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Gregg Marshall Coach's Show 03-13-17

Mar 14, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This is the Wichita State shocker. Men's basketball coaching show YKMS fast would your head coach Craig Marshall presented by your hometown Chevy dealers. Now let's go live 108 James. Sports grill after yelling corner of thirteenth and green which rode with the voice on the shot records might Kennedy. Good evening welcome to the Gregg Marshall show March Madness addition welcome AJ we get ready. For the shot his sixth consecutive trip to the NCAA tournament this coach Gregg Marshall alongside. Them we will be here until 7 o'clock talking. About the upcoming NCAA tournament shocker traveling to Indianapolis. To take on Dayton in 810 at seven match up that game to tip off at 16 that central time. And will be on CBS this kind of the eighteen Jim Vance Grant Hill bill are after he. And Tracy Wolfson so. I look forward to that also want to let you know I just got word from from KFH they'll be carrying games all day on. Thursday and Friday from the NCAA tournament and their featured match up on Thursday. At two Chan will be the east Tennessee Florida game with the former shocker assistant. Steve Forbes leading east Tennessee into the NCAA tournaments he could listen to that what right here at Wichita. Actually tent on Thursday coach welcome and I guess. We can't I can't start really without asking about the seating him just your reaction yesterday. Seems always might can be. We're we're excited to be a part of that turn it. You obviously know that they don't have a lot of respect for our leader may be us personally I don't I don't know what it is that. We we just were part we've we've got the automatic bid. Obviously I think we're better than ten seed but. The good news is we get a chance now to go prove it. I wanted to help wanted it we've talked about this moment to give you a chance to just talk a little bit about. What they keep bringing up how many top fifteen wins somebody has topped 100 listed. The total ignorance. Tried to schedule. At a school in these situations where the power five conference teams don't wanna play an all or if they do is certainly not home at home and and I am relatively certain if you were to schedule but you did in this situation you used to play. Power five teams for a chat with you were went through part of building your program. But you don't get any credit for the committee if you go to those places that Lewis puts their opponents to about ninety to 95% of the time it is day. Well. I don't know why do schools would not wanna play just because. Okay could you. I don't know exactly. Why these teams would not one place because undoubtedly it doesn't matter. How many times you lose to a good team it's just how many times you were able to win and when you get fifteen or twenty opportunities because of belief that you play in. And you win three or four those fifteen and now you're three and twelve applicants at top fifty in the country. That's that's good this can relative to our situation where we get. 45 chances and we do to end three years to inform. Against those teams so. It to me it makes sense to just play the best possible schedule you can and that's exactly what we try to do you know we. No we can't coach the other team to recruit for the other team and LSU did not have a great year Oklahoma did not have a great about the web. This is what a great guy Lon Kruger as I get a text yesterday just from Lon Kruger just what a great season we had congratulations best of luck. And we're actually talking about. Extending our series with them. I just thought that was a really nice thing it. You know I don't do a whole lot of that and that's up got a handful of bodies that we stay in touch with like Steve Forbes. And Earl grant the College of Charleston most of my former coaches who worked with me that we stay in touch but there's a really nice text you get from coach Kruger. But you know we we can't control that they they had a down year coming off the final four but I bet he'll be back next year which is good as we play him here. And we try to schedule the best teams that we can but again we don't control how they play before after the play. And certainly also with all of this that comes up by I just feel like giving some kudos to the Oklahoma isn't Oklahoma state senate. Few of those that had been willing to play your home and home have the intestinal fortitude to do this. I thought I thought that was really Smart move by Brad Underwood could he he he takes a job first year. And you know. He's got to get hired or fired already hired that gets fired for what they do that first year he comes this is right away awfully which trust me when a player never came and beat us and beat us soundly so. I thought that was a very. Smart and and and gutsy decision by him now we have to go back down there next year. And employee. And it. It's it's Gallagher I don't realize is that correct correct yeah. So. Looking forward that opportunity but. Yeah it's just. You need to are used to say. And I always think when they're in the press conference at that that would Tennessee console Maarten in fifty grand and Alabama and Larry crystal react in Utah on all the teams we've played this over the years. That's what we're trying to put our our house we could do that was our whole schedule we would we play as many as well possibly return the game. And obviously the other thing you've tried to get it as many except turn events as you can with quality fields and at times and you play and those like this year in the Bahamas you're going to be younger a little less experienced and maybe not quite as ready at that stage of the season to play the Louisville's of Michigan State's. At that. A year ago in Orlando when you had that opportunity to place a very good opposition Fred Baddeley gets hurt lakers' Shannon gets hurt you go down there with a much different team than you would have anticipated and again something you just can't control. Can't control those things. We talked about it many times we could do was just Fred physically it was certainly for Shannon to encounter during camp was ineligible so we have three really good guards on the sidelines. Not next year you go to Maui quality field and you've got to have a more experienced team where you hope you go into that with a chance to maybe put some of this stuff out of the conversation. And that's what we've known. Just just about every year. We've only won the conference tournament twice in the six years we've been able to do the NCAA tournament consecutively bit. For those years we did so well in the pre conference. That it really didn't matter which the laws we took care of our business in the league didn't matter the strength to believe so. That's we hope to do next year we're in the Maui tournament. We're also gonna go back to the Bahamas in four years so. We're not we're not only play in the music if turnovers were waiting the absolute best exit tournaments that most programs. From leagues like ours hope and opportunity to do so. That's part of do have residual benefit. Having the program that we have and having success that we happily. We will continue as coach Marshall from age days at the Alley will be talking more about the soccer's first round matchup that senator as we continue on our March Madness Gregg Marshall show. 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Craig Marshall one came SS presented by your hometown Chevy dealers live headache. DL right corner of thirteenth and premature. Here's the voice on your chargers might Kennedy. Talk about the Gregg Marshall show. At the Alley by the way this is our only coaches showed tonight we were originally scheduled freight baseball coaches show as well bit. The flight from Wichita State from Louisiana coming back from the weekend valid issue. Delayed its so they won't be back until later this evening so we'll look we'll get back into that next week. Coach Marshall alongside and coach I've mentioned the game coming up on Thursday east Tennessee and Florida letting your former assistant Steve Forbes. Involved. Am really happy for him getting them there just his second year down. There they're great job he's done getting them the bucks back in the NCAA tournament I don't know how long had been back there while. He just did a marvelous job restocking that talent pool when. Coaching him up he was in the championship game in his first year. And then got over the hump in a very close game against UNC Greensboro this year I'll watch the game. No of the you'd better watch it if there are dangers thirteen seed because they've got. Big time that's what this is a minute and some high major sides with. And the hunt mark Korean kid play for Indiana who we played them he's dared to Evan glass plate here. He's got some great guards and Bradford and Romer. So they don't play an up tempo and they're not afraid. Also Winthrop back in the tournament and I know that you still have a lot of fondness for that program particularly happy for the fans continue to follow yeah the actually a couple of months but he certainly it. Picture. Can they win when I was the coach there. One of them on the Saturday afternoon game and all all the big out if he's always on Saturday. Or Sunday afternoon. They don't pleaded primetime news. And generally it's at the homes. The highest seeds home court which was a lot of times on us. And Lin started a group that we tailgate before those games. About two hours before they would get together and have a big spread like it was a college football game. But it was a college basketball can mean the weather's beautiful it's nice that he's so we reduce our. I would always come in about an hour before the game and I'll be really nervous and they would be partying and you know maybe have a little. Revelry going on so I would just go over briefly say hello to my wife and a couple free incident. I don't want anybody think I'll stop in Baja has. Do embark with those people but. I love the fact that they're still doing that they're still doing that except me a picture and it just looks so far and I saw a lot of people that are was friends with them remembered and that takes them back thanks for continuing the tradition. Also I just learned this yesterday that you have a connection actually with one of the teams that we will see in Indianapolis at northern Kentucky you up a young man that I coached when I was in might. Second to last year. Before we can head coach. Was it Marshall university for two years 96 to 98 in 9697. We had a forward John Brennan. He was all league player. He was also turn and at play here and we lost in a tip in at the buzzer and over time Kidd didn't check out and they they tipped it did when the game. UT Chattanooga they went on to be a sweet sixteen team next year they beat. Illinois and Georgia and went to the sweet sixteen with a kidney Johnnie Taylor but John Brennan. Was a great player self made player cafe and 68 but he could shoot it. He was was he was just he competed like crazy. And he was also the most impressive thing about him was he was a Rhodes scholar candidate. When he graduated so. Then he would he got into coaching he took cover Rhodes scholar who to become a coach but he's done very well he was with VCU. For many years with the Anthony Grant then they went to Alabama together he was with anything print the whole time they've when Anthony Grant was fired at Alabama a couple of years ago. John went back to Cincinnati where he's from. There's northern Kentucky's right on the border of Ohio and Kentucky and got the hit job and his second year he's been into turn. Anybody else that's here any particular connections lift the dollar grant to didn't make it from the College of Charleston. He was in the championship game against. UNC Wilmington a very good friends with Kevin Keats the head coach UNC Wilmington I tried to hire him one time. Here which custody and he was he was it hard great military academy we're Rashard Kelly. I came from but before that Kevin and I've known each other forever transformed when I left Marshall Kevin what to march so we've known each other for a while. He does a great job and they're another dangerous high seed. And I can't think of any more bit video popped into my head. And she says that's one of the UNC Wilmington Steve Forbes Steve east Tennessean in middle Tennessee or some of those smaller conference. Higher seeds are lower seeds everyone a look at that are that a lot of national papers saying watch out for at least fourteen years ago I interviewed for the middle Tennessee job and was was I guess the runner up I didn't get the job and Kermit Davis got the job. And now he's fourteen years into his tenure middle Tennessee doing great things that he's a guy's been around forever got to ask about him at the event earlier he's been at Texas CNN and Idaho that I remember and again it's been division one for a long time. Yeah he he's he was it I think they head coach at Texas a and M to one point if I'm not mistaken. Maybe Mississippi State it was a high major jobs go to those I think again he was a high rise or early on but you know they had some issues and I think he had started his career rover but man he's doing wonderful things middle Tennessee. How has this past week been for your team just this week off if he would only for playing games tennis certainly practice but also mixed in some time off. Well I mean I don't know what they're doing their time off. I enjoyed my time off I had not just smoke and we time couple nice dinners we did taken two very nice dinners or there's a group. I'm with the teen. And had a really nice. Hopefully they're getting their bodies right now we practiced it yesterday and today. We'll go very light tomorrow to be almost like that they offer will be more for dummies stuff will be no life combat that. The move obviously practice on. Wednesday and Thursday in preparation to date. The. And you mentioned that your your post. Show. News conference yesterday which he'd had a couple of pretty good collisions and practice with everybody seems to be okay yeah we have some. Bad collisions yesterday we had two or three guys four guys go down with various. Injuries so it just scares you this time of year you don't want anybody to have to miss these games. What's the routine like I know that on Thursday when she get up there there's a required sort of glorified shoot around public. Practice it's opening a news conference that do you have a location. Looked up real practice once you get up there had eaten. I don't that's dominant we're going to responsibility I'm sure he will handle that. It's I don't know where winds that at that point I just. I'm gonna be on that plane on Wednesday evening after we practice and Dominique takes it from there. You will play out later came an evening game and is that do you prefer that schedule and also what it to playing in the afternoon when you go to on of these side. Doesn't matter you know and again I don't have any preference because I don't have any say so when it 2:7 o'clock to pretty good time to play it's pretty normal. In its prime time minutes CBS so I think that's better we will continue as coach Marshall from AJ is that the Alley right after this is to. They're making you shiver even indoors called the pros and Comfort Systems they can tune up fueled furnace or install a new Linux system to heat your home now and pay overtime with six month financing. You can count on Comfort Systems for all your heating air conditioning and plumbing needs call for a free in home estimate at 2657. 831. Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net. Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. 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Here's the voice on your shoulders some might Kennedy. Welcome back to. Wichita State get thirty. Ford headed into the NCAA tournament in Indianapolis first game Friday at 6 PM central time. Against date. But it was a shock troops have not played Dayton since 1962. And we'll talk about the match up. Little bit later but I wanted to ask you certainly you have had a lot of success in the NCAA tournament here. With eight mindset and approach it evolves toughness and focus and all those kinds of things. Given that. You you went into the CI Illinois State game at the valley championship with a lot of emphasis on that on toughness on being focused on every possession and so forth and does it is the way your team responded in that game give you an even better feeling going into this tournament that you can hear me. So. You know we you. We knew that we had of making sure the tournament berth. You know that's. Our team did a great job of following the game plan. But we talked about toughness. We thought. Illinois State would play a little better on this week. They're very talented team and their long and athletic and they don't take a backseat to us in any way physically. We just you know aren't our game plan was was good in our guys were very tough we outrebounded them. Our technique when box outs and hedging ball screens and all of those things really do that so that's. Toughness and technique. And that's going to be is theme for us for wild crews Dayton's very similar Dayton is. Hoffman and they've got soups. Chicago's. City kids it. They just take the ball from you and make. Winning play some of them are can be that much bigger or if all that good if we may be bigger than them I have. Never seen him up close but just worn by the scouting report which you see on film. They're just ready group that statins. And shares the basketball which can be a mirror image of our team and what they've done there over the course of the last 45 years with Archie Miller is very special. I'm sure they're reliving some of their glory days from that that whenever they were on top of the basketball world but it's a it's a basketball. Place because. I mean think about this with a hole the first four every year not just one here it's every year because those people come out supporting this very similar to Wichita. I think what you tell it to be very similar if we have an opportunity. It interest and to read or Coker revamp to have that first forum Tuesday and Wednesday. Happens. Open Lotta people are coming to that from the respective schools that supported by the city of Dayton in those season ticket holders and corporations in that down. You have four players on your roster who are juniors who have played in either five or six NCAA tournament games already at their careers and then two more guys played in three. Last year this is your thirteenth NCAA tournament as head coach. Is that a pretty significant. Thing to have going for you to have that kind of tournament experience and guys who have been there and have a feel for what its own. Yeah but but again. We've got a handful of guys that are played in their first NCAA tournament and then every body did its other than maybe Shaq. And Zach brown home. Are playing in a different. Role than they plea didn't he turn it. Dayton's got force seniors to have all started for three years in the fancy term so it did in terms of experience. In this type of setting they have more than we do. I think it will help. The guys that have played in it like Shaq and Zach brown and Rashard Kelly of Ronald nurture. In the end. But they have to play better than they did last year you know Kupchak was pretty good. But some of the other guys you know they they they don't have gotten so much better than they were last year when they were. And short killings since they were the doo wop girls and I don't know I don't know how to get the microphone and make it to seeing their favorite song. You mentioned just a general characteristics of Dayton's team. Interesting that last year in your round of 64 game we've played Arizona and John Miller an issue yet date and his brother Archie had any similarities in the two as far as style. Whether debt to coach to their dad is a very good high school coach have never seen this team but he's very successful. In the Pittsburgh area so both of those guys. These are definitely they stayed in the family business if you will and both of them are tough. Greedy. You know Sean played Pitt Archie played the NC state the ACC. Both give a lot of that asked as players they both got tons out of their size where this is an ability. To play at the highest level of college basketball. And now they're doing the same thing it hit its coaches mean Shawn is one of the top 52 coaches in America and Archie not far behind just younger. And he has his pick of jobs every single spring. And remain there at the. You know you you mentioned yesterday that your current assistants were already getting to work on preparation for this game and is it just that much easier than it was even though is the first time he went with Winthrop to yet. Video on opposing team to put information together and those kinds of things you ready for. It was a whole different than it was in 1999. Coincidentally. It was in Indianapolis. We were sixteen seed. The first time when there could ever been to the big dance. We were playing a Warren it was a team all burned clip. Cliff Ellis had an Auburn team. That was beating SEC schools by an average of twenty points a game he was doing to the SEC what we did to the value this year total domination. And you know I'm silly enough to think that we can win the game but. We. We stayed in Indianapolis. I remember. Under wrapped we lost were standing in the lobby none of them with the people that ever organized. Travel part. Like this to go to the NC terms it was bedlam the whole time it was bedlam we didn't have the staff. We didn't have the expertise. Everybody was on their maiden voyage into the NCAA tournament so there were standing in the lobby after we'd lose to Auburn. And you know I wanted to just relax decompress a little bit they'll still angry from the game and the deacons of commuters take. We're leaving in two hours and I was not happy. But we had a loaded laughter head to the plane. But yeah I understand how that works a lot better now when you when you lose where you're just. You're just another problem for them they knew they would you with the first charter back and it doesn't matter what time or where where you are. And sometimes go to the airport you weighed on the charter that's a lot of fun. With it being Dayton team it's in the 810 conference of some prominence. On TV a lot I would guess if there's a lot of video out there are a lot of opportunity to pick up. Think oh you know with its own computer mouse caller we we we subscribe to this thing cost synergies we have everything to gain the deacons played we could punch a button and look at. The point guard. Shooting jumpers we can look at the point guard turning it over we can look at the point guard driving to the basket. Back then. You had to start calling people and accumulating as many VHS. VCR. Tapes. That you could find the course you had to give him FedEx the next day so it's selection shows on Sunday. You get those finished on Monday you don't get a until Tuesday so we had people try anything to pick up VHS videotapes. And all different directions and then come back to have to get those things that was of what kind of a pain to edit them back there. Now one of the games they played this year was against east Tennessee so do you can get on the phone with Steve Forbes and try to get a little. But it insider information that you can't get from watching video what do you think a particular. Was you don't hear her breath. That wasn't helpful I didn't talk to him. I think Chris talked to a bit. Yes he he told us Sydney in the really good transition and in. Half of their they try to kick the ball from you. Yet we we've been in. We surmised that by looking through videotape last night I started looking and coach I'd be he's got there and chance course has everyone's like like I do then hired to work in Kentucky and Lynn stands at northern Kentucky. And is it helpful Steve Forbes having just been here a couple years ago to have. Source like death it's a little more familiar with your own program a little bit how you do things to. To kind of keep you feel knowing what you look at who I'm sure he was very helpful. All right thank you have we will continue with Gregg Marshall from AJ is that DL I've got an approach. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. Because no regard for human life it attacks and all. Sometimes you. Almost ten. Can service. Who's meet Davis Davis is from polish. South Dakota bill we took Davis from Pollack to fish for golf in Alaska sure did this in wild card Polycom McDonald's filet of fish sandwich there were boats and Swedes and fish and some delicious -- percentages so you can save Davis is one I'll be lucky got good morning thanks status. 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We have though why one wife and a while and this is what it sounds like truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before while I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming in the camouflaged real tradition. For the black a midnight edition of your the difference atrocious PD. And this truck month so make a strong decision is fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't even today. Child you claims follow the leader. Young adults you followed your heart. Ole. You're head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant and you send updates twenty. Just get updates see what's going. I'm really is really get inside scoop. MSS radio dot com. And the other great American join me. The Wichita State shocker men's basketball coaching show. Craig Marshall one K and SS presented by your hometown Chevy dealers live any. Here's the voice on your shoulders and Mike Kennedy. And welcome back to Gregg Marshall shop yet shoppers headed to Indianapolis. Where no Wichita State team has played. Since the 1989. To nineteen season shocker last game in Indianapolis was in the Hoosier classic hosted by Indiana and old market square arena back in December. 1989. Coach Gregg Marshall alongside. And coach certainly when you start looking at Dayton's personnel they have one of the best names of all of college basketball in point guards Gucci Smith and as a kind of where you start with having to. Try to contain the flyers a little bit. Yeah he's the straw that stirs the drink. Bronx New York. He's got great handles it's got a player and he. He drives in there can finish but he keeps up with it anyway you want it to to open shooters if you help off on. It's big big kid 6263. Butte disagree play and we looked at Atlanta and high school. And it keeps you while for my taste but man I'm may have made a mistake as he was pretty good he's he's really good. But. He's just this is fourth NCAA tournament as a starting point guard so he's he's doing something right. He is. He's the straw that stirs the drink Pollard is your leading scorer. 66 to thirty big kid inside really barrel chest. He's from Chicago. They got there and know they're leading scorer Kenny cook. And cook transfer. 66 forward who who's more perimeter oriented than Pollard Pollard were inside. But they all you know can do it all I can all shoot it they can all drive it. Not a huge team but just a really tough team played solid man to man mix in a tiny bit of zone. I'm not very complicated but do extremely well what that what they happen in their system. Given the other person out there size of the different spots is just another game where you could potentially match ups background that. Against this Gucci Smithson and try to give him some problems with the slam it's possible. But you know there when you got to guard the rest of them to go guard cook can. Pollard and they've got they've got a lot of good players Kenny Williams to succeed. Sophomore. Shoots a three. He's probably their tallest guy he shoots threes it stretched for. Certainly have names that we all know. Guys that they ended and it. Too little roster this year Josh Cunningham who has a freshman Bradley two years ago was definitely rebounding. And then transferred he started the first two games was hurt for a couple of months of and that has come back it seems like maybe he's not playing quite as much for. Role as it is stated well he had a horrific leg injury that we were watching the game in the office back in November. It was against Alabama at Alabama Dayton won the game. And in the last thirty seconds he took a bad fall and I don't know but he did his leg but it was not pretty. And the fact that he's back playing this year amazing. He already used just richer years which he was all rookie team at Bradley to three years ago. Sat out you supposed to be a big time player forced this year for them this year. But because of the injury it looks like he's just working its way back in but he's a talent he was a top. 75 recruit coming out. High school and just geno Ford that you know when geno Ford lost and that was not good for geno Ford's tenure there. John Brantley. Couple of guys named Davis won Kyle won Darrell both thought perimeter players. That that are key contributors. Date will play nine or ten guys that aren't they primarily more like seven or eight deep in the guys who played most of the time yet I would say. This is. You know as you say this is kind of they have. You know very similar matchup two similar teams any place that you see that you might have an advantage for instance they're about even on the year in rebounding. Totals for the season. Even there's nothing there plus one rebounding. You know hopefully hopefully to our five men can establish download we can knock some shots and you know take care of the basketball against their pressure. You know all the talk about seeding and I certainly if you did seeded where he deserved to be that it would be a different scenario but given all the the possible seedings that we saw on the all the lead up to the show yesterday's seven to ten. Is this match update the quality of team that's probably about what you were going to get whether it was Emerson you know they've won five games the last three years in the tournament so. Probably more complex than most. We will come back to continue our conversation with coach Gregg Marshall right ethics. 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Welcome back to the Wichita State shocker men's basketball coaching show. Craig Marshall one came SS presented by your hometown Chevy dealers live any. DL right corner of thirteenth and premature. Here's the voice of your shot makers might Kennedy. Welcome back. Marshall show great to have so many of you here what does that AJ is at the LA shocker set up in the sixth consecutive. NCAA tournament six in a row here thirteen for you. The people be it didn't know obviously your job you're focused on a lot of things about getting your team ready but. Major blood get pumped a little bit is this an exciting time of the year for you. Yes it's definitely an exciting time we. You know it's. It's been crazy my my its my kids almost expect this unit and you know he just can't. You can't expect that you can't you have to appreciate it. But it's killer that's like annual rite for him to be breaking down the brackets and you know I wouldn't be surprised if one day he's like achieved a looser. ESPN talking about B one of these Talking Heads about. What they're doing wrong and what they're doing right all that the analytical parts in the RPI and the sooner. Back east was magna formed me that. You know dad of all Americans in Indianapolis I said. Which in the Pacific. It's in Minneapolis I don't know what's in Indianapolis and so I sit well shall find some also Cabrera. In Indianapolis that was her big news. And wins just you know when we leave and she's got to take it to get the dog they can cure what not so. It's it's it's great it's. We've been blessed that we've done it thirteen times now in nineteen years and a lot of coaches. That have never been and never you know so. We're we're excited to take this particular group in and see how well they can perform. And speaking out this particular group I tried to ask you this at the beginning of the year if you were in any way excited about. Say what you can accomplish with a new group that at the time you found it pretty nerve wracking to say goodbye to guys like Fred Enron and Evan Wessels and so forth and the challenger that didn't appeal to you as much as having guys you know about that. At this point you are you pretty proud pretty pleased that this group of what they've been able to accomplices here. Definitely you know you know. You lose you lose your security blanket and we've had that security blanket for four years of three years for sure we're. They were there. There were running the show and with this particular group. After Canada I was a little apprehensive I was a little nervous and and I would say scared but it's I think fears are great motivated. And I fear failure I fear losing I fear. Not living up to my responsibilities. As the head coach of this program so. Fear is a great motivation here and we went to work as soon as we got back they took a couple of days off and not think they've gotten better as the year's gone on we knew we could score we talked about that we came back with our defense has gotten consistently better. Throughout the course of the year and it's gonna have to be good and this weekend. And the thing that. It is interest in it we drive these guys pretty hard but I talked to them today before we started video update. I sit now do you understand. That. And I don't mention. A particular school bus when we're scouting and in trying to get them ready for a particular game or school that we play during the regular season. It's not about that game. It's about preparation. For these games. I'm not trying to get you ready to be schooled. Me on trying to get you ready to beat teams that are gonna you're seeing if you turn it. So now we don't have to. Teaches from a to Z we can just refining beings and sharpen the knife and and be a little. And certainly that's part of what has developed with the things we've been talking about thirteen NCAA tournaments in nineteen years you've come to gain an understanding of what those things have to be at where you have to be to have a chance and he's. The efforts of politics really talented guys that are willing to be coached and work their tails off and we've got those guys we've got very talented. Guys and we got him back for another year or so. You know we're just connected to what will be interesting next year will be with everybody back. How they'll let us grind on them. From the beginning and it it'll probably be someone that thinks you know they've got it all figured out. We'll have to have a a little meeting maybe or an altercation to put it. We'll have to fill that they don't have it all figured out this is how we're gonna do what we're gonna grind again we're gonna read. Pay the price of success. I know that your total focus right now as on date but it's his interest in looking at the bracket and seeing the names that could be in front of you Kentucky UCLA. North Carolina I think John Rossi has dubbed this the tradition bracket and and certainly there's a chance to play some of the biggest names in the history of the game. Yeah I mean we've. We played a lot of great names and watch great schools the last couple years and in. Kentucky and local mayor's own in Ohio State the Indiana and Kansas. And now we've got. That Kentucky can't UCLA would be the third round opponent what North Carolina as a group who's the fourth time I don't know that it would be Kansas and Villanova and also don't see any players Villanova yet. So you know replace some really good teams but we you know just takes one bad night and so so that's that's the way it is from here on out there. The good news is we've been playing that type of basketball for a long time where we are told the team probably. Early February that you can't afford to lose these games if you wanted to have a chance for an at large you have to know who. More wiggle room and the answered every challenge. There's some of the frustrations that you experience yesterday it has to be a little bit gratifying that the people have really come to bat for you are people that know. College basketball achieved notices this very outspoken on your behalf and it was obvious who some of the comments he made. City watched your games with Illinois State in the valley championship and yesterday and how many people saw the show right before the selection show. That Steve slap us former Villanova coach you did to your games this year on TV was was very much singing your praises and thinking that you would get a better received an agenda that can do well that's that's. Basketball people that's people that party he'd be your coach to gain for their paid to write about the game and follow the game and watch the games. Not computer geeks that are sitting here. With a computer and just looking at numbers and that don't watch the game that's and then the biggest thing that we need to do on that committee. And maybe maybe so well here this or maybe they won't let. We've got to get basketball people on there but not not Levy's not people from football schools that are. Athletic directors just wanna have something to add to that resonates or be on the basketball selection committee. We need people that coached the team that knows the game and I also think we need a reporter. In that room to give some. Some transparency. To actually what what went down and and why and it stopped stop acting like he notes. This big secret that they got that keep behind closed doors and can't talk about it nobody wants and anybody know what's going on back there. If you did do some of the best things have been written map that Norway and her from CBS sports is a buddy of mine and he he wrote a piece of receiving. Gary Parrish and Charles Barkley on CBS right afterwards we went crazy. In and Brandon. Robbed Oster. Indy Glock mirror read for grave you can go on and on with college basketball writers. And Talking Heads Seth Greenberg. Jay bill was as you mentioned. Scott van pelt I mean it's ridiculous but that's OK I mean if it is what it is we've got to go play now but. My point is that it's a great majority of those people that. Our experts and what they do following college basketball. And reporting about college basketball. Thought it was just absurd. And certainly had the point has been made it's unfair. To the teams that you're playing also and and not just you've been other teams they get that same situation. Who knows what will happen in the Dayton but if it's truly a seven seed they should be playing somebody as good as Wichita State is a tendency. I mr. Wright well I mean. Going back to last year and I know this is this year but last year. Sean Miller we've we've gone on Nike trips together he's a great guy and a great coach. But when we played them last year he was so angry at the sixty that they had to play us. After. Winning against Vanderbilt it's an eleven see if he would just he says that's. Utterly ridiculous that we just had to play that game as a succeeded your eleventh. And you know we almost survived that. Crazy three team deal. We took the lead against Miami in the second half after a dreadful start and and they just me big time place. I'm down the stretch that. I think we ran out of gas a little bit to be honest. Tuesday night late. Thursday night late in the first game on Saturday afternoon. And and is somebody who loves college tennis. After traveling all night oh yeah we can't read that I checked into the hotel at 530 plus 530 right here on Wednesday morning. But as somebody who loves college basketball and certainly. You know that. There seems to be a fear that if you don't have enough for the power five teams in that people aren't gonna watch for the appeal to determine that is. The teams that nobody knows as much about to pull those upsets and play well and to me it's it it helps determine that if you get a fair representation loses you can. That's what I've always thought of always thought of the upsets and underdogs in. This Cinderella is if you will. That's what makes it turned McGrady and and ultimately it that's Cinderella hasn't won it. Butler came the closest and and we've been in the final four were and with a few others but. To me that's that's the intrigue in the beauty in the pageantry of that whole event is. You still have to go three straight weekends and win two games and he gets really interesting when you can win two games. And come home. And then you go back to that airport like a band of Gypsies have what we just together and you don't go somewhere else and you win two games of the you do it again and it's. Hopefully we can make a deep run this year. And the thing is I wanted to give you the opportunity to say that because. However this all turned out and regardless of what's our grace the possible you've always been the guy that's gone out and proved it on the floor that there's not gonna gripe we're just gonna go out and win games. Proof that we probably deserved and I don't have these facts that. We probably won more games as the higher seed on the lower seed if you will higher seed would be closer to warm. The lower seed than anyone in the tournament the last five years ago. We'll try to continue to. As a matter of fact which. The Missouri Valley Conference has the best record in the tournament. Of any of the fourth best record of any conference in the country in the tournament the last four years. That's because Wichita State is not an forces there you go. We'll see you at Indianapolis on Friday shot. Opening today. Hostage shocker men's basketball coaching show went head coach Craig mark. Mike Kennedy presented by your hometown Chevy dealers.