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3/13/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 14, 2017|

Early in our Republic, the press aligned with one party or cause and would identify themselves as such. Today too many media outlets are simply dishonest about who they are and what they are doing. They claim to be journalists, pursuing facts but all too frequently that’s not the case. When you ...

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He's from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leaving little. Hello everybody marquee event here. Here's our number 8773813811. 87738138111. We'll get to obamacare and the rest. In due course. And wanna suggest something to. The time has long passed in this country. When we the people. Have got to engage in a national conversation about the state of the media. You know early in the republic. The press the press being pamphlet peers and some newspaper writers. Typically they aligned with a one party or the other one cause there is another one country or another so forth. And they would identify themselves as such where they were identified. Too many media outlets today. I simply. Dishonest and deceitful about who they are and what they're doing. They claim to be journalists. They cling to the nomenclature. They insist they're pursuing facts and investigating wrongdoing and holding the government to account and so forth. But all too frequently. That simply is not the case that you and I both know. Free speak. And freedom of the press are essential to our constitutional republic. When they were abused by pretenders. That is a threat to our constitutional republic. When you dress up partisan politics. As. Freedom of the press. It's destructive. The freedom of the press. Free speech freedom of the press. Are among only two. Of our rights that are enshrined in the constitution. That are intended to protect. Thoughts the people. To promote our liberties. To secure our other rights. They're part of a mosaic of rights and Safeco. To protect the individual. They're not there to protect media companies person. Or why aside. Famous hosts. Who enjoyed being on TV until. They're there for a reason. They're there for a reason. I would not Alter the constitution. And our bill writes in any respect that's not my point. My point is it really is time to focus on those who are abusing their power. And two more Farrelly. Call them to account. They may have the right to line. They may have the right to deceive. They may have the right. To do it they do. But it's not right. And they're undermining this republic. It is an incredible power. An incredible power that somebody on TV or radio as. If they do not. Accurately or honestly identify who they are and what they're doing and why they're doing it. They were abusing power. And that's the true. And we're witnessing it more and more and more. Everybody who's honest knows. That the media coverage of Barack Obama and Eric Holder. And Loretta lynch. And Joseph Biden. And so forth. Was candy coat it. This candy coated yet on honeymoon of eight years. They are the Victorian guard me. They did do their objective is protecting. Obama and his agenda. They never report and honestly about obamacare and of course some pain with a broad brush. There are some exceptions the problem is there are some exceptions. They allowed him to lied repeatedly about obamacare they allowed him to lie repeatedly about. Is violations of separation of powers they allow him to lie repeatedly about his violations of the immigration laws and it's refused to enforce those laws against Sanctuary Cities they allowed him to lie repeatedly. About his disastrous foreign policy. They like Obama. They supported Obama. And they supported his agenda. They believe in an activist central government they believe and an army of bureaucrats they believe in the power that is exercised by the left. Because they are of the left. Most of them are Democrats. Maybe they switched independence but they are Democrats and had been Democrat many of them have worked for Democrats. May then collude with Democrats. This is is they are you and I they finest trait peculiar. When I stand for. Original as some of the constitution. It is viewed as a freakish view of the constitution. When I come on this program. Day in and day out and talk about liberty. And capitalism. And private property rights and so forth it's viewed as fringe conservatives. Meanwhile how many documentaries. How many one hour long Sunday shows or night shows. Did CNN Diller MSNBC. Did or NBC CBS ABC and the rest how many that they do. On the threats against the constitution of the United States. By Barack Obama and the increasingly centralized. Federal government. And it's a use of separation of powers. How many documentaries or one hour shows redon on the massive numbers of regulations. That are pushed out into society. By the federal government almost month. All this goes on it's churning out of the picture lives of the picture here your property your homes your business is your employment your health care. And almost no coverage of any significant or central time. And then they beat them their chests about. Freedom of the press. Freedom of the press. Per week this week after week after week after week. I news outlet here are news outlet there would do reports. On what you have to conclude was the attempt to create the impression at collusion. Between the Russians and trump. All other Russians in Trump's team. All other Russians in Trump's businesses. Other Russians in tribes taxes or other Russians and tribes transition team or their rations it trans campaign. And now. The entire focus is McDonald try actually about Barack Obama tapping it's not. As if nothing else was reported. That's it. And they go to their usual Republican sources John McCain who's always good from moderate to. Trashing trial are trashing Republicans. The main chairman of the armed services committee. And not once did he speak out and say these charges of collusion or false I want. You read these news stories in the New York Times you read these news stories quote unquote in the Washington Post and these other organs. You listen to CNN their round tables and everything. There was only one conclusion you could draw. And that is something is wrong. Somebody must know something. There's law enforcement there's intelligence they're investigating negative Spicer made it does not fight. Maybe that is why attach maybe there's not mean there's electronic intercepts now and I the story from the hill newspaper about these backdoor efforts and so what. Meanwhile other leaks against when their leaks against sessions. Meanwhile the Obama so White House that. Put it at any at times are spreading information other agencies. Does John McCain even comment on any. Now once. With a somebody shows focused on any of that. Not once. Who are these White House staffers they don't care. What did they show what they spreading around doesn't matter. Doesn't matter. Now they hit it. The First Amendment. Those who complain. Press writes under the First Amendment. I among the first to trash people who believe in the second moment. Among the first to trash people who believe in the Fourth Amendment. In the fit. And the ninth. In the tenth. Where separation of powers which goes to the heart of our system utterly ignored. Our article five for that matter convention of the state utterly ignore. You would think the entire constitution. You higher purpose of the constitution that protect these reports. When a course it's not. It's to protect you and me. And to promote a free society. In order. That free society. It is time for a national conversation. How do we improve the types of journalists who come into our homes and our TVs and radios and other other Foreman. Must we relied. A lot corporate executives say over at CNN. Must we rely a lot corporate executives saying NBC and all the rest of them. Are they the only once protected by the First Amendment freedom of the press as I say. I certainly would not argued it do anything to them quote unquote but we have a problem in this country. The problem is that the left has succeeded in devouring another institution. And basket guys. Whether it is the teaching profession and our colleges and universities. Whether it's Hollywood. Whether it's the people who look at us on our TV screens or pretend to be reporter. I'm curious when your thoughts about your thoughts on this I'll be right back months and the program. So now the issue is whether. According to John McCain he's such it's now the issue is of course. With Donald Trump. Correct when he when he said that Barack Obama wiretapped his phone lines. He needs to put up or shut everybody knows. That didn't care. And as I've said before I suspect Donald Trump was lashing out because of the endless reporting. About what's being done. Presumably. Over a conservative revealed let me give an example. By Chris Randolph when the skies really couldn't. Washington Post senate suffer I just saw this great beat down was this evidence free hit job on one of them just listeners. The mainstream media has been abuzz with accusations that conservative review energy marketing claim that former President Obama had trump tower wiretapped. But I these charges true. To answer the question all one need do is listen to Libyans marched to radio. It's not difficult thing to do in the entire hour in which he discusses possible surveillance the trump campaign is available for free and of course I quote. The media. You can hear of any context explain reporting by the mainstream media which suggests. The trump campaign may have been surveil by the Obama administration. Not once the look then definitively say that President Obama had trump tower wiretap. We went back and part from conservative view mr. producer went back and locked. In an article on television show break our news link to a story that mentioned wire test but it was the president himself ultimately who accused the administration of wiretapping trump tower in a series of tweets. Then merely raise questions worth investigating questions there were only worth asking because of prior mainstream media reports. And yet. Fact adverse journalists in the mainstream media and we got to stop calling them active seem incapable reporting. When he actually set what the context in which he said it instead they preferred lie and suggest. They lived in spearheaded a conspiracy here. In AP wire story march 9 Jonathan Amir wrote falsely. They radio host Markel and voice without evidence the idea that Obama had wiretapped trump tower so far the story's not being corrected. And let the Mir has not responded to an open letter from the then demanding a correction. The Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan follow the mir's lead on Sunday at Neiman cnet's. And it column lamenting quote lies and fake news Solomon accused. Quote a collection of new right wing hyper partisan media outlets on quote. And aiding the trump administration spreading to spread falsehoods. Resonating any administration. She implicated the menace the source of the quote evidence free idea uncalled that president trams campaign was wiretapped by the Obama administration. Here's what you wrote. Similarly right wing radio host mark within may have started the evidence free idea. That President Obama ordered don't want see I'm right wing radio host but President Obama. What are they wiretapping of now president trop. Made its way quickly through the media ecosystem after trumps all apparently a bright part news. Again it's not an accurate implication is Levine did not suggest President Obama ordered the wiretapping of now president trump. As anyone who listened to look any context would now. Reached for comment. Ms. Sullivan told CR Sheikh quote listen to a portion of that audio and relied on various news reports. And later interviews would mark Livan. His references in the original audio to a massive scandal any silent coup. And his repeated strong suggestions about intercepting conversations I believe. But meal on solid ground especially since I expect it expressed it as possibly. May have started not a certainty to this is what they don't. They do a whole story on trot and a rations and then say but nothing's been pro. But they have no evidence. CR followed up with Solomon asking if she can point to a segment of his radio program we use the term wiretap. I don't know that that term was used but certainly the word surveillance and intercepts she replied. Yes moron I read them straight from the articles and then I repeated that. It's true living and argue that the Obama administration may have surveil the trapped campaign. And that Obama may have known about such intercepting conversations but no where did look then suggest or imply that Obama ordered the surveillance. She should know better than they insinuate otherwise Sullivan served as the Munich times public editor for four years. In that position she was responsible for holding the paper accountable for proper journalistic ethics. It goes on. Pretty damn incredible she's not the only one. I'll be right back. Some people talk about the Tea Party we are dead Tea Party. Colin now 877. Create one creates one Barton. A lot of major issues that there the least of which is us Obama care. Senator Mike Lee how are users. Two and great more thanks so much for having me on your show. Thank you for rest standing tall on matters such as this I I honestly and I think I speak from my audience senator. Do not understand how we got where we are we had a years and years to put together something that was much more market oriented. And patient oriented and basically it appears that. Many in the Republican Party or their leadership and staff. Took the obamacare plan and then take it what am I missing something. Well I think that's right I think what we talked about doing repealing obamacare getting. Every bit of a that we could possibly repeal produce the installation process. Getting it repealed. Instead what we ended up with something very different. You know what we're doing in essence it's worth we're trying to do apple repeal an apple replace. As this bill dobbs and I think got the disaster he can't really haven't both ways it can repeal would repeal. And I think that's what we ought to do because that's how we won elections. And I don't think that's too much out forest to do what we talked about doing for a very long. Do you think there is as I suspect. Any certain minority percentage. They're Republican ranks who don't want to repeal most of obamacare I mean I'm even thinking in the senate if we had. If we would get around the sixty vote filibuster rule as I think we absolutely canister had cruise appears to be arguing. Do you think your 51 senators to overturn this I'm not sure I mean I think they want the Medicaid expansion and then and the 26. Look perhaps at bat what they might desire so objectively. And privately. Whether they would be willing actually say that publicly. And to float I guess are repealed don't always quite a different matter we we have to remember in December 2015. We passed through the senate and prove that helps with basically every member. Every Republican Brin both bodies if I'm not mistaken voting for a our repeal measure now what was he would not perfect it was a complete repeal everything but it did repeal all the taxes and it could repeal all the subsidies. And you'd court for me to imagine. We couldn't still do the same thing today simply. Because of the fact that the game until now passed and we now have a Republican president in the White House who would sign it rather than veto. That's why have been saying a lot of time but perhaps that's what we ought to do would put that bill on the floor and and then let's move forward and figure out. What can do to decide what comes back what we can do to restore free market what we can do to put. Doctors and patients in charge of making health care decisions rather than having those decisions made by director crowds and Washington. He just seems like Al Washington in the CBO and all arrest in the in the Republicans start out by playing defense that is they don't wanna be accused of millions of people falling off the health care world. This is always amazed me I mean when we start with the premise that millions of people lost the doctors that they wanted the health care that they wanted. I'm no follow their own. But here's what I don't understand. Let's say it's 141000020000021. Point 73 million or what are the number is there's about 340 million people in this country. I don't understand why 310 to 320 million people. Have to be pulled down dragged down have their health care removed turned inside out managed from Washington DC. To accommodate a small percentage of Americans who can otherwise be accommodated. Separately if that's what it takes. Well that's a great point especially when you consider so that we have something called states. In other federal government is not our whole. System of government in this country. Even if you were one who believes. Firmly that government should be pretty entity responsible for deciding what happens to those without. Adequate health insurance. That doesn't necessarily mean that have to beat this government in Washington. And when you look at principles of federal when you get the constitution itself. Taxing structure of this being the original document supplemented by the tenth amendment. It's pretty difficult to walk away from them with the conclusion that says yes that makes sense let's centralize all government action when it comes. To help here or what acute concert helped or subsidies. Well why shouldn't these decisions be made on a state by state basis. We looked marketed as it is it that what happened in our law constitution the people want Vermont would very much. To have a single Payer government run government funded health care system they ought to be able to do that. Why should we at Washington be occupying it much the health care field as we are. Thus making it more difficult for people of Vermont to get the kind of government they want of people in my state people when you dark don't want that in with. The region one of the reasons why I'm glad I live in Utah rather than two months. More Americans would get more what they want out of government and help cure everything else. We would allow federal hasn't worked if we would respect local self rule. And what's wrong with local suffer I had a better idea what's wrong with individual self rule and family self rule that that. You know on the one hand. As a government. We of these antitrust laws the purpose of which is to break up monopolies at least that's the theory right on the other hand what we say we want to do good. The federal government monopolize it's in in many respects because. It claims it wants to do good now which is it. If it's better for the private sector. Not to be monopolized to have all this competition why isn't it better for government. To allow the proper levels of government to conduct business and allow the people even more to conduct business. At that that's a report. Look one. A private party monopolize this. Always some chances you can break up the extraordinary power being wheeled it but that private entity when a government doing that. If you're dealing with the power of the sort the point of a gun in the people are free to just. Avoid that from it doesn't work that way and get. We have to people have been putting an extraordinary almost religious like. I'm out of state in government the federal or put in particular. And it's wrong it is realistic candidate can now I I don't mean to suggest government has all bad I don't mean to suggest that there should be a federal government. Well what I am saying is we need to be very careful. About where we allow government particularly the federal government to step that. Because government tend to commandeer sinks. And we're we're talking about something as local as personal health care I think we ought to be very very reluctant. Into this question too I mean hasn't centralized government health care already been tried in this country is that the veterans administration. Yes and it didn't work out very well mean every test case that you can point to it doesn't want to particularly could outcomes. Oh whether it's veterans administration health care system which is failed the whole Lotta people. What whether it's some of her other federal experiments in health care. What we have produced a lot of outcomes that are not exactly. Stellar. To put it really mildly and then you you of course got. Obamacare which is so. Brought about more expensive health care. For hundreds of millions of Americans. Well all in the name of making health care more affordable and more accessible to the American people is done leader and has brought about a whole lot of suffering in the process. The bank and AM and the prediction game but I have to ask anyway you're you're close to the ground and anybody else here. How do you see this unfolding right now arena know what are we in a state. What are we stated here houses and unfolding. Well. Look. The health care plan there has proposed by house leadership. It's running into some serious problems. I don't think you can bet the center in per second pretty darn sure. And that in its current form it will look at and I don't think it can pass the house speaker there's a CBO report out just. In the last hour to debt is going to make. Its chances of success. That much more remote. So at this moment. I think there're couple corrections we could go. 18 that we could try to fix what they've proposed and you know there were need to be a lot of changes to what. To make it actually repeal obamacare as much of a volunteers we can possible repeal consistent with our parliamentary rules. Or can go to different direction and go back to 2015 repeal bill and start from there. But I do think we have to repeal a pop here and at a minimum I think we'll get a repeal all of Obama Joost taxes. All Obama care subsidies. As many of rights as we can scoop up troop what are rules allow. And then get back to a step by step process. And it were to process. In which one step at a time. We can Serb putting people back in charge of their own health care rather than rapping into one. Comprehensively. Negotiated bill. All the ideas of a few people. Who who which it was a mistake the Democrats made when they passed obamacare and a mistake and I'm determined. Not to allow my party to repeat this time around. Final question and related any in this that's the Supreme Court. We have district courts in the ninth circuit medic on absolutely. Rogue on this. Immigration issue on these executive orders. I've never seen anything like this mean we've gone from the president's plenary power. To. You know a state attorney general consume any district court never neverland. And all of a sudden one judge blocks the president and an executive order I mean this is exactly why. We have separation of powers and so with the judges are explicitly making law whether it's immigration or anything else but my question EU us. What is the hold up a course between the if if he's as good as everybody says we need to get the ninth justice on the Supreme Court all right. Yes that's right more determined do that I'm actually very optimistic on that front mark. We're gonna start holding. Hearings. And next week on judge course which. We will get him out of committee within the next a couple or three weeks and give him. Confirmed I believe. No later than April 6 or April 7. You will get onto the court and I think you will be a fantastic justice so we are moving ahead. Apple's beat in that direction I think you can pick and kept. Well senator Mike Lee I in my audience think you're absolutely terrific and we appreciate it ends they want. So what are you sick I'd be well and we'll be right back it's. Okay. You know. Some really great news for you folks. Otherwise might lead group. Some really great news for you. I just received an email from mark mettler. Who's spearheading the convention states movement. With a with some others as well. And he reports. That Arizona just passed the convention states. That makes nine states. Laney 34. States. But nine states you understand that's almost 20% of the State's. That's a big deal on the we've been up against the John birch society and those Kooks we'd been up against eagle form which is gone Kook unfortunately very sadly. Concerned Women for America who clearly are not concerned enough. Who are in the states battling us they're literally battling us. The big gap impediment in Arizona was the president of the senate this guy bigs. Who runs around Washington now's a congressman claiming to be a free market conservative. As he's concerned what will happen to the constitution I guess the somebody didn't awaken him and tell him what has happened in the constitution. So he's defending. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's constitution and we are trying to re institute James Madison's constitution and therein lies the difference. So Arizona just. Adopted it that's in nine states. At some point I believe we'll get Texas that'll be ten states. And you watch you think the attacks on me. Are crazy now you just wait because and I tell you folks I get sprint that this. I can't stress that. If you might eleven audience millions of your way inconsequential. He wouldn't give us the kind of day. They would give us the time of day. So we plow ahead and the things that are important to us. Whether they like it or not. And I just recently talked about the media mogul a bit more about that next hour as well as other. One way. To fix what's going on in the media is for us to use. The freedom of the press and free speech in the First Amendment. So I wanted to take a minute. To say a big thanks. Do you folks. Who have subscribed to live in TV. We recently celebrated our one year anniversary of Michelle and I could not have done it without you Paula you know. Now if you haven't checked outlook in TV were offering you. Folks on the radio show. A free seven day trial so you can try CR TV CR is the the full network conservative reviewed TV. Before you subscribe. If you are living TV subscriber you starting to see why a network like CR TV conservative view TV is so important. Where the only ones out there who are bringing you. Americanism and patriotism and man I had the truth. You might have seen church truly on Sean Hannity show race or on FOX & Friends trees. Are plastered all over liberal media. I laid out the facts. About Obama gate. And the need for further investigation. Into the tactics being reported by the media. Now the media say what tactics. We're also talking about the Republicans and their new so called health care plan and I breakdown that proposal point by point so you have the facts. And yes. Conservatism. Conservatism. Is important. It's crucial it's the court. You'll get access to every episode of every show I've done over 200 and Syria as well as every show Michelle mall condensed. And Steve Crowder. With no long term commitment. A seven day trial. If you haven't signed up for CR TV. Don't wait any longer start your free seven day trial right now it's this simple ready. Call 844 love in TV at 6844. LE VI and TV. You can start your pretrial immediately or if you prefer to go to CR TV dot com CR TV dot com. 844 living TV 844 LE PO IN TV when he gets back terrorism. See we lost an Arizona because of one man Bakes who's out congress. The president the scent it would not allow a vote on the senate floor. He was replaced after he went to Washington. But the people in Arizona didn't forget the legislate towards the state senators they didn't forget. And the massive grassroots effort. None of the convention states. Are wonderful patriots they haven't forgotten it. I'm telling you if we can get this number close to twenty. Slightly over two wanting. I then we'll get their attention. And even before. This is a movement that's under the radar or to the extent it's known that pretending it doesn't exist. They view it as a Kook movement. Because we embrace the constitution. And we do not embrace what they're doing. We do not define ourselves by how our opponents and our enemies define us. We get to define then. We do not live in their reality nor do we wanna live in their phony paradise. 203040. Years from. We want independence we want liberty we went individual. Family. Faith. Limited central government limited state governor a nation state with secure our borders. A military that is prepared to do whatever it has to do to protect us and our allies. We want to support law enforcement that protects us from the sides in the Iraq. We know exactly who we there's nothing extreme about us we're mainstream. Full time traditional American. I'll be right back. He's here. Now. Normally underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without a leader that are. No word about it mark of number 810. 38138118773813811. You know. There's a lot of reason for hope and again. Didn't really get to see my face but collide this afternoon it's up on mark Lemmon show FaceBook mark live in show Twitter if you could not. I do this every other Monday 3 PM eastern. For about thirty minutes. It is run by our social media director. And in his folks Trace. On the Livan TV side of CR TV but in any event it's up there. On living TV FaceBook as well as my social sites mark Lippman show FaceBook mark them and show Twitter. That's thirty minutes and my point is we need to embrace and maximize. The use of modern technology. The newspaper business is dying. It's funny. Like it or not foreigner against that it's a dying. They'll always be there but they won't be there and any significant way the next thirty or forty years. Cable TV. Truth be told. Is dying to I'm not saying they don't get good ratings during heightened you know events and elections and so for us. But people are not purchasing. Cable subscriptions like they used to. Even on the sports site ESPN. Lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And people and sickened tired of spending you know 200 dollars a month couple thousand dollars a year. For really a handful of channels that they're mostly interest it. They don't watch most of the rest of the chance. And people like you are particularly sick and tired of self aggrandizing. South characterizing reporters. Saying what they say. When you know full well they're not reported. Either by omission like in the case of Obama or by aggressive. Aggressive attacks in the case to trump. I might add it to where. Ted Cruz or any Republican to be completely different. Situation. Than with a Obama. That would Obama. And I'm gonna prove it to. Again. There's a columnist. Maybe is a reporter by the name of David. Car away from the Baltimore Sun I believe is a reporter but he wrote a column he's the media columnist and get it straight. And the title of his columnist Trump's world press no match for Obama's. Says I've been debating this column in my head for weeks because with some folks it seems as if there's only one allowable position when it comes to president Donald Trump. He's the most dangerous president ever and nothing good can come of those ten. If you wanna go that route go ahead I'm not attempting to defend trumps of the guys fairly look. When I'm deeply concerned about is the way the media have been covering him and in some cases feeding that worst ever narrative. Trump is being treated unfairly in some parts of the mainstream media. And unless we deal with a honestly and openly we are the ones who will wind up losing credibility even as we point our fingers at trump for his lies now. With the stop calling this. Mainstream media it is not mainstream. It is that he progressive media in on this program. I'm sure I will be derelict from time to time but it is the progressive media. At because they believe in progress it because they're left wingers. He goes on. What tipped the ballots on writing this column was the over the top reaction to Sean Spicer trumps Press Secretary excluding some reporters from an informal off camera briefing on February 24 calling gaggle. The word unprecedented. Was used along with the idea that trumpet gone where no modern president ever has. By allowing his Press Secretary exclude the New York Times CNN the LA times political buzz feed. And others from the session. Dean backed quipped executive editor of the New York Times set the tone writing. Nothing like this has ever happened at the White House and our long history covering multiple administrations of different parties. The discretion the decision struck veteran White House journalists as unprecedented in the modern era correspondent stolen buyers Sarah married. And Kevin lip peck wrote in Korea and reaction piece on CNN money. Even my own paper the Baltimore Sun join the cars in the wake of spices gaggle. Donald Trump isn't the first president to criticize the coverage of his administration and and it turn on the Baltimore Sun said. But he has escalated the conflict to a level not previously witnessed in modern era. Though through his administration's words and deeds even by trump standards. The White House antagonism toward the news media has been extraordinary unquote. He says I've predicted that nasty nature this battle in December on a year end special hosted by Megyn Kelly. Titled the median trop I said the truck was not going that was not only going to try and bypass the mainstream media and reaching Americans. He had digital platforms like Twitter and FaceBook. He was also going to kick top pressed dogs like the near times in the teeth. As he passed them by. I said it was going to be ugly and I deploy the fact that it now is every bit as nasty as I thought. I hate hearing trump say such things is the presses the enemy that people. Because I know many among the 639 who voted for him I going to believe what he says well what if they believe it on their own. It's not like people didn't have a life before Donald Trump. Many Trump's supportive screws supported conservatives. Detest the media because the media deserves to be detested. Doesn't mean we oppose the First Amendment means we oppose you abusing the first of them. But as someone who fervently embrace his legacy values. I also believe that you try to tell the truth even if it favors some media and especially like. Actually I think he says if you know you don't like someone I believe you should go out of your way to make sure you're being fair to them. Brian Ross. Joseph Scarborough. A Bryant stepped learn. Jake Tapper. These clowns now writing in the Washington Post the last few days. All of them. All of them have done exactly what this man deplores. He goes on. And in fairness to trump his administration has not escalated the conflict with the press to a new level. It is not yet come close to doing what president Obama's administration did. In making the act of reporting itself criminal behavior and Craig case that started in 2009. Under the Espionage Act of 1970. At the heart of the Casey James Rosen. Chief Washington correspondent for Fox News publishing information about North Korea he received from the State Department employee. In obtaining a subpoena that access roses Sony computer records that Justice Department labeled him. And Gator and quota and Nader. A better and or co conspirator on quote. And also described rose and as a flight risk. This is Obama's Justice Department. Branding reported that way court documents had never been done by the government. Tests that case was widely reported. I am surprised enact that really was unprecedented. Was overlooked by so many pundits. In making their worst ever the worst ever analyses. Our happened the Obama administration excluding Fox News from a round of interviews in 2009. With Kenneth Feinberg any Treasury Department official. Remember him. At that time Feinberg was the administration official responsible for deciding not highly controversial issue. A compensation for executives of companies being bailed out by the federal government. After the economy nearly crashed. Access to him was a very big deal. Emails later obtained by judicial watch about the matter included this one from Obama Press Secretary Josh Earnest. Toy Treasury Secretary spokesperson saying quote. We demonstrated our willingness and ability to exclude Fox News from significant interviews on. The Treasury Department exclusion was part of a larger war that the Obama administration declared on fox in October 2009. When Stephanie Cutter. White House communications director. Went on CNN today announced fox as a wing of the Republican Party quote unquote and say that the White House was going to stop treating them. As quote a news network on quote. Administration heavy hitters David Axelrod Valerie Jarrett and Rahm Emmanuel reinforced the message on other cable network talk shows in subs it. When days. And I will discuss more of this. In a moment. Or. I. You know I I remember John Solomon when he was working at the 8 PM in The Washington Times and he is an outstanding reporter. And now is the chief operating officer at the publication called circa. John Solomon how are you say. The doctor might do and while. Tell us about sickle circus. So certainly if they web site started by Sinclair Broadcast Group about eight months ago he designed to be news site for more deal. New consumers and so we're we're in our eight month now reached about a billion and half people crossed it's welcome. In the way our web site and now we're going every day. I EU UN your partner Sarah Carter wrote a piece the FBI investigated it trumps server in its pressure pro but no charges or expectant. This is a long piece what your bottom line with this piece. So I would the most important thing is if you were watching CNN or or most of the newspapers. In the country the last month you'd swear that the FBI has been. Solely focused on connection between Russia and trump. And and building a criminal case and in fact what we found out through more than a dozen interviews. I look people in the know is that FBI has had very little interest in in the blockbuster connections they haven't found any evidence of from being. A cup complicit or they'd been complicit in any of the stuff that Russia did last year. And that anything that has come up with the most incidental and openly after investigative rolled out a little not credible. So the entire storyline of the media gets put on its revenues doctor real people who actually are in the know what Pia Pia. Well this is an important thing to those of you as I have noticed that the media have not pivotal. They have not not yet although I don't know let me let me just say this they they did with me. I mean I I can tell you what I've read their articles back to them. They headlines in the New York Times about wiretaps and all the rest of this stuff. Now what they sent asking me if I can prove and as I can prove what I'm reading your stories. That's right yes since that's what how we echo back sometimes well the the truth of the matter is that. If you look in the last week after FBI director commie wanna increase the gay debate on Capitol Hill are much more muted in careful Democrats abandoned in a couple of weeks ago. We had Democrats and media reporters going on here saying. This is worse than better than Watergate right or Watergate yeah a crime by the president. Early alleged crime by the president has been no evidence offered that double a that if LeBron got India where we're ready jump into these conclusions and I think the truth of the matter is. There is people don't understand how counterintelligence investigation work and when you do. He gets to the bottom of the fact I think there's a lot of smoke they're not nearly as much fires people calling me. It's another focusing on Trump's tweet. And they're few and run it and and you know their focus is to see approved the C April question doesn't have proved so why. Isn't the point. That we've had as you just put out weeks and weeks and weeks of this quote unquote stuff so they create the impression. That this thing collusion between trump aspects of tramp trump transit something trump and the Russians. Yes that's exactly right you know if it's funny a lot of the people who you know were reticent to talk to me ultimately. Got the courage or got they got this vision that made the decision document because they have gotten so set up that. The storyline and made it look this way when in fact it's actually something shops are different and so. Are there are kind enough to give me a good understanding of what they thought was going on and I hope we added to the public dialogue with you that the problem immediately. Too often looking for headlines regardless of facts into. Too eager to be first rather than to be right or complete and I and I think that that's that's a real indictment of the profession. I started thirty years ago and I don't I hardly recognized professional work into the individual. I I remember he is a very hard news reporter and you wouldn't do anything unless you had real solid tangible facts. Everybody and you know. Most of the people got the profession and my dinner is not so we can determine for scoops and awards or. More payment and an ability to go on television openly came at the trial I'm not real facts and inform the public and I had been too often today that. That message gets lost so we have half stories you know there's no truth that some of things that are reported but not the full truth and I think that's what's that's concerning the media professions they. In the hill newspaper they're talking about the sort of back door. Searches without warrants are they calm back door searches and tell them that pretty that you know they. They intercept something of you know on a foreign eight in a foreign person. And they are here and Americans voice and they don't go back and get a warrant in the keep collecting the information in it looks like they did that with filling in the leaked. Yeah so let's talk about what we learned about Clinton that's a very specific scenario that we learned a lot about how what was really going up so nervous standing program that's been around a long time and all the all mammals that are darker outlook does that. We're a very long time now as you would expect in the thereafter. The the Russian spy scandals that we had an attachment that Robert Danson. The FBI in the and the NSA has an ongoing program that interception. Russian official United States and overseas particularly focused on the embassy. And the FBI has permission to review those in real time and if it's an American. If they have a security conference. That's one of think they can look at but I that would go to warned about make sense to do when you get a security guards who signed a document signing away some of your privacy rights as part of that so my plan was an incidental what I would hold an incidental intercepted text messages and phone calls were. Incidentally intercepted as part of a long term ongoing program. That date back years. And our people looked out and they've raised the initial concern the like that and then ultimately concluded at least the FBI did that there was not a criminal that they solve. And yet that information seem to spread to additional circled them before long so many people knew about it was leaking in the media. And on January 3. Loretta lynch after a year or two of the Obama administration examining them. On whether to lose in this NSA spreading of this information. Despite privacy concerns on January 3 seventeen days before they officially left office. She's the final sign off to allow the NSA to share. Really pretty high class that highly classified intercept among other information with sixteen other departments and agencies correct. You know that's exactly right that's that's right and that's a lot of people outside of that I was concerned long term for leaking in the case of Russia's. There was so many briefings given on the Russian intelligence even without that executive order. Things are being spread so far wider it's hard to know really be good at the end of the day but. I think looking at bad executive order when he talked investment. Intelligence professionals that they can exist and we wanted to for a long time. It was a surprise that Obama gave with the assistance of the outdoor. We want to share more information so that we find the next site the terrorists before he commits something terrible like Orlando nightclub shooting. So we don't know why we got at the end we're kind of glad we got it but at the same time after watching what happened on Russia we're all worried about whether it's going to critically considered the divided. Concern in the intelligently yes we wanna share mode until this that we can stop a terror attack but we sure as heck don't want things like these before and transcripts being leaked in public. Think about the consequence of the plan are transferred. Yep the ambassador to Russia who probably thought you were talking on the clean on the could have been scrambling could be monitored now know that yet I was monitoring them on the phone call. And that hurts everybody in intelligence gathering in the United States. You know Ryan knew we only have a minute. What would you say about the reporting in the last few months that grit they trying to create. Most of the media an impression that was false is an anger bottom line here too. I think so I think if you read the entire report from the breathless reporting units in the the FBI was singularly focused on a drop Russia connection in fact. Anything they've gathered was incidental and they've ruled that to really have a today that storm eleven. But certain criminal wrongdoing nor any other patrol in Russia colluded. And when thank you for actually being a reporter doing the job a reporter John Solomon. Circuit he well might thank god bless BankAmerica productive. It too. So you see if what they reported was accurate. Comprehensively accurate it would be police they had. With John is saying is actually what most of them reported. Was not that. Glass being conservative. Hi Aaron. John Mark glove and the show call and now at 8773813811. Ladies and gentlemen. History. Asked me cat. You know goal line is a it's been a longtime sponsor. One of our great sponsors of this company. And on my show. In before I would agree to who have gold mine whose response from my program like on my sponsors that. I speak to the people who started these companies or who run the just to make sure I'm comfortable. Ulcer trial their products and services or family members to. On the case of gold line I've tried their product it's called gold. And from my own perspective and that's what I'm talking about the battle the perspective of others and many others too. 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Always busy here in the mark living show and the breaks during the show notes I don't think of taking any calls mr. produced in one of the reasons is I don't in my calls green. Who shall I speak to Richie Rich you chose them out. Colorado Springs, Colorado series satellite Amy go. According to Tokyo. I don't wanna stay at the average American I'm so confused. With the media. Actually our own Paula. With the health care you have really made for an eighth at Rand Paul they weren't saying the president saying weren't paying. The media plurality not a burgers I'm hoping that what's it would be Eva. And to be honest I I kind of obscure refugee last year. I don't election anger and I've read about your book and I have been yard TD and at all on my desk reorder your new book. I'll give you play here really. I appreciate that. I so what it what is your question where where where let's work this through. I guess my arm my question is. Why did the media think that we're so. Compared to build emboldened. As they were no. Words such hate that people aren't. But out of it and I'll tell you. Because the media are mostly populated with progressives they look down on us. And they also think that there wiser than everybody else and now some of them deny and maybe they deny it to themselves. But they don't see what weeks. You know and they don't see what we see which is a relatively cloistered. Profession. Where they reinforce each other's biases. And ideology. Where they are unchecked which is what the constitution compels and rightly so. But the best way to address this is through competition. Listen when you set it listening the radio show you buy books you read. You watch the alternative TV. Like CR TV. That's why you know what you know. And that's why you can use your ears you can discern. But if people just sit in front of the box in other TV every day and only watches CNN or MSNBC. Well all there ever gonna get this propaganda I tell people don't just listen to me and watch but I do and read what I do listen everybody liked what they do and you'll make your own judgment. Do. Yeah I am I do put remained on the night I want to allow for a bit and then it on the Internet or something like that would be. What they have but they're bringing back reporter like Dan rather. Blake and you know Brokaw pops up now and then yes. He out and you know they the other guy that was on the helicopter. I Brian Williams yes it out. And how we let them bully them where they were completely just clean out and they that you have all. Terrorism you don't have to believe. And the good news is a lot of people attending these people out. Fewer and fewer people vinyl washed in the post in the near times they need a billionaire in the Amazon got to come in and pump money into it. Near times has been on the edge for awhile now selling which properties and so forth. That's not to say everyone who blogs and everybody with a website is so greater anybody with a digital platform is a bit. But he gives you a mean and mean and other people choices. And that's a good thing. And Amy I think again a lot of mine my next book he gotta wait all the way to Independence Day July 4 but I think you get eleven and I appreciate it and I appreciate you so god bless. Robin Nashville Tennessee serious satellite bill. Shirt he had all the progression media and our whole horse. Which candidate got and you're like me would mean let's call for now on the progressive media. How are how about this progressed one of the other you're gonna design program. The progressive media on on now with a status to me which one. Statement sacked thank. I'm with you it's the status of media I'd go for. So. Stay this media with the agenda that they push. Along with CD. Their cohorts at all levels of government. But what they are doing you're supporting our constitution. They encourage long Buick. And by failing and by encouraging wrongdoing and then failing to punish. That wrong doing wrong doing has begun to Wear the ropes are. Tolerance and understanding in the place of anarchy. I I sit that long but anarchy now wears or hopes of tolerance and understanding I apologize. I don't Donna and I'm makes sense and well that's right. That's right you notice the liberal agenda whether it is bathrooms and locker rooms or. Whatever it is really doesn't come under much questioning that's. Thought it it doesn't we should have sovereign borders we should be able. You know not to have to look over. I should have to worry about my child alive and how many stories they actually down on Sanctuary Cities. Why aren't they don't they don't they don't chart they don't do stories on the outrageous left agenda. Because they're trying to normalize. Yes on and you went nine. Who feel like our lives and our beliefs are. Are the epitome of normalcy. Suddenly worthy outsiders look at it. And that's what I'm fighting and I'm gonna keep fighting. Many keep fighting. Our Robin thanks recall I appreciate it very good David West mine Illinois. Harry is there. On dorm hall mark I just have been thinking lately about. With. Two lawsuits that have gone up to stop trumps. Immigration. Executive orders. That I can see that the liberal. In the Democrat. Would. Start. Filing more lawsuits. In the liberal court. Especially like the ninth circuit and and the one with the immigration cases for an. That would. If not stopping it would small Trump's agenda because they've. His executive orders would get drummed up in court may be eventually he'd win but it could. You know slow his idea. I mean Iowa is cry like David I want to think think that this person. Prior to Donald Trump become a prisoner. The Supreme Court ruled in the in the lower courts behind that a president has plenary power that means a totally open field when it comes to the issue of immigration. The fact that Arizona passed laws that in essence implement it federal immigration law. And wanted to enforce the federal immigration laws through state law which Obama refused to do. The United States Supreme Court ruled five to four Anthony Kennedy writing the opinion that Arizona couldn't do that but the president has wide discretion. And by the way the constitution talks about congress but still. The constitution to the extent it's on it all is honored in the breach so that's the case that's the decision. President has ignored Sanctuary Cities Obama did it. The fact he encouraged them they never lifted a finger to enforce immigration laws against Sanctuary Cities. Now we we bring us today with with the president trying to he issues an executive order. On the clarify the executive order that. So called refugees coming from seven identify countries the same countries have Brack Obama identified as has problems. That there would be temporary respite. They go to district court in Seattle where they know they gonna find a left wing judge they final left wing judge says. No not gonna get into the weeds on the in the on the motions and then it's in the ninth circuit which is a disaster and most of them are that the ninth as the worst of the worst week on the ninth circuit they get a three judge panel. Two out of the closet leftists won in the closet leftist if you will three is your opinion the most outrageous opinion on immigration I've read in my entire life. That due process rights should apply to individuals overseas who have no connection to America. None whatsoever but they've due process rights to determine whether or not. They fit within the executive order the president that was nothing but the decision by court the submarine. A presidential prerogative. Even recently upheld by the United States Supreme Court okay. That they issue a no executive order to try and at least overcome that which they might be able to overcome with this outrageous ninth circuit decision. Very solid executive order I read it. It it's it's within the four corners of the constitutional law and within three corners of the eighty its decision on the ninth circuit okay. Doesn't it district court they try to get a yet temporary restraining order. The left does the an attorney general dust in the court grants them a temporary restraining them. The temporary restraining order is. A temporary restraining order means this is so urgent. The damage will be so unbelievable. That the judge says everybody stand in place now I'm not gonna allow that that's a temporary restraining order that is crazy. Krejci are right. And so what we have now is judicial tyranny what we had with a Obama was presidential tyranny now we have judicial tyranny now let me ask your question David. What do they have in common in this instance. The left agenda. The less agenda. I'm not residential tyranny when you have somebody like Obama who's advancing the cause the courts so far following for the most part right thigh. Here when you have a president like trot. Who's trying to secure the nation and so forth. Then the tyranny comes from the courts the problem is we do not have checks and balances will be centralized progressive says the. I got to run David I apologize you know a lot of time to talk and I appreciate it we'll be right back it's. Okay. Remember Miami premise earlier in the program. We're linking to some of the audio. As I speak opening up in the social sent. And that is this partisans. Partisans dressed up as reporters. Harm the country. May harm free speech. And freedom of the press. Because they abuse. They've used it. They abused the power they have no I'm not saying that something has to be done to them. And I'm sure Sunday equipped writer. From one of the usual. Status outlets will say so but I'm not when I'm saying is we need to identify it. And we need to compete against. And the more they become irrelevant. For the smaller their audience the better. The reason they don't come out of the closet. In some cases and and identify themselves as because they have a lot of people fooled. In my view. And so they go around calling other people names. While pretending the reporting news and they're not. They do commentary. And loose and often he can't tell one from the. I wanna tell you about the United States concealed carry association. Not only do they offer top of the line firearms education and training. But they also protect you legally and financially should ever be forced to defend yourself. Now you're probably thinking what do you mean why would I need to be protected legally if on the good guys. 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I am sincerely love the constitution and wanted to be enforced and we and we respect you but we just are a little afraid that pollute. That maybe something bad will happen if Lee. I mean a whole would you Ari can you hold on there's pain I have like thirty seconds and it's not passed. Perfectly legitimate question. Or concern. Not by those who are out there is activists trying to do you relish by people who just. I've not been aware of excellence that little time talking about this. And we'll be right back. He's here. Now. Literally underground. Heat from the bowels of hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without leave. Kmart women there are number at 810. 738138118773813811. The big news. Is that the Arizona state legislature now that the senate. Got involved has passed convention states. It resolution. It's state number nine. Now we need 34. But it what you think about that. Ten would be 20% of all states we don't need 20% while the states. And I believe if we get to twenty the most start in Washington's attention. But this is very very important it's very very important in this Alley in Champaign Illinois listening on WM AL on line. Has some concerns says only I can't spend all night on this so direct your points go right ahead. I guess. My big concern is. How can I how can I know that the progressives won't get to somehow get control of that it says Casper. And. I won a title one and one of the time. I'll I'll let you have two or three okay. How do we know the progresses phone can control us let me ask you questions. Now answered. The nine states that have done this so far are red states when you think. Nine red states have done this. Because they've seen that we've. We lost our constitution. In her you know the courts have taken control and leave. We're not a constitution than being followed. Around the country and I am and I appreciate. And most of the states are. Red correct crap. And we claim the support. Federalism correct correct. And this is a quintessential active federalism is yet. Let's walk through sooner. How would the progressives take control of the process. I'm not sure I know but there's so. I know but I don't wanna. Talk complied as is simply too important. The answers they can't. First of all more than a majority of the state legislatures are rent. Secondly you to adopt. That is to ratify a constitution memo whether it's coming from congress or the state convention process. Requires 38 state legislatures or in the alternative 38 state conventions. Which means it takes thirteen states to stop anything. Period. So whatever the progressives would propose assuming they all of a sudden would control the convention and I don't know how they would do that considering in the minority. But let's just play along and say they what. It would take thirteen states to stop than you think we have thirteen states to step. I would like to think so and I guess if it. We're now the answer is that I'm not. Do you would liked the answer is yes we have thirteen states to stop. I can name them. Utah Idaho South Carolina Georgia and Alabama Mississippi. Texas. You can name them took. I Arizona. Tennessee. Go ahead. But except the night I could see things happening in place of that lake. Florida even text that I never thought they'd see happen. I Zoe let me let this and this is the prime years I've seen things happen and I know that progressives and going to the process in your responding. In in vague. You know kind of shoot from the hip stuff. Let me try it with you this way. What else can we possibly do as a. I don't I I think you can maybe right that we need to do their. And but I can think. I can't just. I email gave an example right now look at the immigration issue. Taken completely out of our hands. Look at the marriage issue taking completely out of our hands look at the abortion issue taking completely out of our hands. And I go down the list how many issues have been taken completely out of our hands it's either controlled by the elected branches in Washington. Or by the elected branches of Washington. We have eight the federal bureaucracy that issues almost 4000 laws a year without our input without our consent. We have a Supreme Court where they nationalize issues and just decide don't make the a final decision. With congress say keeps playing with a Ira health care system like it's played out. Really almost no input from us and people are rank and I have I'm worried about this some worried about this. The march of soft tyranny is taking place. The constitution has been twisted into a pretzel. I refuse to defend what's going on and pretend. That elect a few here and elect if you ban and these things will be reversed. Even when you elect a Ronald Reagan evil one you elect if you're like damn trying to write this letter that went they resist. Everything. All of a sudden the courts that said the president has plenary power when it comes to immigration act like the president has no power why. Because the progressives. Are in these courts because that progressives are in the media conspiracy it's a reality. And so I don't understand what we say. Give the power back to the state of the constitution says best eights had this incredible power. Taken together be more powerful than the federal I'm nervous about this. Because of the progressives don't get control that progressives had control. It. Okay well I'm your next question I'm coming around to get it I really am DNA that copy of the Libyan limits on the. Aaron. Talking about. Here before you hang up yet you must not don't hang out and and when he spend money here the next question the witnessed any copy liberty amendments he can read go ahead deny it well unfortunately I can't question. My other thing that I wanted to stay. Calm when I first. Heard you talking about it and I and I went on eagle Harmon taught Dallas until you're on the go ahead okay. I guess if you would really admit that that people here are worried we have concerns. Cared kill. Everywhere to Sally let me tell me if you're looking for additional stuff from me any everything that happened. I'm arguing what my hold on now. It's up to these people to want to defend their country it's not up to me to convince them I wrote an entire book on this process. Which which you have not read I cannot run on how to which most of the eagle farm people have not. And so I put everything on the line on this I've explained it in every way I can using history and scholarship and and persuasion and so forth and so on. If you if it comes time to Markey really have to understand what Menem and I don't know. The country's. And you know this isn't perilous situation now. Our constitutional system really doesn't even exist anymore I don't know what you would define the sense. The progressives have succeeded in so many ways they've always attacked separation of powers they always attack natural law under the declaration and so forth and we have to give them their due. As contemptible as they are. Now what if if if people who are conservative. See what's going on and are concerned about what's going on and then reject that constitutional fix. Because of Eagle Forum where the John Birch Society are Concerned Women for America there's nothing I can do for them. Oh I I don't agree to like think that people would be open to what if saint. There's so many people there are millions of people who are selling. The millions of people who are. All right I gotta go don't hang up I wanna send you delivered in Mehmet cemetery you rather than reading the Eagle Forum. Website on this issue he go to convention of states where they actually know something about this and have dug into this in every six to Farrelly. And those will be more coming out on this for instance a Coburn. Will be having a book am I gonna get into a coming out on this and Tom Coburn knows what he's talking about as well all right I will be right back. Okay. And I. You know most people. Are scared of doing. Bold things. And you these are times call for bold things you're not gonna find. Really detailed information. About the convention estate process and so forth an eagle forming and find scare monger monger. Tim Concerned Women for America same with the John Birch Society. There in the states. Fighting us. And so that's my view of that. And there are very very and misdirected on this. They are defending in effect. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's interpretation of the constitution Anthony Kennedy's interpretation accounts that because that's what we're talking about. They act like a hundred years of progressive has and hasn't occurred. They act like the constitution as written is the constitution as apply. And the only way to even have a chance of addressing this is to pull back power. Into the hands of the state legislatures. Thereby making it more possible for we the people. To have sun sentinel some of you who have been very very dark states. When I talk about in the liberty amendments is three fifths of the state legislatures. Together having the action. Not to do certain things or to stop certain things so. Whether it includes your state or not. Really doesn't matter anymore than when congress acts. One way or another that defies the interest of the states. But. The the reason I get a little frustrated by this is I spent sixteen months writing about this and somebody is interested in knowing about it. Why would you go to the Eagle Forum website. If you want to understand the history of this if you wanna get into Ito about this and so forth and so on. Then really need to look for. And it's not a matter mean doing this are mean doing that. All I can do is what I did. And I put into point 12 hours a day and I'm serious about that there's not much more time I'd give anything. But when somebody says if you would do this if you would do that what they're telling me then is they're not interested in doing for themselves. That interested in learning for the so. And that's to me. A big deal on a big problem. The progressives have gotten a hold of our constitution they've gotten a hold of records they've gotten a hold of the congress in the presidency and that that all of the Republican Party quite frankly. Republican Party. Gave a progressive ism it's birds at the presidential level first with the Theodore Roosevelt. People seem to think they vote and that'll fix everything. You're wrong it doesn't fix everything. Fix is very little. One of the reasons Donald Trump is having so much trouble right now has one of the reasons Ronald Reagan had so much trouble. It's because the system has transformed. When you elect a liberal as president the system has transformed to benefit the liberals. When you elect a conservative or in non liberal as president the system has formed. The sport. So when I hear state representatives your state senators pseudo conservatives. Who reject their own responsibility because they have power under article five of the constitution. And I realize they're just full of crap. They're just all talk. Ahead knowing it. But you Sam way about the progressives taking over the process not only can't they do it by the numbers but they've already taken over the country. So I have to conclude that the lovely call like that last colors though he. That she scared of bold action and she's open to the scare mongering otherwise I don't know what else to do there's nothing else I Candace. And so we're not gonna win over everybody we just have to win over enough. The progressives don't have to win over any. They're not the winner arraignment. They went by hook or crook they won an election great they don't win an election you see where they're judges. So many of them are not faithful to the constitution interfere. There's no way certainly the second executive order I would argue the first one to have but there's no way this second executive order. Should have been stopped what they have. Temporary restraining order that is an absurdity. Yeah we have hundreds and hundreds of these district court judges Obama. In a packed 40% of the courts with his people. And I'm supposed to ward about the State's spinning out of control under a convention of states. And it's ridiculous. My opinion. Our let's take a call here. Written news salutes the you know print that's got to Logan Roswell, New Mexico the great KS VP go. Hey mark appreciate you taking my call listen. Or tell you you'd been right on and I really want base you were. Paula dealt. You have what you say it progressive media. That are there fear mongering campaign. Good point I want to touch on was when you touched on earlier. Would shoot the cold the president trumpeted administration to. Present information. Related to the wiretaps. In that I'd help the hardest time watching any of these liberal media outlet. When they sir talking about this because they Altman could have forgotten the back. Obama illegally wiretapped members of the eap illegally. You know wiretapped. Her leg blown out he did not illegally than he did illegally and that's the scary part is that. And this has been my point and it is a meat may ease the same media. That accuses. Trump of fascism in this respect. Has been barely even heard from when Obama actually practiced it. An aunt and an in the last several weeks and I've been trying to point this out now for for a long time what two weeks almost. The same media. That reports along look at this law enforcement stalinists intelligence system in this we have intercept headlines of wiretaps and we got suffice it quite everything. As soon as I said wow this administration using police tactics and I don't. All you conspiracy not and then they have that and now all of a sudden Trout that's approved wiretap economic what's lucky can't prove. So what that's not even a point. The point is the media have been banging the drums for this creating the environments that this. Letting certain stories slides there are human slide only now they're concerned about accuracy supposedly. And then he got idiots like McCain at this thing and put up or shut up on the wiretaps that permits this. Article saying. That information was gleaned we have now unease people leaking it however it was clean we also have the White House stamp. Pushing information around according to the New York Times we also have the NSA. The NSA rule and that would my toe executive order twelve triple three. In which the act NSA loosens its rules signed off lastly by the attorney general. That enabled sixteen departments and agencies to have access to this information as they're dying out the door but we're all supposed to pretend none of this is. Going on. I don't either trap this is wrong. Now ahead. Oh yeah no reader your daughter usually the court could make it bit you have got to put should be it was a good Jon McLean you know. The mayor but always felt a greater go to Korea and. None and you're your own medicine and he's not a traitor to the country he's a war here what Diaz. As a politician. He is really terrible he is. Thin skinned he is a cheap shot artist he is hypocritical and he's contradictory. And the people of Arizona and they're great wisdom reelected him watching his fortieth or fiftieth parent I don't know. But in any event no I wouldn't comment. Trader right sir. Thank you for you call. It's not a trade. He used. He's inaudible he is an odd ball there I said it oddball write that down media ball. I'll be right back. Chris here's some americans' constitutional. Convention throw mud book they show calling him now 87738148. Point one. And I great night's sleep can have hit a great day. And I'm having a lot of great days because I sleep on a beautiful wonderful. Casper mattress. Casper was invented with two high tech homes the TV all the support you need guaranteeing you get the best night's sleep ever. It ships for free in a box so Smart you're not gonna believe even holds a mattress. And I love the Casper let you try the mattress for 100 nights in your own home risk free. He simply take your mattress when you have now you leaned up against the wall. 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He he's the one that hit me up sent me email about Arizona but I wanna hear from his own lips just like to believe Mike mettler how I am my friend. That degrade the Markham IMAP and it did one. Oh well you know we've been trying to here for three years in Arizona would pass the house continuously. We kept getting stuck in this headed by one individual. This year there was a leader on now and blue line. As they would any big we called king big of a tyrant. Would never even allow a vote even though we have the votes in the Arizona that it would never allow it. It's so big here we have different leadership in the senate. These are real believers in federalism real believers in the constitution and the preservation of the republic. And I am really excited to report that today we passed there is an aesthetic making Arizona then ninety stayed in the country to tout the convention estates resolution. Was it a close vote was it an overwhelming vote anyways. Close because the that it is pretty closely spare parts split it went sixteen to four all Republicans except for one voted for it. So that's pretty did we lost one and you know there's always one anti constitutional among the Republican. And even some on the and the pretend to be otherwise are now. So what state shall we be looking at next what what is Texas coming up do we know. Yes tech that this is abrupt once we got out of the senate that was really exciting there's twenty Republicans in the embedded in Texas we got all twenty of them. And so we moved over the house the house's domestic and taxes so. That's a place where we definitely need to Texas brigade to step up and put the pressure on and that's coming up soon. We won't have a hearing this week took probably sometime next week but. What's going on in the house and takes. You know you're gonna find it amazing work to protect this house is actually run by. What I would describe as very soft Republicans who voted to block put Democrats to elect a speaker who's not really Republican. And so it's not what most people think this really dark red state. The house is just about the senate passes a lot of conservatives stuff and then it goes to the city goes turns apathetic out of that goes to the house to die. And I assume governor rabbits coming it is. Not calls it dirty on this them. Governor rather will be in the lieutenant Governor Patrick has been really great he's the president of the senate there he really helped to get down in the senate. There's some good warriors right there in the house or representatives representative Rick Miller. I incredible odd navy pilot who's leading the charge is a representative there announced. We're getting it done but it's not get a beating you on my for an. Any others coming up in a relatively short order. Yeah there's a whole bunch of that are really on the precipice and Missouri is very close. Arkansas is very close Arkansas as likely to go to vote literally any day right now. So I would say those of the two closest to watch right now and then tomorrow personally help getting up super early in the morning headed to Nebraska. The only unicameral legislature in the country and I'll be there in the legislature. We're close there we I think we have the votes to pass we have to overcome filibusters all be there kind of talk to legislators that a particular strategy. Do you pass in the you can. All right keep up the great fight we really appreciate it market maker conventional stage about a way. If people all learn more about it what do they go. Convention of states' dot com market you regional champion of this idea. If you ever read the liberty amendments were reading it you'll understand the idea go get a ball that convention of state dot com. While you're very kind to kind let's go get them maybe appreciate it. All right. They haven't. We are trying to learn to get on the move on this thing with your help I know we can. Dot aide David saint Petersburg Florida serious satellite Harry. Our great thank you very much credit I am really angry at the doctor. Amid angry or two reasons one obamacare is literally chilling my patience and lucky hit a couple of apples and Obama. And but I more angry at Republicans. Because they apply to my face and otters and that they just can't richer people are mature but in the end. They're the ones stepping up the system to control stolen patients. I'm an example where we're doctors most cities and obamacare really started in the bush years is just paper performance. They want it and deeper service this whole strange idea to him so much the secret reservist had rap rap. The central economic planning model where they give a bonus. If you do what you tell super restaurants. Beat secretary units Arctic air it would bring camera is intent to charity and directors are keeping eight extra or shorter stick in the icu. Who looked at me. Mean little old ladies becoming more brain averages they're being told him that day here to follow. If people who are not qualified. And these were whenever admit it or they're just check out a lot of support. And what happened to doctor it's a bonus you can't trust doctors need circumstances in the assault came out through paper performance by you based purchasing. The Republican supported her recently in Medicare and they're not gonna repeal this at all. That's what bothers me the most to regulations it complained about for years that interfere with the doctor patient relationship. They're not even talking about so much about right now and I just mad as hell. Yeah yeah. Oh you don't understand this is about choice this is about cutting costs this is patience and it. It just sounds like you know we've been I've been through the particular as soon repeatedly last week. And as well it's just it just sounds like so much gobbledygook to me that. It's just propaganda. To terrorist state this idea that collected at the idea that someone to be in charge of the economy in this case and medical economy. So the politicians Turkey make promises to Albuquerque at your church property cronies can get rid a sophomore while ridge offered subsidized insurance mandates. And gum I gotta tell you that the doctors are not gonna stand up but there's not enough doctors who can say there's only patients. The occasion to our work basing your Doctor Who the rationing agent at the state. Reduce incentive program to deny Kerry your patience to make them suffer longer. Patients are gonna have to write upbeat. We're doing our rally and in on Thursday and aren't can you blush orchestral air that's just one of the many think that EC dot. Only the patient can write up or. Well said doctor and I appreciate your call. And remembers team and we're gonna call that the status to media for now when he call the talk shows the status media. You talked your friends it's the state just me with a status means statement states centric media. Because that's what we're talking about. Any serious conservative who's effective or articulate is dismissed by these people us. Right wingers has conspiracy theory this is having bizarre views. So we need to start to use the language to identify them. Ranked the pin the tail on the donkey. So don't accept mainstream media liberal media that's too passive it's it's not even on its not even correct. They are the status media they are there to promote the state they're there to promote little left. And protect them and that's what they do. That's what they'd. I. Let's continue Kelly. Hey Melbourne slide it's great W end and so. So mark thank you take my call is a real pleasure to speak durable long time listener and he's. And I just wanted to test along. You know the big news headlines today it was the the CBO scoring at a cocktail legislation. And do it's it's like a bunch of parrots they're mark there are also in the same fourteen million people will be on insured under the legislation. And I went to. There you go again based on your teachings. I went to the to the source and I looked up the CBO. Document. Which is so available right on the front page and CBO Doug go. And downloaded the be it harder or malice support 28 page so it took me you read. Then I read from page to mark. CBO and JCT estimate that in the 201814. Million more people will be an insured under the legislation and under current law. That's another headline for the status media happens. But the next line sheds some light of truth. Most of that increase will stem from repealing the penalties associated with the individual mandates. The other words. We're gonna let people exercise their god given right to not buy health insurance and that's where most of those fourteen million people are common probably end. Baird going to be the. So let me ask a question why wouldn't Paul Ryan in these other people. Have that speech in front of them go all the media rounds highlighted in green the next set and understand these people deal. I can't I can't settlement and then you know it goes on that saying how many people will be uninsured who wrote the obamacare but once we surged. And that number's up 2.4 million. But. The truth behind that on March is small so that additional increase will be because spinach will not harmed. The Medicaid expansion. Then if I remember correctly Obama hears subsidies for the Medicaid expansion were due to expire anyway here's. So those same people we're going to be thrown off whatever states we're creatures that not. Is it a point in other words a 100% was due to expire. Where art it quite right now let me ask you send you pull that out you read it on a computer you go to their site. These guys and stance they're all over TV they elected office how come they can't do. Mark there it's it's a complete mystery to me I united I don't know except. They're not stupid people they must have some other urgent. I my friend could call. I'll be right back it's. Oh yeah. No areas. Apparently I'm one of them. You believe this correctly I don't believe this crap what the hell is it march what is rich thirteen fourteen so like that. Yeah some like that. Here we are enjoying our global warming throughout the winner. I'm a big believer in global warming and I think we should stop denying it any carriage I think we should keep driving more. We should make sure cows eat foods that they continue to have. Methane. Is not around me. You know I think the whole country should be like Florida what do you think of that one. But in any event isn't this crazy. He can't stand the smell. I don't mean to offend I cannot say it's just inconvenient. It's in gaming but it's so pretty great it's pretty penny got to go out and you get a lucky dog and you gotta. Now whenever. And by the way don't you love the weather people who tell you luck when he got outside where you go options for Sloan who calls them collages anymore. And he now wears color options. Are happily at the one I've never memory mr. but it where your robbers and that one. Well anyway. But he got the back and make angels all of this now. But this but don't eat yellow snow. Poll. Why. You know the the big win in November. Obviously shocked the media. In the entire political establishment really of both parties all the campaign. But it was a wake up call to Washington DC. It was a wake up call. Now won the organizations. That has been solid throughout. That has embraced conservative values and his voiced conservative eyes and Washington DC is famous. GMAC is the conservative alternative to the AARP. In Mac has been fighting for smaller government. Religious liberty. Social Security reform from the day it was found. And while they AARP was busy supporting Obama care a Mac was opposing the bill every step of the way. If you're over forty. Check that if you're over fifty. Hello if you're over fifty. I urge you to join the conservative army in Mac members right now I'm a member my parents human. And you can act now if you do you'll get a five year membership only 59 dollars let me repeat that defied your membership only 59 dollars. Not only will you be a member of an organization that's fighting for your beliefs and values and principles. But they're discounts and benefits. I really unparalleled. They delivered the very best member benefits they really do and by the way they have over a million members and and they give you benefits and discounts on everything from health insurance to hotels to restaurants. Joining GMAC on line www. AM NEC dot US. That's eight and AC dot US or call 8882622006. 8882622006. Be a part of this growing in import organization that fights for your values year in and year out. And offers you terrific discounts of benefits join GMAC now. Right. Let's take a call me a huge issues that people screen out mean we've had a full board from the beginning. Steve Denver Colorado. And US don't. Quick question. A part from your systems approach. Now for your convention to states which we can get federalism back in the play but I'm gonna switch over just a little bit which is the side show. How long has been progressing suppression on a constantly. Which is their version of the culture war in my question is. What are our tactics to where we can respond to that end and what. Sean Spicer had. Subject himself to the other day I don't really been considered. As soon as Israelis attacked an apple. But I mean there is no I mean there's no one thing that can be done I would encourage you to look at the conservative manifesto that I have at the back of liberty and tyranny. I think we have to take back to teaching profession that we have to take back Hollywood with the take back the media and the way we do that is encourage our children to go into these fields. If they have an inclination to do it in the first place. And he go into these fields and make themselves known and trying get positions of authority. Where they can demonstrate statesmanship and so forth so we can slowly but surely. Not take these. Take these you know areas of society back. I mean. It's it seems almost taunting doesn't almost overwhelming given the nature of what we're up against but that's the way do you chip away and that's the way they've done it for a 120 years. Yeah exactly that's the frustration of you know I again it fall into a panic mode almost because reflect we've we could collapse tomorrow which is much pushed back and in some might mean. The other question I ask myself as. What what's there in game what's the real long term goal. Other men well I mentioned this myself and the answer is. There is no blueprint. But it's not gonna be pretty. Because if you're gonna destroy the the a pillars of the civil society. Which are held up in part by our constitutional system. Which is a manifestation. Of our. Declaration of independence natural law and so forth. Then there's very little between tyranny. And us. And the centralization of government is the biggest problem that we face it's the biggest problem. That the framers in the Rana fires were concerned about. But chart carrying isn't catchy to centralization. And Rickie get you centralization. Tearing of all kinds sketches centralization. And centralization is here. And that's the problem and Steve great call. And I apologize to Joseph Marshall Charlie Tony and so forth will be here tomorrow we salute armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. Please sounds. I'm counting on you whether meant to be wrong yet again. Jim our America I'm mark the event. Here's a great resolution you can make for the new year maximize every minute and every dollar three yours all business there is an easy way to do that damn dot com and how much time you've wasted going to post office driving they're finding parking. Stamps.Com is a better way to get postage just to use what you already have your computer and printer to get official US postage or any letter or package Ben the Olympics it's that easy. He stands dot com everything you would do the post office you can do right from your desk. And at a price of cost of one of those expensive postage meters right now sign up through Stamps.Com. 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