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WSU Baseball vs Northern Colorado 03-15-17

Mar 15, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Wichita State soccer baseball on 987. And thirteen thirty KN as ask. Now with the call the game here is seen Dennis eat. Good afternoon and welcome you back stadium in Wichita or shocker baseball. As Wichita State takes on northern Colorado department being choked on your home of shock baseball's. All thirteen thirty. 87. In this this is the second of do. If you clubs and second of I this week. Or what you guys say they will add to you in the week that this vote tomorrow for games Friday night Saturday and Sunday afternoon that. In just a little bit the first game between these two clubs yesterday. Resulted in an eleven to five shocker victory soccer's. There. Hold winnings overall and nine in a row including all eight this year. It was powered by 87 run it lotion in the second inning highlighted. In part by Grayson canisters to run triple. Shocker got two more in the third. To taking nine to that lead and they were they're totally Breton although northern Colorado are totally away Wichita State. Got a big offensive performances. From three guys that absolutely. We're dying to have. Luke Ridder. Came in on a one for eighteen streak and won here it was Sunday against LA Houston technically he had gone all her before that. And then three more hits yesterday at least one that well are the two headed that off the wall. Dayton Q guy. Had seen his average tumbled toward the Mendoza line balked twice had to base hit score twice and drove in two. And in addition that although a little bit. Kind of borderline okay team for him gutter Trout line who really. I come in slumping had a base hit and a walk so hopefully all three of those guys. Who work combined about two for thirty between them and maybe worse. All got into the act yesterday. An all or part of that seven run second inning now back the few guys started it with a one out walk and and later in the inning had an RBI base hit against the right hand pitchers so things are gonna for those three guys in addition Jordan warrior continued his hot hitting. He went two out of three drove in two Alex Jackson's ward to at all it was pretty good offensive performance from Wichita State. And until hearing just a little bit. For a head coach Todd Butler can't understand burned through bulk rate he went three scoreless innings in a spot start. In the 137 pitches. And it. 45 of them for strikes struck out a career high six Tyler Jones struck out or in to score with things. In his outing in relief. So loans and debt. Wave and neither one of those guys pitch against LAQ they got in there yesterday. And man. A grand total of seven relievers. Wrapped it up so shocker when it buys four of the eleven I have to do that nine and six overall 80 at home. This year. The weather which was somewhat of an issue yesterday was he chill out here. Today a little bit better it is currently 46 degrees partly sunny. And the wind out of the south southeast. And eleven miles an hour. Needed a shocker play it 50% off your online order at any. Wichita area Papa John's logon to Papa Johns dot com and you promo code shocker 52 received. You're shocker discount. In games around the Missouri Valley Conference yesterday. Whether one now about half of the time. As. SI you arkansas' eight were an able to play Missouri State and think Lewis. Also able to play yesterday to them whether. And Illinois State Tennessee tech got there he came in it was moved up three hours to avoid some potent cold weather and night game it. Tennessee tech and tech won that game 43. It CF one a slugfest with Bradley yesterday in Florida 129 was filed the night's Victoria's. Future opponent. Wichita State and league opponent for northern Colorado Sacramento state came from behind beat them that I yesterday's 75. Former shocker opponent Oklahoma got its first real major cast aside doctors in long beach state they were shut out at Georgia Tech. Two to nothing in Oklahoma State scored late to win it pitcher's duel against the University of New Mexico. Yesterday in Stillwater. Three things. Day in the valley and beyond. It is going to be Bradley gets Cornell College. Down in war. Evidence though is that as I used Edwards bill. Twentieth ranked Baylor takes on Dallas Baptist and probably the marquee matchup in the league today that's actually tonight in the ballpark. In Dallas Illinois State Tennessee tech can use their series. A little bit later on today outside the valley and teeing it Wichita State has or will play. Coming up in about an hour and a half. Grand Canyon takes on UNLV. Kansas that Oral Roberts tonight that the night being out of holes. And New Mexico and Oklahoma State. Continue their series rather out of Stillwater Oklahoma it at that point yesterday now since. The start that team and about an hour and a half as well and Kansas State in Omaha or try night game tonight as the SB will be a little silly little later on in Manhattan. Missouri Valley Conference standings as we see it right this can't Missouri State at open three they will take on Southeast Missouri State tonight. Edu night at five playing Baylor tonight shocker to 96. We'll take on northern Colorado here top of the hour. Aside you at eight and seven. They'll be at Toledo this weekend. Indiana State 79. Able inner team Oakland. And Evansville at six and nine minutes and you'll play as site Edwards bill night. And Illinois State Bradley both born 90 points against Tennessee at Natalie McNeal college. Coming up this weekend in the valley and beyond. As are you taking on Toledo open and Indian state Memphis. Coup. Just entertained southern last weekend we'll go to Missouri State for a weekend series. In Springfield Illinois State will be at lipscomb. Bradley on Friday that basically bounced around Florida playing them various teams rallies planned north Florida. On Friday. Bill hosting western Michigan with a three game series there in Dallas Baptist on gambling. Come up on Friday. In Dallas or what grounds periodic operatives and of these future. Past shocker when it. Coming up next we'll catch up with Todd buck here today starting pitchers. For these two clubs family to their freshman Tommy bomb outs will pitch for Wichita state fair right handers. To wrap up this midweek series. Todd Butler reacts to Wichita State you five victory yesterday. That's coming up next three games into. It's beat the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. 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Treat your word in the scouting report. They gave me about all you want they won't get go away just like he said the bears competed in. I think that you believe they're coaching staff feels good about thirteen. I would like your club and they competed all nine innings in order to make a comeback we had to make some pitching changes. We've got to be a heck of a night just that's just to close the game now. Chandler Sam I thought they're very good job through three innings one walk six strikeouts no hits. And that was really good to see from him that gives us another bullet with a number he does sort of starting pitcher. And some guys that it could jump from their tower Jones looked good yesterday thing and that was good city. Decourt kind of struggled mcginnis came and got out been had closed the game. But offensively and duke are greater border had good days. And few widgets and learning experiences in the game which was good. Trying to teach guys are play with a lead. And I and that's movies enough things like that but. No it's another day today it'll be a tough game and a little different conditions wind's blowing out today. And hope we can. Elevates baseballs which backs and have good enough or. Interesting that you brought up the pitching we'll start there that set all it needs to be said about Sam Bernie start to get stronger like you mentioned. Previous to the game yesterday that it would sit back listen to almost four season but it seemed like. When you brought somebody in the struggle a little bit the guys came in. Picked him up and it didn't snowball out of control like you may be some games in the Louisiana trip where it seemed like nobody had so. Somebody struggle the next epic about where you know it's very good point Netscape are pitching staff because we you have a lot of guys down there. If a guy walks two guys in a row or I'm sure we're going to give him could be one walks so. The next guy came in and stepped up a thought tower Johnston a good job coming in right here when he did but you know if talking about Louisiana Tech. On the rose he you know at home every once those come from all teams are comfortable at home for the most part but being on the road with umpiring in different settings and in different environments and replay confirmed it too good atmosphere to Louisiana Tech you know what she do so. You know it's getting guys to not have anxiety to do what they do detector deep breaths and they're not trying to do too much you won't be what you are. And that that's what the road teaches you so we have an final game today and then we head back on the road kill Pauly. Okay offensively yard touched on this briefly but. Boy everybody that you just need to dine free hit got hit and and didn't do guys' case he walked twice. Got a hit. And was based in the middle everything offensively and certainly he and Trout want as you alluded to before the game. Really were struggling offensively they got on the beam but look greater did Q and I thought he probably had an to have good at that every single time up there I think we're Ritter has a good swing I think he has been pressing trying to do too much you know ball into the went off the chance. I didn't think you'd be home run but it definitely at the wall had a chance so. These employer. And I think he's been pressing I don't think he's data the baseball like he canceled we're really working in that cage right now. Niger BP on game day you know it's kind of tough to get a lot of work Q when you played five times a week. But I think he's gonna get out always believed that. I do that I had a good they really need to get Trout line going there so I think she needs who needs to make some adjustments to want to stay into the baseball and in keeping his nose to it. And we're really attack in the states or anywhere not just saying hey it's okay it's not okay. Improvements have to be made adjustments have to be made and it's every week. And we're trying to get better and better and better each week. Despite who we play here were planted people. So improvement I mean we need to increase our improvement at at a rapid. Rapid pace so. It was good seed duke guard rear borders that are very consistent got forced to Jesus competes so hard. Nugent missed was having a good day had to take him out bombs and other guy I mean owns or. Really good hitter that's up to maybe try to do too much need to give him to settle in and be they hitter that he is. What's the are recipes for seven running for what you saw he sent twelve to the plate what was the recurrence it well that the right fielder misplayed a ball you know so we had hill and anytime you have a big inning like that usually. It's wall or an error in the field by the opponent. And you know we've been no sign of that too so. But it would but we had committed that's the key to having big innings just wanna have quiet five quality at bats and an inning if you can do that can score pop possibly more. Then one run and equality bets so walk that line you know him well hit baseball. You know seven pitch at bat things like that Regis keep grinding it bats. The one thing that we have not done so far one through nine just grind current one through nine. Trying to get that mentality across to these guys. It could be a blessing in the fact that we haven't started out like getting buster's at the beginning of the season offensively so we definitely have their attention. On things that we need to adjust. The things that we need to attack to become the offerings we need to come nine to nothing after three it's hard to keep the pedal to the metal. What you're in the dugout I'm not so the next six innings whipped. On the black what what weigh in your opinion I thought we settlement and that's what I was chirping in the dugout because I'm really start to. Really speaking alive and had dug up about the things we need to do so we wanna play nine innings pitch by pitch it all sounds good as coaches talk but it's real talk. So we scored a couple runs late. I would serious keep keep the pedal to the metal we've got to keep pressing on. It's a very good point for you it's easy for young people to kind of lose the focus but you know when you play and LSU and you watch the way they play nine innings. And that's how you have to play if you wanna catch up and get involved with the elite teams in the country. And that's definitely my. Thought process that it needs to go into our team and that's what we're really pushing as a coaching staff when I was a head coach. I'm driving it through their skulls every single day so. I'm excited. You know every yeah I've talked a few people here Toma they'll issue and then what do most on understand the atmosphere. And we're the only place to play. And I like these things so our team needs to start embracing that competition playing the best and you know today's a big day. Because it's northern Colorado part of a bit aggravated. In doubt they'll come on give their best because they play nine innings you determine the target they kept fighting. And actually score runs late so they're pressing on a raft press on as well. Final point for what she goes you mentioned you're in the dugout so if there's anything. That you have to say you have to wait until you're on the field you come back him into the dugout. You obviously wolf had their attention not look at it this is a potential look ahead in more believing for the road tomorrow three more on the road and one more. Oh are you another probably not thinking that far yet but. Got one more take care that I'm definitely gonna push it across that before we take the field and that such huge point two million young people will look at. You know and as you get older as a coach you know today is most important day so. But it we need to be ready to play it's my job to make sure we're ready. Maybe in today's important. And I you know that point right there is probably the biggest challenges the coach. This make it true you sure you're prepared for the day that's all need to concern ourselves with is today played northern Colorado. And things happen in baseball. You know you don't pitcher well you don't defend well if you don't cut the patent and grind it adds everyone in the country can reach you. Because of the 27 scholarships. Players can go all over the country there's not a scholarships to just go to certain schools so it you know people talk about parity when he years ago. There's even more now so we must come to play today. Hopefully our guys being noble attack today and I are we have used the word attack but in this interview with he would. And how we're attacking our two track approach were attacking attacking ground in advance attacking stay in focus for today. Addition he destroyed me towards the first two games of the season last year. And it got you on Sundays so all almost all these guys were and then I got just didn't feel her Mary good hitter shorts that get folder. In the ninth inning they stole had a I think maybe a walk a stolen base and that was a flare over right field that's how the game happens. And you know we walked too many guys yesterday and we would score and we would walk the leadoff guy so I have concerns about that we address that. So that's like a focused. In whatever people say about you it's not enough to know every pitch matters every situation matters it's every two that takes the mound matters group regardless of the score. Because I'm not playing guys according school where we're playing guys to see how they can perform. In the school what is non factors source performance and competing go to and they catch up with John for a vacation. And their kitco dot Butler and his pregame comments and trying to finish up the mid week sweep. The northern Colorado bears Wichita State beyond that it's mentioned with top Butler will go to Hughes analyst of this though. And play Friday night Saturday night and Sunday afternoon those teams in the central time zone. Will be. 8 o'clock. 8 o'clock. And 3 o'clock. Back here in the central time zone 6 o'clock 6 o'clock 1 o'clock on the West Coast so bear that in mind in which they were or are on the 21. To play a night game down and pulls six the report back home and update about their homestand. Come up in just bit tougher starting lineups rocky by equity bank where you'll never pay. An ATM fee learn more about equity bank equity bank. Dot com first four northern Colorado they are eight and ten they'll started with nick Canner in center field. Batting second to left fielder Evan Johnson. Kohl ball he's will be in right field today he'll hit there. In the cleanup spot the HJ Pauly. Britain medical play first base and hit fifth or northern Colorado Matt Birk art will be a third base hitting six Tyler Yamaguchi the shortstop hits and and catching and running mate is Alex keel. Betty Knight the second baseman. Is dean Lawson family each a freshman righthander. Will start. We're northern Colorado this via pared some five and start number two hole lead dog and for the bears. It's tanner Johnson Maltese Pauly minute Burkhardt. Yamaguchi he'll Lawson. CM Leach making its second start of the year. Or Wichita State at 96. They'll start it moved Travis young center fielder followed by the second baseman Luke Ridder. Grayson Janice and right field its third. Inning or that first base is Alec ball damn good one PH and fifth the day. And batting sixth and left field big Duca. Trade Vickers at shortstop hit seven. Batting eighth and catching his gutter outline. Batting ninth third base is Jordan boy Tommy courthouse makes its first started it shocker career freshmen making his sixth appearance first. As a starter he wanted to all season so again for the doctors. Young leader Janice. Bone Goodwin do got. There's Trout line Boyer. Tommy barn house pitching. And two got a clean up a point about well Todd butler's that it regain confidence that they had to be that they quote unquote head fake chest out a game yesterday. And it was that no real other reason then. Oh I suppose that bit of an unwritten rule it was nine to nothing and Janice fresh off a two run triple in the second inning. Try to lay down but for hit. Leading nine nothing and that. In no uncertain terms Brian walker Todd Butler let Grayson if that's not protocol when you're up nine nil especially. Right after you tripled off the wall. To bread no home a couple of runs so great to watch through that game but back in there today so certainly no one necessarily. Being ganged up for injury or anything like that an assistant a teaching moment yesterday and checkers. Ended up surviving it winning. Eleven to five. Soccer baseball brought in part by Q Boris carpet outlet flooring sinners and when you need any thing. Regarding your floor whether it be area were. Carpet. Kyle Parker lamb and they have a huge election. Thank you are as carpet out that point their their look in 1860. Abroad have been probably always will be wasn't options. Color texture pattern. They have a great sales staff that know everything there is to know there's no pressure for when you're ready to deal. They're ready to help you plus with their quality product that low everyday prices. 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The Wichita State working on a nine game home winning history. It dates back to last year and it's somewhat significant because they were seventeen and seventeen. At home a year ago. The Wichita State not only working on their road record that has gotten off to. Just they wanted to stick or that gauntlet on to Louisiana to different times and they victory at a youth to try to reestablish some comments at home and AM. Does so in fits and starts this year with regarding the final score now bottom line as they wanna ball all ate there you know and nine you know. Going back to last year but that it 500 a year ago they certainly have some some reckoning to do with opponents that come in here. Two X stadium. Soccer's trying to finish off the he game midweek sweep here of northern Colorado. They lead the all time series history with the bears eight to two. They started. This series back in 2005. And they have now met in consecutive years and thought Butler and I talked about this little bit that Palin of its pregame comments. Shocker is dismantle northern Colorado twice to open 20163. Game series right here but on that Sunday game. The bears snuck up and bit shocker they won 43. One of the few games they've won in this series the other looking back at 2005 where northern Colorado in the first game that. These two. All to ever play against one another. Northern Colorado. Got the victory its dockers with a win yesterday have now won eight opinion in this series and turn making nine of eleven. Sending more than Colorado home. Where a couple of losses this is the six of six on the road. For northern Colorado's of their own bit of a long shot themselves then next Tuesday they'll host Regis College. In Colorado and in Sacramento state comes to town for three game series to open a black or pay. The northern Colorado and sac state will square off coming up. Next weekend. Pick our final break of the pregame show. We come back we'll have that first pitch. Wichita State and northern Colorado wrapping up this little two game mini series at home that's coming up straight it. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. It has no regard for human life it attacks on. You side. Sometimes you. The most dangerous thing. Kansas. Drinks the next time we will start. Much Jeanne moos can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees that. Or damaged and equity bank debit card and make every eight GMT at every ATM vanish go ahead. The greeted me the magic potions inside your equity bank debit card prevents the people remember appearing in your account abracadabra. And equity bank kept guard and perform your own bit of magic on any ATM it wanted top hat not require equity backed up. Yes. 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Look back PI NX stadium. Tyler Helio and what you guys shocker in northern Colorado wrapping up in mid week series shocker winning yesterday and five. Wichita State working on a nine game winning streak at home eight teams this year and is currently tied for fifth longest in the nation. Shocker there are eight you know former shocker opponent LSU started. Eleven and oh at home shocker turn Tommy barn house try to keep that going. Yeah hopefully for the doctors will give him a couple of solid innings. Turn it over to host of leaders wrap up this midweek series. Coming home games and promotions here that stadium. Coming up on the 22. Black member sacrament of state will come in for one game will be shocker first home game being scheduled for 6 o'clock. Shocker at Sacramento state on March 22 before Sacramento state had a few northern Colorado for that three games here. And coming up on the 24. Texas Tech come to town actually rank him fresh off their college World Series appearance. They will command or three game series starting on the 24. At 6 PM Saturday to Sunday lawn and after that game on Sunday. Get autographs for the 2017. Chuck baseball team and staff. The family Sunday Sunday yes QPA. And kids run the bases every Sunday tickets for the game call for once the ninth inning fans. And and shocker book drive weekend will be weak and operates a comes to town the 31. April 1 and April 2 6 o'clock 2 o'clock 1 o'clock all weekend long donated book. On a mission to support USP 259. School district. And local area elementary kids in need and Sunday effective. After the 1 o'clock games county sports and outdoors you today. Free admission for youth twelve and under and you could catch on Tyler feel that. After the game 978 Iranians who Yonkers dot com for tickets that operates a week in and and then beyond that it. Fourth against Oklahoma State that's at 6 o'clock game. Wichita eagle family night. For tickets for dogs for popcorn it's in or drinks for only 32 dollars and an in Missouri Valley Conference play shocker don't open up tell. April the seventh but on the eight net Saturday that southern Illinois it bark in the park presented by veterinary emergency and specialty hospital. Of Wichita. To be good time has the second straight year we'll have market park. Here at Eck stadium softball while Wichita State baseball team is gone. They will have a couple promotions as well you might want to check out Saturday the eighteenth. At noon against Drake they'll unveil the Missouri Valley Conference championships nine. And then the next day at eleven against Drake. It'll be poster giveaway and autographs and also which got eagle family day in four tickets for dogs for drinks for bag popcorn for only 32 dollars. That on March 19 it. Welcome stadium in straight and then Monday Nebraska comes to town march 20 at 5 PM. It again free admission for all uses twelve and under. Academy sports and outdoors youth night that's come up Monday as the cornhuskers come to town and then. Valley play continues ads on 25 a noon double header against Illinois State. That's the Texas Tech baseball week in uber call. And you begin free admission and Wilson stadium with baseball tickets to the public against Texas Tech so march 25 against Illinois stated doubleheader at busy weekend. Right here on campus and again on Sunday the 26 they'll wrap up this series to the Illinois State thing thing if in three. Wit the Texas Tech ticket stuff. So a lot coming up. Here with the next couple weeks when the shock the baseball team finally gets off that long road swing that basically. What two home games in the span of fifteen I believe. And now Wichita State wrapped it up here in just a little bit northern Colorado. And the shocker wrap up this to gamers seven away two at home and in or more away so eleven out of thirteen. Army barn house delivers a fast strike in there and we're under way Tommy barn house. Making his first started they shocker careers 64 Q 25. Freshman from Lansing Kansas. Here's the line in the 01 nick tanner Annie started to swing it held up with a fastball that was up and away. Nick cantor Kevin Johnson Nicole Maltese. All the outfielders. Starting things off here in the first. One in London nick tanner they're from the left side need pops one foul back and how to play. Tanner was one out of three yesterday with a RBIs. The Tony bought a house on the season much like all of this. Fellow relievers. You can't take away any of the games that they pit but if all could take out one. They'd all have unbelievably good numbers and barn house is no different tune into account cannon. Boarding house in six innings and allowed four runs. And LSU. Accounted for all of those. Popped up left side felt around looking for room is lawyers staggers. And I can't make the catch he had his glove and couldn't hold right near the barrier. And bottled it it was popping out of his glove. Third base umpire Kevin rain was right there. That nick tanner will. Get a do over. Back on the eleventh against LSU Tommy barn house get knocked around. He only retired one hitter gave up four hits four runs two of them home runs. So they were the big reason why has sixty are swinging and MS and down goes Tehran strikes. Tommy born house came into this game with six strikeouts in six innings. And he punted out nick cantor to start the game. So take out that LSU game and barn house is not allowed a run in the struck her hard earned run anyway he struck out at least one guy and every outing. That he sat. One way that'll bring up Kevin Johnson. On outside book called strike big part I think in one fastball at 92. Johnson riding a ten game hitting streak. He is 318 on the season with three homers and fourteen driven. Breaking ball Dotson there heading fooled badly. The walls and two strikes one out nobody on. First pit by the way stone. 303. Game time temperature. 46 degrees and poked on the ground right side could be trouble I find his way in right field Johnson with a seeing high ground ball right. Northern Colorado as the first base runner Johnson now has extended his hitting streak to eleven games. One on one out for multi piece. Call Maltese played third base yesterday went two for four and he extended his hitting streak he's now hit safely in fourteen in Europe. The barn out two pitches out of the stretch anyway. No real change now with Johnson at first and first attacking multi fouls on behind home plate. Multi the second leading hitter on the team at 338. 23 hits in 68 at best he has five home runs and fourteen driven him. Right handed batter will figure to get some help from the wind if you can pull it because it is blowing out of the south. And about fourteen miles an hour enough to make a difference anyway. Yeah it's on the ground to short might be a double play 64. And three out at first base Tommy barn house. Holed a 643 DP and many races they won out single. The case and the minimum for the flight one hit no runs nobody left northern Colorado nothing and Wichita State coming up. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for all went. We are those hospital rehabilitation. Acxiom healthcare services provides three unique still nursing facility to get you back on your feet and back year life. 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Not to forget stark is appeared four times one as a starter no record and over 96 ERA in nine of the third innings. This young deleted off Leach brings it home and on bounced back through the middle backhanded stop it short about the second baseman Lawson and just in time the young. On the first one pitch one out of shocker first. As young harder sneak one back through the middle but lost the second baseman was shaded up the middle went to Anita backhand and fielded it cleanly. Here's the greater reader and a fine day yesterday. He was the DH and Dick to strike rate varies. In the lineup today is the second baseman. Ritter three hits and two runs batted in yesterday. It's over but low one ball one strike so. Ritter came into the game yesterday with five total hits on the year. Ended up with three. Scoring around and driving into yesterday. It on the ground as shortstop Yamaguchi got it and throws across in time in two up and two down. So Leach serves up a pair ground balls to his middle infielders and now. They should check in queue up for great in Afghanistan. It. Just went one for three. He had a two run triple and it's seven runs second for the chart. And then and is third in what turned out to be his final at bat tried to bunt for a hit. Takes loan inside. Wanna go and then eventually. After the duration of the at bat you flied to left. And he was told by coaching staff that. Bumping up not being at all and have great nephew attitude on triples not exactly what. We're asking you do so he watched the rest of the day one bald one yard. Outside the infield. Playing a shift and dramatic shift to the poolside shortstop Yamaguchi is about three steps. Over toward the first base bag. And that basically leaves. Burkhardt to play shortstop. Swing and miss and it's too into an off speed pitch by Sam Leach. So Burkhardt to third base is basically playing shortstop everybody else is over on the right side of the diamond. Off speed pitches outside bringing him. Bases cleared two outs in the bottom of the first. Stanley so big strikeout guy who walks in four strikeouts in nine of the third. Annie walks canister. With two outs. So jealous that came in the only shocker about 300. Hitting 333. Those two RBI yesterday and eating well. And hires Alec ball. Those two of which doctors can cash in on two out base on balls. Bowl yesterday one for five. It right handed batter weighs about waiting out. Waiting on Leach and throw to first we have to wait longer. Just the one steal in three tries to shocker as the team twelve for sixteen. Leach. Straightened up yet to sign he wants. Annie flips one on the outside corner for a called strike and catcher. Keel. Immediately wants to have a word with Stanley slide step fastball that caught the outside corner but he'll apparently saw something that he wanted to. Pass on to family and maybe it was pause longer sure you don't balk. On one to bowl was two home runs and eight RBIs. And it was against northern Colorado. Last year that he made shocker just picture you know by now first plate appearance was home. It on the ground hard to the right side Boston with a diving stop that throw to first as in time to Rob Bowman an opposite field they fit so Lawson. Made a headlong dive and its northern Colorado back in the dugout at the end of one we are scoreless here next week. At age 65 he'll have time in freedom to do a two night stay healthy and enjoy planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps me stay healthy easier. Planes 65 helps preached against Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co place and are friendly service helps make Medicare supplement insurance and pre planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government where the federal Medicare program. 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All he GM in little flare to left field line comes did a money maker running Katz writes fits my Tommy barn house. And Jack Paula probably like to rethink that respects when pitched in on him and he. The velocity surprising a little bit but boy that. Tied him up. And Paula just muscle Lyndon shallow left sealed the win and help carried out to do now for the first out. To hear Brett Mick the first baseman who also pitched a little bit yesterday. He takes the fast strike down around Anita anyone called strike. Brett mic at 313 hitter. Two home runs twelve runs batted in. Well thrown but didn't get call fastball on the outer edge and just off. One ball one strike. Donnie barn house seats scoreless inning in the first aided by a double play. Started I'd trade Vickers. The player foul right side and bombed T quite get it. 12. A double play about Wichita State they're thirteenth. So not quite wanna game. Shocker here today. Committed one error the team committed one. One imputed rent Mecca right handed hitting first baseman barn house brings it and and again and his swing and miss a pitch down. Final throughout the first to complete the strikeout. Second strikeout of the game for Tommy barn house to look into down. And I'll bring up. Burkhardt the third baseman did not play yesterday a freshman. It is to pretend this is only his second start of the year. Tommy barn house is elected to go. From the wind up in this inning without a runner on base. More conventional starting pitch lies. Of course Tommy had made his first handful of appearances as a shocker of the pens series used to working on stretch he's given the wind up trying and instant. Wanted to coach do. Burkhardt. Bases cleared to go out. It's on the outside cornerback bought aboard house and it's called strike 11 so. Tommy can up there and arts. Or cart from Eaton Colorado 6210. Swing and miss party on and him are fast and he has really bought enough. That's not the live up to from yesterday they can't understand earned three hitless scoreless innings with a career high six strikeouts for him. Donny's 12 got him looking at strike three call warrant out. Following in the average footsteps as to scoreless with three strikeouts. And that three guys it is very brief but. Career high in the game. In punch out in a one and no school. 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The year plus stocks started treating HB AC tackle conduit system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any medium of parents it's our new customer 1946. Special. From fun stuff. Install confidence. On the stock nine or three cool. Jason maybe join us for become reality radio week nights at less than I'm okay. Designated hitter Sam Goodwin rules start things here in the second for Wichita State charters and northern Colorado's Corliss. After one half. Good when getting his fourth start the year you finally team. Wind by leaps and the first pitch to him as a slow curve ball stayed high. One ball no strikes. Leach to Goodwin. Anonymous. Ball one strike. Yeah once taken in their first strike one and two so. It'll be good wouldn't do gotten victors here in the shocker second. Goodman strokes won the left field toward the gap everybody on the run and nobody got. Got to get it applaud the left center gap. Enrolled at Goodwin at second base and he'll pull out there with a leadoff double. Good job by you in the opposite field the end Gitlin plus got some help from the wind. And Johnson left fielder with points gallows that a combination turned into a leadoff double. Sam Goodwin of the second Q base hit and is shocker career. And that'll bring up beaten to death such doctors within a runner in scoring position. Dayton do god coming off a solid game yesterday Dayton really needed two out of three with a pair walks drove in two and scored two. Think the slider that stayed up. One ball no strikes shocker with the potential first run of the game out at second base. Do you guys his season's average at 230 to seven runs batted. And seeing that same result stayed up didn't come down to into it two and out so. Duke got in the driver's seat. And that's the whole key for Dayton do go ahead in the count from behind in the count. He's as dangerous as they come when he's got a predictable pitch coming but. He has really battled himself when he fallen behind in the count so far as a shocker he's up to an earlier. And it's one on the ground right side now 44 operas gonna get into right field. Here comes into the play the throw all that cutoff man this guy. One pretty Buddy Guy in his day. A huge hole on the right side war Ani yes. Poked through the rights or RBIs and you've got now order is. Three out of the war. With three runs batted. Against northern Colorado. This week. So is it first with playa speed nobody out for Trey Vickers. Vickers yesterday one out of five and he swings at the first pitch and dials it back. Vickers speaking of. Success against northern Colorado he was five for him last year. In this series against the bears. And one out of five yesterday gave him his second career RBIs. Her purse or back do you go by the way. Last year in two games against northern Colorado and a combined oh for five with five strikeouts. So he is definitely exacted some revenge against northern Colorado. Wonder Vickers is low. And ball one strike. Shocker to jump out on top wonder nothing. RBIs from Dayton do got. Trade Becker's comes and the gaming to 41. Fastball as of staters. Stanley too fast ball mid eighties Allen at 86. Vickers a junior from Lee's summit Missouri handful of guys from Lee's summit. Started every game this season at shortstop. Two and one count they're go to runner pitches why did the right field a base hit that can be hit run single for trade Vickers and over a third goes duke got a perfectly executed. The naked animal rights iTunes plug that they fit. I trade knickers and first and third nobody out and got her Trout line. Vickers has now reached base safely in ten consecutive games. So runners at the corners forgot her. Outline. Yesterday when they hit in three trips he's still scuffling trying to get over the Mendoza line hitting 167. Six out of 36. Here's a stretch in the pitch by Leach. Breaking ball caught the outside corner nothing in one. Carolina in addition to ground ball single yesterday drew a walk. You've got third Vickers at first. One nothing Wichita State bottom tip. Oh on its head over to first indicting back is Vickers. Last couple weeks on butler's been quite that more aggressive. As far as. Sending runners starting runners hit on his aegis olive knickers and even though Vickers got asked this of guys. If they put something on here trying to moving. And at smack in the center field well hit over his tanner he makes a running catch it is sacrifice fly by. Governor Trout line back differs goes tray Vickers hit well by Trout line. That's. The second round of the game RBIs poor daughter Trout lines of the war. And I was scolded in the center field and actually. Canada center fielder heading played over toward right center so even done some liner to straightaway center field and almost ended up a base hit because. Tanner of and he cheated the other way. So bring up Jordan warrior with a runner on first and one out. We had a nice day yesterday two out of three with a couple runs batted in of the throw to first. And Vickers guys that. Vickers despite being a middle infielder in which you might consider. OK runner. And you think you have to be okay runner plays the middle infield has not attempted is sold based on last two years. Border handles the bat pretty well on the cross another throw and goes. Struggling back to first base the bird died. There will say shocker two and lawyer handling the bat like he does. We may see Vickers in motion even though he's not based dealer. Stole three as a freshman but no attempts and since that. Not going and Boyer takes a low one ball no strikes. And not to single out. Trade Vickers but not many people ran consistently. All of last year shocker fifth floor before steals. And Michael Luka is the only guys that had double figures. So what does Vickers didn't run. 10. Breaking ball hammer to left field for a base hit that was open lawyer killed at our second isolated thirty bickers and it bounces past Johnson Vickers is gonna score. And out the second goes lawyer. A missed quite a Johnson and laugh at each doctors say three to nothing like. Phil Vickers. Was off with a pitch. And because on this play and laugh at BE seven. And down the second goes lawyer. And didn't take very long full. Our pitching coach art piece ease to make an appearance now. It was in the second inning yesterday that shoppers. Went bonkers. And knocked out the starting pitcher and they've done it again already. Here in the bottom of the second so Sam Leach. We're not a very long leash he's out. No. One in the third from their starter today. After one and two thirds from their starter yesterday. But figures to be a long day for the northern Colorado bullpen. Leach exits. After giving up four hits. All of them in this inning walk demand in the first and register strikeout so far three runs have been charged to him. Jacob Howard. Is your new pitcher. You'll be appearing for the fourth time I felt kind of sorry got a three L record. And fifteen and two thirds innings used to this is on long. Pretty much every time he's been out there six previous appearances nearly sixteen innings this you know the 87. ERA though. Jacob Howard. Come on in relief that face the top of the order. He'll be young. Up there with boy your second one out. And three in. In the shocker second inning and inning in which they scored seven. A day ago. Howard a senior. From the state of Washington is 63 Q can. Mr. broadcast yesterday pretty much every state in the western half of the United States is represented on this. UNC roster. They have. Four. From the state of Hawaii and I think that qualifies as well as. Course Colorado. They do have a few from Washington. Sam leads today's starter Griffin Mueller an outfielder. Is from Seattle. Howard is from the state of Washington. Couple of Idaho native to California mixed in there. Though all over the western party United States. Karl he was shocking Levy's eyes open. There comes young he grounded to second to start the shock troopers. Bourn at second base. That one out right hander against righthander. How are your long reliever for the bears now steps off his second baseman Lawson. Jumped in behind second key border close. Four hits and three runs Iranian for the shocker. And breaking ball drops in their first strike curve ball 76 miles an hour. Jacob Howard it. With twelve strikeouts in those fifteen and two thirds he had balked eight. Inherits the runner second one out situation here in the second and he turns and bluffs. Boyer back to second base. Soccer winning here yesterday eleven to five. Out in front early today three nothing. And now it's banked in the center field tanner started in went back game makes a catch tagging its second his lawyer. And you make it and there it is finally throw by Yamaguchi short stuff. So young lined out the Saturn soccer's continue to get some good swings that they're pitching. Here's Luke Ritter's second baseman with. Human out the ground out to shortstop hit it right at Yamaguchi is first time up there. Okay. Howard come sat and comes to the plate a little ground ball on curve ball that. Bitter cold now. Northern Colorado started the 2017. Season. In San Francisco and outside one on one. They played universe is here from Cisco four times in San Francisco State wants before they. Went to San Jose and played a little get together with BYU in Santa Fe San Jose state. One on the count the Luke Ridder. Right hander kicks in deals and a pop up right side. Maltese the right fielder over toward the line waiting we're to come down makes the catch. And that's the inning but Wichita State has a nice round they knock outs family actually scored three they leave one. And at the end of two our score now is what just three and that they're not a. It's time for Wichita State soccer baseball along 987. And thirteen thirty K and as ask him. Now with the column the game here is seen Dennis and. It's been the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the hope all markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail you had to guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but re apply met SPF that's the thing. Since the private concerts from the underdog sports tonight. Oh come on board were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting so download the collective win that Fannie and do your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power crews TTS lottery dot com for details. Ever wonder how good your AC and furnace system is ever wonder how good wanna start is well as a new customer you can get both dancers for less than twenty bucks now for just 1946. The year plus stocks started and trained HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any medium or parents it's our new customer 1946. Special. From bought a stock. Install confidence. On the stock nine. Or three cool AJ's sports grill. Story from coast to here's the top of the third inning. I'm a duty to shortstop to lead off shocker leading three nothing. Tommy barn house up for his third inning of work. As popped up back Karr away and make it way over the group. Nothing in 12 Yamaguchi. Tyler Q 71 on nineteen for seventy. One home run and five runs batted in. How to do TSA went over four. Well thrown on the outside corner nothing into. On a barn house three strikeouts one hit allowed in two innings. And he owed to his lawn outside one ball in two strikes. I barn house making his. First start of a shocker career. He earned the win on March 7 against number thirteen Oklahoma. Shocker winning a game for it it. And bullet he strikes barn house bring them home. Just a little bit low two balls and Q strikes. Argued she keel and Lawson here in the third. Our house to dig deep breath into the wind up fan too cute. On outside three and three Q. Why else. So far this year. With eight innings in only one walk. Three balls two strikes nobody on nobody out. Three UK it's banked in the left field pretty well hit the ditch guys right there he's gonna make the catch well it by Yamaguchi. But that is out number one here and there. It. Now Alex keel the catcher. Keel yesterday. When it over to you had an RBI. Also. Played left field. Late in the game. He'll so far hitting to 38. Her ball drops in there and in line. Our house is dead impeccable command here today. The balls and one strike. Little bit outside with a fastball. Our house in 8991. Of these fastball. And working both sides of the plate effectively three nothing which is a state where in the third. 11 is chop foul over the northern Colorado dugout. And wanted to. Tiger fans don't know is everybody night for the Todd Butler coaches showed AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth in green which road. Broadcasting live 97 and thirteen thirty K in SS AJ sports go to the Alley. New home for the Todd Butler show every Monday. One Q pitches I. Out goes Vickers in comes this guy makes it on the cats. Aqueduct while the left hander Tommy barn house one out away from. Three innings. In a spot start Chandler Sandburg did that yesterday. Three innings no hits a walk and six strikeouts only hit the through 37 pitches. Our house now facing Lawson. He was leadoff man here yesterday. And the first pitch to him is down our nominees for a called strike nothing and want. Lawson 242. No home runs and two RBIs Lawson yesterday opened for five with four strikeouts. Along is that fastball on the outside corner nothing into. Lawson not a real. High volume strikeout guy at least not the first seventeen games that shocker got him four times yesterday. In the 02 pitch is hard but high one into. Bases empty two outs top of the third three nothing shocker. Our house trying to work his second consecutive 123 inning. Annie reaching a pop up bright side foul ground and it's gonna drift out of place them bounce on top of the shocker dugout or just the right of it. He Lawson trying to. Become the second northern Colorado base runner. House peering in for the sign and here's the one to. I'm swinging on a pitch in the dirt and Downey goes. So for the fifth time in the series he lost that a strikeout victim. He's now over six. And three up and three down the cot in the northern Colorado third inning. The bottom of the third shocker deleted three now. 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Promo depot incorporated your full service partner in branding and promotional products and our in house graphics design and marketing team have a proven track record of partnering with local national and global organizations within endless number of branded promotional items signage options to choose from promo depot has a product for every promotion so whether you're looking for casual items are uniform options we deliver in the most cost efficient manner -- Diebold incorporated is your full service marketing partner for all of your apparel promotional awards and printing needs -- lesbian partners of powering your success. Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance CIA agent and G Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for an mall vein agent Kirk Farber. This is Michael's. Join me weeks. Tonight's debate on gay and handset. David Howard back out there. For the second straight day shoppers have knocked out of their starter in the second inning. Jacob Howard mentioned not a stranger to. Extended innings in relief and a really good performance in its own law. Four innings to get the win in one of those games allowing just a couple of hits. On outside Grayson Janice day hearing go to the bottom of the third. In net double header on the night. Northern Colorado law and nine to 473. Before they came to Wichita. Swing and miss an off speed pitch and just down for a Grayson walked with two outs in the first inning. It would be generous Obama and Sam good one here in the third. 11 pitch is a little bit load two balls and one strike. And last game between. The bears in Omaha was canceled due to cold weather in Omaha. 21 pitch is popped up foul back and it's going to be out of play. Two balls two strikes nobody on nobody out shocker with three runs in the second inning. Knocked out Sam Leach. Johnson teams living here a year ago at 326. Came in did today at 333. And calls time late Max out of Janice. Started every game. He handled tapper writes sign up along first gonna trickle in a foul ground. Just. Has started twelve games in right field 31 place. Beyond leading the team in. Hitting he has five multi hit games that's also. Tops on the team. In their last. We'll have that ten or twelve games or so Alec Baldwin great suggestion about the only two that you consider hot here that the only two guys above 300. Net time for an. Howard's pitched haven't hit on the ground right side it's gonna stay in fair territory gathered up by men could take it three unassisted. Building high chopper the first baseman and that's on the bottom third start. Higher valley home. Ball on the year hitting 286 coming in. It was run out. On a bid to the right side by the second baseman loss in his first time up there. I diving play in Allen hit on the ground and into left field for a base hit balls pulled out one and gotten past Yamaguchi and in the left field. And while it won't. When they want out single and it's the first base runner off relievers Jacob Howard. And up steps are ambivalent. Family opposite field double started a three run second inning. So this is Sam's fourth start at DH. Uses stretched by Howard in the first it's doing outside one ball no strikes. In his first one. And a career high three hits and two runs batted in against Louisiana Tech. It is on March 5. Ball boy at first conservatively. And Goodman takes a little bit behind. Something soft it didn't come down. And. And again until now. Formal way at first and the pitch in the air to center field. It should be easy for tanner slopes over toward the gap in right there to make it yet so it went down under won and when guys who did the rest look right to enter this field. They're Dayton did go through life. Did Alan RBI single and a run scored his first time up there some reason. Good midweek. When they hit his first time up these now. Hitting 246. Moment first a two way now on the shocker third street nothing Wichita State curve ball almost hitting. One ball no strikes. One of those account today and dig out. Outfield playing in. Very deep businesses that are left fielder's. When crowded into balls no strikes. First I'm up there again they had to go and rolled one in the right into right field for a base hit. Do god Tony for. A rough series against northern Colorado last year. Was the opener and that was Dayton do guys. Collegiate debut. Duo is blowing outside through another breaking balls three and out at. Tell you this guy airport that is out there for dear god who has tremendous raw power and hits fastballs a long way of the Jacob Howard during the Q a breaking ball. Q what happens on three you know here. And taking all the way fastball in there that these three want. It. They ended up pretty good hitter so far this year with two outs he's hitting. 357. That there with two down here in the third inning. Needs banks on on the ground and at ten to left field for a base hit another hit Purdue got around second and holding there is Alec ball. Duke out with back to that they kids. He is now four for five in the series and he keeps the inning going for trade records. Do you go back to back multi hit games. Hit number six for Wichita State so far. Yesterday they had he doesn't. Goody lawyer was thrown down shocker bullpen so we'll see if he takes over in the fourth. Sandburg with three yesterday in a spot start barn house has gone three today. Who ball drops in for a called strike on one. Vickers single runs scored in the second. First three guys reached for shocker last inning and l.'s court. Bowman dude are on there with two less. Dribble or foul until into. So how hard. Win at four innings in relief. Back on the ninth. But despite that there is a right hander loosening in the bear bullpen so he may not be asked to go quite as long here today. Aaron Hamilton. Is getting loose. Down the left field bullpen. On Tim Vickers. And Selena felt at the high fastball and Vickers got a piece of. Have parent Hamilton comes into this one. Shocker we'll seat far and away the best arm. At least statistically for northern Colorado. Talk more about him if and when he comes in. Oh and do the count to trade Vickers there's leeway at first and second. And the pitch. Popping up right side of the diamond employable outfield loss in the second baseman he's under team needs got a and that's that for Wichita State and Yonkers. With a mild threat that are turned away no runs two hits. And human left on base in the three complaint it's still shocker it's three northern Colorado nothing. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Shocker stork has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent ten day. Here are great Americans join me so. The tide are now faced the minimum through his three innings of work and he hits the showers after allowing one hit. Got a double play ended up striking out four. It turned it over Cody Hoyer sophomore from Windsor Colorado. Poll here in there for the sixth time he made one spot start him against. Omaha so Canon a third innings for him thirteen hits five earned runs. We as a 10 record with a BRE at 435. He takes over. Comic art house of its top of the order. And tanner Johnson. And small piece here in the fourth inning shot hackers three runs six hits no errors. The bears no runs one here and one there. And he's one of the guys. Doug Lawler talked about that pregame comments yesterday. He definitely wants Butler does. At least one or maybe two other starters beyond the weekend guys and not just a piece it together with about your relievers all the time while. There have been a couple of pretty good nominations. And tryouts barn house thrown his name of that and a hat whether he likes to start or not he did a good job today and fitted. Chandler Sandberg is another guy. In Cody Hoyer who can go. Three or more innings and has done so. A couple of times and it's shocker career he delivers low of checked swing with one out. Lawyer you'll recall last year at the end of April went six in relief against. Southern Illinois. And twice this year he's done three or more a little flare to right field pretty much right at grief and Janice lazy fly ball is. Outnumber one. Too narrow for too but. Shocker it does its job to keep him quiet today in. He's now one out of five in the series. After. Second team all lack performance a year ago nick tanner and kind of quiet. There is jobs and he extended his hitting streak to eleven games his first dial up there. And it's clean slate pals are back Cody Boyer rushing up there at 93. Lawyer back on the fourth against Louisiana Tech went three up third and didn't give up any or grounds he's one of the few relievers it's survive accurate. Good pitch on the outside corner Roland it. Went three opening weekend against Utah valley surrendered six hits and two earned runs. Overall. Five outings. Covering pin in the third. Fastball at 91 upstairs one until it. Johnson now hitting a 328 after that first inning single. Lawyers want to. Didn't mean to do it any. Got that out there too far and fouled it back to the screen. Probably not a strike a breaking ball up and it. Three nothing shocker stop of the four. One to another. Emergency hack an island strays off the net behind home plate. Shocker little wrap up this abbreviated homestand and it hit the road again. The next four after this one away from Mack stadium. Three in California one in Oklahoma. Outside. Could do it fastball at 92. Here's the 22 pitch. Belted the left field over toward the corner and it is gone into the seats. Johnson with a solo home run here in the fourth inning it breaks up the shutout. Home run number of our RBIs number fifteen. Paul Johnson. This good team that. Can flex their muscles here and there. Coming in an average pretty much right at one home runs per game. And so they. Touch Cody lawyer for a solo home run. Here today. Employers third home run allowed to see. And a passed ball in the air for a called strike back he comes into the strike zone Maltese. It into a 643 double plays first time up there. A one. Pounded in the left center field that goes to guys on his horse he can't get it it's gonna bounce out of here and so now they are flexing their muscles on the ground rule double by. Cool Maltese. Going into this series. The Colorado rules when he first in the nation in home runs clear. I don't wanna game at seventeen homers. Before that round tripper by Johnson's solo home run and double. And now. Eighteen RBIs that's tops on the team. So all teeth with five home runs Kevin Johnson now as for. Paulie has three. Swings and misses. And it's nothing in one. Back on the weekend of march 3 against North Dakota State Pauly. Earned his first whack hitter of the week honor. He hit two home runs in that series. And lawyers steps off so it's all along with one out. The bears have solo home run and a double. And Paul Lee is. And kind of quiet knock on wood in this series for five. Strong left hand batter though there will be. Redshirt sophomore from Overland Park. Can't name a little foul ball fun flare to left side and Hoyer really got in alignment floated. Tommy barn house in his first at bat. That he really tied him up and Pauly it'll. Weak fly ball to left field. And now lawyers ahead in the count nothing in two. Yeah. Only 64 Q warning. And that's his high in the air to deep center field back goes young he's on the Iraqis at the wall elite that it's gone. Volley on an 02 pitch has taken a lawyer deep then we got a new ball game. Home run number four RBIs nineteen in the money for Paulie. And he can't make a mistake that guy and dockers have paid the price. Two home runs in the inning again employer. And it's 33. Now Brett medic. Mick a strikeout victim his first time up there. Northern Colorado's. Got enough to match in tied things up. And fastballs upstairs two minute. Wanna know. Boy you're the bases empty one out. Here's the wind in the pitch. Upstairs tuna. Adam Keller right hander starting to throw in the shocker bullpen. All peace with a ground rule double to left center and Pauly a home run ended dead center field. One's in their first strike. So the heart of the order not being fooled here in the fourth inning. Hoyer deep breath and that she wants. Little bit low it was something off speed slider. Now it's three and one. 33 ballgame in the top of the four. And a ground ball fouling those off his fist. Preemptive. Lawyer last pitched on the twelfth against LSU. And inning I hit a walk. Two runs. You know she runs here in the fourth inning today. Strictly called on the outside corner. Do down here in the fourth minute is gone down strike twice but. Okay. So now Matt Birk Arctic third baseman. Bases empty and two away. Burkhardt with a strikeout victim facing. Tommy born house. He takes outside one ball no strikes. 33 tie top of the fourth. Hoyer threw it right path to swing in this place yet. Good stuff today but he's making mistakes in the middle of the strike zone and the heart of the order mating pay dearly. Poirier into the wind in the 11. Let out does load two and one. Charters in the bottom of the fourth Levy nine and one in the order. Hand out ones upstairs three and one. Burkhardt it's not a guy that plays very much she's only two for eleven. With seven strikeouts. So Hoyer. Be best served just come right out. And he lost in all four so. Not a good inning for Cody lawyer who is allowed three extra base hits now two out walk and Mike Steele pitching coaches. Maybe that's slow walk out the man I'm looking down in the bullpen a couple of times and with the second looked down. Points down to Adam Keller so. Keller will come on here with two outs and a runner birds. Warrior two thirds of inning. Three hits a walk three runs so far but strike out and he'll turn it over to. Adam Keller. Well yesterday when a shocker pitcher got in trouble again. Came in next normally get a good job. Long waits. Went two innings gave up one earned run and Matt Waylon came in. And you have to base hit to tie Jones bailed him out and Preston's natively struggled in his third inning of work. And Reagan beat blurred. When a third of an inning walk to coupled Clayton McGinest got out of a bases loaded jam things through strikeout and then at the very have been hacked. Worked a scoreless. Ninth inning. We'll see if Keller can finish up the fourth thing here. Adam Keller seven in the third scoreless innings. To start his shocker career. Keller. Has been. More than a few places since high school he's in the West Virginia. Where he was. One and two of the 401 ERA in 33 and two thirds innings. He's been a Seward county and liberal. And now at Wichita State sixty tool by the junior. Working on a perfect ERA six previous outing one as a starter seven of the third three hits a walk. Six strikeouts. Keller will face Yamaguchi. With a runner first and two outs. He just joined us a shocker it's got three runs in the bottom of the second inning. Sacrifice fly by Carolina RBIs by duke got. But here in the fourth inning. After three very quiet at bats northern Colorado has exploded war. A couple home runs. And they have a race that three nothing deficit. Burkhardt at first base. Yamaguchi at the plate. I'm at UT flied to left. To lead off last inning. Adam Keller. And close the door here in the fourth and Keller last outing came on the twelfth against LSU. Threw a scoreless innings striking out one who delivers low and outside one ball no strikes. Three spot body shocker in the second and now three here in the fourth by the bears. Caller's pitch. Small gonna miss hits away from throughout wind down a second we'll go Burkhardt. But figures to be a wild pitches. Yamaguchi has had trouble identifying a breaking ball on the dirt. How to do T ball for four with three strikeouts here yesterday. Go ahead run in scoring position for northern Colorado. Killers got the sign he wants comes set. And the play half swing went to foreign out one and two. Right handed sliders. Apparently to Kryptonite for Yamaguchi. Keller made the start against Oklahoma back on March the seventh. It's a couple of innings. Ended up striking out three that's. His shocker. Seas and high. Way ahead in the count one and it. Now when it's low and outside fastball. And maybe just to showcase pitch. To him to. Come back to that slider. Burkhardt at second base two outs three yen or northern Colorado. Yamaguchi right on top of the play 59160. Sophomore from Honolulu. To do. I'm swinging at breaking ball in the shock yours get out. The fourth thing that's killer strikes got Yamaguchi again but got a new ball game. As the bears get three lead one where the bottom of the fourth aren't scores now northern Colorado three in the shocker three. Meet Davis Davis is from Paul. 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Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Charters stork has brought to you by American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhancements. A new ball game go to bottom of the fourth. Shocker with three in the second. Northern Colorado three in the fourth. And we're all knotted up. Heading to the bottom of the inning shocker sports properties. And we just stayed athletic the last thing the shocker ambassadors. Wichita State's elite level of corporate. Partners United Healthcare house Chuan bill that'll Coke industries. Cox Communications. Yards didn't advertising which just the athletics. Shocker sports properties. 3169787552. So now Jacob Howard and Adam Keller are your pictures of record. We start over again here in the bottom of the fourth and Howard delivers loaded gun or Trout line. Throw line delivered a sacrifice flies first time up there. He's in the count one on the pitch. Same pit seven catches the outside corner one on one. Soccer's in the third got a double from good one RBI single by duke. This thing alive Vickers moved to go over. Trout line plated him with a sac fly and in border. And they fitness and air by the left fielder a lot of runs score chopper to shortstop Yamaguchi bottles got it throws and in time. He didn't field it cleanly but it went right into his bare hand and Trout line. Is the first now it. Here's Jordan Boyer border had that. Line drive base hit to left that looted. Evans Johnson in the left field. Boy it now three out of four in the series. Came into the game. The second leading hitter on the team. Powered lawyers pinch. It on the ground right at the third base and right where it's playing in Burkhardt throws across and it's well and not dugout by the first baseman they'll be a throwing error. On Burkhardt. It was him right through him but he threw it low in Munich couldn't come up with a. And soccer's. It did a great. It's Travis young leadoff man needs. Hitless in two tries. He'll be a throwing error on Burkhardt the third baseman. Burkhardt in his second start. Allows Boyer to reach. Young hit pretty well as last time out there reply to senator. Had a bunnies lay on it fell behind home plate. Hold on to Travis young. Burkhardt. First error. Of his freshman season. So lawyer first one out. Jordan has not yet attempted to steal this year. Runs OK and young handles the bat okay see what happens here. Old one and Boyer draws the throw. The walls and one strike runners first. In the bottom of the fourth at three through time. Uses stretched I Howard. Pitch right are not going in side. Young rays appease hands there. Is no law the way what we want. A righty and a lefty loosening of the bear pin. Shocker that the potential go ahead run first. Here with one out before. Power to check on boy are very close play in. Quick feet and snap throw to exit the first. Ball one strike one out Boyer. Getting here. Actually did he can't out there first base pretty FT one draws another throw and slides back. Gary mentioned it. Earlier in the game shocker twelve of sixteen. In stolen bases this year pretty good percentage but not a body number of the camps. May what's more amazing. I don't know that I have an explanation for opponents are three of six stealing against Wichita State. You know even try every other game. One wants it to the pitcher's second base out there Yamaguchi of burst out there ones that story. Howard. Helps himself and gets out in the fourth inning. Don't know it's there nobody left. The fifth built 33 Qaeda. 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I let them enjoy you week in mourning tonight right here on CN SF. 33 tie here in Wichita as we go to the top of the fifth inning Sheen answered the ballpark and her handling back in our studio it. Alex keel the lead off against Adam Keller in the 59 and one comment. For the mayor's we will. Take a look at the odds down scoreboard as time allows here in the top of the fifth. Adam Keller. And Jacob Howard your pictures of records. All knotted at three up the shocker three in the second and the bears got three in the fourth. Caller's gonna go from the full wind up and he delivers. Off the edge off the edge of dinner Trout lines globe wanna. Three runs and six hits for Wichita State three runs on four hits for northern Colorado. Three of the four hits him gone for extra bases. One's a little bit low and outside. Too and I'll. Scoreboard update brought you by deer dripping in construction for your residential or commercial roofing inspection repair replacement. Call 2022066. Three ripping inspections. Tellers to go. It bounces and their three you know. They're stripping dot com your home team throw. One final and from Missouri Valley Conference. Down in Florida. It took Bradley twelve innings to beat Cornell of Iowa 524. That's down in Auburndale Florida. At one in their first strike 31. Illinois stay all over to Tennessee tech ate nothing in the bottom of the third and now one Tennessee tech one yesterday 43. Three and onto Alex keel. And all four or walk him through a 31 slider. Keel draws a lead off walk. Oh. John Walker walked six yesterday and it's only the second walk today it's the second the last three batters. Hires Lawson. Bottom five in Cape Girardeau Southeast Missouri State leading Missouri State three nothing. Boy your way in at third base. Expecting above from Lawson. Taylor throws to first. Just getting underway in Jonesboro Arkansas. Arkansas State southern Illinois. Try to get that. First game of that series gone. I try to play yesterday were postponed. Bonded back to the screen. And one. Austin struck out its first time up there Ares. Over six now with five strikeouts in the series. Evansville Nestle U Edwards bill postponed. And try to make that game up. A week from now. He'll at first nobody out. Bear fifth. Well thrown called strike go into so now Lawson. Deep in the hole. Here a couple hours. Down in Dallas number twenty Baylor will take on DV you'd. The walls and two strikes the loss of quick throw to first dialing back its keel. Mentioned what it does state that give up many even stolen base camps. Northern Colorado. Came for sixteen themselves. Parents deal so the stolen base not exactly high on their priority list it. What do Austin. And other throw to first. Grand Canyon and you will be just getting under way in Las Vegas same with New Mexico and Oklahoma State. Away issue one. Did nothing yesterday afternoon. I wouldn't do it now remains the Lawson. Killer delivers. One outside. When ball in two strikes. Three to three top of the fifth. Interesting match up later on tonight and Ralston as. Number fifteenth ranked. Louisiana the raging through agents taking on Louisiana Tech. Very late swing and found back my losses. Don't want to. LSU. And at 630 tonight we'll take on. The University of New Orleans one of the teams. To have knocked off the tigers this year. Latitude. Her first with nobody out. And now. Eller panel. Bit of a tough time getting together with scattered throughout want. Now it comes to the senate. The end of the plate runner goes got a great jump to pitches lol that throw Boni is. Not a time. Great great job Mike Kiely stolen one often out in color. He always first steel. Announced he would do. Keller gonna try to get lost in himself here. Are you entertainer waiting on deck. Go ahead run on second base the pitch. Chopper fouling off speed pitch from Keller. It's still too into. Up in Manhattan all long and K state try to play a night game this evening. The networks out likewise in Tulsa as KU. Visits for Roberts. Do into the cap remaining on loss and second baseman. Pitch. Jack do you swing Getty go pitch was outside. And those swing is the umpires in the middle of the diamond. Rarely got to get that call and disclose. And now after getting ahead of. Boston hole and two it's now three into. The stolen base mixed in there. Top of the order due up next. Nick tanner. Dollars three to. High in the air fouls. Pulled way down the line and that's even gonna make it wide in the bullpen. It. Three balls two strikes account remains. Runner at second base is keel. A long battle between Keller and Lawson here in the top of the fifth. When continues to drift out to left. The Colorado is already homered twice here pitch. Looper. Nets hooking foul Whelan on. An island shore up the big barrier down the left field side still preemptive. So again with all the strikeouts that. Losses had to deal in this series he's doing a good job making adjustments here in this plate appearance in Keller. He fouled off a couple lurking below us. Any. The end kill gone as far as they can't have one others still dream to. He'll weigh its second. Grader trying to keep it close and spin and I'll throw the forcing. Heal the dime back was Adam Cutler. Killer checks with Ritter for signs before eight. Toes are now he's gonna check in with the catcher got a Trout line. Here's a stretch by Adam. 32 again. Belted the laugh but do God's gonna be there and makes the catch. On halfway is keel in return to second base though. The battle all Utley one bike about a bullet left off the battle Lawson. This actor's. Dogs a good livable than Mike he of the first date I. He may want to go. To Clayton Maginnis. McGuinness faced one yesterday threw three pitches and register to strike out we'll see if there's a maintenance. Work steals. They could hook with a. Keller got the final out of the fourth inning and then walked keel. We'll see what happens here. I. Down in Georgia Oklahoma yesterday loss to Georgia Tech she did nothing they're leading Georgia's state. Three to one in the seventh. And looks like steals gonna stay and Adam Keller. So did the pep talk in. Home plate umpire. Brian Carl breaks up the rock pile on the mound. For a second one out or nick ten or the center fielder. Tanner had struck out. Against Tommy barn house. Like deriding his Cody horn here. Here's a stretch by Keller. And pitch. On an end. One ball no strikes fastball at ninety miles an hour. So Keller a native of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Also memorial high school. In his first year Wichita State. Trying to keep an impeccable ERA intact. First potential run in and out at second base. And tanner waves in misses an off speed pitch strikes let up one on one. Three runs six hits for the shocker three runs four hits for the bears. But lead off walk is northern Colorado threatening here in the fifth. One London nick tanner. When his hit on me in the bat Mets can make its way out of play so. A fastball after a good straight change as Adam Keller. Messing with scanners timing. And wanting to. Soccer's in the bottom of the fifth we'll have Ridder Jen Aniston ball. Facing either Jacob Howard or. Couple relievers down their throne for the bears to Carl he was socket can go to. One into account to scare the pitch. Heading reaching and it will emergency hat sprays it found stays alive. Still wanna do. Northern Colorado last year won only sixteen games all year but eleven of them came in the black listed for a fifth place finish. And I qualified him for the lack tournament Mesa, Arizona. Two consecutive years that. Not only is northern Colorado finished with sixteen wins but good enough in Little League to get internment. And spin and throw to second that's got an afterthought throw by killers of picked play was on the short stuff. One Maltese strikes one out. Now the fifth taken awhile. Stretch Mike Keller to pitch. Looking on the inside corner fastball totally locked up tenor. And Downey goes to the pep talk or what are you gonna call it might steal whatever may have been. Has worked. He strikeout looking in now Keller one batter away from getting out of the woods but. In his ways Ellen Johnson who homered in left field bleachers his previous panorama. Adam Keller with Gil at second base. He was out there with nobody out. It's by killer in the pitch. And now when Luke fair over the glove of lawyer down in the corner. So northern Colorado it's gonna take Lee was hit very well right up into the bat but. Looped over the third baseman. Jordan Boyer and landed just inside the jock. So Keller does not get off the hook after role. Now cold Maltese who had a ground to Google his last time out to. And northern Colorado has taken its first lead in the series 43. He's soccer's with three runs and four hits in the second inning. But the bears have stormed back to score the game's. Last four runs three in the fourth and one here that. No one out there at second base for multi through waves misses and picked up. Nothing one. Paul Casey grounded into adult life. Ground rule double to left and scored. On Paul Lee's two run home run. So killer now has an ERA. And he last of the checkers to get all the loads. Little bit loan outside wall on. For three bare its top of the fifth. Right hander gets right hander Maltese with that double extended settings for fifteen games. And swings and pals won't back does screen it's it was in on him. So Johnson who bit three gets. This three for three he now has eleven game hitting streak alive. And Maltese has it near bill. Keller ahead in the count one and two. Maltese the second leading hitter on the team you'll strike out somehow we've. Check out second most on the team. And it took loan outside. Two and two. Was shocker guy got shot in the arm after. Nick tanner went down looking but on the very next pitch Johnson. Reached unhooked one over the head of Jordan Boyer. And that broke a 33 times. To do. String of events high fastball only striking out them killer strikes got through an inning. But permits believe. One run one hit. Leadoff walk was the killer. And one man laughed halfway through that stadium is now northern Colorado for the shocker story. Much your actions can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees. Or gambit and equity bank debit card and make every ATM fee every ATM vanish go ahead but greeted me. The magic potions inside your equity bank debit card prevents the people remember appearing in your account abracadabra. And equity backed debt card and perform your own bit of magic got any ATM it wanted top hat not require equity bank program. Yes. 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Mean northern Colorado bears in the which dusty checkers or three years. After three fourths 15 Luke Renner. Will greet Jacob Howard. It's been out there since the second inning. And it throws a breaking ball for a called strike so. Power working on two and two thirds scoreless innings. And it came into the game. Trailing three nothing finds himself in the league now that your record. It harder to handle left field off the battle critter so there's a good start for Wichita State is redder Ritter's now one out of three. The look starting the game at second base today. He's done a little bit of everything in his brief shocker career ga split second tactically a couple of third base to. Our d.s speed it's gonna come out. To the mound and he's gonna go to the bullpen snowed Jacob Howard. Those. Two and two thirds. A base hit to start the fifth. Spells the end of him so that's three hits allowed by him. Power dad didn't walk anybody. And strike out anybody. Gillen sure rocky. Little left hander. News. It's here yesterday he had lead finished up he did and he retired one man on one pitch. Sure rocky. Will they screech and base Grayson Janice doesn't have both left handed so it's probably your answer there and I don't know that. Chirac he will go. Any further than that. Because there's a right hander down in the pen as well so. We'll see if Carl you're a sock B. Asks Chirac he could just get Jen Aniston and give way. Career at first base. Afghanistan is hope for one with a walk. Chirac 510 a 180 pounds. He's a redshirt senior from Hawaii spent some time at eastern Arizona community college. So far this season. In seven appearances. All of the pin you wanna know. Where they've 559 ERA. Opponents are hitting 310 against him. Please I just coming in faith and if you lefties have done. Concerned nine and two thirds in those seven outings. So even more than this yesterday. At city that allowed the eighth inning. Incapable thrown a couple of innings. So we'll see what happens here with soccer's having the potential tying run at first base. And the heart of the order coming up Janice stuff. His left handed course then home then Goodwin. Who started as he VH. He's a lefty to. So maybe the wheels will be turning in both dug outs. After Afghanistan will have to wait and see. Grayson is walk and grounded in the first baseman unassisted. The left hander against left hander Janice. Getting very climb into the box and whether water first and nobody Afghanistan there's no need for greats in the. Bothered looking down for a sign that. Not likely asking about let's say Marty told him to do so. Before he got up there anyways this is an pitch out away from the curve balls nothing in one. Interesting though that with that in field dramatic shift over to the right. That. The third baseman Burkhardt has all that territory to cover. Over there. And shows bond takes a little bit high so right on cue. Trying to make Burkhardt. At least a little bit nervous. He does he has even with the baseline but whale off the line third because he's got a cover all that real state he's the only guy on the left side of the dime on the infield. And he basically in no man's this. That's bunt toward third. Or if justice swings away hit to the left side is very little time for Burkhardt to react. 11. Ritter away at first. Chirac he throws over there. Luke Ritter has not attempted to steal that yet this year. Chirac you're looking for a new series of science. The 11. Off speed pitch and waved at and missed one into. A couple of off speed pitches that. Genesis. Then well out in front. Nobody is attempting to steal this year. Which Iraqi on the mound. One and two coming. Stead over to first. Four to three northern Colorado bottom of the fifth. Shocker to lead off man on there. For the teeth of the order. Genesis. Behind in the count. Shortstop second baseman at first base and all the right side of the diamond. Analogy might look sitter feel that they sit and headed toward the gap. And heading over to third grader he's not gonna stop there Brian walker waived and then he'll make you well applying Grayson jealous that. Whether to strike opposite field double tied the game. Yes they have a mistake. And drive in his third that's tied it up at four feet. Now all we will find out if Iraqi was just a one on one guy at a time. Pitcher Alex Holmes stepped in there and a couple of right handers loosening. Down the northern Colorado pin. Two guys that have been up there. For a while Hamilton who's up a couple of innings to go and Troy Watson. We just got up this inning. So the shocker tire right back up Grayson Janice. This second hit of the series. Here comes our keys keys in them might just do it we're sure Iraqi. So he was. Asked to get Grayson canister and just won the battle and knocks him now. Charged them around to Jacob Howard he can now no longer when it. Back the bullpen we go. And I believe that is. Troy Watson. From northern Colorado again got up. Most recently. And it is Watson. Watson. They split time between starting and relieving. On the year this is his fifth appearance his third out of the bullpen you pretty much half and half these two and one of the many are important thirty. He's walked eleven. Given up eleven hits and fourteen Q third with struck out fifteen. So he has. Filled up pretty much all the columns. Roy Watson. A freshman from gutter Texas. 6175. So Grayson Janice at second base. Bowl will greet Watson all one out of two. In the game so for four runs eight hits shoppers. Or runs five hits Bayer's. Roy Watson finishing his. Warmup tosses. Watson is one of nineteen newcomers. From north northern Colorado this year. Pretty good mix of freshmen and Hugo transfers. Watson one of them. Watson. According to. Ranked number three impact freshmen. This season. He comes in look pretty good reputation and a high school. Pitcher out of the state of Texas. Through theory can comes to phase out my home. Just this second nobody out. Soccer's. Tying the game here in the fifth with a golden opportunity with some productive at bats particularly see what happens. Watson involved. First pitch. And yet enough so again. Watson with good numbers overall but I'm very high walk total of eleven. In fourteen and two thirds. Watson. Started opening weekend against San Francisco State. Ended up getting the win and a twelve to four bear victory. And he misses blowing away. Two and oh. Against San Francisco State Watson five in the third without allowing a hit. And then finally in six innings gave up 23. Strikeouts and three walks. Two notable. And Watson stepped off season just to back second base. Leadoff single by Ritter against Jacob Howard. Then she Iraqi lefthander came in to face genocide ethnic got ahead of him want to do that Grayson. They're ringing double to left center field. Holmes takes off speed pitch for strikes so with a base open Watson. During the 20 breaking ball. So good one waiting next. Troy Watson reading science from his catcher. Now he straightened up just a hands on knees to second base. It's is a little bit wide from Watson at 31. All right handers continue to throw in northern Colorado pin one of them. Being put you would consider their ace Aaron Hill to. Three and want to go home. In the ditch. Started to swing held up and flawed way of all four. So Watson walked foam. I put the force play in order but. Now two on nobody out for seeing good one. Oh Wichita State with two on nobody out. And looks like Alex Jackson is gonna hit for good one. The Jackson who. Is faster no doubt and I guess we'll find out if he's a better bunker. If that's what they asking to do but he pinch hits for. Sam Goodman that just stands to reason Goodman has left and batter Alex Jackson left him battered city trading one for the other and all indications would be that. Jackson be called on to buck the will find out. Alex Jackson. On the season seven for 492. On nobody out in a tie game here the bottom of the fifth. Watson a check of the runner the pitch he is Bunning and it's a little low. One ball no strikes Jackson didn't give away waited the last possible instant. Goodwin finishes one for two. And Jackson. Pinch hitting for him here in the bottom of the fifth. Guys have become overcast here in Wichita after a partly sunny start to this one. 10 pitch you Bunning and it's back to the pitcher and very hard the throw is the third base in out there. Not a good on at all it was a hard one hopper back to Watson easy play. In the war on third. It. So that'll bring update and I now. Give our cannot really get day. Pair of singles and RBIs and a run scored. First and second one out now. Swings and misses the first pitch it's nothing in won't. Did four out of five in the series. The situation here in a couple of runners on one out. And inside move chasing bone back to second. 44 tie bottom of the fifth. Northern Colorado. Didn't go away yesterday and certainly. Didn't go into shelled trailing three nothing today. We lawn outside a heart breaking ball and do I laid off of it it ended up and left hand batter's box. Ritter singled to start it they ingested doubled him home. Bowl walk. In and Jackson. Bought it into a fielder's choice. Justin was out mile mile third. Lay low and outside bounces away from the catcher but no advance. Keel blocked it and had a trickle up the first base line. I want. And continues to blow. Pretty hard out the left field and maybe now it's partisan it's blown all day. Johnson and left parents enerplus needy. To want his loan in the dirt and blocked by keel so they can't get. They do gotta fight after that first slider after 31. Backers on deck. It. Darren Hamilton Connor legal. Couple right handers continue to loose and they both are ready by now. Watson's 31. Distracted her on the need to fastballs oriented. Guy took. We'll find that little something about Dayton did I hear he's a hitter ish guy. The start wit he walked on here yesterday though one of monitoring you finish so we'll see what happens with him and Troy auction. Three Q runners don't know strike three call and do. Took too fast balls. And Dan goes. So now it's up to trade Vickers. To keep this from being at totally wasted opportunity after the shocker tied the game. He street battle that he got to have gone in line. And hurts. And outside the Vickers. Periods singled and pop to the short pop the second baseman. Goodness me. Comes bomb around thirtieth got to score without all the way until it does the Pentagon. As shocker it'll be. It forms in Northern Iraq. And Austin on its ears. Is shocker career. So Vickers fixed up did not know all want it. If you wanted Q&A. Rocker's name right on top of the two of them are owned by. Here's one. Sacrifice fly all the short stuff. So I don't the edge. Boneless Linux. The checkered showing some resilience your fifth. Accidents can. Vickers at first. Watson's pitch. When outside duo. Few balls and those stray together throughout line. Here's the stretch. Watson's day. Into the church and smothered by keel it's quite fast ball three you know. So when Adam Keller was out there for which it state. He is within a couple of pitches and getting out of that mess in the fifth. But ended up giving up the lead. And fort Watson was in the same boat leaves pitch away from. Keep in the game tied the shock could have taken the lead and now on the outside bowl four. And Watson has. Walked to load it. And on the second bickers over to third Jackson. And look forward Jordan lawyers announced hardee's. Visa's gonna go out to amount. And he's gonna go to the bullpen again so. Jacob Howard started the inning gave up the single that Chirac he now Watson and now he's gone. And it's gonna be. Big right hander Aaron Hamilton. Hamilton he inherits the bases loaded. Hamilton has. Started four of the five games he's appeared in here so this will be the second time in early. He's one on one with the ERE a 3.4. Three. But he had a performance. Earlier this year the San Jose state he'll never forget. It sure you are from Valencia California it Bob one maybe five. Threw a complete game two hitter. No walks and fourteen strikeouts hardest worker. With those strikeouts. And then follow up for good measure and store those statements that wings allowed two runs on four hits. Striking sic straight out six and walking just one. So 21 innings. 44 strikeouts. Only thirteen hits and bear in mind too that northern Colorado. Does not have. A weekend series. To look forward to prepare for their next game. Is on Tuesday. And in Sacramento state comes to town next weekend so. They saved pair Hamilton for this particular situation. I'm exactly like he didn't clean inning. Bases full of shoppers. With a two out. And Jordan boy here. He's the maestro of hitting with two out so far this season. Lawyer has thirteen RBI but the majority of them have come. With throughout semantic. He's hitting 333. With two outs in an inning and nine of his RBIs have come with two outs. And swings and misses a pitch down nothing and one. Boyer today is singled and reached on an air. Five to four shoppers. Have the bases loaded with two outs in the fifth. You'll want. It to deep left field lower toward the corner of the states where it's gone. Yeah. Jordan blue cheer. There's little off with a live slam homegrown. And those who are hitting content. You give a big blow it. Jordan Carter hit one of the bleachers. You keep that quiet time for his first career home run. Shocker now lead at nine deformed. Hamilton gives up his first home run of the season. And just like that the shocker to back up from. The other question is what it state fair. And just curled an inside the foul pole for a bases loaded home run giving a shocker six here in the fifth. The strategy and it takes. Little bit low one on one McKenna. The shocker to have really. Picked up this act with two outs in the inning and young thousand back it was looked incredibly eloquent and do guy went down looking. But then Vickers on that pitch single to sinner. Trout line drew a four pitch walk in inner Hamilton. And boy your greeted him with a Grand Slam. And young a fly ball the right field. Shallow and on comes right fielder Maltese. He called up second baseman at last and two in the inning but the doctors batter round. They score six. You're seeing in Colorado take the lead so go the opposite thing with a new sport now the shocker is not in the air for. 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He shot regions Mary hall and got Jodi you eighties and hand over or grant Collins in Wichita hey Sean Hannity here listen to me. Every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM SS. Those joggers. With the new life they lead at nine to four as we head to the top of the sixth inning and Robbie Evans takeover on the mound for Wichita State. Aren't house. Lawyer Keller. And now Evans. As Jordan lawyers. Breathe some life and it's shocker dug out. With big Grand Slam home run. It. And rowdy Evans will face Jack Pauley who has a two run home run himself. His home run tied the game in the fourth. Robbie Evans right hander. Texas native native comes sat in the first pitch to Pauly is hard but high one ball no strikes. Probably Evans appearing for the fifth time. One note Pauly upcoming. Can't change ups won't want to miss that pitch. 959. To four rather what you just stay. Top of the sixth. Swing and miss another off speed pitch we've been missed. Last year Travis young hit a Grand Slam against Illinois State the last time it happened. First Grand Slam for the shocker this year only his sixth home run overall. One into the Pauly. Nobody on nobody out there are six. The one duke. That's all showed it to him outside. First career home bound for Jordan Boyer has allowed one came to the bases loaded. Don't do. Strike three call the inside corner and made. This successfully. What they couldn't do in the fourth inning they win and on aim and got a called strike and Robbie Evans. Punches in town lawyer tried to go in there on an 02 pitch in the fourth. But he golfed it out of here to dead center field nice pitch by Robbie Evans. And now mimicked the first baseman. Evans' first pitch. Breaking ball stayed a little high. On balls no strikes. With Tommy barn house through three spotless innings. And it employer and Kessler had. Various amounts of difficulty. In their combined. Two innings of work. And it went upstairs up around bill Kaplan. Brett minute commutes to and up. Nine to four Wichita State. Evans. Down in the count two and no. And swing by Milliken a foul ball. Dockers led nine to three after six innings yesterday. It is nine to four here in the sixth inning today. Shocker were able looked back on a couple of rounds. The count or northern Colorado's two in the eight. Strike on the outside edge. Two into. Evans last year appeared twelve times made one spot starts eleven relief appearances. Totaling fourteen innings all together last year. Due to the medic. Swing and a foul backing out of with a fastball and a little too much plate he lives to tell about it still didn't do. 94 which is our state has not hit the bears. Ten to five. Robbie Evans in his first inning of work here in the sixth. Struck out Paul lay in now as mic two in two. And he delivers outside three into. Evans issue when he gets in trouble is his role. Pretty darn good sequence against John Paul though. Beat him in any swings and misses and struck him out Mick chase the pitch down and he has the hat trick today. Nine strikeouts. Among the shocker pitchers today and so far have cut down on the walks in Todd Butler had hoped they would yesterday. Shocker pitchers. Issued six bases on balls they did. Strike out a slew. Fourteen. But only to walk so far today. Pitches little hide it. Burkhardt the third baseman. Two up and tear down. For the bears here in the sixth. 10. Swing units pulled the string. Evans. Can a couple of pretty good changeup here in the inning. Workers struck out and walked. Shocker in Cowell Paula coming up Friday night. Loan outside. To a one to Burkhardt. So about the time that. Which just stayed in Dayton finish up in basketball in Indianapolis. Wichita State and cal poly will crank it up not on the West Coast. Of one night games starting at 8 o'clock central time. Good pitch on the outside corner to into. Friday night pregame show here on can't SS 7:30 central time for pitch. And eight shocker is. And mustangs. Too cute Burkhardt. Little bit high three and do. Games Friday night Saturday night Sunday afternoon and shocker to come home to. Regroup for today and head down it to Olson take on Oral Roberts on the 21. Three Q pitch. Low and outside lost. So shocker pitchers have walked Burkhardt twice today. And as we mentioned earlier here and Burkhardt. Is two for eleven. With the eight strikeouts. So far this year that she hackers. And putting on twice. Tonight Yamaguchi. He flied to left against barn house. Killer striking out two in the fourth. All for Q today over for six in the series and he's the one that broke to shocker hearts and opening weekend last year he had that. Go ahead base hit that ended up propelling. Northern Colorado to a 43 win. In the Sunday game how backed by Yamaguchi still want. Shocker trying to make it can't in a row at home dating back to last year. Evans ahead in the count 011 here's the pitch. Outside the ninety mile an hour fastball. One on one. That. A ball one strike right hander against right handers. In the dirt blocked by governor. Still. Shocker with three in the second. Do gun truck line with a RBIs. And then six big ones. In the fifth. Vickers and RBIs. Janice there was an RBI and Boyer with four. Grand Slam. Shopping ground ball left side Vickers waits for the hot quick throw to second hand out there on the force. And Evans turns in. It's scoreless sixth innings no runs no hits. One walk and one man left on base and it's up to zero in the shocker about the bottom sixth leading nine to four. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with United Healthcare you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all went. You place to watch the big game. That places jerseys grill and bar in Wichita with dirty television is no matter where you sit. Did you have the best seat in the house located off highway K 96 and Webb road jerseys offers daily specials a dozen Beers on tap enemy featuring everything from pizza to prime rib jerseys is proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shoppers and no matter where they shot his way home or away you can watch them in Jersey grill and our jerseys grill bar off highway in 96 and Webb wrote in Wichita. Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio week nights. I'm OK okay. You're around in the fifth inning. Luke Ritter we'll start the sixth he began the fifth. With a single to left that the shocker going and eventually scored six in the inning. Hamilton delivers low one ball no strikes. To air in Hamilton. The northern Colorado ace. Came on in and bases loaded situation surrendered a Grand Slam and in guy's young to fly out now to vote count. To Luke Ritter. Luke greater up until a final game of that LSU series is an awful slaw. And he has broken out a big black ground ball base hit left field. Yet few more hits today he had three hits yesterday. And Todd Butler talked about it he thought Ridder not only is it good hitter. But it got really close to breaking out and appears that he ends. Took one right down the middle and banged into the left field through hit. Luke Ritter. Coming into yesterday was in the 150s. And now five hits in this series hitting 244. And his ascension continues now hires Afghanistan. Just got a big hit the fifth inning and RBI double to tie the game. Takes upstairs. Sure rocky the left hand pitcher reliever came in the face Afghanistan with a runner at first nobody out and then after a couple of breaking balls that Genesis one and miss daddy. Slugged one in the left center field for RBI double. And over but lol they. He one mile an hour slider that's two and out. Parent Hamilton came into an opponent batting average of 1862. And three shoppers. Have touched him up. Two voted yes that. Slow curve ball dropped in there so. Not exactly giving integration. Janice is average at the moment. 339. Yes swing and a foul back and a mighty rip at that want. To do. Ritter first base. Did the same thing in the death led off with a single. And Carol the same pattern suggested ears who. Turned into a fairly lengthy at that we'll see if Greece and can end up on base like he did last inning. And that's pounded her right field indeed. That goes small teeth he looks up at the off the wall. Littered the third day scenario waving men that throw is not gonna be made on the line drive double off the wall by Grayson generous there. Generously with back to back two days fifth doctors now leading ten to four. But. Grayson Aniston now with five doubles on the season. To more RB I give him fourteen. He trails only Jordan lawyer RBI about that Boyer. With. Seventeen runs batted in. On Byrd on fourteen hits. And that may do it for Hamilton who. Didn't have it today guys going to be taken out. Hamilton faced war. Gave up three hits. A homer single and double. And two runs are his. And one more still out there. Watson by the way gave up. Four runs. And two thirds of an inning himself so the bullpen for northern Colorado. Eating a little to be desired here today soccer's. It's been out of three nothing lead but that's scored the game's last seven rounds. Leading ten to four. The latest. Reliever. To appear. As a number that. Nobody on our us where's that's not right. Number 28. He's your pitcher there's no 28 on the roster. So bowl will face him whoever he is ridiculous that second base. And nobody out here in the sixth inning. But just like in the fifth graders single against the double got things going. Roy Watson. Two thirds of an inning. Want to hear it. Two walks one strikeout. Again four of the runs charged to him. One to Howard in the last inning. And the other one Hamilton I love the Grand Slam. So an unidentified right hander will take over here with sinister at second base facing now at the home. Apparently he's been identified. Anthony Brady. To a gold with anyway. So Brady facing home. 511205. Pounder Brady from Idaho Falls,. Idaho. Brady. Has allowed a run yet or hit in his five innings. In early. No record in two states. They're bald. Facing Brady. And the first pitch is lawn outside his slider one ball no strikes. Any Brady in five innings and walked five struck out seven but was not allowed a hit. And the catcher key you'll have to work with him. Prior second. Nobody out one and here's the shocker sixth. Ten to four. How like the home so far one for two walk. 10 pitches upstairs to an. Migration Janice do away at second base. Uses stretch. Brady's 20 that's not bring up. So Brady with five walks in five innings has immediately fallen behind Alec bone. Waiting on deck is. They could catch feet. I beg your pardon. And Kathy over there and he's gonna back with two on nobody else. How it bomb draws a four pitch walk. So in this spot Goodwin mediate started you want them to than Jackson pinch hit for him. But it into a fielder's choice now that's that. Jacob cats fee is one out of six to me shocker career briefing that might be. Anthony Brady walks but home now the shocker with first and second. And nobody out. The exact sitting. Prescription in the fifth single double walk. You know we've repeated that here in the sixth by the same guys. Single double walk. And we just as shocker fans hope that caps he doesn't. Bun into a fielder's choice like we did in the last half inning. Jacob cats feel they're from the left side with you on a nobody else. Corners or him. Up Katz the bonnet and then try to pull that back at the last second child back so as a pitch and god butler's system will give him over and have a word with. It's ten to four Wichita State. We're in the bottom of the sixth. Two on nobody out. Shocker scored the first three bears scored the next four. And then the shocker got sticks in the fifth in one so far here in the sixth. Jacob cat's feet after visit with the head coach up there with count on one and two on and nobody out. Brady comes set. Along Kathy is butting me. All the bad back and took inside one. Big blow a Grand Slam by Jordan Boyer. Luke Ridder to for war. Recent destitute for three. He Vickers two out of three. Dockers have a dozen hits after getting twelve hits yesterday to. I bought off the plate back to the pitcher only plays going to be first this time and out at first. One for the sacrifice. And cannot be moved them along. So Kathy succeeds where Jackson could not in the same situation and now they can do guy. Duke got in this. Similar situation anyway Q lawn. Struck out looking. Worked the count 31 and then. Took two right down Broadway. These two for three. Two runners in scoring position with a one out. Brady's first pitches upstairs. One ball no strikes. So there are third is Hamilton's responsibility in the runner at second as Brady's now would be the first potential run. Of any kind allowed by Brady this year. One noted do got. Swing and a foul tip. Fastball got vine and 881 ball one strike. Shocker on here yesterday eleven to five they'd leave this 110 to four. Both games. Were. Featuring a little drama of some sort. There's a good slow curveball for a called strike shocker got way out in front yesterday and then northern Colorado tried to make it close ended up. Putting the tying run in the on deck circle in the eighth inning. Flip the script a little bit today shocker got up three nothing and then. Mid game the bears took a 43 lead now the innings the infield is gonna come all the way yeah. One ball and she strikes. Do god takes strike three again. He has twice. With two runners on struck out looking. Two more strikeouts today and you've got now. 25. Last inning Vickers picked him up with a line drive single to center field this. Inning is eerily similar to last inning. Ritter singled and both Dennis the doubled in both. Bold walked in both in the DH spot bonehead. And he got struck out. Vickers were probably single here. Left the way he took a strike nothing in one. To one run home in the inning each packers' lead to ten before. Q ducks on the pond for. Trade Vickers. And that's over but low one ball one strike. Runners leeway at second and third. Brady come set the 11. Mr. foul back and how to play. What balls two strikes to trade Vickers. Pairs singles today went one out of five yesterday. Shocker with a crooked number in the second in a big one. In the fifth. Brady's 12. We're hand curve ball stayed very high tuned him. Adjusted third ball that second. Did you pitch. Little bit low 32 fastball at 89. They're drawn a line would be next. Three balls two strikes. Distressed by Brady in the payoff pitch well Popper right side. Shallow right field that goes Lawson name makes the call on the squeezed and that's that's the shocker to get one. But fail. With a couple outs in the inning normally situation where they have really thrive this year offensively but they do get one they leaked to. At the end of sixth and he scores now what she does state can northern Colorado for. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. It has no regard for human life it attacks on. Sometimes you. Almost can. Kansas. Drinks. And it's starting we will start. To drink. You drive. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres beat it to death round of the thank you completely forgot to our team captain any different believes that he can you promise better. It stopped you. Can't be everywhere but we can. Delta and Angeles Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans delta dental KS dot com. Joggers towards his draw do you buy American family insurance C agent NG Valentine Ryan woods dusty selves for involving Asian Kirk Farber George story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here I'm KM SS. Finished scoreless sixth inning in L try to do the same in the seventh as we play. Six complete here next stadium machinists. Here at the ballpark Andrew hammering back in our which does studios characters. Kinda stay unbeaten at home this year error currently eight and oh. I moved to nine you know trying to make it ten in a row dating back to last year. Gil catcher Walid and offer northern Colorado he's no one long. Facing Robbie Evans for the first time. And I went wide of the target one ball no strikes. Shocker cannot hit the bears twelve to five. Northern Colorado has made gains only two errors. Evans is the fourth shocker picture of the day. And Hannity delivers outside one two balls no strikes. Evans struck out two in the sixth he did walk command with two outs. Heavens to though. Hit hard but right at Vickers on hockey team up and throws the first is going to be key light. Which trade Vickers. Had a ball hit right adding any just dropped it. By the time he unloaded at first it was too late to get deal. B. Vickers. Sixth error of the year. He says the head scratch yours too especially in the last week. Couple throwing errors that normally don't see him make one more of a fielding error. Vickers only made ten errors all last year you Ari. Is over halfway there. You're Lawson. Any swings and thousand back. Okay. And who. Dean Lawson over Q did jailed for seven in this series. Hit it well as last Emma their line out to laugh. Totally off base runner for northern Colorado here in the seventh. And a breaking ball swung on and us good pitch by Robbie Evans. Evans trying to negotiate the seventh inning. Seven relievers pitched yesterday so. Somebody was gonna have to go more than an inning herself. Barn house went three. Shopping ground ball fouled another off speed pitch. Order was only employee able to go to two thirds innings he gave up a double and two home runs. Adam Keller got him out of that ambit pitched himself into one. You know giving up a two out RBI double. Evan Johnson. Evans with a scoreless inning and now they leadoff error here in the seventh. Low and outside. One into. Right hander Robbie Evans from Frisco Texas. Three of its previous four appearances. Have been score us. One tip. Outside didn't miss by much due until it. Two goals and two strikes. One on nobody out in the seventh. Here's stretched by Evans. Q do. I mean swinging at breaking ball way out of the zone and beat Lawson instead a series to forget he's over three today over eight. With six strikeouts. In this series. The first out is Evans is third strikeout. And now leadoff man nick tanner. And there's over three with a pair of strikeouts. Evans' first pitch is on the way. And it's bouncing in there blocked. That is Robbie Evans. Career high in strikeouts. Three other times he struck out a couple. That's the first time he's gotten three and again. In the air for a called strike and off speed pitch. One on one. Ball one strike one out one on. In the seventh soccer's leading by six. Al back and out of play. Shocker for Angie to join us every Monday night for the top Butler coaches show that AJ sports grill at the Alley thirteenth in green which road. Broadcasting live at 987 and thirteen thirty can assess. One ball and two strikes. The scanner. Back door breaking ball stayed outside. AJ sports grill the LA the new home for the dot Butler show every Monday night. Heavens with a runner at first and one out. Police in the leadoff man tanner. And it reaching out the back. It's got away from him good straight changeup buyer Bobby Evans. Natively in McGuinness. Loosen the shocker. Namely through fourteen pitches mcginnis threw only three. Don't give it. Haven't cranked into center field well hit but it's gonna curl back the young the center fielder heading played perfectly in the wind. Helping out a line drive to sinners and the second out of the inning. Here's Kevin Johnson news. Yet to be retired single double home run. Yet a one out home run in the fourth and then an RBI double with two outs in the fifth. He's four for seven in the series. Has the bunnies laying on its back to Evans who baubles picks it up throws stand still got. So I had bought hard enough that Evans Bobble that double clutched it still throw him out as demonstrated bunnies went on for his worth it. No runs no hits and error and one man laugh strips down here at the ballpark it's Wichita State pen and northern Colorado for. This is what it sounds like when truck got shot but other dealerships of our great war. We have though white one why while and this is what it sounds like when truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before while I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming in the camouflage real tradition. More than collect a midnight addition here's the difference in Georgia beating. And it's rough month so make a strong decision as fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't. We are those hospital rehabilitation. Acxiom healthcare services provides three unique still nursing facility to get you back on your feet and next year life. Family health and rehab it was Woodstock dirty up every had a derby and re still help the rehab and he switched I'll relocations of safety or therapy equipment and highly skilled in carrying stats they give the patients the best opportunity to function as a the highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy we are here for year. This is Michael's. Join me we'd like to date on AM. Honor lead ball. We'll take over here in the bottom of the seventh we don't prepare for the fifth time he's made one start. Eleventh two thirds thirteen hits. He's got six runs no record stage 463 ERA. He becomes. The seventh pitcher of the day for northern Colorado they used. Six pitchers yesterday shocker one yesterday 115 they lead ten to four. Here the bottom of the seventh. Will be 89 and one in the order anything lead home. 61200 pounder. From Lakewood Colorado news say that your union. There comes kinda got her Carolina greeting. Gutter is over one officially. He's only official that he grounded out to short his sacrifice fly to center. And he walked and scored in the sixth round shocker that. He walked just ahead of Jordan warriors Grand Slam off of Aaron Hamilton. First pitch bounced off the play over the mound Yamaguchi comes charging field throws and out at first. Throughout Winans Oprah to impair groundout he Yamaguchi. So here's the hero of the moment Jordan Boyer. First career home run coming with the bases loaded in the fifth. Four for six with six runs batted in on the week. Had two RBIs yesterday four more today. Any fouls on back its own one. Jordan Boyer with seventeen RBIs on fourteen hits this year. To sacrifice flies and now Grand Slam under his belt. Stakes lawn outside one on one. Bases empty one out the shocker seventh. Doodle. Lawyers home run no surprise came with two outs. He now has thirteen. At least seventeen RV I would threw out. And it smacks one back up the middle for a base hit Jordan lawyers got a three hit game he's in some kind of rhythm offensively. These singles and Grand Slam and with one saudis that first Oreo. Young is now. Over eight in this series bearable for floor. One on and one out or young it's. Grounded to second flied to center hit double play back to the pitcher. And then fly to right. One ball no strikes. Travis young. 10 pitch wanna miss. Late. One ball one strike. Travis young redshirt sophomore from derby. Started every game tenements that are feel her eleven on center field now for a laugh. Sort of first runner back. And young inspired him a little. Mini slump that he's in right now it's seemed to settle into the leadoff spot. Young apps at all. Jack with the lead off. For the six games. And a young live off against all long. Suggested Jackson and young the turns against Louisiana Tech. Vickers led off against OU but young has led off the last five. Upstairs to and do. So this line up not only interchangeable as far as. Where you hit him in the order where they play out the field as well. Lot of versatility. Hutus want honest and Travis young and go for five. There's Luke Renner who's singled in his last two trips to the point. Grounded to short and flied to right in the first two innings and in the fifth in the sixties singled and scored. Her first two outs the pitch. Popped up shallow left center field on come scanner still coming in makes a running catch to retire the side so that soccer's. Get a one out single from Jordan Boyer but he stranded at first base at the end of seven complete its Wichita State ten northern Colorado for. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament 122 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelmed. Equals. And laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Services not available for all went. Midwest Kiet is Wichita certified low price leader right now get your pick of new 2016 optimist 30% off MS RP your pick up when he sixteen soles 20% off MS RP and your pick up new twice sixteen surrounds those 25%. Off and SRT at midwest Kia on the G a quarter of Kellogg and Tyler stop number 255045616. NT 563 point four months when so rebates of one qualified great. Shocker swords has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent ten day. We're the great American join me. And it over the Preston's neighborly here in the eighth inning after Bobby Evans goes keys Corliss. Think it is looking for a better average gamer and a rough one yesterday. Yeah up a couple of hits a walk. Too he runs scored. Has he pitched the eighth inning. And needed Reagan beat Fleury played McGuinness. To help him out. The president's ably six the 65 right hander. Hails from Fort Collins, Colorado. Now pitching in his second straight game. Of this series. 34 and five due up. We're northern Colorado it's 810 to four shots early and went eleven to five here yesterday. Stay tuned after the game for the promo people post game show we'll recap the game Amer star of the game our play of the game. Also take a look at the out of town scoreboard. First it's a small pieces why the strike zone wanna know. Maltese one out of three. He doubled ahead at Pauley home run in the fourth. This was briefly a 43 northern Colorado leap. And that's why it low and outside too you know. Natively this year has struggled to his command he walked five and two and two thirds. And and Holyfield and Reagan be clear loosening in the shocker can. I've game weeks old stress you'll pitching staff. Part Wichita State strategy this. Weak as this and get guys work but some of it's been necessity go to the pin and enabling misses three balls no strikes. All these likely taking all the way he does and it's nowhere close ball for. So it's natively will lead off walk. And now. Jack Paulie the DH. Stately walk the leadoff man. In the eight inning yesterday this. Haven't Johnson. And I might steals gonna go to the bullpen so. He's not gonna later rounds they believe war demand give up here. And then. Paulie get into fielder's choice yesterday than many got in with a base hit so. They've really tried. It's a good feeling back in that. Ended up walking Maltese on four pitches. And that's gonna do it for. Neighborly. It's a Reagan big blue wasn't exactly razor sharp yesterday either we will get a chance to a Tony 13 of an inning. A day ago struck out a man to walk to. And he's the guy that came in for Preston's neighborly when they they didn't happen. He color. Struck out pinch hitter. But then. Walked the next two including. A man with a bases loaded. And he needed. Clayton McGuinness to strike out Tyler Yamaguchi with the bases loaded and stand the tying run in the on deck circle. But. Reagan big clerk. Likes natively pitching for the second time in as many days. Annie now needs just one more appearance to move into the all time top 25. In the though the issue record books. In appearances. Left hander from Colorado. Making appearance number nine. On the season. And this is appearance number seventy. Overall for Reagan be cooler. So Paul the DH is left hand barrels if they stay with him. Back to first goes Maltese. Who walked to start the inning. Bigger on the year. No record to states. He's given up one run in seven and two thirds innings. You are a figures. Out at 117. Be cooler a year ago pitched eighteen times all out of the bullpen. And had in the area of 397. Here's Jack Pauly. With a runner at first nobody else in the eighth inning checkers leading ten to four. Stretch by B pillar. And the pitch. Curve ball little bat handle roller to second base are gonna go shortstop out there quick go to first not in time it was not a double play ball that soccer's. Tried everything they could turn. Ritter got rid of it in a hurry. Well handled but that's the one now. You're Brett Munich. Mitnick has struck out three times today. That shouldn't be cooler is creeping up on the all time. Appearance list in Wichita State history in the event. Long and decorated. The list of relievers to be sure that's outside Lionel but I don't know that anybody. Can say what Reagan beat clear. Can after his first seventy appearances. Minute takes a load to enough. Hitler in his career pole and three with two states is key states coming this year. Seventy appearances now and Reagan be clear is still without a win. Hard to pitch that often than not accidentally bumped into one. And it's hard to only have three decisions when you pitch and often too. Swing and miss to a lawn. The clear as a freshman all in one in twelve games as a sophomore Owen too in 31 games. Last year or no. This year no record in those two say this is his ninth appearance. Seventy total. Appearances for become. Spring semester right on by him again to give. Leonard first one out. Soccer's leading candidate for. B pillar comes set aside on deliveries little bit inside three inches so. People are dropped down that time. Three into one out. Pay off Pitt Johnny looking a backdoor breaking ball mic goes down for the fourth time on strikes. Okay. So yesterday dean Lawson had a golden sombrero and today it fits Brett manic. And Alberta court. He has struck out and walked twice. Two outs in the inning. Popped out of the blow them away from. Better truck one. By comparison for example. It only took Tommy barn house for appearances. To get his first shocker win. He may get start against Oklahoma. Swing and miss one on one. Dan for Wichita State or in the eight. Pauly awaited first. One. Strike two call. Shocker we'll have 345 in the bottom of the eighth. Reagan declares one strike away from getting us there. Be alert comes set. Comes to the plate and delivers low and outside look like a change could tip. Soccer's came into the day at. Nine and six. Northern Colorado he intent. QQ pitch walk on an ethnic gestured for how long they'll go all way back to the screen and no throw to first. So the second strike out of the inning but the inning will continue on what. Could be a passed ball on the strikeout. Is a passed ball so. First and second now and big killer will have to face one more. Mortal. God. On the Gucci over three today. The ball pretty well flying out to left in the third inning killer struck him out in the fourth. And that's hit hard but right at the second baseman Ritter flips a shortstop covering. And the inning is over so big pillar only had to throw one extra pitch. And getting out of the eighth inning but the bottom of the eighth to enforce charters. One have a little fun at what sir machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by one. 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Here next stadiums soccer's where they tend to four lead trying to finish off the midweek sweep of northern Colorado. Connor legal pitched a scoreless seventh inning in Greece and Janice still greet him here in the eighth Janice. Doubles and he'd do his last two plate appearances. And he is two for three overall. Shocker with. Three in the second six in the fifth that was the big blow one more in the sixth. There. There's got through the fourth one of the fifth pick a brief Ford really. Stock is held them off the board since then. Yes the little panel ground ball to third actually playing shook the shortstop position and just in time at first. As Burkhardt donning that. Has that pronounced shift over to the right side in the third baseman. Burke art was basically playing shortstop but played goes five threes. Just that one right off the cap. One out and now Alec bull moose. Walk two times in a row. And he takes a strike crack down the middle. So northern Colorado will go Allman. Play Regis College on the 21 and then Sacramento state comes in opening lack play the shock yours will go play cal poly this weekend. Outside. One and one to Alec bone. So shocker hit the road again for more away from home. And pollution doctors. Come home for a pretty good homestand. Blown out side. You're on the ball. Sacramento state comes in here the 22. In Texas Tech 24 25 and 26. A midweek game in Oklahoma State dinner right back home. Halo and outside three and one. So weekend series at home the 24. Against Texas Tech. He had to march against operate zone and then opening valley play. April the seventh against southern. And Ballmer has walked for the third consecutive time. So I like baldness. Can be one for two or three bases on balls. Josh to backer becomes the for. Player to hit in the DH spot. Can't be with a sacrifice bunt. Most recently in this spot in the order. Good when Jackson Katz V and out of backer and he takes a called strike. And a four shocker bottom of the eighth. Gosh you backer waiting to 58. Sloan outside. One ball one strike the backer eight for 31 with six runs batted him. He was 041 yesterday will walk you came on. Replace Greece in general stuff about midway through the game. This loan outside his off speed pitch to one. Her first one out in the person of Alec home. And I hit hard right at the shortstop should be to second base one throat of errors and double play. 643. And down goes the shocker in the eight. Last chance for the bears will go to the night that stand up for Wichita State. It's beat the Kansas lottery well. Have you aboard the powerball Parker's this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You and I guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but live like that that's the jets have the treble alive. It's the private concerts from the underdog sports tonight. Come on board were ready to hit a high seas when you are. 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It did feel Lawson and tanner 89 and one. In the northern Colorado border pinafore which Utah's state. Hackers. Removed some of the doubt in this seemingly six run fifth inning highlighted by. Jordan warrior Grand Slam. Stated after the game for the pro would people post game show. That's coming up here in three more outs. It's that you are the fans what biggest and best everyday price selection of shocker merchandise that the official store Wichita State. Located on the first floor of the Ratigan students that are on the debt issue campus wouldn't shop online. Point 47. At WQ books dot com. Find everything you need for every generation shocker nation going to shock rewards program to 5% back on future purchases. University bookstores place to shop. Alex keels over to reach Connors last time up there. Keel over to. Bears have been held up five hits today. Three of them all of them in a row and fourth. Went for extra bases actually had four extra base hits of their five. Down around and easily called strike nothing in one. Holyfield. Appearing for the seventh time. The whole lawn as his high in the air to center field young's got it measured waiting for to come down. Barely had to move one out. Holyfield no record sales of 129 ER IE seven innings only to hit the lineup he walked seven. But he also struck out eleven. Here. And now hitting four. Northern Colorado is patent happy. He appeared yesterday as a pinch hitter. Any ended up drawing a walk. Her ball stays high one ball no strikes. When ball no strikes to champion the pitch. Her ball heading giving ground and stayed inside. Two balls no strikes. Patent cannot be eight out of 33. Starts about half the time. Holyfield's too low. Now when splits the play eighty miles an hour. Happy hits for loss and loss and ends up the day hope for three and hope for five on the week. 21 is very high three and one. Holyfield is mentioned as proven to be very tough to hit but. Every now and then these. Prone to putting runners on. Louisiana Tech game he went. An inning and walked three he walked two and one outing against LSU on swung on and fell backwards. Three balls and two strikes patent happy. It. Three times this year though Holyfield was struck out three. In an outing. Start out the sun against Utah valley start got three of the four he faced against green kid. It's going into foul tip and got a piece of the home plate umpire with all of the tip of the love of god or Trout line. And I went to account by young midsection and look like if Ryan call. So will do it again here on three and Q after gutter Trout line walks and a baseball out there Holyfield. And got our vital bit of extra time for the home plate umpire. Only field 61430. Spent some time at fort Scott community college in Abilene Christian Richard it here last year and finally getting his chance. As a shocker is a redshirt senior. Johnny looking at strike three call. Down goes up the end the bears down their final out. And I don't bring up. Tanner who's over four. Nick Cannon now one for seven in the series and he's their last chance. Scanners struck out a couple of times and flied out a couple of times. Came into the game hitting just 211. He kind outside look like a change up one ball no strikes. So shocker will head west. They'll take on cal poly Friday night Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. And then down to Tulsa next Tuesday. Over below two and up. Holyfield pitcher number seven today. Soccer's through eight arms yesterday. 20 it was right at the bell to one. 21 pitch. Swan Lake fell back and other down in the final strike. Soccer's very close from going nine you know at home this year. That'll get them to double digits in victories. Missouri State's 112 already Dallas Baptist with nine they'll go for number ten tonight. That upstairs three into. Be tough for Dallas Baptist they entertain number twenty Baylor tonight. Likely to get this weekend is scrambling comes to Horner park. 32 pitch is low ball for so Holyfield. Issued to two out walk. Did similar things. In his outing against. LSU. Holyfield. Retired the first human that he faced that he walked the next to you before. Getting out of the inning unscathed. Now facing tough customer and Ellen Johnson. Johnson three gets here today a home run double. He's only been retired ones. And he takes a strike he tried to bunnies weigh on against Robby Evan in the seven. Two of three hits today one yesterday he scored three times in the series. Couple of extra base hits today. A little. One on one it's Holyfield misses outside. Holyfield played his junior season and now between Christian and 2015. And then decided to transfer here for his. Final year. One ones we have felt shipman again. The bears down in the final strike. Now ball in the first baseman will move back behind tanner first is one run doesn't mean a thing. One ball and two strikes. 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Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again and sons for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping to great people of which -- buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you're trading up or paring down we want you to call on past let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether bigger small. As a child you played followed the leader. You follow your heart. Goal. You're head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant and you send a taste. Just get updates see what's going. We normally get inside scoop. SS radio dot com. Charters stork has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent and G Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for in mall vein agent Kirk harbor this is Leo before he tech guy don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoons is too spontaneous. And post game shows presented by promoting though your full service partner in branding and promotional products. You can call from a depot at 3167. Cute cute 4500. Org and visit them on line at www. Four that's the number for my promo. Dot com Wichita State suites northern Colorado this week it went yesterday 115 to date him before. Really a few different ball game yesterday shocker got way out front is held on winning. 115. And then today they got out front but not much only three runs. In the second inning as opposed to seven yesterday. It was highlighted by. RBI single by Dayton do got to sacrifice fly by governor Trout lines so after two news soccer's. Let it three to nothing but northern Colorado like it did yesterday showed some fight in the mid to late innings. And they actually took the lead they had three runs in the fourth inning. When Cody Hoyer came in for Tony barn house or your got the leadoff man tanner to fly to right but then. Evan Johnson with a solo home run to left. And two batters later. Jack Pauly with a two run home run to center field and just like that was three to three and the very next inning Johnson and RBI double. Gave the bears a four to three lead but then in the bottom of the fifth inning Wichita State erupted for six runs. They did it off at three different pitchers for different pitchers actually. As Jacob Howard started the inning by. Allowing a a base hit to Luke Renner. And ensure rocky came in from on Gil out and RBI double Watson came in. 45 batters. And he eventually loading the bases. And then Aron Hamilton. Was greeted by Jordan born here with a grand slams so when all the dust settled. Wichita State rang the bell six times taking a nine to four lead. And they tacked on one more in the sixth. Street suggesting his second or BI double in as many innings. And that was the end is scoring some soccer's. Polish off the bears ten to four. In sweeping the abbreviated mid week series Yonkers now in and six. Northern Colorado falls to eight and eleven. At two game recap and its rocky by Dylan Nikkei Cummings comings and counts as York criminal defense and be by law firm in Wichita in the call. Or plus this number in your phone if you should ever need it. Went to dinner coming in coming law firm to six for 1548. Visit bill Cummings LLC dot com coming coming flaw where you need. Always come first remember any day shocker if played at 50% off your online order. At any Wichita area Papa John's log on to apologize dot com promo code shocker fifty. To receive. Or shocker discount shocker went ten to four. When we come back we'll name our star of the game border. 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Hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM SS. In the warm welcome back to promote people post game show time the name her star of the game it's rocky by the Kansas lottery. It's Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today. For a chance to become a millionaire go to Kansas lottery dot com for the most current jackpot amount played Kansas lottery. And dream bigger dollar stark today is Jordan border guys first start at third base this year. And he came through especially offensively three hits including his first career home run. And Cain with the bases loaded in that six run fifth inning that's surprisingly he has the author. Of our Clinton's appliance prevent deep freeze play of the game. The law. That people feel lower towards a color that faith got. Slam. Jordan born here voters go along with a Grand Slam home grown and is two out hitting continue it ended up big was. Jordan boy hit what into the bleachers. In any bit quiet time for his first career home run shocker now lead it nine to. And almost all of his RBIs this year come with two out Jordan Boyer our player of the game and he delivers our Clinton's appliance put it in the deep freeze. Play of the game as well shocker when it. Ten to four elsewhere around the country in the valley of scoreboards presented by diggers ripping me construction. Whether it's kitchens bathrooms basements or outdoor living love your home again go to dinner drooping dot com or call 316202. 2066. Diggers writhing in construction. Your home team pro down in Florida earlier today. Bradley beat. Cornell College five to four in twelve innings so Bradley improves to five and nine on the years they'll stay out of Florida. And play in the Russ Matt Central Florida invitational down there. Illinois State beat Tennessee tech nineties they like Bradley are now five and nine the year. Missouri State falls to Southeast Missouri State five to four so now the bears are twelve and four on the year. Shocker win here course in four and they go to ten and six on the year. And southern Illinois closing in on victory against Arkansas State they're leading. The Red Bulls fourteen to. In the bottom of the eight Evansville on and say you Edwards bill had to postpone their game for another week mayor. Knocked out by impending weather. And in about an hour down in Dallas number twenty Baylor will take on Dallas Baptist has corner ball park. Former shocker opponent Grand Canyon is knotted up at four at UNLV. And it's all Oklahoma State against New Mexico has the cowboys leading eighteen nothing. In the top of the seventh. Final totals here for you today Wichita interstate ten runs thirteen hits one error and seven laughed. Northern Colorado four runs five hits to Ayers. And seven left on base the winning pitcher is Adam calories through and though. Dylan sure rocky. Suffers the loss he faced one hitter canister burned him and he ended up. Getting lost he's now one and one note save in the ball game. Three home runs in the game. Evan Johnson hit his fourth Jack Polly hit his fourth. And of course you just heard Jordan Boyer with his first and it was a big one with the bases loaded. Game took three hours and nine minutes to play paid attendance 1456. And Wichita State improves to ten and six on the year. Northern Colorado falls. To eight and eleven shocker to lead back in action this weekend coming up on Friday night. It will be at 8 PM central time the first pitch between Wichita State and cal poly. I'll be on the air 730 for the pregame show here on thirteen 3097. Kay an abscess. So for Andrew handling that of the studio shamed us here at the ballpark saying thanks again for listening and once again the final score Wichita State ten. Northern Colorado for shoppers to know on the week so far and we'll talk he knew this weekend. From San Luis Obispo once again shocker went back we'll talk to you Friday night from California. You've been listening to shocker baseball on 987 and thirteen thirty K in SS. Ron do you buy these fine sponsors. United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. Jerseys drilling below are the Carnahan group. McDonald's pollutants appliance. Equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers delta dental. Promo Devo. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the white star machinery they Kansas lottery American family insurance. AJ sports drill at the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems. And dinners roofing and construction.