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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03-16-17 Happy Birthday Jerry Lewis

Mar 16, 2017|

Funny man Jerry Lewis turns 91 today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. It's even hit in the morning Steve Macintosh Ted Woodward of forty degrees right now. The Kansas senate's top Republican says she'll propose cutting spending across the board to help the states get through June without a budget deficit. Senate president Susan label which does just lawmakers. Should approach this. It's budget problems like families do and trim unnecessary spending first. The senate plans to debate a bill today that would close a projected 281 million dollar shortfall in the current budget with internal government borrowing and by. Shorting contributions to public employee pensions. The plan avoids cuts waigel has not said how much he'll seek to reduce spending. A look at the forecast we can assist staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning and. Good morning the good news we stayed above freezing overnight to and that makes it not quite as cold on the way out the door will be partly cloudy today going to be breezy this afternoon it should be in the upper sixties by lunchtime at 72 later on tonight some patchy fog develops our overnight low 54. And then partly cloudy on Friday with a high seventy a cold front moves through during the afternoon at upper sixties Saturday I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. Make it and now mostly clear and forty degrees we have you southeast wind at fifteen miles per hour. The father of an American United Nations worker who was among six people kidnapped. In the Democratic Republic of Congo. Says his son has been doing humanitarian work. And has had some success in persuading militia leaders to give up child soldiers. John Sharp of Heston told the Wichita eagle his 34 year old son Michael sharp. Is committed to finding nonviolent ways to end conflict. A Kansas State agency says an action taken by a legislative committee. Would devastate in home services for the disabled and their providers. Also when Angela Derosa said Wednesday that the state department for aging and disability services will be forced to cut rates paid to providers of in home services by 56% through June. The senate ways and means committee on Tuesday removed 42 million dollars from the agency's current budget before approving a bill that would keep the budget balanced through June. Committee members said that they need more details about how the money would be spent an attendant ad dollars back later when they have more information Dan O'Neill king and SS news. On fire in north which left one man injured Tuesday night says police Sargent Mickey would grow officers contacted at 23 year old male. Who was receiving treatment for nonlife threatening gunshot wounds to his stomach area. There were not a lot of details provided to police. But officers were able located seen in the 900 block of north Cleveland. At that scene investigators found how's that had been hit by bullets and numerous shell casings. Were found in the area. The Kansas bureau of investigation has announced an important milestone in its sexual assault kit initiative program. That was completing a statewide inventory of all previously unknown submitted sexual assault kits in Kansas. Katie Lisbon is with the KB nine. These purpose of conducting a daylight inventory. Which relate to allow us to quantify the number of our submitted sexual assault kits that exist and con city and county law enforcement property rooms so that we can begin the process. Eliminating back inventory through laboratory announced as. The goal is to test all of the armed submitted kids at some point in the future gasoline prices in Kansas remaining around the same point they were last week. Kansas average price at the poppy is two dollars and eighteen cents a gallon Jennifer hall is with Tripoli cancers. They're staying steady aim ideological benefit and they come back down inserted just hover around the same average for lab. Supply and demand are staying in balance for now. Danish especially this time 835. Today GOP health care overhaul which will be before the House Budget Committee the Congressional Budget Office says the plan believe 24 million more Americans without insurance in a decade. White house budget director nick mold Amy telling ABC's George Stephanopoulos there is room for improvement if. Members of congress want to change that to make it better that's fine that's their right it and can't perhaps it'll make it even harder to get through this the begin you deal that sequentially right we'll have a bill that passes. Eastbound on Kellogg at hillside. Watch out in the left lane a letter in the roadway some debris their traffic update. I'm can SS radio on jet chambers. 836 Steve until the morning on K and SAS 987 and thirteen thirty. Kate and SS entertain that you as a bowler with Ted but we're now and Ted did and that's what's been having some problems ethnic. Yeah out superstar Ben Affleck going through alcohol addiction treatment 44 year old two time Oscar winner. Announcing on FaceBook he has completed treatment hoping to be a source of inspiration to his family. Details on this from my ABC's Amy robot. A source close staff like confirms he physically went to rehab not an outpatient program and this condition treated by the way has it noticeably slowed Affleck acting career he set to star. As bad man in Justice League that's opening in November. This is the second time he has sought treatment for alcohol addiction previously said he attended a rehab facility sixteen years ago. Actress Misha Barton has gotten an emergency court order against an ex boyfriend who's she said a shopping around a sex tape of the two of them. At a press conference in Los Angeles yesterday she read a statement about the situation which her lawyer considers to be a classic case of revenge porn I. I absolute worst fear was realized. What I learned that someone I thought I loved and trusted was filming my most intimate. And private moments. Troubled her for actors Misha Barton. Let's take a look at some freshman TV shows and a possible reboot. On our shot right shall not our revealed two pages of Donald Trump it's good news for two freshman dramas. His wife's been off the good fight will be back for a second season on CBS's all access streaming service its stars Christine Baranski Gilroy Lindo and game was thrown the lumber rose Leslie. Israel FX has ordered a second season of the scifi drama legion seven the X-Men universe about an institutionalized man who turns out to be a powerful mutant Dan Stevenson Aubrey plaza starring that won both shows will return next year. Seeking every turn we could get a reboot of the matrix well that's according to the Hollywood reporter it's been eighteen years since the first of the three matrix films debuted they grossed over three billion dollars globally don't expect general Reeves or writer directors that we just he's be back for the new and go at any rate so far it's all just talk. I'm Christopher Watson. President trump has responded to snoop dog's latest video he is not happy in the video for the song lavender which came out this week's super dog holds a gun to the head of a clown version of president trump. And pulls the trigger one of those joke guns unfurling a piece of cloth with a were banged on it. President trump jumping on Twitter yesterday morning writing quote can you imagine what the outcry would be Snoop Dogg failing career and all had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama. Jail time. And quote and the jail time that's an exclamation mark so far snoop has not responded. Big movie opening up Beauty and the Beast and getting ready for a Dancing With The Stars. Beauty and the Beast is expected to do big business when it opens tonight mass director bill colander and what he thought of projection showing a well over a hundred million dollar weekend. Well they also sent Hillary Clinton was running election writes I don't trust anything you know who knows star Josh gad says that the success of this and other musicals like low and I hope that these that we're crossing into this new threshold. Where it is okay. An appropriate for studios to commit. Big budgets and not only superhero films. The movies where people sing and dance debuting Monday. ABC it's a season of dancing with the stars and mr. G. Is ready. Ready for what US is ready to get out didn't do not think he joins Nancy Kerrigan the bachelor nick while Olympic gym this Simone Myles and others all vying for the mirror ball trophy and happy birthday Isabel whoop there the recently Oscar nominated. Actress is 64 today Gilmore girl Lauren Graham is fifty countries and eat into. Mr. geez. Yes all. Right. And Charles and Carol now. Citing a might have to watch your ego. For trying to get tutored him. In his monologue last night James cordon joked about a Rachel mad now revealing Donald Trump's tax return here is CBS's the late late show James. Horton on our shot right shall not our revealed two pages of Donald Trump's 2005. Tax retire and she showed on the show they made a 150 million dollars that you mpeg 25%. Tax. I mean you understand what this means. Seriously I'm asking I don't think. Did bonds and didn't know he's a Honda until a month. Look how Monday morning to better understand. As for. James Gordon cubs see you this last night. On parting his monologue tonight on Broadway it's opening nights or the Broadway play the price. The price ever heard of the price the price is right. The penalty if it's a play written in 1968 by Arthur Miller and mister Miller at all familiar with the rate is about family dynamics the price of furniture and the price of one's decisions. Premiered on Broadway in 1968. Never I've never have instantly bringing back and you aren't you in here in a theater they're bringing it back while. Opening night is tonight is making his Broadway debut. Danny DeVito. Really Danny DeVito is never gonna Bruntlett there have been on Broadway now starring in and Arthur Miller play starting tonight for Hannah. That cast also includes mark ruffle on Tony salute. Pretty good casting now while doing some Arthur Miller beer that's opening tonight on Broadway. And we do have a big Hollywood birthday today. Jerry Lewis is celebrating a birthday today he is nine he won nine years old today. And it's worse it. There Warren. Aren't there weren't too many folks or bigger and in entertainment didn't. That 1940s into the nineties mid eighties and as fearless in his ended but he Martin's together as a teen comedy team from 1946 to 1956. And Jerry were announced or make his own movie Jerry started you know directing directing music director producer file and then of course he became known. As the for his humanitarian efforts there raised 81 of money year after year trying to fight and find a cure for muscular dystrophy. Jerry Lewis Jerry Lewis he has had some health problems in recent years but he has. Battled our families still let us is celebrating a birthday today happy birthday to Jerry Lewis in 1981. That today. That's entertainment news in the blur brought to you by our good friends at pizza John didn't hurt me I went down apiece to Johns for dinner last night hallelujah and it was good at what. She's bred. This kept coming to the table and a caravan. Pieces all over the place on his good. And it's on my family. Two nieces my nephew from Dallas for up here and we had a good time pizza John Engler. 208 south Baltimore peaked at Johns and our age 43 now Stevenson on the. To go and kick in SS. The Fed is raising interest rates and editor bill royal ridge dubbed this is your last comment on that coming up. Stephen did the morning on K in this sense. Don't switch it on big.

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