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The Good Life Segment 4 03-04-17

Mar 4, 2017|

Guy wraps up his live broadcast from The Outdoor Living & Landscape Show at the Century 2 Convention Center with his choice for this weeks "Wine Of The Week."

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Every Saturday we talk about food item but here I can't assess it but it's not just thirteen 30 AM anymore yet we got 97 at them. But I'll tell you this I'm driving at the camp that he today. And several not done that. I get patented thirteen thirty all the way up though late. With good qualities so. To it every century now. Well everything went and vote them before they about the one of the week. Imitated a bit edgier if you're lit. Live Lynn. The it started Friday march 3 and it goes through April 7. Our lady of perpetual help Catholic Church 23 Cleveland north market here which. Is there in the nineteenth annual. Meatless Mexican food dinners every Friday in net so you miss this one yesterday that just started but it goes through April 7. And they're together it's great stuff just to coach the coordinator for the bidders at that that they're prepared pressured every week. She's in an enchilada as a status but that it not goes. Two degree in home change in many. And you can dine in or carry out. And if you have any questions you column on Fridays. At the parish center at 31688. In that if the if you want to order a lot of stuff that have it in stopped by the pick it up you can do that then. It's a great benefit it and helps students parents. And very its world. The dinners each week. It looks great. Don't forget the good left out one appreciation class which votes they. The first classes over the grotto compared to class but the international lines starts march 20. You can call it the continues age education center at the that you'd Metroplex. Or go on line in code to which dot edu slash community education. And they look at your callers that Monday. Okay it's because the colors that got talk about the one of the week. I have been a fan of landmark vineyards for years and years the thumb no presentation of what landmark is. This was started by. A gala that merits. Was accurate at the bears gear forward. In 1974. And guess what we see that appears well. DE BE RT she's a great great the end on grand daughter of John Deere and it's in the first deal while it. Tractors there. At ninety data not you bought the property in the market mountain in Sonoma. And and that's where landmark where she was canceled for partner from then on until. Her daughter and son Obama took over. And net buoy. The original deal was just going to be short and it. That may edit the you know and now with that make them make several. Single vineyard communal art but the ones that we have available here are are just the standard led mark overlooked shark and veto. And and I've got both of them here with me today in the U about it. The wind is so there her daughter son in law sold under a commitment. 1997. Overlook shark it was on the one that is not when record and it's been so well received news since then. In 2014. Via overlook you are. Made by great that the one maker. Best single leader Tito. Recognized it is beauty and the big thing about the shirt. It's that Chardonnay it's all settlement company which gives the wind maker but great opportunity depicted issues. It's agent for it for ten months of which third report center new. You know good luck lights. That new look at the great. Great. Error Matta could play a quality. It's all done with native east that means though no east whose views are inoculated the that must start the petition. It's risky business that that that's used on the scale the grapes it's hard for it should. We use now this one that's got. Liberties secrecy. And in this kind of march Japan Almon. Sweet aromatic toasted almonds little that a fresh pair. That beautiful but he says Colin kind of a tropical bella there manic quality that you put your belt and the beauty really. So off for them now elected fragmentation word the one becomes often auction and rounded up. It and then you just hold out little bit ala beauty down the finish keeps giving and that you got to they would let them eat with this. Elected use anything with seats. About. Crabtree. With lemon mustered only that it that it and in the last. And that Google will happen crab cakes and Atlanta chops that night when he went in the treatment that. Well if Tony is that the value. That he did you try the 2014. Landmark overlook the war. This one is just it's such a great fight so hard to get high quality you know. It's under present him or through. And about fifty some percent personal company. About 40% from Monterey county in the restaurants and but he do. Brent joke page ten months again there's reports that news and this things wells days it feels some of the best if you program. It retails for 25 dollar that the web site in both of these lines. Today is Jacob records in north. Fifty dollar. Gonna be if both the killer by a bottle of beat fellow at the Atlanta got yeah and it doesn't matter. The this year. Let more. Overlooks the label it what it fourteen Chardonnay and 2014. In the war and you it is genetic. If you happen but it got black guy dot com lately go ahead there's two more rooms that opened up for my border river cruises the cruise August 17 to twenty work. I hope you'll join us we got fourteenth that the people common. And just one thing that left got dot com top were brought in from the left. Work river. Have a great week and come down of the art show and we'll see here next Saturday on an.

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