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Wichita Means Business 2/11/17 C

Feb 14, 2017|

Darrel Roland with Steamatic Restoration & Carpet Cleaning

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Thank you for listening to which Tom means business a Saturday morning we very much appreciate you tuning in and listen for a third segment here today. We have a special guest in the studio you're gonna enjoy meeting if you don't know I'm already. Darrel Rowland. Darryl is the president and owner and chief cook and bottle washer over at systematic restoration and cleaning Darrell lecturing here I am my pleasure John thank you we're glad to have you in the studio now people can go online and check out your web page and it's called called died for clean rag dot com right. That's ride and they can give you call a 94 achieved 6474. So you have some carpets that need to be claimed are a host of other things pertaining to your home or your business waiting courage listen in this morning ramps are great information for you to take Helmand and I think about as you wanna get your house sought to end up for spring coming up right around the corner. Darryl if you would please give us a little history about systematic in Wichita. While schematic which tall was founded by my father Doug Rowland he is the called for a clean rag behind our our business we started July 1 1968. We were one the well we were the ninth franchise in the United States so we're one of the oldest so coming up off fifty years now. Now my business and here would be 50 that's trying to track record for local business here in Wichita. I think anyway yeah I am I agree and it's we're very proud of that. Okay say your dad started the business way back in 68 hagee get involved. Oh I grew up in the business I started as the shop janitor and in fact I've actually worked my way back to that position now I have got a after all these years darted through high school work and part time for the folks and then 19. Graduated high school actually started and may 1975. Full time first demanding now been their recipients when did you buy the business of folks decided to retire in July. By 2000 so my Diane and I my wife Diane. We bought count me in on July 17. 2000 okay. But it's it's a pretty big gothic as you know seeing trucks all over town I know you got. All kinds of crews they go out and pandered just about anywhere you go you see your tracks gone around how big of outfit she got now. Well where we Iran's seven fabric tracks and two aired at cleaning truck just almost well certainly six days a week sometimes seven. We employ a have a roster of 2.5 to 3030 folks. We have our facilities are located over on Florence street eleven Tonys on Florence we have approximately 171000. Square foot facility over there we've been since 1981 we've been that well. That particular location. We've focused every Saturday morning on Wichita business and they show which Tom means business of course. What are some of the biggest houses that you see today for some money running a business in which Tom. I think the hardest part for me and and now is has and as the employee part of it I think teams like the longer I'm in the business it has the less it has to do what I'm good and you focus more on employee problems and and recruiting in and keep them. Good qualified folks to to represent your company I think that's been that's the number one challenge for a us there'll be -- expert problem solver when you do now we don't have really any choice this year were. In no did and what do you think are some of the things that you do it's demanding that really separates your company from what might be your competitor. Well it's our process John Steve Manning developed and pioneered the re circulating heat system in and what separates our cleaning equipment from those down the street is the ability for us to claim without so pretty turgeon. Continuous heat or. Continuous temperature at the point of impact is what makes us different than the guy down the street we don't use any soaps are artificial color riders so we don't leave a residue in material which promotes the carpet to stay cleaner longer quick drying them. And it's just less maintenance less headache. OK now you never really great slogan that's done a tremendous job of branding your company called done for clean drug everybody knows and everybody started revolve merger Anderson and know the slogan and I've heard you say and I've met Tony time how they're so bad it's a great slogan fair and one of the things that I think though is anime be they can Nestle listeners can identify with this but I don't think everybody knows all the products and services that you provide with your business it's a lot more than just cleaning carper. Writing as an end here lately in the one of the things that we've done concentrated our efforts on more is is area rug playing a lot of people ask me because of ball the introduction to Thailand would forces you know how much of that is impacted our business but we have found. That for hard surfaces that folks have in the new homes and one hang either covered from up with custom rugs in Miami and so. Our area reg training has been very popular pick up into areas available we do all of that in shops usually outside of that. The the businesses diversified live with air duct cleaning I think first and foremost for water damage restoration was one of the first things we got into fire and smoke damaged plane is one of the bigger facets of our business that folks really don't have a clue that we even do those sort of things until they have a need. What about dryer vent cleaning and us on your web page she had called Bedford clean drug dot com right you go east services listed art house for the I didn't even know you did some of imply dryer vent cleaning is out of that capitalize. It does now and in fact it it ties in real well there that Iranian some of the larger jobs that we get into residential and we will a lot of times we'll throw that par gravity and the dryer van or something that's something we'll complement as a if it's yeah for for a decent size aired cleaning job. But carving Iranians become very pomp about furniture claim he'd do you come out and clean the furniture on site most generally yes. Furniture mania is something that we normally do on location now we do offer implant claiming all cells so what we see a lot of times is if they just have a cushion or something that's been damaged by a maybe a child that's there bird dog bed sick on inner. Who knows what. They don't want the holes so for the whole thing done they'll they'll just you know put it but in the bank Ian bring into the shop from the we're playing there yeah we do an awful lot of furniture planes. I was looking on the web page student and if you'd like follow along and it's really good idea there's so many cool things to check out there again nice picture of the washer overflowing and and probably we've all seen that timer to check it out and I call denture cleaner running dot com. But I notice that you have 1247. Emergency services tell us about that how that works and is that something that happens a lot or. -- heroin does in fact I I was on call over the weekend for Super Bowl Sunday in it lucky me and to get there anyway we have noon get a call from a 'cause burned down south. Consumer Mac app so that's an unpleasant situation later asked to be done and we we have management on call 24 salmon and then we also have approved a helper and operator on call around the clock day in day out 360 time. Pricey vendor on this for almost fifty years 49 years coming up right around the corner and and you guys did staff how do you find that right people that you contrasts and people that listeners can for sure no of this can be a good guy come in the house today. Well and of course they don't start out as you know that they began at the at the beginning in and one way hire somebody at its pride and you know it's choir process to get a manner view and yet and yet Bagram Jackson are I think all those kind of things done but to it's kind of a gut feeling that she ham we've been around for so dog gone along that we kind of know what we're looking for. And when we hire someone they they are what we call helper or an assistant and they started the at the beginning and they learned the business challenges like ideas. From being the job candor to get an opportunity. To participate in go out on crew. What would you say for listeners that wanted to do it themselves and others got to be it differs between you being go to the big box store and you can buy a little handy dandy. Carpet cleaner. Pistol or whatever that I know there's got to be a difference can you explain some of that forest well. We call it work is it is it just really in any comparison and pound machine works but it. Went when you're talking about renal equipment and and things that she could provide for yourself now. They also sell the little. Machines that you can actually own like he would vacuum cleaner and and I honestly think there terrific drives failed to hold it usually. You're gonna go find yourself. Question that you hadn't done that there's a couple hundred dollars that if you if you pay yourself by the hour and aside from that cost you could add as do. And stable and grief that. The it's mostly in process. That. The white weakling carpet and the way we restore fabrics. Is so much more advanced than then. You know the little rug dockers and and renal machines of the world you do is is this really no comparison. But on and you know have all that chemical residue on your carpet as well that's exactly right. And that's that's that's our single largest advantages is no soap no detergents no residue. So we're promoting. Longer life for the material and and course the interval between claiming his greater. And so it it it claims it just as well or better. Then somebody come and and opened chemicals known or yeah I Richard it there's no comparison they get the chemical methods. Aside from. Promoting quick drying error or that's really kind of there. Their. They they do leave a residue there's also powder residue that they can be a problem something that gets airborne. And can be a respiratory problems well. It's identically playing surface as well as appearance cleanly and done when it. When you think about what children our grand kids being on the carpet. That's a pretty important topic number I can deal naive than India's. How often should somebody have their carpets cleaned each slam. Don we've always said that it playing carpet to good carpet. Folks asked me down time how often should I do and not. Mean the obvious answer is when it looks like it needs it. You know when it doesn't respond to vacuuming. When you one year runs sweeper and and the traffic patterns Dylan beat down in and do NG. That's the time to that's the time to pull the trigger on it and have to have us come out looked and it. We did give a free estimate on what we always hand OK now offer for almost fifty years now we come out and and charge but we charged by the job and it's based on the top of material. How dirty it is how long is it gonna take is to claim it aside from you know how large the areas. So we're talking a Darrel Rowland systematic restoration in cleaning involved night for cleaner I dot com. You can you can check it out online or you can get McCall a day at 9426474. They'll come out and I give you free estimate. Trying to check everything out and I guess we're more quick question Darryl if somebody doesn't. Analysts say they neglect their car parts are they neglect the restoration does that actually cause ongoing further damage to just let ago. Well it does steal money and we found that especially in fire damage that time time is very bad guy you know. Aftermath. When one pieces are round is set for very long time and and there's lot of corrosion that can happen from. From certain from fall out and fire jobs to. Time is very important we find it. In carpet. Men and material maintenance I think you know figure it's. If he gets to forgo on then then the damage from what where it is is really on repair ball. We can't put back the twist in the we can tell that though when we come out look at it. All right a so if it's something that shouldn't be Klain who we would advise you not you know not to do. Right Chloe appreciate Perry coming in today. If you like to get your carpets taking care of our our other items around the house restored. And put in place like it ought to be easily can be proud of your on this spring given McCall over their steam manic the numbers 946474. And you can check them out online and called beg for clean right dot com Daryl thank you for being in the stadium today thank you John. That'll wrap up our show today for what some means business thank you for listening.