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Wichita Means Business 2/04/17 B

Feb 14, 2017|

Harry Sayers with Total Electric

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Thank you for listening to which Tommy's businesses Saturday morning we appreciate taken time to tunis in. Right now in the studio we have someone I think again enjoy meeting as a big cafe here in town called total electric. His name is Harry sayers Terry thanks for joining us today thank you really glad to have in the studio that are located I guess just for the record at 1857. North of Mosley. You can check them out online net total electric dot com. Hurting get McCollum Monday at 5242642. News at the right number Yasser is that okay. A total electric dates specialize. In industrial and commercial wiring and power solutions. With an emphasis on industrial controls and plant maintenance and so I'm looking at the web painting guys they have. All kinds of information and pictures and big jobs that they've done it's you know we're talking earlier. Yesterday was Stevens said about how to you know we're both scared to plug in and you know lie homer turned the switch on us so. These guys are the guys that are dealing with these massive electoral projects. And whether you have a big huge business are a small business or even some residential work. The guy's a total electric they can help me out every time. And so Perry if you would walk us through some of the history of your company and some of the services that you provide. Well on our company's been in business about 35 years approximately. Where and generally. Industrial commercial. We do a little bit of presidential here and there but we. We specialized kind of an automation and planned maintenance you know we do anything from. New construction to service repair work to. You know preventative maintenance. Is pretty much any thing reluctantly that business or person to me. Okay so some of our listeners on their own business and are they they're getting ready to expand there are at another location. Are they need some updating to their electrical services that they that they need to operate. You guys come in and do the whole thing from start to finish yes sir Rican. We can do that we can get involved in the design build aspect governor we can you know just work preserve our detector. Designer and knew what they need us to do them. And so a year you're electrical engineers that come in and really set up everything and get it plugged in and work in an open gone right. Well or not. We're not engineers per say but we're not act like this you get. You get the job done right. Let's dive down a little deeper on industrial and commercial solutions what are some. Projects you've done that you feel like really is the proudest or that they're really kind of show everybody what your capabilities are at total electric. Well we do some. As far as automation. If you've ever enter. Fear Factory year. Soda pop factory is seen now it's. Packaged in. You know how the how the cans and bottles are filled in the whole process this is stalled. Automated and Malia we take care of that Pepsi play here in town and we've had several major projects on their lives out there feel lines and you know packaging lines that we via. About an hour ago excuse so Pepsi's money big clients I guess yep Pepsi's whenever there what are summary rather clients said people would recognize. Well cartels probably are. Cargill is right up there with Pepsi. We do work for. You know. All your several year restaurant chains. Outback Steakhouse you know. CVS pharmacies. ABC supply Ryan Lloyd. Several machine shops you know him. And different places. OK so you do obviously those are most of those are big outfits but you also do small business or to you rank your serve work. My have just little office building in your life changed logo on there and changer liner accredit this new reality here whatever you might mean so so no businesses too smaller too big he can do handle mall right. That's or whatever you need you'll take care okay and earlier you're developing further your residential work as well. What are some of the projects that you feel like your company or most suited for for a residence. Well we've. Recently just started you know as people call we've been taken on a little bit of the residential. We've done several new construction projects this year and lottery model war so pretty much everything. Lot of upgrade you know from your old plotting to. Energy savings LE duties and different things like that. So some might classic narrow. Change that wiring in their houses are changed that type of switches and stuff that they have more of that function differently. Like an on our house of we've got a lot of them were right I wish that the top plug was on the light switch but it's not. And so that you guys going in and fix those kind of things force we can go and fix that we can also America where you control that might switch from your cell phone just a matter. Lecture after we can do OK so. So if you've got out project at home mark our for our work. You can call total electric or talk like Harry sayers and they've been in this business for times a years they've got to get operation gone on. Over there and these are folks we feel like we can recommend. Tia again McCall a ticket Caribbean be there when you need him he can check amount line that total electric dot com. Are you can get McCall five to 42642. Ash for hairy. And hill I had get a hold of you and take good care of your concerns. Harry. I'm sure safety is a big issue in your industry right answer talk to us about that tell us how you. Trying to. I guess educate years. Your team your cruise your staff to go out and and accomplish these these projects in this in a way that's safe. And and protects everybody's interest. Well you know electricity will Killian so let as safety a huge issue we. Our employees there. You know. Thorough safety training and continues. Safety training. And they we have weekly safety meetings and monthly safety meetings and all of our equipment you know is is up today is our safety as well on. Currently is to say for means of doing things come out in new safer practices we. Adopt that. And a good arm ploy is on board with that as well. All right so. If somebody's working on a project and and trying to figure out what to do next they can they bring you in any stage of this as. Yeah we'll. Welcome men and any stage you might have. Bit off little bit more than you can you or your company tried to have their magnets guide get them selves and you know ages what enabled us fulfill. The need of the project so. The other and that happens a lot. So we can do whatever image is in Moscow. What would you say would be some of the advantages that year you and your staff in your company have over maybe who ever might be comp competitor Tia. Well we are our employees are. Trained pretty thoroughly they go through. Warriors schools. Which tall exco turning. They're Vijay TC and then they have like 9000 hours of on the job training just become license or. Our employers are licensed and very well trained. And over the years we've kind of pick through. You know and we've got a pretty did. Group. That we've built on two and they can get out there get the job done. So you pick the cream of the crop and and try to keep them and keep them there working together Sierra. That's that's go or some of innovative ideas. That you feel like you've brought to the industry union or company. Well our automation obviously is one of those things that. You know which is the as the market evolves in the new technology comes now we pretty much just. Install it you know or not the ones who actually think of it usually about. A big bills these days are LED retrofit to where we can. Go into your business sir your home and take your old lighting and save you. Whether it's hundred dollar hundreds of dollars a year. Thousands of dollars a year on year electric bills plus you know. Saving energy which is good for them. Arm of course a sows so you can really help companies operate more efficiently yes sir. Is a lighting the primary thing for that are there more other ways to do that as well well. Lighting is one of the big push is currently. At Thursday. There's other ways to you know as far as power factor in just better equipment and new technologies. Helps as well. Hattie stay on top of lawless the latest developments on lenient there's I'm sure there's new pro new products coming out. Probably every week or month. For people to to consider and to put in to a use for their for their company so as it tough to stay on top of that and Hattie do that. Well we have several resources. One thing is and where member an acre which is a national article contract association new era. They spent a lot of time and money on. Keeping us up to date on what's going on with the latest and greatest. And then we also. Have our vendors you know and suppliers that. Keep us updated on the news latest and greatest technologies. Are there seminars or classes that the that are provided again answered. You we may actually our guys have to have a continuing. Continuing education so every year they take. Hours of extra training to keep brushed bomber you know what's the new stuff the new electoral code and everything going on. Yeah I think as business owners there's lots of times where you realize there's a need to. To accomplish things or change things or do things differently or maybe make additions even to your physical plant. Our office. And it's tough because the business you do it is is you're you're familiar with that you know what. How to do that every day. But if you're gonna expand and add all these other elements and and try to do something completely different it's a home in fields such thing as tough sometimes. For business owners to really take a look at that. And they really can I have to learn. At least part of a completely different industry get things done in the in the right manner and so. When when somebody's looking at a project like that our cash we need to do this or we need to do that. What what can they do to understand that matter and and what should they consider. Before they begin a big project. Well what they need to consider is how much. You know load they're gonna have have how much power they actually need for what they're gonna do in their facility currently in. What they may be gonna do their facility in the future you know you don't wanna just if you're gonna expand. Here in a couple years you want and your dinner attitude. You know revamp all year. Facility wanna go ahead and make some changes and adjustments and at times. You're ready in the futures and expand without having to redo everything tribes. So how again how early and and I don't mean listen to be re done differently talked about four bit like when somebody's plan and that was a best practice when should they contact do you. And see about having you guys come in and be a part of the plan. Right at the very beginning would be the best time because we have a lot of suggestions and offers that would give them a lot thanked about as far as you know what they might. Went into their electrical design and the way they want to approach things. You know I in the radio business in the years past we used to do a lot of concerts that. That that we were the promoter on or whatever so. So in one of the venues I used to use we actually had a company Canon mine gunman here company man come into the venue we use and with Heinz winds Hannah. Complete new electrical power system installed so that all things we needed to plug in for the concert. Would be able to have enough adequate power and so that was a big project and an interesting to me just that to see all the things that can be done. Two to really make things work more effectively. And so that's got to be rewarding for you when you're able to go and really help somebody get to the next level. Yet as rewarding you know you work on a project say one of them. Automated facilities and then you walk by and you see it work in our. You drive by building and you see it operating business you know and he can look to your family your kids are friends assay. You know my come to our that are we. We were part of that project sir it's just pretty rewarding. Gas for it pretty sweet I am. Let's shift gears a little bit let's talk about owning your own business I mean you've got a partner right that you work with got a partner Mark Smith. He's been around since I've been around so tiny both work together every day what do you like best about running your own business. Well what I like best is arm out of people personnel are getting out there mean the people and I like I enjoy saving people money and help the mountain. You know make them feel it and and stuff done has pretty rewarding to me. How do you keep a good working relationship with your business partner and build morale with your staff and employees I just run from him. No idea we were pretty good together he's got his group of customers and I kind of got mine and he. He handles certain things that are that are not good baton I handle some things that. He's not get a story we get along pretty. As far as that goes. Our customers ago in charges when they called needs them. This decision is going get them take care of its. It makes him happy am I tend to comeback. Massage to complement each other with your responsibilities. And your strengths I'm sure the essar. What advice would you give to one McCain SS listeners let's say that their interest in and starting their own businesses or piece of advice he would give them to consider. Yeah just. Resurgent early in you know make sure that. You're not gonna sink too much money in this so mature not gonna get paid back going to be profitable for him. Just don't dive in this on this because you think it sounds a dominant. Its work. There's no forty hour work week anymore. Who says he assets and double usually so. It's it's the ultimate commission job when you have your own business right answer. All right well let Terry sayers and he's with total electric. Their business located 1857. North mostly he could take it out online and total electric dot com are give McCall a 524. 2642. U Harry thank you for being with us today thank you.