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The Good Life Segment 2 03-04-17

Mar 4, 2017|

Guy Talks with Marty Johnson, owner of The Johnson Garden Centers. Marty & Guy talk about Marty's recent biking adventure through Baja and some of the upcoming events at The Johnson garden Centers

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And yeah. I did not find it. And good luck does not come as the answer you can. There's a wealth of information. About the moment reviews yes. I'd guess cabinet and Doug Marty Johnson and cartons that are. A little bit later in the program doctor Don Carey from all the barbecue and if you were here now the all of the barbecue grilling demo stage. Is about the couple come alive. Both the teacher fool those the people that are gonna lucky the elected it to get to sample some of the stuff that chip them fixes. But you can still watch it together and a lot Sotheby's partner. In just a few minutes the shortly from the institute a period. Which walking is the key is to come take your time. It isn't their only if it there bus service from Laura. Don't worry about the parking stub Parker at this moment get on the bus that runs just about every minute or two that got through it but. And a walk credit and you got to spend some time. If you come here we'll get an hour you you won't get message while past a lot of things. The kid's quarter. They got a couple clowns that they're doing boat balloon I didn't again drawing. Welcome to fun stuff than just lovely things to do Martin's now yeah. Now. We're at doctor Marty Johnson if you guys know that. Of course Johnson's garden tenors the place year round no matter what your gardening needs it Yugo that was my garden season and November December. Christmas decorations market and then. This time a year especially early onset of spring. Humbled to it okay it might snow again. But apple did that at the beginning of spring. If you're not already thinking about fertilization. Replanting if you haven't started your your yours seeds planting. Yeah you gotta get with it and everybody jobs aren't there to help you no matter which location when you're on. They're about it. North and it. I hated it. What's with that north. Wherever they're the audio studios. Yeah at 21 that was one I'd be all right and a thirteenth street. Location to great location there's some treatment thing. Georgia's Marty Johnson Marty Gannett new weapon welcome back the government. Good afternoon guys thanks for having me me on him. And on the show ratio I was I have to admit that is now I'm doing some project here and there. Putting in my garden this. Like in the know it's but you may not think ring through here we're gonna have more Ross Markel intervene nobody. Three to burden is timed. Yeah and have some open comes before believe it. And Margaret Byrd's third round. Strain but this is actively remember. Papers that law. I'm just get no party yours rather your. It dropped three rise. Oh. That's big though I know that your not your. At younger by the minute but I gotta talk briefly about it is your last. Great adventure and at the B due to wield the puck man powered. Ride chrome. The order out girl stuff that. Drew great route it. Called balk all these lies in there were 100 people Gardner left. January 2. Not the San Diego from. The downtown the water walk area. And we kind of they did that go way down to. Politico op and then back at them pause and then there or out with them hundred miles. And you five weeks to do it in they've got a room a little bit in the brain that. They're great experience in. I saw it last year like norm but the and in Baja Mexico in January or which counts in dared to. I make common good ball. Great experience of people were. Unit value goes up the border or to write a bit you know the people involved all couldn't have been nicer I've built. As they riding there so low. That as I do inward united. Okay. Well being written Patrick in. If Lieberman and her nine you have. The justice out that you go to your company. Yeah out of the boot along the route them through you know about a little popular Iranians and just amazing food and are in the people or open their their own on. At a great time in the use them their their spectacular anchored people. No expert ball. You know licking and you did such a great job Marty you put pictures and an oak. You know you had to wait to get some Wi-Fi connection statement. Following you whether. It was you know the last time we did the other great adventure which you did the that rod to divide thing and it went from Canada to Mexico. In the mountains on dirt road. It's always like to keep tracking and folks. Marty tell us how they first thought that you do get up you know listen to get things from the garden theater. And then they need to follow you on FaceBook and that's what they could find out about stuff that's going on aren't they don't know how to do that. Of making. They can be emailed. To make good on there are not on. And going and wolf added to our weekly. Some pictures in new product and what the that they go that once we. Everywhere in the Macon and it was going on their mortgage acre or the garden centers. This kind of and also. On if the current trip over in line may invalidate monthly. All the Hebrew letter we have drink only acre which is implement it together the second Monday of the month. In her thirteenth street story at the front line to. We will have when you're thirty people get together and here via a root in danger signal the area of the bring back something that the king is here and ever been that is an echo that want to mark the making yours a Ian bird Johnson's garden dot com in the third and the email or commit this story that this overweight is. He concern for both of those newsletters. Well in it so important especially. No matter what level. And listen before you did that tonight we don't raise. Plants we have today eight. Plant hospice the Lipton does slow burner here and an open. It's all right but really I think the best thing about. The email blasts you guys announces the tips and things that network commitment the prime season where at both locations going to be seven dollars and educational opportunities. To make you do it your garden do the best they can do. And we got a great staff to its you know people have a at issue and know what the plan administered bought. If they have Clinton that hadn't been calm and controlled the inspector wheat disease brings samples to the end and that staff has been with this or. Suffered decades. But there for years and very knowledgeable in. And people. But to help people who. It's at the beard taking things. I'm not sure which was the bigger driver that you're Jeremy but. And you guys have those that such a great job in its beacon beard things you've got to one of our sponsors the midwest here and management. If that's what. Understand and them. We can for being a part of that did not speak your mute the driver. In that he's watching it in the stores and you know it's rather hold new. Different group of people in this or that you know there are gardeners do but they also. Like home brewing unit accountable ties in the together ruin your hope that it. Make your own beer in just an activity. The great thing in like what. Quick rundown on what you have or going to plant that Marty baker this year. What CIA prevail with screaming at my spare is there disparities and you know it is burning on about five or now. They're from last year like win at at all and that the Obama plan. You're coming up pretty quick I think they're spectators. I'd love our effort I've got it we've got in this story that is the director and I think Courtney. Seven ride. Hot peppers goes peppery scorpions. Chocolate. Goes through with a wide range of that effort so all I always quiet album you know and I'm also amazed that they. Thing it Marty Becker not you know ought admit it. Right doses or is that it's hidden candy store you can absolutely. Unique variety in you know they'd make that. About main effort as well but I think you the flavor of heirloom varieties or are phenomenal in some of the the one thing have a very unique color on this called beaver stripe and and they make it beautiful. You know Chris made now. So party they plan and though. I'm a way to get back to the garden get get Marty Becker fired up and a look forward across impassively that your quote women. What here's more stories about your your Baja by growth. What do and also remember. To act that the governor and I'll if I'll handle it and make sure and at the way that Christians as the date so regularly on the counter. Well yeah out that third week in the ninth and I believe. He went. And pounder in the people come down to visit them federal annoyance encode the racial give me your dad being OS. He uses set the date through iron Julie and I'm going to be on the riverboat divorce. Maybe we will. Need and don't have that will and other with that it. And other qualified. If they're if they're wrote this guy made. He beat me out you. Get a job. The Euro Euro is look at the. Marty have a great weekend but he paid tribute part of the program didn't think. He meant by. Got our comedy a live from the outdoor living landscapes show where it's disruptive but at school and get ready to join me here this quick break. The man behind all the barbecue that made it happen turned into equate little building with some groups and some are. Equipment. Political. It is something magnificent you have to do location. We're gonna tell you oh man you gotta come into. Its third barbecues outdoor cooking paradigms. Man or woman you walk in the order about a guy about good life will be right back of the.

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