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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03-16-17 Attorney general talks tough on crime in Richmond

Mar 16, 2017|

AG Jeff Sessions talking tougher punishments for drug and gun crimes.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Is this station which should talk turns to. First we're live team coverage of breaking news KM SS Wichita is number one. News talk and what their station depend on. Good morning at 7 o'clock this is the case in us this morning you can. Macintosh. Trust your travel vans blocked by federal judge we've got the story. Kansas house approves help farmers and ranchers hurt by wildfires on it would blurred those details just ahead a battlefield. Kansas lawmakers oppose the idea of a flat state income tax on K and that's just meteorologist Dan Holliday after a long stretch of colder than average weather that looks like we finally start to warm back up. Our forecast is on the way. Just hours before it was supposed to go into effect president comes travel ban was blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii. The revised executive orders to toned down version of the order that caused chaos at airports six weeks ago. ABC news legal analyst royal oaks tells us. The legal challenges are similar and off to a strong start the arguments are familiar the travel ban amounts to religious discrimination it hurts the free movement of students and tourists and workers critics are urging judges to reissue last month's orders finding that because there's no urgent need for a ban it should be shelved until its legality can be fully litigated. Some tax legislate a spark some state legislators are floating the idea of having Kansas adopt a flat personal income tax. Lawmakers are considering raising taxes to fix the State's budget problems senator time masters and of Andover said Wednesday. That his colleagues are increasingly interested in moving to a single personal income tax rate for all filers. The state faces projected budget shortfalls totaling more than one billion dollars through June 2019. Legislators are looking at rolling back past income tax cuts championed by governor Brownback. The state slash tax rates in 2012 and thirteen went from three tax brackets and to. And granted an exemption to more than 330000. Farmers and business owners. Masterson says he might support ending the exemption of the state went to a single tax bracket. Dan O'Neill king and SS news a 31 year old man was shot in southeast Wichita early Wednesday police Sargent Mickey would rose says. He was walking in the area at elk Tyco and funds then. And observed a newer model white Ford Focus traveling westbound on offense and the victim her voice say hate. And then saw muzzle flash coming from the vehicle. The victim heard several gunshots and then was hit in the lake by one of the bullets. The victim drove himself to a hospital. Kansas house has approved a bill to help farmers and ranchers rebuild after the recent wildfires. The proposal would create a sales tax exemption for materials purchased to replace burned offenses. Republican representative Ken Rogers says there are federal programs that can assist farmers with some other losses but this is one of the things the state can do to help. That a lot of these ranchers and that's that's one of the largest investment when we've seen investments. Of a mile fences around 101000 dollars. And so even a small break that we can give them is which one thing that we can do from a from from a state perspective. Under the plan someone who lost the fans would apply for a card from the state which would allow them to buy fence supplies tax free. Rogers expects the senate take up the bill soon secretary of state Rex Tillerson met with a Japanese counterpart today it took in Tokyo. And during a joint news conference Tillerson said State Department budget cuts are based on the premise. That the US will be engaged in fewer foreign conflicts. And be able to attract more foreign aid partners north. Korea and its people. Need not fear the United States for their neighbors in the region who seek only to live in peace with North Korea. A state lawmaker is seeking to strengthen regulations for amusement parks in Kansas after a colleagues ten year old son was killed last year on a water slide dubbed the world's tallest. Representative John Barker is bill would require the insurance companies representing the parts to hire certified engineer. To inspect the rides. Under current Kansas small the pars and parks themselves confusing inspectors who don't necessarily. After being engineers. Pay and assess his time now 7055 minutes past 7 o'clock. The NCAA men's basketball tournament Kansas now knows its opponents and we have sixteen games on the schedule today we'll have a preview coming up in sports Canadian employers may lose their power to order their workers. To Wear high heels. That story coming up on the tape and assess morning news the Stevenson. The 10 is this morning users Stevenson now 7099 minutes past 7 o'clock on Thursday morning. There are 60000 people in Sedgwick county who do not have a high school diploma or a GE. County commissioner Jim Howell says there's a program available at the Wichita area technical college through a partnership with the goodwill. My recommendation is to go to debut ATC and ask him for assistance they will be glad. To walk into the process that's about probably one of the biggest hidden. Resources and our community for a lot of people look at India be tapping that resource Chrysler Hussein. For such a great need I'm so glad glad we got a very robust program outdoors very affordable. Cost of that program is fifty dollars. In market trump joined Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau as his special guest last night on Broadway. The two saw the new musical come from away it's not a small Canadian town that saw its population double. When locals sheltered more than 6500 passengers and crew on airplanes diverted during the 9/11 attacks. Before the show Trudeau's said the US Canada relationship is an example to the world. I think it's. He could call it out of this list of friends of culture of people traveling back and forth. Families of all these connection. Employers in British Columbia and Canada are about to lose the right to make female employees Wear high heel is ridiculous I'd like I'm just Thailand I feel great I am. It's a common practice in some restaurants bars and stores to require women to Wear high heeled shoes one that's prompting a growing chorus of criticism. Which is why provincial politician Andrew Weaver decided to introduce a bill many of. Orders require that female staff Wear high heels. Doctor Weaver says the rule is discriminatory because it only applies to women and then high heels cause health problems including low back pain. And two Weaver's delight he's getting support from every party in the legislature. Daniel compelling ABC news Toronto. Unisys used time now 7-Eleven 11 minutes then 7 o'clock and Steve's head. And we still have a traffic accident blocking things. On Kellogg. At a 198. Street west. Just avoid that area for the time being after trying to protect an earlier this morning their traffic updates. On Kate and as as radio under achievers and other occasion as this storm tracker three forecasts. With Kansas and a meteorologist leading western deporting Katie and can't get out it's doing just fine we haven't talked you before it's nice to have you with us this morning. That it and you are bringing with you some pretty doggone nice weather at least not not as much Windiz Sundays in the past what are we looking for today here. Oh man it's going to be fantastic I mean we're talking a return to spring today temperatures confident that made seventeen. After we heard fifties yesterday in twenty degree jump today. But what we wealthy and gusty south Wednesday it will be that in between not for ourselves a little bit on the on the strong side that we deftly dealt with worse they'll hit a few bad partly cloudy guys a lot of and shines you know overall I mean it's just is a nice warm days hopefully you're looking at the time outdoors. Now tomorrow with a little bit more of the same only less less wind maybe when you think. A bright yellow actually have a front come through tomorrow. But that's gonna bring in the heartland of the popular breed Ian will cool it down a little bit but it's not going to be significant will be down to basically upper sixties. Stanford Friday at. Saturday and then split that will be up into the eighty comes Sunday. Eased on Sunday while. They jumped right into our weather here a little bit everything right yeah. Act Katie thank news thank you for being with a sinking in is in storm tracker three forecast. From Kansas today meteorologist Katie western by the way right now mostly clear and 39 degrees southeast wind. At thirteen miles per hour 712 now 12 minutes past 7 o'clock with Stephen dead. And attorney general sessions is is laid out some tough on crime agenda. In Richmond and with us this morning news ABC news crime and terrorist analyst Brad Garrett can boring or nice to have you with us. It getting tough I mean we heard we heard president say that. All of my lifetime getting tough on crime and an attorney generals what exactly user is specifics on how are you do this. Well honestly would do it wants it to EU edition more aggressive. Prosecution. Convicted felons in possession of firearms. Which there's a federal law that's got to mandatory minimum of five years. Attached to it if you're convicted when I dissent. Many of the US attorneys across the country in years past have aggressively prosecuted convicted felons under that law so. You know that may or may not changes as we go on in time here. He also wants to be tougher on. Drug dealers which you know I'm not sure we can get much tougher seemingly we have some of the longest sentences in the world. Currently. You know not to say that they should be prosecuted of course they (%expletive) that. There's a question about how much time is realistic. As far as deterring future crime. It's also for whatever reason was to go back to the eighties. And says. Deal with the drug problem by just promoting abstinence. Artist that was you know if you Reagan's victory in the eighty should say no which doesn't work. It seems to think it does so well to respect yes. Allows you are share fight interview distant last week and he says basically that. In drugs no matter what you may think the million did it lead to a lot of other crimes and but getting a handle on of that and that's it that's another story can do the right thing. It is very difficult because it's so. Sort of multifaceted as to why people use trucks and eat there's not an easy fix and that's one of the reasons that people get frustrated in dealing with that and I completely. Understand that. I'm Brandon Miller we've heard that didn't wanna get tough on crime how are re doing right Dallas Smith compared to years past. You watch those national crime figures and the we've been going up down or where are we right now. But certainly on violent crime we statistically have gone down. In several categories. Apple or over half. Since the early nineties so. We are some of the scratch your head as to why the attorney general Mike prioritize violent crimes since is clearly cyber crime. This is such a much bigger issue as far as a threat to security and door. The economy eccentric because really across the board. Not to say we should address violent crime at a federal level but it's really more of a local issue. And it is a federal issue. All right Bret day thanks for being with us we appreciate your coverage this morning. That is ABC news crime and terrorism analyst at Brad Garrett talking about attorney general Jeff Sessions dwelling on a tough on crime agenda in Richmond now. 716. Was Stephen Ted on K and SS today is. Thursday. March 16 2017. And just friendly to the yesterday's temperature high temperature was 51. Here in which does today's price avenue like quite a bit difference there. In the temperatures here for the next 24 hours. On this date in 1998 a big ice storm hit southwest Kansas I don't know if you remember this bad. You know I just started working together about this time half an inch of ice accumulated on roadways. With one to two inches on elevated surfaces one to two inches. Power was lost for up to six days. With 14150. Utility polls heavily damaged or destroyed. It was on this date in nineteen. 98. They can imagine two inches of Anna's eyes and you can't you can't do anything you just now lied you can't get any traction. And that's it you're rather act. On this date in 1971 other quick look at the almanac Simon and Garfunkel. The first winners of the so called Triple Crown of the grammys. Bridge over troubled water named song and record of the year and the album by the same name won album of the year. It was also the first year the grammys. Were televised live in music right there you know Simon and Garfunkel 1971. We have a big big weekend. Coming up as far as basketball is concerned let's check the sports now with Ted Woodward. And lot of basketball other baseball talk about it right. Have college men's basketball first for action in Dayton Ohio last night the NCAA tournament north Carolina central taking on Calvin Davis. The winner advancing to take on the Kansas Jayhawks tomorrow night. Cal Davis wins the game 6763. To advance to take on the jayhawks. Cal Davis led by former Bradley head coach Jim less gets the win last night. Well it is special. It's special. I said this our guys grew up. As little Cooper's dreaming about playing and having this opportunity. And so it it is special to be here and you know we're just gonna continue to fight to keep this story going. Course coach less was ahead go to Bradley when the Braves beat Kansas in first round back in 2006. See how coach less matches up with the jayhawks tomorrow night with Al Davis is orange or said the shocker is the jayhawks the wildcats don't play till tomorrow evening. But there are sixteen games on tap today at the tournament. Starts at 11 o'clock this morning with Notre Dame in Princeton and goes all day long about another twelve hours after that time of the game today. You're exclusive radio home of the NCAA men's basketball tournament is Sports Radio KFH. Keep track on 12:40 AM 975. FM for all the action today is the NCAA men's basketball tournament. The blood and I see action last night TCU had a big twelve wins in the in nineteen beats Fresno state by seven points. Illinois State out of the Missouri Valley Conference top seed in the 91 its opening game red birds beat cal Irvine 8571. We've got a big softball game on the campus of Wichita State today the shocker is hosting twelfth ranked LSU. That'll be at 5 o'clock today at Wilkins the stadium's only standing room only tickets remained. When that soccer softball game today them softball the friends softball team the doubleheader sweep. Yesterday over Langston friends on an eleven game winning streak. The Butler community College Softball team with a double header sweep over Garden City winning 26 to two and twelve to nothing. Butler softball team now thirty and oh my this season while ranked number one in the nation and they have now won 68. Games in a row one. What do program. Friends University firing Monty Lewis is the head football coach after fourteen years at the Helm he's friends all time winningest coach in football. Friends now looking for a new football coach's firing Monty Lewis. And we have College Baseball yesterday at X stadium Wichita State hosting northern Colorado. You heard the game right here on KNS as seen Dennis with the call. Analogy why the left center field that they sent Allen headed toward the gap. And heading over to third is Ritter he's not gonna stop there Brian walker away CNN he'll make it without applying great and generous enough. Whether to strike. Opposite field double tied the game yesterday hit a mistake. And drives in his third this week he's tied it up the war peace. Talks go on have a big six run fifth inning beat northern Colorado ten to four shoppers have now won ten straight games at home at six stadium. Don't forget NCAA men's basketball tournament all day long today sixteen games listen to it all on KFH 12:40 AM 975 FM sports. Stephen says there's no money over the French university in my life that want to work different for several years get no money but it's always very pleasant nice guy and I don't know fourteen years a long time to stay someplace and if you look once better governor but to less electable. Yeah and the French program at a good run friends now they're looking for new football life. 721 now keep it for Rush Limbaugh morning update Democrats threatening another government shut down. And traffic and weather on the lake Stevens Ted in the morning on Kate in a sense. Don't switch atop the big to a brother.

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