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Wichita Means Business 2/04/17 C

Feb 14, 2017|

Phil Aylward and Larry Gulick with the Wichita Train Show

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thanks again for listening to a stop means business this Saturday morning we're really glad to have you tuning in for our third segment we have a couple of guests in this area you're gonna. Find this would be a really interesting and fun segment because we're talking about a big event that's going on today. And tomorrow it's a Wichita train show. And right now we have bill. L word that I Sarah and he got it all right bill and Larry Gillick at direct their hair in the studio with us and they're gonna tell us all about. The which talk strange show you can check it out online or FaceBook just go to FaceBook and and type in that would stop train show are you can go online to the web page which is best strange show. Dot com. And velocity tales there an angle really cool pictures by the way if you wanna check those out me encouraging to do that but. A filth and Larry thank you for being here today. Being here welcome to be here. Give us a little background if you would on the show I mean you've had this for years right. We started in 08. So it's been nine years. The and here in next year's so gone on tenure Obama on ten years right news and it is. I started with fellow John Malone he's he's he's passed on now know we kept show going. Where you have. Well this year we we've sold it out we've got. 42 different vendors had our show selling trains. And we have. But now nine operating layouts becomes a and we hope we got a little kids area. Go wooden train set up to the kids can play with trains in the color in station and we have. You know like yeah operational Lifesavers hear him talk about safety around trains. Publisher though it is you know. Run for everybody. Also of while incompetence. It's open for anybody that wants to bring anything down there's it's. It's more it's gonna judge to their ways when and DeMarre judging witches national more rigorous situation but we also have popular vote so. You can bring anything down you walk put in the contest some maybe take home a ribbon in and we also a pair of parties. Aren't a rule more we do clinics. I don't wanna which are doing personally but we have some excerpts. Guys' company and from Kansas City gonna put a clinic on and then there is a couple western Kansas gonna put clinic on and whip some local people shall. Those are for people who mart being arrested liberals are usually a little more about. Okay well we want tiger bodies of those things individually here come out and so if you're looking for some unfunded dispute this weekend something different that you don't dear every day. Go out to the which top trade show it's gone on let's talk about at. At that address it's that the Cessna activity center and that's located at 2744. George Washington boulevard. And so and I get that address that's right OK okay. So leisurely for some the fund it is a great Stanley activity right it's something great the write all their young and old alike are gonna change. In a little did bring about going to keep I say we got for the kids. Play area you know offices we got shares. Mom and dad can sit out for a while they're tired that the kids play. You know with. When where and trying to set and stuff like. And then we got to. Of make copies of Arafat's operational life saver. Coloring book now. I just got some single pages these kids can color in Canada they've got little safety slogans on them. Filling learned did safety tips about the inner hamstring trying. That's a Smart deal a security thing. And we've gotten I guess that all the dealers came in and being probably find about any thing you want to model trains that are. All right so let's gone on today from nine to five dried and then and tomorrow. Less wonderful than the former. OK so if you're out run around a great great thing to check out today lots of fun and now we'll talk about the admissions upset here in just a minute but. I've got some questions about I'm looking at the web page and I'm looking at the FaceBook page. And you've got some information there some of arcane assists listeners. May know all about this others may not and so could you explain to us what. But modular layouts and operating Lance was I mean what is that. Well modular part of it is. They've got. Speaking take two or three hurried in and take twenty of them put them together. In each individual has one section. It matches up in other individuals section I put them all together. And and you run on trying to on this and so that's what somebody did doesn't have room for big home away Allen. Can build one section and they take it to show's send up nobody else in the run or train. OK so I'm looking on the web page and I think I see maybe some of these sections but I it looked like a little. Crossing and a small town. Our and a some developed area perhaps and and and you they actually build a landscaping and little houses and everything was this really cool. They do is you put people wanna move some of my emotions. Unknown and people moving their twisters. Our lunar ran out of back and up away from the train yeah. Okay well so we've got much their layouts and operating layouts for you put among together and other when I was interested in is called switching what's what's left. It's a little. They call it time saver switching to lay out this is only about six feet long and twelve inches wide. And it's it's set up. Torre you know even kids can run it and they switched cars back and forth. In on this or funder. Sometimes you know we have a contest and it's time to and the fastest time would win. Saying that he would start our and then okay this box Gartman an engine and got a box car here on this side and the other switch amount. So it back in. Problem box cars fellows are bird connector at the neither the police are sending her variety it's kind of fun and when it's done is accountants to throttle so it cost. So you can't have one person Arab Spring world class went real slow you really don't have control with speed or you have control over stopping and changing direction. What makes a little more fair way this as like you know layered and like somebody like myself. Is probably run that thing right off the track know that doesn't happen no surprise sometimes that happens where you surprise of money in and do better than the people who are professional. Haven't. Lot of Charl owners that are. Do better than that the grown up so well on this thing all right we're talking it was. Phil on Larry from the which sought strange show we appreciate. Then coming in today motto you can stop down to the Cessna activity center today or tomorrow and and checked to shell out a lot of fun and great place for your family. And I understand you guys have some modeling contest that you mentioned a minute ago had had a in the modeling contest worked in the bill mostly trains is that what it is. Well mostly. There is. Fourteen categories. Now let's language steam and steam engines and diesel category and passenger cars income Bruce's and freight cars. They do have a modular contest which is. Downstairs. Its contest rooms upstairs. Facility. And a most of its popular vote. He would just walk and marine animal ballot say you know pick out your favorite one to the group you know when they voted down we give out ribbons. On Sunday morning. And and like Larry said there's gonna have some folks now from Kansas City they're gonna reduce them in MR age Jeanne. Is that some National Mall road association. And I was just gonna ask you. OK so national model railroad a solution and we're in need cup and mid continent region. And where that Chisholm Carol division here in Wichita. Okay. So lots of honor and a I don't know fight him clarify this or rob the modular thing that Phil's talking about he has. It is it is the modules that the people will bring that we're talking about are there large sections broken together and run trains on them. That's a mauled reflection but we also have a section where I Rambus which is as much smaller section where you'll have some scenery. Some buildings on it maybe attracts older two different categories. But to the modules section due to factor there or it's set up downstairs you have to go down and see what in the contest to vote for and so. Okay learn you tell me earlier that. That a lot of obvious that duties. Set these trains up where it simulates. What's going on in the real world down. At where that tracks aren't and what's not explain that little bit. Well that's that's what's loosely called operation and actually there are. People who. Jobs that are similar to what the rule already roster would have liked it dispatcher in the Brickman and the engineer and don't run out with a model train you'll have your engines. There usually a person that sets to train up the spores. Ranging the caller towards are supposed to go and an engineer picks it up to the doctor tells aboard a drop a ball and pick them up and it's really like the real world Clinton and a lot of people really enjoy it. I haven't got into an open to but it sort. It's really easy for me to open it needs to be over just picking up putter over aerial so that causes heart attacks of excitement people who operate. They're really trying to simulate what happens in the real or yes you know that's pretty cool. What are some of the details on the planet your match and you have clinics what are some of the different types of planning Chia. Well this year we'll have. One have more will be. Pain teen people. And it and you'll get. A person needs him at age shows scales not very big win or go over. At a pain to face and and what to do in that closely look you know re also. All your people don't look the same OK and I think one nominees are campaigning horses and can house to do. Banana and like and again at the pictures are a little houses and and trains train stations that they pull into. And there'd be quite inventive art work Devin going to make an honest look like what they do now a thing. Of these people are probably just a little bit less than three quarters of me charts which deals with him. When it in HO now the some what was moral and different scales are immoral and oh and thirty witches. O.'s bill which is a corporation afoot so a typical six but man about a major order shall. I went into that because a dark where couldn't see or do do do do to small stuff. You know but it's it's amazing because there's even to scale small or. And it HO. And that's stoked you have to have a magnifying glass as far as I'm concerned about it. It's phenomenal what people paid on those back and look realistic. So if someone comes out today or tomorrow they'll be able to see several different scales of I've trained work and hobbyists to work or they've beat built these scenes and scenarios and and they can see the trains and action. And no on this today we have. We have a new group came in to our show on air out of Nebraska. And there that frame though in scale. Of Nebraska so they're fed up now on the run and their their upstairs but they got a big great big modular set up and they run trains and and we also. We'll have the garden where away. Society here in town with their G scale listed. Big guy that you run outside and you garden. In will have. Some Lionel set up and some S engaged. American flyer. All old guys remember American flyer on the line over and sir and another another and scale way. One of them is going to be a couple of fellows with this Japanese way out there. And the bullet train and oh let's poster I get aid military he got all sizes and shapes are trained to look at and he's come on down. All right we're were sudden and here with bill. And Larry from the Woodstock train show and it's going on today and tomorrow admission is eight dollars and their children ten and under free. And you can also get a dollar off if you bring in some kind of perishable food I'd like to donate and then if if you're older than ten. And you have a scout uniform as an active. Participant in the scouting programs you can come in and also have free admission nine yes. So yeah. In Arabic and non perishable author of nonperishable. Items okay. All right let's say that goes below that point you make note those two local food bank. Great grades and bring in them that suits or whatever Bryant is Vizio save us save a little bit there. Now that's great so now it's also sponsored in part. By the Chisholm trail division and the end and our day fried Chisholm trail as part of seen him Moret I was all right okay though so it's sponsored. Partly by Alan Carrey's funny bit. All right so I'm an idea how many different hobbyists and vendors really have their for people to seat today. Those 4740. Set have bought and tables all the way from a vague. Big you know fifteen or table. Set up to justice single. And Geist Allen is his own stuff so. It runs the gamut. All right so if you're gonna have some fun today and decent little different eking. Make your way on out to the assessment Cessna activity center. That's a 2744. George Washington boulevard. And you can check out the which top train show and swap meet and you go online right now to a tune in and check out better train show dot com. Our car. SL I'm sorry he's you know estranged or not better best train show dot com or go to FaceBook and and type in Wichita train show. And and now pop up lots of great pictures lots of good things to look at and gentlemen I appreciate you taking time to be here today and we we hope you have a much people come out see. Come on now where there haven't done. Come serious alright thanks guys thank you.