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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03-16-17 Derby closer to finishing a "dinosaur themed attraction"

Mar 16, 2017|

The WBJ's Bill Roy says Derby closed on the sale of star bonds.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome Jeff. 713 thirty K and as yes we are being content in the morning and congratulations to Ryan from Winfield with. Winner of the prairie fire coffee roasters prize pack from Stevens that it's a travel mode into bags of prairie fire coffee worth thirty dollars. And exclusively available right here. Was even to the morning and pianist as soon we've got a couple more these giveaways will be listening for your chance to win remember this. If your boss. If you're not drinking prairie fire coffee or your boss doesn't love news. She did announce 745 now three bigs being the me. Trust you travel ban blocked by a federal judge in quite the scene from the administration unveiled proposed federal budget today. Kansas lawmakers looking at possible spending cuts and or tax increases to balance this Kansas budget. Three big things even dead on K in a sense. And this morning we got that gasoline prices here in Wichita. At must seem to prices as high as 213 and gallant but I have spotted prices at 208 near Douglas and Seneca this morning. And a traffic record Danny called in earlier in the Goddard area. That that two dollars a gallon even there. Traffic update on Kate and as a as a radio one's dead Chamber's fifth mostly sunny and breezy too. They with a high of 71 degrees. In yesterday's high of 51 we're going to 71 today. And you can look for a south wind at their fifteen to twenty miles per hour. Mostly cloudy tonight the overnight low 51. Friday mostly sunny port Saint Patrick's Day the high will be seventy degrees. By the way Steve intends trash can been Peterson has leveled tomb. Moved a little place and we'll move a little today Stephen K it is trash can win beater at the local to. Now mostly clear we have a southeast wind at thirteen miles per hour. And 39 degrees. Taylor says weather brought to you by the monarch featuring the largest collection of Kraft burdensome risky in the state of Kansas. Full cocktail menu can be found that monarch Wichita dot com. The monarch. In Toledo. Well time to get your pencils sharpened to dig out those receipts from the old shoe box and get ready to file your taxes. Here's another tax tip with Stephen Ted whether he'll do fine yourself or you'll at a pro handled heavy lifting now was time to find those files pollute receipts credit card and bank statements and get a together IRS spokesman Eric Smith says you can get a good idea of what you should be looking for a by checking out what your spy. Or you could keep copies of tax return for several years and the most people do that anyway. But the truth just one more reason. Why you should do that also talked to your benefits administrator worked CP getting the most out of your flexible spending 401K York for a three B and other pretax contributions and make changes if you shut and the IRS's Anthony Burke since you can take comfort in this you've got three extra days to pile the filing deadline is April 18 so take a deep breath because tax filing season this year with today's tax step I'm Gary Altman act at ABC news. I know that I know Jan has has filed. And over there tennis party it up I return well I've got mine already to go but I haven't sent it yet. But we still have till April 18 right yes he did still he don't want to procrastinate too long or they will come and take me to leavenworth prison. Like hit hard. Hyundai recalling nearly 978002. Cars in the US because the front seat belts. Could detach and crash and failed to hold people not good wow I can you really bad. The recall covers Sonata midsize sedans from Tony eleven through 2014 model years. And the Sonata hybrid to. From 2011 through 2015. Company says it knows of one minor injury caused by the problems who has been a big thing yet but it could potentially get. Front seat belt with a good detention crash. The idea is that is he wouldn't ever ever do that and trapped cars have been on the streets for one my wife reminded me that when we first began dating. She got in my mind mustang 68 mustang. And she put the seat belt on. And I said I have never seen any. Use seatbelts well. He's barely look at me years ago people didn't use seatbelts burial Kelly apparently let me sit near ground. This guy looks like he can't hit it better buckle up. And that's seatbelt it was interesting yet because it basically it was strapped up over the the right hand over the backdoor. And had to take at least from a there was a little communicate anyway whose interest that was in 1968. And the things have really changed over the years and a thing. Finding the right employee is not easy in a new study proves why according to research by recording software service lever. A typical small business employing fewer than 200 people need to go through an average of 86 applications. Defined that one right person for the job police say wow. Study looked at data from about one point five million candidate considerations. And 151000. Hires at 600 of leverage customers throughout most of 2016. Although reviewing yet many candidates sounds like a lot of work. This rate is actually better than most larger companies. Larger cameras. Need to see an average of 100 candidates. Before hiring someone. Well you always wanna find the best young person has an amateur that we would have the patience in this business today that we get somebody coming in here this breed and we hire. On whose body shop on weekends and you're tired are a lot of companies can can be that picky you know then really. Wait for the right person that's interesting and think that was allowable anymore in American commerce. Where he could beat a patiently for just right person as if you're out there looking for a job just remember there's great information. You may be one of 86 people look at or more that's depressing it is a little. Depressing is I'm I'm glad you and I are gainfully employed right now I had to do because if we ever had to go look for a job if you'd be absolutely. Catastrophic. 750 or my thoughts even dead and your traction all the way for dirty editor bill Roy that would stop business journal this morning good morning bill. Good morning Stephen Ted had derby is one step closer to the dinosaurs. The city was expected to close Wednesday on the sale of star bonds. To create a district for a dinosaur theme attraction dirty city manager Kathy section says it's a big step in the advancement of 160 million dollar capital investment in the city. Side and utility work scheduled to start in the summer. Wal mart's MPs and some cash into the Kansas economy can't as employees at the retailer was share and one point seven million dollars in bonus money. It's part of a company wide bonus pool of 157. Million dollars small market leaders say these bonuses being paid out. For strong fourth quarter performances. Former Spirit Aerosystems CEO Larry Lawson stands to make a nice man money for his next potential job if he accepts an offer not. Hedge fund Elliott management wants Lawson to be the CEO of aerospace and automotive component supplier are Connick. But spirit says it's too soon they want him to hold on to the mud they wanna hold on to the money they were going to pay him. The hedge fund says no problem we'll pay the money spirit was supposed to. Well breaking and news this morning for Wichita as equity bank. They're announcing the renewal and an increase of thirty million dollar line of credit with the service first bank of Birmingham Alabama. And according to the press release it as as a means of capital purse for pursuing growth strategies. Including merger opportunities within the company's regional footprint we know equity has been aggressive enough looking for mergers and acquisitions. They disclosed on one last week self. Equity. Is expanding their line of credit so they can makes more purchases. Local breaking business news everyday on can't assess that Wichita business journal dot com for the what is obvious maternal I'm dual role. He probably her story a minute ago about companies taking a smaller companies. Interview like 86 people before they hire somebody does that seem even reasonable to you. Well they did depends on how many positions there are you know the old saying is higher slow. Fire fast enough to you know you wanna make sure you get the right person onboard 86 Isa slot for a small business seems like a lot of people coming through the door and I imagine when you apply for the job down there to visit Schindler were probably. 786. People knocking on the door down there and and none of them you know it. We just as I don't I'll I've made it through there have been injured and you know on radio which it can you read write a little bit. You know that the you know it and there that you wearing shoes demonic and you know. But how about there day here's is a piece of paper read this read this low it's. How the fact that. That thing in derby with a dot dinosaurs is this going to be like a Jurassic Park or anything and he's he's gonna come to life in the middle of the night and scare. I and I don't think it quite like that that. It's basically guys and costing so it's it's but but I think it's it's the we've seen video of audiences and looks like a pretty neat deal today. You know kids come and come in and learn about dinosaurs in the and you know those. Lewis is not a big like a big giant concrete broadest Horace or something like that is it does not optimism that as they get out of skelley station you know exactly get to places on housing players are Sinclair that's. Places like that on a highway near Mexico Reagan knew that. Exactly today is everything you do is right day. Never had one of those days where everything you do just seems to turn out rate bill. Moved the ball boy it's been a while yeah. A everything you do is re elected maybe you're gonna have a perfect. Public you have perfect day today I think you're going to I and so far so good so far it looks and looking good now it down everything you do is right. It's very rare but we'll celebrate today I think teacher and 755 now Stevens Ted. Come out of 8 o'clock that he and his this morning you perceive that a complete look at today's news. White House unveils a budget blueprint today and Kansas house approves help to farmers and ranchers hurt by wildfires two of the stories we're covering. You're at the top of the hour Stevens in the morning on Kagan SS.

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