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Wichita Means Business 3/04/17 C

Mar 10, 2017|

Nicki Rush & Brad Horning with the Outdoor Living & Landscape Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you for listening to which Tom means business we appreciate you taking time to tune in with us this Saturday morning. And hey it is finally here it's the big week in the outdoor living shows started last night it's open run and we have Brad and Nicky in the studio again today to tell us more about it thanks for coming in today guys yet things are having us are so excited for it today if the show we opened it doors at 9 o'clock this morning. That's great and so last night was a big night ride big turn out big attendants are doing a great you know we are open until 8 o'clock last night and one of the things that were excited about today. Is that we want kids to come in and check out our new children's garden and tell all about that we need all the details are just give us a blow by blow stern of the beginning OK so this year in convention hall and our expanded space we've created a big children's guardian area. And the metal like landscaping design has done a wonderful job it reminds me kind of like the secret guard and Mike you enter this little area and they've got a lot of bad where kids can push different buttons and colored water in music comes up I'd enough announced leaning ever it's funny I'm. And then we also have coloring sheets that are specifically made for the other living show. And love a character has provided us with these make your own butterfly sets so there's some stuff for kids to do to enjoy the show maybe while you're checking out the new barbecue stand to promote things barbecue which is also in commencing hall and. OK and so we've got a big line at there at the barbecue states just go for that. The barbecue states today is going to be one of the most popular areas of all of today one thing I'm excited about this can take place later today you know I don't like to work in the afternoons right so I go my lay on the couch and I watched general hospital I mean do it to bad status as any other rights they have at Oregon health five or go home and watched general hospital there's security around there is name's Nicholas -- and I and he's his real name is Tyler Christopher and the gentleman is going to be with us today at the all things barbecue grilling stage hang in you can come medium one to 5 PM he'll be there you know there's this is all happened so so quick can that happen in this afternoon and it's like man it's here that shows on the weather's great it's a perfect perfect days to come down here. We're talking to Brad and Nicky Pratt horning in Niki Russ but the outdoor living show on course at events going on. This weekend started last night and it's on today and tomorrow Sunday I think it's eleven a five todays open. Opens at 9 o'clock goes to seven I think and so lots going on down there so if you're look for something fun to do this weekend this is it. Yes I don't don't forget John about that 8500. Dollar backyard makeovers right there next to the children's garden it's right there next to the grilling sage mean we've had the show for five years in expo hall now Nikki is put together all of the exciting stuff that's gonna draw people into the other room and see that allow you can build a Garden Show and expand into work which tunes would remember as the of the room. And haven't actually I had an extension of our own Garden Show. That's right it's huge it's massive it's almost doubled in space we've got the connecting lobby in between. Falling get stuff there he's memorized that thrive you have an acting alone and that is that where the deal is of these remember. Yet the needs their bees and a variety of guys still only connecting mommy I'll let me environments bringing us a guy Eddie dive under glass over there are so there I mean attraction. Another thing that you might wanna see today at the outdoor living in landscape show is the tiny home. We've got a two story tiny home on site. I came all the way from Hutchinson it was very popular at the state fair. So this is going to be great time you can go in and see how work and then we also have another version of a tiny home where it's like a stripped down shed that has a porch on the Bryant and has all the right holes and in this set so that you can actually turn them into a tiny home for your backyard. I think he is C to do for Byrd yelling and you can afford one make a on the line is that the current and you know cash out tiny do you want to sign Brian Wright also as a double record tying home visit as tall as a regular initially announced it's like. Fifteen feet tall. And there are two stories there's you know a southern stairs where you go upstairs Heidi style and sleep in the law. I don't know what that means you know and I you know society. On the movie Heidi Wear this little girl is that the grandfather any cabinet she lives Milan and that's a little that's another show you how I thought I was. Your generation stuff I have I don't know you know candidates in the you ought to have some fun today. Personal void Nikki and it's. A season and thank god today out. Or living in landscape shows it's down at century to and it's an expo hall and the convention center as well get it jump on the website and grab that dollar off coupon unless maybe a book yeah how'd you like save a dollar go to outdoor living and landscapes show. Dot com and you can get on there and download that and check it out and get the dollar off coupon. Yeah but can I say more please okay. Hello hello and here are. And more in a statement he's another thing that we have this year at the out their living in landscape show. Our flower show is back the suburban flower club. They're bringing all kinds of bouquets that they have on display. Yes so you can go and vote for your favorite from them. There are really beautiful I I don't know anything about making a case so it's kind of cool the stuff they can deal. You know all jumped in to tell Nikki and tell you that in addition to the flower show back in the corner by the seminar stage were welcoming for the first time at the outdoor living landscapes through the orchid society so were. We're trying to always draw things from the old Garden Show that people were you know that. The two loops the roses the ponds the everything will this year we were able to to get ahold of the orchid society and they'll be there and that's you know just another addition on the the flower pot but it. Dom and all that naked. Look about the dog part. Barking dog parks. Well also all calls pets senator is going to be in expo hall and it's very cool because their partners with the Wichita animal actually and we'll have lots of adaptable animals that are on site during the day you went too darn sure when you came home with a dog pull goes about a little out of yards and a dot net so let's try it just and I are doing. So yeah you'll be able to see adaptable animals and that's something else it's good to have fun when and then another new addition we've got the shocker parties down because those are things you have in Missouri valley campground happening out so. We've got an area to watch the game -- billiards and spas has got a really cool hoop shoot that's there DirecTV is providing our access to the games so it's very cool through net Gregory if I'm wrong which I know you guys certainly wouldn't do it all the time that is I believe if if you find a dog that you want to adopt and I think he also give it some cool stuff from all floss yell all plus there aren't there handing out free samples all weekend line from one of their partners an extra source so if you already have an camel home you know you might get a little little goody bag and go into your dodgy but few adoptive adopted daughter I think you get a coupon for a big backers of the from the store anyway something like that so that's a big Caribbean. David and Paula Rudolph taunts as soon they're great guys to work with them you know looking forward it's been in the wrist or we can here with absolutely okay so what's cool Tony they'll gardens really cool that gardens. Brother. Five years I've watched him groom and groom. And as Patrick our web master and and nick you will save for their showed the show is growing. Scenic landscapes on the map they're supposed to be about between by thirty stick out ten feet here. Last night I was doing some some math and realize that what they have built for us is forty feet by seven defeat its them that's the biggest water display that marked. More as ever built force and as honest absolutely. Spectacular you got to see yet let's see the beauty that comes popping out a longs in the middle and metal are pro escapes. As so I am new image there'll there check out professional in the connecting lobbying and we got tighten over in the other room it's it's just sweep the gardens are big they're beautiful of that lit up. Okay that and again I can't wait to go down and see the finished jobs and the guys have been working all week down there. Lending get together yesterday and so I'm looking forward to hop and then there today okay what's practical what's one of the most practical things at the show. You know one of our new vendors that I'm really into it sold for Perez they're coming with renewable energy options and I think that's something that's. Cup finally attainable for homeowners and so they can explain to you how to actually incorporate. And buying solar panels for your own home and how that works that's really cool what are some of the other. You know I was trying to think of the best answer to the word practice you know highlights. Or stevens' home products to they have like sometimes you just sit on the citing her home and practical as soon would do you shop opened for are you come in for hot tubs are you do you need a new flag pole in your backyard hot spa pool do you want to in ground pool do you want just the day he won't windows I mean it's a what's practical to me is what these guys here for. My girls room doing them by thousands of plants that's what extract a. OK you know a lot of things I'm excited to seek in it to me visceral practical is that forever lawn doubt they were there last year get back again this year as a really cool like core I lived you know my neighbors caller. Like they have these perfect man in line is I think it. But wouldn't be great to get the forever blond guy out there and and then he'll ever have mountains is always perfect and looks great all year long and that's not rational cash I don't know what it. As the yen for upper line this hear me that's the really cool putting green right up front 8 PM is so that now will be sending interest and and there's speaking of practicality that we have another new vendor and called blaze tower. They you can find right by the Barbeque staged. It is so cool at this tower that it's like a fire pit that you can look out the top and turning into a small grill. Tim yes so it's like a real utility item. Then be at practice. For sure Lou let me take you on further on the word blaze. So our abilities over pros gave gave us a 25 foot on them blaze maple that will be given away tomorrow night after the show. I'll come I register at the bases there you go. Now bright and out and Arlen. Just very you know if it did may not failure yards on your aunt and be honest trapped after a liar and long now now can. Tell your living room. All right so someone's going there to make purchases for the Walton son though they can they have some grills to use of that like this year will be looking for grills plans are always on special students men's us. There they have a lot of really I that's like when in my favor booths along with trees escapes those are two places that have really cute retail stuff that you can pick out. It's just amazing to me all the creativity you know like I've got to look at the new image but it is our our Iranian relative countries gage David Martins. I say just do such amazing in ways very nice beautiful dance and you know my sister just recently purchased a home and I brought her to show. And yeah it's like. She said well. I'm surprised because I looked all over the Internet but I've never seen stamped concrete like this or this kind of flower or the wave that. They arranged these rocks because it's like you think that you're gonna see this stuff on pins stressed. But to see these guys. Doing the best stuff that they learned this year probably news ideas out of their brilliant artist like they really are. Markets CNET we'll take it chainsaw. And free hand to. Up from its guardian it's carries a privilege it's worth just being. And she said new stuff check out meadow lark just when you're down there you're gonna see all of the gardens together and you recognize them by their style but. Meadow lark is just one of their creativity and it's like wow this is new I've never seen this type of patio floor before I've never seen this type of rock wall before and it's fun to go to a show that we worked on to shop at our own showed a look around it's like well this stuff does what here last year oats brand new for Tony seventeen. A brand spanking new we're talking with Brad horning in Nikki rash it's is 2017. Outdoor living in landscape show is gone on all weekend long down at century to in the expo hall and the convention center and ARRIS today are 9 AM to 7 PM so you got all day and then tomorrow it's eleven to five. And say wanna be sure and check that out if somebody just wants to go down for fun can park right by the door and they were some park well. Kind of funny tuchman just a good time ride him his luck around they have cocktails of that your thing you can. Literally it'll take you about 45 minutes to an hour to walk through all of the gardens because some of you stroll through some on you might weighed in little line of the traffic flow and give whatever. But to you to navigate your way all through next into the convention center in the convention Hong connecting loving it's in the skeleton a couple of drinks that. But breath and right like you can. There there's a bar there's the shocker party area. When all things Barbeque they're doing those three. Demos that day cooking demos and see just hang out watch cooking demo all they're doing samples of everything maker Roxio gets a trial and they make them yeah I am now parking if you can't find a spot which I never can and turn a century to on the parking ticket queen. You can go overt to Lawrence Dumont and plus on a jury I'm not kidding she's human and why it. I really do think they're free shuttle is the way to go because you can just hop mine they'll drop you off right at the front door in the come around all the time so you know to worry about getting parking ticket and. I think 27 parking tickets on average per year is some notes aren't you think Disneyland also like you know arguments in the parking lot about the whole another shower or play gadgets park Il or consume our thoughts about still time freed up in the current head down we got all day today you wanna be sure and register to win the 2017. Backyard make over your stand in his kitchen and your look around the backyard everything allowing music. We need to make this place looked in misses a place to go sign up today that make over going to be like 8500 bucks so. Brad and Nikki thank you for being here thanks John with the 2017. Outdoor living and landscapes show be sure and check it out this weekend Dallas entreaties that concludes our show for today thank you for listening.

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