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The Good Life Segment 3 03-11-17

Mar 11, 2017|

Chef Bobby Lane joins Guy to talk about his "Pop Up" restaurant that is happening in the back room at "Chesters"

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good afternoon welcome back to the program don't forget check out Susan Peters website and see if there's something you can do to help the kids and then it decide where your going for dinner this month. This week. Today. Joining me now is Bobby lane and he is the chef Ed Chester is you know you may remember Bobby was a star award of South Florida food once seen. Big conceived through the own and operate Oxley seafood restaurant with a wife Susan for fifteen years and beautiful Boca Raton. But dad take you win carbon. He talked him in the coming out here and staking his claim give it. Stated. Bob really welcomed the program. Thanks for having guys always a pleasure well. Good to see last week CNN that a fund dinner last weekend. Was that something I'd tell yet it was better than fund the food with magnificent and then of course it always helps to have a great one with that in. You know having somebody from a lot of days like Bob Cooley here and then having those particular wants from them over your. Made for good front. Makes my job bloody human winds that could also yeah and it makes pairings come out. They just kind of flow idea. Uncle I guess and I have to compliment you I've done this before and I'll do it again. You have such a world trade and stuff. Up thank you very much we work at it every day. The labor of love but and also it's something that we concentrate on. Well and there and therein lies the T. It is not okay you'd say let's open a restaurant it is an ongoing daily did issue and everyone did so good at that dinner was really a lot of fun. Well thanks very much. Okay sure you're not gonna open a whole another restaurant although. Maybe someday. You tell me about this so you're gonna turn in the back room that beautiful private dining room by the fireplace. And to an Italian restaurant. I noticed a couple of years back became kind of thing in Los Angeles and and in New York City. Some of the ships that were cut in between jobs or had un security job let's say or wouldn't do to the area were doing with the call pop opera trucks. So they were going nowhere spaces into a rash front and operated like Thursday Friday Saturday night down the meatpacking bishop in New York court. Little afraid is actually big plus handles. So some kind of caught my diet is good and year end and kind of looked into and it was it was fun I mean we just don't know all doing those particular guys problem like a French country types produce new economics who did everybody still. You know it just a passionate to read interpretations and be sure of who's. Sold it got me kicked off to start thinking about pioneers like or what can we do would be be fun here to do something like that it can a couple of years back we did cookbook series which is usually successful the and remember you were a couple of listeners and then not than two years ago we actually popped the French being struck back there for five weeks and did the same thing we just did we changed a whole back room put on French music can. Got up some great French wine and I wrote five weeks menus and we just went after and we listed on French food you know would be shares in you know to play in Erie county Maine every week's it was. If this same kind of people we repetition wanted to come and they've been having different food every week. And we had done and a couple of years. So I was like hey what's two Italian so we started last Sunday and it was it was great we had a pool room back in a latency to about forty. And bet that all menu also continues out into the bar area and so people just wanted to opposite that the large border in the main barn. Eat off the French to Armenia timing they can. And now we use a bar boost is over for some people just want to favorably kind of thing so it kind of winds up being like the bar area and all the way groom in the back pressure on Sunday night's. And it's Alex Sunday supper think people just come and they edition of the last week everybody just came and some people brought some great that time lines of people bought while and you know we have the middle for a menu which is some great you know you know. Not not so much like a momma look food but a little more style interest Korea more than you know more than. You know entry you know entry level because and we do deal in chicken and ribs sausage stellar this week for example we dimension Pino with mussels scallops. We did castor reach possible blow last week when this week we're doing with octopus regular bone marrow well. It was a classic dish from Michael White trash on Moret in New York's great retro. You know GOP would corn based on rulers starter and artichokes were pond would do and garlic knots you know just to dip in pizza sauce for some fun stuff. Can only sit dessert you know I know partly due and all will take. You know just kind of you know chicken milanese 11 week in and you know and that would that built our job so I mean you could it come and have I played a possible carbon arm you know. Done right. And sort reveal our posture or just community or much appetite slowly chopped salad on last week there was such a big hit we were adorable five weeks so. That's cool footage it's. It's gotta be time for you and everybody behind the counter in the kitchen because. It's stuff that you may have or may not have done before but it's kind of new and different. And then the normal excellent and you that you offer. Won't think he had admitted as the guys we're really we want to go up behind this I mean I like how I can help you mean like them or Scott and what looked at technical or can't let. This Italian thing and like. All we don't want a guy is Graham of the Italian it. The other guys an Asian guy the other guys from from Mexico but they all like we have great favorite Italian food Italians one of those who visit. Everybody has a favorite kind. I grew up in an Italian economy picks they written in new York and when you know Italian food was where we want the evil you know on Sundays and you know and and you know and eco we've figured in another nine we. So is very familiar food to me from a kid grown up but you know we we put some fun stuff on there against freedom used to frighten was Sorrell post which is. You know classic you know classical Rome. Feel French Telecom we're doing the chicken liver fettuccine and just fun stuff I mean art here because opens will be winter but it looks like that's a good. Spring months. It's going to be back I am who they are the things that bit I have fond memories of and then I know how you do business when you slow cook something that's all day. And it smells that way and the matter what you call it. Spaghetti sauce sir. You know what's the other word did a lot of original time folks caller software looks Kokomo don't agree death doesn't get it she goes with the thought gravy it's spaghetti sauce as a B if you haven't come up with a guy and people. In this country who call it gravy bit. They also have a little bit too good things float around there so that always sadness on its merits of the capabilities it. This and now this kid Bobby gore and his grandmother used to cook all day Sunday for the family meal that last like four hours and we complain. And stuff and should be like here. And she put a piece sobriety going amount in the Buick almighty lord what is that incident like Mel seemed mountains and good you know more more no ridership was all pot roast to you know. They had a whole different way of making that great. Good and it's good. You change and you weekly and I command that I could order off the menu you don't have a price fixed thing. Know it's Matt sort of like an industry appetite and appetizer or dessert. Bob we know we have change of a weekly piece on there would you know proper column Barney and you know just the salami board one week in you know everything changes but you know and and we we also had a a younger guest last week it was over their parents and they want and they just wanna rock the regular menu we lecture order any you know. You're not to say no let's talk about one. Wider. Well we have fun we're doing enough we gonna mop ups which Jarno. From Katrina is agony which is I like I got you try to rose lecture what Mecca almost done. Can't wait for a bases and not come quick enough split that we're one point up by the glass and we also have a party -- that's that's so wonderful government noble scrapes and Italy. And we have our reserve was messed up which we have look at asleep sound penis stuff that goes from forty dollars a bottle eight dollars a bottle seminary offerings there a role Rosen and and Barbara escrow and a Barbera we have a apostle in the net groaning. Get used to it also includes a lawsuit brought their own wind last week which is great to their buddies always got that one volatile winds are around equipment gonna drink. Yeah I have bet that the object I should bring you didn't. Lou we're going away next week here but when they get back a week from. Tuesday may do come from Wednesday number him. It's. It's got good bottle age and it's a premium if if if my mind was better I'd tell you what liberalism but no I don't remember to go below so are the. When we don't will allow will will scurry away some kind of where it put to prepare with that I'm. That when a tree and then I have another idea for you. You shot ahead. I'm thinking you should do a New England pop up. We've been talking about that chowder fest for awhile I'm. He you know it's it's. And any Tommy is good but the course what's a little bit cool about it mate seems to make it taste even better than that. It does you know knowing when your right in the news I spent on the Summers working up in Nantucket. In cooking and kitchens up there and to the kind of food despondent there's a lot more secret driven. But that's that's that's not a pockets and out of either of them having some fun for summary yeah you can light you know do some like Knight slight clam Bakes and you know some and some fish presentations of you know we just went back we just started doing Pope yet again people just law actually love this it's kind of a get some tonight growth would as a young shafted we hardly received more. Lesson that Serena you know laughter storm door to door pasta with with with lobster of it and you know. Lots of pop clients up you know we've senator efficient launch and we do this spring branch for the China this year town every every year and last year we did clam Bakes we can animated little casual on just to cram extra local and everybody had agreed I mean. You know eat when your hands and different things. But their health and how to better can I. OK look let's rehash this is a pop up the Italian restaurant at Chester is our are you taking reservations are still just the way you always do welcome an embassy. We do get reservations sure little game caller and won't woman sure table four and a much notepad and how many people are kind of coming covenant on a ball well. Little else in just great Italian food come and then have a little something supper and they think Italy. To the twelfth of march right well cool and then the final thing as you know. At the woman's Ferrell you know I poured some rose's in the one of the week this week is one of those ones are they showed so well and you and I both know that you can get them from bone glad to a little residual sugar and of sweetness off stride and I had all of those there and they and they were well received and it was a great fun and that's so Sousa wrote these rose's season gets here let's get together and do rose Tuesday. Actually I'm in for that would do on a patio thanks thank you you know I disorder piracy isn't just pre order on some stuff also as you know we as rose was something that we. We tried really hard to do in the South Florida marketing with that he down there you know 1520 years ago. And it didn't it didn't and didn't take off but we got in a midwest we we stuck with and we started with. Three every every summer we have three rose's that we offer and we offerman a flight that we keep the mall at like you know 89 dollars and classic have a flight offerings she is right. It's just fun yeah great wine I mean if it has a short period by August everybody's like words read. 'cause you know which we have fun would it wanted to volunteer. All right it's a Chester is it's a tired through the twelfth of march. You can make preparations by phone and that's easy to 1620113. Hundred. But yet those protesters chop house dot com. You can make reservations online you can learn about the the regular menu you could see some great pictures if you're not hungry you will be when you get them with that thanks Ali. I think so much is always a pleasure will soon. Yeah hoaxes Susan and I hope the rest of the week and the great thing for your. Actually if you didn't see it but OK so if you're just joined us we still got the one of the week ago I told you that we have some great food great one. And coming up right after this short break. Well hello. I got a great one of the week yeah it's paying but I'm Sonya we've always whether you've been thinking this spring you muzzle start drink of like a spring it's a beautiful. Off dry crisp but wait do we hear a guy that's got a short break we'll be right back don't go out.