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4/20/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Apr 21, 2017|

Landmark Legal Foundation has filed a request with the U.S. Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA). The request asks the secret court to order an investigation into the leaking of surveillance activity conducted on members of Donald Trump’s team, in accordance with the rulings of FISA. The ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Only T-Mobile gives you unlimited data with taxes and fees included so you save hundreds a year and get two lines for just a hundred bucks a month all in. We thought okay. And right now harness the power of the unlimited Samsung galaxy. Who deserves better. And LTE network and why wait switch today only that's able. Top 3% of users greater than thirty gigabytes for my community reduced speeds might include sales tax. It's okay. Normally underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave it there. Hello everybody part of and here are number 8773813811. Feet. 73813811. Several items of breaking news. I yesterday spending significant manner at times saying that I felt. The present United States sued. Federalized nationalize the California National Guard. I'm cinnamon to Berkeley to protect. In Coulter or anybody else wants to speak there. And the attorney general of the United States. Should escort her. To the podium so she can speak to send a message. To Berkeley. That every University College campus. All these violent Marxist an anarchist groups. That their tactics and techniques will not be tolerated that this is America in the First Amendment belongs to all of us. And that these college campuses. Are open for business meaning all of us we pay for. We own it. So important was that message I bet all morning and I didn't listen I'll bet. You're local and national hosts were saying pretty much the same thing. Because I remember what Reagan did in Berkeley and I remember what took place in the 1960s. While I'm confident as a result of what we re doing here last night in our. At least eight million listeners probably more given digital listeners and satellite on tapping Ayman FM listeners. We have this breaking news from the New York's lines Berkeley reversing decision. Says saying cult victim speak after off. Now for me this isn't about any culture. Or any individual it is about free speech. And obviously conservatives. Are people who disagree with a radical left. Apparently the minds of some they don't have the right to free speech. University of California Berkeley today reversed its decision to cancel a speech. By the conservative author Ann Coulter approving her to appear on campus in early may. Because they don't have a leg to stand up. Legally or otherwise. University administrators have said a day earlier that they could not let ms. Coulter speak because of security threats. In a letter to the Berklee college Republicans who were sponsoring the speech. Two vice chancellor said the university had been quote unable to find a safe considerable value for your plane April 27 event featuring Ann Coulter. The decision was criticized not just by miss Coulter. Who are about to defy the administration speak of the universe anyway. But also by groups and thinkers across the political spectrum who viewed it as an attack on free speech in Iraq. Now I think the he left wing Kooks that run that university. Probably heard. At the ultimate solution to this. Is to put down the violent rioters. And if the if the left wing Kooks who run these universities and colleges. Who we pay the federal taxpayer state taxpayers those who pay tuition and so forth and so. If they weren't going to uphold the First Amendment. Then perhaps the president of the United States and the attorney general the United States would have by the way the attorney general does not have the power to nationalize. The National Guard doing the president does. Free speech is what universities crow about said Robert Reich a labor secretary in the Clinton administration. Now professor of public policy of Berkeley. Universities don't do everything possible to Foster protected they are universities. They're likens. That's funny that they would quote him of all people like that had some major effect. But that's the way the New York slime to the Washington compost where. Here we are conservatives. Who really are the port for civil liberties in this country now not the left the left is anti civil liberties. Not their phony front groups. They're not they're good at their professors we. The letter canceling the speech written by Scott stadium vice chancellor Stephen Sutton the vice chancellor for student affairs. So it was not possible bushel sure that the event can be held successfully. But that the safety of ms. Coulter the event's sponsors audience and bystanders. Can be adequately protected. The university had said it would try to reschedule the speech perhaps in September but on Thursday today. And asked ms. Coulter will be allowed to speak on May second so what happened. I think you. My eleven audience you happen. And you spread the word in people heard it on radios throughout the country. On iphones and android throughout the country. That our solution is there right solution. And it's time. To meet voice. Would law authority would law enforcement. And because they governor California is that the food. And the chancellor of Berkeley is a buffoon. And the vast majority of faculty are the finish. Well when it requires. The federalization or nationalization of the California National Guard to put it down. But Berkeley's reputation. It's one of the country's most liberal universities and in this word liberal doesn't even applying much. It's a Marxist. University that's what it is. The campus surrounding areas have become a target for small militant. And shadowy right wing groups. Bennett clash in recent months with equally militant in shadowy anarchist groups based in the San Francisco Bay Area that's right it's right wing groups. That that control these college campuses ladies and gentlemen. I know the klan's men in the end neo Nazis in so far show up. But they're nothing they they pick their largely irrelevant. Disgusting as they aren't. But what's really happening is a growing. And growing movement. Of Marxist and it tests. Dressed in black covering their faces. Are pouring into these college campuses. To trying to intimidate. Conservatives and libertarians and others who disagree was the the group think. And it goes on. Now as they skim this. I really don't see what changed. The university not going to protect ms. Coulter and the college Republicans in the young America's foundation. And the audience. I think kind to Goosen. Just curious. Well that will be interesting to watch won't. There's other breaking news. There was a filing made. But the fights a court but one hour ago. If filing made one hour ago with the phys collect. Asking the secret court. To order an investigation of the leaks in order investigation. The departments and agencies. That sought a court order or a quarter orders. To conduct surveillance. In this filing with the phys the court the secret court. Was made an hour ago by the Landmark Legal Foundation. In the the memo the filing was was signed by our executive. Vice president and General Counsel Pete Hutchison. And here in part is what it cents. And I can I cure I'd. Annika secure I Landmark Legal Foundation respectfully moves this court to exercise its authority. Pursuant to fifty United States code section 180382. Day. To consider quote exceptional matters in Bonn. And it's inherent authority under the constitution of the United States. An issue all orders necessary to protect the administration of justice including an order. To direct a full investigation. Into the leaking of surveillance activity conducted in accordance with the rulings in this court. A flurry of recent published reports citing numerous anonymous federal intelligence and law enforcement officials. Has disclosed an enormous. Mount a classified information. Apparently gathered pursuant to order is issued by this federal intelligence Surveillance Act court. The nature timing and volume of classified information. And that have been released indicating systematic effort to exploit the orders of this court for political purposes. Landmark respectfully urges the court to exercise its inherent power. To protect the administration of justice and the integrity of the price of process. And direct the federal government to conduct a thorough investigation. Into these leaks. Which include felony violations of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. MIX admits that officials would mean executive branch of abuse the judicial process. Placing the integrity of the escort and the constitutional rights of individuals at risk. The court should exercise its inherent jurisdiction. And ordered the federal government to investigate Foley and the FBI to explain fully the following questions one. And this court's order or orders they used by intelligence and law enforcement entities of the federal government. As a subterfuge to serve out private citizens and at least one United States senator for political purposes to. A government officials seek one or more national security surveillance warrants from this court. As a pretext to conduct an investigation. For the purpose of effecting an ongoing national presidential campaign and subsequent transition of an incoming president. Three when applying to this court for one or more warrants in this matter. Did the FBI informed escort Panetta apparently paid some of the expenses. Of a former British spy. Who prepared the dossier reportedly relied on in whole or part. In its application to convince this court to issue a warrant. And that edit apparently negotiated to make further payments to the former British spy which efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. Floor. When applying to this court for one hour more winds in this matter to the FBI forum this court that the dossier it reportedly presented empress sort of one or more warrants. Had originally been prepared. By the former British spy Fred Washington research firm conducting opposition research against the Republican nominee for president. Candidate Donald Trump. Landmark six and respectfully suggest that the court sitting in baht should direct the government to complete its investigation. Report its findings to the court within ninety days. The court should also consider. Whether it's appropriate to issue an order it's all relevant federal law enforcement intelligence agencies. To show cause as to why they should not be held in contempt for failing to protect the secrecy of classified information obtained pursuant to orders at this court. The court should then consider whether additional remedial actions including further investigations. Referrals to appropriate ethics authorities. Are even referrals for criminal prosecution are appropriate. The court may also deem it appropriate to question under oath attorneys and I piceance responsible for securing the fight so warrant. Revealed by leaks to the media chronicled here it. Testimony may also be heard by those responsible for gathering analyzing and disseminating information. As a result of the relevant warrants. Landmark respectfully carriages escort the use the full arsenal legal powers available to it to resolve this matter. Now some background and I can't read all that too went. Tony sixteen the FBI investigated the possibility of a Russian role in the American presidential campaign. They scrutinized Donald Trump's advisors for connections to Russian financial figures. And let hacking of the DNC computers ultimately however according to published news reports. They found no direct link between mr. trump the direction government. Rather than closing the investigation the FBI apparently took the highly unusual step of converting the matter in a national security investigation. After reportedly being denied a warrant on G in June 2016. Which supposedly had named presidential candidate Donald Trump. The FBI sought and was granted he fights a court warrant in October. Giving counterintelligence permission to examine the activities of the US persons and Donald Trump's campaign with ties to Russia quote on quote. As reported in the media. In addition according to the new at times in the closing days of the Obama administration. Steps were taken to expand the NSA's authority to distribute certain intelligence information. Has several other federal departments and agencies and you know the the facts the the reporting behind that. That change means that far more officials will be searching through raw data. The expanded policy was approved in December became effective January 317. Two weeks before the inauguration of the next president. Against this backdrop the New York Times the Washington Post McClatchy heat streak. The BBC and other national and international media outlets. Have published a series of articles relating to intelligence surveillance conducted in accordance with the orders issued by the fights a court. Details leaked to reporters include the name of a private US citizen subject to a surveillance warrant. Mainly Carter hate and speculation about the targeting of former trump campaign manager. All manner effort. And truck surrogate Roger Stone and certain information gather her to a 21 or more warrants. Moreover information gathered on president Donald Trump's former national security advisor Michael Flynn. Said there had been gathered incidental. To the surveillance of the Russian ambassador and whose identity was unmasked by government officials. Was unlawfully leaked to the media. Each leak is potentially criminal and certainly unethical. They also undermine the public's faith in the credibility of Tyson process. These leaks appear to be part of a systematic. Political effort. Designed to undermine an incoming presidential menace the administration. Landmark Legal Foundation respectfully urge this court. To exercise immediately its authority to direct the federal government to investigate the sources of these pervasive leaks. And then we provide a partial but significant list. But the news articles one after another after another. After another. Page after page has some training them in front of me in the motion that landmark filed today. With a secret court. Inclusion. Landmark respectfully urges this court to exercise the full inherent in statutory authority. To defend the integrity of the justice system by taking the remedial steps proposed hear him. This is an extremely important matter fundamental constitutional rights and civil liberty protections are threatened. If unlawful and unethical tactics are used in an abuse of significant government a power. That is the surveillance of private citizens whether this court's good faith order or orders were abused by the executive branch officials for bad faith her insist. Requires thorough investigation and if appropriate. The strongest sanction. Available to the coin. That was filed one hour ago when Landmark Legal Foundation Meyer executive vice president and General Counsel which time president. I'll be right back to the okay. We are going to post a link. That we just created. For the landmark legal filing on my social sites. So you can read it yourselves. And we don't know if there's ever been tried with the phys accord or not it's a secret court and basically what we're saying to the judge. Is judge. You see what's taken place. You know what your order or orders say you know if they've been violated you know if they've been breached. You know if you're court's been taken advantage. And we wanna remind me of the information that the swelling around. In the public arena as a result of leaks by executive branch officials former. And parent. Perhaps people on the hill as well. And that we respectfully carriage to judge the court. To take immediate steps in order a federal investigation. Of these leaks and whether or not. His or her order or orders and video. You're listening to annihilate. So great one for great one and you can call it now. 8773813811. The fox vision. Well I believe that. That is a lot of things going on here and none of them good. And I believe the left cabala out there that seeks to take some many of us off the air. Really quite similar to the curve ball he saw writing at Berkeley but they use different techniques there. The more clever they're sleazy or actually. Hiding in the shadows. I believe they're not done. In the past they've tried to take out rush. For different reasons loses you know rational Riley or not the same people by any stretch. O'Reilly of course no Riley handed them. Really the tools by which to take him up but that doesn't that's not my point. And then we'll seek to destroy the Fox News Channel. In the Fox News Channel may destroy itself from them. Say what you will about Rupert Murdoch he. Over the decades. Sought to build something different. A different kind of media platform when he came to broadcast. Television broadcast. And in any major way he succeeded. And his two sons really haven't created the damn thing. They're going to inherit his media empire. They're desperate to expand that empire in Britain. His two sons. Our socialites who. Who like to. Socialize and Hollywood. They're probably embarrassed by the fact solution. See of that going on in the inside. And on the outside still you have CNN in the near times in the rest of them. Still hunting down our Riley he's been fired. About his severance package. If anybody gives a damn about his average. But they're very very concerned for the investors and Fox News Channel. And 21 century fox at this point very very concerned. But they're not done. The New York Times which is a disgraceful joke of a newspaper outlet. Which did all it could hide the Holocaust. During the height of World War II in the slaughter Jews is very concerned. About propaganda guests at the Fox News him. Propagandist that the Fox News Channel up. Have they read their editorial page lately. Let alone their phony news pages but they put in the front page and so forth. Jeremy Peters. Is a so called reporter for the New York slams is a joke. Looks to be about fourteen years old. And he's on the morning schmo show. With the despicable morning schmo who's a throwback to the movie deliverance again. If you look at the kid on the on the bridge playing the banjo. That looks like jump. His head's so Big Ten is too big and sizes too small as noses to the big Iowa what do you want from me at MSNBC. Anyway yeah. And what should listen to this and that and went to listen to the morning show most report. This is today I believe active legal insurrection. Headache out. I think you have to look at somebody like Sean Hannity and and and the question whether or not his. I have almost propaganda. Light. Attitude and and and and and programming every night is going to be acceptable in the minds of this of the family which is clearly trying to shift the network and also remember is because he doesn't and Russian. Yeah that's the stupid. Joseph Scarborough. And what he's trying to say there is that in English on as a defender Russian. Course carbo is a defender of left wing Kooks. Joseph who for some reason had to leave the House of Representatives Joseph who failed as a radio talk show host and Joseph. Who's fellas that TV host the this twelve viewers on MS Ellis the but. There is good good news and Joseph Scarborough you can have an IQ in the negative. Get a TV show on an NBC affiliate I mean it's amazing thing or MSNBC. So bad as MSNBC that the MS part left. Microsoft. He wants it now what's I cable company and forget. One of the cable companies owns NBC lucky them. So this Jeremy Peters. The the fraud. Reporter quote unquote for the new X lines. He's hoping. He's hoping for a you know I Stalinist like. The purity campaign with a clean out fox in turn it into just another liberal. Why side news outlet. And so good they despise on that network more than anybody else. Sean Hannity. Sean Hannity is not a reporter he's not a journalist he doesn't pretend to be objective he gives his opinion. Unlike in the X lines and MS solid state where they had people who are dressed up as journalists and reporters. Where align left wing sacks of the north. Man set. And I did. And so he's saying you know though I think. You have to look at somebody like Sean Hannity question whether or not. Islamist propaganda like attitude and programming arena yet you see ladies and gentlemen you may disagree with Sean and his supported trapper whatever. They do the same thing enemy. I insist on getting to the bottom of the Obama administration's. Surveillance activities. And Sami right wing conspiracy to now keep in mind I'm quoting left wing conspiracy Kook. Journalists. Are writing so called new stories. The BBC the guardian and get more left going then that the Washington compost the next lives they get more left wing then that McClatchy and all arrested. And I am I siding. Left wing news outlets I may rightly Coke picture shows it now keeps tempting tonight. We talk about these negotiates. Media matters. It's like when these Communist propaganda mills. And they collect data. On conservatives. In the media whether it's radio TV print media website blog or whatever and it. Now they don't keep accurate information. They cherry pick information spinach. Massage it position it. Great he hit lists. And talking points. Put it in their data. If storage systems and then. Push it out. I hundreds and hundreds of media outlets. When they think they have an opportunity to destroy somebody your character's sense. This is what they do. Conservatives have nothing like this week week to week. We resist this kind of activity because we believe in ideas and debates and challenges and and so forth and so on. They do not. They believe in the Stalinist I end this. Criminalize politics destroy your opponents. And that's Jeremy Peters over the near ex lives and you know and he joined Penney's thinks because you know. He's almost can't propaganda like attitude and a cart and we know the end Locklear and then and change America act. And you know who's who spent so many decades of building this enterprise. Yet wait wait we know they wanna change the clocks sprang up and may make it more like that there at times company and ever we wanted them. So you need to understand what's going on a most of you do but look at this schmo the morning chebaa Cali Cali frozen. He doesn't believe in free speech freedom of the press. He doesn't believe in the debating ideas deceased and stupid the debate night. So he throws it with the idiot from the knee X line. Me it's always are also very confusing because he does that in Russia and Russian. Pac. Did get joke you're pay masters it ally that. You puke. Anybody think of a single. Probe found thing Joseph scar bar has ever said. A single probe brown statement. From a largely intellectually. Bullish. Inarticulate. Mostly illiterate but can't. Get anybody and by the way in English. He can what was a guy to a three a four term congressman wow that's unique. That's unique. I wonder over there at MSNBC. Any sexual harassment gone on over I'm just curious. Anybody cheating on their lives over there. And what are the morning schmo and make every chance you gonna look into that. Anybody hit million times over there at CNN. When the female reporters. Anybody this Darius CNN day and up. Can you tell us if you did. How are over there at any time. Any inter office stuff going on over there have at the Washington compost. None of their all angels and all these liberal news outlets. All of them. That's why they broke their backs to expose Bill Clinton. When Juanita Broderick came forward and said that man is attorney general Arkansas. Rape me. They all around her home knocked on the door tape recorders and and it should tell us all about it we wanna get to the bottom of this the most powerful man in the Oval Office the president of the United States. BJ. Jefferson Clinton we wanna get to the bottom of this. We got a free press. We wanted to stand up for women an equal rights. And what do they do. They trash the women. They trash the wind or they trash the women. Because they treated Paula Jones they got into her background. But now they treated Juanita Broderick they dogged her back maverick Kathleen Willey. Kathleen Willey said she was sexually assaulted in the Oval Office by the present the United States oak rat. OBJ Bilge efforts. The media were all over that weren't they dog yes they where. NBC. ABC CBS. CNN all day at times editorial after editorial right. Same with the watched about and a portal after editorial. Oh yes you know what they did. They went after the prosecutor. Kenneth Starr. They said what the lord man and he's going into the cutting health yeah he asked questions of our president. In front of the grand jury with the cigars in the dress and then this another how dare he do such things. ESATA Cattrall. And direct control. Gloria all red and her daughter Lisa bloom who's involved in the spot every now they are trash both of you don't. All the women's rights groups came forth the national association whatever they call them set it at all we ask you it would happening there screams they weren't. Every now they map marched on Washington the million woman march get ineffective I bet. That her about that yet. I have the female Democrat members of congress rose not. Marched to the White House and demanded that Bill Clinton resigned. Well it didn't happen. Now known that. The left is a pathetic joke I'll be right back. Months. When. Can. They haven't timeshare aspect of and have you upset with the timeshare. Have a working with a new company called resort release. That's already helping many of you get out. Of your expensive time here. If you're still stuck in years you're not alone. The timeshare industry has been locking Americans and lifelong agreements that destroy their finances for years. If you wanna get out. 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And if you're in a binding you wanna get out of it they're gonna help. And so that is a very very important service that they will provide you 888455. Mark. All right now a lot out there let's GoDaddy. Syracuse, New York serious out. Like no. How are you hearing now all right thank. You know I am so glad to hear what you have I every NCAA. And accuses the murder. All the situation and we need another. Gergen 88. And I want you shut off your radio isn't trying to illicitly use. Two. Higher. Eerie. But don't worry about. Everybody I know I'm hired a patent. Quiet and it can be foreign to shouted down by people I. They are now. I'm tired and how he thinks I'm tired of Hollywood. People who don't even have an education. Leading America with their own common sense I see it. And we need another conservative TV station and we are quietly come back. You cannot be an open irk you gotta come back and we need to follow here. Do you think wow I'm not gonna follow Riley needs many many conservative with all due respect. But do you think that the Fox News Channel should allow O'Reilly to have a final showed us think about it was audience. That's important act. While they're not going to bring him back and so I'm trying to do a reality. I don't think there's any quick he'd gotten that are also. Out. It's nice you know I say what no one and it is 22 save species. I I don't think it would lap up but I would be back. I think we ought to another state and won a while back. To that while the knock out the car. Hit and ran out and under somebody but a month. Do you think there in the middle even O'Reilly aside do you think there in the middle of changing their brand of becoming a more. Sort of mush cable network. And their equity but that we're can becoming a secret report. Would. All right my friend I appreciate your call will Milford Connecticut. On the mark within that how are you look. Very good my radio hero. You know Howell even prior to the inauguration. Radio double left of where they were beating Donald Trump over that. Let's get a hold a second and just in this on the we in the prime of their phones. I'm hearing a lot of static and a lot of clicking. This is a big kinda show we should have a piece you know ounces. Lou I'm gonna take you up next hour if you hang on buddy. And hopefully during the break we get engineering there to check out our phones our phone system. Is I'm hearing static and hearing clicking and I'm sure that's a real turn off. All right folks I'll be right back. He's here. Now. Literally underground. Heat from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the. Hello everybody mark living here are number 8773813811877. 3811. Well ladies and gentlemen. Jeff Sessions was on this program when was it mr. history yesterday or the date Tuesday. Two days ago. And somehow the media. Just take it out waste that on my show today easily. This is media matters again toward. Peace Soviet style hit machine. That dresses up as a bipartisan nonprofit charity. Which true. CNN. What what what we have something here knowing mr. it is which one is at sea it is. Here's Jeff Sessions here's what he said. On my show on Tuesday cut fourteen go the mr. attorney general what is the status. Of the president's executive order which would chime who must that is. Perfectly constitutional. And within the four corners of the president's prerogatives and always has been. But what is the status of. It is not of course we've got cage is moving in very very liberal ninth circuit. Com and do. They've been hostile to the order we lot of cases in Virginia recently that was a nicely written. Border that your demolished I thought all the all argument that some of the other people have been making we are confident that the president will prevail on off. Feel and particularly in the Supreme Court is not ninth circuit. So long it's been facing huge matter. Our I really am amazed that off. A judge sitting around. On in the Pacific and Asia and or just stop saying the president nice studied film. What appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power. Yeah and then and violates a Supreme Court precedent to boot all right that's it. Why now how culture of an island in the recent. What do you mean mind. Believing racists we'll see dismissing our citizens and Hawaiian Islands what was he all my goodness two days later. CNN. CBS. The Washington Post. The New York Times media matters puts it out there. Here's what CNN wrote. Attorney general Jeff Sessions said this week he was amazed. That a judge in Hawaii could block president Donald Trump's executive order. Halting immigration from several majority Muslim countries sections made the comments in an interview with the Mark Levine show. First of all let me help the illiterates at CNN. He didn't have an interview with the Mark Levine Shelton Mark Levine show is a title. Hit an enemy would mark Levant. Tuesday evening that was put online Wednesday. That was put online wins in Michigan what does that mean. It's on our web site. Within an hour after the show was broadcast what do you mean it was put on line. When those are the intrepid investigative reporters over there at CNN. And we don't out there was a vice a court application. While all these other outlets read hey you can't print what you can't permit and the Washington Post says and other SP trail AG's CNN. We've got cases moving in the very very liberal mind sir do you just Eric sessions and according. Who they've been Hoss out of the order sessions that we want a case of Virginia and so fluid. Last month the federal judge in Hawaii judge Gary Watson now how come they don't say who appointed that your. If that judge had been appointed by Republican they would type that's an Obama judge. And he's an abomination Jessica. Last month a federal judge in Hawaii judged Derek Watson. Issued an order that blocked trumps ban on travelers from several Muslim majority countries the Department of Justice is currently appealing the decision. Senator Macey corona. Hey Jeff Sessions this island in the Pacific has been the fiftieth state. For going on 58 years and we don't succumb to your dog whistle politics. While congratulations Hawaii you've elected another idiot. Hawaii was not on the strength of diversity and immigrant experiences including my own. Jeff Sessions comments are ignorant and dangerous. Jeff Sessions comments are ignorant and dangerous. Because he's talking about it on a controlled judge on an island which we call Hawaii. Brian Schatz. The house Brian Schatz. Maybe another politician from alike. That's quite diversity there Brian Schatz from Hawaii. Always has senator. Brian Schatz. Mr. attorney general you voted for that judge and that island is called. Oahu to my home have some respect I shut up you idiot. Yeah way to get. The party of Bill Clinton. Can't fit. The party of Barack Obama traveling the world trashing his own country. Oh yes the party of Keith Ellison. In other Jews and Israel are asked that part. They're very offended. Justice Department spokesperson. Ian product clarified. Remarks in a statement today. How why is in fact an island in the Pacific. It beautiful one with the attorney general's granddaughter was born he said the point however. Is that there is a problem honey flawed opinion by a single judge to block the president's lawful exercise of authority. To keep the entire countries that seek this is lost on senator mossy Hirono. Daughter of an immigrant we know she told us. Brian Schatz. The invisible senator from Hawaii. Yes yes ladies and gentlemen you understand how up. How these two senators. Who swear to uphold the constitution of the United States. Have no problem. With a federal judge in Hawaii and Obama appointee. Violating separation powers and it is well at all why the entire nation. Yeah they have no problem. In the interview on Tuesday sessions also added that tradition Psycho analyze trying to when he was asked about potential judges try to put a point. I think our president having seen some of these really weird interpretations of the executive orders. But he's put out I think he's more understanding now that we need judges who follow the law not make the laws session sense. The judges don't get the psychoanalyze the president deceived the order I hit if the order he issues his lawful Tito lawful or it's not. I think it'll be real important for America to have judges the model of judge course itch in the late Supreme Court Justice Scalia people who serve under the law and so front. I. I don't know when I finished the interview with sessions on Tuesday mr. it is nice to that was a good interview he. He was quite straightforward. I didn't feel we made any news did you. No you don't understand. I got caught lying island in the epic. Yeah no it's not an island in the Pacific. What is. Adding its products are dangerous. Says the idiot senator. Mazie Hirono. AG Arizona. And the other idiot senator Brian Schatz. This is. This is the kind of representational. I want to the United States senate apparently show. And they still not I'll heads but on every issue that matters and restaurants. They're not up and it by the federal judge they're not offended by his lawlessness. Now. Now because sessions called Hawaii. And island in the Pacific. Well at least he wasn't like that idiot congressman I believe from Georgia what was that guy's name. Talking about American Samoa tells. Saying. In other American Samoa and it's it's tilting over there's something to that. To that respect. Unbelievable. Hank Johnson yeah. -- want it to oh. I'm sorry you know that island in the Pacific. I'll be right back. Most of the program. No way anybody watch hockey after that I have don't watch a lot of it. Until we get down to the to the nitty gritty same of basketball I mean you watch the whole band season. Really comes down to the playoffs. The Washington Capitals went what is with this thing. Mean they barely squeaked it out yesterday after jumping to the only. They lost in double and and a watch this team and I'm thinking. Good lord the fans in the Washington or the state they they have got to have you know. Really iron stomachs so watch this year after year the same thing. Anyway. Neither here and there. It's amazing to me as I sit back tonight and watch events I think about things and I'm sure you do too. This whole Russian thing. In the trump campaign. John Kennedy. Camelot. John Kennedy. Had an affair. Then east German spies. The management of the Washington Post was well aware. And they covered it up. That is a big deal scandal. I'm sorry to upset everybody practically Chris Matthews may have had a few more drinks. Sure that was in his book is expose named John Kennedy. I'm just telling the truth I'm not trying to attack John Kennedy had many affairs but he had a fair then east German spy. John Kennedy also had an affair with a an underage intern. Who he shared with others. In the White House swimming poll act don't say that anyway. Who just pointing these things out. Ted Kennedy. I read that whole Palm Beach thing going on. Let him. Is lovely nephew. That was that kid's name oh yeah William Smith I think analyst. Number Chappaquiddick. AA. I did bring in all this stuff but as I have a long memory. Ted Kennedy working with the Soviets. To defeat Ronald Reagan 198384. I switched there's no doubt. None whatsoever. John Kennedy sleeping with a new instruments by Ted Kennedy working with the Soviets to defeat Ronald Reagan. These are scandals of monumental proportion. And nobody care. And today nobody cares. John Kennedy president. Ted Kennedy is. John McCain would say that lying in a national alliance production and and I missed it a mission very very much. Ted Cruz since she got that. But Ted Kennedy is no line. The hypocrisy. He's just incredible CNN. Among the most unethical news outlets and there are many. Employees. Broadcasters on CNN leaking questions to Hillary Clinton and her campaign. Absolutely incredible. I can't promise that and a promise that nick times reporter tea talk about propaganda should CNN now not at all. A said the same mindset liberal Kooks. The Pretoria in guard. Protecting big government and those who support big government. Now over at Yahoo! now non sense of irony in news outlet I don't think I call Yahoo! widget mr. it is had been thinking about this for years. Yahoo! really. I tickle itself should vote at the ash most site. Fox news's decision to drop Bill O'Reilly from the network's popular prime time slate. Was seen only as a first step by groups that have been pushing for his ouster. They company announced Wednesday Saturday and we now. Our Reilly's attorney mark pass away it's called the allegations eight brutal campaign of character assassination. Media matters the liberal group that reports on conservative media outlets. Including Fox News said anyway it's a statement the company had no choice but to expel O'Reilly. Ultraviolet which focuses on expanding women's rights and fighting sexism. Was pleased with the move but also focused on Fox News as a whole. Ultraviolet. If we hear this. Corporate watchdog group some of us as UN summit but make it very clever. Which is part of a campaign to get advertisers to pull their commercials from the fact they're also urged further action at that network. You see ladies and gentlemen. They left wing Kooks job is never done. They're head bangers they don't know when to stop. They don't wanna stop. And they had no intention of stopping. UN I don't get up every day and say hey let's destroy this network let's destroy this panel let's destroy this broadcast it. Let's destroy this newspaper enough. Do we organize. To put CNN at a business do we organized but MSNBC out of business do we organize to. You have Don lemon. One of the dumbest fools on television do we organize to get rid of that clown now. Do we organize to get rid of the Joseph scar borrow. The banjo playing deliberate skid on the bridge that we do that now we don't. Because we don't believe and that's Otis. But they organized boy oh. And let's call it as it is the reason O'Reilly was removed from fox. If they're having just signed a new contract for tens of millions of dollars. Reportedly twenty million a year for five years by my calculation. That's a hundred million dollars. And they knew a lot of the other stuff in the past they help paid off apparently some of the some of the lawsuits. Is because the advertisers withdrew. And that's what the left notes in the put pressure on these blue chip. Corporations. And they buckle. They buckle. They fold. And so that too liberal science and root for Barack. Who wanted to get rid of O'Reilly. Because they're liberal sons of Myrna. Finally convinced Murdoch who obviously saw the advertising problem. And these are the Marxist tactics these are the tactics of a Marxist Obama. The use social media. Of course they use the old status media which is there too that the system in every respect. The people reporting that he at times know that they have perverts and sleep balls among their employees but they won't report. The people of CNN know full well and I heard particularly about one person over there. That they have at least one sleaze ball and pervert over there keeps hitting on the women. And trouncing camera out and others will come forward and tell us who that person is I'm waiting for it. I went there and MSNBC. Oh yes. Oh yes. So what do they come forward. When they come forward. Let's let's address this Jewish men. Can't get back. Pannemon. And on Capitol Hill. This crap goes on to. Goes on all the time this is a cesspool inside about absolute cesspool. Let's discuss that in many respects. But the people who protected John Kennedy. Now there offend the people who protected Ted Kennedy I expect at a bottom and a rash of stuff. The people who protected BJ bill Jefferson Clinton attacked the women who he assaulted. Attacked a prosecutor is trying to get. The bottom other. Now. Now they're in high dungeons. Now there lecturing us whoa. We're not done well that's Fox News Channel and our own house of Fox's hit it on the inside and the outside. What we need a more conservative cable channel. Oh by the way we do have CI TV conservative reviewed TV but check that out of business aside from. Copyright back. Radios prince of the patriots. Call and now an 8773813811. Of the biggest problems with the liberal national. Education association and they control over what's taught in schools. Is the awful revisionist history they teach her kids. Now it's why they're so many young adults who don't understand why America's exceptional. And all it takes to keep us free and prosperous prosperous. That's why you and your children need to take together as a family they Hillsdale College free online American Heritage course. It's the real American story that you suggest don't want you know you won't hear anywhere else. You need to make this happen. Just set aside 45 minutes one night this week maybe after dinner. Watch the first lectured by my dear friend doctor Larry on who is a scholar in so many areas that declaration. The Winston Churchill in particular and president of Hillsdale College listened to do is lecture on why it's important study American history. I guarantee you'll be hooked he's incredibly entertaining. And your kids while they won't get this in school just like we didn't get it in school. It's available for free to teachers and their classes too so sign up to take the American Heritage course. At love in Freddie Hillsdale dot com has only it's free. You and your family can watch collectors anytime you want that's Levine for Hillsdale dot com LE VI and for Hillsdale dot com. That's got to act a little Milford Connecticut and Bartlett an act out. That put aside that JFK east Germans by the players aren't. He had a running correspondence. With her little tiger loved. You know the arrogance of the laps consistently low or reckless as the case may be. Anyway mark and you're on top of these issues by 234 days sometimes. And I wish orchestrated correspondent that would my friends regarding our chair the imports. And I see some liberal hypocrisy here because prior prior to inauguration. The left was beaten Donald Trump over the head with the ammonia and squat if you remember. And only its flaws being we left claiming that he's receiving payments. From foreign governments therefore he's disqualified as being president or should be impeached because he's not receiving payments from foreign government. Anyway go right ahead. And carried it's still has real estate tirades. Business that he wasn't forced to provide the best themselves. Now mind you the two of them have security clearances. And Yvonne guy I've read in the past couple days has expanded her brand in China. She's got all sorts of trademarks. And just the appearance of a conflict of interest. With regard to the trade issues that worry alleges allegedly blowing off on North Korea but. How can I make that claim of credibility. When they allow this stuff to go on Indian circles. But I don't know the particulars and by the way flu like appreciate your co was stunning static some election go who's a good friend of the program. And I'm told the engineers. Are going to be working with the phone company to get this fixed but it can't be told tomorrow. Because she's she ladies and gentlemen it's 7:40. PM almost eastern time. And nobody's around. The media during. That's not with the phone company apparently when I'm home. I'm gonna get in this trade issue would now trop now going full Herbert Hoover on steel. And what you folks to understand something. No other talk show host is gonna talk about this because they're afraid they're gonna lose listeners and so forth and so on. No company in this country is more Koppel. And steal. Now industry actions that. No industry it is a tough job for the men and women who do it. But we've had more Harris for a longer period of time. On that industry than any other industry I can think yeah. That any other industry I can think. And it's driven up the cost of automobiles to trim and at the cost of buildings it's really not the cost that anything they uses the. We don't know why our environmental regulations are destructive. They drive up costs. Any trust laws are not apply the unions and just telling the troops are you of the union shops and they drive up prices to go. And so when you. Compete overseas. The problem is the prices are much lower and we called all they're dumping steel. They're dumping steel we just put it Chuan 266%. Tariff. On Chinese steel. Last year. 266%. Going to Google. So the costs for everything related to steal in this country driven up. To you the consumer and not by a little. Wilbur Ross who runs the Commerce Department has become a billionaire by play in the system. But playing this system. Just doesn't make American greatness doesn't put America first. It means we're before what we're stooges. This is crony capitalist. Some people's jobs are protected. Some people become enormously rich. We're told this is for the working man that this is four at the everyday Americans that this is good for the country and so far no it's not. Now let's not. And who picks which industries are vital. I don't understand so. Pharmaceuticals. We have to drive the price down. Steel we get to drive the price up. And we going to talk about the authority of the president the United States to order. His secretary commerce. Wilbur. Ross. To investigate whether or not. There are an emergency national security implications. As a result of steel companies competing to one another. That's a ruse that's a back door. I don't like it. The president of the United States today surrounded himself with the individuals who benefit from this. He didn't surround himself with the individuals are gonna lose their jobs. Because they drive up costs. Are consumers. We're gonna find it very very difficult to purchase certain items because of these policies he didn't do that. Which is very troubling to me. Let's try I know it's a little irritating because of the static Jake Wilkes-Barre. Pennsylvania the great WT RW go. I was dirt yes I would argue about what the other individual earlier session had actually voted for the Hawaiian and judge. But I had cut down in order in the court. And I think there's so little you know or perturbed by the fact that he decided that it individual what good enough for the position. But the way. Let's let's let's listen and that's as it mean you know in advance what it judges under rule or how he's gonna conduct themselves like a politician. You do your best discern if somebody's gonna uphold the rule of law typically they say they well. Then there on the bench. And he doesn't. So what do you mean sessions can't criticize the judge. I don't think you're so much criticizing them through picking a personal. That something so personal attacks have. Tell me what was the personal attack. It would it would put up in the window with a comment I don't when he hit liberal crap speech. I asked you what was the end what was the attack personal attack I'm I'm sorry I don't have a quote just confirmed you know you don't of the quote you don't remember do. Well I don't need to let him go back and looked it up pretty quick well go look it up. If this man the 22 liberal clock mr. producer whose style that clock go ahead. And how what I play it for you pal and then you tell me. What you're talking about cut eight Mr. Big is ago. Yes sessions cutting mr. attorney general what is the status. Of the president's executive order which I would try and who must that is. Perfectly constitutional. And within the four corners of the president's prerogatives and always has been. But what is the status of. It is not of course we've got cage is moving in and out very very liberal ninth circuit. Arm and two. They've been hostile to be or are we lot of cases in Virginia recently that was a nicely written. Order that your demolished I thought all the our argument that some of the other people have been making. We are confident that the president will prevail on all feel and particularly in the Supreme Court is not ninth circuit. So long that you're facing huge matter our I really am amazed that. Five yard sitting around. Well now on in the Pacific and Asia and or does stop saying the president nourish studied film. What appears to be clearly his statutory and constitutional power. Now what's your proud of that. What specifically are working and go Italy Ireland YE manhunt belittling the island hole widest point is that it judge. A judge. On Hawaii. Can issue an order. Violating separation of powers violating Supreme Court precedent violating the constitution. Because it turns he's extremely liberal and opposes it on the attired in the country. Boy you are. You you're you're looking for a reason to to make the kinds of comments you do. Who root yet you. Are correct quote under saying that I don't think that we try let's let's let's let's play a lot is Hawaii and island. Yes you know it'd that are trying to answer my question is Hawaiian island yes or no. Is it in the Pacific gas and pay attention. Is it in the Pacific yes you know. Wow. You sound like you're quite as a racist. And mind I would just want to make sure that aren't people understand that the courts. Should be respected. But it really shouldn't they should be respected when they respect the law Tommy sick. Do you think the gap the truth Scott at the crews got the Dred Scott court the Supreme Court should have been respected. I don't remember what happened recently rushed here should match ranchers some of my questions rather than pivoting away. And I think and they keep hold your feet to the fight do you you said the court should be respected and I said only when they follow the law should they be respected so my question to you as. Should the Wii speak Supreme Court than respected in the truce got opinions yes or not there in the Dred Scott open. And Dirk or I would just say back yes I know it is no. View all and now I've collected a Paul slavery should not respected. Have not plessy vs Ferguson card you'd think that should have been respected loser. I am greatly respect halfback a car matched a decision said you'd think that should have been respected though. Or should corporation has been recognized that it why can't you liberals. Answer. Question not ideal line. Could you driven by ideology. Because you don't think for yourself. You're so driven by ideology you're never gonna second guess your ideology. You're never gonna use a reason. You just keep banging heads against the law duchess there. Up my phone you'd Jack. I enjoy that way too much I'll be right back most of the program. Yeah. Just a little more test left that would. Gary hill. My tonight. Are you hiring. Internet zone again. It's painfully. Experience are you hiring. You know at a post you've got to find the best candidates. A posting your job in one place isn't enough to find quality candidate he wanna find the perfect hire. Need to post your job and all the top job sites and now you can't. With zip recruiter dot com you can post your job. To 100 plus job sites including social media networks like FaceBook and Twitter all with a single click. Fine candidates and NEC here industry nationwide. Just post once and watch a qualified candidates Roland does it recruiters easy to use interface. No judging emails or calls to your office no. Quickly screen candidates raked them and hire the right person finished. Find out today why zip recruiters in use by fortune 100 companies and thousands of small and medium sized companies right now by the way. You my beloved beloved audience you can post jobs unzip recruiter for free. For free. I going to zip recruiter dot com slash love in that zip recruiter dot com slash LE VI and Wal-Mart time to try it for free. Could zip recruited dot com slash. L dvi in London where is that music again. Hey don't. Take some calls here. But with the help my call screen go. I give me a call him mr. Purdue's go right ahead. San Francisco. K as F a 00. The social. My former fireman Ed carpenter and have no interest. I didn't know the steel industry myself but I describe what you want to try and out of a thousand times marks it's really. I think steal it hadn't been biding your very important in America as good as. I did I say they're not important. I. That are let me ask you this our pharmaceuticals important. How did they could follow up answer my question or pharmaceuticals important. We're support pharmaceutical and I didn't ask if you support them are pharmaceutical drugs you take drugs. I don't know. I don't know do you take over the U2 you don't take any prescriptions. Answer. Well some of the still. Some of the heart disease and diabetes some people have. A cancers some people all kinds of stuff. Is that an important industry yes or no yes why isn't that industry protected. It doesn't reproduction or how it doesn't need protection now why is that. Albeit paper you're able to compete. Why are they able to compete. Because of course probably are better at an eraser nine. Easily their prices tend to be higher so why are they able to compete. Better. They produce better drugs but they produce cement that or there are they unionized. Really are we allowed to talk about that are I have to be afraid to talk about that you know will be our borders OK so here's my question TO. We've had tariffs for decades. We have a 266%. Tariff. On certain types of steals a demand from China. What's the problem. Probably doesn't fit this stealing my finger is essential to our national. At an asked if there is central I believe there central I'm asking you what is the problem with the production of steel in this. What's going up. Are you. Know the answer is we lacked competition. We like competition despite all the propaganda. About the competition bees are protected industries. Well you have to do his research on your own you'll find out that these are protected industries. And the reason why mining is in trouble has nothing to do with foreign competition are you aware that. Yes there are better because that is talking too much. We are a net exporter of coal. A net exporter of coal. The reason why our coal companies and our miners are in trouble is because the EPA. Because of our corporate income tax and because of all these things that shut down coal mines. Stainless steel. We have outrageous EP EPA regulations we have outrageous. Corporate taxes. And they are hindering our steel industry so people wanna keep pointing overseas a receipt it is for 304050 years. If you finally actually do some research on this subject you'll find out. The problem is not that there's too much at two little. Competition the problem is there's not enough competition. And the further problem is government regulation and taxation. Their reasons are that I talked Soviets could he keep repeating yourself to keep saying these are essential industry I believe they are essential industry. I believe we have hundreds of essential industries yes steal copper. Aluminum. Coal. Pharmaceuticals. And so boy I'll be right back. Is there. Now broadcasting permanently underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without a leader better. Hello everybody mark living here I number 877 create ones. 38118773813811. I know some of this. So your country very. So supporting capitalism. And commerce and trade amazing really when I sit here and think about it. That the nation that has benefited most. For market capitalist. It was surrounded by. The benefits of the system. That works hand in hand with liberty and republicanism little. Something. Talk show host like to talk about all the time but when it comes to really getting down to the nitty gritty in various industries and so forth they run away from. I understand that's for some reason when I do think capitalism that's considered controversial. I'm not anti business I'm not anti union many anti worker I'm Diane today. Corporations. And so forth and so I'm pro liberty. No one of the reasons why. There's a decline in jobs in the steel industry. Has nothing to do it trade. It has to do with technology. This applies what many of our manufacturing industry. Here's a piece in the marketplace. Says the year. Donald Trump suggests that trade deals and regulations. Cost the United States hundreds of thousands of jobs in manufacturing industries. Like auto steel and coal and he suggested that. Doing away were both would bring these jobs back. And happening Greivis some of that by the way. But what's the main driver what's the main problem here says trying to get through to the caller. You look at recent research. This is six months at all. On the US steel industry. Shows that when it comes to the decline of American steel industry jobs. Globalization. And regulation and very little to do it. And the four decades beginning in the early 1960s. The steel sector lost 400000. Jobs. He fivefold drop according to Alan collier Wexler assistant professor at duke. The exam in the history of the industry using detailed census date. It was increases in the productivity of the steel industry modernization. Technology. That are generating this huge drop in employment. Said collier Wexler specifically. Something came along called the mini mill. Essentially a process for recycling scrap steel and training in the higher quality steel. There was more efficient and cheaper. Recycling Steele is a less intensive process and smelting it from scratch east. So this innovation drove a lot of still mills had a business. Specifically. The least productive at least efficient mills the old mills that remain in business. With a once they could reduce the highest quality grades of steel. At the same time collier went Wexler said wages for the remaining steel workers rose significantly. Steelworkers today are much greater pain than they were in the past. For Margaret McKellen McMillan the story of Americans still is a symbol of what has happened throughout the manufacturing economy. She said technology has played a huge role in changes in the manufacturing sector and another industry's is well. It's added value to the economy consumer goods prices aren't lower because of technological progress. Tiller was supposed to do. Technological progress. There's a lot of people who are employed. In technological progress that is developing new process season technologies and so forth and so. Now I understand it. That what I'm saying is unpopular. I understand and I really do. When some people said the earth was flat. And it wasn't flap. Those who said it wasn't flat I understand that they were criticized there in the minority. But just as I'm not. I'm not going to pretend. The climate change is something that's caused by. I cal methane. Are human activity. Because it's absurd given the power of the sun and so forth. I'm not gonna pretend the evidence. Doesn't exist that demonstrates. That the most significant reason not the only reason the most significant reason for all these jobs that are lost in the steel industry in some of these other industries. Is due to technology. And what are we supposed to do about it. Driving up the cost of steel. Artificially. Because politicians face. That doesn't it doesn't save the situation that doesn't prevent the advance of technology. Drives up costs. But I want and I would like president trump do to give us a list of industries. That the serve these these kinds of protections. In the one know which industries don't. It seems to me we have millions and millions tens of millions of people in this country who are employed. By businesses large and small so which ones are to be protected and which ones aren't which ones are essential which ones are. Which ones from one list and which ones are on another. Which one should be protected with tariffs and other things of which what should. I think we ought to now. The president today. Hammered Canada for putting in place. Restrictions. On American milk. Coming into Canada. And he was furious about it. We put restrictions. On butter coming into this country from Ireland. Now why don't we do that. Just because we know. So what what is it that we want or what what is it that we're doing here. You think other countries are gonna stand still they're not gonna stands to. Now the president blamed it on NAFTA but that's the good that's. If we put restrictions on some countries and we amount. By American hire American well by Canada higher Canada I China China China. I did end higher Japan that's what they say Ireland ire Ireland. I driven higher German and on down the list this is the problem. This country was built to be such a powerful economic entity. An engine a juggernaut. Through these industrial revolution. Which promoted. And used trade. Among other things. Trade the industrial revolution created the steel industry the industrial revolution crane the coal industry. It created the railroad industry. Equated the automobile industry created all of these assembly line industries. Crane and all of these industries. It really required. Hard hard work. With your hands. Tough labor. Scrape by capitalism. The steel mills were created by capitalism. Silicon Valley was created by capitalism. The automobile industry in the assembly lines are created by capitalism the pharmaceutical industries were created by capitalists. We don't have enough capitalism in this country and I would disagree somewhat. With this article because clearly. If the president United States and Barack Obama is using the EPA to shut down coal mines but obviously that's a factor. And creating unemployment in the coal industry. If the president of the United States and Barack Obama is using the EPA to issue regulations. Bad habits their purpose to shut down steel mills and obviously that has an effect. 835%. Corporate income tax rate the highest in the industrialized world clearly has an effect on the bottom line. But the biggest effect. Is technological advancement. And I don't have you protect anybody from the. What is technological advancement let's let's cut to the chase. What is. What is technological advancement had it we get technological limits. How do we get your technology. It's the use of your brain. People are constantly tinkering. People are constantly developing people constantly. Creating models and and and trying to find better ways to create the wheel. Easier ways to create that we faster ways to create the week. That's the nature. The human mind. In competition. If you tilt technology what do you killing. In killing the ability to to be creative and productive. In inventive. What kind of countries that. I had a better idea. A better way to build the widget. In fact I have a completely new widget to okay you're gonna put the old widget makers out away forget it. Really. How that works. Yet most Americans like. New technology. Things that go faster things that are brighter. Things that are smoother. Things that are sharper most Americans. Like peace as an example we supermarkets. We get all these kinds of choices and stuff and everything else why do you think that happens. They're putting they're putting other grocery stores out of business even change had a business. Should that be allow. Should they be subsidized. Should they be subsidized. No question. Know there's a phrase that is used. Believe it was. Shoppach. And great great economist chosen company. Called creative destruction. And it's not by the left. It's marked by the national us. Populists. Well it means this. Well it means is. Economic. Progress. You can only stop or slow economic progress to the extent that you attack individual liberty. And prevent individuals. From conducting their lives. The way they choose to productive lives conduct that line. It all goes hand in hand. If you watch living TV the other night. You know what it's called if you know anything about Adam Smith FA hiker just basically. Called a spontaneous order. Every person doing what they wanna do motivated by what motivates them. Working in whatever way they wanna work. There's an ordered things it can't be created by government can be created by tariffs or protectionism or department or a politician as much as we may like the politician. And as big hearted as a politician maybe they can't control. But they can do enormous damage to it you can see what's going on and then as well. But I haven't a whole list of questions. Which industries are essential. Was industries are to be protected quote on quote how are they to be protected unquote. How do we limit. Technological advancement do we want to limit technological advancements in other words do we want to limit the the the the ability. And the space people have. To think about new things new ideas. Due process these new services new products. And how many businessman. How many business. And they're looking at the bottom line. Many businessmen say I want more expensive steel. I want more expensive textiles and no one man who didn't do that name is Donald Trump. Donald Trump didn't use just American steel in his building. Donald Trump used. In many cases foreign manufacturers for all those products with his name on the same when his daughter I'm not attacking them and explain. And this is a man who who has argued for much of his life by American who didn't buy American. Why didn't he says it wasn't available course it was an L. Yet pens made overseas and shipped in America so we don't make pens anymore and that gentleman yesterday was that the Libyan TV studio. You know he did the last twenty years he make ends in America. And I laughed as you make ends in America said sure it's it would give made out transparencies and yes. We don't make closing in America anymore surely bill. Maybe not as much as we used to. Oh what about investing overseas rather than investing in America. What about investing in overseas resorts rather than investing in American real estate. The president does that to his family does that took and I am not criticizing I'm explaining. And explain. Look at the head of the Commerce Department. Wilbur Ross Wilbur Ross has become a billionaire. By buying steel companies among others that have been on their backs. Well how do you make money. He's a crony capitalists that's so he's made money. He hired lobbyists. And supported politicians. He's a liberal Democrat. Who supported tariffs and so forth they be to get these companies. Turned around quote unquote. And then sell them. He would become very wealthy. So as a multibillionaire. What about his workers. Oh yes and they claim to do this for the workers. Everybody out there claims to support the workers you leftists marxists. In Venezuela. These pseudo conservatives who. Nationalist populists. Bernie Sanders. Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell. Donald Trump. You know what supports the workers capitalism. It creates more workers. More good jobs and any economic model on the face the at I just wish we would actually embrace I'll be right back. Okay. You know I often think that. I could use or abuse. This format actually. And just come on here. With the vapid statements. Endless clips. Mickey Mouse arguments. Just hitting the leftover I don't know which day in day out and not upset. My listener base. But I happen to know that I have the smartest audience of all audiences and while we may disagree here and there and by the way. Maybe even if you disagree. We'd like to think things through. Would like to think things for a Smart things. This is why I've never understood the argument from the left and others about. These generalizations about conservative talk. Radio. Is Smart conservative talk radio. This clown much conservative talk radio. There it is narcissistic. Conservative talk radio. There's all kinds of people and taught me. I ladies and gentlemen I shall return. Good kid good discipline quick. So much wouldn't show Colin 87738148. Watch body. Mark twice as tough on callers actually depends on the college. Can somebody calls here industry keeps themselves three times I have no patience. You know only those of you been listening for fifteen years. I don't understand why they called. How's placed on the the repeat them so assays at the repeat themselves so they review that's it that's it can't take it anymore. And I think that most of my listeners most of you agree OK let's move on. I can't help it. And if somebody wants to engage in intelligent when I'm I'm more than happy to do I really. And we've had wonderful callers to. But again I guess that makes this show different I don't but there's no. There's no act here I am who I am this is so I am this is why am in private and this is why I am on the right. I have eighteen meter. That goes off the chart when somebody's on the phone wasting the whole country's current. I say excuse but what about watt XY. XY. Okay great. It's just monotonous. It is to me or I just to the compound. Liberals bad media bad media bad liberals bad while they are we know that. We'll put it in some kind of take it some history gives lots of it takes something explain something pat I can't now I can't now I want where's my meat. Balls. And the way where are my meat balls and get a hundred. You know I hope this tax season wasn't devastating for you. But if you follow behind are still owe back taxes. You need to watch out. Of the Harris doesn't mess around. They're not gonna stop until they collect what they think they're they're owed. Now whether it's your paycheck or even a lien on your home they will take. You need to call the pros I trust that optimal tax relief. Someone these fly by night groups know this is a serious organization that really produces. 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James Kennewick Washington a great KF LD howry user. There again are you doing today signed thank. Thought I actually work reunion actually not yet healed but. Right we actually. Would benefit from lower. Steel crisis began getting more work. Yeah. Even in the act and a remarkable trust even at reunion we'd actually took a pay cut. Bit of the small pay cut but that actually produce more work more power than we've ever happen. And there's nobody in that. Out there that actually. Didn't doubt about it Joba can never get work. And and we make an excellent point this isn't about being anti union. And you end and the point is Steele is in so many things in their business is down stream that is from the actual. Smiling and so forth. That have assembly lines that have union workers. And middle class people blue collar people who work where their hands. And a lot of times suspect protectionism puts them out of work. Because it drives up prices for people don't buy the products. Which is your point isn't. Yeah. And it is it is people don't quite understand how the premarket exactly work even in my union. They are very pro Democrat but I don't understand why aren't actually a libertarian Richard they hate Adam and leave well. Well you sound you sound to ref in question make an important point I'm glad you raised again just to repeat it. There are many industries. That flow from steel and and and an out and and and that sort of thing. And they aren't industries that have assembly lines there industries for you have unionized blue collar workers. If you drive up prices to such an extent that they're really not reasonable when it comes to the market. These other businesses go out of business they cut back on their capital investment they cut back on their production and many of them are unionized as well. Did you driving up prices artificially that's what you don't and by the way the consumer at the very end. Coming from right about this change the consumer at the very end gonna make the decision. If the prices still high they're not gonna buy the products they go all the way back through the production chain of people are gonna be put out of work. Yeah that's a lot of job and well I don't think small agreement he had with you when you put into worker that work are important to our. And I actually don't lose jobs when you. Used to just moved out instead of being a steelworker he's become a you know of a computer tech because. While that that's true that that that's true in other words you're saying it. You know you may lose jobs in this industry pitcher creating new industries are expanding new image that's all true but I was talking about 400000 jobs lost. In the steel industry specifically. I didn't say that's a net loss for the country in terms of numbers. It's but it's definitely in that loss in the steel industry. But again the most of that its technological advancement. That's what it is so all this stuff all this plot that this flocked taught by politicians whether in the White House here in congress are on radio or whatever. They're not really addressing the problem. If in fact it's a problem I would like to know how you stop technological advancement. Went out. Destroying individual liberty. Possible James. No you can't I mean look at even beat me in the Cooper Industries which is trying to innovate through. You know technology. And the taxi Gerber are trying to basically strain on our. It is the consumer's choice what they choose to either you remember you attack the order or any technology. All right sir I appreciate your call and by the way on the union member took. Now we don't produce any physical here but hide there. Pretty much right mister minister. But in order to do what I do I have to be union member I'm a member of what is that sack what's heckled Screen Actors Guild. And a member of the screen actors can. I hate the best I'm a member of the screen actors yet. I don't know how many tens of thousands of dollars I contributed machine. As a do a damn thing funny Allen and no runs the damn thing. And these fools and Hollywood. Twenty million dollars a film two million dollars a film half a million dollars of them are union members. And they keeps enemy around not. Academy Awards time is still at desks on their movie they wanted a vote in idyllic they discs I've thrown my way. I don't watch these movies. Paul Miami Florida serious satellite Harry users. Eight market okay. I'll call and marketed arm up my parents aren't remembrance or Cuban Americans. And when they came from Cuba. In on and freedom flights. Cuban Americans always. Smelled liberals here this fellow Democrats and the road rolled it. Republican. Why don't get. Is all the that is going to come in now but Venezuela. Were socialism. Communism as Russia caught. Yeah and the content of the United States. And they're going for the same old news that our country they're being sold as purple socialism and. On what kind of a mind set is that how to say what it is I give an example. He got liberals. In Blue States who have to strike this data driven up property taxes sales taxes income taxes. You can't run a business are closing down Dolly's a New York City and on and on and on. And they moved to another tax income tax state like Florida. Now they don't vote liberal vote Democrat vote for taxes and taxes. How far with these people. I don't know I mean. When we go we're really don't work week. Right illegal pol. Racially go. Why I mean media you have to get edgy get dedicated so you know but you know they they wanted to secede they want the whole state this is seeding California. You know I think the way to do Paul I think I'm gonna support the I think all the blue state should secede what do you think of that one. I think we should let them in all and let them drown their own. Their own stupidity and let me ask you this Paul. I don't support this two state solution in Israel and I'm start to support this two state solution and American. I've talked about this before. With a liberals can create their own hell hole they can tax the crap out of each other and they can have their Sanctuary City. They can like criminals had a at a at a jail they can have liberal judges. They cannot open borders as long as they go one way as far as I'm concerned they can do all that crap that they wanted bill. And turn in their own Venezuela. And leave the rest of us allow what do you think of that idea or. I think I mean I think ultimately it's it's something that goes out to be done amid because well people. If you're hitting it if you think there will have happy and that's what it can't happen here. You're wrong. I agree with you I agree with the I agree that I trying use this microphone every single night to explain this point. I really do. Thank you all great call and by the way Paul is right on. He's right on these ideologies which I discuss in my new book rediscovering Americanism. The junior progresses and progressive ism is an offshoot ladies and gentlemen marxism it is. Among other things. And that's the right now that's the basis that's the mindset that's the that's the heart and soul of the modern Democrat party. And how many of you listening are Democrats I'm not talking about you know I'm talking about your party leaders your party elders who they are. Listen the listen to Elizabeth Warren. Listen to Bernie Sanders Bernie Sanders is already he's always been Iraq. I'll be right back months we'll bring them. Bring you know. Yeah. You know I wish this bag and a guy would just go away. That sounds like you every morning you're not alone you know. Bags and toughness and the the guys are a problem for millions of American men and women. 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Plus right now doing the sham and a spring clearance event sham and they will give you an instant fifty dollar coupon while supplies last. So I say do it quickly like now caught 800 skin 604. It's 800 skin 604. Why put off today. What you can do and that's that phrase. I put off until tomorrow what you can do today I really believe that. I believe that's one of the secrets of life. Peter Long Island the great WABC retired military go thank user. Thank you and that your great. They should be no carrots. If should be tax collection as soon as possible. And they should be regulations collects. So that we can gain the benefits for capitalism. To make it really produce in all the different weights at ten. People don't seem to remember that when Reagan invoked her reduced taxes. The result was. War income for the federal government than before whether taxes were caught and a tremendous growth in our our national product and drops. Then speak graded dynamic economy. Exactly and it does create jobs and lots and lots of jobs. I don't know when Reagan Reagan created over twice over twenty million jobs Imus meant to 25 night Walt pastors. The end of the second term into that Bill Clinton's turn. So by unleashing the economy. All right Peter yet no go ahead and create this as McConnell. Brian pre dissident McConnell yes what about the they were required course there are young black man and wife patty Byron. That's the problem we seem Republicans by the boatloads the congress right and what they do. No you're right about these leaders in place. To reduce corporate. You know now I'm my friend I appreciate your call Donna Frederick Maryland a great WMA. Al don't. Mark I wanna I loved it opening monologue. We respect the landmark legal. I think it's terrific. And we can we expect to bill O Reilly and it looked on our wish him. Yeah it says it's typical basket. Like what they did Sarah Palin unless. He hated that it. The only if people and it got to stop. I think one of the great react with ratcheted it may be to look at these. If you can call them what they did fall all lawyer for and then straight to return it. Are control I will say I hope I portray general got up and act now. Well I I wanna add to your point I will say this that doesn't get reported Lisa bloom has been the attorney for the latest. No woman with the allegations you know she's Gloria Allred daughter. I think that it it's disgusting thing I will also say yes more fit and be done. I am concerned for Sean. But I'm more concerned for our children and I got it in this country how they can do that kind men on and grown up. It's ridiculous and it got to stop. I'm my friend appreciated Donna. And let us go tell Marten Venice Florida that great W Lee and G dealt. They agree one that you could you might call they aren't done that in such a comment about W out of the Pacific. And that was so prudent to have discussion because of the one state. In the country didn't land attached. So anybody else could come across her border illegally. Yeah and I think that apartment regret. And I agree I think in part that was his point wasn't that which is you know leave a southern border problem and you got to judge in Hawaii on and I won. He was a putting down Hawaii you know the liberals want it to be to appear that way but he sang. Really that judges and facing what's going on on the border states. Exactly. Yeah and I don't zero point Columbia on this still actually live in Indiana where Steel Dynamics. I think Google created their. They do the tickling the recycling in this deal. And then there are actually like hit it it'd used like back in the Auburn now where they're based out of because of all the support industry. I mean it actually turned into what to our pot growing city. You over the machine shops and the support of FBI out Steel Dynamics. You know Norman I think it was a try and stir about unemployment problem the large. Smelting plants. There are large old smelting plants in these new many plants. Figure. Yeah but nobody talks about it I talk about it at great risk apparently that people just don't believe in content in capitalism anymore they say they do but they really don't. I wanna thank you create caught excellent ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Seal another great living TV tonight please check it out and I'll see on the radio tomorrow. God bless and be well.