doesn't actually have a government option but there's a mandate in Switzerland the you have to pay 8% of what you learn in two health insurance. And then the government supplements everything above that. The reason 8% of your income has to be spent on health insurance is to encourage younger people to buy health encourage it to buy health insurance cheaper. Because nobody actually it's been 8% of health insurance the reason that I go through. The sort of layout is that you understand that when people on the right side of the isles it's government's job to provide universality. There immediately ruling out one of the other two either it's not going to be affordable or it's not going to be equality you cannot have all three. When Republicans buy ins and an ocean and when they lie. By saying we're gonna provide universality. And quality and affordability that's not the way it works that's not the way it works. Steve's release. Whose house majority whip he now says that repealing the whole obamacare in trump there was never an option. Never mind that Republicans ran for. The last ten years or persons of monitors implemented last seven years at least they ran against obamacare they sit there and repeal it. It turns out the repeal and replace was just code for we're not gonna repeal. As a way of beating the issue because here's the problem in politics people have a. They want to be lied to into they don't wanna be like who. They wanted to told the health insurance is going to be cheap and plentiful are great for everybody and then they also get annoyed when you tell the net and it doesn't materialize. So public and relying too they said we can bring you the moon. All we have to do is get rid of obamacare and oh by the way were not getting rid Obama care who he's still the Washington examiner quote. There's never a day when our conference is willing to leave people out cold. There are some people who want to get rid of the protections for preexisting conditions we weren't gonna go there are conference wasn't gonna go there. Again let me state once you say you're not getting rid of regulations forcing insurance companies to cover preexisting conditions. You are saying you want universal health care when you say you want universal healthcare it's either going to mean none affordable parts can be non quality. End of story. So from cares brought forth to grant a claim it doesn't repeal obamacare it. Does some good things with restructuring of Medicaid that's about as good as he gets it doesn't relieve regulations is not gonna really bend the cost curve as they say. It's not gonna make health care universal. So the Congressional Budget Office was supposed to review this thing and Republicans voted on it before their could be Eusebio reveal these yet realized it was actually going to be unpopular. Well now the CBO report is out and we have all the details on the CBO report the Congressional Budget Office report. It makes an interesting observations but it also happens to be highly highly flawed definitely biased toward President Obama and last all the through all of it. As we continue here on the mark of enjoyment Shapiro. Yeah. Okay. All right adventure girl and a former club and Craig if you go over to the big TV and subscribe to mark's show him CR TV ten dollars per month nine and bucks per year. Great service obviously knows it's you Crowder show you get National Mall instead makes a ton of great material over there at CR TV. And now living he he is alert I'll start to go to will be in TV dot com. And check that out how to go through this CBO released so that the Congressional Budget Office finally releases their report. What term care is going to do now I am not a fan of from care I am not Jennifer care because I was told by informed sources for. Let's see nearly half of the last decade more than half last second. That there to get rid of a lot of care and it turns out that this was a giant boondoggle a giant lie a way to get us all excited to begin actually have to do anything. So I don't like trump care with that said. The Congressional Budget Office report is a sham. It is in her lose it is a ridiculous. The first thing that the CBO report that we needed we need to point out. Is it eight uses as a baseline estimate for compare and contrast purposes in March 2016 estimate of how many people are going to be insured by obamacare. Basically assumes that insurers are gonna drop out of system and premiums aren't getting it more expensive and then it says well. If everything stays the same way that is right now if everything stays great the way it is right now. Then only 23 million people are point six million people will be uninsured. By 226. But if things change if things change. Well then. We know that 23 million additional people. Will be thrown off of their insurance or will opt out of the insurance pool okay first of all the original estimate is totally wrong because we're seeing day by day. Insurers are dropping out of the Obama care system we're seeing week by week the prices are increasing. Even the CBO has acknowledged that they're off by five million people in their original march 2016 baseline estimates. It's also worth while loading here we see these headlines that the left is pushing out. Point three million people will be an inch. Heard liberal gun god no way I. Here's the truth the vast majority of the people will be uninsured thanks to the revisions to obamacare. Mac user appeal does not. And so the revisions obamacare. The vast majority of those people will be opting out of purchasing insurance programs opting. And people pre existing conditions being thrown off their health plans vast majority of minutes of very small number. The vast majority of people United States Carty having a preexisting conditions covered because when you are covered by your employer. The fact of the matter is the your coverage is pool. This is why when you're hired he didn't have to have. A giant physical is why are not being it is why not paying astronomical costs if you had a preexisting condition later employed. An employer based market. People are pretty happy generally at their insurance in the employer based markets individual market Laura got some problems because you have a preexisting condition and you're an individual insurance market. The insurance companies are gonna charge more. And going to charge more because it cost more. I don't know who got this idiotic idea than insurance companies are charity insurance companies are not a charity they're making a bet with you your batting. They you're going to get sick and having me you are not going to get sick no not stupid enough to make an editor Marty six for God's sake. His idea that insurance company has to absorb the cost of your pre existing condition. Is just it's it's it's a business not charity we had charities for these sorts of things you know is really fascinating at talk about this before but. The but. Regularly Jimmy Kimmel made a big deal on his show. Out of why obamacare was right about it was great because he had a baby. And they'd had a heart problem and their form when he renovated a heart problem he went over to Children's Hospital in Los Angeles in his day he had open heart surgery with doctor named amongst aren't. And he wants everybody to have that yea obamacare. Has ignored a couple of basic fact is ignores the fact number one Jimmy Kimmel I'm sure has gold plated platinum plated health insurance. Number two Children's Hospital is a charity hospital is a huge percentage of the people who go to Children's Hospital are covered through Medicaid but that is insufficient. Children's Hospital provides another 250 million dollar that's a budget 250 million dollars in charity. That's how people who are not Jimmy Kimmel get their kids covered. Ed by bonds aren't getting noticed because I've been at Children's Hospital like it was operate on the same surgeons take it. The Jimmy Kimmel the only person who's ever had this or that that gives him a particular level of expertise regarding obamacare is just solely. Thank god Madeleine McCann is totally fine no problem having good. The other things in the CBO in this CBO estimates. They say that the HU trumpet to lower the deficit. They say that it would. Lower deficit because basically the restructuring of Medicaid's this than Paul Ryan's big thing for a while Paul Ryan has been saying for wild monster restructure Medicaid right now. The federal government basically signs of blank check to the states based on how many people are additionally enrolled in Medicaid. Ryan wants to listen to block grants hundred billion dollars over ten years. And that would save an enormous sum of money because block grants are our caps they're not they're not based on the need. So that's the that's the one positive change in in all of this. Those with preexisting conditions in the individual market would be in trouble in certain areas because again. If you aren't an individual market area or preexisting conditions coverage is no longer guarantee the price is gonna go up on you because that's the way private health insurance works. However the prices go down for healthy people because right now we're basically re distributing the costs of health insurance from young tilt. Or forcing young people to cover all people healthy people to cover sick people. Which is not particularly fair that we should have transitional systems obviously help people who are partied into Marty have preexisting conditions but yet transitional systems this is why it's imperative. And we in the conservative community gives charity he likes imperative that we coordinate and fill the gap the government should not be filling. If we don't do that and government will fill the Japanese Republicans will fall for battled stupid trek. It is important to remember that there is a fiscal side to this that makes a lot of sense. And if he just pretend fiscal side doesn't exist you're gonna end up with a system that just doesn't York. As we continue here on our conventional our talk about. Leaks that are really undermining American security and no it's really not beliefs about trump Russia person there's another steadily it's really dangerous. And we'll talk about it and then throw in front of it. Well. So the fact is that sorry I'd be the fact is that. We're now learning that Ed root there's a news coming up veteran of NATO I want to discuss that as well so trump is apparently shinning NATO leaders you pay more for defense. And and we will get to that. As well trees may is warning that the relationships in the United States. And and Britain is undermined by leaps and as a leaks to the media from members. And inside that trump intelligence community which needs to be filled out. As fast as possible a promise we'll get to all of that this is mark what did you. Conservatism. Call mark now it's 877381. So let's just been all over president trump supposedly leaking classified information to the Russian government in and meeting. It happened a couple of weeks ago the day after retired FBI director. James calmly and yes that was pretty gap and he basically came out and said that it happened and then when he was in Israel he said I never said the word Israel which is like. Dude just stop please but. In a leaked it is really damaging is coming from inside the drug administration and the stuff. Pass to stop it has to stop according to the UK Daily Mail today president trump is now on to get to the bottom. Of leaks about Manchester bombing probe. Ordering an investigation into whomever it gave out the sensitive information. Calling Lisa grave threat to national security trump ordered the Justice Department to conduct the probe of the matter which causes strain with Great Britain. Even as Yukio authorities are trying to hunt down accomplices for the attack. The White House issued a tough statement after British prime minister Teresa may complain about the disclosure to the president at a NATO meeting. Trumps of the alleged leaks coming out of government agencies are deeply troubling. The White House statement didn't confine itself to the disclosure of terror related information to mention we generally because something. Of course that trump has been very hot on as well he should be. Even John Brennan's CIA director under Barack Obama's and these leaks are super duper damaging. One way to help. Facility the end of these leaks is it trouble need to clean housing needs to play more people affected is that 90% of all empty positions have not been filled yet by the drug administration. This is basic stuff it has to be done if you wanna crack down only to not enough just threaten people you actually have to do. Come forward and present new people and replace the old people because these are all Obama holdovers there's still stuck there and they're still doing the job they're doing before which is to say. A terrible job. But the media going along with these leaks and leaking information about the investigation. Into this Manchester terror plot in means that there are some terrorists may get away. And it's immediate complicit in some deaths as a member of the media. You know we always have to drive delicate balance between what we reveal and what we now because the fact is sometimes you're endangering national security to reveal what you know. And for the media to be ripping on trump all day long while simultaneously. Releasing information that helped sink a terror investigation is just irresponsible. I'm not in favor of leaking classified information from anyone whether it's trump or anybody else I understand technically it's not classified from declassify it but. That the principle holds. Mark rallies the country's most senior counterterrorism officer in now in in British police he confirmed it received fresh assurances. From Washington and we're now working closely. With then he added we greatly value the crucial relationship there trusted partners around the world so we can collaborate and share sensitive information to defeat terrorism and protect the public. At home and abroad. Is it their renewing their information sharing with the Americans based on trust assurances. So I'm glad to trump is making those assurances now needs to take the steps to ensure that those pork in other news from Trump's Europe trip. And it it's been relatively uneventful today. There a couple of comments that made some news one is still unconfirmed dish Beagle was saying if he had been ripping on the Germans for importing too many cars in the United States. If so it's only. It's just selling the fact is it an enormous amounts of the German cars that are sold in the United States. Are created a part in part at least in the United States their factories in the United States the work with German parts not to create those German cars. Plus I don't think it's anybody's business in government business of telling what kind of car. I can or cannot buy the editing that trump is getting a lot of flak for today is that he spoke and NATO. And instead of using most of his speech to talk about the strength of the NATO alliance in the face of Russian aggression. He instead use the speech to basically Hector all the members of NATO and how they're not paying their fair share. Because there's basic rule which that everybody has to pledged spent 2% of GDP on national defense. And lake from sees that it's kind of weird he sort of suggest that. These places own money to us because they haven't fulfilled that pledge but that's not true it's not likely fill in the gaps they don't do it. We spend money organist and on the fence is and the money and the awareness and NATO. That said he's not wrong to demand the people will not that like as you make a pledge to spend in a certain amount of money on defense. You should spend that amount of money on offense that's not a problem that's not the problem you know intro says it's not fair to the people in taxpayers of the United States. Many of these nations a massive amounts of money from past years. And not paying in these past years. Amateur nailed money too because that's not really the way that that Natal works. But. By the same token he's not wrong to say that if you guys are gonna pledged to spend a certain amount defense minister now on defense. And people are dramatically and are paying there on the borders of Russia. There's been in 2% right Estonia is spending 2.2 percent Poland is spending two point 0%. But you're saying things zero point 9%. UK's spending 2.2 percent. We spent about three point 6% of our GDP and national defense. Transcend NATO had. A 119 billion dollars more if NATO members have lived up to their obligations over the past ten years there's a to 2% is the bare minimum for confronting today's very real very vicious threats I think all of that. Is true but the one thing that he didn't do. Was under article five article five is most important provision of the NATO charter article five says that if one of us is under attack where are all under attack in income to common defense. Ironically trump has always been ripping on article by the NATO is how he said for awhile that was obsolete. As backtracked out which is good because this is silly. The fact is it only once in the past fifteen years is the NATO charter actually been invoked it was by the United States after 9/11 when he went into Afghanistan. And that's been our NATO allies came to our defense. So it applies both ways. Sean Spicer by the way from Press Secretary says there's a 100% commitment article five would not playing cutesy as he's fully committed. But today I just want trump to sales. I think it attorneys say more of that at the more he talks about burden sharing about now cost is that we're getting totally screwed by NATO. And the less he talks about mutual defense the more the Russians are gonna look elements it well. You know pushing one of these nations that's not spending 2% ultimately decide to push into like a lot via. We've spent one point 5%. Trumbull west nickel he's a lot via you that you think there. Indeed it did the fact is that the things that Peterson matter I wish that we could take president trump. Seriously they're not literally I wish that we could just intentionally does now he says but the fact is that on foreign policy particularly what he says matters. And it's one of the areas where he's been the weakest used is signing Saudi Arabia for the most part I mean I thought that some things said that the Saudi government or way over the top. But as a general rule this district is gone pretty well. But some things he said on foreign policy had actually been who boo boos and he needs to correct he needs to be careful about that stuff because our enemies are watching. I don't think it's a great thing and it. He said too did the president of the Philippines the drug war is going swimmingly when the president of the Philippines is filled with 7000 people and drug war. And integrate any told in the nuclear subs off the coast of North Korea he probably shouldn't be telling. Foreign potentates where we had our nuclear subs that doesn't doesn't seem particularly Smart. There for all that. Not icy white people who are hawkish have a problem with all this I don't like people like damage had a problem with anything that they trump is doing about NATO. Right now it's being reported in New York mayor bill to block a deal is gonna march he's coming obviously in March in the cities Puerto Rican day parade June 11. It's honoring a terrorist leader Oscar Lopez Rivera who's a leader of the Puerto Rican terrorist organization. At fail and who's the designated bomb maker. He was the guy who actually made bombs those bonds are responsible for the killings of Americans. He taught other people how to make bombs. There are bunch people who pulled out the Yankees Coca-Cola AT&T. The union representing officers of the New York fire department. The FDNY Hispanic cited L announced they were withdrawing their support jetBlue withdrew its support in your police commissioner announced they would march. Andrew Cuomo has not say yet whether home march now which just demonstrates once again it. Democrats are perfectly fine working with the worst people on earth so long they think he'll win them. A few votes. So for Democrats to condemn trump is being unsafe on national security again I may think that he's doing things that are unsafe but at least I'm consistent on principle. Injuring. General caller heal the laws you talk about trump making the world less safe place late march and operate with terrorists. It seems to me slightly more troubling. Well let's talk to Ryan now opening the crime has gone. Right I can't. I've written pretty much every every senator Parker for the last year there are obviously much. I'm yeah my question is and everywhere on our secretary product immigration card I could you mentioned many times that. You can child is pump mud on and missed you god and you occurred there at. What specific policy will be kind of screen. Then the question if there are monitored values I was really wondering. Why would leader wire and pretend apparently out of their values just it and. So I don't think that it would be enough to just issue questionnaire on the questioners are not for that I think you actually have to do a background check on people which is one of the reasons why I think his travel ban. Targeting countries where recant that people like Syria or Libya. I think that that makes a lot of sense you actually have to eat the burden of proof in other words on you to prove that you're gonna be good member of society. Is not enough to admit you must he can prove or not. So that means that you actually have to show us proof and that proof has to be more than you just saying yes I love America I guess I love your principles. We have to have let's in employment history we have talked to people who know me for ten years we have to talk to people who. Are good sources on that we've talked to our own intelligence officers on the ground in these various areas. I'm not in favor of this idea that everybody gets to coming just because they say they're good hearted on uniting the burdens of proof is on you to show the you're going in an unsafe world the burden of proof is on used to. I agree with the I think obviously people can plan their questionnaires and that's how we have to be careful about the source. This is because of this. So thorough vetting process and very limited Islamic immigration. Yeah I think extreme betting is is a fine praised Ford as president from his but it Ryan I appreciate the call. David you're in Brooklyn go for it. I don't know why you do well. First all of a compliment you light a practically certain income all the time looking at something new. And I really enjoy listening I think you're intelligent and executed you for the court very well. Yeah it. I got you to comment but make number one. Regarding the way the immediate chief Donald Trump and have a so you know it's funny I I would like public that we had tweaked. That governors don't doubt that Governor Cuomo chilling debt. His ancestors were immigrants to build any more should be deported may be should be ordered as well. I think whatever missing the point is that if people come to this country illegally. Then they should be deported. If people have a tendency that. Some type of that background with a potentially could beat out some type of terrorist activity that the issues here. And the media is just focusing on deportation deportation. It's just. But I think this is driving erratically one of the in thing for the call I think one of the one of the things that the media have done. Is they have avoided speaking about central issues that immigration for a very long time I simply throwing around the word they get. If you talk about other need to be standards for immigration your big. If you talk about how we need to be careful that we led in your ticket and that's the court decision today basically says. It's a lie and we need to fight back against that like security still matters in the United States as we continue. Here on the mark living shout out to talk about this insane story from Portland. These white people owned ate burritos cans and now they have a problem why because the left things like people shouldn't be allowed on breeders and yes I'm serious. Benjamin Franklin and yeah. Innings. A. This is named Angela Merkel then imagine. That you opened a burrito shop you open a place that's all Breda. Do you have to be Latino to sell burritos do you have to be Jewish to run a delicatessen. You have to be black to a soul food place to eat. They get to be Chinese and Chinese food place according to what the answer to all of these is yes. So dearly wires reporting two women were recently driven out of business for serving burritos well liked. Molecules Kelly will guests and your Liz LC Connolly tasted success for a short while after opening cook's three dozen Portland Oregon. But after their business was featured in the local paper that Joseph is here with an onslaught of negative media attention. Filled with accusations of cultural appropriation. From your standard miserable social justice warriors. Apparently will listen Connolly infringed on a non existing copyright on burritos the woman explained that he traveled boredom put them away Angela. Nuevo Mexico. And can ancestor tortillas. I pick the brains ever tortilla lady there in the worst broken Spanish ever they showed me a little look dated say Connolly. They told me the basic ingredients we saw the moving stretching those similar to how pizza makers look before rolling it out with rolling pins. After creating their own spin on tortilla the women's side to engage the American dream and open their own pop up shop on the weekends. And that's when the social justice warriors showed up. Leftist outlets like Mike dot com and Portland Mercury pounced painting the female entrepreneur Norris contributing to society isn't racist sticky fingered villains. The Portland Mercury said because of Portland's underlying racism and level in the lefty left temple areas like Portland is who left this place most left this place on earth. Is it because of Portland's underlying or racism. The people who rightly only his traditions and cultures that exist. Are already treated poorly these appropriating businesses are racing exploiting. Their already marginalized identity for the purpose of profit. And crazies. So one of the things that's awesome that living in modern society is that we appropriate each other's cultures all the time. Now we all like to eat the food from other cultures. And there are other cultures and of appropriated western culture which is great. A democracy is a western graft to pay the idea that that democracy exists in place that are no question it's because it's a good idea that has been applied elsewhere. Is idiotic notion from the left that we can be identified as valuable or non valuable based on our skin color or ethnicity. It's just stupidity. I can like a burrito even though I'm Jewish and I can make a burrito even though I'm Jewish. But apparently you're ripping something away for an opportunity that nobody even taken advantage of your ripping away from somebody if you going take advantage of the opportunity. Yourself. Just demonstrates insane intolerance left. Just totally wild totally out in other crazy foods stories so Ben and Jerry's my the Tina Johnson support Bernie Sanders of Vermont Maine they also make nice and. In their spare time they have now instituted a new policy in Australia. Apparently if you ordered she scoops of something in Australia they won't look give it to you why. Because Australia does not except same sex marriage so for some reason they say that you can therefore not have to scoops in the same flavor. Because they wanna punish you for not accepting gay marriage or something. I'm not sure what ice cream vestiges inning and added that the west's sudden X that there's an obsession with inflating ice cream and sex is really weird to me. Is very odd. And bill my duty yet this year it is schtick on his stupid netbook show. In which he had ice cream cones licking each other. In a deal as the day represented different sexuality. And now yup and in Jerry is basically saying that getting T scoops of the same ice cream is about Gainer agers something. What a gay guy wants like two scoops of Vanilla. And we'll and it's all puzzling to me I'm not sure how this attempt to blackmail the consumer is gonna go over also. I heard of any people who actually get T Scopes at the same flavor in the first place it's gonna we're. Ben and Jerry's wants customers to write postcards there and. They're featuring posts boxed emblazoned with rainbows in each of their Australian stores. Amazing how the left is totally fine with all of this but if the order a hobby lobby. Does not do anything. With hobby lobby to discriminate against gay people use favors traditional marriage Epperson is a bad human a bad terrible human. If if the person who owns chick filet is pro traditional matters it's a bad human even though chick flick doesn't discriminate against gay people. Amazing how the tolerance only runs one way okay a couple of witnessed before. We have to take off for the evening they're gonna get you the results pretty soon from Montana it could be a late night because supposed to be a close election. Don't take the election results he seriously they're too many completing Packers too many compounds. Hey if the Republican wins that doesn't mean that it's because he did a wonderful job. If he loses it's not because of trump they're just too many compounds so let's wait for a friend to emerge before we decide what's happening based on the evidence. I'm sure that. Will be back to discuss it. And then Shapiro on camera women. 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