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The Good Life Segment 2 03-11-17

Mar 11, 2017|

Guy's conversation with Susan Peters continues as they discuss how people can get involved with adopting through her "Susan's Kids" program.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to the program every Saturday around thirteen thirty KM SS to talk about flew one them bunker is. If you're lucky enough to be a part of the first segment here's what I'm talking to Susan Peters and we're talking about Susan's kids and the need. Is far exceeds my wildest imagination. And you may be a prime candidate of Susan. Obviously Susan's kids dot org is the place to go to. Find out you've got some great links they're not only the featured children but success stories and meet the kids and the about the adoption thing is what I wanna come up focus on. Who was the perfect candidate to adopt. You know that have very good question. We find and can't children's service league fines that the new empty Nester. Is the person who inquire smokes about adoption of the 42. You know at sixteen year old that's okay. I don't have a lot of my heart I don't have room in my home for a while my kids are all grown and gone. But I still want to give up I still want a child in my home. And that's why we buy a lot of time on the morning news show this because. The up folks that age the mother that age. Watch is more a morning news then than anything else and so we find that that's a lot of people now. I mean there are people who have young kids can still adopt it and have. Maybe send still adopt older children how it doesn't matter. And you can now back single person. You can have fun and I'm married couple I mean the options are endless. It's not like you had a strict rules where you have to be married for a certain number of years and you have to noted that it that it had to bet it's not like that anymore self. And you don't have to have the biggest house a neighbor murder -- the most money of anybody it's it's just a matter that you have room at the ability and the desire. And and maybe we can stop some of those eighteen and in your done. All these kids want it blog because the guy I ask them. Usually ask them the same question. Every time one of the questions air. So what do you think are forever mom and dad could give you none of them have had my own bedroom. A new phone. New iPad none of on the side anything like that. The first thing out of their mouth is usually one of that's all I want they don't say. Anything else but. Lot of happiness if sometimes fail safe security. They've never had they can give me a possession never info that you don't have to be rich you don't have to be. Well off to adopt and not only that but change. A person's life. For ever. If you adopt you are really changing it. That child fight forever never. Keep them from a wide on the streets. Well there's I think he you know you're an outspoken about this. I think that's probably one of the biggest things you could do is to make sure that one of these young people have. The foundation the background to go and get an education and become a working productive part of society instead of a drain or worse yet get involved in drugs or any kind of promote volatility and. Well like like we had before are if they age out they age out and they can't offensive got a lot. And many of these children end up on the street through no fault of their own. And nobody. Bringing one of them into your home you are actually helping society as a whole as well. Because they do they become. Productive members of society. I had a hard call email me she had. You know I'm so glad you're doing it and scared. I would when he or she is and kids. 1015 years ago I forgot about when at last I wish I should reduce the email but I was one if she isn't scared 10 years ago I am now. In my senior year at K state. Majoring in social work. And my aim is to get into social work and make people's lives better what she wanted to thank me. Because. She is now productive member of society and that's all they wannabe and she wanted to thank me for doing confirmed to attend saint. And she said thank you because it gave me a whole new life. And that's what you. If you want to adopt would be giving these children a whole new life. Well and folks again if we can't emphasize enough Susan's kids dot org. You can you can not only learn about. The current featured child but about. Some of the success stories you can meet some of the other team is there's a link that takes you to. The the Kansas website of that adopt kids dot ORG a minutes and you realized. And then yeah I knew would be a major step did the pictures of these kids and the profile from these kids when they're so swollen after another after another. Who are looking for a forever home you can also find on student kids dot org how do you get started with the adoption pop that's what's the first step what's the second stabbed. And Brohm and basically. I'll like fed changes child's life. Yeah I looked at about adoption section and you get some help it's not like they look at you and evaluate you and you take some training and then suddenly you're on your own with this new child but there you have help and I think. A lot of people would be scared about do and that you know emptied and. We often talk to. One of our new project is gonna talk to either our parents who have adopted. To like keep saying they'd be scared adoptive parents would be scared. We're gonna talk to I'm more parents with adopted. Picture all. Be prospective parents how to get over their fears. What they're gonna feel what they're gonna feel initially what they're gonna feel a month after word. And take them through the process emotional because it's an emotional process is wow. Well and then the other thing is at the bottom of the home page at Susan's kids dot org. Is the sponsors are you touched on that same presence community service. Stop nickel are they okay charities and then adopt Kansas kids. It and I know you're working on 5013 C. But it is her way that somebody can get money Q now that's not been a resident tax deduction is third you know how does somebody get involved. Thank you for asking a were in the process of creating a 50 entry fee and when we do a lot of people about how can I get what coming due. On. Once we establish that and start collecting funds all of those fine. Will go to buy seemed to be honest with you more television time to get. More obese children on the air and more often. And get a more this story doesn't deserve to be told. And unfortunately we have to buy time in order for that story to be told. But that's where the money will go to and I would love to come back on your show. When that's happening and we can and collect funds to do that. Well you can count on that's for sure and no will talk about some other way is that. Maybe the good luck and that are common just gun Beth Bauer can get him also tribal bloodbath took up the good work. It's a pleasure speaking with you not now but always an I wish the best of luck and I look forward to seeing more featured kids on TV. Thank you for having me on the you're doing a lot for these kids just by having me on and we need to get the word out. And I so appreciate it guy. Have a great weekend folks don't go away will we back where chef Bobby lane from Chester is doing something so unique yes he's got a very successful restaurant but in that beautiful backed private room. There's going to be a pop up for a stronger and will have something to do with Italy I think we'll find out from Bobby lane after the short break don't go.