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WSU Baseball vs Oklahoma 03-07-17

Mar 8, 2017|

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Radio talk on stage shocker baseball on 97. And thirteen thirty K in as as. Now with the column to gaming hears the voice of the shutters and Mike Kennedy. Good evening and welcome to Els dale Mitchell market Norman Oklahoma that's Wichita State and Oklahoma tonight. In the holding meetings this season between these two programs it's like me back in the Booth publishing Denis of where this one game change. Tickets through Louisiana last weekend in Louisiana Tech it will do so again. At LSU this coming weekend that candidate for state mid week matchup here. Two regional programs that have a long history of success at the national level. Each under a fourth your head coach who has yet to take them to reach the last regional appearance for both of 2013. Under previous head coaches so. Both programs really trying to get back to what they know their programs can be and both are off to better starts and they have been for Obama yeah Oklahoma is in the midst of a long long homestand. They won't. They won't leave Oklahoma until March 14. And they are plowed up the wins so far and I don't. Think anyone would dispute even those around here. That the schedule been pretty light now they were supposed to play long beach state on the road they ended up switching the venue because of potential weather opening weekend but. They end up playing nineteen consecutive games here at home. I think they probably need the winds and the confidence as much as anything. Now on the other other hand you got Wichita State started off 70 and then. Had a little rough patch and roster against Louisiana Tech I think this is a good barometer for Wichita State we don't know exactly how good Oklahoma is or will be because the competition which I'm sure we'll talk about. And now chronicled would have been planned. But this is big for the shocker because next we can go to baton route to me you think Louisiana Tech stuff. Eagle and Alex box and plan for 111000 people on that top five ranking and country itself. With way Wichita State played and Sunday how they were head and couldn't hold on. You don't wanna say is the must win to be really nice to get this. Absolutely and dashing mentioned the schedule for Oklahoma the change of venue they were supposed to play long beach state which was pre season number seventeen. In Long Beach but that was that strange opening weekend when there was so much bad weather in Arizona Nevada California and debt. Actually a very surprising decision by long beach state to come here and play that series in Oklahoma won two of three. But since then not any names that you're going to see you have probably display even in their own leagues. Probably most of you at twelve game winning streak for Lowe used the only glitch was what Mike talked about the middle game is three gamer against. Long beach state but then after Wichita State. Takes off buffalo comes in here for three games are three days and four games before they finally hit the road itself but he's pretty clear what that Pete he's trying to do. For his team. And it's give mall propped up. All the budget conference where the big twelve rolls around. And we talked to a couple of people here around the the press box and so forth I think everyone connected with a supplement program anxious to find out just how good this team is the fact that they've. Won twelve straight against somewhat iffy competition doesn't mean they aren't pretty good team but it's just that they haven't really been tested much yeah him and this is just one game as well. You know at Wichita State is in starting guys that. That is normally a reliever Matt Dillon growth for them is a starter and I promise starter so maybe they'll play that little closer to straight out so. Regardless of who wins. I don't know that that solves or helps you much of anything but Wichita State I'd you know this or starve them. Irwin. Paid here is in his fourth here's that mention at Oklahoma he's a veteran head coaches this 21 year as a collegiate head coach nineteenth here. It division once spent eight years at Boston college at the seventh before coming here. At Virginia Tech has had a lot of success of the year's 630 career wins through his last one. Over the weekend but his average for three seasons here at Oklahoma. 31 and 28 the best series had a seven game by about 530 or 47. In 2015. So this is an important year for him. He did go to a lot of younger players last year an awful lot the key players on this Oklahoma team are sophomores. Including virtually all the starting pitching would Dylan growth starts tonight will be the fifteenth straight games this year than a sophomore started out. And it most of his success came at Virginia Tech since he's been here he mentioned my that wrote the little tougher obviously. I as far as I'm concerned the big twelve. A little more top heavy than maybe the ACC when he was at Virginia Tech and Elliott that deal with Florida State alike but. This is. Is that both baseball day ACC and big twelve he's used to that but that it remains to be seen how patient Oklahoma will be with them if they just middle around. The 500 level like he talked about their best years seven overs so. Both these coaches. Really are looking for Scott Butler Pete Hughes both of you look at or. Big time games let's win some games with at least threaten the league let's at least knock on the door NCAA regionals I think. Both these teams can really look at at each other find themselves. A lot of. Like comparisons between him. Hey Danish Packers play get 50% off your on line ordered any Wichita area but just logon Papa Johns dot com. And use the problem coach shocker fifty. To receive your shocker this gap. You with the soccer's of course over the weekend in Reston and certainly one of the things at us try to figure out now as. Just where is this pitching staff really outstanding of course through the first seven games and harmony ERA under two. And then struggled over the weekend and certainly you could look at. Better competition more good hitting but. What you walked 124 innings throw 18 well pitches and that sort of thing that's pretty good indication it it wasn't just hitting at least the end yeah and I don't think. Anybody would say that. Which do for the bullpen for example the opening seven games in Wichita that they were gonna be an 085. Bullpen aggregate. But they're also not going to be as rotten as they threw sometimes in roster you'll find a level might you know that especially baseball players they're not it's. Gonna be consistently as good as they were. In Wichita but they're not going to be like they were atrocities in the end plus. Being that it is baseball that one game. Things can avalanche you get out get out of hand one of those games haven't Rossiter was fifteen to one. You know so when they get eight in the first inning it's like a buzz saw anybody that comes in is almost destined to give up a few and that's exactly what happened there so. Pitcher's position players regardless you find your level. And you know been hacked and went and only feel we're gonna go the whole season spotless and you know have no ERA it just wouldn't it be that way but they're also not going to be. The kind of pitchers that they were in Louisiana either so just some sort of a happy medium and you hope that might steal and Todd Butler impressed upon them today. Let's not get too high let's not get too low. We know what kind of player she can be so kind of control yourself and and control your emotions before things avalanche out of control like it did last weekend. One thing that isn't going to get settled there resolved tonight is exactly how the suckers are going to handle mid week pitching. Next week they will have their first two games that we would northern Colorado at home before they go to cal poly. And tonight they are not going to actually go to someone that might be a potential that we starter when I say that may be out of Keller could be heard right now he's early pitcher. They're not thinking about him for more than a couple of innings tonight so. His start tonight it at least it would only be a small step in developing him as a mid week starter that's. Possibilities right now I can agree with you I don't think this is a long term. Situation at all we both could be wrong because in College Baseball you never know what's gonna happen when you run somebody out there for just spot start. So what if he goes nine opened nine down you know then you really start to think about that. In four innings are four outings this year Adam Keller has borne at third innings and having had to give up any rust. So what that tells me is this is just a tune up for him you get ready for the weekend and make sure these crash because he's been good for you have a pet. Now if he should happen to go four scoreless innings tonight than maybe you've retooled re focus but. I I happen to think that we haven't seen the last. Car on what's I mean he he had a blow up opening weekend and hasn't started yet but I think eventually they'll need him. Maybe as soon as next week in northern Colorado appended to. So I don't think he ever especially this early I'm gonna give up on a dire bear Barry guy at the very bottom of the staff. People get their chances and they got a bunch of them against homage you call nine guys pitch. And kind of by necessity on Sunday. Want to guys pits because the game is back and forth and talk butler's look at somebody shut the door but. These are all little auditions regardless what their role is caller's having another one tonight and this like you said it may be ages ten and up. To stay sharp so go right back from the pin but she never really now especially this early in the season. You're still kind of feeling like a little bit and depending on how you do that so many more opportunities you're gonna get high leverage situation. And when you get to two bit weak games you know we it gets a little difficult. To just split it up and throw seven or eight guys tonight in a row. You know first of all it does at that will start to Wear it out even your bullpen if you keep an added that need them on the weekend. Plus the chances of having that many guys sharp every night is going to be unlikely itself. So certainly you would think at some point they're gonna want to start to develop a midweek starter to an end here also when he start doing now you're going to prepare somebody to be like a fourth starter in post season. That's that's the thing right there do you have any aspirations of going anywhere. You're gonna need somebody that has started before. Cody lawyers Kinect and the path I think Chandler Chandler could be that guy. But. To me the logical guy that you want to come around as long because like you said it's one thing to get through the week and then piece it together. During a mid week game. And then let's get to the weekend but sooner or later conference service that come around in the regional back around what you got to do what you gotta win game on Sunday we got involved. You gonna feel I have to develop five starters like we did back when I played with like four weekend's series and then Berkshire one in the mid week. They may not need five but four for sure and somebody else that you at least. No could throw strikes if you have to have an emergency starter in the second regional games for example so. It's way down the line but they'll they'll come up you know quicker than you think if you haven't developed the fourth guy. What do you think about tonight's game it is really nice to play under good conditions and conditions certainly can be good that are not good a lot of ways that day yet games and we were a lot of it was played in rainy conditions at over the last. A couple of days throughout the midwest. Them we hand it would not have been something anybody want to play baseball again and certainly pitchers if the wind blowing out. But it is did still here tonight it will get into the upper fifties probably by shortly after game time but just very pleasant evening tonight where. Elements should not be a factor anyway and now this game has conducted. Future shocker opponent Creighton try to play air force today Colorado the Colorado Springs the list it. Postponed due to win. That's well that's that's got to be windy when you can't play because it's too windy but I can I can promise you yesterday if we were and what you thought we had try to play games. We have strong consideration to hate us up plant because of the way and so today is certainly a welcome change. Few minutes ago I had an opportunity it's not the soccer coach Scott Butler election here that we come back on the pregame show for norm. It's been the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about set sail. 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But you know what on Sunday we play and we knew we knew we turn more to get out there with one win. Guys competed their tails off on Sunday in. Kind of baseball treats your words you don't really play consistent three days in a row or three game series and you know we have the lead late and we gave it up let's I was from our guys on Sunday because we showed up ready to play great fight so. We didn't pay it's all very well we can have are free quality starts in 016 innings from our guys are starting pitcher and we didn't get six from any of the robbery. And we gave them bullpen we pitched them comfortable. And their pictures it's comfortable so Louisiana Tech was a regional team last year they had seven seniors in their lineup and two juniors. Experience seeing really showed and played him and they haven't seen that has a chance to get back to reach him this year. Does it and in some ways maybe give your team had an idea of where they are right now I'm up by that I don't mean in a bad place necessarily that just. You know the best competition you played that sort of. Well I mean you know several long appoint good people in Louisiana Tech is good program. First your coach replaced. Coach golf through with the University of Alabama and we are expecting divert situation. Now we have Oklahoma Sooners and we have LSU tigers so it and getting he's. You know I think we learned some things from here today actually. So the team you know their offensive approach we didn't strike tomorrow at ten times on the weekend. And they had a great approach offensively we've really got on top of the plate kind of confuse them pitching staff. Imagine you know they they just hug placed it right on top of that so. A lot of times in baseball the first time you go through an experience like that next time you'll be better so that's it. That's the talk that given the guys is that you have to see it and sort of the comet but you have to it would take to take that experience and get better. What is your pitching plan tonight in this mid week situation though we're gonna go with Keller he's gonna start you know we get two or three innings from him and I think it probably piecing together inning by inning. Oklahoma looks like they might actually when we can starters. They play four games this past weekend I think at buffalo coming in before this. This upcoming week in their face going to grow right handers are securities. Maybe eight to 93 with a good slider so and I think that post to reach consumers want to explore. You've played here I know it's been a few years that is stuck out of a special feeling coming back here to play it is I mean it's University of Oklahoma ask what's it like here you know almost thirty years ago thirty years ago so. You look out in center field and values around the outfield so. But you know more importantly is our guys and you know this is a big week for us it's and one point you know you LA issues. And and get to fight and compete with the best of them and that's why you play the game night. It's thank you checkered coached not Butler we will have the lineups from Norman when we come back. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. Because no regard for human life it attacks and heart. Sometimes you. Can service. Drinks. And it's time we will start. To drink. You drive. Much your actions can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making ATM fees. Or gambit and equity bank debit card and making every eight GMT at every ATM vanish go ahead. The greeted me. The magic potions insider equity bank debit card prevents the people remember appearing in your account abracadabra. And equity backed up cards and perform your own bit of magic on any ATM he wanted top hat not required equity bank memory and. Yes. 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Shocker stork has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent ten day this is Leo before he tech guy don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon it's tools like KMS. KJ Dennis back FL's sales that took part in our. Norman Oklahoma Wichita State taking on the Oklahoma Sooners this evening and again this will be the only meeting between assists this season. Oklahoma. Leads the all time series to sleep two team sixteen. To eleven. And fourteen to eleven since 1978. When gene Stephenson restart at the soccer baseball program. Wichita State is one and two in the series and touch the two programs have not played each other for six years. Until maybe two years ago Wichita State won that game in what you thought nine to eight. You swept a two game series last year fortitude here apartment and fifteen to seven later in the season. It what you chain as the starting lineups for tonight's game. Right do you buy equity bank where you'd never pay an ATM please be sure to visit them on line and equity bank dot com. Berkshire Scott Butler a shocker that seven and three on the season trade Vickers got to leave it up and play shortstop. Followed by the circular Travis young college ball at first they thought it gonna hit third cleanup spot in right field it's great jealous that. Dayton do god is in left field hitting. Sam Goodwin and the agent had six. Batting seventh playing third base Lou greater. Catcher Gunner got wind hit they. Think they've made batting ninth is Jordan Boyer Adam Keller will start via first started his career. But shocker so again which because they bickered young bowl guess that you've got Goodman Ritter throughout line lawyer Adam Keller starter for the shocker. The free use Oklahoma's thirteen and one that I'll leave it up and play center field. Followed by the second baseman. Kyle Mendenhall. Left fielder Steve Walker will hit third cleanup spot and play first base in Austin O'Brien. Jack plan the third baseman hit fifth of the theaters. And Riley where we'll PH and hit six. Catcher Brady led the league will hit seven. In right field hitting eight Blake Brewster. And Brandon Zaragoza will play shortstop. And hit my Dylan wrote that he compared them to free up this season both of them free if one starts he has no record. At 386 ERA for for the sooners again policies and home walker O'Brien clan where Lindsay Lee Brewster there goes. And don't grow pitching for Oklahoma. And Oklahoma has most of its regulars in the lineup tonight that they are a couple of guys that didn't give him one more time starters are. Haven't had quite as many bats had given him a chance to at least start the game that night. A couple of interesting things about the shocker lineup change certainly. Todd Butler continuing to look for what's the best order with his team. And trade knickers getting an opportunity in the leadoff spot tonight with Travis young's second that's still something that they're trying to sort out a little yeah yeah LA and you're around. For great and generous the air. Grayson get as the leading off the last very long it would make this because he's that good hitter gets on base that's why not one lead off. But conventionally. To me the lead off man. Either needs to lead off position need to be taken hold by Alex Jackson or have a shot. Or maybe a platoon of the do you know whether left here Friday. It's pitching. I think those guys most natural now throughout his younger but Dallas strikeout Jack has hit so there's a couple problems there that hopefully behind out. By the end of the season but the guy analyst. Well if anybody is brave actors on the start and didn't think that was kind of interesting debate that night I actually thought about it noticed it. We used to come down to here to Stillwater by Oklahoma James and Oral Roberts. And it seemed like about half the shocker roster it was from the state of Oklahoma there are only for me. Oklahomans on this here's what Dutch state roster we're in the lineup tonight. The one quietly the third player is. Or today junior college transfer Alex Schwarzenegger has not played yet. But Jordan Boyer who starts at second base and out of Oklahoma City. And Adam Keller at starting pitcher from Broken Arrow head Jorge Mario hit gave him here going out for the couple RBIs and a a game where one of the game where we've done it fell way behind and then put up front new game and make him. And whether shoppers got out here is we do see a few former shocker to them that you're still and company candidacy Charlie O'Brien just a little bit ago and I imagine there being born here they I. Actually risen whenever that is I think. Mention you wondered if he'd be here he could be a little later on he almost always comes over from. You've gone Obama way makes home. Right now that you'll be over here sooner rather than later so I got you. Over shocker there from Oklahoma normally poppy and went soccer's becomes him. This is an all turf field here at Norman which is kind of cheesy little segue into one of our pregame sponsors you Boris gonna head up about half and had flurries that are whatever type the carpet hardwood tile laminate your putting out your floors the place to go as far as. Well over thirty years of what your job market is a family owned and operated establishment they get great service. And great product at every day low prices as far as our finale floors that are 1860. North Broadway. Waiting for the senators to take the field that we will get this one under way the shot presents evidence three but looking to snap a three game losing streak. Oklahoma. At thirteen and one and have won twelve and rose shocker looking to snap the streak tonight their three game losing streak. At Oklahoma's. Twelve game winning streak umpires for tonight's game tape format. Chip Rogers. Cary Harris that Casey Mosher. As Gregory Tucker that was the right behind the plate here as it differs closure second. And Tucker there. I understand the economics and having three and a hard for. That's what we characters to receive College Baseball but it's nice to have that fourth guy. Because that you always have somebody on both lines to monitor check swings and that tactic and apparently comes up he got treatment through at least a couple of times during the game. It's going to be checked swing and it doesn't it always really see that matter to you know with the big spot in the game and again Miliband hardly ever says. Yeah I went around it partly there. No way I mention that is the altar feel he manic there's no dirt anywhere. That amount it's thrilling to and I thought maybe it. Never be able to get my head around that. That is extremely or area. Even if the area around the plate is turf which many aren't usually the man is mr. out anyway suitors have taken the field. And we are ready for the singing of our national. This. I have you know. Me. Yeah. Yeah. Low and. OK okay. Oh yeah. It's. Yeah it's. Cool. You need. Yes. Yeah okay. I don't. Yes it is yeah. Okay. Yeah yeah. Okay. Okay. Blue. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Our National Anthem here in Norman that sooners have taken the field and the Oklahoma is uniform colors yeah it is a red but it's not the right fire engine red oval more muted read almost cheating toward. Burgundy or maroon and they have the red jerseys over white pants a red cap little white insert it fraught with OEU and read it. And the numbers on the back are actually in red but with white trim around them so they stand out. From the red uniforms shocker tonight here growth rate has sorry re road uniforms black numbers and letters have been golden many of the players works. School high socks that looks likes to Europe's. Players used to Wear west horizontal gold stripes. Around the cap. Dillon drove the starting pitcher for Oklahoma will be making his third start of the season. He has faced long beach state on February the eighteenth and Boston College. On February the 2615. And a third against long beach state giving up three hits and two runs just one earned it and no decision. Added four innings against Boston College seven hits and three runs. He is ERA through those two starts three point 86. Ford nine the third inning so he has a bad overpowering I'm a good strikeout numbers eleven strikeouts in nine of third innings but also six walks and ten hits. And you make to start tonight for the sooners a 6170. Pound sophomore. From more. Oklahoma got in 211 games forces starter last year three of one. With a three point 77 ERA for 28. And two thirds of talented young righthander Todd Butler said hill. Get it up there close to 93 on occasion but a guy that so far hasn't thrown. And I'm very high number of innings this season plus years ago. Yet what they I'd like seeing shocker to do. Offensively. That's standpoint working overlook that he'll walk it. He's got. Thirty. 25 good sixth and ninth innings this year yourself. But it does stay walking and averaging. Just a little less than four times per game to get two or three often grove I think would be its star. Straight Vickers takes the first pitch the ball game low for ball one tray hitting 286. One home run and five runs batted it right handed hitter. And grows 10. In their for a called strike fastball on the inner part of the plate. Trade Vickers wasn't on base percentage of 375. If they are going to look at him in the top of the lineup might want a race that just a little bit takes a slider for a strike on the outside corner. Picker so far has started all eleven games has four walks and hit by pitch. In addition to ten hits in 35 at bats 12 pitch to now off the plate fought off a pretty good slider away again. And the cap stays at one to. Vickers young and home to the shocker is here in the first. So will be three right handed hitters against the right hander Dylan growth. 12. Fouled straight back came out with a fastball that time at 91. And Vickers flooded us a couple of to strike foul balls Z since Vietnam. It just a really nice evening game time temperature has dropped to 57 degrees. And that was generic today's strike at top speed pitch down. Victors goes down look. At the start. Let's doctors now hold for cooler a couple of those this past weekend sliders and now what was really well located my they'll throw them the front door it's started on it yet. Vickers and have not contemplate it. Ticked off pieces it. In cycle orders fell. Right handed fastballs and sliders are what they got home I will be helpful. All. This past weekend and I've done it won't take long before. You know scouting reports come out and it's like hey it's right that Wichita State they. Certainly need to adjust. Travis young Texas fastball low and inside just about the shoe tops for ball one. Travis sitting 280 to ninety with no home runs three runs batted in. It has a very good for 36. On base percentage but we'll get to the but in just moments swings and misses it a good fastball down to a good location 92 miles an hour. And the count one at 18436. On base percentage but the flip side is he also has ten strikeouts in 31 at bats. Right handed hitter and excellent speed. Here's the 11. Fastball lobe. And it's two balls and one strike. So. In summation when he puts it play it about 450. You know it's and sometimes that's that's just the simple as that show on the stat sheet minus the strikeouts and you kind of drive home pointed put that on the volume pretty good dinner with him. 21 pitch swung on advanced that was really good slider down away. He has shown a couple of really sharp sliders already the first cup committee. Tutu and young. Travis had a really good opening series against Utah valley going six for eleven. He was three for ten at Louisiana Tech but to watch it and I could finish. Strikes out a fastball down. You have to go out on strike action government grow we'll be very sharp for the first two hitters. That girl so far as I'm blown my. Expectations out of the water and then he'll walk if you guys he cannot razor sharp blow to fastball slider. They'll face the hottest hitters in the shot your line up as Alec Baum has hit in six straight. Four for eleven. In the series at Louisiana Tech and hitting 36 team in the two home runs and seven runs batted in it right handed hitter the first pitch to this one out of this. It was a slider a little faster eighties that time no balls and one strike. That's balls that night it did 92 led sliders that anywhere from 73 years 280 miles an hour on the island the bones. 01. Fastball down away for a called strike and so too. Too up too down on strikeouts and an 02 count of the soccer's three hole hitter Alley bone. Grow with the O two and Bogut had chopped to third that hit hide in the third base in the long threw across his time. As the shoppers go to order it occurs after an athletic Wichita State nothing Oklahoma coming up. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball at a restaurant overwhelms. Equals. And laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and has your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United health care. This is not available for a plan. Ever wonder how good your AC and furnaces to miss ever wonder how good boss doctor is well as a new customer you can get both dancers for less than twenty bucks now for just 1946. The year plus doc started tonight trained HB AC tackle come to a system diagnostics suggest ways to improve your efficiency and provide a free estimate on any media appearance it's our new customer 1946. Special. From bought a stock. Install confidence. On the stock nine or three cool. Shocker sports has brought to you by American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest pummel a Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at 250 ball half. Happening right here on KM SS. Edit this great start for what you state dinner right hander Adam Keller is a very 305 pounder from. Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. Latest high school law also memorial that his freshman season at West Virginia. At that last year's sophomores Seward county community college. This will be. His fifth appearance or what you just days most recently. 123 innings at Louisiana Tech one strikeout on Saturday the one who really gets all the hot right now want. Only pitched a third of an inning in his appearance against Grand Canyon got into a little bit of trouble and apple with some hits and walked none of those runners scored. And his longest outing was in his debut for the chargers in the Utah valley series when he won two perfect innings. Actually only faced by the gators have recorded six outs getting a double gripped playground ball that. Erased an inherited runner. No walks or strikeouts. In those five hitters that he faced. The totals for Keller threw four appearances out of the bullpen for the third innings two hits no runs one walk. And strikeouts and does have a victory Tuesday. They spent Hollis living it up for Oklahoma here at the top of the first Hollis playing in center field tonight. And hitting 333. With a home run and five runs batted in. Hollis 47 at bats in the first fourteen games he's been a part time starter in fact this is his seventh start in fifteen games. Nine hits in 27 times out. Keller board from the stretch in his first pitch to Hollis writes inside a little bit for ball one. Keller typically 88 to ninety and his fastball. Policy as a part time regular a year ago it to 29 so he's up over a hundred points. This what is wrong on it this good breaking ball down evens it up at one month. Paulus Kyle Mendenhall and steal walker left for Oklahoma in the bottom of the first. Keller a little bit longer look for the sign consent. 11. This Saturday at a fastball in the right hander to balls and strike. Oklahoma was its thirteen and one record has moved into the top 25 and two of the five major banking there. A high thirteenth in collegiate baseball this week. Ranked number 23 by the national collegiate baseball writers. 21 pitch swearing in of asked to pull the string on the outside corner and achieve and it to do. They went thirteen out of fourteen it's hard to ignore you and all the polls there and gets blow somebody. That volume of games you know that there's been a couple more than once that they've played two games one day it still. Unscathed and twelve consecutive. Two balls two strikes. Miller's pitch fastball and getting. Try to bust him inside it got away team is hitting good body somewhere so Hollis hit by a pitch on board deleted. 40. Oklahoma shot here's went down in order it their half. Don't wait too many of those over the weekend especially on Sunday's soccer pitching staff. Doled out a lot of free passes and I don't know how Oklahoma fares Louisiana Tech but. Any of these are fine conference team to go play in. You hand out Cam Ward here really asking for trouble they'll. Adam Keller hopefully you'll write she appeared to be able to get right back and distracts him him his guys and he was about the only one didn't pitch poorly over the weekend. How Mendenhall up their swings on the first pitch and thousand back up high fastball that was probably not a strike up a little bit too much he could get on top that. And straight to the right out of play. Mendenhall started over thirty games a year ago but only hit 183. So far this year 340 night and not only the increase in average hit three home runs. And seven runs batted in so his improvements been a revelation for Oklahoma he's a junior from Carlsbad California. 01. Fouled straight back at it so into another fastball up. Mendenhall. 61172. Looks taller at that then that at the plate is very upright stance. He has one of several suitors for the significant hitting streak he has hit in nine straight coming into this week. Policy at first hole for two as a base stealers so far this year has pretty good lead. How it foam holding him on. Keller long hold the other two let us now back to street again didn't waste one there come up and have a little bit. Couple points talking about Mike first of all I don't mean to imply that Wichita State pitching staff is imploding in their previous. The game high in walks as the staff was five and only done that twice. But the other part of it is that you talked to Todd Butler in the pregame. Louisiana Tech was all over the plate seemed unnerved some of the pictures so. The more guys that you face like that he's gonna have to get used to it and Oklahoma looks like in the early going there's at surfers are back. If you get certain guys that are going to be all over the ditch you better be ready for you gotta be able to bust me inside without them all the time. Still owe it to demand at all. Three pitches he has fouled off each of them. Keller ready. And delivers. This low partially blocked runner going to second throws tonight and time. I don't feel wild pitch something off speed pitch bounced in front of home why it was a clean block. I got to try outline about that in front of him a couple of feet in. He did everything he could let that a good read by Hollis affairs got to get that job that they've really lost close second base at the. Because the ball didn't get that far away from Crown Point he did all he could and blocked it but it went out in front home plate two or three feet so. The the steps that he had to take to get to the ball the difference between say found out second base so. Credit and Hollis for the freedom ball with her. In Oklahoma is getting some charity right off the bat here a hit better than a wild pitch and it got a runner in scoring position that nobody out of that. Having to sacrifice any outs to get it there seemed one to account to comment at home. Keller. Settles in. And deals at a slight and ask him on a fastball down not overpowering stated 86 that good location down in the zone. And that's a big out for Adam Keller. I'll say and for more reasons than just that right here because. The senators leading the big twelve and six offensive categories including all the major ones and they come in with gaudy offensive numbers though. If Adam can put up with zero here in the first of Vietnam a feather in his cap but secretly started with a hit batter while Pitt. Brings up steel. Walkers are one of the cooler names in college baseball's first name ST EL ED. Left handed hitting left fielder hitting 429. With two home runs in sixteen runs batted in. First pitch to him is low on the outside part of the plate one ball no strikes. Walker a year ago. Was honorable mention all big twelve member of the big twelve all freshman team and a freshman all American to humanity. The three homers and 32 runs batted in off to a tremendous start. You're sitting in seventeen straight all fourteen this season as well as the last three games of last year. Got a team made its second one out in the bottom the first pick off that second. Throws a little late from Keller is Vickers broke again and it was just a little late in turning. And Hollis got back safely. I don't remember all the details of the game here last year. But it was a competitive game that shocker is Los fortitude as I remember. Did they hit that Sheldon noisy elected to run homer in the first inning or something and they got a couple of runs early in the shot there's a good swing and a miss on and off speed pitch down. You seem like checkers even though it's close out playing uphill I think you're right. Early runs made it seem. A lot worse it really was because which dusty was behind virtually all game. So sorry good looking changeup for Adam Kelly and bodies on a couple of really good looks down of the zone one ball one strike two walker. Right hander Eddie. And lifts his leg turns to second base. Yes he appeared about ready to throw Hollis middle little extra bluff off the second base in Keller. Just lifted his leg and dividend to make sure there there wasn't actually going anywhere. One out runner at second base bottom of the first inning no score the ball game. Pickett second N router back. In the timing play with stickers to shortstop breaking in behind the runner. Got his little better that time Keller re acted a little more quickly to design. Let the runner little quicker to get back to today. 112 walker. Keller ready. It's pitch fastball hit it right shoulder. That's twice he's tried to cover it up left handed hitters it is just run inside and got them one. Nailed him right on the right shoulder. First and second still only one out. Wichita State through the first ten games. It's fourteen. Hits veterans. That's a pretty high total. Normally Agassi is staffers that he has won a game. Well Louisiana Tech leads the nation being hit by pitches and like not dominant males and on top of the play so you pitched against them. For three games you get in the way with a view. For example Austin O'Brien right handed hitting first baseman and cleanup man for the sooners and often the best start of his four year career Oklahoma. The first pitch to him a good breaking ball for a called strike on. This is Austin O'Brien 120. Career start for Oklahoma. A 267. Career hitter and hit 267. A year ago with five home runs so far this year 392. What home runs nine runs batted in. Stretched by Keller the all one and a swing at an S and high fastball. Not a real good swing by a brown almost looked like he decided late to go for it never did. Get to that moving quickly enough. No balls two strikes. By hitting walker Keller did. What to double play back and ordered that a Bryant runs pretty well he leads the team and stolen bases with three. He also struck out eleven times in 51 at bats. That is the second most of any Oklahoma hitter. 02. Goes down it gets one high fly to shallow center drifting just back to but median debt to catch made Hollis is gonna try for third to throw combatant. The middle of the diamond. So homeless groups over with two outs. A fly ball gets to. Cleanup hitter first and third was to Keller now with a chance to. Got to take care of things here himself. At a pretty good pitched out of his Brian right it goes down and get it that is news a little bit. Now Jack Williamsburg the third baseman. Plans bird a left handed hitter who's in his second year at Oklahoma after coming in a year ago as a junior college transfer. 511180. Another left handed hitter they really have a bunch of left handed players the top of their order. Against his right handed pitcher. For years and years Oklahoma has had a lot of players from California plants birds and other one of those. He is from Orange, California transferred here from. Cypress college. He is hitting 383. On home runs nine runs batted him. Stretched by Kelly to pitch in a good strike on the outside corner with a breaking ball. Plans bird for the second year in a row has already played all four infield positions at least once this season so very versatile guy. Just generated say that Swiss army knife in it yet that's as nice that you play every single one of money and feel. Off speed pitch leaning back it was high. Really count of that over the middle of the plate so it feels a little bit feeling that he needed to lean back so one ball one strike. Plans Byrd who is tied for the team lead in runs scored with fourteen looking to drive one in here with two out in the first. Adam Keller has hit two bettors. They are currently stationed at first and third with two. Here's the stretch. And the 11. Yet on driven the center victims left Travis Johnson goes back acting almost misjudged that he made to catch. And this actors get out of it some pretty good job like dollars to pitch around the zone hit better tendency. At least two men aboard and after one is nothing nothing. Hard working Kansas make our state great they built our past and are growing our future. While improving the lives of everyone they touch. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas helps Kansas workers and their families to live healthier lives. We opened doors to more doctors and hospitals with innovative comfort and price choices and nearly 75 years of making health insurance. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas. Highest I'm backs with backs & Associates in 1976 we started assisting clients with a personal financial plans for forty years now RT missing challenging Financial Times and were up for the challenge we understand how you depend upon your serious money now and in the future so give us a call at 6520101. Baxter & Associates time well spent money well Honda. To its security and advisory services offered through SII investments incorporated member finreg SIPC and a registered investment advisor pastor and associates incorporated and SII investments incorporated a separate and unrelated companies. Chalker stork has brought to you by American family insurance CIA agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and hand over agent west Sawyer. Jason maybe join us for become reality radio weeknight. I'm OK okay. Sophomore righthander Dylan grow they've had a short work of what you just stated the first setting aside down and ordered striking out two of them they'll face the middle three years the second. Race in Afghanistan. They did and Sam that won. Wichita State. In the midst of a stretches seven straight games on the road coming off a three game series with Louisiana Tech and then headed to Baton Rouge for three with knowledge youth. This weekend. And his backers will be home the next time this week next week Tuesday and Wednesday against northern Colorado. Before heading to cal poly. For a weekend series. Yet the shocker seven and three coming into this open the season with seven straight wins the first time since 2011. That swept a three game series at Louisiana Tech. Grayson canister leads the shocker is it getting as he steps in to lead. Up to second hitting 341. One home runs seven runs batted in left handed hitter takes a fastball high and outside. Get a still like most of the soccer's. Not at his best over the weekend at Louisiana Tech. But did end up at three for twelve takes a strike there and it's 11. Canister had his best day and that. Twelve to ten battle on Sunday going two for four with a walk scored twice. 11. Breaking ball low and inside two balls and one strike. Checkers Ari predominantly. Right handed hitting team that they have to move to left handed hitters coming up here in the second. Shop along the third baseline third base that'll have to hurry had to throw to first is not in time. Slow roller will play. By Plattsburgh at third but it was a swinging bunt by Grayson tennis delegates in an infield single. One too many doubts as for plans bird and ends the round pretty well he's their left side start with so that's. All took Schumacher's first patron. And Natalie get differs based router but getting leading off an innings if they can find a way to move them around they do go out there batting in the five bowl tonight. Getting to 62. No home runs five runs batted in. And also sixteen strikeouts in his first 42 at bats. Stretched by Grover to go to first base and he almost threw it away pretty gets snagged back it by the first baseman O'Brien. Which made it a close play at throw was right on the router but it was close to being out of O'Brien's reach. Janice 041. In stolen base attempts on the year's first pitch to do it does a slider away for a called strike one. If there are scouting reports out there right doubt that date will see much of anything else from rooms got a good breaking. Ya need me you may never see another fastball plus those pitchers make mistakes or Dayton adjust. Just inside that's not something else us David it didn't come back over the corners almost got to go on the left side count goes to one at one. Right handed hitter against the right hander. Growth. Is no one of those guys Mike the batting average calls the play is a big step for him. That is throw for another lest an easy play for O'Brien at first baseman had a backhand that one out of the dirt. One ball one strike to do. Next picture is swung out of this kind of breaking ball he added that in front it's one of two. Gross during the ability to change speed a little bit of everything involved not drastically that just enough that it looks a little faster times than others. One had a little less on it throw to first base and again tennis to dives back. No storage and a stolen a leadoff infield single here in the second for Wichita State to become their first base runner. A year ago you guys at 445. Who. When he put the ball flight. You know over 300 as it was struck out 51 times. 12 got it on another great call FedEx. Slider. So one out and Dylan growth has struck out three of the first five shocker hitters. Greens that Sam Goodman DH he denies of that from the left side and coming off a pretty good weekend at Louisiana Tech. Got a chance to play on Sunday went three for five of the runs scored two runs batted in he had been all for two of the Saturday game. Limited at bat so far but five for twelve for seventeen average first pitch to him a fastball just a little bit low. And with five hits is driven in four runs in those limited opportunities. Goodman a transfer from Cali college. Growth set delivers. And this is down and answer to all of those strikes. Jane mentioned the numbers would certainly indicate that growth will walk a few. Six in nine and a third previous innings but he has worked ahead consistently so far tonight. To have nothing to Goodwin. Right hander threw to first base and a relentless short hop out of the beard era on the turf Brian. When they commit status is still some more. He's seen a lot of throws a lot of hard quick ones to like. Stay closer on the pick off throws over there. Still to it and nobody noticed it does go on a high towering pop up down the third base line. The third baseman should have a plate whatever comes down they can't catch it. It was up there forever but it's not windy didn't seem like which could be moving it around eight. You can tell you start to struggle with that a little bit as he ended up leaving back to his. Left it dropped between him and the third base foul line so that when catches a break that's all it should have been caught instead he's still up there with the count two and one. He never did local picture of these. Be in the right spot sure. I don't know spin on the ball made it come back would feel play enough but it is that he kicked off the tip of his glove. About two feet from the third base bag and feet foul. And you throw over that time suggest there was standing up he's gotten a lot of attention from Dillon growth. Should one that Hitler. Just it goes again pitches in the air for a called strike should throw bounced to second base in Afghanistan. And there was a stolen base a tot bounced being very aggressive here. Earlier in the ball game sending pianist and it was a strike to Goodwin substituting him. Our runner at second base with one out. Pretty accurate throw by Leslie to catcher came in their own one hop that kind of handcuffed. The shortstop taking the drug kicked off loser goes his glove and I think it picked up enough speed that. That pool there goes it seems able to squeeze down I think they give us the thing. Two to navigate to. Steps office. Just it was that they're trying to distract him a little bit. Only the sixth stolen base for its dockers is here now six for nine. And half of those six came in one game against Omaha. Too cute good luck. Way high and outside looked like intended street change that time but it just sailed high anyway yeah I don't think he'd thrown any up to that point so he got that now the way but he. Sometimes a person's. The toughest ones that are currently want. Well captain Goodwin the checkers with their first threat after going down and order in the first. 32 pitch struck you about pulled the string nicely that I was philosophy had to pick up. Well a lot of pride at their desk. Four strikeouts already for Dillon drove. Which it does date as Jane mentioned here. 250 against Louisiana Tech over the weekend averaged just under nine hits a game that struck out 31 times and a 104 events. And they saw down there what we're seeing right here Mike is mid to upper now eighties with a fastball. And guys that if those slider where they wanted to win that one and shocker we're just handcuffed all weekend save for a few innings on Sunday. Here is Lou critter from the right side first pitch to him as a fastball outside. If you're gonna have an Achilles heel of guys don't slider for you where they want them young hit though so. Justice scouting report glad hit those fastballs I mean they're going to be middle away trying to get ahead of you with fastballs when they do thrown. So don't let this go in to the catcher's glove for culture like the laughter. Want to know it there at the age for a strike that was a breaking ball and it's one and one. Luke Ritter. Not off to the candidates start he's capable of certainly is four for 28 so far 1431. Of his four hits. It was a home run in Wichita one home run to rents that is. One ball and strike. Growth delivers an added breaking ball there for a called strike but they say best laid it could have attacked a breaking ball acute illness that's all ethnic. I think it's pretty get a lot of I don't know I don't know very many college players that are good breaking ball hitters you know except for a hangar. It was going to be good so when you get that old number one don't miss it. One generator. Other breaking ball but he missed a way and it's to have to. This thing is he's not hang and it was so far he's come down with a as well as having good sharply but the nice thing on top all of them. When they can ask him this. In the hitters zone. Two balls two strikes. Tennis to the runner at second with two out. You can bitch. And Rosie invited him get off the plate umpire. And it's a share that was a strike on his clothes broke laid it looked like it broke down in the zone late. But he didn't get to all of the candidates fall Ritter was out of his front foot it just totally frozen trying to is that now go high and this league pulled down just a little so maybe. At Roger's not the that was in the themselves John Williams 32 heading this with a fastball it gets away from the catcher. And so Ridder trots to first and pianist advances to third. That would conduct kicked off the catcher's glove and almost wondered if that was across not because it looked like it just surprised if he didn't get to glove up in time that's gonna get a trip to the mound. From the Oklahoma pitching coach. And that is. This year for the first time skip Johnson he's in his first year Oklahoma after a long term. Situation that position at the University of Texas. So a two out walk. At a wild pitch that does Genesis thirds. Same situation Keller faced the bottom of the first first and third yeah. Better try outlined we'll be they hitter. And got her another one guy's shot here's our. Hoping to get on track sooner than later 192 and so far. Five of 26 to at least five hits are doubles he has three runs batted it. The good news is he's not striking out two strikeouts and 26 at bats just not scoring many balls up. Let's give place to start of you're not striking out here yellow batting average all right that's something we can work well. If you're striking out all the time that's keeping your batting average down in that you got a heater that's doubly frustrated. I think Gunner probably tell you are the ones that I hitter gonna start finding holes before long. First pitch to load inside something off skate there it did hit it up in the book I thought it clicked off some of the sights and please love. There's that can and stuff that we are talking about what you'll grow finally rearing its ugly head. The growth. After giving up the infield single stolen base suggest that struck out two. Had Ritter in the hole one and two that really had it struggling did pick up his breaking ball ended up walking in the while pitching rounded third and I hit strong line. Bases loaded two out and Jordan boy here guys it. Certainly got to look forward have an out there these situations he's done a good job with runners on base and scoring position so far. That leads the team in runs batted in with ten. He said fewer at bats and some of the other starters takes just happen in a little bit for. Jordan making his ninth start in eleven games hitting 286. Had eight hits in 28 events. Eight of his ten RBIs and come with two outs and his hitting 455 with two outs he is the guy you want up there. 10. That a strike on the inside Poland Austria hit treatments and equipment. And as a mention. Early on he's one of the three shocker from Oklahoma. Went to the starting lineups that you know he is. Diane to have a good ball game here tonight from Oklahoma City. Bases loaded two out. At the top of the second inning no scored pitch swung on advanced and I stayed clear that he tried to stay at that time back. Still a little behind it when it finally swung at and an end up way outside to Mike it was. Outer third to begin when that. Even though it was on there if he was. That have that long enough that that. The only. Fully the most hits he's had in a game was 83 for four outing against Oklahoma at Wichita last year. Though he had an excellent game against. The senators. As a freshman last season pitched him. To describe how. Like. Regardless that is fine detail that would Brothers stands there. And he is not looking to end the inning drove it struck out five in the first two days. That he leaves the bases loaded here in the top of the second after an inning and a half those storage Norman. 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Bottom of the second here in Norman HT heads had its share base runners already Oklahoma got them head on on hit by pitches in the first inning that left the the stranded at first and third. Wichita State had an infield single. A walk and a hit batter that eventually loaded them up with two outs in the top of this second inning but they failed to explore propeller accident. Threw ninety pitches and a scoreless first thing didn't get up and yet. It hit two men threw a wild pitch and also struck out one bad the last two minute panic on fly balls to center. It's very possible this will be the last and inning he won't pitch we're not sure exactly what the plan is but. Not Butler our pregame interviews that he might go a couple. We can't get much your view of the bullpen. Might be throwing maybe Sheen here with the binoculars the first base beyond the first base not yet here at Norman there's a grassy berm high hill. It runs down the right field line and then the whole head is at the right field corner. And there's a big screen that protects the bullpen from batted balls that at least. More than they have a lot of Oklahoma's baseball history regional appearances and stuff printed on that tarps it's really hard to see into the bullpen on this side here. Meeting and offer Oklahoma DH Riley where he drives one down the right field line toward the bullpen. And that will get into the bullpen over that street I just mentioned the strike what. Can't be different if it's just the wind screen but it's got the regional appearances. National champions all the good numbers and a the years basically dominate the entire thing so it's hard to see through but as far as I can tell right now nobody's up. For Adam Keller so he's got this one so long as he's successful and maybe the next normalcy. Where right handed hitter off to a great start. The 012 in this high for ball one. Where starting as tense game he's played now in thirteen of the first fifteen and is fifteen for 36 for seventeen. Three of his fifteen hits are doubles is driven an eight run second leading hitter on the team behind steel walker. Killer take little time to settle into the stretch. And a 11. Fouled straight back. Fastball up one ball and two strikes. Riley where it is 511205. And as a Kansan news from Cedric. And played it you know show county community college. He's a sophomore transfer here after his freshman season you know shoot Kennedy. One ball two strikes. You know it's pitch. Wow that looks pretty good. Fastball away just missed two balls two strikes. Adam Keller hit the leadoff man in the first trying to keep the leadoff batter off there in the second inning. Where will be followed by Brady lives William Blake Brewster. Time calls for a moment but where. Where. With that blazing start the next couple of guys not so imposing at least numbers wise. Just another reason to try to keep him off the basements. Two balls and strikes. Miller kicks in deals and a ground ball the left side if the whole the left field for a base hit. Pretty good pitch down there's not a discredit dropped ahead my dad got it it just perfectly placed it in between the shortstop and third base down. Ground ball at this. 42 hoppers that. With perfectly placed. That is the first hit for Oklahoma but they have their leadoff man on for the second straight inning and debris separating lives lead to captured. Literally just 208. On five for 24 but he has had those five hits in five consecutive one hit Gaines got a five game hitting streak again one of them. A home run. Politically bats from the left side. Adam Keller works from the stretch whether runners on and not so no adjustment there and off speed pitch on the outside corner for strike one. Leslie is a freshman from Keller Texas 61 weighs 200 pounds. Riley where there Leonard's first has been known to take offs of this season but it's just one for three. 01. Fouled straight back. No walls and two strikes. I could see why. Killer could be kind of deceiving I guess for a hitter because it's really short and compact in the boldest attack comes out of nowhere you know it didn't. Have any count our market at all. To speak of short arms a little bit is delivery is. Real compact everything comes at you all want so he hides it deceased pretty well. No balls two strikes the left handed hitter. Killer delivers this time of the fastball. Jane mentioned the soccer's last at bat that they have not run very much all year they've stolen base by canister. Was their sixth in nine attempts in the first eleven games Oklahoma. By contrast runs quite a bit they've had 22 stolen base attempts. Thirteen of them successful so not a great success rate about 59% of the time. 12 on the way Scottie with a good breaking ball just frozen ball broke right over the heart of the plate. And ready lives leaked out looking for the first out of the inning. Second strikeout. For Adam Keller. Had two in Florida third innings in four previous appearances. Here's Blake Brewster and right fielder and left handed hitter they have really loaded up their line up of left handed sluggers tonight. Brewster is only had fifteen at that so far this season with three guests episode 200 bit. One of the three hits is a home run. Rendered first one out. Hillary takes a lot of time to settle into the stretch his first pitch is a little low fastball. Brewster played sparingly a year ago for the sooners hit two and fifty. With eight hits in 32 at bats. You know I got the signing want settles in. And the pitch. That's right through their for a strike took something off that 111. Brewster playing it is night's game his sixth start. Three for fifteen. I mentioned the home run actually two of his three hits are for extra bases he has a double and homer. Riley where the lead off single followed by Brady Leslie strike yet. One wonder Brewster. Strike at today's good location with the fastball it's one of two. Each team has a hit. Each team has had three base runners now on these first two innings. Brewster called times stepped out of the box. Mike Anderson the former Nebraska head coach coaching at third for Oklahoma. Kelly will move to Thurston where guys that first time that he has thrown over since word got aboard. Keller. Settling back in glove tucked against his left side looking into the signs. I. Stretch the other right hander and the pitch. The bouncer foul up for his baseline toward first base dugout. It holds one and two. I mentioned Oklahoma leads the all time series. Went back to putting a couple of games in the early 70s16. To eleven. It is twelve to two Oklahoma all time here in Norman Wichita State's last win here. Was it 2006012. To two blowout. 12. Fastball just outside two balls two strikes. That is trial why did the catcher threes they're just holding it where he caught it. Just have to show the empire are you sure about that. Two balls two strikes now. Keller sat. Moved to first stand where scrambles back. Despite the soccer's lack of success here two and twelve all time. They've been very competitive six of the last ten losses here have been one run games and last year it was a ported to ballgame here. Still too good to. Miller's pitch Ricky now pulled the string heading swinging through it. And that's the second out of the inning in the second straight strikeouts for Adam Keller. Good sequence last 20. You hitters that caller's name. When Lee Brewster in and out. Changes being fastball for a fact. And no mistaking the wrecking ball very aggressively. Now I faces little hotter hitter than the last two guys random Erica there's been a regular shortstop virtually all the time this his twelfth start. In fifteen games he's played in fourteen of fifteen is hitting 382. In 34 at bats. One double among thirteen hits eight runs batted in a right handed hitter. And Adam Keller with a runner at first and two out. Respect to Zaragoza fastball high. Time coat. And it Trout line not to talk to his pitcher. Credit geragos say freshman. From Moore Oklahoma. There's that you mentioned this earlier there's a time where you couldn't find hardly any oklahomans on Oklahoma State. They were. All of you go guys and all from somewhere else being bothered creek Oklahoma did seem like. Figured they all go to Oklahoma State which I think maybe I don't know. 10 pitch right through the heart for a strike brings it even at one and one. And it wasn't as if that of the day is a joke on his Kyoto as you either. Gary ward when afraid of its cue coup Gazprom. The West Coast. One ball one strike Zaragoza batting in the nine hole. He always pitch. That's the outside corner for a strike and it's wanted to. It's been kind of interesting to watch the strikes on chip Rogers has been pretty much pitcher's umpire not to he's giving allow extra room would certainly make it's calls on the corners and one call for each pitcher it seemed to drop one in there didn't get the call but by and large. Been pretty picture for an. It call for Keller on the edge that time and he's ahead 12 city take advantage while there goes off play maker chase. Anyone out there whether they managed to reach out across the plate solid back. Keeps the cattle either want to do good idea that little that little too good I think at Trout on reaching back over the plate a little bit he. Get set to cut a little bit and get off the outer black. Maybe get the swing and a miss or a pop up or something that was not a strike and there goes it was just to protect mode. One ball two strikes. Riley where led off with a single still at first with two out. Another one too many reaches out for line a lazy fly ball to shallow right. Easy play for Jenna still puts it away and a good job by Adam Kelly it was very sharp after giving up the leadoff hit no runs one hit one left. And after two nothing nothing in this backers of the sooners. You are busy meeting deadlines aaron's car pulls favors EDT to ask render the thank you completely forgot to our team captain thinking different believes that he can you promise better. Yeah stopped you can't be everywhere that we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation's so when something scanning can blues the laundry list. Keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. The Carnahan group that JPY get. Science is a highly trained team that presidential realtors ready to accomplish the goals of buyers and sellers in Wichita we utilized data PR marketing with exceptional photography for an inspirational experience online and in print media buyers can expect a team of unique abilities with years of experience to negotiate on their behalf and Smith transaction all the way to their new home to see all of our beautiful homes at the Carnahan group dot com a leader in real estate for over forty years this is. Michael Savage join me weeknight an eight on AM. Saw it at the top of the the third Dylan growth has been tough for Oklahoma striking out five of the first nine hitters but. Did manage to load the bases of the second with a infield single a walk and hit batter but pitched his way out of the second time through the order. Trade Vickers Travis Shia and now it's bomb here in the shocker there. First time through drugs set down these very striking out Dickerson. They get a second look at. Each team with no runs on wanting that. Through the first two innings and each team has left three men on base. Vickers struck out looking its first time started uniting 286. First pitch to the shocker shortstop lifted now back over the screen. Change mention grove issue on a really good breaking balls and he certainly wanna be aggressive inning fastball UC. So if the shocker he scheduled more aggressive up there victories going after first pitch there it felt that. A one. Fastball outside one ball one strike and I know it's really hard for young hitters to do with the other. The alternative is dissent on slider and wait for his you know he's probably gonna throw you one that's not what you're conditioned to do as a hitter you want the fastball. But you gonna get more sliders and fastballs he thought it could. Got one there he checked on it it was in the zone down it's one and two. At times that slider really moves a lot it's hard to stay with especially when it's that much down in the zone. 12. Fastball that time he felt tipped it off the catcher's glove to stay alive. It gives credit to export to see when it's down like that and as sharp as it is hard to pick up the break. But they're not all all things sliders they're going to be sold on the hang up there in agony solemn that are pretty tables though it here. Able to convince yourself that you ultimately get. They're looking for and he goes after one grounded up the middle but the short stops here it goes against it in the bag and throws differs from the app. Cricket season hitting five Vickers did go down and get that one. Hit it right up the middle of the ground but not with a enough steam to get past the short stuff. One at an inning and the better Travis young. Travis struck out swinging his first time up. Soccer's did. Extend drove a little bit in the second inning threw about 25 pitches in that second inning and so they can do little more of that. Certainly it might hasten his departure from the blog. First pitch to young bonds sat in front of the plate but it's foul ball. But it hit him in the foot or something or at least it was on the part of the plate it's in foul territory. You know come back with a count of one strike. Travis young came into the game hitting two of ninety. Nine hits in 31 at bats five walks in three hit night pitches through the first ten games. He has started all eleven so. 01. Migrated to left field for a base hit. Just jumped all over that one and checkers have intersected he had in the first ball they've really hit right on the barrel I'm still trying to figure out how to block was a foul ball. I think god to groves in our paper yet did so if you found the himself might I still not now but. It will think the result because gravity on the lower left fielder. After just let out an infield single to second he was very aggressive at taking the lead eventually stole days to see if the soccer's try that approach again with young over their very fast runner. The hitter Alex palm throw to first of their daughter back. Typically though Todd Butler doesn't like to try to run too much in front of Volvo all the power guy who can get you a couple of runs with one swing. Plus it's always a tendency I don't know if Oklahoma's at that point this season yet over the knowing that Weller woods but there's always that fear of the guy steals ahead of him in my just walking. First pitch to bomb is low and inside it could stop by the catcher live legal hold the runner first that's absolutely. Butler's fear is his guys in the middle of the order get them back taken out of hand so. You leave a big hole right side for bomb we shoot for fees and that. Eight that extra base hit guy anyway so I thought butler's going via. Subscribing to the theory that he's in scoring position anyway when when ball majestic a month. One out tack foul off played over toward the stands on the third base side one ball and strike. And a bomb up there at that and the conditions are good deny it's a little bit cool but not windy at all. He can drive and Addison park seed when the conditions are favorable. 11 to Alec does have two home runs they both came in the same game. Ellen growth over to first base and Christiane headfirst back today. They and a contrast in ballparks. Last week and now. This one's not only fair but did some favors pitchers and fourteen in that. Deepest let stand right standard and you'll at fourteen and train track in right center field in roster though. Given to a huge job I got involved fouls one out of place there right. That's almost one were if you're confident Athens here you go ahead and take them letting steal it because that was that was it did steal freon they were not gonna get it close. One into the moment he felt behind first point Travis youngest and credible it. As Jane mentioned fourteen and deepest left center right center. It stays fourteen and for much longer stretch out there through straightaway center then. You see it most ballparks. 12 pitch. Strike three call. Borderline looked like could have been a little low bomb thought it was run out but plate umpire Jim Rogers tonight in the inning. That is six strikeouts for Dillon drove in the first two and two thirds and it was borderline maybe but it was right over the plate it was a fastball so. Whatever the case you've got to be able to pull rip cord and make its link there at. That can't happen if you're Alex the home direct hit a bad thing united and he took out his own hands right there. Here's grace suggested it is tackler along the third baseline and meted out for him his first time not to go to first base and young back. And now it too that's young mighty could be a little bit more aggressive about trying to get a count Stevie get into scoring position with two out. I don't know whether he. Feels like he's got a pretty good redone Grover just guessed right that first time when he took off he was long gone. Goes again got another great jump off speed pitch outside. And he's in there easily with a stolen base pitch was outside tennis different ball on. Those couple things at play here Mike that I think that this scouting reports telling shocker to an effort they dug out the one he's a little slow the play. And number two he throws a lot of sliders for every firing throw that one fastball that catcher lately not yet though. You get the right guys on and in which he thing you know these not applicable to first base. Young fast enough he can steal another pitcher that's when it. One noted Janice that way hire an outside with that one again and off speed pitches to an out. In interestingly enough. Opposing base runners prior to this game had been nine for fifteen against Oklahoma but six for twelve against everybody else and three for three against Dylan growth. Checkers have gone two for two tonight. Yeah on its second two out 20 count to generous to. Another off speed pitches way outside three balls no strikes. Those last couple of looked like the first when he threw except it was also hot we just had no command of his off speed pitch the first time he threw it any kind of settled in threw a couple of pretty good loans. Those have been way off the plate three times now to Afghanistan. 30 way hire an outside for ball four and I need you guys next. I can promise that was yet I I was thinking the same thing when he missed that much that was almost an unintentional intentional walk very. Milo just rolled up there now this isn't a battle in a matchup of guts right here. Because if you're the picture Dylan grove it would take a lot of guts to throw you off fast. And if you do god takes a lot of guts for him to it to set up there and look for sliders because I mean. Like you to Hitler is counting. There are no secrets anymore scouting reports out where couple weeks into the season everybody at least as a pretty good read on. What guys do well what they don't that's been actually matches. You got struck out swinging his first time out. Gross first pitch almost threw it away. Slider down away it was a great sliding block violently to catcher and it's one ball no strikes. And it's gross tendency toward. While this little bit anyway you never know when just kind of deliberately throwing for outside the zone majestic beginning out of rhythm a little bit. That was way off the Mark Harris to second blocked the router back. Based routers are Travis young its second Grayson Janice at first. Doctors had three men on the two out of the second match him in on that two out of the third looking for that breakthrough big hit. One noted Dayton Judah. And the pitch. Fastball for a strike hit cities. That's what you're looking for right there. Yeah the opportunity at that long ways that you got took it. Evens it up a lot of thought I would be very surprised the season that it wanted to. Grove couple looks to second. Comes to the plate. And a swing and a miss on a big breaking ball for strikes to. You really need to be thinking up the middle the other way is try to stay with it but it play. The big gap on the right side of the infield as they have the second day and holding the restaurant at second base first base and off the bag playing behind tennis writers know. Check this morning line around the strike. This guy strikes out for the second time. And grow kind of struggled again in the third begets two more strikeouts he's punched out seven attackers leave to want and it is still nothing nothing after two and hand. What is the sound of a dream as a percent of new car that places it'll take you going home memories human insight. An American family insurance we know when it comes to bring your dream to life every idea that every hour matters in our agents of the know how to help. Frequently not on home policies to save you time and money find an agent and get a competitive quote today and Sam dot com or call 1800 my hand there. Products and written by American family insurance mutual status of Ohio and Wisconsin company success American program Madison Wisconsin Packers have an entry. 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It would lead off single in the second but really it's very well with men on base brought got a couple. And leads that nothing nothing store gives way to Wichita hyped product human Kilgore makes his second appearance. As a show after redshirt last year's freshman. Made his debut last Wednesday against Omaha event tenth pitcher three hit shut out. And threw a scoreless inning did get one batter and struck out one. He'll go are we facing the top of the order second time through for Oklahoma here in the that are. Soccer fans are sure to join us every Monday night with a touch Butler coach who showed a case boards relatively Alley thirteenth and read which road. You could hear it live on 98713. Thirty. K and SS pleaded not have a baseball show last night coach Butler will be back on next it will be Gregg Marshall six to seven Linda Hargrove seventh eighth. And coach Butler eight tonight at eight chase sport's growth the island then home to cut Butler show every Monday night. It is up for a moment that house for the appointment radio Monday. FF I shocker towards. It is the wind by Kilgore in the first pitch to Hollis. But it right back to the pitcher I don't mean any right to it and he throws to first for the out. Not a very well executed but by Hollis have been hit by a pitch his first time. We like those yet but the yeah I feel either direction is look at it. At sixty foot head start on the batters. It's dark or do you think he'll Goran or month miles not a first pitch it just helps. Action by him which. But here's comment at all Heller struck him out his first time I went down swinging in the first that a 349 hitter on the year right handed hitter. Against the lefty Kilgore. He went into the wine. And the pitch fastball away that's quality 88. Kilgore has. Little bit of a herky jerky delivery he's just a tiny bit of pause right in the middle of it to kind of as a hitter you Canon. Get out of that threat flicked a little or out of that for it's I just will hesitation. This is down and in the saddle him. To also directs a toe tap but the bottom of his windup is probably best way to put it. Is hesitates at the last two thirds part of his delivery before you. And that's a downhill. The deep breaths. And flipped and it's out of there right and play to have one. You and Kilgore. Top 100 nationally. So ranked by a perfect game prep baseball report coming out of heights four time all cities selection. In an all Stater for the falcons. Here's his 21. This time is that when three balls and one strike. We could. Would not be at all surprised annually to see a pitcher in ending the rest of the way for the shock Strider. Really changeup looks for the Oklahoma hitters. 31. And it's now back to the screen but the problem with that is and I hope we see this on or off the united talk that is hard habit but it be sharp. When you throw that many guys in one game and when you couple that with the fact that coach you averages about a half run the game. You know to me if you get it got its cruise a little bit maybe letting go more than anything but. This is you know this kind of a situation where in the mid week you can't tune up for the weekend but it's. It's not the south conference weekend yet. Fastball right down there and I don't know prevented all the body was going that was a fastball. Right down the middle I don't know if he was trying to sell it to chip Rogers played up. Are because you do Reagan flew over that was right here. Strike three. Yeah it could have been anywhere but directory. Saw pilgrimage he's seen what kind of team we can attack will be shot or miss the opportunity you've got to be there. We still don't know much about Oklahoma it won't quite a while this year but you know if you get a victory. Indeed in the mid week against these three company. Pre cop here you know get the really good teams are really good name brand teams in wages hope that they are going to have a good year and you win your share again. The fastball a little bit inside a steel walker for Boland walker hit by a pitch his first time up. 429 hitter through the first fourteen games. Left on left matchup for Kilgore with two out and nobody on. And the 10 a good breaking ball down and away swung and missed. That's the first thing he's thrown rather than a fastball. That. And eighth first fourteen games for listeners hear gaudy numbers. 335 batting average. 118 rounds that the point four. Two point 14 ERA. And what they Q batting average against all the way around Oklahoma's just cruise every game. Hi foul down the left side they'll be out of play into the Oklahoma bullpen down the on the left field Burma one ball and two strikes. Then again others then opening series at long beach state which was pre season number seventeen. Grambling State Villanova northern Illinois Boston College little rock Central Connecticut State. Not awe inspiring. Buffalo this weekend. You're gonna pile up a few more. 12 from Kilgore. Drive to left pretty well hit one back on his team to the track at. Off the ball bouncing in left center and will be held with a double. Has gone back into cable to get it back here soccer's fortunate. Allen didn't leave the artist right there on the top of the fence when it bounced back into the field boy that was and walker admits it. A good job just going with a pitch driving it the power to the opposite field and that gives you walker an eighteen game hitting street. Back to last season. Second hit for the senators. Matter of seconds to go out the better Austin O'Brien right handed hitting cleanup man. O'Brien came into the game was an eleven game hitting streak he has so for wanna fly ball to center. Face the right hander Keller his first time up. To face a lefty this time around. He would Kilgore from the stretch. First pitched over and fastballs down a little bit too far down low and inside the ball on. Still a relatively young Oklahoma team and of Bryant is one of the real veterans for years senior from loss of Kilgore said. Long look to second. And the 10. Fastball in there for a strike evens it up that one and one. Feel it Kilgore got the first event of the ending but it two out double by steel walker giving Oklahoma threat here in the third and a scoreless ball game. 11. Now to the right out of play late on a fastball that town it's wanted to. Other than Wichita State going in order in the first. Both teams that had some kind of threat and every at bat. Oklahoma did not get a man to scoring position the second that they had eight leadoff hit in the inning and a killer retired 30. Two out hit here in the third. From a to Bryant and hit. Hard left sided under the ground. And operator of the left field for a base hit him. It's horrible but I do god. You know it goes or face death Ridder kind of in this time visit between hop he had a chance to pick it up. But it's gonna sit there to give the senators don't want an ethnically. And mistakes like kill war. Up and right out over the plate at the end and veteran hitter like O'Brien is gonna do what he did did. Now the problem is after they fit in. Might as it was kind of iffy whether they're getting dinner. Low screamer so I think if that is the over time. But they've got hit in the left field and battle out. O'Brien who goes second that's kind of thing that happened just this past weekend my thumb that would happen and then it would snowball on and so. Kilgore started with him with a pitch that this actually to a won the walker and one O'Brien. Got to locate their facilities in the camp. Brings that Jack plans for every takes a breaking ball that around the knees for a called strike. Plans for his first time a fly ball to center to end the first inning. Came into the game hitting 383. Bryant its second two out. Kilgore the lefty facing a left handed hitter and his pitch fastball low. One ball of one's right. So why did nothing Oklahoma in the third one run on three hits for the sooners. Record got to buckle down right here my got a advantage lefty lefty held plants birds an old guy that. Yet he uses your dad get out of the inning make good pitches here. One more on this time the test book lean it back to that one. And that are trapped on a good chat this pitcher. Probably. Making sure that the situation at its best Kilgore here. He's now given up the first run of the game he's fallen behind in the count two veteran hitter but. You know. The games being sped up on is not just reserved for basketball and football where it really is visible and get away from it. As a pitcher he can't calm yourself down. He can't step often enough to try to get used to the need to be able to control your emotions your excitement level. The year of equality to. Checked on a fastball lay appeal to third base umpire and Gregory Tucker said Dolly are looked at times it's three and one. I was a better pitch fastball it was just fairly high end. My effort started triggered held back. Mention the competition but Oklahoma has steamrolled its last five opponents outscoring them 43 to ten accidents at nine to two average over the last five games. One this low and outside. Of a breaking ball bounced. Two out walk putting runners at first and second and bringing up Riley waiter who's singled his first time. This gets it back to right handed hitter where the eighteenth at night. It hit it real horror that justice saying I ground here. Between short and third first time someone who won the ballgame. How great that would take my chances with plans for more so there challenging fastball and I get where the right hand matter. That's tremendous hitting reputation team in college. And he's off to really get start this season so now the pressure's squarely on healing Kilgore. After he let. Plans for the way there. Where to well over 400. Sixteen for 37 including hit his first I've often though gore misses low one ball no strikes. Debt net that puts you talk about the the schedule you play Mike this puts a lot of pressure on them to win virtually every game play because. Know you're getting RPI help basically until this season via conference season starts. I thought Georgia Tech event may help them it's after the buffalo series that plays series at Kennesaw State at Georgia State. They're they're gonna have to. Would almost all of them. Ball hit sharply that fouled on the right side. Past goalie and it's kind of an inside out hole to the right side now and it's wanna want. And I say yeah when almost all of Tugnutt at large stuffed for. You're RPI to begin with in the season it's gonna help when they play. Texas Tech Oral Roberts. I imagine West Virginia TCU for sure but. That they'll have a bunch of wins by the end. Load inside you guessed it right there is gonna take one for the team and somehow it bounced around his feet and didn't get it two balls one strike. Routers are Bryant at second glance heard it first it's fun thing for Oklahoma to. Break on top but it's one to nothing you get out of this with just one run news right there turns into a three run or something that it. He canceled more of an issue yet shocker had a hard time keeping these run scoring anything it just one run last weekend they again. Multiple crooked numbers and some really big ones. They had run innings where Louisiana affected if we're eighth seventh sixth. In separate innings industry game. 21. All driven Sadr well hit Travis. Looks like he's got a beat on a dad makes the catch at about the front of the warning track. So it but it pretty gets might not have been killed or gets a little bit of sigh of relief in just his second collegiate appearance getting out of there with just one run one run on two hits. It was one error and two bit left to board after three at Oklahoma want to Wichita State nothing. As a proud sponsor of Wichita State athletics with regional offices in Missouri Kansas and throughout the US we offer a fractional aircraft ownership program that features a diverse fleet of newer model jets and turboprop aircraft we proudly support the men's Wichita State basketball team discover a program that's right for you at great midwest economical value an exact fair share dot com. From your friends and executive fair share Joseph shocker. Hey welcome to big bucks I'm looking for a new LG LED and a real wood TV stand none. It is our back there in the stands there. Over there by the stands real wouldn't trip me air what does that mean well the plastic looks like woods and especially these twins. I should've gotten answers ahead. TV re not only sell the highest quality TV brands like LG but we also have one of the largest selections of real would entertainment furniture in the city after TV we've got our roots in which tough not just our branches. Shocker stork has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John Green bread woody or in valley center agent Tim day. She's been intend to join this morning right here on cape enhanced and. Ellen drove into his fourth inning of work now leading one did nothing yet given up a couple of hits these walks to capital and hit a better. They also have struck out seven in his left five men stranded. I've got a net 58 pitches through three innings so a fairly high pitched out of that pace. But I think he could go for the it. The big facing the bottom half of the factory orders credit Sam Goodwin here for the good move. Look Ritter. And better Trout lines from Wichita State. Doctor sports properties in Wichita State athletics effect shocker ambassadors. States at least levels of corporate partners United Healthcare. How's that Juan delta dental Coke industries and Cox Communications. If you're considered advertising. Wichita State athletics just cause shock for sports properties 16. 97875. If you. Sam Goodman leads it off struck out swinging his first time up after working the count full. Gross first pitch to left handed hitter squared off the end of the bat toward the third base dugout. No balls one strike. Grove was totally commanded the first set aside data in order struck out a couple of men has. It at some jams the last couple of innings managed to work out of both of them. 01. Fastball outside of all of a strike. Command start to waiver just a little bit after impeccable first inning. And now obviously just in time do you order. Miller but it dug outs chattering swearing in of Minnesota must be tricky bogey until the accidents that sliders though that was one. Seven of the first nine doubts have been strikeouts. One to almost hit it. That's already inside two balls and two strikes 129 the last ten outs were strikeouts and Sunday so that's a ton over the last. Six and change innings. 22. Idea he's flyers started outside the play broke back over and he has stat eight. With one out in the fourth. That's now six in over the last six and two thirds chargers got seventeen time. The only two dots that this game that have not been strikeouts have been ground balls moment chop one to third in the first inning. And Vickers rounded them up to the shortstop in the third here's Luke Renner. First pitch to him as fouled straight back in a good aggressive cut fastball just couldn't quite get on top. Definitely be at Frontline. Guys be wise played those fastballs he won for his last thirteen. It really using it. 01. Excellent there for a strike down in the zone bad zone too. It's almost like clockwork like I mean. Yeah he made various slider foods. Or uniquely fastball first but one thing is guaranteed he's not going to fastballs and roasted DC want to know you're not gonna give Nolan right after. 02 misses Taiwan ball and two strikes. Ritter was deepen the hole like this his first time to locate close to two pitch got the call rent it to 32 and drew a walk back in the second inning. 12 here. Stretch him out of the big sweeping breaking ball for strikes. Tune up into down nine strikeouts. Were Dylan growth. This is already a career high by a couple it struck out seven and five and a third in his first start this season against long beach state has freshman. Was six on two occasions him. Two up two down better try outlawed only saw one pitch his first time operatives and off speed pitch that hit him in the foot. Pursuant to in this time this is time for ball on the. Growth really Johnny's got one of those big frisbee type sliders. Look like deep steep to me that. Two out bases empty one notre outline takes outside two balls no strikes. Ended up boom that it'll give his catcher a little bit of work yet stayed with. Getting to a point now Mike Phillies can make some mistakes with a hand you better real crush him if he hangs on and there. Too low this outside three balls and no strikes to tell us. Rove would love to have a quick inning after the last two at which he's been extended has thrown quite a few pitches. Up. Three out again fastball a little bit inside for ball four. He was taking all the way anyway but that was in a little off the plate. Packers get a base runner with two outs that's the third walk given up by Dylan growth. Present Jordan Boyer struck out looking his first time up. The last four outs for growth have been strikeouts mixed in. Between the two walks. Two out here the fourth one did nothing Oklahoma leading in the blogging. Bruised pitch strike called inside 402. The word warrior. The. Just no pleasing some people here in the crowd is there with that but that guy striking out everybody faces that were complained about the umpire they left fans. 01. Just outside Lebow once during. Drop why the runner at first not really base stealing threat but a decent base runner. For a big guy. 11. Chuck towards third foul weather over the head of third base coach Brian walker one ball in two strikes. Gerard Boyer came into the game hitting 286. As a team leading ten runs batted in. In his first 28 at bats of the season struck out his first time deep in the hole here 12. And growth settles in. And delivers what you outside gets away from the catcher. And down to second base goes scattered throughout line. Leslie literally dove for that would still couldn't keep it there it bounced all the way back to the backstop so. Wild pitch but as a runner in scoring position to and even the candidate to it suitable earlier. Just like that soccer's were too up too down on strikeouts and you're feeling on it though isn't going to be the inning and nighttime at a now base hit with two outs did it tonight running mr. clutch up there mr. two out. Due to. It hard on the ground and through all of the left field for a base hit the water around third left fielder charging here's a sort of apply this Saturday. So it bounces away from the catcher in the drugstores. It looked like it was on target and in time that it bounced past the catcher Leslie. And it create two out hit by Jordan's lawyer once again ties the game at 11. Well this kind of skidded on the turf is pretty good throw in from left from walker. Lately with Donna and the pitcher Grohl was back behind home plate back it up but this is that ball what went past cut off man. Lawyer never document that the second base and he's not there he traded places Trout line. Back to the top of the order for trade kicker so for two with a strikeout looking at a ground ball to the short stuff. Juan Juan top of the fourth. Chris pitched victors scooped up the middle could be trouble second baseman to get out thank you can't close hit quite as hard as I thought it was off the bat. The second baseman Mendenhall made the catch just into the outfield. To soccer's get another big too got hit from Jordan boy years he's making a habit of that and it is tied at 11 after three and a hand. Meet Davis but Davis is from policy. 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Or visit them online at Comfort Systems dot net Comfort Systems is a proud sponsor of Wichita State shocker basketball. Shocker stork has brought Dubai American family insurance seat agents and Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers or in his bill agent forest pummel. Let's enjoy each weekday mornings and night right here on. But it does state shuffling the deck a little bit as we go to the bottom of the fourth inning. Only one new player in the lineup but several guys change positions. And chargers now have dodged a factor of playing first base and that's good. Actually two new players lineup that is to duck comes out a lot of that Alex Jackson is now playing center field the packer first. Young boost for senator to left. And given Kilgore will continue on the map. Alec vault from first to third by the way. So Ritter also came out there and do guy out of the game. Brady lives laid catcher leads it off left handed hitter gets Kilgore who gets a second inning. And his first pitch is fouled off the handle or behind there. Kilgore gave up a run on two hits in the third its chance to pitch here in the fourth and his teammates have come back to tie it up for a also struck out one in the third inning gets two straight left handed hitters here in the fourth and less well you accused pinch hit. Below it. Fastball high when Boeing strike. Mentally struck out looking his first time up facing Adam Keller who started it went to. Two scoreless innings giving up one hit. Hit two batters and struck out 33. Strikeouts a new career high in his brief. Five appearance career Wichita State for Adam Keller. 11. Breaking ball off the hands going to be trouble behind third then it falls right on the line for a face yet. Under turns first holding up a good job by at home. To kind of run that ball down after it landed beyond even get it back in the second day says absolutely took a big turn that person had the hold. Tough break for healing Kilgore thought it often. We'll Texas leaguer is barely. Landed inside the shock. Three hits off. Kilgore four total for Oklahoma. And don't face another lefty and Blake roosters struck out swinging against Keller his first time. This may the eighth man tequila Kilgore has faced. Right handed hitter on deck it could be his last hitter regardless of how he does. Soccer isn't a big two out hit by Jordan lawyers the top of the inning came back from one nothing deficit to tie it up. Brewster came into the game three for fifteen on the year in the box and it cost time and steps out. Feeling Kilgore has to sign. Ready. Long look over to first and goes over there they're under standing up. And for those views scorn at home we just discovered that it's technically in the batting order to backer for do god and Jackson for Ridder. When they come out so something to keep in mind him. Go up later on in the fifth and maybe beyond that. Good to know because that already written in the backer that you just benefit could that change it enough. Kilgore is pitch. And Brewster squared and intricate for a strike. Squared around and maybe he was just intending to take one no matter what the it was a fastball up that right in their for a strike. Let's let the rhetoric first has not attempted a stolen base yet on the year. Kilgore to build. Along with owners and those are guessing going first move it throw down to the shortstop fans out by a mile at second base. Is ridiculously. I guess dry period and good execution by the backers just into the ballgame. Give a good deed that shortstop. Goes 136. To retire Leslie its second. That goes for a runner at first and nobody out to one out nobody on an 01 count on Blake rooster. If that can kind of settled Kilgore in. 01. Good pitch that broke low one ball one strike. 11 ballgame in the bottom of the fourth tell you took the lead. Two out hit the third the shocker is tied it on it to that yet in the top of this and it. 11. That's all I gotta look like it was right there outer edge. Get the call may behind. In the estimation the umpire but I letter along that absolutely was not hot one's around they'll. Seem worth it called strikes but down. Big deep breath to one pitch. At a big chop off the plate fairer for outs I'll call. Kilgore came charging in to fielded. Who's now all the way in the Kennedy attitude to you. Got up in the air almost like pop up books pride Bruce you're not hobbling around a little more had it. Sting a little bit. I think he's gets arm right front foot so that probably helped a little bit. That glanced off of that thing. Two balls two strikes one out nobody on. You know Gore's pitch. Just missed a little bit high with a breaking ball three and two. And it'll be interesting. Kilgore getting a chance to go a little longer than he did in his first outing but. Facing a couple left handed hitters if he stays in the face there it goes in the next man. 32. High towering pop up this that may be in play toward the first base dugout to backer over back pedaling makes the catch. Greater rather a boy it was over there to back him up to backers who actually is more of an out. The only that a first baseman historically. Gave it a little too far but back peddle it made the catch for the second out. Bottom line is. He knows where fly ball as easily end up and hope I think it worked out point. So far no movement from the shocker dug out there goes as if he has been announced now. Actually is being introduced right now but still no movement from the dugout he'll Gore's get a chip get a chance to face the right handed hitter here. Think my Robbie Evans was up earlier but I don't see anybody up there now so. The third he killed or whatever that might be mrs. I for ball ones there goes that with a fly ball to right his first time up. Came into the game hitting an outstanding 382. True freshman. Two out nobody on it was a leadoff bloop single by Brady Leslie got kicked off. 10. That's a little high again two balls in those strikes. Kilgore is only walked one. That has worked behind a little bit quite a few pitches for two innings of work. To go. Right down the hearts restricted its to a one. Absolutely no question this young man has a lot of potential lead and as those. Six seater so pitchers is seen action Canon gets whittled down as the year goes on May be in the mix a little bit. 21 fastball away kidneys for a strike it's to have to. A good long long loose arm action got some moxie can tell. Coming out hitters. He just needs experience that. Sharpening those pitch it once he gets these strikes to there'd be able to put away. Tutu here. A ground ball foul outside their I was OK right there are key to breaking ball there and over hand curve ball is coming back leg curve that was not a strike when it was offered that by Zurich goes as we can do anything but hit it found. That's got to step you can deal with you get swayed amiss from matter foul ball you don't get hurt. Still tune to. Lefthander winds. And as it should stay out of the right good fastball away and at times there goes that was lakes created it didn't screen to the right of home plate that's a good sequence right there you you get back into the count. Through guys have the courage to throw IQQ breaking ball was borderline. Sprayed now and then you come back with a well located 87 on our fastball that's not right down the middle. You got some work with and hitters on roller skates. QQ again missed inside. And kind of mini motors it was in off the plate three balls two strikes. That's OK you got one more work with. Go away maybe it was something soft I mean it's got to be a strike but. This is a good sequence so far by Kilgore if he could finish it off. The. Payoff pitch. Driven in the air right should be easy Jenna still waiting for it to come down and there's the third out good job Mike Phelan Kilgore. Give up a leadoff hit it picked him off base is only three in the inning and we'll go to the fifth with the score tied at 11 here in Norman. She understands stingers ripping in construction is the answer to your inspection repair questions on your residential or commercial run. Always free erupting inspections stingers earned an a rating with the Better Business Bureau and they can also make you love your home again. So it the spring storms wreck your roof or if you wanna hit a home run with a new kitchen bathroom remodel or outdoor living space called to vote since what he's 66 are goaded stingers ripping dot com 2022066. Dinners writhing in construction your home team grow you know the benefits of dental implants from Cambridge family dentistry will now Cambridge is giving you a very special offer a complimentary exam and a 3-D X ray valued at 350 dollars. Two hours from start to finish and I had chicken plants and we did. Hurt in retrospect. I would pay double. Received your complimentary exam and a free 3-D X ray now call 3163501100. At Cambridge family dentistry you have something to smile about this is little boy he I don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoons is tools like KMS. I'm has come about for Oklahoma through four innings he's allowed one run on three hits hits walked three hit a batter but also has struck out. Nine cent overpowering at times. Attackers with a two out hit by Jordan Boyer got it for around the fourth to tie it up so 11 blogging of the shoppers are there third time through the order against growth. That we Travis young Alec bomb. And Grayson Afghanistan. Here in the fifth. Totals are one runs three hits one error for Wichita State won more and all four Oklahoma. Travis young has won the soccer's three hits and the most solid of the three a line shot into left field in between short and third in the third inning also struck out swinging. His first job out there. Striker hits our own device Jenna stood in the second young in the third and Boyer in the fourth. Opposite to ninety coming in once reputed nine. And the first pitch to him is breaking ball that bounced off the plate and up to catcher's glove and care of depth over his head behind the plate. Because of some long counts in the last three innings. Gross pitched totaled getting up their little bit. Young has stepped back of the box for a moment settles back again. And the Lotto low for ball to. Always gives you a much better chance to get the leadoff man on an inning inning when he runs like Travis jog it just enhances those opportunities. It's ahead 20 here. Growth next pitch missed both free enough that if it does reach this really tests Todd butlers will too. I'm not gonna stealing because Bowman youngster coming up theory you know snow. We'll see what happens. He has already stolen a base back in the third the shock is it swiped a couple denied it. There indication that you can't run on growth pitch. Low for ball four well we'll find out travesty on with a leadoff walk here in the fifth. That's the fourth walk for doing growth in four plus innings. Alec ball over too. It chop the third baseman in the first struck out looking in the third and got movement from the bull from India Oklahoma dug out. The left hander in the pan but I think he just got up I don't think he's been throwing very long integrity. In the pitching coach for Oklahoma as this year. It is long time all. Almost pitching coach skip Johnson. Travis yacht with the stolen base in the the third inning two for two on the year. We talked about it being a really fast based vendors still working. I'm getting. That really good job to become more than base stealer. If you think stores. I have. We'll do some. Scoreboard update brought to you by diggers repeated construction freer residential or commercial roughly inspection and repair or replacement call 316. To go to Italy 66 for free ripping inspection stickers ripping dot com your home team grow. It was a couple of whether issues in the valley already. Southern Illinois at Murray State has been a home they're trying to play them tomorrow. Indiana an Evansville has been canceled. At least that what's that people need a crash course in the at that football meeting that. Maybe that's an agreement and a lot of time left to make that an unfair. But here's bomb and grow the move first knowing that Travis young can run chases him back at first. Oklahoma State defeated Missouri State seven to threes that snapped miseries state the game winning streak. No cannot get to Alex bomb look at his over to the ground ball to third in the strike outlook. All right handed hitter. Gross pitched to him many takes a breaking ball outside for ball. Dallas that this is an Fort Worth and I think on the number one TCU horned frogs it's one nothing Dallas Baptist halfway through that one. Go patriots have. At the state has already beaten Northwestern State sixteen to four wildcats are after pretty darn good start. When all those strikes. Grows Pitt shot. Fastball low two and nothing he has thrown six pitches so far in the inning. And that's yet to locate the strike zone. Mississippi State leading Louisiana Tech to do nothing top of the sixth start Phil as a long trip home from Mississippi State they spent the weekend at Oregon. Taking on the ducks in Eugene has fairly quick turnaround. We can detect what a pretty good early schedule hunt. Moved to first and young guys back as fairly close play although the bullet came out of the first basements glove. Growth will always seem go to first as a pretty quick boo they're pretty good feat but his throws have been a little all over the place of Brian the first baseman has been challenged a little bit to keep them there. I like is liberties to the plate lately with the ball all over the place last three plus innings. Two of the captive ball. Another move to first and that would skipped in the air nicely back handed out of the turf and Austin Bryant. Nebraska beef futures shocker on the northern Colorado 82. You balance coming up next who shocker home games midweek next week with northern Colorado. Meant to create an air force there postponed though. Try to play two tomorrow. To go to ball. Here's the pitch hit part of the middle on the ground and a base hit it to Satterfield. Dug around second they'll stop there. Always right at the center fielder and Hollis got it there to get it quickly backed the end field but first and second with nobody out for the soccer's. And that is their fourth via first of the night for Alec on who extends his hitting streak to seven games and now the longest so far this season by shocker player. Brings up recent. Does that onto attitude an infield single lot of river along the third baseline of the second and a four. Four pitch walk in the third that was semi intentional and nature. And a trip to now let's get a bit. For the Oklahoma starter. Oklahoma will go to the bullpen was darker runners at first and second nobody out. The best scoring opportunity really that doctors have had decided there right there in a tie game. Have fun. On here in the top of the fifth inning anymore scores to report. That's is that which I would imagine has the best RPI or strength or maybe both in the entire country there. Six drank it taken on number nine Arizona. Clearly. Did you ever think that's the get together at Texas that played him last week I've decided. Texas Tech Ole miss. TCU. And then being that it gave. He escaped you at the top him I mean they get together mitnick market it was an absolute all law previews and Texas Tech has also already been to Mississippi State won a couple of games there take on Arizona tonight. In which does state see him here before him terribly long that next month often turned to relief pitcher or the Oklahoma Sooners. Burned the left either we're waiting for gas to be announced that the appearance for the seventh time you hear these long a lot of base runners. Eleven hits and three walks. In eight that third inning home batting average is 34 team. Yeah as the highest yard sales up five point borrow and Italy thick wealthy RA among other categories and only people want for coming in but. Current has been touched up the most often seven runs five earned and 83 innings. All those out of the whole thing. Fairly big guy six to eight to fifteen years from all walks there Shane had earlier. We used to see Oklahoma hardly see any Oklahoma guys on their roster is far more from California usually. Nobody is for awhile so I spent the time at eastern Oklahoma State is your college. Is yours and your roster actually has a break. Home state they have twelve of Oklahoma's seventh from Texas. Five for Kansas fourth in California refused to be a great source of their recruiting. As. Six other states are represented by one player. So Austin apparently left hander and the other face yes the other team in Houston DCU. And yet he seemed to LSU Texas that whole mess that. Fourteen get together for the strikers. College classic minute maid park. Like a little mini regional. Turns. Most recent appearances in 3 inning outing against central Connecticut on Friday at Saturday got the win in three innings. After he took over. Starter Kyle Tyler. Faces gracing jettisoned with two on and nobody out in Greece and infield single and walks of Florida and I. It deliberate turn for a second base. That are young. But Beck standing up for that throws. And actually had them. The wrong team with the best RPI Arizona has the number one. In the early going other immunity if Texas Tech seventeen so two top twenty RPI teams and that this ruins the fastball strike called today's suggested nothing. Suckers just made a move to put the backer in the lineup and so currents. Will face if jockeys don't make other changes three straight left handed hitters suggested to backer and then Sam good. First and second nobody out. 01. Fastball load this time one bullet struck. His fastball that. 86. Travis young walked on four pitches to lead not only bomb got two cats two Soledad you know hard grounder up the middle for a base hit. Noticed there was seven runs batted in through the first ten games. 11. This time two balls and one strike. Kearns three walks and eight and a third which is bad. Shame managed eleven hit exodus 314 opposing batting average. 21 pitch coming here is. This flows through it one. And you know we. Talk a lot about left left matchups left right right left with Aniston did make a whole lot of difference you know I'd have to look at the numbers but he's pretty good against guys from both sides. Yeah he is but in this situation you'd like to the hitter the pitcher come apple progresses that would be the ideal seat quite as many. But you're right in just case of that matter cars. 31. Bloated fat low straight talk just did get the inside corner today's tennis if wolf war. So 32. Travis got its second Alec Bowman first nobody app soccer's. Looking to take the lead for the first time they fell behind one nothing in the bottom of the third tied at that to not run in the fourth. Now that in the top of the fifth that it. Parents looked ready to work and what the other call timeout period stepped off the Janice did may have called time out before he stepped off. When you step off. That quick and I can speak from experience sometimes you upset and you nod at the sign that our pitching you really wanna throw so. It may be where he wants when they try to over. It is to three to. Start came back out there pitch down and handed Genentech got to go to every one of the first. That's a big strike gap for Austin Kearns is coming into the argument is also the tenth striking out. Of the first thirteen outs which doctors have made. Not a strike jealous that helped him that's. Not familiar situation for him in Norman in that case. And it picked my matches with. Butler making some changes. In the early part of the game. Pretty vital. Opportunity here in the fifth inning he got the backer in Latin dance wingers and standard for himself. First played appearance of the night in the first pitch to him as with a fastball for a called I could today's. Very definitely chip Rogers plate umpire is calling the low strike tonight by that I don't mean necessarily blow out of the zone but he is definitely giving. The pictures that strike at the bottom of the strike zone. Josh to backers so far this year. An average of 300 on the those exits into quality at bats these dividends war. Checks off speed breaking ball smothered by the catcher Lindley as a balanced. It's one ball one strike the Oklahoma fans wanting to strike there but they appealed at third base them back Gregory Tucker. Signaled that there is no attempt sway. And to me in my that's why it's important that if you're left him that it doesn't have a lot of at bats against left him pitching. That you ambush that fastball that she's not because. We came this close to heaven two count on that check swing because that was a breaking ball he'll get that breaking balls without. Little crow hop toward second as if he were going to make a Booth it young hanging close to the bag got back as short stuff came in to cover. That's the thing that goes all the way back when you're in the dug. You know you're rated yet you that's your time in this guy out. Soul if you see a first pitch fastball sometimes it's not the dumbest thing in the world news swing it if that's successfully getting yet. Now what they're analyzed it just Al outside there was laid on it that. Is it hard between the bag in the third base coaching now this means the background mean anybody that's. Due up third for example like Jackson Jackson in the dugout right now that's when the time up the pitch it's when you. You don't necessarily have the bat you hand it would want on deck with that any hand. But Jackson's going to be left him active so this this can be a great lefties. Out there facing left the Austin Kearns he's not likely to throw you CUNY fastballs and be grateful when he does. Terry writers don't breaking ball outside and both runners move up on the line. That's just a great opportunity there by whomever was on. Ended up. Knowing that the backers now likely to get a fastball that hits even though. Curve ball would take lightly. Over toward third day it takes quite a bit longer to get the home plate and of course young and all those guys can run so. Very good job by Tyler Pickett and spots it doubles he. Oklahoma and help bring the end Seale lived cut off the road to played on a ground ball. To exceed the backer. Annie pals want over behind their kind of behavior that happen yet not right in the middle of the zone he sprayed it now over the third base dugout. Keep it to two. That a good job on a pitch that could have been a strike maybe not if you have any question at all you've got to put the bat on it with two strikes. And even if it's. And don't strike those notes that you can't tomahawk critical look at one of the gap that it was an accident. Big opportunity for the shot here's here's second and third one out to exceeded a backer Eddie fouled it off. Drug bust a fastball in on it that time he fought it off solid off his foot in the batter's. Bucks well I think the backers see it all happens so he's got that. Go on foreign entity to count. His fastballs not. Overpowering enough to where he's gonna get blown away. His breaking ball is just a little wrinkle and it's you can look fastball. So this matter of finding a hole in the sooner and feel will help him out with them. And hasn't looked uncomfortable or off balance as far as this time. The state now. Teach you again wrecking ball hit hard the second baseman runner coming on second baseman bubbles. Think it. At first but it runs scars to get the soccer's the league. And again and I think that's how you have to play through which tested theory with the infield and you have your fastest runner at third base sandy Montana today. I would like to seen the second baseman fielded cleanly and come home because I think young would be inning and then everybody would say but. Soccer's do take the lead good at bat by the backer and good for him because. He got taken out of that first game. In the series against Louisiana Tech did not play Saturday or Sunday came back here tonight and produce. Puts a shocker to head the job by about. To that now Sam Goodwin hope for two shows buck takes a fastball though it. Scrambling back to the third bomb was thought it might be at play on it now like well there rhetoric they're now with two out. And I'm glad you said that it is that good at that part of backer because it was really battled out there with the ball in play got to run home. Any spin on that breaking ball allowed both those guys to steal and give him get into scoring position. One noticed Sam Goodwin. Swing and a felt tip into the catcher's glove look small ones that I. Doctors now with fourteen outs. Four and two thirds innings. Only four of them have not been strikeouts so backer putting the ball in play there was march fastball for a strike if they want it to be good. Wichita State coming into tonight's game had five stolen bases. In ten games they have for tonight. Alec bomb at third base to soccer's in the lead to the one now on the fifth they'd love to pick up another two out run here. 12 and a good one pilot fastball to have to. Lawyer coming up any time soon that's it and that's the yeah yeah. Alex Jackson on deck it would be his first plate appearances he gets up here in the end. Tutu to Goodwin. And you get going after two strikeouts so far. 22 pitch fastball outside. All the way full at three and two. And Austin currents that's coming in has now thrown at least five pitches to each of the three hitters he's faced. Three balls two strikes that hit shedding this low for ball four. Not by much hope. That's going in the Arabic. In the got away with meaning continues. Currents first walk it's the fifth the soccer's have drawn tonight plus they did hit one so six free passes of some type. And yet another left handed hitter up there to face the left hander in freshman Alex Jackson just came in the ballgame defensively in the bottom of the fourth. At bats for the first time. The rookie is at thirteen at bats with three hits all singles he's driven in three runs hitting to 31. And. Somebody from the I guess descriptive name written down. Home plate umpire being here and it's hard to tell whether it's from fans are coaching staff but. I saw a replay of that last pitch was down it flows that. It was lull a little bit outside and it was properly called my chip Rogers at this. Crowd has had to call they agreed with yet it ends on don't know somebody near their dugout. And I tweaked Rogers that. They got warned. First pitch to Jackson his fastball and isn't there for a called strike down in the zone. Two runs on four hits for Wichita State bogon. They lead at 21 of the fifth. You know Wanda Jackson swing and a miss good breaking ball that time that they into. Alex played it all three games at Louisiana Tech he was over one on both Friday and Sunday in between what one for three. It was Saturday gave up. And we have a trip to the mound. Only College Baseball folks that it's 02. With runners at the corners. And we haven't done about it the entire infield that your catcher. Did you go. I have no idea on earth. Wind and thorough nature of scouting reports and signals from the bench and calling this is something that's it. Why you can't do follow. If that is the picture and yet the 350. Its thinking. All he showed very that coach I guess that's the only explanation I think about it. Look all of them coach analog the plate umpire Chad Rodgers had to go out there to try to break it up at. Maybe that's Pete Hughes. The pitching coach after the baby just wanted to go out there and gripe about causes throughout their long. Get Rodgers can actually keep him quiet guy is talking picture hurts. Well College Baseball it's lovely lady that you on the umpire anyway they had coached him. Now none of those assistants as opposed to me that's like Pete he went out there that you want. Cat for a chat logically that any time. I don't know if I don't know. Let's see if they give us Alex Jackson's older previews at the whole OJ yeah. And it current steps off after having said. A leadoff walk in the inning to travesty on a single. By Alex called racist justice struck out. Soccer's pulled off a double steal and the backers grounder to second with the infield and got the run home from third. And it it to Jackson fastball outside the late CEO at second and they're not gonna throw down. Goodwin takes second jackets are trying to pull that two out delayed double steal or if they get to catcher's throw down that many that maybe the writer breaks there. But Leslie was gonna do it. It would take seconds and out of play. Captain Alex Jackson wanted to now base hit to bring in a couple. Two up. Second and third. 12 count to the hitter. And a pitch fastball now is. Alex Jackson takes strike three. Second strikeout record eleven strikeouts through Oklahoma pitching with the shoppers pick up a run on one yet. Leads to good scoring position and lead after Florida half plus or 21. I want your channels can make all kinds of things disappear do that began making ATM fees can. Or gambit and equity bank debit card and make every ATM fee every ATM vanish go ahead. The greeted me. 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Joggers stork has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and hand over agent west Sawyer hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two it's fall half. Happening right here on KM SS. Plus Dave Briggs on its third pitcher of the night. It is freshman righthander Charlie barn house export Detroit five from Lansing Kansas at leavenworth high school. This will mean. Tommy's fourth appearance this year. Most recently. Pitched two perfect innings in Louisiana Tech on Friday striking out one of the sixth. Faced hitters against Omar are both struck out once in his debut against top ballot pitched 123 innings. And it struck out one so he has been outstanding so far. And at the end there to try to protect a one run latest shocker scored at the top of the settings to go ahead for the first time to go. Could be facing the top of the Oklahoma orders that would then Hollis the center fielder who has been hit by a batch. And then tried to fathers play on in the third but they're right back to the pitcher. Policy at 3339. For 27 on the season coming into tonight's game. Left handed hitter facing the right hander. Our house peering over the glove. And delivers swing and a miss on a fastball. And 82 mile an hour sensible. Policy Mendenhall and walker for Oklahoma here in the fifth they scored their run in the third. A two out single by Austin O'Brien. 01 swing and a miss and another fastball at 92 and he's been laid on both of those. So far for the shocker tonight Adam Keller started when two innings no runs one hit. No walks two hit batters three strikeouts Cuban Kilgore went to gave up a run on three hits and struck out Juan. Oh to swing and a miss on a fastball again now when it 92 outer black. In this surrounding the. Morning good afternoon again I'm. Here is now that Nadal who has struck out twice. Once against Keller once. Against Kilgore. You'd like to stop that trend not make it. Three wood three different pitchers. And it all came into the game at 349. Right handed hitter. Barton asked steals a fastball grounded to first right at the first baseman backer easy play at a system for the second out. It's got the right idea you know retired everybody plays. Two up two down steel locker. It by a pitch in the first and then drilled one off the top of the left field fence for a double in the third and scored the Oklahoma run that yet. Extended his current hitting streak to eighteen games. Tommy was the only guy who was unfazed by this past weekend became evident. Thought if he won game I think it was anyway he pitched two scoreless innings he's the only guy that. It's out of hand the shocker didn't give up at least one run. He went 66 now walker in the left side takes a strike down around the days I was slider ready for. Steel walker freshman all American a year ago. Honorable mention all big twelve. It too and Eddie as a freshman off to an even quicker start this year for 29. I misspoke he he it's in the Friday game. That 6 to 2 o'clock deck when he finished up. We're just missed low one ball one strike. So he kind of got he's been to a higher leverage situation Friday night. In Reston in here is again can be a winner. This is effectively which doctors. 11. Up off the catcher's glove back the backstop to the one. He is livid at 92 with that fastball. Two out bases empty in the Oklahoma fifth. Artest really brings it up right up front of his face before it delivers. This is high and outside again three balls an extra now I know it's steel walker he's good hitter but. With 92 in your hip pocket thrower and too little 21 changeup right there. I'd rather take my chances with the old number one he's feeling it with fastball. And look over the glove into the wind up in the 31. Fouled to left out of play fastball down 923 into the walker. Game eleven on the new season for the soccer's one the first seven trying to snapped a three game skid. In the first three road games of the year at Louisiana Tech. He too started out of high fastball that just a piece of it crowded into the club. Johnny barn house of 1235. With two strikeouts. We'll go to the six that the soccer's leading this ballgame 21. Whether you need a full suite of kitchen appliances are just need to replace an old dishwasher washer or dryer Clinton's appliance we'll get you go right product at the right price Litton carries trusted names like kitchen aid Maytag and whirlpool that are committed to strengthening America and helping families thrive take advantage of factory rebates and huge foreseeable discounts while they last purchase a qualifying kitchen a dishwasher and dispose hearing get them installed at no charge stop violence appliance conveniently located at 123 self hillside for all the details like. 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There is a sophomore from Sugar Land, Texas 6360. Pounds. These two Oklahoma pitchers so far already struck out eleven you know five innings. Bring in a guy had a houses strikeout specialist pitched the sixth. If they see scattered throughout wind Jordan Boyer and trade victories. Tough state. Fell behind one nothing in the third that tied it on at two routes run in the fourth then took the lead and run in the top of the fifth it's 21 shots. Don't grow started from Oklahoma pitched four innings and based. The hitters in the fifth. Charged with two runs on four hits walked four hit a batter struck out nine. Austin Kearns got credit for one people living. Retired three of the stories they striking out two and walked one then plus the other candidate candidate who's football playing going to be fine. Johnson had ten based routers in their first five at bats this. Light striking out eleven times. Hundreds Frontline takes a strike at today's that the one got a bit on two out two times hit by a pitch in the second and walked. And scored a run in the fourth. Still hitting 190 twos in every city started the game with the 01. Swings of fouls one off the plate no balls two strikes that might not have been a strike it was not fair and. And I would imagine that. Connor very having not seen before but just look at the numbers as a really good slider. That's just my guess. That Trout line out to. It is pitch and he tried to check on a slider in the dirt standing water around for strike three. One out this doctors in the sixth. Twelve strikeouts for Oklahoma pitching in five and a third innings. It ties the season worst for the shocker as they also added twelve strikeout game at Louisiana Tech. Long way to go in this. Here's Jordan's lawyer he struck out looking in the second beat came through the big two out RBI single in the fourth to tie the game. First pitch to him big swing and a miss for strike one. As and wound up that went after that one was laid on a fastball away. Lawyers to 86 coming in a team leading eleven runs batted in now. Trade Vickers waiting on deck. 01. Why did it to middle for a base hit we're kind of went down it got on and drilled it right back breaking for a and it's just. Perfect example not all those slider to get me right where those pictures one up. He had a really good approach their boy here did identify their breaking ball down. But it was out over little plate and went down golf the center field but it's going up. You're straight Vickers in the leadoff spot over three so far but. Has put a couple of balls in play struck out looking in his first time that a couple back up the middle. Swing and a miss they ought to fix it was to strike down to it. Very get a grounder up the middle that wasn't quite hard enough to get over the bag in the third was thrown up by the shortstop as dead. Another ball up the middle that he just didn't quite hit hard enough little soft liner that second baseman went out in the shallow right Sanders play. No balls one strike Ares pitch bounced flooded their good block violently the catcher. You mentioned Cheney good slider has guy's gonna give a catcher chance to block if you. That's why at bats like. Trout lines for example had to be a little better than that you know again making though at least somewhere close. Before you swing and now straight backed. Vickers on that would pretty good just little late on the swing felt it straight back to the screen. Time that went pretty well one ball two strikes. And that's what's been frustrating over the last third of the Louisiana Tech in the first half of this when you gotta be on time consistently sold. You know. Well one pitch on time the other whatever that is slow roller left side third baseman charging throws across his body just in time that he could play by play an expert the third baseman. Vickers an average rider not the fastest guy in the world was out of bang bang play it does move lawyers second with two. And did illustrate my point a little further statistically. Over the last nine innings that's a shocker to play the last three and a third in roster in the five and two thirds here. They struck out 21 time so you put that together for one game in the BI pop you know it shocked starting point one times in nine innings while. That's what's happened over the last night so. They're gonna be not only facing just as good pitching tonight and Sunday. This weekend that maybe better you know over the course of the next couple weeks and they got to be able to identify those not fastballs and do the job on. Travis young showing but took one that bounced in there endlessly tickets squarely in the chest protector kept it in front of a ball one beyond. Travis struck out swinging in the first lined a single to left in the third then drew a four pitch walk in the thin Justin's Courter on. Out of and I won two of the runs Gordy is stolen two bases stole second in the third inning stole third on the for an end of a double steal in the fifth. Jordan boy here at second with two out which doctors leading 21 in the top of the sixth looking for another two out run. Young with three runs batted in so far in the new season. It stood. Bounces away from the captured back to the backstop that bounced out in front of the plate so lives Lee slid out to get in front of it bounced up all over him. And gets to the backstop its two and Odeon in a wild pitch whose lawyer to third. One thing we haven't mentioned about this ballpark. There's not a lot of foul territory behind home plate on a wild pitch it's not necessarily guarantee you're going to score if it bounces straight back. Two and nothing to Travis Shia. Series pitch. Fastball at least for a called strike it's to have one. Decent he'd also to go with it slipped fastball was ninety. You get a predictable pitch from guys with great secondary pitches. By that I mean fastball. I don't know let's. Stop you from somebody's shoes to swing at it and just be scared to death of another flight were come later on. 21. Chucked out the third baseline out of play who to. Travis young came into the game hitting 290. Get a good on base percentage team leading fourth 36 coming into the game and he's been on two out of three times tonight but also now has eleven strikeouts. In 33 at bats. 22000. Right out of play hanging in there. Little bit surprising came out of with a fastball that. Now young theme the whole store. These fouled off. At least one of the type of pitch that most likely see so again we go back to this thing on balance a little bit yup wanna play. It'll strung out fooled strike policy to be its. Due to checked off that flow from our history. I don't start again and I think the teeth. Not that he's definitely gonna win the battle but I think he's seen enough buried here he like acted. I handled pretty much anything he threw off his. Ready to hit state with that let it go ladies that broke blow right at the end. So 32 down a travesty with Jordan Boyer at third and two. 32 pitch low for ball four and literally had to smother it and really get that right there. Apple. It brings up what are your best hitters guy who can hit pretty much anything bodies on. First walk of the year the Connor Barrett so. Young can take a foul over their first few odds. It seemed to see another two out but if you see if he might just take off here with a runner at third already. I would. He's two for two today. Because now he makes it and go to Iowa Todd butler's afraid of I think it's around home that you load up Afghanistan who's left hand bat so absolutely huge don't feel like you can. First pitched Obama is a slider in the turner smothered by the catcher. And it's one ball no strikes to Alec home Lewis grounded out struck out and hit it hard ground ball single up the middle. This game seems to me like it feels like Mike the pendulum has swung to Wichita State the last couple of innings though you looks like they're on their heels. No such thing as momentum per say but checkers have certainly gone from being data run to get it right back. Get it tied then taking the lead and now they almost feel more like the aggressor and others I agree that. Okay. Of course two out hitting is most elusive thing in baseball if you could teach it. You know you write a book and make millions but. That deal last chapter this thing of trackers to get 110. Just outside two balls no strikes. And now Obama is seen two different kinds of pitches the first of the sliders mother violently and that was a fastball myths or at least. You get little sense if your Alec of the timing of those pitches. Next step it squared wanna final hole. Two balls no strikes cutter bear from the stretch. It's its demo this low for ball. Three. You know Todd Butler says something in his pregame interview that the soccer pictures never looked comfortable during the weekend at Louisiana Tech and their pitchers did and you look at Barry's numbers he's just that dominating this year but. Obviously not quite as sharp on the last couple hitters and that could become a thing word he's not quite as comfortable. Three go to ball almost hit him with a fastball in the ball for the I think it's. It's them abundantly clear that he's not comfortable. And he seems like you guys negative bullpen now then. Barry's I get a chance that they Afghanistan because the lefty down there being checked here second I think it's great thing. 42 but anyway when you get a guy. That depends on. A slider or on us he pitches like that guy like Mary seemed to. When that eludes him a little bit because you feel there's so many of those it's a user loser when you found in the mangoes and and the velocity goes yes those slider slider slider annually through one fastball for a bat just try to get ahead of them and try to strike bound flight. If the opposite is it true that you fastball family here and now all of a sudden walk for these guys have these. As the other this is. This strange game that way having a good talking a lot tonight about approaches to play him and you look at the shocker all strikeouts in. Five and at five and two thirds innings yo wow. But they've also draw on seven the walks bit him once and have five hits and they've been some very good at bats makes and then that is accurate that's what they of those things that a ground ball that got it right yeah. Productive and that it's not a quality of life is equality brought it around but. Yeah they keep track of that sort of stuff and they Wichita State despite the strikeouts. It would probably be at. Or over 50%. Quality of death when it falls. Polish ain't got to pick up in the bullpen this brave banks felt that you are a variety of life that I usual spelling. A true freshman left hander rob Moore Oklahoma right down the road. 61250. Pounder he becomes the fourth. Oklahoma pitcher of the night. Becomes on the face left handed hitting very suggest that was the bases loaded two out here in the six. Doctors leading this game biased towards one. Grayson Genesis of carted out an infield single a walk get that a strike out swinging the first time he faced a left hander Austin. Kearns in the fifth inning. Oklahoma with a two out run in the bottom of the third doctors have to not run as a four effectively. Run in the fifth. Now have the bases jammed with two out in the sixth. Soccer fans what the biggest and best everyday price selection of chapter merchandise at the official store Wichita State University. It's located on the first floor of the Ratigan student center of the W I issue a campus where shop online 24 sevenths WA few books dot com. Find everything you need work every generation of soccer nation. And join their shots and rewards program from 5% facts. Our future purchases university bookstore the place to shop. Your tennis fans about what yesterday Coleman tennis complex tomorrow afternoon Wichita State's very strong. Women's tennis Davis hosting Texas Tech the eighth ranked women's tennis team. In the nation and the men's tennis team just got ranked fiftieth in the nation today. And they'll be hosting number 21 court now on Saturday afternoon at the moment tennis complex believe that match starts at noon or 1230. Here is jettisoned. One for two of the walked bases loaded two out. The first to face left hander Braden Fink thinks first pitches and fastball loaf of whole month. Haven't given you think it's numbers yet this is his sixth appearance. Four innings. No hits in four innings one unearned runs walked two struck out three. That is way over to get to sign. Settles into the stretch. And the 10 fastball Fowler behind third for strike one. Asphalt not overpowering that's why tennis that jumped on now is 8410. In the count and and it's a situation where maybe the inexperienced catered to cakes for the sake of taking. Don't take the bases loaded. Go after that relief pitcher Dennis did did they are the first good when he saw. 11. Popped it up paced game played out third baseline it's near the dug out today get out apply it it is into the dugout just barely. The third baseman at Plattsburgh and over to the railing and then traded. Leaned over as far as he could into the dugout couldn't reach it actually toppled into his teammates there. Well his teammates. I mean you're gonna be your dugout they're definitely there catcher they all got all waiting almost. Fell over bodies have yet to be totally. Then in half or his teammates realize they'll now. There had been an Obama. That's kind of stuff that happens in the Dahlia. Minister has not been able to get on top of the last couple as tell them hide the third base side. The whole one and two. Huge here for both teams soccer is already up to one with the bases loaded and two. 12. Fouled again straight back. Normal fastballs. Interest. Yeah justice seems like he's feeling for just a little bit that hang it in the first strike was in eighty fortunate at this. Guided him there in the last two in 87 and 89. And Janice. Try to time him up. In a mistake. To again breaking ball slapped the right side first baseman backhand sulfide pitcher cup. Ring and a little bit because he's the first two runs historic throw the third of the safest there. And now are honored ticket offers second base rode out there and he is out at second and it defiantly in the it and let. Yes that was they can go on the second. Basically from a standing guard at first base that would deter us they got two out of that mess naval absolutely think that. Pete Hughes is gonna go argue the call at first base. Looks like they've scored an essay he had it was a bang bang play at the picture was there and throws a little low and behind you but he may have missed the bag as he reached for trying it out that at first base umpire was. Terry Harrison was. Waving with both arms the side that's it yeah. I never saw him touch the base and then as might miss the boat carrying into each other. Pitcher fell down through the third cut short hop the third baseman couldn't come up with a and then. Tennessee got a little reckless crowd the second even those please stand there on the bag without bond I'll let. Doctor did get you out of that shows up as they hit so it's two runs on two hits. And one left after five and a half shocker for Oklahoma one. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament 122 kids all Jason one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. And laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor in hazard digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for all went. Need a place to watch the big game. This place is jerseys grill and bar in Wichita with dirty television is no matter where you sit you have the best seat in the house located off highway K 96 and Webb road jerseys offers daily specials and a dozen Beers on tap enemy featuring everything from pizza to prime rib jerseys is proud to be an official sponsor of the Wichita State shoppers and no matter where they shot his way home or away you can watch them in Jersey grill Limbaugh are jerseys crew bar off highway in 96 and Webb wrote in Wichita. Jason and maybe join us for become reality radio week nights. And I'm OK okay. Bottom of the sixth inning especially as for a one Wichita State Tommy farmhouse he retired the side in order in the those that got the six right in the middle of the Oklahoma batting order Austin O'Brien the cleanup man followed by Jack Lynchburg. And Riley where this is three guys who came into the game hitting three and 82383. And 417. Or council 1235. Struck out to its first inning of work. Now ball is lifted in the air acted very shallow left to shortstop makers have to make the captain will pop up for out number one. And make many false starts or moves way to gain ground. He is. He has won the short stops it's maybe a little harder to appreciate unless you watch you all the time because he's so smooth about everything that he makes all the blood and he could go way way way out into the outfield to meet the they can't see he knows where the balls come down he gets here her. Here's Jack plans hurt a fly ball to center of the first to walk in the that are officially over wants. I don't know if we clarified but that last play was ruled a single. Too RBIs and 3156. Is that he put out at second base. In case you're scoring enough and knows fell back out of play and if you're watching at home. You saw that this shocker probably caught a break because on the replay it looked like. It is very possibly breaking feat he got his foot on the bag at first but Terry Harrison got an otherwise he's known on the map. 01 to Jack plans were burned houses pitching a good strike on the insight potter busted a fastball right you know meter black and shocker to apologize for organ that. Not the way double obese as they'll be some little go to the other. It'll it'll come back. And you don't like to get a call like that on the road yeah absolutely savor that one could let him to run. Fast bowling team back one ball and two strikes go to the khakis you expect to go against you on the road and Todd Butler told his team that against. Louisiana Tech Jackson's gonna get bigger Korea. It's small for our pitchers the bang bang plays aren't gonna go our way just expect that and overcome. Jokers. Got handed a gift and they took advantage. Art has into the wind or the one to. Rolled the right side to his left lawyers scoops it up on the in between hop throw to first for the out. That play was not quite as easy as lawyer made it look get a little in between hop that the end moving to his left handled it beautifully and throws. You have Judah brings up Riley where. Going back to. That last inning Connor very comes in. It's seven appearances seven and a third of which he had not given up a walk or run and gave up to a beach that inning. They suggest to have hit a ball out of the infield and is two for three woods era definitely. Here's Bradley where a single to left in between short and third is first time that a fly ball to center third ball. Got hit pretty deep. Fastball strike call up the episode and if you're Connor Berry I think probably what you keep himself most for my not the perceived as golfers but it's walks yeah Johnny be walking people will be coming up. Made gains with numbers like he had in college walked loading want to. 01 this time an element violence. You know at Bradley where up there it takes me back to his last at bat in the third Oklahoma had scored its run with two outs they had two men on. And what are drove one pretty well to straightaway center almost at a track that was a huge out as it turned out in this book here. And that is when Kilgore is out here that you wonder how he would react after giving up hope he got that last. 11. Doubts that went in there two balls and strikes. To up Janet the six are now says retired the first five video states coming in as the third Wichita State pitcher of the night trying to. Get that third out here in the inning you've become the third to go two full innings Adam Keller started. Healing Kilgore for two. Art house with a 21. Fouled straight back fastball. Just below the belt two balls two strikes. Rightly BR YL I anywhere sophomore from central Kansas. You know show county community college initiatives. A Kansas boy trying to do some damage to one of the home state teams. Has stepped off winners stepped out. Get two out nobody on in the sixth the soccer's 41. Due to. Adding outer half strike three off our excellent third time he struck down all your mind though these doctors night. Our house. Six up six down three strikeouts through six as packers' lead Oklahoma for a one. The most dangerous thing in Kansas comes out. Because no regard for human life it attacks on. Sometimes you. Almost can. Kansas. Drinks. And it's time we will start. To drink. You've drawn. Your busy meeting deadlines parents carpool sabres needed to test run to the thank you completely forgot our team captain thinking different believes that he can you promise better. Yeah stuff you can't be everywhere but we can. Delta dental of Kansas offers individual dental plans across the largest Dennis network in the nation so when something scanning can blues the laundry list keep your smile learn more about individual and family dental plans and delta dental KS dot com. Joggers swords has brought do you buy American family insurance CE agents and G Valentine Ryan woods does these cells for in mall vein agent Kirk Farber George story from coast to coast AM stormy week starts right here I'm KM SS. Freshman left hander who came and defend its one hitter in the sixth we'll continue here in the seventh as much less stable at three straight left handed hitters due up. It inning Obama took the early lead and running in the third factors that that was what four of one of the fifth and in the six. Actually did science or abort one. Three of the four runs have scored after two or. Got to backer well it off there's Sam Goodwin and Alex Jackson both of backer and Jackson entered the game. Defensively at the bottom of the fourth inning replacing Dave did. And the writer who has started. Backer over one. It was a big get bat back in the fifth inning. As he grounded out to the second baseman getting a runner home from third RBIs this. The shocker is ahead takes a breaking ball from thing for a called strike one. The backer officially offer won the with a run batted in. Stands back influence. His thing delivers fast ball ripped you manage the Oklahoma Doug very fortunate that didn't hit anybody. There is a protective. Fans screen thing there that's about chest high out the guys that stand up to us can get a ball and there silently screaming in there. It's like it didn't get anybody no balls two strikes. And that goes to him. Wow must have been just a little bit it's close. When moss two strikes. Fastball to the backers. I wouldn't blame Chad Rogers calls everything strike here on the these fans have been all over him every call. 12 breaking ball and he got. College on a check swing and that's just. And that's that's not not a good golf and Rogers. Made the call himself on a check swing because all you're not even come close to go on what you've got guys out there at third base you check if you're not sure. I don't know maybe Rodgers got rattle a little. At least ask for help and Brent walker good to get there had to be. Kind of understanding the situation kind of spread is aren't like them on really gonna called. That's at the very least start markets look at the very least check it. You know. You don't have to make that call guys down either line to help yet. One out nobody on. And Sam Goodman at zero for two little walk. Takes a strike on the attack quarter when and one. That brings the shocker strikeout total to thirteen and it is a new season high for them. They laid it for a lot. Swing and a miss Wright threw a fastball that time by good when he was late hits one into wealth their rosters accurate there. Fresh out lefty pitchers after the guys that book. With all the lefties shocker to have in the middle in the bottom of their order to just turn over one more time to get him out of here. Soccer's my head evenings. They have a right hander throwing down of the pin. Jackson. Into the game because the replacement Mike mentioned earlier he's left handed hitter duties next. Here's the 12 breaking ball low tune into. That's not a particularly large crowd and all seems like the ones that came to the game mostly to yell yeah buddy you're yelling at Goodwin to get back in the box they stick to cut through. Due to start it out fastball down. Two up and down on strike gets here in the inning but the shot here's the better will be Alex Jackson. Well win or lose. Before Friday night at 630 or whatever shocker but it by you dangled. I need to address this swing in this epidemic that is broken out of the last game and a half. Is the wind first pitch to Jackson fastball for a called strike up in the zone that time. Alex was called out on strikes on his first at bat in the fifth inning after entering the game in the bottom of the fourth Luke Ritter who started the game will walk get a strikeout to plate appearances. 01 fastball just a little bit low that time one and one. Didn't happen to think it. Jackson on the pitches he got rung up on what's that strike you as borderline but I thought we had three players will outside maybe high. That is one of the victims. Fastball little blow to have one. If some of these fans if they were called the game every pitch Oklahoma's throne and his strike a better word is and I get some of that McMahon. Take a couple of pitches off it that's it. Is that you want. Swing and a miss on a high fastball good heated 91 net that student to. Up. Two the bases empty for the checkers in the seventh they lead at fort of one taking the lead on it runs in the fifth. Scoring two more two out runs in the sixth. At one minute it hit something you know. It got us with a catcher kicked off -- thought it kicked off his glove ultimately took his mask off NC motive. Taken some of that one on his person somewhere. So it's three and two out Alex Texan and I think it deflected off of Jackson's lead elbow which he bit down in China. I don't know if it Burton is right word but ended up his elbow is kind of hanging out of strikes us that it's called ball. 32. Well I hit in the head. Fortunately wearing your helmet that got it right back in the head hopefully that got him in the back of the net. Is that guy and he's got the hardest hit known demand is just the first either way hurt mean. That god thing. Oh yeah this line thankfully did you know but you're still hurt right up there high gears and Beckett hit area. Todd Butler caught him over it is to make series okay. Dan K hill shocker trader had an assistant are here so. And they can Wallace's. And Pitt or. Oklahoma now that Ronald left handers is so well. And I certainly not going to put myself in great things Hughes. But that's something and I think he hit it on purpose but. That's the kind of thing where hopefully you know this might call well Tripoli came back today because somebody. If they're available at the strike zone you head. Back in the day like below the yet here okay okay and that's almost like what that felt like well they got on purpose if college here. They're command comes. Anyway Nathan while simulate it here is nearing the time. It's for all. You are at 193. Oh record for the game it then you. Warning with a W so I think it's out after her. Two thirds of an inning. He gave up yet that you'd think the last inning by. Additionally in field. He struck out to end at now as if it. Alec Jackson about why else we'll take over. Outlined warrior or you're up next. If it. Why else. Other freshmen that are big guy out of the hands of six behind at 240 true freshman from all over the park. We'll valley west. Better trunk line. Faced him is officially over one that I have been hit by it it gets walked and scored and struck out swinging. Last time soccer's. Instead of struck out fourteen times they have also on seven walk and had been hit by pitches wise. In addition to collecting six basis. These three shocker pictures through six innings only surrendered four hits and one run. And I am pretty sure that years they have not walked anyone after that. Plethora walks over the weekend. Gilmore. Gilmore lost plant where they got an idea that. But your point is made. It looked. Script. So here's drop on the runner at first and two out Nathan whilst facing his first man big right hander comes up over to first base. And Alex Jackson Beckett first. Alex Jackson has not seen enough activity your bit in the right situations to attempt stolen base yet but he will at some point you run. While it's 65 to 42 feet and run and all I sent him. It's in their for a strike offense calls dropped one. Soccer's with or stolen bases in this game tonight. Stretch Vaio models. 01. And it catches the outside corner for a strike nothing into. As big as he is he's not. Russian got there at ninety plus a couple of fastballs up for night effort eighties. Again it is Florida want Wichita State in the top of the seventh. 02 is outside that would intended to be a little off the plate hoping to try outlined the case. That goes to quality strikes. He had attackers choose to go on the bottom of the seventh pitching wise Tommy bar analysis throughout two very good innings we'll see if they move on to someone else. Moved to first Jackson just kind of falls back to the back safely. Or hasn't been very good hasn't thrown very many pitches so see this big thing. Six up six down three strikeouts. 12. Hi pop up right side should be playable for the first baseman Alberto O'Brien at the first base coaching box makes the catch. Jury to decide. The trial 1000 out sectors got a two out hit Saturday give them base runner he's left stranded and at the seventh inning stretch its Wichita State for. Oklahoma one. This is what it sounds like when truck guys shot but other dealerships of our great war. We have though white one why and a while and this is what it sounds like truck guys shot but it should be dealership Chevy offers ten Silverado special editions more choices than ever before while I'll take the rally due to a racing start warming in the camouflage real tradition. More than collect a midnight addition here's the difference Richard Shelby. And it's rough month so make a strong decision is fun Silverado that's right for you see your hometown shouldn't. Welcome to big box hi I'm ready to get an LG four KTV delivered sweet all right let's get started of course deliveries extra. 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Seventh inning stretch here they've played take me out in the ball game and then they. Theme song from the field of comedy Oklahoma. Boomers are finally the first out of current. Six. Radio Leslie one for suitable bloop single over third baseman in the fourth that he was later picked off first. Officially won for two. At base hit gives him a six game hitting streak he's had one hit in each of the six games. I first pitch for born hazardous swing at a Minnesota sensible it. He's been throwing hard ninety to 92 bit locating it well to move and it in and out. It's the life on them a lot of swings and misses. This. Oh he lineup is designed well enough to where. One pitcher or another either righty or lefty can't drive necessarily. Passed ball and moved it back one month he left right left right left right left left right from one to nine. And I was looking at the popular morning wondering if and win. Reagan because it might become part of this game but it gets spaced out so much if somebody pitching well he believed in there. Fastball high and it's 21. Lives Lee head Oklahoma's last hit that little bloop single over third to open the fourth. Since then shocker pitchers have retired eight in a row. Lands and later was retired himself on a pick off to one. Guest this load three balls and strikes. Art house went to a three ball count on the third Manny faced steel walker back in the fifth it came back to get a foul ball for strike two instructive out on them. Swing that. Felt it wanted to catcher's glove. Duty does with Clinton's lead here. 31. This play high for the awful. The leadoff man on the the sooners in the seventh that's just the second walk by shocker pitching tonight and given up four hits and struck out six. The cubs pitching coach Mike Steele signaling to the bullpen for a lefthander. Tallied barn house. Those two innings plus one hitter. And the freshman and his first four appearances for Wichita State has now pitched five and two thirds innings without allowing a hit. Has allowed just two base runners on a previous hit batter and that walk right there. And his be cooler they'll face. Partly due up as the left hand matter like Brewster so. He glare continues. Climb the charts in the Wichita State all time appearance list down need. For appearances to climb into the top point five. All time. Reagan. Has appeared. In 66. Games 65 a malleable then flew to make. 67 and 66. It really hit a couple of times over the weekend. One good one not to and NN it looks like this year consistently like his will be. That left handers out this situation a guy. This being sixth appearance in the first eleven games. He's pitched six innings in his first five. Tapes at the one that was not so good they did give up his first run of the year but just one run on two hits in six innings. One walk five strikeouts. No decision has two saves. And a one point 50. ERA to run against him came on Sunday at Louisiana Tech. Yup run out of here don't walk it and giving him two thirds he would try to score was sitting on Saturday giving up one hit. And striking out one. Clinton Wahlberg has grabbed a bat and has come out on deck. Soul that field wall or we'll take over for. Brewster. Brewster left handed hitter who doesn't typically play that much anyway had fifteen at bats coming into the united useful for two. The thing about being cooler. Changes pointed out Oklahoma kind of set up their lineup so it left right left right. So that you can't get it through the facing several guys the same side. Where has the ability to face right handers and be effective it is different delivery ankles so for. That coaching staff. That gets skittish about when right hander comes up there because he's got. Two pretty good pitches so this bit interesting matchup right here Wahlberg who's. Basically plays half the time. Has seven hits five of them for extra bases. Two homers and 818 slugging percentage so when he gets a hit it's not often a single for the bigger test for. Reagan big player with runners first and nobody out in the seventh. So while Byrd stepped stand. Runner at first nobody out the checkers at the moment with a three run lead or in the bottom of the seventh. Lately may have a pinch runner at first fluently also I think Rene Martinez is running for him I got a quick look at his numbers he went down to first that I. Off speed pitch. Like it was lower but a little bit low he squared around on the first pitch ticket for ball one. All right David thought he had given wall bird's numbers I would be a little surprised he's actually up their budding that a power tree as a sacrifice but on the year. That a guy with five extra base hits in 22 at bats. And it's been schoolers are out early again. This thing passed them. Threw over to first base checkers were moving around in the infield they bunt defense boneless creeping in from third. Boy here second. Moving toward first. To cover of the factory charges. A White Plains this anything straight out just yet now they're running out of them and they give you one thing. In any squares around takes it back and it gets really captured in the back stuff. Like a fastball is headed down and ended scooted through terror on a wild pitch by a bit cooler crowd on his missed that. The coolers. Got to be able to come in throw strikes me the first two have been down in the turf and not really all that close. But. There and giving and now we're giving you strike. By squaring around as a pinch hit good he'll take advantage that he was around long enough. You don't wanna give up any runs with a three run lead the guy on the base pads is relatively unimportant you wanna get these next two hitters there's a fastball in for a strike it's to have one. Martinez who's running for loosely that second even though he is a they pinch runner obviously runs OK he's also catchers so they're actually covering two things that are good at running frivolously you can also go and catch after he does so. Two balls one strike me clears pitch fouled back at its students do. You know the back disease. Issue of the competition in Oklahoma hitting 335. As a team coming into this game and averaging over eight runs a game so to this point. Encouraging performance. Pitchers who have worked in this. For a launch soccer's bottom of the seventh the rhetoric secondly nobody else. To choose. Bounce foul play outside there. At this guy's content fastball might get curve ball he almost came morale kind of issues views on both tip toes. And came around that pitch. So big click it or change up maybe another curve bullets off speed and Buffy might be able getting himself he has. Did your program. That was another one of those that was in well enough that only could do this now it. Due to begin fastball up and away. I think that was intended to see if he'd chase it was up for the latest out of the strikes in a little bit but he held back its street to. You think yourself in the form though because. Now throw a strike or putting on bring the tying run to the plate even though been homeless. I'm sorry there goes is that they've been policies Lothian thank you him. 32 striking out. Sneak one over the outside corner getting this going in this in wall bird down on strikes the first out of the inning. That little tougher they probably won't. He has developed that that though for pitching out of tight spots here and no game this year with the bases loaded already it's the data giving up. Now here's Erik goes at the shortstop at 90 hitter but at 90 hitter hitting 382 coming into the game he's fit to fly balls to the right fielder in his first two at bats. Rene Martinez who. Running for Leslie at second effortlessly led off the inning with a walk. One out now geragos and in the right side because his pitch just missed the inside corner for ball on. The clearest senior four year player in the program from Colorado Springs. And battled back from some injury issues a couple of times. 10 pitch coming. And he missed down and it again two balls in those strengths. Dollars a soccer's. Certainly need a win tonight. This becomes. A big momentum builder if you will look where the other for the pitching staff because the bullpen. For the first time struggled at Louisiana Tech and let one get away on Sunday. 21 that's at their threw strikes is to vote now it is 21. And everybody took turns. Being uncomfortable suit means a couple of got knocked around but for the most part they all struggle I mean. Couldn't command things too wild pitches to hit guys this stuff that we didn't see the first two weeks ago. Yeah this is that get right type of moment for them they can. Nail esteem down. 21 pitch coming here it is. Just evidently that's when he could have gotten but he goes to streamline. They closed this one out he gets a feel good back in the weekend. Look at as an aberration but it somehow they let this one slip away and you've got an ongoing problem. And more importantly would be it would become a confidence problem you know executing your pitches but then wondering part went ever get this back. 31 way outside of back to the backstop not only blown floor but wild pitch him lose the lead runner at third base. Wild pitches or passed ball allowed this that your of that person. Was stored. In the inning. First and third and only one out of shape matches the issue now is you bring the tying run for the white and there are some guys coming up we're capable of big that type right if you make that mistake. I Dominic during those getting hit for Collison threw up that. Left him batters thing when. The reds though. Is gonna hit and he is four for twenty. With seven strikeouts. So we'll see what happens if you look at the face. Reds guys had a pretty good freshman year last year. Six to 883. Batteries from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania catcher. Oklahoma. 321 down for a one in the seventh playing some percentages here was some. Pinch hitters giving them the right on left situation in Africa might steal for Wichita State. And he will most likely not go to a right hander. Of course the way that works once. You're announced as a pinch hitter. You can't be removed for another pitch here. That's the pitcher once he's in has to face one hitter. So Reagan declared a success he was at all over the place certainly not a sugar is usually did get it out on strike out. Leave the first and third situation landed Holyfield. We'll have an opportunity animal again. From this past weekend. Among those guys that got roughed up they'll Holyfield will. Inherit runners at the corner situation we'll want now. And they Dominic the rains. Wheels really turned in both yeah. Holyfield gave up his first run at Louisiana Tech in four appearances covering for a third innings he's still only given up two hits. In this for a third. One of several shots of pitchers it was wild over the weekend now totals four walks in for the third along with seven strike out. An opponent batting average of 143. No decisions or saves he's been more of a setup guy and eighth inning guy prevent hectic couple of times at point 08. ERA. They'll face Dominique de Lorenzo. Comment at all after him what you that stuff he's right handed to. But I think that shocker to probably about all done with the righty lefty stuff this. Close the game out time and put your best guys out there period. Always feel charged with a run in Sunday's game at Louisiana Tech. Line only one hit that three walks. Right of that inning and a third scoreless against Grand Canyon in the second game of the doubleheader on that Saturday of 123 inning gives Utah valley twice. And it those two appearances struck out four of the sixty days. What are by your coach you showed I had his money that comes your way from eight jays at the Elliott thirteenth green which road it could be heard. On 97 and thirteen thirty rep where you're listening now OK and assess quite a lineup for you on Monday night. You coach is talking about where they've just didn't want about where they're headed as Greg Marshall be on six to seven to talk about this. Soccer's NCAA tournament assignment proceeding who they'll play at all of that and then from seven to eight Linda Hargrove just back with the women's. Basketball team from the Missouri Valley Conference postseason tournament and Todd Butler for eight tonight talking about the trip to LA issue as well as this game then. That's coming five games schedule next week's remembered. By the united your coach's show tonight for eight j.'s sports ability LE thirteenth entry which room. Well big spot for the sector pitching staff here bottom of the seventh 41 lead two on one out. Dominique current Zito the man of the moment for the sooners pinch hitting for Ben Hollis Hollis tonight was all for two and hit by a pitch. Holyfield's first pitch time for blow on. Oh you've just been quiet all night long relief from. The previous three pitches before this thing and then. Because it comes in walks to not only that there is couple wild pitches though gives him a free ninety feet basically in addition to walks though. Kind of inviting you get back in. 10 foul tipped into the catcher's glove fastball up in the zone when Poland strike. And the thing is. Whatever kind of competition Oklahoma has been planning they've been hitting like crazy so yeah a little bit stymied tonight she gives them just a little bit of breathing room get the little feel that they're getting it going again and that could really escalate in a hurry. Balance inside through ball it's too good luck. I don't kid yourself they're happy hitter right now even though they haven't gotten it going so far today that they got quality of good will feel good built up those previous fourteen games you know they'd be handed them. Opportunities. Walks fall behind account. It. 21 hi again Wall Street. Wichita State fell behind one to nothing in the third tied it with a run in the fourth scored a run in the fifth and then got two in the sixth. He leads toward one where in the bottom of the seventh the first threat that Oklahoma's head since the shocker is pushed the lead to 41. Sooners were all over the base as in the first three innings couldn't do much with it only scored one run. Couple of walks that set him up here in the seventh and 31 count on the hitter. Holyfield's pitch that's a different strike it was a good slider away in three and two. Dominic the red zone. It's potentially good hitter that not off to a good start this year so. Can't be the most confident guy out there. 32 pitch coming. The only field delivers a struck him out and high fastball got to be chased one up out of the strike zone for the second out of the inning. Doctors got a little bit of a break there Holyfield is deception in his delivery. May have entice veteran. Climb a ladder go out of the strike zone they got number two. And the most important pitch for me and Holyfield strike one. After all the maneuvering it's back to them. This actor's best relievers against a lot of Oklahoma's leading hitters to hold guy commented all 340 man of the year also three home runs. There is the tying run cannot use group one did this guy. First pitch. In there for a strike there is that strike one. We've seen Holyfield throwing harder. Low ninety's he's more 8889 denied that could certainly still be very effective if you locate that you don't like becomes pretty much of the topics like this all this down angle makes it look even quicker he throws the ball down pretty well most of the time. 01. Why don't look back to the backstop rhetoric coming comment to throw is not a time. Third wild pitch of the inning I was stick. The problem is my development that's what. I mean if one thing to be bouncing breaking balls up that they don't three fastballs. That got past the cats and. Gave them over throwing I imagine they think but you gotta dial back a little bit. Where count wind at least handled. The ride in the inning for Oklahoma started. With a leadoff walk to Brady relentlessly and rename part here is your friend Rory has moved to second on a wild pitch. Third on a wild pitch and scored on a wild pitch. It is now afforded to. Runner at second base. 11 count. To comment that. Landon Holyfield. You get to shocker is out of this inning their two out. Here's the 11. Good breaking ball is snapped late that stayed out they had good movement on it but it didn't get down in the strike zone it's two and one. Okay. Even if Oklahoma doesn't get it tied up here now they've got another hundred down the second. Eight hit here is to get one it really starts to tighten things up little bit with a couple of innings still deployed. 21. In the year right. Playable for Jen Aniston got a golf won races there makes the catch it and Holyfield gets the final out so. What about this couple walked 23 wild pitches in Oklahoma are run after seven its Wichita State for Oklahoma to. Number one soccer mom. Plus three day tournament tends 22 kids all Jason one ball and arrest was overwhelmed. Equals. Laryngitis. You can't control the game with united health care you can have better control your care. With a mobile app that helps you find a local doctor and had your digital ID card for easy access to learn more at UHC dot com. United healthcare. Services not available for all went. Midwest Kiet is Wichita certified low price leader right now get your pick of new 20s16 optimists 30% off MS RP your pick up when he sixteen soles 20% off MS RP and your pick up new twice sixteen surrounds those 25%. Off MS RD at midwest Kia on the G a quarter of Kellogg and Tyler stop number 255045616. NT 563 point four monthly cell rebates of one qualified great. Shoppers swords has brought to you by American family insurance C agent John grain bread woody or in valley center agent Tim day. Here are great Americans join me. All of that has me go to the top of the eighth inning pitcher so I yellow graduate student from Staten Island New York transferred from brighter college. 63240. Pounders on one of those fifth year seniors one year transfers. I LO so far this year has been in six games throwing six and a third innings allowing one hit and one run. Britney RAF one point 42 in those eggs in the thirties walked two and struck out behind him. We keep giving the only strikeout numbers the Obama's staff coming in this game that struck at a 142. In a 126. Innings. So Nathan wiles who came on to face gutter Trout line faced just that one hitter gets credit for a third of an inning. Now the engines so I yellow takes over the sooners to start he could be facing Jordan's lawyer. Three victories and Travis yeah. By the way going back. To this previous half inning at bat for Oklahoma. The run was charged and Tommy barn house first run that he has given up this year it proved to be an honor to run because these. First ball got by the catcher that advance the initial runner from first or second this sort of passed ball. And they then scored on two subsequent wild pitches without the passed ball those would have only got two thirds of it is just unearned run charged to bark. House shocker sleep for two and here's Boyer two for three of the ball game a couple of singles and a strikeout looking its first time up. First pitch to him a strike audience -- water breaking ball started in on his body and broke over the that it. Lawyers struck yet in the second then singled to drive in a run in the fourth singled and later scored in the sixth. Okay. No balls one strike. ILO working from the stretch with the bases empty. And chopped fell toward the Oklahoma dug out of the third base side its own to. I Boyer two for three not 10431. In nine games he has played this year putting him up over 300. Doctors that I hit Oklahoma six to four. Lead it forward to it atop the eighth. In the stretch. 02. Fastball high one ball two strikes. Up. So Packers scored a run on one hit in both the fourth and fifth innings two runs on two hits in the sixth. They have really made the hits pay off the few that they've had denied. 12 pitch count. And players' strikes out swinging on a fastball away. That is fifteen. Strike yet to push aggregators. What not to trade Dickerson is over for. He struck out his first time up. Has been retired and a couple of ground balls and a little soft liner that second baseman. Hello. This first pitch stickers and a squid now in the first base coaching box. Some defensive change on a Fidelity's Mike I didn't get any OK with Martinez is now catching. Wall Bergen. Is in right field. If the other sooners' second. Vickers hit it on the left side left shoulder arm. And they heard a little bit he trots down to first base the wanna. The Rendell isn't left field. For Oklahoma. And walker is a sense of Walker's stays in the game moves from left center. Children's zone they got basically a new outfield. But that your and so walker and older get after it. And Martinez sketching. And Travis younger hitters and had a very good. 436 on base percentage coming up he's reached three out of four times after striking out the first time he has singled walked twice. And both times he's walked he has scored. It's doing and show but takes a strike. Just couldn't pick up that breaking ball early shortened up wanted to drop one down and you could tell it was almost just feel important broke over the inside corner. Oklahoma pitchers tonight. Have walked seven and and hit threes and attackers or receive ten free passes in addition to their six base hits. One count. I Ellis fiction there for a strike and it goes to volunteer. Okay. Travis young came into the game at 290 officially ones for two plus the two walks. One out one on to the shudders. And pitch. Popped up off the handle right over the mound the only one that could make the play was pitcher let sent to a pitcher to get out of those popular situations but it. Barely got higher that is heading is the only one that could have caught it. Two out. Alec ball and extended his hitting streak to seven games with a single up the middle in the fifth he also has walked once. And is one for three overall. You get the feeling is shocker to all listeners hanging on for dear life and has no way of life. We just talked a couple of innings ago about how it felt like they've kind of become the aggressors and release more assured of their. Kicked the door open for you last. Took care of us. Breaking ball low and outside for ball one. Another disappointing call by Janet Rogers. That. If I've heard anything quite like this through rabid fans are also seeing sustained for the whole game. Without fail. 10. That's a fastball low and inside. That would didn't elicit too much complaint that was pretty obvious to everyone. Two balls no strikes jet bomb came into the game at three sixteenths. One for three today started the game playing first base moved back over to third in the fourth inning when the shot is made a couple of changes defensively. It has to go pitch coming and a fouled straight back on a fastball up. Two and one to Alex bombed back. X sophomore from Omaha. 65220. Pounder. Trade Vickerson rhetoric first. Two out of the inning. The engines so I yellow. Deals. Ground ball to short. And over to second base there goes a for the force on stickers to amniotic. So. A one out hit better. Prove to be just mildly incidental predictions all right Ellen his first inning we go to the bottom of the eighth with a shot you're still leading it fortitude. 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Keep your smile to learn more about individual and family dental plans delta dental KS dot com. This is Stevens can join this morning right here on KN has now. Madden Holyfield who takes the last two hitters in the seventh we'll go back to the mound at Wichita State in the eight to be right in the heart of the order was the walker hospital. O'Brien. And Jack plants burn. State leading by a score. Fortitude. Mr. reset to factory defense better for outlines going all the way behind the plate got it back through better in big games at first base. Her lawyers that's great victories sure Ellie golf and they're all the way things move from first to third big game. And the outfield as Travis gone it left Alex Jackson center. And Grayson Janice did right. Steel walker tonight one for sure you missed it by a pitch in the first. Drilled a double off the left field wall in the third and scored and struck out swinging in the fifth. Landed Holyfield is the fifth. Shocker pitcher of the night. Adam Keller healing Kilgore. And tallied barn house each went to Reagan be clear a third of an inning and Holyfield has credit so far for two thirds of an inning. Good breaking ball in different striking at walker really bail it out of there they go hook over the middle of the strike soon. No balls one strike walker floor 29 hitter coming into the game. His double in the third gives him an eighteen game hitting streak dating back to the end of last season. A lot fastball lifted now behind third but to get back to back pitches violent and Holyfield. If you play by play and those calls them it would imply. The fans until well that's exactly. Bill in the commentary that's how I want to Atlanta now they've they've got really good. Describing pitches being called strikes doctor's note that it. If you're cheering it's a ball and if not if they're yelling Walken it was a borderline strike up. The. 02. I fell again over behind third still won't do. Landon Holyfield in his first year Wichita State Fort Worth native. Spent a couple of years at fort Scott community college. And then a year at Abilene Christian. Now a fifth year senior. No balls two strikes still account to pitch. Big hook they lifted up a little bit that time just this time for bowl one. Yeah. I come back and no one of those might because the first one was called strike he didn't pull the trigger on that one. So TDs and either sitting dead red or. Cannot identify that breaking ball. 12. Striking out and high fastball swung right through it. As Jack reason punched out steel walker twice tonight that the very steadily. JS behind half of the above his hands. Walker's. Couldn't get on top of the blow like this it'll kill. I think his body is the Oklahoma strikeout total shocker pitchers have now struck out nine tonight and a walk us. Three. Brings up Boston O'Brien at one for three is one hit was the RBI single in the third gave Oklahoma the early one nothing lead pitch to James fastball time for one. A Bryant 392. Coming into the game. He has extended a long hitting streak with his one big cities now it twelve straight games. One out bases empty bottom of the eighth for Oklahoma. And in Holyfield's working from the stretch his pitch. This time and another test wants to know. They're Trout line not to talk to him. Fully feel all in all going pretty well when he's missing he's missing. Get one of those down in the strike zone up. I think getting hit hard. Two balls no strikes the big thing is hopefully this actresses quit walking people have only been three to two came in one inning it. Two wild pitches mixed in helping their unbalanced type of Wall Street. Okay. I. Keller Kilgore barn house who combined for six total innings among them four hits two runs just one earned. An ambulance isn't it time for wolf work. A four pitch walk through Austin O'Brien. Once again Oklahoma we'll be bringing the tying run to the plight they did it by getting a couple of men on in the seventh. Just needed one to do it here in the eighth as they cut the lead afforded to Jack plans are offered too little walk. And at 383 hitter through first. Fourteen games. Plans urgency here guys that transferred from. From junior college a year ago. And was honorable mention all big twelve as a junior. Left handed hitter. And in Holyfield's from the stretch. And his first pitch moved him back and got the inside corner up. Nothing at one. Austin O'Brien rendered first base three stolen bases in three tries this team's down a couple of runs you have to field. Awfully good at that. Big spot on with his job to try it here. Belongs fastball high of all of a strike. And Mike talked about Holyfield. And his command. Has walked the guy in four straight. He's a Bulldog at come activity is thought both good enough oriented just get by with it being behind in the count now 9495. At least he didn't tonight I don't think that he has been all season so. He's got to deal that cast a breaking ball in their first Raikkonen on fastball count. And be able to. Litters the zone those fastball. He's been able to miss tonight. Candidate won won the pit actually need back with the breaking wrong Lynn. This time it's to have one. Through the first three guys it was pretty solid transition from one to the next all pretty much on their game pitching well. This was talked up they stay and play it's going to be near the stands on the third base side bomb over and can't reach it it's just over the street and out of reach. So it's two and two bit of better pitched by Holyfield that time. And I say those first three guys were really solid since then. The clear and Holyfield have been feeling for a little more work at behind in the count. Up our house walked the first man in seventh and then that seemingly from then on it's just really been touch and go with guys commanded. It had been passed ball too wild pitches the last inning plus. There I think it's been continuous. Austin O'Brien the rhetoric first through Oklahoma want out of the inning but 22 count to Jack plans bird. At Holyfield looking at over the glove and outcomes said. A couple of deep breasts here's his pitch. Got a fastball right down the middle got it looking. Aren't you a little bit surprised plans bird could trigger event. Yeah I think he was looking down away in my. That was. In their third what inner edge but. He got a guy. He can out over the plate trying to protect the way it. Pretty hard to cover both sides of flavors even trigger when it's not where you want. 8990 like. Only he'll run it up there this hard enough where Locke yeah. For all of his seeming struggles he's faced five hitters and struck out three of the now. Faces Bradley where it was two they're better effort where one for three with a single his first time out. Right handed hitting DH the first pitch to him as outside for ball one. We are single through the hole in the second flied deep to center in the third and struck out looking in the sixth. A 417. Hitter coming into tonight. Through his first 36 at bats of the season pitched and how to the right out of play got it down yet on it off to the other way it's one of long. Doctors in their half of the ninth will be in the 45 at six spots in the order Aniston to backer and Goodwin. Try to attack on a little insurance in a fourteen game. Here's the pitch. Just missed outside with a pretty good breaking ball and it's nice bite on it two balls and one strike. I. One out walk in between two strikeouts getting through landed Holyfield. Behind two and one on Riley away year. Here's the right handers pitch and he got a swing at a mess. Two balls two strikes. Actually a little bit of a contingent of shocker fans next to it right behind the first the F first base dugout encouraging them a little bit. Not nearly as noisy as the sooner fans on hand. TJ you started off the hands back to the screens tilted too. Like he stirring debate Mort good pitches in succession that it was a little earlier yeah it means. He's let me go and most of them instead it does some Omer going where he wants to goodies. Still don't want more good pitch to make his good there. Here's the stretch. Teach you to weigh the router breaks for first in a ball line won top of the second baseman Boyer has a quick throw to first of inning over. Just a little half swing low liner one hop to the second baseman. And Holyfield gives up a walk but retires the other three. In the eight attackers we'll take a fortitude lead into the night here in Oklahoma. It's been the Kansas lottery welcomes you aboard the powerball markers this Royal Caribbean ship is about sets sail. You and I guess we'll spend the next five days worrying about nothing but really what got us together it's going to be the Trevor. From the underdog sports tonight. We'll come onboard were ready to hit a high seas when you are. Your dreams are waiting so download the collective went after an injury your powerball tickets for a chance to join us on the power ball power crews TTS lottery dot com for details. We are those hospital rehabilitation. Acxiom healthcare services provides three unique still nursing facility to get you back on your feet and backed year life. Family health and rehab it was Woodstock dirty up every had a derby and re still held the rehab and he switched other relocation of the safety or they are the equipment and a highly skilled in carrying stats they give the patients the best opportunity to function as a the highest level when they return home court back to their family when he needs physical occupational or speech therapy we are here for you. Shocker swords has brought to you by American family insurance seat agency Jared Crawford Shawn Chapman Mike Rogers orange haze bill agent forest pummel. I Glenn Beck doing here mourning tonight right here on. And I'm quoting what you just days waiting for clear that a picture is JT also the scene here for a shady shores Texas spent some time in Kansas and Stewart college. Six to 195. Pounds if it was honorable mention all big twelve last year. At a 2.3 one ERA in conference games last season. And Olsen so far this year we are at one point 863. Two they hits two runs walks and strikeouts. Wanna know what to say. Of them on here it's cold and did it run game in the bottom that I Reagan his teammates can't pull one out away. Basic race in just a damn good one. And Alex Jackson has been mentioned earlier sooner or later going to get to the point was this stretch of three straight left handed hitters. We're gonna get a chance is playing against right handers they used up all their left handers earlier in the longer. Tested at night. Two for three with a walk. He's driven in two runs that'd say. Fairly weak to portray a couple of infield bouncers at a gun for in field hits. First picture Olson a fastball outer half for a called strike one that would at 91 miles an hour. Grayson just came into the game at 341. Regardless of what he does here he's going to help his average a little bit the worst he'll finish tonight is two for four. Oh bluntly outside that town of ball straight. Suckers have struck out. Fifteen times today. And still leave it fortitude. 11. That's all hi to everyone. Just checking to see if anyone has played the entire game has been immune. Don't believe they have everyone has struck out at least once less. They just came in. Actually the guys came in late struck out. That one's outside three and one. Very suggested trying to get on to lead off an inning checkers haven't had that. Since the fifth when Travis young walked and eventually scored that was the go ahead run in what had been a one nothing. Gave in favor of Oklahoma the soccer's tied it with a run in the fourth and that run by young in the fifth. It Wichita State the lead for the first time they added two in the sixth. Sixth inning as one tennis to get his infield hit to the right side on a bang bang play at first base that brought in two runs in a bases loaded situation. Here's a 31. That's low for ball four. Recent draws a leadoff walk here in the ninth and has been on four out of five times tonight. That is. Eight walks run by the checkers. They hit by pitches three times. Here's just a backer over two bit drove there on the ground ball in the fifth he also struck out swinging his last time. He's been in the lineup since the bottom of the fourth inning playing first base. Lefthanded hitter. Adjusting his grip on the bat steps in to face the right hander JB Olson. One more wouldn't hurt right here. First pitch he was showing but takes a strike on the outside cars but to say that. That being the case you wondered might not be funny here which he was the let it go for strike one. Now looking into the dugout to see if that is. All the plan. If you're serious about Bunning we talked about this for Mikey get up on the play up in the box stick you nose in there and drop one down. De backer mayor may not just been taking a strike. Oh Wadi shows but takes low net time it's one month and I know he didn't want to give it away. But who cares you know he shall lay and you can tell he's not really picking up the ball well 'cause at first when that he took. Was a bunny situation he took a third strike. Well. If it's me I'm totally given myself up because the first baseman can only jump off the first day back so quickly. What one writer Gaza onslaught the left side the shortstop. Edgar had let alone have a play. Todd Butler took off the bunt put on the hit and run Janice to breaking with the pitch and backed her did a great job of slack they get toward the end of the that was breaking the campers there goes that try to recover. Reached after the ball the bare handing couldn't hang on to. I was almost perfect result but I think both swinging well what he would think about to hit and run was on but and it Schwarzkopf covering. This pounded off the turf where shortstop was playing. So now soccer's gorilla in the driver's seat two on nobody else. Brings up Sam good 1033. With three strikeouts and walks certainly you'd think he might be bunny here she's capable. Quarter saying he has. They are both way. Seven hits for Wichita State three have been infield hits. And all seven hits have been singles. Oklahoma with only four hits tonight. Good play is Bunning but thousand couldn't get squared around lately sprayed it fell to the left of home plate. And I think there are you selling out to get two guys that are. First baseman O'Brien charging just as hard as he can and plans were third team so. The pitchers got the third baseline. O'Brien's got everything else and if it's voted to either one of them they're good you are they can't go at third base and I discuss settle for now here that. It's not Butler talked a good one. It's what you want to make sure that you hitter he is Bunning knows exactly where you want him to put it and this just telling. Don't put on any side he's done it. Yeah the runners in Jeddah stiff second to factor at first. Canister runs reasonably well the backers pretty fast at first base. And goodwill and over three with three strikeouts had been five for twelve. Coming into the game well if you want to pull of that back and do little butcher boy he'd have a bunch of but just plots to hit through it me but you guys cowering a little bit I'll let infield do. Used to pitch he squares around blooded addict and fouled it restrictive. Pitch was up. Now that back toward the screen. To get the bunt down but that was one to let go have been really tough to get on top of that one. Oh and two. Just don't give yourself a real good chance he'll square around early enough I. Goodman was a little bit too late on both. Had stabbed both of them. Sure it's not completely up the middle if you just like the bad out pull one toward short. Takes outside they threw that intentionally off the plate yet to crowd is screaming for strike three to catcher set up with his body outside the outside water. Yeah he's target money that's when he was. One designed to see if good those little anxious might reach for one off the corner when ball and two strikes. Javy Olson comes set delivers outside again that was farther outside two and two smaller right ears when you don't want Goodman gets skittish because the he failed with two months the scale lose your mind here is. Keep some good bounce. Got to count back kind of in your favor at least even with a nice even swing not do what you can't forget about what does that. Use it to two. That's flawed got a lucky fastball down and it for a called strike tree. So there's the first out still two men on and another left handed hitter coming up there in the person of freshman Alex Jackson. Jackson struck out looking in the fifth after coming into the ball game in the previous inning defensively than his last at bat. And the candidate three and two and got drilled in the back of the neck. Officially over one. That spot for is still new freshman he has come through a couple of RBI base hits already and the opportunities he's had he's driven in three. In fourteen at bats including one tonight takes ball one. Alex Jackson true freshman from double oak Texas. Came in as save middle infielder that has. Earn himself some playing time in Sadr after putting a lot of work at that position in practice. One of candles and pitch fastball for a called strike one and went. Port Wichita State's slow a lot of good ones go and swallowed a lot of bad ones tonight but they're three outs away from winning in anyway. It's too good and was premature right down the Middle East struck out four times tonight Jackson just took one pretty much center cut. And you know he's not but I mean is that situation with one out and let it go tried got a guy and first good when he got to let it go. The good little repertory course for the checkers. Both face even better pitching against LSU is absolutely. Dave Nielsen from the belt. And then turns to second base to look generous to back the other Saturday guy's got no hitter on his belt already so. You know they're gonna run Smart that's it. 11 account to Jackson. She understood second backer its first one out in the inning. The pitch swing and a miss weight of a fastball away it's 12. 42 Wichita State in the top of the ninth. He somehow get border up there. One one of the cute in the next few guys gotta gotta get Jordan Boyer up there and spent it this money with two outs and runners scored position. Drove in one in that situation in the fourth. Right now it's on Alex Jackson one balls two strikes. A senior pitching to a freshman year Olson deals. And automatic not a good ball looked like it was outside Jackson checked his swing yeah. Anything green they rang him up on the swing. And that's terrible. They'll Alex Jackson in my view it's gotten better figure out his hands twice. The pitch was low and outside all that there was much. Question about that Brian walker. Understandably. Upset that I think. He got at the home plate umpire thank you auriemma. Signal with a right hand. So. Probably the strikeouts have been way too many there's no question about that with a couple of have been questionable at best to a month Jackson Guatemala check swing. On the backer earlier about the Trout line after promising start. Gutter Alford to. Policy but pitch and walked those two free passes came his first two times out that he has struck out swinging and fouled out to the first baseman. He took the first pitch inside for ball one. Packers have rarely gotten it done with less than two outs tonight three of their four runs have come with two outs if Trout line can deliver here's the pitch. Swung on and best. And move it down only one ball one strike. Four runs seven hits for the checkers two runs four hits for the sooners' top of the ninth two out two on. JD Olson and his first inning of work delivers and mrs. slow to balls and one strike. Oklahoma with a twelve game winning streak coming into this one. Olson ready with a two on and that catches the inside corner for a called strike it students do. That are Trout line with three runs batted in on the year. In 28 at bat so far. Two balls two strikes Olson. That daddy get the signs started to. Stand up and go into the stretch and then stepped back off the rubber kind of steps off again stretches a little bit takes a look at the runner at second. Repositioned himself. On the rubber looks in for the sign again. At a stretch. Look checks to second the pit to drop line strikes out swinging to end the inning. So Olson after a walk and an infield single to the first two hitters strikes out the side with the help of one call the plate umpire. And Wichita State will maintain that two run lead into the bottom of the ninth Wichita State for Oklahoma to. 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Charter sports has brought do you buy American family insurance C agent Alex Acosta Sandra means Chris post story and and over agent west Sawyer this is Leo 1410. Guys don't forget to join me Saturday and Sunday afternoon just to sun KMS. Because they did they go to the bottom and I've been shocker leading Florida to Atlantic Holyfield has pitched an inning and two thirds it relates we'll get a chance to close and out of these continues to be effective. Spacek Renee Martinez went Wahlberg and Brandon there goes in the bottom of the they did go to. Okay headed to Canada. So Holyfield looked wanted to there is no hits or runs walked one struck out three. It has in fact. Comes off base nightmare experience against Louisiana Tech at which he gave up six runs. That he's given up all year could now afford to others five hits six runs for. For eleven point 57 yards away Friday that. It fits very well and has been saved the discredited devastating situation here and run lead in the. Rene Martinez leads it off his first at bat of the game after pinch running. For Brady limbs late in the seventh right handed hitter first pitch to him is over for a called strike fastball at 91. Martinez. Often very good start thirteen for 373511. Home run eight runs batted in. He's a senior from San Pedro California transfer from el camino college. Scheduled hitters are Martinez. Wahlberg and Zaragoza years in the ninth. Ben Hecht and 01 count. And his pitch straight now down the right side out of play kind of off the end of the bad it up well now. It's nothing in two. Our team is getting his first at bat of the ballgame here in the bottom of the night. Up Martinez stepped up for a moment to a couple of swings back in from the right side. In fact ready. And the O two driven and a senator pretty well hit that Alex Jackson on the run will be there to make the catch. Drove it pretty much to straightaway center is slightly to the left of second base good jump on the ball from Alan Jackson and runs it down. So one out always good to keep that lead off man off there would. You're leading by two runs. Went Wahlberg or bad for the second time netted the game as a pinch hitter in the seventh then struck out swinging. That was against Reagan did what. Paul Byrd. Create team coming in seven for 22 with. Five extra base hits. First pitch. Strike today is nothing in one. And nick brigade of pretty good 9192. This cesspool. Looking in for the sun. Brings the hands together. And the 01. Lowe sat on one ball one strike. Next up for the checkers three game series in Baton Rouge against the top brave. Top five ranked LSU tigers. Turn to go in there off a win and a mid week game. One ball one strike. That delivers. Swing and a miss slipped a fastball by him on the inside corner it's wanted to. And a Danish actress play get 50% off your online order and which time area Papa John's blog under Papa Johns dot com and use the promo code. Shocker 52 received a shocker discount. One out bases empty bottom of the night the soccer's leading fortitude that's been the score since they scored two in the sixth. 12. Now back stays alive. When Walt birdied juniors from Edmond Oklahoma. Stepped out of the box for a moment he's down on the count one and two Ben Hecht trying to finish him off with one out in the ninth. Right hander. Delivers. Ani Terri did that went annie's gonna go to first base. I hit better. Oklahoma will get the tying run to the play here in the bottom of the ninth. Something off speed it looked like they just kind of got his side turned toward it took it. And it's one of those cement mixer breaking ball solid business then it. Actually I was backed up and all heard it don't want Galloway that he did. Burned so. Just them poorly executed pitch I've been hacked. Here's branded Zaragoza. He's hit to fly balls to right that walked his last time up officially over to. Right handed hitting freshman shortstop the first pitch to a link him back read it is hit one ball in his right. There goes 382. Hitter coming into this. Like steel and go out. Settle down and hand. Got off to a good start but he also got off to a good start in the eighth inning. On Sunday he retired the first men he faced and then we can now hit the next guy that he faced. And then roof really caved in on. So. Mike Steele that wanna see a repeat of that. It led to six runs last time attack was out there. Obviously. Think the shocker they only six witnesses the last chance for the sooners. Mike Steele doing everything he can't try to choke off that rally where it starts. Had a feeling the shot actors have been walking. On eggshells little bit ever since the seventh when they walked a couple in early in the inning. Fastball couple wild pitches. That are running in Packers have been hanging on so far they've managed its fortitude the bottom of the ninth one one on. 10 count to Brandon or cousin has its client. Her lawyer in right field for a base hit I thought Ramon but he added that it was just over is a lot of theater right field. Easily one of the most solid hits of the night for either team but I thought that was about to turn into a line drive double play. Now things really get. Dicey first and second one out and Oklahoma getting back the top of the order although the schedule here Dominic Iran though. Is not a starter came as a pinch hitter and struck out of the seven. And so with the ad out now four for 21. Part time in the end the year with eight strikeouts. In 21 at bats. Oh they're from the right side with one out. Picked from the stretch. First pitched it Lorenzo fastball on the inside corner for a called strike. Well he got a bit closer you get have a short memory can be fearless. You absolutely. Have to have flushed Sunday from his brain and not worry about what just happened. Refocus and get this guy. 01. Breaking ball. Ducked out of the way one ball one strike throwing a breaking ball up from the body would be another thing that needs probably do. And it hit. By Brandon Zaragoza was the fifth through Oklahoma and their first one since the fourth inning the first man up in the fourth. 11. Swing and a miss on a fastball down and that was really good location on that one failed to stir. I was gonna say if if Holyfield. Ninety RS 8992. Votes for the roses seventh that the long he'll put on TV for your red zone 9293. Out of he'll take care of itself. They see a decline in the latter a little bit but. Don't go. With your second or third best fit yet proven he can turn on a fastball yes. He'll groove. He ought to be fun. Checkered pitchers have struck out ten themselves tonight. 12. Chopper toward third foul with me through breaking voltage. What Beth how bad pitch that man. You hang out one and. I might turn the lights out on. To rent so wants to get into a double play that would be perfectly okay to. When Wahlberg its second Brandon there goes that offers. One out in the bottom of the night Wichita State leading 42. Once you pitch. Driven let pretty well hit but the left fielder backyard makes a running catch on the warning track. Render its second we'll tag could go to third at ball was smoked. But a good play by Travis Johnson got a good job going straight back later running catch on the warning track for the second. And I don't think he quite got it on the barrel and it sounded okay but didn't have that sweet spot sound to it. And it's still carried the warning track in left. Two. Comes down to cal Mendenhall in the two spot in the batting order he's over forwards in strikeouts tonight. That came into the game hitting 349. Went three home runs. And on a nine game hitting streak so flooding dangerous. It's Arthurs definitely wanna get it over with right here because you get steel locker. Coming up next. First pitch high foul right side out of play and strike one. To Mendenhall. Mended holes three home runs. The most on the Oklahoma team through their first fourteen games. Course that's the one thing that it ended here on one's way. First and third two outs. No balls one strike. Then heck ready. 01 pitch looked like it was pretty good pitch on the undercard at the plate just inside the bowl on. It. And in Paul stepping out looking at there are not sure what you need to know here is two outs in the inning. 11 count. Then heck settles in. Credit for first euros it fell down the right side out of play wanted to do. Not to say Zaragoza has not even attempted a stolen base so far this year but. Oklahoma look and try to get him down to scoring position with the tying run heading don't want to adamant at home now most closers aren't real interest in him. Runners at first place. You're usually strikeout guys heck is that. And how much for checking the running game. Lakers' one strike away but it. Oklahoma has the time runs on two out of the net. Then picked. From this for a third to first move it fool anybody. Up. I think that it do them block here Africa that. Yeah and it's really it's a good co let's just. I mean that they're strike. Candidates won in 22 count Mendenhall. Heck back into the stretch. Is his pitch popped up it's gonna get out of play behind first. We've touched on earlier that there's not much you foul ground behind home plate so much now ground here it means. I guess the only thing that makes up for no foul ground isn't the big yard you know it's. And you foul ball it's pretty much going to be out of play you get more swings. There as either you gotta love that. Still one volunteer strikes. And a hall trying to hang in gets up he can put in place that trying to finish him off. Here's the stretch the pitch. Driven fell again to the right side out of play if you give. Breaking ball right where he wants it. Kind Mendenhall out. But none of his breaking balls are really done what they are intended to do it all kind of hung up over the middle third of the play they've been. Think it's downward break on that thing. Men and all the strike out like two feet I mean he's he's totally sold on. Get that fastball and have not yet struck out by it which you know power to it and heck it just executed where people be over. It is pitch. Any tape wrecking balls. Can't get this hackers are on the ball game. Came right at about his left hip and snapped it over the inside corner to end the ball game big strikeout prevent hacked. As he closes it out of Wichita State hangs on for a big road win tonight. Here in Norman Oklahoma the ninth though runs one hit. And two men left on base final score of the soccer's four Oklahoma City as a soccer's answer on three game losing streak at Oklahoma's. 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Shocker stork has brought do you buy American family insurance CE agents and G Valentine Ryan woods dusty selves for involving Asian Kirk Farber hey Sean Hannity here listen to meet every weekday at two defaults happening right here on KM SS. It's a marathon battle that I hear start. Fortitude gave it took over four hours to play at a Wichita State grinds it out fortitude. Over the Oklahoma Sooners shot you're struck out eighteen times left thirteen men on base and still. One of the ball game and had a hanging on late with the bullpen got the job done to break at three game losing history. More good than bad I would say I mean and at the top of the list for the bad as the strike got them the second month tied for the second most strikeouts shocker than ever struck out and game. And they should've won the game for one or maybe works. You know head but on the other hand. They took advantage of a handful of bases on balls are a couple of hits matters shocker got. And they got timely hits on it that's baseball that's kind of baseball you want timely hitting it. And the overall good pitching which which does they had because they had this split this enough of them Keller only went to. Every now right field line right now and I know that they're happy that they they got off this night they should be. Because Oklahoma State had twelve game winning streak which dusty didn't play particularly against Louisiana Tech. But I know that those eighteen strikeouts all on notice that that's a heck of a lot better. Right back to Wichita with eighteen strikeouts and W that'll loss pain around your neck that's an albatross. And you said it before the game it wasn't a must win game but it certainly was a needed win and win that makes him feel a lot better going into another highly difficult situation LSU this week no doubt no doubt and you know I don't. I don't know that you can necessarily put. Number of games that you wanna. Target to wind down there now think that's important right now on it's yet I think. On paper LSU has disappeared team right now that ranking to tell you so. They're six and seven depending. But Wichita State with this win right now if they haven't got it. You know it's an it would be a back everybody's mind OK now going to Baton Rouge play in front eleven grand. It's a top ten team and we got a four game losing straight street drinker underweights you know now so. They can flush it is not to worry about that hey just go play. And we talked about it late in the game. The bullpen was lights out for seven games and then struggled at Louisiana Tech athletic game get away on Sunday. They finish this one and even if a couple of those guys though they weren't there very sharp as they come out of it knowing they got the job that exactly and that's more important. For those late inning guys than anything. The bottom line you know they want to pet got the save look more and more like Holyfield mr. Paxson say. Any did they both did. Period flight you're. That's our game recap wrecked you bet Dylan Baker Cummings comings and Cummings this year probably offensive DUI law firm at which time and give them cause to six for 1548. Or visit bill Cummings LLC dot com comings in coming law where your needs. Always comfort you're listening to the probably people post game show will be backed postings. This is. Much your shuttles can make all kinds of things disappear do that again making AT&T'S action over damage. Equity bank debit card and make every eight GMT at every ATMs vanish go ahead. The greeted me. The magic potions insider equity bank debit card prevents the fee from ever appearing in your account abracadabra. And equity backed up card and perform your own bit of magic on any ATF it. London's top hat not required equity banquet DIC. Meet Davis Davis is from Pollock. 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Planned 65 from Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas blew constitution to Kansas is not connected with or endorsed by the US government where the federal Medicare program. As a child you played followed the leader. Young adults you follow your heart. Goal. You're head on straight and have an awareness of the world around you you're invited to follow us on Twitter instant news and don't do this twenty. Just get updates team it's going. Get inside scoop. Mark living joining weekdays at five right here on tape and as bad. This game show rescue by from a deep though your full service partnered branding and promotional products you can call from a deep bow at 3167222500. Or visit them online at www. For my promo. Dot com and lives appliance presents are put in the deep freeze play of the game. Here's his pitch. Any. Wrecking ball striking out looking at this backers of on the ball game. Came right off his left hip and snapped it over the inside corner to end the ball game big strikeout prevent hacked. As he closes it out at Wichita State hangs on for a big road win tonight. That's our play of the game because it was still in doubt right up until that they did not put it in the deep freeze until that point. Star of the game brought you by the Kansas lottery gets you Kansas lottery Mega Millions ticket today for a chance to become a millionaire KS lottery dot com. The most current jackpot amount play Kansas lottery. And dream bigger. Well what could have been the other player of the game but it wasn't quite as sexy as Grayson Janice does little. To run infield single and he got credit for that it is soccer's 401 lead at five memory serves it was with two outs it was so of that. I mean what and a ton of breathing room but it was the difference between. You know fingernail biting and we can just play the rest of the game that came along later when. Meekly came in walked up guys threw a wild pitches Holyfield it's okay a bit. Not great but at that moment I think that was the turning point suggested a credit for Q hits today and they also walked twice needed. Look all that great comfortable with the bat at Louisiana Tech either. Yet again I would mention Jordan Boyer had two solid hits and is RBI single with two outs brought shocker right back after Oklahoma it scored around the globe won nothing in envoy or had a one basket to start what proved to be that two run inning in music to it you can pretty clutch. Scoreboard right to but digger is terrific in construction whether it's kitchens bathrooms basements or outdoor living like your home again go to diggers roughing dot com or call 316202. 2066. Stingers writhing in construction your home team growth. Only a handful of games of soccer fans will likely care about Oklahoma State beat Missouri State's 73 some Missouri State's cannon to. Southern Illinois Murray State got weathered out they'll try to play tomorrow southern his seven and four shocker went here of course. Indiana and Evansville they're supposed to play at Evansville games canceled according to via the website is canceled so it's not made up that's that and Evansville still three day. TCU outlasted Dallas that it's 32 in ten innings so top ranked horned frogs stay that way Dallas Baptist. Falls to 084. And a couple of other scores of note Kansas State. Killed Northwestern State sixteen to four they're off to a good start. The University of San Diego and LSU got canceled due to rain down in Baton Rouge. Number six Texas Tech all over number nine Arizona thirteen to one. You are a few good baseball team go on out that statement Texas Tech comes down eyewitness series last year and they're good again this year. And former shocker opponent Louisiana Tech got a victory tonight they were and start building beat Mississippi State three active. Well I go back to basketball chain heads off to have Baton Rouge this weekend soccer's as we've talked about the major challenge against LSU team ranked in the top five in the country. Great talent but hey it's a one game at a time thing baseball and he had a good effort from your pitcher who knows shocker hopefully. That's confidence back with this win here tonight. And why else do you play College Baseball that you are playing great situations like that against great teams and I absolutely. 100% believe that's how you have to look at it. It's nice that the place and made cancer pilots and staff but that's certainly find out how good you really are. That's they get better play against good teams. And I Wichita State he's the one about Utah valley. And green canyon at home. But Utah valley is better than North Dakota would say that's too that would have been if then drop the program so there's an upgrade there. Grand Canyon is going to be a factor if not this year and the lack probably next year when they get. Turn and eligible and in this rough shock on right now there's no question which does state will not have to worry about RPI especially outside the conference. So you've got all those things lined up in front of it so much. Ammunition Todd Butler wants to go in any number of different directions why they should be side play out here this weekend. Night games Friday and Saturday Sunday afternoon game close looking forward to the call and you can see had his team does and after getting his way here tonight. By the way the first win here at Norman for Wichita State since 2006. And just their third ever in fifteen games news don't. Don't play it down after it went on discount this one is especially with all things went against Wichita State tonight. Four runs seven hits one error for the checkers two runs five hits Norris for Oklahoma the windows Tommy Bart house's first as a legion. And Ben Hecht gets his third save. And Jordan Boyer race and Janice with two hits apiece as the shocker is improved to eight and three on the year stopping Oklahoma's. Twelve game winning streak that'll do it for tonight for Shane Dennis I'm Mike Kennedy Andrew handling a marathon job in the studio tonight shocker is when it. 42 over the sooners. You've been listening to shocker baseball on 987 and thirteen thirty K in SS. Ron do you buy these fine sponsors. United Healthcare the Kansas Department of Transportation. Shelter insurance. Jerseys drilling below par but Carnahan group. McDonald's he listens appliance. Equity bank your hometown Chevy dealers tilted to console promo Devo. Blue cross blue shield of Kansas quite star machinery they Kansas lottery American family insurance. AJ sports drill at the Alley tall grass country club. Comfort Systems. And dinners roofing and construction.