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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03-16-17 Wichita man wins on "Wheel of Fortune"

Mar 16, 2017|

Wichitan Derek Aalders wins $63,750 on "Wheel of Fortune."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KN SS Wichita is number one yeah. News talk bad weather station depend on. The 48 o'clock this is occasion as this morning news was seeded jazz dynasty back in time. White House unveils budget blueprint today we've got the story. Kansas house approves help farmers and ranchers hurt by wildfires. And it would blurred those details just ahead our dental field. Kansas lawmakers float the idea of a flat state income tax I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday. No rain in sight throughout the rest of the week in the weekend for the warming trend is on the way this afternoon are complete forecast is coming up. The White House says the president's budget will closely mirrored the priorities he laid out on the campaign trail. Bad news for big bird the trump administration's budget blueprint proposes phasing out funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. Budget director make more Beatty says there won't be is zero next to it on paper this year next year that could be reality. Probably next year you might CP zero but it may it may take awhile online that relationship to the initial contract to support. Karen Travers ABC news the White House. A federal judge in Hawaii has stopped president trumps second travel ban order that was to take effect today the federal judge in Hawaii effectively freezing the second from travel ban which made exceptions for green card current visa holders. There are significant changes that we think are positive obviously we still believe that the revised executive orders unconstitutional and unlawful. And the judge it quite agree. That's Washington State attorney general Bob Ferguson who's trying to get a local federal judge to issue a similar restraining order as he did move the first stroke program and feel ABC news Washington some state legislators are floating the idea of having Kansas adopt a flat personal income tax as lawmakers consider raising taxes to fix the State's budget problems. Senator time masters and a bend over said Wednesday that his colleagues are increasingly interested in moving to a single personal income tax rate for all filers. The state faces projected budget shortfalls totaling more than one billion dollars through June 2019. Legislators are looking at rolling back past income tax cuts championed by governor Brownback. The state slash tax rates and Tony twelve and thirteen went from three tax brackets are too. And granted an exemption to more than 330000. Farmers and business owners. Pastors and says he might support ending the exemption of the state went to a single tax bracket Dan O'Neill king and SS news. A 31 year old man was shot in southeast Wichita early Wednesday police sergeant Nikki Woodrow says. He was walking in the area at a pie dough and constant. And observed a newer model white Ford Focus traveling westbound on constant. The victim her voice say hey and then saw muzzle flash coming from the vehicle. The victim heard several gunshots and then was hit in the lake by one of the bullets. The victim drove himself to a hospital the Kansas house has approved a bill to help farmers and ranchers rebuild after the recent wildfires. The proposal would create a sales tax exemption for materials purchased to replace burned fences. Republican representative Ken Rogers says. There are federal programs that can help Lyndon assist farmers with some other losses but this is one of the things a state can do to help. That a lot of these ranches and that's that's one of the largest investment when we've seen investments. Double miles of fences around 101000 dollars. And so even a small break that we can give them is which one thing that we can do from a from from the state perspective. Under the plan someone who lost offense would apply for a card from the state which would allow them to buy fence supplies tax free. Russia's which expects the senate to take up the bill soon. Gasoline prices in Kansas are staying steady because supply and demand are staying in balance for now according to triple laced an. Paw and now OPEC is holding on to their agreement the US is still a pretty high production levels that sort of moving things backed down so they're sort of working against each other at this point. A reduction in production as a result of refinery changes to summer blends could make prices go up in the medium term. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson and his Japanese counterpart met today in Tokyo during it. News conference together Tillerson urged North Korea to end its nuclear and ballistic missile programs north. Korea and its people. Need not fear the United States for their neighbors in the region who seek only to live in peace with North Korea. Cain is resting his time now 8044 minutes past 8 o'clock. Big day is the NCAA men's basketball tournament swings and action with sixteen. Games on the schedule today we'll have a preview and talk about other items coming up in sports how about that big basketball tournament now about its impact. On the workplace. We know that story coming up McCain does this morning as the Stevens at the the tea there's a sporting news was even dead now 8088 minutes past 8 o'clock. Forty degrees. There are 60000. People in Sedgwick county who do not have a high school diploma or a GE. County commissioner Jim Howell says there's a program available at the Wichita area technical college through a partnership with the goodwill. My recommendation is to go to debut ATC and ask him for assistance they will be glad. To walk into the process that's about probably one of the biggest hidden. Resources and our community for a lot of people that could he be tapping that resource Chrysler Hussein. For such a great need and I'm so glad glad we got a very robust program there's very affordable. Cost for that program is fifty dollars employers in British Columbia Canada. Are about to lose the right to make female employees Wear high heels. You think about like Francis Cadillac I feel great eyes and it's a common practice in some restaurants bars and stores to require women to Wear high heeled shoes. One that's prompting a growing chorus of criticism. Which is why provincial politician Andrew Weaver decided to introduce a bill many of. Orders require that female staff Wear high heels. Doctor Weaver says the rule is discriminatory because it only applies to women and then high heels cause health problems including low back pain. And two Weaver's delight he's getting support from every party in the legislature. Daniel compelling ABC news Toronto. The NCAA college basketball tournament is underway in what is impact in the office Jeff that was your boss filling out her brackets or the CEO taking part in the pool. For a non monetary prize of course. Welcome to March Madness on the job off this team is brandy Britton says. It's why wait for employers to attract good work. And as items. That they're looking at we certainly seen in the past is not finding ways. Two. Utilized March Madness or sporting events you build camaraderie. Britain says that Smart employees will remember to win joy March Madness in addition to their jobs and place. Area holding her ABC news came in as an excuse I'm now eighteen and ten minutes as if mark. And we have a stalled vehicle potential traffic hazard northbound and I want 35 the Park City area just past 53 street north. Traffic update. Kate and as answering a proxy budget province Carl's Goodyear tire. Located downtown at market and Waterman that he stereo street Malo and on money Carl's tired dot com. Fumbled the 3495. Royalties and now a look at the forecast McCain innocent staff meteorologist Dan Holliday good morning Dan. Good morning with a few high thin clouds to start today were it not this cold is what we have in the past few mornings. Today's temperature expected to be in the low seventies the hi our win increasing out of the south. Fifteen to 25 miles per hour will be clouding up overnight as a cold front moves are way down to 54. Friday not as warm with a high close vicinity I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday they stand now mostly clear and forty degrees he delivered the wind this morning at the southeast and ended fifteen. Miles per hour eleven now Steve intend on being in a sense camaraderie steam. What part in the NCAA tournament brackets and our week I'm asking you are who are part of the camaraderie and. Absolutely never have ever ever been involved in you're just on the outside looking oh yeah it's city watch with curiosity. In the same way I watched with curiosity. At the gorilla exhibit at the century counties. Is he how's it if our people here don't use it you know they don't need to bamboo. No I don't have much interest I don't have an interest in the tournament. Watching the teen from Kansas and see how they do you know which a state of course and Kate you encased in line I'm pulling for them and brilliant said. And how they do the others who cares about guns Agha and you know the Dayton although I'm thinking at that point this out Q and that dude in interest in connection between Dayton and Wichita State. In a Dayton. Is worth the Wright Brothers built their bicycles. And ultimately ultimately the first flying machine teen. And which easy air camp while the connection that's your connection yeah. It's a little. Subtle but there's been at it on a trap the first wife of president Donald Trump writing a memoir that will focus in the couple's three children. Gallery books tells the Associated Press racing trump will be published September 12. And according to gallery in on a truck is writing a story of motherhood is strength and resilience according to gallery our hat's your score that's about gallery books. And also were rolled out gallery magazine gallery blow us OK I was little confused what his gallery magazine that I don't you go there also will reflect on her childhood and kind of Czechoslovakia. Her escape from the regime and relocation to New York. Her whirlwind romance that are great success as a businesswoman. In and I would I think tribunal should the part about it. Czechoslovakia escaping how she did that that that could be pretty interesting I'm not too much concern about the rest of it though. Donald and Ivana Trump divorced in 1992 amid revelations that Donald Trump had been having an affair with Marla Maples. McCain his second wife yeah so I'm sure that books coming up some temperature is going to be a best seller you think I would predict. Pretty good shot that it will pre. A lot of people will be interested in them what you wanna trump Estes imprint. Former president's. Next focusing on the White House now former President Obama. Picking North Carolina to win the men's NCA hatred over duke I don't know if that means all if he if he picks and that's what I'm no I don't think so. I don't think he's had a great track record as he'd like to hear all of that he's picked the national winner last year Obama had Kansas winning at all he picked Kansas last year they only know lupica is the jayhawks. Lost to eventual champion Villanova in the U 88. Obama also has resort and Kansas in his final four I think he picked a K you at least twice to win at all during his ministry he's he's hopeful. Obama also picked you kind of in the women's NCAA title. Over Notre Dame with South Carolina and Washington in the final four there and utility UConn probably pretty she picked for the for the women and I would think as a in a terrific. A terrific program right idea is bracket time and its history to get it heat up tomorrow as we get these Kansas teams and ball. In double talk more about that here in middle and sports. Idea. A killer from Wichita. Appearing on mill wheel of fortune last night Ted. Eric holder's. Is he 35 year old man who as his day job as cars salesman. And then he's a stand up comedian at night. And which I watched last night as he won he won the big prize he went all the way and won the big price 63000. 750. Dollars. On real fortunes sell out he had a big pay off last night guys. Very good today in putting those letters together and indeed the winning it in message which I didn't get. Was of the vast quantity. That was in. Her from day and he had just did you do if you leak. He's good very good at playing wheel of fortune. Derbies Bob scales at 123000. Dollars on the show on February if you remember we actually had Bob on the air we interviewed him isn't it you know. And then switched on Hayes is can steal one. 141000 dollars on the show so in of people from Wichita in this area go and in a wheel of fortune and winning handle it. About that so congratulations. To. Derek dollars if you know Jerry you may wanna hit in a problem right. If you can get water is coming under a lot he's able to handle fortune. A fortune try to Stephen did Cain and assess and wheel of fortune I can't get in minutes ago we can't. So slow. Really okay well I wants those people spin that wheel eighty times on. On him. You know Chilean I several and a lot of people on it didn't. So negatively much from several years you were in in Los Angeles and in re actually. Watched the men were there and watch some tape and see that it shows that was fun they did. History shows I think it once and watching those people. Watching how they bring out the new board and a Tennessee I would love in the unit for the last soaked severely times each segment has to be exact moment in the second. And it was pretty cool a week and as we were up in the they bleacher like things there and as we were ready to go up to the right here came pat and Vanna. Coming down the aisle there and just wait and of people and Shelley was so excited because. She got eye contact with and a white. And and a smile with law one of the high points Shelley's life and a points but now we view of fortune and before we go any further I said you know this is basically. Hang man. And Merv Griffin found a way to make millions and millions million dollars put it on TV nerves the state is still generating tons of money if even though he's gone. Made an appearance last night I don't know if you folks down in derby were aware of it but he showed up at pizza John's last night right Ted you have been talking about I'm. Having to make a pilgrimage not made it last night last night and could we talk about all the time they're one of our sponsors for the blurred. Ending a terrific pizza down there and Hokies in what would you have last night upon my Nazi we went down amount my AM my nephew and my twin nieces from Dallas were up here are really spring break we cited it. Taken down the pizza Johns with the grandparents write hello. Well Dan if I had loan. We had three orders of cheese bread. That wasn't an and I we could have actually used in a Florida though that was again. Consumed at very quickly best qualities as unlikely in my mom's split a little Lola medium pizza all right. And will. Taking you behind him in order pepperoni expertise include about the Woodward's do for excitement for me up and running at a pizza job for us from Dallas I'd like essence of eight up eighteen out. Stephen daddy. Sports I would Denver overdue and more talk about basketball we've got a lot of games coming up it all starts off really in earnest today erect it still I yeah. Come to games today we did have some action last night in the first floor in Dayton Ohio. North Carolina central taking on Al Davis. Of interest because the winner of that game advancing to take on Kansas tomorrow evening in the NCAA tournament would be the case you opponent. You heard the game last night north Carolina central cal Davis on CF eighth hole. This. Their first trip to the NCAA. AA tournament will then didn't. 67. And 63. Had a piece technology north Carolina central. And Davis both saw another round of 64. Are you go cal Davis will take on the Kansas Jayhawks tomorrow evening in Tulsa. Cal Davis led by head coach Jim less. The former Bradley coach whose team beat KEU in the first round of the tournament eleven years ago. And head coach. Bill Self and none Jim lest go and at a that'll be interesting tomorrow night in Tulsa. Things really get going today the NCAA tournament was sixteen games on the schedule and it's a busy time. Last year's finish of the NCAA basketball tournament will go down in history Villanova is buzzer beater to win the national title has heard on the Villanova I am G sports network. But that was just one game march men just want a seventeen tips off today with a buffet of basketball sixteen games over more than twelve hours Levy checking your brackets watching top seeds go home early and falling in love with some great names like scoop she wants out pitch at all leave you giddy like giddy -- he plays for Middle Tennessee State. Then just when you've had enough sixteen more games tomorrow Brian Clark ABC news. Sixteen games on the schedule today you win it all begins about three hours from now the first game of the tournament is Notre Dame in Princeton at 11 o'clock this morning. For the games all day long your exclusive live radio home of the NCAA tournament. Is on Sports Radio KFH listen all day long on 12:40 AM. 975. FM. As though these everybody gets ready to go out at me NCAA tournament course at Wichita State Kansas and Kansas State. Don't play until tomorrow they'll play at the same time basically tomorrow evening. But does the article that tomorrow. Some NIC action TCU out of the Big 12 Conference wins in the ninety last night by seven points over Fresno state. Illinois State out of the Missouri Valley Conference top seed in the night TV cal Irvine by fourteen points last night the red birds advance. The football news Monty Lewis fired as the football coach at Friends University coach Lewis has been at friends for the last fourteen years he is the all time winningest football coach. In French history. But he has been fired for an university now looking for a new football coach. Huge softball game at four Wichita State today at Wilkins stadium is the shocker to hosting twelfth ranked Louisiana State. Standing room only tickets are all the remain for that one that Wilkens stadium that will be at 5 PM today shoppers hosting LSU. Ju co softball two more wins for Butler community college with a sweep over Garden City winning 26 two and twelve to nothing. The Butler softball team now 38 and oh on the season they're ranked number one in the nation while they have 168. Games in a row. Extending their national record wow. We've got a little College Baseball yesterday at the Wichita State Aztec stadium the shocker is taking on northern Colorado. Wichita State getting a big hit in this one the score Conner runs saint Denis had to call the game yesterday right here on Kate and. And since he won. Credit to deep left field lower toward the corner of the states where it's gone. Slant. Jordan born here voters go off with a brand slam homer off and it is two out hitting continue. It in a big way. Jordan employer hits one into the bleachers. In any bit quiet time for his first career home run. Shocker now lead at nine before. Stocks go on Linkedin to Ford Jordan border there first career home run Grand Slam shocks have now won their last ten home games in a row. Don't forget NCAA men's basketball tournament all day long listen to a live on Sports Radio KF 81240 AM 975. FM sports and Stevenson. 823 now given your for the Hannity morning minutes. FBI reportedly investigating several hundred refugees in the US. At traffic and weather coming up Steven 10 in the morning on CNN stance.

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