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The Good Life Segment 3 03-04-17

Mar 4, 2017|

Guy is joined by Don Cary, owner of All Things BBQ. Don & Guy talk about some of the educational sessions that people can be a part of at All Things BBQ.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And yeah. And the programs that are completely alive today from the beautiful outdoor Libyan landscape showed it goes. Up through tomorrow tonight at seven tomorrow a little shorter hours but still you gotta get down here eleven to five on Sunday he can be bad. Our country great fun beautiful art displays so much. Like the all things barbecue early demos days that's going on right now. Joining me is done here he is the mastermind. In view along with his. Don. The Xbox. He got all the work that the store in six minutes in the dumpster that you got out for future. What's it. All what's next that's just refining and responding to what people seemed more. Others that's like say in. Well the beautiful growing demos that on film feeds a day keep development. It's just out woes and these. The location is so cool and up on the Pelham people who don't matter what your state stage level of knowledge experience the outdoors. There's no place better in the midwest. When you walk in the store if you did evidence that is what you wanted it that. It is not take you long education is the center of what we do. Doesn't matter your skill level. When you leave you will be prepared to produce the best news that you've ever produced off of your growth. Speaking of that ship just products it beautiful but it looks like that we expect. Well it's pretty neat the day and a that that microphone. Just how well the program how Oregon and not out. They'll they make it better votes that over there watching from what you just get that down as a maybe we'll find you Beers and excellent Olympics today. We are getting a Carney has sought a flank steak we've got it's a lot shoreline call flour rice. And you've also got zone roasted red pepper on the subject. Maybe I'll meet. You you're doing are a number of really doubled. That's three day this week in program what's the next one today. We'll be days of the day similar that we're actually just in the serve it was and symmetry virus to ginger instantly of that end of those lies that are in that president. We'll talk you know I told dawn and I tell anybody knew that coming contact. The videos that you put on the sauce or blog page at it. Is it the bottom of ATP gonna come home page to our killer it's if you miss the live demos here at absolutely realistic you know. Having the opportunity to go there and tracked back a look at some that we've done. Hillary you're a hero and we are adding more content all the time soon there's all study TVQ dot com as we wanna be school. We'll look face and a problem trying to down here Sunday. The back deficit target them up to a hypocrisy and it sounds good thanks and up about it. I don't need to tell you this you're lucky. That's right we're we're building a fantastic game. The facility. If folks haven't come to the dinner on the grill Fridays it every month. There listen up because it's a great opportunity to learn but. Quality the entertainment level of Friday night it is incredible. The beam and we've learned that solely from our customers that need it would come back and back and you would ask you won't. You know you've been here but we change it up again and this is entertainment this is fantastic. Fund food. Get together with friends by a whole table. They just enjoy the well and it on occasion yes line there. We hear but it was pretty pretty regularly have wine and once in awhile will venture off to some Beers or something of that nature bit. Wine pairing with that somebody on hand who has actually heard the winds to the to the deal and then presenting that is commonplace on Friday. Well and an educational stuff photo. In March on the tenth this. You've got another great so it should come. And then on the 21 April 21. Saint type of thing and folks if you go to HT TPQ dot com page down the bottom. You can learn about all of the monthly educational things go oh that's right it's a great time Latin flavors come and which is exciting. We'll look thanks for stopping by about your part of the program that it always thanks but yet we're gonna take a quick break we'll come back and tell you about the one of the week it's two great ones. Baker producers in Sonoma. It's landmark figure the way your.

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