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5/18/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

May 19, 2017|

The liberal media seems to be conveniently ignoring an exclusive report from Reuters, citing anonymous “U.S. officials,” asserting that the Trump campaign had at least 18 “undisclosed contacts with Russians” during the closing months of the 2016 presidential campaign. Buried six paragraphs down in ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello act. Well I guess in for Smartphones not switched MetroPCS. And eat. It's not for you is for people like me and a new comment on. Every Samsung galaxy Jake creek runs Smartphones when you switched you launched a major piece. And enjoy it for GL TE network has more reliable than ever before MetroPCS. Wireless figured out. Coverage available in some areas still technically at home price that's the numbers of T-Mobile network or Obama is just passed and days. The conditions. He was there. Narrow the literally underground. Feet from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leave. Know everybody mark event here are number 877. 3813811877381. 3811 you know ladies and gentlemen. I would be on every single. Network. News program today. If I were attraction Donald truck. Every single one. They're looking for conservatives and Republicans to do exactly that. But I despise the liberal media. The same liberal media. And another context is also trying to destroy this country. And so when I see people would web sites and radio shows and TV shows. All over the local media being praised. Independent. Outspoken. As standing for the rule of law because they're trashing the president. I gagged. Again. Now ladies and gentlemen we have a problem. We have felonies being committed left and right around here in terms of leaking investigative information and national security and for. And up by the president. I people in the bureaucracy and people in congress. Where else can they be coming from. Really only two places. These hair. In a matter of fact felonies. No speculation. You talk about obstruction of justice when you leak information in an investigation that's obstruction of justice among other things. And members of congress to at the same thing and I got to thinking why so far has not a single. Republican committee on Capitol Hill asked for all of the combing them why they only focus on notes the economy took. In any discussions he had with truck and I come to the conclusion. That because no coney. Was ubiquitous and notorious and is taking notes after conversations on the phone or in person or what have you. Eighty certain members of congress don't want notes to come out if they discussions with company. The Democrats haven't asked for all the memos. They want it all the tapes quote unquote that they try pat but about all the memos all the notes. CYA is the economy rep. Went my body any McCarthy on here yesterday and he said they. Now prosecutors. They do this as a matter of practice. Great. That there must be hundreds of them at that thousands of them he's been the FBI directors and trying thirteen. What notes that he take in other conversations the public officials. And why won't my Republican members who control these committees demand. Access to those memos. I read a piece today were missed economies kept them in a safe place in case people wanna see them but the most economy. If you remove these memos as potentially committed another offense. If even remove copies of these memos he's potentially committed another offense. Particularly these memos contain classified information. That is information. That he put in these memos that he should open in these memos mr. Colby has exposed himself. Not a practically bright prosecutor. He's a slick politician. Exclusive from Reuters poll while on exclusive. They finally find more of Hillary Clinton's emails violating the Espionage Act know. That they find another. Another person another scientist working for the Iranians giving them nuclear sites and nuclear intraday know what they do. Trump campaign had at least eighteen undisclosed contacts with the Russians. Sources. What. And of all the contacts with the Russians they want. Why is that a problem. We got Michael Flynn and other advisors to Donald Trump's campaign or contact with a Russian officials and others would Kremlin ties. In at least eighteen calls and emails during the last seven months but the 2016 presidential campaign. Parent and former US officials familiar with the exchange's told Reuters okay this is coming directly out of either the national security. All law enforcement. Agencies and departments of the federal government. May well be coming from Barack Obama's. Domestic surveillance activities. Zenawi really. What's gonna be done that. The previously undisclosed interactions. Well they obviously were disclosed because the FBI knows about it if they weren't disclosed to the FBI the FBI got it through surveillance. The previously undisclosed interactions form part of the record now being reviewed by FBI congressional investigators. Stop stop it out though late coming from Capitol Hill. Tenet from Capitol Hill. It's coming from the Democrats. On Capitol Hill. The previously undisclosed interactions form part of the record now being reviewed by FBI and congressional investigators. Probing the Russian interference in the US presidential election and contacts between Trump's campaign and rushed. I hear the specific. Six of the previously undisclosed contacts described to Reuters were phone calls between surge a kiss react. Russia's ambassador to the United States and trust advisors including Flint. Trump's first national security advisor three carat and former officials are right. Stick with me. Over the domestic surveillance owing and you have people we would talk about anymore. I don't know where mr. Newman as is right now the remember the domestic surveillance ships over the unmasking of names yes member mr. Noonan has talked about. Individuals in the transition being unmasked yes. Remember the change the rules Leo the executive order by you have Barack Obama in early January on the way out the door. Sharing this information on various departments and agencies yes. Now these Intel committees are investigating and that information will be shared with them correct. Correct. Correct. The domestic surveillance. The distribution of the information the unmasking of American citizens in the transition team and in the campaign. The information shared with the hill. And now the leaks. Ladies and gentlemen this is kind of country all of them. Conversations between Flint in case we act accelerated after the November 8 that the only way. That they know. This is the domestic surveillance oh excuse me the incidental surveillance information in the unmasking of Flynn among others. It's the only way they know this information. That's being leaked to Reuters. The number of calls between fleeing in the ambassador the nature of the calls between fleeing in the ambassador. I've got this figured out all right. Conversation two twins when he kissed we act accelerated after it and remember eight vote. As the two discussed establishing a back channel for communication between trotman Russian president Vladimir Putin. I can bypass the US national security bureaucracy which both sides considered hostile how to improve relations four carat US officials sent. Ladies and gentlemen. There is no reason that this can't be tracked down. Not. The problem is the senior leadership of the FBI's involved. In January that trump White House initially denied any contacts that Russian official start of the 2016 campaign. The White House and advisors to the campaign have since confirmed board meetings between clay I guess we acted trump advisors during that time. I bet this to newness. The chairman of the House Intelligence Committee who's been waved off this advanced. Of that he would now. The people who described the context to Reuters said they had seen no evidence of wrongdoing or collusion. Between the campaign and rushing in the communications reviewed so far. And I should be the end of it but it's not. But the disclosure could increase the pressure on trumpet his aides to provide the FBI congress. When a full account of interactions but the Russian officials and others would links to the Kremlin. During and immediately after the 2016. Election. Why. Why. If there's no evidence of collusion why did the reveal anything that congress about the contacts with the right. Seriously. There's a legal issue here there's no ethical issue here there's no funny thing issue here. Except. Except that it once again I bring aspect I pull us back to what the media are exposing but don't know other exposing. And don't want you to believe. This is part of the domestic surveillance that took place this is part of the unmasking. Of trop advisors try transition team members trump campaign members American citizens this is. Part of the unmatched in the American citizens and abuse at our other prior administration. Being used to being a late. Let me. I don't divot and how many times they talk to the Russians didn't say in the story that spoke illusion. So why isn't there what matters is how do they know. How are they now they know because they had eight app or pay an electronic surveillance of some time. On the Russian ambassador there a bullet up information. There unmasking members of the tribe transition team campaign. This underscores the accuracy of what chairman and as was saying. As chairman of the House Intelligence Committee it underscores the point that I have been making. I have been making about this domestic. Surveillance that's taken place and remember. Remember the New York Times report going on and on about. Keeping information because we don't let attract people to destroy it get it Capitol Hill member. Dead at the Capitol Hill. Evelyn markets. No special counsel for the domestic surveillance no special counsel for the leaks. Up felonies that are being committed every day one after another after another. No special counsel for that. Washington's perfectly happy right now. Yes. The White House to not respond to requests for the White House is on defense. The White House did not respond to requests for comments. Please learn declined to comment a mosque LA Russian Foreign Ministry official declined to comment on the contacts. Separately a spokesman for the Russian embassy in Washington said we do not comment on our daily contacts but local into lockers. The eighteen calls and electronic message precedence. Eighteen calls and electronic messages. Ladies and gentlemen how did our government get that information. Eighteen calls and electronic messages. Because of taps because of electronic surveillance. Because about twice a warrant they hack and the abuse of power that took place kind of these so called incidental collection of information the unmasking of trump officials. And the leaking that calls the leaking of the electronic communications. Even though they say there's no evidence of collusion. Well there's no evidence that collusion. And what is the problem the problem is leaking out information that should never have been gathered. Any unmasking of individuals who should never have been on match. Eighteen calls and electronic messages to place. Between April and November 26 that means this electronic surveillance that was going on. Well before the general election. Well before. OK now you know the real story. And I know that Reuters. Borders put a pistol to its current head. I'll be right back it's. Pillars of this folks there's nobody else is gonna unravel this type of background on this stuff. Reuters goes on in addition to the six phone calls involving case react the Russian ambassador. The communications described Reuters involved another twelve calls emails or text messages. Between Russian officials are people considered be close to movement trump campaign advisors. What they get these text messages. What do they get these emails. This. I'm telling you wait like Adam Brock. Domestic surveillance. If Tony Gibson data collection and information the match. An American citizens. Get out the congress putting it up as seventeen agencies and apartments. We did get their writers felony or a felony if a felony. Signing up ice a process undermining the twice a Dutch. That's exactly what's taking place. One of those context was by Victor mad that truck. The names a Ukrainian oligarchs and politician according to one person would be to our knowledge of the exchange and two others familiar with the issue. How would they have the told knowledge of the exchange mr. British. As they were recording it and transcribed it. If they say there's no evidence of collusion they say that in the first. 15% in the article. If they go on with the deep tells why is this Lee's agent. Because the president is right this is a witch hunt. And they are using information that they should have collected in the first place. And they shouldn't reveal that in the first place. And now they're leaking. It was not clear with whom Medved shock was in contact with in the trump campaign but the themes included US Russian cooperation sources say it. Putin is godfather to make them the bad checks daughter also. I don't know of one of these coat paint Republicans isn't. The vet checked denied having any contact with anyone in the trunk campaign I'm not a queen would any of Donald Trump's close associates therefore no conversation could have taken place. The conversations during the campaign Russian officials emphasized a pragmatic business style approach. So here we not only. Seeing the revelation. Of the contacts of the names of the individuals were being told the content of what was discussed. Even though there's no crying even though there's no collusion they say that upfront. We're being told what's in these intelligence communications. That's what this. It's being read or Reuters or did underwriters. I either Democrats on Capitol Hill all are individuals in one of these departments or agencies it's that simple. It's that simple. I'm not done. I hope you're I hope your focus here that knows I am we'll be right back. And who don't know. Yeah. Okay. Club then. And another apologetic patriots and on apologetic. Constitutional. Us. You can reach him at 8773813811. I'm gonna speak about that Roger Ailes. In the third error of the program. I was not his best friend that was not somebody who socialized with a my Menem a few times the last amendment and we had. He's two hour discussion. A remarkable man indeed. And I will talk about that in the final hour and next hour. I want to present to you the questions. That I would ask and I hope will be asked of Jim combing. When he testifies before a committee congress. And I think you'll be fascinated with my questions and I think my questions look at the bottom of a lot of issues. That mr. come. But let's go back to the Reuters story because Reuters has just exposed the Obama administration. And just exposed members of congress. And the thelonious leaks that are taking place. Let's continue okay. Beyond that bad shot can just lie at. The identities of the other Putin's linked participants in the context. Exit in the context remain classified. See they remain classified the others were classified. But they're not classified any longer. Because they were leaked. The names of tropic vices and other than other than Flint have been met. In intelligence report didn't jump. I'm drilling down and what they're writing here just as I did to it can't months ago listen. Beyond Medved Cha and collect and his life. The identities of the other Putin late participants in the context. Remain classified. And then names of trumpet buys us other than planned have been masked in intelligence reports on the contacts. Because of legal protections on their privacy is American citizens. However officials can request that they be revealed mine I'll print out of Reuters Jeff gave and that they not mr. British. They just damned well gave it up. And access to intelligence reports that we're given congress. And congress some Democrats are leaking ordered. That's what's going on here. It gets even better. US and allied intelligence and law enforcement agencies. Routinely monitored communications and movements of Russian officials. They're saying this is a routine electronic. Surveillance. Of these Russian officials. And this is where the information came. It all comes together. Now I understand if you work at CNN and ABC and MS LSD in NBC and CBS and ABC didn't mention them before you're not gonna figure any in this. We're hearing me hate trot note. I figured it out. And it's right here. Beyond Medved track he can sleep. This is Reuters the identities of the other Putin willing participant. In the context. Remain classified. The names of trump advisors and other Flynn other than flan had been masked. In intelligence reports. On the context. Because of legal protections when their privacy as American citizens however. Officials can request that they be revealed for intelligence reports. This is the unmasking. Of trump transition team members who tramp campaign members. Which proves that there's no collusion but they won't release the reports to you and me so we can read exactly what's that instead. You get this there's water torture where they put out little bits of information. They insinuate certain things they suggest dishonesty and disloyal. A lack of forthright and. These people are reading from. Classified reports. And leaking them to Reuters or Reuters has the reports. They'd been leaked to Reuters and Reuters is using. One way or the other it doesn't matter it's the same effect and the same crime. They're telling us because this. Because everybody else ring messes. In the media are still bet I see it right here. They know about eighteen contacts. Twelve calls. Six electronic text communications. They know about the names of certain individuals. There's only one place that comes round. These intelligence reports and they unmasking of individuals should never admit I've met and now they're doing exactly what I said they would do. They're leaking. And making it all the headlines. Trump campaign had at least eighteen undisclosed contacts with the Russians question I don't know it. Well we don't know me. Yes we do. Some reporters and I hope Lindsey Graham is listening. Hope somebody on capitol hill's listening. Because this should be an exhibit in their investigation. This Reuters piece of today may eighteenth. Put out a 107 PM this afternoon. This is evidence this is an exhibit. You know we have this from the business insider that caution or Tron. That is a name. The deputy attorney general just threw more cold water on the White House's explanation for commie spy. Deputy attorney general arrived Rosen Steen told senators any closed door briefing Thursday well that's supposed to be closed door. That he knew FBI director James Conley would be fired before he wrote a memo outlining his mishandling the investigation. Did Hillary Clinton's use of the private email server. He top democratic senators said senator Claire McCaskill who has a mesh screen a malcontent. A Missouri told reporters gathered outside the briefing room that Rosen Stein had acknowledged that he learned coming would be removed prior to your writing is memo. Despite the White House initially insisting that trump fire coming on rose sixteen recommendation let's step back. So initially the White House says. Spicer and so forth. But we get these recommendations from the just where we acted. In an immediate take away is the that's not correct Obama at the trouble is gonna fire. Coming anyway. Here's my take on this. Even though the deputy attorney general according to this report knew in advance that at some point. The president of the United States is gonna fire called me. He didn't even have to write that memorandum Eddie wrote the yeah. In other words the panda. Of him knowing that truck was gonna fire call me anyway. Independent. What did he do he wrote the memorandum and senate can work this guy needs to be fired. You get a point the point is it's actually straw there. It's stronger that. Trump on his own said he was gonna fire me pointed out today that this was a bipartisan view actually. Which you can understand him thinking given how the Democrats had reacted to coming. But the deputy attorney general and other words he didn't even have to write that memoranda. The attorney general of the United States on his own. He believed. They combing should be fired. So with a David the headline here the deputy attorney general just threw more cold water on the White House's explanation for companies buying. And economic Contra Bertram that's not the headline. The headline is the deputy attorney general of the United States. The Canada the president of the United States reached this same include. That should be the headline. Yet the media twists things it's a big deal. It's a big deal. Another it's demanding the special counsel that would be the Democrats and some of the repealed. May well undermine some of the congressional hearings no I was that the. Because ladies and gentlemen mr. Mueller has been around long term we know this because we're told how magnificent he is. That he walks on water has coming now walks on water so these men all walk on water. Until they don't walk on water. The point is this. This is now not a counter intelligence investigation to take criminal investigation. As any McCarthy explained as we've talked about many times that's different. Haven't it's a criminal investigation for trying to gather criminal facts are trying to gather. Evidence whether it's electronic third documentary in evidence or witness evidence there's suspect. The whatever it is. You don't want a congressional committee interfere. Because now. There's an overlap. So the idiots on Capitol Hill now. It kind of undermine their own investigation. In some respects. Even Lindsey Graham recognizes this and Politico com we tested me. Testimony in jeopardy. Former FBI director James coming might not be able to testify before congress now that a special prosecutors overseeing the FBI's Russian investigation. Since senator Lindsey Graham. Graham chairs the judiciary subcommittee with oversight of the FBI he sent an invitation earlier this week for comedy testify in open session. I'm not sure we can do it now he said you've got a special counsel is prosecutorial powers now. And I think we congress have to be very careful not to interfere. Public access to this and probably going to be very limited now we sent. I think a special counsel he's a good guy good pick I respect that decision but it's gonna really limit what congress can do it's it's gonna really limit what the what will know about this he's exactly right. Which has been my point all along they want this investigation. To be a cloud over Trump's head they want trumps you election. To be a big question mark in the next election cycle. They're attacking his legitimacy. They don't want an end of this. I don't wanna get to the bottom of any. As a matter of fact let me suggest to you. That the FBI I was probably getting to the bottom and that was probably getting over. If they're counter intelligence investigate. But why don't I think that's the case. Any idea mister it is. This is a really hard. Any Sherlock Holmes is out. What I think this is a case. Remember I said a few weeks ago. The vice a judge in landmark legal foundations. Amicus filing with the court asking the court to investigate all these leaks and everything in any improprieties. Remember I said the judge responded by saying there's no matter before her. Which would cause her. To even. Address our filing memory total that. The right tone of that country. There's no matter before her. In other words there was the fight so warrant it was an extended. There's no new Faisal warned that were aware of when the judge who's the chief judge the chief district judge in DC. But to respond to the landmark legal foundations filing and when she set. Essentially there's no matter before the court. There's no matter before the court. Meaning they counterintelligence investigation got the warrant that they wanted there's no other warrant on related to it no. Know why it's been extended. I think. They were winding down their investigation. Same thing when the deputy director of the FBI now the acting director testified we have all the resources we need. I think they were winding down their investigation of Russia. The trump campaign and transition in the senate called collusion issue. And I think Chuck Schumer the Democrats know. Which is why they were jumping up and down as fast as they could as hard as they could squealing like stuck left when pigs that they wanted to special prosecutors in response. But that's the only way to clear this up. I think this thing was winding down. And now they have. Wound it up all again. I'll be right back most of the open. They believe folks we're gonna unravel this I'll wait for the next attack. From the media via. They gaggle gangs the mob. I'm my analysis is my analysis is correct. This thing was winding down. It was winding down. Suffice it corps wasn't doing anything else. In that's why the leaks now to keep getting this stuff up. And that's why the special counsel. To believe Schumer was tipped off. Colleen Schumer are friends ladies and and when they go way back. They go way back. House call me tip anybody off or not let. They knew in my view that this thing was winding down who's driving him nuts and they needed special counsel special counsel special counsel. And the use the occasion of firing coldly. As to do it. This is what goes on in the shadows would left wing Kooks. But they're smarter than the Republicans Republicans don't know what the hell head up so they've joined in. It is a good guy and Ed good guy. That's coming does testify you're gonna wanna hang around for the next Daryn I'm an Italian had a question. Direct to the heart of them. Take three minute. It's. Three minutes. And then there's gonna be real scandal. You know we're starting to see a real shake up in traditional media. People are scrambling the final what's next. If you're signed up over at living TV you already know CR TV conservative review TV is starting a media revolution. With changing the way people get information about stories that care that. When I first launch living TV the outpouring from you incredible. The demand incredible. We upgrade our software and everything else we have. And you all were hooked. And many of you wanted to allow more. You've probably seen the recent stories about cable companies losing subscribers. Right and left and they are. They've stopped listening to their customers GO. Now if you're ready for something completely different. Tri CR TZ. We know it's a big shift for so here's what we're gonna. We want you to try out CR TV before you buy. Give us a try for seven days absolutely free and can cancel at any time. Seven day free trial absolutely free. No gimmicks and tricks. 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I really think it's gonna be compelling it's not gonna be your typical type of radio you typical type of interviews it's gonna be extremely exciting. We're gonna get into some history we've never heard about before by people who know all of that. We're gonna get into the the defense situation where this route up the date. What they face on every single board of the kinds of weapons they face the kinds of terrorists they effect I think this is gonna fascinate you. I really do. My biggest part of the Israel lobby excuse me I am paying for every step of this what my own shackles what do you think of that. I'm part of the America line. Oh yes I'm part of the America line. I also believe that we have a great ally of the police little learn more about it I will learn more firsthand I've never been there. I'll be right back. It's okay. How. Literally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We are once again make contact without leaving the hello everybody mark and it. Our number 8773813811877381381. When I'm looking at. The pre publication copy in my book I get. Like. Fifty in the east. That get in media types under them whatever. Not the final hardcover copy but. When you work on something this long and you believe that it's the best you've done. When you believe that people who acquired it really going to appreciate it to big deal. Takes a lot of work to write a book if you actually write it. Rather than just slap in name. Should mr. Conley appeared before one of these committees. That's Clara congressman or senator. Here's how I would question him. Missed economies say you can't memoranda notes is that correct. He could keep notes when your conversations with President Obama. Where those votes now mr. come. Did you keep notes on your conversations with a attorney general Eric Holder. Where those notes now mr. economy. Did you keep notes. When your conversations with the attorney general Loretta lynch. Where are those notes now mr. Conte. If you keep notes on any of your conversations or meetings without any members of congress. Mr. coming. Where those notes now mr. company. Did you keep any notes on any conversations you had with reporters or journalists mr. coming. Where are those notes now. You do tamper with the Alter. But destroying. Any of your notes. Mr. Conley and any time. With whom did you share these notes if anybody missed coming. Where are the original copies of these notes mr. coming your senior possession of the FBI's possession. Did you make copies of these notes. I think your personal possession. Coming mr. coming do any of your notes contain classified investigative information. You understand mr. commie that. They contain classified in her investigative information if you share them when anybody that's a felony. You also understand that if there's any evidence of your notes of year. Stating or implying obstruction of justice and you failed to report that to the attorney general of the United States. The you've committed a felony. Coming mr. Conley who else is senior notes. And reporters. He colleagues. And you politicians. And I wanna remind year under oath. You see ladies and gentlemen. We're told mr. Connolly wrote a lot of notes. About a lot of conversations. And to me. The scandal is what's in these notes. Let me continue. Mr. Conley you he took contemporaneous notes after year. Discussion which was leaked in the near times with the present the United States about Michael Flynn suggesting here is. The spin that mr. Flynn. To live mr. trump is trying to get you to. To stop investigating mr. Flynn is that correct. Tell me this economy. With whom did you show those now. Since you're the only one in possession of them of the FBI. Presumably you are somebody the FBI share them with somebody that you share them with some of the okay what are their names. Did you know they were finally get. A Communist economy. If this is obstruction of justice. As many surrogates. Has sent anonymously and many people in the media have said. Why didn't do anything about mr. coming. What did you tell members of congress why did you say so in front of one of these open hearings. Why didn't she resigned. Instead you've sat on it. Which is a potential felony. Can you explain yourself please. Coming mr. coming up. If you thought it was improper for the president to. Meet with the one on one then why did you meet with a one on one. If you thought it was improper to take the president's court to make a call the president one on ones and why were you involved in such conversations. Can you explain that to us mr. coming. Coming mr. Conley were you at any time. In communication. With the Hillary Clinton Campaign. Did you. Retain emails text messages hard documents. And any of those communications. Communist economy. Did you did you write any contemporaneous notes. After those conversations or meetings. Just curious mr. Coming mr. Carney. Since you left the FBI. That is that you were fired. Have you had communications with. Senator Chuck Schumer. Over the nature of those communications into keeping notes. Coming mr. Cummings since she left the FBI. Did you have any communications. But Barack Obama the redolent sure Eric Holder. I mean mr. coming. Since she left the FBI. Can you directed any of the year. Associates friends. Former colleagues. To make any context to the media. Communist economy these these memoranda. Howard's end these these notes that you took. Can you walk us through. The custody of these materials in other words. We're the originals where the copies. Did you ever take any how do you ever make. Multiple copies. Can you tell us about how you treat these memoranda there. And these notes. These are the questions I have it. Please enter these are the questions. Because you see folks. I think companies conduct is detestable. I think he was wrote. I think he was out of control. And I don't think he kept notes just to recollect there refresh his memory and recollect discussions that he and I think he kept notes. For legal purposes. That he can't notes. To potentially threaten people. So these very very important though the full extent to which mr. Conley took notes on whom he took notes woody do with the notes that he violated the law. In terms of making copies of the notes if they classified or investigative information we share them with. The custody of the notes whether original or copies. Whether he altered any of the notes. Destroyed any notes. Whether he failed to go to his superiors if he thought there was actual obstruction and so forth and so. I think it's a big deal. That's what I would ask of mr. economy. There's been several sources but one in particular. Got Got And they point out that former FBI director James commie testified under senate oath may third. At the trump the administration and not depression is vacant seat on any investigation. For political purposes let's take a listen. To this clip go ahead. There is an attorney Jim Norris senior officials of the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation. And they call that FBI investigation. And theory yes. It hasn't happened. Not in my experience because it would be a big deal. Tell the FBI to stop doing something that the without appropriate purpose and you were oftentimes. They give us opinions that we don't see a case there and see ought to stop investing resources in it. But I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for political reason that would be a very big deal. I happen in my experience. Let's play this again because there's been some parsing out there and I wanna really underscore what he just sent go ahead. But if it Tunisian Norris senior officials of the Department of Justice opposes a specific. In this spot right there so some people are saying. Her question this is the senator from why is focused on Department of Justice official. Department of Justice officials trying to interfere with the FBI investigation trying to call him off go ahead of coal is. Does a specific investigation. Kennedy called that the FBI investigation. And period just. As it happened. Not in my experience because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something that the without appropriate purpose it's. Stop. So you ceasing of the big dealers tell the FBI not to do something without an appropriate purpose that's not limited to the attorney general. But the deputy attorney general or anybody else. We'll be a big deal to tell the FBI. Not to investigate some. Right. Be big dailies. And this testimony is on May third. Well after he met with Donald Trump go ahead. You were. Oftentimes they give us opinions that we don't see encased there and so you ought to stop investing resources in it. But I'm talking about a situation we were told to stop something for political reasons that would be a very big deal. It's a happened in my experience. Well he can trying to Parse that all he wants to soak and other people. It seems to me it served trying to Parse that what he's basically saying is anybody tries didn't let that interfere with an FBI investigation and call it off. Attorney general somebody it justice yet the senate he meant. In that you know interfere with an FBI investigation whomever is trying to calm off that that would be a big deal right. There will be a big deal. It would also given him the occasion. On May third disabled let me tell you something I took notes. In a meeting I have would Donald Trump and Donald Trump was trying to calming off the investigation. And Michael Flynn would be the time to say it right. And I can't tell you about the attorney general the deputy Cain is that that's that rabbit and let let me tell about this case for Donald Trump. Tried to interfere or an investigation here let me talk about that when I would have notes to prove. He didn't do that why did he do that. Why didn't he do that. Well we know why he didn't do it ladies and gentlemen because he didn't think he was actually being. Ordered to call we called off an investigation he didn't really feel threatened by and so forth and so on. That's why so the people who are parsed. They need to think this through. That would have been the location. To mr. coming to say. None. That's not been my experience however let me tell anyone experience I had and it's very troubling to me. And I met with the present the United States and and he said to me you know I'm hoping he can see your way past this this when investigation he's a good guy. And I am legally consider that an effort to Tommy to stop investigating how I view that as a threat. Very improper it's never happened to me the fourth. Might even be obstruction of justice I immediately went to my superior. And I told my superior about this. No none of that happened. And Conley was fired six days later on May ninth. Fire domain and now all of a sudden the memo. Remember it as it appears somebody reads from the memo. Reads from the memo. To somebody at the New York Times now let me as they work this really that's why it's important lists to the whole show. The reason they haven't leaked the entire memo to the New York Times ladies and gentlemen because I believe that near times. That memo includes classified investigative information. I could be dead wrong about. Otherwise when I leak it. Why we trim. How many copies of this memo are out there ladies and gentlemen that there are people reading from a to the near times. Beyond the original mr. coming make more than one copy did he make a copy to eighty take it home where these copies. Of this memo. Where's the original. Inquiring minds want to know. I'll be right back it's. The wind. So this economy is thrown AS softball. By the liberal hack senator. From Hawaii. Mag air Maggie corona. Asking him if he's had any interference in his investigation on the Russian matter. By the attorney general people at the Department of Justice this would have been the perfect setup opportunity. Mr. come it is say you know what I have been interfered with by anybody at the Justice Department let me tell you simply do the problem. They said nothing. I'll check that he said the opposite the widow of a problem. Again at the top mr. district at sixteen go. But if the attorney Jim Norris senior officials of the Department of Justice opposes a specific investigation. 10 AM call that the FBI investigation. In theory yes. It hasn't happened. Not in my experience because it would be a big deal. Tell the FBI to stop doing something that the without appropriate purpose and you were oftentimes. They give us opinions that we don't see a case there and see ought to stop investing resources in it. But I'm talking about a situation we were told to stop something for a political reason that would be a very big deal. It's a happen in my experience. That's not happen in my experienced. So. Com is being questioned and Republican rings at peace and open I was asked about the attorney general I was and asked about the president pay you kidding me mr. Conley. You came before this committee. He risked by United States senator of what happen if an attorney general or senior officials at the Department of Justice. Halted an FBI investigation. You made the comment you made. It's not happen in your experience. And your parson these words. You don't come doesn't say well I've never happened and let me tell about trump let me tell about a meeting I had with him. Cat habitat that it's on there mr. Connie what was that all about. Matter of fact. Present a United States according to whoever leaked York memo information or read it. Did any at times prison United States says I'm helping get past this guy you know this when he's a good guys Wear today affect. You're very troubled by this right mr. Cummings some trouble you're right about two years out. And what do you do not let you do absolutely nothing. So if you take a big strong arm not only do you have a federal legal responsibility to come forward. You might think you had an ethical responsibility to come forward is that if the attorney general did. This guy would be falling but at the present the United States does it you know sale where you expect that's the police still. Sitting here in front of this battle that's becoming. Now mystic. Now we're all your Mehmet. It looked at. We'll be right back. This is where liberalism. And spread liberty. Big kid. Paul Martin were big show at 87738138. MarketWatch in and ways. I'm an exact apparel within an hour. We're watching sort of a modern French revolution. Crazies company. Crazy as committee. Not have said it wants have cited a thousand times I absolutely love my Casper mattress it's too high tech phones are guaranteeing I get a great night's sleep every night. Which tells me have great days like today. Casper has all the support you need one heavy sleeping cool uncomfortably every night. He chips for free in a box so small you won't believe it even holds a mattress. And I love the Casper Lecce trying to mattress for 190 in your own home risk free. We'll pick it up in the refund you everything if you don't want it. Permits breakthrough design to its packaging to its 100 nights that you can sleep on it in your own home it's no wonder Casper was named. 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It's easy nothing that would prevent former director coming from testifying before your committee. I really don't know marijuana have a conversation with them and allow us that to share that information but no I do think. In the light of day in a public setting he should be able to tell us. About not only the materials if they're there like questioned whether or not they're actually there but if they're married and then how did he take that. And I'm not nice that when you mean. What the question. All right up did you dare to question economy stupid question a New York Times why do you question that. I had. We see them even the reporter that did the story doesn't see no nobody that I know of even the reporter has not actually seen these documents. What do you think of that George. Before connector Deutsche. While George doesn't think. He's irrelevant. The chain cooks know what to go of this. Little Dick Durbin. I'll be a great state of. Illinois. The land the Lincoln now the land a little deck there and not cut four ago. Cut forgo. Hundreds Herbert yeah account will go return the group. I think that is an outrageous statement oh it's an outrageous statement and I should be impeached he should be. He should be unbiased toe is he should anesthesia that's an outrageous statement and it's a witchhunt. Outrageous. How dare he had any question will take third. You Jack. Go ahead. What do you make. I think that is an outrageous statement anyone who knows director Mueller his slash. Got up you idiot anybody who knows director mollen his service to the country in the military bases the same creek and attack the united states military remember. Just bad director Mueller service in the military. It's about yeah you'd Jack. Which is true. And we have Lindsey Graham after meeting with rod Rosen Stein. Cut five ago. It's now considered a criminal investigation. And congress' ability to conduct. Investigations of all things Russia has been severely limited. Now stop I just pointed this out he's exactly right. But what he doesn't understand is. In my belief. This. Counter intelligence investigation. Which is when it started out as was winding down. Now they they criminal investigation with a special counsel without the that they are even aware. And that way they keep this going on and on and on perhaps for years. That's what's going on here. Go ahead. Brit fashion. So I think a lot of members. Thought the special counsel be appointed. But don't understand that this you're pretty well not yet again. And that's how relation to it was a counterintelligence. Investigation before now. This seems to me now to be considered a criminal investigation. But what does that mean for the congress. I find it hard to subpoena records of somebody like mr. Flynn. Who may be subject of criminal investigation. Because he has a right not to incriminate himself. As to mr. Khatami the former director of the FBI pending before the committee. Without were. Mr. Mueller. I would jealously guard the witness cool so when the big losers in this decision. Is the public. He's right but if Conley wants to testify he will. I think she walks on water. He can be nailed all. And you ought to be. He can be now to the wall and he ought to be. But remember what the goal here for the Democrats. Not to get to the bottom of an inning it's the key is out there so long as possible. They want the house back and want the senate. They wanna impeach truck that's what they wanted to. When I get the presidency. They cannot believe they lost to this guy. Who is Hillary's parent. This pathetic initiation was supposed to win baby. After all you know we won the popular vote that damn. Slay the air you know electoral colleges in there and can't have that. So we got to get credit trap we gotta get really like Tora college anything that's it our way. I get rid all of. So the whole point of the special counsel in my view lies that this counter intelligence investigation. Was wrapping up. There's so counterintelligence. Violation and if there is it's already sealed up they know what did bill. How long does it take to investigate that more than ten months answer well. They're ready to roll it over. Carried out at a special counsel and now they turn it into a criminal investigation. So it's gone from counterintelligence to criminal. Special counsel which they call special prosecutor it just sounds. Dat. And of course the media turn to John Dean who was disbarred and put in prison for four months as to result in his role in Watergate. 'cause his opinions on port and have you ever seen Maxine Waters on TV more than you've seen now. The every senior on TV more she's taken seriously she's a nut job but she's taken seriously. And Al Green who bows out green I thought he was the singer. Al green is apparently congressman from Texas. Who know. Al Green. So just to recap. I went through this Reuters piece then we're gonna we're gonna put it up over a conservative review the. They have the audio on this and put it up. And I broke it down through and I hope you listen to and I hope to share with as many people if you can because if anything what it demonstrates is what I said two and A half months ago. The domestic surveillance activity by the Obama administration. The unmasking of individuals on Trump's transition team and campaign team. Has now resulted in numerous leaks to Reuters. Reuters which all of a sudden those of specific phone calls specific tax specific emails contents. Contents of the information. While admitting that there's no evidence of collusion it doesn't matter while admitting there's no evidence of criminality it doesn't matter that headline is look at. Yes eighteen contacts weather Rask east and they didn't tell us that's not the issue though. The issue is. Information. Constitutionally gather. All the media I get struck at his feet well that's the issue. How the civil libertarians today where are they. Whether true liberals. I'm not talking about the stalinists. Further troop levels. That damn fools like large tried. But it's already got his left. It's on and if so let's stick. It. After the shop. And these phony constitutional lawyers who who dress up their opinions as they constitute the decision. Like there's some federal judge appointed by Obama. I'd mr. producer who should I speak to given the fact that I can't get my calls Greene who should ice any any dissenters out there personal. No dissenters justice regular Americans. Georgia serious missed that putt go ahead. They'll serve social event purse wallet thank you for taking my call and more importantly what you do on a daily basis has really appreciated from near Georgia. The opportunity. To serve this country for 26 years in your us army corps retired in 2010. And I remember as a young leader while my senior leaders told me there are Sheikh. Which are the majority of Americans. And there are walls some that are obviously trying to get the sheet which at the time. But the guys across the pond near enemy obviously in the we were the sheep dog looks. Because they're keeping away. And it seems like this is shifted now in my mind towards the media it kills me that. Our media now incidents producing and and delivering. Troops and fair and balanced news. You know everybody has these opinions in this on the thrown out into me. Our media. Are the walls. And the sheep are still wander around aimlessly majority. And then I'd say the majority of the media rebels. And guys like you thank goodness so we do you have home are the sheep dogs that are. Protecting you know of the majority. So I don't know if it's more of a comment and more or you know turn towards a question. There's so unfortunate that you know Paris so remember on that battle amount stolen wrote so we could cheerful now. And armor when the news you'd actually. Work for the listen into the news listener knew what was going on and America muscles going on in the role. Can actually learn something from LeBron instead of just people are not opinions. And trying to convert you know. Minimize. Anybody that they can depose some justices said the state now appreciate. That we that you don't go out there in the media world. What you're very kind of thank you for your service in your right on. And I appreciate your call will be right back. OK okay. Yeah. Yeah. Ludicrous right. They Chris and I think there's a whole campaign politically. By the way. Great show today on the bowling show. The specialists I think it's coat. He hit two great. Guests there really. Content and Steve and I just too great cast of the chemistry used to ref just saying. 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At a resort released dot com resort released that kind of call them if you wish at 888455. Mark. I would wait any longer this is your way out at a resort released dot com called an 888455. Mark that's 888455. M a RK go to resort released that com. I don't change and the nightmare right now. In their nightmare. Right now. Lay out. Los Angeles, California on the mark living that Harry is it. And mark. First of all I am I want to unit in short your trip to Israel. I didn't there'd when he challenged people there. The most unbelievable. Country in the world. I tried to global hockey rink there. I have my problems are. Just hope you enjoyed yourself Mara will this just solution. There's so much negative children eat all this stuff. Cook totally trumped. Every name in the book. Did the state. Is still need those strongest I don't know world. Stinking dog and every one bidders. Trunk and Twitter against the world the Republicans don't help norm no radio stoop to work. Why don't they do light ground. Former groups here are solution of charter period a welcome problem to boat called media in Russia. Why you're gonna have to hear that it because as long as the left keeps pushing it somebody has to unravel it. Not informing the group doesn't do a damn thing we got all kinds of groups pacs and so forth out there. We have to be informed and we have to spread the word we don't have to get our news from the media we get our news from speaking to each other. That's the way I view this. And that's when you all this stuff in other words. If we allow the media. To define our reality that we live in their reality. But on the other hand if we know the truth. And we advance the truth. Through selective. Reading of certain publications and sites and so forth that we know we contrast. They communicate with the each other that's a very powerful thing. All right Leo thank you for your call my friend. Explode quick late ten. Whopping there is falls. In the Arctic great WABC go. Mark it's an honor and a privilege to speak the year you're the modern day line of liberty and that you carried me through the dark here's the Obama. I just want to have just. Are not calling me the line of the senate. Now and certainly not the liberal lion who we all load even to the states. But you know you're you're you're just you're just voice of reason marks the end what. Yum my father and was a decorated veterans and my uncles were in world war two and Korea and they shed blood to this country market and the other currently being that the actions of the of the media. You know yeah I believe I'm very very concerned I think that this is it you know it's not a bother to say that this is a threat to national security. Because they're potentially affecting the safety of the stability of the country you know it's whether we. These lakes absolutely yeah Iowa. When the weather when they yet north Koreans are looking up and they're trying to take out the president of the commander in chief at the same time you're exactly right. And and I mean. It is you don't inch it's not about trumpets the executive branch whether it was trump tower two was tied crews are we had a modern day Ronald Reagan. You would. Even doing the same thing but that's what I'm right. One registered and it's like it is there any legal recourse or remedy your action that we can have all for freedom of speech I'll point out of one of these liberal judges. That you you and I read there's there's. There is no legal recourse that sent him bring lawsuits they had neck I can't say that night I can't do that. They turned the legal system against us this is the problem. Thanks recall I'll be right back. He's okay. No. Literally underground. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving the know everybody mark living here are number 877381. 3811. 877381. 3811. I will not be here tomorrow. My family and I will be. Winging her way. Too little country named Israel. I've never been there before. We will be broadcasting from Israel. We've had to do a lot in order to get this set up on Monday Tuesday Wednesday of next week. I've some tremendous guest Wanda. In this is important to wean the American people. Some of the history. You know this is the area of the world where Judy is and was born with christianity was born. And it's something we need to talk about. Which we don't talk about anymore. I'm not one to do or religious show because I don't know enough about religion to do it quite frankly but. History is. There's a crucially important guide. And I wanna remind everybody what Donald Trump sent on March 212016. When he was running for president of the United States. Hat tip right scoop. Cut one go. We will move the American and it is due to these journal. It's happened all of. Today it's the official position of the truck administration that true Islam is not the eternal capital. With the Jewish people in Israel. That it can be negotiated with the Palestinians. That we will not be moving our embassy from Tel Aviv to the capital of Israel which is Jerusalem unless it's part of some deal that the Palestinians agreements. And of course they won't agree to that. And that even the western wall the well anymore. If not the holiest among the holiest sites for the Jewish people. For thousands of years. It's the official position of the administration that that really. His not. A fact. And Judy is under that too is subject to negotiation with the Palestinians. Tommy is a Medina up for grabs. I'm just curious. As Medina programs. What does that belong to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia wasn't even a country. A hundred years ago so why does have belonged to Saudi Arabia. Just curious. We will be talking about this course. Some land that I am gravely disappointed that the president lied to us about this because he did so flat out walked. And there's no amount of candy coating this the can change. And this is something that's pushed especially bad this guy McMaster at the NFC. We're over 50% of the staff there. Our Obama holdovers oh yeah did you know that. Over 50% of the staff at the NSE. In the old executive office building right next to the White House where Obama holdovers. But that was not all of them. And there's a whole bunch of Obama hold overs at the State Department. I mean it's it's incredible to me why don't you just fire them and replace them with with a real Americans. But now. No we don't do that. I read something to. He can turn up the volume. Somebody you're serving dinners some of you are. Fidgeting with something I really what you listens. This is something that was written by Adam Smith. Adam Smith. Was an iconic Scottish economist and philosopher. He's trashed today by many the nationalist populists who are more into. Andrew Jackson for some reason is that from a 1723. To 1790. And he was a contemporary. That Edmund Burke. And Derek was an Irish British. Legislate tore. Scholar. And thinker. And they were friends. And they were both contemporaries. At the founders. The American found they had enormous influence in both the they've been Barrick supported the American revolution he rejected the French revolution for reasons I'm not gonna get into tonight. And Adam Smith. In his essay this theory of moral sentiments. That you wrote 1759. He diagnosed the difference between the man of true public spirit. The man of arrogance and conceit. Praising the former and condemning the latter. This is from page 189 a rediscovering Americanism. But it is relevant. So what we've been talking about and always stuck. But I want you to listen to this turn up the volume. He wrote the man whose public spirit. It's prompted altogether by humanity and benevolence. Who requested. The established powers and privileges even of individuals. And stoned and still more those of the great orders and societies into which the state is divided. Though he should consider some of them as in some measure abusive. To content himself with a moderating. That he often cannot annihilate without great violence. When he cannot conquer the rooted prejudices of the people by reason of persuasion he would not attempt to subdue them by force. But will religiously observed what I Cicero is just called the divine maximum laid out. Never to use violence to his country. No more than two of his parents. He will accommodate. As well as he can his public arrangements. To be confirmed habits and prejudices of the people. And will remedy as well as he can the inconveniences which may flow from the one of those. Regulations. Which the people are averse to submit to. When he cannot establish the right you're not disdain to ameliorate the wrong. But like salon. When he cannot establish the best system of laws. He will endeavor to establish the best that the people conveyor. The best of people. Conveyor. That's the main of public spirit. That's them in a moral sentiment. As compared to the man of system. Smith wrote the man of system on the contrary. Is that to be very wise and his own conceit. And is often so enamored with the supposed beauty of his own ideal plane of government. And he cannot suffer the smallest deviation from any part of it. He goes on to establish a completely. And in all its parts without any regard added to the great interests. Or to the strong prejudices. Which may oppose. He seems to imagine that he can arrange the different members of the great society. But as much ease as they hander ranges the different pieces upon a transport. He's not consider that the pieces upon the chessboard have no other principal of motion besides that which I mean impresses upon them. But added that great chessboard of human society every single piece as a principal of motion of its own altogether different. From that which the legislature might choose to impress upon. If those two principles coincided act in the same direction. The game of human society you'll going easily and harmoniously. Is very likely to be happy and successful. But if they are opposite or different. The game will go on miserably. The society must be at all times in the highest degree of disorder. Some general. And even systematic whole idea of the perfection of policy and law. Mean no doubt be necessary for directing the views of the states. But to insist upon establishing and upon establishing all at once and in spite of all opposition. Everything which that idea may seem to require. Must often be the highest degree of arrogance. It is too erect his own judgment into the supreme stated it right and wrong it is to think it's himself the only wise and where they man in the commonwealth. And that its fellow citizens should accommodate themselves to him. And not heat to them. It is upon this account that of all political speculators. Sovereign princes are by far the most dangerous. This arrogance is perfectly familiar to them. They entertain no doubt. The immense superiority of their own judgment. When such imperial and royal reformers therefore condescending contemplate the constitution of the country. Which is committed to their government. They seldom see anything so wrong and it as the obstructions which it may sometimes opposed to the execution. Of their own well. They are holding content that divine maximum Plato. And consider the state is made for themselves. Not themselves for the state. They grain object of their reformation therefore is to remove those obstructions. To reduce the authority of the nobility to take away the privileges of cities and provinces and surrender both the greatest individuals. And the greatest orders of the state. As incapable oppose. In their commands. As the weakest. The most insignia. Therein lies in many ways the difference. Between Americanism and progressive as. Between individualism and collectively as a between the conservative. In the states. We discovering Americans I know you're gonna love this book. Get on Right now I think it's 34% off I'll be right back. And okay. Yeah. I. It. Oh. Yeah. Title story. I mean until the start of mr. producer. And one of the C Roger Ailes. I wasn't rich a year or so ago. Something maybe was a year and a half ago. A year and a half ago. He wanted to meet with me that it Nance to meet them. He'd seen me. Obviously over the years on fox and needs Simi recently. He wanted to talk to me. So I went to new York and I met within in his room in his office and fox. We learned a meeting for two hours one hour and a break for lunch then another round. He seemed very philosophical. An extremely intelligent man. I'm not gonna tell you everything we discussed he went through. The conservative movement. People he respected people he was troubled with. He wanted to keep assuring me that he's conservative concern ice I said I have never said you weren't. He's very kind. Wasn't the first time I've met with a what three or four times over the years. Any email me from time to time and I him but not often. I'm not in a circle with him like Blake shot on or Russia or anything like that anything close to. But in the end when we were talking we were talking about a lot of things. He was trying to figure out whether to put me on his cable channel. There were towed it to them. And he was gone back and forth and back and forth. And I so you invited me here and you know. There's really nothing you don't know about me whatever you see on TV is just the way it is there's another project I'm working on. Which was living TV but I wasn't treaty review revealed and I say it's I don't know if I could do anything with fox and. He said to me in the end. I don't think I can do anything you. Because things are changing around here. And what he meant by that was. Rupert Murdoch's two sons. He said I don't think I can do it. He wanted to put me on fox. That. Was the impression if not what he said that he felt constrained. Because of the two Murdoch's times. Because they're left wing Kooks. And I think he felt. But he could have had a huge profit. Because let's let's let's face it folks I don't came because of this stuff people agree that merely disagree let me. But he was very intrigued. With the idea. Again I didn't ask him for TV show I mean this to me with a PS to me than me who wasn't even sure what he wanted to meet with me about. And you know he's. He's a pioneer. Remember earlier one had met within a few years ago. Met with a moves very friendly I don't remember what it was about. Here's one of my books he he loved my books. An effect the last time I met with a tonight you know this is gonna sound self serving. Maybe I should have put it in a memo like home. But the latest amendment was then he sent. You're the smartest conservative we have. What he said. Please send me. Obviously I don't know that to be true. And I never got to know the man. Any personal or socially nightcap others did. And I understand. From Sean and somewhat from rush that he was. Just a wonderfully nice man and I know about all the litigation in the allegations and so forth who wouldn't. I don't know about any of the facts I just don't know. Settlements left and right and so forth but. They also know that there are people out there like. Gabriel Sherman writing at The New Yorker. Bryan steps through CNN and others. Dylan Breyer buyer. Certain writers at the Munich times in the Washington Post and other places who where hell bent on destroying the man. Lawsuits you know lost it. Lawsuits or no loss. So I don't of the particulars of any of that brutal I want to. That's between the litigant. Among analytic. But I do know this. He was a pine. He created the Fox News Channel he went over from CNBC. Created the Fox News Channel. May thirty billion dollars for real progress. And is ungrateful children. Thirty billion dollars. And he also demonstrated that. Conservatism. Or even right of center nations that. And Americans. Had a right to more than they were receiving in television. The same damn thing cable. Satellite network. The repetition. The propaganda. And he did something that I honestly believe nobody else could've done. I really do even though I disagreed. With the yeah. The turns that fox would take herein and there's no question about it. You know he gave platform he gave a platform to some really. Really top talented people any let them demonstrate whether or not they were they could succeed. And most of them do it. Clean my buddy Hannity. So I just wanna say. Rest in peace Roger Nelson thank you. For creating the Fox News Channel and thank you for showing so many people. Think Kerry does manage. I'll be right back. My good friend Karl voice but liberals want to silence. But I feel compelled to mark at 877381311. You know I I wish this bag and a man I would just go away now it sounds like. Maybe you every morning. And if it does you're not alone. Bags of puffy is under the eyes her problem for millions of American men and women until now. Introducing the new agenda so serum we'll plant stems sought technology. From chaminade they've heard a lot of people talk net. You've heard a lot of people talk about it on the radio. But there's a reason why I talk about it. My mother uses this product other family members use this product. 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John Wayne Michigan serious satellite go. Salute our own little by a get your opinion counts and so there are partnered really combine the me. If this investigation. Was started off of an illegal. Unmasking. The ultimate Bernard offer to the closed ministry and there's no possible way they can impeach trump that's. While impeachment is not illegal process it's a political process under the constitution so fruit of the poisonous tree wouldn't apply. Well. But if they hire special prosecutor at the. These special prosecutor is investigating. The put these these so called collusion between the trump campaign. And the Russians in which there's been none so there's two different issues here. So the issue with the unmasking in the leaking. Is a crime and that ought to be prosecuted in there ought to be a special prosecutor to investigate that. But that is nothing to do with the other pieces. Thanks very call six pack and it happens every time the stupidest people have these theories. And I'll explain why legally they're not correct internal take two or three times a day that kind of insist on. There's nothing else I can do. I mean I'm not trying to be rude but it's a national show I don't wanna go the same thing fourteen times nice gentleman violent as some might point. Betty. Temple terrace Florida serious satellite sir whereas temple. Terrace Florida. But the love then Erica yes it is actually in Tampa the Tampa Bay Area we are about kilometers away from Busch Gardens so it's right there and oh the Bay Area. That's a nice yes. Well I would just call and let you know that are really enjoyed my TV my PR TV. I always tell people I I am a black American and I am a black love and I enjoyed it so I'm a supporter of Israel as well hope you enjoy your trip I haven't had a chance to go to Israel yet but I do hope to go there one day. But I love my TR TD. And and I am a retired veteran as well and of the USA. And the pet to the other thing to not give up the column in tell you he let you express a point and everything but no one of the things that I really hate to say in everything is that I was a Republican and then not just. Switch to my to the independent I became an independent because of that disgusted and frustrated with the GOP. And they have rip I just really hate how they have not stood up with the president and everything did Democrats they still would vote with Obama through they can band. And you know I can and that's what I'd really hate about the GOP and then one of the paint and also computer as well as that unite with president trop I was recruit supporters well Beaumont. Why cannot unite the vote which poppy like beat beat him one I'll vote for Hillary. And united but it because of Thomas hit his cabinet pick I think he did it just from the people that he surrounding himself with that I don't like I don't like Tillerson. I don't like McMaster. And I don't like common almost as well but I think on Nikki Haley he had turn out to be pretty good. And one another bank draft with the united you like at VM a military person and everything. In light on the glove and the cap they call me back on active duty and and now with medical every car. Are twenty years ago. But if they call me back on that you do and say hey you have to go. And I don't know if you come back home outlook proudly join us don't know what the military and how proudly served this country and everything because it just feels the greatest place. On the on the earth is to live an America there's no greater Contra on this planet. And you like info on like some of the veterans that special light to congressman from Hawaii cult figure Burke you know like even though when I was don't active duty. Some of the stuff that bears fan about that in the current president of whether or are we probably agree. You know she's out there let me just say this she's out there saying that. Trump may have obstructed justice there should be consideration impeachment greens are relishing she's not the enemy of all due respect. And I'll never do that mr. Libby and how it's outrageous yet again. And some of the stuff that the united as far I would these congressmen united united when we went out war to go and don't let it do little whatever I don't know what I would get the most open to but I swore to uphold and look and the constitution of the United States. Against all enemies foreign and Adams and run it didn't matter about the politicians being you know I don't. An enemy I gotta get the other callers Bernie patent Benny I wanna thank you for you calls outstanding. And thank you for your service I appreciate it off I really do. Cool hair is gray in is it Coronado California where are you. And Corona, California Corona, California serious. Why can make a joke about drinking corona but I don't drink anyway go ahead. Well that's but it talk until I'm I'm thank you happy note found on new years ago and I think first on this unhappy to know him. I now how about CR TV for the last few months I loved the wow thank you thank you doubted that that question I had for years that's been playing on my mind and yet they get some time. As soon of that that the president could or shared the what little well drafted preparation. Kind of come on television as an administrator union. Type of a report. Higher I've been saying he should give an address to the nation yes he should go over the head of the media. And that tweeting all get only ditches so far but I think he should give an address to the nation. That are current us. Error. Now it's time it's big time and he should talk about a number of things he should talk about. Reinforcing in his agenda talk about what he's confronting. Talk about with the Democrats are doing. Trying to rally his troops to the cause try to rally his troops to put pressure on congress. That's what you do that's what Reagan did but I would say this would be helpful if he stuck to some of this his more prominent positions. You know like for instance why why have a celebration. When the House of Representatives the senate pass a budget. That is bloated. That Schumer is backing. That doesn't have a penny for the wall and so that you don't celebrate that if you didn't do anything you tolerate it. And so I just find about this is real thing I don't understand why he would campaign so heartily on this. And emphatically. And then doing complete. Hero yet. I mean it's that's bizarre almost. Yeah that's a let down my I just think in this in this stuff out. Going to have a good Evan has kind of a State of the Union Address the issues. I agree with you he should do it and do it now now demanding that he brought. Don lake Ron how come they make WABC everybody go. Hey Mike it's good to talk you again you know I wish you were on media panel a question call me there's a question for you outlined people who. But it worked directly to the point. And I know that's not a true that's evident just figure political movement. I just that it got Beatrice didn't hearing you're up. What you up like your vacation when you get back from my vitriol B interest in the era but looking at this say about that. Now you're all right miles and I. I appreciate the car let this go to mark Longview Texas the great hey dvd go. Yeah you know are bad Brad Garrett there have been TV is our cemetery that. So let's slow that I didn't ask everybody to call and watches living T but I wanna thank you and really dedicated I would. It's refreshing he can cite his repression that question I got is what you know that the people in the heartland of the game. To be in a situation where they're losing some states. Because all of these politicians. They run until they're gonna do all these things. What went to Republicans then you have the Democrat world to what what I got under any thing they get behind. Leg up in a row where the Republicans then would the president and everything that we're not how do you hold them accountable. Well that's. I guess you don't vote foreign Mitch McConnell is. Very devious in my view he the he favors peak centralized government. And more than anything else he likes being the the leader of the Republican Party in the senate he's perfectly comfortable weather. He's in the majority or minority he just power hungry. He likes being the guy calling the shots. Sometimes I look at Paul Ryan who I think is more earnest than McConnell but. He to me. And no offense to the he seems over his head. And I'll be honest without don't much care for this chief of staff French previous I've said it over and over and over again that guy's definitely over his. When she's not a conservative he's a Wheeler dealer he's a hustler. You know he she bought here's accurately does this it can't we do that and I think he's lost control over there at the White House. And I got the Liberal Democrats in charge this guy at. The houses named Gary Condit I don't like this. Like the way talks on like the way locks I don't like that guy and all the other Liberal Democrats. Are right my friend thank you for your call. I'll be right back it's the program. Remember I'm gonna be broadcasting. Monday Tuesday and Wednesday. From Jerusalem the capital of Israel. I intend to visit the western wall. Which. Is. Part of Israel. I think it's bizarre that the president is going there. Going to the western wall and the fiftieth anniversary of the reunification. Of Jerusalem within Israel. Where he doesn't accept the reunification truce with Israel apparently which is a position he never held before. I'm I am just really a whole bunch. Why did you campaign so vigorously on this issue why bring it up at all. Imagine. Waking up at 2 in the morning to the sound of shattering glass. You grab your gun. But not even seconds lady you find yourself face to face with a home intruder. Who is violently searching for fast cash and drug fueled rage. He attacks and you're forced to defend yourself. Not to let a long after the police around. And they have a protocol. It all goes very fast and suddenly you're the one being handcuffed and thrown into the back the squad car. Even though you did everything right you don't need a good lawyer and even any bail money you're gonna need both of them very fast. That's where the United States concealed carry association comes in. US CCA. To protect you before going in after a self defense since. They provide industry leading education and training in self defense insurance. Responsible gun owners. And while they wanna make sure you protected legally and financially should you ever have to defend yourself. They also want went to argue with the most effective tool they know for self defense. And right now they're putting on one of the biggest and giveaways you've ever seen. They wanna give. Ten people in this audience 15100 dollars to buy the gun of their dreams. Disco to defend them dot com right now to enter for free but you have to err that's defend them dot com. We ten chances than when they got of your dreams defend them dot com. This is going to end very soon so I would encourage you to do it right now. I really have let's see here. On on had to pull it up LO LO. Let us go to. Gary. Duluth New Mexico on the mark live NN power user. They got mark are you okay thank you what Arnold the president goes bad news or trip. And CEO cleans house as he has absolutely nobody in the west wing that has any idea are as a built in congress. Nobody is close ties to get eighty chambers of congress there's letters. Our other co must be somebody like Newt Gingrich to come in and take control. Somebody got guts and she marched in congress knows how does spills. And everybody networks sprint is clueless. And you could tell by what they're doing the first letters someday this. Not get any help. I I think when you add up all their years of experience it comes to about two weeks. A commitment to a job when he does not know how to do it. He's got to have a staff around him as ignorant on this earlier this public you've got to do they should a parent. Infrastructure built first. Cloudless. Seem better. And I can't I can't back and infrastructure bill I just can't. But I do agree needs a new chief of staff and huge shake it up because. These guys aren't cut it and I appreciate it people who who can better. Understand his personality in his behavior and. You know who who are more. More of on hit it on his level if you will. In his mind so they can that press a point. I believe. That makes sense maybe it doesn't. I mr. Witt is sir hurdle we have here let's see. Them. Rhonda. Rhonda and North Dakota that great WZGFL. I can I have a limit today absolutely. Livid. After yeah that elite group that is first that I that the DOJ position. I decided they'd chop threat out there there are a couple of can't headache into Republican Party where Dayton. That got elected that debt off the ground where. That black military that not or is that did all the Blackberry users. Add it up quite a liberal stopping it does but. Why can't they read the it's true that violate her. Where we want to get elected. And I think that senate does that a couple of get appointed Ali is that there. That while less and I don't disagree get the Treasury Department loaded with a left wing Democrats. You've got the Commerce Department top guy is a protectionist Democrat. I got some Liberal Democrats in the inner circle happen to be flesh and blood. And you got this guy Gary Condit who strikes me as a big mouth. And there's no constitutional conservatives around that's the way I would look at and that's what he needs. Some constitutional conservatives with experience who can balance of some ideas with them discuss these fundamental principles because I don't think he'd be going left port. On Israel worry be celebrating a budget that doesn't have one damn penny for the wall are. The phony repeal of obamacare any of that stuff this is this is French preakness he needs to get the big heave ho. Yep it's the claim cops and start all over. Gave a look at other guys that are concentric does but other than that and a pickle and it it it goes right now. Yeah other night and day out. Get them that I can have the vice president air stick to it worked. Now Amanda thank you treat heaven now you don't let them impeach him in the only that I spent. They're already trying to smear pence these people don't give up you don't start throwing the generals overboard and then hope that you'll survive. Fight these bombs. Defeat these bombs victory there's nowhere. We salute armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. America I'll see you on Monday. From the state it is throughout appellation these days. OK keep your eyes her can I wanna show you my first ever painting right okay. Who we. Know they'll. Here's how it ends they'll be asked what do you think. I like Powell. If he's that guy could you could save hundreds of dollars on car insurance yeah that's not true. Here my honey pulling your peak while you call them. Geico because they can pick deeper and more car insurance is all agreed there are.