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WSU Baseball at LSU 03-11-17

Mar 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Time for Wichita State soccer baseball on 987. And thirteen thirty K in as ask. Now with the column the game here is seen Dennis. Good afternoon and welcome to Alex box stadium in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or shocker baseball. And welcome Ed to the abbreviated pregame shells hit directly to guard starting lineups are brought here by equity bank failure never paid 8 PM the but equity bank dot com for more information LSU has taken the field and a good job others turned in his starting lineup had a shot to left field. I like accidents that are. And ballot bowl at third base the first three of the hijackers. Great suggested that first base hitting fourth followed by trade thicker shortstop. At no look croft is getting starting catcher batting sixth. Big game got right Lou greater than any age in Jordan Boyer second. Is the shocker starting lineup Cody Tyler pitching and he'll be opposed by. Jared OK we'll get to the LSU starting lineup. When they come to bat in the bottom of the birds needed shocker clay you can get 50% off your online order in Wichita area popped on us. On the public got dot com he's the problem could shocker if the you receive your shocker discount. Soccer baseball also brought in part by the bars are valid points that are. And 1816 north brought life they have hardwood laminate tile carpet area rugs everything for your flooring needs. But he huge selection everyday low prices because of that large selection quality product. And thousands of option colored textured pattern and knowledgeable friendly staff to with no high pressure so he pulled triggered when I go with the Juarez. They have. Skilled and experts and scholars who respectful of you and your home bars covered only. And 1816. North Broadway. I was young getting set deleted are glad to be joining us here from Baton Rouge, Louisiana Alex box stadium. Ants get Berkman field. LSU won the opener yesterday. Or last night he should say he'd been the night it went thanks to a weather delay final was 61. LSU that. Lifted the tigers could hit a poor record shocker it's all to eight and four. Young climb into the box and Jarrett Bush today delivered the fastball at foul play and we are underway. First pitch at 102 with seventy degrees. East southeast. Wind at nine miles an hour that means it's blowing over toward the left field corner. It's overcast there's a chance of rain virtually all day. Bush Jay's own lawn bounces and dirt one ball and one strike. Jarrett Bush today. Has numbers. Unlike almost any other you'll find after. His first three starts three you know with no ERA in an opponent batting average of over 58. He had the no hitter. Among his three starts fastballs outside. Opening day polish day. No hit army as part of a doubleheader. Seven innings four strikeouts and took a no hitter into the ninth in his next start against Merrill. Settled. Or won here. Young fouls it back. Two and two. That was young gun did hitting 289. Levin hit more than doubles. In polish day's most recent start came against Baylor in Houston. Seven innings three hits no runs no walks. 42 total innings four hits two walks and fifteen strikeouts from the senior. And that valve will do it again to do. Healthy tip of the game brought to you by united health care. Was generally healthy adults need at least two and a half hours of aerobic exercise a week along with. Strength training and at least a couple of days a week or more tips on living a healthier life now go to Yankee dot com today. He started to swing the whole weapons of all the dirt in those swing. Going to go home plate umpire. Mark Chapman caught the balls and strikes out Ziegler first pole Gilliam little damage second Ryan Broussard. I'm tired out there. Just getting started from Alex box stadium and a dodged raindrops. Popped out foul back and out of play quite a battle. Has occurred between Jerry OK the senior. And Travis yummy sophomore from there. Potion 861217. A lefthander. He is 47 or excuse me he has. Thirty and nine up today in his LSU career. After the fourteenth round last year by San Diego elected to come back to school. Top foul again and we'll do it again I'm holding it. Three and two. Coming into the season he had. 51 starts as a tiger. ERA below three and it's been nothing but go down because he hasn't given up a run yet and when he threw an. This year 32 pitch. Popping up this was going to be playable right side of the diamond. And second baseman pulled up next to call it that. So one out after a long battle of young. Popped out the second day. He visibly for LSU. From third over of birth and Josh Smith. Kramer Robertson shortstop col Freeman at second. Jake slaughtered offers. Outfield from left over to Wright is you plant this. Jack Watson. Greg Dyke and cancer is Michael appear ski. O'Shea delivers logo out Jackson. One out nobody on Jackson up there from the left side this will be a tall order for him. Tall order for home because O'Shea dissent allowed many hits at all. Here's a bouncer to short and Robertson plays as short hop in the throw across infested time you can see beyond. Night. You up and tear down. Bush today as we mentioned only had given up four hits. All season nonetheless can't matters though Jackson and Janice certainly have their work out what. You're now like ball with a bases empty and few outs. Felicia day. Pretty much no nonsense strike thrower. Upper eighties fastball. Great curve ball command there was one right there that dropped him for a called strike. Four year starter under home and Aries watch. Along with pitching coach Alan Dunn. Breaking ball shopper foul and it's quickly don't you gotta like ball. Bomb had won three shocker hits. Last night. O'Shea no surprise already two times the collegiate baseball national player of the week. After his first two starts. Little below the knees and outside fastball at 86. I'm all in two strikes. As a decent draft last year fourteenth round he came back to school pretty much for one reason let's get back to Omaha. Won't late sprayed into the stands down the right side. And it's still wanted to. O'Shea course freshman all America. In 2014. Each of his first three years and LSU won exactly nine games and 9392. And nine hole nice three and a and little flare toward left field to plant as coming mine gonna make Iraq a. But you don't. So coach K as advertised. Mowed down the doctors in order in the first the N and happening at Wichita state building LSU coming back. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. 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In left field it's there Greg excitement in right field to hit fourth. Jake slaughter first base hits fifth. That Watson gets dark Centre field batting sixth. Fellow freshman Josh Smith the third base hit seven. Jordan Romero as the DH about it and batting ninth that is the catcher Michael appears he. What about forty stadiums Cody Tyler. Tyler the junior from Terrell Texas. Making start and appearance number four this year to let on that he RE a 386. He's coming off his roughest outing in his soccer career. In Reston Louisiana game against Louisiana Tech in the you know the first inning. Making his fourteenth. Careers starts and 33 appearance all time as a shocker youth and lifetime five and seven record. And once say. When he records. The next three outs that'll give him exactly 100 innings in his shocker career any quick pitches. Robertson for all were under way here in the bottom of the first. Tigers and their purple top white bottoms trimmed in Y name and number in why for blacks. Dumping ground ball right Vickers wait for the hop throws across and retired Robertson. Shocker to their old old school throwback grades gray hat. Black she's black Sox. Covering up. Cold Freeman. Bring it last night two out of three it boosted his batting average 7479. 23 for 48. Freeman up there with. Nobody on and one out. Tyler into the wind and delivers. Breaking ball bounced up there. On ball and nothing to Freeman. Top of the line up did. Pretty much all the damage more specifically Q3 and four and they certainly did their job for LSU last night. Stingers tuna. Freeman do planets indictment went seven for eleven. Driving and all sixth and scoring five of the six. Hi I pop up. Shallow left center field young it's tracking it and he calls up Jackson makes the catch to a Freeman's guys the left. Too often tear down four Antoine be planned us. The planets indictment. Let them batters. Also Josh Smith down on the seventh hole. We'll be up there on the left side. The plants went three out of four last night scored twice drove into it. I there delivers. And it's little high. Don't crop eating the start behind home plate today. You planet's native of Lafayette Louisiana sophomore. And breaking ball below its two now. Cody Tyler working quickly. Anything Antoine be planets freshman all American from a year ago. Into the wind in the queue up. Over that low. Reno. Alex box stadium all natural surface between the lines. Now ground it's all artificial turf. Oral five to dead center 330 down the lines. And catches the knees 31. On the season Cody can either eleven and two thirds innings five walks fourteen strikeouts. Career high nine in its Grand Canyon and second start of the year. It on the ground and into right field basis. You want to plant has stayed hot hand he delivers the game's first hit. That it plans to street got hooked one into right field. And I'll bring up Greg Dyke and the right field. I meant it would appear headed for big things this year you hear from Metairie Louisiana. Also pre season all SEC coming into the year. And finished up his sophomore season. As the Baton Rouge regional most outstanding player went nine for fifteen. Three home runs and RBIs 600. Up there with a runner at first he had a three run home run here last night. Down and away it's. Wanna. I meant so far this year 367. Leads the team in home runs with six in RBIs when he won. You planets away at first with two outs LSU scored the first last night. And it curve bullets popped up now back and how to play. And it's 11. You planets got to keep an eye on he had six out of seven and steals. Wichita State believe it or not is only surrendered one stolen base. And their first twelve games one for four. Well thrown a little below the knees and two balls and one strike. Greg Dyke and Eichmann. Mention those three home runs in the regional last year. One was against rice in the regional championship game. That's over but low. Three and one. LSU on a rain soaked Baton Rouge regional a year ago. Advances super regionals. And they eventually lost to national champion coastal Carolina. Happened just minutes ago. They called strike big part preemptive. Three goals and two strikes. One on two out in the first. Tyler got the sign he wants to know croft. Delivers the three suit that's line. Back to middle income fiddling for days fit the kind of round second on his way to third and you know Megan and how to play. The indictment that's not a single. Well if you're making some. Some noises throughout. And now we'll bring up. Slaughter a freshman. 6200. Pound. Comes in with a 340 batting average seventeen out of fifty. Jake last night over four he was part of that. Five hole and down that went totally hitless. Against shocker pitching last night. First four. And all the hits all the runs. And I called strike in there its own one. Jake slaughter. Or part of the order for the tigers last night went over eighteen. Wichita State didn't get much going against Alex Lange didn't much matter high fly ball right center field. Jackson coming in over so is due guy at Jackson makes the call the catch and the inning is over. Cody Tyler worked around a pair of two out singles strains to. Doctors put up with the hero here in the first at the the one that stalkers and tigers are score. At age 65 he'll have time in freedom to do what you liked to stay healthy and enjoy planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps me stay healthy easier. Planned 65 helps bridge the gaps in Medicare by covering out of pocket expenses like deductibles and co place and are friendly service helps make Medicare supplement insurance and pre planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas blue cross and into the Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the next government where the federal Medicare program. 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And game numbers six right now. Just the Vickers and crop. Do up the shocker here in the second. Great suggest over four. Last night. In the shock yours. Had just four hits I think it's literally that three million for its last night. And Janice that takes a strike. From cured okay. O'Shea worked a 1231. You are on the ground and into center field a base hit there's the first hit of the season. Four left in batter against Garrett tocchet and only the fifth hit these allowed. In four starts which doctors get the lead off man aboard here in the second. I'll bring up trade Vickers. Vickers had one of the four hits last night for Wichita State. Pray singled. In the eight inning. Comes in hitting 262. With a home run and five driven him. Takes a little high from coach dates. One ball no strikes. Here's a stretch by Boucher check the runner and pitch to Vickers is breaking ball hit high near the left center field. Hoping hundred is the center fielder Watson and he makes it yet. Vickers got on his front foot but up into the background number one. Every app no croft. Crock getting his second start of the Ares started. About a week ago against Omaha on the shocker is eight to nothing landed at one. So far near no it three out of eight. Our first one out. OK picked the first shaking canister back. Crop redshirt last year nursing a shoulder injury that this. Was slow to heal and while the coaching staff was somewhat hopeful that he be well enough to play they decided to shelve him and wait till this year. Prop eight feet wide strike I think one. Croft on and I still ranked the number one catcher in Kansas. My perfect game. Comes out of late the south high school. Getting better Trout line the day off adding reaching any pops one foul down the right side of into the bleachers at goats. Chair back seeding here at the box. From. Basically just beyond. The foul pole side of each dugout. And then down the lines in writing and laugh two levels. Of bleacher seating. And bleachers in right field and left over the left center plenty of seeding here. The new Alex box stadium go to first run Iraq. When this place is full. Look at it over 111000. They do 433000. A year ago. Other throw to first that is makes it 21 consecutive seasons and LSU's. Lead the nation in attendance. They were a 131000. Better than the next closest team that was Mississippi State. Those court top of the second crop with a runner urged and one out there goes pianist I got a great jump the pictures on the road now. And it got to. You heard. Ticket races Afghanistan. Whose thoughts you. Could fool thing. Just went on first movement but. Bush. One into the count and all across. I'd buy tocchet the pitch. Outside hi to do. Todd Butler trying to get aggressive with the O'Shea knowing it's. They almost impossible to string any thing together against him so far this year. He to file back. Bases empty two outs. O'Shea looking in over the glove. The signed a line in the QQ again swing and miss you pulled the swing at a breaking ball. Awfully. Cold case for it like out there. Those suckers getting hit but not up on the caught stealing at the end of one and half its Wichita state building and LA you know. AJ sports grill at the -- thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day dining only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game room football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker up. 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Charter sports properties which does state athletics like that shocker ambassadors which does the league level of corporate partners. United health care how to shuan don't that'll. Book industry think Cox indicates. It did in advertising. Which does fail political shocker sports properties that we want to stick. 78755. Q. Zach Watson laid it off the freshman center fielder. Casey Cody Tyler near the bottom of the second. And Tyler delivers low and outside when the way. That Watson did not start the game last night. This is only his second start of the year 2%. Any don't want the left field for a base hit them over for the line to come off a few balls but. No damage. May lead off single present Watson. And they'll bring up Josh Smith. Smith like Watson freshmen now are back. Jake slaughter Watson and Smith. All first year players care program. Smith hitting. 286 on the season fourteen for 491 of those hits the home run facing a lefty Tyler might be up there. Bunning. Alec bones even with a bag and off the line at third. He is Bunning any takes high one ball no strikes. LA he'll only. For successful sacrifices this year. Three of Michael Freeman. Smith. Has done so far. Not Bunning takes a strike on the outside at. Now thought it was time. Jordan Romero the DH. Waiting in the on deck circle. No score bottom of the second. Tigers with a leadoff man of war. Tyler's step off moving to throw it. First. Smith went over for last night. To date 250 hitter in his last six. Tyler 11. It's a wide strike wanted to kind of comes back and we're Smith over a little bit. Multi strikes. Nobody out but tiger second. Andy reaching flat ground ball to third bulge got a quick go to second out there not a time for. Bombed a good job to cut it off in the short way. Or Watson second. The one on one out through Jordan Romero. Merrill part time catcher. To time the eighth in this series so far. An earlier that. Alex box stadium seats about 111000 when pool I should refer to as the new Alex box stadium. Since 2009. The boxes. Brand new. Pretty much. Those first and it expanded. When they did it. A monster crowd the old Alex box stadium is little over 8000. They added seats. And certainly added some amenities to this place is beautiful facility. Her first one out. Either to you Merrill and it's a mile of the air. Right side of the diamond pianist runs in two. The batter and that's gonna be interference. Romero all collided with pianist. Who contradicted in the very territory. Romero is going to be announced. And Smith will be forced back for. A two way. Part three. It goes in the score book. That now appears to catcher. Since 2009. The new Alex box stadium only one time has the average attendance. Been below 101000. Strike in there at the Pearson that was in 2009. Where on average they do 9596. 33 night at home last year. They're. Quite a bit more ordinary at home last year they only 2813. 6083 winning percent and another pop up. Right side of the diamond Boyer. Looking up into the glare circled in the outfield makes the call to catch. And Cody Tyler works relatively. Quiet second inning allowed a leadoff single bit. Nothing further delays negotiate his way through the lineup one time through and we go to the top of the third still scoreless in that room. You are busy meeting deadlines parents' car pulls sabres needed to ask render the thank you completely forgot to shower can't do anything different believes that he can you promise better yeah. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan group that JPY get. 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Thirteen degree which road broadcasting live on 98713. 30 PM FS. HD sports ability LA do hold for the dot Butler killed every Monday night. The only Dayton did god live Ridder and Jordan Boyer. You are facing. Jared okay. Dave we'll conclude this series tomorrow at 2 o'clock. We'll have a more normal pregame Gloria. Here I can't SS. Starting at 130. Shocker will. Go with Zach Louis tomorrow afternoon he'll be opposed. By right hander Eric walker. Here's Louisiana native date and it got. First pitch to him come on in this. He didn't want. You got from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Two and a shocker dug out hail from Louisiana the other does the head coach. Taken for a called strike and quickly don't do. They do got. Dig out as the DH last night went well for three. Pollution days ode to. Got it looking good morning good afternoon good night the group got down on life. Quickly want out for look greater. It. Ritter appeared in the pinch hitter last night went over one is really. Starving for him. He's only four out of thirty. So far to start the season. Think her bald mountain Everest right field line. Coach Jay works quickly and pounds the strike now. Back to work with the 011. Outside. Sinking fastball 86. And it's 111 out the shocker third knows score middle game of the three game series. Curve ball that level. Ritter for its one of them doubles. One of them they doubles one home run. Now aides. Ahead in the count three and one. Ridder started at third in the Oklahoma game went over one with a walk. And he built one high and deep to left field. Back to the track and making the kids in front of the wall is in planet. And if Ritter made a bid to break up that's scoreless streak with a long fly ball below. Outnumbered two. They'll rhetoric got and the count and didn't miss it by much. Good swing by Lou. Two outs and now Jordan Boyer. Boy over to last night with a pair of strikeouts. Annie it's one of the right field this ought to be easy for the Eichmann writing in his tracks. And makes the catch. But. Post today. His second. 123 inning and he has faced the minimum. Through three. To go to a lot of the third which does they now think elegy god. We. The sound of dreams of the senate in new car in places it'll take you run home remember Jamaican side. An American family insurance we know when it comes to bring their dream to life every idea and every hour matters in our agents of the know how to help. Frequently not on home policies to save you time and money find an agent and get a competitive quote today and then dot com or call 1800 my hand fed. Products underwritten by American family insurance mutual status of Ohio and Wisconsin company success American program Madison Wisconsin 537 entry. 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No score LSU with three hits a shocker one. Kramer Robertson. Who grounded out to short its first time up there leading off Robertson Freeman he plants. Here that there. LSU came into the game ranked either sixth or seventh. In. These five major college holes publication. And it's a little bit higher from pilots wanna know. The list of teams that they've beaten here at the box not exactly long and distinguished. But they vanquished the mall they're nine you know here. Strike in the air underneath the hands of Robertson. They shut out army twice beat air force. He Hofstra once swept Maryland beat Nichols stay here. And they beat Wichita State last night. One's a little too low to wander around. Haven't faired so well away from home and loss at New Orleans eleven no way. And then they went to Houston for a three day get together. Loss to TCU in Texas Tech strike if there. Coach Jay beat Baylor on the floor that's their only win away from home. They lost in the mid week at that the state. But ward Wichita State ruled that now do into the pitch. Curve ball player to write their fields and copper basis. Kramer Robertson fought an offense off into the right center field for a hit that form for the tiger. That's the second straight inning and Allen Hughes put the leadoff man board now here's. Col Freeman. Mentioned earlier Freeman with three of the more successful sacrifices on here. And policy of pulmonary that the budding news it's still early in a scoreless game. And Robertson over at first base. Robertson is three for three steals. Is Bunning takes. What looked like a strike but I guess not good enough. One ball no strikes. Croft the course with. Freeman showing bunt. Popped out of his crouch after you've made the catch it may yet. Robbed. Mark Chapman who view that he needed called strike but anyway it's 11 I know. And threw to first. Robertson. And Freeman. Right next to each other in the batting order right next to each other in the diamond both seniors. Robertson shortstop Freeman at second base and they both got drafted last year both like to come back. And it could bump along third Tyler. In Huntington. Listening. And now the table is set for the big boy and what you guys they. Couldn't handle last night. You planets and Eichmann. Last night went five for eight. All six of the RBIs. Now both of them left handed. Goal that made via. And neutralizes the Cody Tyler it used to his advantage. But we'll see these guys are a couple of really tough customers. You plants at 339 within batted in. And indictment 367. With 21 driven. Two on nobody out. Curve ball all thrown. Not sit there. No balls and one strike. Cody Tyler. One time through the order. No damage he allowed a couple of two out hits in the first and worked around the leadoff hit the second. Fastballs up put away. One ball one strike. LSU came into the game hitting 323. Of the team. They had but eight hits last night it's more of a pedestrian. Output for them. They've already got five here in the first few plus innings all of them singles. Out time out called I know across the home plate 11. Is account to Antoine you planets. Tyler comes set. To the plate. Mo crop could handle it that's too little. And want to planets. Freshman all American a year ago the Mets and he was also freshman all SEC. It three point 8739. Runs batted in last year off to a really good start. In his sophomore season. You want. Her ball looper to center field Jackson hit the unsettling pervasive thing going to be loaded. Well three hits allowed to start the third inning. The public would like your eyes but. LSU. On the doorstep pick in the first lead of the game. So I think goals in the outfield for Robertson do planets. Sandwiched around a bunt single by Freeman. And now here's Greg indictment. Coming off aid to radiate season with eleven home runs a year ago. As the bases loaded nobody out. And it's upstairs from time though. First real threat of the game. Eichmann. A single its first time up there. Six singles now for the tigers. I was gonna work from the full windup. And mighty hack he fouled it back. It was a 10 breaking ball that bank and seem to know what's coming. Back then last year. Did not make any starts in the outfield. He was primarily their first baseman. Played right field the first two games of the series. One little on the cap. I either. As a sign he wants to pitch. Strike in there not quite wrong. And had drawn the ire of the tiger crowd. Wanted to. And I think this year as only struck out. About once every seven at bats. 12 pitch. Longley fouled back you stay alive. Fastball at 89 and Cody Tyler. Bases full of tigers and nobody out in the bottom of the third. Yeah. Robertson Freeman gave planets the runners from third over the first shocker claim a double play depth. Outfield shading. Eichmann to pull just a bit. What do. Now her ball look like it. Dropped in there and I didn't get the call that would be huge curve ball that had Eichmann. Giving ground a little bit. Shocker dug out on a gallon. To do. Low and outside three hits. We'll. Don't look like what he's kinder and leaf team. Fairly close to striking out tonight and now I don't believe in. Preemptive. Bases loaded. Nobody out. Huge pitch. An early portion of the game. Don you looking. Into it that the curve ball had. I think gave up one huge strikeout the pilot did come back again. One big one and now players slaughter. Beautifully thrown it out one. Snapped up front hit the indictment. Tipped off the PC the inside corner if not. Right down the middle filler one. Slaughter flight do sinners first time up there. Bases loaded now wanna. And now it's behind me the left center field and pretty will hit young back there he makes six that's in front of the track battles for Juan. And runner second who won't pull in the third base and slaughter when he walked sacrifice fly to left anything on the left. Iverson scores Freeman. Head to heads the third. RBIs number twelve for slaughtered one and I think tiger. Cody Tyler can get that Watson here missing the first time out that would be something of an accomplishment. That Watson. It is a native of rust and Louisiana. He was. Coming out high school ranked number one in the state by a perfect game. And LSU. Not surprisingly plucked him away from Louisiana Tech. Upstairs one ball no strike. So it that. Previous single that now makes that Watson three for eight. Writers still at the corners with two lack. Down and in looked like a changeup. And it's too and I'll. Watson last year as a senior for 81 with ten home runs. In high school. Six feet 166. Any cheap one count down the left side bounces into the stands. Who would want. Run on six hits for LAQ no runs one hit the shoppers. Tyler comes so that the belt. Hits it on the ground to third and. Home. Unfold nobody. Retirement home. Gave ground a little bit couldn't. Play it back with a soft hands. And an eight team up. And it's cute enough. You wanna beat LSU here you gotta make plays like that up. Not that they may be. Waiting on the official score. But it will. Bill hasn't hit. The ability generous scoring decision. Leads the second run credit. Jack Watson with a RBIs and not to do nothing and it's seven singles. Including four in the inning. Here's Josh Smith. Pitch to him as lawn outside one now. Those tigers likely to be here in the third. And with every subsequent run the shocker should happen to give up today. Really. Unsteady ground that there are on facing cured tocchet. But not too distant. Otherworldly start on the mound for the tigers lawn outside Tyler tune up. Potion hey working on a 25 innings scoreless streak to start the season. And now we will see a visit to pound from shocker pitching coach. Mike Steele. So they first to the first three men reached here in the inning. Kramer Robertson floated a single to right center field. And then col Freeman kind of sacrifice. Actually reached on a bunt single. And and Antawn you've planets. Flared one into left center for him they were loaded up with nobody out. After huge strikeout of Craig indictment. Jake slaughter. Case Travis young toward the warning track in deepest left center that scored a run. And then Zach Watson singled off the glove of Alec ball with third to bring home the second round of the inning. Steelers quickly these words in his Ari back in the dugout and it's. Do noted Josh Smith. Tyler's trying to stay out of the beginning. Hide three enough. Jordan Romero waiting on deck. 30 you're swinging any popular foul back and how to play. And over onto the roof when I was. I'm curious decision but Paul and Mary putting a lot of trust. In his freshman Josh Smith flooding swing on three you know. Three and on the count two away in the LSU third. Owner's lead away at first and second. Pitch. Al back again to a 32. Smith reached on a fielder's choices first time up there. Got the planet's second watts and it hurt. Shocker plus the top of the order in the fourth. I get something going it's geared tocchet. I have all left field young back there drift back toward the track and makes the catch as he went to help. Push a little further than it normally would have been. The tigers are turned away. Could have been better for the wars I suppose their bases loaded nobody out they settled for too they lead to. At the end of three underscores now LSU two and shocker nothing. It. 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The most up to the 12 punch you're gonna find. Here O'Shea delivers too young. And he throws a curve balls dropped them. Travis young had about his active with the demons in the shocker hitter had last night one of war with swung it well. Any rope club. By the third baseman on it or not been out of birds and headlong dive toward the bag and wanna play by Smith who knows. Robbed of that today from. Them. Was ruled to have balance this fight through. No no Alex Jackson. You get a guy that's only given up five hits all year. Playing defense behind him like that. Big mountain to climb. Downstairs studio like Jackson one ball no strikes. Do nothing tigers' top of the four. Alex Jackson bounced to short its first time up there. And makes him now three for nineteen. In his freshman season. Any hits one into right field for a base hit some quite a feather in the cap of Alex Jackson. As he singles to right off cured okay. The second hit of the day for Wichita State now Bowman Tennessee coming up. To get doctors. Back in that's what it's only two to nothing still playing time ago but again. Hits in base runners been few and far between against tocchet. Luke Ritter actually made a bid to put the shocker is on the board first he. Long fly ball to left. One out in the third. One on one out for bald. And Allen is very high. All of those strikes. Rockers will come back home plate couple midweek games. We're hitting the road in the play Houston winds Abel that 3 o'clock. At a stadium. All tickets three dollars both those games are bullet pass that third baseman Smith and then the left field he almost turned the trick again. And that would ended up in his glove would have been up 543 double play well you know like political laugh. And now shocker him three hits. And Jackson bull bull make them pretty good. Guess that rolled to single in the center field this first time out. And first trip to the mound. Of the series by Alan done well pitching coach. In his sixth season. At LSU. And talk about some skins on the wall Alan's done. Is the pitching coach of the year according to collegiate baseball a couple of years ago. And he is tutored the likes of Aaron no law. If you remember him a couple of years ago. Alan Dunn played at Alabama. In the early eighties. Fourth round draft pick in 1983. Made a couple of years the Detroit Tigers and spent fifteen years with the cubs. As a coach scout and pitching coordinator. Three years of the Orioles came. And then. Quite a long. And distinguished. Coaching career college. That time Vanderbilt. And the last five years here. Do you wanna watch out for Afghanistan pollution days in trouble for the first time. Stretching the pitch. For baldness the outside corner a ball no strike. Doctors now it. Three hits two in the inning. And it could have been even better because young was robbed. Night Josh Smith the third baseman to start the inning. Mary hi to you know. After Genesis leadoff single in the second he. Tried it's like second base and was gunned down. Appears he. Has now thrown out 40% of would be base stealers. Wail on outside three and a and I'll post jail early painting himself into a corner. Guys gave him a two nothing lead in the bottom third. One out singles night Jackson involved announced three noted Grayson canister. Islands in their first strike it appeared that. Janice that was taking all the way. Even with a the reputation of. Geared O'Shea as they strike throwers don't walk to all year. Great want. Line into center field and it's got to be right. At the center fielder. Watson for outnumbered you just look at it much harder yeah tracers and it peeled back to Watson. For the second now. Shocker have been giving really good swings here in the fourth inning. But the key was OK. Getting it diving stop by it's meant to start the inning. And now it's gonna be up to trade Vickers. Wichita State was that close. To scoring on O'Shea for the first time all year. Vickers flied to center back in the second. Do nothing tigers were the four. Swings in foul tip save. Fastball down and 88. Drake came into the game in 1962. Nine of his eleven hits. Our singles. Curve ball started to swing held out and it hit low. Wanted to want. Two runs on seven singles by LSU. Four of them in the third. One run I know runs on three singles by the shocker so. No extra base hits just yet but. You can thank. Josh Smith for that fact staying intact. Pop up now back in how to play changeup from OK don't want you. So despite Wichita State getting a lot of really good swings. Here in the fourth inning there is one strike away from. Coming up him. Alex box stadium crowd getting into it. And hope you're pollution in the Booth right. 12 good swing and it's now back. The stuff. As they say from Carrick O'Shea. Nothing later I don't know about these mid to upper eighties but it's got a three pitch mix. With a curveball changeup pound the strike zone and got me a little bit. Wanting to. Victims trying to battle. Andy wolf one found it horrible. Well Vickers has seen the whole store. It's just a matter now of him. Maybe not necessarily guessing right but. Getting a mistake where you can put the barrel on. But then again at this point which to tell us they've taken that handles single over the third baseman hit. What do. You want to out. Jackson involve legal way. And think it's the same result herbal cold now. And Allen had Brian walker the third base coach skipping grow. Overcast skies here in baton route between the rain. At least for the moment is held off sprinkled a little bit during batting practice. That's in it so far. Still wanna hear the crowd comes alive again. The pits again it's high it's stupid to. Tying run over there at first base. And personal Alec bone. Vickers. It by its fingernails. You can count. Manning wide right and hold on me. I did maybe beyond. And it's now. Well it's because they did everything but score in that inning and two it's about good swings. But the final pitch. Of the inning. Was off the plate for a called strike three so Vickers turned away as the shoppers. On the bottom of the fourth still to nothing like here. Meet Davis Davis is from polish. South Dakota bill we took Davis from policy to fish for pol in Alaska sure did this in wild card Polycom McDonald's filet of fish sandwich there were folks that's waves and fish and some delicious flavors sandwich list so you could say Davis is one pollen lucky guy. Good morning thanks to us. Davis isn't the only lucky one now filet fish is on the mic picked two for five menu so you compare with ten piece nuggets quarter pounder with cheese or even another filet of fish and by some participants may very limited time offer T store for me to. 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Dove to his backhand to retire him in Jackson doubled singled guess to pull the senator and Vickers. Struck out looking. On the disputed call pioneered the left field young regions over. Toward the foul pole on the track makes the catch. First pitch swinging. Jordan Romero makes a long first out of the fourth inning on one pitch. That'll bring up the ninth hole hitter Mike pierce hit the catcher. Re on one out and and Tyler delivers. They can always strike. On one to appear skewed popped up this second baseman its first time up there. Bases empty one out bottom of the pool. Bouncing ball right ball should be easy. It is too way. There are some outs down at the bottom of the order in this LSU lineup and the key is naked truth they don't get on because the cup war. Are tough as nails. Top of the order speaking of Kramer Roberts. One for two. And I served one into right center field for a base hit. Came around to score the last time up there. First pitch to him. And he may have been taken all the way too because. I don't think that's what four pitches in the inning for Cody Tyler is called strike two outs. Bases clear. We gonna miss my fastball pointed. Cody could use a quick one. He had to work a little bit in the third and considering how it started I would say you have to be. In a letter grade of C plus for him bases loaded nobody out he scored. And little pop up behind second base lawyers got had any bearing very quick and easy. 1234. Inning. So three up and three down in the tiger fourth nothing across. Are the top of the fifth but they a look at the out at the scoreboard when we come back to that I think LSU here. Shocker stand stingers ripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Always three erupting inspection stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. 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Seven to three all the hits in the game have been singled. Its soul to the if we go. I'll tell scoreboard update brought to buy bigger your opinion construction for your residential work commercial roofing inspection repair or replacement needs. All three months six months to 2066. Bigger tripping eight instruction provides green roughing infraction. Go to tears dripping dot com for more information your home team. No across the leadoff for the shocker here in the fifth then we check scores from around Missouri Valley Conference. Okay delivers low one ball and knows rights. First of all look back yesterday look no however but he did in the league. Mixed bag as has been the case last two weeks croft hit one well the left field but playing deep ones you plants captain makes it. No profit. Nothing to do. Western Kentucky beat Illinois State yesterday thirteen to five. Memphis beat SI you don't walk off home run poured three. Mercer a one run victory over bay. Bradley I'm sorry eleven to ten. Evansville victorious over Campbell thirteen to nine. Minnesota beat Missouri State by the team gave them. Couple losses and around town state you got swings and misses. Now staff to senate nine nothing lead bulldogs beat Oral Roberts 97 they go to 94. Outside. One you want to Uga. The marquis went and I went to Indiana State they'd be nationally ranked Washington in Seattle 42. Sycamores approved six and seven. Swing and it's like you've done off speed pitch. Today in the valley. Southern and Memphis 11 in the seventh. Campbell all over Evansville and 67 and nothing Hamels. Western Kentucky Illinois State postponed. Mercer leading Bradley 31. Bottom of the third. In that game. Shopping ground ball to short backhanded by Robertson downloads in a hurry and just in time. You guys can really run and Robertson. Heavily on the last stop me very close to what. Evansville and Campbell played a double header Indiana State and Washington also playing a double letter. All the other games that I mentioned from last yesterday. There in action today in the middle game of those series. In Moline Illinois Wichita State women's basketball leading Drake. 33 to 45. Strike called to Luke Ritter. Bases empty two out to the shocker fifth grader long fly ball is first time. Pounds over a bit low one and one. That game is gonna halftime now which dusting leading Drake 33 point seven. Called strike. To Lou critter. Memphis is now taking a 21 lead other southern Illinois there in the bottom of the eighth. And strike against. Michael Baird fly ball right field should be label coming in is likely he's excellent catch. Doctors are done. In the fifth halfway through here from Alex box stadium it's that nothing alleged. Much actions can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees. 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Part of the order coming up for the fight you big holes near the bottom of the fifth inning kidnapping LAQ about it shocker seven. Three. Freeman new planets and indictment you they see Cody Tyler here in the fifth. Cody is scattered seven singles both of the runs coming there. Sacrifice fly ice water. RBI single by Watson often love the third baseman now iPhone. The thirty states got home runs from Alex Jefferson so they have jumped out on rock out on top of Minnesota one to nothing in the second in Minneapolis. Bring in one out of two. Her ball as. A little bit below the knees one ball no strikes. Tyler four innings so far as seven hits two runs no walks one strikeout. And something's off dips in their first strike. I was done a good job of mixing speeds. He's made pitches when he had to. The walk a tightrope that third inning with the bases loaded nobody out. Knocked on the ground in the third baseman bulbs in close smothered it and those loan benefit that they now. Bolt did the hard part who's got a baby over to first base. And Tennessee couldn't bail and now. Now you plan listen. I went three and four hitters. Doctors. I played too shabby defense last night the end up making. Three errors. And that's the first one of the game today. The one out or do you plan us. Who's singled twice. It is. Five out of six in this series. Popped up. Left side Vickers makes the goal makes the catch one out. Finally. You planet cooled off a bit. Here's indictment indictment came up with a bases loaded nobody out in the third inning. And it looked like Cody Tyler. Struck him out with a broom ball that was called a ball. And then two pitches later he went back to the indictment was frozen for strike three. So he's one for Q after first inning two out single. Two nothing tigers bottom of the fifth. Off the plate outside one of them. I went with a long home run here last night he ended up with. Or RBI and its. Career high for him. Throw to first runner back. One on one out. One and loaded. Great indictment. But the hitter against left hander to pitch started to swing. Took lawn outside stood up. An indictment from Metairie Louisiana. Suburb of New Orleans just down the road. You'll pitch. Took it and that when needle the outside corner to one. Both pitchers working quickly. And for the most part both of them. Have been right around the strikes have been one time that I can recall that. Cody Tyler started hater three you know. Now when crowds. Eichmann and it's 31. Rendered first. In the person of col Freeman. Freeman second on the team in steals with five. But Cody Tyler does a good job holding runners. It on the ground and make some. Playing right field through your head around second on his way there he throws gonna go in the third night time it's an obvious that it. And the let him. Indictment with a single guy goes to second on the throw some ridiculous thing is. Normal with a timely play. Won't the error to start the inning. On a fairly routine play after you made the catch. Body through the line. And end. And that's Miller right field this guy elected to try to get through it third. And when to throw it through the night went on a close play native in his second though Wichita State looking for a break. Haven't been Ellicott who won here slaughter with. Runners at second and third in field in. Tyler from the pool lined up. And have to really work his magic if he wants to get around this unscathed. Slaughter over one with a sac fly. Any cure one foul down the left field side ambush that fastball. Folded into the bleachers. Jake slaughter came in hitting 340. You freshman. He would certainly in swing vote up there Tyler can throw something. So often down maybe gave chase. When was low. Wanted one. Slaughtered. As a senior. He's 36 round draft class Chicago Cubs. He has even though he's young and very. Accomplished hitter. Line drive base hit right feeling good. Because they want to know about the other runner. And tennis the look the ball the whole way through the hopefully you can. Two RBIs for slaughter now created nothing tigers. Sean OK got that third base coach elected to hold up. Eichmann and not just do guns on. So the air comes around score. As on nine hits in the game for LSU. But in some ways. Cody Tyler deserve better. At run we'll be unearned in. Wichita State guess. Hit quite get over the hump in this series. They were absolutely handcuffed last night by Alex Lange. Alex gave up just two singles in eight innings. Shocker I lost 61. Now here this afternoon. Tyler battling and clawing it just can't quite get any help. Matters at the corner for that Watson who singled twice. I'm called at home plate. Watson also a freshman this is only his second start. And he is two for seven coming in you've got two hits today one of them brought in Iraq. Tyler badly needs a ground ball and infielder now. Tonight. And balls no strikes no action. In his shocker bullpen just yet. Tiger did the corners with a 101 AM in the fifth street building LAQ. I. Pitches lewd. Student. Series finale tomorrow at 2 o'clock. The stretch. If you blew. Hammered the left field. That goes. Capitalizing on. They don't believe. None at Walton is definitely different. Tiger and like last night he did game. You know. I look back that's not the fourth inning when they. Had an opportunity. To. At least yet. One of the runs back it tigers got in there. They had a bunch that'd Batman. Couldn't catch a break. And LSU. Has cashed in on their opportunities here in the fifth leadoff error. A throw to third on a base hit to right that turned into an extra base hit and a single in a home run. Has made six and up. Little high student Josh Smith. Wanna know. Bases empty. And it catches the outside corner. Tommy barn house starting to throw from Wichita State down the left field bullpen. First extra base hit of the game is allowed 13 run home run by Jack Watson. It's called on the outside corner. Wanna do. One multi strikes left hander against left hander. And no 12 pitch. In the air right center field. Jackson moving over land gonna look back and a little bit he makes it gets any. Shaded around toward left. Long run to go. That home run allowed by Cody Tyler his third surrendered this year. Jared Rivera Jordan. Romero flied to deep left his start deport them. I was the only 123 inning nick Cody Tyler has under his belt. They're high croft and pulled down and strike zone. One ball no strikes. Two outs in the tiger fifth they obstruct them for. Tyler brings in and it's got a dilemma. Young coming in Vickers one way out yup finally pulled him off. And that's that but another good round for LSU right now. Becomes a little smaller if you're. Four runs. Three if nobody left in the bottom line in stores now LSU six doctors nothing. 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So through insurance we're emotional we are sheltered or renters insurance see Katie Shanley our match rifle on Wichita or Lindsay geared up and derby this is. Michael Savage join me weeknight today Dante and. Cup event here in the sixth inning trailing six and I think now I'm there or run tiger fifth. Jerry OK back that amount or LSU. Post today with five scoreless innings today he's given up three hits. No walks. And he struck out three so at the moment we Shane with 47 innings it seven hits. Two walks. It's get up basically a base runner every three innings that he pitches. So far in the first three and a half starts. Shocker trailed six and I think they'll have lawyer. And then back to the top of the order was young. And Jackson. Boyer flied to right its first time up there. It. Jordan Boyer. How awful for three in the series a couple of at bats last night and headcount. Wanted to. Tommy White House continues to grow in the shocker PNC. Might think that that'll do it for Cody Tyler. Who probably deserve better than what he's lined Wilson distracted there. And it's one and one. Boyer hacks at one end. Fouls that down the third base line in between the back in Bryant Walker's. Wanted to. Pretty good crowd on hand here. Smattering of open seats in the outfield bleachers but pretty heavily populated elsewhere. Overcast and gloomy day here backers. And I'm reaching a little effort in the second baseman Freeman's got to throes of first time. One up and one out in the shocker six. Carriers cavity out. Young's now one for six in the series. Today's pop deceptive and grounded to third. And grounded to third probably doesn't do it justice feel low. Short hop screamer that third baseman. Josh Smith and Smith sprawled out toward the Baghdad. Flag and throughout young yeah actually thought that he lined out so he had. Run the last few thirds of the way. Lights on here and Alex box stadium starting your Lil bit darker. Shows buckled that back fifty strike. Included in their 71 miles now. The Mets and opening weekend. Jarrett Bush day. Threw a no hitter. 21 now. The night before it happens he and his father. Were eating dinner. And his father kind of out of nowhere said doing I was feeling you know throw a no hitter. And push day. Not unlike any baseball players that they bodies just being king it's now found background plate you do. And with the superstitions. As. Even before it happens someone talks about it no hitter. Boucher we sure that he get knocked all over the ballpark. But as it turned out in one of the games of a doubleheader against army. Seven inning no hitter turned in by Carrick O'Shea almost did it needs that starts it. Three into the count to Travis yup. After. No hitting army against Maryland the very next weekend took a no no into the night. Popped up now backing out of play. He is no nonsense gets the ball gets designs and delivers. Fallen to any real discernible patterns throw any pitch at any time. None of which are what you consider Major League average but. He has what they call pitch ability. Knows how to get out knows what he's no. Pounded on the ground as shortstop deep in the hole Robertson and that's not going to be in time to get beyond. Infield single for Travis. Crowd applauding you effort by Robertson but he was doomed as soon as he backed up. Those soccer for the base runner here in the sixth with a one out for Alex Jackson. Alex has one of the four shocker it. Jackson is grounded to short. And lined a single right. Note with great speed first match doctors down six. So he has this day and abbreviated Lee Jackson takes over the low. And catcher pierce he wants to have a chat with your approach. Soccer fans to join us every Monday night for the top other coaches show a HD sports filthy Alley. Thirteenth green which wrote broadcast live 97. Thirteen thirty KM SS. It is Portugal the only new home for the Todd Butler killer Monday night. Six nothing tigers' top six. You're baton route. One out. Powell back and out of play. 11 well if Alex Jackson. Who happened to find a gap here this is the kind of ballpark it's big enough where. Travis young it's coral way from first base. Only one hit though so far of the eight. That pollution days and up on the season has gone from our for extra bases it was a double that he surrendered against Baylor. Curve ball cap on the ground of the second baseman Alex shortstop quick Novak the first is high and bounces that the alleged she dug. Jackson. Probably will leg down out anyway. But he will be awarded second base. On a throwing error by shortstop. Fielder's choice 61. Error. These series. Relative. Curator check it. More palatable Alex Holmes. All of a single and two trips. Shocker with a runner in scoring position. For only the second time not only today but in the series. That's their first strike I for the men that that was before the ninth inning last night they have anybody reach second base first eight. And then they ended up willing to shut out in the night. And I was actually after two out nobody was on. Soccer's drunk three together. 61 last night six to nothing here today. Won't take soccer ball threw strikes will include. Conditions. At least weather wise favorable for ball. Win drifting out toward left field. But conditions on the mound. More than. Make up for them. Oh it did. We faced this. Popped up went back of the curve ball and bowl got a piece of that talent on the road. Still it can't allow it balmy came into the game 8311 here. Alex with two of the shocker it's five home runs on the year. Jackson is second with two men out. It's nothing tigers and shoppers after the sixth period coach K. Backed off the pitching rubber. Try to get together with the statute appears you can. Well wolf while waiting about lady. Hello to an apartment right at the third baseman on the cup. We'll hops that throws people off and time but the shocker that time that some pretty good swings against their twelve day. But nothing to show for six innings of work but the bottom of the sixth the tigers six doctors now. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United Healthcare. Service is not available for all went. Need a place to watch the big game. This place is jerseys grill and bar in Wichita with dirty television is no matter where you sit. If you have the best seat in the house located off highway K 96 and Webb road jerseys offers daily specials and a dozen Beers on tap enemy featuring everything from pizza to prime rib jerseys is proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shoppers and no matter where they shot his way home or away you can watch them in Jersey grill and our jerseys grill bar off highway K 96 and Webb wrote in Wichita. On the other great Americans join me. Like I say. Here in the bottom of the sixth inning. Starter Cody Tyler went five gave up ten hits and six runs. No walks and striking out. Nine of the ten hits he gave up were singles one with a home run but it came to launch. Tyler gave up two in the third. For the fifth Ani exits. In favor of Tommy barn house. Shocker right hander. Tommy bought us appearing for the fifth time. So far this season five and two thirds. With just one unearned run allowed. It happened. In the mid week against OEU. He gave up an unearned run. In two innings one walk three strikeouts but Tommy was the winning pitcher. No he gets his first win as a shocker. Barn owls will face. The switch hitting catcher Mike appears to start the bottom of the sixth inning. And he promptly banks want to deep right field. It got. Point oh and. Second homer of the season. He was overdue. Before that line drive home run increases. The bleachers. It's. Does now so evidently you know if you. Now back to the top that you wouldn't favor Robertson. OCR barn house. Reactionary groups after giving up his first run as a collegiate. Those little bit Snyder Robertson. This one for three. However today third inning single. Scored the game's first run. Our house livers lawn outside. You balls no strikes. And Alex hit a mile down the left. Field side that never fair. Who would want. Bases empty. After a leadoff home run by it appears he. And barn house this is the outside corner. Three lawn. Just like last night. LSU. Scored early and then broke it open in the fifth. In hard and half the guys people who did. Pulled. Him. Left field it goes Robertson in his drive for two of the pro comes. And things very well. Got rid of it in a hurry. And the bang bang play at second base those who led the tigers. Robertson. Now that line between the third baseman in the bag you know came up firing. And just in the air under the tank was. Kramer Robertson is now. You have a pool hustling double for him. Not mother out to make sure that. Second base umpire. Paul really sure about his home. The two extra base hits in the inning to greet. Tommy bought out. Not col Freeman is. One out of three officially. He had the at bat that. Might have done Cody Tyler and today it was a hot ground ball to the third baseman Alec Bowman. Made the play but then threw loaded first. And I skipped past greats in Afghanistan. And that kind of catalyst that four run. Tiger fifth inning. That alone outside when all of those strikes. Twelve hits in the game now for LSU. Runner at second nobody out. One run home in the inning. An ounce bitch. And catches the outside corner wanna launch. Tigers with two in the third fourth the fifth. Last night they had two of the third. Three in the fifth. Differences they added one of the first last night. One here in the sixth the day. Yeah smoke in the left field hockey right now it's not believe tiger. And around third to scored the eight run. Up for Robinson. On Freeman's second base hit and who's going to be on them. The top it by now says days three and give up three hits and figure out. RBIs think gulf war. Col Freeman. That is. His eighth run better than that now he planned this indictment coming up. LSU starting at. Oregon now. Her first nobody out. Ford you planets is singled twice. Takes a strike on the outer edge down around the knees. Antawn do you plan us. Bloodlines. Go back at WIQ. LSU. His father. Was a all SEC all American track and field performer for LSU Antawn swings and misses. Relative. He's originally from Lafayette Louisiana. Last night three hits. Scored twice knocked in to. 02 pitch. Kind of backdoor curve ball left it way high. One ball two strikes. Greg Dyke than waiting in the on deck circle. Eight nothing tigers in the sixth. In a foul back. You planet's that a healthy cat and pitched it. Appeared to be right down the middle. Went into account holding. And Antoine be planets. Art house to the plate. It on the ground at first tag at first Dennison throw down not in time it was right at the back them to play for Kenneth. And that the force off. And Freeman beat the throw up. All three and assisted them fine arts record now. And I indictment. I think two out of three today. Two out of four last night including a long home run. And yeah. Quite fit. Decision to make right before opening day a week boat war that is. A decision I suppose you could say that would be putting it lightly. But he had a major scare. A week before the season's start. He takes little high. He took a fastball that the things and it's fractured the psychosomatic. Arch. And of course after steady and down on all fours and pulmonary. Went to check on him and it was obvious and she was pretty much chatter. But even those the week before opening day he refused to meth. He went into surgery that sent they arrested for today's. Came back to take some swings off key on it Tuesday. Often machine on Wednesday cleared by the doctors on Thursday. Started to swing buckle a little bit political strife. Incidentally one of his six home runs this year. Was leaked tape measure blacks want last night was too shabby but he won an estimated 486. Feet. Earlier this season. Now one's guided the left young goes back. And gone. Craig diet. I don't think he gathered people. Wait before the season started. A little bit of a law that protects the right side of the things. And he tees off in the three run home run in the opposite field. And art houses now. War in the sixth. And it's ten and nothing back to back or spots. Four LSU. That is gonna be all for Tommy barn house and pitch so well coming in. But today not his name really from the first pitch. Which. Appears he deposited into the bleachers in right field. The White House for the third of anything. Allowed four hits and four runs. Really hit through extra bases from the left the ballpark now please give us. So again we'll face water. Now it's. Can't nothing tigers. Late mcginnis. Making his sixth appearance. All of early. He basically had. Few rough ones against Louisiana Tech. That's correct these numbers in the early going. A third of an innings two runs allowed in two of the three games. Events here. Go with it being so orderly and giving up multiple runs. Retiring. Only one batter birds can do. Played Maginnis. Basically left to pick up the pieces. Hello Hewlett's suit third. But for the fifth the Cold War here in the sixth they've hit three home runs the last few innings. Indictment Watson. It appears he that was indictments second home run series. And he is now. Live for eight. Two home runs and six RBIs. The plate making us with the bases empty and one out here in the sixth. Jake slaughter will greet. Slaughter so far one out to the terror runs batted in. Fastball low and outside one ball no strike. So really the only. Mystery left here this afternoon two of them. Really when's it gonna start raining. And well cared tocchet give up Iraq. Company and I hit it. Slaughtered jogs down the first base. And restarting it gave in on what he does David as far as. Bring up Jack Watson. He has one of the three home runs or runs batted in. And this is just his second start of his career. First home run its first four RBIs. Came into the game but commits. Industry today. So runners first one out. Watson singled in the second. Knocked in or out with a single in the third. A three run home run off Cody Tyler in the fifth. First pitch doing. Good pitch on the outside corner to me. Dark Watson 6166. We put a charge into one. His last time out there. Her bullpen did their first strike I think. One of the few questions I just asked has been answered and it's not the rain part. With 810 nothing lead. He left handers. Well actually it's OK I was gonna say maybe they were gonna take you now it's OK getting loose just to stay loose and he's been sitting over there for awhile. Outs in the dirt and I clocked by no crop. Until at least. To start the seventh inning. Garrett OJ figures to get the opportunity. Ten nothing LSU. A couple of four spots here in the middle innings. Final game of the series tomorrow at 2 o'clock first pitch. And then the shocker it will come home for two in the mid week and take on northern Colorado. Tuesday and Wednesday. Down and away from mcinnis to do. This week it is business day hokey special needs. And the soccer played home at 3 o'clock. Three dollar admission. Ticket. They've your last opportunity to demand that. Now ball that the middle Vickers has got it looked the second one quick note of birds. And they're gonna call a Rowling's. Why I. Slotted second base and it's going to be double play it was a very late slide. By kicks water and he was all over Jordan later. What are the ball in the runner all at second base virtually the same kind of rolled over the mound. Vickers in the quick flip. And they're gonna say that the lead leg of slaughter came up. In cute boy here. And I'll be six or three double play in the evening is over but another good round for LA if you get four more. On form or hits. Two of them home runs and nobody left on base the older of the top of the seventh inning and he scores now LSU had shocker if nothing. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comps up. Because no regard for human life it is attacks and all. Sometimes you. Kansas. Drinks. And it's time we will socked it to drink. You drive. Your busy meeting deadlines parents' car pulls favors he didn't ask Brenda thank you completely forgot to our campuses singing different believes that he can you promise better. It stop you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something scanning can blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Shocker stork has brought to you by American family insurance CIA agent and G Valentine Ryan woods does these selves for involving agent Kirk Farber. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on cape enhance and quick note shocker. Basically all that's left for them today is trying to break up the shutout and for the second straight day that's. In the being Alex Lange was in complete control here last night. Doctors. Were shut out on just two singles hitting in the ninth inning they broke that up with a run in the ninth. You carry a ten to nothing here today. Jarrett O'Shea working on. Aid for Gator Nation Janice that takes down and in shocker that one pretty good opportunity came with two on and one out war. But Wichita State. Give up yet he has just aligned to sinner and Vickers struck out looking canisters ahead in the count tuna. Six more shutout innings for Boucher that's when he ate in a row to start this season. Soccer's you have as many hits today that he allowed in his previous three starts combined. But it's little flawless as they're down can't hit sharply on the ground in the second baseman. Easy play for Freeman as he makes the step in the right. Now hired stray Vickers. Vickers went down looking. On a called third strike. In the fourth. Well the shocker step. Little flair and. I. Cool. And figured him and I. Want you. Looked like it was gonna make you play right field that Freeman did not yet made the leap and crowded room. Any innovation and lead. See your second baseman. You got to go across. Strike at the needs. Consistently shared OK that's cool. 8687. Check swing those swing. And it hit her off the curtains he thinks it did. He dug halfway down the first home plate umpire tonight and see it snowed. You come back here. Our right handers starting loosen eligible fences make good for your coach K one way or the other. With a ten run lead. Against isn't going pulmonary. Matthew back down there. Right handers starting loosen. Two and one did know across. Bases empty Q routes. Shocker seven. Popped up now backing out of play. You had to wait tocchet just keep coming at you with strikes. Fill up that strike zone. Drop the struck out and flied to left. It's back through the middle over the mound at Browning out is free and based. And only momentum going toward third base is tired. And it'll basically the seventh inning all by itself and candidate for the tigers pennant series with the guns they. It's time here Alex box stadium it's that nothing like here. This is what it sounds like when truck got shot but other dealerships of our great war. We have though white one why and a while and this is what it sounds like truck I shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before while I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming in the camouflage real tradition. More than collect a midnight edition of here's the difference Richard Shelby. And this truck month so make a strong decision it's fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't. Midwest Kia is Wichita is certified low price leader right now get your pick of new 2016 optimist 30% off MS RP your pick of when he sixteen soles 20% off limits our peace and you pick a new twice sixteen surrounds those 25%. Off MS RP at midwest Kia on the G a corner of Kellogg and Tyler's stop number case type fonts are 45616. And keep on 6324. Months when so we've been supplied with qualified group. I just let them enjoy your weekend mornings and night right here runs. Easily become. Ford darker picture of the afternoon. Played against those two thirds of an inning. Hit a batter but nothing else. Snake live at the lower third the LAQ order here in the bottom step fitness you're ballpark. It's been all low IQ. The first game and happily last night six to one there. Leading to date him and nothing. Pressed innately. Shocker freshman. We'll be making his fifth the the parents accountable for him. So they will face Josh Smith Jordan Romero. And my. Appears to. After. Preston's neighborly big right hander. Freshman from Fort Collins, Colorado. He hits once last weekend against Louisiana Tech at third and an inning I hit a walk. They both scored. Rough couple weekends for Wichita State the state of Louisiana that's for sure. First pitches inside that Josh Smith. Kind of let. A mirror image at least so far of last weekend in this. Shocker I lost last Friday six to two. They put forth an effort strike. Wichita State lost last night a week later 61. And they got buried a week ago today fifteen to one. Today it's ten nothing. One wanted to smack in the left center field that's become. Fifteen for a few today. And I guess as far as that goes soccer fans could only hope that tomorrow will be like it was last Sunday. Doctors. Battle that's a little bit and we're in the game from start to finish only. To. They're not only delay that they at least. Take their chances tomorrow they could swing the bats. In the final game of the series like it did a week ago Sunday. Romero up there with a runner at first and nobody out. And Allen's hit in the air to center field should be easy for Jackson. We've pretty much right distracts an accident. So one on one out and we're gonna have a pinch hitter now floor. LSU and rice Adams. They hit for the catcher. Nice Adams will hit him one on and one out here. Adams four out of fifteen a couple of doubles and home run. Adam C senior from right here that really. 64200. Pound righthander. LSU put on a show this weekend and give you a little bit of a glimpse why. They win. About 79% of their home games. Into the dirt gets away from croft didn't find it and down the second after hesitate to go Josh Smith. Probably goes a wild pitch. LSU game. Pretty close going back in the World Series a year ago but coastal Carolina be railed that here. Hi fly ball right field did over toward the line. Toward the bullpen and now ground makes the catch runner tags. And go to third day. I'm spelled out tonight. And now Smith at third base with the down. Poor Robertson. So LSU a year ago. It died there eight. They have nine times then made national seeded. In the NCAA tournament. Including five consecutive years no other team in College Baseball and say that they've been. And national seeds five years of era. Breaking ball. Blown away wanna. Last year was their twelfth super regional parents. They had won their previous or seven of the previous eleven. Low and outside navy almost at the back up for offer it. Back can't stand. Record third with two outs. Can't do nothing LSU bombs that. Two balls no strikes namely trying to work around leadoff single. And line drive base fitness center field and love. Robertson has a three day. Since innately is cut up after a walk her ex union's single wild pitch. Now here's col Freeman. Freeman two for three today. So he's now 46. I'm sorry to perform. So. He is 18552. On the year. Team in hitting a robust. Force 79. He's now at the moment hitting four feet long. One ball no strike. Eleven and I think LSU. MD pulmonary. Years that. Goes back ten years. They have rarely. Not hit. My rescue live to 95. Your before that. 314. Smoke love bowel years they'd like to forget about here in LA Cuba. Before and after. They were tall come out of the way it's three and out. Skip Berkman of course longtime head coach. When at five national championships. And one national title. War now head coach Foreman Mary. And four times he's been in the college World Series. That's lawn outside completely. And it's first and second. Two outs. Mike Steele going out of town. No crop is going out there anyway. Another pinch hitter with the both short pitting for the planet. And it's gonna come against. Someone other than Preston's naval. Namely went two thirds of inning but. Couldn't close it out. You consecutive outs after a leadoff single. RBIs in little walk and now it's going to be. Jordan pinch hitting. And in the facing. Feeling Cold War. Doctor freshman left hander. Basically which because they stranded. Hit this little. Kilgore inherit 213 outs situation. Both Jordan. He is sitting and I'm pretty soon. Listed as an outfielder 59200. Pounder from Lake Charles, Louisiana. Bode George. Brother out. Teammate Bryce Jordan. Goal get the attack killed or was it that. Tequila Kilgore. Making appearance it will be number three for him. He pitched in the mid week against Oklahoma did okay two innings three hits around a walk and strikeout he is third. Redshirt freshman. Heights heights Latif off. He's making his first outing this week in and he now becomes sick shocker. That shot the picture. Tyler with the first five. Barn house mcginnis stately. Have had a hard time. Cold War. CN Kilgore. Will face. Both Jordan. Here who want to out the bottom of the seventh. The Kilgore in Jordan. Shocker to bid on it. Sixteen before. They had four hits yesterday or last night four hits again today when one. Run on the weekend. Kilgore is first pitch. Even high when balls no strikes. Kelyn Kilgore had to wait his turn. Richard it is freshman season. Played summer ball in Florida at Altamont springs. Kind of back up a decent outing against you the final out here today in the seventh. Mrs. down an end to an out. Tough sledding for Wichita State so far the first game and half of the series. Dockers and get a base runner until fifth last night. And only set the minimum 24 to the plate threw eight innings yesterday. I went upstairs and it's three. That figures to be the end of Jericho today so his shutout streak will continue. If he's done today. That'll mean. He has a 29 innings scoreless streak. Started his senior season though proved to Florida. He'll war eases now went in there. Fastball. Strike called at the belt to vote George. Gordon on the young season 318 with two runs batted him first appearances here. I. No horse three want. Slapped to right field basis for the line goes another one's gonna sport. You go over to pick up and it'll be alone single. Who voted to work. Over the undergoes treatment for his Robertson. For the third time and again it's not wild enough. Now Rankin woolly. We'll hit or. Night. Woolley six out of eight team. We of those hits have been extra base. L Hewitt scored in four innings today all of them crooked numbers. Two in the third fourth fifth floor in the six. To hear this that. Hi fly balls that are field that you do it. And Jackson gathered today and for the final out filled org that's it the final round seven. But LSU I took two more. Three more hits. Anti war left on base now I've been at seven. LA huge while shocked nothing. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball at a rapid overwhelms. Equals. And laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for Oakland I. This is just in Baxter Baxter & Associates in our forty years of business Don Baxter and our whole team has seemed challenging Financial Times and we're up to that challenge we understand you're depending on your serious money now and in the future so please give us a call at 3166520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well invested. Security in advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent ten days eight Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults have. Happening right here on KM SS. Fight these changes or Ellis is playing here it's not me. Tiger's leading twelve to nothing Jordan Barrow. Both Jordan and laughed right bro is in right field. And the new pitcher. Is right hander Matthew Beck. 67230. Freshman from Alexandria. Beck appearing for just the second time. He has. 13 of an inning and one strikeout. Under his belt so you look at the eight inning. 812 run game. LSU. Running away and hiding from the doctors starting in about the fifth inning. Yeah for the fifth fourth sixth through the seventh. They do go over too little Greek. Matthew back. First pitch. His upstairs. Sam Goodman pinch hit for Wichita State so. A parade of bitch players figure to. Dot the landscape for the next couple of innings he's got swings and misses. They do guys season average doubled to 24. That pitch. Strike call. Wanted to. Kind of like well it's loosening in the shocker left field bullpen so maybe as the. Her ball bounced back in and around. One. You go for three. And now Goodwin will hit the rigor. Sam Goodman. I got a sixteen with the four runs batted in. Good let me count the community college. Transfer. Filbeck delivering two good luck the first it's doing swung at a foul back. Twelve nothing Ella Hugh. Pounded out seventeen hits today. And good mood swings and misses and an off speed it. No balls two strikes it would. Hit. One on amnesty stricken. Only the fourth strike down. O'Shea had three in seven innings. That brings up his version now. Jordan boy here. This is a season high and hit the plowed by shocker pitching. Lawyers guys want in the middle of the diamond. And the second baseman actually Robertson shortstop called everybody off. Shot to go quietly EPA. Last time up or LSU we come to the bottom of the eighth inning twelve to nothing game. When a little fun. What's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one my war. 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Have the eighth inning he replaces Kelyn Kilgore went up there and give up one hit that there. No tie their bar announcement is innately Kilgore and now long when it's hotter. We don't yet. 567. And tiger quarter. 1217 and one for the tigers only foreign want for the shocker took for the second straight day. Which because they will be left to. Try to break up a shot out. Tonight than. Connor long lists. Making. His third appearance. Started opening weekend on the Sunday game against Utah valley. Has appeared just one other time literally. So. Template will hit four slaughtered. Mason template. Becomes the latest replacement. Make an appearance in this one. Template over four. On the year. It shocker fan if you want the biggest and best every crisis election shocker merchandise that's the official scorer Wichita state university and it's located at first floor of the Ratigan students that are. On the debt issue campus or shop on line 44 that issue books dot com. Find everything you need for every generation of shocker nation join him shocker rewards program Iverson back on future purchases it. University bookstore place to shop. So bluntly it's against template. Here in the bottom of the eighth. Along with selecting to work from the stretch with nobody on. First pitch when in Ennis. Stay tuned after the game for the promo people post game show. Have our game recap. Starting game play of the game take a look at scoreboard final time as well. Popped up now back and out of play in love with. Jumps ahead of the count nothing into. I love words. Pitched a scoreless inning back on the first. And is. Against all long he ended up walking one striking out here. Delivers the OQ template. And handing golfing it's screamer into the stands. Everybody got out the way. Or him to hit and you can see them coming in hot. Nothing to do. Mason template. Freshman from young's bill Louisiana. Nobody on nobody out bottom of the eighth. Started to swing and he held up croft blocked it couldn't find it there it is the no matter. So like last weekend. Exactly Lewis. Will be left to try to salvage the final game of the series happened in Reston Louisiana last week. That route this weekend. In us now goes template one went a bit off beat him. So template strikes out. And I'll bring up that Watson. Watson hits and his first three at bats including his first career home run. On how. Nobody on. Curve ball called strike. I think 12. Zach Watson freshman center field. Over the low one and one. Shocker in the ninth glad the top of the order remains to be seen who actually will hit. In the 12 and three spots down well. That's low croft. Boxed a little bit. Two balls and one strike. Chris Reid is in the on deck circle for LSU. Figures to hit for Josh Smith. And tapper foul. When bullets he strikes. Bases empty wanna really the only. Minor miracle that day I guess you could say is it. Really didn't rain. It was. Supposed to pretty much all day at varying percentages of the chance. Will be inside along with students do sprinkled a little bit during batting practice. And light rain and even at. But since then we've been. Bone dry. Certainly got our window in. Got game two of the series in unscathed unlike last night. Three to bounce is low and away. Wolf war. Along with little one out walk. LSU is gone in order today. Only wants. And Chris Reid. Passengers. We let him better from here Baton Rouge. Read on the season one for five. By my count that's only. Two walks issued by shocker pitching today so there's that. Look what's got the second strikeout of the day for shocker that is. And that's over but low. Twelve nothing bayou Bengals bottom make. 10 pitch it on the ground shortstop might be to second base one part based double blind. 643. Atlanta and long ways but nothing zero. In the eighth blast hit with a shocker that while nothing LAQ. It's been the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the power ball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You would guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but really like that SPF it's going to be. It's the private concerts from the underdog sports tonight. We'll come onboard were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting. So download the collection went after an injury your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power crews Tiki has lottery dot com for details. As a child you played follow the leader. Young adults you follow your heart. Goal. You're head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you know you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant news and updates twenty. Just get updates it's gone. Emily get inside scoop. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance seat agent to Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. Recent TV join us for become reality radio weeknight. I'm OK okay. Right hander Connor field. They called upon to get the final three outs of the game. He'll appearing for the sixth time. He's got any REF 771. And fourth two thirds innings. Playing first base now for. Ellis you templates stays in the game hit for slaughter. And playing third base is read. Stays in the game after he had spent. Those shocker is the final three outs trying to avoid their first shot out of the year. It would be Travis young. And it looks like. Jacob cats feed. Will hit for Jackson. We'll be facing a hundred field. Shortstop and second baseman and center fielder the only. Starters left in the game. For pulmonary. Tigers. At Travis young one retrieval. 300 he'll. Potter keel. 63 Q forty junior from Florence Alabama. Junior college transfer. He was drafted in the 29 round by the Diamondbacks past summer. And me fastball at 92. Down around the knees for a called strike gold one. Young one for three today. Three out of seven in this series. He'll working from the stretch delivers that's. Poked on the ground the shortstop Robertson gobbles up throws high and it hit Cody McIlroy at first base coaching box will be a throwing error Roberts. Don't see that much from the senior shortstop. Young reaches on there. And I Jacob cat's feet. It's here. Could have been a much easier play for Kramer Robertson just. Air mailed the first baseman template. So here's fake accounts be inning. Witnesses. Played appearance. It hits or how much Jackson. Now it's one for three. I drive base hit right field Jacob cats being solid Singler right. First career hit. Or can't speak. Which doctors. Inching toward that first round of the game. And now Paul McGuinness though we'll have a legitimate shot at. Turning the trick for the second straight day shocker waited meetings to score last night. You're trying to. Break up to shut out here in the ninth inning today. Ball was one for three. Sliders outside one ball no strike. Alec with a fourth inning single day. He had a fifth inning single last night for shocker base runner. Twelve nothing LA cute top of the night. Spike fastballs tuna. Two balls and those rights to Malick ball. Senators three and out. We've all been no strikes. Alec bone. Stretching to pitch. And that's low ball or they're loaded up. So an error. Single and a walk. And now. Grayson jealous though the bases loaded nobody out. Yeah it's the right field bullpen stirring. Colin stroll. Right hander starting to play catch down there. And it's hundred keels have little trouble closing out the game. And slow one ball no strike. Give us those second inning single. One for three did day one for seven in the series. Shocker that every day here that I. 10 is low tuna. He'll coming in at this one walk in his previous five appearances. Bodies. Haven't trouble locating. Classics and grow out of the strike zone after cat's feet greeting when they claim singled to right. Jacobs. First hit as a shocker. All three tonight one pitch away from walking in. Shocker first round. We noticed. Yes. Needless to inside corner. In exactly lit it there. And it's good to Merrill had turned steel point 31. -- 31 pitch. Low ball floor it's now twelve blog. Again listed here all the bases loaded walk that brings in. Travis gauntlet first round of the game for which it does thing. And walking with a purpose is pitching coach Alan Dunn. Out to the mound doctors struggling 150. Innings started with a throwing error though. Not exactly. Hundred feels problem although after single he's not really come all right close to home. Or jealous that. They've records throughout Downey told the one game from doctors to avoid the shutout. Alan Dunn says his piece of heads back to the first base dug up. Bickers over three today slightly thinner. Struck out looking in line to second. Doctors have been out hit eighteen to floor. He'll organ from the stretch shocker legal aid every base. Pitch. Strike apparently I'm wolf when. Apple maybe two. Once like nothing. Cholesterol. Continues to throw down that. Tiger bullpen. Chemo alone outside. One and one. Doctors have been outscored eighteen to do two games. Vickers try to work on that. And swings Lleyton it's grades one fouled on the right side. Wanted to pick out. Throughout Canada. Did do that helped her feel a little bit. Face forward hasn't done that you. One included Craig Akers. Asked if there are bold attack in Afghanistan for. When stone. Little upstairs. To do. Like Carter stayed high. He vaulted to strike. And runs full three and do. 32 pitch. Low ball form. And he'll really struggling and that's gonna do it for him. So three consecutive walks it made it. Twelve the two. And now coming into pitches. Paula it's brawl was only pitched two other times totaling 13 of an inning. On the year. So he'll faces five. Did retire anybody. Gave up one hit walked three. Colin stroll. Drawl so far this year as a mention. Two appearances. A third of an inning. Four hits a walk and two runs alone I can and 72 is seen here from Swanee Georgia. In Eric's bases loaded. No out mess. Go across due up in the news. Still out there who looks like he's gonna. In his fourth plate appearance. You're a coach Jay started with seven shutout Philly is. Extended his scoreless streak to point nine innings. Matthew Beck threw a scoreless 1338. Inning. Hunter field trying to get a little work they five been retired Iranian now sprawl. I cleanup. Soccer's a limited military knew exactly Louis tomorrow afternoon. First pitch of the at 330 pregame show 1 2 o'clock pregame 130 he'll be opposed by Eric walker. War LSU. Is that true freshman from. Arlington Martin high school in Texas. Walkers started his freshman season. Wanna know of any RE a three. So I. Old guy and that's Lewis gets you guys Derrick walker. There's croft and bases loaded. When needles the outside corner. I'll install lord three quarter arm angles defense wins and that's. And crop may have just been taking its striking it well but there against its second Vickers at first he runs home in the shocker night. My drive base hit right center field let's get a score two more raucous poked it in right center field he can try for second he's gonna make it. Two run double I. Know prof. And over to third. Those Vickers. So a four run. Shocker ninth inning. And now they can do go out. Charge goes runs to a hundred field. Now for on his ledger. Do oh for three today. Think the slider that bends is their first strike. Still a long way to go for the shocker is that this guy can get these two home. Vigna at least make LAQ burn up a few people or at least a little nervous. And down eight. Oh and outside one and one. First six shocker is that brief Ford scored here in the night. You got it really isn't yet. Regardless of the situation. Hitting now just 220 on the year. Anyways this season. Slider. Up. Tough assignment for him with a lower three quarter right hand pitcher. And I got it struggles to make consistent contact. He's gonna have to wait on a mistake. Wanted to. Outside of sweeping slider to would do held off balance. Sam Goodman will be next. And stay tuned after the game for the post game show presented by promote people. Two to swing and miss. And new guy out monster. They do go from seven now in the series. So there's the first out (%expletive) Goodman. Good with a strikeout victim in his only plate appearance that keep me. Second and third one out now. All brings an end. Catches the inside corner had. Good when Flutie. Twelve the four LSU work in the night. Tigers is trying to nail down the last two outs and now they only have one more of a ground ball the second school run by Djokovic. Down the final week. Goodwin brings home the fifth. The innings over that there goes. They'll croft now that there. Jordan Boyer to keep this game bill. I've. He closed the book on keel in that disaster day in an otherwise. Excellent performance by LAQ. Inside employer. Keel no innings one hit three walks. Five runs four earned. Inning started with a parent here. Robertson shortstop feels terrible. Tapper by Boyer it's 11. 125 LSU. Doctors now for the final two strikes. Wore the night bad about me. Runner at third crawfish crawls responsibility tapper toward third at just now. And now one strike away sure that. Fans that they will rise to their feet hood. At least. Start laughing narrative. Game nearly three hours old. We have come to the final out. That's life at all. What do. You. Inside out little flared on the right side toward the bullpen. We'll have to do it again. Or zero for three. I'll back from doing it. That went off the netting of the right home plate. Ella she's gonna improve to eleven and for the shot didn't fall movie. Five. All want to again loan outside you have to. Off the third. Yet really begin the inning two run double to right center field. You'll do throughout. It. Swings and it. Moon. Johnson got around to play god it's not about. Well five your final post. K okay. AJ sports grill at the only thirteenth and green which road in Wichita as your new home for shock her coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger menu because Monday's a burger dates and ages and don't forget Thursdays or buy one get one free pizza day dine in only and excludes the superdome join us for happy hour every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go carts take a turn in the laser may enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports grill at the Alley home of the superdome 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in Hutchinson proud supporter of shocker athletics. As a child you played followed the leader. Young adults you follow in your heart. Apple. Your head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant news and updates twenty. Just get updates it's going to. It inside scoop. SS radio dot. Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance CIA agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer George story from coast because they enjoy. He weeknight right here I'm KM SS. Artfully dodge today. They dropped the first let's fix that want late last night it the game's big twelve defiance well if you win this series. And in the open this week. Tomorrow afternoon. Brother rob promote people post game show brought you my quality vote your full service partner rainy promotional products. In culpability to elect 72 point 500 rated it on line. At number four my promo. Dot com. Ellis you've got on the board first day with two in the third inning. Sacrifice fly by take slaughter RBIs in the exact Watson. At the beginning that the telling inning even those files or hopefully different. Came in the fifth it was a three run home run guys that Watson. That highlighted a four run fifth inning that made it six to nothing at the time we wait here Boucher was pitching. It didn't look good certainly doctors were not able to score it's okay. You seven scoreless innings gave up four hits. And struck out three and for good measure a two run home run by picked Eichmann. Highlighted a four run sixth and that was it for all purposes. And two point seven doctors. Got five runs. In the ninth to make a little more respectable but twelve defied your final which does state was really never part of this game thanks in large part. Do middle lineup once again. And the pitching of Jared tocchet was on 29 innings to start the season without giving up. A run as you game recaps rocky viability becoming is becoming to coming to your criminal defense DUI law firm in Wichita. Difficulties six for 1548. 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This is Michael Savage join me we fight today doctor gay had. 05 your final LAQ as well in this series to go for the sweep tomorrow's doctors will try to avoid it by sending exactly Lewis to the mound facing Eric walker. That game is at 2 o'clock pregame show at 130 or star of the game is presented by. Kansas lottery get to Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for chance to become millionaire. Go to KF lottery dot com and most current jackpot amount play Kansas lottery. And dream bigger or start the game is no outcrop shocker catcher. With basically the big hit of the day he had a two run double to right center field. In that shocker ninth inning where before that it was basically wildness and an error that allowed shocker here on board him. Error the single by cats vehement three consecutive walks free key crops to run double to right field to note it's starting catcher and drives into the shocker five rounds and not coincidentally he delivers our lives appliance play of the game. My drive base hit right center field let's get a score two or crop this poked it in right center field you can try for second and he's gonna make it. Two run double I. Know crawl off and over to third does Vickers. Which dies they got five runs in the ninth inning that ended twelve to five. Scoreboard brought you by diggers her opinion construction whether kitchens bathrooms basements or outdoor living love your home again go to. They're stripping dot com or call 316. 202. 2066. That your opinion construction. Your home team pro. Well it was basketball season comes to an end hoops in the heartland they were ahead of Drake at halftime but the bulldogs come roaring back beats shocker is 86 to 68. Women's basketball team pitches fifteen and sixteen. In baseball. A first game of the doubleheader Campbell beat Evansville 821 they'll start the second one shortly. Also a double header in the Seattle Indiana State Washington double. Southern Illinois even it series against Memphis with a 32 victory Illinois State western Kentucky postponed. The very state leading Minnesota six to one of later in net gain in Minneapolis. Dallas Baptist or you also postponed Mercer for the second straight day. Took it one run decision from Bradley. Final totals for you hear from Baton Rouge where the victorious tiger's twelve runs seventeen hits two errors and seven lap. Shocker five runs six hits one there or left wing pictured here negotiate for note lost Cody Tyler tuned to. Three home runs in the ball game all by LAQ Greg I in his seventh Zach Watson his first as a tiger. And the second home run of the season. Off the bat. Starting catcher Michael appear ski. It took two hours and 56 minutes to play 101512. Paved the CL AQ is now eleven and four on the season. Wichita State eighth and five once again shocker we'll try to salvage the final game of the series. Will be on the air 130 tomorrow afternoon first pitch to for the final game of the series. It'll be a pair right handers that Lewis for the shoppers. Eric walker. Or LSU. So once again the final score LSU twelve Wichita State five Sheen and I think thanks for listening and so long from Alex box stadium. And that her. Much your channels can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees. Or amber and equity bank debit card and make every eight GMT at every ATM vanish go ahead agreed to let me. The magic potions insider equity bank debit card prevents the fee from ever during your account abracadabra. And equity backed up card and perform your own bit of magic on any ATF eight. London's top hat not required equity banquet DIC. Meet Davis Davis is from polish. 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