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Steve & Ted in the Morning 03-16-17 Boomers are still helping their Millennial children

Mar 16, 2017|

Moneytracker Don Grant with a study about parents helping children and grandchildren.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Anything they can throw in the human rights issues do that if you saw in us. Believe racial sexual. Do you know anything back or or even poverty issues since it. 9873030. K in answer as we aren't getting into bed in the morning. 646. Now. Pretty big thing was even dead than me trump you travel ban blocked by a federal judge in Hawaii. Drug administration unveiled proposed budget today. Kansas lawmakers looking at possible spending cuts and or tax increases. To balance the state budget. Three big things even dead on K in a sense. Of a traffic acts. Now a 119. Street and it. Kellogg and Kellogg has blocked east and west round. You can't get through you're gonna wanna continue to avoid that's a nasty place yeah tomorrow gonna wanna continue to avoid that area for the time being. We also have a traffic accidents on web broad it just pass. Carson street so what that area as well traffic update on tape and as as radio. Front tees I judge Robin Carl's Goodyear tire located downtown a marketer of Waterman in the history street mall. In on money grows tired dot com your home for complete dark hair most. Mostly sunny and breezy today with a high of 71 degrees troops in south winds as though at fifteen to twenty miles per hour. Mostly cloudy tonight the overnight low 51 Friday mostly sunny tomorrow's high seventy. Now mostly clear as southeast wind thirteen miles per hour 39 degrees. Whatever Kansas weather deals us from one minute to the next beat prepared. Whether it's sun rain cold or snow in Kansas weather changes. No CNET and jacks for protection from the elements hat man Jackson at the clock tower. In delay you know Steve into the morning done grant C a the program when its economic summit immigration is again at center stage for the president so. Focus on the White House this is the opinion of many. An unprecedented. Judicial overreach. President trump was in Nashville on a federal judge in Honolulu issued a temporary restraining order barring enforcement of key portions of the administration's revised order seeking to limit immigrant and refugee travel to the US. Still watered down version. And let me tell you something I think we ought to go back to the first wanna go all the way which is what I want to kill the hardest. Mr. trump says the administration will appeal all the way to the Supreme Court if need be. Earlier in Ypsilanti Michigan the president announced that Obama administration's standards calling from motor vehicles to average fifty miles a gallon by 20/20 five. Would be reviewed. We're going to work. On the cafe standards. So you can make cars in America again. And help the company so they can help you. Richard Cantu ABC news stock using solid gains after the Federal Reserve nudged interest rates higher and signaled that any further increases this year will be gradual. Seven stocks rose for every one that fell on the New York Stock Exchange yesterday. The S&P 500 rose nearly twenty points the Dow gained more than a 112 points in the NASDAQ. Climbed to 43 points president trump unveiling a one point 15 trillion dollar budget. A far reaching overhaul of federal government spending and slashes a dozen cabinet departments. To finance a significant significant increase in the military and a down payment. On a US Mexico border wall. And the publisher of Rolling Stone magazine is selling celebrity magazine us weekly. To the owner of The National Enquirer tabloid thing us weekly. Which does many articles on congress oh always we can't you know we can't say if they're smarter than your average about. The grizzlies are at least to wait. The Rangers at Yellowstone National Park have confirmed that the bears are coming out of their winter hibernation. And looking for picnic best coaches say their looking for picketing caskets. Can make a basket. Now telling. You know. Officials say things mud at one yesterday in an area between mammoth Hot Springs and teller Roosevelt in the northern part of the part that. Then later staffers are two more grizzly bears scavenge in carcasses in the northern part of those guys are grizzly bear tracks have been observed in Yellowstone. Since February 22 but no bears have been seen. Until now. Always like to keep folks updated on. What's going on of hibernation receive what does it do in the woods is probably only place you'll hear about those grizzlies today there Steve and down minimizing your high and the Wyoming. As we. Yet Yellowstone bulletin Erica where spending F 111000 dollars are adult children every year's AR dot grant CFP the monitor I got to tell you I'm far below that would've done. Tell us about answer. Well lots of American parent support their adult children. TD Ameritrade surveyed. 2000 people have learned that millennial kids aged twenty or nineteen rather to 37. Said they had received. Just more than 111000. Dollars in financial support from their baby boomer parents. And they would not be able to keep their lifestyle without that help. This report report. You know sites that animal sales space and greater financial challenges to their boomer parents that at their age. Higher student debt stale wages and higher costs to raise their own children child care in particular are culprits. Grandparents helped in many ways from taking care of grandkids to helping pay for their care however about half of the boomer parents and grandparents say. That they are making sacrifices. To help their children and grandchildren. The bulk of support that millennial receive from their parents comes in the form of unpaid labor. That's help from mom and dad coming to their house older or taking care of their grandkids. On average grandparents gave more than fourteen hours of primary child care each week. The also acted as back up babysitters. Providing more than nine hours weekly of that type of care. More than ten hours per week were spent helping them clean their houses run errands and prepped meals. Well help with the bills is another way the parents of millennial parents entered contribute. And numbers differ when you have smaller meals about their goal or whether US or boomer parents it's interesting to see this. Them the most help comes from housing whereby kids report that on average. They pay about to 2033. Dollars of rent or mortgage payments per year. Parents say it's more like 3462. Dollars per year correct the just want to write a check. When it comes to car payment 14% of kids say they receive about 800 bucks for years. Parents say it's more like two grand point 8200 actually. About a quarter of millennial say that they were helped by help with groceries that parents surveyed clay they'd that claimed they pay nearly 900 bucks last year. And kids report it's only about 425. Shot. Hot so it was when I was trying to pay back my prayers and you're you know the numbers are interesting to ponder particularly. If you're on the giving or receiving end. Most parents will always want to help and it shouldn't be at the expense of their own retirement that's important thing. And of course if you have any questions about the answer to my other trivial things about it on the air. I get a call on the were six report 2222. Any decent parent wants it to help take care that they do they do that often. What would they don't realize the hard thing is it's enabling it to the point that it creates them but well maybe to. And dependency on innocent thing it the other part of the call if the night at one time. Animal from a from a dad. Wonder why I was I was grown married man I did alone and in and he noted too that dated back with interest every nickel of it and I've felt in and he could stared at the time. But I felt like it like it just a complete hoodlum you need to do Annette in and because I think there's just certain part when you're the kid. There's certain honorable part that you have to treat your apparent today that abuses I'm not gonna strap you I'll do it takes to you know I'd just I'd just gotten out of the navy is that starred pay tuition and Ike a 125. Dollars a mom writing a check from right. That was one month's rent this studio apartment down town. It with a Murphy beds that fold without allow all the it out you'll. So well I think we all legal help from time to time in the I just bought a car battery charges and then you've taken vacations in the Bahamas and stuff like yeah right. From the navy in nineteen I saw a special day today today is national artichoke hearts today. I love artists on July oh man that was a Plaisted give what was or nearby town east the artichoke your coach Kelly is was it never good news restaurant over there. It's now via. Palace Achilles. But it was item as a guy that history has it that might have been present it opens and is now was delicately and as they have what they called you'll love this fried artichoke hearts. Frye and loud dip the ease in drawn butter like they were fat. Oh my goodness I'm never seemed to me well one of the best things also this is member crosses was here with a one Kansas City still does this. They have them and their they're there there's deemed I guess in the and they are. Dipped in butter and then they they drew is they put they shrimp on the opposite I love artichoke hearts as large it's also lips appreciation day. It's that attribute to the Rolling Stone I was now I would like to have. Fuller more pal he lives tell you do that we can take a little fat out here and I ever had your lips you know just last year at this did you. Have you ever even thought about my lips. No and that. Never never nor have I thought about your thank goodness that that that my wife is right now Mahal down all driven out there and take Allegra Beagle hit it down. I know Melissa live it'll give me a letter to give me some upper limits of created date on get a right of current equipment and off all right it's authority that's significant or even dead. This coming out of seller I think they get us this morning news was Steven dead. Trump's new travel ban blocked by a federal judge we have that story and mark Stephens at the morning on K innocent as.

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