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WSU Baseball at LSU 03-12-17

Mar 12, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Wichita State soccer baseball on 987 and thirteen thirty KN as ask him. Now with the call of the game here is seen Dennis. Good afternoon and welcome to Alex box stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Shocker baseball Wichita State takes on the elegy fight tigers. But at the pregame show on your home soccer baseball all season long thirteen thirty. And 987. K in ads that this is the final game between these two clubs and let you take in the first two. Six don't want it twelve to five. And these similarities. Of the first half. Of the first two games are pretty much identical it was six to nothing. After fine. In both games the right game in case you missed it was delayed by over two and a half hours you do whether. The game started at 9:31. PM. Ellis you got off today and I think lead after three. And it pretty much salted it away with a three run home run by Greg Dyke and the fifth and sixth and nothing. And what's the thing yesterday. They got him in the third and fourth in the death. Three more home runs along the way. On their way to a twelve to five win over the shocker yesterday and it each game Wichita State took until the ninth inning to score. With two outs nobody on on Friday night in that scratching across one. And it yesterday after spotting LA hugely twelve to nothing lead scored. Ellis didn't force separate innings and double digit or crooked number. Well the irony each time doctors got off the map and scored five runs in the ninth. To make that final yesterday. Well I though doctors. Trying to salvage the final game of this three game series here and Alex box stadium as they take it 85 record into today's contest Ella Hugh. Is eleven. And four. They all brought in part by the carpet out Horry. Points that are rather it be 816 north Broadway. Virtually everything that you could be if it. Comes to warring hardwood lamb and I'll even. Carpeted area rugs there to him because. Of the huge election the prices are able. And quality product low everyday prices including. Election without. Thousands of my color. Accurate and pat plus once you pull the trigger they have the dollars to very respectful of you go home. Along the way there helpful sales staff is low pressure and I acknowledge though anytime you need anything. As it pertains you wore your home at all. Bars carpet outlet and warnings that are that by there at 1816. North Broadway. The weather today. Well as of right now it got quite a bit better. Honestly because when we got to the ballpark he was 49 degrees. Overcast. And the wind was blown out or wolf the fifteen miles an hour at the moment it starts to heat up a little bit and they to break it up well. But it is a vastly different today. In the previous two it is 55 degrees right now with a northeast win at eleven miles an hour meeting. The wind is blowing directly in center field. So we'll see how that affects. The power hitters that today's game. At which cuts in LA wrapping up these series. In less than backers dollars more likely to tell whether right now as we get that for the finale. And he didn't shock it's why you can't get 50% off your online order at any Wichita area Papa John's. Dot com. Promo code shocker if he. There's bigger shocker discount. Starting pitchers today are right hander. Will be seniors that looks like Wichita State against freshman Eric walker. LSU walker. A one it'll record in his previous three starts with a BRA right at three. And Jack Lewis making his third start fourth appearance he made a brief appearance notable bit very beginning of the season. Lewis no record stage is ERA three as well pair right handers. On a Sunday. Where LSU practice week doctors try to salvage one. It's Sunday an interesting day College Baseball there many many different ways to. Talk to your keep your head coach. Into knowing and believing that Sunday is a very important day and think about it it is either a date you can sweep. I dated you can avoid getting slapped. Or it today where you have an opportunity to win this series of the first two games of the series and split so. Sunday and certainly for the visiting team Sunday is only get away day. Anyone have a good performance for you. You get on the Basra playing ball. So that's what Wichita State is left with here today trying to salvage game series. BR PI boosted comes to that later on in the season. And frankly to knock off the top ten team look like you absolutely is there either six or seven. And the various five major holes in College Baseball. Sunday big day for both these clubs LSU goes through this week doctors. Try to salvage one game in this series. Scores from yesterday case you missed it Missouri valley common course was very busy and a couple of games. Were postponed if that the second test site you need it evened up the series. Against Memphis with a one run victory they beat the street news of the gulf that series. Twenty. Victory today. Campbell beat Evansville they don't want to. Mercer. By a score of six to five. Missouri State beat Minnesota seven to. Indiana State split doubleheader with Washington's they've won two games over Washington in that series. Go for the series went today scores yesterday Indiana State winning five to three Washington winning. Eight to nothing elsewhere. Them future and past shocker opponents. Oklahoma beat buffalo five to one. Loyola marymount beat. Cal poly in ten innings six to five. You TSA Romney upset on Texas Tech road runners winning three to. Penn State beat Sacramento state six don't want to. Washington State cannot tell valley and nothing and San Francisco and a late comeback. To beat Grand Canyon in Phoenix. Buys war. Of eleven to eight today. Texas Tech post ET SA for the final game of that series mentioned this idea that this. Winner of that game today when that series shot because they did Oklahoma State playing a double header today Stillwater. Friday South Dakota State beat the cowboys who want UC Riverside in that case state Houston Baptist at KU. And then in the valley all those scores that told you about yesterday those series wrapping up Missouri State and Minnesota. Bradley and Mercer the EU is in told Clinton taking on or Roberts put Indiana State or finish up their series Washington Illinois State. Weathered out yesterday up play western Kentucky today or tried to you and you talk ballot wrap up their series against Washington State. Today so there's a look around the nation in Missouri Valley Conference scoreboard will be Soviet game and checking accounts spores or yeah. During the course of this broadcast. Take a break here on pregame show we come back we'll hear head coach Todd butler's comments that's coming up next. 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They're dragging the big Scotland Louisiana Tech and LSU among their seven away from home you get the game against Oklahoma but. Probably as tough advertising gets you know that was good over team we've talked about that L issue. You kind of forget how how talented they are and it's been years I've seen them. You know we faced Alex lane. We will be hopefully first rounder for him. This season and the draft and then Moshe yesterday who hasn't given up in a grind out of the left hander two. The better college pitchers in the country in you know yesterday had a tough time getting them out patriots seventeen hits and those were a lot of runs and today we're gonna see a freshman and walk her the end try to get out of here with some type of victory. Talked about here tocchet adding up around all year and I thought there were times more times than not actually that's what's pretty good passes on the ball. He's very polished. College pitcher I think that's. Could it be known for but believers in the fourth inning it's you guys. Always opened up. The lineup for the ones that faced him that's really good swings against that we had five good at bats are row far. Five quality at bats into this to smoked a ball to center field just a line shot one of the hardest holes of the day. But they hit three home runs and died in 40 hitter for them. We heard on the draft class has to come back he was stripped all the tools assault mortars hit two home runs hit an opposite field changeup yesterday way out. There really swinging the bat she is the one thing is you know they lost at least know what week they lost two out of three last week and in Houston. And there are some angry tigers and they were pretty. We focus of fortitude to ball games overall you talked about their offense overall what you see from them offensively that are gonna what impresses you brought. That you have pitchers have to exploit or try to take care they keep them down. Well they stated baseball has struck out twice and both gained support for the weekend. They put the bat on the ball. They fit for some power. And the main thing is you got it yet to pitch to both sides of the greatest boy pitching you don't throw secondary pitch for strike yet they're behind in the count you know 100 changeup breaking balls. They've been on everything they're swinging the bat probably the best they have had a cabinet that he thought Alex lying on Friday night that was his best start of the year. Us forces command and basically do it. Obviously ocean yesterday you know he's good no more runs in the bay put good people so. Today I would welcome the freshman you know the thing that we needed this reversal house were the first inning. Maybe give us a little. Deep breath and get going. And you know I really able. The ball defense so good this bill will stay with these guys offensively. I'm not just a great catch he had offensively I know you are lying and tocchet had back and wanted much of watch it keeps the SEC you're gonna get beat by those guys but in order to beat guys like that and depending on what this what walker looks like today. As a whole offensively what would you like to see more minorities at the home runs up but as far as the approach and the mechanics of their swings what would you like Steve tighten up coming off. Well I felt Friday night ruin riven with lying I think we're much better last weekend we worked on the road and being in time and time with a with a fastball. That it may think it's taken away the best ball. Pitching coach Dunn realize she's gonna throw number one until you hit it it's gonna be way better at livable way so. I mean we. You can't go there and take you and they're not gonna walk either experienced on the mound so we have to swing and we have to earn everything that we try to score. How do you feel like you guys that have reacted to this long trip that's when you know that didn't. Opponents have been knocked off not only talked about how do you think it's gonna keep your guys between years. You have to you have to do whether this is baseball owners 56 games you have to travel yet learned to win on the road. Because that was good win against Oklahoma middle week. But at last weekend Louisiana hasn't been very kind to us whirlwind five on the road down here. Could this is one of the best teams in College Baseball LS UC I've seen them for a long time. And battled them. This is one of the premier College Baseball teams in the country and it's definitely a team that will have their opportunity he gets in the college World Series as far as traveling for our guys. Thanks for the game and you have to be able to refocus the next day. And we chip that can really great at bat in each day we need to think Boston's only ours but we need someone to travel weekend you know like died when they're guys. They're 30 hitter I mean they drove in all the runs Friday night three and four hole hitters had seven of very gets. And we need some guys to step up and have half the weekend. And at least rapper. You and I talked about this on Friday night that the weather quit the rain delay. And maybe a little bit apathetic state yesterday the threat of weather kept displaced from the end. Basically I think and announced that dissipated tensions over 101000 each each time so and you get you and I talked about on Friday was. Opportunity this girl should be for our guys to relish the opportunity plan for of that many people that happens. Well it didn't get much better than that roots in LSU fans and they love it they've been doing it for many many years. And you know the talks are to our guys is you have to enjoy the competition and you have to enjoy the atmosphere. And worked coming here to grow as a team to understand. That we need to improve and work each data could never succeed as a unit symbol. Playing at LSU and I love it on the and I want our guys a lot of them. You know that I know no one's happy with the results of the last two days. But today is an indictment in this game of baseball. You have to bring it each day and that's what we're trying to get across these guys and know that. It's great it's great venue for the best I mean if not the best in College Baseball it's certainly up to be able to flush. Yesterday's performance regardless of whether this whether it's a win or loss for the village today this weekend which. The atmospheric conditions a little bit different today it's chilly it's overcast this has been the winds blowing in today at Gibson to ZI game plays out with the elements and not favored hitters by someone we have a Kansas today today and it is a bit silly in. Unusual for Baton Rouge goods you know the weather hasn't been great I don't know what type of crowd they'll be here today that job. The other main thing for all zoos that know everything that she coaching your your whip and it it it takes a weekend thus far. You don't know how good you're going to be. And it's tough to win every every day it's 567. But the point is there is there needs to be a Smart. Where we can start clicking and get going one through nine and that you play defense so. They noted that comes with the season that comes with the growth maturity it comes with the way and I was shooting comes it comes with the utilities fans. The nervousness anxiety these are all things that you have to grow up. And I love it and I've I've seen these people on it today. Don't be a great challenge they're gonna go for the jugular and try to get this week. When in doubt we've got to play like we did last Sunday no we didn't win. We debris everything we've got try to get out of here with a win today that could build confidence. You know playing a team that's right decides election you. Championships overall a one on Sunday sorry that's. Some he didn't still you guys did he wouldn't we've been talking and I know they're listening to console doubt just comes down to performing. We'll get almost all of the W. Craig you. That got stuck Butler and his pregame comments it's time now for our healthy tip of the game rocky by united health care. Talk out with a fifteen minute work out start today like going to UN HC dot com help them on this for just the right. Start work out more tips on living a healthier lifestyle UHC. Dot com. Today shock years. Head home and finally a couple home games in the mid week Tuesday and Wednesday. At. Eck stadium and it's business day hooky day 83 PM start game. And it's three dollar admission for all tickets those last opportunity to have these deaths of these days when they hope will hopefully good weather. And cheap tickets can now watch doctors. In a two game that we series where they had back on the road. Once again thank our starting lineups are brought to you by equity banquet would never pay an ATM fee. Go to equity bank dot com for more information Wichita State 85 on the season. We'll start with Travis young in center field all of by the first baseman Josh did backer Grayson Genesis in right field hitting third. In the cleanup spot the third baseman Alex ball. I think that the catcher no croft. And trade Vickers got to play shortstop and hit six Wichita State lower third of the order Alex Jackson at second base today they give got left it's they. And Jacob can't speak and get this started DH he'll hit night Jack Willis making his third start. No record with a three ERA so again. What a shocker of the younger back against all crop pickers Jackson Uga can't be exactly pitching when doctors. For LSU there 114 on the season Kramer Robertson shortstop lead it off followed by the second baseman col Freeman. It left field hitting third is Antoine to planets. Cleanup slot right fielder Greg Eichmann adding that the tigers third baseman Josh Smith. Jake slaughtered first base hit six. Zach Watson back in center field today city seven crisp greens that BA TV today. And Michael appears he is the catcher batting ninth Eric walker making his fourth starting wanna go with the RA three. So get for the tigers it's Robertson Freeman to planets indictments manslaughter. Watson read it appears he. And walker pitching for LSU. When we come back we'll have the umpires and the opening pitch soccer's tigers. 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This is Lil boy need tech guy don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon just to punt KLSX. Alex box. Skip birth and feel on the campus of LSU way. Cool and birth day here's doctors and LSU tigers wrap up a three game series. Doctors aren't salvaged the final game after the tigers to first team. Six to one end while the five LAQ now with an eight to four lead in the all time series. And the previous three games that these two clubs played before this weekend was atmosphere. The college World Series. All games won by LSU two of them. In the championship game. Of a baseball 1991 and 1993. And and in 1996. They beat which ties me. The college World Series tiger by the way 16. National titles most recent. Coming in 2009. Umpires for today's game Alex Siegler calling balls and strikes all of guilty at first base. Injuries are the umpire at second and mark Chapman the umpire. At third base that on Tuesday afternoon that on the back art studio here and it's your ballpark. Alex box stadium what is the new Alex box games 2009. They have been playing it bring you digs that is bigger certainly more amenities or. Well modern amenities as it were a bunch concession stands concourse area. Souvenirs that. All those things that we expect the new ballpark and in addition 3000 or so more seats. I talked with thought Butler pregame show. That wasn't actually tennis but the patent and it's triple the game's over 101000 so that gives you an idea how big these places. And generally they fill it up and I'm not exactly sure of actual in the last couple days probably at least half. Of the 101000 that was found at bleacher seating. Down the left them right field line box seating in a couple of different levels. Basically from the opposite end of each dugout only back behind home plate luxury suites a second level right over the top and huge bleachers in both left field all the way over let's that are. And right field called the diamond dec. In right field and left field landing. Beyond the wall in Atlanta 330 down the lines 365. To the gaps and to dead center field in the matter tonight 405. The how cute the SEC signs in the office. Thinner field Wichita State. As Todd mentioned in the pregame comments. Media and I don't know they sedate but to keep up with these guys in some degree you have to you have to hit what doctors that have not done now. Especially when it comes extra base hit him up with a big extra base it seems like yesterday. When they got close to chair okay. They would hit it it's tough luck and in the it on. On defense outfield which doctors would come close to making plays that they had to just couldn't quite do out moment. Pick up a hot shot ground ball ended up throwing it away and it led to a run just those types of things that Ella Hugh. Jumped on. And they have done it in the first two games of the series of Wichita State. Kind of buck that trend that has put Butler said try to play like he did a week ago Sunday at us and it was that game but it certainly. Played a lot differently on Sunday that it. Friday Saturday and gonna take that kind of effort again today. Shocker went final game of this series alluded to the fact shocker to coming home fourteenth and fifteenth gave him when they northern Colorado comes town. Beat 3 o'clock starts on both of those games three dollar tickets or. Business today cookie like mount watch a shocker. Because after that they go right back on the road seventeenth eighteenth nineteen next weekend audience and we did this book that cal poly. Gained 8:8 in 3 central time. And and on Tuesday that when he first shocker go to war Roberts before coming back home for a good long time starting on the 22 at Sacramento state. A single game of the week. And first night game. Wichita State at home I think 6 o'clock game on March 22 for the upcoming promotions. In baseball and softball for that matter on March 26. That's against Texas Tech. As a red raiders come to town. On Sunday it's poster giveaway and autographs and pick up 2070 chuck baseball poster. And it autographed team after the game at Sunday at 1 PM he expects that. Then on April 2 pick to win Valparaiso comes to town that's this Sunday as well it's academy sports and outdoors you day. Free admission for you twelve and under and father Sunday. Click get through dear old dad on Tyler feel after the game. As a whole scene continues in the valley opens up on April 8 then is a Saturday. See I Wichita eagle family night. Four tickets four hot dogs for popcorn and poured drinks for only 32 dollars. Thought I seagate seven did take the field they are decked out there. Yellow tops and white numbers purple pants white pants shocker going with tradition traditional phrase and the black hats. And speaking at softball. Upcoming promotions we'll stadium. Or if you read dinners much on March 18 it's a new double header against Drake. And they'll be unveiling the Missouri Valley Conference championship signed on Saturday following day gets straight and 11 AM. It'll be which type of family day there as well poster giveaway autographs. At four tickets four hot dogs portraits for bags popcorn for only 32 dollars the Sunday marks the nineteenth. Against Greg and then Nebraska comes to town on Monday march 20 it'll be a 5 PM game. And it's academy sports and outdoors he's not so free admission for only twelve and under as cornhuskers come to town. And Wichita State continues its. Beefed up nonconference schedule because later on March 29 Missouri comes to town for double header that's at 4 PM double header. Mark counters that one. Salute service and free admission to all military badge wearing servicemen and women and packed the park. That same night or afternoon against Missouri all tickets or buy one. Get one free. So that's march 29. At 4 PM doubleheader. Against Missouri the FCC so. What a good things coming up toward shocker softball team as far as marquee opponents and Wichita State in trying to. Wrap up this road. Swing on a good note they've only won one so far. On this seven game road trip and number six or seven LSU defeating challenger pulled preference. I think field and track this week of Wichita State. So soccer's. In the third base dugout started when it travels beyond. Josh the backers Grayson Kenneth that it puts up the lineup a little bit not Butler roll dice attached to it. They can catch me and also having Alan Jackson played second base and bill brought the second straight day. It's gonna get the start behind home plate knowing yesterday highlighted that five run ninth inning with a two run double to right center field. And certainly that is receiving skills quality enough. Does it feel good about running him out there and he's got a good start in the second consecutive day of this series. See ya see what happens Wichita State LSU shot 55. LA in Lebanon for tiger's taken the field. And right hander Eric walker. Arctic and warmup tosses walker. This will be his fourth start. He is. One you know with a nearly three and fifteen innings he's walked only three. And struck out nineteen. His personal record of it and wanted to know LSU is 21. In games that he started. He started the game got a no decision in the game they eventually lost. Against Texas back. Last weekend. In Houston. And also started against Maryland got the win coming weekends ago went therapist came down. So he's looking for win number Q and got a no decision. It took his three starts. To begin. Eric walker. Not a very big guy only 6872. Pounds music freshman. From Arlington Martin high school in Texas. And in high school he was. Beat Dallas Fort Worth all the area pitcher of the year 2050. He has a brother who played at UTA is now in the Minnesota Twins organization. And he has left Q. Trying to finish off this week for LSU soccer's. Try to avoid dead heat and certainly. We'll do our thing they can't try to score first on Butler got a big big thing with him that's something soccer's not been able do. In each either the games of the series. And by the end of the third inning. In both games they were either down three nothing cute enough that's not a huge deficit but. That early to give up runs it get this crowd into it and maybe. Having opportunities off your shoulders wonder what's gonna happen next shocker to all cost and try to avoid that. And full pressure on this freshman from LSU they'll. Young about stuff play work we're about to throw the first bit. Doctors and LSU thirteenth time. All the time. There comes travesty. Gun. On the season. Is hitting 286. No home runs in three runs batted him. As. Twelve fifths on the season that's third on the team. Young. Leading off now for the third consecutive game trade Vickers in the mid week your member let off against the sooners. Young has. Third baseman Smith even with a bag and walker. Goes to strike. And 88 miles and now. First pitch was thrown at too old for. And the temperature here at Alex box stadium 53 and 56 degrees starting climb a little bit might get to sixty today. Pulled strike on the inside corners. Very quickly nothing into it. Top dollar also touched on this either about to strike throwers so there's no need to go up there. Taking or trying to get ahead in the count and get ahead in the count because you Palmisano. Went upstairs. A ball and she strikes. Doctors with only ten hits. In the two games of this series. And not for about two wildness. By. One of the pitcher trilogy yesterday that run would've been even tougher to come buck to a two is that pitches well. Yesterday hundred he'll. Walked three gave up they hit. Among the five men he faced trying to close out the ninth inning led them. I've shocker runs. Judge Judy on the pitch. Hit hard and just found on the back third boy right over the bag. And as it got to the bag. And it took a little bit left turns. Mark Chapman was right there. Young missed the extra base hit by that much. Still do it again to and to. Strategy on. That your sophomore at the derby. Very good high school athlete. Dual sport player baseball and football. Flight three home yeah. It's now looking. So that's not a game starts for Wichita State. It strike out all that much Wichita State. Yesterday only six strikeouts Alex Lange got him nine times in his eight masterful innings on Friday night. It's about Josh to backer Josh to 968 out of 27. The back or not in there yesterday. Because Jerryd O'Shea lefthander started to pitch off corner. From Eric walker one ball no strikes. The backer one for four Friday night. Drove in the shocker only run for the ninth inning single off the glove of the first baseman. Off speed pitch looper shallow center and out goes Robertson they can't write off in the back. To backers. Couldn't quite stay back and off speed offering it doesn't hit. Those bases that keeps you out of place in Afghanistan. Just go one for seven in this series. And it came yesterday drove in runs scored one in net. Five run ninth. When drifting in from right to right center field it was Jordan. Blowing directly in toward home plate. All morning and during batting practice. I went off the outside corner. Now all the wind a little bit more like it had been. Yesterday and that's to say it's kind of drifting over towards the left field corner. Ten or twelve miles now. Outside tune up. Alex box stadium just across the highway from Tiger Stadium. Better known as Death Valley that's beyond deep to center field. It's barely missed crowd logged out when it's three you know retreat against. Just getting started shoppers. With two outs nobody on. And walker just walked his fourth man of the year four pitches to grace in Afghanistan. And bring up ballot bowl. Bombed to bits in six at bats in this here. Closest thing shocker camp today hot hitter in this news. Adjusted first with decent speed. And now it won't. At home plate big right hand here. On second leading hitter on the team with 313. Is two of their five home runs on the year. It below the knees one ball no strikes and appears he'd catcher. Let's go up cocked his freshman walker has thrown five in a row out of zone. On the sophomore out of Omaha Nebraska. And good freshman season for Wichita State. And it's backed it up a dimension. 313 in the early going fifteen hits. In the soccer's thirteen games. Wanna know. Outside. Not really excellent student. Bowl last year finished at 303. Six home runs and thirty runs batted in one off the team lead in home runs. Better Trout line let the shocker here go. Seven. Six are all outside the strike zone. By Eric walker. He did get first two outs that's most important part of that story. Outside three and seven straight out of his mouth. And one more about them. Makes the Allen done. Associate head coach and pitching coach trilogy. Three you know the count to bomb Afghanistan away at first. Walker. Been over at the waste reading time has not come sat at the shoulders that 30. And that's in there can be no uniform play through it. Three balls and one strike. Here's a stretch by walker. Long hold in the stretch. Right are not going 31 is global war. Q2 out walks drawn by Wichita State. And indeed victim's. Own done pitching yet. A shocker making noises throughout flow. Derrick Walker's. Duty honor itself. Good to himself. If not for hotter keel yesterday this pitching staff wouldn't want anybody. They had no walks Friday night between two pitchers. And keel is the only one of four pitches that he should base on balls. Yesterday though. That's certainly a welcome change throughout you out. Alan Dunn. He the many many years in professional baseball. Talking to these young righthander Alan in his fifth year. As pitching coach here LSU the pitching coach of the year. Two years ago as noted by collegiate baseball. No he is city's peace and hopefully. For the tigers that that's good enough to get. Eric walker on the end you're no walk off two on and two out. Croft one out of four with a couple runs better than yesterday getting its. Third start of the year's second in as many days. Got Dennis that second. And now a moment first. First pitch to him. Low ball one. Eric walker who have walked three. All year has walked two in the first inning. Crossing in the count one of them. Right hander against righthander. No law. Waiting on a 10. Here accounts. Curve ball drops in their first shot. Not a bad idea by it appears he or whoever's calling pitches. Those something different. Off redshirt freshman from a late the Kansas. Richard it a year ago. Even shoulder issue. Here's the 112 and low and outside to one. And Eric walkers really battling his command after hitting first few doubts. He was just find it Chavis young and Josh you backer but watching us on four straight. Bolt walked out croft ahead in the count two on and time called by the pierce he's gonna go out. Have another chat with walker they can't seem to get together. And the visit was very brief us appears he hustled. Out to the mound and back now behind home play. He shocker lawn with two out and very first inning. Walker. Comes set. To want. Low ball three. They Vickers would be next. And I you'd imagine all across school. Look at a very very tiny window. To see the baseball come out of work in up in these links. 31. Chopping round ball the third is gonna leave it right for the bad. Were forced out in the other shot that hit. Did you don't walk. But can't catch him in and crawl grounds out to third. 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Shocker stork has brought to you by American family insurance seat agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest pummel a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall camp. Happening right here on KM SS. Right handers that. Most rising over Wichita State and LSU comes the bad. Here in the bottom of the birds. So far this season. That Willis nine innings. Five hits three earned runs. He has walked seven. And struck out six. And majority of the damage done again that Louis game. Against Louisiana Tech last week he walked a little boring. As the day where none of the soccer pitchers exhibit much handed on this struggle. And Sunday game April 10 loss to Louisiana Tech actually give up two runs. He gave up. To hit again with the school wants. Previously against green canyon on the 26 that was his first start of the year for earnings to execute on that one. And walked three strikeouts and one of them runs earned. Against that Lewis though that period of 47 time in his shocker career and college transfer. Played his first year which does data a year ago and split time between. The bullpen and starting. Lewis a year ago made twelve starts. And it is making his third start here today and it is against state. Pretty much red hot topic do you look and I mean hot it is. White hot these top four guys. Kramer Robertson leading off. Lewis brings an end. And it's well thrown on the inside corner strike one. Robertson on the season hitting 36 people. In this series he's four out of nine. Lewis into the wind up in the 01. Right down the middle look to. Robertson col Freeman Greg Dyke men and Antoine to planet's top four in the order. Have gone eighteen for 32. In this series. Robertson and Freeman the first two in the order we'll have foreheads. The planet's indictment both have five hits and two games. Outside off the edge. And it's wanted to Kramer Robertson. It has really been pronounced the difference between me. Top four in the order and everybody else in LSU resort. 12. Top pins half the guy in home playoff line Robertson now person's gonna. On the brakes and hold on to lead off soon. That shopping ground ball that found the play between talent pool in the back. Robertson. Leads off with a hit that that kind of series which state. In Murphy's law really. And I'll col Freeman who is. As hot as anybody in the country. He's four for seven in this series. And on the year he's hitting 481. Point five for 52. Four doubles and eight RBIs on the season. He has a double the RBIs in this series. Scored five times and keep two games. Lewis throws over to first cheetah and Robertson back from the back. Mentioned earlier in the series. They're not just all power they'll run. LA issue with eighteen steals in fifteen games. They have not attempted to steal. Against Wichita State. Over the loan it's one ball no strikes from exactly Lewis fastball. At 89 miles an hour. Col Freeman. Native of Vanderbilt Louisiana. Right hander against right hander Lewis 10 pitch. Squared to block to the breaking ball behind ducked out a way hating fool Louis site monotone strike. It's tuna. Freeman may eighteenth round draft pick last year by the Dodgers elected to come back for his senior season. Ian Robertson over the first make. Quite a double play can't runner goes yeah. That's replica of Robertson won't. Hand crews and there. Top of the pellet fuel. Struck again now been set up people in this indictment again. So now Antoine to planet. Five per game in the series. 8350. Hitter. Overall. Home runs and ten runs batted in on the season. He knocked in two in the opener on Friday night. So LSU back at it again they had scored early and both of these two games and got one in the first two in the third Friday. Two in the third yesterday threatening in the very first inning here today against that Louis the planets out there from the left side runners leeway at first that there. Runner goes from first pitches low cross throw down is not quite in time feel good. Old agreements like since six. See what. The end field does here. A lot of the time regardless of how early in the game it's been. Not buckled during infield in but. It looks like. The corners we'll at least be even with the bank. Middle infield in the state now see what happens this weekend. 10. Outside tuna. So two singles to left the stolen base as L human business bottom of the first. Trying to break out on top. Antoine lefthanded hitter from. Lafayette Louisiana the two votes doing his slow Korea. Kind of an interesting note about these planets and is. Family his little brother. As a seventeen year old just pulled all the nineteen feet last night. It seems pretty high of seventy year old kid pulled. Three Oates doing. Is ranked have a little three and one. Gambling his father was an all American pulled Walter Ellis unit in the there. Yeah it's on the planet since sophomore. Ahead in the count three and walk. And changeup well on this good pitch. Three and do. Based Oakland but. Greg Gutman one of the best power hitters in the SEC waiting on deck leads the FCC RBI. We're at 23. Indictment is not the six. In the series. Three intuitive. Antoine to planets. Stretch by Louis 32 pitch. And hopefully I feel it's gonna flop and I. I turned. Cruise plans can hold. And it kind of stayed back into the right field for a few runs and RBIs 1112 for the planet. Those three straight singles to start the bottom of the person. Tigers. In the fighting uphill again. Here's dike and right field. I couldn't hold ordered both games of this series. Three run shot. On Friday at two run homer yesterday. He's five for eight against shocker pitching but he planets and now six for nine. Top four guys in this lineup RBs. Lewis first pitch. Changeup down around baseball strike. They indictment from Metairie Louisiana. Just down the road pre season all SEC this year. On 12 and left handed hitter waiting. Power all fields and things come back home running yesterday was off what changeup when he went the opposite field. Sale one in the left field bleachers. I spent last year in the Baton Rouge regional. Was the most outstanding player went nine for fifteen with. Ten runs batted it. Do nothing LSU here in the first. Still nobody out. Oh two's high and outside ninety mile an hour fastball wanted to. Beckman 68 to ten. Runner first. In the person two planets and he draws a throw kind of spun his wheels trying to get back but he did. Diving back hit first. Dyke than 26 round draft. Last year by Minnesota. A year ago eleven home runs drove in 57. I am looking breaking ball dropped in there night and down on strikes. Out number one for that looks. I was been bit of a rarity for the shocker in this series. Striking a LSU here. Really struck out four total before that strike out the first two games. So now Lewis and get a ground ball like you know this cheaply enough. Josh Smith. Third baseman. Planets that first one out. Smith. Picks in the high strike. Josh going sans batting gloves today and old school. Smith just one automate the series in the shocker to put the clamps on him. And he is struck out twice. In the series and two of the five strikeouts. Come on Josh Smith gets away from Crawford not far enough away. Perdue plans to his second. Do nothing LSU bottom one. Her first one now. Singles by Robertson Freeman and to plant us. Stolen base mixed in there. One ball one strike these Josh Smith. And sort of person running back. Smith and Jake slaughter behind him and Jack Watson behind him all true freshman so. They've got a nice. Mixture of young and old throughout their lineup. 11 pitch there goes runner pitches high they throw down my croft is not a time skip it there. Comes close. But Smith swiped second the sorry you planets. Like second's second stolen base of the and. It plants. Steel number seven. So for about three minutes Ian Cole freemen were tied for the league. In steals. He plans steals back the lead tonight at second base there goes the double play. And here comes the sun. For pretty much the first time all day. Change up his client outside 31. Smith as a senior also a draft selection last year by Detroit. The 38 round. 51017. EEE mails from green well springs Louisiana. 31. Can hold up tar ball pool. Always thought. The LSU pitching coach Alan Dunn. And now we're gonna see Wichita State pitching coach Mike Steele. First and second. One out into the home. Here in the LA if you first. Bring up. Right handed hitter. Security guards everybody I think thought what a coach you show at AP sports grill at the Alley thirteenth green which road. I'm on an 87 at thirteen thirty key assets. AJ sports grill at the LA new home without them we show every Monday night. So three singles. And a walk. And a couple of stolen bases since. Then eight to nothing LSU lead. And they have scored first in every game of the series. And they had. Basically put away the first two games. By the fifth. And led six developing LSU did by the fifth inning both Friday and Saturday. That Lewis senior desperately trying to stop the bleeding right here to do nothing. And they're facing a guy that battle his command in the first that's her walker so. That makes him maybe breed the spiraling. Her ball almost cocky inside corner didn't come around we'll balls no strikes. Jake slaughter one for six in the series. Illustrates the difference between the top for the bottom five. Relish you in this series. To this point Wichita State is handled this much. Mean afoul back. One on one. It slaughter also. Eight draft selection. A year ago the cubs. Picked him 36. 6200 pounder. Could looking. Prospect for LSU. And it's guys won't in the air shallow right Afghanistan coming on he can make the call that yet. Slaughter. Fly to shallow right there's a second round. And here's another freshman realized you imagine exactly Watson. The center fielder getting the start for the second consecutive game. Watson. Oh they're from the right side. He had a good day yesterday. Credit growth started in center field on Friday. Watson went three for 44 RBIs in his first collegiate home run yesterday. And Lewis. Looked like he split the plate but didn't get calls one ball no strikes. Two on two out two man in the LSU first. Watson. Highly decorated out of high school. Number one. According to perfect game in the state last year here's a breaking ball. That myth. Reflect both of those pitches for strikes home plate umpire. All the bowl Alec Siegler. Talking to and or explaining. Todd Butler where there's pitches work. Till now. The planet's its second Smith the first now time baldness. That Lewis can't get together with no cross. Probably the best actual crowd on hand of the week yet. To those loans arena. Both pitchers have had little bit of trouble get that final out. Eric walker for LSU. Mowed down young and a backer pretty short order within. Afghanistan home drew walks fell behind the wheel croft read one before getting him. Lewis. I get that third out here and walk us. Watson to notify. So each picture now with two walks in the first inning and the eight and become the play. Is now the PH. Chris Reid. Three hits his first start of the series championship yesterday when Oprah wants. Reid is 1%. On the year. Big spot here. Snack Willis has the bases full of tiger's. Trying to get. Sophomore DH Chris Reid. And that's down around and he's called strike it's dark and they want. Read. Played a lot of games at third base last played 47 games. It 287. As a freshman. You know hundred. Seven minutes. We'll want. Change up bounced back into the middle off the global that goes eleven point. Let's go off to be first base side and plunging back. His backhand got a glove on it all it did was deflected away from Vickers. Great infield singles and at three dinner. Bases remained loaded. And now that night and that yeah it is catcher. Mike appears and. Appears he had big left handed batter. He hit a home run here yesterday. How is his only hit. Solo homer off Tommy courthouse. And he swings and misses an off speed pitch Lewis pulled the string. Three nothing LA huge bottom of the first. Appears he one of the few. Non Louisiana natives. Hails from LaMont Illinois. Over the low from Lewis and balls one strike. Appears he this year Q 43. On nine for 37. Eight runs batted him. Appears he. In this series 1% of 11 is slow to one. And the strike zone is. Been elusive for both pitchers. I don't know that. Alex Ziegler is that big with strength and start with the don't want to prepare skis ninth man about the inning. Swing and a foul tip. Sinking fastball 89. Could do. Jack Lewis trying to keep the shock yours within arm's reach. LSU is already struck for three in the first. And foul back we'll do it again. You balls three strikes you're out. Runners at every base Smith. Watson and re. You're into that prepares you to catcher here's the pitch. Curve ball straight NFC struck him out and Zach Lewis. Finally gets out of the inning and strikes down to in the inning when elegy scorched three days lead author. And at the end of want is LSU three shocker nothing. Hard working Kansas make our state great. They built our past and are growing our future while improving the lives of everyone they touch. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps Kansas workers and their families to live healthier lives. We opened doors to more doctors and hospitals with innovative comfort and price choices and nearly 75 years of making health insurance he. Blue Cross and Blue Shield chances. Well no big box hi I'm ready to get an LG four KTV delivered sweet all right let's started of course deliveries extra. Plus you don't want the TV hooked up that's not part of the deliver all the fuel surcharge plus fall off the blistering start and am. What's my name my service fees extra steps charged sunny day. I just got to have tires. Cast your TV we believe your TV should be signed not frustrating that's why we offer free delivery and installation we also surface everything we sell LT and Kathleen TV watch Kathy. Shocker stork has brought to you by American family insurance CIA agent Allison cost us Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer. This is mark living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. Long long first innings for both pitchers. Ella Hugh broke through against that Lewis with three runs in the bottom of the inning shocker got a couple of two out walks. But Eric walker righted the ship just in time though. Top of the second we go Vickers Jackson who god is scheduled hitters LAQ. Leading three nothing we want. Craig Akers hitting 244 on the year Lebanon 45. Home run six runs batted him. Derrick Walker's first pitch in the second inning. Is the strike. Both pictures. Walked two in the first. And actually. None of the four walks. Came around to school. Curve ball a little outside. One and one. Vickers they're from the right side. Lee's summit Missouri native pitched doing. Popping up now ground left side in the third baseman Smith over toward the barrier he's got roommates. Right hand the ball. Picker. Fouls out there based. His freshman Alex Jackson. Jackson started at center yesterday. And when one out of injury. Ian Grayson canister registered the first to hit of the season. Has left him batters off cured okay. Here's a called strike in there. No Alex. Is now. Four for when he walked 19. It's called strike. Doubles and two strikes. On Al. No we're beyond Alex Jackson. Left handed batter waiting played second base today. Nokia. Swan Lake now back to actually came to Wichita State as an infield and fairly personal one at that but. It didn't take them long coaching staff anyway to figure out the perfect place to not feel that. I something you don't see very often guys can play center or second. Will never right side of the pitcher knocked it down but fell down and in could make it play. Little swinging bunt for Alex Jackson gives the shocker of a front and one now. An update and did god. And that's again officially now for Alex gets. Duke on the season. He's sixteen. Is hitless in this series. He takes one right down the middle called strike. Flooding of friends and family and founded what they do got. Native of Lake Charles, Louisiana. You got. Went over foreign affairs strikeouts yesterday. And hit it. The two walks and hit batter in the early going for Eric walker he's really asking for trouble. Jacob cat's feet nine hole hitter DH with two on and one out. What a shocker to you did here. Jacob Katz V. Getting its first started his career one for full. To walk with one out. Actually up from the left side trying to get shocker on the war. Outside one ball no strikes. That's me. Mike Vickers from Lee's summit. What do Lee's summit West High School did little bit of pitching last year as well. They're from the left side waiting on the one out. And it. Catches the outside corner maybe beyond one on one. It could cats team. What likely is. The biggest spot in his young career so far. Changeup little tapper a belonged first pitchers can pick it up flip through the first baseman. Just in time runners move up that's the cool little roller up along first. Leo's 13. And now soccer's. Have runners in scoring position albeit with few out. And back to the top of the order Travis young. Young a strikeout victim his first time up there went down looking. Start the game. Young last year a 104 matches 317. Only. Started about half the time. Pitch to him is hit the air right center field back goes indictment he's got room he's under makes the catch. Shocker fifth stranded. Tune in each of the first few innings Eric walker. But the couple on that gets away with so one hit and hit pattern. To wall of on base the other one and a half LSU three in the shocker nothing. 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The year plus doc started and I'd trade HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any needed her parents it's our new customer 1946. Special. From bought a stock. Install confidence. On the stock nine or three cool hey GG CG. Please join us for become reality radio weeknight. I'm OK okay. The bottom of the second for LSU as they batted around against Jack Lewis in the first. Lewis gave up three but stranded three left them loaded. As Lewis struck out appears he. In the inning so three nothing LAQ. Kramer Robertson shortstop lead it off. Robertson singled and scored in the first. As they continue that. Top of the order dominance in this series. At the moment. You've got. Robertson who's five foot ten. Freeman is five for eight. You plant us six for nine. I went five for nine indictment struck out first. One to bite that look. Those. Top three in the order really in the morning shock inside. Robertson. Like cold Freeman. Turned the Major League draft and came back to LSU for his senior season at 32 rounder by Cleveland. A year ago. First team all SEC last year at 324. For this season's hitting. 375. Company and almost hitting one ball no strikes didn't have much its first two years in LA here. 20232. Slick fielder no question about that its first two years. Offensively came around and click point last year. Curve ball guess inside corner Robertson gave up 111. This is. Or Robertson. Game number. 156. And LSU career. What will. Hi fly ball left field over toward the line you got over it out ground for the bullpen bitch and makes the catch. On top of the bullpen pitching with play by the guy. With plenty of danger over there barrier. Wall you know in every. Robertson bows out the left the first up second in. Cold Freeman. Freeman singled stole bases scored last inning. Freeman is a junior college transfer was a year ago anyway. Spent his first two years that Delgado. Community college. He takes a curveball for a called strike. Last year and it is only here and LSU 329. And 214. Bats. Ian Robertson forming. Quite a duel up the middle. Blasted in the left center field deep but that goes dummies there makes it yet I've got a good break the wind held a couple of they'll line up to sinner and to a good team down that Lewis. Bases empty for you plant this. Exactly Lewis. In his second year Wichita State as well as the college transfer. Zack from palos heights Illinois with the wabash valley junior college. At bases empty and nobody else I've bases in game two outs here in the second pitch to declare yes it is little hot 89 mile an hour fastball. Lewis a year ago that shocker to mention. Bounce back and forth between relieving it's starting at 74 innings pitched in 66 strikeouts. One up. Curve ball sales in their first drive. Earlier this season. Mentioned at the very top that Jack Louis. And freeze solid start in its first guards against drinking hole with four innings but we had that breaking ball working him when he's on. That curve balls picture you can rely on us look like it's on today fastballs found that make it. 88 tiny amount hour fastball looked a little quicker. Threw up and tear down here in the LSU second. The planets. Singled in Robertson and Freeman. And the first inning was. The highlight for LSU but the changeup. Down toward right field line. And he hits one high end here right field Lewis got in on him enough and tennis they gathered today in for the final out. Three fly outs and nothing across the LSU in the second some good inning. And it bounced back meaning that we exact looks at the end of two it is LAQ three Wichita State nothing. You are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors EDT to ask render the thank you completely forgot to our camp at any different believes that he can you promise better. 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Do three more in the order against Eric Walker's. Bill little shaky please make pitches when he had to. Doctors have put two runners on each of the first two innings. I feel they have done but leadoff man on there. Her room parent. Two out walks in the first. And then after one out a shocker second. Jackson was an infield single and Duval was hit but he could catch the game. Cabbage young couldn't catch in three to nothing tigers. They have four hits Tucker come on. So step Josh good backer. The backers. Sophomore. From Lee's summit Missouri. But the lees summit North High School. You backer in 286. And 63 at bats a year ago. Went up five runs batted in Josh still looking for his first career home run and shocker. Walker's first pitch killing his something's off outside and low one ball no strikes. What started as an overcast and very chilly days. Turned you know much nicer looking day at least sun is out wind is calm down just look. Yeah down underneath. Two seam fastball something dipping down catches this strikes don't wanna want. Soccer's finally come home. To play couple mid week games and went just stop the outside work Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 o'clock locker room welcome. Northern Colorado that. Doing wanted to backers it. It back through the middle all pitchers love they had picked up by Robertson throws got. I don't know Walker's. Yeah pizza yeah. Missed his glove but either way. It was nice play by Robertson behind the bag. Hard tell. Neither 16363. At any rate that is. One out. Here's Janice do walked the first time didn't see a strike. Strike in there and I have anything. It seems is that. Total. Below. Came back and change up one and one. Nothing LSU top of the second. Curve ripped to deep right field over toward the line guide the diet can't get it. It gets quiet and rolled to the 339. Just go around second and you know pulled up right there. Got to probably be pretty good with it could relay. Second baseman Freeman. So generous that limit the bases and indictment in a headlong dive for the line and about with. Shocker again have a runner in scoring position that's three innings literal. There comes bold they've crossed try to catch him in. Ballot bowl walk his first time up there. Home on the season is driven in seven. Get adjusted second would want out. Wide strike nothing in one. Just so that to base it gives him. Three doubles on the year. His power numbers and slow to come around in the early going. Curve ball dropped in there. Boom started throwing it to look at and it's wanted to her foot she ran. Yes there. Now with three doubles one home run on the season. Doctors spotted LAQ three runs in the first. Three nothing tigers here in the third. Bones try to put the shocker on the board. Note to. Her ball popping up oil that could pitch to hit foul ground right side and out of play on the group. Well got to hangar didn't do anything with a. Ever been a ton of offensive opportunities for Wichita State certainly not Friday united Alex language so so yeah. But every opportunity they got to get scared O'Shea. And gift couldn't quite catch him you aren't getting into bad luck. Or bad execution offensively. And they've had a couple of opportunities already here in the early going against Eric walker the freshman. I'm in a fastball moving out of the way. Walker not overpowering needs. 88 miles an hour that's not at least fastball. What is ahead in the count two ballot bowl one and two. One out Janice that second. Bends over at the way street sign from the fiercely. And I. Concept. 12 pitch. Popped up right side of the diamond. Slaughter and Freeman should shading their iTunes and Freeman makes it back. Now it's gonna be up to no croft prof. Came up there with two on two out in the first and on 31 pitch hit a bouncer to third giving them. So ball home. Pops out to col Freeman the second baseman. Shocker now pulled perform. With runners on base. In the first three innings. Crosstex blown away when balls no strikes. No four for thirteen now on the season. Redshirt freshman season. Getting his third start of the year. Just its second baseman. Two way. Second runner in the one up. Changeup foul tip. That took a bite out appears he's bare hand. Pulmonary about four steps in front of the dugout looks at it appears he now looks down. The bench presumably at its trainer but. Appears he's okay. Wanted to on the Noah croft. Three nothing tigers were in the third. Final game of the three game series final game of seven game road trip for the shocker. 11. Slice the right dyke and his back there though. And coming in now makes it shoestring catch his eye on it and the inning is over for the doctors. And another scoring position. That is now four left in scoring position five left on. Overall. The end of two and a half score LAQ three which I think nothing. What is the sound of the dream. 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Turn the trick here and there could be facing 456 in the order. Excitement struck out looking. We're at it too long and nobody out first. That's kind of even know exactly Lewis walked a couple of later in the inning. Kind kick started him in here a little bit after three straight hits facing. One of the best hitters in the SEC and striking out at night. Only eight infield single off out of read it brought in another run in the inning though it could be argued that exact Lewis candidate the hard way you get that. Power hitting indictment. To strike out looking. And it got a fly ball to right field couple batters later that day slaughter. Kelly she reached in for three that left them loaded. So I had a tough first inning yeah pretty easy second. So here's the Eichmann now needs. Five out of nine with two home runs in the series. Outside one balls as strikes. I've been season average. 389. Seven home runs of 23 runs batted him. When he three RBIs tops in the SEC. Changeup looks in their first right. Indictment wanted to take a walk him. Alex Ziegler the home plate umpire said that's a path to back in here. What I want. Lewis pitch. I'd be inside corner missed the ball thrown in its call to want. Let's get Berkman field. Named after. The legendary. Former head coach. Here at LSU. Bergman won five of the six national titles. Now once broke into the LSU dugout his night and turn on herbal. Skip Burton won 870. Games and eighteen seasons and LSU. And later went on to be the athletic director here for a time. Didn't do indictment with nobody on and nobody out. Lewis a long look in now brings it home. The inside corner missed again. Jack Louis. Visibly upset that he gets home. Been over at ways and winning a pitch. Now they've. Gone as far as they can with one three into. Lewis whines and bitches. I'm swinging at breaking ball the dirt crossed him throughout the first and out. Indictment has struck out twice. Came into the game with just eight strikeouts. In fifteen games but Lewis has got me two times. We Josh Smith. So it certainly makes sense does it mean to field after former legendary head coach an AD. He is. Only one of three people to have there numbers retired. In the historic. LSU program. Inside load at Smith. Get workman's fifteen. Any furnaces 36 has been retired. Has a two time all American and the counter award winner. Furnace ended up with 88 career home runs here you know account to. Josh Smith. So Berkman any furnace. And Big Ben McDonald only three to have their numbers retired. In the history of the LSU program. McDonald. Two time all American. Went fourteen for it to junior the first round draft pick and hit hard down right field line but looking out. That one. Bases empty one out three and I think LSU. And as it turns out. McDonald. Ended up in the big leagues for nine years and pretty darn good analyst on TV. And he is just to our left in the Booth next to us. Call in the game for the second straight day on TV. ESPN three. Making small hot corner to a two. Two balls two strikes one now. Shadows starting this creep onto the field of play prevent roof in the overhang. How they umpire catcher here all the shadow. Inside. Lewis keeps trying to inside edge on the left hand batters keep them honest and been able to get called this yet. Printed. Josh Smith hitting. 283. Chokes up on the that just a little middle wide open stance from the left side. The three to. Her ball sliced into the crowd again. Skips up from the concourse into the second level seats behind shocker Duggan. When not as much of the factors that was the first inning this. Barely blowing in from center field and got to be a lot nicer day. Temperature climbing. Toward sixty degree hit hard on the ground the backhand Jackson hit it. Into right center field that goes. And Josh Smith with a one out single. So hit number five off of that blow us. And them bring up. Takes longer. The one on one now theology third. Jack Lewis had sit down five row before that. Single in the center. Coming into this game. Helen Hewitt hit 3471. Tee when he five hits. In the first few games. Now a total thirty they're as a runner in his final thought there. The lower part of the order of middle to lower part of the order coming to life here today after. Being real quiet first couple games of the series. First extra base candidate for LSU. Slaughters. Third double. I'll bring up that Watson never mentioned yesterday that yesterday that the start. In center fielder went three for four and drove him. Well before that he was. Two for seven. With no RBIs. He homered and drove in four yesterday. Watson walked in first. That's one right through there. No balls and one strike. Shocker went through five relievers. Yesterday. After Cody Tyler exited. In the sixth. On the ground a bomb clapping. Slides knocked it down they'll fly. Got behind him a little bit and staying put it second slaughters that's not exactly the worst thing could happen although. Home probably. Which defeated the outlook fielded cleanly. Went through his left and I went to a need threats mother. And vehicles that single for Watson. So not too long and one. Or read it. Chris Reid. Getting its first started years. And RBI single off the glove of that Lewis in the first. You want one out one home here in the LSU there. Operatives that it might need to shortstop out. And both of horrors and not flee throw weights. And away from the backers and a rare throwing error on. They Dickerson double plod. Through it probably should have hit this eight minute. Allows water to school. Not a tailor made double play ball. Jackson got rid of him fairly good hurry if Vickers didn't have any problem grabbing the ball and defeated thrown it Cooney can't think he probably would have. As it is. Fielder's choice in the shocker first error of the day makes it five nothing. And now here's the pierce he. Popped up now that. They'll make it out of play so. A single hit and run double. And then Watson singled. And read. Look like what could have been a double play ball. Turned into. A miscue by trade Vickers both physically and mentally he knows better than do thrown. Ground ball the first right at the factory takes an unassisted. So LSU tax on May get two more runs. On three hits. There was an error and a man left his score at the end of the freedom to LSU fine shocker nothing. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor Baxter and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports is brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent ten day. And the other great Americans join me. But no they. Think ranked tigers hunt Brothers shocker for the third straight day which does they've got to climb back into it with Vickers Jackson did. You're fourth. Against Eric walker news. Put his fair share based routers. On but it. Walked tightrope successfully so far charter sports properties and which does they outlets like thank you chuck ambassadors which doesn't leave which does states. Italy level of corporate partners United Healthcare how long they'll that'll help industry. And Cox Communications. Here's an advertising lists all shocker sports properties 316978. That any 550 Q. Trade Vickers a leadoff for Wichita State. With its hand is a strike down our company tray with a very. Rare. Lapse in judgment. And throwing that ball to first base on the double play ball double clutched didn't throw it to first time and then threw it away when he did throw a as of late and way off target takes outside. It's one law. Very uncharacteristic of trade Vickers. Picks up his third layer of the year and led to a run. Walker stitch. Popped up right side. Slaughter in foul ground here comes reason behind Beckett sliding catch in foul territory boy. Paul Friedman is a good look at second baseman. Not only in the field that he made a couple of nice place obviously offensively you've been crazy yet. But Dickerson now popped out twice. Once and now ground third. Alan Feldman under the second baseman. And now it's Jackson. Jackson handle swinging bunt that resulted in a base hit. And thousand won back his screen it's nothing and want. Shocker that left five men on base four in scoring position and really the key. Is that they have put the leadoff guy on yet destroyed at least one out when it got base front and just I mean you know come up with a big hit. Fastball little inside. Apparently. Alex Ziegler not much on calling strikes in on lefties. Both pitchers have been. Trying to. Not only keep guys honest and off the plate the difficult start here and there. Walker goes back in there that's hooked in right field for a base hit I like Jackson. Settled one in front of the right fielder Eichmann. Alex got a tip. So. For the fourth straight inning shocker that the base runner. They do dollars in base runner. With one out in the second as he was hit by pitch. We'd like to see him. You want off the scoreboard not only to get the shocker on board. On the board obviously but you do go off each night it's been struggling at play. It's low. One ball no strikes. Did I at 304 last year four home runs in 24 runs batted him. Went off to just date to sixteen start this year. One on one out Jackson. Decent lead at first. And he got to get behind strike. And if you date due got. You figured to be absolutely. Ravenous. And attacking when you see a fastball. As. He's had trouble that is right handed breaking balls carriers want any hits it high in the air to left field just got under. Well that's the one to plant started back now comes in makes you can do that in Oklahoma mile much at all right there. Right on time with the slider and yes got under. Though his struggles continue and now. That Jacob Capps. Dockers trailing five nothing more in the top of the fourth. Cats feet the little drip blurred the pitcher and it's actually more toward first base the pitcher. Field. Kathy take a little bit extra time for getting into the box it. I've nothing tigers they've got hit a shocker is. Seven to three. Trying to go for the sweep here. That's the waves and misses and pitch out away from him nothing at one. And after sinking fastball. LSU a year ago went 45 and 21 day. Got hot. Really lay down the stretch and ended up just barely securing a national seed for regional. Nearly eight the overall seed. Now when it's blown away walker went out there again. That's heeded case. LSU. Went on to win their own regional. And it rains soaked. 2016. Battery regional and then rain and do upstart coastal Carolina. In the super. Swung late and found back my cat's feet. And it's now one ball in two strikes. Coastal Carolina. Not only shocked LSU. Is not an easy place come in win the shock the whole country. There. Performance in the college World Series. Five consecutive years LSU has been a national seed. And a regional hosts no other school could say that. On hold the stretch while walker. And finally time call I think you've got thrown at all it's one of those situations where as a pitcher. Sometimes I don't know this. Particular situation called for sometime to pitcher will come holding the stretch and stay in the stretch it felt somebody calls time out. It's normally used to destroy the rhythm of a base runner and this is that five to nothing lead I don't know the jacksons go on there. That he takes high. It's good to. I'm nothing LSU were in the top of the fourth. Tigers went. Three in the first he often running. Walker had that it easy maniac with shock could have maybe pay yet he. Frankly called. How do we could state taxi locked up on a fastball in on it could pull the trigger. And that's the second strikeout of the game. Eric walker those doctors have seen a lot of pictures from walker. And and maybe more than have me it was warning yet the bottom of the fourth LSU out front five nothing. Meet Davis Davis is from pollen. South Dakota bill we took Davis from Pollack to fish for Pollock. 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Charter sports has brought to you by American family insurance CE agents Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. This is Stephen can join this morning right here on cape enhancement. Tiger's alleged news we got the bottom of the fourth inning came in as here Alex box games department field in that really. Silence on the back which does studios. Shocker graphically pre game with L Hewitt seven team road trip. And let's shocker to rally again. And up on 16. On the road trip Tucker welcome back home by a couple of games. Next week Tuesday and Wednesday at 3 o'clock in Colorado will be in town so be a five game week next week which doctors. Top of the order for LSU or the fourth in fact those. Kramer Robertson leadoff he singled and like the left. LSU it's seven hits a shocker with three. Zach Lewis. In every other inning at least a pattern. There's a strike in their struggled in the first word. Nine tigers came to bat that he had a 1232. They had to face six more in the third inning and two ended up scoring in the clear so it's fine nothing. 01. Curve ball cuts in Maryland to. Kramer Robertson. Now five for eleven in the series. Lewis a deep breath in the line in the 02. Pick. Fastball I think was meant to be away. In my in the back. So a lead off hit batter. Pulmonary betray you're gonna talk to Kramer Robertson. War that went right in the back hitting very slow them. It down the first base walked. About two thirds of the way there. And estuaries talking first base coach's head coach. And one of the training staff these. Got a pat on the shoulder from pulmonary so he's convinced. His head man he's okay. So the unbelievably hot cold Freeman comes to the plate downs. Five for nine in the series. On this season. Hitting 481. And days. Got a runner at first and nobody out in the bottom of the fourth. Freeman stole his six base of the season back in the first. 31 and Robertson goes scrambling back. Robertson. Will only run on occasions three three. Two stolen bases for the tigers today gives him twenty on the year. Man on a foul. As rough as Freeman squared around to bunt and in self defense. The ball hit the bat he's lucky it didn't. Hitting right again. Square play ball boring in on him and just above his right hand is where the ball at bat as he was. Pulling it back out of the way. So a hit batter and nearly. Freeman got dosed. And with that. Lackey in the shocker bullpen. Shocker wobbling at the moment. Trailing five nothing. The first thing back standing his. Robertson. Writer first nobody out bottom of the fourth. Poland wants it's count Freeman. He's got foam drawn into the grass third another throw to first. So pulmonary in his tenth year as a head coach in LAQ. He is just one of seven. In College Baseball with thirteen hundred plus wins. And a national title. He won an all in 2009. And curve Ball State land side. Wanted to won those little disappoint you get that call. Necklace kind of an animated community. A bit of an abbreviated way. On a handful of occasions has looked in and wondered. Where pitch he's thrown. Was it wasn't called the strike. And a pitch out nothing doing there so that's to a one. Pulmonary of course. Second on the all time wins list here LSU behind skipper man. And Ares tiger's a mate for college World Series appearances. Seven times and NCAA tournament national seed including five in a row. Her balls lawn outside of 31. And besides that. And airy has. A huge. Coaching tree. Underneath them. Some of his proteges have gone on the hit big time job to College Baseball Canada's runner up. Thinking how Michael Robertson around second on his way to third and hold them up on a double. And hopefully. Three more hits today. And it gives him six in the series. Second and third nobody out. Here's Neal making war. Adam Keller. Loosening of shocker bullpen. As this one is on the bird getting out of hand. Those that really. Duo big time job he's gonna keep LSU off the board here for hit batter and double. And you play Aniston indictment due up next you planets. Two run single that. Live all the right. That will work out of the stretch was it. Don't get it right center field and bring the ball home. In the sport he plans holds up after a long time and it flows from its. He has four RBIs today. And six. In this series. And Mike Steele is gonna. They get calls bullpen that's gonna do it present blew us. So Louis. It goes three plus three batters. And the second straight rough outing in a row for Jack Louis. I'm Keller will be. Summoned. Keller. Made me start against Oklahoma in the mid week. Through a couple of innings. Pitched pretty well. Yes stop the bleeding here in baton route is certainly nothing. LSU. Three in the first single hey there killed four. And Ellen she's still going first. And nobody out. That's Louis. Win officially three innings. Nine hits. Seven runs to walk three strikeouts. And hit batter he's responsible for your plans for us. So Adam Keller. On for the sixth time the game. 2017. He can't fill our six in the third scoreless innings for Adam Keller won't know. And mentioned that he made that start against the University of Oklahoma in Norman. On the seventh. Keller two innings of one hit no walks and three strikeouts heights even. Think something similar to that here today. Adam Keller. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma look well traveled young man who spent time West Virginia. Seward county. High school told the memorial high school and class here. Stewart county was primarily started thirteen games starting with 63. Struck out a hundred won the game 83 and two thirds innings for the saints. 815 appearances at West Virginia for wanting all right but people weren't. You'll face. Greg indictment with a runner at first nobody out here in the LSU's fourth inning. Bounced in the dirt could block by no croft won enough. Mentioned pulmonary with. All whole slew of coaches are former coaches under him have gone on to. Head up big time programs this is the only stop from an air intense time. Notre Dame is well. Night when he accidentally aired it deep left field back those. Do guy he's. And from the warning track now comes in makes the catch wind. Help folded up just a bit and tighten didn't get all of them. The one I'll have to bring up John Smith. Just recently one of his assistant coaches and Ares. Took over as head man at Mississippi State handicap zero. Dave charade. Larry who is now Butler University. Former LSU player Blake dean is now. The head coach at University of New Orleans of course they regularly play one another. Keller misses low ball no strikes Smith it's. Walked and singled. Shocker have seen it might cause loss ski. He is at air force. Used to. Be under an area. And maybe most famous of all Brian O'Connor at Virginia. That's a little bit low from killer to enough. O'Connor. Has made multiple trips along with. The cavaliers. Two balls no strikes Josh Smith. Over the low three and out. Seven run. On nine hits already for LSU and no runs three hits in the game's only here with the constant. One on one out forward Josh Smith. Likely to be taking but you never know what's in their first strike. I think it was Smith yesterday in a similar. Account. Was turned loose three you know. And little surprising because Smith just a freshman. Batting average to 96 at the moment. Real one pitch. Swing and a felt tip of the pitch down. Could sink on the seat mile an hour fastball. Here's the stretch. Caller's 32 runner goes in and hit. A 32 fastball that hit Smith on the foot. So the second hit batter of the inning. Now bring up. And Ellis chief trainer didn't work out as. Josh Smith trying to jogging off. So we hit batter to start the inning and a double. She runs single by B planets indictment flied to left now Smith has been hit by it. The road is certainly not been kind of the shocker pitching staff. After being so good especially the the bullpen. On that seven game season opening homestand. Soccer's really struggled to find their footing. On the mound. On the road they threw three shut out. At home. But I haven't really been able to. Stop the bleeding on the road up rocketed into the stands now. On the first pitch to slaughter. Slaughters one out through the bill. Is that one game against Oklahoma where the shocker pictures. Able to hold down the opposition away from home. And and that game they only allowed five hits everything started by Keller. The walked four which is not bad not great. We're able to hold the sooners to run swing and found that. But besides that. They gave up. Thirty reruns the Louisiana Tech. And on this trip to Baton Rouge at least at the moment they've given up 25. And two and a half games were so. Keller look at her ground ball to get out of here. To walk and one out. Way ahead in the count. Oh and Judith. Got in looking at fastball on the outside school. First strike out the killer out number two here in the fourth inning. So it'll bring up Watson. Who's walked and singled. He's been tough outfit shocker last couple of days. Three hits yesterday I hit a walk here today. Sliders outside wanna know. Interesting relationship between. Who in the very calls the fab four on his team and their head coach coach Dave Robertson Freeman indictment. When the Texas. Head job came open. Pulmonary was at the very top of Texas list. Strike called. One and one. He interviewed with Texas. The narrated players found out. And within thirty minutes free an indictment Robertson. Alex Lange appears either were all in his office. Begging him to stay basically. And then. O'Shea Robertson Freeman indictment were drafted of course and they said that they would all leave if an area they didn't he didn't. And here we are ground ball to shortstop. And that's gonna in the inning so good job by. Adam Keller to strand a runner after he hit a man himself. 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I led to enjoy you week in mourning tonight right here on CN SF. Anyway go it is seven and nothing LSU and its fifth inning it means. We need to take a look around the country who else going on its scoreboard update rocky biking or tripping construction. We residential or commercial roofing inspection repair replacement needs call 3162022066. And now have three roofing inspections Gloria diggers. Figured this thing dot com your home team room. Illinois State beat western Kentucky twelve to four have authority of finally. Had a game postponed yesterday's though. There trying to play you today in red birds. When the first gulf war over the built choppers. Missouri State all over Minnesota thirteen to one in the nine. Three state. It's like they're gonna bounce back at their eleventh victory Bradley and Mercer been playing. Absolute slugfest. All weekend and continues today there are the top of the eighth Bradley leading Mercer eight to six. Now the order for the shoppers and Afghanistan takes a little bit outside Wimbledon strikes. Eric Walker's permitted at least the base runner in every inning. But. She soccer's. Onscreen at six. They trailed seven nothing Walker's wanna. Hi Indiana shallow left. Out goes Robertson. In comes to planet to planet called him often makes him. Yeah within high lazy fly ball to left field for three. Southern Illinois Memphis knotted up at one in the bottom of the ninth in Memphis winner takes that series. All are you. Beat Dallas Baptist seven victory yet final. And a little bit later on Illinois State will take on western Kentucky the second two in Indiana State. Try to win a series from Washington. They split a doubleheader yesterday taken to the first three. Nationally ranked Washington. Crept into center field off down the back of it right at. Watson center field again. We'll bases empty two out for Afghanistan. Crazy yet to be retired. Walk and ringing double. Shocker to take on Texas Tech weakened the 24. Graders. Are ahead of you TSA eat before the bottom of the eighth. That series tied up one game apiece. Janice it takes inside one ball no strikes. UC Riverside. Up on Kansas State 72. Me play there at the top of a nightmare that. You know Grayson. Here's the pitch. That's in there. Well located down our nominees on the pardon play. They use the Houston Baptist sports news. Oklahoma State the first in the double header without the state leading. I'm victory that went pulverized it deep right field down the line and that. My whole. Jason yes. If that when he orbit. And yes old found that losing time majestic mammoth blast. It just took found. So long loud strike. Fanatic grace Galveston makes it to do. Bases empty two outs. Canister back to play. And walker brings it home. And hit. Just. Jogging down the first base that may or may not have had a purpose to. Canisters. If he thought it was on purpose. Took his medicine jot down a first. Store owner first or Alec moment. I bombers walked in popped out. Seven nothing LSU we're in the fifth. Only it's a hard but found. No balls one strike. Soccer's for the fifth consecutive innings and put her on the wrong. They waited till two outs in the first before they did. One out the second third fourth and two outs here and there. In the dirt. Smothered by it appears he. What I want. Bomb waiting patiently at the plate. Walkers now ready. And pitch. Low in the dirt clang off the glove of fierce heat but. Over toward first base of Afghanistan. Didn't dare try especially with the score being on this. Last thing he wants to be thrown out on the basis doctors need a lot of base runners. Turned out to be at. Pretty nice day little cool on the cool side for batteries that. He's playing surface. Bathed in sunlight now. Smashed and it deep right field back goes DineEquity that the track anything probably won't make six deaths. When did you know how well. 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When lawyers get pitched the bottom of the fifth inning we did not state Adam Keller went a scoreless inning. And relief that Louis born. Struck out and hit man. No damage topic Keller and Cody Hoyer. Well here for the fifth time this year wanna go with a Peoria. To 89 and 93 innings. It's an earlier that that bit of a homecoming for. They do god this is the second consecutive weekend trip to Louisiana this a lot closer to. Lake Charles. And date home town. Reston. All the Louisiana Tech only. Fifty miles away in Arkansas line we're. Well into the heart of IU country down here that urgent it's also a homecoming of sorts for John Butler. He was born in Seoul. Louisiana. And back to the SEC he comes he spent a long time as an assistant coach. In this. Conference sixteen seasons. He spent as an assistant coach war. Alabama's Jim wells and arkansas'. Dave van horn. Plus see. Was the head coach I mean stay for three years. He went 1983. As the head man of the cowboys. Cody lawyers first pitch. Is he strike on the outside corner to read he would. And even before this doctors came down here they've stopped off in Norman Oklahoma a bit of a homecoming for. Todd their two because it places him swinging a foul back. Quickly on two to reach. Butler with the team captain for Oklahoma in 1988 still holds the single season record for steals. 46. Fourth season as head coach of Wichita State. Coach news hi. Fastball having. Chris Reid cannot duck out of the way. Nine hits no wires or alleged you know runs three hits one error for the shot. Bases empty. In the fifth pitch. In the dirt. Good to. So look started with three plus innings. Killer we want to know boy. And Wichita State. Has not used. Landed Holyfield didn't have Craig beat Hillary in the series. May be seen if they would do any work. Violence inside now lawyers run the count full after jumping in I've read nothing into. Read the fierce heat and Robertson. You appear in the fifth. Robertson will be making its fourth plate appearance first five innings. Inside in this climate wolf we'll. So Hoyer issues leadoff walk. Third walk by shocker pitching. Fifth free path. Issues now you hit batters well. So here's appears you can catch. He has struck got grounded out first unassisted. He's one for nine in the series. Changeup floats in their first strike going one. It appears heeding these 231. Up more home runs. One homecoming yesterday. But charging in London who will be listening. In right field please tell them pointed. I. Okay. For Wichita State this is there second ever trip. To baton route. Soccer back in 1987. Made a trip down here and got swept. Blow it past croft goalie back from the street view wild pitch. Now the second goes appears the F employer. And quarks and wild pitch. And in 1988. Soccer's returned the favor. In Wichita. Shocker swept the tigers and then. Wanna game at neutral site in baseball city Florida. In 1990. And before this weekend the last three meetings all came in Omaha. College World Series all going the way the tigers. 12 pitch. Inside moving back to the two employers. Having home plate move around nine. Walk a wild pitch. And now it's. Even an account with appears he didn't do. Tiger's got the best of the sharpest. And home on 9193. And 96. Smack in the center field on comes young makes this sliding catch of scrambling back to second base you reached. Well and was hit like a bullet ride young and he was. Not too sure about whether that was gonna sink if front they should be. Making a diving catch is that this kind of splitting the difference in little sliding catch on his knees. As it carried out this Florida don't wanna. And that will bring up. Kramer Robertson. Robertson is one for two officially been hit by pitch. Scored twice. To read it second base with one away in the LAQ fifth. Seven and nothing tonight. LSU came into the game averaging seven point two runs per game so there right at their average. Striking and course yesterday helped out. Bumped it up by scoring twelve of its shoppers. On Saturday. For those wondering there will be no. Travel curfew today as a shocker to not fly out tonight so. They will stay here as long as it takes. Line in right field and it's went over now back Andy. Off the flow it's fast. Back to the offensive goes and stopping at third fortunately three and he's not going to be caught. And just at the last minute. It appeared that Afghanistan had little trouble. With the sun. It was hit well. Kind of went over the back and I do believe in god the son. Ended net. That's the way things are going to Wichita State this weekend. So that we'll go as they hit. And again shocker that you'd be good fortune that. Read what able to score. But no bargain in col Freeman. News. Flirting with 500. At the moment hitting 4912. For three today. Second and third one out. Bounces in the dirt that's going to be a wild pitch brought can't find that one run scores after a wide turn it cleared Robertson statehood. Two wild pitches in the inning and it's now eight tonight. So holier. Has battled his command. In and out of the strike zone here in the fifth inning. All the games in the series are pretty much been decided. By the end of the fifth. Looks like unfortunately today may be no different and will be worse than it was Friday and Saturday. Lo que no. Employers really struggled. At the end of five on Friday. It was six to nothing. At the end of five yesterday. Six to nothing. Three and out. Reagan beat alert is up and throwing for Wichita State. You planet's indictment are next to one way or the other is probably lawyers last hitter there's strike. You planet's an indictment left handed swingers and. Tucker south fall. Reagan beat they're getting ready and her. Employers 31 pitch. Top on the ground left sided score runs Vickers got it high road and while. And everybody said. Vickers now if you throwing airs on the day at Wichita State. Coming apart at the seams. Nine nothing in the fifth. Sounds good score runs one way or the other but victor's. Air mailed the throw that could factor. So the planet has been an ounce. And no movement from the shocker dugout just yet. And looks like they're gonna let. Or your pitch to the planets. Planet's two out of 34 runs netted him wind it deep center field young gone back he's under it and makes the catch. Hit well by B planted in his doubts. Have been pretty loud and liner. That young fortunately I played well. In that wind it's drifting in from right sooner now infamous that are directly. Help folded up a little bit too out. There's excitement about the only guy that. He is the only guys that reached today for three with a pair of strikeouts. A big part appears he has now reached either in the nine hole leaders over three. Point two guys on the outside looking in. Strike at the means nothing it won't. Shocker sixth will have crossed Vickers and Jackson's scheduled. A long tough road trip. LAQ. Pounding out ten hits and nine runs in the first half of the game. Thank 1000 back. Any started with a walk. And then it doubles that was lost his son by Janice. Wild pitch. Resulted in one run and an error has resulted in the other. Outside. Wanted to. Dangerous Greg indictment. Freeman at first base leads the way. Hands on his knees that's going anywhere. 12. Lo and Crawford been a busy man back there. Shocker pitchers have. Walked three hit two and lawyers thrown too wild pitches here anyway. To do. Right there was not called the strike that would have been hat trick for. Greg Dyke and it was. On the other part to play him again the home plate umpire has not consistently called pitches in there all day that. That was within an eyelash of being back in third strike out of there. But it went his way we'll see if you can. Do anything about three cute to count the pitch there goes on her back through the middle Vickers behind second got to bubbles throw out at first. Phil Vickers. And tones for the error. And Greg excitement over perform that's not the only thing hasn't gone right. Buying vehicles today than in the top of the sixth it's all tiger's nine nothing. Whether you need a full suite of kitchen appliances are just need to replace an old dishwasher washer or dryer listens appliance we'll get you go right product at the right price written carries trusted names like kitchen aid Maytag and whirlpool that are committed to strengthening America and helping families thrive take advantage of factory rebates and huge foreseeable discounts while they last purchase a qualifying kitchen a dishwasher and dispose hearing get them installed at no charge stop violence appliance conveniently located at 123 self hillside for all the details. As this sounds like you. 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And join their shocker rewards program content back on future purchases university bookstore police shot. And speaking shocker nation. All of shocker nation will be little around TV set here in the next twenty minutes or so find out. Women's basketball team will be sent what seed Williams received. March Madness almost you're. Gonna Carolina's. Getting hit or no LeCroy off so Vanilla. It's they got via behind home plate today went over to the plate. Trout line hit them mountaineers shallow center. Everybody chasing three guys come together indictment has a blowback to him. Better Trout line picks on the first pitch and flied to right. So presumably got a little. Put on here. They go over in the second half of this game behind play. If Trey Vickers Vickers has had a forgettable day popped out twice in foul territory in need to throwing error. And it takes a little bit low ball no strikes. Eric walker hasn't been at his sharpest but. He felt the shocker off the scoreboard. Curve ball over the head of trade Vickers and only back to backs them. Do it up. Freshman Eric walker delivers. Popped up foul back and how to play. Walker's been spotted 89 nothing leave so he's in line for his second win as they. College pitcher. Did things seem to Wichita State turns to in the mid week to start. On the mound swinging a foul tip by Vickers. With a five game week ahead of them. They're gonna have come up with at least a couple of guys. To ideally. Gold three or four innings. In the mid week. Q well the left field but that there's two planets and from the warning track makes you can't. Vickers hit that on moral line that. Directly out of left field. Two up and T down shocker six. Alex Jackson working on a two hit game. Texas native was a infield single a liner to right. Yes two of the three shocker hits. Swings and misses fastball split mind and 87. Frustrating offensive performance today from Wichita State. They've had their chances. This step be able to catch from him. And another sweetness and 88 hour fastball. Nothing extraordinary about this stuff from Eric walker. He's just been able. Make a pitch every inning when he needed to. Any swings and misses the accident goes down strike three fastball. And there's the first one in three innings turned in by Eric Walker Cup fly balls and strike out. And nothing doing for the doctors to go to the bottom of the sit still nine note tigers. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for all went. Need a place to watch the big game. This place is jerseys grill and bar in Wichita with dirty television is no matter where you sit. Did you have the best seat in the house located off highway K 96 and Webb road jerseys offers daily specials and a dozen Beers on tap enemy featuring everything from pizza to prime rib jerseys is proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shoppers and no matter where they shot his way home or away you can watch them jerseys grill Limbaugh are jerseys grill bar off highway K 96 and Webb wrote in Wichita. Hey Jason maybe join us for become reality radio weeknight. And I'm OK okay. Funny voice again later Reagan big clear lawyer one inning one hit two runs one earned one walk those strikeouts. Two wild pitches now Reagan big shocker lefthander. Appearing for the seventh time. No record these days on the air. Oneself off from Colorado making particular. Owner than one point 42 earned run out. He becomes the fourth shocker pitchers. Bigger now three appearances shy. Climbing into the top 45. Shocker here from us. People are. All of one. His. Wichita State appearances. And come out of the bullpen. This is his 68. All time appearance. Gunner Charles wind is staying in the game to catch. Taking over for no cross. It was a strike in there. Facing. Josh Smith now lefty lefty matchup Smith slaughter Watson trio of freshman. Do all its senior Reagan beat them. Drops down a fastball is tying one ball one strike. So people are appearing for the first time in this news. When a third of an inning against the though you want to man struck out a man. Swing and it's nice that. Want to. I nothing tigers bottom of the sixth. People are working from the stretch with nobody on. And breaking balls low and outside. Cannot even got to do a tip. To keep pitch fouled that. Reagan dropped down on that pits do. Still do it do to Smith who was hit on authorities last time up there he's one for one officially. With a walk and hit batter. And on all three times. Big cooler to the stretch to the plate. And happens pulled off the ground Fallon. Bounces off the front row seats. Beyond the over the top of the dug out one players. Through the back into the stands. I hander loosening for the tigers and their bullpen is LSU comfortably in front. Ball in foul long first. And that makes its way down the bullpen catcher. Still tilted. It's like Austin Dana. Right hander loosening for the tigers. Elian nobody out in the LSU six. And we'll check swing. Foul ball in the shocker duck. Reagan vehicle are showing. Smith the whole story drop down three times. The owning. An assortment fastball breaking balls. And he can't get rid of Josh Smith. Q do again. Popped up foul again and this one is gonna get out life long battle. Between B pillar Smith. When continues to drift in from center field. Three. Very large flags out there and senator old glory being Davis. Again the cute too from declared. That went behind him. Three and two. Yeah ball girl appearing from the shocker dug out get the umpire he's playing baseball. Three and do. Pulmonary had a question for the home plate umpire. Got it answered. Be clearer straightened up. Comes set. And the payoff. Little roller to the first baseman finally got. And three and assisted the play goes so. Smith put up a battle that beat the retired him to start the sixth inning. Bring up Dick slaughtered. Slaughter also freshman. One for three he doubled and scored a run and drove in Iran and that. She runs third at. Crooked numbers. All around today really she'd. It's playing events. They've scored LSU has in this series in eleven separate innings. Only watts has the shocker. Held it up one run. Wanted to won the count. To slaughter. Friday night LSU got one in the first. Every other time they've struck in this series in two or more. And it's hard to overcome. Swing and miss the changeup wanted to do. Friday night they got two in the third and three in the fifth. You finish off the shocker six to one. And then yesterday Q&A third for the fifth for the fourth. Two in the seven. And more of the same here today scored every inning but the second. Bouncer over the mound Jackson charges got a quick throw to first and just in time to get. Slaughter hustling down the line first. Go away now for watts in the center fielder. Watson won out to officially. That makes him. Four out of six in the series. They Suzuki two out and be colors first pitch. It is a strike right in there. Paid attendance today. At the box 101408. One swing and miss it changeup and the colors. Get closer to a 123 inning. Exactly Lewis set I'm down in order in the second. No balls two strikes nuclear. Straightened out. And to play. Myers is sidearms fastball high. And giving their 84 miles an hour. What multi strikes two out nobody on the tiger six. Because there deep breath and homeland through right on by Watson or a number three. Reagan beat Hiller turned to a 1236. Inning and Wichita State. Coming up to bat in the top of the seventh inning still trailing LEQ. Nine nothing with the. Most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. Because no regard for human life it attacks on. Sometimes you. Almost can. Kansas. Drinks the next time we will solve. You drink. You drive. You are busy meeting deadlines parents' car pools favors EDT to ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to show our team captain thinking different believes that he can you promise better yeah. Stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something is cannon can't lose the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Joggers towards is brought do you buy American family insurance C agent NG Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for in molding agent Kirk Farber. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here I'm KM SS. Awesome pain takes over on the mound. Or LSU it is nine nothing tigers here in the top of the seventh inning. Eric walker. Exits after six scoreless innings three hits two walks three strikeouts two hit batters and Wichita State. Only retired in order in one inning at sixth and it turned out he Walker's best inning and final inning that turned out. Austin Bain. A junior. Appeared twenty times last year when he nine in the third. Had a mortal record that he RAF force six. And struck out 3229. Innings a year ago this year he has fanned ten. And seventy thirds. He has walked six though that's it. Alarmingly high number especially for relief we'll see what happens here. In the seventh they did got to leave off he's been hit by pitch and flied out to relatively deep to left field. Pitches over first strike. And it Holyfield working in the shocker bullpen so. With two more LSU at bats might see a couple of different. Shocker pitchers and hadn't gotten into the series. Fastball high. One and one. Austin Spain 61188. One ball a strike to date. Went floats in there for a called strike. Went into. You've got cats B and young scheduled hitters. Although looks like cats he's gonna give way to a pinch hitter. Bounces all the way back to the screen too and to. Looks like Luke Ridder. He's in the on deck circle little hit for. Jacob cat's feet from day one and full for two. Teach you to do guy. But low three and two. Artist tomorrow night for the Todd Butler coaches show what they gave sports ability Alley the tee to green which road. Here right here on 9713. Thirty can access. It gauge Portugal at the LA and new home for the time Butler show on Monday. Little bit outside gulf war. They do god draws a lead off walk. And Dane. As his season numbers would indicate. Struggles with a command from time to time. Walks Dayton didn't god. And Dayton has walked through distant second time all year. Now here's Ritter. Replacing cats who is he thought. Pitch to him it is he any time now here to us. And it barely missed inside. Luke Ridder only four for 32. To start the season. Began years VA. Play a little infield as well. Sophomore from Overland Park, Kansas. Want to. Load tuna. So for the second straight day. A solid. Starting performance is getting muddy up just a little bit by an LSU relief corps. Yesterday after eight innings. And a twelve nothing lead they tried to sneak in a couple of reliever one relievers it 100 Koehler in the game but. He walked three and didn't retire any five men that he things. Help paint his walk do golf caddies fallen behind three notre Ritter. With that a right hander starts loosen. Russell Reynolds now that tiger pin three notre. And low ball for greater walks on four pitches. So back to back walks. Rockers. For the first time in the game. Have put their first few guys on. Then Allen done pitching coach. We'll go talk to. Austin Spain. Inning nine nothing game here. Seventh inning. So it's just day for the first two men to reach shared the seventh and we go back to the top of the line up. And Travis young. Home plate umpire Alec Ziegler. Count two in the meeting. Talent done. Getting some last minute advice into his junior right hander. Becky goes for the first base dugout. Those doctors bidding to. Score runs before the ninth inning and first time in this year's one in the night on Friday at five in the ninth yesterday. Breaking up the shot out both times there left to try to do that again today in the late innings now wait until the night. Do on nobody out. Here's the pitch to young. Lol bounces away in runners move up soccer's. Don't score this inning it will be America. And gift wrapped a couple. Two walks a wild pitch and that's. Getting worse for Austin bay had a hard time. Fighting home plate. Travis young two out of eleven in the series now after going oh for three today. 10 pitch. Catches the top of his own. And it's one I want it in the Bronx cheer from. You got third grader or second. Top of the shocker order. Inning nine a nothing game characters we started making interest. 11 catches the outside corner for counts 15. Reynolds says sat down and feel Gilbert has now these loosening down right field corner. One and two young. Angst golf's one foul and that's gonna make it into the stands. And lower concourse him. One of the fans goes head over heels losing his balance trying to catch a foul ball. Felt the pressure I'm okay. Went into account holding I was young. Young now. In Q 67. Started the game three and six. 12. All the back to the street fastball came out even. Young just this. We'll balls two strikes. Young. All these right foot out of our customers look put out a boxed for just the second night back in after a couple of deep breaths. I get shocker on the board is wanted. Tapper foul analysis turned into a bit of a battle. Bain walked the first two wild pitch them in scoring position. But it's kind of recover his command here. Facing Travis young but have a little trouble put him away. Empty pit kept coming here it is. And fell back again. Went with a changeup that time the young stayed on so now. The momentum my supposedly at bats cats I've shifted to Travis you know. See a lot of pitches now is seen. Austin veins change. You can scratch. At the end of one two's on the way here comes. And little pop up on the left side of the infield easy play floors Smith the third base prolonged battle won by being there. And Travis young still for four. Bryant clues there's got to bat for Josh to backers. Shocker freshmen. Aren't the shocker newcomer I should say. Junior college transfer from Butler wouldn't. Mind losing. Team on. And one out clues there is shocker career over to. The backer well for three. From pitch to clues nurses. Behind strike. Now it's up to. Clues there and get a step it shocker on the board nine nothing here in the seventh under lead away second and third. And foul back clues had a good swing that counts not into. They seem to complete work here. Struggled with a strike zone. To do god and Ritter pounded against young he's way ahead of losing their own to. Passed ball very high wanted to. Packers have been out here today ten to three. Throughout his yesterday's seventeen to six. Altogether. Up to the mall with shock if that is the key hit here. Went to. Swinging from knocking down. Loser down on strikes not cool way for him. Only the fourth strikeout of the day. Let's keep pitching. Pulmonary it's gonna go to the the mound and see if he takes the hook with a. Any will make the call the bullpen. So vain ends up going two thirds of an inning. Walked the first of many things while comfortable over. But then got young to pop up to the infield and losers right now. Andy's gonna call on Caleb Gilbert. Gilbert. Wanna know knows day to 154 ERA he has fourteen strikeouts. Eleven and two thirds innings. Gilbert last year. 45 outings. When he out of the bullpen. He was born forward once a. And 44 and two thirds innings. Hitters last year. Against Caleb Gilbert. Hit 313. But so far. And eleven and two thirds this year opposing hitters are batting just 171. Gilbert 6180. From. Hoover Alabama. So Gilbert. We'll be called upon to try to get jealous and here. With runners at second and third nobody out shocker. Absolutely. Have been. Gifted you base runners in scoring position. They have been able to get him. Gilbert. Finishing his warmup tosses he got a couple of hard throwing right hander. Has only walked two of eleven and two thirds. To go along with a sports team concept. So it comes get a step Grayson so far today has yet to be retired. He's walked double then hit by pitch. Doctors. Mentioned with thirteen hits. Only three doubles. On the weekend just it was one of. Think to strike at 83 nothing in a lot genocide croft and young have hit two base hits this weekend. Other candidates have been singles. Gilbert jumps ahead of guests and nothing in one. Schools cut on in this 94. If you were not messing around. No balls two strikes you're out. Tiger's. Trying to hang on to the shot out. Dockers have thwarted a shot out attempt. Late in person the first few games. If you already was fortunate outcome here. And balance act that new middle of base hit one runs got to score here comes the other one runner plate or he will score and Janice that way you out. Two strike two runs single. He's in Afghanistan now two out two. And he does. Ten RBIs on the season now those soccer's do give him. And those charge those runs charged to. Austin Bain walked the first two to start the inning. Shocker came that close to not be able to cash in two walks to start the inning canister does the job. And Gilbert try to sneak one more fastball past him can do slider at home is outside. Power arm. In Caleb Gilbert. 8394. With a fastball that slider was an 83. So now it's nine to two. Well go for too little walk. Another slider now on is outside kick. Balls no strikes. Haven't found back to the screen. Doing auto pilot ball. Against no way at first. And it was fouled back and students do. A household name to. Two balls two strikes two out two million. In the shocker seventh. And home waves of misses his slider in the dirt. Appears he throws down the first to complete the strikeouts and soccer's. Catching and to lead off walks. And Austrian pianist dead birds. Stretched dime here and Alex box stadium in. Get Bergman fielded pointed Holyfield Johnson shocker bullpen. They all about him just it is 92 LSU after six and a half. This is what it sounds like when truck got shot but other dealerships of our great war. We have though white one. 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Family health and rehab it Leslie to talk dirty up every had a derby and re still health and rehab and he switched I'll relocation of the safety or there'd be equipment and highly skilled in carrying staff they give the patients the best opportunity to function as a the highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy we are here for a year. This is Michael Savage join me weeknight today on AM. Land and Holyfield thinks the overall amount for the shocker is becoming fifth Wichita State pitcher. Defensively. Bryant closed their stayed in the game and we'll play third base Alec foam was third verse. And now Landon Holyfield. It's his first action of the series. Landon five relief appearances no regular saves and a one and a half ERA in six innings. Holyfield has walked five. And struck out ten. In those six. Relief innings. Does that Lewis started it in Keller poitier and beat their hole in one inning after him. Holyfield. Last week in and Reston. Walked three in an inning. Killed three of his five walks in the season came one out. He went on and two thirds. Hitless scoreless innings against Oklahoma in the mid week. And Holyfield and making his sixth career appearance as a shocker. That your senior. How. Boswell high school. Fort Worth office it's time for Scott Abilene Christian in Wichita State separate stints. First pitch to read. The VA choosing. Our strength in their ninety miles an hour. Nine to two LSU bottom seven. In a foul tip by Reid's own two. Rita singled into fielder's choice. And walk. Shocker have been out hit. Ten to four. And Holyfield. Also working from the stretch that nobody on here's. Land and food to pitch to read it. Passed balls upstairs meant to be outside. Find the latter running a bit once it. Shocker we'll take on northern Colorado Tuesday and Wednesday. Back at home in long time since they played it back and back in the road for formal. Curve balls strikes recall we opted. Holyfield but did not read. It's like gotten sick for shocker pitching today. Now the catcher Mike appears he's over three. Hall at LSU not only in this game in the series the jumped out early. And their pitching. Really smothered Wichita State's offense. Pitched it appears he catches the inside corner of the fastball nothing and want. 01 to prepares you on the way. On the infield in play able Holyfield called off like loser who makes the catch halfway between home and there. Appears he. Hope for poor. And to the top of the order and Kramer Robertson. Robertson has been on base all series long. Three more runs scored today and it gives him seven runs in the clear. Bases empty two out here in the bottom of the senate. Outside. One ball no strikes. Robertson today as singled doubled been hit and scored three times the only time he's been retired was in the second win. Jack Lewis got the top of the order in order. Holyfield delivers a little bit high stood out. And now it's three and out. Holyfield got the first two. In fairly short order but nice fall behind. Three no account to Kramer Robertson. Holyfield delivers. Outside ball four. 04 pitch walk to Robertson he's on the fourth time today. And now col Freeman who's been on their three out of four times to. Col Freeman. Singled doubled reached on an area scored twice. And stretched by Landon. And first pitches. All want. And able to. Now sits in a row out of the zone from land and holy you have to get first you've been out here in the 79 to QLSU. Bottom of the seventh inning two out of her honor first. That would get to the inside corner. And it's too and want. Soccer's barring a miracle. All the eight and six. Heading back home that northern Colorado series. Q1. Hi three and one. And then after. Those two at home. Shocker back on the road they'll head west goes like cal poly three times. Those start times in the central time zone next weekend Friday and Saturday at 8 PM. And the finale at 3 PM. And Holyfield is just bought. This screen. They got a strike out a pop up and then walked the next two. Cutter Trout lines gonna go out have a chat with Holyfield did manage to work his way back into the teeth of the order thrillers you. And want to Landis. Do you out of school with a pair of two run singles do. And now Mike Steele out to the mound. To talk to Holyfield. All the infielders. Clayton Maginnis. Loosening in the shocker pin. Looks. To me like that Steele is just going out there for maintenance visit yeah I didn't. Take the hook was that he's just trying to get Holyfield back the strength of. The two outs and then to walk. Which doctors kind of this gave. The bottom of the seventh with no further damage. Too long to out. Last half of the seventh. Game that is now slowed to a crawl. There's a strike in there to do plan does nothing and want. Game approaching three hours now. Yesterday's game was 256. And then Friday's game was equipment but it didn't start until 930. Want. Her strike going to. So Holyfield was founded now. I think it suited planets. As the season average up to. 359. Or RBI today that ties to a single game highs set earlier in the series by great excitement two pitch. Golf in the center field Yung circling under it over for a little gap in left center he's got it and Holyfield after all that ends up. Putting up as the Euro after all you walk the couple that's inevitable. Regarding the alleged nine shoppers to. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. And laryngitis. You can't control the game with United Healthcare you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. Service is not available for all went. You know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to finish and I had six class that we didn't. In retrospect. I would pay double received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about. Shoppers swords has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent ten day. Here are great Americans join me. Well recap everything for you on the promo people post game show. Have a star of the game our play of the game take a look at the scoreboard. The final totals after the final out is recorded at C promo people post game show coming up directly after the game. Better Trout line deleted off the shocker here in the day he saw one pitch. Back in the sixth inning and flied to right. Takes its high from. Gilbert wanna know. When needles the outside corner one ball one strike. Gutter Trout line in the throes of a deep slot. Seen as average tumbled 156. This from a guy that. Led the team at home runs a year ago breaking ball barely miss. How grumbles and imagine as soon as the Ellis who dug up. Swing and I fell back. Could do to draw line nobody on the way out in the shocker age. For those. Not near TV. We know where Wichita State is going now men's basketball the NC chairman three into the Trout line. Shoppers are 810 seed in the south. And particularly playing in Indianapolis that played date. It's the number seven. Strike three called the center for outlined. He looks like he could pick fight out his death. While the eight. Check out number two for Gilbert. No one out and trade ticker rolls one on the ground just foul past their. Vickers sold for three line out the left of his most recent that. Bases empty one out the shocker. And he'll want. Curve. And high. Gas. Alex ziglar the home plate umpire doesn't have anywhere to be. 1011 out. Gilbert fit line in the center field a base hit three Vickers but sharp single in the center. Hit number five today for Wichita State. I one on one out for Alex Jackson. Shocker we've only gone in order once today but. Really. Two missed opportunities in the first few innings to make this an interesting. Get the shocker off on the right foot to get up three in the first shocker did but had two on it throughout the first themselves. Thanks to a parent wants from. Eric walker. Who really wobble. Upstairs to Alex Jackson. And then they had two on and one out in the second failed to school and the ball well as you after that. Bouncing ball the second might be cute shortstop out there for the first. Really don't go away after. Home after the eight week old school night if you election. 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Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. This is Stephen can join this morning right here on KNS and. It's about eight from Wichita State. And it Holyfield is scoreless seventh. Now without a little bit of trouble and walked a couple that. Got out of it. The big third Holyfield put up zero there innings of work. Now been ahead trying to close it out here in the bottom of the eighth. LSU leading. Nine to do. So Wichita State men's basketball again. Case you missed that they aren't ten seed in the south regional though. Take on Dayton in the first round of the winner of that game. Will most likely get Kentucky because the wildcats are two seed playing. Northern Kentucky. From Wichita State. Taking on Dayton in the big dance. On Friday. Indictment need right fielder only the board that. We'll be facing then had. Preparing for the seventh time the old one of the three states. And that one blowout game against Louisiana Tech. And other than that he's been pretty good. To indictment. And first pitch swinging died in Saddam. Vickers got to beat on it makes it yet. Pacman is gonna finish today only for five. They'll bring up Josh Smith. He's one for two. Pat has had been. Five scoreless. Outings. But the other he gave up six. Against Louisiana Tech three hits a walk. Couple home runs. Passed all of the above beneath the the bell they should say it. 93. Scoreless innings against dove valley twice named it twice. And Oklahoma. Got the save earlier this week against the sooners. 10 vendor drops in there hard cutter and 87. One ball one strike. Here's the 11. Half swing foul one incident. Soccer's back at home Tuesday and Wednesday. 3 o'clock games against northern Colorado. Three dollar tickets. For those games business day hokey. Liked mount wants baseball hopefully the weather will be okay. Pats won two. Back door breaking ball strike three call. To a computer down Smith had no shot at them. Cannot take slaughtered. Slaughter one out of four today. Nine to two LSU were in the bottom of the. They have had it crooked number. In four separate innings and three in the first two in the third two in the fourth through the fifth. Curve ball drops in their first strike heck look sharp. In long. Shocker we'll have 89 and one is that. Ninth inning. 01 pound good how often he's on foot. In the batter's box. Slaughter hobbling around. As an 02 count. I runs ten hits no lawyer for the tigers. 25 and two for the shoppers. And looks like shocker full face LSU's closer hundrer Newman who has. Got into a game yet this weekend. That's lie ahead. You know two. Is on the way. What vendor that had. Slaughter between ground and almost got the inside corner up fast. When multi strikes you're out. Peck reading science room. Governor Trout line outcomes that. And the 12 pitch. Grounder foul and Todd Butler makes you hand grabbing shocker gaga. Slaughter and RBI double and a run scored in the two run third inning for LSU. Otherwise he's been quiet. Here's a stretch by being hacked and the one Q pitch again. Fastball swinging a foul tip strike out at 92 been hacked and a couple of strikeouts. And is scoreless eighth. Last chance for the joggers it is 92 LSU after you. It's been the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the our ball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You had to guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but real black men that's the jets could be the Trevor. It's the private concerts from the underdog sports tonight. Oh come on board were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting. So download the collective win that Fannie and do your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power crews CKS lottery dot com for details. Highest on backs with action associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now RT missing challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Paction associates time well spent money well invested. Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker swords is brought to you by American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. I let them enjoy the weekend mornings at nine right here on K. LS fuel. In the ninth inning to their closer hundred Newman unsafe situation. Nine to two LSU lead. Neuman 6300. Founders senior. From Bloomingdale's Georgia. So far on this season. He has both an L huge saves. All in one. With a 135 ERA. Six and two thirds innings. Hundred Neumann. U 89 and one of the order of who they are. Remains to be seen. As of doctors. And tiger's. Not if you got that someone. Hunter Newman. In his career. Had they won 63. ERA in 99 in the third innings coming into the season. So fourteen career stage carrying the team this year yet eighth last year. And 8213. ERA. And 38 innings. Dayton dude I'll agree and first pitches. Cutter outside. Won enough. Some Newman and his career six wins to losses of fourteen things. Swing and as I do guard cutter outside. Dayton is all for one official. It didn't hit any walk scored one of the few shocker runs. Nine to QLSU. Three outs away from this week. Took a little loft that. Curve ball that stayed high. Duke are Ritter in young is scheduled hitters for the jobs. It on it and the five. 21 way indebtedness it's down. June 2. Two balls in two strikes. Doctors facing an election closer. Swinging. He's guy goes down. The duke on homecoming. Finishes up. Poll for nine in the series. Ritter took over for a particular catch the in the seventh inning. And ended up walking and scoring along with Uga. Give us that drove both home. Good curve ball drops in there nothing you want. Newman has shown up. Fastball in the mid eighties slider occurred to me he's got good minutes. Three of us who have fallen 85. Relatives who is not your conventional. Gas blowing closer considering its 63 into their ground. And I was a put away. Mall in two strikes. Under Newman. I'm Seth and comes to the plate that was drilled foul. As a hanger on the inside part of plate that Ritter. Pulled into the bleacher. When bullets he strikes one out the shocker night. Pitch. Vault it blow to a team. Newman now at nine strikeouts in seven full innings of work. On the C. And that one's in the dirt and blocked. Printed. Hundred Newman one of the few upperclassmen. Or LSUs that hasn't been drafted. Repeat this. When stroke into the gap in right center field on comes Watson they can't get it kind of falling tree hit Ridder dumps one into right center field and certainly is a welcome sight for loop. Who has struggled start this season. That's his fifth hit. So rear. And coming on for cats B is now all walked and singled. So Travis young is over for. Steps in there now with a runner on first and one out. Stretch by Newman the pitch. Out in the dirt. Paula no strikes. Luke Ridder which doctors sixth hit of the day. 10 so we've got this 11. Shocker in this series. Waited until the ninth and ninth in the seventh to score. And by the time they did. In those games. They were behind the combined 27. When you combine all of runs in three games and I called. Too young it's wanted to. Frank clues there waiting on death. One another's good. Bounced in the dirt. So hundred Newman overthrowing with a fastball little bit. Here and Travis jumped to a duke. The real issue about to go to Q eleven and oh at home. One in four away from Alex box data. Mean in his body getting. Travis with a five today. And I was doctors down their final out. Right clues as they strikeout victim is first time up there. When he hit for Josh to backer in the seventh. Two men on. So it's up to clues there. When it Ritter at first base they're not holding him on. LSU needs but one more out the checkers. Need a ton of base runners. Outside. We all know strikes. Clues there. In the first three games of this shocker career over three. They're from the right side waiting on hundred Newman. Making only started to swing did not swing. Two and help. Got the promo people post game show coming up here in just a little bit. Final out is recorded. Two balls no strikes. Freedom. Some 100 Newman have a little bit of trouble closing the door here in the shocker night. One out single allowed. To Luke Ridder. Includes Natixis strike on the outer and so. 31. If closed circuit reached Afghanistan would be acts. Re one. Here on the ground that shortstop. Along throw or make an all the baggage thing. Robertson. Waded back on that link line drive plated on a hop in his go to first. Here's the first baseman off the bag so clues there reaches. On Ellen Hughes first error of the game. Engines that will come up. First and second. Dennis are working on a perfect day. Okay. Janice says walk doubled been hit and drove in the shocker only two runs. Throughout our VI. Seventh inning single. Backdoor breaking ball. Faith in there. Ridder the runner at second clues there at first. Janice and now up to 340. And on the season. Drove in his ninth and tenth runs back in the seventh man way out front. And over the top of the breaking ball no shocker to them their final straw. The road trip. The state Louisiana last couple weeks. Crowd clapping and rising. Asking for that finals right underneath. Under way for his second. It was good to fit playing well and I discuss the seventh foul tip and not nobody catches. That foot breaking ball that just barely get a pizza. I'm holding it won't do. Doctors really. Nine if you hear and I. Newman got his signing want. If you. They're foul ball home what we begin. I I'm holding it all into. Crowd. Pleading for that final out. It was looking into this line. Now has got us. At the shoulders and go to again exported out of his hand outside. Wanted to do. Eric walker in line for the victory exactly loose on the hook for loss. LSU. Been thrown from the outset. Then at three to nothing after launch. One team. Side through to. No honor Newman said through a few more pitches. Many would like you're close out this seven run game. You again fouled off again that's when. Down the first base line down portable that. Good to the cal holding two greats in Afghanistan. He'll do. Newman's ready to pitch. Count any of it now. Both runners will be offered this pitch and very good opportunity on base hit the outfield to allow readers school. Three balls two strikes two out. Even looking includes nine he's got a. They're really runners and a ground ball left to do it again balance foul past first again. Canister keeps. Spoiling the potential final pitch of the game. Eric walker went six innings often named two thirds. And then. Caleb Gilbert went inning and a third. Newman looking for that. Laughed out. Dennison will not go quietly. Keep battling preemptive. If you again fouled off again. Very suggest that. He spoiling a that looks like a variety of pitches that was a fastball in on him. Though Newman keeps throwing strikes and Janice Vicky throwing the ball. I'm asking again that. Finals tonight. Even three Q again. Blasted high indeed there right center field gonna hang up for somebody in the center fielder. Exit polls again. And Watson put away. And the tiger but the shock anyway I'm being your final post gains experience. AJ sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shocker coaches shows be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free T today dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. As a child you play follow the leader. Young adults you follow in your heart. Apple. You're head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant and you send updates twenty. Just get updates see what's going. 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Charter sports has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent anti Valentine Ryan woods does these cells foreign mall vein Asian Kirk harbor this is Leo before he tech guy don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon Zeus on KLSX. Apparently postgame show. Service partner in branding and promotional products you can call. As 722500. Visit them on line at the number for my promo. Dot com from a depot bringing us. Post game show rough weekend for to us state. Here in batteries is LSU sweeps this series I scores of six to one all the five and day's final nine to do. And it started earlier in the very first inning. The LSU tigers got three consecutive hits off starter Zach Louis. And then. That third of the 3-D planet's left fielder drove in two with a single then later on an inning. The DH read not in wants demonstrated nothing after lawn. And in the third inning and RBI double by Jake slaughter. Was the highlight of the two run third inning made it five to nothing after three Wichita State it's. Threatened. In the first three innings but failed to score they had. A runner in scoring position with two outs in the first two in scoring position in the second and one. In the third they all died out there on the path that left five did the first three including. Those four in scoring position to can come up with a big hit and LSU really never stops going to run single bite you planets his second two run single. Of the game came in the fourth that pretty much salted away in. Seven and nothing after 49 I think after five shock authors. He ended up with a two run single from Afghanistan and seven to. Break up the shot out so for the third consecutive game here in Baton Rouge soccer's. Had to wait until the seventh inning or later break up or shut out. And it is so loosing night to the finals that you game recap and brought you by bill Miki Cummings let coming needs coming in Cummings. Be your team for criminal defense or Eli defense to six for 1548. Is the number. We go to bill Cummings LLC dot com coming thing Cummings where your needs. Always come first rockers. Dropping a nine to two decision to LSU they sweep the series which it just people come home to take on northern Colorado. Tuesday and Wednesday. Afternoon in eight days shocker played it 50% off your online order any Wichita area Papa John's. And I apologize dot com he's. From a good shocker fifty if you shocker discount to break here on post game show and when we come back we'll name our star of the game. We'll have our play of the game take a look scoreboard and final totals from Alex box stadium. 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Your head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant and you send a taste well he. Just get updates it's going to. I know things really get inside scoop. And ancestry. Hi this is being your first here's how while partner and general manager at 21 and Tyler in northwest Wichita stop buying your home style Bernie ends and try Daryn delicacy and barbecue cooking and home while we take the extra time and steps to ensure our earnings are incredible Baidu goodness each and every time we start with and cut pieces of our slow smoked brisket at our signature seasoning and marinade clay Stanley put them back on the smoker and give them that mouth watering hole while flavor our earnings are slightly crispy on the outside and fall apart tender in the middle they're great as a dinner sand wedge from her side. Birdie chance now and hog wild for a barbecue five locations in which itself also a derby go garrido Hudgens and and Salina. Dominate week. Stay Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on KM SS. They can't just lucky by the Kansas lottery if you're Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire. Go to kiss lottery got come for the most current jackpot amount play Kansas lottery and dream bigger our star of the game and the play of the game. Basically one in the same for the second day in a row though croft yesterday Grayson Janice that today he's our starting game two out of three. Where a couple of RBIs long battle at the variant gets hotter Newman to the only time it was retired. And he is our Kansas lottery. Player of the game he also delivered ours Clinton's appliance put the deep freeze play the game and came in the seventh inning. Curve ripped it deep right field over toward the line dike but god can't get it. It gets quiet and all for the 330 signed just around second you know pulled up right there. Probably a pretty good with it it relay. Second baseman Freeman. That was Janice this extra base hit in the third on this vote in the later drove in two runs with a single in the seventh. And he is our all star game the delivered our. Let's appliance play at the game as well scoreboards were occupied bigger terrific new construction and others. Kitchens bathrooms basements or outdoor living love your home again go to digger tripping dot com for more information or call 20 cute. When he 66. Diggers her opinion construction. Your home team pro. Elsewhere in the valley today Memphis. Takes the final game of the series and the series from SIE eight to seven the final Memphis wins in thirteen innings. And in Missouri State over Minnesota twelve to three Bradley beat Mercer 86. Or Roberts over Dallas Baptist seven history. In a double header Illinois State won the first game over western Kentucky twelve before their leading in the second game four to. Indiana state of Washington. In the final game of that series in Seattle tied 11 minute game out there. In the big twelve feature shocker opponents K state Oklahoma State KUN action today. UC Riverside BK state eleven to two K you beat Houston Baptist fort Q&A. Double header Oklahoma State. Took the first game against South Dakota State six to three it's one to nothing very early in the second game after the state meeting in that. Final totals from Baton Rouge victorious LSU. Nine runs ten hits one error nine left Wichita State she runs six hits two errors ten lap. Winning pitcher. Is Eric walker he has to go lost is that lewis' own one knows save in the game. No home runs in the ball. Game took three hours in nineteen minutes to play. Announced attendance 101408. LSU improves to twelve and four on the year Wichita State falls to eight in six. The next game will be. 3 o'clock on Tuesday to game midweek series with northern Colorado back in that stadium will see a lot of you out there and you can't. Units in here and can't SS 97 and thirteen thirty dockers and northern Colorado. On Tuesday afternoon my thanks to Simon Sumner back at the studio thanks for listening once again the final score. LSU nine Wichita State to change things so long. From Baton Rouge, Louisiana you've been listening to shocker baseball on 987 and thirteen thirty K in SS. Ron do you buy these fine sponsors. United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. Jerseys drilling below are the Carnahan group. McDonald's he listens appliance. Equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers delta did console promo deep bow out. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas the white star machinery they Kansas lottery American family insurance. AJ sports drill the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems. And dinners roofing and construction. As far as living finding. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad.