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Wichita Means Business 2/18/17 A

Feb 24, 2017|

Mike King with Select Homes

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Good morning and thank you for listening to which Tommy's business a Saturday morning we very much appreciate you tuning a sand. We have a guest in the studio this really going to be found an interesting to talk to someone with a lot of background and experience in the real estate world and so might keying is here with us today Mike thanks for joining us nothing for haven't that's really appreciated. Mike is of course with select Tom's team real estate and they're starting a brand new company that we're gonna talk about today might give us a little rundown select thomas' actually just set all kinds a records and these past few years selling homes each year and you in my in the rest of the managing partners keep branching out. And doing new things it's really been found uninteresting to watching kind of be a part of on the media side if you guys tells a little bit about what's name. Well we have started a new company is called select auction home and land. And we are bringing to the end this auction industry there is some of the great technology and things that we've learned in the team model through real estate. And bring and that concept. And that idea and that model to auction side of the does. And so we're real excited. For once again this year OK so have a lot to talk about because there's a lot there that I think we'll bear some good explanation so we generally. Get a grasp on want to. A while the details are there but let me do some housekeeping first care select Tom's team real estate and that there's several different web sites that she's from rarely to follow along with us that he'd like to do that today. The first one is select homes dot com that's that's a normal general web site I believe are there are they any other once Mike that would be good for people to check out. Well I select. It's like select auctioned team dot com will be our new website or. Select auction homeland and that that that site is it's not fully functional yet but today we'll take you to. Or page there. All right. And so if you're one to follow along we encourage you to do that you can go online course do that they also have a big FaceBook page. You can get my call 6840000. Great phone number. And we also now leave you get a tear apps in your own you can download or. Our eye out page four hours like to auction is well OK and so you'd have the ability to. Real look at all the auction items and potentially on his wealth are canceling bit online absolutely Ari on or through their phone whenever they wanted him out that's great. OK so fear in the market have wanting to buy com or sell a home. Are maybe you've been hired at a home and you're wanting to move it out and just do an auction. There's just lots of options available today the real estate market of course has really. Developed here in the past ten years and there's just lots of ways to do what you need to do. To take care of those kind of transactions and that's why we want to have Mike come in today. Has Mikey is gonna give asylum latest details but first Michael let's talk a little bit about. The team model that you have it at select towns with my anger because that work what's different about it well. We've realized. Over the years that. You just can't be good at everything. And and zone meaty hands make light work and so that's photo of the team model is this. When you work with one of Parse with one of our associates. You're getting not just that agent whether it's it was teenager buyer's agent that you gain a whole team. That now only supporting the agent as supporting year. And in every aspect of communications saying net shelling in the inspections. Whatever may be so that we can make sure that we. We give the best service you know and and now our goal is is not to just need not is to meet your expectations but to exceed your expectations and so with that the team it. It would make it hard to do that. One of things I really liked about it and I guess site is not related disclaimer that I had a couple of transactions with the guys over ten years and but things I'd like best about it is what are my need was in whatever I was trying to focus on his knees get down. You guys have somebody who really was an expert in that are area. And I take care of my concern whatever watts. Yeah an absolute gale Weathers the marketing unit photographer. Just what ever aspect his MB did everything in that and beyond that. You know we really want take care our customers after the cells with our grieving fans club and now we provide in close moving trucks pickup trucks you know for customers to use. While other properties listed are there shopping for a moment and far beyond that if they need you we have banquet tables. Margarita machines top of them in place. All kinds of itself so I've that's really cool like if you get ready to make a motive and ninety your work in with a select Tom's. That they've got moving ban threats that you can just borrow down below deposit down go go use the vehicle bring it back cute your deposit back it's painless yeah we assess that she has some gas in and bring him back in one piece that's a pretty simple. All right so it's it's a pretty cool concept and like if you're Selma home that agent you're working with that's all they do themselves yeah we've we've separated. In 150000. Dollars though and lasting and and that. You know. There's just not enough supplies and we need as many of those columns in it so that makes sellers truly all right that is sellers marquee on the law of our price points we are seeing that is the seller's market meaning. That that over and over a three month supply there's not enough homes to meet that and so. But that means for you as a seller it means that you're gonna have a great job opportunity to it. Maybe have multiple offers but mostly maximize. The value out of your home you know and get every dollar that that that homeownership. Run. So if somebody's going to sell their house like maybe they're sent them home today a course a high percentage of the came SS listeners are homeowners. And so let's say somebody said at the kitchen table right now they're listening to us they're thinking you know are really should. Really consider selling our home. What are some things they can do on the front in just two or three things that might help their homes sell faster or better are are just be a good transaction. You know you wanna make sure that you know. The house's and get appearances. The major things are taking care of you know here here year your roof your heating and air those things need to be in it working horror and you know nothing sells a house better than fresh pain lowering things like that I mean. Pain in Florence where YouTube page return for your dollar and and but if you if you call us we're going to be more happy to come out and that Dan is refusing go over what your options are and and help unify hue and and give you suggestions that if you know where it fits my needs if that's what you wanted to do before you wanted on the market. Or maybe it's better not that the money into the house and sellers present condition. So you guys have come out and offer that advice really for free right apps list of free of charge we don't charge anything for it. You know we wanna do what's in your best interest and so we're gonna come out sit down with you. Find out what your needs are YE selling what that timeframe that is where human to let. What's really Jonas we helped give you the best information. Are are there're couple things that maybe you could share that you would suggest not to do. No not really I thought I'd have won this come out you know it's just like going to court I don't wanna go record an attorney. And I together very you know I don't go there's nothing in this that I did I'd wanna have some. The guy and correct me so I really depends on the specific counts if there really does that mean there's obviously something he's hearing give you bigger and bigger bang for your dollar and you know that's where again pain meaning carpet and things like that there really gave you being returned for your dollar patent case. A case of fear needing to buyers sell home meter listening to the right show because right now we've got. Mike king on and he is the lead auctioneer and managing partner with select option homes and land currently companies that they've. They've added to the select home family of companies and Mike can give us get advice about what to do on buy and sell a home. And so he can contact them today at 6840000. Ari can go online to select Tom's dot com there's just tons of ways to get ahold of them in those numbers up which is to the right person to speak to. And I'll take it Caribbean so let's shift gears a little bit like your only about the new company the new option company I know you've been to an option airing for a long time right. Yeah and you know we have been as select homes we have been doing in options for the last. 03 years in and we've been fairly successfully for as cement. Tremendous auctions Leann good salad. Lake have to read it tremendously well for client. And but this year we decided we're really take it one step further and and so we've created a new companies that. Is. Is going to give our our clients. That capability. Down to view did properties online. Or alive through their Smartphones that they want to. Just really take that technology and everything that we've learned by selling homes to the team model. And really transferring that to the auction industry. And intervene. The public you know another option. OK so if somebody let's say they're considering. Buying some rental properties look at are their wanna they wanted to maybe. Even I guess look for our a different home our second home. As is auctioned. New method is set a good way to go we're fine though a lot of the proper. Rhesus on auctions sometimes our investment properties. The it's not just investment properties or sign auction and they are commercial properties are single family homes or. You know you multimillion dollar properties are selling as well so. For an auction to work it just that you had to figure out what their nieces and stuff are. That definitely investment properties are great way to buy. Probably 60% of all property is sold are probably more of the investment properties. A case of it when there's an auction of the a certain date and time I make. It's kind of boil this down at the beginning tries hair so be like a certain date and time and and that information be readily available on your way of paying readily available on the web page and absolutely if you contact us. Will be happy to take you through the property show you the property. You have every opportunity to do any and all inspections if you'd like to. And then the day of the auction many of our auctions you can actually make a bid on and sometimes purchased prior to auction if you want. A lot of our auctions lead lead lead sometimes no prior to auction. After you have that knowledge you know in and he can't have that an idea of what you feel the property is worth it and docs and we just. You know start the calling in and if you're the high bidders it becomes your property. All right it's so people can actually go their physically during the auction. That timeframe they absolutely. Are they can be online and and been on line at the same time right yeah they can be watcher royals game there in the ninth inning and beam. And been on a house at that point tip that's amazing that's amazing. So this is good for like rentals or flips. Our houses for family members ride ABN aired home Annette. Use since it moved out this data and you've and you've. Come back to mom and dad's home and he would have a desire to make the updates and stuff like that lot tons auction method is comprised visa. The best way to sell the property because what you do is here you're letting the world know that you wanna sell in the get all the potential bidders there and let them. You tell you what it's worth. What some of the marketing need to act and I know. Camera loaded question because I know you and Mike are bacon and the other. Partners do tons of marketing but but if somebody's gonna do option on their home what some of the marketing that you do to make that happen well we're in. Really heavy campaign. On the Internet we're gonna market the property on over a hundred different web sites including truly truly is no low. I'm Kansas auctions. Dot Nat. And just list goes on and on over. Y times would you print ads as well and we have and mailing list that we send out to where there is this now now lower than email. And then I'll also with our. With our different our phone app that you can now go to. Select auction and download on your. Android device or your apple device. Those are gonna alert you alerted all the upcoming auctions did. Nowadays really exciting am really kind of excited actually do a lot of charity auction events it's we're gonna built at those charity auctions. Honor on our app as well sobering and if people if they can't go to charity auction though wanna I wanna help out. They can even they can even go in and possibly lie in and bid on things that as well. You know it's really been fun to watch this business and just grow and expand. And to see what you guys are doing over there at seems like there's something new every other day or week or so on. I know we've recently added some other markets besides its Wichita are. We have word you know leave we as a moved into the Kansas City market. Not too long ago and and that offices is still an exceptionally well can be happier with. With what's going on there and and now we're generating a lot Springfield. So we're real excited that course we have an office tonight since then it's doing well. Now we have an office in that Newton Kansas as well and whenever two locations on the east and west side in in which does so. We're or death. Again out there when I think you're looking at a couple other and mentioned markets as well all right we are we aren't allowed to disclose what they are vague and fill that vacuum right now is that right now I. Well it all I can say that there. I think it's found that to see the growth that you guys are experiencing in and now I'm not a little bit about all along the way in Israel had been found Canon. See that from the sidelines and and of course I always enjoy work with my anger rate as well he sent to say interesting fun guy. Number you guys so much happening and so much going on it's really it's really pretty amazing. What would you say would be. Some of the opportunities maybe your challenges that that might people might face in today's market if they're trying to Marshal on mr. anything it would stand out. Well I think if you're trying to buy you know. Pain upon what price point here that. Man you've just got to be on top of your game I mean you need to get I would encouraging your listeners if you're thinking about buying out. Please give us a call so one of our buyer agents can work with it gets. Is there gonna help you get that on the biggest problem Holy See is sometimes people miss out on the moment wanna purchase is because they didn't have the tools. They didn't they they they were connected there right people and you know we sure don't want to miss out on the next round is because you do know about it. As as far as selling a home. Again people sometimes are gonna Russia and there has been many that maybe doesn't really make sense and again the biggest mistake is. Is not to give us a call. And and let this come out and sit down and talk to you in an interview. Some free advice and and then initial consultation doesn't cost. Yeah nothing to lose that Wheeler there you have it that's my keying a select towns and he's denigrate John help people find the right at home. Our sell the home that they have here in the wit style market and if he'd like for Mike to help you out. And your next purchase or plan or sale give a call today at 6840000. And he'll take great care V Mike thank you so much for being in here today thank you for life has come on the show yes always a pleasure.