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Wichita Means Business 3/04/17 B

Mar 10, 2017|

Jeff Morris with Human Resources at KOCH Industries

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you for listening to a stop means business and joining us again this Saturday morning for our second segment right now on the studio we have a gentleman in the house that's going to be talking to us about Coke industries his name is Jeff Morrison. Just forks in the human resource department our belief Jeff thanks for being here thank you glad to be here to morning you can check out the website for Coke act cope careers dot com and so if you're looking for a job today or maybe have a family member or our son or daughter grandson or somebody that's looking for a great job. We're gonna provide some valuable information here for you today then you might wanna check out our pass on to them Coke industries disguise their bodies pretty familiar I think with the big code name and and all the stuff they do out there they've been doing business and all fifty states and also in sixty countries is that still true that is correct he up over a 100000 employees globally. Yeah and actually now we we with the addition of guardian over 120000 employees now worldwide. While how many in the United States then probably close to 70000. He's just listening yup and then over 3600 of which tolerant yeah it's hard to tell usually I like to say around 3500 but depending upon if you catch just during an intern timer caught time during the summer we can sway you know backing for. On -- things I wanted to talk about at the end of we have some extra time to do so but it's really interesting to me that Coke always hires in terms every summer and they -- select those I believe by September ourselves for the upcoming year crying and so people apply for those positions and then a lot of the interns who work multiple years farther in college that's right and some of the interns actually end up with a great job account cannot be an intern prime. Yes many do it is interesting so the environment at the university setting his very competitive now and so in the fall semester really as soon as students give back on campus in August firms are going to campus meeting with students career fairs occur in that early fall semester while in so like many of the firms we compete with were on campus at universities throughout the country talking to students and interviewing. And we actually wrap up our summer intern ship interviews and offers usually in the fall semester proceeding the next summer so yeah we have a summer intern class this year here for which you saw that was filled really by Thanksgiving of a last year. File that's outstanding addition be so much fun and so incredible to be able to be in school. In the fall another next summer bigotry in turning out a coat and that heat got a really good shot and maybe land and a job out there when you're down the absolutely tells a little bit about yourself and I know you've been a coach for awhile give us a little. Background sure and sure no happy too so I am a native Kansan I grew up in Salina went to Kansas State University actually interviewed on campus as part of the campus recruiting process along time ago hopefully and diabetic Coke for about twenty years so started with him out of college had the opportunity to move to Ohio in a sales role and move back to Wichita and at this time it was called the development group and our market based management capability we're reducing employee training and then from that moved into more of an HR role and I'm currently the director of talent acquisition which is code name for recruiting. They had it coach here in the corporate office. All right say you know all of that gone to these colleges right and yes body set after now since you've been there twenty years why you've probably seen a hundred changes are tents right yes lot of development lot of these things has that been an exciting and interesting progression for you. Beyond no Coke Coke has been for me a wonderful place I love the people I work with interact with I always say that I'm blessed to be surrounded by what I think are some of the best and brightest people that's internally. Are our own employees but also the customers we work with and at the university level the campuses that we go to and it's it's a wonderful place. I've always been intrigued about the culture out of Coke and factor in maverick come all the books that that have been written and and just really interest in the steps that you guys take that kind of takes to develop their staff and find them in the right place can you speak to that little bit here this morning. One of the things we talked about it coat is we wanna select first on values and by that we mean we we really want to try to determine. Does that candidates. Values. Align with our guiding principle so things like integrity humility. An appearance to compliance. I'm respect treating people with dignity and horseback to focus on others value creation. Those are all part of our culture is so as we screen candidates those are things actually that we look at first as opposed to may be requisite skills. Or or what some might refer to his job qualifications. So our culture for like a better word the way we think and act and interact is really important to us. It seems like you set up a purposeful structure where everybody has a key in an important role that is hiding about it yes. So we refer to something called comparative advantage. Which is a tricky concept but the idea I I find it helpful to think about it in terms of sports the idea behind that he is on a team of people everybody has different skills and different gifts one person may be good at several things may be the best at several things but because you're working on a team that one individual can't do everything so the idea is even though somebody may not be the best at something in the team's sending it may be there the right person to perform a task based on the make up of the team so we're always changing. What we refer to as our responsibilities. Are roles based on the make up of the team were on the employees we have working with us and and yes to the goal is always maximize the total contribution by a allowing each individual part to do what they do best in that hole relative to the whole team responsibility. That sounds like a great intriguing topic and I know that probably alarm companies would say that and the state that that's what they do but it honestly you know being honest in most places that he is it doesn't happen and as significant level be and zone it's cool to see somebody who's really working that in place it's. It's difficult and I would say we we are not perfect certainly we try to do it as best we can buy yachts it's very important what are some of the things you might say you think employees like the best Coke while they what I like about I think our employees like so Coke we we talk about being principle based verses policy driven so so with that we wanna have a say in over -- set of principles that govern the way we think enact and interact and and there are things that I mentioned things like integrity humility treating people with dignity and respect a focus on value creation so broad principles and then within that framework the ideal is you you give people responsibility. Generally but then allow them the freedom to identify how they can best making contributions so there is a high degree of autonomy and I'll call it freedom individual liberty to go in and explore and experiment and try to make things better but again within a broad framework and I'm if you're wired that way it's it's a great place really exciting. So you give people a chance to go out and make something happen and even make a mistake if they need to you're absolutely yeah that's how we learn right in archer or taco Jeff. Morris and he's in the human resources department Alan Coke industries because check them out online right now he'd like to follow along echoed careers dot com KO CH careers dot com great place to go look in fact they have a huge and very attractive web site in addition general how many jobs you think Gergen Republican to fill here on this webpage any idea who else. It's it's hard to say so. So it depends on if you're talking about in Wichita are globally I would estimate that globally we probably have two or 3000 openings while. But again if if you think about the size of of cope with. More than 520000. People globally just with normal attrition sir we're we're always gonna have openings and number he out and so that be in my global last met. That ran out and I'm on the web site where it says were challenged meets opportunity analyst and a slogan and really more than just a slogan economy mantra I guess what's been happening at a coach industries for a long time there but. I guess it in itself is Israel inspiring to think that you can actually find a job we're challenged meets opportunity and you have a chance like what you just described to go out develop your area and not and worry team matches some that didn't end up perfectly but it'd be a good start to making things happen. The the we we would say there's always opportunity to make things better and usually the the leader may or may not have the best knowledge on how to do that and so it's upset every employee to really purpose themselves to to make a contribution and to try to identify how can we make it better and I invest right challenge meets opportunity. That's just refreshing I think walk us through some of that process that people would go through as a candidate for a position how does that work when league do you yeah some nuts and bolts on how that takes place sure so. Pop part of it is. Automated online right so for consideration of a job and coat typically someone will complete an online application you have to rip. You know apply or expressed interest through an application and typically that's done online and from that point we have internal recruiters -- -- that wounded begin the process of evaluating our matching position requirements with candidates skill sets and then oftentimes will conduct a telephone interview -- phone screen where a recruiter or summon an HR would call a candidate have a conversation much like this for thirty or forty minutes and then from that would determine does that make sense to invite somebody on site for face to face interview typically when we conduct face to face injuries we do it in groups of three to five interview so candidate Mike Communists speak with three or five individuals during a day could be half day Indian from those face to face interviews will make a determination about whether we would offer a permanent employment option or not. And I don't mean to be redundant here about are there maybe some key things should look for when your inner being a Canada and then what can a candidate do to make themselves irresistible. I said jobs are so scared out of Kodiak valley have tons of people applying all the time and so how can somebody calls himself to be a stand out there really gets a lot. Yeah I know that's -- that's a great question and actually if you were to look at our hiring numbers vs the number of people and apply it ends up being quite low and we do have a lot of people that apply so it's highly competitive but I don't know what what I would instruct people I guess to do is is number 11 and foremost be themselves right and I always coach people -- you don't wanna go into a situation where your sort of pretending to be something your not in find yourself -- -- organization where now you're not happy new organization isn't happy because you've kind of tried to fool everybody but but then I would go back to the things I said you know we're gonna focus first on values and so the things we look for a candidate are things like humility integrity. We refer to intellectual honesty so it's really not expecting someone to stare at their shoes you know awe shucks kind of humility but it's more be confident in what you know but also be intellectually honest enough to admit what you don't know and realize that we need to seek out other input I don't have the answer to this. Yeah how we we. Refer to are interviewing approach which isn't unique as is behavioral based so the idea is you try to probe a candidates past behaviors examples. Of situations they've been and how they've performed as specific as possible with the idea being that. Past behavior would be a predictor of future behavior and then from that it's certainly not an exact science sheet you try to glean. As I said first and foremost are they a fit with the guiding principles the values we have an end secondarily. But also very important do they have the knowledge and skills of the requisite job requirements actually perform the work. Unless you're timely Jeff Morris he's in the human resources department out of Coke industries. We're so glad to have him come in today and be a part of this so. If you have a family member or somebody you know or maybe even yourself if he'd like to. Have a opportunity to visit with the folks out Coke industries they have definitely have a great website where he can get things started and I'm sure there's some people that they can call and speak to our involve themselves with. Jeff any advice you'd give some money who's really interested in in being a part of the family out code. The I give you some practical advice so what one thing I always tell candidates to do is first of all you have to apply. Right but her but only apply for positions that you actually meet the qualifications for and sometimes we'll have folks. That maybe think I don't meet all the requirements but but I can learn and that may be true bit. Again and competitive environment we're gonna look at those candidates that meet the basic skill sets for so. I would say first and foremost. Look at the website. Our jobs changed literally daily. Apply for the positions that you meet the the skill sets required and you have interest in. And in the other thing practically as we have a little spot on the website where we caught a talent community. More you can. They give us your name your email address you opt in if you will. For what we call otter notification. So maybe there's not a role on their today that fits with what your interest event. But if you say hey here's my name my email and you you're okay to it to send me notification of something pops open in an area that I am interest again will do that assist system generated email is rolls come on. If you've expressed interest in something like accounting or finance rates are in a new position comes on he's given a stream L. You'll get an on an auto notification on that. OK there you have it it's Jeff Morse with the human resources department and Coke industries if you're looking for our great job today. This would be a good company for new contact and investigate just thank you so much for being in the studio today I'll glad to be here thank you for having me.

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