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Wichita Means Business 2/18/17 C

Feb 24, 2017|

Chris Veazey Brown with the 2017 Wichita Women's Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you for listening to which Tom means business a Saturday morning we always appreciate you tuning in and we have a really fun guest in the studio net right now for our third segment today. And it's going to be an event you wanna pay close attention to you because I'm gonna give you some great things to get a date today Chris vis the is here Chris VG brown I guess I've known you for so long I just don't want psychiatrist via the equipment either Chris Brown she's here with the women's there today and gonna tell us all about this huge event that's going on downtown at century to and that expo hall that's gone on today from nine to six and tomorrow from I think eleven to five I'd encourages as the answer follow along here today break out the laptop and go to women's spared dot com is that it right that's. Our check it out on FaceBook or cancerous I guess you guys are everywhere we are only that are really good social media girl it's a lot out. Check it out online follow along because first of law I'm saving some money right off the top as you can go to the web page and print out a dollar off coupon yet. Chris thank you so much for being here today my Placer what's the history of the show I noticed this is in the first year I know that this is on hang on on for awhile right. No it's the it's the nineteen year we actually started planning at twenty years ago. Deanna and I had worked together previously and then we became very very good friends. And I was back in town after living away for the first time for four years in Colorado. As I was looking I was doing some design work at computer design work and that sort of thing. And just heard that there was not a women's show in Wichita any longer. And actually heard from the people down essentially to and they said. Is we have put on the home seller parade of homes together. Required if he yours and the director of since week two at that time said came over and said you know if somebody who really knew how to run snows a women's there could go. Eric what. I was a loud and I am very cute and very cute so anyway we just started planning right away and we we started with. A group of women that we knew and a focus group and asked them what would make him get in the car and come down to essentially to to to be at something that was just for women. And so they formed. The basis of how we started the show just those answers from diverse group. By and if you haven't ever been to the women Chenault. The women's fares you you're going to be stunned because first of all is huge. Brad talk all about that today and tally of much of the details and cash if if there's any thing from fine. To innovation and are just anything of interest to women it's gone down the shell it is it's it's just fascinating high energy lots of information lots of shopping. It's just you just like be there. It's a great event we're talking with Chris BZ brown with the women's fair it's gone on this weekend. Down a century to the expo hall you don't want to miss it. On line you can save a dollar just by pro and they'll coupon there at women's fair dot com you can check it out on FaceBook or cancerous and get that dollar off coupon their open today from nine to six so electric for something fun to do ladies you can just hop in the car says the show's over as of right when the show's over they're going to be open in the doors and interest let me run down there makes her things and vice. You can check it out today and have a lot of time lecture has been you know watching games like on the caps whatever he's gonna do today and you can go have some fun with your friends down at the women's there and so. This is a just some monstrous huge event Chris let's walk through some of the yen details I see where you've got more than 345. Exhibitors. I doubt we have a actually it's about 300 bit. Many of Demps join up with another like companies are several companies that we have about 300 separate bids they weren't from Tim might tee and two very large twenty by 20s20 by thirty days and doesn't really unfair question Matt could you just maybe pick out two or three of them and tell us a little bit about him. All of a kind of a new innovation. It's it's only been for the last couple of three years there's several boutiques that are starting to have style tracks or or trucks that they actually will take to businesses. And you can go into a boutique where ever you are for instance if you guys ever wanted to put that they like that you might have a little party for girl guest and then you can go into the parking lot and they can go shopping at UT I think that is very clever you know that be really popular here because I'm the only sells guy in the building in the arrests are these cells ladies and so if you if somebody pulled up the track here but there BM mad rash it's free it's a really cute or have a little lunch break shopping spree because it's a very cute anyway we got two of those that the show we've got exhibitors from all over the United States and many many local exhibitors to sell there's. Pet companies there's putt companies that have children's things a lot of spy is medical spas. They talk about your skin your weight loss whatever you'd need lot of two hospitals are there and they have. Let's blood pressure checks and all sorts of help advice and things to watch out in four we have cooking show hosts several of them today and those are always stand by some very good shafts and fashion shows there's just. All sorts of things that you can do that is there anything there where women can go and learn more things sent understand me and better the prime and me and we. Stay and that's the problem. That a I act this problem. All right. I noticed on the page it says there shopping galore so walk me through this so if we go to Russia for some lady goes to show and summer girlfriends they can go and shop like pretty much like their at a smaller miss the many of the many of the boutiques do you have a little bitty room in them and so you can trial that I've been out party theme darling things and I'm gonna go back Sunday when I have a little bit more time with the credit card and shopping the and it always do that but. All sorts of things and all sorts of ages too that there's. There's jewelry beautiful jewelry and everything from world dressy clothes to very casual. I hats purses. All sorts of SS race and they usually have just gotten back from market so they bought the new things to put it. Let's grinch out there might be alive new things there Hanna hit the stores. I guess probably. Lots of fun things again on my dad and shop for and so I than they do take credit card he says only yes. Okay well that bouncer to be helpful I know he also has some personality appearances and entertainment. It's a little bit about that. Well at the we have to just for today we have two shows that have just at modeling. And then we have a doggie fashion show that's darling that's in the afternoon. We have our keynote speaker who is doctor roll me she's a neurologist. But she also is an expert in mine fullest which is kind of the east and the west type of medicine so that. She takes what she knows about the brain and she puts that little eastern. Player to actually kind of really concentrating balanced and keep your mind com and on task. And that's a wonderful she's on 132. Yes and I noticed on the wolf are you haven't says using mine for us to rewire. Refresh. And the stress right attitude ever felt like that like everything's just fraction arena and you just have to bring it all back in together and she she has techniques and I tips for that and and backed by scientific. Awareness and now it's ouch I'm surprised us not required attendance for our staff here and a lot of our people who are artists in sales manager Lisa Carter I think she probably wanna make a song that actually via Christi has brought her. So dry out. Well that's a critical. Our out just point out some of the times you have these events go OK today. Like the dog fashion show that's today at 1230 right yes and now all pause I think is involved and act. Rescue. A great my buddy David of those is on I guess over their own policy and so. At figures he'd be down at the woman should yes he did at least he can help started last year and it was so popular. That we're doing it again and it was a great benefit for that rescue arrived Masco home in the busy brain care that you just talked about passed today 130 and then there's a shocker pride fashion contest at 230 and that that's real cute last year one of my high school classmates of wanna prizes. Is that she is quite got it sees that glamorous a one amid there were some very. Funny when Estes it's all things shocker for everything shocker of the this year on top of the list and then Eric Fisher. Deal at 4 o'clock right let's yet it was wonderful last year because we got and we got into doing again he brought in it was almost like he would of gone to a national air show. But he did it on our stage in he had I believe it was four or five hairdressers doing different things that he would go over its wanna talk about patents on a blow dry and changed just. It was wonderful and care cuts and all sorts of then he also had someone in front of him showing how to transfer for your hair from what she wore work to going out there wearing you know all little islands off the pick at the Goddard exact dollar was. But what's the whole thing it was it was fascinating that he is a real Salman so people can go down there and get advice about how to always makes her hair looked better yes and absolutely well at all sorts of skin to skin can they can try some other than that we have demos. Nails. If I weighty thing bigamy mile did you argue look really good I think everybody can have a little bit of improvement did they let guys come in the building. Yeah yes aria yeah we never see him gone out what happens to them yeah. Think that's happened but I another life there now they lie and I has been loves that he usually brings me back some sort of kitchen gadgets. Now I lots of that that. That's genetic OK and then tomorrow 130 have a international model search yes that miles images right and not one of our stations are ninety point five I think yes that is well yeah now. They do that every year and their. These girls and boys have actually gone clear up to the top echelons of modeling. All right and you can sign up to win a 500 dollar shopping spree. You can do that today right at the rusty Eck Ford Booth. And they will there'll be chosen tonight nights it's whoever's in our building during. That was Friday in and it's going to be today someone's gonna win a 500 dollar shop is where they'll be called. This evening I'm rusty Eck and they will be invited back to shop at the ones there. And so then they can take that certificate or prior to Reuters cigar and a man who purchases from all the vendors yes. While that's a great deal in these are not on them it's going to be you lucky winner today yes and what times out against. The show closes at 6 o'clock so they'll be called after the hour drive will be after 6 o'clock you do not need to be present to win. All right you Dresser on a long and than some guy's gonna win that tonight that's going that's right. Our top goalie Chris BZ brown and she's with the women's there is going on today and tomorrow Dennis entry to an expo all. And the hours today or nine to six so there's time for you. You know don't leave tell the show's over but after the show's over its effect if any NF finish after cup copying go run out and get in the car. Head down to expo hall and have a great day now the women's where they have all kinds of great stuff going on. You can even get a dollar off coupon on their web page and when mr. dot com. Taken out of FaceBook interest is batting a warrior look you're gonna see something about the women's fair today. And so we're so glad to have Chris in the studio and pressed us a little bit more and she had I shoes have a slew. Halves that's a lot like maybe 45 of dobbs you have stage presentations and workshops and demonstrations. What will those be about. Can you mentioned some of those we have. A self defense class for women. And it's put on by with the Wichita police department. There's several cooking shows like I said before. And I'm sorry but I cannot recall but there are now but there's. Two ships from. Hotels that will be an executive chefs have cooking. They'll be a wine cooking showing now that sounds very interesting. I never know exactly what they do with that I like five hours probably involved in the heat heat when he was last night art of writing okay this is going to be just a wine cooking show. So they'll teach you how to cook with wine and then there's. All while we already had that I get mixed up on the days I was is that we had it at a fashion expert but that also happens on stage twice twice as well OK so. Just time's gone on all day long right now last night I think you had the girl's night out had a again. It was lovely. That you mentioned god Bauer he he did his wine tasting in it was fabulously we had a shaft that night do that we had. A hair show. That should show. Restaurants there were serving a sample foods and then we had our wine bars open and gals like they did a lot of them came to the business workshop. And then Nate just started shopping and doing other things and then we're still there for the girl's night out and gets a little bit testy at that time. And just had a good time with their coworkers or their girlfriends. A lot of people our interest at today such a huge subject in health and fitness and united is always. Just a big thing to our listeners and everybody what's going on at the show concerning health and fitness. Well I'll always love first of all to see the varied age groups come together there can be everything from small children clear up to an 85 year old woman and many of them are in groups together mixed ages. Because we all want to look good and feel good. And do the right things for ourselves and excel is so much about fashion that I would say it's almost as much about how. All types of things if you've got to a weight control problem. You've got skin problems you've got there's a lot of things that that people are getting in various ages that are just aided diseases or problems that they need to stay away from that and I would say they're sixty health related booths at the soundness and so it's very very did you get to be face to face with someone and decide who you feel good about doing business and the same is the same for plastic surgery or anything altitude wanna dig you almost build a relationship before you start walking into the door to see what you think about that doctor or that spot. There's so many things thank you for ninety Taylor so many things to choose from at the women's fair. That's a feud really like sentenced on indifferent to do today this is the event to go to you so hop in the car head down there it's down at the century to expo hall all day today Tel 6 o'clock and tomorrow till five revenue of five so you wanna check it out and make Syria take that and you'll have a good time and it really be. That's something you don't walk away with some some great. Items and and information now how Pia make your life a little bit better Chris we want to thank you for coming in today thanks for being here loved it. And Nef if you need some funded day remembers that which Tom when it's fair down at century team today that wrap up our show for today thank you for listening to which style means business.