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America's Stonehenge - who built this pre-historic site and what was its purpose? It resembles other sites around the world, but what is the connection?

May 10, 2017|

Jason Hawes & JV Johnson talk with Dennis Stone about America's Stonehenge. Dennis owns the land where the structure rests, but has spent most of his life trying to discover its secrets. Such sites exist around the world in significant numbers and they all remain a mystery today. Jason & JV also discuss the upcoming event SCARE-A-CON ( 5/10/2017 - Beyond Reality Radio with Jason Hawes & JV Johnson

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I cannot be owned by scientific method. You're six. Send him tall and. Creature that's been seen my many little life you know. And de Ferran good morning mining boom Herron online inning and news features and yeah me. He lying then yeah real mania apple is lying game. It also shape shifting mentioned you. My experience it's an experience. And I. L West Coast Wednesday on the East Coast to many are stuck in between Logan and beyond reality radio myself Jason Hosni always awesome GB Johnson. Great to be here agree to have everybody along when this what you're listening and agreed radio station during the program or online welcomed everybody. Yes you can find those great stations if you haven't figured out what station where on in your area. There were costly updating only you can find that adds beyond reality radio dot com we have a station list there we also journalist I'm on the FaceBook page to make she'll like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. If you do that if you find station Porsche listening to it now fearing a spiked you'll you'll encounter or some great guests like Thorman has tonight. Where are we talking with a animal little suspicious about the whole thing his name is Dennis stone. And he is the proprietor of America's Stonehenge Jimmie can you really have that name. And just coincidentally an opponent Stonehenge I think that works out perfect forum I think it was fate that must have been fate asked via pastor's hate but there is a site in New Hampshire it's known as America's Stonehenge. And day Dennis has been involved with a site for 55 years he's a former airplane pilot for commercial commercial commercial airline I believe he's retired recently. And now on he spends his time on managing and running in and have perfecting of America's Stonehenge. I've been by there I've ever been to to place its own Salem mass belief and and then by empire they're bunched ever checked it out so now. How its sounds and I'm really anxious to learn about it because I know very very little about it obviously. Z Stonehenge that we are oral familiar with this in is in the UK that's one that everybody is could could point out a picture of if they had to. But this is something new and different and double from what I understand there are a lot of sites like this around North America and you know you can hear too much about them. Now but he also yeah. And and I guess I haven't checked on any of the of the sort of it's just. I've seen a lot of rocks in my day but the interest on the well I mean you what you and I never I shared interest in now oak island and pencil and we talked about oak island we've talked about like inscribed stones have been found. Around the northeast that maybe may be or may not have some connection to the oak final thing and I think there's some inscriptions and some of the stones here America's Stonehenge to so. We'll find out more about that would bring Dennis hill Kyle going to be nice they ever had an episode that they found something. Anything you give me something. I have to be at the end of every episode I'm sick and if you don't like to discuss current government out of an hour and a half to be complete completely honest I'm still anxious for united go up their visit the site and into broadcast or something. There Kyra I have to admit that season finale this last year I mean me. They really went for the mother world mother load they spent a lot of money dug into the money pit couples what three holes I think into the money pit area. And came up with nothing. And that's almost that's almost you know a nail in the coffin of the legend dispersed. Spurs I'm concerned but hey maybe maybe they just in the wrong maybe miscalculated in a lot of after it's been moved on an island for a long time so they might be off. Well if you haven't yet this year download the free. Apps for beyond reality radiates you do that Iran have BI at the unreality reviewed dot com we have the IOS in the android app right there. Plea had to do was click on I downloaded it'll allow you to listen to the show alive. Join me online chat or GB and I usually hang around and also catch over the past episodes all free to charge some achieve grabbed it's. You know these are great app just spending download of thousands of times people really enjoy. Yeah well worth it for sure. And then also sub by the FaceBook page also the website if you go to the bogey on reality radio dot com website you can click on the guests tab. And you'll find information about our guests the one we have on tonight plus any of the passions are over there to me you know who Ted Bundy is and oh yeah. Paris so. Ted Bundy and we he was an American serial killer more tuned apparatus. Burglaries are one of the most notorious of all time capsule yeah. He assaulted murdered numerous young women and it throughout the seventies and possibly earlier gets a lot of reports are. But anyway as sort of brave for his death before is excuse and he would admitted to thirty homicides yeah in seven different states between 74 and 78. He started he started in Washington State in the intensity for I think pretty close to the Seattle area was there to calmer something. That's where he started and they just traveled across the United States over to Florida killing all the way actually Tacoma was aware his his house was. So into it that's why I brought this whole thing up bomb and of later saying it thirty homicides through 74 and seventy. But there's a lot of belief Alter that the victim count boom is really much higher significantly on area exactly. So there's an eerie activity reported at Ted Monday's childhood home doom that's got to be creepy enough just to know that this is old hat. Well exactly and a vessel we're just named as a contractor hired to remodel the childhood home of serial killer Ted Monday. Reportedly experience and unsettling array of paranormal activity during job. Located in Tacoma Washington a house has been purchase had been purchased this past September Miami and who was unaware of its history. And simply hope to make a profit by remodeling the home and reselling it to Hillary sends a red flag also was so he's he's saying he bought the house not knowing it was Ted Bundy Sam Zambia is I mean. He shared nobody just came up and made sure they sold yet on us. Net and he wouldn't you think. I I would think so yeah I just don't make a correction era and we will we started talking about America's Stonehenge we said New Hampshire it in the mood yet so illness actually end zone New Hampshire right OK and that's always said we had to recall signature of these say president. New Hampshire not Salem Massachusetts I don't think we said message now I just wanted to be clear personal manager but all right so. And Lewis who's so this guy claims he didn't know anything history on time however for contractor case. Clapton things seemed amiss from his very first visit to the home when he inspected it alongside. With his eleven year old daughter for road down is notes about the job. According to o'clock ten the and has little girl said she felt weird to begin crying until they left the house. The unnerving feeling that was also echoed by a member of the crew the next day when they begin to work on the home. Nonetheless a persistent things began to get. Stranger and and weirder. A classic claims there was one occasion where every door in cabinet door has somehow been left open and even though the house have been locked overnight. And another instance where workers spotted the words pull me Britain on the glass of basement window you. They're terrified when they also notice the word leave Britain in and undisturbed later in dust on the ground. Need contractor asked around the neighborhood and learned about the homes connections we infamous serial killer who is believed to have murdered one of thirty women throughout the seventies. It was excuse in the 89 hum. As such Clapton actually enlisted a pair of pastors to common bless the home an effort to eradicate whatever dark energy was lingering there. Com and the advice in the hole in and the crew actually wrote Bible verses on the wall walls of the home to protect them from whatever had previously played them. They say as of right now it appears the tactics work. Is there were able to finish the work without any further incidents in the house was sold to new owners who apparently never asked to multi homes unique history. So he did the work they went through all the stuff and he ended up selling the house and the buyers were unaware of its history these zone but there have put our laws where. Yes we shoulder and on summer stuff I know there's certain laws in certain states. Where you need to be told if a place has a possible haunt seeing them or whatever but it's neat if something like that I would think that. Yes we shall than someone. Well I I know the law is those laws differ from state to state then I don't know which states have which ones but you'd think. That that wouldn't be something that would be too hard to find out. Or remodel and find a skull mole you'll find the it's just. You're not gonna find a lot of nice things it's just it's just creepy I don't know had a valued by the place and all in hopes of fixing up and sell yet. And not know anything about the history behind it. At what it comes down to. And Ted Bundy. Mean I'm sure everybody around knows exactly rule that's Monday house yet you think they know that now maybe their thought it was an album to. If I don't. I guess I got one more thing. We need to bring up for we go to break here and of course if if anybody's watching the news they know that FBI director James Komi was fired I just make it's very very. Suspect. That the night after we have John d'souza. Who's a retired FBI agent known as the X-Men from the X-Files man. Now we have them on talking about FBI. And secret cases and all the stuff and suddenly the FBI directors fired if we're responsible budget and we were sorry. We didn't mean to reveal all the stuff on there last night but you know just as wanna put that out there he's got enough problems that are critical Lisa if I'm not saying it's awfully that's history such countries who we wanted to get government politics are absolutely no bull we take a break and when we come back we'll bring in our guest we're going to be talking with Dennis stone tonight about America's Stonehenge. You listen Jason. NG EB I'm really really good. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie from years of being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed. Then next Erica time is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see a ban. It's beyond reality radio when Jason Allison GP to answer her telephone number. It's 8446877669. And is that as we get into our discussion about America's Stonehenge we invite you call in. We will take calls what a bit later in the program for our guest Dennis stone but his website by the way is Stonehenge USA dot com. And I would bring him into the show renowned tennis welcome to be on reality radio it's great to have you on tonight. Talk pick occurred so much out of via a appreciate helping out on the street nick. So we look forward. Yeah we do we were really anxious to learn more about the site into your work there on the before we get into that specifically tell also to write yourself. Well I recently retired from the airlines last year and I can't involvement would displace. Began back in nineteen hit DC and I have a son named Kelsey east when he is also a kind of he's an engineer just like a debt is an engineer cadavers and security Jeanne cheap they'll laboratories. About thirty years and I was an airline pilot security by years. And my son an engineer and and a third generation not beat around the place. Sorry you know he gets in Salem Massachusetts Grammy is the only New Hampshire correct. Until he had at opting to confusion especially around October just before we get a lot of people coming up here we're about thirty miles from much they'll match is it. Yeah we are in southern New Hampshire actually so that deck it's confusing at times people out off control to seal mask for us and and we yep people electing her outrages in the Halloween so. That's now announced that it it streak on every October we get that sure. Well it's funny because we're just saying earlier that it was Salem New Hampshire and some some he said make sure you guys say it's Salem national Salem mass and that's where discuss street at seven through their many times to have headed out there especially films Allen had a star island that's. Read off of Salem New Hampshire as well so I spent some time going up there and I keystone hotel from Wakefield so we always used to blossomed through Salem. Well look at where Connecticut did have a beautiful Randall tell you achieve better off debts to Weiner. The Motley Fool you talk in the Mountain View grants up there are you still yeah. Haven't once you get on it. Will grant and I used to own the Spalding in which was a literally and he saw a mile downstream from my own view grants just a beautiful area. It's definitely has an Amish and actually does. Rally racing and he's up there at Kia O'Neal raised it which trigger to reaches of the last we can race. You know when Britain Denis when people hear the name Stonehenge obviously the image that comes to mind is what what you know what. You abuse that you see when you go to the UK in fits of Stonehenge there. And before we get into talking about the differences between your site because there are a lot and what are being a romantic image of Stonehenge is. Tell us about your dad because it was your dad that really kind of took this place under his arms and and made it what it is for you today right. Yeah exactly yep that's right my dad's name is Robert Stone and he grew up in the area are actually you want to introduce to you miles Aaron and able doe the Gary that's January grew up. And what can actually went to the post guiding hand in that could not. In Labrador and nervous interest Izzo is history user interest in vikings user interest in native Americans. Anything to your run time on this or that. Any measure nearly jet skis but migratory and yours right not to park where they discovered the respect settlement on meadow but that was about seven years after you lose there. But it was had a deep interest in sight and out one day out. Is assuming you local Boston station and on Friday night and as a show called making yards on. Just interrupt you quickly I think that's WR KL which is an affiliate of this program so love we love the thought to WRKO. The only amateur earlier and embossed sure yep exactly. And calm the name of the shows Yankee arms and not talk show host or Alter call black intent. And on that you are talking about these strange strong ruins located in Salem incher only about seven or eight miles meridia that yet never at this place. And grew right up like they say it up next door. And I'd really get as insurance and that week it was at a barbershop we have a shortcut it was a at a magazine and this New Hampshire profile magazine from nineteen to choose it was. Three years old and assistant sometime in the summer of 19:55. AME look at the magazine and inside it it does a teacher article all about exchanged on launch a district previously on the radio show this kind of equipment surprised and kind of a coincidence you know it is like art you know there it is again. That we can you is that I got uncle's house which people get aren't Saturday night Eric. Having acted chime as you're playing charge and act on it and during India I think the poppy indigent people or to put the magazine on the table. Andy said he pedigree here there's ways and narrow but that it. Finally got uncle kind of recognized at this Ritchie are used to go there and 1930s in public schools and knuckle opera script Geathers navigating. And a debt goes. Packet and nation well we you know give a shot so that next Sunday at the next day they get report came down here. And I was about one years old at the service stay with grandma. And McCain dominate yet a look around Parker's it was not my act you know and it's there was no up visitors an additional cocked and locked. And had to find a place not at all equipment here and that you know a couple decades and he that the eventually found it in the walked upon it element debt so out of place under the heat. Chanting bands they are all trespass question. And we settled over the time inside the restaurant rated it outside its changing currency. Surrounds the main site which is about one acre in comic acting out you know largest total invasion stories are you know I just kind of blown away by the place. Now Wyatt who who all did at that point one I was who I was or fans around. Yeah actually touched put up but 1937. And so restore our defense appearance in great shape it'll make Mike better Mort that's. Regular chain link fence barbed wire on top and it and it's was put out there and 37 by mr. Goodwin. And it was the first researchers cabinet to query and it was early trade in archaeology but it deep interest in. In history and dumped huge interest in eight American mound so westar is interest to work Christopher Columbus landed. Were with the vikings LB Derrick immediately entity tart so reports that to our our Ireland actually. And you are a couple blocks the truth about we care Sen. It's great Ireland England which primary earlier but this site that they were all fifteen others like England is where you can back in those days in the 1930s. And good whisper rock Connecticut. Andy is getting now on and as you age you assess our depth health problems in the late thirties and early forties you actually ended up in nineteen at the but he Iger Kruger actually start clean the site was covered with debris trees rubble. And its initial thought was at the site was at like settlement. We'll lower hold hold it right there are getting more we got to take a hard bring people we come back then we'll get into little more on this. Loosened Jason and JPM guiana. They beyond reality radio friends and you know most of the guests featured on beyond reality Radiohead books and other interesting offerings for our listeners and now we've made it even easier for you to get ahold of them just visit the beyond reality read your web. Get beyond reality radio dot com and click on the gas tab in the menu better from there you'll see recent beyond reality radio guests with a short five help and some of the things they're offering are beyond reality radio listeners took. Hooked on whatever you're interested in anything order straight from there it couldn't be easier that's beyond reality radio dot com click on the gas tab in the menus and then simply sit back enjoy beyond reality. Don't forget that's beyond reality radio dot com just click on the guest menu headings. An annual fun to watch and thanks for listening to beyond reality radio. I have Jason Hawes Jimmie Johnson can thank you everybody for joining us while the great radio stations across the country that are during the show that are now part of beyond reality roots radio Stanley we. Welcome them and thank them in every listening online to. Yes absolutely we're talking would Dennis stone tonight about America's Stonehenge in Salem New Hampshire so are they Strang our status. Doc thank you very much the adjacent appreciate it. Are so where we left off you were telling us about and Goodwin I mean mr. Goodwin I believe you said he has treated past. I guess that mr. govern from I forget how did you get interested in this site legacy edit deep interest in history and not. It was actually an insurance in their pocket etiquette and and now future outlook extensively here on the West Coast and number curiouser as her early light Kia. You're not you're sitting at this Seattle. Yet political the football team out there in not your purse question. And even went to UConn do in a gold pressure again actually this kind of an adventurous diet you actually was in invoked so that eight American I'll tell us to. In US so first cut energy Kenya more in actually and data packet today edit what to attend the initial. Early American EG collection put together by the bulk of them to or more indicted yet 1913 so that is a bit younger than I am. But not so good Burnett Turkish side 1936. Drugs are set aside 36378. Urges a site that achievement and checked the main site which is about an acre. And ordered you know. Excavate the site. Do some restoration work on it. Anyway to keep people out of their coaches some gamblers and you know he wanted to keep the ecological they can't mr. Earl outsiders. Now when he died 1950. Degree you build a site cheered the gentleman actually needed to to decide the guys at Malcolm Pearson. And he's huge amount it was announced she is it. And Malcolm actually just passed away at 99 years old just a couple of years ago and my dad. That's my dad. You know ended up purchasing the site that Malcolm Pearson back in 1960 but I bet the visiting this site. And they were arrangement. To my dad took each side so years in nineteen idioms Brussels this. Which are distraught daughter dispel our security and realized it was a summer solstice but they open the place up for the first times or a panel and almost sixty years. When you when your father first started. Kind of exploring you know all after he after he bought it and decided he wanted to I think Cubans of one of the purposes was to open it to the public. What did you have any knowledge to the understand what this the significance of the site was it's time. Just a real action and an interest and you are aware. You know people coming to and will possibly be for you know. Christopher Columbus like the vikings. So when you look and say thank you pick industry is rated B yeah actually. Product that the vikings had actually settled an analog to go from Canada. But yeah I really didn't you know he didn't we still don't today really know exactly who the builder and yes of course still the gold as we're aware they came from. What happened to the builders with the use this site for and there are many many. Sites actually since my dad where's. You know became. Involved it is they do well actually mr. governor about it being sakes and be. Today our candidate to the mid Atlantic states so they liked about 800 sites have been located. Love it its sights ever really strong resemblance to some of the stone structures that are site. So that's another question now we're at some besides they'll put this thing people that you know it comes up. When you look at the resemblance side shape or Haitian structures some of the features structures. It depends distinct culture you know like a hostile building we call it culture or that. Calm so we have a cat I mean the guy got seven years ago. And you know it again yet yet you still don't get all these questions you know this regularly has. Well don't believe it's historic everything it's. Prehistoric site and between carbon dating an astronomical data are from Serbia he worked there we didn't 1970s. Yes the date that we are around 2000 BC on any site. Com deep do a propagating from another place. Outside the main site it might be middle archaic market. And it needs to about 7400 years plus or minus couple hundred years. That was taken in 1990 Butler during a complete studied hundreds of acres of paint six about it urged on by an inch in Connecticut and they can change walls astronomical alignments. Com we kept chambers out there are some possible restrictions outside sure plus all quarry sites where these fixed collapse strong European. Extracted from the that proximity storms wait for the big trip slouch in the age site where age around fourteen times and it took a lot a lot of work to. Did you adopt the bedrock. Editors believe it it is an optimist it took an awful lot of work still to extract these fixed laps. And it cheaper transport and inflation into destruction and we got about thirty don't talk to your last. 035. Years AME troublesome and just recently all the big slap to prop up officially by somebody in at least that its strength in the LG bit. Technical percussion waking. And now a late dock the it is too much at least in this strategy. 197080s. Past recently as this donation and the nation and yet doctor historical apology. I have a doctorate ecology and eat eat eat your ears and it really showed us out these storms are actually east. Quarry using its storage technology automatically each technology it has achieved an error at a starter or are used to extort inched down. But on many many times you know scale. And he's a Wallace laps groups collapsed vertical slots called or steps which are all slaps in the law. Instantly the astronomical alignments and one of the big features sacrificial table. As you know. It has not met metal tool markings in the quarry site start from or on the store shelves it's to get storage technology yours during the construction of this. Now did you say that there is actually writing on some of the stones. Yes Tom effect sort of the chambers got the chamber in ruins such an interest to structure right Michael site. And actually ever in 1960. Or Gary you're inside it they were trying to remove your troops lab dish slab out 6000 pounds and as a don't shoot well that collapsed into the structure sometime in the app street journal and but they're gonna try to get twos don't out of their ink clean out the structure we need extra eight inside a bit you know rock next and possibly restore. They didn't have equipment didn't have the money didn't have the resource to do that thank you Fort Dix don't get out of there and post onto. Bullet they did tigris. Two storms that strange markings and it shall put on display for eleven years in a visitors owners unknown. Possible you know inscriptions. But 1975 Dokic very help for our university. Burst into our site any inch steady and not only those cheers. Stone to markings but we have also count a couple of others in the meantime. And this. It's studied these stones is is. Jake was at one album what is hyperion Unix or the nation. It was found a match neighbors can have a triangular shakes down and he actually interpreted it said that. Debt structure was shot temple dedicated to all be detained and I just. And the second story can auditors also triangular but this kind of get image onto Citic can we translation part of the missing. Glacier it was Libyan. And it didn't drop where he says is Celtic program so it became her controversial. But these restrictions from Edelman Anna island open main problem on an island. Oh down to Brazil and and Ali Al Calgary that Oprah wrote in palm Alberts editor net area. On it and name any placed United States a lot of these don't sound actually 1000. Pound opt central South America this seem to be. Evidence of gold will contact. In icy road America PC bronze age our current shocker marker eco store in 1994. Black itself did you take your income and counselors were these people coming from Spain and Portugal. And it was melting pot clinics but the conditions were they at a Libyans are there in the church there in any it was stepping off placed tribute comes to the to the American actually. So yeah we upfront market share and this couple that are just like I do your capping it just simply looks like that there's another one of bird in an arrow. And and as an Errol copping and a couple other products true. But you know you don't seem to be treated protection. You know languages. Now again and going to missed it a couple steps back Dennis. When we say Stonehenge people think of the gigantic stones that are standing straight up was a stone spanning two stone you know the with a bit. Then there's the classical version we're familiar with from the UK. How is she how is your site different from that give us that good how you know this this darkness of the differences. Yeah eyesight actually cup is a big area that started at the start budget picture or times over the years. It's a veggie really eke it out so that they can pitcher rounded as the Aubrey holes out to six that. It has a burger at large don't integrity urgently with the thirty. And circle them that trial on in the center and in the loose don't. Pop art site is functionally perishable stone and it does the assault assist our boxes that has crosscourt days which are like me urged Iraq expert about urged and now to commit that you're Gerson a commenced. Yeah it also has well Carolina to our site has Seng bank. And we also have star alliance. So I'll instructional he's very civil outstanding analyst with the subtle actually rise and set over. In Stonehenge you look at the heels don't let something like ours on the mid summer solstice the site goes over the guilt that's quite. Similar to what we see our site but it looks so much their and to our site. Our site a small election Medea the medical XH and Europe and I. I don't know the audiences you know familiar with you know they know what Stonehenge but they rob Mikell excites besides don't change. In Western Europe just over 50000 arms candidate bureau or the British Isles credit to the Iberian peninsula that I just mentioned. And to go east in ignored across Greece Italy. Into the Middle East and and they go into the Ural Mountains out black around the blacks you rusher China India. To Korean Peninsula attic I think the highest density of nickel that excites about a 100000. Com you know also. Hi and I just found itself recently there and Australia this. Google Australian Stonehenge. Is something revenue its its really a cool site it is. Creative with these gigantic stones. It's a little bit like Stonehenge but you know it's kind of around circle of stones. Are any on I just discovered recently is. Done or South America it's called Amazon Stonehenge it's in urged Maggette it's right on the personal border so it seems like there aren't six out of seven confidence. Com and make Olympics say basically to Greek words meaning or future Greeks don't make us is huge or great in that knows this don't smoke. Huge don't site. It aren't you look at some of the features on our site you can compare to switch in Ireland. You know in in the Netherlands. This ain't practice structure. Besides that shaped in an orientation that you brought we have destruction property. It's shaped like a wedge in and Ireland have switched my dad night that it goes in 1980 trio one or strip so there. And it didn't. This size shape looks like air the any alteration out west and RPI. Usually the only structure our site it's not be ignored SE question actually patience thing directions or questions like entirely. It and so does a lot of in Energy East question Aybar right extort. Enacted in France in an all in an obstacle in Spain and up and Ireland. They're called Gallagher acres in the ultra twenty to sixty people link the whole east and west chew. You know looks so much like our chamber called east question you know it just a couple of. Just. Yet just a quick question for we have to jumped out here if there's if there's so many sites he's at 50000 across Europe. If so many of these sites in the hope very very strikingly similar features. And we know when they were created there was no form of mass communication. There was some migratory you know a bit nomadic peoples that would move from place to place but. That it's so similar and so many continents involved here how what how these. It's structures ending up to be have the same perfect purpose so similar in the in construction. Is there something bigger play here. It might see I mean it's arguments going on about that they actually stretched you know. It people traveled fast this is exchanging ideas that you know diffusion of my ears and good and you know that kind of thing. I the other right here is independent tension you know people that this on their own it never talked to be other people and it just an inch and it should now. I think people striving you know troubling you oceans is immense highways and you're traveling in Germany say it spread. And it think that's what this static applying you know that people charting much further. Used to think you know great distances and more often. And that's why I think he's sites so alert and instructions would yeah they are. In fact attic you know instructions delicately show other people they trust to Atlantic Ocean currents and sent. Probably the Pacific Ocean true but the right to associate hot. Albeit a questioner I think it's as people were communications when other yet on you know that each each struggled especially sure. Yeah we'll talk about little bit more guest is Dennis stone we're talking about America's Stonehenge. I ran into a quick break two more to come and listen Jason's. OK okay you've heard me talking about scary time but now is the time to make your plans to attend the celebrity guest list is being assembled the movie premieres are being planned the parties are being organized and the point is guaranteed the next Eric Kahn is scheduled for June 2 through the the fourth in Springfield Massachusetts is a great town that I did even better when scary time arrives to court details and keep track of the latest insult this. The website that's silicon dot com that's scary time. Dot com we'll see get there and. I really really Jason and James. And or in the middle lowering conversation Dennis stone from America's Stonehenge in the website is Stonehenge usaid dot com. And did. Dennis we're gonna direct phone Jerusalem pets and people waiting in a hole for quite awhile some questions would just. And this is going to be a short segment because we want long last time so let's bring in Nina from California Nina welcome to be on reality radio. Good look from the shock. Well I was wondering Dennis. I don't know if you heard they line over and original stone and in the UK. I guess somewhat familiar with the late lunch. I didn't I didn't let anything don't like that overseer what the American dollar and oh Ehlers. You look at that and 1970s there are couple stage equipment that are like I choose double climate. It a couple of the other astronomical alignments in recently my son Ike is actually recently that. He was critical error in not Google Maps Google Earth is going much of the alignment spit Ian it's ecology at the time that he was you know. I'll pull her out the computer and went out on yes a missile shot I lie to you don't act shape. But it did into the artistic skills. That that your quote rice and teachers did not initial steps that a little chicks don't that they ash issue on the that the arch. In the hills about five miles away. Anyone on that line from the center at the site. To get stone. Trust the ocean is kept going with it and it cannot set an what's gonna. Interest in. And down changes in jail on it being you know it yet been to stone and Stuart you know back in the or view several years ago. In or at Stonehenge and at future changes daily thought that it went right cute Stonehenge in it actually goes that the large. Harsh shaped Charlotte on to coaster the largest donors are. There Atlantic coast dirty curator outreach center good. And I'll try to topple other capital Lima like the salt alignment it does go jury yet to cheat mount an Indo regrets change its shape like a turtle can look down. Premiere it's only at others down. Good out into South America goes much PG. Pete winter solstice sunset Coastr. The heritage you rich Utica. And the equinox project mr. chapel Kenyan. And equinox. Sunrise grosjean beat pyramids over and need Canary Islands which I mean aren't all that much a bottle they only became aware of those last juniors and arrogant kid area out at. Dermot but you're really cool looking at and it satellite circuit itself. I don't have a 1927. Books from -- are locked in its quantity yeah original I think it's called the the late doctor and into the book. But at 1927 we get it upstairs and art museum yourself. It is going to be stressing to us street journal it's a coincidence but we can tell people that work she used well cooler. Mean that was a great question thanks so much for calling in we appreciate that. Dennis who get about a minute before we have to jump to break I know the support. Currently available. I think your father Broder some to tell us about the book in the minute we have before it could break. Sherri I brought to brought in 2003 the biggest help America's Stonehenge the mystery tilt story. Any any and I did eke out where that coupled with the book the other and it's like a block out we count on a lot of things substantial gonna come out with a brand new book. But the book talks all about astronomy. The history at the site with how he got all that the archaeology the geology at the Hilltop. On the kitchen to they are taxed the cabin dating and certainly there was an astronomical I'm so covers all ouster and things done over the last sixty years is like alien that it goes back. Into the good Landon preclude an era the site choose it's actually pretty good book and we're. Going to be up we got a new book I think within the next Jiri got to kind of Britain but not yet got a predator. Great will only come back from break we're gonna get Indus more than details don't talk about the sacrificial table that's their job is actually what I wanted to get into his wells so for the as you listening were talking when Dennis stone about America's Stonehenge if you have any questions give us equality for 46877669. And missed all free at 844687. 7669. We're gonna take quick break and we come back we have a lot more questions for Dennis. He'll soon Jason. NG HTM beyond really really. It's Tuesday on the West Coast on Wednesday in the East Coast to many were stuck somewhere in between welcome beyond reality reading list. Myself Jason Hawes and the always awesome GB Johnson it's great to be here I love. Every night of the show but tonight's pricked particularly fun make as we're learning about something. And you know we're all familiar with the great big one that's over in the UK we've all seen pictures of that which I let the business and you've never been there and abused and I had been I've been to the UK many times you guys have ever been by stone and judgments. Many other plays hellfire caves and all that stuff but never start and be neat place to visit some time in and and and I know there are a lot of places like that they don't have quite as much notoriety. That are equally fascinating those attempts things to slow learning about. On the thing is especially when it comes down to New Hampshire ami you and I were big snow all dealers wee wee small wheels through someplace we probably shouldn't in New Hampshire. But we've come across the AN UECNN has some be some weird things when you're out there in the in the mountains with and let alone when these weird cabins and middle of nowhere with animals hanging off porches which we've we've seen as well yeah no way to get there or get out. Mom but yes so. But since it is so I'm sure there's a ton of these places that still just either has just. Over stuff from over grown over it nobody really realize it's there right or. Or at other or people just don't talk about so far it's it's amazing. It is and will be bringing Dennis stone in he is from America's Stonehenge we'll bring him a little bit in the program talk about that would disagree just commit the next couple nights do. We do tomorrow or enemy talking with Daniel until ski a longtime activist for a while the women's spirituality. And the divine feminine. Famine and return some little lost on that subject yet well I dole which within liberating the which would then I'm not sure. What to make of it but I'm sure gonna get a good. Lesson on it tomorrow night at and go to yup the Thursday Lauren delegate is a critical care physician she works very very ill patients in the icu of a hospital. And she has Ben trained troops to care for the very very sick but it. Her training never prepared for her for a encounters with the unknown. Over the past twenty years she's heard numerous mysteries and beautiful stories that patients have are returned. From the brink of death to share with her she's gonna share some of those summer many are incredible and life affirming. I should be and journal in these miraculous moments on and as she's written a book about it and she's gonna share some of those experiences with us. Or in the south that's the thing a lot of people don't realize that hospital tends to be one of the most haunted locations. Altar because especially with icu intensive care units and stuff. It's where people. Initially passed a lot of people initially passed well at that point it's there having their out of body and and so forth com. There's there's a lot of things that tend to really beat at hospitals. Are people just don't realize they're dead they're scared of graveyards where people in the 45 days after re dead. Com but the hospital is where a lot of people in mission this where they lose their life know this were a lot of for a sense it is and and real psychics. Have a hard to have a hard time. Yes there there and there are murdered and there's just so much energy and so many of these things around that they just don't know what to do. Yeah and and then just the institutional nature of them to make some concrete places especially if they're closed down hospitals. Aaliyah and there have been many of those and even a filming on the show goes on we and a lot of my clothes are hospitals or it will old tuberculosis clinics around insane asylum as you know you name you know. But if you haven't yet had over in wake FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio that's the main page for a for the show and also head over to beyond reality radio dot com. You can find the stations we err on the arrow cross country were constantly updating it. He can also click the listen live listen right on line join online chat or javy and iron usually with a great community of people that are in the back. But you can also download. The android in the IOS app right from the website it's totally free. And it allows you to listen to the show lives you can chat. From the app as well and you can catch you can listen to the past episodes as well I'd know oxman no cost so again it's all free but that's IOS and android apps are available right there on the beyond reality radio dot com sort. Yes they're great to have makes listening and doing all the things associated with the show a lot easier but speaking of shows and things to be doing and do. We've got is just couple minutes for a take a break and bring Dennis and but it. This right now are online dating yeah well and and then after that would get this other thing going on to all alone all the time he scared and that's. Yes scary kind which by the way if if you're a fan of paranormal stuff or your fan of like scary movies Halloween stuff whatever scare con is a week and you're not gonna wanna miss and I'm a cryptically talked to the listeners of their show that hail from. The Boston area listening on our great affiliate WRK a lot of Boston. It's that this event is going to be held and in no Springfield Massachusetts it's a very short drive from Boston. Saddam's hometown and Steve insults hold hometown he'll be joining us there as well. There'll be about twenty celebrities and all parties. Film screenings. Panel discussions. Presentations Q&A sessions it's a whole weekend full of a great time. So cane hunters going to be keen hotter not the Jason from Friday the thirteenth Kia and canes are very good friend of mine and we turn the transfer -- he's huge paranormal Boston's well yeah. Yes in fact we've got a trio of guys who were calling the try fear. Consider trifecta clever all right for your horror it's Cain hotter. It's a Sid Haig who refuse seen any idea that like the double rejection beaters so since it's insane music great guy and a very very a survivor is all sorts of stuff and then now Tony time who's known as best known as the king amendment involvement. Tons of horror films and they're gonna be there. Plus plus many many others can be great time great weekend. Yes emaciated and you go to Salem Khan dot B Garrett conduct themselves and all the way just at Salem con she's worked very had all the Salem talked to my. Carry on dot com China one and yeah and check it all I'll put you come on over join us Steve's going to be hanging out with us and the nice thing is for old world just. It's easily accessible I mean everybody's hanging Allen having good time you know we get talk and hang out fans and it's just it's it's a fun time. Yeah it's anybody's been to a convention like you know comma kind of somebody who that is familiar with long crazy lines waiting for hours to to meet a celebrity they're trying to meet you would guess what I stopped dorm and this is nothing like that this is much more into men. You get to spend time talking to people have drinks in the bar later with the same people it's a really great time or remember a couple years back I did drags on I love trying combo we we had a line of who it was like 2500 people. In line. Four and that went on for three days straight. I mean we have it was seeking people for hours or five hours to get up to the table or grant myself and Steve for a missing that's ridiculous it is crazy but you know as one of the things we try to avoid a scare coming into let's take a break when we come back will be talking about America's Stonehenge with Dennis stone it's beyond reality. It's your car. Cancer record for a federal government in the dates are set a couple weekends whatever but it is now my everyday now so it's just welcome back to show it's beyond reality radio Jason Hawes JV Johnson or telephone numbers 844687. 7669. It's time to start talking about America's Stonehenge. That's still a guest is Dennis don't tonight. Dennis has been working on the say Dennis for quite some time. How here's disband and that you've been involved. Here's your dad started view there obviously your continuing. Through these years how many years you've been involved in working on this particular site known as America's Stonehenge. You now com. Inadequate 1969 I was putting bumpers stickers on current subtle about 48 years ago much. Egypt India began guiding and that's another researcher early it would meet began Europe Nike shirt in the guide now so I quite awhile now over forty partners now. Now and all the time that you and your family have been involved and actually pre dating your family's involvement has anybody been able to with any certainty or any confidence. Determine who actually built the structures. Knowledge still it's still a question we have you know with the builders and site. Oh yeah securities in some markets supported by evidence top. But we noted Americans were in New Hampshire going back about China and between China 121000 years as a about tree site search. On the Merrimack River which Jews are forget that appeal Leo. And up toward 101000 years old and opted not to New Hampshire it chapters and it is like to do work that's over 101000 so. Often we're astronaut who was here 4000 years ago that people are here mature much earlier than going back to appeal it outside period. And so we don't need Americans are all Amish Culture could ever collision course shall we are pottery at aged between 2002008. Hundred years old that's middle woodland period artery. Italy on day week Aum popped TP diameter all the staying with the post wedged it to support this weeklong. Era pocket mod has got thirty Peter crossed to fire pitched one dated 2000 years old alligator uncertainty literature itself. But tickets out possibly able world. Group of people coming over year two's new world. Because in the first ballot the structures the instructions. In their push change all over the northeast. Dark and very tell what debt. Play acknowledge her as validation gorgeous you know well and economically. A comedic art capital watch court Chico what you want these names their record grant mr. regret that not only eight American. Think gaelic they establishing meeting. So Merrimack or it has a certain meaning behind it over near the sort of the world across the ocean has as saying we're witnessing actually don't list upon list that. Placed beings that are the same words the team meeting on both sides the ocean but no we can't really. He is currently don't have conclusive. Evidence Esther who built the site we believe it's not 2000 years old and we think it might be related to somebody at the sites in the northeast. And it looks like it might have been old world visitors coming over here in sharing some of the right gears the built this site and other such true. Though Dennis tell me about the sacrificial table. The US settler. Oh yeah that's one of the main peaches it's. It's quite a large cushion stowed it weighs about Ford have tons and there's they'll shape. It's set up on four legs. And doubt it has a crew brought it in until recently we thought it was a rectangular drew approximately four place XP. But actually trapped resort measure recently and it's. Not least an English measurement speak yet people know what the crew. So we did some apple measuring out just this past year. It would it looks like is it might be based on what they called a nickel to yacht in this is that measurement used in nickel addiction each year. Op pickle that the judge is thirty Q which is point six before. It is also think all the medical that they rod which is to capitol secure arts which have been used over there quite a bit. And enable it to out them which is app for nickel jacket and that they able to catch. Did you sing an up which are treating recently got an nom so to our current they thought it. Measurement of 83 centimeters in also a 166 double that. Only in South America but in Mexico like catching mature content on its measurement there ID three centimeters. And add couple switch in Louisiana like that. How Walker's break achievement should occur we patient in away and Shreveport Louisiana are scrawled. Property point. It Bolton besides ship those measurements and AD trees centimeters or. And I am getting a little bit mixed up part duck that like corporate debt over two inches and comes out the 32 point 64 inches so. This agreement seems to be something it's used in both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. And we measure the crew on a table emissions one point five cent nickel degenerates where the autumn. And one preacher part but the talk and the sides of the group are true. Nickel to catch a section Trappist article mention it in a wicked witch it was torn up nickel at the jets at the widest point and that is the talk with a dull trying to. Before it's narrower again is about. I think that was true medical did you action it's it's one Michael kitchen are both the deadlock. But these are kind of preliminary out measurements we're dealing immigration that change that's attached to actually called the oracle chamber. The largest churches to let our site it's a well almost thirty. Is not questions a little bit under that sort of inertia that comes out to an equal number eight medical Q actual law. It is shaped like a lie in cash. Catch actually dead inside a late touchdown against Firestone closets. If you guys according to your accounting error Kotnik. It has Q underground rainstorm drenched intact visible pitino from on site or hold their network of storm drench there were built. Our before people destruction should keep dispel holes so they tried basically goes well engineered. And the nickel the cheaper talk Padilla over the Dutch range and up should in the oracle chamber has a chin Dick poster from the oracle shape that you on the need to shark partial table. It's bought a six point troop 14 Y eighty brought up a tall. It exercise you're chambers don't step to actually on the bedrock that they are not there when they quarry floor. They actually got two steps of some era by an upbeat talk stand on the step yelled through this troop. And the voice comes out and need to cable. And opposite that. Oracle chamber there's a plaque will rock with a degree yeah. And interest in talking to rip I can accommodate gives you sixty people out there. You could look down at the table at a ceremony yet there's orange coming out so it's Kirk prequel. Jack hadn't. It's couple structures when he decided via cable to better they just don't make sense for a you know so people say what are the three carries in that. It was built by eight you know as the settlers in each cartridge you know. Org eight Americans go to which is possible or that it's old world that's occurred Gary old world visitors. But there's no reason for farmers and got the general detail that it actually occupied part of Google Talk. We're shoe makers should now during nearly seventy particularly acute that it just does not look like a bomber. Shoe shopper like. Let's see if we can squeeze in a quick phone call with had a bunch of people waiting on hold this is Barry from North Carolina very welcome to be on reality radio. There are Jason and gave me god short of fantastic. Program. Danys. EO IA long game encyclopedia. Other implementation about this. Picked up thank you either her article on governor appreciate it thank you were a much. Well thought out there across. Oh Vermont New Hampshire Maine and I'll play it that's how wait to. I come anywhere close do you is it causes your mom I'm in New Hampshire. We're actually beer out route 93 were all five miles and a broad coalition Austin goes right to our state capital are at new Hampshire at the white mountains. Such brutality is really the closest wrote you know interstate highway all the I ouch that. No problem what I look what color it adds up. Hospital somewhere out there and 99 AM my my my problem name has been announced that are out there. Wholesale and out here and as a topic. I got a budget but not Carolina Ares in the west are not Carolina he's out there right now this week. You know that tickets are 37 degrees out right now it appears brought cooler so I don't know how yeah doing technical and continue to act bottle it and actual. I eat he's right on deeper very western part of I think he has done a great Currie a chart it I think it's ironic. They bury bury we've got less than a minute here did you have a specific question for Dennis and why he cut off here. I'm site. I need eagle couldn't tell. But listen. This hour walk we apple actually true tale outlaw Russia walk around 600 miles of it has to look over my alcohol. And outlaw octave from the scandal today. Down through New Hampshire. And do Ron Mott. And I came across most appear history local markers. Talking about these mounds and so forth. And how much I can I'm not sure war and a war Holbrooke that crew creatures. The people that it civilization as it did it. But god most of this year or creative. And they are hard to believe so things and I've been assassinated. That I got near the show tonight Jason gave me thank you particularly on the loan. Oh to take it up to let us know good luck to all you as a candidate and figure it got way you can. Thank you very much and I'll appreciate. There were gonna take a quick break do we come back more and listened to. Radio and TV or phone receipt for 46877669. And we're in the middle talking about America's Stonehenge and our guest tonight Dennis Stalinist. Can almost a lifetime of experience at that site plus he's looked at a whole bunch of other ones. His website by the way is Stonehenge USA dot com. And Dennis we appreciate you being here who. When you look at. America's Stonehenge your site in New Hampshire Salem New Hampshire. And you compared to other sites around the world are there any that you would say Arab Muir images are very very very similar. Com and yet this couple actually like dimension data over an hour or so a couple things that just likes our structures. The scores chamber that they. 2000 mangle it excites and and I spent over a week they're struggling around here you know one after the other shot so they don't like ours that Giffords and hours as it's trying to. Many distractions and Ireland to try from one to the other you know may be up a mile mile the other. Next to each other throughout our Q a better you know post by Bernard site has got a condensed a lot out like we 11 acre we have about. About twenty. To just week by teachers in net acres two structures all kind of pressed together. It's so you'll see a bit like via the oracle chamber at the east west chamber on which you. Up the apt to act or on it'll just consistency when you're over in Ireland urged the (%expletive) out. It would difference to an estimate for it's that look just like Terry's question eager I was you're election page 84. But our site actually update you know it beat dozens reasonable omitted people make a look excite you keep Google that. Ideals she's somebody that 8000 technical experts are on the world and at pitches that our site. Which just looking at it a few moments ago to get about four like pitches. Senator Americans don't which is pretty good out there actually tried it on all the other. Rewards but out in Spain Portugal there's like should it look in cake to despair witches came out latitude there or on. Iraq site should look very hurt much like hours. Now when it comes down to listen to the sacrificial table arm and we have that has there ever been any stole the skeletal remains or anything found on the property around there that would make you assume that that. Table is sacrificial table. But that's a great question we just don't know. We've got bumpy and the bone bone and ligament last about 2300. Years. It did it. Because to be acidity of the solo. They dissolved back into the sort of and our archaeologist at work with a suppressed an intra ecological staged this strategy united. I think Gilchrist peaceable achieve sound there's a few years ago is around a thousand years old England that's kind of rare. Arm but it mr. Goodwin had been more Kapalua it used techniques used techniques in 1930s or. I'll be you practiced yet today. Are they would architect of civility chambers perceptual laboratory analyzed in it would check the chemicals. In east chemicals that traces were actually I guess an idea what that series are for real purposes and not. But unfortunately got a nanny was looking for big out of that she can hold yet. They beat up these neighbors out they clean them out and archaeology basically dig it does it is destructing even which based techniques but it's much much better you know that you utilized so much much. Trapped which today you're just look at try attached to be done many many stone tools in response also just don't tools plus historic at a backstroke. But the chaebol are Gupta wondered if it was any blood stating that we can actually tell. They have a Inco approaching analysis you can check Errol alleged actions anything bad happens down. In eco aware perpetual. And down the eagle tortured Cilic what they call Mike Fisher in the can extract the other Cherry Hill senate to a laboratory. And it can tell you it gets blood can tell you pitching a couple of human Annika go back. Like think about 101000 years that this process so the table has also got a little cracks at it interest if they could. You know extract that can check it didn't find out at tactic that was ever used an act on purpose you know so the technology it because their. And it sure in the future the technology be even better but it cable's been exposed to Wear it during perhaps a thousand years you know so. Lot of the yet they can minister should be wedded away you know. But in a micro in a little crack that might be so mature that we can actually look at Sunday on say yes or no it now either way. Yeah. When you do your research and I'm sure you viewed you know looking in every source that you can and did you ever find any references to the side in any you know earlier colonial. Reports are literature or any thing that is you know pre modern. I the erosion really have is in the late eighteen which and they write history Salem. And up and it in the tournament in the aggregate but he talked about a wonderful. Place among the shop pines crop oldest rule with chills BP Walt when he talks about other. That should make it the county jail in the gimmicks and other blood shall land back in 7040. War which was part of the keel. And then about Kenya thirty porch get injured keep order portrait but not the peaceable and and then by age seventeen hit the children incher was actually it. Incorporated are actually part of Massachusetts until 1741. So older so you know in the attic and he was here but it'll. Really make any note at this site. Until each and it would not the grandson of that kind of purse pocket properties mr. audit and yet ticket so and it quickly infamous mother. And it lives and a Hilltop until about 18498. Passes away. Unfortunately during that time they yacht caddie actually had. Or even come to this Hilltop and started removing some instructions and they were recycling stones or local gold project. And we estimate they may be about a third to perhaps up to the site which actually damaged by these people. So the caddies are really building are actually in the process destroyed. But that's true a lot of sites you know to go to Ireland she. Now they'll encourage and the world heritage site so bench continue to look at them as you like to craters and a couple of these chambers like that they now. But earlier eighty trio were asked why is that why aren't technician initial well during the K okay. Gently put some people to work building wrote that strategist taken structure partners in Iraq's wrote it now yeah it as a lot of suspicious change you know. I was I was going to ask for the number of structures that were aware of there's got to be maybe as many that has been destroyed or completely lost a vegetation or whatever happens to be in the and you know that when these early years early settlers were. Expanding into you know wilderness of what is now the continental United States if they came across structures like that and they were building something that they probably thought would say nothing of just taking the stones in using them for other purpose. And I actually happened exactly and even in the 1960s. And I think what sport any private schooling and around Boston and there're couple chambers that are eaten and a lot that they are. My dad ditched our research organization Nike sixty fours to Rauch is competently antiquities research association a nonprofit group. Any ever really nice website out based gallery of photographs of these sites. And idiot meeting story towards year. Turkey just at a recent meeting Democrat Connecticut orders are straight doubt that it covers 200 acres go out the country want sites very close and and eighty days to correct the navy actually has instructions urged. People not Q what mr. bill tantalizing you know that which is kind of nice. Or we just found out doors next doors don't intend can etiquette in Chicago from last well into being a couple by gentleman that lived there. And it stuck to it I never knew it was getting nickel to type sites there but there's over 8000 teachers in one town to property are square miles. And they have another thing that we just aren't regional at our site at about 400. Circuit change shape walls. And Easter really basic it's kind of like the circuit on an Ohio speech and a strong. And there's about four letter that went out and need to collection dish bring it up there but are showing pitcher the pitcher. And these things are recognized knows where world of schools scholars the archaeologists and historians things are all of a link states. I was not only stoning can go to next or pension law and there's a late term Colorado shall understand Terry got things started east in Colorado serpentine walls arms being expelled. One of the serpentine Wallace looks like one of denying that we found we shall our site lashed out that's one of the new developments here. We have got about nine of the each state cheap false. And it really interest in Adam might do it to constellation Draco you know the track and in brought it down to earth they done that and Ohio this one can't just as happened. Launch area and as one of Scotland that was on the America under hundreds surely Scott Walters. Com indie shows on at this critical although this certain things seem to be a worldwide thing also circuit worship. You know we've had start on the show in the past arm and bomb it and that's the thing we. It it seems like when. You're gay you're getting these people on these scholars and everything else they tend to only look from. Pretty much in Jamestown and Plymouth Rock on then they don't want they don't really invests any time into anything else because it might change some of the history. That's already been written. About a bulk. Of the US senate and who was here and that we now we know the vikings were here prior to Columbus and all that stuff now. Armed and it just seemed like they don't wanna invest the time or the effort into. A lot of the things that predate that. Absolutely right about at Kana dot medic can only take that. You know this is the way it is absolutely you know this it is any age is any stone ruins in northeast oracle bike I should other sellers should now. And did not teaching you know so that's that's. It is gamut from art this Samuel Eliot horse and it was kind of against could went back in the paint thirties and I think he guided intensity I. He should basically explores before Columbus and the acronym that go. But he guidance at least five but by 1968 at Doherty true and it you know like it needed Q. I'm instrument can edit or. And he did make a comment about that seem well ridiculous into certificate but the actors actually beat a lot despite and gears now that should be something it now. Needs we status don't rate Narragansett Bay ray here in Ireland already here Rhode Island that was that had done that the writings on that from the vikings now of course somebody over the last. Twenty years who has come in and and taken install it but the fact of the matter is used to be able see the stone during low tide I used to I used to go up there in my vote and see the stone Anselm. Other soft at least not that I think recently it was Scott Walters is here several weeks good. I believe it was the the you know the state police state attorney general and ninety nearer and historical society he actually at this don't back Marie quietly term. The person I expect. And it's somewhere in storage got you a kernel which accessible to the you know out to people at visitor right now. But the good news is it was corporal waddle has stolen and it's back now access that's special. Nesbitt that is what you are we we got a bunch of things to fit in just ten minutes here wanna take a phone call this is Vince from Missouri Vince so welcome to program. They've got to play tonight. We will welcome Michelle what's on your mind we don't have a lot of time. All right no paramilitary and a time. All right. What do along the path loans are allowed plant. Absolutely it does come goes the government over the coming ago that Georgia got down four Watson got to say about. The Georgia died stones what do you think Dennis. Are they is coming go I had others deciding just where debacle the big into account George you're edged actually on our winter solstice alignment issue it you know what did you it's got an. Circuit chief law among other things that they. The site which is something that just became aware about a month ago I opt out it was a question but tourists are really cool side in Georgia it's called the true. Thanks and thanks for the comments. In a couple of minutes that we have left again I got to introduce another. Aspect of all this tonight kind of asked the question earlier when I said there's so many similarities. And actually some B home identical features. These structures that span. Basically every continent and for people to travel. To be you know across the world. At that time is a very very difficult thing to to to. Expect I mean it's it's still it's easy to travel was still kind of difficult and and there's no mass communication so. What the idea that there was something otherworldly involved with the structures. Well the the show on History Channel really gets into that. Com you know about. Some other worldly type of it's intentional destruction Asian out. Com what I like about that you're particularly initial sites they'll you know they go to besides make sure you say to that in an extra time but still. Like I didn't know that so addictions to did not it is beautiful out. It'll. Photographs of the site to that they can get their interpretation possible there is streak I think something like extraterrestrial. Something like that. Get ready you'll shares animate object actually you know be interrupted journey. You result steps and aided by the psych 20. That could be like it or jury but. By whatever our church has yet they traveled across the light years to get here why there's don't so crippled peacock in other not tricked a week would wager being kind of anxious. But I think it's probably more you know that a church you know ancient people or aging it is dying like state tradition riding into a parched in. Just have to my dad die 2000 guide to test and I just before Christmas. A couple bucks player became aware that the op America act that predict those great post arrest. It got to the nation going to and and excavation breakdown and and down by two very political legalized in distraught during you know that the extra data is pulling out there this is Tunisia. Coming out of the year in our account idea but not the which I'm coming up but I think people are they are Opel. You know the oceans and spreading some ideas I think. And if you don't want an and we were talking about it before they before we have brought you on in the beginning to show. Jay's tonight Barbara are both fans of did the course of oak island that the reality show that's on History Channel. And just the whole mystery behind oak oak island legend. And they found similar writings and they've been found and other places in North America and not too far from where you are. Any known connection between your site and some of these others like specifically oak island. I'm not suitable where I have been kind of following natural tickets restaurant because they you know they don't get to the bottom what a treacherous. Accident was at that. It was at that meeting to get a date on brought and other president gear which are each the gentleman from my L action on that show. Mr. it all and you talk a little bit about debt in the next season what you gonna show it should end up on a couple of interest in being there. I am you know as a lot elections Boris about that surely you know some old at a candy cease up but there are some things that beset all over. If we could be the year it was subside a bit structure there you know that I shall make it was just an imagination you know maybe maybe he's cute general while the nation based and others actually stop there. Eight social and it's been embellished a little bit but he thinks we cannot find something but he says this grows those charges are brought to the ocean. It might be this semi. Mom I think sprinkle there you know in this could have been an actual cycle that somebody actually took the damage happened put something and that was just the possible theory that was. Well yeah I think that's an interesting thank you happen out 82 wrecked. Connection to our site. Yet what Dennis we are out of time on that you've got a fascinating tale and a really very interesting location tell people how they can find out how to come visit and when they can come visit and know how to get more information. Well thank you again so much out of me underachieving they can check our web site started USA dot com educate them. We have they email on their April Stonehenge USA so when he got to the work cycle on net. And phone numbers and they're also there at 603893300. And then. It you wanna talk to search Jerel out. And you know broken every day of the year except for Christmas or Thanksgiving or ballistic which you gotta keep. In the winter periods in assuring and a center. And people can block O the entire hundred acres. During the normal season we opened about thirty acres of that so he opened everything up electorate that novel published quick shelter with the native Americans living. Probably during the summer months such that pottery caper. So locked up over open not open out year round in Oregon and gonna have a sixtieth anniversary. Next summer solstice actually sew him up glacial yet. Yet that's awesome thanks so much Dennis stone from America's Stonehenge were gonna take a break welcome back wrap things up beyond. The discussion I was wrong. Harrison senior night. Really had no knowledge of this the site in what it was about before we go abroad innocence night. Now now wanna go check it out here definitely and I really do due to its Italy down a sacrifice a nice touch in the sacrificial table no way no how. Now that definitely a big shout out goes out to Dennis stone for come on and hang in our office and talk and it's about American stone and I forgot to ask him about the last name coincidence of that was really coincidence or there are some you know some the nefarious going on there. Now may be just fell back at a itself so the. His cell had if you haven't yet made she had over and like the FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash beyond reality radio. And then head over to beyond reality radio dot com where you can download the injury death in the iPhone IOS app. And you communal are issued to listen the show alive. If if you prefer to listen now in sort of a station in your area. It also lodged a call and join the online chat a great community here at the direct from the gap in you can also listen in the past episodes. It's all free so don't charge into in a just grab people on an. Yes great show coming of torn I've by the way Daniel tolls you'll be joining us she's a longtime activist for wild woman spirituality. And the divine feminine to return she's the author of the book that's soon to be released called woman most wild liberating the which within infected may have already been released and it's coming up man. Yes we shoot tune in amounts can be a great show. And yeah so I think it's gonna pretty much do first time I think that doesn't mean and then we had to watch talk about Dennis went quick. Yeah we appreciate all the support you all all they're the reason the show has become a success and we greatly appreciate it. And just keep on following that Alaska's news stations are reunited weekly so you listen to Jason NG beyond beyond our failure radio catch you'll monetize. It's. The the just plant based HUS Lincoln singing and it's beyond really read you mean worrying. If you've got information you want us to follow along or you like to be cast on me on really read you owe me an email to sleep getting. Next swig any ED DY at beyond reality radio dot com thanks for listening.