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WSU Baseball vs Northern Colorado 03-14-17

Mar 14, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Wichita State soccer baseball on 987. And thirteen thirty KN as ask. Now with the call of the game here is seen Dennis. Afternoon and welcome to X they given what you've done or shocker baseball as Wichita State. Takes on northern Colorado welcome into the pregame show on your home shocker baseball season long. Thirteen thirty and 987. The NF the first of two between these two clubs Wichita State northern Colorado and today and tomorrow. The final business day cookies special three dollar mission for all three in games and these last two. So get on out knock off early. Only got to three dollars to get the game which state and northern Colorado today and tomorrow starting. At the top of the hour well the weather. For those cells that Europeans know that there is one of an issue today. It is it's currently partly cloudy. And a little bit. Breezy but not bat considering the the temperatures are in the upper thirties at the moment and we're trying to get to around 43 biking in. The fact that the wind is fairly calm and not a real issue is certainly keeping this thing a little more comfortable anyway it. The real feel is right around freezing right now but again. By the time that this game ends. We hope to. Give it 45 degrees I can temperature. And that'll make it a little more bearable plus the sun is out and that'll help to those long as the the sun is more prevalent than the clouds. We ought to be OK tomorrow will be better should be in the fifties and so that we played good but the final game at midweek series between Wichita State. And northern Colorado. Elsewhere around the Missouri Valley Conference these speaking of the weather. It has already affected or moved through canceled a couple of games we were either valley team or. Future or past shocker opponents in the valley today and tonight. Bradley is taking on Central Florida. Missouri State was mostly think Lewis today that game has been postponed due to the other. Also. A game that was supposed to be played tonight has been moved up Illinois State and Tennessee tech that we currently that in nine. But for fear of cold weather they blew that game up they're gonna started topped the and. SI use is at Arkansas State. So that is a night game that will be at 6 o'clock the night as the salukis would take on. Arkansas State. And Arkansas and elsewhere around the country. A little later on tonight coupled it. Seeing games involving big twelve teams. Oklahoma. It is Georgia Tech game will start at 6 o'clock it's about time were. Getting all done here but you will get one their first real test of the season since opening weekend take it on long beach state. Texas Tech will be at Texas Arlington actually that game will be played at the globe life park. So the battle in the state of Texas at 7 o'clock tonight that I predicted when. Between red raiders and maps. Game that has been canceled already due to weather that is. Creighton in K state couple of future shocker opponents that game has been canceled all the other. Due to inclement weather in Manhattan. About an hour and a half from now the University of New Mexico will take on. Oklahoma State or Hughes really an up and down this year but they will take on eighteen that's. Among the best in the nation as far as RPI's concern New Mexico if you're in the such things this early in the season we'll revisit that. As far as the RPI. Here in just a little bit in the pregame show after a couple of comments also a common opponent between Wichita State northern Colorado Sacramento state. It's gonna take on Nevada a little later on picking up the valley so far after the first handful of games Missouri State the only team. Two one double figure games they're twelve and three. Dallas Baptist at nine and five the shocker dirt aided six. Southern Illinois eight and seven. Indiana State seven and nine got two wins over the weekend against nationally ranked Washington in Seattle. Evansville has improved to six and nine Illinois State and Bradley both at four and eight Illinois State took. To its western Kentucky. The final day of that weekend series to get to four and eight so. They're here Missouri Valley Conference standings also tomorrow. There will be. Pretty full slate of games including Bradley against Cornell College Illinois State Tennessee tech that series continues this series wraps up tomorrow. Missouri State will be at Southeast Missouri State. Evansville travels. This you Edwards hooligans proclaiming the morning and number twenty Baylor will be at Dallas Baptist he'd be used. At pretty tough schedule so far. Outside of the conference that you wrapped up with a very good war Roberts team and so deep you welcome him. Baylor should via an interesting series there were multiple occurred in 51 being in the mid week. For them or ballpark and then of course everybody's got a full slate coming up this weekend including Wichita State. Visiting cal poly in the family fitness though they're here they're about conference in the end games to be played. Today or later on tonight. All the jobs would like you to know these days shocker played it enough your online order. And any area Wichita. Puppet John Lott got a Papa Johns dot com. The promo code shocker fifty. And receive your shocker discount. Fort Utah State finally back home it seems like forever ago since we've been here Wichita State. Open the season. With the first seven at home won the ball then went on a seven game road trip that was absent Luke gauntlet they won. In Norman against Oklahoma Ortiz snapped it. Twelve game winning streak it's time for those you. Sandwiched around that trip to Norman. With two separate trips to the state Louisiana. Doctors were swept by Louisiana Tech and LSU cute scene there. So far in the early going way up there in the RPI. Yeah we'll talk about that second shocker coming off a sweep of the hand that lets you. Most recently and that we will have thought butler's comment reaction to that and looking ahead this week series. Against northern Colorado still head coach Scott Butler demonstrating it. It's beat the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You and I guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing to realize that SPF it's going to be the Trevor. That's the private concerts from the underdog sports tonight. We'll come onboard were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting. So download the collected when that fan enter your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power crews Tiki has lottery dot com for details. 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The highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy we are here for year. This is Leo fourteen today I don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon. In two punch KM SN. But now the job. It's the northern Colorado's two game midweek series five game we coaching. Forward look for bullet back on the surface obviously LSU is a tough draw for us as we look down there was anything. Under the surface that you came away with a series to a well they're real good to and you saw it like I did Friday night we face probably a first round particular morning and then Saturday O'Shea left hander hadn't given up around all year which is really good. And then all of a sudden we faced a freshman that kind of gave a small fraternities and who didn't really get the time we hit when we have the chances but. You know we didn't play very well. We we work very offensive. Are starting pitching didn't go very long in the and we want six innings but it. I look at is a great experience. To go down their play the tigers it's more than I think it's the most hostile environment that you can play in the College Baseball. At least one of the top probably three. But it's you know we played a very good LSU team that I think we'll have a chance to have to fight for the college World Series. He gets to see. What their world their three holes did your Friday night's starter in. You know the my message to our guys on Sunday is you know I didn't schedule will push you to go down or gets left. So like Adam might have a little bit more belief that our team does right now and try to build these guys up and know that. But even with the scores look like we will give you were a long ways away I don't think we're that far. And we have to get back to grinding it out and they continue to get better so. You know that's something that I'd go with for sixteen years it gives me a measuring stick. To go play LSU. All the years that we've fought even Wichita State back in the ninety's so it's a measuring stick for us we've we fell short. It I look at it is because if we can grow from. Besides going down playing a top ten team and hostile environment as you said about personally he went home literally his home and for you rather them. It was nice that I really was nice. In order to see my family and that was probably an important trip for me. But this time and so that was very meaningful. And you know if this was skipper who have great respect for. What Jeanne statements and you know how how they battled many years ago and skip and I talked about the battles is that the shocker in the tiger said many years ago so. You know I'll watch coach Burton build that program being from Louisiana coaching against demons and then pulmonary tests and now he's keeping a whirlwind so. You know I got see a lot of friends and at times it was slow but it stood distraction for me but the main things to go down there and compete. And compete against those tigers and but to me was a good trip I don't know why I feel the way I do I think it was something that we needed to see him we needed to be part. And to know what the elite College Baseball teams or. And distractions taking an off game not a bad thing in my opinion anyway all right let's we forget because it's been so long. Shock and undefeated all along times we've been back here but. Played at a real high level especially on the mound and now you get northern Colorado coming and it's important we feel is a mention in the open its five game week. It's a huge mid week games northern Colorado there boy well. My like their club Lester thought they had effective pitching and had a good system from the moment or with two strikes and making guys chasing. The end of a picture for some power they've hit some home runs many more home runs and we've hit so. This will be a tough two game midweek series. And I'm not overlook in this northern Colorado team and I'm about to meet with a two under a minute and tell them this is a well coached team. And we have something going on at home. And we need to protect what we have going here and go out there and play well and have fun you know and build and start to. Grow. Garden that we may or may not have talked about this because most of the time it's a four game win queries played on accuser what separates five now. And to have five starters probably ought to ask of any college program what is your overall opinion and your. I don't tactic when you go into midweek game an earlier start Chandler Sandburg today he's normally a reliever. Ideally what would you like by the end of the season when you stopped by midweek we'll wait five starters you know to get to conference tournament and try to win that tournament that time comes a slew of lived way out there. But. What's her purse starters give us all star in effect where they go 234. You know I don't think you'll see five or six innings from our starters noble we gray announced I think you'll see us. A lot of guys coming in and I I personally think fit play in five games or two in the middle of the week. Could be an advantage for us because we have so much pitching this force numbers now we know I don't know that's true yeah we need to see it you know in action today and tomorrow but it. You know it could be an advantage for the shocker in the end if you look in the next week we do it again. 55 games in the weeks of that stint in two weeks so pitching is going to be vital for us be successful. And the other thing is offensively. For us to get back on the fastball I thought Friday night against lane he was born 1994. But it didn't look that hard cassette but we were in rhythm. Other hitters but so we've got to get back to swinging the bats. Like I think we're capable offensively you have been a different team here here at home well over 300. And getting back to lose to the pitching the mid week pitching these aren't just throw away games because as you mentioned you get to the conference tournament. It lets you sweep through it switched hardly ever happens. The only number four number five sometimes pitching to keep you from going home so I'm sure that's a selling point as well well it. If everything is imported every time that the pictures the owner play estimated everything is imported each pitch you know the thing that we're trying to get across starters this plan pitch by pitch and you know it sounds like the coaches Sturm but it's really true. But they're only a few pictures that changed the game out of all the pictures that are thrown. No it's a few pitches that really make a difference in the ball game yet be ready to play ready get ready to excuse the pitch so. You know the pitching depth we do have depth. Do we have. Feel like an Alex slang for Friday night like he'll issue a first round we don't have that guy. But we do you have depth and we need to continue to grow and build it and us and Bernice to go out there he threw really good he's been. You know he was sick and you start to get straight back and that I think he's going to be a big factor for team and the guys have followed him. Don't me get a final question for you don't mean to a point out anyone in particular Merck is there anyone you get your eye on offensively like you lump all of this guy in his C. Well I throughout life you know trump wants one duke does another. But I think bones kind of press a little bit and he's a really good hitter I think they. You know that that's a big talker much give to him today. If you play in this game for numbers. He'll batting average and home runs numbers if you play in the game for that which you know I know they're not. But I'm gonna bring it to our attention. That she played it in the game for the joy of the competition because in the end you don't really remember your numbers that you remember when a guy's good teammate comes to the park ready to go it impacts the teammates surrounding so. This past weekend there was some anxiety. Specimen comfort with the crowd in Plano issue and I liked it I didn't wanna see it. But that shows you where we need to get to the spores being able to control ourselves. And not letting things. A fact. Our care juror the way we're going about our style of playing individually and it just seems so there's some NET two points that that come from this past weekend. But northern Colorado will be a great test to see today and Wednesday tomorrow so we definitely have to wake up. From being swept in Baton Rouge and be ready to protect X stadium with what we have going on here. We don't coach muffled ketchup Lila thank you get. And it it picked up Butler and his pregame comments Wichita State that they mentioned just a little mini two game homestand before they go back on the road. They get on the road northern Colorado has been on for a while this would be game five and six on a road trip or. Northern Colorado they lost a pair against Nebraska eight to two and twelve to two. And then water doubleheader against Omaha. Nine to 473. In the final game of that series in Omaha with canceled due to implement others though it. Today and moral be wrapping up the road trip. For northern Colorado put. Interestingly. Wichita State hands or Colorado will. Within the next week or so play the same key Sacramento state will come in here for one game. On the 22 play Wichita State. On their way goal to beat northern Colorado the weekend the 24 at Sacramento state. Will be at northern Colorado they will open up one act play. On that weekend in Wichita State by the way on that particular week it will host tax cut. That in just a little bit so a common future shocker in bear opponent Sacramento state. Welcome him mention earlier that Sacramento state taking on Nevada. Tonight. That is starting lineups broadcast by equity back you'll never pain AT&T you can learn more at equity bank dot com. Northern Colorado at 89 will start with the loss of at second base followed by Evans spots in the left fielder. Batting third and playing there it's cold Maltese. Jack volleys and right field in the cleanup spot. Followed by for a minute the first baseman hitting fifth. Nick handers in center field and he will bat sixth for the player's batting seventh is the BH quarry picked her up. Alex field catching that they followed by the shortstop. Tyler Yamaguchi. He didn't love Hawaii native and make this start when northern Colorado this peace start war. For him so again for the bears will be Lawson Johnson Maltese. Pauline and tanner. Not occur he'll Yamaguchi. With heat and Lama pitching for northern Colorado for the shocker that eight and six they will start with Travis young in center field. Followed by the right fielder greats in Afghanistan. Alec moment first base hits third of better Trout line is catching batting for. Batting fifth that left field is state new guy. Shortstop Craig Vickers spent six. Luke Ridder the DH is hitting seventh for the shocker. Alex Jackson is back in the lineup batting eighth and playing second base. And batting ninth at third base is Jordan Boyer. Chandler Sandberg will pitch Wichita State he'll be appearing for the sixth time this year it's obvious first start Hogan who shocker. Young generous than the home. I outlined you got Vickers. Ridder Jackson Boyer. She antlers and burned on the mound. Shocker sport brought in part by your r.'s carpet out and flooring Saturday team to beat north Broadway they have. Literally a thousand. Different collections color texture pattern. When it comes to hardwood lamb tile carpet area rugs is huge place with huge selection and have a knowledgeable helpful. Friendly sales staff that will pressure in anything. You don't know what you want they'll help if you do that guide you in the right direction quality product at low every pork prices because of that. Large collection two and one Q do you wanna it's something they unskilled and scholars who aren't very respectful view in your home so. Led by 1816 north Broadway when you have an issue with you for one upgrade it to Mars perfect outlet for senator. Over on the north Broadway. These two teams meet for the fifth time all time this Yonkers leads the all time series. Seven games to do and it's interesting to note that though the Colorado. Has won the book in games in the series way back in 2005. Northern Colorado won eight deprived they played a 506 and seven they played in 2015. And last year. And they. Started the season here last year shocker winning the first two. And northern Colorado won the final game for the three though shocker seven Q overall all the games being played. Hearing Wichita a year ago. Or northern Colorado they were sixteen and 34. They were eleven and twelve in the black. And they ended up finishing rate smack definitely. Finished fifth in Western Athletic Conference they have been members of that conference. Since 2004. Time now for our healthy tip of the game lucky by united health care. Exercise. Can slow the aging process not only physically but mentally too. For more tips on living a healthier lifestyle. And UHV. Dot com. Today she didn't hear the ballpark entry and we back hurts Wichita studios rockers and bears for the first of two again we're. Go to the first pit top of the hour and same thing for tomorrow and the last few business persons special to play hooky. And enjoy three dollar tickets to the matinee game today tomorrow 3 o'clock. In three dollar tickets to see northern Colorado. In Wichita State a little bit more in depth about northern Colorado they are. Picked to finish eight in the lack this year. And so far on their young season they are eight and nine. After they won both of those games against home off on March the ninth. They've also. Beaten San Francisco. San Francisco State. San Jose state. And North Dakota State read it did lose two. Wins against Omaha. As a team they are hitting 277. With AE RA just above our heads. The defense is a little bull horse he'll Florida feeling 958. When he seven airs seven games but they have been able to hit for power they have summoned home run. In seventeen games including coal small pieces by. Kevin Johnson Jack Pauly bulls have three got a little popular bat. They are led individually by Paulie. Who is hitting 391. With those three home runs. And seventeen runs batted him. And Maltese a junior. Hitting three point eight with a team leading five fingers. And there are. Kind of a mixture of old. Three sophomores in the lineup and everybody else either viewers senior. So they return quite a bit of experience and certainly all those guys are familiar. With Wichita having opened a season here last year they are led by their head coach Carl Lewis hockey. He has been here since 2011. He played there from 1981 in 1980 war. And last year they made it to be black tournament with that eleven and twelve overall record. And they also did it in 2015. They finished only sixteen and 32. Two years ago but they were twelve and fourteen in the black and they got that sixth seed. In the last tournament though Carl it was jockey on his seven seasons. At northern Colorado his best with the 2013. When they won 33 games. Finishing ninth games above 500 at last the last two years people want sixteen total games but already this year they have won eight there 89. And we'll wrap up this road trip. It Wichita State that they'll go home and host Regis College when he first. And in Sacramento state comes to town to open one act play they had played at home by the way. We hit a fourteen series against North Dakota State. And hearing in which they won 301. Of these. Cold weather schools and schools and it pal around. Will start off the first two or three weeks on the road. Majority of the games have been on there at that but they have been home already. And Carl he was sake coming here to Wichita for the second consecutive year. In his seventh year northern Colorado 8131 up in 209 down and he came from Austin College. As the head coach before that. And serving as an assistant and a couple of different colleges won't let it would snap back to your knowledge in the state of California. That's an earlier about that Wichita State and some of the teams they played and will play at their RPI. If you're under such things. This early in the season Wichita State for what it's worth has an RPI of 55. At the moment. But it's all little painful stings a little bit that they had an opportunity. Going to Louisiana Tech and few LA hue and who knows where these are guys stay that way all year note she's currently twelfth but Louisiana Tech RPI currently at nine. According to warn all of dot com LS u.'s RPI eight. And shocker came up empty in both those places Texas Tech which comes to town 4445. When he thinks they are currently seven. In the RPI that soccer's played well it's a good RPI opponents. And that includes a couple in the Missouri Valley Conference at least right at the moment that there each state is twelve. Dallas Baptist at that point to and then out of conference shocker already beat who used there 52. Or Robertson RPI 33 team. K state at 61. Valparaiso to coming here at the last day of march the first couple April. They are ninetieth of their top 100 RPI team. And at the moment Bradley is 99 just inside the top 100. If you quit RPI look around College Baseball we come back we'll though the first pitch right after this. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. He has no regard for human life it is tax at all. Sometimes you. The most can. Kansas. Drinks the next time we'll start. Much your actions can make all kinds of things disappear do that began making ATM fees. Or gambit he. Equity bank debit card and make every eight GMT at every ATM vanish go ahead. The greeted me. The magic potions insider equity bank debit card prevents the feed from ever appearing in your account abracadabra. And equity backed debt card and perform your own bit of magic on any ATM he wanted top hat not require equity bank memory and. Yes. 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You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate that 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball midwest Kia is what you tell us certified low price leader right now get your pick of new 2016 -- 30% off MS RP your pick up when he sixteen soles 20% off MS RP and your pick up new twice sixteen syringe goes 25%. Off MSR Pete at midwest Kia on Nokia corner of Kellogg and Tyler stop number 255045616. NK 563 point four monthly so we could supply of qualified credit. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agents ten day. Mark living driving weekdays at five right here on Kate and as at. Northern Colorado game that you battle here today the first of it quick Q game mid week series Yonkers. Will it do its analyst of this vote play cal poly. This upcoming weekend. And the game times for those contests. In the central time zone leave Friday at eight. Saturday at 88. And then the finale Sunday at three shocker on the 21. A week from today will be at all Robertson play a night game against the Golden Eagles down and pulls out and they'll come home to play their first. Home night game in mid week battles with Sacramento state in March 22. At 6 PM and and the big time matchup with Texas Tech they come to town. Point 445. And 46. After the game on Sunday that an autograph session and get autographs with 2017. Shocker baseball team and coaching staff. And course Sunday's final days for the family. Yeah the yes it PA. Promotion. And kids get to run the bases. Every Sunday in March 31. April 1 and second. Operates that comes to town. And all weekend long if it will drive you donate a book on a mission to support the SP 259 school district. And local area elementary schools in addition on Sunday April 2 academy sports and outdoors youth day. Free admission for you twelve and under and play catch. On Tyler field. Post game now softball not without some commodities as well they've got some coming up pretty soon on March 18 and Saturday. Double header against breaking news again bail them that you're gonna conference championships nine. And then on Sunday. At eleven against Drake as well poster giveaway autographs Wichita eagle family day. Of course you know the drill by now four tickets four hot dogs portraits for bag popcorn. For just 32 dollars then Monday against. The Nebraska Cornhuskers academy sports and outdoors you night. Against Nebraska games start at 5 o'clock PM everybody twelve and under. It gets in free free admission for all kids twelve and under and then Missouri Valley Conference play march 25 that Saturday at noon. Of course shocker in Texas Tech doing battle that weekend as well he is getting free to stop ball game. With your Texas Tech. Baseball tickets stuff there's some promotions coming up here act and a Wilkens stadium across street. Shocker are around town street and then. Take on Wichita State. The shocker have taken the field that you handlers and burn is finishing up his warmup tosses. Mention Chandler making his. He did make three start last year among his eighteenth two thirds innings may or appearances an early three starts. Those seven altogether and this year will be. Will be thought saint mark's sixth appearance already this year by the two thirds altogether. Five previous outings. In early. Which he does state will give the ball to Tommy barn house to start the game tomorrow he's kind of in the same. Categories Chandler Sandberg as far as. Shocker wanting extending now a little bit but probably not expecting miracles from barn house or saying burn when it comes to. Total number innings pitched two or three probably wouldn't be beyond. The expectation of the pitch well. They asked for fires to tell these guys probably would give your average too far for them. So stepping into the batter's boxes seem Austin we're set for baseball's gamblers and burned shocker to their black top black hats and white pants. And the first pitch of the game is won on and that's where it away so the Lawson wasting no time. Picking on the first pitch that he sees and it's nothing in law. Loss on the season to 3916. Out of 67. Handful of these guys that started all seventeen games. For northern Colorado it's Sandberg mrs. laments in the veteran team. Pauly Maltese. Johnson Munich Yamaguchi and Lawson have all started every game. What I'd want to either right handed hitting dean lost that and there's a strike called in there. That's one and two. Right hander Chandler saying burned 6195. Junior. Threw two scoreless innings on the tenth against LAQ. 12 pitch swinging the bats he struck him out Lawson goes down swinging. As Sandberg brings up his first strike out. On the season Chandler five and two thirds coming in with four strikeouts. So that's number five. Now here's Evan Johnson left field. That Johnson third leading hitter on the team at 32320. For 62. It's been ten minutes fouled back this green thing in one. Three home runs for Ed Johnson fourteen runs batted in. Northern Colorado coming in eight and nine they are. Five and eight away from home for five and true. Amber has jumped ahead of him nothing and on the pitch swing and a miss popped out of the glove of Gunner Trout line and it's quickly nothing into. Through northern Colorado its first thirteen game seven were decided. By either one or two runs. Thirty point close games at least. To begin way. Weren't quite as close in the victories against all on the 19473. And strike three call all the evidence Johnson queue up and came down with a pair of strikeouts. Fortunately Sandburg. Violated first pitch thrown at 303. Is 39 degrees with east northeast wind at seven miles an hour. Two quick outs for cold multi third baseman third consecutive right hand mattered. Greek stammer. Teeth second leading hitter on the team 328. Takes fastball inside. And one ball no strikes Kevin rain calling balls and strikes Ryan Karl at first. Mike Lance that there. And burn. Does stretched to the plate. And islands stroked in the left center field behind me here do you circling under make the running catch and a very easy 123 innings. We're Chandler's amber three up and three down for the bears at the end of the happening. Northern Colorado are nothing New Yorkers coming up. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com United Healthcare. Service is not available for a plan ever wonder how good your AC and furnace system is ever wonder how good boss dot his well as a new customer you can get both. Answers for less than twenty bucks now for just 1946. The year plus stocks started I'd trade HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any needed her parents it's our new customer 1946. Special. From Bonner stopped. Install confidence. On the stock 943. Cool. Charter sports has brought to you by American family insurance seat agent Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. Jason JB joins us from beyond reality radio weeknight. I'm OK okay. Jailers ever gets shock adopted its start sitting down the bears and northern Colorado in order. And now Wichita State will take attacks against Keenan Lama they left hander from Honolulu Hawaii. Highway appears community college Keenan is 63210. Pounds he left handers. So far this season. Loan has made three starts. He's one and one with a DIA at 632. Opponents are hitting 352 against him including nine extra base hits. He's only walked one and struck out eleven so he figures to be around while it. By the numbers figures to be notable clean how hit double here just the second. You're at a young strides toward the plate shocker center fielder and leadoff man. Have been getting to 5512. Out of 47. Now this young on Sunday against LSU went over five. Ended up where. Hits in the first two games of this series but. Or the collar on Sunday. To young jealous then go home facing loan and first pitch swinging and it's. Driven down the right field side fouled out of play right down by the shocker bullpen bounced on the sidewalk and down around the barrier separating. Shocker field from the parking lot I don't know that got out or not. Low liner for strike one and Allen fouled back to the screen island Q. So. According to stats and I would imagine scouting report bared out it's gonna throw a lot of strikes Keenan lomb and Wichita State. Lead off men go up there hacking. Moment of the full windup than the 02 pitch down and in the something soft 78 miles an hour one and two. In the shocker in bears meeting for the tenth time. Between two programs. 12 pitch to young here on the ground at third right behind the bag fielded their Bible these long throws low and dug out by the first baseman. So low ground ball right over the back call piece was right there. Smother it and throw out young. I was Grayson just. John workers opened up the 2016. Season against northern Colorado in a series and buried them first two games eleven nothing at seventeen to two. But northern Colorado won the final games sneak out of town with a stunning 43 victory. Breaking ball is loaded Aniston left hander against left and. Grayson team's leading hitter 333. One home run ten runs batted in for Grayson the pitch to him. Stroke back over the middle over the mountains shortstop right behind second base makes the play there. Shading him that way and it turned out to rob tennis. 63 to play goes home and now Alec Baldwin they simply Cuba. So where the trips to. Louisiana Tech. LSU and owes you for that matter that low scoring series now the shocker terrible one player above 300 Afghanistan. Bombs started to swing took a breaking ball for a called strike balls right on the edge she's getting to 94. Couple home runs and seven runs batted him. He went over three with a walk on Sunday. Mom try to sneak a fastball in there it was low. Ball one strike alumni that have over parry with velocity. But I mention he's gonna throw strikes and one walk in three starts. One law. Swing and miss that one past him upstairs climb the latter one and two. Wichita State. To be precise at home they've been better offensively here. 288. As a team and their first couple weeks at a stadium. Strike three called bomb Noah when he goes through Wichita State goes down just quietly. In their half of the first get a one no school or hear from backstage. Kansas words we grow and build teach innovate and more from the solution to this guy. Our efforts helped create better lines for ourselves our families and our communities. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas understands we're here to serve and you are Philippines. By making access to healthcare is easy and hear from his. So working for Kansas workers since 1942. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of cadences. 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Northern Colorado going to they're great hands at the blue tops. And yellow numbers. And mayors across yes. There's got. Molly now Paulie aid. Redshirt sophomore spent time at western Nebraska junior college. He's originally from Overland Park, Kansas need to big guy 64 to twenty. He's made immediate impact 39117. Runs batted. Leading the team and hit it. And burned face his first left handed batter. First pitch to him is over but low ones one ball no strike Pauly. Tanner and not occur who's due up fourth in the inning all that left him. The wind really not much of a factor out all it's drifting in from Wright ever so slightly. Changeup waters on the outside edge notes to a noted. Chuck Pauly. The seventy home runs at northern Colorado is hits good for 21 in the nation. Swing a foul tip off these foot 21. And missing net mixed northern Colorado they. Have those seventeen home runs. It also have Ken sacrifice bunt they'll run some beat Lawson is going five for them. The spinach thing test for Wichita State. Command kind of reeling. Powell back well thrown by Chandler sand burn on the outer edge generalities of substantive. Okay I'll. Bases empty nobody out top of the second just getting started. Jack Paulie has account even two and two. Got wind that up in the pitches down in its creative. So better Trout line kind of got a couple of days off. In Baton Rouge. At least. A couple of games off starting he did appear. Mid game on Sunday no croft got a couple of starts. Scott Butler mentioned he did god Luc rader could rupees hit today and once fell back. Alliances Tammany. It's 32. Offensively. Got a lot of shocker is that. Did you hit or good day at the plate. That's output Wichita State could Muster over the weekend as Paul April ground ball second Bobble thereby Jackson quick through the first still got. And only has not come along. That's shoppers hit over the weekend was it six hits in the game they did that twice. And it took until at least the seventh inning to score. Two of the games took until the ninth inning so they would. Not only like to rack up if you hit it on the board early and get on the board first here today. If Breton neck and imitating first baseman. The open stance. Over at the knees for a called strike nothing in one. Mitt hitting hitting 318. Out of 62 home runs eleven runs batted. Analysts and numbers retired all four of these states. Little bit outside fastball. Didn't quite catch the edge. Smaller strike. Sandburg finished up that game on Friday night down in Baton Rouge. It's the seventh and eight this went pop foul right side gonna make into the stands. You're river that was the game that they need to start till 930. All because. Lightning delays. In the game finished ride around midnight Sandberg. Really pitched well two innings and walk anybody that knew that he hits hamster account and we threw 24 pitches against tigers. Packers. Lost that game six to one. For MS and down goes medic. Three strikeouts forward Chandler Sandberg. Yeah looked sharp. But here's Nick Cannon. Okay. In what. The games last year that the camera got in one of the seven he had it going for a third against Dallas Baptist so he is capable. I'm stretching out a little bit. And Allen's home very late in straight over the top of the northern Colorado dug up. And down toward the bullpen it goes nothing in London Nick Cannon to center field. Candidates struggled so far seven for 35. Home run and four RBIs. The pit straight to. And Sandburg the one BBs. This is his 31 appearance as a shocker in the junior from Avon Indiana. In the count 02 pitch swinging and if he struck him out and that is bat. Two perfect innings for Chandler Sandberg and horse strikeouts. A bear hitters give them any and a half its northern Colorado nothing shocker nothing. 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Two guys hitting in this inning and maybe three. And throws in the deep slump. Trout wind waves and mrs. at a pitch down it's one and two. Garner a multi hit game in the second game of the season against. You talk valley but he's only had three other hits. Guam's pitch swung very elated and now back to an emergency haekkerup. Look like a breaking ball down. One ball and two strikes. Bonds won two. Hi. To him to. Carolina native of fairway Kansas with Shawnee mission east nice cool 62 point five. Ten career home runs after hitting three is a freshman. High in the air left field got hundreds now in front of it over toward the line goes Johnson his hat falls off but he makes a catch. Just in fair territory. The duke job. Has plenty in common with better Trout line needs in a bit of a ground as well. Do go over for his last eleven he went. Hitless in nine tries against LSU. Curve ball flew to their 65 miles an hour called strike. Dayton on the season heading your way. Eleven for fifty degree. Oh want this foul back to the screens wanted. The llamas. Come out throwing strikes is Wheldon took nearly as partisan Chandler Sandberg with the results. Been pretty similar so far they can look Keith. Do god. Certainly about to friends and family. In that crucial watch him it takes one pound up there. Do got native of Lake Charles, Louisiana. Did have multi hit games into the Louisiana Tech game of that series. The wall to. The curve ball away lawn outside to into. So Lama is a low eighties. These fastball guy had Newt did the high sixties with the scurbel so that weight back on. Continue to dig up her ball fouled back. A little bit harder breaking ball maybe a slider. In the mid seventies. Good to one out nobody on here in the shocker second first of two with the northern Colorado bears. Keenan plummet into the wind of the QQ can curve ball left punch fouled on the right side. And do ya just stay alive when he needed a mistake. Brian walker coaching at third base box. At first Cody McIlroy. Shocker start to stay perfect at home they won their first seven of the season here. Cute cute and slapped now. The twist out play. Hilton attended Dayton dig up date last year a 304 hitter. At eleven doubles was second most on the team. And battle with Jordan and with keen and love. Curve ball down and end. It's streamed through. Three balls two strikes one out. Shocker second. Pitch. Over about low ball for a while body through a strike. You got attracted all aliens there to blow that now that is back to back games. Dayton do guns drawn on wall bird yet walk much. But he walked on Sunday against Louisiana Tech. And he walks here for the third time all year shocker to them based on her betray Vickers. Vickers the shortstop of they're from the right side. Do garlic first Stanley swing and a miss by. Trade Vickers. Tray with a couple hits the LSU series he drove in Iran. Vickers comes in 245. Outside corner called strike to. Seoul a fastball that slipped by him for strike one and that one. Catches the outside corner Vickers thought it was outside. No balls two strikes. Do. Hi one into. Unlike Chandler sand burned. Keenan lomb is likely. If he's effective. To go deeper into the game in his first three starts he's pitched nearly sixteen innings. Calling card to over the first check on do got. Dayton only one steal this year stole four last year. No score bottom of the second. Parker's home for the first time in a long time. Been in a fastball straighten him out. Do unto the count talkers have not played here since. March 1. Two balls and two strikes trade Vickers. Had picked over to first. Wichita State as a team came steals and fourteen tries. Stretch by key and Lama. They're not going to pitch and out on top Fowler now to play. Two balls two strikes do go on at first. The pitch. Little flair right feel along comes. Ali Annie blues that is ballots and it gets bio political all of that that's. Let's go to score easily here comes Vickers round third Paula just now picking up the ball and Vickers is gonna put all the breaks that there. Well that was interesting play at Pauley. I don't know the if it that an appointment they were the ball to get this but he lost his balance and almost fell over in the ball sailed over it and and what he does statement. This thing flared triple from trade Vickers may offer they didn't get the early lead. Trade Vickers. With his second three days fifth of the season he owns both shocker ripples. Now here's Lou greater. Shocker the board first and Ritter one of those guys that you hit to update to breaking ball down around its feet. Jack Paul in right field. Try to fire that went to the death with that fly ball off the bat of Vickers got the best of the infield will remain back they'll trade around burnout. Ridder she swung through the right side and into right field for a base hit. Luke Ritter came in one for his last nineteen but he she won the right side. And Wichita State now league that cute enough. The they finish you know one out walk. Vickers with a triple and Luke Ritter. The ground ball. Past the sliding second basement Lawson. And I'll bring up Alex Jack Lew Ritter certainly. Reading this Ireland was hit there. He had hit in his only appearance on Sunday that snapped in over eighteen so maybe he's done something and that one bounces in front home plate are. My keel the catcher. And minute the first baseman wants to have a word with Keenan line so you know they shocker. Bottom of the second. Alex Jackson shocker freshman. Getting started second base. Alex started on Sunday at second base. Against the tigers went two out of four. First pitch to him. Is down around me who called strike one and won't. Jackson so far his freshman year six for 25 with. With three runs batted in all hits have been singles. Rigor awaited first. Luc only still a couple of last year. They golden shoe. From the right side instead at liner to the shortstop might be to second base one Jackson beats the throw to first. We had all kinds of room to hit through on the right side by. Went with a pitching him low two hopper to the shortstop back can't Domenici started yeah or three couldn't turn it over there quick enough some Jackson like that now. I will be fielder's choice. Now the final man in the lineup not to hit at Georgia boy. We didn't start their bit to. Boyer 263. And for 38. For fits him is little bit high. And despite hitting down in the order. Most of the time that he's been there this year and despite not playing in every game Jordan Boyer leads the team in RBIs eleven. This entire opening weekend they're as a runner breaking ball low and no throw out the perfect pitch to go on. Now it's Jackson's wife second base one. Jackson's first deal as a shocker. It gives him eleven out of fifteen now. It statistically you can run on keel the catcher easily thrown out five of warning now. Count of the desert blocked by keel though and nice job there and keep it front. Do nothing Wichita State the counted. Jordan Boyer. Is now three and now. Avid young waiting on dec two outs in the inning runner at second. Actors' strike in there and loses this is lawyers comfort zone right here he's been very good hitter. With two outs in innings. And clutch hitter for Wichita State. More than half of his eleven RBIs that come with two outs. 31 the count tonight. And that's punched in the right side they sent. That's gonna get better right field you're actually being waived any he's gonna maybe without a play in another two out RBIs. For Jordan Boyer. And it's three to nothing Wichita State. Lawyer walks in his twelfth. And now back to the top of the order. Travis young. And Jordan Borger in addition to. Being clutched loves hitting here. Yeah it's. A 375. Hitters here at home before that at that and that's gonna go. Keenan lomb being paid a visit by his character keel. That shocker strike for three. Here in the second all the hits and the opposite field. Vickers triple and singles by reared lawyer. Travis young grounded out to third base in his first time up. When catches the inside corner. Generalities of breaking ball and want. Here's a stretch by lump. You'll want. The looping curve ball didn't drop in there. That low one ball one strike. Shock who've done just about everything well here in this stadium this year there. ERA is barely one and a half. And and hitting money arm. So hit batter and down to second goes Travis young. Now here's great tennis. Down to second because lawyer. Shocker stealing percentage here that now eighty line. And it's batting average flirting with 300. They've been certainly a different team here at home. They're back down again today three to nothing bottom of the second. Just. Hit a ground ball that shortstop. Basically a bouncer over the mound that. Yamaguchi had played perfectly. Right near the bag when it came down. Slow curve dipped low. Ball no strikes will be staring down the bear bullpen but there are two out so. You know Karl he was Shockey is hopeful that Lankan get third out without anybody. Heating up and throwing. Janice the lighter than the left center field at the base hit. Heading over cut up Johnson and he has the Dodd and knock it down the warning track. Two rounds are gonna scored just gonna try for third. And he you'll make it with a standup triple. Shocker second triple of the inning and Wichita State trying to break into your Ehrlich. Yes they're beating the opposite field at his first three base yet all of this season and only his second. It is career. And sure enough. A visit to the mound by our d.s peace the pitching count. Which it does stay. Has turned us into a big round scored five. Wichita State. Had a one out walk. And then the floodgates kinda opened up bickers tripled over the head of the right fielder. Then Ritter's singled to right scoring Vickers. Jackson force rear out second and stolen base and then eight Jordan warrior single right engine acts and Cuba batters later the knock boy you know. Speeds. The pitching coach. 2011. Makes it really quick that these are back in the dugout so here's Alan Ball the night meant that. And a liner into left field and that's gonna drop in for a base hit it six and I think Wichita Tuesday. Shocker that batted around. And apple brings it canister. That's what the doctor ordered. Home broken. The Irish Trout line. Strong winds started the inning by flying out the left. RBIs for ball number eight. I always thought that there could be some hits. To be had for which you just stay in lump at a very hard thrower and gives up a lot those a lot of strikes. And a shocker finally gotten through it that's upstairs to let her travel. Six runs on five hits here in the inning. It was a stretch by DelHomme. 10. Powell back and get cut. Off speed pitches 73 what target weight all the way back on and on fastball from. Keep in line. Trout line. One for his last sixteen. And waiting to hit golf the last I that the base hit there they hit for Trout line. And that's his sixth hit of the inning this drop they had on it and expected in left field that matter of one or two in the inning. And now here in god you guys started the damage by drawing a one out walk. Okay. And out due god becomes the eleventh man to bat in the inning and that is gonna do it keen it'll come. Though. Northern Colorado is gonna make a call mobile pin a couple of guys down there through fine. And it would appear at least. The naked Billy Moreland there right handers again it's more heady company and its. Going to be the case. Law. Northern Colorado goes to the bullpen after just one and two thirds. Out of Keenan lump. Gave up six hits. Six runs to this point. He did walk command and that I that as I mentioned. A rarity in a couple of cases. You don't walk one all year. Do that I had only walked. Twice all year. And that's what. Triggered the avalanche really. Little walk and strikeout a hit batter. And six hits in an inning and two thirds were Keenan lump. And now Billy Moreland. And Moreland is. Pretty much the exact opposite that type of pitcher that he Islam is or was. Moreland is a right hander. A freshman six feet 175. From Littleton Colorado. And kind of goes lower three quarter almost side arm and actually does throw side armed for the most part from the right side to quite a different look. Then lovely Paul brings you left him. And Moreland will face. Cute guy with. Two on two out in sixth in the here's the shocker second. Bill Moreland. It true freshman. It is getting its fourth. Relief appearance. He's only allowed one hit. And one earned run in those born at third so. No records safe to go eight ERA. Wichita State and batted around and then some. Six runs. Here in the inning. They've chased starter Kynan lump. Dayton do go out waiting for Moreland. The finishes warmup tosses. Now that you guys reached base. He keep using it you know for its last eleven dimensions. You guys up there with you long to go out. Okay. Right hander against right handers out quite a bit different. Task for duke are right hand hitter. Got to stay with Billy Moreland. A little extra long because Moreland comes my way third base and it's going to be. Lou tougher on not only do govern all right in matters. Now we're ready. And that would fly to left field they sit Purdue got here comes around to score the shocker to have scored seven. And everybody's got not just off the snide in this inning. The job. They single the last out and scores won't. And outrage Vickers. Vickers was the fly ball triple. To bring in the first of the seven. With that he had Vickers now is six of eleven. The back the last few years against northern Colorado pitching. Five for him a year ago. And when I'm low and outside one ball no strikes. Those seven nothing Wichita State. Here's the pitch from Moreland and that's fouled back. Slings that went in there eighty miles an hour so one on one. Try outlined its second dude first. Trial wind is gone and Ridder. All. Had gotten hit here in the inning. 11. Popped up shallow right field. And coming on his Paulie he's gonna get a read beamer but far too late for northern Colorado water around for Wichita State. They score seven runs. He chased starter from northern Colorado they'd leave two world but at the end it is Florida it was a shocker seven. Northern Colorado now. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools sabres needed to das render the thank you completely forgot to our camp didn't pay any different really expecting any candidate promised better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere that we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something and I can't lose the laundry list. Keep your smile to learn more about individual and family dental plans delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan group that JPY get that sense it's a highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and Smith transaction all related their new home see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. And the other great Americans join me. Certainly got a nice little collection now from Wichita State. Not a hippie in the big one. Two perfect innings and struck out four. For six batters that he faith but now I find himself had seven and nothing and they think the lower third in the order. We're northern Colorado Corey not occur Alex Gil Tyler Yemeni team. We're we're has not occur all. They're from the left side. And he is. The 206 batting average coming in seven out of 34. Analysts say ever been spotted touchdown extra point. Jones says pitch. It's a little higher skipped off the glove at SharePoint knowledge back to the screen. One ball no strike to Corey not Ankara. Not good growth. Getting this started DH also listed as a pitcher. And he fouled off his foot. One and one. Occur. Native of Honolulu and a handful lions on this roster including starting pitcher. Tina love. Ball one strike the stretch and pitch. Inside the high too little. The Wichita State sent. Twelve men to the plate in the second inning. Just outside three and one. So being spotted this seven roundly dinner current line imploring his. Pictured it just lay and here they emit. 31 accounts and burned himself. And the pitch and that's down and in ball four. So in auspicious beginning in the third inning that are tailored set over there for awhile. Leadoff walk with a seven currently not exactly. What you hope for. And this. Figures to be. Sam murders last inning. As there is some. During gallons shocker bullpen and I don't think it's necessarily because there was leadoff walk he's just. Probably going to be his time fly ball right field just. Came in first step and out drifts over toward the line to make the catch so. Alex keel flies down first pitch PCs and there's the first out of thorough. Here. It. Here's what you do shortstop. In 288. Home run and five runs batted them. And he stretch. And pitch swing and a miss breaking ball one. Yamaguchi misstep on my plane. Dockers. In the seventh inning blast may fourteenth at seven against Illinois State. And it. Seven more in the second here today. Zeal lawn. Popped up foul ground might stay and play here comes bulb toward the barrier and also throughout wind running out of room again and the third row seats. Now it's of one to. Balls two strikes one out. In the northern Colorado third. Tyler Yamaguchi. Stretch buys and burn in the pitch. Johnny looking on the outside corner strike three call. Fifth strikeout particular stand Burnett tied a career high. He's done it this two and two thirds innings. Oh lead off walk and now liable to strike out. And it's being Lawson with two outs there birdie. Lawson. Was a strikeout victim to start the game. And stepping offices Chandler Sandburg didn't. Like getting together with Trout line that particular pit Shell Oil. Call for another series of science. Lawson a native of Fort Collins, Colorado. Rocky mountain high school as a junior. And in the dirt and then earth blocked by ice. That are Trout line it's one ball no strikes. The vast majority. The northern Colorado roster. High school players. They pretty much got the western part of the United States covered all the way to Hawaii. But here's the stretch. And Byrd's pitch. Over that load to. Colorado natives of course a couple of Hawaii natives. Have. Couple players from Idaho. California and and Oregon in Washington. There's a strike in there. Do on the count to dean lost in seven and nothing Wichita State or in the top of the third. Chandler sand berm looking to. Put up three scoreless innings in a spot start. At the old strike. To do. The movement down shocker pin. Comes in person caught analog ones. To Hamburg clearly on that pitch count and getting close to. Swing and a miss down goes Lawson adding another strikeout war. Chandler's and Ernie strikes out food and each of the first three innings and a career high six. It only that three innings will go to the bottom of the third Parker completed seven of them. The sound of dreams it's time for new car that places little taste in my new home memories human insight. An American family insurance we know when it comes to bring their dream to life every idea and every hour matters in our agents of the know how to help. Frequently not on home policies to save you time and money find an agent and get a competitive quote today and then dot com or call 1800 my hand there. Products and written by American family insurance mutual status of Ohio and Wisconsin company success American program Madison Wisconsin Packers have an entry. 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Northern Colorado the right handers slings one in there and Lugar. Grounds it now instructing nothing to Luke. Ritter were the RBI single in that second inning. As it turned out. Wichita State. Had everybody end up reaching. Passed ball try to sneak over the inside corner and missed. Young was hit by pitch. Jackson reached on a fielder's choice. And everybody else either gonna hear a walk. Both. Half swing on pitching inside and checked his swing. Two of the one account to Luke Ridder. Do god got to walk and a hit in the same and it's two different pitchers. Lower third of the shock order here in the third pitch. On floats in there for a called strike. Two balls two strikes. Greater Jackson and Boyer. Here in the shocker third. First five games this week that Schumacher's. In a file back by reader makes it into the stands. Shocker for enjoys every Monday night the tub other coaches show at HD sports grill at the Alley thirteenth green which road. On thirteen thirty and 987 KM SS. Big slow curve ball didn't come around and count now full three and two. AJ it's Portugal at the all new home the top Butler show and every Monday night. They all pitched a Ruder. That jerk found between. Third base coach in the bank. Coming down side arm Billy Moreland a lot of those. Sinking fastballs in the morning and on the right hand batters and coupled with foul balls. Off the bat of Luke greater have been. Pulled between. Either between the bag in the coach or even behind Brian walker. Hard to keep the pit variant on you commit that angle. And out popped up ballot on all of that more the plate and Ritter. How that back into the stands. Still three intuitive. Lou greater. Shocker with a seven run second. Retailer that's belted. High and deep to left field as its troubled Johnson going back and it is off the wall Ridder out first in cruise in his second base with a double. And it missed a home run by a notch. And he's not there to start the shocker that are blue glitter who came into the game. With just five hits. As to today. Shocked if you're back in business. Tires Alex Jackson. Jackson hit a ground ball that shortstop his first time Pete. Horse Ritter at second base and Alex ended up stealing a bad. And scoring on board your single right. Takes inside one ball no strikes. Dockers now with eight hits. They had seven hits. In the second inning. Started to swing takes little upstairs two balls no strikes and shocker freshman. Hander Billy Moreland and yet meetings here for cholera and called on in the second inning. If you will of the gap in left center field and that's gonna plug the gap and goal at the wall. Jackson with a two base hit and he's not gonna stop there you go ahead for third and he is gonna make it with a shocker. Third triple of the game. Opposite field pop for Alex Jackson he drives in his fourth. And it's not eight to nothing. And Jordan lawyer. Wichita State that extended batting practice. Here's this afternoon. You're Boyer. Warrior. All of last year. Ended up with thirteen. And eleven games play. This year. This is his twelve game play India's twelve runs batted them. Swings and misses an off speed pitch. I think in one. The border last year had. Six hits. So far this year he is now eleven. You're in twelfth. Fastball hit the outside corner more street over the top that time. And now so once it. Jordan moyers that. Model of efficiency when it comes to making his hits count. 02. Side arm breaking ball dipped low. At the moment Jordan Boyer has seventeen career hits at Wichita State. At seventeen RBIs. Now on the count wanting to. Annie this one into shallow center field tanner coming on coming Ronnie makes the catch tagging is Jackson here he comes home the throw is just offline and shoppers. And another one. Sacrifice fly by Jordan's lawyer he now has two RBIs in the game soccer's. Are up nine to nothing. Oh. The back to the top of the order and Travis young. Now is grounded out and been hit by pitch 90. Wichita State. They continue there onslaught here at home. Eight that's sixteen on Utah valley in the games in the second game of the year. Coach pitches a called strike nothing in one. Shocker with a lot more ordinary. Offensive output decides this game in the Utah valley game. Pitches swung on and mess they won the opener 4238. When the finale with Utah valley six to five. And then swept a doubleheader against green candy here want nothing important nothing but they've really broken out here today. Two pixel tapper over the mound is going to be tough Yamaguchi waits for the hot fires and just did getting. Out at first. The play by Yamaguchi and most importantly good arm. Gun did cross just in time. There's Grayson Janice these tripled in Q trips. Which does date with. Three triples in the first three innings and Vickers generous. Jackson. Not exactly triples park. I he books and it's Farrell. Just. Tried to bunnies weigh on. Racing started all fifteen games this is his twelfth game in right field. Bases empty two outs. And it fastball straightened him up one ball one strike. I nothing shocker his bottom of the third. Two on one account Janice that. First time in nine years since the shoppers have had. Three triples and a game. I fly ball left. Field. Johnson plating perfectly pretty much now goes over toward the gap in left center to make the catch. And the inning is over misspoke first time in ten years that shocker there. Three triples in one game he scored two more and at the end of three it's now Wichita State nine northern Colorado nothing. 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Hefner TV we not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest elections some real good entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our roots in which tough not just our branches. Joggers lords has brought to you by American family insurance CE agent John Green who bred woody or in valley center agent Tim dang. I just lead going into any week day mornings at nine right here on. Wichita State. As Chandler Sandburg what the first three. Or is it walk and six strikeouts for sand burned by it. A career high six any leads. With a nine to nothing lead now Connor along with its. Takes over for the show Packers and fellow right hander. Connor appearing for the fourth time. He has no record in any area at 736. Okay. So Q3 and four in the order for northern Colorado and B Evan Johnson started. Connor along with 65 right hander from mesa high school. It's out of the stretch with nobody on. In the first pitch of the fourth. His right through there but in one. Carlo where it's pitched a scoreless inning at LSU. I was on the eleventh. We're bit low. And that's Saturday game. That twelve the five shocker defeat he pitched the eighth inning. He's one of five shocker relievers to working now. Want want is lofted to right field over toward the line devastated. Drifting over there and makes the catch. And that is Josh to backer now right field. It's. So. The world bowl. If backers. He is. In right field and it's. Interesting substitution. Know something happened to Greece and generous though. And his day is over and the backers and right. And it's over but load to. Cole Maltese. All these flied to left this first time up. Here's the 10 pitch. Tapper foul. And it's one we want. Shocker with seven in the second. Added two more in the third to make it nine nothing. While it's. Second pitcher of the day for the shocker is. Delivers little bit outside. Northern Colorado gave up ten to BYU. In any loss in extra innings in the nine. He looked twelve to Nebraska. And a half swing and missed two and two. But beyond that they had kept everybody to. Eight or below San Francisco and Nebraska both got eighty against them Wichita State with nine threatening to set a season high. In runs scored against northern Colorado pitching. He outside three into. Well what's got the start opening weekend on Sunday the nineteenth of February if you tell ballot only lasted an inning and two thirds. And on the first of march against Almonte threw a scoreless inning in the charters. Eight to nothing win that day. This is stretched by long what's. And at 32 is a little low ball for. Maltese draws a one out walk that's the second watch walking issued by shocker pitching. Here's Jack Pauly. Polly grounded out to second his first time up there. And Pauly a dangerous hitter hitting 391 covenant. Here's a stretch by long what's. In the pitch. High end dinner Trout line with them talk. Tucker sports properties which does the athletic like to thank shocker ambassadors which does. I Wichita State's elite level corporate partners United Healthcare house shuan delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. If you're interest and advertising which got data political shocker sports properties at 316978. 7552. One of those account Pauly. And Allen hit pioneered a rise to backers back Heath got it. Wind didn't exactly help Pauly any. And that's two outs did fairly well not great but any other day to backer and at least retreat a little more. It. Brett manic with two outs and current first. Little early to tell but it would appear that. Connor long lets him get minutes here that he might end up getting another inning or two C. Nobody really stirring in the shocker pin acting like to get ready for the next inning. Will fly ball shallow right trouble toward the line and everybody JC nobody could get it. Jackson bold and the backer had too far Iran and the wind. Knocked it down before to back Ricky get there. So nothing in one Q Bret medic who's this account victim it first time up there. Nine nothing Wichita State were in the fourth. Here's a stretch like Connor loveless. And the 01. Here on the ground faring in between the Baghdad diving third baseman Boyer. And out toward the corner goes and around third holding there will be multi solid double. By Brett minute. To squeeze one between lawyers in the bag. And now bears have runners at second third and two outs. There. Phillips steps. Nick Canner now. Tanner a year ago second team all lack finished. At 327. He's been here. Slumping so far this year though only hitting 200. Takes a strike. Dinner strikeout victim is first time up there. Jenner is also one of the better pitchers a year ago we Ford one. Here's a stretch. Pinch. It on the ground and that is gonna make its way into right field for a base hit seeing high ground ball one run scores that's yet throws cut off after. Brett Munich is held at third. So little cat shot base hit by tanner to right field makes it nine to one. Work. How cori knocked it Cora who walked. His first time up there. Than nick tanner drugs in his fifth. And the bears are on the board runners at corners with two outs. It did not occur. Bounces away from Trout line in Iran's gonna score it's likely to be a passable. And outs nine Q. Waiting for the official scorer. And it will be a passed ball so ninth two. Run will be unearned. At the moment. One ball no strikes. Which try to get through the fourth inning here. And guys get the signing wants. Check on the road or the one up and bounces up there it's two balls no strikes. So northern Colorado is answered. The two shocker got in the third with two of their own here in the fourth. The Wichita State seven runs second still has them. Out in front comfortably nine to two years score. Popped up left side of the diamond should be playable for Boyer in foul ground looking for room he's got a and the inning is over so Cairo on woods gives up a couple on two hits he stranded one. They're new score now at the end of three and a half shocker is nine the bears do. Meet Davis Davis is from polish. South Dakota bill we took Davis from Pollack to fish for Pollock and in Alaska sure did this in wild card Polycom McDonald's filet of fish sandwich there were folks best waves and fish and some delicious filet fish sandwich list so you can. You could say Davis is one part lucky guy. Good morning thanks to us. Davis isn't the only lucky one now filet of fish is on the make that two for five menu so you compare with ten piece nuggets quarter pounder with cheese or even another filet of fish and I support this this may very limited time offer T store for details. 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And Billy Moreland. Came on at the final out of that second inning. And he delivers down and and it's one ball no strike. Give up two runs of his own in the third. A double and a triple. Ridder and Jackson highlighted that inning. Can on the ground right at the third baseman boy he's been playing on the line he's taken two hits away from shocker hitters. That one up the home. At Maltese takes care yeah. There the very first hitter of the game for the shot makers kept young one right near the bag and off that you think this is get a chance that. Good out of the corner but that's right where Maltese has been playing right on the line. There's Gunner Charles why one out of two. He had a second inning single. Billy Moreland comes debt and brings an end. When floats in their first strike a slider that catches the inside corner. No balls and one strike to Gunner Trout line. They're from the right side waiting on more like. Handled bouncer to third multitasking who's left a couple of steps in the throat verses in time. Do altitude down a couple of ground balls that their bases. Bases clear with two outs for date and do god. Do god has walked and singled. He's got to be feeling quite a bit better quarter run drove in one. RBIs for Diego was his sixth. And swings late fouls one back in Africa. Little bit toward. The and one to Dayton bases clear. Two outs in the shocker for. Low and outside. What we want. Soccer's about it bears nine to two. Down in almost did it. Peoples of the strike. Moreland like so many relievers nowadays working from the stretch with nobody on. And yet do go our way out front heading fishing. Two and two. Two balls two strikes throughout the shocker Ford here's a stretch. And Salinas and down goes duke got for the first time so one Q3 inning. Or Billy Moreland. In the fourth reopened three got nothing doing for the dockers. Or the fifth of its Wichita State nine. 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Cast your TV we believe your TV should be fun not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV watch Kathy this market. Living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as as. The fifth inning what you drive stayed out front nine to two after forcing us here next game injury ambling back our. In SS studios which doctors and northern Colorado for the first of Q and first of five on the week for Wichita State. Felt finished up this abbreviated homestand and abbreviated series of northern Colorado tomorrow at three here right here again. On cancer doesn't shocker hit the road again and go west. And go to Saint Louis today as well take on cal poly Friday night Saturday night Sunday afternoon. Alex keel to catch earlier and off. Facing Connor long woods first pitch he saw from Chandler Sandburg flied to right. And that's upstairs from underway here in the now the fifth. Alex keel. 250 hitter coming in with three runs then. And it's that one pretty well the left the do guys back there got measured now he's. Under makes the catch one away. Tokyo's flied to right and flied to left. Yeah we'll bring up Tyler Yamaguchi who. Bases empty one out Yamaguchi waiting on lung what's the pitch. Alan bins in their first strike slider. I did to Wichita State top of the fifth. And that's when MS. Same pitch and got Yamaguchi and throwing it down. I don't scoreboard update updated brought you buy dinner writhing in construction. Residential or commercial roofing inspection repair or replacement call 2022066. Or go to digger roughing dot com. Your home team throw. Well thrown on the outside ads didn't quite get all. It's wanting to. Whether as. I don't want out on at least a handful of games in the valley. And teams shocker will play later. One to its sky it's shallow center field. And it goes Vickers. And Mexico on the catch. Vickers takes care Yamaguchi and her to it. Bottom of the fifth Tennessee tech leading Illinois State one and nothing. Missouri State in Saint Louis have been postponed. So has southern Illinois and Arkansas State they've been postponed they were gonna try to play that one night. Field conditions. The culprit. Arkansas' state. Here's Steve Lofton. He swings and misses and long what's out in front of him nothing and want. Later on tonight Bradley is at Central Florida. Interesting nonconference game between the Braves in nights. Stretched by a long waits and pitched the loss in the upcoming. Little bit outside. Loss in the struck out twice. Both against amber. Futures shocker opponent and fellow Latin member. Sacramento state. Trailing Nevada 21 after one. Back through the middle Vickers got to get to a scoops it up throws and just in time out at first. Three up and three down by Conor language and or halfway through from Mack stadium. Scores shocker nine barriers to. 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It will be Isaac Brock and take over. For Billy Moreland. Bracken a two way player. And he's appeared in six games as any position player. And bracket appearing in just the second time. On the mound previous outing with three innings. Gave up five hits. And two earned runs. Bracken against Vickers. Q&A third turned in by Billy Moreland. We have three hits and two rounds. Hi pop up shallow right. Bully coming on and makes the. Yet so lazy fly ball the right off the bat Vickers he's done that twice now. Any one for three. In order. There comes Luke Ridder urge had a good day Finland double double. The often base of the wall left. VS three consecutive hits now dating back that LSU game. Takes upstairs from Isaac bracken one ball no strikes. Racquet a true freshman from Colorado. Six feet 180. Curve ball drops in there called strike. Ninety shocker just pitch another good breaking ball for a called strike. Wanna do. He Suzuki walked out in and a shifting around a little bit. Beyond the right field at the flag is anyway strike three call by. Home plate umpire given rain hearings that boot record and take that off we shall it sequence by Isaac racquet. The wind was flawed and pretty much directly from right field and it just kind of over toward the right field corner. And now not so much at all. For the most part the sun has come out there swing and fell back. Alex Jackson down the count on one it was partly cloudy with a game started now it's pretty much. Sunny with only a few high clouds and clouds off in the the horizon and included in the distance so. Kind of in the clear it looks like. One ball in one strike two Alex Jackson tomorrow's supposed to be even better especially. As temperature goes hopefully getting into the fifties. Let up is up. And student want. Wichita State chased the starter Ian Lama. Lasted only five outs. And now back and I applied. Keep the rest of the game obviously feared head coach Todd Butler is. To keep it up not just settle for the nine he got the first three innings. Where most days that figures to be enough. But you can't get satisfied if your position player and Jackson's swings and misses and high fastball. And bracken worked that very fast and easy. 1235. Inning. So five innings in the books will go to the sex shocker is nine the mayor stick. Whether you need a full suite of kitchen appliances are just need to replace an old dishwasher washer or dryer listens appliance we'll get you go right product at the right price Litton carries trusted names like kitchen aid Maytag and whirlpool that are committed to strengthening America and helping families thrive take advantage of factory rebates and huge foreseeable discounts while they last purchase a qualifying kitchen a dishwasher and dispose there and get them installed at no charge stop violence appliance conveniently located at 123 self hillside for all the details. And the place. There's no place else like. Chairs around. We're on the team remembers get passed around like little ice cream it's bacon and eggs and I'm going along with the laughter. Pet shelter insurance we don't just insure your home we insure all the memory is listens only to ask your agent for details shelter insurance weird shield. We're here shelter. For homeowners insurance he Trevor Harrison on June or at and they fell in Wichita. George story from coast to coast AM join me week knights right here I'm Kia and SS. Shocker get. Handlers and burn they get to from Conor along with. And now Matt Whelan. Pitching his second game. His rich are richer sophomore season. 6:6 PM highlands ranch route now. Went eight scoreless inning with a pair of strikeouts in his only other outing. Against Omar back on the first. The whale it'll get to three and four in the order. Here's the bears' six. Whalen. Of dollar Christian high school. Came to Wichita State Richard. And went to Cisco college in Texas last year. And so he is back for his second stint. On the campus. England's first pick they don't hide strike. Until all of. Sam burn along with us now Whelan shocker lead ninth two. Sprayed foul by Kevin Johnson who's. Hitless in two trips. Okay. It. Whelan way ahead in the count nothing in two Johnson and struck out looking and flied to right. All the way back does screens straightening up with a fastball. Does one bullets he strikes same two teams here tomorrow. And then when this doctors. Get back from the road. And old load up with a bunch of home games it's. Been awhile since we've had. Many in succession. We just too weird in the go back and play for on the road you know when balances and the left hand batter's box to it too. March 22. You midweek battle with Sacramento state. And then big weekend series against nationally ranked Texas Tech. All the way back to the screen announced oriented so Whalen threw two good strikes. Annie came within an eyelash at the on the next three to the backstop to did make. Three and two bases empty nobody out in the sixth. And when poke to right field starting back in now coming on is the backer he can't get it. And it diving effort by Alex Jackson. As well complicated thing so little fly ball double that this miss read off the bat by Josh to backer. And a false step costing just enough with. Rule. And the wind. Which is picked up again that didn't help him either it's now blowing in from right field again so all those factors. Worked against backer. And Johnson pulled into second base. When he's fifth double of the year. Now here's coal Maltese. Small pieces flied to left and walked. Rendered second. What nobody out. And one ball no strikes. Map Whalen. They shoot the three older coal Maltese. Three and it's got one past him what I want. Matt Whalen last year Cisco appeared in ten games. Struck out thirty and 23 innings. On the heels is Richard Gere here Wichita State. Hit back through the middle that's best kickers in the center field for a base hit and they're gonna stop the runner at third. And run it the throw comes into the diamond on single Bible piece of first and third. And northern Colorado. Got a little something cooking here in the sixth. How big strong left hand batter Jack Pauly. Mention call up Paulie. In the is. First season at northern Colorado. Leads the team an average and RBIs. Against North Dakota State hit 538. Was a lack theater of the week. We won delivers high one ball no strikes. Yet three extra base hits and a pair of home runs and drove in seven. Against the buys it. And now here comes Mike Steele that's gonna do it for map Whalen. So two batters in one pitch to Jack Pauly. And Whalen will be replaced by Tyler Jones. So we have. Kevin Johnson down nothing and to. And then through a series of wild ones. And it'll flare to right field. Fell between Jackson. And did backer. For a little pop fly double the Maltese rolled through the middle frame it. And that's gonna do it format Whalen millions of facing two batters. Tyler Jones. And try to come to the rescue here with few lawn and nobody out. Runners at the corners. For Tyler Jones Jones still appear for the fourth time. Spanning his. Previous three outings and an inning and from there. Two hits or runs no walks and strikeouts though. Jones has just been used for a few time for a few hitters at a time that is. Any and Harrison. Runners at the corners. He retired one man at Louisiana Tech gave a big hit Iran. Retired the only Manny faced against Omaha and pitched a scoreless inning against green canyon. Starlet Jones becomes the fourth pitcher of the day for Wichita State's ninety teach doctors. Northern Colorado trying to make it interesting here in the top of the sixth. Pop fly double and a single. And now Jack Pauli Pauli it against. Chandler sand burn. Grounded to second. And then kind of along with guiding them. Slider right. Yeah and Paul a dangerous left hand hitter. 64 Q twenty. I don't know Overland Park, Kansas by way of western Nebraska. Community college. So very go runners at first and third. Jones appearing for the 44 time in his career. Last year exclusively a reliever all 27 of his appearances came out of the bullpen. He leaned then for the sign. With Johnson at third Maltese at first. First pitch at all. Tap on the ground just fast. Went out over the plate hooked one foul basket that. I. Walls and one strike at Pauley. For a guy that's a big power hitter doesn't strike out all that much only. Eleven times in 66 at bats. Annie gets one foul back and out of play it's nothing intrusive jones'. Got him to roll over long. And then a fastball away that Pauly just pulled down fouled. The left side. Okay. Nothing in two. He's strikeout right here. Pitch. Popping up. Left field playable Purdue guy we'll see if it's deep enough feet. It's behind it comes in the runner tags throw is going to be cut off and his sacrifice fly by Paul so. Fly ball to medium depth left field and the throw coming in was cut off there's Johnson runs well enough that he was able to be so there. It's down nine to three but there's a 101 one out for Brett minute. Medicaid double and two trips. The equality with the RBI his eighteenth. And stones ahead of him nothing into it right at. Nick has his season average above the 300 mark talents he takes strike on the outside corner. Make at the moment 306. Today shocker that the better of it they've got hit the bears nine to four. Along. The way low and outside all the way back to the screen for awhile pitch. So there goes the double play on it while it's like Tyler Jones. So it scoring position goes Maltese. And then edit the run is the responsibility of mount Whalen. Jones will try to strand him there. 93 Wichita State we are in the sixth. Shocker led nine nothing after three. Jones once. Got our current want to go through science again now I get to sign anyone's. 11. When outside. Dual. The wrap up this brief heated series tomorrow at 3 o'clock Tommy barn house. Scheduled starter for Wichita State the bears have not dissipated. He's gonna pitch. Swing and has got one past the ninety miles an our. To do. Two balls two strikes one out runner out at second base cool Maltese. It depicts and the right corner. That fits my Tyler Jones. Annie rings a minute for the second time. God. We'll be up to nick ten earth. Northern Colorado wants to attack on here in the 61 run home in the inning it's charged him out Whalen. Jones trying to leave another runner out at second. Jones come set scanner at their left side any golf one panel in on me. Pulled down past the shocker dug out. It. Dinner and RBIs base hit in the war. Came at a struggling hitter at. They hit got in just 216. Is. Fine player a year off to a slow start this year. Alone as well thrown down around beneath them into. It tanner is a senior from. Foothill ranch California. I have to battle here he's way behind in the count of the into it. Mentioned it to wait what are your go through 53 innings. For the bears on the mound. And Jones Vincent Chase's runner back to second base. Now they get to two outs runner at second base. Jones comes set. Interject in Iraq the pitch. Popping up left side now ground. And Boyer has proven makes the catch just in front of the barrier it stayed in a nice job by border not to overrun it. And so northern Colorado gets one they stream and one in scoring position nice job by Kelly Jones. As he retired everybody that he faith so go to the bottom of the sixth or scores now at Utah State nine. Northern Colorado three. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball at a rapid overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for Oakland. Need a place to watch the big game. This place is jerseys grill and bar in Wichita with dirty television is no matter where you sit. If you have the best seat in the house located off highway K 96 and Webb road jerseys offers daily specials and a dozen Beers contest enemy featuring everything from pizza to prime rib jerseys is proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shoppers and no matter where they shot his way home or away you can watch image jerseys grill and our jerseys grill bar off highway K 96 and Webb wrote in Wichita. This is Michael's. Join me weeknight an eight on AM. Wichita State content from the northern Colorado. Nine to three glad you joined us here on. KM SS in handling that studio machine in this here at the ballpark in Wichita. (%expletive) with a a seven run second and really been the difference in this one. Jordan boy you will lead it off and I think racquet any roles on the left side in the left field for a base hit. Jordan Moyer has had three productive at bats RBI single runs scored a sacrifice fly to center. And now lead off base that the left. I think bracken threw a perfect fifth inning but warrior greets him with a base hit. And I here's Travis young. Yeah on the Oprah too was hit by pitch in at seven run second. Brackins first pitch to him is something soft to stay up. On ball no strikes. Young had single hits. In games against Oklahoma in the first two against LAQ. But now though for his last seven. And it takes a little low. So young at the moment hitting 245. Around he scored in the second. Was his eleventh. Lying fouled on the third baseline whereas at best swing of the day. Is done for a. So ball Vickers a young a ball scored here today and because of all that they all remained tied for the team lead in runs scored hill came in here and they'll have one more. Recent Genesis quarter run before he exited they got him to tan. Go to first and dialing back his border. Night runs ten hits no where's Wichita State 34 and hope for the Bayer's. Stretch by I think Brackett another throw to first and boy or little flat footed but got back in there with a headfirst dive. So they son has. Been prevalent for most of this game after the clouds broke up but kept you never really. Got quite as far as who wanted to 41 of the moment swing and found that. But does saving grace has been a the wind which can be absolutely brutal. This time of the year. Has been fairly mild. The American flag barely moved. Others throw to first in Boyer. Is about the limits of his least as far as he can get off their luggage picked. Her first. Nobody out for young the pitch is. Upcoming here it is. Swing and MS and Downey goes. Young is over three years wanna. Here's Josh good backer getting its first plate appearance. Replaced Grayson jealous that you ended up one for three with a two run triple. NN. Thinking back to his final at bat in the third Genesis which he ultimately fly to left he also tried to block for you hit. Shocker that nine to nothing so factor that in. Another throw the first in this when misguided and feet in the first baseman dug up by many. So Josh you backer getting his first play to parenting to 67. Eight for thirty with six runs batted him. Swing and miss. It straight changeup. Backer. Redshirt sophomore from Lee's summit. 286 a year ago and 63 at bats. Account nothing in one's got Boyer first. And it's one off the end of the bat right behind Brian walker fouled it's nothing and do. The two pitches out away from me wanna swing and miss that one. A little square over off the end of the bat. Shocker seven runs in the second. Two in the third. The bears with two in the fourth. And one in the sixth. Fly ball shallow left Johnson was shallow anyway makes the catch. Inept come on very far now the shocker after leadoff single. Have really done much to set the ballot bowl put it. Okay. Alec ball I hit in three trips. RBIs base hit Iran's coordinates second. Off speed pitch waved at a mess pica over hand curve ball. Now that you want to Alec Baldwin that are BI he would now has any mention with the run that he scored. Stay even with Vickers and young. For the team lead in runs. Bouncing ball that shortstop Yamaguchi the shore up throws on the run and the inning is over shock regularly off single. But that it at the end of six it still shocker nine Bayer's three. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes up. Because no regard for human life it is tax at all. Sometimes you. The most can. Can service. Drinks. And it's time we will start. To drink. You drive. You are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls sabres needed to ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to shower they have to pay any different believes that he can you promise better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something scanning can blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Charters stork has brought do you buy American family insurance CE agents and G Valentine Ryan woods dusty selves for involving Asian Kirk Farber. On the other great Americans join me. Health your second inning of work here in the top of the seventh inning lower third of the order. For northern Colorado soccer's nine runs ten hits no errors there's three runs four hits and no lawyers. Shocker trying to get to nine in six and eight and oh. Here at home. They have. The tenth longest. Home winning streak in the country. They've won eight in a row. Overall better. Pocket current keel and Yamaguchi do appear in the seventh inning. Tyler Jones faced all retired all three that he faced in the sixth and here regarding the 793. Charters. Not good number it's all for one will walk any bounces one passed a shocker dugout fouls nothing in one. Northern Colorado. Will act. It's an eight. May it each of the last two years to the conference tournament that is held in. Mesa, Arizona. Of one. Over at the knees nothing into. Last year the bears went eleven and twelve in the league. That was good enough for the C. Twelve and fourteen. The year before that Allen's book Fallon still nothing and to. Twelve and fourteen and a lack of 2015. Minute that they were the sixth seed. In Atlanta turned it. Nobody on nobody out in the seventh. Nothing in Q did not pick for a. Northern Colorado coming in it. Eight and nine this year. Jones though to. Low. Each of the last two years they only won sixteen games clarity halfway there this year. In his stretch by Jones one to. Will have to swing went too far blocked the dirt Trout line throws it down first and out there's strikeout in court not pick her up that's. Tyler Jones second the eight. I shocked the pitching today. First by someone other than Chandler Sandler. Standard struck out a career high six. Now the catcher Alex kilos flied out to each corner outfielder. Jones first pitch is low one ball no strikes. Joggers will go Tommy barn house tomorrow we will start. On the mound for the shoppers can be his first start. Of his career he's normally earlier. Outside load two balls no strikes. Northern Colorado undecided on who will start for them tomorrow. Conference season starts next week for the bears. That bill. Entertain Sacramento state. Over that low of three and Odom Alex keel. Soccer's have to wait awhile before they. Open up the valley. Three nonconference weekends in a row. And that's lawn outside before southern Illinois comes down four pitch walk to keep. There. There. Shocker to go to cal Paulie this weekend. Northern Colorado at Sacramento state. Then they'll go to Grand Canyon teams shocker swept. That weekend. Texas Tech will be here. And end. Northern Colorado go to Seattle when the operate though comes here's a label. Be knee deep in their conference season for the shocker even start there. And their first strike nothing in Wanda. Tyler Yamaguchi. Yamaguchi struck out and popped out to shortstop. Nine to three Wichita State top of the seventh. Low and outside. What does one. Clayton Maginnis another right hander loosening in the shocker pin. Sandberg with the first three was really really good. And Connor along with switch to. Matt Wayland based two batters and Jones whose. Got the last four out. And hard sliders sheet there Carter. And want to. Okay. Jagr got seven runs and seven hits in the second inning. And kind of quiet since then I got. Two more in the third. One to swing at him as he struck him out didn't mean to do that the Yamaguchi went too far hard cutter. And she strike outs in the inning. Tyler god. Oh Wichita State the last three innings. Has been set down in order twice and only. Fit for the plate in the sixth and they've been. Fairly quiet and analytics offensively anyway. Here's loss and he's over three. And he takes low and outside. Mentioned northern Colorado swept the double header against. Omaha before they came here. Winning nine to 473. Before. The weather got bad enough. It's gonna miss my Lawson won one. One of those gains against northern Colorado they have sixteen hits all of them singles. Yeah. And they are. Currently two and two on their road trip getting close to two and three. On an N two and one for the play one more than. Call good on its six game road trip. Lost twice at University of Nebraska and then. The old on a double header. Prior first two outs in the top of the seventh shocker that nine to three. Minor league leading away first not a big lead there's a strike in their taken by Lawson and a little frustrated he didn't pull the trigger on balance to what do. Jones steps off for a moment. Now Preston's natively starting get loose and soccer's is Maginnis it now. 22 pitch. Tapper to third and it fell behind the bag. Heading reaching an all. Dean Lawson can do is just. Come over the top of it roll over toward third. Trickled foul. Dean Lawson home runs and two runs batted in. Hole for three today and. Now has its average just 229. I was trying to put it all right. Final out of seven. Does with a called strike three fastball ninety on the outer part of the plate. Tyler Jones strikes out the side. And it stretched I'm here next stadium bush gore Wichita State nine northern Colorado three. This is what it sounds like when truck I shot but other dealerships of our great war. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor Baxter and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. This is Stevens and join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. New kids in the northern Colorado's shocker and the bat in the bottom of the seventh that they left hander. And carver hate. Appearing for the fifth I'm all out of the bullpen six innings five hits four runs and walks in those six innings slight doubts though. A lot of late actor's. With carver paid out there where nothing happens Walker's strikeout. Pate 6215. Spokane Washington. And your sophomore spent time at Columbia basin community college. And not a bad first name for a pitcher Korver. If it Charl wine do gun Vickers. Here in the bottom of the seventh inning. Stated after the game we'll have the probe deep low post game show for you have the game recap. A star of the game Mark Critz beat green play of the game and take one last look at the scoreboard go over the final totals. Of this one once it's over at Home Depot. Let's game show. Better try one and one for three. He went one for two in the second inning alone. Flied out grounded out. Pay slings and there and delivers low. One ball no strikes. Carver pay no record or saves in any area of six. 10. Change up his lol hi to. Shocker knocked out the starter Kynan DelHomme in the second inning. Touched him for six's seven hits that they got in all seven runs were charged him. In sided Trout line three you know. Their pitching has walked just one today. Shocker pitching is. Walked just three. Hats and there. Guided one in there 823. And want. The Trout line at duke and rigor pebble. At least shown signs of coming out long slumps we've all gotten hit today. Swing and a miss by trot lines three inches. Dayton do got one for two walk. Lou greater two for three with a run scored and RBIs. Three Q pitch. Panel that came at him again. How would do over again through to bottom of the seventh inning shocker nine northern Colorado three. Which he does stated thrown for pitchers today. This is the fourth bear pitcher. High ball for leadoff walk issued to. Got her trial on. The Carolina base on balls. Here's Dayton the guy. Do was. The recipient of the base on balls his first time up there and he started America around in the second. There was one out. When Dukakis in my injury to walk. From Keenan loan. And breaking ball swung on and there's nothing in one. Vickers and tripled him in greater singled in Vickers. Fielder's choice and a stolen base. By Jackson and boy are not kinmen. And then Janice that drove into the triple two batters later. One ball one strike they can do ya. Alex Jackson and Jordan border with RBIs in there dating shocker Rauf the racism is nine enough. Herbal spank in right field that is gonna get by the right fielder again all is turn this when an extra bases. Around second on his way to thirty you gotta get a horse Trout line to go to third and that's gonna getting caught in a rundown. Duke got basically ran over. Gutter Trout line and challenges tagged out. There's really nothing left for. Brian walker to do anything like duke. Basically trying to catch up to governor try outline and throw outlines stopped about a third of the way home. Continent rundown. So. So much for that and didn't immediately turn and go around still might but. Jack always happening and adventure right field. That double for duke got 942. The plate the plate. And here's Vickers. No one outside one ball no strikes. Well Brian walker did. What he could. And what he should and that is wave Trout line until he saw the relay throw into the middle infielder once he did it put on the stop side that went upstairs to Vickers. Problem as. Dayton dude I was three quarters the way to third base and he was pretty much right behind. Governor trolley line because of low sinking liner to Pauly that. Trout line wasn't sure whether it be caught or not then do God's way faster than Trout line. That combination. Spelled doom for the shocker from the base to basically do. Ran up on Trout line. And Trout lines back up no man's land. Do on the county trade Vickers. Can I give the shocker to run anyway with. One out in the inning infield back. And now it's three and want. Those doctors can still turn this into a decent innings but they should be runners at second and third nobody out. Vickers his slider right twice and tripled to right so he's. Picked on Paulie the right field. Curve ball drops in. Poll strike to. 321 out. Do god third base. And now the infield got a comment on this 32 pitch. Everybody jogging in even with a base paths. Popped up fouled out of play we'll do it again. One singled out to two people want to say one single solitary soul sitting in the right field bleachers. With. His kick out of any foul ball ends up there but there's one gentleman down the far end. So they kind of got a split in half. Fireball right field again this when shallow Pauly coming on still coming on makes the catch. Tagging is the god he'll stop halfway home. And head back to third wise decision because Pauly. Threw a dart to the plate. I. Finale shocker is needed two out base hit there wanna. Score in this what Luke Ridder institute for three might be the guy. To do the trick. That he did play. That two outs that are honored third. The lefty pay delivers high. Ritter was an over eighteen skid then. Got a base hit that LSU and then its first two at bats here today get a single a double. And takes curveball that stayed up this little high tuna. The raiders raise his average from forty point here today. And it takes a little bit low two out RBIs situation here but. He's way ahead in the count three now. Do god down the line at third stretched by carver paint in the pitch. 330. Curve ball dropped in there. Interesting it's election. Turnout. To be called strike three in law. And feed reader even further did exactly just lay one in there. 31 spank back through the Villa they fit Ridder picked on at 31 curve ball and bring Hindu god it's not in the theory. Little critter has it three hit game. Annie's dividend to. Annie picked that date and do down in a way I gravity man with few bouts. How Alex Jackson. Soccer's about it there's twelve the war. When badly needed day not only for. Do got the plate but Ritter to. One ball no strikes down like Jackson won for three. Left hander against left hander this stretch and pay to pitch one anonymous. Freshman Alex Jackson getting the start at second base today. And infielder. When he came here but shocker coaching staff felt like he could be athletic and have to play the outfield that when tiny multi swung and missed. One and two. So he's made seven star eight starts now four and senator to as a DH. And to a second. Down in the count one and two with. Luke greater first. And little Fuzzy ground ball was second base and not be easy for loss and Jackson's out. But the shocker and on one run on two hits shocker left one. Saturday scores we had the eighth inning it's which it does stay ten northern Colorado three. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all chasing one ball and arrested overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United Healthcare. Services not available for all went. Midwest Kiet is Wichita certified low price leader right now get your pick of new 2016 optimists 30% off MS RP your pick up when he sixteen soles 20% off MS RP and your pick up new twice sixteen surrounds those 25%. Off MS RP at midwest Kia on the G a quarter of Kellogg and Tyler stop number 255045616. NT 563 point four months when it's always been supplied with qualified credit. Shocker stork has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent Tim day. Let back into any weekday mornings at nine right here on. Shocker to turn things over to Preston's natively. A freshman righthander from Fort Collins, Colorado. It's a B is sixth appearance. In three of its previous ones these. Had a scoreless outing. Overall he's given up four runs. It to a third innings. It'll be. They've leave facing. 23 and four. In the order. Two outings pretty much directing the RA that's in the last two. He's given up two runs. To Louisiana Tech can runs they'll let you so for all together totaling just one inning. These strand of. Put up a clean inning here in the eighth inning. The faces Evan Johnson. Cold Walt decent Jack Pauly. And it's over the plate below one ball no strikes. Sandburg lung where it's Wayland Jones announced natively. 10 pitches outside it's too and. Preston's natively coming out of high school. Deemed to be the number seven right hand pitcher in the state. And that's a little bit low three and out. Christensen a pleased to announce. Immediately fallen behind Kevin Johnson Johnson one for three it'll soft double. To right field his first that is last time up I should say and they've drawn a four pitch walk. So Preston's namely. Hey that's cool blocked Johnson on four pitches now cold Maltese. Whose one out too little walk. Outlined in the home have a quick word with their freshman. On the mound. Chuck eventually join us every Monday night for the top Butler coaches show that at age eight fortune guilty Alley thirteenth in green which road broadcasting live. Can SS 97 and thirteen thirty. And that's five in a row out of the zone one notable piece. Ten to three shocker is eighth inning. Namely try to guide one of the strike down here. That's right in there fastball at 88. One ball one strike. Her lead the way at first I wanna go on and on line to right field a base hit off the bat. Cole Maltese. Station to station goes Johnson. So too long nobody out and I'll bring Jack Paula. It. Pauley with a sacrifice fly his previous time out there. He's also grounded to second flied to right. We told you at the outset Paul is a dangerous hitter came in hitting. 391. Some 63 points higher than anybody else on the team. Two on nobody out. Paulie takes a little low and inside. One ball no strikes. Johnson at second Maltese that first. Only waiting at the plate. They believe wanna. All tapper back to the mound down to second out there throat of thirst not in time Paulie got a line in good shape. And. Trade Vickers got dumped at shortstop so. Stately with a good feet down and second base to get forced out over there goes Johnson. So our editors at the corners and now. Brett mimic the first baseman. Annika has struck out twice. And sandwiched in between there doubled and scored. Sneaky first pitch. Analysts polled Fallon into the dugout I think in one I don't know if that it too. Within. Six inches of the strike some balance right at minute and he turned on it bounces right and is zoned area. So no balls and one strike. So ably looking for ground ball. Straight to call. Into. The only hiccup today for the shocker pitching staff was. Matt Whalen. Did not retire either they batters he faced. And he jumped ahead of Kevin Johnson nothing and two and then. Lost the strike zone for a little bit then gave up a fly ball double. Outside. From stately wanted to and then. Call Maltese grounded a base hit in the left. To make it first and third. And Tyler Jones was summoned to you know have given up a sacrifice fly the that was it. Anybody else throw the ball. Pretty darn well. They least want to. Popped up fouls we'll do it again. So pragmatic. Here one of ten strikeout victims I guess you think that he struck out lives and losses struck out three times. Yamaguchi is also gone down twice. So the charges against them strikeouts in bunches from. Individual guys. Now once lined into right center field that's gonna drop for a base hit or to cut off these young and he'll hold. Nick to a single as. Jack Pauly goes over to third. And overruns scores. On a single in the gap in right center field by Brett mitnick. So waged on the shocker safer that. Seven runs second each not a shocker of added one. Northern Colorado is answered back. And shocker to go to the bullpen that can't are left hand batter coming and so. Lefthander Reagan beat cooler will. Pitch to him. Well there's not going all right Todd Butler said they. Can't come in with a pretty good offensive reputation a lot of Power One home runs per game. And slugging for nineteen as a team. They've shown. Resiliency here today. It. Nick Kantor who's one for three will face. Senior left hander. Reagan beat cooler. Preston's neighborly goes back third of an inning. Gave up two hits walked demand. Has given up one run so far. Be clear call to put out the fire. Reagan big cooler on the season his final one. At Wichita State he won 23 ERA in seven of the third innings. B pillar. Closing in on. The all time appearance list of Wichita State. He now just needs two more appearances. To move into a tie for 24. He is. Six scoreless appearances out of its previous. And he's got only a third base rent many converged. One out one home here in the eighth to ten to four shocker league. They've been in command since a seven run second. Beat cooler when a scoreless inning on Sunday. It's basically. The big boys at the back in the bullpen. Couldn't get in those Friday or Saturday games against LA cues that help it. In the finale on Sunday be clear. Went scoreless innings struck out one landed only feel the same. It Hecht got it for an inning as well so. Wichita State could get out in front of LAQ or even stay even with them. In the mid to late innings he uses three guys at the back in the bullpen. Speaker will be called on. Here today with runners at the corners. Okay. So mitnick is going to be pinch hit poor and Jake will bless. We'll hit four. You knew right hand better. Who is one for one. This season. And people are delivers down and end. One ball no strikes tend to form. Doctors. On in front but the bears have too long and wanna. To make all blew us. That's outside to ago. Truckers of that seven game homestand to start the season were distant lights out out of the bullpen. They had an ERA as a group of under one. In those seven games. Little bit more human today swing and miss on his hands. Came off the bat mobile is trying to give 121 street two balls and one strike. Almost a freshman from Gunther Texas. Seeks to right hand manner. Down and in three and a lot. Not occur they left him battered due up next the patent happy a right hand matter. Has emerged. From the dugout and he would hit for knock occur. Three and one of the camp. Popped up Powell and out of play. Those. Reagan beat colored this gap poured one in their city here hit in. Will blues fouled it back. Jake old books one for one on the year it was a double. People are looking for a ground ball had an infield. Three into. Pitch. This way and as he went too far breaking ball Downey goats or that. Strike out of the pinch hitter bold looks and here comes another one. In patent Tapia. Patent Althea. Eight for 33. Also listed. I'd lifted as a catcher. Alex keel got to start. Behind the plate today so happy yeah. Hitting four or not occur. Payton from Fort Collins. Off speed pitches low one ball no strikes. Because got a strikeout for the second out of the inning. Happier on a year eight hits three of them doubles he has also homered so. Half of these eight hits and gone for extra bases. Side armed fastballs low. And it's Juno. And for Wichita State top of the eight. First of two with the bears in northern Colorado when drifting in from right field chilly afternoon. Hold back key granting. It's 21. So again tomorrow at 3 o'clock we'll wrap up this abbreviated series. Tommy bought a house for the shoppers. TBA for the bears. Looking for a time 53 tomorrow we. Barely made it to forty today. Do want to tap via outside three and one silly. Really count to three and one against a low blows detention hearing came back striking now. And he's now fallen behind cannot be. So far this season Reagan's only walked two. In now seven and two thirds innings. 31. The pitch. Little bit low and inside ball for their load. It to tell Theo walks. And now Alex keel. Kilos over to he walked. Jones walked him with one out in the seventh. Two walks here in this inning one vice neighborly and won now by. Reagan beat. The bears didn't really make things interesting with a extra base hit here. Packers still in front ten to four bit. A base knock wood. Certainly change the tenor of this one. Swing and MS changeup. He'll fly to right fly to left. And that walk in the seventh. Doctors about it the bears twelve to six. They really got some breathing room at seven in the second. 01 to keel. Little bit inside. The third drop down. Through a side arm fastball. Home plate umpire didn't think it was a strike. Kevin Greene said. Not quite. One all of. Okay. Outside two and one. So to this point Reagan beat putters. Pentagon back and forth with the command. Fell behind oh bliss to pinch hitter came back together and then walked out via he's looking for a one more good pitch game now the eighth. Okay. Mo old all three. Third consecutive three ball count that Reagan the colors gone to. Three balls one strike big clearly any infamous sign. It gets to make here Alex heels in the driver's. 31 pitch. Right down the middle three and two at. Might be one keel. In that regretting not packet. Oriented. Now. Other owners will be off for the dredge Pauly a third make it second happy at first. From the stretch big cooler to the plate there they go any foul that snack we'll do it again. He was right on that pitch fouled it back to the net. Writers retreat to their bases Paula back to third. Mic to second now doubt be a leading off first. Right handed swinging Alex keel. Waiting at the plate. Here's the full count pitch. Curve ball big no no it didn't hand ball for low and inside. The vehicle or through the curve ball. And it missed down in Gil started this morning but held up. And now. Big colors walked in Iran. And here comes might steal some outs candidate five. And Clayton Maginnis is gonna come in turn at its final out of the eighth. So big cooler credited with a third of an inning but ends up walking two and struck out the other. The it's an hires Maginnis. Late Maginnis on for the seventh time this year. Another one of those guys that. Most of the time has been effective. Coming out of the bullpen this year. But. Basically two. Outings have. May is ERA pretty ugly he's only thrown two and a third innings in his previous. Five outings and he's just been. Couple outs at a time kind of guy and he just. Needing the one out here in this inning but the bases loaded. Maginnis is 61. 180 pound righthander. Two games against Louisiana Tech basically. Have done in his yard. It's Utah valley twice and can't once in LA if you want to put up scoreless outing. But in a grand total of two thirds of an inning gave up four runs. Down in Reston. So inherited bases loaded situation with minicamp third happy at second he'll first. And Tyler Yamaguchi. The scheduled there. On the day today Yamaguchi is over three with a pair of strikeouts. Coming into the day he was eight to eighty hitter. Those see what gives here. The bases loaded and up. Now the good TV eight demanded that in the inning. I Oguchi. 59160. From Honolulu. McGuinness delivers. Right down the middle it's a good start yet. I think it alone. Soccer's lead it ten to five. But the tying run is all of a sudden in the on deck circle. You can believe that. Along. Strike to call nothing into. So Clayton Maginnis has come out breathing fire. On the year Yamaguchi does have a home run. Now Clayton is way ahead in the count nothing into. Stretch but again it's you know two. And fifty struck him Johnny makes quick work of Yamaguchi. And save the day for which it state having the bases loaded Clayton Maginnis. Strikes out Yamaguchi but the bottom of the soccer league and aspire. 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Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. This is Lil boy he tech guy don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoons it's too fun KLSX. Brett headache has taken over on the mound that's. That has. Brought about a few changes defensively. Now playing first base is patent happy. Who pinch hit in the last thing mic from first record goes to the mound. And Alex keel. He is now in left field Utley. And Sam Leach's planes sinner. So the Colorado. With a position player. Going to pitch. Has moved some people around. He'll laugh. Leach and center. And tap the plane first snakes. Jordan's lawyer to green manic its bottom of the day is not over yet folks can't define Wichita State. They've been hanging on to a lead ever since the third inning. And I know. Certainly comfortable after three in 92 after four. Nine to three after six Boyer takes its like many. And a shocker made it ten to three after seven but. Two more by the bears and ate them got them within shouting distance. Down and and one and one. Meniscus pitch one other time this year are the site three other times this year he's older one. With one save. To a third. Two kids one run one walk no strikeouts. Sinker down and in 85 it's two balls. And one strike. Employers had a good day to attitude. Pairs singles of the sacrifice fly. 21 grounded the left side that can make Yamaguchi long throw to make any made. Nice play. Boyer robbed of the hit. Yamaguchi to his backhand. We'll go back to the top of the order Travis young young over three. Was hit by pitch that second inning. Everybody except for Trout line scored a run. I'm sorry Carol wind and Ritter's quarter run in the second. Went outside to him one ball no strikes. Yeah on this twice grounded out and also has struck out. So Brett minute. Working the eighth. Sneaks went on the inside edge on that one. He becomes the fifth pitcher. Carver pay. Went to seven. I think bracken went the fifth in the six. On the ground and through the third baseman and trickled into left field. And be a base hit or Travis young. As coal Maltese was playing in close try to short hop that news came up empty. I a big part missed they got. Assess Maltese with a hair some. And now. Josh to backer. You backer flied to left. That's his only plate appearance the came on in the fourth inning play defense for Afghanistan. Outside one ball no strikes. So Brett mitnick. At the plate today. Went two for four and now he's gonna try to close out the shocker here in the eighth. And a five Wichita State. And quick throw to first. Minutes from castle rock Colorado. 62 Q ten. Yeah yelled at first you can really run and one out. Not going and a little low. Do well. Young as three steals this year. He stole six last year. He's nine for eleven. In a shocker career. 20 there he goes to pitches inside to throw down is on the first base side of the bag and safe. Or steal. By Travis young. So shocker second. Bagger of the day and they announced like twelve and sixteen tries. On the season. Other insurance run out there at second base. One out. Backer in bowl left driving in. And that's over the global four. I think. It was to go on the pitch that. Was down and AM. And that was the one that young went on. And that was a ball. And I think Kevin rays lost track of the count and now yes he will allow. The backer to go down to first. So walk. Makes it two on and one out and here's ballot bowl moment singled and fortress. It's. We'll all the. Bowl with a runner first and second. First pitch doing. It is a little high I guess one ball no strikes. 105 which it does stay bottom of the eighth. Two on one out. Mick. The one no big. Lawn outside its sales away do you know. And now. Speech that pitching coach will make a long slow walk out to the mound. The left hander listening in the bears bullpen. But when they. Mid count situation here you don't often see. And replacement but. Sometimes you. Like this just to make this visit though for. Our peace peace. Karl he was sake. Virtually from the beginning. They both got here 2011. Speeds. In the summer of 2011 so he's been there all one man. He's gonna jog back from the dugout and let me try to finish. So to lawn. And one out. To an old account to college ball. Shocker leading ten to five trying to add on some insurance here in the day. Mic check of the third second the pitch will be low and inside made bone skip rope three and out. Gutter Trout line waiting to hit next. Joining us getting here tomorrow T thirty for the pregame show at 3 o'clock first pitch shocker mayors rapidly to gamer. Shocker to go out on the road again in northern Colorado goes home. Over at the need for a called strike three and one. Young out at second base started and stopped. The shocker is put anything on here three and one. At least put the runners in motion. Not going and a ones hit the air right field Paulie back there and it curls back to him. Young tags that second will go to third. The bowl now one for five. And that insurance. Run as ninety feet away now we're gonna count one. Okay. Don't wind has singled in three trips and also drawn a walk. Northern Colorado in the top of the ninth let the top of the order. You will be down at least five. First pinch hits him. And now they're loaded. Carol line still the statute yet plunked. And that pushes. The backers now the second day. So now date ended up. With the bases loaded. God. You guys been on their three times today scored twice. And now on the bases full of shoppers which dusty can get those two bet that they gave up in the top peninsula. Medic with shocker and every base two outs in the eighth. Little bit. Too tall one ball no strikes. Slider that was up. One ball no strikes. Do guy within RBI single against Billy Moreland. Back in the second inning. Annie takes outside to know. Trey Vickers well next. Young did backer and try outline your runners. Down any in three you know. Mecca is only walked one in his first three outings. This year but he's walked one and hit a batter here in the eighth and very close to walking in Iran. Any guy that went in their first strike three and one. John rocker's. On the doorstep of blowing this would open. And lead by five in northern Colorado downed their final three outs. Inside ball or they can do guys walked twice in one game. Any brings home a run and now it's eleven to five. So. Some wildness by Brett medic. Has given the shocker one that connects. Gonna do it for him. Those second trip to the mound means. Minute in and out of the game so it goes from first base pitcher. Out. And now it appears lefthander. It's got to be called upon to try to get Vickers. So it's eleven to five. Bases are still loaded. And the new left hander. Talking to his catcher. Dylan show rocky. We'll be in new pitcher for. Northern Colorado. Iraqis. Inherits a bases loaded situation. He's on for the seventh time. Nine of the third innings he's given up thirteen hits he RA. It's 579. I misspoke I said. Brett manic has gone from first to pitcher out he's going back to. First. Now she Iraqi. Me 510 lefty. Also Hawaiian native. Basically gonna try to keep this game from getting out of hand with eleven to five. Bases are loaded with two outs. So manic was only able to have two thirds innings that now it today couple walks and hit batter. Terry first man that he faced with an error. She walks and hit batter. Brought homemade. Shocker insurance throughout. This is sixth pitcher in the game for northern Colorado. And here comes Vickers. Trace started at seven runs second when they. Line drive to the right fielder Pauly into the loses his balance and it went over his head for triple. Thought for a brief moment that Vickers might be able circled the bases. And little cue shot ground ball lower right side medics got it feeds secure covering and that's the inning so one out her one pits they should say. And on a play that goes 31. Northern Colorado gets out of further trouble but shocker that on they get one. Nearly three. And we'll go to the top of the ninth now the shocker he let them bare spot. It's beat the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the power ball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You had to guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but real black men that's the jets at the Trevor. That's the private concerts from the underdogs Corson. Come on board were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting so download the collective Winamp and enter your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power improves TTS lottery dot com for details. Highest I'm backs were backs associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now RT missy challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security in advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Charter sports has brought do you buy American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at until the fall half. Happening right here on KM SS. Shocker bullpen he'll get the fair ninth. It will be the top of the orders for the bears the top of the order for the mayor's. Path worked a scoreless 1238. Inning against LA huge striking out two. And is to be his eighth appearance he's 01 with three saves. He has thirteen strikeouts and six and two thirds innings. You're gonna try to close the door of non save situation here. Eleven to five. Lawson Johnson mall peace be your batters. Here in the ninth inning shocking about it bears. Twelve to six. Northern Colorado has made the dean's only error. Shocker it scored seven in the second two in the third. One of the seventh one in the eighth Bayer's. Two in the fourth one of the sixth two mini. Then hacked they'll deliver to dean Lawson and he delivers low. 92 mile an hour fastball wanna go. Hectic native of asking him Illinois. Spent a year in Illinois State also went to. Lincoln land junior college. And now when Swan Lake and found out it. Fastball at 93. Hecht is pretty much all hard stuff ninety Q 93 sometimes 94. Hard slider. And I mean disposition in the ninth inning. Comes a 11 the Lawson. And heading reaching any fouled it back and that's out of play it's wanted to do. Been acting like a lot of these guys we've talked about. Today Wichita State coming out of the bullpen basically at one outing wrecked his ERA and Louisiana Tech is pretty much the culprit on all of does that fifteen to one game. That killed most of them but picked pits and that Sunday game where. Louisiana Tech came back in one swing of a mess. And now goes Lawson for the fourth time on strikes. Pet get a nightmare game against tech on that Sunday the fifth two thirds of inning. Three hits walked two hit batters two home runs. And six runs allowed. So in six of his seven appearances. He hasn't really give up anything at all with that one. Muddied up these numbers there's a strike. Total one Kevin Johnson. He's one for three. And with some eye popping strikeout numbers. Who won. Passed ball is low one in one. At the moment pact is averaging. Eighteen strikeouts per nine innings. Is the 11. So in a foul ball one and two. Saying burned struck out six Jones for beat cooler one. McGuinness won. Now have to want. Shocker strata around there winning streak to nine in a row at home. One to his time. Could do. Stay tuned right after the game for the from a depot post game show coming up. After the final out. To do. Ground ball to short Vickers as measured throw across his low and ball couldn't come up with a well that's. A couple of games now. That trade Vickers has made kind of inexplicable error it is. An easy play if warranted this baby is over there and bounce in the dirt and bomb. Could even get a bush true short hop it's kind of in between hop laureate can swiped at it. And bone can come up with a plainly some OBE six shocker first year. To now call mall peace. First pitch to him. His one on land foul tip. The shocker for Angela the biggest and best everyday price selection of shocker merchandise that the official store Wichita State University. Located on the first floor Ratigan student senator Debbie she campus or go online 24/7 at that issue books dot com find everything you need. Every generation a shocker nation. Joyner shocker award program for 5% back on future purchases. University bookstores place to shop. What's striking nothing to coal Maltese. If you did it play two out of three. And it's one in the air foul right side drifting out of play. And it's how to play Owen to. To the three older. In two teams tomorrow at 3 o'clock. Pre game at 230. Here on K and SS. Connect owed to. After a brief pause that catch off into the bat fouling him right side that's when closers staying in but. Makes its way into the bleachers. Still nothing in tomb. I. Still I think it's due to Maltese. He singled his last two trips he walked and scored in the fourth. Tech still way ahead in the count nothing into. And in the pitch. Swing and miss he struck him out pulled the string on him. And now goes Maltese. Out number twos so one more to get from Wichita stayed out Jack Paul. Okay. Paulie is over three reached on a fielder's choice is quarter on his last time up there last chance. And last hope for northern Colorado. Hectic delivers. I'd fly ball left side thrown out apply. On one to judge Pauly. Always sacrifice fly in the sixth inning. That made the score nine to three. Packers got one in the seventh. Bears to an eight shocker one. In the game. Balls the strike can't delivers outside his fastball wanna want. Soccer's closing in on their. Eight straight. Win at home this season nine in a row overall home. Boundaries the memories of that seven game road trip. Fly ball shallow center this not a good young duke job Vickers young young Mexico on the catch and Wichita State wins it. Final score eleven of five promote people post game show coming up. 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Show extra that I promote deep though your four or or full service partner branding and promotional products. He call from a depot at 3167. QQ 2500. Or visit them on line it. Www. The number for my Pro Bowl dot com. Well it's just they got back to their winning ways at a home they win their eighth consecutive game at home this year nine in a row at home overall. And soccer's. Polish up northern Colorado. Nice score of eleven lives they were never able to totally put it away. But they certainly got off to a good start they got seven runs. In the second inning. And of all things it was sparked by a base on balls drawn by Dayton do god Dayton. Actually walked twice today you hope that's a good sign getting him. Out of the deep slot because he came into the game hitting too low way. And had walked just two times all year but Duval walked twice today. And once I the first time rather in the second inning errors. Nobody on one out he drew a 32 pitch that was just low for a walk off of starter Kynan Lama. And then trade Vickers hit a line drive to right field that Jack Pauline kind of misplayed into a triple. And shocker Rothman running blue ribbon and RBI. Jordan border with an RBI. Grayson generous there with two RBIs Alec form and RBIs they fit in do guy came up. Again in the same inning and not get around with a base hit so it was a great innings in that second. Court date and do guy in the shocker to get two more in the very next inning. As Alex Jackson had an RB I triple. And Jordan border drove him in with a sac fly so it was nine nothing after three in the shocker really cruising although they were never able to really run away and hide from. Northern Colorado because the bears in the fourth inning get two runs. Nick candor with an RBI base hit made it nine to two in the name added one more in this six and a sacrifice fly by Jack Pauly. Wichita State got one in the seventh one in the day. And the Paula stop northern Colorado guys or an eleven to five they're kicking recap and that's brought you right. Bill Nikkei Cummings comings in coming through your criminal defense and chemical Q 641548. Or visit bill Cummings LLC dot com coming to coming law. Where you need always comfort. Shocker went eleven to five will take a break here on the promote people post game show come back with more for you right after this. Much your actions can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees back or gambit. Equity bank debit card and making every eight GMT at every ATM vanish. Agreed to give me the magic potions insider equity bank debit card prevents the feet from ever hearing your account abracadabra. And equity backed up card and perform your own bit of magic got ready ATM it. Want to top hat not required equity bank that he had seen. Meet Davis but Davis is from pollen. 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Child you played follow the leader. Young adults you followed your heart. Apple. Your head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant and you send around teams twice before. Just get updates it's gone. Things really get inside scoop. MSS radio dot com. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm KM SS. Doctor Who and it's eleven the body of the. The series wraps up tomorrow. It will be at 3 o'clock the pregame will be right here and can't assess it to thirty it'll be coming barn house against a pitcher to be determined. For northern Colorado. Any data shocker play you can get 50% off your online order in which to iron Papa John's. Log on a pop shop dot com each pro coach shocker fifty to receive yours shocker discount. Star game it's rocky by the Kansas lottery get to Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire or Kiev lottery dot com for the most current. Jackpot amount play Kansas lottery and dream bigger co players of the game today courtesy of Kansas lottery will give. Part of it to Luke Ridder who had three hits in four at bats drove into had a double and he had been really slumping but. He had to hit in the final game against LSU and three more today. So he may be back on the beam and also kudos to Chandler Sandberg who went three scoreless innings. In a spot start for Wichita State struck out a career high six. And only allowed one base on balls and that was pretty much yet. So Wichita State its co players of the game. And the eleven to five win today. Diver put the deep freeze play of the game it's presented. By Litton appliance and it's rare that a prison deep freeze play the game comes so early but that's what happened in the second inning today. Jenna still I think that the left center field at the base hit it Hillary co op jobs than any you have to dive and knock it down the warning track. Two rounds are gonna scored just gonna try for third and he you'll make it with a standup triple. Shocker second triple of the inning and Wichita State trying to break you know purely. Scored five. Wichita State ended up with three triples today the first time in ten years. They had 33 base hits in one game soccer's ended up. Leading seven and nothing after two and they Cruz eleven to five scoreboards brought you buy dinner dripping in construction. They're kitchens bathrooms basements or outdoor living love your home yet go to digger roofing dot com. Or call 3162022066. They're tripping and construction. Your home team pro elsewhere in the Missouri Valley Conference. Whether want now mostly. Missouri State. Got postponed actually big I don't know if they're gonna make that up or not the postpone the game at Saint Louis they'll be. Made up at a later date Missouri State holding at twelve and three they'll try to play Southeast Missouri State. Tomorrow. Dallas Baptist idle today they'll play. At home against number twenty Baylor tomorrow shocker winning here today. And cite you and Arkansas State postponed due to field conditions. Down in Arkansas. Indian state off today Evansville likewise the Illinois State lost. To Tennessee tech for three game is supposed to start right now that moved it up. To avoid too cold temperatures tonight Tennessee. And the red birds drop to five four and nine on the season. And down in Florida Bradley and you see half hours scoreless in the bottom of first there Bradley comes in net for an eight. Future shock her opponent and for that matter northern Colorado because there and whack Sacramento state trailed Nevada for three in the bottom of the seventh. And New Mexico and Oklahoma State arts sports. In the bottom of the seventh. In Stillwater. Vital told here today Victoria shocker eleven runs twelve hits one error seven laughed. Northern Colorado five runs six hits one error. Eight left on base the winning pitcher Chandler stand Bernie you know the loss to Keenan llama he's wanted to know save in the game. The game took three hours and four minutes to play Peyton can at 1574. Wichita State is now nine inflicts on the year northern Colorado. Falls to eight and again again the abbreviated series will wrap up tomorrow will be at 3 o'clock in here right here on campus. Tommy barn house to pitch for Wichita State that to be his first start he's wanna know in the area six. And it's to be determined who northern Colorado pitch. Tomorrow afternoon. So for hander gambling that the studio ocean a thing thanks again for listening shocker went out what to get the final score talkers eleven northern Colorado five. Good night and so long from a state. You've been listening to shocker baseball on 97 and thirteen thirty K in S desk. Ron do you buy these fine sponsors. United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. Jerseys drilling below par but Carnahan group. McDonald's though Clinton's appliances. Equity bank. Your hometown Chevy dealers delta dental. Promo Devo. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas Mike Starr machinery that Kansas lottery American family insurance. AJ sports grill the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems. And dinners roofing and construction.