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Wichita Means Business 2/18/17 B

Feb 24, 2017|

Rich Maier with Chilton's Billiards

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you for listening to which Tom means business this Saturday morning right now nice studio we have I guess it's gonna be really fun to talk to rich Mayer he is the manager. Over children's Dillard's and spas. Rich thank you for being in here today well thanks for hapless let me do a little housework first of all your located their Broadway and Kellogg. Trying to southeast corner. In his there was several readers out there and happy years ago we've been there very attractive building right next to the new quick trip over there so easy to find easy to get to. Phone numbers 262. 3539. Right correct and now you can check them out online at Chilton billiards dot com. Encourages do that today if you like follow along they have lots of great information. Especially their gallery of pictures I think courage it like that really attractive. Panel cash I you know all the things that aren't won on all things but a lot of things that are in their show room. And nothing she can check out and see. And so rich first of all would you tell us a little bit about the history. I think Chilton started in May be 1946. Right. That's correct stand Chilton when it came home from World War II. Started. The business in 1946. And basically when he first started it was a vending company and vending companies would be pin balls and machines you know possibly soda machine cigarette machines the coin op pool tables that sort of thing. All right so it and it's obviously grown dramatically since that got some big thriving business and if you need anything at all for your entertainment at home or work or bright rumor. Anything like that guy still loses the place to go because they've. They really have everything you'd ever want. Whenever I go over their to the showroom is society's kind of stand around and an amazing view of all the stuff thinking gosh that there's like five or six things I'd like to take on in my house affected. And so lots of great things going on over children's basically everything you need for entertainment network are at home huge showroom there on the southeast corner of Broadway and Kellogg. What are some of the different brands rich that you carry. Well we have many brand you know because depending on the different products that we have available. Pool tables lately have the number one. Recognized name and the number one seller of pool tables you know in them in the country and that is Brunswick billiards they've been in business since. 1845. They still pool tables and a Blake and Andy Roosevelt as arrow they have they have today. A long history. Making pool tables for well known people. Okay well this is a question sometimes I hear when talking about stuff like this you got pulled tables and we got billiard tables what's the difference between the team. That pool table G you can have tables that are non slate table it is Teva would base. But the true you know billiard state pool table is going to be asleep table. And slate is the only substance in the world that doesn't change. Surface with potter coal. It's always going to be perfectly flat Chenault with and scholars everything to correctly. That separates you know they inexpensive. Table that you might give them department store. From a pool hall quality pulled me drive okay. Really straight flat true tables and obviously table racked are there different rules between playing billiards and playing pool. Oh yes there are when you talk about the billiards. Lot of people think we're talking about it you know no pocket table and that game is played with three balls in its. Basically at Karen Karen game you know each of you have a bald and there's one option well and when it's your turn huge year. You're trying to hit all for two balls and hit the rail the score. Whereas a regular pool is as six pockets. And so and there's numerous games that you play on that the old timers used to play you know just straight pool you know. First guy to make hundred balls you know would win. So early in out and nowadays you know they play eight ball. Which is basically solids or stripes ever been that is heard that there aura you've seen on TV nine ball. But there's there's numerous games you know that you play on it when I was going up my uncle had a pool table over in the breeze waive his house and and when I was teenager we'd go over their play and that we are really cool you know playing pool my uncle's house and I was always amazed and especially when I walked in your shop over there. You've got out all these different cues. And Q rafts and then you've got. I'm billiard lines and dart boards just everything is so much fun to go liquor around over there but. There pastors just lots of different even cues that are available today right correct correct correct you know in some of the well known names are like McDermott and biking. Predator to use it and there the more expensive but then they have you know other companies like players and opera and and you know that and she got BO that make excellent cues as well. And again it the whole thing about my Q. And have your own sick you want to beeper straight. And that's the key but the difference that separates the price on many accuse is. How fancy ideas you know and there are in accusers have a lot of Italy you know guys who put. Actually put diamonds there ivory. You know in lays you know in the butt. Of the pieced it. And again that ads and the price but it also gives that person. His own. Thing you know nobody else copy. Earlier work of art though they really are absolutely. All right we're talking with rich Meyer was children's billiards and sponsor located down there at Broadway and Kellogg got a great show roomier really got to stop by for a running around today. Our next week Kim shot and see what they've got lots of entertainment things now rich when he first started working there. He worked like you said earlier for the children's. And then later they sold the business to Chris Simon's right that's correct and he was employee there too at the time right yes he did he was this really interesting how you the two of you end up front in this. Thriving business that started out with a different family and less to say great story I think an anchor senate he's a busy guy entrepreneur got lots of renal humps all kinds of stuff he's always on the around that I've met its founding in over there working together build that business you've been doing a long time. I have I have been and I went to worked first stand shield back in 1996. As a salesman and I did that for two or three years before. Had the opportunity to become the manager. We're stay in. But it's a fun place I never thought it was as work because I you know that he had pinball machines they hit slot machines. And it was it was just like it was a game room for us. And so yeah it up much exciting plus you know I like meet new people in you have new people coming in this door every dinner in it it's just a. Fun environment to work but it makes the job not seem like work if it's something you have found love to deal yes that's correct. All right let's shift gears a little bit. And and you're listening and following along out encourage you to go again to the web page at Chilton billiards dot com and just check out some of the pictures. And certainly interesting and and all the new styles and models. Of the pool tables and ping pong tables and some shift gears a little bit to the ping pong tables I've got. My boys that they eleven play ping pong and we've actually worn out there actually broken couple of ping pong tables over the years. The less expensive versions you know that we've had them one of my anchor Gaza. At a garage sale but you've got some really cool ping pong tables I love looking out over there. Right well in note ping pong manufacturer. Or table tennis manufactures there's a lot of good ones out there. In knowing we've tried them all but right now you know Brunswick came out with the three models you know about 56 years ago. And there called us smashed three smash fives except in basically the difference. Is the size of the structure that it's built on. And they're all built on on wheels of the you know we even moved rammed term down move him out of the room. Up to the 70 in the seven though as they inch and a quarter. A top on which the more solid the better of the play. For the series. You know table tennis players so we have it but. With the three tables would also provide different price points. Or you know for the customers. Sir you have all the accessories to your like all the really nice paddles and nets and everything that needs to go with right yes we do. Let's talk about this these are fun to shuffle board tables and whose ball tables and air hockey. You have all those as well run no absolutely you know we can we have the tornado loose balls. Tables they're made by by valley dynamo. And actually in about who makes the point op pool tables you know for bars are so these these loose ball tables are made. To the same quality they take a lot of abuse and just keep on you know tick and you know it as they say. In but we also have been small tables made my Brunswick in legacy. Billiards. In so we offer you know the the customer choices in that area. Pool tables in an earlier when we talked about. The different brands mentioned Brunswick but we also carry legacy. Pool tables and legacy is American companies as well. And name make an extremely you know solid table as well we've been very happy with them. Very successful with them and people have been extremely pleased. And he also carry a big line of sponsor. That flew. If that's a detail on the sponsor and how that works in like you do that if someone comes in and buys that you commanded the setup everything right absolutely out right now we're care in LA spots and over the years we've carried several. Different spas and opinion that changed you know each year you know being in business. But LA spas is part of Max laws which is a big conglomerate. And as they can zone like 56 different spot companies. But work here in LA spots which way they have swims laws they have in no small tub Chenault for you know just two people. Or you can print and you know something in between you know like. Well the one the biggest ones we have right now and now as LA and Sarah and it's 899. And it has like hundred. In twenty jets on at 36 works are pumps. It gave you the best relaxation. Person could want in a left arm they were. Now some of those I can be like in a breeze way or may be out on the back deck or patio rush correct absolutely you know Ed there really a of hot tubs are really met to go in a home. Analysts you're gonna have excellent circulation because of the chemicals you know you're pouring. Those sorts of things you know you need to get those out because if you breathe those over a period of time. You know it will you know could cause. You may have health concerns that red vest and be outside probably there may best be outside. All right now are saying it's interesting to make some when I lock in the show room. I keep talking about as such amazing Sher and but a lock in their IC Wallace these accessories like you've got the dining tables poker tables pub tables. And you've even got a bunch of bar stools and furniture. Ride to people come in there and like by some of those self standing bars and marshals from me. Yet they do. Oh we've have several companies that make Bart force that we sell. But arsenals has always been a big part of our business and we over the years at dale older building. We have more room when we have. 400 or stools on the floor all I got us now we have. Somewhere around 200 it's RLR that'll we have a lot of different models we have the different heights they can get him in different finishes different fabrics. And that's been a big part of our business and continues to be a big part of this. We also sell the game tabled for poker tables and most these tables are conversion type tables on one side you have a poker top. You can put up over in used as a dining table and so it can be a two way street for. Then we actually do have straight dining tables which you can buy through. You know some of the better companies such as what killed there fever pastel industries. And they have some great comfortable tables or chairs that are cast yours. That's yeah and lay back tell easily turn get around and get in and out. And along with beautiful wood tables and so and that's a new line that we're just starting to pursue with the dining tables. You know I'd encourage people come here. And if they're looking for dining table maybe just for a little kitchen net or for their diet. You know stop in this news. OK well now domain assorted curve ball but compared to you know these shop around all over town of staff and you see bar stools and seek tales like that stuff. For pricing and quality how to your products compare. You know week. We don't wanna be in business whip the this again trying to be polite here here and trying to insult anybody. But we can't be in competition with a big box too right you know because. They buy in such large volumes so they get get the product lot cheaper. And we can't compete with that so we carry companies that are. Loyal to us you know we're the only dealers were we don't have to report dealers and counsel in the shirt thing. And then and equality were trying to take it up a level. Because we feel like. And we sell do you regain senator bar stool we want this last July. But on those type of products he used so they need to be. And you know high quality hints of this gonna last that's correct it ought to be buying a set of marshals every two years that is correct Tia. OK well let's get information now I know you also carry some patio furniture talks about on the web page give us a rundown on the rounds. You know we've been. Selling patio furniture we're only solar back when you know stand owned businesses well. And the patio business it again is one of those products. That a lot of the big companies big box stores all carry that. You know so we two week period the patio lying and try to go a little bit higher but. Where it's still a new line force you know because when you come in to picks up mount your look and you know for you know for equality. We do have that. All right we're taco has rich Meyer with children's Dillard's and spas. If you need some of the for your mound to make it a little more fan or have some entertainment plans coming up you need to go stop by and see the guys down there. At Broadway and Kellogg children's Millard sense boss rich thank you so much for coming in today thanks for having us.