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5/5/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

May 6, 2017|

Does the Republican healthcare plan repeal Obamacare or any significant part of it? Some say it repeals taxes, but so does actually addressing tax policies. Republicans needed a win and that seemed to be their only goal. The American Healthcare Act is still government healthcare with subsidies. The ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Hello act. Well I guess in for Smartphones not switched MetroPCS. And eat. It's not for you is for people like me and a new comment on. Every Samsung galaxy Jake creek runs Smartphones when you switched you launched a major piece. And enjoy it for GL TE network has more reliable than ever before MetroPCS. Wireless figured out. Coverage available in some areas still technically at home price that's the numbers of T-Mobile network or Obama is just passed and days. The conditions. Is there. Oh. Literally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript. Building we once again made contact without leaving better. Hello everybody mark the event here are numbered eight. 38138118773813811. Question on the tape. Get ready mr. call screener. Question on the tape. Does the Republican. Health care plan repeal obamacare but does it repealing a significant part of obamacare. Does it do away with the the federal government central control over health care cancer now. Have been hearing all kinds of arguments while it gets rid of taxes and I'm thinking OK but if you repeal obamacare that gets rid of those Texas took. Where is this really a wonderful exposition how the Republicans can govern. And they needed a win. That you're going to be going to doctor Hugh kids Ukraine kids to parents or grandparents. He can be purchasing prescriptions. You may need a procedure even surgery at some point. Is that the goal here the Republicans needed a win. Is that what's so important. If this is a major victory. For we the people how so. What exactly is repealed. Even more how will this plan lower. Premiums how well this plan lower deductibles is about the bottom line. Did not the Republicans say I'm just asking. That they would repeal obamacare and replace it. The ladies and gentlemen back in the mr. producer dug this up. Bakken 2013 and actually became apparent to me really earlier. That this is one of the times I discussed that that the Republicans really didn't want to repeal obamacare. And I pointed out that the so this is. So only a little over a minute this is from April 242013. Count eleven go it. Don't listen to this title helping sick Americans now act this is the title that Eric Cantor came up when. To fix part of Obama. Helping sick Americans. Now. Was abruptly pulled from the house floor yesterday. If you're becoming clear it did not have enough Republican votes to pass. Tough. Let's step back and look at this. They're trying to fix part of obamacare. Not get rid of it picks I talked about this last week if you were. Who's behind it. The number two Republican in the house Eric Cantor. He's not even a competent majority leader he has to pull the bill from the war because he can't get enough Republicans to support it. Because the republic. Pins. Are biting. And squall line. That is the FD freshman and sophomore. Did do something about Obama can't figure out how to dotted. Because this nation is gonna rise up against it and Americana trying to figure out how to straight. But don't worry. His staffers have been working without it. Ropes and they get the message out applauds the it should be called lap dog feed. Well ladies and gentlemen. Americans for Tax Reform. Usually reliable and solid group they supported the first version of Republican claim they support this one and I think they'd support an. They put out a piece today showing us all the great taxes that are going to be cut. As a result of the Republican health plan. They say nothing about the 38 billion dollar 138. Billion dollar slush fund they say nothing about massive tax credits. As opposed to direct subsidies. It's appalling. It's appalling. The Republican Party now supports. Federal. Government. Run. Health care. Our main Daniel Horowitz over conservative review he says it turns out to Republicans fully support government run health care. Despite the collapse of the entire system. They just didn't like that tax increases funding obamacare. Because Republicans are for serving socialism. Through debt. Whereas Republicans stood by raising taxes. Republicans are for servicing socialism through debt whereas Democrats stood by raising taxes. They group Americans for Tax Reform is already bragging about the GOP bills one trillion dollar tax cut that's really nice. We can address that with tax policy. But what about our destroy health care system which cost the average family thousands per year premiums and deductibles. Drives at the actual cost of the supply side of health care. Health care is the single biggest driver of the deficit. Dependency. An economic stagnation and government run and regulated health care and insurance is the single biggest reason health care is unaffordable for too many people. Now what do we do about it. He says I'm a strong supply sider and have a lot tax cuts. But I'm chuckling the most important sector of our economy will do more to grow the economy and any tax cut. One reason why York has stagnated for decades. Is because of socialized medicine it's not a coincidence. That sense that government run health care in America has reached a tipping point we've never reached 3% growth and struggle for it even water to prison. Republicans have a habit of playing chase the square. Whenever that tab comes due to fulfill a promise on one issue the immediately discuss another issue. When the time comes to defund Planned Parenthood. They talk about our random provisions in the budget. But when that time comes to restore free market in health care they talk about taxes and Planned Parenthood. That taxes have nothing to do it destroying out care. Most of their revenue in obamacare tax increases. Comes from the increased payroll tax on the wealthy. And the three point 8% surtax on investment income. The main tax that out with health insurance the so called tax on Cadillac plans was never actually even implement. Tax increases and every good for the economy but they have nothing to do with destroying health care system. It is government run health care through regulations. Subsidies. And Medicaid expansion that is destroyed. Care and Republicans all love all those elements Republicans have demanded. That all those elements remain. As such Republicans have no right to complain about tax hikes needed a fund programs they themselves being indispensable. How could liberal Republicans rail against that taxes and mandates that they fully support laud. And defense. When they fight for the key elements of Obama care what you agree that we need the actual warily insolvent regulations. Every economists from right to left. We'll tell you that we need an individual and employer mandate so they younger and healthier people pay into the system and can get out. And what you are funding the cost crushing subsidies. And Medicaid expansion. Which they love so dearly where's the money going to come front while tax is of course. As such Democrats throw right erase taxes primarily on the so called wealthy. What exactly is the Republican complaint. Meanwhile. Republicans are already preemptively destroying our messaging on health care. A problem with a bill that passed the house is not just the 2000 structure although it's a terrible day out which has made only slightly better by the freedom caucus. The problem is the messaging and principles or spouse that led to this point. And the wall only deteriorate in the sent. The deal was forged a merely get something at squadron quote as if a word kidney stone as representative Tom Massey quick. Not a soothing medicine needed a hill and ailment. The real problem is that Republicans have already adopted all the pregnancies and messaging the other side. As Mark Levine I have said earlier this week. Rather than confront the left. At the pace of their arguments. Republican officials by and large living your principles that they proclaim an election time. But rejected governing time. To use an enemy analogy Republicans have managed to take their winning issue would Democrats lying unconscious on the map. And reverse the roles by placing themselves into the losing sign of the ground and pound where other Republicans pounding elected. And speaking to the morality of the issue. Howell thanks obamacare. Nobody will have any health care or any health insurance. How Iowa might be added to the list of states without any insurers. Thanks for the very mandates these Republicans art. How Marilyn insurers. Will experience a 150%. Increase in premiums. After some Merrill Lander is already saw premiums triple and double a eastern Tennessee cancer patients. Can't get insurance and how premiums and I'll ask it cost up to 50000 dollars how obamacare. Has created. And tomorrow. Government sponsored monopoly. With a few insurers that. Remained. Instead. Republicans in the senate will merely focus on Democrat talking points about coverage of preexisting conditions. And just make this bill more liberal. Because our house kept the subsidy that house get Medicaid expansion. And house can't critical regulations. The doors open for the senate Republicans that take that baseline. And focus further on the need to retain or even add more on all three levels. Rather than address. The actual crown. That actually driving down prices by healing in the premarket Republicans have placed themselves on the hook for further subsidies. They kept the market distorting and price hiking regulations and subsidies exacerbated by the elimination of the individual and employer mandates. This will place them on defense to raise Medicaid spending even more and dump more money into the high risk pools. They're fifteen billion dollars have been nine years as a joke. Instead Republicans should completely repeal the regulations in subsidies to drive down prices for almost every one. Especially because Medicaid expansion. Is already responsible for 80% of those who obtain coverage which is being retained in this bill. And then dumped a quarter of a trillion dollars in the high risk pools as the full replacement. And it's full repeal in full replace instead of a 20% insolvent repeal and half as replace. House whip Republican representative Steve skill leases already talking about how quote. Every one of preexisting conditions while have affordable coverage on quote. Utopian goal that implicitly exonerates Democrats in government run health care from creating the preexisting condition problem in the first place. Because trump is now praising the Australia. Single Payer system did you hear that. The tension that prime minute you know better health care that way to. Australia has a singer single Payer socialist system. Cut for mr. David as you go where they feel they have a connection status is of great gentleman of my friends from Australia. Her health care of the goods but we're going to have a great health care version. Australia has single Payer. Rather than pound elected in demand our right to free market health care speak about the immoral government intervention that tethered health insurance to employment. And actually educate the public on the difference between insurance and health care. Senator bill Cassidy right now Louisiana. One of the top senate Republicans leading the health care debate. Is that doing Bernie Sanders on health care being a right. He's preemptively describing blame for losing coverage on the Republican repeal effort. Rather than obamacare itself and the daily news stories. If Republicans would simply shut their mouse the news cycle and obamacare would speak for itself. Yet they're sabotaging the repeal effort. I saddling free market health care with the vices that are inherent in obamacare every time they open their mouths. But fear not. When we become Greisen had a single pair health care with a point. 3% GDP growth every year. Republicans while lowering taxes. Right Grover Norquist. Because that's what it's so fast. Well ladies and gentlemen. What do you think of this. And another question I'm gonna put on the table before the break. What do we mean by pre existing health care. Does everybody who has pre existing health care. Deserved to be subsidized. I should. The baby who is born who has a heart condition had no choice. But what about a middle aged manor middle aged woman who had a choice. And chose not to participate. That is chose not to buy health insurance. What if they chose not brought this up many times in the back printers are repeating that's a good thing. That they chose not to buy. I'm our interest. He got into a horrific acts. What if they chose not to buy. Homeowners insurance and the house. What do we do then can they go to the insurance companies seem at a pre existing condition. And you know I have this terrible actually in my car and I and I need another car and I need even ensure it well I can't plan any amongst. I have spring and I know where to live and and on I can't ram I don't have an appointment of an in my especially. Well of course we'll country. Somebody who has spent much of their life not purchasing insurance doing other things with the going on vacation. Buying a second home. Eating dinner at five times a week. They get their horrific disease. They were preexisting condition now. Should they be able to get insurance at the same rate you do. I'll be right back it's. An open. I'd let us go to. What do you make of this bill time Santa Rosa California KS or so ago. They've they've market and on her car is don't all right thank you said. I guess so are actually don't have health insurance or not. Not sure about my taxes Erica. He will slew trump I think. But it helped me out. You know I don't want to that it actually more about Bill Frist off trump didn't. Has an inning it passed the house and has to go to the senate so that's gonna basic can civics course straight that's number one. Number two Sarah. Why don't you have insurance. It's a bit expensive. There are already what you do. Parliament orchard and okay well you can get insurance in California I know people who don't earn a whole lot of money they get insurance in California. To be tried blue shield. Yeah. Why don't you know. Does it feel like it's cheaper to pay wanted to go to the doctor or material it. And let's say you have a catastrophe in my first pay for that. No sir oh yes but I have to because then you have a preexisting condition. This is true. Yeah so you know you are. Tom you know your. If parasite. I'll be right back. You're listening to. Now ladies so great one of the great ones and you can call it now. 8773813811. You know many of us head. So called preexisting conditions. I do. Have heart disease. And as much as it turns. I'm part of a group plan. And that's one way Americans deal with. Stop playing the system. It using the system in a way the system was intended to be used. That is if you have a group plan. Not everybody in the group as a pre existing condition and everybody in the group. Is a net loss in terms of policy and premium costs. To an insurance company. Played group insurance. It's like mobility ladies and gentlemen if you can't find a job in one part of the country you get up and you move to another part of the country. You don't expect people to. To create jobs for you you need to have some level of responsibility personal responsibility he just turned electrician right. Colleague from California. I like this because I don't have to pay any penalty OK great. And why don't have insurance he's electrician. Well I can't afford it I know that to be. False. And I let it be false PG get a policy in California. Right now. For about 40450. Bucks. In I don't us family status and tolerance. Under blue shield. So when that guy gets hurt or sick you and I suppose to. Have compassion for. He doesn't even have compassion for himself. He doesn't think they just figure you're gonna pay fought so he's not paying for it. Take the penalty away great he Scot free what's the problem. He's a parasite. Now shall we destroy the private health care system for a guy like him while mark what about the truly needy. We had medicate my god sakes. We're spending hundreds of billions of dollars on Medicaid. People who are impoverished. We have the income tax credit. Rep people who don't even pay taxes get thousands of dollars. When we are paying our taxes. We have home energy assistance. We have food stamps with disability insurance we have I don't care subsidy we got coming up a lot so. So we should just drive the greatest health care system in the world. Projects like that. I don't think's out. Now I know I'd elect. He's pushing this preexisting condition issue. Because that's what they still get odds like. Climate change. A bullet your heart strings. They want to break out. So like sheep you move in that direction I have to plug our Rainier and you hear these out Republicans. Doing exactly the same thing. Now how do we make healthcare more affordable. How do we make posters more for. Markets not the same thing but of course it's not the same thing. It is the same they. You drive down costs. Through innovation. You'd drive down costs through competition. That's what you do that's what we used to do. That's what we used to do. We're supposed to turn our entire health care system but the veterans administration is that we're we are. Because that's essentially the argument. Eric trying to privatize aspects of the VA. In my view. I want to pull veteran should have vouchers if they wanna go to the VA Greg if they don't that's great yeah. I hear we're gonna ports every American. And to some centralized federal system that's where we're at it because it but it isn't the ladies and gentlemen. There's not a single political party at any consequence it's biting. We don't have a majority in the house or the senate who share our convictions. Instead they have lied the last they'd been reported artists. They've been actors and actresses who worked dancing bill if they would help that they know Obama would beat out. To repeal obamacare. And they dated as recently as a year ago. Went 239. Republicans in the house. Out of 246. Republicans at my house voted for just repeal. And every Republican senator but to voted for it just repeal now educated and have the discussion. Now I get attacked by Netflix like dang I had inject any other clowns well when he wanted to do everything I watched. Now though liberals do everything at once. We're supposed to mope around naval gave us take our time and never get around and. Such a budget will give living in September. What September. 20/20 five. Always excuse. And yet we have all the arguments and Arafat. All the arguments on my son. They're destroying our healthcare system. They're destroying the nation's finances. They're just trying family finances say explain it but surely. They want. Because big government. It's truly on the agenda that the Republican Party. You get fools like the people over there at the Americans for tax reform now. Look at Africa or cutting this tax in this tax in this tax most of which have nothing to do with health care. But of course if you repeal it you're cutting all those taxes on action. But attrition in the text. We want our healthcare system that we don't want Washington deciding what kind of plans we can have. States have to go to Washington. To see if they get waivers oh wow. I thought it was the other way around the states have plenary power under the tenth amendment and the federal government only has that power which is specifically provide its board. In the constitution don't know market don't understand we are all status progressives now. Meanwhile the Democrats Iran and a all the people are going to die. Now this is the abortion on demand craft. All these people are gonna die this these are the at cafe standards crap where we have 40000 people dying a year in their automobiles. In many respects due to the cafe standards yet the F perfect cap placed at this is the the banned DDT crap. Which has resulted in the death of millions and millions a human beings across the planet suddenly their pro life. Not really. They're liars. So very few people on the national scene. Elected. TV and radio very few. Really believe in liberty. A really believe you have enough intelligence to decide what kind of health care you wanna have a justice of basic principle may ask you something. Why shouldn't a business. Be able to offer you what ever kind of healthcare you want at a price. Without any interference whatsoever by any level of government. Why can I contract with a private business. That is Welling offered me and that I am willing to purchase any kind of health care I want why is that against federal law. Can you tell me. Can anybody tell me. Now nobody can tell. Let's go to night Colorado. How are you OK radio art. I'm doing well mr. look very and it's an artist and producer. Thank you. It's just been listening to you here and he they all have is to begin work. Live Obama record to start was Luke Donald why. There's not a single person in the entire country that has denied shelter. About Oakland localize it. Here and we can talk about which I would've suggested before almost tort reform. I let's talk about what's on the table now night. We have the Republicans saying oh this is the greatest thing from sliced bread all the way to sang this is the best we can do. And others saying okay this is a first step what do you make of office. Well it doesn't surprise me there really doesn't under the intro and certainly no constitutional host. In congress this. Carter trot trot is looking for a wins he's looking for deals. You know. That the thing is when you're not conservative by. Principled. But your conservative in some respects by politics that is you know doing certain things that you believe are good and right. And are politically good and right when you're not really doing that because of a deep founded principal. This is what happens you can't you can't really mixed messages so you see the slashing of regulations. And yet they act as celebrating what is a disastrous. Phony health care bill because that's the best they can do quote unquote. Right there are so we're discouraged. I'm my friend I appreciate your call. But the rest of these. Let us go to Tracy Springfield Missouri the great KE SGS go. Prime market are honored that they Christine thank you. And I wanted to talk about the pre existing condition on the east. Obama is happening with Obama can't step I'd pick because it's personal experience I would deployed. I helped her concern lab can cut the cobra gonna could have shortage. Let them down myself. Kind of by an insurance myself into the car bomb scare preexisting conditions which and I did a winter health insurance and I told him about that I said no. They they educated me a lot pre existing was. And it with the fact that if I had not told them. About that they would not chaotic. But what they did do an extra one year I paid premiums and it was a year before anything could be hate towards that it was pretty clear. To a lot. They're people that have pre existing condition the collection could not get insurance. And. Look and the other thing as one of the reasons some can't get it today is because under obamacare you cannot differentiate between people were preexisting conditions. And those who have no preexisting conditions are like night time who just called from California. I'll while he would pay a penalty to the IRS to the federal government which does little good for anybody as far as I'm concerned. If he were than to say to get eight in a condition. You know it's not even a preexisting condition you know what it is Tracy. And I talk about this Atlanta from within TV tonight to it's pretty insurance. That's what it is you get a condition. Pre insurance before you acquire insurance you get a condition that's really what we're talking about here. And so we have a certain percentage of these folks. Who grew up court. Playing in not Russian roulette. And they lose and you and I are supposed to pay for and their premiums are gonna be the same as an equivalent person. Now why should that be the case. I agree and it and you're comparing that it cards are just perfect. I'm going analyst as it's being repeated all the place the diet and that my insurance premiums eat more and they're gonna know about an hour. And by the way I've had the people say while most states are required by. Automobile insurance which is true you know why. Not because they care about you and your car it's because if somebody hits you may wanna be able to sue you and they needs to be insurance. That is somebody has to pay and you get the pain. This is nothing to do that protecting the person who who purchases the insurance I bet that that is the state mandate is has nothing to do. All right Tracy I appreciate your call thank you. I shall return. On our program yeah. Next hour the question ladies tennis what is really going on here. What is really going on here. Is it really about pre existing conditions. Have you been able to. To really feel this that it's like it's like if for many people it's like when of these. These private eye stories what is really going on here would insist truly all of them. You know health care tax reform government overspending red tape regulatory burdens that have been smothering our citizens and businesses for years folks. So a lot going on in Washington. We shouldn't be Monday morning quarterbacks either. We should get involved. One way you can make an impact is to join GMAC the association of mature American citizens. In Iraq has been fighting for you. With the known or not since their humble beginnings in 2000 sent. Today they were over eight million members. Indymac has been able to take the voice of the conservative American your voice to Washington. The Democrats and liberal media are counting on conservatives blow these opportunities. Stand where they met by becoming a member now. And help them repair the damage that's been done over the last eight years. A Mac is the anti AARP. The AARP being a leftist big government operation. And Backus the conservative alternative. And even more than abacus team Mac also delivers the very best discounts and benefits to its members. On a wide array of products and services health insurance to hotels. To home real estate rebates and so forth. Check them out. Check and a Amax fights for you to join in Mac now at WWW. That AMA. EC dot US that's www. GMAC that US. Www. Aim act US. Marketing you're such a purist. Ladies and gentlemen honey reiterating the same position the Paul Ryan had in January 26. The same position that Mitch McConnell had they got a reelected to the United States. The same position that 239. House members. On the Republican side. And all but two Republicans in the senate took just a year ago 2016 in the year before that 2015. When they voted for a clean repeal of obamacare. Bill senate to Obama in EV DO. The question isn't whether on the purist and you realize the question is. What were they doing. Why hasn't he wall street journal editorial page written about this. What were they doing. Why weren't they condemned its purest. Ladies and gentlemen. I'm not running for office. I'm not asking you for your vote. These people ran for office asked for your vote and spears financial support. Hawaii on a big line. You do that. In the financial sector any private business. You pay a price. You do that in politics you get elected. And then of course. The media. In other Republican establishment has a retiring guard media to. Dana manager Paul she got. Paula gigolo. Over there at the Wall Street Journal the circle merit. That's the Republican retiring guard media and there are others. So when I repeat what Paul Ryan said when I repeat what Mitch McConnell said. Course they were lying to us but I repeat winner nest seriousness. You know where attacked. Why are we attack we believe the. Plus we happen to be right about this. But what is really going on here. Is it really preexisting conditions is have with the Democrats roll down. They surely are committed to obamacare a program that is a disaster. Including for their own base including for their own constituents. Really what you think about this. Why are the Democrats clinging to this. Despite it's failures despite its inhumanity. Quite frankly. What is it. That causes them to do that. Why the Republicans. Committed to 90% of forget about their propaganda and the celebrations and on the other crap. Why are the Republicans supporting. Government controlled. Health care. What's going on with them. What's really behind. I'm definitely collaborate on this in the next hour let's see what you think. Well unfortunately we have 25 seconds of the see what you think get to the theft. If the top of the Arabic. I want to know what you think. And I wanna give to you. When I think the answer. This is more than about preexisting conditions it's more than about health care it's actually more than about Obama. I'll be right back. He's here. The only underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript. Building. We once again make contact without leaving the. So everybody mark living here I and number. 87738138118773813811. Endless propaganda. Endless propaganda on. CNN and MS LSD. On why Republicans are going to kill people and most propaganda on fox and why this is the best thing since sliced bread. And both are pathetic positions they Trulia. They truly aren't ridiculously actually outrageous. So what's going on here why is this. Why the Democrats clinging to this even though it doesn't work. Jim. Kutztown Pennsylvania. On the live in. She's me on the live in that area. And mark carrier. That you know but really you know drives me insane and I'm 23 years old and I'm gonna graduate college next week. And you know I've I voted Republican twice around eighteen other for Romney in a better for trump last November. And Paul Ryan and all them you know we're gonna repeal Obama care. In all this start and yet they just keep lying. And we keep voting for them and as a you know 23 year old it's like I don't care. At all about the Republican Party as may be. In older people have grown up and it just I don't know how they expect young people to stay loyal to them if they're not gonna. You know explain. To people what we believe about in other free market and how that's the true way that everybody can get affordable quality health care. Well it's the president to right we control the president's. Yet let them. That too. I my friend. What's going on here Rebecca from Canton Ohio on the mark live NF Harriet. I'm Eric thanks for taking my call you back I think that this whole saying. Is that they boondoggle. I'm. That yeah I'm hanging our own you guys are gonna be relieved but now you know whatever the strong English they were changing. Bet if we bring great we have well all the Q and they're good news and they're paying the president I'm not. That ball. But the politics aside. Why is it that a program like this. Which is disastrous to the economy disasters to business disasters to employees disastrous to families. It program like this cannot be removed. Why is that. Why can't it why don't we have better leadership. I mean I think it's it's beyond that. I let me explain my view thank you Rebecca for your call I appreciate. And they read to you now. Briefly. Briefly in a mini get in trouble and I don't care who might publish a winner reach in. From page 38. I'm rediscovering America's. There was a Fella. I'm not gonna get too into it I'm just gonna you you will touch this because I can't wait I'm gonna answer. Some of these issues now McCain and and I have been answered the only way that he can be answered with factual history. There were a whole slew of left progressive intellectuals. The eighteen hundreds nearly 19100 should the mid nineteen hundreds in the prior engineer with us today. And they have found a home in the Democrat party. But they originally found a home of the Republican Party and they still aren't in the Republican Party in many respects. There is a man by the name Herbert Crowley. Now he's just one of many he just one of many. And a man by the name Herbert Crowley probably never heard of before he's born in 1869. Any guide nineteen story. He co founded the new republic and he was. Prolific in his right in enormous influence. Enormous influence with Theodore Roosevelt. Among others who are writing it's time. Before they became famous Woodrow Wilson. But it what are read something TO. From. Herbert Crowley. And again this is just a little. Aspect haven't done. And because of battle I'm actually not allowed to get into the book a lot and I wanna address this issue what is. What is it that drives it's. Herbert Crowley wrote. I'm. And a hundred years ago. Another condition must also be satisfied. Before an expert administration. Expert administration this is what they talked about. Expert administration in massive administrative state. Filled with. Specially trained professionals. They called it scientists. Administrative scientists political and social sciences. What continually seek to perfect. Society. He she ladies and gentlemen the problem is you get in the way of this the individual. You're liberty. I'll take the calls but I wanna get into this your private property. Capitalism the constitution. He said another condition must also be satisfied before an expert administration can expect to obtain popular confidence. It's authority will depend on as we have seen on its ability to apply scientific knowledge now that that they don't mean the physical sciences they mean. The knowledge of experimentation and engineering with human being. Inhuman conditions scientific knowledge. The realization of social purposes. Bear with me please if a social sciences unattainable but does not command popular respect. You know like obamacare popular opinion will be reluctant to grant to the administration it's necessary independent. Authority. See independent authority from yeah. Know what way can a body of social knowledge be made to command popular respect. In the long run doubtless by increasing demonstration. That social knowledge is the fruit. Of a binding informative social idea. And then it is really serviceable. For the accomplishment of the social program. But it's such a demonstration sufficient. Is there not another an equally necessary method of increasing popular confidence in the express. The method of giving a much larger number of people the chance of acquiring a better intellectual training. Is it fair to ask millions of Democrats little. Whose possession is denied to them by the prevailing social and educational organization. I can hardly be claimed that the greater proportion of the millions. Or insufficiently educated. Are not just as capable of being better educated as the thousands to whom science comes to having a real meaning so what he fights for their without me quoting further. Is more and more colleges and universities for more more kids to be indoctrinated. Which is precisely what's been done. Which is precisely what's been done. But there's even more. Crowley condemn capitalism in private property rights remember he was enormously influential. In 1920 writing in the new republic here's what he asserted. The unanswerable indictment against capitalism and is an American institution is not the enterprising businessman. Seized and exploiting the opportunities some power. Which society placed at their disposal it was natural even necessary that they should. Organized production and distribution. When he faces more profitable to themselves and to society. The offense against the American national welfare. Would which they are indictable. Is an eight different kind. It is their blindness to the social Petit the use of their methods of hiring and firing him playing labor and and the refusal to make the technical and social education of their employees a charge upon business or on the businessman state. In this regard Crowley expressed the view held by all progressives Democrat and Republican. In his ear and sense. An industrial America. And therefore capitalism. Creating economic. And social class system different in specifics but not necessarily in kind. To that described by Karl Marx. In condemning the progressive as. Of both major political parties as to obtain. Any urging support for a third party to farm farmer labor party essentially socialist worker party. Crow. Complaint. They're practically all of the educational Graham American public opinion for a farmer labor party still remains to be done. Marxism socialism he wrote has the advantage both of a definite creed and a Bible the Communist manifesto. Which focuses the convictions and emotions of its adherents. The overlap in the progressive and Marxist mindset ladies and gentlemen. Is simply inescapable. Now I want you to stick with me that shows different from the you know we're gonna take a little break and on the approved list. Obama care for the left. Is not about health care. It's not about preexisting conditions. It is about the constant push. The constant trajectory. Toward a centralized state. We the individual only matters. Is part of the whole community. Who the individual only matters as part of the young whole community. Where his contribution. Is only to the whole community. Where free will. Has to be extinguished. That's what obamacare is all about that's why the Democrats whether it works or not it's of no consequence they figure will adjust it. Well rearrange it will social engineer will just keep working it and work it really doesn't matter. What matters is we can never go back. Toy health care system which is largely on controlled by the federal government. They will not give up the reins of power. Because they truly are the evil master. I'm going to prove that to you after the break and then I wanna address the Republican issue but she got to stick with us I'll be right back months. Program. We'll actually have to wait till after the bottom of the heiress who indeed got the audio and I'm looking forward. No big deal. Sore left us is. For the Democrat for the left. For the status the progress of what everyone a call these. It really is no consequence. Whether obamacare works. It's no consequence. The weather the great society where it is it's of no consequence whether Social Security's going bankrupt. It's of no consequence for the Medicare is going bank it's of no consequence for the VA. Is properly inefficiently run. It doesn't matter. Because there's always tomorrow. It reminds me. Of the subway system they have in the Washington DC area. The metro. They're spending billions expanding the system. Into Virginia. He system going all owe that to a county called Loudon County Loudon County is 25 miles or so from Washington DC. Maybe thirty months. They don't have enough money to maintain the system they don't have the money enough money to maintain the tracks properly to maintain the car to properly. But they're expanding it anyway. Because it doesn't matter. They wanna expand. And so they're expanding it. And the spending enormous amount of money expanding. And of course they rapid end. You know to be cleaner environment it's more convenient for the twelve people who are gonna use it in on and on and off type obamacare. People can't afford health care preexisting conditions. You gotta do this you have to do that the Charlie you know. 26 years old and so forth. Let's settle. When the U when did these things become second set. We have the greatest health care system in the world before Barack Obama became president. Is it perfect no but it's still the greatest health care system in the world nothing's there. It's just more proof. And of course they lied to us is they must we've talked about this for many years they alive as they must. But the objective here isn't he better health care system. The objective here. Is the region during a society. With the individuals. Inconsequential. With the individual takes orders. With the individual. And his fellow individuals. Become increasingly uniform. And conform to the demands of the master. This is the agenda that they dry. Ed yes. Whether they wanna hear it or not. This is not just. An offshoot of marxism as you'll learn when you read rediscovering Americanism. It's an offshoot of something called hagel has. Not the former secretary defense somebody else. And it's an offshoot of Russo is. As they slowly but surely and quite frankly faster and faster. Build. And edifice that is. More similar. To played as republic. And to the American republic. Created by our constitutional system. And what you'll also learn. As you read this book rediscovering Americanism. There's another reason. That they advance this agenda. What do you like it or not and that is it takes us further and further away from a constitutional. Republican system. Where you have really no say it doesn't matter who you vote for it doesn't matter how many times you senate Republicans at. This system almost works. Wrote Lee RO TE LY wrote. So they're represented a part of republicanism. Dies off. Free will it's mother. An autocracy. Rises. Prices. May wrap it all the notion of compassion. And standing for the little guy. Or they ill with the illegal alien but. It's obamacare today and preexisting conditions. Tomorrow will be climate change. The day after that they'll be illegal immigrate it doesn't matter what ever the issue is that's the agenda. The agenda is to drive us further and further away from individual liberty further and further away from constitutional ism. Drive less and as individuals. But collectively drive west in to this this. Leviathan that they created. Where there's no way out under the constitution because the constitution becomes meaningless. It's aggregate. And then appoint the right types of people into the courts. To uphold this weekend. Give tenure to professors. To indoctrinate. For this agenda. People become media. You know journalists and reporters so called. Promote this again. And again I'm going to prove to you when it comes obamacare exactly what the agenda is. And then when he deal with the Republicans in this context I hope you'll stay with the we'll be right back. Mark love there's radios. Prince of pot. Patriots. Call us now 877381. 3811. Millions of people right now. Feeling frustrated anxious Trent they're right here in the United States all they wanna do is protect their homes. 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That's at least safe mark dot com for 10% off. Simply save mart dot com. OK as I said. And wanna prove my point to you about obamacare. Donald Berwick. You may recall. He attended the sixtieth anniversary this celebration of Britain's socialized. National health service system. And that was in 2008 that he was there he was a top advisor to Barack Obama he became the head of I believe was the of Medicare and Medicaid or something of that sort. He couldn't get from friends who is a recess appointment as I recall. They want to listen only says very very carefully. I would I would up your volume wherever you are. Go ahead. You could've had a monstrous insurance industry of claims and rules and paper pushing instead of using your tax base. To provide a single root of finance. He could have protected the wealthy and the well instead of recognizing that sick people tend to be poorer. And that poor people tend to be sicker and at any health care funding plan that is just. Equitable. Civilized. And humane must. Must. Re distribute wealth. From the richer among us to the poorer and the less fortunate excellent health care is by definition. Redistribution. Britain you chose well. Britain you chose well. Britain of course is a socialist health care system. It's about redistributing wealth ladies and gentlemen. He let the cat out of the bag so to speak. And who gets to determine who gets what when you re distribute the whales. There's no market for redistributing the wealth. Under socialism. Push. You re dispute we wealth Rick capitalism by about voluntary decisions. But under socialism whom we distribute the wealth. The government. Who decides who's rich and who support the government. Who decides. What kind of medical care. Person a and person B you'll receive the government. Who gets to decide. What kind of policies will be offered the government. The government controls the doctors their nurses the hospitals the pharmaceutical companies. And where there. Not one wired. From him. Or the other state is progressives not one word. On whether it actually works or not. On the quality of care. On the quality of these. Of these models these socialist models now one lawyer. If you catch him on it you happen to pick their shoulders to the wall some debaters something other they always say the same thing. Well wasn't done exactly. Or it's a good first step. Or it's better than what life. In other words they can never lose their arguments. They can never lose. Hamlisch you know had argued against. And now I go to the Republicans. The Democrats are armed with the knowledge of the Crowley's. And the Wilson's. Woodrow Wilson's and others. They know who they are they know what they are in their politicians. Are long time adherence to. They embrace. This status progressive. Quasi Marxist ideology. They absolutely do. And they fight for it every day that's why they're against. Reducing taxes that's why there for the inheritance tax. That's why they're against school choice. Before the centralization the school lunch program. Therefore the federal government deciding on who uses what bathroom they have no problem with 3850. That regulations that is laws being issued by the bureaucracy that they created. They wanna snuff out as much individual decision making as possible. Every place that was their own. It is a totalitarian mindset I've told you this many many times dressed up as. This populism. Dressed up as compassion so what's the Republican excuse. First of all I I truly do not police and as I've toady for many years now. That the Republican Party. That believes in limited government. I think the only two modern presidents who actually did who were Republicans where Coolidge and right. But there's no evidence that. That Republican presidents. Have believed in limited constitutional government. Most of them go along with the agenda of the left most of them contribute. The good mix. EPA ocean EEOC. Look at George W. Bush marked. McCain Feingold. George H. W. Bush. Reversed many of Ronald Reagan who's finished. Reagan came in off this you know who stopped him from eliminating. The Department of Energy in the Department of Education the Republican senate. Now we've Rick Perry. The Republican senator. From a it usually mean the former Republican governor from Texas. Embracing the Department of Energy. Which he wanted to get rid of when he was a candidate not to. We just have to accept the fact that the modern Republican Party is not a party of constitutional government and it is not a party of limited government. It's not the Democrat party which is driven. By hard court. A status ideology. But it is a neo state just party. It is a neo status party. It's a 90% of obamacare remains. As it the issue goes to the senate. Which will even watered that down. I hate to tell you this and I don't wanna section. But government centric. Health care. Is here to stay. I don't want it to be here to stay. Attitude is that. And it's here to say because the federal government is on more from our constitutional system. And therein is the bottom line. The status have succeeded. They spent over a hundred years that this. They've conquered the Republican Party. And they control the Democrat par. If conquer the Republican Party in the control the Democrat. Does anybody believe that the people around Donald Trump even understand what I'm talking about now yet. Our friend Steve Bennett off their chase and Andrew Jackson you got. He got the Liberal Democrats on there who are who are progresses. You know trying to expand the role of the federal government. Does anybody really believe. That Mitch McConnell gives this two seconds thought of course he does. He doesn't think about it and he wouldn't comprehend it. Oddly enough the one who would understand what I'm saying is all right. All right claims to read everyone in my books hopefully it will read the new. So I have to assume Paul Ryan has put. Pedestrian politics. Ahead of sound. Principles. And shame on him. But the Democrats even the dumbest among. Even the most crass among them. Understand what they're about. To drive this ideology at every turn. Whether it's weather and climate in the environment. Whether it's education whether it's bathrooms. Whether it's health it doesn't matter. It's not about making a better mousetrap it's about. Being need to control the mousetrap. In this ideology. Is a gravely dangerous ideology. Because taken to its natural extreme you can see what's going on and and is well. The complete collapse of the civil society the Coke complete collapse. Of the rule of law. To be more specific the complete collapse of a moral order. He spontaneous monologue. Tolerance respect. Voluntary activity initiative. Individual free will crush. Crack. This is why I have many you get so frustrated. It doesn't have to be this way. And you and I know. That historians. Honest. Objective historians looking back. Should we lose this country and I believe we are. Are going to be a pulp. And stock. Many people were so I do. So selfish. So blind. That they would take the greatest nation ever established. By humankind on this planet. And destroyed it's. The open. So many ways the country today. Looks nothing like the framers intended. And the declaration of independence the independence and the eternal principles. Written in that document. Are largely rejected. Thome did congressman askew. What kind of health care system you'd like to say. They send you mail all the time they ask him. Tony did you senator ask you what kind of health care system it like. My goodness me. Figures askew. Tony did you have an opportunity to read this and any time. This Republican plan. You would if you did you think you would have understood. What are they write things this way. What they do things that's my only answer simple to keep you out of it that's. That's why. And then they sent talking points around the talk radio hosts and TV hosts who jest. Berkman out so you think we have a trillion dollars in tax cuts and now you can get catastrophic care really going trying to catastrophic care and diet I dairy. And he goes on and on and on. I asked a question in the first Aaron let me repeat. Why can't I buy any kind of health care I want. From a business that will offer. Why is any government whatsoever. Involved in that why are they getting between me. Any business that wants to provide me with a product or service and I'm willing to pay for. And they're willing to provide. Why is that the business. Of the Republicans are the Democrat. Why is it the business of the Republicans are the Democrats what kinda health care I wish to purchase from myself among them. What do you mean the goal plan and the bronze plan what the hell is this. I don't wanna gol plane and a bronze plan I want a plan that I want now he can't do that and if you don't do it. Gonna penalize all. Knowledge that John Roberts at the Supreme Court says they can do it constitutionally. Really don't tell me ladies and gentlemen that this is an a soft tyranny but how does that. What the hell is that. And that we have they have lectures from morons at the wall street journal editorial page among other places. Now we've got to get you know play along here and show the country that we can govern. And we think governor rod hull can't think burning down and then I get a lot PBS in front line divided states of America. I don't Pollyanna crap is this. Conservative reviewed TV. Now folks if you watched any news from the mainstream media lately. You know how easy it is for them to twist the story if that they're liberal agenda war. To ignore a story that really matters. Expect UN needed just sit back while they spoon feed us their spin and continue to make money off our viewership. Well those days are over if you want them. 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Charles Krauthammer said that within seven years we will have a single Payer health care system. When you. May I ask a question I condemned that because he Natalie said it but he seemed. He trashed Rand Paul as a radical fundamentalists for wanting to bring in any more of a market since. I mean but what really said anything new have we all know on this. No I yeah I mean this. Here's. I mean I think that this player goes through there the Obama's replacement plan. I think that. Demographic gonna pick. These on this opportunity you're right if they take over again it'll be all set up for them to move in that direction no question thank you so. He's me. Melo. Only underground. He from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building we once again made contact without a leader better. Know everybody mark living here and number 877. 381381187. 381. 3811. Paul Ryan was on this program. When Giles in July 11 2012. July 11 2012. Talking about obamacare repeal. He's in part what he said cut nine ago I believe to be toward destroying that this try to let me let me let me let me sample different. This is after the obamacare decision by the Supreme Court all right now let's start at the top cut nine. I believe to be toward this ruling that this could have been dealt with the reconciliation so I don't think the court got isolating. Harder than what we already added. Because. According to the rules of the nineteen typical budget experts covered under budget process site there's budget chair I run with this process site management process. Anything that has a fiscal. Impacts. Taxing and spending. That I can go into a budget which cannot be filibustered and therefore only takes 51 votes to pass the senate. Mean he was explaining to me and you. And look at that worked up about this decision as bad as it is that we get that senate. And continue to controlled house this budget reconciliation process. Is the way in which we can repeal at the tiny city 85% of obamacare. And heroin though he said that. Well here's cut tango. It comes down to an argument. About. Do you know all of obamacare be put into this bill or not there are some parts of obamacare that are sort of regulatory and nature are not physical nature. Insurance regulations we call these things like guaranteed issue and community rating. The court there will be a debate which will be offered or put to be determined by. This kind of commentary and that's what those are primarily fiscal policy to regulatory policy. So I tell people that Paul made I think we can get 85% of the structure. Repealed. In reconciliation. Oh cool. So why don't we do. I hope and a manager over at the Wall Street Journal on the other circle marriage or listening. And all the rest of the apologists and surrogates out there. It's not me. That's five years ago and that's Paul Ryan. So what I tell people at home is I think we can get 85% this for sure repealed and reconciliation Fisher. For sure we can. And others of us who bring this up. Our attack like. And a battery gets a little something than nothing you know the usual platitudes and have absolutely no meaning. Look at this is a trillion dollars in tax cuts which have nothing to do with health care oh cool. Every shiny object. Every squirrel chasing tactics the Republicans are using the convention about how great this. 85% of obamacare can be repealed through reconciliation would listen to a one more time. Cut tango. They've come to go into an argument. About. To get all of a volunteer or be put into this bill or not. There are some parts of obamacare that are sort of regulatory and nature are not physical nature. Insurance regulations we call these things like guaranteed issue and community rating. The court there will be a debate which will be offered or would it be determined by. The senate parliamentarian. And whether or not those are primarily fiscal policies and regulatory policy. So I tell people that Paul made I think we can get 85% of this for sure repealed. In reconciliation. And I argue they get it. Around 10%. Predicted that a percentage honest not much more. How much more. Now as for the let Bernie Sanders was on CNN last night now that doesn't surprise you does it. CNN am very Sanderson has around the place cut one go. Who what you think is happy or do you think thousands of Americans who are you absolutely no question if it if we just not going to happen it doesn't. But if the bill passed today in the house became law thousands of Americans would thought because they went along how classless. He has such a scumbag. I don't know another phrase to use with you old Marxist red. And year BS. In disgust me. Beyond belief. You know some people think you're entertaining. I'm in nine years here kind of a and a quirky old man you right disgusting. You know hold the line Communist that's exactly what you line. Nobody dies under this bill because this bill is. It's almost a mirror image of obamacare and of people do tie into this bill by the thousands it's because of obamacare. And Anderson Cooper is such a fraud he doesn't really. Begin here. To get to the bottom of what this all Communist as saying. Now we'll go to out. Ed Markey. Another one. From Massachusetts. Cut to go. We are going to block this radical right wing thought it. To kill obamacare another Connie if I would if I may radical right wing attempt. Massive subsidies. Massive central government control over health care. The expansion of Medicaid essentially states. A 138. Billion dollars. Up from 47 point five billion a slash by country quote unquote preexisting conditions for insurance companies. And it's a radical right wing because they know. That there's a certain percentage of the American people who are moronic. Mostly they're makes. Now why isn't PBS in front line doing divided states of America. Unless this senators and that's the market. Now batting average and it. I had. Because what they're really trying to do is to fulfill their promise for the wealthiest. Contributors see how all of this money ultimately. Be taken away. Listen to this what does this have to do to with their quote unquote wealthy contributors taking money away from the war. What does that have to do anything. The mindless. The the mindless comments from the east so called senators. These are senators. Did you boats these pacts. They show dishonorable. So apparently federally dishonorable. Cut three more marquee ego. Obamacare is working in most of America its work into working and most of America. Now here's the dirty little secret with this jerk Ed Markey. Ed Markey is not covered by Obama can't he's covered by the federal health care system. Which is specifically and purposely card from Obama camp. Ed Markey is an idea what you're experiencing. What's working in Massachusetts at working all over the country and staying at stake ladies and gentlemen. And it's so great as senators and congressmen exempted themselves from it illegally. What Obama. Exempted them at their request. Senator John Warner this guy goes around the commonwealth of Virginia like he's some kind of thoughtful moderate. He is a desire. Freakish Libre. A fraud from day one. Cut six doubt and I was disappointed and Aetna has pulled out but I also understand. With the lack of certainty Donnie Aetna pulled out. Because Obama care is bankrupting Etna in Virginia it got it got a genius. I had. Practice this administration who is there. Obviously very committed to using every tool it can to try to case that this administration. That it is obviously committed not who is obviously committed go ahead. Obamacare. So not. Predicting when and and an honor that components in the law that required affect the risk payments to be made and the fact I heard from wanna ensure. They have large increases not at them another woman was in Virginia. Huge increases because they're not sure that that this administration is kind of honor the las commitment to the individual mandate to require how. People are virginity understand what a pathological. Liar this man and ten days ago fourteen days ago. The president of the United States got a trap signed. In unconstitutional regulations that had that is being challenged in court. Which was first signed by Obama. Helping fund insurance companies subsidize insurance companies. Through obamacare so they won't pull out of the states but some of them still say it's not enough we can't do. And this liar. Is saying that the reason why now is leaving Virginia. Is because they're not sure electrons gonna do. Truck just signed it. Subsidizing. The insurance companies but it's not enough. Because that caustic to a high. We're gonna cost you meant that. The price our policies were gonna go down by two when he at 500 but that all he had yet every can he get back icky that's it that much all mongering. Typical leftist clap trap it's what they did four and here's Mark Warner overall brought. He's portrayed as such a thoughtful moderate in the state so low and moderate. He knows how to govern yet he believes in government. By parts. Now he's just another putts I'll be right back months. Open. At Don lemon is a rod he's obviously which CNN. And he repeats that democratic talking points they feed and him and he bear some out. They here with the Democrats are all saying that trump has created this uncertainties of the talking points. But Lewis because he doesn't embrace of on the care. And his name is not Obama and he's not a left wing Kook Democrat. And he doesn't support obamacare. Than trumpets causing that's because he's creating. Instability in the insurance market how stupid are these people. Truly stupid. But they're not make those and I know that's true it could Jake Tapper said Hank went out fake. Knows. And they must not the. He's done. Accurately labeled limit. Go Obama here is not perfect it could've been fixed. If there was bipartisan consensus that they have gotten together but to say that Obama cares imploding is a talking point from the right that is not correct and Downey. And you all right Donny. It's not a talking point from the right. It's a fat you know the fact is Donny. I'm talking to you Don lemon you don't have fact is Donny. You spewing platitudes again. You wanna run for congress run for congress. He ran around your mouth at least be accurate. It's imploding. You work at CNN. And of course they group health care and you're doing just fine but a lot of states. Under a lot of policies. And a lot of other circumstances. People are struggling with this you'd Jack that's right you Jack. I had. Big things like that you have to give it in context and give the whole thing one is because they worry that. Letting the mandate happen they wanted to force I cannot let. In a mandate happen. The hell you talking about. They weren't letting the mandate happened who wasn't letting what mandate happen. Go ahead. And the other thing is that it according to. Republicans and Democrats is the way that this administration is talking about obamacare it's costing uncertainty among insurers. So it's not a most of the way the president has talked about obamacare is creating uncertainty among enters. That's the problem not Obama care. Not at your rationality. Not it's impossibility. Now what I tell about the state it's whatever I tell about their mouth pieces in the media. All over the place. This guy's a fraud. Hate knows no broad news. Don. He has done. And then there's this guy Gruber. This guy group in any other society. In men who. Who was is dishonest and is deceitful as he watched. We'll be shamed. He'd be sent out into the works on his own. Never to be seen again. Or he'd be left on an iceberg. Never to be seen again. With this chair is all over the place. And CNN notice Mark Warner CNN. Bernie Sanders CNN. Ed Markey CNN. And now Jonathan Gruber. CNN. Had five go. Only since president trump has introduced massive uncertainty into the market for refusing to pay the cost sharing subsidies that are part of Ohio I noticed noticed the trend here. Noticed the pattern. It's president trump whose cause. Unbelievable. Go ahead. The battling back and forth with the mandated city and is it out etc. That has cost insurers say look we don't need to be part of this game the big insurers this a small piece their bid Pakistani. I guess talk any of the grow very Donnie. That's not the insurance companies are saying on the instability the dueling back and forth if you owe on it now you know what they're saying. It broke camp are Obama care. Even that gives subsidies and I cannot get how Larry here before we go out of business. That's not new now. And that's a near elk you know what else is liberals like you don't. Yeah let Obama. Obama with a sixty million dollar book contracts. Obama would just 400000 dollars speeches. Obama care. Look what they've done. And then this program. Is robber who should be wearing a bigger. Bag over his head in disgrace. Instead areas lecturing all of us and drop. Complete putts. AI CNN. And then Eddie Orange County California on the mark live NN. How are you. On fire. My main man my friend and then mud on other than my lord did not say yes and how wonderful model a significant pain. And what thank you so look for explain it being in the bar you right democratic and carpet Republicans and that while I guess Paul Ryan. In the squirrel he did you rid your book weren't. I mean that the guy who debated the dumbest man in America and the were also. Let it can't really really mark book. If you really want to help the law that you would if you patent an am afraid the good I would look. Model cannot stand. Tolerate kept pace it was stupidity in the mainstream mainstream media chew bubble talk to the government seriously limit it to you to shut up. You do see it and stopped all of you to pick on network TV in the end it did. All of you need to be tracked. Thank god and our. He beat and more important market. I'm truly productive without him this and learn. Who wanted to bet that would have been my hand like we had you marked as long as we head you. Outlook continued to fight and I will continue it what to support American people continue to fight the good fight that Soledad that you would mark. Any I love it baby and and if you wanna make book signings at the Reagan library. I don't know that date yet haven't organized effort to make sure you get there so different all right god bless you my friend. What they're right back. Ever notice how you've come across somebody once in awhile. Vick who shouldn't their best where it. Perhaps Meier again you can call him back 8773813811. In failure in Iraq browsing history your personal data can now be sold to advertisers. And Internet service providers without your consent. He thanked congress for this and you know this is one of the areas where strongly disagree I think it ought to be private. The main some level of privacy consider using a virtual private network and only visit secure encrypted web site. He identity theft is America's fastest growing crime it happens when the teacher information to pretend there yeah. They can buy things on your credit and liquidate bank accounts. But the fact is ladies and gentlemen while many many many many years ago this might have been done by a fourteen year old and is my mother's basement it doesn't work that way anymore. They're very very sophisticated mobs mob groups and in organizations. Overseas and in this country. 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That's life flocked dot com or 1800 like flock 1800 life clock make sure use that special promo code and get tempers and off. Your life like ultimate plus membership that's Levant. LE VE and you know that. No particular reason other than it's been banned by. I all the rest of the TV ad networks and so forth Jersey trump bad. That networks and end. Which had like you do here hectic daily Malkani go. Donald Trump sworn in as president 100 days ago America has rarely seen such success. Respected Supreme Court justice confirmed. Companies investing in American jobs again America becoming more energy independent. Regulations that kill American jobs eliminated. Biggest tax cut plan in history you would know from watching the news how America is winning and president trump is making America great again. And I approve this message. And the ad shows Andrea Mitchell Wolf Blitzer Rachel mad out choice Stephanopoulos and skeptical. And it puts the words fake news of her exit at. And of course they won't run them. The networks have been in the end. This is just too much. I want the network spanning the end ladies and gentlemen. You know but to criticize the media you're not allowed to criticize specific anchors and hosts. Why is it. The media criticizes everybody else. So they won't run an ad it's a paid ad says it at the end paid for by Donald Trump and so forth. Little thin skinned over there. But still it's a problem. All right Chris. Pembroke Pines, Florida a serious satellite go. Hi I think your particular call so I gotta be quick on the trigger here my mother in law is French. And they've worked their entire lives they're retired now. You can be issued glitter I thank. She wanted to get a second opinion which can not because there's been over there does not allow entry to move on get a second opinion to include soccer. Though they are middle class. The rich in Europe there are a lot to get whatever but certainly what for the politicians here. There especially that Democrat. They are hurting the people that they claim to be walking to how and is in. It's all about power glut they've exempted themselves from obamacare. I got up not now you can be certain if obamacare was this great gold plated system that they keep talking about. They would not have exempted themselves and have you heard he single. So called reporter on any of the single so called media outlet platforms. Ask any of these left wing Kooks senators. Why they don't fight to ensure that such a magnificent health care system doesn't apply to them and their families. Now so they end. Americans don't know what they they've got many Americans think that Europe is that you talk it is not. Well I sure as I don't think so you're right they keep reference you know in Europe they did they ask New York they does that really. While in Europe they had a third right million out in Europe they had they had marks and he. And the concept and then and then a reality in my marxism and Communist and your opinion. Excuse me this is American thank you Chris. Jared Tucson Arizona the great KN ST goat. And mark in the pleasure speaking with you I wanted to answer your your question but you both sort of coerced about. But why the Democrats are holding on to such a trailing just 10 but also doing nothing to fix this problem on the Democrat side I think it's pretty clear. Are they were were they weren't they broke PD a.s CA with it can't just fail to force American people onto a single Payer system. As they edit as the starter period it was always decide to stay on the second side that the Republicans why apps we don't trust at this point because now the problems it could be a bank. They also are hustling investment in this and that's their purpose which are also not on to give up in any way shape or form so why don't believe that the apple peel. Upkeep VA CA at all because they would have Marty. Well as a good points I just think in whatever reform. Overbearing. And lord being centralized government. Involvement in our health care system is now here to stay. This is it was the chance to really deal with a and you have a bunch of funny Republicans in the House of Representatives. Who voted. For repeal. And Obama was president and refused to do the same thing. Because trumps president and it would actually happen it is a disgrace. It just is thank you for your call Jarrett. Virginia. And Maryland now item shouldn't Virginia be in Virginia. How are you Virginia on W I Mayo. Yes thanks. I wanna take a crack at your question now why does the government have to be involved with mine by a health insurance and the why didn't Republicans simply repeal Obama care. We're looking at the big picture with I think you are doing when he went back to hey go remark like that even Republicans. Have bought into that insecurity of many Americans. Insecurity that they won't have what they need to let the government take care of them. And the founding fathers. In the insecurity because they shut sitting God's Providence. Not in the government and god we trust that life like hagel and mark. They knew they needed to get rid of god the socialists in the Communists. They get in this insecurity that experience here in America they've created bay taking god out of the picture. By using the desire for a morality people they say it and they want to do these things thank god said. Are you more out so god got ago no longer a guy reached. Trapeze it is very important points and that people may say hey look at you know wherever were secular country and let me explain something. The founding fathers were religious men now they had different. Intensity is of of religious beliefs different denominations. But almost all of them are Christians. And there are very very tolerant man. And as I explained in liberty and tyranny and as I walk supply also explain in doing my my upcoming book rediscovering Americanism. Whether you believe in god or not with your personal faith in the these men were people place and they created a government. That would respect all faiths and respect people have nothing. Because they were tolerant Christians. Again a varying degrees of intensity in terms of their practices and so with that doesn't matter. And Aaron what the progressives have done is they've replaced the state. With all that and and I what I've talked about his natural law natural rights. Any any eternal truths you know like the golden rule like the ten commandments and so foot. None of that ever talked about anymore and very little of its ever taught the minority can't teach in class that is the ten commandments in the public schools. Very good Virginia appreciate your call let's keep going. Let's go to frank Rowley North Carolina serious satellite area. I'm great mark thanks for taking my call. Market. There are very very few examples. Of free market capitalism. In medicine anymore. If you know but I wanted to point out one. But I think. Might be helpful in keeping your eyes on the prize and illustrating some of the points that you've been making tonight. Fifteen years ago laced guy surgery it was about three got 3000 dollars. And they do what I. You come back here and out of an abundance of caution do the other one a couple weeks later. For another three grand since the end today you can go in being major markets you'll hear radio advertising. Or something it's not covered on. On any insurance policies cash on the barrel head. And for 25300. Dollars and I hope all done with a pre operative screenings. Then the surgery in May be a follow up and it's you know 50600. Dollars. Poll what fifteen years ago was costing 6000. That's what they're free market won't do it when the government is not involved and it would be the best that. I think that's an excellent point. And it's an excellent point. In check and let me say this hour. If the governor it was response to the responsible for food in this country we start that would. They got remembers responsible for. Well yeah that's the point the point is government is not about efficiencies government is not about markets systems government is about demanding control. And really. And informed and knowledgeable decisions. But that's an excellent point I think you create cause brilliance. OK. You know I robberies carjackings riots and everything going on in the world today would be nice to be able to sleep a little better at night. While the United States concealed carry association. His main that a part of their main mission. Give responsible gun owners like you and me complete peace of mind and an unpredictable world how. I educate train. Making sure you're legally and financially protected if you're forced to defend yourself. 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That's the fend them dot com go to today get your name on the list the ten chances to win 15100 dollars to by the going to be dreams. The fan then dot com. The okay. Some guys called me the same tennis. Thought Craig yup high pump up out that. And on how to take it that they go. And a passionate person I am. This is no act this is who I am. So level which. The wonderful we can coming up ladies and gentlemen I hope you'll take the time he would give some thought to that going ahead and acquiring your copy of rediscovering Americans. We still on going back and forth with slight edits to the book it will be out on July 4. But I'm hoping we can hit the ground running with a and they do make an excellent summertime read it be an excellent book for people in your family who may be on the fence but really free. I've written this for the people you in my audience. We're loyal to this program. They're loyal to your country. And I go through and I trying to explain things in ways that really hasn't been explained. The way they should be in my via. And they're certainly not presented properly. In in public forums. Despite all the money we spend on colleges and universities and high schools and all the media and all the rest so. He get a changing go directly to Rediscovering Americanism. It's 34% awful right. Now Ray Charles and America in your honor. You do. He moves. And an early age yeah. Loom over us. Okay. June. Me. I'm okay. I. Units. Yeah. The players don't like him. News. Yeah. Knock them. Waves. I heard from. Majesty. I. Okay. And you. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Yeah. Oh wait is over and the week convenience. You salute our armed forces police officers firefighters. And emergency personnel. And I Pepsi and I Britney and I spraying tonight smoking again I Zelda. Get out Qaeda if that's how bad debt crisis. Hit him find fat fly. CO lamented it's genetics. See on the radio on Monday got blessed.