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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03-16-17 Teens served the wrong pizza, opened fire

Mar 16, 2017|

Nashville teens in a stolen car received a pizza with the wrong toppings and opened fire.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This station which should talk turns to first for live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita as number. We want you. News talk bad weather station depend on. Good morning 730 young pianist as Steven and Ted in the morning news feed back inside Ted Woodward at 39 degrees. The Kansas State's top Republican says he'll propose cutting spending across the board with the help the states get through June without a budget deficit. Senate president Susan waigel which it says lawmakers should approach the State's budget problems like families do and trim unnecessary spending first. The senate plans to debate a bill today that would close a projected 281 million dollar shortfall in the current budget. With internal government borrowing. And by shorting contributions to public employee pensions. The plan avoids caps. Waigel has not said how much she'll seek to reduce spending. Now what the forecast we've Kagan as his staff meteorologist Dan Holliday can morning Dan. Good morning with a few high thin clouds to start today were it not this cold is what we have been in the past few mornings. Today's temperature expected to be in the low seventies to the high. Fifteen to 25 miles per hour will be clouding up overnight as a cold front moves are way down to 54. Friday not this warm with a high close to 78 I'm KM SS meteorologist Dan Holliday a. And now mostly clear and 39 degrees we have a southeast wind at thirteen miles per hour. The father of an American United Nations worker who was among six people kidnapped in the Democratic Republic of Congo says his son has been doing humanitarian work. And has had some success in persuading militia leaders to give up child soldiers. John Sharp a Heston told the Wichita eagle that his 34 year old son Michael sharp. Is committed to finding nonviolent ways to end the conflict Kansas state agencies as an action taken by legislative committee. Would devastate in the home services for the disabled and their providers. It's also when Angela Derosa said Wednesday that the state department for aging and disability services. Will be forced to cut rates paid to providers of in home services by 56% through June. The senate ways and means committee on Tuesday removed 42 million dollars from the agency's current budget before approving a bill that would keep the budget balanced through June. Committee members say that they need more details about how the money would be spent in intend to ad dollars back later. When they have more information Dan O'Neill king and SS news. Gunfire in north of Wichita left one man injured Tuesday night says police Sargent Mickey Woodrow. Officers contacted at 23 year old male who was receiving treatment for nonlife threatening gunshot wounds to his stomach area. There were not a lot of details provided to police. But officers were able located seen in the 900 block of north Cleveland. At that scene investigators found how's it had been hit by bullets and numerous shell casings were found in the area the Kansas bureau of investigation has announced an important milestone in its sexual assault kit initiative program. That was completing a statewide inventory able previously on submitted sexual assault kits in Kansas. Katie risen is with. Acadia d.s purpose of conducting a statewide inventory. Which relate to allow us to quantify the number of our submitted sexual pockets that exist and city and county law enforcement property rooms so that we can begin the process. Eliminating back inventory through laboratory now. The goal is to test all the un submitted kits at some point in the future. Gasoline prices in Kansas our remaining around the same point they were last week. Kansas average price of pompous two dollars and eighteen cents a gallon and for holidays with Blake Kansas. They're staying steady aim ideological benefit and they come back down inserted just hover around the same average for lab. Supply and demand are staying in balance for now KE SS nationally and it's time 734. Wanna know why he's the other now in Maryland putting the latest trump travel ban on hold the president vowing to take the executive order to the Supreme Court. The drum budget details are made public today proposed spending plan calls for a boost in military spending cuts everywhere else. President trump not backing away from the accusation he made the former President Obama tapped his phone during the campaign. The president suggested on Fox News last night more will be coming out in the next two weeks while those in Washington say they still have seen. No proof you people the Republican Party are not really backing him on this because of their credibility is on the line this is very very different. Donald Trump may be doubling down but so far there is absolutely. No evidence. NBC news chief global affairs correspondent Martha Raddatz. Is recalling nearly a million cars in the US because that front seat belt could detach in a crash the recall covers are not models cherry crested named. 735 now Stevenson in the morning Kate and assessed 39 degrees looking for a high today of 71. With. Nashville Tennessee police say a car full of teenagers opened fire. At a market. Because they reserve the wrong pizza toppings. Nobody was hurt but the suspects aged 1617 and eighteen were arrested. Police say an undercover detective witnessed the gunfire. Followed the card to a house and called backup. Car was reported stolen. One suspect told police that shots were fired because they received a pizza. With the wrong topics. Apparently they left off the anchovies or something to. These young people face aggravated assault unlawful handgun possession and vehicle theft charges. They are in big trouble. Which I used the now a pretty damn Firestone car the great. The wrong pizza toppings moon. A dog walker in Berlin Germany has had a close call. With a coconut Canon. He was walking in industrial area when he heard of burying. Then a ball shaped project dial flew past him and hit a nearby lamppost. It takes it was a act. Police say they were surprised to find a large hole laid Camden capable of shooting coconuts at high speeds with compressed air. A 23 year old man told officers he he helped to build it. Are you ready he built at four and art project in the aunt Arctic. And wanted to tested before he shipped it out ha. Don't hear that story every day. That's. And police for someone skeptic nor do I think you. Or what you find ammunition to use it once you're in the end target to ship the guys are a whole lot of coconuts Lan are. No. Police say they've been even pounded the device and that the prosecutors are investigating whether it breaks any arms control lawless. Eight coconut cannon whom. Com and wanna get too much into this but did you ever have anything like that when you retire now. Coconut town. You know accurate one of the things we did an element that would have taken effort. In them again. Recommend this to children or anybody out there but. One of things that we did when I was very young my dead. Help us build rubber band. Guns. It was a piece of voids she any U shaped in that as like a pistol yeah and Barry backing and he had a you had via. Close link slip closed him vehicle has been in a little right. So to take this road large rubber band and put it over the in there remembering and beckoned and closed and then that was the trigger. And of course you can picture. Because of rubber bands were cut up. Inner tubes. Oh good lord it's paper towel that's in the annals during a half page wide you're out there issued each other of these things in the you know again. The danger to one's eyes and my worry about but it detonated a record and I haven't seen one of those and about lead 4550 years so I don't recommend doing that but. My dad was not to that budget as safety is much you. We were too busy we are planned a little ball and Whipple ball or football before ball now look of hours and hours when movable skew it. To where I thought I could really hit any any breaking ball it can now until I got into a baseball field and somebody started throwing Kurtz. That was net good luck you. Occur by the way if you're just a quick quick explanation if you're right handed batter. And there's a right handed pitcher an amount he throws a curve if he's good edit the thing comes like right Richard left shoulder. And that it did the best last minute breaks over the plate so yeah he's gonna hit so what he would do. He kind of bail out a little bit yeah you're in goes outside Unionists and it was a excellent right right over the play training curve ball which is probably one of the most. Essential reasons why many young men never doubted any further people Connecticut are all honey I am a it was tough at 739 Stephen today tomorrow. A reminder that the 42 annual Blarney breakfast that's tomorrow if it rainbows it's tomorrow from six to 9:30 AM at old Chicago east great food. Bagpipers. Irish dancers and bore. And we're looking for at least a thousand people to show up this year. And in the proceeds benefit children with special needs to bring those united adult tickets are fifteen dollars and children's tickets are five dollars. And I'm going to be there it's one of Wichita is great annual events come on don't say hi and I'm going to be there and we could have a great time looking forward of that T I know you had a blast last year to immunity to stay right here right to. Galloway an anchor this thing right here show tomorrow morning and will there be a checking in with you all morning long he would kind of mischief you're getting into amounts is should be rate time. 740 now with Steve and Ted. And it's time for our pre fire coffee break on K and assess bird fire coffee the freshest coffee in the Wichita area because. Prairie fire coffee beans are roasted fresh right here in Wichita. Well of course you can get prairie fire coffee your office by calling 267. 3771. Or go online at prairie fire coffee dot com out. I've got the prairie fire coffee roasters price back from Stephen debt. It's a travel bug in two bags of prairie fire coffee it's worth thirty dollars it will get better way to Dominique could do a quick today color number three suites. Color number 386913. Thirty you can win the prairie fire coffee roasters price back. From Steve and Ted RI 740 now it was Stevens Ted in dead. That daddy's raising interest rates and editor bill wanted to which to a business you're gonna tell us all about that's. Plus we have traffic and weather coming up Steve intent on Kate in a sense of.

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