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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03-16-17 Yellowstone rangers say bears are out of hibernation

Mar 16, 2017|

Staffers seeing bears out looking for food.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

98713. Thirty K and as SPR heat content in the morning. At 847. Minutes three big things that. Trumps youth travel ban blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii she and drug administration unveiled proposed federal budget today. Kansas lawmakers looking at possible spending cuts and or tax increases. To balance the state budget. Three big things Stephen dead on K and a sense. And this morning he gasoline prices out there. 213. A gallon in some places I just got a call from traffic tracker case now. He said death. He said that he was around Douglas and senate face up to a six food and I've got another price there traffic update on Kate and as as a radio on jet chambers. Mostly sunny and breezy today with a high of 71 degrees after yesterday's high of 51. South wind at fifteen to twenty miles per hour today. Mostly cloudy tonight the overnight low 51. Friday mostly sunny tomorrow's high seventy's now mostly clear southeast wind at fifteen miles per hour and forty degrees. Stephen tends trash can win metres at a level to today your your case and could move a little bit. Right now there's a mostly valiantly mostly clear and forty K Unisys weather brought you by the monarch. Offering five dollars select appetizers Monday through Thursday from four to 6 PM for happy hour full cocktail menu can be found it smaller which don't dot com. A monarch. In Toledo. Immigration is again at center stage for the president. Focus on the White House this is the opinion of Betty. An unprecedented. Judicial overreach president trump was in Nashville on a federal judge in Honolulu issued a temporary restraining order barring enforcement of key portions of the administration's revised order seeking to limit immigrant and refugee travel to the US is. A watered down version. And let me tell you something I think we ought to go back to the first wanna go all the way which is what I want to kill the cars. Mr. trump says the administration will appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if need be. Earlier in insulating Michigan the president announced that Obama administration's standards calling from motor vehicles to average fifty miles a gallon by 20/20 five. Would be reviewed. We're going to work. On the cafe standards. So you can make cars in America again. And help the company. Richard Cantu ABC news fewer Americans applied for unemployment benefits last week a further indication of the health of the labor market. Labor Department says applications for jobless benefits dipped by 2000. And I had risen by 20000 in the previous week unemployment claims. Are a proxy for layoffs. And they have come in below 300000 to 4106. Weeks. The longest such streak since 1970s. Some indications that the job market is. Actually pretty healthy. Stocks. Seeing solid gains of the Federal Reserve and nudged interest rates higher and signal that any further increases this year will be gradual seven stocks rose for every one that fell on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday the S&P 500. Pricing nearly twenty points and the Dow gained more than 112 points and the NASDAQ. Climbed 43 points good day on Wall Street yesterday. Our rights 815 now Stevenson the Fed and we've built more about the rising interest rates with editor bill raw at double which this is generally boarding bill. Give Marty Steven Ted what is fed interest rate increase mean to you probably not much in the short term. But there's some analysts that say could be the next step to some more dramatic changes in the long term. The benchmark rate now sits at point 75%. 1%. The increase is a sign that the Fed has confidence in the overall economy and that it's growing at just about the right pace. The new Starbucks out of Wichita State University said to open Friday at the doors will open at 5 AM for the store near 21 north of Michelman drive it's a 2000 square foot building on the campus and it's the first retailer. Starbucks has twenty other locations around Wichita area. And fidelity bank has plans for a new bank branch in derby in the bank plans to relocate its current branch. At 255 north rocked to the northeast corner of rock and Cambridge. That's in the northeast part of the city the fidelity says the new location gives it a high visibility spot and a growing area derby. It's near the new western medical center emergency room local breaking business news every day on can't assess and Wichita business journal dot com. But the Wichita business journal I'm bill Roy. But only if we can't say if they're smarter than the average bear but the grizzlies are at least away. Him the Rangers at Yellowstone National Park has confirmed that the bears are coming out of their winter hibernation. Apparently looking for. Picnic baskets national say they are hungry officials say they spotted one yesterday. In an area between mammoth Hot Springs and tower Roosevelt in the northern part of the park. Then later staffers saw two more grizzly bears damaging carcasses in the northern part of the park. Grizzly bear tracks have been observed in Yellowstone since February 22 but no bears have been seen until now. Just doing an update on you know. Some people may not know that bears actually hibernate in the wintertime. Now they actually go into a dead end some place in just go to sleep for weeks on end. Animals bears can be pretty mean but there is one nice Clements it's the one what happened collared the tie yeah smoking these these yet now. Yogi yogi on that you spoke of there too right. Yogi yogi and social friend. By boo boo boo boo boo and of course you were raised watching news. There's a turkeys right. Hanna Barbera you know that wasn't Yellowstone which jelly stone jelly stone ride and there was mr. Ritter and you know they're looking for picnic baskets all at time exactly it is or their just smugly looking like America to get involved in this. I know that when it comes to a Yogi Bear. And bullwinkle the millers. And rocky the squirrel that Ted. Probably they were real people you know. Exactly yes he can at all can't separate between new reality and and you know now I cannot it's it's a tough call. Today is national artichoke hearts today. I am one who I love love artichoke hearts into it it is a vegetable. And that means it can't probably has never even tasted an artichoke heart the dead where are you an artichoke hearts and who now has placed all day here and eating place here in town used to be called Joseph Kelly's oyster bar. And they serve or as an appetizer a fried artichoke heart that you dipped in drawn butter. And that was the most delicious thing I have ever encountered. Armed I've never seen it anywhere else. Doesn't sound good don't move. Moon noted government. And here and I you know how I'll always no evidence that national what did you say art retarded joke and art stay up. It's always the day before Saint Patrick's Day it is yeah I didn't open that. Today is lips appreciation day. Who I'm not exactly sure there's been came from could be you know the biggest lips I oversaw over its Estes stadium several years ago careful on it. And the that when they are Rolling Stones were in town and all of a sudden these it's not written lips appeared. Coming down out of the skies of where you are up that happened from about I don't remember that. It as a lip appreciation day do you have anything you'd like to say about let's appreciation day today Ohio I appreciate it lifts her in my partly that but I'll list we'd only have just teeth sticking out there is by the guys write what I smack after eating artichoke hearts and butter yeah. But nobody has been an analyst we'd do without lips. I think gentlemen at 855 Stephen did he didn't have lived she couldn't say the word lips. Those news suit. OK CSS Jews who I think. President trump unveiling his budget today that story and more at 9 o'clock Steve intent on KN SA.

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