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Mar 11, 2017|

Guy Is Joined by former Wichita news anchor Susan Peters. Guy & Susan talk about Susan's foster kids program, "Susan's Kids" from its beginning to where it is today.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good morning good afternoon. And the good life today show's going to be farmer who talked to Bobby lane later in the show about somebody's doing that Chester it is very unique hidden provides a great opportunity to either and dine in style. And you know I often promote a local events and happenings that are going on and things that. It can supplement and I had the pleasure of running and Susan Peters of a friend's house not long ago and I always admired her work when she was on TV do in the news and you course you remember her as. From 1983 Susan well first off good afternoon and welcome to the program. And good afternoon to you guys think if so much for having me. Susan you started in 1978. But more importantly you start a 1983 young candidate CH. Right I'll be automatic 1983. And you can't cure sorties. But I love you guys playing very much you know to and. It was disappointed when you left and I don't blame you used the stun San Diego. I did I and cook for fighting here and CBS affiliate in San Diego and I also got married you know might be on shakes. Was living in San Diego tell you got volume and election now absolutely and then I guess you came back here where do you have an idea to close. 1995. We decided that the midwest is where we wanted to be and Wichita was the place south well and the best. Part about bad news. If you if you brought back and continued dirtier work with children that you started in 2000 and you do what's an Olympic and I got hit a 99. 1998. And I left in 91 came back in 95 if and I hate. I started some and San Diego called all about kid and then just a couple of years after I returned here. In 95 probably 9798. We started shooting at. And it has been going strong ever tenants like food and kids this is put Foster children. On television. And die it's incredible but has over the last twenty years that it'd been on take PD. And into children's service fleet has one now on Susan's kids 35%. Of them. Are adopted and if forever homes within a year 35%. And that's hide doesn't seem high and the confident scary because like I win lucrative Alba. The kids that need homes and you know I guess babies give adopted before kids that have you know bounced from Foster home or whatever and. If that's the thing guide these are. Pretty hard to adopt kids. Because they're the eight year old the ten year old sibling groups the fifteen year old. Who will look at you and say on TV injury and her healing citizen. I don't think I'll ever be adopted on an age out in the system and that's going to be that I want to have a family. And there is another and who age out to you turn eighteen and suddenly it's over. Suddenly proper the State's sense of why you're on your own gonna get a job go do something now that they does pay. Tuition for college. If you would like however. You know what and I know when you're going to college you need a man turn you meet someone. True Jerry you wrong and then build you up and these kids. I have no one and so very very few of them to fight to go to college. They wanna make money so they can live on their own and a lot of them get jobs very I think only 5% go to college 5% of Foster kids relate to out. And dumb many of them unfortunately because they've never had parents are meant church or anything end up on the street. All right well let's go back the beginning I think I could probably have to this for you but I think you are share your shot of it. 2000 when you started this program what how did you get involved did you did you meet some of these kids. I'm you know actually. There was a program in which style called Wendy's wonderful kids that was sponsored by op when these fast food restaurant with. I'm because. Dave Thomas the founder of Wendy's. What adopted it and how he started a long time ago and we were looking on the ground push something. And we found this Wendy's wonderful kids folks it's started under Wendy's wonderful kids. It's a tough start on the national level Wendy's wonderful kids but we started here locally and had won these kind of sponsor that. And we are looking for someone to do with kids and that's what we found and I'll tell you after the first or second one. I would caught. You go on these interviews sky and you you play you you know we take a bit different venue where. Either this through exploration play you know I'm all star sports. And huge shots are with them for a couple hours. And that it is amazing. How all. Me think you are the great thing in the world just giving them attention. Anyway how after like the track record one I would like putt and then when these didn't respond so any more so then. Beyond the click here for a couple of years we didn't get it because we get it. That KGB and then a couple of your ex my body scheming and that's true. Head. We don't think we're gonna decisions kids anymore. And I Hawaii. Well it doesn't do us any good habitat of the loan. An NET appreciation of the would probably have said the same thing you know wasting resource model. So likeable I guess sponsor. If you get a sponsor propel a great sign went up got a sponsor and Bruce Parrish from K okay upon. AOK charity. Has spent had been sponsoring a third year seniors and it worked extremely well and now he is still sponsoring that now that it's on all three patients. He's such a great guy and there's sponsorship opportunities I would imagine it's still today as you continued now. Absolutely hit it well we get up at five retired from cake too. Expand this isn't yet. We knew doll I knew that in order to expect that will connect paper TV time. TV stations unfortunately. All of them will continue trying anymore. They won't just donate time to a good cause. Rarely Wear. Telling knew that we had to bite the time to put these kids on TV. And to put my appreciation. How I spent the summer after I retired. Pitching sponsorship. Over and over and over again and I actually got three sponsor Saint Francis community services. Is one of them Brad Scott an abrupt stop McGraw is another and Britt character they okay charities have another one. And what they do they seem beside me and shoulder to shoulder and say hello. We think he should meet this trial. And the child is only on put thirty seconds because at all. We can afford right now combined 32 time and the dog during commercial breaks sporadically. Or Wall Street station. The opinion OK we think he should meet a lot like this month so stay. An end to lead got something that we think you should meet face she wants to be adopted into a country home and she's. You know freshman in high school but if you want to adopt Turkey wanted to know more about safety. Go to citizen's kids dot org and the citizens kids got to work occur three to form that. Video profiles. Of each child and that Hantuchova insert a plate originally. You know twenty years ago that had no we need the military's second profiles on these new. Bad about five years ago I can what do 32 one to lead them to a longer profile and actually came to children's service league has that has. Worked a lot better to to get out the word because you can keep repeating repeating and repeating about adoption and Foster care. And it's amazing. People all. Are surprised. At how many children are up for adoption in Kansas. Number one number true they're surprised by just putting them on TV in the sharing and social media. But 35% of them find forever homes within a year like you say diet that's. Rich should be a lot more. But in reality. And that is big for these lead kids who are hard to adopt. OK so I went of course I've spent some time among Susan can Susan's kids got all orgy and then I went. Followed another link to meet the kids that adopt Kansas kids out or act like oh my goodness I just couldn't imagine there being this many. And this is probably just scratching the surface. Any of scratching the surface because these are the kids. That song I have had I'm told rights have heard their parents have severed. Given up their personal rights. And they're looking for homes there are a lot more Foster kids and him just mineral now list but you're right guy he doesn't go to Susan's kids dot org. And there's a link to meet the kids and that when she is to. Adopt can't skip dot org and on adopt cute kids dot org. We have videos of the once we have profiled but adopt cute kids dot org has pictures and profiles. Children up for adoption. In Kansas. And you read the profiles. These kids are wonderful people all you look at the pictures. They just certain forever home. And just because they're older. Doesn't mean they cannot. Contribute loud and carrying to a Stanley I actually OK I need to read Shane about. It was about six months ago. And non chain tenure saw. And we went to do. The trampoline place for African urban air and we were jumping on the trampling to pop a bit sad and then you'd sit down to. Interview many go if he's. I have to so what do you think you can get. From the forever mom and dad what do you how do you think that could help peel when he had wrong. It could help me find love. But also felt I could give a lot to do them. Two I can give them respect. And I'd be a respectful. Little boy. For them and I could give them loud too I mean talking about what he could get them. You know little and. I just. While your talk about what's lemon through and that the number of first off that so many pages worth those eyes of your scroll down and then. And that number that are over ten or twelve years older than the ones getting close to that. Detailed account eighteen aging out thing that's. Now that's the worst part and to be honestly feel. That can't just children seriously. Picks who is going to be profiled. That monthly that we can and then. And then we need him manner and we talked to them anyway a lot of times they pick the like over twelve year old because they who are the hardest one. To get in the private home there are fifteen and sixteen year old and I've interviewed. There was 116. Year old at that time which I have taken to different places in this corner this was when I was working cake and to a interstate in the TV station. So we have to come into the station and and gave a lecture or let go watch the news and that was probably took it to kind of a field trip to the TV station. Well. Two hours and she had barely said two words watching the news cast stone I think I mean I was asking her questions that. And so then she dropped Turk social worker you know took about home. And I women in his termination had your own national the difference so sad but I don't think there's any way. She's going to find for a forever home. And I'll be darned. A month. Later someone call them fat I'd love for China if I love her and she's known forever home puts it. You never know about these fifteen insecure girls they deserve. The same thing. And only that but I if you what I've. Doctor Norbert teen Ager bring them in your home and love them and then turn and you're actually saved society from a possible all. Drain on society because a lot of these kids that age eighteen. End up on the streets some of them end up. You know because this state has types. Thank you very much sealed and it's not only that they can't just sit you know every shake. Well they were close to us a quick break and come back let's talk about how people can get involved. Not only to adopt it and and and become part of the solution but maybe public and helping other ways of well. Thank you guy I'm about to good last Susan Peters is whether it's for another segment I hope you stay with us. Yes we will talk about food one and fun in the second half but this looks struck a chord with me and you should get involved you can learn more at Susan's kids dot ORG. And a follow some of the links check it out there might be some men there that you'd be really or should be a part of broke away will be right back up the short break.