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3/9/17-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Mar 10, 2017|

Paul Ryan is way off on RINOcare and not answering any important questions. How much will the average premium or deduction go up or down? How much will the federal government be spending on subsidies for certain individuals? Where is it written that Ryan or President Trump can tell us what kind of ...

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He's here. Oh. Literally underground. He from the bowels of a hidden. So when it comes to a brick and steel when nondescript building. We once again make contact without lead to better. Hello everybody mark the end there are number 877381. 3811877381. 3811. And what can be here let's let's play well again. Let's play a little game. I went to be here Paul Ryan today. Very nice man and way off on us. On rhino care. That is repeal. In name only a Republican in name only it's repeal in name only Ryan okay. Now bear let me I mean I have to listen to this to some of these cuts on par right now have a number of questions they ask is so listen very very carefully. This is a game this is gonna be fun. Not one go so only the people must have health insurance to older sicker persons buying it. It's cranking up the cost of the insurance so fast that the premiums are to spiraling out of control and insurers are losing so much more than there is pulling out of the marketplace. That's called the death spiral it is literally an actuarial firm mathematical collapse of the insurance markets that's what America is facing today. If we simply did nothing. Just washed our hands of it if we in the majority party said you know what the Democrats give us obamacare fled only with that the collateral damage in this country would be awful. More and more people would seek even higher premium increases and 2018. More and more people would see zero choices. We can't do that. Okay. Has anybody saying we should do that. I thought it was repeal and replace. So that's a straw man cut to go. Our goal is huge choice in competition. Not government coercion and mandates. So. Here's what we've proposed. Here is the American health care act the bill that is moving through the committee process through regular order today the bill that's gonna take three weeks just to move to the house because we are following regular order. Lower costs. More choices not less. Patients in control. Universal access to care. It's moving through regular order of what 3 in the morning they passed it out of the I Gator commerce committee. I don't know I wasn't up much that we you folks carries his lower costs more choices not less. Patients in control universal access. To care. Okay sounds good what does that mean. Lower costs what does that mean. More choices what does that mean. Patients in control what does that mean. Universal access to care. What does that mean. Cut three go here's how they work and here's how our system would work. We wouldn't directly support the people with preexisting conditions let me give you a sense of this for 1% of the people. In these markets dried when he tried 3% of the cost. 1% of people. In the individual publishers market dried 23% of the costs higher let's stop the seat is change that not 1% in all cases it's 1% of the individual market. Somebody out there buying care for an individual or family. Drive 23% of the costs go ahead. So reassures program isn't covered more than just the 1% to cover the people of high health care costs. So by having state innovation fund to go to the states. To set up these reinsurance let's stop right there he's doing he's rambling along here they wanna throw a hundred billion dollars to the states. Which won't be nearly enough. To cover the cost drivers equals. This is a trillion dollar bill. So that doesn't add up. Directly. Subsidize the people who have preexisting conditions direct support. For the people appraisers in conditions so that everybody else has cheaper health insurance now let's stop there. Everybody else has cheaper health insurance because of direct support for people with preexisting conditions to questions what was painfully. The tax subsidy AK welfare and replace them. If somebody waits and waits and waits than they get terribly ill and then they say I want insurance that's a preexisting condition you have to ensure them right. Who's paying for that that's not actuary early sound. He says full pay for them directly how so. I'm just curious. The federal taxpayer you you're gonna pay for it directly comes out of one pocket and the other. Does this graded disincentive for people who conduct themselves that way. And I'm asking now why they'll be a 30%. Penalty. 30% finally so let's say I don't have health insurance for ten years that I get. Heart disease or have a heart attack. Now I want insurance. By the insurance company has to sign up but can you sign up and you get a 30% penalty okay. Yahoo!'s paid for this guy. You and I paid for this. Yes and paid into the pool so it's not actual early sound what is this. Non insurance. He said before it's like. Yeah house brands Downey go to state farm and say all right I want to fire insurance from my house of Willie has Brenda exactly. Or if you have a car accident you get Allstate is say you know lack. I want insurance on my card. But he already had an accident exactly. It's a preexisting condition. Or how about this one. My great grandfather passed away I want life insurance will now we already died it's a pre existing debt exactly. Says. I had what you do when he did this is. The individual market the people who don't have pre existing conditions that much more stable crisis. IC. And what kind of stable prices are we talking about. We never hear. We get into that in a minute. All this fluff. What they're doing it's as throwing enough things against the wall which sounds good pain that sounds good. Let me see if I understand this lower cost more choices not less patience and control universal access to care. The individual markets are insurance will be cheaper. Because of preexisting conditions they'll be paid directly and here it. What else. Pat forego. Every budget we have had as Republicans were I was budget chair. Riding my road map sort of I don't know what you're budget chair senator. The debt in the country went through the roof. You. Boehner. McConnell. And Obama. It's not something I would brag about. Percent. I had one of our Republican so everybody has said let's get Medicaid control back to the states. In an honor no actually what I have said is. You better get this Medicaid and controller it's gonna sink the whole country. It's a shared. Program Medicaid. And what's happening Israel governors who went as much federal monies as possible and local control while that's just wonderful. That's not federalism mr. speaker that's not republicanism mr. speaker that's a joke. Federal taxpayers subsidizing governors and states. In the governor's saying I wanna make the decisions he is it okay that's federalism. I that's not federalism all right conference. That's insanity. I had. Federalism. Give the states and governors the freedom the flexibility. To customize the care for their. Low income populations how they think he needs to occur about customized to care for some of us who aren't low income but the vast majority the American people. Haven't you start focusing on the people who carry the weight in this country and pay the bills. Let's say just went up by. Care that covers certain things. I emergence. I devastating situations can I get that under the app. Under the rhino care now I can't. Anyway go ahead. Problems in Wisconsin are a whole lot different. And the problems they have a New York or Nevada or Utah or California. So we proposed. More efficient spending. Anchoring the spending on Medicaid to something that is sustainable so doesn't go bankrupt now this is. Ball. You're gonna let it wide open touch one each one. And so these wonderful Republican governors who have already embraced Obama care Medicaid. One now on race Ryan don't care Medicaid. Put as many of their citizens on it is my spot in continue to demand federal subsidies for Medicaid but don't worry ladies and gentlemen. They governors in the state legislatures will decide. How Medicaid should be run you just get a pay for so what he doesn't say is that people in New York. You pay for Medicaid in Utah the people and you taught you pay for Medicaid and fly to the people of Florida you pay for Medicaid in California. And we just have money raining down. But don't Larry because the states look at the set up their own systems. I had. We have a safety net for the most normal give local control to our states we have a safety net for the most honorable what's called Medicaid. It takes about 25 cents out of every dollar out of a state budget. The most vulnerable right now are the people work Aaron at the white men afraid. The American people the middle class the upper middle class how much market it. And here's my question mr. Ryan. Mr. President. Mr. previous. Mr. pence. How much will the average American premiums go up or down. Now my actually average Americans. Deduction go up or down let's talk breast tax plain English. Now. How much. What the federal government be spending. Next year the year after and the year after that. Subsidizing. This group or that group. And I see that doctor that I wanna see. Under rhino here. And I go to the hospital I need to go to under rhino there. Well I get this he's a specialists that I need to see. Under ride out there. All these platitudes and I don't see any actual numbers and affect actual human beings have you noticed that. Have you noticed that. So while our policy because still upper deck I keep hearing them saying it's very dangerous politically in the president is falling into this president trying to. We're gonna cut costs we're gonna cut the policies were gonna cut premiums it's gonna be the greatest thing ever salt they damn well better hope so. Because they keep pushing that it's getting better and better by the day right OK have you noticed. It's conservative it's federalism where slashing spending have my hat whenever it's an event like this and I'm thinking. Government government government did you hear Ryan. Sensitive bureaucrat. Well we're gonna give this to the states and will do this for the for the winner take Medicaid of it and put it over here and we're gonna do this and then. The low people we're gonna have a tax credits and an impact trade them or subsidize Hubble can detect it. And yet yet and that we're gonna have over here we're gonna have these managed carefully here and waited this. You can't follow a damn thing adjustments. Let's get down to brass tax. So the American people can understand the basics. Number one how much we'll premiums go up or down in the first you're second unitary your point here we want to hold it to. Number it too did options up or down how much purchased second unit there at airport on average palace. You don't know. If you ought not be proposing this. How much the federal taxpayer pay how much more adept will this create a trillion. How much over five years how much of a three year we'd like to know. And we see that doctors we wanna say. Can we get the medicines we need to get. Can we see the specialist we need to thing. I'm usually doesn't tell you lost them. The major pillars of obamacare stay. The preexisting conditions he just told you about. You know there's something immoral about that. I can understand certain circumstances. Under pre existing conditions but there's something hardly tomorrow when people get very very ill. And right up to that time they haven't even spent a penny. On health care. And on the door swings wide open. And dragged down the entire system yours mine. People who are responsible. And why should somebody. Up to the age of 26 the on your family insurance play as matter of fact. If you try to take that get off your plan it's almost impossible to find a separate plan because they Italian nun and of the kid stays on your plant but I don't want my one and I don't give stays on your plant. It's the wrong kind of incentive. Let me restate that. If you have a son or daughter who's 2425. Whenever. There are not 3456. Years all. They're young adults. They're young adults. Wait this magic number 26 come front. And here's the other thing ladies and gentlemen. Mr. speaker. It's not about government. Which government gets to do what. About the individual. In the family but we get it. Eight used to date many many years ago. That you could buy all kinds of customized insurance. The cover your actual neat. You're actually. Chicken by limited types of insurance. To buy catastrophic care insurance those sorts of things. These are things you can't do anymore. Young people I told you before when you went to college he used to be able to get a an insurance plan and typically the college doctors they had doctors and nurses and so forth great doctor and nurses and so. 23400 dollars a semester for basic care. That was outlawed the doesn't even come back. Now. Knew I didn't know the system we need a young a pot. Why do you think you're gonna get a freebie. But I want to say that I like that I had a only sounded as though other Logitech afraid eight. What it actually thirty. Present. This as as backwards. In races progressive as some embraces central us and all the talk of the country's BS. The Republicans are Blount and they've blown it big time. And now the president is still I'll be right back. Our. Program. And and. It wouldn't. Yeah. We have seen genius known as Kevin McCarthy beat up. Again that was in line to be speaker committees is dumb as a door knobs that let them as majority leader no offense. With all due respect. Cut five go. The president supports this plan is working for this plan I think everybody should get on board this is one of three faces become all we got. Three phases ladies and gentlemen what's in phase two and what's in place. I don't know. Got all kinds of phases going on here. And just jump on board folks look. Everybody needs to jump on board trump supports it Bryant supports it the Republicans of let's jump on board generally do. All of more. You know I hate being treated like this you know it's our healthcare system. And we've lost control. You know or you could pick all your culture American citizens leave eleven or for. Country get the pick fish fish yesterday it well I don't want this this this or this. While value pick a lot of them and if you don't any you don't have when I'm 63 days out of the year we're gonna punch you and we're gonna punish you if you buy new insurance. Let's all get out Bart what do you say. I'll be right back. Mark love Jen. And on a apologetic. And other apologetic. Constitutional. Us. You can reach them 87738103811. Now. This very strange I touched on this yesterday. The establishment. And the president. The establishment in the president once again against the conservatives. This is why tell you over and over and over again. Things ultimately come down to principles and values beliefs. Ultimately that's what they come down to. When you are processing something like this Tracy digested processing it. You run and a three year Ukrainian you're thinking OK well why why can't hide the individual do this why can't hide the individual do this for and with my family. Why do I have to listen to politician Payer bureaucrat would be. Why did he keep talking about people other than me pre existing conditions the war. If you can't afford this side or the other I work hard I contribute to insurance either directly or through my employer. Money that might otherwise come to me that's a benefit that I that I work front I earned. I get up every morning and go to work I come back every evening I spent time in my family depending of course on the time today that you work. At the little money away I try to take care you know from my kids gone to college you're. Little way for vacation a little way for an investment and so forth the people keep Tony what kind of insurance I combined prominent. Well. I'm an adult. Why can't I decide what kind of insurance I wanna decide what kind of homeowners insurance side by. I decide what kind of automobile insurance side by. I decide whether or not I'd buy life insurance and make all these decisions all the time. Why can't I make this kind of decision about healthcare which on a day to day basis is even much more important. Where is it written that Paul Ryan. And Donald Trump. And that Kevin McCarthy. That they get the Tommy what kind of health insurance hike in hand. And I'm supposed to be all excited now that state governors are gonna get a crap load of money from the feds. And that's federalism because now they're gonna use federal money to make local decision that's not federalism. Let me help Paul Ryan on this in the rest federalism is that certain decisions are made. At different levels of government and most decisions are supposed to be made. At the state or local level of government. Even there. I don't well I county commissioners my City Council might mayor I chief executive in my community deciding what kind of health care I can have. I don't want my governor and then not our heads in the state legislature making those decisions either I can understand some general parameters. To ensure these are fly by night rip off operations I got it. What ever happened to the liberal canard where they said stay out of the bedroom does this sound like the government staying out of the bedroom ladies and gentlemen. There in the bedroom there in the bathroom and hospital around there that not newsroom there at your medicine cabinet everywhere. Warrant. To control costs now that's a Lampard. Over 200 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities two bloody trillion dollars in fiscal operating debt. And they wanted to run healthcare to control costs. They can't control themselves. And then we get caught up in these debates we get caught the weeds at. You know they they bring up their track and it ain't and then we're gonna motivated this one decides that says winds at about meet I want to decide what I want. I don't want these clients want a different plane. I did what to different plan. And haven't why. I tell you why not. Because majority. I'm not the primary reason for all of. Let's. This is about an ideological. Agenda. And the Republicans have played right into it. Mr. producer used to have mr. Irwin is a man his name. We're gonna get it and we're gonna play after the break. One of the man's what is it. OK Donald prayer like one of the masterminds. In developing Obama care. And I'm gonna play it again when he explains ten years ago. In Britain. Ladies and gentlemen this is about redistributing wealth. And what you hear Paul Ryan and watch what this charts it's all about redistributing well. And we take care of the twenty million over and yet I don't we take yet. People start taking care of themselves and if you really really have sad case is okay. But this is all we ever hear about. You know if you're 2420 I think did get the stay on your plan why. I may assist my son and daughter are buying their own play about why they Stengel might plan. Let that become the ad golden calf. I don't know. And so all these pillars and Obama can't put in place now the third row you can't touch. I can't touch. It's like to debate about immigration we never talk about the American citizen. It's always about the war illegal alien. And they are dreamers and the this and that what about us and our kids are dreamers don't I you don't. Talking about health care we keep talking about 10% of the American people. What I did percent of the American people all don't Larry. This is conservative it's Republican it's federalism accent now it's not. You read my face. Your MySpace that's not conservatism. And it and it always it's the conservatives. Who have to be controlled. It's the conservatives. Who have to be brought along beaten into the ground until they surrender. Not the liberals. Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. Not the liberals among the Republicans at my house for some reason they always liked what leadership presents. Why is that. It's because the Republican Party despite the propaganda about federalism conservative. Is not. It's none of those things. It's a progressive lite party let me repeat that so the back interest can repeat it it is a progressive lite party. Look at Mike Pence twisting himself inside out. Mike Pence is one of the great cheerleaders for this Mike Pence is gonna fly all over the country. To talk about this to promote this shame on him. While Markey asked to do with the president says. He doesn't have to do it this way. You know many years ago. There was a president who went by the name of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Hit a vice president one time. John Nance Garner. Franklin Roosevelt wanted to pack the Supreme Court he wanted to add the court's nine justices he wanted to add five more because he was sick and tired of the Supreme Court. Shooting down his socialist. Constitution violated policies. So he sought the pack the court. You know what that. Former speaker of the house that. Which. Because the house. He fought it. The Democrats control everything. They said no we're not gonna go along with this. They fought. The Democrats fight for what they believe it. Republicans don't believe in anything anymore ladies and gentlemen they just stop. Donald Trump has done many many good things but when it comes to health care. He's just following their lead. And they're using him. You heard a carts. Out crowd supports us now in this inside outside game withdrew its previous his chief of staff and and Paul Ryan as speaker of the house you mean you're watching it unfold for any offense all kinds of stuff going on behind the saint. And in the shadows. To push this thing along. And let's take a couple of calls here. They had us go to and of course my computer screen earlier it's back and say just pop. JoAnne we're also keep taxes that make WBA he dealt. Mark I am. Furious right now I am beyond furious I'm one of those people who hate my hat network up and working no teenager. A campaign alive and Sharon having pain or helping Sharon. And with the Obama care I feel like because my insurance the way and get it somebody else. I can't see the doctors I want the ankle did the doctor. That I need to teach. I have not even use my vision of things are. List you must be absolutely heartless you know all these people that can't kick coverage for preexisting conditions all these children AKA young adults and their parents plans. So forth since adoption support. These things. Well this is insurance right but what are you talking about this is called insurance now it's either insurance or it's not that your. Any minute mind you I've been with the company for over ten years twelve years. And they would giving me and painful mind sharing because. That kind of company was when obamacare that pack now. My premiums have gone I can't see the doctor that I want now my company. Has. I understand what obamacare is done here's my question if I may ask you join in all this debate. How much of which is incredibly superficial. Have you heard one of these Republican leaders in the house one of the Republican leaders in the senate. Our president explained to you exactly what's gonna happen your premium. No man. I'm not on that why is that. You're probably what I wanna know what's gonna happen to our premiums what's gonna happen to our deductibles will we get to see the doctors and I tried. You know if they can do all these things for you and me like they say they can happen they haven't done it for the veterans administration. They all of the veterans administration its wholly owned subsidiary. Of the federal government. They have monopoly control over every am pleased at. So probably talk that we don't have their karma. The veterans administration and it Wiki here Ryan with a start and everything it out as this well that's good and I don't let. They act like liberals don't like. This is just phase while we have two more bases and guess what if I don't work though pace or are they five it's not the what does that mean. I don't feel like I was only in the morning down Republicans why don't you don't want to say that because I feel like everybody let me down the Democrat to Republican. Everybody your principles stick with your beliefs stick with your values that but constitutional conservatism is all about and in the end of a win out. In the end people realized have been sold a bill of goods are right my friend I shall return. Open. Hours 3 am gonna read is something that I consider very compelling. And I found this morning. And night particularly loathsome individual. But we will. We will talk about what he's written in the third out I think you'll find it very compelling and the media you'll wanna pay attention to it that you. Did you know your phone use charging cord and also transmit data. Scanners do and they're hoping you'll plug into late compromised public charging port when you're at airports conference sinister parks. A new technique known as Jews attacking allows Steve to access personal data when you recharging device did you know this. Steer clear of public ports and carry your only USB battery pack for emergency power ups. 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Use the from a cold look then say get 10% off your life locked membership that's promo code LE ZI and to get 10% off there's a lifelike dot com life slot back comments save 10% right now or call 1800 life locked. Make she used my name London. Satan get that 10%. By the way as a side point there's an article about a burger flipping robot and it replaces humans on the first day of work. In the starting inning California. This is what happens. When you drive the cost of labor up so high. Would benefit after benefit after benefit. And a minimum wage in some instances it's fifteen dollars. For an entry level position often. If night usually for somebody who has young. Moving up the first run of a lack. Liberalism as destructive. It is destructive. Of out of human nature it is destructive of our. Of our system. Things that sounds so wonderful so forth. Typically are not. Doug Blair's town knew terribly serious satellite go. What cellmark or call yeah I got them thank me. There are guy craven he's being doctored or road course C. Pastry cough and a I don't do this. I I can't do third person hearsay I just don't. I'm not gonna do it. Mark Portland Oregon KUS now don't. Yeah why aren't Obama shear can just. I don't care or don't do it because what you're selling insurance or. Culture or G. And I hope the people that get hurt between insurance and warranty. No I don't go ahead quickly if you will. Warranty you keep your car we have hope Warrick all winds are not in that had been done that. He can be. Can't get more pain surely people weren't credited insurance. And that's why a small. And it's so hard because you repeat for all kind of different playing. That aren't part of insurance. And it looked like a picnic and a car where you treat or were in the UK or mechanical breakdowns oil changes to poorer. I like both pouring a cup all kinds of little small thing. That's what reward or. And that's you. You went the way this that's actually very good point thank you for your comment for a so there's many ways this can beat them there's no reason there should be insurance for every single. Doctor's visit. Every single. Medicine every single treatment or procedure. If they're relatively affordable there's no reason that everything needs to fall under that. And that's why I would like to be able to buy buy into a plan that doesn't do that but I can't. He can't. And so you have to pay these astronomical fees which don't even go to you they go to some strange. He don't know the person. You don't have they really are hardship case. Or they're just a a lazy SOB I don't know anything. They're all strangers that's how the system works. And that's what they want. More more money goes to the mob. You don't know where it's gonna go after goes to the mob and washed and they just keep Tanya how they're gonna make it. You know your life that ain't gonna be able to do this here when somebody says TO. We're gonna change this so you can do this and you could do this and you could do this site. Ivan idea yet out of my away and I'll decide when I'm gonna do. I understand some regulations. I understand some requirements for licensing I got it all the way way way beyond that. Mark Fort Lauderdale. Florida series satellite go. Thank you and they commit to being thank you for everything you do mister. Part of all because it is very frustrating to me almost a Democrat who voted for twelve I'll never vote Democrat again. I'm not a Republican I don't like these guys because their fortune hypocrites. What I don't believe what I'm seeing it mess over and Kuerten at some warm they're not just saw all the public but not only been conservatism. They're not. Trying to get privatization. That territory to. Create Maliki said let me ask you this mark why in the world. Would there be a subsidy in essence. Per family. Energy 290000. About. Can you tell me that. Recruited crazy. But because they want they want everyone to buy into that so everybody's going to be. But just buy into it they're gonna be conquered by. We'll never get out of this. That's the Republican plan by the way that I didn't see that on the Paul Ryan chart I'll be right back. He's here. Oh yeah. Normally underground. From the bowels of a hidden. Somewhere under the brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again make contact without leaving the. Hello everybody mark living here. 738138118773813811. What you listen. To a mad. And that that is playing in pro elaborate doors. District he is a libertarian conservative member of the house from Idaho. Who has raised some. Rational and strong objections to rhino care. Among others and I want you to listen to this ad go ahead mr. produce. Republicans American health care act vs Obama here and obamacare is full of Josh destroying mandates and new plan eliminates them. Obamacare puts bureaucrats in control. You can plan puts patients and doctors can charge obamacare stuff families with soaring premiums. Plan provides more choices. Had to replace obamacare. President pro. Which encompassed. While mad boil over Brent barked houses for the senate coached. The honeymoon is over is the headline speaker Paul Ryan targets his own Republicans not Democrats for that sun healthcare. House speaker Paul Ryan is openly targeting house Republicans with television ads. While conspicuously not hitting democratic members to try and browbeat them into supporting his health care legislation. The remarkable group remarkable development which a GOP leadership connected organization. Is now opening fire on the airwaves against Ryan's own members is ultimately one of the main tactics employed by Ryan's predecessor. Former house speaker John Boehner. One that was instrumental in forcing his resignation 2015 and it goes on. So who's funding this stuff. You know I guarantee you there's stuff in this rhino care bill. That was put there or remains there as a holdover from obamacare. Because lobbyists in Washington wanted to. This is so sleazy what's gone on right now. You see folks. You don't really need aid. Corporate guests. Lobbyists. To promote liberty. To promote. Market capitalism. To promote private property rights. To allow you to pretty much lived your life pretty much as you wish. You don't need lobbyists for that you don't need regulations for that you don't need politicians for that. This goes to the heart of the problem folks. If I told you. Several months ago that this is what would they be doing with respect to the Republicans who campaign time and again and again. On repeal. Many view what is sedar. Or does that cruise spot there he goes again now. Thank conspiracy theorist you know. So now the speaker of the and a house. And directing ads. On TV to pressure. Conservatives. In the house. Even think you've seen anything like this on right okay. Not for a lot of these politicians. Apparently in the White House inning congress. They just wanna win at all costs about winning another campaign this is how they. There on the hamster wheel they can't help you just keep running and running and running around. And this is what they're about we're gonna ran it through we're gonna get what we want we've. We've cobbled together with the lobbyists want what the liberals in the party won somewhere in there they are those damn conservatives who believe in liberty and individualism and and local decision making at the need to get the hell out of the way so we're gonna crash. But contact their friends of the wall street journal editorial page will contacts Olivia. Some of the radio talk show companies and why have them join us we know now are some of the hosts on TV will get a hold of them yeah yeah we'll all talk behind the scenes. We'll get their five or six talking points you don't hear over and over and over again the same problem. The same problem. Present United States is gonna fly around the country telling you it's the greatest thing since sliced bread when I'd be Great Britain. The greatest thing since glucose free slice Brett. Gluten free I guess. I'd ever play the regular stuff. Pretty remarkable to think. It takes carriage to be conservative it takes parent. In the east at times. He really does because you're not only fighting the left. The New York Times CNN. MS LSD. ABC news the rest of them you're not only fighting them I mean you week. But had to keep looking over your shoulder. Your own team. Theoretically your own team. I want to underscore something with really do what is the last time the Republican Party was effectively conservative part. Under Reagan right. As I mean it was perfect doesn't mean he's perfect. But it was the golden age of the Republican Party. He was a great president. Imperfections at all and no no perfect human than. So people can cherry pick it and and and people love to say you know is the most conservative administrations and train really. Well this is the most conservative house and senate we've had since you know we've had a houses and senate really howl. He got Mitch McConnell in their who's been in the senate over thirty years still hasn't learned how to talk. Mitch McConnell in there has announced anyway. One at put off peace pact that error. Would you do damned busy here what the hell they don't. She wears out there snake oil salesman. The oil dripping from his hand. Barry is outside. But take a homeless guy. Hammered away hammered away. Anti Pelosi. She's out there doing the same thing. And our guys are hammered away conservatives. Boehner attacked conservatives. Now Ryan's attacking considered. What do you mean and I am one well anyway shown. I know it can be very very frustrating. So we're gonna hear the the clip from Kevin McCarthy again. It's gonna cut five mr. producer ago. The president supports this plan is working for this plan I think everybody should get on board. This is 13 phases if you wanna see Obama carried places this is the best opportunity to do it if you wanna see a replacement that lowers the panhandle. Genius here's what I wanna see liberty. Choice. Affordability. It's a team put Obama side. These guys are in control now. You guys are in control. But he's Arnold Palmer's name around bad Trump's name around gut you want Obama. And not I don't want that. Trapped yeah I let you know we're gonna look a little beyond that. Mr. McCarthy. What was up its name that dummy puppet. McCarthy right. And an announcement. I guy ahead please. And actually gets greater quality of care this is the only option we have going gets greater amount that now this is interest. The other over soundness that gives greater equality if. Care how does this plane give greater quality of care. What this is planned to go to give greater quality of care. Quality. How was the federal government. The United States congress. Going to ensure greater quality of care. When they all the veterans administration lock stock and barrel. And they hit it short greater quality care at the Viet. There rhetoric as shuttle over the top. So it was somewhat. So child. It's just a ball. Ahead. You can repeal obamacare and think you've got to find sixty votes in the senate. That blame is going to be all upon us so and I hate how nobody history here but that's still a distant. Is this not one of the most important things in your life ladies and gentlemen your health care is this not one of the most important things. That they gonna be tampering went. Well then suspend the game filibuster. We don't need sixty votes with only need sixty votes because it's a senate rule says spend a damp alabaster raw. That we need 51 now he is though little dark secret they won't yet. They get if you want because then about a half a dozen liberals and they act like Obama can't. And I'm talking about Republicans. Like Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski. And I've been a number of others. Even if they had a simple majority rule which cut and ran it through this they can't Republicans at the United States sent. That's the truth but they ought to try. Unit trust. What's more important ladies and gentlemen your health care or the filibuster rule. What's more important ladies and gentlemen they help of your children in your grandchildren of the filibuster rule. What's more important ladies and gentlemen I prepping the damn country. Under another phony centralized government health care plan. The filibuster rule. I know what Harry Reid would. I don't have Barack Obama. Why isn't it and we fight when the fight for liberty is not as resolute among Republicans as the fight for tyranny among Democrats. It's the damp this thing. I'm starting to think they convinced themselves. Like a hostage situation the Republicans out there and capital they talked to each other they had each other in the back. They rally tether they cheerleader for each other. And any you know like high school and end up and then there and then the yet they conservatives I'm look at the marriage. They're not with the in crowd and then they sit in the corner of the cafeteria. Eat the peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'll be right back. On our program. Yeah. Yeah. On the break. And it's something that was extremely painful. No I didn't shut my footnote to a I was watching. Fox in the sky Sean Duffy who's a Republican from Wisconsin. Another one of these guys who talks it. He's not calling conservatives naysayers. We've been called Hobbits with being called humorists. We've been called now we're naysayers the naysayers in the party. So they got the talking points from the leadership so now you're naysayers. These are these are like Stalinist tactics. Polanski I tactics even more specifically we Republicans are using a links the I tactic you know and I'll see dead. Just like the Paul Ryan that. He said. These naysayers have a choice either vote for Obama care what Nancy Pelosi where they vote. For the American health care act with Donald Trump. Something very cynical is taking place right now the establishment has succeeded. In using Donald Trump to advance their agenda. And apparently the White House is OK with. And this is what happens when conservatism. Is abandoned. Now it's just about winning. Now it's just about saying I kept my promise we're gonna have the greatest this in the greatest that. The establishment is now throwing around Donald Trump's name. As the reason to vote for this. And conservatives are called naysayers of the millions of you and what should understand Sean Duffy in the rest of them. The millions of you have questions about this and serious concerns about this. Hear your concerns are genuine. You are a mainstay. You're a citizen ladies and gentlemen these people worked for Euro. This name calling crap in which they look down that you want to talk down a hill is unacceptable. I may say. You're the ones that go to the doctor's office and asked if not all the damn paperwork you went and had to get all the camera Farrell's. You're the winds are at the pay these massive dam deductibles. The winds left also applied insurance at the first place. And you're a nice Federer. Whitney Davis say Republicans. Or whether Obama. Tried but in this country at the twenty trillion dollars. It's ridiculous what's going on here and the idea. But this White House has fallen or is extremely troubling to me. Extremely troubling to me. The people who voted Republican. For the house for the senate for this president. Are being let down right now. Don't call conservatives naysayers start to pay attention to what we're saying. Let their freedom caucus participate in this process and I like the other way that they say hey we've been doing this for weeks that we're doing this for three Marwick. Where is Nancy Pelosi. And the Democrats operated an eight smoke filled room a marijuana smoke filled room no doubt. The Republicans are doing it openly in the pretending that it's participatory. They have their chairman a place and they are reminisced throughout. They're having hearings in the other night. They're reading this up for a packet expert doing we doing order regular water. Regular water looks like constipation in many. Well this is telling make sausages. Well this is why you make crap. Oh my goodness. All right. Let's take some calls. Mark. Wisconsin Rapids. That would. Where are you went where you I am in the central content area. Got the town cult Lewis constant rapids acts W asked do you go. Okay my thoughts are we had these policy and very you know volatile. Our health insurance and what good for us I say we are there employers or their or where they decide what they get to match also go there and Jim. But a level field at that point. While I'm glad you asked this question up pension and asking a question. The members of congress are not covered by Obama can't you know that right that your I don't think gonna be covered by rhino can. Not only here. Why shouldn't they covered by Ryan OK I've been hearing them the right has gone about the most magnificent health care system you know. Brought down by I Moses with the ten commandments so. My question is will the Republicans be covered. I write okay. Her own separate. Their wants. Larry thank you for your car. Ladies and gentlemen. It's Thursday. Last Thursday show. Listeners they show ignited a firestorm. Because I took the media reports. About the so called trump Russia Russia Tron connections. And I used trump broadly could be. Anything related to try. And I went through that. Meticulously. Present United States we needed apparently based on the part what I said he tweet it what he said. I'm not what I said. But it really doesn't matter. I called these tactics that the reports. Of the media but out. I called these tactics police state tactics because they are. The media almost as a group limited in reverse course. All of a sudden they're downplaying. The implications of what they reported. And what some of their colleagues report. And they went on the attack. And right wing rabid conspiracy here. I'm reading their stories there are headlines. I wanna pick up on this after the bottom of the hour. I'm gonna continue to expose these people. But. This here's liberty. I'm 11 half life remarks were very intro. Call him out third and 77481. Would create what wind not great night's sleep can help give a great. Day. And analyze agree to it because I sleep on the Casper mattress. 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Go to Casper dot com make she used my name code mark so you get fifty bucks towards the purchase of your matches and other like the already very well priced. That's Casper dot com code mark. Get fifty dollars puts the purchase of your mattress Casper dot com terms and conditions apply parent. When he get into this piece I can find it mr. producer. I don't know that I can relate to hold on everybody. Thinks they commingled I think and mixed up the few articles here. You know what I'm gonna wake them till I can find it so I don't be in the the third hour when. All right one more look. It's not coming fast and our let me take some calls on the you know on the predicates on the issues and I've already laid out forty of. I'm Raleigh, North Carolina on the mark than that though. Mark thank you for taking my call. The question a little different than just the issue behind. But Helton shorts and that's your take on what you think the pricing or how long it's gonna take the pricing. To report back to pre Obama levels. And the reason I ask is before obamacare with a major before health care affordable my wife and I were paying 4600 dollars a year. Now it's 171400. Dollars a year she's if we get it straight repeal. Now with your placed strict repeal. How long do you think it takes before we get normal prices back into the system again. It beats me I don't know. You know why nobody's ever gonna announce. They're all back. We're never gonna get back to a normal situation plus you know at their fallback position is constantly. When you press them on appoints will look at that at face to her face for yup that's there out. Well you know what they're out this you know I wrote about this in America Toby about utopian state it's in the first chapter and I said it was their planes don't work the going to than explain. In effect plan doesn't work they gonna then explain. This is this is sub par for the course they're pinning by the numbers here which is we're doing their slack it's a good start and have faced to a phase three what's the problem. The problem is it's not a good start they're going in the wrong direction. Well I think it also demonstrates his seriousness of obamacare to begin with and that even if you chop the head off of it. He's still a couple so many chemicals embedded everywhere you can never revert back to normal down. And that's right. There are at least at least she need a lot of guts and carriage to try to. I. Might want to think about it when you think about the system. When Reagan rejected. Decades of daytime when he came to the Soviet Union. When Reagan supported the strategic defense initiative and he was mocked by Republicans and Democrats alike. When Reagan massively increased defenseman. And he was attacked Chris profligate spending quote unquote. When he would take a hard position against communism all over the world when he was committed to the destruction of the Soviet Union. He didn't completely reverse. It completely undo decades. Of public psychology of a mindset that had surrendered to the X. And he refused this is why he was such a tremendous president in statement. And here we are we're operating within the bubble of obamacare we're operating within the pop bubble of a centralized government. And you folks are supposed to be doing dances all over the place because the Italian piece that I go to the state. A piece of that might go over here he's president your problems that president your question. Let me ask you this is standing in the damn line. At the office at the doctor thought out the forms one after another. And they got to get every parent you have to do this. Don't hit at that stage at its best bet no I don't of the Taliban's. You want your celebrity back. You want your health. Can't back it Soto I. Thank you for your cause there. And that's continued channel Fletcher Gainesville Florida they great WS KYR great affiliate go right ahead. Hey mark Becker they elect already appreciate it you don't like vomit is this. So. What the problem with selling health care across state on what. What you have to do if you do that if you have to establish. A federal. Office of insurance regulation right now we. Really. Trying to do we have a federal office of postage. A federal off the what do chart. Postage. Now. Do in the federal office of tires. Yeah mark. And not pay attention and educating you know how much we sell across state lines in this country. Mark. Cannot buy life insurance across dateline. Now because you're ignorant. I'm asking if you guys caught I don't wanna talk to you guys salad charity called me in your pressure agenda. I'm beyond you okay the country's gonna help. Ladies and gentlemen. I like bush tried to cross state lines. If she can't eat about universal insurance. Across state lines. Mike we gotta set up a federal office of no we don't. Congress can pass a basic federal standards they do this stuff all the time all but I'm. So pass a statute. Was certain basic requirements. And I don't mean mandates and that dictates and all that. To keep all the have this like ourselves in and out they go port. People are scared a little bit. You know Mike you really can't do this across state lines now why is that. Because we need uniformity in every respect the year progresses. You know it's like this debate over Trey. I'm not saying I'm for free trade and an unfair trickier for free trade guess what we don't have free trade. We don't have free trade. What's free trade. And we don't have Pritchard. If 121000 tariffs and place that we put in place. And on. How many Windmills that I need to attack program here I don't know. Color one is. It is kind of silly when I can do that Bobby. Ottawa Illinois on the mark live enact go. I can't because that they age of their children on obamacare. But if you found thirteen they came out of that studies saying that adolescents runs until the age 25. So I think that might have been. I know them by all means we should cover people up to 25 maybe they'll come Palestinians say 38. Why pick these dead and it's scary we need they need to be a they'll. Okay did they say adolescents friends and so we shouldn't be allowing people volunteer for the military to their older than 25. All I disagree with all of that I think getting your adult I would not my right health care played it myself. I don't understand when I was 22 I was off on my own 21 whatever. I get my own health care and my health care for the business or what Iran is very the battle is quite affordable. Now it's nothing's affordable I gotta be a mommy and daddy's health care and the Republicans and I had a leopard at this guy Walt. Who runs one of these committees face thingy sent memorably played yesterday. Now Larry everybody is yet they can't stay on ought to get their adults well yeah they stay on the plan. There's no limit preexisting coverage and got it out. Since when did you become a spokesman for obamacare. How are you gonna cut our premiums now that you're gonna control this thing. Harry didn't make it possible for us to see our doctors. I what you remember ladies and gentlemen Democrats and Republicans. Run the veterans administration. Democrats and Republicans. Have still. They all affects. But don't worry that at a fix obamacare and and if they don't let this round is always they stolen base rate as people look at that went over there. Not every year. And by the way you conservatives. Who believe in markets. You're naysayers from now on I can tell what's gone on of all the naysayers don't column to the where the conservatives. They're the naysayers that I packed out. To get this guy Sean Duffy. I Sean Duffy looks like he's fourteen years all these all over the. And the naysayers yeah they they and they say you know the perfect as the enemy of the good the perfect as the and this. Let's see what's Shiite and a box of the fortune cookies and how much it McCracken emote I got this one. By the way honey look at this lottery numbers makes it play that's been out. So we're lectured by toothless. What is Sean Duffy know about how it more than that what is Sean Duffy knows about your health care. What is Sean Duffy know about you are currently. An 82 cheerleader because he's on that team. And that's the way it is if you disagree with them a nice idea. No one side of his mouth because yet naysayer on the other side he should but don't worry naysayers but yet they still unfazed rate. Well let me ask you this about face to a taste great you're gonna treat us and face to face three the way of treated us in phase one what Alex says Merrill. A five year plan. I'll be right back most of the open. They call him mr. Wright and mr. conservative. Fred mister constitution. But you can goalie Marc an 8773813811. Why don't have friends mostly in politics ladies and gentlemen. Who in the me. I do not accept the propaganda. The super fishy Allen. There's something I would love to tell you about another media organization and what they're having their host of and I'm not gonna do it. It's just incredible. Here's my attitude. About radio and TV and so forth certainly about how I'd do. This is your format. This is your radio. This is your. IPod. The secure computing. You are to be treated with respect. You are to be treated with integrity you are to be treated. Like the intelligent people that you are. All this weasel stuff that goes on in the shadows. Whether it's the media whether it's Capitol Hill or whatever I have no stomach for whatsoever. Nobody owns me nobody tells me what to say. I'm not carrying order for any of these people. Which is why it infuriates so many people. If you want to know what I think I tell you what I think. I tell you why I think what I think if I'm wrong I'm wrong. But so be it. You only have one life. Little like you mean it. I refused to play these games I will not play these games. I don't need to meet with wrench previous in his office I don't need to go to tomorrow Largo. I don't need to go to the speaker's office I don't need any of these things I just as soon be in the bunker. The in my home here in Virginia on my home in Florida in what my family be live my true friends be what might Marty my dog. That's what matters to me. I don't want anything at a Washington DC. And I don't want anything from the media. Except honesty. Of which there's precious little. Which is precious little. Positioning me tell you this but I mean attendance had a senator called me. I don't have to get my cellphone I don't know. And he says to me you're the last man standing I should really what does that mean to you the last. Guy standing. Who will stick by your principles. But I don't believe that's true. I don't believe that true. But that's why if you go on our social sites you see what. What the people who have negotiable principles let's put it that went with police say how they attack. How they try and fame you all these other things. But that's stuff bounce off bounces off me and 59 years old I know who I am I know and I believe so do you we wouldn't be here and a thousand other things. And I treat you with the respect that you deserve. Because you're. I do this with you and forty. I don't do it for anyone else and I don't care about anyone else. People who try to intrude on what we do. Come between you and me. Attack what we stand for attacked us personally. I dismiss them. I address them exposed them and then this just a. Anyway. When a tape at a great school Hillsdale College. You've heard me talk a lot about Hillsdale College to one of the few institutions in America. That dictates. Its entire existence. To helping us think about how critical liberty is in every aspect of our lives. This is a truly one of a kind institution. He'll still helps you really understand that a nation and her people thrive when there's economic freedom. Our how our government is uniquely formed with the express purpose of protecting the dignity and worth of every human being. Most modern Americans have never been taught to even think about it consider that depth of these troops. And why it's critical to have a limited system of government to protect our rights. Hills now offers the free online courses you hear me talk about. Free regional lectures across the country free publications like their monthly speech I'd just in primus. It's their mission to create good citizens across the country will pursue truth and defend liberty. Check in with love in print Hillsdale dot com LE VI entry Hillsdale dot com to see how Hillsdale. Continue doing more satisfied. More courageous fighter for truth on liberty. It's Levine for Hillsdale dot com LE VI entry hills to about a month. I'm gonna do something I'm not supposed to do but that's the way it is. And supposed to wait till sometime next week. I finished my book this morning. The last trip. I have spent weekend after weekend night after night early morning after early morning writing. It's a passion. It's difficult but it's a passion. Nobody else writes my books I write my books there is no ghost author there is no coauthor. And I finished it I'm very proud of that. You know every author it's like a child not literally but you understand it's the type. It's something that you have created. It's your baby and with a book. It's your heart and soul in your mind right there for everybody. I've read a lot of good books that are sold a lot of copies. And I will tell you not because of hyper any other reason but given the circumstances of our country. And what's going on here. This. Is my best book. Side about Donald Trump it's not about you know individual politicians or anything like that it's deeper than that it's brought them. It's not about. Events of the moment. It's not. You know this agenda that agenda the book is written to be read. Not for mass sales of the mass sales go up. I'm gonna give you the title of the book. I've been. Reluctant to do that have been holding back because in this business. Verbal plagiarism is the point of the round. It's called rediscovering Americanism. And the tyranny of progressives. We discovering Americanism. And the tyranny of progresses. For now that's all I'm allowed this thing. I'll be right back. He's here. Oh. Normally underground. From the bowels of hidden. Somewhere on to a brick and steel over nondescript building. We once again made contact without lead to better. Hello everybody marked with a here are number. Create 13811877381. Create one what is best as I can tell. The newspapers such as it is the Rolling Stone as they love some. Operation. Matt maybe if that is his name TA IB BI's a loathsome person based on what I can find out about him. And it's because he's a left wing Kook and loathsome and because this is Rolling Stone. About a radio and I won't read the whole thing is actually quite. On point. I don't point. First tee. He quotes James clapper. James clapper. Who said on Sunday's meet the press and you remember we played it repeatedly and I caught it. And of course the press we're thrilled with us that he would have known if there were. Wiretaps at trump tower and he would have known if if there have been some ice a court warrant. Of the not in the campaign. And there weren't. And check tides and in essence that's a major revelation. Two revelation. Now I've been on top of this ladies and gentlemen. I went through a number of the media reports. I've talked about the media report. Over the weekend. The same media that is allied and distorted. And insinuated. That the last many months. About the truck teens the trump campaign trump world. And the Russians. Turn their guns on. You mean your post. And tried to tie need to Donald Trump's tweet. Knowing full well that. No Barack Obama. But it is enormously unlikely that Barack Obama himself. Ordered wiretaps. On Donald Trump. And I would know this of course because I used to work at the Justice Department. That's not have the stuff goes in any event. And so even now there are reports that he that trump got that specific idea from me. We have a lot. I never made any kind of a definitive assertion of that sort but it doesn't matter that's not the point. I said if these. Things were done but that one of these things were done remember this was last Thursday before Saturday and my calendar. The things reported in the news. These a police state tactics. In in essence it's a silent coup attempt and I mean you know rushing the White House I mean trying to up root. He president. Or his administration. With a scandal. Potentially criminal scam. And I made that comment after additional New York Times reporting. Which they pointed out that the NSA rule with respect to the disbursement. And information. Have been expanded as the Obama folks for leaving office to include sixteen other agencies really. Likely to ensure it would be leak and why would they do that. And moreover that some of the wire tapped information however it was received. We shared the White House that. It's something that still is ignored. And that White House staff distributed some kind of information. Broadly to ensure. That it would disappear stuff like that. I didn't report any of that stuff not a reporter I don't have any sources. I relied on what they sent. Now these stories about the price of corn in October. And happened Frontline. But it took trot trot tied until this Sunday to actually address it directly. CNN didn't do a damn thing about it either until. I spoke. What were they waiting for. The reason is this ladies and gentlemen the media. Not every bit of it but a lot of was through. Insinuation. Through omission and in some cases. Through actual affirmative reporting in suggestion. One of the narrative to be that in fact. Trump. Some aspect to Tron. Some part of his campaign. Were corrupt with Russian influence. That's what they wanna beautifully. That's been out there yes most liberals and yet you had to ration yet. That's what you'll hear. And then almost on a dime they committed they reversed course. Can I prove. That the Tyson court met and I proved that they were applications and I proved that there was a warrant. And I approve this wiretap without wiretap and I am confounded her I am mistaken or so forth and so on look at there. Provocative headlines look at the provocative headline in January 20. 2017 in the near times it's all of the media today that you and I've been talking about it for several dates. They're to a three steps behind it. And that headline was changed the day before on the Internet. It was intercepts are interception I'm doing this by memory in the next day it was wiretaps just the strengthen it even more. You flopping headlines like that on a cover page the front page of the New York Times about the fall on inauguration day. And yet every time of the story or at least most times it says something like. There's no proof there's no evidence and found anything and so forth and so on and write write the story. Other bad to demean. Or damage the administration and the president why write the story. I know they want the story to be this week but the story is not his tweet that's the fig leaf behind which they hope night. That's the fatally. So this guy. They'd be happy when of their house. Is a leftist. And he's loath to. He mentions however this clapper interview on Sunday. He says this is the former Director of National Intelligence. Telling all of us. And as of 1201 AM on January 20 when he left the government intelligence agencies had no evidence of collusion. Between Donald Trump's campaign and the government of Vladimir Putin's Russia. Should have been the end of it ladies and gentlemen. The prior reports basically said the same thing should never have been the end of it. Virtually all the explosive breaking news stories on the trap pressure front dating back months contains some version of the same disclaimer exactly. There's a lot of smoke in the Russian story he writes the most damning item is general I any goes on about flam. We posted this. That I post this now I need to post it. An attack I posted it and that I read this guy said something the effect. Said an outrageously disgusting thing when that Andrew bright part died and I read it and hang out furious nice to take it down. And then today asinine and I gotta talk. They can't read the whole thing it's too long. But he goes on later to say the manner in which these stories. Are being reported. He's becoming a story in its own right. Which is exactly my point. Russia has become an obsession cultural shorthand phrase vast range of suspicions about Donald Trott. I do it again I say this is somebody who the tests Vladimir Putin and not a coat paint Republicans. And I no problem but missed talking about Russia over and over and over again what they're doing. I probably is. The constant suggestion and innuendo. And worse. About some corrupt relationship that they have been unable to find if it's there let's say it where is. The notion that the president is either an agent. Are useful idiot of the Russian state is so freely accepted in some quarters. That bet and it share misrepresentation. Of Putin's. Polling what Alex Baldwin's trop is already a no questions asked yachts routine for the urban smarts that meaning liberals. And by the way I lack. In the rooms of journalists. And yet this is an extraordinarily complex tale that derives much of its power from some positions and assumptions. If there's any truth to the notion that they're trying to campaign colluded with the Russian state to disrupt the electoral process then yes. What we're seeing now are the early outlines of a Watergate style scandal that could topple a presidency. But it could also be true that both the Democrat party and many leading media outlets are making a dangerous gamble. Betting their professional and political capital on the promise of future disclosures that may not that is why yours truly is under attack. By the way I could careless. Because they're exposed. And they're concerned. With their attention grabbing headlines in their innuendoes. In their suggestions. In their leaks and all the rest of it because they. Continue to try to perpetuate the story. Because we have to remember that the unpopularity the press was now this is a left us was Nikita traps election. And he goes on to that. Trump calls us enemies and so forth. But his way to. We cannot afford to bolster these accusations of establishment buys an overreaching by using the techniques. A conspiracy theorists to push this Russia story unfortunately that is happening now here's the iron. They are the conspiracy. Theorists. The left. And in many respects the media. And they've been peddling this without anything. One could list the more ridiculous examples like the Washington Post infamous. Prop are not story identify hundreds of alternative media sites as fellow travelers aiding Russia. But the post face plant over report about a hat utility in Vermont. There was the Russian cyber crime arrest story that multiple outlets incorrectly suggested what that was like the last year's election. Of the bizarre stuff as series of stories about Russia link murders around the world. That is supposed to connect to this tale. All this noise matters a pop culture around is filled with its like B as of now. Saint to boot the routine the New Yorkers relic covered. And the promiscuous use of terms like. Siberian candidate even the new DNC chief Tom Perez got in the act with a tweet about it trots weekly address. Add all this they're fringe Internet reports about mysterious murders and so audience come to every righteous story. With pre stoked expectations. Those expectations. I would allow a newspaper return what may be eight page nine story. Into a front page sensation. Setting all of that aside look at the techniques involved within the more so called legitimate reports. Many are framed in terms of what might mean. Should other information service. There are inevitably uses of phrases like so far to date as yet. These make visible the outline of a future story that is apparently reportable. Further heightening expectation. Take it hides a story about trump surrogates haven't repeated contact quote unquote the Russian intelligence officials. An assertion that can mean anything incidentally as reporter in Russia he says. I contact a Russian intelligence officials as did most of my colleagues and friends of business there was nothing to lose worry about those interactions. That times' story Natalie didn't explain whether the contacts were known. It also brought up a host of other quote not unquote in the Russian narrative for the reader to connect for instance. At times mentioned the bizarre and on verified those CA prepared by Christopher steel. Whether the steel material was it any way connected to the context in which the times refer it was unclear but the paper plowed ahead anyway writing. While it does yet contained a raft of allegations. Unsubstantiated. Claims that the Russians had embarrassing videos they could be used to blackmail mr. trying to. The FBI has spent several months investigating the lead to negotiate. But has yet to confirm any of its most explosive claims unquote. These construction. By the times. Are an end run around the newspaper's own reporting standards. That ties by itself could never have run out explosives you know those CA quote unquote or mentioned the embarrassing videos quote unquote. Because it goes GA material can't be confirmed. But since it's all out there in the ether now thanks to buzz feet in apparently can be safely mention Woertz. A New York Times recount and all this in connection with the other story about alleged contacts with Russian intelligence adding to the appearance of gravity and salacious. Similarly. Democrats in congress have been littering their rush's speech is the caveats like. We do not know all the facts quote unquote and more information well may well serve is quote unquote they repeatedly referred to what they don't know. As a way of talking about what they hope the fine. Members demand that truck releases tax returns for instance so that Democrats can quote clarify the specific financial interest that he has in Russia. It's if it's a different IDS such interest in that such interest holding meaning. Full well what if there's nothing else to find. Reporter should always be nervous when intelligence sources southern stories. Spooks don't normally need the press he writes their usual audiences or other agency heads in the executive. They can bring about action just by convincing other people within the government to take. The next in case whether the investigation of Bob the potential Logan act violation Eric election fraud or whatever. The CIA FBI NSA had the ability to act both before and after Donald Trump was president. But they did. And we know why because James clapper just told us they didn't have evidence to go on. That's we're now witnessing the extremely unusual development of intelligence sources that normally wouldn't tell reported the day of time. Litigating a matter of supreme importance in the media what does this mean. Hypothesize for a moment that the so called scandal here Israel I don't know limited sense trumps Eric gets have not colluded with the Russians. But I've had contacts quote unquote and recognize their political liability and lie about them. Investigators been leaked the true deet tails of their context leaving the wild speculation to the media and the Internet trump. Is it management. He uses a derogatory term and operatives. Now I wanna finish this. I wanna finish this because oddly enough this guy and I are on the same page. And oddly enough ladies and gentlemen I I'm not trying to soften Brandeis. I have force this issue out into the open. And it's about time it was done I'll be right back. So my guess and it's this follows peace. Hypothesize for a moment that the scandal here is Rio and in limited sense Sani could scantily quotes. From surrogates have not colluded with Russians would have had contacts and recognize their political liability and lie about them. Investigators have leaked the truth he tells these context leading to a wild speculation in the media and the Internet. If that's the case. They're big dangers for the press we engage in time styled building of every Lily of the leaker is throw our way. And in doing so build up a fever of expectations for a bombshell reveal. But they're turns out to be no conspiracy trump will be pre inoculated against all criticism for the foreseeable future. The press has the cover this subject but he can't do it with gladness and excitement. But limping along it's as of now routines. Before it knows for sure what it's doing. Reporter should be scared. Scared for their marrow by the story this is I high wire act and it is a very long way down. And ladies and gentlemen. We're gonna watch this right to the end. Wal-Mart Lowe's then you show. And fashion at 8773813811. By the way we tell Lindsey Graham and his sidekick this day White House. From Rhode Island is a real left wing hack former US attorney. Your letter to the Justice Department was not nearly brought enough for the respect your vices crisis inquiry. The end going off the top of my handsomely about campaign as a business has any needed more than that. Say any individuals connected. To try operative that his businesses. And any any related to that banks and so forth and so on I mean I mean if you're looking for a result. And this is just stay at drama for you guys then I get it. But if you actually looking for more. Trying to find evidence. Your. Your letter was just too broad. It left out chunks. I'm just out there right now. No we will see. We will see the media today are kind of you know what we do here we're not sure exactly how to how to we play this we were so invested on. You know and then I really and a and then if something happens. Now that's not a police state farm that has routine stuff in other just section intercepts let me Tyson. Thought my buddy Dan bond genome is Secret Service NYPD instantly. Said to me. Bet like just intercepting communications is no big deal it's a big deal. Even if their existing wiretaps or aura electronic surveillance going on. You're intercepting communications you have citizens on the phone. There's certain requirements on what you do that if there aren't in there is no primary. Or espionage taking place tonight acting as a foreign agent you know pitches just he'd been on the burqa or not. To go after a Mike winners something like that. You know we just have to be really on the ball right. Now folks we really do and we world. 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Any is already with the antics the Democrats in the senate to the incompetence of the Republican leadership of the senate but it won and when you hear this. Because Ben Carden has makes it known that he's Jewish. And he campaigns. In part to get the Jewish vote in Maryland. He votes against this guy. Who is Jewish and pro Israel. And it's it's it's an example in my opinion. That's how Liberal Democrats put. Their party and their ideology first match their real religion. Senator Benjamin Cardin a reading this from the Washington Post the committee's top Democrat the top Democrat. On the Senate Foreign Relations Committee said today. That he would not vote in favor of treatment. This may have happened yesterday citing concerns with several statements Freeman Maine charging various politicians were they anti semitism. And lack of support for Israel. As well as Freeman's position on the Israeli Palestinian peace process. Cardin based his opposition on written comments Frieden had main discrediting the two state solution for the Israeli Palestinian conflict. He argued that does remarks would make it difficult for him to have the type of credibility as a unifying force for the supported Israel. In our American political system what does that mean. Chipper. Absolute insanity. He goes on the problem that I have is that certain stakeholders. Who must be part of the peace process. Will look to his writings and why have a hard time looking at him as a facilitator. For a level playing field negotiating for a two state solution. Now what makes it difficult to negotiate. Mister carton he may not know this. By the Palestinians. RB constant terrorist attacks on Israel. The missiles now and then had a better shot in Israel. Or Hamas. It's the failure of the Palestinians to accept Israel as a country. So happy. Ambassador nominee mr. Carden so this is a complete. Think. A complete fake. Given some justification in the Jewish community nine on George and the Jewish community. To explain his vote. Which is a Democrat vote. Because they put party first. The liberals the party fares. Liberalism first everything else is second now let's not unique to the Jewish faith can be Catholic to BAT's and so what. The people ask me all the time why why are so many Jewish people liberal. And I asked that myself. And that's the answer. Certainly in part. Smart people and I've written about this. Norman pot ports were an entire book on. Brilliant man and I admire a great deal. He's correct. Liberalism whether they're reporters. Members of congress. What teachers. Whether they're religious or not religious. Liberalism is the faith. Liberalism is the ideology. And you can see it everywhere. So here is a terrific man. Who's willing to step out of his law practice and which I'm sure he's making a fortune as a partner. To serve his country in Israel. To serve two countries he loves. First and foremost the United States. But also Israel to Tryon. To trying to protect our allies the doubt and carted votes against. Not to his credit Menendez votes for. Menendez. But I wanted to point that out. Because these are the sorts of things that go under the radar and so forth I wanna point out something else how my what my commercialism at speed that they can. Peta. Peter this is from the Fox News Channel not so you know we wrote Peter and we asked in the come on the show tonight so I could talk to them directly but they want. They sent us some pat bond film press release. In national consumer nonprofit group is assailing people for the ethical treatment of animals or Peta. For killing more than 1000. Dogs and cats last year in its headquarters in Norfolk Virginia. In a press release a senator for consumer freedom calls Peter shelter and its Virginia location a slaughter house. Where it has once again massacred scores of potentially unstoppable pants. Repeatedly groups say is hypocritical. Peter three years has been a target of criticism for its high rate more than 80%. Over the years. And euthanasia at the shelter. And only one and the only one it runs according to the religion news service. Peta officials have said that animals suffer far worse fates. Such as illness pain and not being adaptable. So they Sloan. Now some of us. Support was significant resources. The protection. And adoption. A man's best friend. Peta with significant resources. Slaughters them. You know Mike Varney my little dog here now in the bunker. If he'd been in the hands of Peta he would have been Mexican. Yet this group's. In its name people for the ethical treatment of animals these are unethical people. In my humble opinion. It would be better if Peter never even touched the animals the way they might actually have a chance to live. That's according to that's the mr. Coke. Well kogan director of research for the center for consent consumer freedom. Peta euthanized is 1411. Cats and dogs last year. According to the consumer group. Which said that while Virginia shelters killed an average of sixteen point 9% of the animals in their care Peta killed and nearly 72%. Regina lawmakers were concerned about Peta and it's an extraordinary high rate. Of killing. Even sent out to redefine the term animal shelter to refer to a place whose primary mission is to find it permanent home for pets. It's sanctimonious to say they are lovers of animals Virginia State senator William Stanley junior said to religious news service in 2015. So weigh station of death in its a shame. In response to a request for comment Pedersen Fox News an email saying that. The euthanasia. Should be in context of the vast waste the organization helps animals. Sounds like Planned Parenthood doesn't mr. but it. That we know we slaughter a lot of babies in the Lama and we understand we slowed up but look we give you know mammograms go. Of which they give very few. As minors. So here's the email we got back from Peta when I invited him on the program to discuss this. Give mr. producer Peter announced its numbers last month on PR newswire in the have been public you know our quarterly reports on line throughout the year. Pete operates a rescue team which is on call 24/7 offer relief. Two abused and suffering animals as well as a single shelter of last resort. That takes a mostly aggressive sick elderly injured Ferrell and otherwise and adaptable animals. Many of you have been turned away by shelters were limited admission policies. They have a video they want us to watch. The CCF is a notorious front group. Here we go up next thing you know rabbit right wing conspirator it's. For the meat and tobacco industries and on and on and on. He could have expressed this about yourselves and about the other organization that you wouldn't take any questions. Not that tells me. Here frauds and you discuss that I'll be right back. Are. 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He did get to them before the IRS gets to you. It's that simple 800 point 996300. And of course. Tax kindness here. Taveras is very very hungry. And let us take some calls Shelley my Colorado Springs KV EO I don't. You are often insert portrait argue. Thank you I want it to give it some kudos for being a lone voice in the wilderness standing up against this replacement thing. I'm. Especially myself a libertarian and you're sitting at the liberty and putting the good fight. And I really appreciate it. You know it's amazing and I want to thank you do you hear the word liberty every used in this debate. Kirk. Do you hear the word capitalism every instance that they. Oh. I don't even hear that. I just think this we will were all talking it was in the boundaries of the left government. Government government government government. Just incredible Mike thank you for your call my friend I appreciate it let's keep going. Steve Melbourne Florida serious satellite go. So they're here good evening thanks for tick in the column a little bit nervous the first ever gotten hurt don't be nervous that after the quite. Okay. You've been gone back and forth between health care and that the the wiretaps. I'll go to either want what you want me to legally Iran. Science management now you called me and didn't call you just get to a quickly. Help concurred OK so on on health care. Think the repeal and replace them urban not repeal replace that's going on right now. It seems a little bit almost like changing the name of global warming to climate change your Larry good. Your chances at the same thing. Or changing common courts and here they now call at Florida State records it's the same thing. None on and my concern was that they change their name and now Bob that the push back against obamacare disappears. In the face to own victory chairman and. How about what they say repeal and replace about this repeal the colonials. Exactly that's what contributed. While you make excellent points there I don't allow you thirty seconds to get on to the next subject quickly go. But okay well so what then when will be quicker I think they the wiretap has been going that that whole issue has been going on war. Weeks and weeks and weeks and he is here to submit mr. Cutler president truck just pointed the obvious now and he's forcing them to. Sure and it's put up earth earth or get out right now. They've been going on and and they didn't switch. And I don't understand how anybody. Can look at that NC how and how can. Are on the one hand they are. Literally frothing at the peace. The the the these saliva dripping down there there actions. As they thought there were all these investigations going on where they were at least hoping so there is suggesting them and insinuating them. And by silence an omission in Karajan. In some instances. Now they've reversed course site and can you prove it can you prove it prove what can you protect us that police they stop can you believe that picket protest that. And that's when I realized okay we really have them. We have the pavement push in this stuff for a long time. As the end gentleman wrote from the roll call. And now they're going to be stuck with a resolved one way or the other. Ladies and gentlemen we salute our armed forces police officers firefighters and emergency personnel. We have a great living TV ever mentioned it in two minutes. And I'll see tomorrow on the radio god bless you.