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WSU Baseball at LSU 03-10-17

Mar 11, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's time for Wichita State soccer baseball on 987 and thirteen thirty K and as ask. Now with the column to aim here is seen Dennis. And good evening and welcome to Alex box stadium for the actual hole the game in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or soccer baseball latest that is. At which it does that take non Ella Hugh welcome to the pregame show on your home of soccer baseball all season long thirteen 30 AM. 987. At camp these first read between these two clubs. The fifth seven straight on the road for Wichita State. And before I get any further there has been a change in the game time tomorrow and if you bit lifting I'm sure you've heard. Because over the last hole three dollars and so we've been a holding pattern but. Today's game we'll get started at the top of the hour tomorrow's game that was originally scheduled. Or 630. We'll now begin at one because of weather tonight and expected weather tomorrow. We can't do it wait around or. Hurry up that way as it were tomorrow we're gonna trying to fit at the weather. There waiting it out like we had before that so game you tomorrow is 1 o'clock game three on Sunday. Is at 2 o'clock as originally scheduled. Wichita State most recently. Winning any I'm very strange game in Norman against Oklahoma in the mid week doctors. Winning 42. To win for just the third time ever it helped him to ballpark in Norman. And for the first time in eight years. They want for it to. But they struck out in pain time. And stranded thirteen runners on base but they did what they had to do virtually the entire game after falling behind one nothing happens three. They scored in three consecutive innings. And five relievers. Made me about doctors with one of the fourth one of the Fifth Amendment that. Bang bang play first base with two runs or shoppers got to go up 41. And in that thing on the way forward to. Tommy art house that immediately. And then had registered there today that down Oklahoma. He's thirteen to snap their twelve game winning streak while doctors after three game losing because their own. Again you 83. On this season the shocker and tigers need for the first. Time and quite a while it is the particulars of that. Ten times overall it was new acquaintances. Here later in the evening and Alex box stadium. It Berkman field here. In baton route. LSU most recently on Wednesday actually loss they like Lake Charles, Louisiana. Lost in the eighth date. And so while they don't play very often away from home they're only. Want him for it either neutral or threw away. So quiet here. Away from Alex box stadium though doctors LAQ. Getting together here coming up. At the bottom of the hour shocker but baseball is brought him part but Papa John's and any day soccer play it 50% on online order. At any Wichita area. Topic on. Log on to hop on dot com and use promo code shocker fifty. To get yours shocker this count. The weather which has been a big issue here tonight currently. Seventy degrees. It is mostly cloudy. The wind blowing over toward left field and about five miles an hour the humidity. Is 87%. Here and that's true it's doing is right. Doctors word. Basically swept off the field firings of about 6 o'clock minutes after batting practice it read very hard for about thirty minutes. And then. Subsequently it over the next hole. Half hours just don't hear that lightning theory. With the game back after this game back until finally. And out of it moved out as part. The water the outfield. It's disappeared. This whole national service. Surface that were being sent a baseball. Coming up at 930. Here locally the pitcher to pair right handers fair accurate really want it do it on. Alex won it also at two and one. They'll be squaring off here game one. This theory. So Wichita State playing in. Baton Rouge for the first time being 1987. The tigers. League all time series since the full hour. And back in 87 doctors were flatly he's done. But then when Pelosi returned the kick Wichita 1988 points in life stadium shocker one although this. And then in 1992. Man in baseball city Florida shocked if victorious there. LSU at stake in the last three. All in the college World Series. 1991 in the championship game in 1993. In the championship game. And it 1996. Wichita State's most recently. The college World Series no ten games but all of them have been pretty historic. Throughout the course of these two fine program's rich baseball. History. And helped get. Going here and Alex box stadium here shortly speaking it is the new Alex box stadium has 50009. A brand new stadium here backed groups that are being. Capacity. Over 3000. From the old Alex box stadium. Eventually technically the largest actual attendance figure it in the original Alex box the 8173. Well over 3000 more. The biggest crowd bargain actual event here at the ballot box 11401. Is the record for actual attendance that he need to leave the super regional between LSU. And Oklahoma. When he won consecutive seasons LSU has led the nation. In attendance. And over that span. They've drawn. Our last yours matter back. They drew 433000. And in almost eight million overall since 1984. Take a break out the post I appreciate you don't come back with more poignant and at this. It's beat the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball bunkers this Royal Caribbean ship is about set sail. You had to guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but re apply menace the jets travel. That's the private concert from the hundred dollars or some of the food come on board were renewed their devices when you are. Your dreams are weekend. So download the collective Wynette and enter your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power groups seeking ES lottery dot com for details. 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Highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy we are here for you. She's okay join us for become reality radio week. Back here that group which does state and LSU Oriole. Late night baseball came in here and Alex box stadium in your gambling. Back in our studio producing this one Wichita State. First three days I vehicles tomorrow's game. 1 o'clock Sunday. We'll be it Q how will include a seven game shocker road trip. And Wichita State greens 83 record in this game. This evening soccer baseball lucky also on par by. The bars carpet out that warrants that are 1816 north Broadway heartland pile carpet area there areas of expertise and they. Huge selection of the thousands of off color texture pattern. And quality product loyalty prices because of that art collection and also having knowledgeable hopeful and non pressure filled sales there up and keep you decide you wanna go with something from tomorrow's news people. Scholars are respectable and go home so. Anytime you have any need for any. Flooring of any type a huge selection and friendly staff awaits you at Barth cart announced that warrants that are 1816. North Broadway died for our starting lineup that brought by equity bank where you'll never say anything in the you can learn more. And equity bank. Dot com. Pour forth your head coach Bob Butler. We shot it looked like this that was young and he'll leave that off followed by the first baseman Josh who backer. Grayson Genesis right field and third in the cleanup spot playing third base is Alan Ball. Great record it's fifth you'll be shortstop. It did I hit six innings of the DH spot tonight like Jackson isn't it fielding seven. Batting eighth with a catcher that are outlined. In Jordan warriors at second base at night. Making it start to reform is really wanted to get the rockers young the back or get it done bowl Vickers is gone. Jackson outlined boy we're certainly won't be on the ground. Where they LSU tigers undercut your head coach Altman and think they are informant. As a leader and now we shortstop Craig Robertson. Batting second thought that it will be cold treatment. Antoine did let this play left field and hit there and I feel great if not is Greg indictment. Josh Smith at third base hit there. Thanks for the tigers the first baseman. Jordan Romero will be 87. Banning it behind the play Michael appears he. And Brandon Rowe is in center field that night. Pitching for LAQ is he your right hander Alex Lange he will be making start number four look at the tigers will be Robertson treatment you planets. Indictments manslaughter. Romero appears Heath row. Alex Wang pitching. Court LSU. The umpire behind home plate. Is Ryan restarted first base mark Chapman. Alex Siegler second Paul Kelly the umpire at Byrd and they are right at home plate as we speak all ordinary. And time Butler last year LSU. 45 point one. They earned him national C got to host a regional one and it by the way it was mark do whether. And then lost the super regional eventful night it came in coastal Carolina. That's certainly a long history of staff here at LAQ. Six national champions. And in this ballpark beyond deepest right field at the very top of the right field bleachers. Is a huge billboard with a a picture of Mike the tiger. And it says simply. National champion 19911993199619972000. And 2009 and is known as simply the intimidator and feeds coming in here it is the besides that you scoreboard the elephant in the room you can't avoid it and you make eye contact that huge billboard that reminds you that you walk again you literally tigers the end. In trying to win baseball games here they have made seventy college World Series appearances. They have 22. Regional titles point nine regional appearances overall. And and since going super regionals that format they've won seven of those may twelfth super regional appearances. And on and on and on so LSU certainly. Among College Baseball royalty. And have been going back. The days of skip Berkman Berkman. 870. Wins in eighteen years here and it pulmonary. As if anything it is that you're here 460. Win. That is second Beth obviously behind it Berkman and there was a coaching between smoke will now with the longtime assistants get Berkman. And then they turned it over to pulmonary and spent time. At Notre Dame and won the 2009 national championship. With LSU. The very himself has made for college World Series appearances. Six times he was a regional champ. Seven times in the NCAA tournament national seed including the last five years. In succession and whether College Baseball program thing that over the last five years. But LSU. Has been made nationals need. It. Each of the last five years. We'll take a break. 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LSU had there home whites Camden purple which doctors in their praise. Trimmed in black and gold. Alex Alex Lange. 65 right hander. In the wind up in the first pitch. Fastball there for a called strike it. 9311. Pitch. Or this doctors. And bite you big goals. First pitch. 69 degrees in mountain sports soccer and cricket player on the spot I picked up by Robinson take care. Travis enough no one up and one down shocker for that that would start the game. I Josh to backer. Backer. 3047. Hits in 23 at bats. No home runs in five runs batted in. Or to backer. Alex Wang peering over the glove. And delivers a fastball at 92 it's upstairs. Lanky righthander from Lee's summit Missouri. He was on the pre season golden spikes award watch list. Pre season all SEC. And it doesn't I don't mind. At 93 down strike zone for. Lang made the all regional tournament team. First team all American two years ago. National freshman pitcher of the year. Outside. Past wants to one's self after event at freshman season his sophomore year wasn't quite as good and it would be impossible for being with national freshman pitcher of the year at all. Andy's got not to just a so so start certainly that last start against TCU muddy up these numbers. Swing and a fight back. 1994 with a fastball according to scouting report and is. Touching 93 so far in the effort that the majority of them have been right at ninety miles an hour. You've also if you strike one out. Yeah it didn't start. Long rain delays that is exactly half hour written on the third and bounces away from the cancer. But the backer did not offer. But pierce heated catcher. Try to block it that. Sharp slider bounced down around you speak. Alex Lange. 843 point 79 a year ago. As after he went undefeated as a fresh. It's not like he's only fallen off the cliff last year. Kind of right the ship after a rough one in his last outing. He back it up. Looking cool way for the shocker in the food. And that'll bring to the plate race in Afghanistan. Soccer's making their first visit to Baton Rouge since 1987. Only. Have made one appearance. Here in that group. Lang first pitch to get us that. Something off that little below the knees. When all of those nights. Just good teams leaving it at 341. All home run in seven runs batted in point. And off speed pitch down. Trying to strike don't wanna warn. Alex box stadium 330 down the lines 360 to the power alleys and oral five to dead center a ten foot wall all around 840 foot tall batters signs straightaway center. Two and one out of Grayson Genesis. The wind has picked up some was that much. From the time we got here until. Just a few minutes ago and it's blowing toward the left field corner that'll help their right handed pull there. And let him hide deep to right center field wind may keep it in play. Back to the track is now coming. And on its home at the doctor's appointment I think on a long while they're down. 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Joggers lords has brought Dubai American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford chilling Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. This is Michael. Stormy weeks died today on. Couple of days it's played a long time to get there. Pregame rituals NN to get their warmup tosses it. Finally take the mound Alex Lange. That the shocker now one Q3. He and his after the first and out lynch while he will get the opportunity. Here in the bottom of the inning. It'll be Kramer Robert Robinson. Paul Freeman. And want to plant this to greet him here in the bottom of the first. Want your senior right hander. It's the son of former LA hitting coach him while he who is here from 96 and 99. And that would give dad got the upper really dead yet got the opportunity to a place a couple of national championship trophy. He is no doubt a shocker and tonight and Willie rocky. Climb that hill. And it will face flavor Robertson. Robertson a senior infielder hitting 348 home runs nine runs batted. Lockheed dig deep rat lines into it and that's right through there colts right. Walking on the season's seventeenth in the third. Four earned runs ERA of 2.0 eight through one. And I went off this fat Alabama right side it can make the week. Chair back seating and two levels of Karabakh heating basically from the far end of each dugout all the way around it and down the left and right field side bleacher seating. As well as bleachers. In straightaway right in straightaway left. When it's full 111000. And Alex box stadium that's outside wanted to do the late start time of the weather will prevent that from happening but still a good crowd consider. One ball if you strike Steve Kramer Robertson. He also on the golden spikes watch list for national player of the year pre season all SEC like these pictures. Patting reaching and thanks one balance to the second level Preston via. Suite level. Cal only wanting to. Robertson last year. According to collegiate baseball second team all American was first all first team Pawlenty said. Regional all tourney teams in addition. Sound like a broken record these guys. Coming off the fire up 45 and 41 season a year ago it. A lot of upperclassmen that decide to come back. Specifically. This guy right here Tuesday senior. You and col Freeman both decide to come back in here to try to get back to along. And I thought brown left side. The only obstacle for flavor Robertson. Perfectly placed one between. Bold and Vickers and that's not a tigers boots yeah. So here's the keystone combination the other end of the game col Freeman. Freeman. Hitting four or 67. To start his senior season went on a 457. Run that. Robertson at first with three stolen bases he's yet to be caught. Ellis fuel run and stolen eighteen. Their first thirteen games an alcoholic back then three for a while Pitt. We're gonna have gone. By Willie flaunt the this jerk who wouldn't let him batter's box for a while there though. Robinson. Down at second base now Freeman head count. Wanna know. Flocking in his most recent outing. Struggled against Louisiana Tech in most every shocker picture. Did last weekend. In roster. He absorbed his first loss of the season will get. 10 instead of inside moves chasing her back to second. Against the bulldogs last week in Willie Ford two thirds seven hits four runs only one of which was learned but he did walk three only struck out one though. It certainly had better days. While he comes down. That's cloning and foul. His Paul Friedman. Try to make out bombed a field. So even though. Will each one he's the one that got Robinson over to second base. Freeman looked like he wanted to sacrifice himself. They're getting over there. Her second. Nobody out when the bottom of the first. After a two and a half hour weather delay. 111 at right back to marquis takes a look at they're gonna throw to first and fifth time as the Packers barely got back. So pop record there. Sacrifice work plot he's a very good athlete. And thought about going the third with a picture out of and it isn't like there. Walking by the way is the only. Doctor. To have ever played against LSU. And it was as eight BA back in 2013. In the dark one for. Three and game against LSU. And mid April. So that'll bring up Antoine to planets. In the left fielder hitting three away. Driven in eight and a shocker is as they have been want to do early in games bring in the infield. Called strike on the Internet at ninety miles an hour. Nothing in one Q and want to planets. He planets. Left then batter. The first of three in a row there. On the left side for all together in a line in field again. 131 out bottom of the first. Outside. Better throughout wind behind the plate. Until the third period bickered with short Jordan lawyer second. And not backer of that for it. While he was the 11 count and one out and get strikeout or pop up right here. And I went flying. The cards supporting breathe again. And now I. And I think avoided disaster there. It wasn't the Clark but Mason tennis. Raised his hands to begin with. The building up my that it is down there led to the apartment in that case to become the dead ball but people when they're kind of fish it out and that could change things dramatically Wichita State will. Dodged a bullet first day of BA double. And the. The umpire that went down into the right field. Determine net it was a lot. Mark Chapman fifty basis so. In any event they run scores that he plans. I think his night. And he's at second base. Or Gregg does the. I then. Junior right fielder B 35615. Leaning five home runs and a team best seventeen runs batted him. One that nothing tigers bottom one. It hard on the ground like that boy over there goes. You planets and count these night yeah. And out Josh Smith. Men and first baseman big slaughter. Two freshmen. In the starting lineup. Smith on the year three element. A home run in ten runs batted. Last of three consecutive left hand batter runner at third. Two outs and money in here in the tiger first. Little bit low. One ball no strike. Josh Smith. Well the rare incoming freshmen do you play summer ball. Before. Stepping foot on campus. Played that Daniel dance. Outside. NASA changeup. Wandered off the plate to know. One of only three players and Paul and Mary's tenure or tenure. There have been asked to play some of all the collegiate. League would badly as an incoming freshmen along with Jake slaughter. You may have heard of the other member of that trio to round draft he now and Kevin bonds. Tropical outside in the top for bickered back hands buyers and a great threats might backer got. Nice play in the LA if you heard. 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Chalker sports has brought to you by American family insurance C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post or an Andover agent west Sawyer. And the other great Americans join me. Ballot bowl believe enough for which it does they. Any shocker half of the second inning home Dickerson you got. You up. Against Alex Lang. Lang from the lees summit last high school in Missouri. And to all the accolades that he got. As a freshman. He was three times the SEC freshman of the week that 2050. And they acted. His days at Lee's summit Missouri and West High School RD 2014. Misery Gatorade player of the year. He's a perfect game all American. And talked a lot about. LSU fans' support is the reason that won him over also played for teen USA in the summer of 2016. Home strike down around these bone we mentioned the fan support. Is unparalleled. Here in baton route. 43300783. Walked through the turnstiles last year. Made it the 21 consecutive year that pellets you let the independent. I needed talent pool. Right hander gets right hander. Bones that the shot her down in order in the first. Now bounces from the played hard sliders. Bolt didn't bite out. Lang's opening weekend appearance against army was a good 15 scoreless innings. Struck out six struck out twelve in six innings against Maryland. Thought his first eleven innings the only giving up one run and struck out eighteen. But then he ran into a buzz off. Against TCU and Houston. May look a little more mortal. Ask all try the outside corner missed the two and two may be up a little bit. Like nothing LA she atop the second nobody on nobody out for the shot. Didn't do the count a ballot bowl. Johnny looking yeah it's like cloning eagle the outside world. Thank you create. For a good four down. And now three Vickers. Great Vickers also up there from the right side when Oprah for. In the mid week game against only he let off that game this. Thought Butler kind of playing musical chairs with the leadoff man trying to find somebody that fits right in there. Full story. Fastball at 94 on the outer it. Alex Lange and tomorrow's starter Jered polish day. Quite a one coupons we'll talk more about Lucia tomorrow. There's little govern the right side of first baseman ranging far to his right fielder he could recover water food why. The second half Vickers got sawed off. And slaughter was fortunate that Alex Lange the pitcher was taking nothing for granted because he got over there. It was borderline between whether slaughter should let free in the second baseman get it because of his hits those low. As they first baseman. First rule Beaumont bald you ride is if it's slow let it go but slaughter was the aggressor there. It paid off because Lang was not after. Breaking ball thrown right between the legs of the pierce you capture. And it's one ball no strikes. They do got the DH. Bases empty it. Throughout the shocker second. Older but low. You know. Did not have even if you 5011 for 44 against. Five runs batted it. You go only. Played about half the game against though you were being replaced in a Louisiana native coming back home close to it. Fitness and it could down play for him. You want. You guys had a pair of cute it means against Louisiana that. And it's an off the bat behind me in right center field. It's gonna push it over the right field and actually for the Google makes the call can. Think he got flies out to right center and shocker return to lay in the second six out of six down. Against Alex Langer hit a one and a half at LAQ on that shocker now. AJ sports -- at the -- thirteenth and green which -- would you tell your new home for -- coaches shows to be sure to check out our all new burger -- because -- a -- days and agents and don't -- -- or buy one get one -- today -- only and excludes the superdome join us for happy -- every day from two to 6 PM and nine to 11 PM while you're here right to go -- take a turn in the -- -- enjoy the game of football a couple of games AG sports -- at the county home of the -- 29 inch pizza to locations in Wichita and one in -- proud supporter of -- athletics midwest -- is Wichita certified low price leader right now get your pick -- -- 2016 -- 30% off MS RP your pick -- when he sixteen soles 20% off and that's our peace and your pick up new -- sixteen -- those 25%. Off MS -- at midwest -- on the -- -- quarter of -- and Tyler Scott McCain 55045616. And -- -- 63 -- former. My Flintstones it's a wonderful I'm glad. This is Stevens. Join us morning right here on cape enhanced and. That Alex box stadium and get Berkman field here that. Rouge Louisiana. Soccer's. And LAQ. Getting together for the first time since the mid nineties. These two programs. Really does that it's an earlier baseball royalty and it's. Not an exaggeration to say so. Few teams have combined for 44 college World Series appearances count it's seven. And LSU was seven. Since 1986. They in Miami the only teams who didn't say that six national titles for LSU won for the soccer's. And good to see them play a series after so long the last three appearances had common college World Series. Takes water to lead it off Dixon cited one ball no strikes. Slaughter Romero and the pierce ski or LSU. While he's pitch. Saudi mop up all over the bag just foul when I was hugging the line the whole way. And it's one and one though. We saw the first inning and a booking and seniors help the middle Craig Robertson col Freeman trying to get back to all laws. They came back for their senior years. Adversely Josh Smith to get me the last out in the first in this guy Jake slaughter. True freshman. Slaughter 8370. Hitters start the year. Reaches out thanks one pounds wanna do. Dick slaughter. Coming out of Louisiana high school and want to talk Christian high school drafted in the 36 round by. He was the number one prospect in Louisiana according for a baseball. He played in the cal Ripken collegiate league in the summer. Prior to coming to LSU cap one councilwoman to. And he's got athletic background. His dad played defensive back at Louisiana Tech is granddad played quarterback there and for the Broncos. And his uncle Bobby slaughter. Made it to the NFL out of Louisiana Tech played for the 49. 12. Look low trying to fastball on the outer head students do. Will each want the kinda. Put up a zero here in the bottom of the first to give up a leadoff single that eventually came around the sport is start first inning. Good to wind in the pitch. It on the ground as shortstop bickers has got to throw crosses in time. And that's bottom of the second start all of the all natural surface field. And with that. Wichita State before they came down to Beth route. Before they left actually. Went off campus. Take some ground balls and feel balls on a natural surface and becoming a bit more of a rarity. Fourteenth that shocker to play to have a natural surface. Here's Romero the DA he takes ball up all one on bonus tracks and you would be hard pressed to find a natural surface like this to practice on but. Just to get the guys with the feeling of the actual dirt underneath their feet and the only ground ball off the ground operative short and Vickers Bobble. I can play had to make a good guy playoff games in between topic was hit the ball would stay at the though Dortmund there'll be bored with wanna. We'll wait and see how they. Rula. Is that high chopper to short to Vickers. President yield on the forehand this legacy that this would stay in the glove. And so one on one now. And LBE. 61. Error of the game. And Vickers will be saddled with it. Now appears to the catcher. Michael appears DA junior in 1967. All runs seven driven him. Whose pitch to him as low one ball no strikes. Happens. Train Vickers second error of the shoppers overall been playing pretty good defense less of an error per game on average so far through the first eleven. One on one now. Chunky looking for another round ball the first of JC Romero back. Jordan Romero has not kept in a stolen base so far this year. Michael appears ski 64 Q 25. They've left in it hitting junior. Pitch out nothing doing. Through enough. The walkie redshirt senior from Frisco Texas. Battled injuries each the last few feet. Last year only made nine appearances was 53 before. Missing the final bit of the season after 53 innings pitch. In the air to center field pretty well ahead but. The wind will help hold it up and young circles around it to make it gets you out. Brennan grow in the center fielder. And title here. It appears he left hander Gary decades switch it up there from the left side. And growth will complete perfectly lined up for English law. Greg rose 622. Home run a few runs better than. It's an earlier that Willie's father Jim was the coach here at LSU him. When they take time. College World Series winner before that he was the coach at Oklahoma State dating all the way back into the early nineties. And mid to late he's been here batteries though as far as the shocker fans are concerned. Those with a good enough memory they got an eyeful of Jim chalky. Either at Oklahoma State or LSU. Because both those programs. At times were born in the sides of shocker France. Most notably LSU and he broke the shocker parts pretty much every time they played. What balls no strikes. That fastball straightened up grant grow. The last three. That the issue LSU meetings occurred. In all law all going the way that tiger. June oh and how to count to. Brennan broke. Back in 1991. LAQ. Won the national championship by being Wichita State this season which shocker 166. Game. Fly ball left field to be playable for young. Any makes the catch and that's the and it felt. Really want people it to around 81 out error. In the bottom of the second at the end of two still LSU one Wichita State and. Your busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pools favors he didn't ask Rendell thank you completely forgot to our team captain singing different feelings that he can you promise better yeah. Stuff you can't be everywhere. But we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta dance blues the laundry list keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan group that JPY get. Science is a highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and a smooth transaction all related their new home see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years. Let them enjoy your weekend mornings at nine right here on. The dominant third league no doctors and tigers. After you complete Ellen Hume leading one to nothing. Lower third of the order Wichita State shocker to the team for their first baseman currently. Alex Jackson got a outline. Jordan warrior I think in the previous half inning. I said that appears he flied out there. Young young and laugh and how it Jackson made that catch that are field off about it appears. Still Alex the freshman leading off be quite tough for him. As he faces. Big time pro prospect. All around. Workforce Alex Lange. Jackson getting his fifth start of the year three out of fifty. He has driven in three. Andy's trying to become a shocker shocker first baseman. Lang struck out one in each of the first couple of innings. And pretty much identical first and second strikeout or groundout and fly out. It right hander Alex line. In the line. First pitches picked on by accident he found the back in history. No balls and distract you Alex Jackson. Late start here and Alex box stadium. Two and a half hour weather delay. You'll want. How that went after another way. To Jackson. Going up there hacking but he finds himself and hold up against it. Alex from double taxes. When the top 100 players. In the state of Texas. How high school according perfect game. That's all very high at 921 moment she strikes. Lang that trip behind the mound for brief minute and now it's Jackson stepped out of the box to gather his thoughts one launching strikes nobody on nobody out there. Over hand curve ball got it looking. Jackson and. Third strikeout or. Alex Lange. Who had. Twenty in his first three starts coming in. Including. Twelve against Maryland couple weeks ago. And tires got her Trout line. With a man out nobody on here in the third he takes a curve ball at the start Parker. Pretty much knows that those curve ball 81. Ally in this 172. Five of 29. Fastball he showed it to him outside it 94. One on one. Certainly arm strength. Not an issue with the Alex line. Aces if you want out the shocker third. LSU leading one nothing. One bounces in the dirt. It's an earlier that LAQ with a tradition of excellence especially here in this ballpark. Dating Paula back to 1984 with the old Alex box stadium opened up. Winning nearly 79%. Of their games here. It dropped buffalo last year for them. Allen fouled back to screen. Too it too high fastball. Last year tigers went this 2813. 683 winning percent but that's. Well off. Comparatively speaking. There routinely. 7580%. Or three winning percent. Rarely has the crowd behind notes for you. Three balls two strikes. One out the shocker there. This year. By the way Alex you need to know here. I recalled it now goes foul line looking. The fort strikeouts and eight company down rally line. And hires Jordan's lawyer. One nothing LSU that toppled the third. Jordan Boyer. And out of 32 when he swings at the first pitch and found the back. Well if you like fast balls this is your guy. Doctors have seen a whole lot of sliders. Over the last four games. But they're getting and a healthy dose of the old number one here tonight. Jordan Boyer two out of four with a RBIs and a run scored the win against Oklahoma and and we. Violence spiked in the dirt. And 93. Eating up the catcher appears to keep one ball one strike. LSU coming in at. Nine in four. So far on the young season. And again eight of those here want to at a neutral site at minute maid park east. And off speed pitch once in their first night it wanted to avoid. You'll went away from home they've had. Once against Baylor. In Houston their losses came against TCU in Houston Texas Tech in Houston. New Orleans and making thanked me and my boy is down he goes. And Alex Lange myself inside in the third but the bottom of the third the tigers won shocker. What is the sound of the dream. Is it the side of the business the new car home. I was used to enjoy. But American family insurance we know protecting dreams takes a strong partnership. Our agents the resources to provide you with coverage for all your auto home business or life insurance rates by an agent and get a competitive both today. 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Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance CE agents and G Valentine Ryan woods does these selves for involving Asian Kirk farmer this is Leo record heat I don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon tools like KMS. Well last year. It'll be copy of the order. Robinson Friedman you planets. Like nothing LSU. After two and a half Djokovic had started every Monday night for the time Butler coach Kelly these ports bill at the LA they're keeping the road. I casting live on 97 and thirteen thirty. CNN that eight days sports ability Alley and you hope it's not about to kill every Monday night. Shocker then LSU for the first of three here. Tonight the game tomorrow keep in mind has been moved to 1 o'clock in the finale Sunday will be to. And while he delivers outside. Kramer Robinson. One ball no strikes. Robertson fight him 168 out of McGregor Texas. Started to swing held up to the strike one and one. Ball one strike. Bases empty. Nobody else that there won't be hands over the head of the line that delivers the high bouncer Vickers comes charging me yet. And throws on the run to get it he wasn't gonna wait that second half. And he did and I discovery now off the bat Robertson counting off the play. And while he gets it 63. So now col Freeman. Freeman. Hey senior from Vanderbilt and Louisiana we did that Delgado community count. Freeman caring on a about it 67 year old tradition and Rick. One down the left field line inside the bank there. Handed it rattles around in the water. Freeman executive and send one out double. Cleveland. For the first time after late night got sacrificed much but it needs carrying on a tradition. Of wearing the number eight. It's that Jersey ever given to a player who exemplifies the spirit of the program. And it began with the real scrapbook. And gamer might he ought to remember him late and now. Paul Freeman. Carrying out number eight a lot of pride at their second round and want to play at this. Outfielder who brought in the game's only run at this point. Plaintiffs from Lafayette Louisiana. They're from the left side trying to drive in Iran and its second straight plate appearance. Outside the low one ball no strikes. Antawn delivered his ninth RBI with a double. Into the right field corner of first time. Pre season all SEC. In the outfield. Just a sophomore. Freshman all SEC a year ago. Golf one found that makes you didn't seats. And ball one strike. Freshman all America honors from collegiate baseball writers' association he won baseball. You name it. Stretch. I will each walkie. And the 11. Swing in this one past the money under it. Well thrown. Antoine did plant that's. I'm in the count one and two. And our second one out. We're in the third one and nothing LSU. The pitch. Popped up foul over the roof on a play. Interesting story regarding. Antoine you plant this. When he attended day. Campanella Hugh. His built right now 511179. And certainly nobody. Is exactly like that when they earn high school. And he certainly what was not. He had not had a good camp when he attended LSU. Are when he attended that camp. But his father was. A all American track and field athlete in his time and LSU. And he emailed pulmonary after his senior year. Expressing. The family's interest and connections to the school basically begging for a second look at his son Antoine. And Simon showcase in Georgia and found him do it completely different player period. And a foul that. And it's still want him. I suppose in that case. An email or call from parent. On the prospect actually worked out. What happens if not they don't. Certainly pulmonary I'm sure recognized an aunt wants bothering him enough skins on the walls and all NBC all American pole vaulter here. That he answered the email actually went CN playa. One into account that. And it's not the left field could not replace it. Pick up withdrawal from. It okay. An aggressive sense but at third base coach Nolan came. And did plant that makes it a few. Good strong growth and they haven't done. On a liner that settled him right in front of him. But after Freeman's it was gonna drop. He waved at the end we had a play at the plate that went the way the tiger. You nothing. You're very indictment. I meant to hit it hard that grounded out his first time out there. Doug planted RBIs singled to second on the. Throw. He trades places with col Freeman. While he has given up single runs in the first. And the third. And keep it that way with the heart of the order coming up look up. Rocketed into the stands. Eichmann. And mighty rip the little party. Eichmann a native of Metairie Louisiana. And outside of New Orleans about an hour from here. Museum opium the Baton Rouge regional last year. Nine for fifteen. With three home runs and runs batted. Nothing one in one now at the 01 pitch misses. Told you earlier that. LSU had that. Wade through literal. Weather problems last year regionals. We told you shocker fans opening weekend that you Tom Bally was one of the teams that came down here that Greek. Changeup as well off the plate to want. Last year in between the raindrops LAQ dispatched of Utah valley. Seven to one. Utah valley later. He eliminated. From the Baton Rouge regional and LSU and underwent. To want inside all the way back the street I could have attacked and I found a way. And the second wild pitch of the game and court finally flunking out runner at third with one out. See if the shocking new field and again. Last year LSU beat Utah valley then. Two days later because of the rain beat rice fortitude. Nice beat them ten to six deformed forces. Pellets we'll. Tiger to come through for now all they shouldn't. Thought about it peg I think has now made it clear enough. This aggressive LA if you watch offensively. And CNET and hitting 349. Coming. With the eleven home runs. In his first thirteen games. Another today and offensive minded LAQ team. And they have staked out like flying through a three nothing early lead. Here's Josh Smith the third basement. Smith grounded to short to in the first inning. Runner goes to hit and runs on the ground ball right at the first baseman the backer right by the bag makes life the only play had. I mean now the second to hit that was on on hello. And Smith. Maybe so long to pitch he normally would swing and it was inside of it. And just bounces right to bat who hold it right on the definitive proof that. So we're honored second two way. For Jake slaughter. First baseman. Three runs on five hits now often Willie Sean O'Keefe wore. LSU. Bouncing ball that shortstop thicker this guy swats down to make the play and throw crosses in time. Okay slaughters now twice I'm not sure. For a ground ball outs but three consecutive hits. 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State security advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and and related companies. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent ten day hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two could fall. Happening right here on KM SS. Stop. Lets us stay here in the fourth. And unfortunately that means nine up nine down three perfect innings for Alex's winds struck out five. Through the first three innings and now we're talking about a situation with a shocker hitters. That's become. Pretty dire because over the last. Three in the third innings. On Sunday. Against Louisiana Tech they struck out nine times. If you're gonna eighteen times in the nine innings. Against Oklahoma. And AM announcement got five times last week. So they trailed three to nothing. After LSU got around him and urged him to the third. Have a young guys to back agrees to Genesis just really with the best swing of the first time. He has won a ton to right center field with the wind held it up and kept at the park. Alice young. Grounded out to the shortstop Robin Roberts and his first time up there. Allen's over but lo and theory go into the fourth. Another young coming in was ten for 34. Is. Bounced around in the lineup as far as the slot that he hit having witnesses. Good luck by Alex line 11. Young started off this season down and you're in. Here and there it. Hit in the leadoff spot. It's not Butler continued to third got to yup right in there it's time young bunch of belong there are pretty good ones you've got growth. I think they're okay. Smith couldn't do everything just right he gets its beauty Natalee acknowledgment that this that. Good book by young but veteran play by. Fifth third baseman. Josh you backer a strikeout victim is first time up there. That's not ten in a row sit down by Alex Lange. Backer climbs into the batter's box. And the first pitch to him as high. One ball no strike. The backers started one of the three games against Louisiana Tech went one out of war. Went one for three and RBIs. Earlier in the week and you hit the air that he left field when it's gonna help a little bit but not enough. The warning track before enough to make the catch. I should backer was a good swing bodies out numbered if it's now eleven and zero cent down byline to start the game. Here's Jessica. I think it's become pretty clear after the first third of the game she doctors wanna hang around it. Play where they'll let you have to go up there and hack because. That's exactly what Ellis youth come out to do. Diplomats point. And Kenneth good swings and misses. Grayson hit one long way right center field his first time up there. Take from the low. Bases empty two outs shocker fourth it's three to nothing LSU. Late getting started thanks to rain and lightning. One I want to Grayson. Woman to grace an overhead curve ball. On into Q else. I like playing peering into the signed it's the one he wants. And then slider down and it's one continent through adapters. When I got flooding struck out at least one event. Anything for perfect innings. After three and a half to three nothing LSU. Mean Davis did this is from park. South Dakota bill we have Davis from Pollack to fish for Pollock and in Alaska should do this in wild card Pollock and McDonald's filet of fish sandwich there were folks that's waves and fish and some delicious filet percentages so you could say Davis is one pollen lucky guy. Good morning thanks to. Davis isn't the only lucky one now filet of fish is only pick two for five menu so you compare with ten piece went nuggets quarter pounder with cheese or even another filet of fish and I support this this may very limited time offer she store for me to. 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On the campus that Ellis you think the teams here tomorrow. First pitch at 1 o'clock. Right here on all these things happening. The Willie Schwab he'll face Jordan Romero Michael but here's Ian Brennan bro. 789 in the order. Describe it we're under way in the bottom for this game of course this. Scheduled to start some three and a half hours ago. But since we've had an extremely late start a lot of the other scores from around the valley. And the nation are in the book. Bouncer over the net over the mound up the middle Vickers tonight play throws him out great Vickers. Some kind of reigned some kind of first step. Trey. Make quick work of Jordan Romero. And it's good to see really chunky. Continuing to get some ground ball outs he's good. It's one ground ball after another and fortunately. In the third. Col Freeman had a ground ball over the bag at third. And Eichmann two batters later grounded one into left field for a base hit that. Overall I think Willie's doing what he's supposed to. Stand off barrels generally don't give up a lot of ground ball. Down and in an 881 ball no strike. And with this late start next staffing will be able to get via. Quite a few finals on our diggers were thinking construction scoreboard. One noted the appears you catcher who flied to center his first time out he takes. Little bit outside tuna. Bases empty one out for the bye you big bulls. Here's the bottom of the floor. Not at the shocker it's five to nothing. Bouncer to second or you're waiting for the second hop he's got a he's he played the first two way. Britain grow up there now the bases cleared two outs. Shocker sports properties of which you tell us they outlets like thank shock the shocker ambassadors which constantly level of corporate partners. United health care how long they'll that'll. Coke industries and our communication. In the advertising was disgusting athletics. Shocker sports properties and 978755. It. Brennan bro flied to left. First time up. Hockey in search of his first 123 inning. And I almost hit it fastball. Moving off the plate. One and a nine ground ball outs served up by Willie Schwab people through the first three and two thirds. Try the outside corner got home. One long. A huge. Huge scoreboard. Beyond people's left center field. And the scoreboard operator tried to jump the gun he had to know as soon as the ball hit the net. Maybe should have been called destructive called strike that was outside student on the road and at those every now and then. You get enough scoreboard operators have been around the game long enough and done it long enough they'll try to. Get the count up there before your eyes can. Find a way at this school board. Sting on time that time burned here key little Selena felt that students do. Brandon Rowe. Getting the start tonight he's a part time start. His seventh start analogies. Fourteenth game. Then to. 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Off MS RP at midwest Kia unlucky at corner of Kellogg in Tyler Scott McCain 55045616. And keep 63 -- four monthly -- it's a wonderful point. Jason you join us for become reality radio week. And Alex box stadium here on the campus. Of LSU shocker in search of their first base runner. Against Alex Lange blow up twelve down. Six by strikeout. Night struck out decided that there. He will get 45 and six. The shocker batting order. Here this. Alex bombed the leading off with a strikeout victim his first time up there. We'll be a pair of large human. Right handers. Going against one another. Six foot five minutes. Alec home. Against similarly large Alex Lange. And Lee summit. Blank take a little bit of extra time before you those first pitch of the fifth inning. Three nothing LSU. And swing a miss slider. And Alec moments yes and fastball nothing and want. Alec bull. Omaha Nebraska sophomore. Alan fastball. Downstairs. One ball one strike. Take a look around the valley and around the nation. In this happening in the bottom a necessary load. Two and one. Scoreboard updates rocky by digger dripping in construction residential or commercial roofing inspection repair or replacement called QOQ 2066. Three ripping inspection. From diggers her opinion construction go to digger grouping dot com your home team grow. I'm gonna miss my ballot bowl feel to it. Alex Langston live and it. 93 miles an hour. All the games will one. Have gone final. From the Missouri Valley Conference. Back through the middle at the base hit Alex bomb hit a hangar right over the mound soccer's. Candidates right. The perfect they'll in the nodal gone all wants. To soccer can bring up shutout. Predictors suit he'll ground ball to first base. We'll have the opportunity. Now like moment first base now. Earlier today in the valley. Well first of all women's basketball won today this afternoon seventy to 57 hoops in the heartland. So up in Moline Illinois shocker women. We'll advance. In the conference championship turner. Handful of baseball games were played this afternoon. Vickers way to mrs. -- 93 on our gospel. Western Kentucky dumped Illinois State thirteen to five at the seventh loss in a row by Illinois State. Red birds are now. Two and eight. Oh on the Vickers. Coming here is. And lover back with the round pick up on half by lining out of second and. Land creeps down basically for maintenance. The ball found the glove. And 8163. Double play erases Alec well. And nowadays that people are they bigger. Memphis victorious today and a walk off again southern Illinois for three was the finals and not SI you. The pre season darling in the valley is now 76. Mercer outlasted Bradley eleven to ten. Metres of strike could do about it now. Bradley has fallen five games that are out there now three and seven. First of a three game series goes Mercer play eleven to ten. Back now by do God's going to Dayton flied out to sinners first camera that. Three other L if you are in the top of the fifth. Evansville. Now the Schneider now finally they be Campbell thirteen six. Missouri State has now lost to her how they fall in Minneapolis Minnesota five feet. Wolf from very high. Lang reach back for 94 that doubtful. Wanted to. It's isn't it two out Alex Lange after giving up his first hit. Nearly makers don't want to three double points. Bouncer to second. Charging parties Freeman. And a shocker fifth. Comes from the floor. Halfway through from Alex box stadium it's like Q3 doctors now. Much Nationalists can make all kinds of things disappear too bad we can't make ATM fees. Or jammed it home equity bank debit card and make every ATM fee every ATM vanish go ahead but greeted me. The magic potions inside your equity bank debit card prevents the fee from ever during your accounts. And equity backed up card and perform your own bit of magic got any idea he'd want to top hat not require equity bank memory. Yes. Shocker fans prepare to be shocked tall grass country club our local favorite golf course since 1981 has something new to show you the new local owners have already started adding new solution fairways to the golf course and plans to start on a new 24 hour fitness center memberships start as low as 3999 per month a 24 hour fitness center free golf on Mondays in Atlantis plus mentioned the setting future first month free I know it's shocking tall grass is also the perfect spot for your next private event from fundraisers to weddings there expert staff is ready to exceed your expectations play with a shoppers play and join the new tall grass country club today. Chopper stores has brought to you by American family insurance C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post over and over agent west Sawyer. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week knights right here find KM SS. He does his mouth for Wichita State heads. LSU comes back in the bottom of the fifth related treated nothing about it doctors. Five to one. Four hitters in the order have done all the damage and that is putting it mildly. Robertson Freeman do plant isn't he went five for seven. All three of the RBIs and all three runs scored. From five down at nine. Willie has shackled them the tigers five through nine hitters are combined Oprah can't that it t.'s first war that done the damage. Upstairs under way in the bottom of the fifth. Kramer Robertson is one for two. Continue our look at the out of town scoreboard. Three nothing here. Breaking ball stays upstairs and sliders. Tuneup. Elsewhere in the valley tonight Dallas Baptist got a huge early lead and had to hang on against all Robertson went 97 so Dallas Baptist now. 95. You'll pitch. In the air to center field well hit the Jackson back there he's tracking it he's gotten from the warning for a long way out there to where. Robertson hit it 405. And easy. Long now number one here's col Freeman. Indiana State in Seattle against number twelve Washington opening up the series. And the sycamores 841 lead in the bottom of the eighth. We'll certainly keep you updated and let you know that those final but not at the end of the team and our post game. Indiana State. In search of big time marquee infinitely. Miners and efforts practical Freeman's. Double the laid down a sacrifice. And softball earlier today Texas Tech beat shocker softball team orders. Three. On one Nicole Freeman the pitch. Line over boy here. Yeah probably get it right fielded. Dennis the router it's not respect if you think. Basic Dennis. It was a hard hit ball and an outfield infield. Well not only cut short but certainly. Some. Moisture on it no no question about that. Let us now allows treatment to picnic today. And B I single. Hello good Freeman at second base and one out. And want to play at this. The planet. Anderson singled and doubled. Driven into the street and scored. The other. Want you dead. A tough time with Antoine be planets. Playing this game and hey good hitter not great here really. He's at two pretty good at bats. Think lol one ball no strike. Take a look at some they've. Exploits of future shocker opponent and path for that matter. KUK state both. Played a double header today. Trying to stay ahead of some potential cold weather in bad weather tomorrow changeup lofted now that's gonna make it on the roof and it's one we want to Antoine. Plants. Kansas split a doubleheader win at Houston Baptist in Lawrence. TU 121 and lost 43. Similar story in Manhattan. These states split a doubleheader with UC Riverside. He state lost five to one that won the nightcap one to nothing. 11 account to it won the planet's three to nothing like you got a little bit. Her second one out of it. Ground ball ahead for lack of it by Vickers and ago. Hold the runners at this time agreement as young got the ball and play makers couldn't quite get through it. Want to plant that now three victory. It's a ground ball that made it played left field. Not a lot anybody could do about that and again that's that's monkeys game balls. But now one. Now the green grass of left field. Saw a big spot of the game right here for Willie walked he's facing. Greg Dyke thing. Who is. The clean up man teams leaving home runs RB I guy he's added that the RBI anyway. With a single in the 31 for him. Dockers trailing three to nothing but some ways especially Alex Wang's pitching their teetering on the brink. Want you badly in search of a double play. And that classes now. I'm happy. Home run numbers. Fit for the night. An indictment. Give Alex Lange even more breathing room now and the bases clear with one out. For Josh Smith. Here's the wind the pitch. Honestly did not think there. Only one account to Josh Smith who. Flights grounded out once short ones that there. Crowded him one on one. Oklahoma State had an interesting season already. They lost today. Stillwater in South Dakota State people want. Let's use haren head scratching first couple months. Over the low with a changeup student one. Texas Tech got a big early lead and hung onto BP PSA 76. Texas Tech rankings higher it's six. LSU by the way in all five of the major polls either sixth or seventh in the nation. They outside to form from market street walk. So again as the heart of the order wordsmith. Slaughter of Merrill appears can't rule of combining a hole for ten. At the top four guys have really rake Willie chunky over the cold. And now back at three and it. Count for the order now eight for eleven. Having accounted for all six runs. In the swing and a miss. And will each want he brings up his first strikeout. The two outs in the tiger. Bring cupcakes water. Plotters grounded out quite. Did you shocker opponent Creighton. Didn't even bother to play weekend's series against cal state Bakersfield. In great weather was far too. Ready for that. And maybe it's this is welcome crate and slaughter swings and misses because blue jays are off to one in ten start. Likewise in Omaha. Northern Colorado the shocker next opponent at home. And Omar postpone medical. One on one account TJ slaughter. Six budding LSU in the bottom of the fifth. Three run home run by Greg Dyke and his broken it open. It happens a little bit low to want. Louisiana Tech split a double header over the Arkansas State nineteen threes were victorious. They lost the nightcap 65. Oklahoma swept the double header from buffaloes they bounced back after the shocker I lost about fifteen to. In hard right at the third baseman bony gathers throws and out. And that's the inning but LSU has been around and get three runs on three hits. Three run home run Mike Knight an expert in sport now LSU six. Shocker nothing. 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Insurance we're shooting smeared you show. Cease operations Chris Walters Sherri Williams or Pamela marsh and thorough in Wichita. My bills that would join me weeknight they've done. And Wichita State. Find itself on the short end of its sixth and nothing school. Alex Lange has given up just one base runners first five innings or. Soccer fans can join us every Monday night that Todd by the coach Michel HD sports ability LA the key thing we Rhode. Podcasts live on 9713. Thirty. In essence. They gave sport both the alleys to home. Cut but we kill every Monday night. Lower third in the order as the shoppers got their first hit. To start last inning but it turns out they only fit the minimum three to the point though Alex Wang. While having a perfect game. No hitter broken up it still has faced the minimum. Through the first five innings Jackson trial pointed Boyer this trio all struck out. In the third. Nothing tigers in the sixth. Over but low one balls than strikes. He started to a half hours late due to some weather in the area. Alex Lange. As advertised. All the accolades that he had over his first couple years here at LSU. And he pulled behind Alex Jackson. And you know. Paid attendance little different than the actual attendance here tonight thanks to late start and the weather. Paid. 101000 to 21. Nothing new for the folks in Baton Rouge and tiger's plane from 2000. You don't know if you act this. When it to the outside who. Don't want. Alex. Getting his fifth start of the year. Roaming around in center field tonight that is. That's out there. Popped up now backing out of play and it's nearly that. From one side of the batter's side to the other it's 405. To dead center field. They Suzuki nobody else is shock reflects. Hangs seek to win after high fastballs phrase it found out toward the bleachers in left. Think he keeps tomorrow will. Play at 1 o'clock. Scheduled to start at 630 but due to the weather did to move around a little bit Jackson did Super Bowl there. Nothing doing down the first to complete the strike out Alex. Has now struck out twice. Seven strikeouts for Alex Lange. And now governor Trout line it was a strikeout victim looking its first camera. Okay. Better Trout line. Hingis won 72 coming innings have a hard time final hole. Now five for thirty after the first AD and take the path I could there won't want. And it's the law that is the case when you're struggling. Line drives find gloves. Swing at the Netherlands picked good. Swing and as. Far apart slider down. Or maybe changes but it was 86 and just enough off the path bullet count minds wanna miss. Elected governor. Still looking for his first long ball of the year. Swing felt that flaunt fastball hotly crime boy Alex Heatley Lang's fastball command tonight. Is pretty remarkable. Not only keep throwing consistently ninety Q 93 but he has lived and on the edges. The strike zone is not visited little play very often and certainly not a. Allen misses it it's one and two. Count line. Junior from fairway Kansas. Solid. Season a year ago. Seven home runs to lead Cleveland scored. Started to swing held up a pitch counts into. Nobody on one now the governor Trout line. He handed hitting shocker catch him. Honorable mention all valid a year ago. As a freshman honorable mention all of Alex walking long plane kind behind place. Q do. Spiked in the dirt and it's. Was it 94 miles an hour three Q. Never a welcome sight for catcher. I thought ninety wards like it right into the ground. Preemptive. Hanging in the minds pay off that. On the ground to third off the glove with the third baseman Smith still ahead of time before a crowd behind them. Hey let's hit it relatively crowded. Behind him the flea hop. And smothered it Latin beat it in underground lines and birds. The two labor Jordan Boyer. Boyer. Struck out swinging do in the third inning. It's nothing LSU top of the sixth. There is nothing at one. These two teams will wrap up this three game series on Sunday. That game will start at 2 o'clock. Boy here very late sprays one found out they hear him between the suite level and the dean to hold up the roof. And all the way out. I couldn't do it. To weigh in a shocker six plus statement. Held of one basement. 02. Very high. Wanted to. One ball two strike. Jordan Boyer sophomore from Oklahoma City. 25. Powell that he is right on Allen was he had them back. We're not playing sparingly a year ago it's really. Elbowed his way into the starting nine here. Majority of his starts have been at second base. And he's playing there again tonight. Came into the game hitting 312. And a thirty tip. Clutch player as well drive in. Once you run with two outs in the inning anyway. Missing them slider. Yeah yeah. All Alex Lange is faced the minimum through six. And we go to the bottom of the sixth that tigers in front six. 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He goes five innings for Wichita State. Then only be the losers he acted trailing six nothing. And I had a rough one. And it was a tale of two part of the lineup on. Schwab he owned. The 56789. Hitters none of them. Gotta hit only Romero retired air. But it was a tough for the Dana. Kramer Robertson went one for three runs scored col Freeman threw for two with two runs scored. And want to plan is three for three with two RB IQ runs. And Greg Dyke went two for 34. RBIs including a three run home run that's been the difference. So Rodney Evans Lil. Get the lower third of the order in trying to keep the shackles on the history of narrowed in the Vietnam. Evans appearing for the fourth time. Previous three outings have yielded to a third innings. All told. Robbie Evans. Native of the state of Texas hails from Frisco. And the first pitch is popped up foul ground. Over toward the LSU dugout and it makes it onto the roof. Romero. Over to officially retiring grounded issue. Robbie Evans. With fourteen innings last year in twelve appearances. Eleven of them out of the bullpen. Played the north woods league summer. You know as well thrown to him to get home won't it won't. Six runs eight hits no errors relish you know runs one hit. Two errors for the shocker. They've been behind since the first. Curve ball didn't come around to watch. Tiger got one of the first. One out double by Antoine to planets. Then in the third inning. One out double by col Freeman then to plants knocked him in. Great indictments singled him out low and outside three and one. Want people. Recorded it 1234. Inning but then with one count of theft. Two singles and a three run home run. Basically ended his night. And that's low ball for. First walk of the night if you by the shock proof. Nadia and starts at six and they found balls. Jordan Romero. We'll bring up the catcher. Michael the appears he. It appears he hitless and keep drives. First one out for nobody else around. Right hander Robbie Evans. From the stretched to the plate. And change it floats in the air for a called strike going one. Pitching matchups tomorrow be an interesting on a pair left handers Cody Tyler. Jared O'Shea. Poland on account to appears he. And we Popper foul that's gonna find the stance. Beyond shocker dug up down left field side I think it hit. Cody Tyler two and one that we are way. Is to shade under four. And Jared polish day lefty for LSU. Quite a story on him yes. Yet to give up a run. And among his first three starts including no hitter. Against army. Opening weekend. Went all the way inside back to to the backstop. And very wild pitch the third. Night shocker tonight. Now the second it was Jordan Romero. Robbie Evans. Second wild pitch of the year. Both case. First started the year. It was a seven inning no hitter against army and opening weekend they. Had some weather issues down here as well army and air force. Both came in for a little get together. Allen's sprayed off its. Screen behind home plate he'll want it to. OK. Seven hit let's. And as it turned out. Innings without walking as well. And then in his second outing against Maryland almost did it again. It near the left chasing yelled over toward the line and makes a running catch crossing and if not grounds back to second those Romero. The one on one out for Brennan row. Robbie evans' record the first out. The very next weekend in Maryland cared OK for him no hitter into the ninth. He went fifteen innings to start his senior year without giving up and hit Maryland finally got people want. In the night. And it was fourteen and nothing at times so. Pulmonary yankees after 98 pitches after the pima. Chances back to back no hitters. I don't know overpowering guy these insurgent view it's more. Are on the ground blocked by the fact that keeps it Cunningham and feeds that you're covering out there guys played by the backers stay with it. Much like Smith did last happening. There goes over to third he's there with two way for the top of the order again. Kramer Robertson. I know Robertson. One for three. Started the first with a single and scored two batters later planets person you are via. They seem audience for the first time. Ends. Got up on their over the backed off it like the series of signs. Better to outline was given him. Finally gets together with Goddard and brings an end curve ball floats inside. One ball no strikes. And Wichita State on the other hand will go. With Cody Tyler. Guys that. Has gone through. Injury issues of the zone talked about. Fact that floppies struggle to stay healthy for us though anytime you pitch tomorrow that fly ball to center field settled into the glove. About Jackson. And Robbie Evans. Worked around the lead off walk don't go to the top of the seventh or score remains LSU six which does it now. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes up. Drinks and a next time we will start. Your busy meeting deadlines parent current rules sabres needed to ask Rendell thank you come. Completely forgot our campus is thinking different buildings that he candidate promised better. Stuff you can't be everywhere but we can't. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something's gotta can't lose the laundry list keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans delta dental KS dot com. Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance CE agents and G Valentine Ryan woods dusty selves for involving Asian Kirk Farber. This is Stephen can play this morning right here on cape and S and. Around four LSU and certainly. His roughest outing. Which lets his laugh is a distant memories. He has been masterful tonight. Against Wichita State. Faced the minimum. Eighteen. Through the first six innings of work. Only Alec Obama's reached. The leadoff single in the fifth and he was erased on double play. By the very next batter Alex Lange. Gave up five hits three walks and giving him two thirds of its top ranked TCU. A weekend ago. But he looked more like. The Alley playing against army in Maryland that he hasn't TCU by far. Top of the order for the shocker trailing six to nothing more in the top of the seventh inning. Throughout his young is grounded out twice. Once to short ones that they're. My hands first pitches low. Ball no strikes. It's not gonna last half thing you know. Cody Tyler. Left handers fellow lefthander geared okay will square off tomorrow one. And Tyler will be looking to bounce back from a tough last counting as well as well thrown fastball. 93 for a called strike. I didn't make it out in the first inning last weekend against Louisiana Tech so he certainly has some making up to do after two solid starts. He's like lying in that way grounder to short. Backing up is Robertson to get to Hoffman gets the speedy Travis young. For the third time. Went up in what now for gushed about actor. Josh struck out looking in the first. And flied out to left in fort. And it last Wichita State. Does something at least a little bit special to be a handful of these guys. With only three plate appearances. He's got. Make a little boy's maternal line up over he'd start to do that happens in there. Now around and each for a called strike. Young and a backer and las everybody else makes a lot of noise they may only end up with. Three bats. On one to Josh takes. Lo and in the dirt. That a backer came into the game. 8304 hitter. Played almost exclusively in the outfield last year and made the transition to first this year. Wanna hold tapper to third charging is Smith got a throws on the run in time. Outflank him. Really made things tough on shocker here today down. And I'll bring up race in Janice that. Janice then long flat all the right to strike out. It's nothing LSU top of the seven. And Allen hit high in the air right center field. Drifting backwards dinner roll over but cut off my back when he makes the call yet. And three up and three down again Alex blankets faced the minimum through 71. Hit innings. Stretched out here Alex box stadium it is six to nothing LSU. This is what it sounds like when truck got shot but other dealerships about Greg war. We have though white one why it well. And this is it sounds like truck shop but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before while I'll take the rally is with racing start warming the camouflaged real tradition. More than like a midnight edition of here's the difference Egyptian TV. And this truck tomorrow so make a strong decision is fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't. We are those hospital rehabilitation. Acxiom health care services provides three unique skilled nursing facility to get you back on your feet and bacterial life. Failing health and rehab it was Woodstock derby on every had a derby and re still help the rehab and easily stuff out relocation of the seats the art therapy equipment and highly skilled and caring staff they give the patients the best opportunity to function as. The highest level when they return home or back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy we are here for year. Let them enjoy your weekend mornings and night right here on. Yeah audience this. We'll go one inning as the replaced now by Chandler chamber so Evans goes one inning walked one but that was it. Now camps and learn. Will be appearing for the fifth time. On the season is wanna know that you are a warning he won his previous four outings covering. Three and two thirds innings pitched a little bit twice last weekend. It retired four hitters back on the third against Louisiana Tech and a third of an inning. On fifth. Cameron Sandburg he knew right hander. Avon Indiana. Try to negotiate the bottom of the seventh inning would be against through three and four hitters for the LSU tigers. Lead six to nothing. Chandler Samberg get cold for even. And want to planet's. Great indictment here. It's Djokovic and you at best and biggest everyday price. Selection of shocker merchandise that the officials were looking to I think university. Located on the first floor of the Ratigan students there that if she campus. We can shop online when he courts evident that if you look dot com. And everything you need every generation of shocker nation. And birds first pitch to Freeman. Is on the way and it bounces. Baldness direct. You can also join the shocker rewards program from 5% back on future purchases that's university bookstore. Place to shop. All tiger here tonight. Six nothing our score. And under Trout lines crossed up I'm not sure how it's possible. With nobody on the apparently. Chandler Sandburg couldn't see all the fingers and generous but now. Tune up his fastball just sailed all the way back from the screen and actually. Deflected off the mask of governor Trout line. It's never good feeling you tell Caroline's looking for something off speed. And burned through fastball. Right by his here. Till now. Allen's an effort strike cool throughout. Denver a year ago made seven appearances three of them. Spot start. And that going AT&T thirds innings. In those. Seven parents won't walk through all here. Checked swing yes he did punitive. So the controllers there but man within the strike zone play. Chandler needs to and has improved on about 25 hits and 182 thirds a year ago. Nobody on nobody out bottom of the seventh sixth and nothing LSU first three between these two clubs. Next to be afternoon it. Nothing in the that in center field Jackson late breaking gonna be there though makes a catch. Sandburg gets things off hitter in col Freeman. That's the first official. At bat that has resulted in a hit you sacrifice bunt. Think we'll double. This guy's. They're all they're all three times. And want to planet. He singles a double to. Can't understand burn reading signs now comes senate. It comes to look like. Off speed pitch both right to do backer outnumbered two. Thirteen down and Altria Greg indictment. Eichmann long the home run. His last time. Really gave LA she's reading room that they are doing right now late blanket pitching me on matters but at any rate. He mated in six to nothing game after. It's greed and nothing in the bottom of the fifth. Indictment of the bases cleared. Two outs in the seventh. And outside. A home run for Bachmann was Ella she's twelfth so they're averaging right at one home running game. And that certainly is a far cry from. All right about the last time its dockers and tigers play midnight swing and miss 11. That was the error known as gorilla ball. Back in the mid nineties. And LSU was more than happy. To help usher in that nickname they hit bombs. Back in the mid ninety's. When the bats were regularly quite like you are now what do you want. And that this has slowed to a one. When they. Actually ousted Alabama. When Todd but there was there in 1997. They hit a home run it every single game all seven in 97 they went the swing and found that. They want in Omar by scores of five to four overrides. Ten to five and thirteen to nine over Stanford and thirteen to six over Alabama they ended up. With 188. Home runs and seventy games still an NCAA record in May be forever one. Brandon Larson hit forty. Half swing by diaper on a slider down by its feet. And how extreme to. That was their fourth national championship in seven seasons. And a record setting. Season at the plight. Here's a three Q indictment. Any swing at a breaking ball chops to thirsty backer bottles safe for. President stuff quiet that the backers could come up with a plainly indictment. Extend the bottom of the seventh inning. We're gonna close play because the backer and Sandburg were kind of crisscrossing paths. And LDE threes doctor's third error. Not the easiest of plays but then you got to make in at least give yourself a chance to record the out at first. The packer couldn't about the plane. And out Josh Smith is open three. Strike called on the outside corner. The last meeting that the shocker SNL SU. Encountered. Was the year before. The year I was referring to 1996. That was in the World Series one violence you might want. Strength in Maryland duke. Sandburg fastball pocketed their thank you want. Robert first two outs bottom of the seventh sixth and I think a huge doctors. Have sent the minimum. 21 to the plate through seven innings only one base runner. 02. Breaking ball fouled back to the screen. I actually just left his teammates win this thing. I can't thank him for. Coming up with a souvenir. For Alex box stadium a sparse crowd but no hardly blame them because we all had to. Wait through 82 and a half hour. Rain and lightning delay he started. At 931. Two and a half hours two hours and 31 minutes past when we were supposed to. Slider did he go. And no check I guess he did not know gonna try outline either wasn't granted. An appeal that third didn't. Determined that. Smith went around far enough staff for one. Once it. I mean at first base. The July 6 and nothing like hugely. Shocker by the way and not been shut out so far this year. Got him looking at its audience nightclub owner. And Cameron turned in its warrantless. The top of the day still tigers shouldn't shock. Number one soccer mom plus three day tournament tents 22 kids all chasing one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. Laryngitis. 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This is Leo boy needs I don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon to punch KMS. More pitching war. Right hander Alex Wang get Wichita State tonight go to the eighth inning at sixth and I think Andrew heavily back in our which does studios. Against your ballpark Alex box stadium it Berkman field. The campus of LSU Lang has put on a clinic. The only blemish. For Alex Wang tonight. With the hanging breaking ball now it won't start the fifth inning. In which Alec deposited back at the up the middle. For leadoff single that's been the only shocker based on her tonight. Grape pickers who followed him. And we'll follow Obama here in the eighth promptly hit into 163 double play. So 71 hitting it's only 82 pitches so far for Alex line. While home and struck out in that and he gets high and deep to center field. That goes for all he's going to be hundred inmates to catch again. After the sell whatever you wanna call it storm went through. It. Created a bit of breeze or in its wake a bit of a breeze in from right right thinner. Blowing over toward the left center field gap shot of it too. Tonight that. May have otherwise at least threaten the fans that I believe just as always guys now and offers. But that ball. Not only was held up to the form part one round. Here's straight Vickers. Vickers. Has hit a couple of little Fuzzy ground balls one of the the first baseman had one come back for the amount that cut short hop slang but he guys. Glove down between his ankles in the ball found it and he turned it into a double life. Can it go straight Vickers. LSU with a run in the first. Two in the third hand. Three big insurance runs in the fifth. But as I mentioned before doesn't appear at least to this point that Alex Lange needs. We'll have that little three you know this is. I don't know if this the only three ball count that as far away. The closest that the shocker has gotten him. Reaching on a based on balls. It's in their third strike. We want. Kudos to all. Who have stayed up and listen to this woman got off to real late start swinging a combat. And really as we inch closer toward 9 o'clock. With are still on the field. I was. Highly skeptical that this when you get played at all because. Gained here tomorrow. It's gonna start at 1 o'clock sent via real quick turnaround for everybody. They're gonna get. Popped up and that's now back and how to play. And account holding three in two. Bases empty one out stickers. Kinda trying to become the second shocker basement. He scheduled for 7 o'clock tonight it started. 930 law. Three balls two strikes me on one out. And I went back through the bill's gonna find its way Cynthia. Hey Vickers. They fit in the Senate's second shocker here. He's on board with one out for date Dubya. Think it after the game or promote evil post game show. You'll. Dave marsh star of the game. Play of the game look at the scoreboard. And go over the final totals for you once this one's done so. Stay tuned in there. Tune in the promo people post game show following the game. They do gone hitless. And over in breaking ball down to their first strike Alex Plante. Is in such complete command and there's nobody. Except for. Cue ball girls down the LAQ. Wolf that. This is game I. Think that same result that. You guys giving ground. They do god. Made of that Lake Charles, Louisiana he had not but certainly in natives coming back home both of those guys certainly. Bunch of friends and family. Plots in the series. This evening. You guys flied out. And grounded out. IE outside. One until you. Vickers at first one alive. Alex Lange. Working from the stretch for just the second time. And even at daddy and sent via the stretch for very long and that's me and at night he got me. Strikeout victim that's the first one since he said that's a bit of a ground war. Alex Lange. Nine strikeouts now on seven and two thirds relax. Alex Jackson. Twice a victim. He had Jordan Boyer both struck out twice so. They're both gonna try to avoid. The hat trick here tonight. Outs in the dirt blocked by an. Catcher appears he saw less trade Vickers gets picked off here. Travis young we'll actually get to four plate appearances in the game. This has been. And masterful performance from Lang he's only got two base runners. And he's only faced one over the minimum. Line and it's short hops you by Freeman. Any close its doors for the courts now Alex Jackson hit a bullet that was ticketed for right field and frequently made that he would stop. Seniors senior. Eons the shocker eight but the bottom of the eighth doctors still trail that's nothing. Wanna have a little fun and what's our machinery invites you to check out the bobcat advantage and watch bobcats come back next your raiders take on the competition and crushed them one by a war. 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From Wichita State and it's not enough they'll croft who catch. The eighth innings and got outlined today is that. And can't listen learn. Back out for a millennium or so Evans went one scoreless inning in relief now Samberg apparently too after he. Worked a 1237. And. Both times they may have. I don't know what you call it gotten Alex Lange out of the game outlasted him. That's probably not accurate but because it's six to nothing. Scott Peterson. It right hander loosening in the LSU right field wall that we'll see what happens and soccer have the ninth that first. In the eight. It'll be. Six nothing LSU. They've been on top since the first. And burned permitted just one base runner. In his one inning of work in his slider. Drifts off the outside corner to. Twice against actually all three times against Willie talking. It's the first time that he's faced someone other than will. Thousand active screen. What I want. Shocker pitching has walked just one struck out just one tonight. But it's really been the Q3 and four hitters specifically. That just blistered Wichita State they have been tough to deal with that. Little tapper to third bowl comes charging field throws nice play out at first. I like bomb had to do all that in one motion and to do it flawlessly to get the runner did. Slaughter now Graham that I wartime. Slaughter by the way came into the game 370 hitter so they. Then why did god put the brakes on him. Here's Jordan Romero. Over to officially. Walked in last time out there and ultimately sooner. Three units. Freeman did planets indictment seven for eleven. Q3 and four hitters. Seven of the eight hits leadoff man Kramer Robertson has the other one but he wants reforms though. Has been quite so lethal it's the guys behind. But the therefore they. Come through tonight Sweden felt tip until until it. Same 2 teams tomorrow 1 o'clock. For the first pitch to join me here from Alex box stadium right here on. Can't assess. Needs seven and thirteen thirty. 1 PM. Up from the scheduled 630. Voluntary strikes. Chances of rain pretty much all weekend and certainly they. Came through. And flying colors mother nature did anyway. 6:2. Old 9 o'clock tonight. In the air to center field Jackson. Frozen coming it comes in a little bit to make that pretty much right adding more outnumbered two. So with showers expected. More so in the evening then mid day tomorrow shocker to tigers who moved down about 1 o'clock. Old. Bringing out one tomorrow wanted him. On Sunday it's not supposed to be as warm bottle is about 81 degrees today the planet warm. But Sunday should be a little cooler but maybe the best day of the walls floors dodging right. Popped up left side of the infield Vickers falls off the home and can't understand burn it turned in to spotless innings. However. Last chance for the Yorkers and the only six that time as we go to ninth and Alex box stadium at six nothing Ellen Hughes. It's because they can't. 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Security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member Finneran SIPC and registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated are separate and unrelated companies. Charter sports has brought do you buy American family insurance seat agencies Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. Mark living trying to. Weekdays at five right here on tape and as as. Don't drop it off the ninth inning for the doctors trying to avoid being shut out for the first time this year. Add this to singles here tonight. And and knew right handed pitcher Todd Peterson takes over on the mound for Alex Lange Langer. And it is not exaggeration nearly perfect he allowed two singles. No walk. Faith want to over the minimum. Through eight innings. Struck out nine and officially the line. Certainly righted the wrongs that. Played in a week ago and he's been against TCU. As he really worked over Wichita State eight innings two singles. And had been head. And all across we'll leave it up against Todd Peterson. Peterson. Making his team leading seventh appearance on bullpen. He has won it one of those days of any Ariane 568. Peterson forced into strike at 91. Todd 65 freshman from lake Mary Florida. Looking to finish off to shut out that croft lawful wander right field early we'll hit the indictments back there. The wind that's allowed to really do much damage. I don't want. There is Jordan Boyer. And Luke Ridder will Bethlehem. So Boyer goes over to the pair of strikeouts and now Ritter. Think that fastball into tonight. This would be if it comes to pass the fifth shout out thrown by LA human fourteen game. High bouncer to third. Minute wait fort come down throws globe dug out. Now doctors down in the final hour felt Wichita State one out away from becoming the fifth shutout victim. O'Shea has been involved in two of them course one was no hitter. And now travesty on this last chance for Wichita State. Young has grounded out three times. He's the only starter along with the Vickers two starters didn't strike out tonight. So. Lang really. Spread them out. One of the first ones second check out the side that there one in the fourth. Two in the 61. In the eight. In the gap in right center field this might be trouble broke going over can't get it got to plug the gap. And what handle the warning track the other young with a double to right center field shocker first extra base hit. And now three hits for the shocker that travels beyond. A doubt about as well as anybody you want all night. How fortunate. As far as Wichita State's concern should there. That Josh to back you'll get one more plate appearances. Over three. Struck out the first flied to left in the fourth and grounded to third in the seventh. And soccer's trying to. At least break up the shutout and not become. That victim like I was talking about and still. Keep that streak intact of their own getting shut out this year they. Only had the one run against Louisiana Tech that middle game 151. Wanna know is to backer take flow. Cody Tyler and cared OK here tomorrow afternoon. 1 o'clock middle game of the series. Ground ball foul long third one ball one strike. Big right hander. Todd Peterson. It's over four. Alex Lange. One and only one strike pitch. Low. Total. So with the wind LSU would get the Canon form. They are ranked. Six I collegiate baseball perfect game in baseball America seven by USA today. He won baseball dot com the Ryder System here. It hard on the ground and off the first baseman love it's gonna trickle out to center field. And young's got to score. So ranging to his right slaughter of the headlong dive it. Kicked off his glove and into no man's land as it turns out. So shocker if you break up the shutout. And it'll be a single off the glove and slaughtered and RBIs for good backer. And now 61. No lawyers can still one more bat for him. One for three couple fly balls to right. And her oh for three I'm sorry couple fly balls right and strike him. The good actor first film I hold a moment. And over the loan with a fastball. Wanna know. Scott Peterson's. Five point 68 ERA will climb. After he had the bases empty into away. High chopper to first making the plays slaughter he'll pick and an assistant. And that's the game's final score six don't want to promote people post game show coming up. 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Hello shocker nation this is Cindy Carnahan with the Carnahan group that JPY again incentives for the past forty years the Carnahan group has been helping the great people of which atop buy and sell homes helping with first home purchases patio homes and everything in between whether you are trading up for paring down we want you to call on us let us put our vast experience are robust marketing and our proven systems to work for you whether big or small our service is the same. I promise. This child's play. She's followed your heart. Our goal. You've got your head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you know you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant news and updates twenty. Just get updates it's going to. It incites. Chalker stork has brought Dubai American family insurance CIA agent and G Valentine Ryan woods does these selves for involving Asian Kirk Farber. Easy these joints from non reality radio weeknight. Here and they have gotten illusion wants it dead which does state. Took one on the Jan six the lawn your final as Allen Hughes right hander Alex Lange put night pitching clinic. He only allowed two hits in eight innings. Innate sixth the one LSU victory while into the post game show rocky bi polar beat though your full service partner in reining in promotional products. You can call for what people at three months at 722500. Or visit them on line it. Www. The number for my promo dot com. Well LSU got on the board first and the first pitch wasn't thrown till 931. Thanks to thunderstorms and lightning delay. It pushes back some two and a half hours Kramer Robertson singled off leash while he started. Two batters later and want to planets. Drove him in to make you want and nothing then in the third col Freeman led off with a double over the bag at third then to plants drove him again. And Greg indictments singled to left driving into planets to make it three to nothing then in the fifth inning. That was really an LA if you put it away. And they had actually spell the end of the night for will be talking with one out there was singled to right by Freeman. You plan a single. And then Greg Dyke and how long home run to right center field. To make six to nothing and for all intents and purposes polished that off and Alex Lange didn't allow it they start till fifth. And only allowed two hits only faced one over the minimum shocker as did get a run after two were out in ninth. And RBIs singled like Josh backers make final score. Six to want to urge game recap rocky viability he Cummings let coming to coming to be your team for criminal defense or Eli column. He's six for 1548. Or go to bill Cummings LLC dot com Cummings of Cummings. Your needs always. Come first. 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They've built our past and are growing our future while improving the lives of everyone they touch. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps Kansas workers and their families to live healthier lives. We opened doors to more doctors and hospitals with innovative comfort and price choices and nearly 75 years of making health insurance he. Blue Cross and Blue Shield dances. Such. How do you play only. Young adults you followed your heart. Ole. Your head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you learn by. A loss on Twitter instant news and don't do this morning. Just get updates it's going. We get inside. George story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here I'm KM SS. Brings us are split the deep freeze play of the game so named after a shocker victories though will not be true. Put the deep freeze play games shocker fault 84 after 61 loss here tonight but. Frankly we had to wait till the very end to get. One that would even qualifier come close to Clinton we've finally had her questions answered near midnight here's our look at the client play the game. The hard on the ground and Allstate first baseman love it's gonna trickle out to center field and young's got to score. So ranging to his right slaughtering the headlong dive it. Kicked off his glove and into no man's land as it turns out. So the shocker if you break up the shutout. And do anything off the glove of slaughtered and RBIs were good backer. And it's now 61. And that's how it ended. Wichita State. Balls in the first game three game series 61. Scoreboard rocky by diggers her opinion construction whether it's kitchens bathrooms basements or outdoor living. Love your home again that they are truth and dot com call 3162 OT 2066. Figures writhing construction. Your home team pro. Elsewhere around the valley western Kentucky beat Illinois State thirteen to five Memphis beats I thought you 43. Mercer eleven Bradley ten. Evans he'll be Campbell thirteen to six Minnesota over Missouri State 52. Dallas that dispute or Roberts nine to seven. And they stunner of the night Indiana State goes to six and seven on the year with a fourteen win over nationally ranked Washington. In Seattle some trees with a big victory today and softball Texas Tech beat the shocker 43 in basketball Wichita I think women's basketball. Beat southern Illinois seventy to 57. To advance. And hoops in the heartland in molding Patrick final totals. First for the victorious. LSU tigers six runs eight hits no errors are left on base. Shocker one run. Four hits three years to left on winning pitcher Alex Lange he's Korean won and lost Willie Schwab the two and two no save in the game one home run it was Eichmann a three run home run in the fifth. That was his sixth home run of the season game took two hours and nineteen minutes 101000 to 21 paid to see it. Shoppers are now 84 LSU. Is now tenant for our next game will be tomorrow afternoon at 1 PM. Cody Tyler and cured O'Shea. A pair of left handers. Going at it tomorrow here from Alex box stadium. And backers my thanks to Andrew handling back in this studio. For Shane get us here at the ballpark I think thanks for listening and stand up a little later with us once again the final score LSU six Wichita State one. So long from beverage. You've been listening to soccer baseball on 987 and thirteen thirty change in SS. Brian T mighty fine sponsors. United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. Jerseys Millen below are the Carnahan and her room. McDonald's though Clinton's appliance. Equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers delta dental. Promo deep hello. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas quite start machinery they Kansas lottery American family insurance. Eight jays portrayal of the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems. And dinners roofing and construction.