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The Good Life Segment 4 03-11-17

Mar 11, 2017|

Guy Wraps up this weeks adventure in food, wine, & fun for your ears" with his pick for "The Wine of The Week"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to register witness for the whole program I hope you did PG destroy us you must a good program you can catch it though. Put too good not that bad karma that number will go pig to the podcasts or you can go direct to pay an SS radio dot com. And and you can who have been up about it and you can also download podcasts. We listened. The equivalents. Just this week this past weekend. I did some good run it was think tank gets glued to think. And they were in I chose a couple of them intimately familiar with them and a couple of good are relatively new. I'll hold off the looked vulnerable we did crews were reserve now back from Suzanne malveaux. There's a 100% now back it's just a beautiful mind at all. The truly impeccably good from the local valley and into an Argentinian. And I was still blew this thing was to have Foreman did a little higher and I was the highest alcohol involve them at 14%. But it was a splendid and the of course we have to do hate eventually rose that's below. If it's from Provence it's one of those things well I chosen why there was from the laurel valley north of they come pretty much halfway between Bordeaux Paris review of the logo are notorious for. For a white wines but they also make some pretty cool rose's in this one booze no rose program jewel it is brought my red penny. Think that's the new deal approved favourable. It's 50% cab broke. 10% growth you and 10% get America. Off. Kind of well rested pink color blue light and color mode and I'll call them point 5%. It was a beauty and the moon. We finished up because of dormant for the a lot of people don't like wants to have a little sweetness. We did different right there and you are welcome all right Susan we don't want to learn. I trust me it it has a hint of sweetness so yeah if you don't like endless weakness. They'll let me catch you need chalk guys Kramer cook you could. This was just refreshing and and the fumble to finish up it was almost like dessert after the three dry runs that we had. Look good now called them percent it's under the terms opened up. Come from several grape vineyards in California and and from those were the three of the four runs report. But the fact the best it's always been among my favorites it is firm. From Spain for Omaha. So you can guess it's mostly to put me on 96%. Embryo. 4%. I'm not chipping. Garage. And that bonafide hit it in stainless steel. No smoke the venues are are relatively new for real that the new twenty year old bonds it gives. Kinda guess that my old Atlantic seacoast climate because it's in the far eastern edge should real hardware this stuff comes and it's not near the coast good. Some coastal influence there and the the great produced them crushed shorts can contact owing to this beautiful fluorescent pink collar. And that mania. I would love to have this one right out of the tank. Sort of chilled. You lose. But I did know about Nobel urging no matter what information were fermentation. Just beautiful bright professionalism through Hormuz. Nice blue. Good for the birdies a natural acidity but not over done. And but it is it should be drug early this was a 2015 variety. Ocean between fourteen variety and man. The idea. I just. Strawberry didn't end who read very quite flower grows roses and when you put that together you think of there's a hint of probation is is like similar to Oregon and it is at an asset that's a good book that I remember you know it's kind of that. Mean DE. Or viciousness and what a great wind and goes with everything I mean sermon on the grill. Possibly issues. Children. Roast chicken Spanish style roast garlic chicken with its rooms there would be corporate. It's a great and it's a very legitimate position just Smart growth the cap status. Marcos they capitalism looks like marquis state concerns okay. If you look at the label but yes the folks that you know good work we'll go to the left got that come you can read about Libya on the website and just a beautiful rose I thought you'd be happy to share with your friends. And I hope you'll share the good luck with your friends and you be back next Saturday. That big head of some scheduling an option not sure I'm doing next photo but I tell you the beat them and find out but we'll have that back a mile of the site updated over the next bettors felt. So mad at DuPont fell well happy weekend and we hope to see you next week thirteen through the AM can assess have a good.